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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 13, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> i think the swans are a little safer, right? migration. >> the migration. >> we got to run. who knows where we will be tomorrow. >> we'll be watching. >> that's a hint. >> "happening now," starts right now. ♪ jenna: we could wake up to very different news today. counting down to the first democratic showdown, brand new polls on presidential race. welcome to "happening now." i'm jenna lee. jon: we're live in las vegas, the scene of tonight's first democratic debate where the stage is set with one podium left empty just in case vice president joe biden, who still hasn't decided on white house run, decides to show up. this as democrats in the race beer up for their first -- gear
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up for their first face off and we have first polls in the democratic field. they show among other things that hillary clinton is losing support as the democratic nominee preference. she is down 16 points since june and bernie sanders and still undecided vice president biden gained some ground. 10 and eight percentage points respectively. we have eric fern strom, former mitt romney advisor on his 2008 and 2012 campaigns. chris kofinis, former director of communications for senator john edwards. welcome to you both. with the numbers should the hillary clinton campaign be nervous? >> well if you're a smart campaign you're always nervous. you have to approach that. you have to approach things. she is still got a commanding lead. her numbers have clearly fallen. i can tell you, i think, there are some challenges they have to address. des moines doing, i was doing
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focus groups, predebate focus groups last night with iowans, and i can tell you from that one group, they love her experience, they love what she's done. they clearly think she is ready but there is not that connection there yet. sometimes that takes time but they just don't feel it. i will give you another quick insight. what we saw in contrast with, senator sanders, they have a lot of concerns about his age, whether he is really a democrat. when it comes to the power of his message, it was really striking to see. his candidacy may have a ceiling but his message doesn't. i think that is why you're seeing this race to be a little more unpredictable many pundits and others thought six months ago. jon: but eric, you have, in senator sanders you have got a democratic socialist in the race. it is said he is pulling the party to the left. all of the candidates on stage are going to be vying to appeal
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to the left-most edge of the democratic party. do you see it that way? >> yeah, i think that's true, jon. if joe biden does get into the race, by the way you're never more electable or popular then that moment right before you become an official candidate. let's say he does take the leap, yet to hear a good rationale for his candidacy other than take advantage of hillary clinton's weakness, if he does get in i don't think he will recognize the democratic party. as you point out bernie sanders is surging candidate who is drawing the biggest crowds on the campaign trail. i think all the energy and passion in the party is coming from the far left. really the radical, occupy wall street, activists are the ones that are supplying bernie sanders with all of this energy. maybe the best rationale for abiden candidacy is that he is going to run to rescue the party from the fringe.
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that could be, by the way, a opportunity for one of the other candidates on stage tonight. maybe jim webb. that is who i am betting money jim webb is going to make an appealing case for his candidacy tonight. for that very reason. that he is more of a centrist and the party is sort of spinning out of control to the left. jon: well based on some numbers i'm about to show you he might argue that he would run to rescue the party from hillary clinton and here's why i say that because according to the "fox news polls" just hot off the presses, if the election were held today, hillary clinton loses to every republican candidate you see there on the screen. she loses 50-39% to ben carson. 45-40 donald trump. bush she loses 44 to 40%. and carly fiorina, even bests her, 42-39%.
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now, you take joe biden's numbers, and biden, pretty much reverses everything. biden leads tr he tops bush by five points. if i'm a democratic voter and want another democrat in the white house, do i look at that chris, and say, look, joe biden has got to be my candidate? >> well, i mean i always have to take polls this early out with a grain of salt. i just put a lot of stock into them. that being said, with respect to the vice president, i don't know whether he is going to get in or not. no one does other than he and his family but there is an opportunity, i can tell you from last night there were folks that were open to it. then we played the draft biden ad that talks about the loss of his wife and his daughter and it had such an emotional reaction with the folks in the group, that some of them were literally
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crying. it changed die namic how they felt about him getting into the race. i think he has an opportunity. it is not enough to run saying i will be obama's third term. he will have to define a distinct vision separate from the president. the other part is logistical reality. time is running short. if you run a presidential campaign, anyone who has done them knows how difficult it is, you can't wait much longer. there is reality to setting up a campaign that makes it difficult starting this late. jon: eric, we have number of republican debates. we're about to have the first democratic debate. is it possible that the debate in any way hurts the party? people start paying attention to some of the issues and where the candidates stand and start liking the republican appeal more, approach more or is this going to be a win-win for all democratic candidates? >> i think debates are a good thing but this is the day that
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hillary clinton has been dreading. there is a reason why her campaign has tried to keep a lid on the number of democratic debates. it is because they know from internal and third party polling that people don't trust her and that she doesn't come across as a real person. this is a problem for her. they would much rather present her as fait accompli to democratic voters. tonight people will tune in, to find out what the alternatives are, and they may just like them. and by the way, the worst place to put a candidate, if you're trying to make her more authentic, is on a debate stage. i know they have no choice in this matter but the timing couldn't be worse because the candidate is just up there giving rehearsed answers to questions. i'm sure their team would much rather have hillary clinton making pancakes on "the today show." it just goes to show you how much is on the line tonight for hillary clinton.
