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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 13, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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ago today. head to our facebook page and like and share your support of the u.s. navy. thank you very much. >> all right we're going to have the ham sandwiches now. >> remember we get to visit the white house in the after the show show. >> is that correct? . bill: here we go. democrats set to roll the dice tonight in vegas. how will republican front runner donald trump try and steal the show? now we have our answer. martha: i'm martha maccallum. donald trump is predicting tonight's showdown will be a real snoozefest. watch this. >> i think it's not going to be very well rated. i think it's going to be -- you will watch for 10-15 minute and
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people will get bored and you will turn it off. martha: he said at the request of many, even though i expect it to be boring for two hours, i will be covering the democrat debate live on twitter. bill: byron york a fox news contributor from the "washington "examiner." at least you know trump will be watching. >> trump claimed credit for the huge audience for the fox and cnn debates. how will he stay in the story? we know he loves twitter. he says using twitter is like owning the new york "time"
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without the losses. bill: cnn is downplaying the audience for this. anderson cooper says he's uncomfortable with the notion of pitting them against each other. >> before the cnn republican debate cnn said they wanted to pit the candidate against each other into actual debating. but anderson cooper says he doesn't like that kind of faceoff because these are serious people. so cnn is signaling they are going to handle thissa in a different way than they handled the republican debate. bill: apparently sheldon adelson
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is about to put his name and money behind marco rubio. >> marco rubio didn't raise a lot of money the last quarter. adelson single handedly kept newt gingrich in the race a few years ago. as a casino owner he's opposed to internet gambling. i think rubio is simpatico with him on both those issues. if he does endorse him it would be huge. bill: trump was all over this news. he tweeted this.
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he thinks he can mold him into his perfect little puppet. i a he grow! >> this is something trump audiences have responded to when he says he trump is so rich he doesn't have to beg for anybody's money. in new hampshire he was saying the other candidate are puppets because they are begging for money. this has been a successful campaign so far. martha: five democratic contenders facing off. an extra podium is waiting in the wings just in case vice president joe biden decide to jump into this race today. but he's sitting on the
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sidelines giving no indication he will be using that bubble-wrapped podium. but she talks about donald trump. >> we want to send a message to mr. trump. if usual going to run to president. then you should represent all the people of the united states. martha: she got off the plane, she went straight to this union event. she used the words organize and solidarity several times just in case they didn't know what she was trying to do. >> i imagine she is trying to pick the general election opponent. she runs worse than joe biden and bernie sanders. but the two candidates she has done best against even though
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she doesn't always beat them. the three of them exist in a sort of unpopularity club with the general electorate. i would manage she is trying to pick her winner for the republican side. you call attention to him, brand him as an negative and say there is this bogeyman, this devil overhere and you have got to join with me against him. martha: donald trump says the whole thing will be a snoozefest. i thought he said a long time ago he was going to skip the first debate. the longer he states out the better he seems to fare in the polls. >> the bubble wrap seems to be the right metaphor for hillary
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clinton. they have an soldes music act in sheryl crow. they have a dedication to not have the candidates fight with each other as they did for the republican side when their whole purpose was getting the republicans to attack each other. it's bubble wrap for clinton who is going to be protected. whether one of these bottom tier guise streets this as a moment. whether jim webb wakes up and gets in there, that somebody would say or do something to hillary clinton, that threat exists. but who she is debating is obama and joe biden and whether she can get to the left of biden. martha: that seems to be where the real debate is. it's fascinating. chris, thank you very much.
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bill: this is the first of six debates for democrats. critics have questioned why there are only six. a dnc official said she was disinvited for saying the party should have more debates. the vice chair said debbie wasserman-shultz withdrew her invite after she called for more debates. >> did they really disinvite you because of this? >> the answer is yes, plain and simple. >> how do you know that? >> i was actually on your network, msnbc speaking with steve on "meet the press daily." the very next day i landed add a red eye flight from hawaii to a message that's debbie wasserman
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schultz's staff called mine and said we saw her and msnbc. i'm paraphrasing but if she continues this we don't think she should be at the debate. bill: a spokesman says she was not disinvited but was asked to keep the focus on candidates for the debate in vegas. martha: after tonight we'll see how many debates they are going to need and how interesting it is watching somebody who is so far ahead. these other folks will have to put themselves on the map. if gentlemen biden gets in they may have to add to those. we shall see. donald trump taking questions on the trail yesterday field some open questions. >> in the spirit of problem
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solving i'm wondering if you are concerned some divisive language you use on the campaign frame under mined your ability ... martha: he went into the "no labels" conference and opened up the mike. he got a lot of interesting questions and he fielded them. bill: some of them could have been planted, too. a deadly fire breaking out taking two heroes and the entire building down. martha: president obama and vladimir putined a odds over syria. is the u.s. taking a strong enough stance against russia as putin saber rattles. >> he is directly challenging barack obama and undermining america's influence in the
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middle east and the broader world. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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bill: a fox news alert. it's getting rough in syria. russia's embassy was the target of shelling. this is pro-government forces there to thank trush for its help. the u.s. president defending the
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u.s. strategy in syria. senator marco rubio telling gretta last night the president is in denial. >> vladimir putin is going into the middle east saying i know you know america under barack obama is unreliable. you can't count on them, you can count on us. we are firm and resolute, we take action, we don't just talk. bill: this situation in syria could take a wrong turn at any point with all these competing factions. rubio is saying putin is playing obama. challenging his leadership. you were talking like that two weeks ago. >> i think putin sees an opportunity for russia' and he's trying to exploit it. but the stakes are high and there are grave risks for the united states.
