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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 13, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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daddy guess, will join "fox and friends" at 8:20 this morning. thank you to all of you who responded. we'll watch that. happy anniversary by the way. >> thank you. >> to you and to will if you're watching. >> thanks. "fox and friends" starts now. >> bye. good morning to you. it is tuesday, october 13th, 2015. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. tonight the democrats get their turn on the debate stage and there's still room for joe biden. he's got an empty podium waiting for the last-minute announcement just in case. we are live in las vegas for you. >> meanwhile, a packed airplane forced to make an emergency landing when something in the cabin starts smoking. how a stewardess was responsible for that plane going down. and if you read emplplayboy the articles, good news. you'll be less distracted than ever. the magazine is covering up. finally, no more news.
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i know you're upset. let me just say good news. mornings are better with friends. good morning everybody. welcome back elisabeth. >> thank you very much. kimberly was great yesterday. we had a columbus day hike with the kids. >> finding your italian roots. >> not just columbus day. every day. >> at the end of the day was pizza. >> you stared at that. >> italian on the crane camera. >> all righty. the big news story today is this. we're talking politics and democrats will be taking the stage. five of them in las vegas tonight for their first debate face to face. >> there's the lineup. >> there's a place for the vice president if he wants it. cnn is begging him to get there.
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>> live in las vegas, what can we expect? >> just in case before 6:00 p.m. the vice president decides to get in, there's a podium for him, correct? >> reporter: good morning to you. that's right. more of a publicity ploy there than any sense of reality when it comes to joe biden. at least in the near term. but certainly this is going to be the first opportunity for voters to see all of the democratic candidates in the same place at the same time. you mentioned only five participants tonight. that stands a sharp contrast to the republican debate when there were 11. >> hillary clinton will be at center stage, flanged by bernie sanders, martin o'malley, lincoln chafe ee from rhode island. here is that empty podium for joe biden. waiting just in case he decides to jump in the race. if he does, it's likely that he would bump o'malley one place to the left. biden polling in third place.
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despite he's not in the race. >> they're not expected to be what they were for the republican debates. 24 and 22 million. the first fox debate 24 million. donald trump is expecting it will be a snooze fest. >> i don't think they'll do great. i think people will turn it on for a couple of minutes and then fall asleep. >> reporter: she has plenty of her own problems to deal with, she decided to slam donald trump last night appearing at a rally staged by the union trying to organize trump's casinos, declaring unions have a right to representation. >> that means saying no to donald trump. you know, some people think mr. trump is entertaining. but i don't think it's entertaining when somebody insults immigrants, insults women. that is just unacceptable behavior. >> the republican national committee in a rare show of solidarity with trump, issued a
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statement slamming clinton saying the union workers must be relieved that clinton's private jet got her to las vegas just in time. >> just a quick word about biden. he's not probably going to be at the debate tonight. it's unlikely he would jump in at the last minute. what we're hearing is, we got this over the weekend, he had a pow-wow with his family. they believe he's likely to get into the race, just likely not before the debate. >> john roberts out in vegas baby with the latest preview. it will be interesting. it's going to be dull unless the democrats go after -- the other four go after hillary on things like the e-mail server and trustworthiness. if they don't touch her on that, it's going to be like -- >> o'malley might. >> he might. if anybody is, because he needs a breakout moment. >> they think -- that's why i think it might get that boring. in the republican debates,
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you've got donald trump. hillary clinton knows how to make it work for her. >> secretary of the navy, he's got a navy cross background. he was in the reagan administration. he certainly has to take on the secretary of state and some of the decisions she made when she was secretary of state. he's got credibility behind him but doesn't seem to be running full-timement it's a part-time job for him. >> meanwhile, we'll see tonight. let's talk about president obama. yesterday we showed you part of that 60 minutes interview with steve croft. the president got testy. the president got thin-skinned with madeline rom inson, one of his favorite authors. they sat down last month for a new york review of books article which will come out shortly. >> it's bizarre. it's like the president interviewed her.
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>> yeah. >> he asked her about her character development and somehow -- >> religion. >> he got into his own character and somehow here they can -- >> uh-oh. >> talking in iowa. people always i think were surprised about me connecting with folks in small town iowa. and the reason i did was, first of all, i had the benefit that at the time nobody expected me to win and so i wasn't viewed through this prism of fox news and conservative media and making me -- >> he can't break the bad habit there. he turned the lens on the fox news because we're making him scary. not his policies. >> want proof? this is some more of it. >> if you watch fox news on a regular basis, it is a constant
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menu. they will find -- folks who make me mad. i don't know where they find them. >> good affordable health care may seem like a -- it's working pretty well in the real world. >> regardless of whether it's fair enough, it has made fox news very successful. >> but if i'm unfair, i want -- >> here's what you have to figure out. what are you going to do when i'm gone? there's a bunch of stuff said on fox about me that is -- >> here's the thing. the president right now is in his legacy stage. he's setting the table so that he can leave the stage in about a year and a half. he's upset -- look he promised hope and chaj and as it turns out he's just another politician who would say anything to get elected and get re-elected and here's the thing.
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90% of mainstream media is in his pocket. he is just hacked off that we are not. >> he said at the washington correspondent's dinner, he referred to the -- in 2008, we interviewed him when he was senator obama. the way he was speaking was a way in which you didn't really remember he was a democrat in the beginning and when he became april president and brutally partisan, election has consequences, that seemed to set the table. >> well, he certainly was a polarizing figure. now he's trying to blame it on us. come on, we're a little cable channel. he's the president of the united states. >> send us an e-mail today. tweet us what you think about it. >> what democrat is going to run on the president's last seven years. let's see tonight. let's see what democrat is going to do more of what the president is doing and see if they get-elected. >> see if joe biden gets in. hillary clinton can't. >> that's interesting. that would help her to a degree.
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joe biden would go, look at me, i'm barack obama. >> if he gets in, joe biden, that would be his rap. in the meantime, heather is back today and joins us with news of kansas city. >> nine minutes after the hour. two firefighters making the ultimate sacrifice when a burning building collapses in kansas city overnight. >> they did not die in vein. they saved two civilians. carried them out of the second floor on ladders before they walked the last. >> do you believe that? then they went back into that building after they saved those people. >> two other firefighters were hurt. they are expected to be okay. more details, including the names of those two firefighters who were killed, expected to be released later today. our prayers go out to their families. a man suspected of gunning down a memphis police officer is due in court later today. lorenzo clark faces weapons
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charges in the death of officer terrence aldridge. they were neighbors. they opened fire during a dispute outside their home. he was on the force for 13 months. his fiance a is expecting their first child. a credit card machine started smoking. flight crews noticed the lithium-ion battery was smoking sortly after taking off. they dropped it in the trash bin and hit it with a fire extinguisher. the pilot taking no chance, declaring an emergency landing in buffalo. fire crews were then called in. no one was injured as you can see the pictures of the aftermath there. your emoji vocabulary could be expanding. the makers of the icons planning to make 67 new ones. best news today. some of the new ones will include call me, like when you put your hand up to your face and say call me. the selfie emoji of course.
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there's an international governing body, no joke, that gives approval. they say they won't consider the new ones until may of next year. even then, it's up to iphone and android makers to program them into your device. i think you need a lot of new ones in the automotive sector. they have the little cars like the leaf. like dork i cars. we neat like monster trucks. >> you can't be driving and t texting. >> you do it later. i want the monster truck emoji. >> inspired by your trip with the boys. >> right now the emoji that heather is frownie face. >> thanks. it's the end of an era. >> what do you mean? >> hugh hefner at playboy magazine in 1953 with an item on marilyn monroe on the cover. it became a cultural force. eventually, 8 million copies were printed a month. now it's down to 800,000. playboy famous for naked women is not going to take pictures of
3:12 am
naked women anymore. >> the editor, korey jones, apparently contacted hugh hefner about dropping nud photos. what's left? you can see nudity anywhere online. let's do a sidestep and nudity is gone but provocative poses are going to stay. >> wow. there's nothing more provocative than a nude person. but they're taking a step back and leaving something to the imagination. that's called victoria's secret. we already have that. if i want to go to that, i'll go to the locker. >> go to the mall. >> let's go to the mall. i'm trying to keep you out of this. >> now you'll be able to -- you really do read it for the articles. there won't be any naked people. >> time to bulk up the department. >> help sales? how could it help? i mean, that was their niche.
3:13 am
>> now they have to leave something to the imagination. how do you feel about that? should everyone get dressed? >> we're leaving something to the imagination right here. >> are you at home? >> let's imagine what's coming up next on the show? >> they were hired to keep hillary clinton's e-mails secure. but that company not exactly sur secure. open doors and open dumpster. no secret in sight. look at that. a dangerous drive tore the world to see posted online. watch. >> i'm going to be drunk all the way home. all the way home people. i'm going to be drunk. >> great my. just wait until you hear what happened to this woman after her reckless trip.
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be the one with the crazy laugh. and keep being their favorite playmate. with tena's unique super-absorbent micro-beads that lock in moisture and odor. tena lets you be you. did you know about hillary's news of the private e-mail server while she was secretary of state? >> no. >> do you think it posed a national security problem? >> i don't think it posed a national security problem. i think it was a mistake that she's acknowledged. >> president obama claims hillary clinton's private server did not jeopardize national security. but what did our next guest find out when he actually paid a visit to the company which held hillary clinton's e-mails. open doors. no checkpoints and he found a dumpster just waiting to be
3:18 am
rifled through. >> the united states political editor at daily he joins us now with a shocking details. good morning, david. the president says, shouldn't pose a national security threat. when you went there, what do you find? >> our reporters went there. this is the second company entrusted with caring for hillary clinton's e-mails. this was advertised as a data fortress where you couldn't get access to anything without a retina scan or a palm reader. unfortunately, i think for secretary clinton on the eve of the first democratic debate, this place was the weakest link in the data chain. we found dumpsters that were unattended near public roads. we found a build thag shared facilities with a department store and a truck leasing business. >> these are the pictures we're looking at now. >> no security to be seen and wide open doors. it's really quite shocking. >> we see one of the photos, if
3:19 am
you could go back to the dumpster, uncovered. it looks like an employee if i'm not misunderstanding this image walking away after dumping something in there. correct? >> that's correct. we saw employees of the company dropping trash, lord knows what's in there, but this is the kind of trouble that i think hillary clinton is going to face tougher and tougher questions on. when you take classified information or any kind of private really, really top secret stuff out of the government domain and put it in the private domain, you're surrendering control and security of that information to whatever is the weakest link in the chain. now, of course, i don't think it's true that hillary clinton knew that her data would wind up in this particular company or anything like it. but the problem is you can't foresee what happens when you take information like that out of a system set up specifically to deal with this and put it in a domain where you have no control
3:20 am
over what happens next. >> she trusted their advertising, it seems. the fortress there, which couldn't seem to be one when your team walked up to the front door without anyone stopping them. apparently, they might have tried to use their nerf guns which they have parties showing them using them. security was put in jeopardy there. david, thank for the report and look inside and outside of dato. >> thanks so much for having me. appreciate it. zierj a scare in the desert. what caused this hot air balloon to come crashing right down? are you skipping breakfast this morning? tell the truth. don't. it could make you gain weight. dr. so mat i shows us how to fix your breakfast mistakes, next.