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jon: eric fehrnstrom from the republican side. chris comean necessary from the democratic -- comean. thank you. >> we're a nation that emmuch better to have people empower decisions for themselves. that is you can't fix something that was a failure from the start. we have to start over. when i become president i will work immediately to repeal and replace obamacare with a system that looks more like the successful enterprises and successful systems of our great country. jenna: a lot to focus on democrats today, but republicans on the move as well. jeb bush is one on the campaign trail, revealing a plan to repeal and replace obamacare. the former florida governor says his plan will cut costs and also expand consumer options. it is a worth a closer look. peter barnes from the fox business network is doing just that he is live in our washington bureau. peter? >> reporter: jenna, jeb bush timed his announcement on the
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health care plan to the democratic debate tonight because he says that is all of the democrats on the stage including hillary clinton will defend obamacare. bush mostly repeals and replaces it, among other things, it would give bigger tax credits for people who buy individual health care policies, that would include protections from high cost medical events t would cap the employer tax exclusion for company health care policies, which are currently excluded as compensation to workers and are thus not subject to income taxes. it would retain the popular coverage guarranty for preexisting conditions that obamacare provides. it would give states more control over their health insurance marketplaces to promote more policy innovation and competition but it would cap federal funding to states which is largely medicaid funding. >> we can't stick with the status quo. we can't leave this up to the lobbyists and to the politicians in washington, d.c. because the
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system we have today, obamacare in its most current form was written by special interests. >> reporter: bush's plan also calls for an unspecific transition for the 17 million people who have gotten coverage under obamacare. he did not provide any cost estimates for his proposals this morning. jenna? jenna: peter, thank you. >> reporter: you bet. jon: malaysia airlines flight 17 was shot down by a russian-made missile in rebel held territory in the eastern ukraine. that conclusion from the dutch safety board final report. 298 people died when the jumbo jet broke up in mid flight, leaving wreckage scattered for miles. the report does not indicate who fired the missile. a russian arms maker says it has evidence to challenge the conclusions. benjamin hall with the latest from our london bureau. benjamin? >> reporter: jon, seven countries took part in this wide
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ink aing investigation and only one of those countries objected to the findings, russia. 15 months after the investigation started this in depth analysis collected thousands of pieces of debris from the crash site. using these pieces they reconstructed the forward part of the aircraft and using detailed analysis, as well as audio recordings from the pilot headsets and satellite imagery they were able to confirm the type of weapon used and where it was fired from. here is what the lead investigator told the media. >> all from the states participating in the investigation endorse the conclusion that the crash was caused by the detonation of a warhead in close proximity to the airplane. >> reporter: point is, this specific kind of russian-made missile doesn't hit the aircraft. it detonates just next to it. shrapnel from the specific weapon was found all over the plane and even in the bodies of the pilots. the report also said that some
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passengers would have been conscious for a terrifying 9seconds after impact. that more must be done to avoid airspaces over conflict zones. it concluded that 168 commercial planes flew over the area that day. the report however, did not seek to place became on anyone. that is up to an ongoing criminal investigation. but other evidence has pointed towards russia as the culprit. this was a russian-made buk system. it was fired from a plot of land controlled by russian-backed separatists it and system of its kind was photographed returning towards the russian border soon after the event. jon. jon: benjamin hall, so sad, really, to relive what happened that day. thank you. jenna: a college student arrested for threatening a school shooting where police say she revealed her plans and why. also trouble in one of the country's ritziest zip codes. what is sparking concerns in beverly hills and on rodeo drive?
