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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 13, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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shocking cover up at playboy. the magazine says it won't public photos of nude women anymore. things change. >> every day. thanks for joining us. >> have a great day. the real story with gretchen starts now. tonight's the big debate night for the dems. will joe biden be there? even though he has hasn't secured the nomination donald trump is saying who he likes for his v.p. we'll tell you. a 12-year-old boy being sued by his own aunt because he jumped into her arms at his birthday party. five democrats gambling their future on a high stakes debate in las vegas. rolling the dice as they face off for the first time on the same stage in the casino strip on vegas.
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the one dem that has the best odds will be on the stage. joe biden still not running. ed henry live in vegas. when hillary clinton landed there she went after the front-runner, donald trump. >> she should be coming here to come up with a contrast with bernie sanders but she immediately went to the trump hotel across from the wynn vegas where the debate will be. she jumped in because she's trying to get labor support. she immediately tried to show i'm the front-runner. i'm going after the republican front-runner. listen. >> some people think mr. trump is entertaining. i don't think it's entertaining when somebody insults immigrant, insults women. it's just unacceptable.
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when we're here together in solidarity to organize, want to send a message to mr. trump that if you are going to run for president, then you should represent all the people of the united states. >> we have a fox poll hot off the presses that shows if she was matched up with donald trump she would lose badly by double digits. vice president joe biden would actually beat many of these republicans. he's still not in. the white house just told us a moment ago that he is at the white house right now. he's not on plane headed to vegas. >> he still has a couple of minutes. he could still make it.
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take a us behind the scenes in vegas. >> it's interesting. it's like old home week. the former president will not be in room teents for the debate. one democratic official was telling me they didn't want him on tv. every reaction whether he laughed or didn't laugh at a hillary joke or if he grimaced, everybody would be dissecting that. they'll have a little fun and get down to business. >> very interesting about the former president. ed, thank you so much. >> absolutely. bernie sanders getting energy from the liberal left as he challenges hillary clinton. a recent exchange from him on
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the sunday news shows may not play well with the rest of the american voting public p listen to this. >> when one of your republican colleagues gets on the show, you say are capitalist. >> are you a capitalist? >> no. i'm a democratic socialist. >> joining me now, joe leiberman. >> great to be back with you. >> it's interesting to look at this matchup now. one of the things fascinating to me is so many people would actually vote for a socialist. what do you think about that? >> fascinating for me too. 20 years ago, maybe ten years ago if candidate and democratic framers on the republican said that he was a socialist, that would have been the end of the campaign.
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not so anymore. today bernie's defined democratic socialist, which he adds to it, in some ways just as sort of more liberal part of the democratic party. a little bit like the parties. it's a remarkable change. >> i'm not sure it's good or bad. check out this latest poll. ed was talking about some polls. this was an interesting question. would you vote for a presidential candidate who was dot, dot, dot, a woman. 92% say yes. black, 92%. gay, 74%. look at it on this poll. it has higher negatives at least on this poll. >> that's stand your grounding reaction.
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if he is nominated he'll have to overcome that self-description. >> and all the policies that come with it. >> you endorsed john mccain in 2008. you crossed the aisle. in 2012 you chose not to endorse anybody. who are you endorsing in 2016? >> i'm not. i may in the end when both parties nominate their choices. right now i'm focusing on the group called no labels. eight presidential candidates spoke to us. we're trying to say when this is all over, folks, please get together and work with each other. >> imagine that.
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it's very quaint and idealistic idea. the country suffers because their not doing it now. >> agreed. turning now to the gop. donald trump also spoke at this no labels event in new hampshire where he took questions from a woman who works for republican senator and volunteers for the jeb bush campaign. >> i don't think that you're friend to woman. >> i knew i shouldn't have picked her. >> will the woman make the same as a man and do i get to choose what i do with my body? >> you're going to make the same if do you as good a job. you're going to make the same if you do as good a job and i happen to be pro-life. >> the jeb bush campaign put out a statement now. lauren is a student who attended
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this event on her on accord. he seems to be sensitive about being challenged by women. it wasn't necessarily plan from the jeb bush campaign but now they're going head to head on this. are we going to start seeing more of this as the competition grows more intense? >> for sure. it's going to have to. you'll see it tonight on stage in the democratic primary. you're definitely going to see it in the republican context. there's so many candidates. they can't all survive. they've got to distinguish themselves. i sort of maybe an awkward moment yesterday in manchester. we don't screen people. this is not a liberal or conservative group. i thought he handled it directly and moved on. >> he handles most things directly. that's why people like him.