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quick consumer headlines. anheuser-busch truly becoming the king of beers. the company reaching a tentative agreement for a $104 billion merger. if completed, the two largest brewers would take over 30% of the global beer sales. take that. plus from drink to droid. pepsi is popping into the smartphone business. a tech blog says the company will pair with an outside manufacturer to team with the pepsi p 1 android. it will be available in china first. which is far from here. >> steve. thank you, brian. are you starting to make breakfast right this second? hold on just a minute. we have a breakfast solution for you. because you might be making mistakes thinking i can lose weight with this breakfast or i can gain weight.
3:25 am
wait two minutes and then make breakfast. >> the reason why is we're going to fix the mistakes. joining us now is dr. steven samadi. you say we're making big mistakes to start the day. what's the biggest? >> what do you think is the biggest problem in the morning? people don't have the time. they want to grab something quick or you basically say i'm going to -- what happens is breakfast is the most important food of the day. you're coming out of the fast. you need to break it. when you don't get breakfast, your hunger system is always on and you go after all these fatty stuff. >> those are the good things. not for early in the morning. this is all fat. your hunger mechanism is on. you want to start your metabolism. that's what you want to do in the morning. you think bagel or muffin. a lot of people want to grab these and have a cup of coffee. >> this has a lot of sugar. this has about 44 grams of
3:26 am
sugar. too much. this is cheap calories. you don't want that. i'll tell you what's good for you. >> eating high carb foods, that's the second mistake. what's mother mistake? >> getting energy bars is the least you can do. at least you get some sugar and energy. get some of your foods. this is where you want to concentrate, america. this is where you want to be. we don't have eggs over here. that's a great source of protein. that gives you a lot of energy. oatmeal is my favorite. the sugar that you get will last long, you don't get a huge rush of sugar like this and then hungry again. these will last for a long time. fruits and vegetables. only 8% of americans are eating this stuff. >> doctor, nobody eats cauliflower for breakfast. i have a question about the two different kinds of oatmeals here. you have the kind you cook on the stove and then the kind for the microwave. is one better than the other? i've heard this is the better. >> this is probably the best one. again, time is a huge problem. if you're on the run, i'd rather
3:27 am
get the oatmeal in the morning. this stuff, i know you don't think it's good for breakfast. >> cauliflower. >> we're not going to have that for breakfast. because i don't have a lot of time, these are great source of -- >> blueberries. >> grab them and eat them. >> if you go in and you have robotic surgery, surgeries on the table, how does someone prepare for this? >> let's move over here. >> what do you eat for breakfast? >> this is my surgical breakfast. i'm going to get a yogurt. basically you get your calcium and vitamins. but nuts are a huge source of energy for me. because i need a quick fix in the morning. >> any nuts? >> these are great. because of the protein. >> you get your protein and yogurt. >> doctor, you have two different kinds of yogurt. you have a yoeg greek yogurt and nondairy. >> which one is my favorite? >> probably the greek one.
3:28 am
it has more protein. >> because of the protein. >> i think this is a great way to start. you boost your metabolism. you get the energy. you lose weight. go big with your breakfast and slow down on your dinner. that's the message. >> forget about easy. take a little time, do it the right way. >> that's the prescription for breakfast. dr. samadi, great to see you. >> thank you. >> still ahead, one school tries to ban halloween. we're not kidding. but now they're bringing it back thanks to one mom who fought the pc police. >> excellent. a dangerous drug drive posted online for the world to see her boozey self. >> i'm going to be drunk all the way home. all the way home, people, i'm going to be drunk. >> well, included in those people, the police. they've tracked her down. we'll tell you what happened next. not good.
3:29 am
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mayor bill de blasio signed a bill requiring stores in new york city to keep their doors closed when air conditioning is on. apparently bill de blasio is not only our mayor, he's also our dad. i'm not paying to cool off the whole world. shut the door. >> you know, here in new york city, there are a lot of big stores, a lot of big retailers where they leave the doors open. on a hot day, you walk by and wonder what is their light bill? >> you're so right about that. it feels so good. you stall. >> i like the ones that drip on you when you walk by. that's relief in the summer. >> those are window units. i'm like who is spitting? oh, good, just condensation.
3:33 am
we're cooling off here. heather nauert has hot headlines for you. >> hope you're having a good day today. a tragedy to tell you about that took place at a florida deem home. a worker at the hgtv dream home project site on merritt island in florida. the worker was pulled from the indian river after being shocked on a boat dock. the worker was renovating it for the hgtv house giveaway. millions enter this contest hoping to win this beautiful redesigned home. they're often in prime locations. the channel releasing a statement offering condolences to the victim's family. terrifying moments when a hot air balloon with 20 people on board crash lands in phoenix, arizona. that balloon was flying for about two hours when the wind suddenly died down and forced a hard emergency landing. that balloon landed just a few hundred feet from the street and
3:34 am
homes. no one on the ground was hurt. >> busted behind the wheel. you got to see this to believe it. police rescued a woman for drunk driving as she was live streaming the reckless trip online. watch this. >> i feel like i'm going to be drunk all the way home. all the way home, people, i'm going to be drunk. >> yes. she's going to be the pokey this morning. police in florida say 23-year-old whitney bell, used the app called periscope to broadcast herself heading home from a bar. people were watching this online, live and they called 9-1-1. >> then officers were able to track her down based on landmarks in the video. when they found her, she was driving with a flat tire. she now faces dui charges. did you buy your costume and candy yet? according to the national retail federation, americans will spend $6.9 billion on this holiday this year. that's an average of $74 per person down from $78 last year.
3:35 am
how will all those 157 americans spend that holiday? nearly 70% plan to hand out candy. unless you go to brian kilmeade's house. he's saying get off my lawn. >> i'm not a big halloween fan. >> i think it's overblown. they put too much emphasis on al wean. >> even you would draw the line on this next story. in connecticut there's a school that decided to ban halloween because they wanted to "accommodate cultural beliefs of those who couldn't participate." this one school decided to step out. this is milford, connecticut. they said we're having fall themed festivals instead in the rooms. no food will be served. one mom was not having it. the mom, rebecca lily, wrote a petition saying that these are our american customs and traditions. we should not have to give them up because others find them offensive. i'm tired of my kids missing out on the things we got to do as kids and some of the greatest
3:36 am
childhood memories i have are things they find offensive. what happened, steve? >> good question. let me back up for a second. the worry in the school district was that halloween was offensive to kids who cannot or do not participate because of cultural differences or religions. i googled. i can't figure out who is offended by halloween. >> brian. >> that's different. >> that's a choice. >> it is. emotional. >> it's crazy where we are. so now you can't celebrate halloween. remember the story we brought you a couple of months ago when you couldn't wear an american flag t-shirt into school because some kids found the american flag in the united states offensive? where do you draw the line? >> one mom drew the line. she said i'm going to fight hard for my kids to have halloween. that mom and her three children
3:37 am
in costumes will be joining us at 7:45 on "fox and friends." she's fighting for her tradition of halloween for her kids. it will cost you $74 like every average american. >> i'll tell you something we did at our house. >> everyone is ghosts sniet last year, we ran out of candy. so many kids came early. we have so much extra candy. >> did you ding dong ditch and leave them a surprise leading up to halloween? did you do that? >> no. >> you do the bowl thing. if i'm going to go out, i leave the bowl. >> good for one person. >> one guy dumps it in a pillowcase. >> one dishonest person ruins it for the rest. >> let us know on facebook about your halloween plans. are you offended by halloween? meanwhile, extreme weather to talk about and some good news after catastrophic flooding in south carolina. officials hope to open the northbound lanes of interstate 95 later today. >> southbound lanes reopened yesterday. more than a dozen bridges on the
3:38 am
highway damaged. >> you're right, brian. we turn to maria molina for today's forecast. >> good morning. isn't it crazy that i-95 was shut down for days out there? >> right. >> unbelievable is right. we're going to see the conditions improving across parts of south carolina. but of course, that flooding, it was really historic across that state. today we have a front moving through parts of the eastern u.s. south carolina also picking up some showers from the system. they aren't really going to be very heavy. you do have wet weather to deal with out there. we'll be dealing with it across parts of the northeast all because of that front that's continuing to move eastward. you can see on the future radar, again, not a lot of moisture that the front has to interact with. they'll be hit or miss across parts of the eastern u.s. the bigger story are temperatures. across parts of the plains you're looking at them being well above average. temperatures mild in the 60s and 70s. the temperatures will be climbing well into the 90s across texas and also upper 80s across parts of oklahoma and kansas and across the
3:39 am
southwestern u.s., another toasty one. 88 degrees for the high temperature in l.a. now let's head over to brian. >> what happened last night ma ray in the world of sports. new york mets, citi field. first time they had a playoff game. not giving -- all he did was break their shortstop's leg. you think they would hold a grudge. one held up a sign that said chase loves isis. >> chase utley, infielder. >> sorry utley family. that must not have been nice for you. utley didn't play because he's appealing a suspension. the mets went on to dominate the dodgers 13-7. they are now one game away from the national league championship series. crazy things happen when you play the dodgers and you're the mets. a record setting night in chicago. the cubs hitting six home runs to surpass their own record in the post-season set in 1984. check out the slugging display there. the cardinals, they outplayed
3:40 am
the cardinals by a final score of 8-6. the cubs lead 2-1. one more win and they advance. over in houston, the kansas city royals down by four runs in the 8th inning of the do or die game against the astros. the royals turned out. turned the game around with five runs. they go on to win 9-6 victory. tying the american league championship series at 2-2. by the way, the tackle football team, monday night football ends with a last-second stutter. look at the steelers against the chargers. >> he fights to the goal line! he's in for the touchdown! the steelers win! >> took a lot of guts. the steelers down by three with five seconds to go against the chargers. they said let me get the win. le'veon bell pushes the ball into the end zone sealing the victory. their head coach mike tomlin making that gutsy call. congratulations to the steelers fans. 24-20 was the final score. >> michael vick, another backup
3:41 am
quarterback starting and doing well. 20 minutes before the top of the hour on this tuesday. when your baby is born, it can actually determine how healthy he or she is. we're going to reveal the best months for the birth next. >> the baby models, they're beautiful. plus, a new state law automatically registers people to vote when they get their driver's licenses. will that flood our roads with illegal immigrants? >> judge napolitano says that's not the only problem. >> but he's going to talk. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] [laughs] no way!
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show the compulsive behaviors you see from gamblers. including inability to stop and sleep loss. when your babe si born, it can determine how healthy he or she is. summer is best. one reason could be babies born in the summer have higher vitamin d levels. here to talk about something different is steve and the judge. >> thank you very much, brian. the state of california passed legislation to automatically register eligible voters when they obtain or renew a driver's license. governor jerry brown says it's a way to increase voter turnout. critics warn the measure could add millions of illegal people to the rolls because the state allows undocumented aliens to get driver's licenses. that's a problem, isn't it, judge napolitano? >> yes. good morning, steve. it is a problem because the other states including our own home state of new jersey, which permit registration at the time you get a driver's license, have you go through another procedure in which you have to demonstrate
3:46 am
citizenship. >> you have to prove you're here legally. >> correct. california, it's one procedure. you may not even know when you get your driver's license you're also being registered to vote. there's no requirement of proof of citizenship. what's the significance of that? all 50 states limit voting to citizens except when the state allows you to sort of sneak in without proving your citizenship by getting a driver's license instead. >> sure. one of the things they'd look to is the supreme court in the past has said that the right to drive in the united states is fundamental. however, they don't say you have to be an american citizen, per se. but what about the right to vote? >> you know, there's a lot of debate without getting too academic about what the right to vote is. is it a fundamental right that comes from humanity like thought and speech and association and worship and self-defense. or is it a privilege given by
3:47 am
the government? in my view, the supreme court has wrongly said it's a fundamental right. once it said that, states like california decided to allow people to vote who aren't qualified by law to vote because of the fundamental aspect. >> those are state elections. >> for any election in california. >> it's against the law on federal election. >> yes, it is. there's no way to monitor it. if you are an illegal alien in california, get a driver's license, register to vote, you can vote in local, state and federal elections in california and those votes count. >> interesting stuff. >> it's almost impossible to monitor this if the state is going to provide shelter for illegals to vote. >> and so that's what is going to happen out in california. meanwhile, let's talk about this. later today i think the supreme court is going to hear arguments regarding juveniles who wound up with sentences of life after murder. >> very interesting set of facts where a juvenile commits murder and is convicted.