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there is reporting over the weekend a formula one race in sochi. puff continue met with the leaders of the gulf after he rob countries who had been supporting the syrian opposition and said to them, do not give them man portable air defense systems or capability to shut down russian plains. that's -- russian planes. that's a direct warning to those supporting the opposition. queetsed now by the assad forces and russia's fair force on one side -- russia's air force and isis on the other they are being squeezed. bill: here is a comment made 13 months agree. listen to the contrast. >> we ramped up our military assistance to the syrian
6:17 am
opposition. i call on congress to give us additional authority and resources to train and equip these fighters. there is no doubt this did not work. that's why i have been sceptical from the get-go that we were going to create this proxy army in syria. bill: then he says what am i going to do, send in 100,000 troops? i haven't herd anyone call for that. >> he's saying the incompetence of my administration in fumbling this training program for the syrian opposition proifs was right in the first place for not want to go go in. but right now it's obama who is acting out of desperation. it's not putin as he has said in other interviews.
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reports in the past couple days of the united states air dropping tons of weapons and ammunition to syrian opposition groups, that's a sign of weakness. a very ineffective, inefficient way. parachutes are not precision guide. weapons could fall into the wrong hand. they could be damaged on impact. it means the syrian open $significance units are isolated and cannot be reached by ground convoy. bill: it smacks of isolation. it's hard to know who's telling the truth because there are so many competing factions. but what do you anticipate in terms of engagement in the syrian conflict in the coming weeks or months. the president said, this is a quagmire. if that is the case.
6:19 am
how does this end up in is he right that says russia gets bogged down and they find the difficulty just like we found them in that region? >> at this point obama's policy is about as clear as mud. i don't think he's going to do much of anything. but russia's policy, at least its objecties are clear and limited. they are not trying to destroy isis, they are trying to prop up the assad regime. what that means is largely going after the syrian opposition forces, not isis. he's basically saying stay out of the way on this. i think you will see more russian a$distance to the assad forces and more assistance to iran. tens of billions of dollars of
6:20 am
previously frozen iranian assets become available. i think iran pours that into its long-time puppet the assad regime. martha: a city devastated by a massive explosion. that was the scene from august. now. >> the blast rocked the same city. just two months later. what happened? two beer rivals posting a strange new brew. want bladder leak underwear that moves like you do?
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todd * twitter is laying off 336 employees. the new ceo who was brought on to stay on, those cutbacks announced tuesday. today translates to 8% of twitter's workforce. it currently employs 4,100 people. so tweet about that. martha: there is merger in the works between budweiser and miller beer. beer will be manufactured all over the world. a deal worth more than $1.4 billion. $104 billion, thank you.
6:25 am
this marriage -- they have been trying to put it together for a long time. fourth time they have gone down the aisle. >> couldn't get it done. they still don't have approval have regulators and that could put the kibosh on the whole thing. i have got to tell you, $55 billion in sales he single year. think about how big this is. aananheuser becomes the king of peers. all these beers will be under one umbrella. what is driving this, craft
6:26 am
beers are biting into the sales of beer, especially in developed countries where beer sales are falling. they want to be in africa and south america where beer sales are growing. you know, those folks are complaining they are not getting store shelf space and the big guys are trying to keep them out. for investors this is good. this is not surprising. this is always seen in this arena, hurricane, food, beverage. it's all about global combination to push your brand forward. people's tastes are change and everybody is trying to
6:27 am
capitalize on it. this represents a 50% increase on where the stock was raiding when this conversation first started. bill: does that mean more stella? only on tap. thanks. we have some breaking news on the airliner shot down over ukraine. experts revealing a missile did in fact shoot it down. martha: how did donald trump handle a crowd that's a little bit less adoring than what he's used to? very interesting at what happened at this no labels conference. we'll show you what happened when he was faced with tough questions. >> maybe you can prove me wrong but i don't think you are a friend to women. >> i have given more opportunity
6:28 am
to women and anybody in the construction industry.