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jon: right now, crime stories we're following. a 21-year-old student arrested for making threats on social media. emily sakamato allegedly posted plans to carry out a shooting at atlanta's emory university. most students are off campus for fall break. search for a missing 23-year-old student. diane thatcher was in santa barbara california, last week to visit friends. her car was found a few miles from the hotel she was staying. it had a flat tire. there is no word from her. the police are calling her disappearance strange. body of jody hayings found
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the body near the wreckage of her car. they are conducting a homicide investigation. jenna: beverly hills is hometo celebrities and a place for tourists to drop cash. william la jeunesse is live with this. >> reporter: luxury stops, five-star hotels, beverly hills is friendly place for foreign nationals to stay and invest. two recent incidents put them reluctantly in the headlines. >> what about a good ol' -- >> he is not religious but like thousands of sales he reps in beverly hills his favorite time of year is after the muslim holiday of ramadan. >> in terms of shopping they're coming into los angeles feeling very comfortable. >> just in the first half of the year the united arab emirates has grown about 40%. so we're seeing more year-round meet earn business. >> reporter: years ago, oil-rich families from dubai, saudi arabia, kuwait and qatar, bought second homes in london or new york.
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but now data shows the place to visit, shop and spend cash is los angeles. >> it seems to be the new focal point for a lot of people coming from the middle east. a lot of iranians and a lot of saudis. >> reporter: who arrive by private jet, big and small. others by now direct flights from the middle east. bringing wives, extended families, and sometimes their own supercars. but living big can mean big trouble when you're royalty. photographer caught a qatari sheik street racing. two weeks later a 28-year-old saudi prince, renting this 3 million-dollar mansion, allegedly tried to sexually assault a maid. nights have diplomatic immunity. >> a few bad applestaint it for everybody else. >> reporter: high-end shops that offer prayer rugs while your sons and daughters get a u.s. education. it's a trend not likely to end soon. now the qatari went home.
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he wasn't charged by cops because they didn't witness his street racing but saudi arabia doesn't have an extradition agreement with the united states l.a.p.d. is not saying if the saudi prince fled the country. he has a court appearance next week for sexually assaulting four women. if he doesn't show up the story will get a lot bigger. jenna: william, thank you. jon: the first votes in the presidential campaign won't be cast for a few months but donald trump is already telling people he knows who he would like as a running mate, if he wins the republican nomination. we'll tell you who he has in mind for vp. plus, air marshals are on planes to keep passengers safe but one guy seemed to do just the opposite and wound up getting kicked off that flight! well, now he is suing. we'll tell you that entire bizarre story.
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jon: from america's election headquarters gop frontrunner donald trump is already thinking about his running mate months before the primaries begin. fox business's charlie gasparino learning in trump wins the republican nomination he will be tapping john kasich to be his vice president. the ohio governor is not polling legroundop five but he is very state. neil cavuto speaks to donald trump today. be sure to to "your world" with neil cavuto, 4:00 p.m. here on fox news fox news channel. jenna: new information on a pilot that kick ad federal marshall off a flight after he stormed the cockpit that a flight attendant spilled drinks on him deliberately and he wasn't offered same menu choices as other marshals. he is filing a discrimination lawsuit claiming he was treated unfairly. will this hold up in court? we'll ask our legal panel. lis we'll and heather hanson.
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with you say stormed the cockpit, he did approach the pilot on the plane. >> i didn't get my beverage of choice. drinks were spilled on me. and the other guy got three hundred of menu options, i only got the one. if you could sue over that, i would be suing every time there was a flight. most of us would be. that's crazy. crazy thing about it, is he is air marshal. he is supposed to be protecting us, not being angry, keeping things calm if things get out of control, not fighting over a meal selection. jenna: will this go to trial, jenna. >> absolutely. there is always more to the cases than little bit we read. the fact of the matter he is making discrimination. there is practice of discrimination cited by people in air marshals. in 2002 office of inspector general did investigation into it. he started complaining about discrimination back in 2007. his claim ask not about getting the right meal or not about getting beverage spilled on him. his claim is being treated
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differently afterwards than other people of different race. he may very well have a very strong case here. jenna: you disagree? >> that is what he is focusing on. what he is writing about, beverage selection and meal selection, maybe the discrimination is, whole system should be revamped. whole system should be looked at. i don't want a marshall on the plane, who lacks such poor judgment as to go -- jenna: how is this position complicate his case or give him more of a standing in your opinion? i. >> i think gives more of a standing. do research going on in the air marshal, $800 million is spent on air marshal system. the fact of the ma ther they're not treated appropriately. 75% are sleep deprived. they're drinking on the job. there is a lot of problems there. he will use some of that evidence to support his claim for discrimination. the facts are -- jenna: he is alleging his boss referred to him having mental issues. there are anger issues. wanted to look potentially at the case.