3:48 am
capital murder. and sentenced to death. and then in 2005, when the supreme court found that it was unconstitutional to impose the death penalty on people who were children at the time they committed the crime, meaning underage 18. those death sentences automatically were convert today life without parole. now the issue is, is it fair to sentence a 17-year-old to life without parole. and the case they're going to resolve is a tearjerker. he's 69 years old. he's been in jail since before john f. kennedy was assassinated. >> wow. >> he's an entirely different person. he qualifies for law school as a result of all the self-teaching he accumulated while in jail. he's published law review articles. he's obviously a different human being than the 17-year-old who committed this crime. question is, not is it right or wrong, but is there something in the constitution that prevents this from happening? be a very, very contentious oral
3:49 am
argument. the last time it was looked at, it was 5-4. they were at each other like this. >> stand by. that happens today at the supreme court. >> we'll be watching for you, steve. >> thank you very much. first spencer stone attacked. now another one of the train heroes who took down a terrorist just got hurt. what happened to alex skarlatos. we're going to tell you. four tips for finding how much house you can actually afford. we all want a big house. but can you pay for it?
3:50 am
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3:53 am
all right. after going undrafted in college casey crawford used grit and determination to make nfl rosters, eventually winning a super bowl. after he retired from the league he used that same drive and founded movement mortgage. a lending company that's making home buying easier by helping customers figure out what they can afford. here to tell us how to do it is the movement ceo himself, casey crawford. casey, what do you think? we let banks tell us what we can afford. you think we should reverse the formula? >> we have this crazy idea that consumers need to get qualified before they ever start shopping for a home. typically what happens is people start shopping for a house, they find the dream house, hey, great, it's this much money, can i borrow it? we have this idea just like when you go to the mall you know how much you have to spend in your bank account, you should talk to
3:54 am
a lender before you ever start shopping for a home, get fully approved, prequalified up front and then go shopping. know before you owe philosophy. >> you broke it down into four main questions we can ask ourselves at home. what are my financial goals? how much you want to save. how much to own, after all your house is an investment. >> absolutely. it's usually the largest asset on most familiar ply's balance sheets. a lot of your viewers need to remember this, this is a lot of times the largest debt the family will ever incur and the largest asset that they will ever own. >> and you hope it will appreciate. that used to be a given. not so much anymore. >> absolutely. location, location, location still very true as you think about real estate. >> and that first one was location, right? >> that's right. >> and what are my debts? find out how much you owe right now. >> you really need to get a complete financial picture. talk to a mortgage professional up front before you ever start shopping. and find one that will fully underwrite your loan and tell you how much you can borrow before you find your house. that's tough. most big banks won't do that for the consumer. they won't invest in underwriting a loan before they
3:55 am
shop. you need to find a lender who will fully approve your loan, subject to finding your dream home. >> got you. and how do you know what a good one is? >> yeah, one thing we talked to our borrowers a lot about is just because you can, doesn't mean you should. the federal government actually provides for more debt than we think most homeowners should take on. so as you're talking mortgage consultants, we give you a little inside tip, your mortgage lender oftentimes gets paid on the size of your loan. so you don't necessarily want to go with the largest loan possible. think about a loan that's going to be good for you and your family, the less you have to go through some life experiences, maybe drop down to one income without going through too much debt. >> what's the biggest change since the 2008 collapse? >> yeah, what we've seen millennials are getting into the housing market later. than any previous generation. they now make up the largest segment of home buyers in the marketplace. but a lot of these guys lived through watching their moms and dads friends and family go through traumatic foreclosures. so they're being more thoughtful about how they get into this market. and we think that's a good thing.
3:56 am
we think it's a really good thing. they're being more thoughtful about the size of the home they purchase and where they purchase. >> did you see a lot of it with your fellow nfl players who have big incomes? >> the nfl isn't known for its conservative spending habits, right? we have that pretty well documented. the locker room certainly a place where a lot of insider real estate tapes are negotiated. >> you skill could suit up if you have to. you said sometimes you wear eye black to remind you of old times. good job, casey. let me tell you what's coming up straight ahead. the plane that's been missing for more than a year, did a teenager just find the wreckage of a malaysian airline flight 370. and newt gingrich is here and tells us why the president is so fixated on fox news. he tells steve and then steve will tell us.
3:57 am
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good morning to you. today is tuesday, october 13th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. tonight its the democrats' turn to battle it out on stage in their first presidential debate. and this morning an extra podium is being added to the stage. just in case. will there be a last-minute announcement from joe biden? we are live in las vegas for you. >> oh, yeah, right. then, it has been missing for over a year. and no one has a clue where it is. but did a teenager just find malaysian flight 370? i ask you. >> wow, that's -- that's new. and how do you stop a terrorist who takes over your plane? all you need is a pen. >> yep. >> simple survival tips from a navy s.e.a.l. >> that's this hour. >> live from new york city, this is "fox & friends."
4:01 am
would you buy a custom suit out of that guy's trunk? >> a lot of people do, believe it or not. >> this guy has a brilliant business model. he's into high fashion. when you go into a store like bloomingdale's or saks here in new york city you're going to pay a lot. this guy just has to buy gas for that car. he's got all the switches and you can wind up in fancy clothes. >> he's taken the food truck industry and brought it to suits and it's on its way to you. right now it's parked on our plaza. >> willing to make a chalk outline of you? >> maybe. we're actually going to get fitted. >> i'm very excited about this. >> i'm excited for you. >> wait until they take your inseam. >> it will be good -- >> with that said. >> we're going to turn now to heather nauert, serious fox news alert. >> yeah, certainly. let's start out in missouri this
4:02 am
morning. good morning to you all. two firefighters make the ultimate sacrifice when a burning building collapses in kansas city overnight. watch this video. >> they did not die in vain. they saved two civilians, carried them out of the second floor on ladders before the wall collapsed. >> and after they carried them out they went back in to that building. two other firefighters were hurt. they are expected to be okay, though. more details, including the names of those two firefighters who died are expected to be released later today. our prayers go out to their families this morning. the man suspected of gunning down a memphis police officer on his way to work is due in court later today. lorenzo clark, a convicted felon, faces weapons charges, in the death of officer terrance oldridge. police say they were neighbors, both opened fire during a dispute outside their homes. oldridge was on the force for just 13 months. his fiancee is expecting their first child. he survived taking down a gunman on a high speed train
4:03 am
bound for paris but american hero alek skarlatos just danced himself into a broken nose. the army national guardsman, "dancing with the stars" partner accidentally elbowed him in the face during rehearsal, breaking his nose. he quickly recovered from it. and the show went on as usual. well this injury comes less than a week after fellow hero airman spencer stone was stabbed outside a california bar. it's been an international mystery for more than a year now. but a teenager claims she may have found the missing malaysian air looips flight mh-370. the teen says she stumbled upon the wreckage of a planeful of skeletons and a malaysian flag. this discovery allegedly happened about a month ago but she says she didn't realize what it was because they don't have access to television or newspapers. well this claim comes five weeks after french experts confirmed that a wing flap that washed up on reunion island near madagascar belongs to that missing plane. and those are your headlines.
4:04 am
i'll see you back here in just a little bit. >> -- spread across the ocean like that. >> so where is this planeful of skeletons she saw? >> i'm not sure. >> heather, thank you for that. well the stage is set in sin city tonight for five democrats in the race for president will duke it out in their first debate. >> there's even a podium waiting for joe biden just in case, as you can see right there, with that crazy carpet behind it. >> yeah, that is not the best carpet i've ever seen. but what do i know. >> it's vegas carpet, baby. >> it's vegas. >> john roberts is live in vegas. what can you expect tonight? >> brian, steve, elisabeth, good morning to you. the big challenge for hillary clinton tonight is going to be to try to fend off the threat posed to her on the left by bernie sanders. over the weekend sanders drew huge crowds to rallies that he held. 13,000 in tucson. 9,000 in boulder, colorado. while clinton still leads in the national polls, sanders is nipping at her heels in iowa. actually leads her in new hampshire.
4:05 am
sanders, who faces his own challenge of appearing presidential in the debate tonight, will be right at clinton's side for two hours. clinton is going to be center stage, if you take a look at the lineup, flanked by sanders and o'malley to her right and left. lincoln chafee and jim webb will be on the ends. they are holding a sixth podium in case joe biden decides to suddenly jump into the race. he's got until 6:00 tonight. not likely we're being told but ed henry is being told by sources close to biden that he is likely to describe the race after the debate. he does really have until the end of this month. he does face some hard filing deadlines beginning in alabama on november 6th. he still has some time to make up his mind. it will be interesting to watch tonight's debate to see if hillary clinton gets any tough questions on the big controversy that's been dogging her, benghazi and the e-mail scandals. as well as her flips on the key stoen xl pipe looip and the trans-pacific trade partnership. it will be interesting to see if
4:06 am
cnn tries to pit the candidates against each other like they did at the reagan library last month. >> that is a great point. what will cnn do? >> if joe biden is getting in, one person on the couch, newt gingrich. welcome back, newt. first time in awhile. >> i know. >> so what's going to ham tonight? >> very small audience. very boring. >> so far the high for the democrats is 10 million. there were 24 watching the republicans. >> right. that's about right. and the 10 million will trail off as they realize that -- >>ing in happens? >> do you really want to listen to the five people that are going to be there? >> you know what's interesting is a lot of people are going to see whether hillary clinton comes out of this far worse off than she began. >> she could. >> she could. particularly if she has a moment like this back in 2008 when she got called on flip-flopping. this is one of your favorite moments. we're going to watch and then we're going to hear why you think it's important. >> i just want to add, i did not say that it should be done, but i certainly recognize why governor spitzer is trying to do
4:07 am
it. and we have failed. we have failed -- >> no, no, no. you said it made sense to do it. >> no, i didn't, chris. but the point is, what are we going to do with all these illegal immigrants -- >> well -- >> see that's the problem with the flip-flopper. it's hard to remember what you stand for. >> well, her stance is to be sort of where she's standing. if you don't remember that that's your fault because you should remember. she was standing right there where she was standing. >> she was against same-sex marriage, she was a supporter of the second amendment, she stood behind the iraq war vote and opposed states issuing driver's licenses -- she reversed all of that. >> this is why fox news has a bad reputation on the left. you insist on the facts. >> right. i get it. >> i think there's something -- it's cheating. >> have you noticed that when you -- >> go back and suggest that what she once said is what she said and therefore when she says something different it's wrong. i think this is the kind of stuff you guys do that just drives the left crazy. >> again you're berating the media. >> there you go. >> of course you didn't berate
4:08 am
the media back in 2012 when you were running for president. here's a clip of newt gingrich at one of the debates, the topic -- >> you look at credit unions, there are a lot of government sponsored enterprises that are awfully awfully good job. >> what about the explanation you just heard that he's in the private sector and this is free enterprise? >> and then to go to work for them and anything which in any way has ever touched government could raise questions about doctors dealing with medicare and medicaid, and a whole range of other government activities. there are many things governments do, i did no lobbying of any kind for any organization and that was a key part of every agreement we had. >> well, let me pick up with that with you congresswoman -- >> we're going to relive the whole entire debate? >> that was not the clip -- >> it was a good clip. >> powerful -- >> it was a great moment. >> those of us who feel cheated because, you know, you go on back, you pretending that something i might have said in '12, i should still remember,
4:09 am
and this is what hillary's problems are. they're asking her to remember what she said last month. this is hard. >> about the xl pipeline, about the pacific trade agreement. >> about whether or not she knows sidney blumenthal. >> those are good questions. meanwhile there's always the age question that comes up. will the age come up? i know it has on the republican side. during the race back in 1984, ronald reagan's age came up a number of times because the debate before he seemed like he was fading, and then he said this at the debate. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. >> a movie on reagan, there's a segment right there where they suddenly come in and mondale dies, and you see him thinking, this is over. and he said --
4:10 am
>> after that he just -- >> never going to recover. >> you had a chance to see this thing full circle, not just from the republican right. what do you think about president obama's obsession with fox news? >> oh, i think that president obama believes that he was sent here on a mission to make america the kind of country he'd like it to be. and that the one major fly in the ointment is fox news. and if it weren't for you guys, putin wouldn't be in syria. if it weren't for you guys, obamacare would be working. if it weren't for you guys, we'd have full employment. >> guns -- >> guns wouldn't exist. he gets up in the morning, i gather he gets up in the morning, he watches your show -- >> probably watching right now. >> by the time he gets to breakfast he's already so furious -- >> he didn't spare the opportunity he was doing an interview with marilyn robinson, over at new york review, a book, and he took the opportunity to say how fox news, to your point,
4:11 am
creates him to be a scary person. watch. >> -- in iowa, people always, i think, were surprised about me connecting with folks in smalltown iowa. and the reason i did was -- first of all, i had the benefit that at the time nobody expected me to win. and so, i wasn't viewed through the prism of fox news and conservative media, and making me scary. >> well -- >> look i think if you're a conservative he is scary. if you're a conservative he talks about an executive order on gun control. on executive order on amnesty for illegal immigrants. he has a foreign policy where you surrender to the iranians, and you're so weak in syria that putin thinks that for the first time since 1970, russia can re-enter the middle east. we think he's actually scary because by our values, he's scary.