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martha: donald trump found himself a little out of his element in new hampshire. voters keeping him on his toes with some pretty interesting questions. watch this and see how you think he did. >> are you concerned that some of the divisive language you use on the campaign frame he under mines yours ability ... >> i don't want to necessarily be politically correct all the way down the line. when it becomes a different situation i'll be much less divisive. >> compromise has become a dirty word. >> i like compromise but it's always good to compromise and
6:32 am
win. >> i don't think you are a friend to women. >> i have given women more opportunity than i would say virtually anybody in the construction industry. >> if you have become president will a woman make the same as a man and will i get to choose what i do with my body. >> you will make the same if you do as good a job, and i happen to be pro-life. martha: this is interesting. trump is doing something, he's take in all the questions. we'll talk about one of the questioners. how do you think he did. >> i think it's a win for trump, the fact that he went to a sceptical or hostile crowd. stood there in the middle of them and took all the questions
6:33 am
and didn't back down. the great advantage to trump is he projected strength and most republicans will look at how he performed in that crowd and think he was strong. martha: matt, what do you think? >> i agree with trump. what people like about him is he is strong and stand his ground. whether i agree with him or not, he's leading in the in the polls. it won't affect him. this no labels organization, i like labels. i have to say trump did the right thing. martha: he has an appeal not just to the republican base that he's generated a lot of interest from. but according to this crowd yesterday, perhaps also to people who are independent and even perhaps some democrats, does he not? >> he does. politics is not all about theater but it's a huge element
6:34 am
of theater and trump gets that in a way no other candidate, republican or democratic does. i'm sceptical of him in iowa. but new hampshire could be a real strength for him because that's the state where you can draw in people who are independent, who aren't necessarily hard-core republicans, and they will like trump's kind of independence. everyone thinks trusm is taken outrageous right winger. he's more like a raging moderate. which is a place that can succeed in new hampshire. martha: there is a lot of discussion about whether the young woj and you saw may have been a plant from the bush campaign and here is what they say about that. like many in new hampshire
6:35 am
warren is passionate about and active in politics and tended this event on her own accord. in trump does seem to be sensitive about being challenged by women. >> it may as well a been a trump plant because he knocked it out of the park. if it sounds like bush is planting somebody in the audience that works to trump's advantage. i disagree with rich on the raging moderate for trump. i don't find deportation of the immigrants, 12 million people in the country a moderate position. i think that's a radical position. >> you look where he isth immigration. he's quite far -- where he is on immigration. he's quite far to the right.
6:36 am
he talked about taxing hedge fund guys and has been critical of george w. bush and traditional republican on foreign policy. you look where he is. it's much more interesting than just being an joust ray just right winger. >> those tax positions, rich, the ones he has come out with, i think everybody is on board with. but those position are pretty far to the right in terms after plan he's proposed. martha: are you nervous about him when it comes to hillary or bernie sanders or biden. >> i like the fact that he's going on twitter and i agree with him these debates will be boring. there will be just two debates and too many debates.
6:37 am
bill: significant news that a missile caused the malaysian airliner to drop from the sky. the dutch safety board said a mution-made missile exploded within feet of the cockpit. >> this report is confirming what so many people suspected, that this was a russian-made missile system and it was fired from inside russian-backed eastern ukraine. this follows months much pain stake analysis around the crash site as dutch authorities collected fragments over a mile wide. they have reconstructed the forward part of the aircraft. using recordings from the pilot's head seat and satellite technology they were able to dwrerm it came from.
6:38 am
>> the conclusion is the crash was cause by the detonation after warhead in close proximity to the airplane. >> this specific kinds of russian missile doesn't hit the aircraft. it detonates next to it. the shrapnel from this weapon were found in the body of the pilot. one of these systems was photographed in the area at the time. of course russia denies all of this. but an ongoing criminal investigation is under way to determine who was responsible. martha: all eyes on cityfield. the new york mets look for
6:39 am
revenge after chase utley took out the player. he limped out to applause, broken leg and all. but chase utley not such a warm welcome for him. booze all around. utley is appealing that suspension. he was eligible to play but he was kept on the bench. the metds just powered it on from there beating the dodgers 13-7. game four back at cityfield
6:40 am
tonight. the fans were very happy last night at my house. they had a group there, yes. bill: watch the game in chicago today. so the republican field trying to outshine each other including an overhaul of our complicated tax code. rick santorum, how will his plan rev the economy? >> a massive fire breaks out as a missouri apartment complex ending in tragedy. we'll look at this fire and the toll it took on one community. >> it's difficult when you live with someone for 24 hours a dane you are laughing and joke one minute and something like this happens in the line of duty.
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martha: kansas city in mourning after a massive fire at an apartment complex killed two firefighters. the building began to collapse around 8:00 last night trapping them. two other firefighters were rushed to the hospital and treated for their injuries. here is a fire chief from that area sharing that terrible news. >> it's difficult when you hear from somebody 24 hours a day. then something like this happens in the line of duty. and what is good for their families to remember is that they did not die in vain. they carry two seville yants out of the second floor on ladders before the wall collapsed. martha: the names of the victims have not been released. the cause of that fire is under
6:45 am
investigation. bill: hillary clinton will be center stage in las vegas. former pa senator rick and tore up is in dallas with me now. you tell me, will you be watching this debate tonight? >> i have two event in iowa i'll be speaking at. i should be able to catch the end of it. bill: what do you expect on things like income inequality? what do you expect on the tax code and the tax plan? >> the same old policies that divide the country that don't work. the rich have gone the richer and middle america, working people are not doing better. this idea of taxing the rich and redistributing it doesn't work.