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>> i don't disagree with you, heather, maybe we should look at whole system. maybe we're spending too much money. maybe they are sleep deprived. maybe we're not getting best quality employees. for this particular case he does not have standing. >> this happen ad few years ago. this is making its way through the court. other case that really caught our attention because a man walks free after nearly 30 years in prison, watch. >> free man! [cheers and applause] >> i'm overwhelmed by the things that are happening to me. 28 years ago i was put in jail in prison for something i didn't do. and today the process of making it right has begun. jenna: his name is steven cheney. he was sentenced to life behind bars for 1987 murder for a couple in dallas. he was just released by a judge after bite mark evidence on one of the victims was overturned. this plays to what we see in the movies. there is a bite mark on one of
8:27 am
the victims. matched to the person on trial. that seals the deal and sends him to prison. what happened here in this case? >> that is the problem, jenna. it seals the deal. often times jury, understandably so, especially what goes on in movies, rely more on the scientific evidence than they do other things. there were something like nine witnesses who were with the gentleman that day. jury heard the bite mark matched. that of itself was enough. science changes over years. you see an example the science changed to exonerate this man. we need to be very careful. jenna: a dentist came on the trial, would be one in a million chance that it is somebody else. >> is that really forensic specialist? i don't think so. not in our day and age. what we call the csi effect. that you could have a shoplifting case and jurors want to see blood splatter. making a little bit after joke but it is really that serious. once they get that they believe the expert here, a dentist over their own eyes.
8:28 am
>> we have to be grateful for places like the innocence project that research these type of things this will be fodder for the death penalty argument. this man easily could have been on death row based on evidence that turned out to be incorrect. this is scientific evidence we're continuing to explore, dan evidence, we just don't want to get it ahead of us. jenna: walk us through, he is not completely set free and -- he has to face some other legal ramification. >> exactly. new evidence come forward exonerating him. they will probably take, already served 2years. but what other evidence is out there? what other charges might he face. that is still all open for him. 28 years. >> d.a. has to look whether or not they want to retry him. jenna: do you think they will. >> chances are no, given time he already served, almost half a life. jenna: with legal experts do you think bite mark evidence is not usable anymore?
8:29 am
>> in general it is known to be less than reliable. >> that is how in the law science changes. science changes, law changes with the science. they are always looking, judges are looking to see what best science available. bite marks ain't so good anymore. jenna: at least for him, it seems to be right move. heather, lis, interesting cases. we'll see you next hour. we have another great case to look at. wow!, jon, your daughter is in college. this is one that will hit close to home. jon: i don't know if that sound like a good thing. jenna: it's a good story. it is a good story but it will make parents upset. jon: i'm glad that guy got his fred dom after 30 years. after two republican faceoffs, the democrats take the stage in the first presidential debate tonight. what about joe? he is not going to be there because he is not a candidate yet. could that change soon? u.s. and russian forces tap dancing around one another in
8:30 am
syria, as two newses choose sides in a civil war. now, some think vladmir putin is gunning for direct confrontation with the united states. test te
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from america's election head quarters. hillary clinton with the big opportunity to shine or stumbl,
8:34 am
tonight going toe-to-toe with bernie sanders tonight in the first debate. can one of the lesser known candidates breakout? and what about joe biden. he will not be there tonight as of now but hasn't ruled out the run. joe trippi is here, serving as campaign manager for howard dean, and just the right person to talk to about this. "the new york times" in a news brief this morning said this was a debate of subtle division compared to the scrappy gop candidates. do you see it as a debate of subtle division? >> there is a pretty big agreement among most of the differences between the candidates on the democratic side being close together except for maybe jim web whose got a more conservative bent to him.