4:12 am
and he can't accept the idea that there may be an alternative value system to his -- >> other presidents from nixon on up and down, that the media might have been against them. why is this such an obsession? >> well, i think in this case, he doesn't -- he doesn't see the version of him that we do. he thinks his radicalism, and his weakness in foreign policy, is normal. and so we said that's radical. we said -- >> -- issues -- >> if you promise people you can keep your doctor you should actually mean you can keep your doctor. that's cheating, because that's a lot like the hillary problem. why would we remind people you said you could keep your doctor just because he said you could keep your doctor. >> there you go. newt apparently does not think we're scary because he's sticking around. >> absolutely. >> and you're bringing someone you love. >> that's right. and much more ahead. we showed you this incredible video. a water spout hits a trucker this morning. hear what it was like inside
4:13 am
that truck. that's what it was like on the outside. >> oh, my. >> wait until you hear about the inside. >> and who's the sexiest woman alive? here's a hint, beyonce, j. lo, sofia vergara are not the winners. >> oh. who could it be? >> who could it be? . the cold truth is... [coughing] okay kids, let's go. no one can really fill your shoes when you're sick. [toy car electric motor] [toy car horn beeping] alka-seltzer plus hot drink mix has four cold symptom fighters to relieve your tough symptoms. [whoosh of steam] [deep breath] stay unstoppable. alka-seltzer plus. i really like this organic soup. yeah. at least we know what he's eating. campbell's organic soups. made for real, real life.
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4:17 am
all right. our next guests have been entertaining and educating american children about our country's history through the eyes of ellis the elephant and now ellis is back for the holidays with his newest installment called christmas in america. and guess who's here? newt gingrich sticks around and wife callista have entered the couch zone. welcome back. >> so exciting. first of all, my kids love your series. they love ellis so much, and it's so fun and you get right to the heart of what christmas is about in our country. >> this is the fifth volume in my ellis the elephant series and in this book ellis discovers the joy of christmas and how christmas has been celebrated throughout our nation's history. >> you have put together a quiz where you're going to ask us some questions that actually depict a little bit of historical stuff because we've got the camera right in front of us. >> first question is, which president was first to have a national christmas tree? >> all right. choices are washington, lincoln,
4:18 am
coolidge, and madison. >> that's okay. >> washington, lincoln, coolidge, or madison? i'm going coolidge. >> i'm going with "c." >> it is coolidge. >> coolidge was the first president in 1923. first time it had been outside on the white house lawn. >> thank you, calvin. next question. >> all right, which president invited children to the white house for a christmas frolic complete with cotton snow balls. "a," bill clinton? >> he had many frolics at the white house. >> could have been that. >> "b," thomas jefferson. "c" john f. kennedy. or "d" andrew jackson. >> andrew jackson used cannon balls. >> "d." >> i chose kennedy, too. >> i'm going to go with kennedy. >> i'm a solid "d." >> elizabeth is right, "d." >> you know why i know that? i'd it in your book. >> you've done your research. >> and final question. >> final question, which animal did george washington have at his mount vernon home on
4:19 am
christmas eve? >> okay. >> was it "a" a reindeer, "b" an elephant, "c" a donkey, or "d" a camel? >> camel. >> i'm going to go classic, reindeer. >> reindeer? >> i mean, i don't know, why not. christmas. >> "d" a camel and mount vernon still has a camel at christmastime today. >> i knew that. >> you didn't know that. >> you know what as it turns out we have two books here. callista's book written along with newt gingrich, christmas in america. and newt you've got a brand-new book called duplicity. what's that about? >> essentially we have a somali american in minneapolis running for congress. while his brother is the number two leader of al shabab in somalia. we have a presidential campaign. and we have certain things that involve what happens in politics when you have terrorism, political ambition, certain level of dishonesty, the cia lying to congress. things that may sort of sound like -- >> ripped from the headlines. it's a washington thriller. >> it's a little like ben carson
4:20 am
brought up. what happens if. >> and dedicated to men and women who serve and protect our country. >> it's called "duplicity" and it's out today. >> something for everyone here. callista, thank you so much. christmas in america with ellis, and duplicity. >> we'll hear you both on radio shortly. you can have breakfast. straight ahead, ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. how do you stop a terrorist who takes over your plane? all you need is a pen. a former navy s.e.a.l. is here to share his survival secrets. and we need them.
4:21 am
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all right now it's time for your "news by the numbers."
4:24 am
some hollywood gems are headed for the auction block. okay first numbers between $800 and $1200, that's how much john wayne's gun belt is expected to fetch. at an auction in beverly hills later this month. next, $20,000. that's how much a pair of ray ban sunglasses worn by john belushi in the blues brothers movie could sell for. iconic. and finally, $400,000 to $600,000. this 1924 rolls-royce is up for auction. it was famously seen in the 1954 film "sabrina." starring audrey hepburn and humphrey bogart. there you go. could be in your garage. all right. >> vex cited about this segment. in the increasingly unpredictable world, old survival guides just do not work. >> from home intruders to terror attacks in our own backyard everyday americans are first in the line of defense against facing danger.
4:25 am
how can civilians learn to think and act like members of the special forces? clint emerson spent 20 years conducting special ops all over the world as a united states navy s.e.a.l. he's the author of 100 deadly skills and our guest this morning to show us how to defend ourselves. >> one to 100. let's go through them all. >> real quick, yeah. >> we need all day. >> well company. first up for pedestrians, a few scenarios you put together for us that are more likely than not. >> right. the goal here first is treat everything as life is a competition. you're either going to win or you're going to lose. winning means life -- losing could potentially mean death. so the book has a bunch of skills that anyone can put together at home or abroad. >> okay. >> and so the first one that we talked about, was the paper bat. this thing was made popular by soccer fans.he increased security at all your stadiums -- >> yeah -- >> around the globe -- >> appreciate it. >> your newspaper right here. you're opening it up. >> open it up flat and you want to roll it as tight as possible. the more sheets that you have,
4:26 am
the more dense a bat that it makes. and you're going to make it nice and neat obviously and then fold it in half and you're going to get something like this. all right? so now this thing has got about eight sheets of paper and it's hard. >> oh, gosh. >> you can -- everyone has a newspaper. you can get newspapers worldwide. >> so you're in a train and you hear that there's an attacker up front and you say to yourself, that sunday "new york times" and roll it up? >> sure. i would say team up, as well. the more people involved thebet. >> you can put a nail in it with some type. how can you use a pen to defend yourself? >> pens are great. really getting the right one. a steel barrel pen. they're popular. there's lots of different brands out there. these things will not break when you actually use them. the goal is to either have an underhand, or an overhand grip, you're placing the pen clip right between your knuckles and your palm and giving yourself the ability to strike. and it won't move very easily inside your grip. >> you're holding it with your
4:27 am
thumb keeping it down? >> the thumb. you have to assume you're going to hit bone. you don't want this thing to fly back. >> in your mind-set you're thinking it's him or me? >> exactly. if you say i've never done this before. without a doubt you have to bump up the level of aggression to meet the threat and then go beyond that and go in to more of a violent mode and when. >> if you want to win and you're in your home you say there's a way to win nice fights. how is that? >> i would say, one, we know knives are used more than anything else. more than pistols. pistols are used more than rifles. so with that thought you should know how to deal with a knife. one i would say protect -- know that you're going to have a guard hand. this is my guard arm. i'm going to have it forward. >> why? >> if you have time -- well you have all your arteries and veins. all the arteries and veins closest to your body and know that this arm is going to take probably some hits. it's going to take some injury. to buffer that you can take anything around the house, wrap up your wrist, give yourself -- >> you hear the intruder you can do this quickly. >> if you have a knife or a gun that's a better choice.
4:28 am
all of this is improvised stuff so you can put it together in a timely manner. >> what's the best way to strike if you've got the knife or you don't? with the knife what's the best way to approach somebody and if you're just bare handed how do you strike for a knockout? >> okay, so a strike -- >> all right. >> the big thing with a knockout, really, if you talk to any boxer it's going to be power, surprise, and accuracy. okay. these are the big three. and most people don't realize that most of the power is generated in your core. your core is defined from your chest to your kneecaps. so you want about 70% to 80% of the power to come from your core. and that 20% to 30% is going to come through to your face. >> you've got to hit in a place that's going to knock the guy loopy. where is that place? >> the well, it can be the temple, the jaw line or straight forehead. the goal is to create a coup, countercoup effect which is what happens in car accidents. your brain hits the inside of your skull and causes the dazed effect. just a slight one -- >> i'm so glad i'm not -- >> but if you put some power
4:29 am
into it you're jostling that brain enough to hopefully knock one out. ultimately the goal is not to stay engaged in kung-fu theater. it's to do what you need to do and run. >> this is not a ten point must system. you have to go for the knockout right away. >> a steel pen, having your guard, your arteries protected and making sure you strike it's with your core and in a place that could knock somebody out. >> and open hands are just as good as a fist. >> is that right? >> if any of the crew want to try my forehead during the break we can all try this. >> in the break i'm going to give brian a concussion test. we want to thank you. author of "100 deadly skills" clinton emerson, thank you for your service. >> thanks a lot. >> congratulations on the book. >> thank you. >> thanks for your service. >> meanwhile 31 minutes before the top of the hour. >> one school tried to ban halloween but now they're bringing it back all thanks to one mom who fought the pc police herself. you're going to meet her life. >> and would you buy a suit in the trunk from a guy in the trunk of a car? it's big business for these guys. steve and i get fitted next.