6:46 am
what we need to do is to grow the economy and create opportunities. get manufacturing back in this country. this obama administration is regulating mfers out of existence. we have the highest corporate tacks in the world. then we say why aren't people getting good-paying jobs? because we have an administration killing the economy of this country. we have someone with a track record of getting things done in washington and having a great vision, and that we laid out here. >> your tax plan is a flat tax. right? this is what you write in the "wall street journal." real jdp grew. the obama-bind policies that resulted in 2.3% annual growth ended in 2009. this growth gap cost the country
6:47 am
5.4 trillion. what would have been different? >> you see the pes mitc -- you e the pessimism people have. we wouldn't have driven 2 million manufacturing jobs offshore. 150,000 plants closing down. this is a huge economic failure on the part of this administration. it comes from tax policy which is a flat tax on ordinary income, on individual. 20% on corporations and 20% on capital gains. everybody pays the same rated of tax.
6:48 am
we provide a generous carveout for families. we provide real incentives to work and invest and create jobs in america. no deductions to be cut on charity and mort gang interest for the plan you have. you say you will pay for this by repealing all of obamacare and all the taxes a associated with it. how is that going to happen when it's been baked into 2017? >> one thing you can do, give me a republican senate, 50 to 51 vote in the united states senate. there is something you do called reconciliation. you put this tax plan in place and we can repeal obamacare and move toward balancing this bucket and do it by growing this economy and cutting back on
6:49 am
obamacare and other programs in washington that don't need to be in washington. should be sent back to the state are cut all together. you can do this through a budget reckon sill a yaition process. bill: on the screen -- i know you are looking for a bigger megaphone. but at .%. pe. -- at .6% how do you doit? on fox last week i got 24 minutes and trump got 24 hours. that happened four years ago. i don't pay attention to it. i appreciate the time and dry to
6:50 am
get on as much as i can. i appreciate the opportunity. but i'll spend my time where the votes are cast. in 2012 i was in 2% in the national polls. bill: and you hit all 99 counties and stunned the world. >> the voters are the ones who will make the decision. martha: "playboy" magazine getting a makeover. readers who do buy it for the articles won't find something he stoangts racy magazine. bill: the drunk woman getting behind the wheel of a car and live streams her commute. not a good idea. >> all the way home, people i'm going to be drunk.
6:51 am
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bill: it's such a tragedy. an american tragedy. martha: "playboy" is covering up a little bit. they are telling its models to keep some of it clothes on. playboy says it wants to reach a younger audience and those readers tend to go elsewhere for the racy stuff. the articles will still be there, guys, which is why i know you go there in the first place.
6:55 am
is this a business decision? what are they up to? >> reporter: this is purely about business. playboy rsh may be an iconic magazine. before it is a business. in surk st. louis was 5.6 million in the 70s. and todayment internet is where people go for pornography. so what they hope of course is they will boost their circulation by going away from naked pictures of women. whether that is enough to get out of the plastic wrappers and on the black shelves, which is
6:56 am
where i'm told it is. martha: what's going not magazine now? >> reporter: they will follow the leased their website that was redesigned last year. a lot more articles look at entertainment, gaming. it's basically no chestily naked womb -- it's no completely naked women. the average age of people looking at the website dropped from 47 to 30. according to the chief executive officer, don't get me wrong, said 'jones. 12-year-old me is very days pointed in current me. but it's the right thing to do.
6:57 am
>> reporter: at 12 i was reading "marvel" magazines. martha: we knew that about you, jonathon. bill: brand-new fox polling out in a few minutes.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
we have brand news new fox news polls being released chalked full of fascinating new numbers. head-to-head democrat versus gop candidates for the 2016 presidential race. you have hillary hanging on to her frontrunner status but changes in her numbers as they get ready to rumble in vegas at the high stakes debate. i am martha maccallum. >> and i am bill hemmer. round one tonight. hillary clinton's biggest foe
7:01 am
isn't a democrat. clinton trails ben carson by 11 points and donald trump by five points. jeb bush has a four-point edge over clinton and carly fiorina leads her by three. vice president joe biden fares better. he leads trump by 13, tops bush by 5 points and biden is preferred over carson and carly fiorina by 3 points and beats mark rubio by one point. >> john roberts is here from vegas with more on the debate and carl cameron as a look at jeb bush's plan to repeal obamacare that just came out. good to have you both. your take on the data we just showed. hillary clinton loses to carson,
7:02 am
to trump, to bush, to carly fiorina and joe biden sneaks by all of them. that has to have him watching thinking he should get in. >> absolutely. i think it biden is watching he has to be encouraged. hillary clinton is poplar among democrats. her numbers are the highest among all of the candidates. she is less poplar among independents and republicans. that explains why she beats the other democrats in surveys of democratic primary voters. when you broaden that out to registered voters, someone who has more appeal, is in the lead and does better against republicans in the head-to-head match up. >> let's not forget joe biden is not in the race.