8:35 am
there may be differences there. but otherwise, i don't see that sort of driving the debate tonight. i think you will see hillary who has been under attack for five months on e-mails and server. this is her first chance to make her case really be on her message and get that message out. i think that is what she will do instead of playing differences versus sanders. >> who has the highest stakes here? >> well, i think all of them do. i think bernie sanders has cornered the market on white progressives and hasn't been able to get one foot in any other camp in the party whether it is a blue coller lunch bucket democrats or african-americans or non-whites. he has to reach out tonight or he is going to get stuck where he is. martin o'malley is someone who has the talent to have a carson
8:36 am
moment or a carly moment. to have us talking about something he does. he certainly does as does jim web. both of them do. i would be astonished if they don't try to create that moment. could fall flat or he could we talking about them tomorrow. the one candidate -- lincoln chaffey, i don't know if he can do that. he hasn't shown style to have a breakthrough moment but even he can pull it off tonight. >> former advisor to mitt romney's campaign was here saying this is the most difficult situation for hillary clinton. she is trying to relate to people and putting the candidate on the debate stage where responses have to be crafted and thought a great thing for her.
8:37 am
what do you think about that? >> i understand where he is coming from but i disagree because of the last four or five months. every time we heard about hillary clinton on any of the coverage it has been about e-mails and servers and she puts through a policy speech and it doesn't -- something else on servers or e-mails happens. or trumps knocks it off. for her, i think, again, tonight is a time to really make her case, make her positive message. sure, it is in a debate scenario where as he points out, you know, it is more practice. but i think it is the best. this is a big moment for her to get her positive message out. i think people hungry for that. >> one of the things you pointed out was listening to a
8:38 am
democratic strategist doing group studies going into the debates of the democratic fields in iowa. he said when his subjects saw this joe biden commercial it changed the entire conversation. you will watch to see if this commercial runs during the debate. let's show the viewers a little bit of the biden commercials we could see. >> my job never failed to remind us a job is about a lot more than a paycheck. it is about your dignity. it is about respect. it is about your place in the community. it is about being able to look your child in the eye and say, honey, it is going to be okay. and mean it, and know it is true. >> it is quite a commercial going on for 90 seconds.
8:39 am
it is emotional and moving. you can so a little bit of it there. do you think one commercial could do the same thing to the debate as it did to the focus groups and change the conversation? >> the draft biden people have done an incredible job of keeping that relevant and putting this out on the day of the debate was a smart thing to do. we are talking about it. i am interested to see if they put the bucks down to buy that very expensive time in the middle of the debate. that would be a moment where actually -- >> is that a sign again he is in? >> no. >> just to see if they have the money to do it? >> more because it would be a bold thing to do. i don't think biden had anything to do with the ad. it is draft ad. it does tie you in emotionally.
8:40 am
if they run it in the middle of the debate i don't think any candidates on stage will necessarily know that because it may not come up on the monitors. it would be an interesting ploy to somehow position biden in the debate by running that middle. >> i was wondering if it changes the conversation on social media. people thinking there is an ad. where is he tonight? >> it is emotional. it is a smart thing for them to have done. >> we will see what happens tonight. joe, great to see you as always. thank you. >> good to be with you, jenna. the u.s. and russia picking sides in syria in something of a proxy war with american forces dropping ammo and other supplies to anti-government rebels. russia is backing assad by launching airstrikes on rebel positions. kurdish forces supported by the
8:41 am
united states are accused of demolishing villages and forcing some out. we will talk to jillion turner here. a fox news contribute. jil jillian, you have a serious head for policy but describe this as a crazy and dangerous science experiment. i want to have you share that with our viewers. it is an interesting concept. >> it made me think of one of the science experiments where you keep adding things to the test tube until there is an explosion. russia is adding another thing to the battlefield that is overly crowded and complex. what he is trying do is draw the united states into a full-fledged military conflict.
8:42 am
>> he being vladimer putin. you think he wants to take on the u.s. directly? >> i think that is part of what this is about. everybody's favorite topic in washington is what are vladimer putin's motives. he want to edge against influence in the middle east by shoring up the relationship with the assad regime and he is being more strategic than that. he is looking longer term. thinking about what a post-assad syria looks like. if he gets in now on the ground floor he can have more influence on whatever is next. >> our president was hammered with questions about his syria policy the other night. it brought up a contrast with what he said more than a year ago when he was first announcing his syria policy to the nation. i want to play these two back-to-back for you and get your reaction. >> we have ramped up the military assistance to the
8:43 am
syrian opposition. tonight, i call on congress again to give us additional authorities and resources to train and equip these fighters. there is no doubt it didn't work. this is why i have been unsure about the notion we would effectively create this proxy army inside of syria. >> so in the first instance he is asking congress for money to get it done and now he says he never believed in the process. >> he is saying putin is coming from a place of weakness as well which couldn't be further than the truth. i will give the president credit for ending the $500 million program and create a force inside syria to fight isis. this program had been failing since it started last december.