4:30 am
>> get the inseam. >> a moon roof. what if one piece of kale could protect you from diabetes? what if one sit-up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease. pneumococcal pneumonia. if you are 50 or older, one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. even if you have already been vaccinated with another pneumonia vaccine, prevnar 13® may help provide additional protection. prevnar 13® is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13® if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response
4:31 am
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4:33 am
wow. >> wow. >> a florida truck driver speaking out actually for the first time this morning after a water spout twists his truck metal frame lifting it right off the ground twice and sending debris flying through the air. >> i've never been to hell but i thought i was in hell. first thing i did when i got home was hug my son. god was definitely watching over me today. >> goodness. he miraculously escaped with only minor scrapes and bruises, as well. what a story. >> oh. >> all right. it is 27 minutes before the top of the hour. brian, you ready to go outside
4:34 am
to the ultimate trunk show? >> and get measured. >> this guy is a genius what he has done. you are going to love to see his entrepreneurial spirit. and how you can wind up with a suit out of the trunk of a car. >> but can they handle my body? >> well, we're going to find out. >> who can't? >> you're ready. ready with the measuring tape out there now. while you guys head outside heather and i are going to stay inside. she's going to start -- >> we'll see if they can make some dresses for us, as well. a couple headlines i want to bring you. a college honor student facing serious charges after a chilling online threat. emory university sophomore emily saccamoto allegedly posting on the anonymous messaging service yik yak a threat saying quote i'm shooting up the school tomorrow, stay in your rooms. the ones on the quad are who will go first. that post was immediately del e deleted but students gave screen shots to police. she claimed it was just a joke. she's now facing a felony charge
4:35 am
for terroristic threats. a tennessee bride walks down the aisle and then look at this right here. she leaps into action to save a life. that is sarah ray who also happens to be a paramedic. she's holding up her dress on the side of a highway just moments after she said i do. well, she and her husband, also an emt, were checking on her father and grandparents, who had gotten into a car wreck on the way to the reception. listen to this. >> we were on the side of the road to people driving by. i don't know that what i did was so odd, i was making sure my family was okay. i just happened to be in a wedding dress. >> oh, my gosh. what a professional. luckily, no one was seriously hurt. and you know the show game of thrones. the star emilia clarke is certainly winning one big game. >> -- the queen. >> the queen? >> well the 28-year-old londoner was just named es square
4:36 am
magazine's sexiest woman alive. she's best known for playing daneras. esquire said she was the number one choice because of her ability to play a friendly character and a fierce character. and those are your headlines. let's go outside for a look at the weather with maria molina. >> hi there. good morning, heather. hello everybody at home. today we're tracking a cold front moving across the eastern u.s. you can see on your radar it's already bringing in some showers across parts of the northeast and also farther south into parts of the southeast. parts of georgia and south carolina. fortunately it's getting more rain across that state where we really don't need it. it's not going to be a big washout with this system. it's kind of dry. we don't have significant precipitation forecast. what are you going to notice behind it tomorrow, it's lower humidity levels, and some cooler temperatures. but the punch of real much colder air really won't be arriving until we head into this weekend. so we'll be talking about that coming up over the next few days. first i want to show you your
4:37 am
current temperatures. very mild across parts of the gulf coast. 78 degrees in the city of houston right know. and temperatures there are going to be claiming into the 90s, feeling like summer across parts of the plains. as we head farther west and the southwestern u.s., very warm, as well. 89 degrees for your forecast high temperature in l.a. and 100 in phoenix. now let's head over to brian. >> all right, i'm 100 feet away. you can almost touch me. met fans extending a warm welcome to the los angeles dodgers. chase utley last night. that was sarcasm. even holding a sign saying chase loves isis after utley suspended for illegal -- his illegal slide which broke their shortstop's leg in game two of the national league divisional series. of course, tejada is out. he was limping out. listen to how utley was greeted. >> number 26, infielder chase utley. >> boo. >> that's the same -- that's what i hear when i walk into fox news. utley did not play in game three even though he's appealing the
4:38 am
suspension. the mets went on to dominate the dodgers 13-7. they're one game away from moving on. record setting night in chicago the cubs hitting six homers to surpass their own record set in '84. chicago outplayed the cardinals 8-6. the cubs lead 2-1. that could be a monster upset. over in houston the kansas city royals, down by four in the eighth. about to be eliminated do or die. guess what? they live. the royals turn the game around and win 9-6. there will be a decisive game five next in kansas city. >> go royals. >> that's a quick look at the world of baseball. >> all right. now let's take a look at the world of fashion. would you buy a suit from this car? look at this. cars like this all over new york city. book a tailor, a custom suit for $449. they sell them out of these smart cars. brian, i'd like to introduce you to giacomo hakeem who came up with the idea.
4:39 am
he's the ceo. >> thank you for having us. >> nice suit. >> look at you. i love the vest. so you pull up in front of a business. you open the back of -- and come around here so we see. you open up the back of the car and then what happens? >> all the fabrics are displayed over here, and we put the cars in places where we know our target audience will be walking by. >> these are shirts and these are suits and you pick a suit fabric you like and then what happens? >> exactly. so we measure you. we build an account profile for you and then you go to the fabric. >> giacomo, do i have to call you ahead of time? or do i spot you on the road and say come on over? >> you can do both. and also we're building an app right now just like uber where you can see where the smart cars are. >> so do you want to measure me and you want to do this now? >> i don't know. do you have a tape measure that big? >> well, for a husky. >> how you doing? >> stand right over there. your original idea was maybe i should get a billboard or i should do something, and that was too small, wasn't it? >> yeah, yeah, i wanted to do a billboard. but i figured what if the
4:40 am
billboard is in the wrong place? how can i pick it up and move it. i said i can't do that but with a car you can. i can put them wherever i want at any given moment. >> what's the reception? >> what do you mean by reception? >> how is new york embracing the idea of buying a suit out of the back of a car? >> they love it. they think it's revolutionary. so many people walk by, what is this? this is so cool. >> it's better than the iphone. how long will it take me? i pull up, you guys pull up -- sorry about that. you guys pull up. how long until i have my measurements? >> the measurements could be taken in literally two minutes. also we have a new pattern for measuring tool over here that will be launching on kick-starter. it's a measuring tool that we patented. you could throw on this shirt and based on -- and also take it home. we send it to your home and you adjust the sizes and based off that we know what your measurements are and you're ready to order. >> okay now so you -- once you get the sizes and everything, you got the measurements, who makes the suit? >> we make them at our own production facility in thailand. >> in thailand? so that's a subsidiary.
4:41 am
>> yeah, yeah. >> i'm going to show you a map later, brian. so what do you sell out of the back of the car? you sell suits. >> custom suits, custom shirts, overchoates, chinos, that's pretty much it. >> fantastic. >> you know, you do look good. who designed your suit? >> myself. >> you did? good job. what an entrepreneur. ted show folks what you've got on your iphone. we don't -- >> oh, yeah, over here? >> yes. >> so there you go. >> all right, so let's say you want that kind of a shirt -- >> you got it. . >> you can design the shirt. it only works with the key board right now. you go with the mouse, okay. really cool the way -- >> he's got his fashion from his italian roots from milan. and he brought that to america. the new world. >> exactly. yes. >> and maybe a little passion from your mother who we just met. >> yes. >> she's amazing. >> she is great. >> i love my mother. >> all right, giacomo, thank you very much. >> okay, there you go. >>
4:42 am
>> round of applause for the tailor on wheels. >> elisabeth, back to you. >> you all look good out there. can i say? what a fantastic idea. good for him. now this. he's been holed up inside an embassy for years. could wikileaks founder julian assange timely be free to go? and one school tried to ban halloween and now they're bringing it back all thanks to one mom who fought the pc police with everything she had. you're going to meet her and her kids in full costume, next. but first, the trivia question of the day, born on this date in 1972 this former nfl player is considered to be the best wide receiver in history. who is he? be the first to e-mail us with the correct answer and you'll get a treat.
4:43 am
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4:46 am
well, a connecticut school district planned to cancel its halloween festivities for fear of excluding students with different cultural beliefs. it didn't last very long. this morning halloween is back on. after hundreds of parents mounted a campaign to bring the harmless holiday back. actually 2700 in signatures. one of those parents behind it rebecca joins me with her fiance anthony and her three young children celebrating in costume, of course. cassidy, conner and chelsea. thank you for joining us. you look great as cowgirl, cowboy and princess. so, you know, i heard this and i heard halloween is canceled. you reacted and said you're not taking halloween. you decided to fight back with a petition. why? >> because it's just not right. you know, kids need some fun here and there. and even though school is about academics and education, and all that's important, you know, we still need to carry on our traditions that we've had for years and years. >> of course.
4:47 am
rebecca, the concern of the school is that the parade, if i'm not mistaken, the parade was offensive. that people are going to feel left out. we've all done it, you walk around the school sometime in the morning and then you go back to your classroom and you have some fun. >> yes. >> they didn't want the parade, why? >> because some children felt excluded. but no children were being excluded. the parade is open to everybody. if you choose not to participate in the parade, that's your choice. no one is excluding you. >> you had a ton of support. as of this morning, how many signatures? >> this morning 2700 and some odd numbers. >> the school saw that. they responded with this statement overturning the original decision, knowing that the tradition of halloween is detracting from what we are truly about in our time with our children around teaching and learning is most important we have decided to reverse our decision. so, cassidy, how does it feel to you to know that your mom actually fought for halloween for the kids? >> it feels wonderful. because, i want the same experiences for my brother and sister that i had growing up. and as well as my mom having.
4:48 am
so, it felt wonderful that the parade was back on because they deserve the same treatment that i got in school. >> oh, how sweet. and chelsea, you're smiling the whole time. you wanted to be a princess. are you happy that your mom stepped up and fought to have halloween back? >> yes. >> does it make it more fun that way? >> yes. >> yeah. and conner, what a cowboy you are, young man. you look like a fine cowboy there. were you sad when you heard that halloween was first going to be canceled, that this parade was over? >> yeah. >> why? >> because, i had it since i was in first grade, and in second, so this year i didn't -- i wanted to do it. but i didn't know we couldn't. so i was not -- >> and how proud are you of your mom that she did something? >> very proud. >> got really good. >> well you both -- it is really good that she did that. and you're really happy. so it can be both, right? so we can officially say happy
4:49 am
halloween thanks to your mom at your school? >> happy halloween, mom. >> happy halloween. >> thank you, mom. >> oh. well, a great communicator there for sure. >> thank you. >> want to thank you all for joining us, rebecca, well done. the school certainly heard the 2700 signatures as well as your voice. halloween is back. it's official. in connecticut. now this. how would you like to taste ice cream, and get paid for it? the dream jobs you didn't even know about. but first on this day in history, 1792, former president george washington laid the first cornerstone of the white house. plus, in 1983 the space shuttle "challenger" carrying seven, the largest crew to date, safely landed at the kennedy space center in florida. and ah-ha, the number one song in america back in 1985, take on me. ♪ some cash back cards love to overcomplicate things.