7:03 am
the person everyone want to get in the race they feel sweet on. when he gets in and starts talking and campaigning we may see a different story. we don't know at this point. i want to put up this number. hillary clinton down 16 points since june against her opponents. and steve, this may be, the last take we had on her and how she sacked up against republicans she was beating them. she is no longer beating the candidates in head-to-head gop match ups. >> this is a pretty steep drop. not just a gradual erosion. it is best explained by the loss of hillary clinton among independents and republicans. among republicans she is almost reviled. virtually nobody trust her. it is hard to imagine she would
7:04 am
pull many republican votes from republicans. and independents are becoming uncertain of hillary clinton and that is showing in a number of polls. the washington post has new numbers out as well. she is doing well with democrats in the democratic primary even when joe biden is included but she doesn't do well once you bro broaden it out. >> these are potential what if scenario and match ups. if joe biden were to put elizabeth warren on his ticket they would beat donald trump and carly fiorina by six points and bush and rubio in a closer match by two points. plus or minus three is the margin of error. so it is a draw between joe biden and elizabeth warren and bush and rubio. >> biden has more cross party
7:05 am
appeal than hillary clinton and you add elizabeth warren and it shores up biden's appeal among the democratic base. that would be formidable ticket. there has been discussion about whether joe biden would reach out to elizabeth warren. he had a meeting about three weeks ago and they seemed to be s interested. they disagree on some things. but it would be a good way to beat hillary clinton. what is the mood in vegas you wonder? we continue the team fox coverage with john roberts who is live from las vegas. >> a lot of people nursing hangovers right now just waking up.
7:06 am
jim web and chafey on the end. there is a sixth podium being held and reserved the plan. last night, she was the only candidate to drop by a union rally outside of donald trump's non-union casino. >> i don't think it is enter taining when someone insults
7:07 am
immigrants or women. that is unacceptable behavior. when we are here together in solidarity to organize. >> other things to watch for is bernie sanders who attracted huge crowds in tucson and bolder appears presidential to the wider audience. and martin o'malley have a carly fiorina-like breakout moment? >> i am of a generation than some of my older baby boomer bray brothers and sisters. i don't ask if the idea is from the right or left. i ask if it works. if it works, we do it. >> reporter: o'malley is barely cracking 1%. a lot of people think it is do or die for him. as to if joe biden gets in the race he has the rest of the month to think about it.
7:08 am
>> true dat. >> on the republican side, big news from former governor jeb bush who revealed the plan to repeal obamacare. carl cameron has been looking over it. big announcement. >> jeb bush now becomes the second candidate in the race to have a plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act. he has an event at a college up in new hampshire and he is going to give a speech in a short while. most of the republican field is pretty make taking the day low key expecting the debate to take the the oxygen out of the race. he is making sure it is portable
7:09 am
across the state lines. expand health care saving accounts. we would let small business owners make a tax-free contribution in an attempt to restore private insurance and get away from the big government. despite this being top gop priority and more than 50 attempts to repeal it most of them don't have a plan but trump and rubio do. >> hillary clinton is front and center tonight. under fire for flip-flopping not just once but on a number of hot button issues. will that hurt her campaign? he will debate that. >> and panic breaks out when a
7:10 am
fire happens on an airplane mid flight. >> and several middle school students called out for wearing patriotic clothing to class. we will debate it. >> they will not let me wear a shirt that shows support to keep people free. >> i am proud of him. i would have done the same thing. sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring homeproducts. clorox dising because no one kills germs better than clorox.
7:11 am
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7:14 am
so when hillary clinton steps to the podium tonight expect a different message than what you are used to because the purple former secretary of state has shifted on her opinions more to the left over the years. we compared her 2008 campaign today. >> i believe marriage is not just a bond but a sacred bond between a man and a woman. >> this morning love triumphed in the highest court in our land. >> i disagree with senator obama's claim that people in the country cling to guns and have certain attitudes about immigration or trade out of frustration. >> how many people have to die
7:15 am
before we actually act? before we come together as a nation -- >> it is with conviction i support this resolution as being in the best interest of our nation. >> i have made it clear i made a mistake plain and simple. i have written about it in my book, talked about it in the past. >> joined by brad woodhouse, the president of correct the record, and matt lap is here who is a former white house political director under george w bush. brad, starting with you, how much of a problem is this for her? >> well, look, first of all, i would rather have a leader whose opinions and views evolve with the time rather than a party like the republicans and their candidates who are living in the
7:16 am
1950s. i don't think this is a problem. i think the problem for republicans is if they want to trot it out they have to realize she has moved closer to where the american people are on like issues like was the war in iraq the right thing to do, should gay and lesbian americans have the right to marry, and should we do something about immigration. >> i don't know if she is concerned about republicans as much as democrats because it is bernie sanders who pulled the campaign to the left. it will be interesting to see what she does when -- if she wins the vote and goes up against the republican. >> this isn't about hillary clinton getting closer to americans as it is hillary clinton cozying up to bernie
7:17 am
sanders and elizabeth warren. if you look at every poll on the base of the republican party hillary clinton has switched from a more moderate to left wing position. if it is the second amendment and guns, going to war in iraq, the definition of marriage, it is about free trade, environmental questions around the keystone xl pipeline. she has shifted on every image. that is why the base of the democratic party kind of likes her but don't love her. that is going to be on display tonight. >> brad? >> i will say this. i think to the extent she shaha shifted. she shifted on gay marriage. so has the american people. this is issues where the republicans are out of step with the american people. on guns, 90% of americans want to do what hillary clinton wants to do in terms of background checks. republicans want to run against background checks in all of the mass shootings and elsewhere.