8:44 am
so rather than move forward and, you know, pursue this doomed policy he is trying to show we have some ability to be agile and adapt to changingi circumstances on the ground. that is a good decision. >> let's hope there are no more chemicals added to this crazy experiment you described. jillian turner, thank you. crews in wild fire country getting a major assist with a new way to spot flames in remote areas almost as soon as they start. the technology that is providing a vital eye in the sky. we are live with that story next.
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some unseasonable warm weather in california has firefighters keeping a close eye on rural areas and canons that could go up in a spark. new high tech cameras are
8:48 am
focused on keeping the fires small. we have more in wood acres, california. >> reporter: when firefighters study the worst case scenario they pull out the map north of san francisco, an area home to a quarter million people, and open space at high risk for a catastrophic wild fire. now they have new eyes in the sky looking for smoke. >> each frame represents a few from the camera from one of the different sites. >> reporter: the cameras can detect smoke in places people cannot easily see. the technology developed in south africa analyzes the images every 30 seconds. >> we need to know as soon as possible there is a fire. the sooner we can get the resources on the fire to sooner we get it out and stop it from spreeding. >> reporter: it has been 20 years since 12,000 acres were
8:49 am
scorched. some fires this summer sparked by downed power lines or faulty electrical equipment. they installed cameras and servers ready to alert dispatchers at the first sign. >> if we get the spark on a windy day here it will be a disaster. hopefully we won't need them. but we have ready. >> reporter: and the system is internet based so the firefighters can use their cell phones to see the fire while driving it to. just a huge advantage to the area. >> sounds like a great use of technology. lost in a bush for sick days with no water in sight. wait until you hear what this hunter had to do to survive in the australian outback.
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that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> somebody going to be "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. >> somebody. you know how i love a countdown. we are hours before the first democratic debate. frontrunner hillary clinton taking another hit in the polls. can she stop the bleeding in her face first off with bernie sanders? >> plus, iran take as giant step toward okaying the controversial nuclear deal as the family of an american floats the idea of a prisoner swap. >> we have four americans over there boy the way. a new study shows if you want to
8:54 am
get angry at work it is better to be a dude. if we get mad about the study does that count? >> try not to. >> we will ask our #oneluckyguy at the top of the hour. >> i am so bad. >> i think it is better to be a dude in all situations. just saying. >> hm. >> jenna, can you reach him? >> i am just going to move on at this point. maybe we could get jon scott to do it one day. >> i am a little busy in this studio. playboy is no longer going to feature naked women on their passengers. what are they going to do? jonathan hunt is deep in the investigation here. tell us what is next for pl playboy. >> reporter: this is not a sudden epiphany for hew hefner.
8:55 am
circulation is down from 5.6 million in 1975 to just 800,000. it is not tat america decided it no longer likes looking at naked women. just finding nudity is cheaper and easier in the world of the internet. it is said you are one click away from ever sex act you can imagine for free so now it will be about the articles. it will follow the lead of its website that went through a similar design and saw the age of the audience quadruple. the women will not disappear entirely. there is going to be plenty of
8:56 am
them just wearing a little more clothing. corey jones admits it wasn't easy. he said 12-year-old me is disappointed but it is the right thing to do. playboy executives hope that might get the magazine out of the plastic wrapper and off of that back shelf which i am rely informed where you find playboy. >> i wonder what they mean precisely by a little more clothing. have you looked into that? >> i have thought. i had my producers go and look at the website. clearly i find it all very offensive. i want spiderman fully clothed. that is all i am interested in. >> we learned a lot during this segment. >> maybe too much. >> jon? in the next hour of "happening now," a deadly
8:57 am
inferno in kansas city kills two people. and the college student who had a melt down over mack and cheese apologized over the drunken tantrum. what he has to say now. ..
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>> we will be back in an hour, hope you will too. >> "outnumbered" starts now. >> this is "outnumbered". i am andrea tantaros. here today the birthday girl. i know everything. this co-host of after the bell, melissa frances is here and today at hash tag was lucky guy, welcome back to the couch fox news legal analyst and all around friend and good guy at arthur aidalla. >> next to the birthday girl.


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