4:50 am
like limiting where you earn bonus cash back. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one likes to keep it simple. real simple. i'm talking easy like-a- walk-in-the-park, nothing-to-worry-about, man-that-feels-good simple. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's a simple question. what's in your wallet?
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4:53 am
well the answer to the trivia question today is jerry rice and our winner is john cain. he's going to be getting a copy of brian's book, george washington's secret fix. ever wish you could quit your office job and do something fun for a change? jill casone says you can live your dream and she's here to tell us about some dream jobs. i wanted to be an astronaut. >> and there's still time. absolutely. >> what about the people out there who want to be, and this is an actual job, the driver of a blimp? you can be a blimp pilot and the money is pretty good. i'm telling you. this is your dream job. but you can do it anywhere in the country for the most part. you can make about $70,000. that's the average annual salary for a blimp pilot, yes you need to be certified. yes you need training.
4:54 am
but you can still do it. >> what about if somebody is really good at video games and they think i wish i could just get paid for playing video games? >> there are companies now that are hiring kids, but you could be an older kid obviously, that you would go in and basically be the expert to train other players how to get really good at that video game. so the video gamemaker hires you. there's a company called blizzard in southern california that's doing this. you can make about $50,000. you don't get benefits. you're a contractor. but you get to work from home. that's the thing. you can play games from home in a lot of these jobs. in your pajamas. >> if that does not appeal to you, this one will. i guarantee. how would you like to get paid to test ice cream all day. >> yes, please! >> every hand is up in the studio right now. >> you could be an ice cream taster. it's called taste master, food scientist, flavorologist, the fancy terms. you can taste ice cream. companies will hire you about $60,000 is the average salary. and this is exactly what you do. it helps to have a degree in food science. >> sure. >> or if you just really like
4:55 am
ice cream, go for it anyway. >> who doesn't. all right we are both good listeners. who could we work for? >> we could actually -- this is a brand-new job actually chief listening officer. this could be your job. you could also do this from home. if you're really good on social media. this has only been started about five years ago, $95,000 is the average salary. you're listening in for a company on social media. so you're -- >> you're not listening, your reading? >> no you're listening to maybe like -- maybe there's a youtube rant against your company. you're the person that says, hey, guess what? "x," don't want to name a company name, but somebody is railing against them on social media, you go out and find those people and let the company know hey you got some issues. >> you're monitoring online -- >> it's like the ultimate stalking job. >> get paid to watch twitter. and finally if you're good at rolling around out in the yard with the kids maybe you should be a hollywood stunt person. >> look at that $100,000? >> i know. most of this, got to say, it's
4:56 am
dangerous, you've got to have training. you can't wake up one day and be a hollywood stunt person -- >> catch on fire. that's part of your job. >> dream johns, mine is never going to happen. 8-year-old cheryl wanted to be a dallas cowboys cheerleader. >> i don't think that's out of the picture. >> you're good for my ego. a lot of jobs out there. >> listen she's got a dream job already. she works over at fox business network. to find it in your neighborhood go to >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> all right. meanwhile, president obama is back to slamming fox news for making him look scary. >> i wasn't viewed through this prism of fox news and conservative media, and making me scary. >> but is fox really his
4:57 am
problem? your e-mails coming up. and one school forces twin daughters to remove air force jackets when they were wearing them to honor their father. a huge update to "fox & friends." that family is here with the news. here's to the explorers.
4:58 am
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determine to you. today is tuesday, october 13th. tonight the democrats turn to battle it out in their first presidential debate. this morning an extra poed up is being added to the stage. will there be a last-minute announcement by the vice president? meanwhile frightening moments at 30,000 feet. how a flight attendant mishap brought down a plane packed with people. why did they have to land? wait till you hear. >> wow. gentlemen, if you only read playboy for the articles boy do we have a great news update for you. okay? >> a wish come true. >> everything is coming your way. meanwhile mornings are better with friends.
5:01 am
hi, everybody, welcome to this hour. very exciting. >> why? >> we should point out that giacomo and his team from bookatailor have measured brian and i. they're going to make us cool-looking suits. >> how incredible. what a great idea. >> they were coming -- had a great body. >> really? >> they took what has happened to the food truck industry, eliminate the overhead of a hard top restaurant and we're going to bring the food to you. now they bring the suit to you. you got measured -- >> we're going to have a follow-up episode. in the last episode of the season, this season. >> come back for the 19th season. >> they're going to get some suits for us and hopefully they'll fit. >> the crazy thing about them is can you imagine if you're at bloomingdale's. you work at bloomingdale's right, a little smart car pulls out and sells suits for a fifth
5:02 am
of the price? >> yeah. and they're custom. >> they must have liked your camp bows this morning. >> he gave me a pocket square. this suit was driving him crazy. >> all right, heather time for some news. >> serious news about that malaysian airplane that was shot down. doomed malaysian airlines flight 17 brought down by a russian-made missile over the ukraine last july. there is now a brand-new report that's been out by the dutch safety board. it finds the warhead exploded less than a meter from that cockpit. russia denies that that missile was russian-made. all 298 people on board that plane were killed. and officials say they most likely lost consciousness immediately. the report does not say who is responsible for that disaster. but they do say that ukraine should have closed the air space. frightening moments to tell you about on board an alaska airlines flight a credit card reader goes up in flames. flight crews say they noticed the device's lithium-ion battery
5:03 am
was spewing smoke shortly after it took off from newark airport. they dropped that in the trash and sprayed it with a fire extinguishe extinguisher. that pilot taking no chances deciding to declare an emergency on board the plane and landing in buffalo. fire crews were called in. no one was injured. anheuser-busch inbev is truly becoming the king of beers. the big time brewing company reaching a tentative agreement with its rival sabmiller for a $104 billion merger. the two largest brewers would take over 30% of global beer sales netting about $64 billion a year. brian still likes meister brau. >> all right. justin bieber's new album getting a whole lot of buzz but not in one part of the world. ♪ what do you mean you want to say no what do you mean ♪ >> he's got a new album and its cover is stirring up some
5:04 am
controversy. take a close look at this picture. and the controversy is in the middle east, for two reasons. experts there say it's the shirtless photo that's one. and there's a cross tattoo on his chest right in the middle. a number of middle eastern countries banning that album we understand. his team now apparently scrambling to create an alternative cover for those countries. all the more reason to stand firm and stand for what you believe in. those are your headlines. >> i'm actually surprised by that. i wonder if he knows his team is up to that. >> artistic integrity, perhaps? >> a picture of justin bieber with no clothes on. >> right. >> i could do without that. meanwhile four minutes after the top of the hour. tonight we're finally going to get the debate on the democratic side. five people on stage at the center square, hillary clinton, and not on that -- not on that stage for according to ed henry, joe biden. and when asked, over 50% of democrats -- >> he's not coming. >> -- want the vice president to
5:05 am
enter the field at some point. >> they do. and in case he decides to, he has until 6:00 p.m. tonight according to cnn team there, they will leave a podium just in case podium we'll call it for the vice president should he want to join the debate tonight before 6:00 p.m. he could announce at any time before that that he'd like to -- >> the reason cnn is doing that is because they're trying to create some buzz because there is no buzz. nobody's really interested in this particular debate format per se. donald trump was on the program yesterday, and he had this to say about that. >> i don't think they'll do great. i think people are going to turn it on for a couple of minutes and then fall asleep. don't want to say this in a braggadocious way but a person at cnn and a couple other people said we have to put donald trump in this debate. we're going to die with it. let's see i don't think they'll do badly. there is a curiosity factor. i don't think they're going to do great. they'll turn off after awhile. >> here's the thing. the big question is will cnn challenge the democrats the way that cnn challenged the republicans?
5:06 am
and fox challenged the republicans as well? >> also -- >> anderson cooper, who is going to be hosting this, moderating this, says i am uncomfortable with the notion of setting people up in order to promote some sort of face-off. >> really? >> so you're insulting jake tapper and you're insulting other people. >> what if it's just to promote truth? will the other candidates pop up and say, you know, hillary, let me challenge you on -- >> right. it would be sad if martin o'malley is the person who brings up, you know, the issues, rather than the moderators on cnn. go ahead. i'm sure you'll tune in. do you have an estimate on how many people will watch? remember the first one on fox i think about 25 million. plus the internet. i think it's like 40 million or 50 million by now. i'm going to statement, 7.5 million. >> i would say you're about right. i would say between 10 million and 6 million but i will say this, it will be higher in the beginning. and i think steve schmidt's quote really stands up here. he's the guy that helped john mccain.
5:07 am
said the country has not yet had an opportunity to see the current field of dems all on the same stage. certainly there's a likelihood that the weakness of the field will become more apparent than they are today. and it's good for biden then. >> you've got governor lincoln chafee there. senator jim webb, martin o'malley former governor of maryland for eight years, bernie sanders the socialist and then center stage hillary clinton. >> and he's the phenom. he's the unbelievable story. >> let's see how socialistic he is tonight. meanwhile, talk a little bit about president obama. he had a tough interview with steve croft over the weekend on "60 minutes." president got a little testy. he sat down for an interview for the new york review book that's going to run next month, it's going to be out on november the 5th. and you know what? as the president looks back over his legacy, in office, you know what? he's a little angry at fox news. because before fox news, we started tearing into him, people really used to like him in
5:08 am
places like iowa. >> it's interesting because we're talking in iowa, people always, i think were surprised about me connecting with folks in smalltown iowa. and the reason i did was -- first of all, i had the benefit that at the time nobody expected me to win. and so, i wasn't viewed through this prism of fox news, and conservative media, and making me scary. >> so interesting because i remember distinctly and clearly senator hillary clinton complaining that the press is much harder on her than barack obama. and "saturday night live" did a whole skit on that during the debate. i got harder questions and i always got the first question. >> but you're asking, wait a second, is fox news responsible for president obama seeming scary? fox news to blame? well newt gingrich says, no.
5:09 am
fox isn't responsible. but guess who is. >> i think that president obama believes that he was sent here on a mission to make america the kind of country he'd like it to be. and that the one major fly in the ointment is fox news. and if it weren't for you guys putin wouldn't be in syria. if it weren't for you guys obamacare would be working. if it weren't for you guys we'd have full unemployment -- full employment. >> guns -- >> guns wouldn't exist. so he gets up in the morning. i gather he gets up in the morning, he watches you all, and -- >> probably watching right now. >> by the time he gets to breakfast he's already so furious. >> you know, the president can blame fox, you know, during this legacy stage. but ultimately i think a lot of people view his legacy as the way he played the game. i mean, he said he's going to heal the divisions in washington, d.c. and you know what? they are the worst they have ever been in my lifetime. right now. >> absolutely.