7:18 am
they should do that. but they should realize hillary clinton's position is right in the mainstream of where americans are not just the democratic party. >> is he right about that, matt? >> i look at the numbers. head-to-head match ups with republicans and hillary clinton is trailing badly. one of the reasons why is because the word of this cycle is authenticity. why doesn't she stand up on one issue and tell the base of the party she is in a different place? that would be courage. >> she did that about iraq. >> she said she made a mistake and changed her mind. i think brad is right. a lot of americans changed their
7:19 am
stance on that and she probably did too over the years. let's go back to the polls. at the moment she is trailing against every leading republican candidate and that was not the case the last time we looked at these. what has happened? why is she slipping? 16 point since the summer. >> the entire republican establishment and every republican candidate put a mark on hillary clinton and they have gone after her relentlessly and we had the media and the benghazi investigation, which we found out was, what we said, a political hit job. i think the debate tonight is a real opportunity for the american people to see hillary clinton, the leader, hillary clinton the pragmatist, and i think the polls of the general election a year and two or three weeks out are a little ridiculous. they are fun and if they were
7:20 am
favoring us i would be talking about it. but i think right now this is the first democratic debate tonight. let's kind of assess things after that. >> brad, she does haven't a republican problem. she has a joe biden and bernie sanders problem. this isn't really about republicans attacking her. this is about her fellow democrats questions if she is a good candidate. >> there is no doubt everybody has to get through the primary. and she has to do that and she will work on it tonight. i have to go. thank you, guys. so the chairman of the house benghazi committee insisting the investigation is not about hillary clinton. >> woo we have done 50 e-mail interviews since the e-mail story broke and one of them has been related to her e-mail. >> that was trey gowdy last night. why the mother of sean smith, her son was killed in the
7:21 am
attack, said hillary clinton should be the focus of the case. this woman is streaming video of herself driving while intoxicated and the police have something to say. >> i am drunk beyond belief. i cannot read your snaps or periscopes.
7:22 am
7:23 am
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7:24 am
scary moment when a fire broke out during an alaska airline from going from newark to seattle but diverted in boston after a fire. it came from an over heated credit card reader someone threw in the trash.
7:25 am
this woman is charged with dui after livestreaming her driving behind the wheel drunk. several users called 911 as they were watching it and reported seeing it. >> i am drunk beyond belief. i cannot read your snaps. i cannot read your periscopes. 57 people? oh, my, gosh. i had no idea i would get this many. i feel like i am going to be drunk all the way home. all the way home, people. i am going to be drunk. >> carly is here from the fox news headlines. 24/7 on channel 115 xm serious radio. >> lakeland, florida. this woman is driving home from the bar and decided to live stream the experience on periscope so her followers saw how drunk she was, called the
7:26 am
police and they tracked her down easily because she is in real time streaming what she is doing and charged with her a dui. >> periscope is an app -- >> you can use it through twitter or the periscope app and it let's viewers watch what you are doing. >> it is like face time. >> it is like posting face time. >> she is behind the wheel driving home hammered. >> the hero is the young police officer. a lot of cops in the town didn't know what periscope was. he downloaded it in the nick of time so they can track her down before she hurt herself. >> she is charged with? >> a dui. >> she was given a field sobriety test, breathalizer, she is 23 and in a lot of trouble. i heard her saying i have 57 people following me.
7:27 am
it says a little something about social media and the desire to be recognized. >> it is turning to dark side of social media. but at the same time, cops can hone in and usual social media to their benefit. now there is a push for police in the town to learn how to use periscope and other social media m med mediums. >> lakeland, florida, stupid move there for her. cautionary tale for young people. punished for being patriotic? three students at two separate schools punished for wearing shirts that honor military members. what was offensive here? >> and the preview of a documentary showing the struggle soldiers face long after they
7:28 am
return home from the battlefield. >> i have to walk away because i get so annoyed.