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we have an alert to tell you about. we're awaiting a news conference with defense secretary ash carter and john kerry following the meeting they had with the australian foreign and defense ministers. russia releasing videos which it says shows russian air strikes in syria are against isis. national security correspondent live at the pentagon. jennifer what can we tell from the russian videos. >> u.s. officials tell me that what is most striking about the new videos released by the russians is that to the trained eye what the air strikes show is how far from the cross hair shown of the air strike the russian bombs land. in other words, there's nothing smart about their weapons. the russian defense ministry is mimicking the pentagon by releasing video from their air strikes. one is an ammunition dump. international commercial flights have stopped flying around there due to the inaccuracy of russian
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strikes. there's evidence that isis is making gains in one area due to the russian strike. >> okay. those russian planes are still flying nightly close to our planes on the bombing run over syria. how big of a danger is this to our pilot? >> well, it's a huge danger if you talk to u.s. military commanders. >> a couple of russian aircraft came within visual recognition of a couple of them.
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this is dangerous opinion. >> cornell warren said the planes came within 10 to 20 miles of each other. two former cia prisoners are now suing the architect of the agency torture program. do they actually have a case? what does it mean for other detainees held currently by the united states. talk about dedication to the job. check out this viral photo now. bride called to an emergency on her wedding day, still in her dress. it's been more than a year since malaysia airline flights mh-17 disappeared. now investigators say they finally know what took the plane out of sky killing everyone on board. vo: today's the day.
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welcome back. we're going to talk about two heroic firefighters who have passed away after a burning building collapses on top of them. emergency crews responding to an apartment building last night in kansas. they found large flames and heavy damage already. the two firefighters helping two residents out of a second story window to safety when falling wall then hit them. two other firefighters still many the hospital with injury pps the cause of that fire under investigation. two former prisoners held by the cia at a secret facility in afghanistan and the family of a third detainee suing the two psychologists behind the agency's enhanced questioning program. the men say they were tortured with extreme cold, darkness,
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beatings and water boarding. the suit filed by the american civil liberties, the aclu accusing the psychologist who developed the technique of car crimes. judge andrew napolotani is here. this is filed in federal court in spokane, washington. do they have case? >> they have a case to the extent the psychologist will have to answer and the psychologi psychologist's lawyers will move to dismiss the case. that's where it gets dicey. that's does the federal government enter or stay out. the other reason they don't want the federal government in is they will say the guys work for us and have the same immunity that we do and because we're
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immune from this stuff you can't get involved. it's only war crime if it's government supported. they used the power of the government -- >> they were private contractors, right this. >> private contractors working for the government in a cia environment with these two plaintiffs, three of them, one now dead. >> it was james mitchell and bruce. >> they've been on air. interviewed both of them. >> we've seen them on tv. i'm not givie ining anything aw saying that. why are they suing the two individuals privately in. >> i think they are probably worried about federal immunity. the federal government will argue this was war zone and we're immune from the consequences of our own behavior in perpetrating the war. we use the least force necessary to accomplish what we did, which
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is probably why they don't care about financial resources. unless they have a lot of financial resources which is not apparent from their lifestyles. >> a jury would then have to decide whether or not they believe water boarding was torture. >> yes. first a judge will decide whether they stated a case sufficient to make it to a jury. in my opinion, on the basis of reading the complaint, they have. the defense hasn't filed anything yet. the government does not want this aired before a jury. i don't think the government want a jury deciding whether or not this was criminal. >> we'll keep a close eye on it. thanks for explaining. here is a bride in her wedding dress reporting to the scene of car crash. the real story behind this incredible image.
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donald trump getting in on the democratic debate action. why shouldn't he? he's saying he's going to live tweet the entire event. that brings us to our question of the day. will you be watching the democratic debate and the live tweeting along with donald trump. he's going to be on facebook too. it's going to be entertaining, judgment. >> i'm watching only because i have to. >> tweet me. why do so many people choose aleve?
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it's the brand more doctors recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day. you'd need 6 tylenol arthritis to do that. aleve. all day strong.
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tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. investigators looking into what downed malaysian flight mh-17 last year.
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the report finds, as we all heard and knew, that a russian made surface air missile did the job like this one. it likely took down the plane. the prime minister blaming russian special forces saying drunken separatist could not operation surch a missile. all 298 people died in the crash. bride running away from her wedding but not for the reason you might think. turned out she's also an emt and responding to call for help. the victims she went to go assist included some of her relatives. trace live with more on this story. >> the wedding part had ended and the reception was just beginning.
11:24 am
sarah says they were walking around but that's when she hiked up her wedding dress and jumped in the back of the ambulance to help out. it's her mom who snapped this picture that's gone viral. >> i love this photo because it shows her true character. i had to laugh because i know the face i'm giving my mom is really mom. right now you're taking a picture. >> yeah. sarah has opinion a parmt for five years. she's never been to a taen that involved family. as you might imagine she and the groom were a bit late to the reception but they got a rousing welcome when they got there. since the picture hit the web is a ha has been enundated with media requests which she thinks is kind of silly.
11:25 am
>> i was making sure the families were okay. >> sarah and her husband work out of different fire stations and for now they are not taking a honeymoon. >> thank you so much. could donald trump be talking about a running mate all right in it's common sense not to drink and drive. it's also gents the law. what about filming it when you're doing it. >> how that could get this woman into veers trouble. >> i'm going to be drunk.