5:10 am
currently, and now the news gets worse for people who like nude people. >> playboy -- >> are we talking about the nude media? >> they want to make some big changes because they're -- thars -- they used to sell millions of copies. now they measured about 800,000 copies annually coming through. they said let's make some changes. their editor corey jones went to hugh hefner and said hey what if we drop the nudity from playboy, print edition? >> why bother then? >> to get -- >> i would have never thought he would agree. he agreed. so now on their paper magazine, they're no longer going to have nude photos. they're still going to have provocative poses though. >> and the reason as you're looking at some of those apparently iconic covers from playboy is on your smartphone, or on your computer, you are just one keystroke away from everybody naked. >> you don't have to wait for the centerfold. >> they said the novelty is passed. they're trying something new. >> thomas is on twitter this
5:11 am
morning, he says this, i can officially say the world as we know has ended, not a good idea. hef, please rethink. >> a desperate plea. dave says i cannot believe that people at playboy actually believe it when people say i buy it for the articles. we're about to find out. >> let's see how many people actually buy it for the articles. >> and dr. keith on twitter -- >> i wonder who that is. >> hef is turning over in his pajamas. not playboy anymore. is the hashtag. >> right. >> and bundle up models. >> i mean, i imagine there's a lot of people now that will go to that magazine, famous people, because they don't have to get nude. you might have a lot of centerfolds wearing clothes. >> when they famously jimmy carter and he talked about how he lusted in his heart, he was wearing pants. >> right. >> i'm just saying that you could see other attractive women becoming centerfolds if they don't have to get naked. this might be a big -- >> you think it's a draw for people to be a part of the
5:12 am
magazine? >> because they want to be in the magazine. but they just want to keep their clothes on. >> it the nudity. >> you know what they call that? >> what? >> "people" magazine. >> okay. fantastic. >> i'm trying to spin it right. >> speculation -- we don't know. >> you always have playgirl. for some. >> that's naked guys. >> desperately trying to end this segment. >> you just opened a can of worms. >> this is the craziest day for sure. a woman livestreams herself driving drunk. >> i feel like i'm going to be drunk all the way home. all the way home, people. i'm going to be drunk. >> driving herself all the way to jail. let's just say this didn't end the way that she'd hoped. >> that's right. and place your bets, what would be the hot topic for tonight's democratic debate? we spin the wheel of fortune when we come back.
5:13 am
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5:16 am
all five democratic kaepts will take the stage in las vegas tonight for their first presidential debate. so what topics can we expect to be covered there? some might say it's a game of
5:17 am
roulette. and we'll have the wheel to prove it right here. fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. is here to see how the democrats may spin the topic. >> hillary and bernie's excellent adventure in las vegas today. and we're going to spin the wheel of roulette and come up with a topic. here we go. >> spun wheel. >> the war on women. that's hillary's favorite topic and that's her ticket to success in this presidential election. elisabeth, that's going to be front and center. she's forgotten that. she's been moved off this by e-mails, and press factors so she's going to bring it back to women. she's going to bring it back to fairness in pay. equal pay for equal work. she's going to try and say, hey, women of america, get behind me, because i'm your candidate. >> and she's pulling -- >> men will be pandering on that stage as well saying republican party doesn't care. >> i'm going to spin again. >> put it all down. >> do you like my spinning? >> i love it. the border and dreamers. >> hillary clinton and democrats
5:18 am
say, yes, path to citizenship. they're going to be attacking donald trump and the republican candidates, big, big time. they're going to say they don't care about emigrants. they don't care about hispanics. they don't care about the immigrant experience in america. and that's going to be huge issue to appeal to minorities, especially hispanics. they see that as an important road to victory. >> rather than turning on each other, focus on republicans. >> i don't believe so. spin again. >> i mean i'm so good at this. >> you're excellent at that. >> 1%. the 1%. >> that's bernie sanders. can bernie sanders walk away from socialism? will america elect a socialist president for the very first time? will the democratic party stand up for a person who says that capitalism is wrong? so, all of these candidates are going to be talking about economic inequality. economic lack of capacity in this country. the middle class, the poor, everybody who is disenfranchised they're going to say, listen,
5:19 am
have a $7 trillion bernie sanders plan giveaway in america. we're going to solve all your problems. spin the wheel, again. >> spin it? >> there we go. >> i'm -- >> oh, joe biden. >> okay. the empty podium. >> there is an empty podium. cnn is so desperate for ratings they're making you believe he's going to show up. he's not showing up. but he will be watching in washington, probably, saying, hillary, please fail. please fail. please fail. i need a rationale to get in this race. that's what this is about. if she fails in an epic fashion, that gives him a rationale to jump in to this race. if he gets in too soon today, no reason. he could lose the debate. >> interesting. all right. >> finally. >> one more time. >> we'll see what else we come up with. trust and e-mails. >> hillary clinton has to say i apologize again, i made a mistake, i was wrong, let's move
5:20 am
on. two questions, will cnn be in the dumper? are they going in the tank on this? are they going to ask real questions tonight? and will they tackle their quarterback in an intrateam scrimage? you never make full contact with your quarterback. they expect she's going to be the nominee. they don't want to hurt her tonight. could be a big snooze. >> and peter johnson jr. >> wheel of fortune. >> a delight. one school forces twin daughters who remove air force jackets that they were wearing to honor their dad. a huge update just came in to "fox & friends" on this. that family is here with us live with the news next. and are you looking to fit in at work and get a good fit? do you hope to get fit? this is not just silly stuff right here. we have a celebrity trainer that has the office workout that will actually let i skip the gym. we are working out at the office today.
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all right. time for some quick law and order headlines. from tlc to svu, a law and order special victims unit episode airing next month will be based on the duggar family from 19 kids and counting. they're taking on the scandal that's plagued the reality tv show. london pops ending their 24-hour stakeout of wikileaks founder julian assange. officers have been waiting outside the emboss sill for years to arrest him over sexual assault case if he ever walked out. he never walked out. cost them too much. they're going to end it. and actor randy quaid is waking up in a vermont jail cell
5:25 am
this morning, after he and his wife tried sneaking over the canadian border. the pair has been running from vandalism charges in california. they're both held on $500,000 bail. and that's your law and order headlines, brian. >> all right, steve, this morning a victory for one proud military family. and hopefully everybody in america. a texas school district walking back its decision to ban military logos after two patriotic twins were yelled at for wearing air force jackets to honor their dad. aubrey isd now saying they will allow students to wear official u.s. military logos of any size on hoodies until the dress code can be revisited. so that is a big change from what we were going over the segment last night. joining us now are twins katie and abby rowan along with their proud father phil rowan, who is an iraq war and air force veteran. welcome to all of you guys, rowan. thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you very much, brian.
5:26 am
we had an opportunity on the way over to study some eclectic material, and so we heard about your show yesterday, with mr. trump and so we're glad you gave us the opportunity to come and help make america great again. >> well, thanks. and first off, though, i appreciate you sharing your story. can you tell us, katie, i guess you first, what you did? you were wearing -- what were you wearing? and what did the school have a problem with? >> i was wearing just a navy blue jacket that had a large size logo with the air force on it. and the teacher had told me to take it off, and i just kept it on and when i went to launch, the principal had yelled at me to go take it off at off and pu my locker. and i was really offended by that. >> and, of course, the policy states that something on outer wear, sweat shirts or sweaters or hoodies, and here is the
5:27 am
policy as we roll it forward, that advertise a name, symbol or slogan, any store or designer brand are not acceptable except those containing the emblem measuring more than 1 1/2 inches. this is way bigger than 1 1/2 inches. so what did you think when it happened when you heard about this, abby? >> well, i was kind of -- kind of mad, and kind of sad at the same time that the school didn't really -- that they didn't let you wear an air force jacket. >> because you do it in honor of your dad, right? >> mm-hmm. >> phil what's your reaction? you think i'll just deal with the school, explain i'm fighting for my country, serving my country, and that's what the girls are doing? >> definitely. >> what was their reaction? >> you know, the girls were pretty upset. they came home one day, they were upset. i could tell they were up set.
5:28 am
they explained the situation to me. two things gets me upset, my country and my girls. so i immediately snapped into action and called the principal we worked through the issue. she seemed very cordial. she was a very cardinal lady. she had asked us to bring the jackets to school the next day. got to school, and i received a call, and they said that it wasn't acceptable. and you know, we told them that we were going to fight them on the issue. the girls said they wanted to wear the jackets. they bought the jackets with their own money. you know. we want nothing but the opportunity to live in a good area, raise our kids in a quiet area, patriotic, where they can get a good education, and they can grow up and go out and help change the world, and by every part of the definition, aubrey, texas is that. great place, great people, they support the military. but the administration of the school district they were just dead wrong on that. and we're really proud that they made the decision to reverse their decision.
5:29 am
but there was a little caveat in that. i heard that they're going to re-evaluate it next year. so we'll be watching it, and if they re-evaluate it and make the wrong decision there, we'll be fighting that, too. >> it's good your girls know at a young age, you sacrifice, you're inside the air base getting mortared on a regular basis, and that still lives with you today. i know the girls appreciate your sacrifice and stood up for you. must be a great feeling? >> yeah, they're great girls. you know, they're almost straight "a" students. they're the love of my life. we love having them where we are. and you know, i've said before, we've fought bigger fights. we were about ten miles from where they killed zarqawi, so you know, this was a fight that we had to have because it involves them. and it's the principle of the matter. i've always fought for veterans, and this is something i wanted to stand up for the veterans on. >> and you're keeping it on with this generation. katie and abby, hope you have a great rest of the year. thanks for sharing your story. thanks for standing up for your
5:30 am
dad and for the military. thanks for your service. >> thank you very much for having us. we appreciate it. >> no problem. thanks, ladies. 31 minutes before the top of the hour. straight ahead a dangerous drive for the world to see posted online. >> drunk all the way home. all the way home, people. i'm going to be drunk. >> what happened to this woman after her reckless trip on periscope? and looking to get fit at work? do not -- do not do this. it just looks silly, right? our celebrity trainer has the office workouts that will actually let you skip the gym. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
5:31 am
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5:34 am
interestingly, donald trump has spent very little of his own money on his campaign so far because he doesn't have to buy ads. the news channels put him on whenever he wants. so i guess he figures why by the cow when you can just call rosie o'donnell once for free? >> when did he grow a beard? >> he's had a beard for like two months now. >> goes to show you how late i stay up. >> i know. >> all right 26 minutes before the top of the hour now. meanwhile, heather nauert's got some breaking news for us on the drunk driving story. >> i certainly do. that one coming up in just a second. fox news alert first. we have now just learned the names of the two firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice in kansas city last night. 17-year-old veteran larry legio and 13 year veteran john mesh were killed when a burning building collapsed. just moments before that, they had helped rescue at least two people who had been trapped in a devastating fire.
5:35 am
>> unfortunately, situations like this really bring home to all of us the danger that firefighters and police officers confront every day. >> certainly does. legio leaves behind a wife and his mother. mesh a wife, and four young daughters. our prayers go out to those families this morning. busted behind the wheel. police arrest a woman for drunk driving, and then livestreaming the whole reckless trip live online. watch this. >> i'm going to be drunk all the way home. all the way home, people. i'm going to be drunk. >> yeah, she went all the way to the pokey. police in florida say the 23-year-old whitney beale used the app called periscope to broadcast herself heading home from a bar. police then watched this online, and called 911. officers were able to track her down based on landmarks that they saw on that video.
5:36 am
when they found her she was driving with a flat tire. she now faces dui charges. and mets fans not extending a very warm welcome to the l.a. dodgers' chase utley last night. one held up a sign saying, chase loves isis? well this after utley suspended for an illegal slide during game two of the national league division series, breaking the leg of mets shortstop ruben tejada. >> number 26, infielder chase utley. >> well utley did not play in game three even though he's appealing that suspension. the mets went on to dominate the dodgers last night 13-7 and only need one more win to move on and then it was record-setting night in chicago. the cubs hit six home runs. breaking their own record for postseason homers. the cubs beat the cardinals, 8-6. and now lead the series 2-1. and then, in houston, kansas city coming back from a 4-run deficit in the eighth inning to beat the royals 9-6.