7:29 am
7:30 am
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mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. a wave of deadly violence across israel and the west bank is now spreading to gaza. >> hundreds of palestinians staging protest along the israeli border. another wave of deadly terror attacks in jerusalem. john joins us live. >> reporter: martha, we are talking about three deadly attacks and three people killed as you mentioned in the deadly attacks. to set the scene is the central bus station up the road from the bureau. security is high. there is always a security presence here. it is much higher today because
7:32 am
of the wave of violence including one deadly bus attack earlier. listen to this: gunfire. police say two palestinian men stormed the public bus, one armed with a knife and another with a gun. it happened around the corner from where i lived. one of the men stabbed people and the other opened fire. two people were killed. and 16 others injures. look at this video. police say it shows a man ramming his car into people on a crowded side walk and around the corner from our location here at the central bus station before the guy jumped out and started hacking at people with a meat
7:33 am
cleaver including an 80-year-old woman. one person was killed in that attack along with the alleged attacker who was shot by an armed citizen before doing anymore harm. there are were several stabbing incidents outside of tel aviv with several people injured. there has been violence since the war in gaza protective edge last summer but nothing at this level. prime minister benjamin netanyahu told people if they can carry a gun to do so. one tour guide is limiting where he is taking people because of the violence and at this opponent he is concerned nowhere is safe. -- point -- school kids being punished for wearing patriotic clothing to class. in oregon, a middle school
7:34 am
student suspended for wearing a t-shirt honoring his iraq war veteran. school officials saying it violated the dress code. he refused to change the shirt. >> i feel like i should be able to support the troops that died for us. i was nervous. >> here is another case. texas twin girls were barred from wearing jackets with an airforce patch on the pack in honor of their father a disabled veteran. leslie and here and david web as well to discuss this. good day to both of you. >> good morning, bill. >> what is going on here? is this coincidence or more than nat -- that? >> it is more. the dexter mccarthy middle school principal and auburn principal in texas, karen
7:35 am
wright, should be embarrassed of themselves. when i was in high school, i got in trouble and i am wearing my dad's gun to highlight this. i chose to wear my dad's vietnam veteran jacket that said when i die i will go to hell because i served my time in hell. i wore it to a prep school with a strict jacket and tie. i didn't get in trouble with the school but by my parents who said i should have asked. this is ridiculous. you can google and see what this stands for. as for the aubrey, texas girls, kudos to the father. abigale is a great name and katie is a better name. i wonder if he got it because of
7:36 am
the cadence >> they were born on an airforce base. where you on the debate? >> no question we should honor the men and women of the military. they are heroes and there is a reason i am doing what i can. i have a seven and eight year old and i think the rules at the school is crazy. there is no jewelry so no cross said, no stars of david or lockets of pictures of dad or mom who might be oversea. there is a dress code in place, especially for the twins, it has to do with uniformity. if you don't like the dress code you can fight to change it. the twins' parents say it is stupid rule so change it. >> it a logo and it could cross into other things. maybe gangs and the school has probably dealt with that in the past.
7:37 am
this is what the school said. aubrey isd has a dress code to follow. the dress code which has been in place for over a decade installs pride and levels the playing field for students to allow them to focus on learning. that is from the superintendent. this is the argument from leslie and others. we have our rules, you follow them or you go stay home. >> this is ridiculous, bill. here is where we have come. that principal has no concept of analogy if she is comparing students in the dress code and the military and the uniform that armed service members wear. there are dress codes. but we lost common sense. it is ridiculous to separate children in the such small boxes that expression, something we want children to carry out within reason, is being taken away. to support our soldiers has a bigger message and it is that these children are standing up for principles.
7:38 am
principles of freedom. they are being shot down. what does that say to the children today? if they want the ridiculous rules of not wearing a cross. >> my point you are making is they are standing up and making a statement for their parents. what is wrong with that? >> i don't think making the statement is wrong. but do we teach children break rules or fight to change rules? i as a parent would rather do the latter. i agree with your point, bill, here in california and the other places especially the intercities there are kid that have been killed over what they wear with certain sneakers and kids are still being bullied over what they do or they don't wear. i don't feel that the classroom and our educational facilities should be about what are children are wearing especially living in los angeles.
7:39 am
>> i have to run. >> that is a false argument. >> david and leslie, thanks to you. i see leslie went back the west coast to get away. >> i was there this past weekend looki looking for you. the benghazi committee as we have been covering is under fire. critics say it is partisan and focused solely on hillary clinton. but the mother of sean smith who was killed in that terror attack in benghazi says she believes that is exactly where the focus needs to be. >> and billboards carrying a lot of emotions outside of veteran's hospitals across the country and we will show you why. >> as a disabled veteran myself i don't expect perfection but just progress. i want progress. if they mess something up, i want them to try to fix it. that is all we are asking for.
7:40 am
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7:43 am
>> a bit of controversy over a huge billboard near a va hospital saying va is lying, veterans are dying. the va has been trying to recover from a massive scandal over the phony waiting list and deadly delays in care. the agency issued the department of veterans affairs respects this or any organization or individual's right to express concern. we advise anyone with concern to contact their local office. and disputing claims that benghazi campaign is an attack on hillary clinton. trey gowdy says most of the investigation has nothing to do with hillary clinton. >> let me just tell you and your
7:44 am
viewers this: he left in june of this year. so he doesn't have any idea what our committee has done since june. i will be happy to tell him. we have done 50 witness interviews since the e-mail story broke. precisely one of them has been exclusively related to her e-mail. >> however, the mother of sean smith, one of four americans who lost their lives that night in benghazi, says that she believes hillary clinton is the focus and should be of this investigation. patricia smith is sean's mother and joins us once again on the program. good to have you back on the show. >> hello there. >> hello there. when you hear all of this back and forth about this committee trying to assure everyone hillary clinton is not the focus of the investigation, what do you think? >> well, i think benghazi was her territory. she allowed it to happen.