5:37 am
and that series is now tied at two. take that one, brian. >> and your emoji vocabulary could be expanding. you know the little icons you have on your smart phone. they're planning to make 67 new ones including a call me one, a shrug me one and a selfie emoji. there's an international governing body, i'm not making that up. they will give approval to this but say they won't consider these new ones until sometime next year and after that the iphone and android makers have to program those things into your device. could be awhile before you see those. let's head outside now to maria molina. we have a lot of weather emojis. >> i've moved into the weather center here. the fox extreme weather center and we're tracking a cold front not very extreme. it does have some showers with it. we could see possibly some thunderstorms. but it's pretty dry out there across the eastern u.s. with some moisture in place ahead of it. you're going to feel that as we head out the door across parts of the east coast. overall the storm system just producing some light showers and some isolated storms coming up later today across parts of the
5:38 am
eastern u.s. that system quickly moves out and by wednesday a lot quieter across parts of the eastern u.s. you're going to notice that humidity really starting to drop. across parts of the south we do have some warm temperatures. very mild this morning in places like houston, as we head farther south. temperatures right now into the 70s. cooler in dallas, 59 right now. but it's going to be heating up there and by this afternoon you should look at a high temperature at 90 degrees. temperatures still very summerlike across parts of the plains. and by the way, across the southwestern u.s., very warm, as well. l.a. expecting a high temperature at 89 degrees. and 100 in phoenix. elisabeth, over to you. thank you, maria. getting hot down here in our newsroom. would you believe, even hollywood celebrities don't want to spend hours at the gym? but it is possible to get a body like these stars when you're stuck at work all the time? could that be true? our next guest says yes, it absolutely is. joining me now is the man who
5:39 am
trained those stars harvey pastor knack says you can quit the gym and work out at the office. he's also the author of five pounds, the breakthrough five-day plan excellent book there. he's going to talk to us now about what we're doing right and wrong at the office. harley? >> this is all wrong. >> why? they look like they're doing what everyone would do on a break if they wanted to bust in a quick >> if you follow the trl articles. and everyone looks ridiculous. actually this can backfire. keep it simple. everybody stop. please. >> stop. nice try because i think i'm hearing some breathing going on and a couple calories got burned. you said it's important to walk. kelly was doing some dips >> as americans we're overexercising but we're undy active. we lay down for eight hours for night. sit for an hour on the way to work, sit for eight hours. we need to move more. while we're at work we need to move. i saw a pop tart at your desk.
5:40 am
>> he's a food detective. >> why don't you walk across to the cafe or walk downstairs. >> she can't just sit and eat her pop tart? >> try and hit 10,000 steps today. >> you can see how far you've gone. >> exactly. >> over here kyle is working on the computer. >> screen time. there's scientific studies that show that the blue light that emmates from our screen, our phone, our tablet -- >> try to take my ipad away and it's going to get ugly. >> -- can affect our appetite. our productivity. and so, kyle can you turn the screen off, please? >> you think the actual light -- >> the actual light is making us fat. not only that there's an app you can download for your ipad or iphone that dims the blue light throughout the day and makes it more orange so it doesn't affect your sleep. >> that actually as you get closer to your bedtime will help you actually sleep better. now let me ask you about this. how does sleep relate to weight? >> as americans we are underslept. we're exhausted. and as a result it's affecting productivity. medical bills, skyrocket, billions of dollars a year from insomnia and lack of sleep,
5:41 am
errors made at work. it's important we get seven hours of sleep at night. seven hours of quality sleep. and if you look right over here, this is what happens in the workplace when you don't get enough sleep. people end up -- >> a.j.! hey, a.j. >> a.j. >> wake up, buddy. he's just doing his part. >> he's doing whatever he can. >> and as part of doing his part, a.j. is not alone. we have an office full of people. we have a community. and so staying fit at the office means doing it together. >> we can do this, a.j. if you just wake up. >> we'll have a group sleeping session later. we'll all take a nap. >> as we do it together, we're going to commit to as a whole losing blank pounds. we're going to walk more. but can that really replace the gym? because i know how i feel when i go to a gym. i know how my friends feel, they say that's where they actually do the work. >> studies have compared people who go to the gym three days a week for an hour versus those that wear an activity monitor and hit 10,000 steps every day, and the group that never goes to the gym ends up with better results. i'm not saying gyms don't work.
5:42 am
i'm saying gyms don't work if that's all you're doing. you need to move. there's corporate wellness programs. 85% of companies in the u.s. with 1,000 employees or more have very effective corporate wellness programs like fitbit wellness where everybody gets an activity monitor and there's a great software and an app that everyone can work together, compare how many steps they're taking. >> which really does work. >> because accountability, it's teamwork, and you see the results. halle pasternak, thanks for your advice. >> he's still napping. >> you can catch up on a couple minutes of sleep. all right, guys, i'm going to walk on up to you because harley told me to. >> you better, guys. that's good exercise. count your steps also it's good to know that the reason why a.j. -- >> trying to get a hold of him. >> is there something wrong? >> i can't get a hold of a.j. >> he's sound asleep. >> who knew. >> 18 minutes before the top of the hour. >> something your teenager does every day could be addictive, as addictive as gambling.
5:43 am
you're going to want to hear this and it's coming up. >> and will hillary have another moment like this at tonight's debate? >> the likability issue. where they seem to like barack obama more. >> i don't think i'm that bad. >> you're likable enough, hillary, no doubt about it. >> thank you. >> wow. we are live in las vegas with a preview. make tonight white dchicken chili night!? start with bush's white chili beans, simmered in our flavorful chili sauce. then add rotisserie chicken... punch it up with a little heat... and a few ingredients from your pantry. it's easy to make the perfect pot of chili every time. make your chili better with bush's® white chili beans.
5:44 am
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5:46 am
medical headlines now. texting can be as addicting as gambling. a new study says kids exhibit these compulsive behaviors just like gamblers, including sleep loss and inability to stop texting.
5:47 am
i predicted that. diamonds are more than just a girl's best friend they can actually help detect cancer? researchers say they are pinpointing cancer cells in the body using synthetic nano diamonds. and what about cubic zirconium? will that work? when your baby is born can determine how healthy he or she turns out. summer is best. the reason, summer babies have higher vitamin "d" levels. continuing to work on that. meanwhile, democrats in the race for president, at least five of them, take to the stage tonight for their first debate. official one, in las vegas. >> yep, there's even a praise for vice president joe biden, if he wants it. >> you're right. john roberts is live in las vegas with what we can expect. and what will the empty podium end up happening? will the empty podium be filled by joe biden? >> no. >> i'm sorry, elisabeth i missed that last little bit. >> will the empty podium that we're looking at on that las vegas style rug, will it be
5:48 am
filled by the vice president? >> well, i mean, you know, anything can happen in las vegas, right? there's a chance that slightly before 8:30 tonight eastern time there will be a big las vegas-style puff of smoke and joe biden will magically appear. but i don't really think that's going to happen. what we'll be looking for tonight is will hillary clinton attack her don't opponents in the same way she's been attacking republicans. when she got on the ground here last night the first person she went after was donald trump. the union trying to organize at his casino staged a rally. they invited all the candidates. the only one who took them up was hillary clinton. while she's got a lot of problems of her own she needs to look after, benghazi, the e-mail scandal among them, we'll see if she gets any tough questions, she decided when she arrived here in las vegas that she could make union organizing her cause du jour. >> that means saying no to donald trump. now you know, some people think
5:49 am
mr. trump is entertaining. but i don't think it's entertaining when somebody insults immigrants, insults women. that is just unacceptable behavior. >> in a rare show of solidarity with trump, the republican national committee leapt to his defense, in a statement saying, quote, these union workers must be relieved that hillary clinton's private jet got her to las vegas just in time to pander to them. hillary clinton certainly is swinging way to the left to fend off a challenge from bernie sanders. she narrowly leads him in iowa. he leads her in new hampshire. sanders appeared in new hampshire via satellite at the new labels convention yesterday. hitting all his topics including a rise in the minimum wage. >> we've got to raise that minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour, because i think if somebody works 40 hours a week, that person should not be living in poverty. >> now while it's likely that that sixth podium will go unfilled tonight we are hearing that joe biden, according to
5:50 am
sources that ed henry has talked to, is likely to get in the race. it probably just won't be before tonight's debate. elisabeth, brian, steve? >> all right, john roberts out in vegas where it's dark. thank you, sir. >> thanks, john. >> hillary looks vulnerable, he's more likely to jump in, don't you think? >> he's going to jump in. >> from the white house to our studio we are cooking up a bush family breakfast. with someone who dined next to him for years. how exciting is that? but first we're going to check in with martha maccallum for what's coming up at the top of her hour. >> good morning, everybody. we're going to get your first look at brand-new fox news polls that are coming out in about an hour. they will show head-to-head match-ups for 2016 between hillary and trump. so how is she faring? how is he faring out there? also, the two front-runners, of course. we'll have all the other numbers, as well. steve hayes will break those down. and donald trump tries to reach voters in the middle. he took some tough questions in an open forum. how did he do? bill and i will see you at the top of the hour.
5:51 am
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ever wonder what it's like to dine like the president of the united states? well our next guest served alongside president george w. bush during his years at the white house and today she's here to prepare a bush family favorite. a recipe you won't find anywhere else. how thrilling is this? joining us now former white house social security lee burrman is with us. >> good morning. it's so mice to be here. >> a little great installment of cooking with friends. >> i'm so happy to be here to show you some of the white house traditional foods people love to come and have. so many people ask me what it's like to be a guess at the white house. i started america's table blog so we could bring the white house experience to everyone. >> all right. so what are we making today? >> today we're making -- >> to serve and put up?
5:55 am
>> ham biscuits have probably been served at the white house since the time of the adamss, john and abigail. such a classic american food. we're making it with a little bit of a twist. it's a very simple biscuit recipe. >> flour. >> no baking powder. we don't want these to be too high. you don't want to be able to get it into your mouth. we're just making this dough which is really three ingredients. very creamy. and we going to mix this up, and it will look like a batter like this. a sort of dough. and this is a dough i don't want to work too hard. >> the kids have to do this part. >> you just pat it down. >> okay. >> and we use different sizes of biscuits, because some people want a tiny, tiny little bite. or they want a medium sized bite which is a nice thing at the white house. >> easy to talk and eat at the same time. >> why is everything small? >> we try to offer smaller items, because people are offered 10 or 12 kinds of food and they're very excited to be at the white house so they want to try everything. >> of course. pop this in the oven and how
5:56 am
long do you bake them before they come out? >> and what kind of ham should you use? >> ten minutes of baking at 500 degrees. we brush them with butter both before and right after they come out. and then this happens to be a spiral ham. it's a little sugary. you can use a very sharp smithfield ham with salt. and what makes this special and what is the classic white house twist is the black bury honey butter. you add that and it melts in with the warm biscuits. >> lea we're going to try a taste of them right after this brief time-out. >> great. >> america's table is your blog. ♪ [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most.
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preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids. from the brand doctors recommend most. ♪ ♪ don't just eat. mangia! bertolli.
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happy birthday to our friends at the u.s. navy. the navy was formed 240 years
6:00 am
ago today. head to our facebook page and like and share your support of the u.s. navy. thank you very much. >> all right we're going to have the ham sandwiches now. >> remember we get to visit the white house in the after the show show. >> is that correct? . bill: here we go. democrats set to roll the dice tonight in vegas. how will republican front runner donald trump try and steal the show? now we have our answer. martha: i'm martha maccallum. donald trump is predicting tonight's showdown will be a real snoozefest. watch this. >> i think it's not going to be very well rated. i think it's going to be -- you willat


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