7:45 am
she did not give the security over there. everything -- this was her job. she was the state department. she caused all of this to happen and why shouldn't she have to give an answer. i want to know what happened there. she promised me when the caskets came in to washington, d.c. she promised me to my face she would call and tell me what happened because i don't know exact ohio what happened. she has never called. her office, not only hasn't called, but gave out information that i am not to know anything because i am not a member of the immediate family. as far as i am concerned hillary is anti-mother and will not give me an answer to anything. she still stands on, as far as i know, it is still the video that caused everything because no one has told me any different. >> we were just looking at the
7:46 am
pictures from her testimony as you were talking when she became outraged being questioned about is saying what difference does it make? >> it makes a lot of difference. it was my son that was killed and she never told me why. >> i don't blame you, ms. smith. you deserve the answers on what happened that night. and the benghazi committee has been charged with figure out the answers to what happened. they tried to get all of the e-mails from hillary clinton's state department and ran into a roadblock because a lot of them were kept on a server at her home. hillary clinton is now saying, you know, if she were president, and she were asked to run this kind of investigative committee here is what she said about that. she said i would never have done that meaning put together one of these committees. lee at the situation they are political reasons. the death of four americans.
7:47 am
>> why did she kill them then? why did she stop the security guards from going in there? they told me if they had been allowed to go, they were told to stand down, my son would be alive. i want hillary to tell me why this is not so. >> ms. smith, i hope you get your answer eventually because you remind everybody what this is all about. >> she has to let me know. she has got to. i am the mother. or i was the mother. she wasn't. why does she know and i can't find out about my son. it has been three years. how long will it take before i find out something? somebody in the government should let me know something. >> ms. smith, i feel for you. i really do. and i really help this investigative committee can get it out of the papers in terms of what their motives are and get
7:48 am
the answers you are looking for and give them to you. i thank you for coming on the program. >> trey gowdy said he would give me answers once it is done. i am waiting for the answers. i think he is doing a good job. i think he is trying to find answers. i think hillary and her department ought to stop sitting on the pot and give answers to some of these things instead of saying it is not my fault. >> thank you, ma'am. thank you very much. we will see you next time. tough stuff there. jenna lee is coming up next on "happening now." what are you working on? >> a lot coming up, bill. new fox news polls out showing hillary clinton leading the field and joe biden who is not in the race on the top three. this is the democrats candidates are preparing for the debate tonight. we have the full analysis on the hot topics on the table. and an air marshall suing an airline over a spilled drink and
7:49 am
a limited choice of meals claiming discrimination. we will have more at the top of the hour. >> soldiers returning from battle bring home with them a form of ptsd. that is the subject of a new documentary shining light on the injury that is often overlooked with this dramatic new film. >> i moved out to north carolina knowing he was really ill and who knows what could happen. but i wanted to be there for him. and i knew he needed me there. and i knew he needed me there. when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf. great. how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! the ready for you alert, only at
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7:53 am
>> i think is emotionally draining. you don't know how each day is going to be. >> that is a clip from a new film called "when the war comes home" it is a documentary taking on looking at ptsd and returning troops. debra hide and jennifer harris are the executive producers and here with us. powerful stuff. you are not done but yet close to the finish line. why did you think it was necessary to make the film? >> this is necessary what is going on in the country with the returning of the troops. i have been emotionally involved with the military. my father was a naval flier in world war ii and my brother was a medic in vitamin and wrote a book as well as known many people who have family that
7:54 am
serve. >> what did you learn? >> it was a privilege and honor to meet these folks and open their lives to us in their darkest hour. they suffer in ways we cannot imagine. just going to the grocery store is practically terrifying for some of them. >> when i saw the clip a week ago, and that piqued my interest and this was the clip i watched and thought this a little too much. >> these are my pills when a head ache. this is all of my medicine here. oxycotin here, trazadone, valium. >> i saw that and thought we are
7:55 am
trying to figure out how to best treat them. >> and this film investigates a lot of ways which we could help returning soldiers with conventional and non conventional medicine. canine therapy, art therapy, music therapy, and other things. this film is centered with his dog. his dog has helped him tremendously. he is able to go out into the society because the dog bridges that fearfulness he feels. >> did you find they are cautious to get help in some cases? >> unfortunately there is a stigma about it being weak to ask for help. it is against their nature almost. that is a focus of the film to say you are not alone. we are here. >> they live in a hypervigilant
7:56 am
environment. they are afraid to go out even the sound of a car back firing they hit the ground. >> you have learned that through history and different wars. i know you looking for more money and want to put the film out for viewers at home. -- when the war comes home. it is on our screen now. if we can help, we shall. >> we really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you, bill. so our countdown to the first democratic debate continues this morning as hillary clinton and her rivals get ready and they will face off for the first time on the big stage tonight. vagegas
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> i think the swans are a little safer, right? migration. >> the migration. >> we got to run. who knows where we will be tomorrow. >> we'll be watching. >> that's a hint. >> "happening now," starts right now. ♪ jenna: we could wake up to very different news today. counting down to the first democratic showdown, brand new polls on presidential race. welcome to "happening now." i'm jenna lee. jon: we're live in las vegas, the scene of tonight's first democratic debate where the stage is set with one podium left empty just in case vice president joe biden, who still hasn't decided on white house run, decides to show up. this as democrats in the race beer up for their first -- gear


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