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bottom of the hour and we're going the give you headlines around the world. iran government voting to back the nuke deal. iran is expected to start removing centrifuges by the end of the week. let's see how that plays out. i-95 now completely open in south carolina. israel's government says it's working on series of aggressive steps in response to the recent wave of deadly palestinian attacks. a pair of stabbing and shooting attacks killing three israelis just today. donald trump seems to be
11:30 am
looking above the primaries. he may already be talking about running mates. >> behind the scene when donald trump talks about people he likes he talks highly of john kasich. that has a lot of people thinking that's the guy he wants as his vice presidential candidate. he's the governor of ohio. >> republicans need ohio to
11:31 am
become president. it would be a smart move. >> john kasich is running for president. i don't think he wants to give that up yet. >> how many nasty tweets has he put out about kasich. i looked at his twitter feed today. he went after rubio. he went after jeb. said something nasty about sheldon who is possibly supporting rubio.
11:32 am
>> you need ohio. could be a smart move. thank you. the putin-obama power struggle continuing in syria. putin showing no signs of backing out of the country. russia pushing back, literally. its jets approaching u.s. war planes. kevin is live at the white house with the latest. serious situation here. is this essentially turning into a proxy war between the united states and russia? >> great question. i don't think there's any reasonable argument that can be made that given the trajectory of the way things are going this will end up being played out like a proxy war despite the contention for the white house that it's not going to be that. you heard the president say we're not going to engage in a proxy war. it's a difficult argument to make especially when you consider the u.s. is funding rebels on the ground and the russians are trying to support the assad regime. those two sides will have a
11:33 am
conflict on the ground and thus a lot of people feel like this is a proxy war. listen to what josh told me earlier. >> there's ample rhetoric we see from republican critics goading the president to try to engage in a proxy war with russia. they say that because maybe it makes them look tough. i think they would have a difficult time articulating why that's in a clear national security interest. >> reporter: he can point to the gop lawmakers by saying they're trying to push us into a proxy war and if it quacks like a duck, it's a duck. you can make an argument from the other side this is turning what looks like a proxy war. >> very interesting. there's a lot of speculation today about joe biden and his
11:34 am
possible 2016 plans as a democrat set to debate. here's the big question. where is the v.p. today? >> okay. i know cnn, my good friends across the aisle. they are right next us to here. they rolled out a debate. we have learned here at fox news that he's going to be comfort bli relacking at home with friends. he will watch the debate from the comfort of home. speculation will be he will get into the 2016 race. >> all right. thanks, sir. you're not going to believe this case. an 8-year-old boy so happy to see his aunt he jumped into her arms. the impact breaking her wrist. now she's suing the now
11:35 am
12-year-old boy for 127,000 there are claiming injury has turned her life upside down. let's get the real story from our legal panel. great to have you with us today. when i heard the story i thought it was outrageous but am i alone on this. can she sue him? >> well, unfortunately, this is one of the issues with our legal system. you can sue but it doesn't mean she's going to win. she's got a difficult case and the circumstances, this is a great example of cases that make people despise how our legal system can work. >> she's suing her own nephew. he lost his mom last year and now you have the aunt suing this child. >> so much for bringing the family together. this is an 8-year-old.
11:36 am
he was eight at the time of this alleged incident. what the jury will have to determine whether or not he was acting unreasonable for an 8-year-old. i'm with you, this is out rageous. >> can you sue a child? >> you can but usually children don't have -- >> resources. >> exactly. the fact that his mother died recently may have something to do with why she is suing because he may have a trust or policy. >> even if she wins, he cannot pay her out until he's of legal age. >> absolutely. even if she get a judgment, it's paper judgment. lawyers have these problems even when they're not minors. a judgment is a piece of paper and after they have to collect. they have to get sates. >> he was looking confused in the courtroom because he has no idea why somebody he used to love so much and maybe still does would do this to him.
11:37 am
a florida woman arrested for drunk driving. 23-year-old whitney biel wasn't pulled over by the cops. check out this video. she was caught after broadcasting it through a live stream app on her phone. people saw this hof riffic video and they called it in. it's a game changer in regard to technology. >> we used to talk about a confession. this almost takes a confession to a whole new level. now you have somebody as it's happening saying i'm drunk and showing the entire world the condition that she's in. obviously now when she goes to court it's going to be difficult to try to claim she wasn't drunk at the time when her own words on the video say she was. >> it's interesting because her attorney says she's going to plead not guilty.
11:38 am
>> that's the right she has. ultimately she's going to plead guilty. either plead guilty or go to trial and be found guilty. this case is a slam dunk. in fact, this video is a cherry on top. dui cases generally rest with police officers observations, accident, brea accident, breath liezers and things like that. >> the only good thing is she did not hurt anybody. they can actually use the video in training sessions. maybe some good comes out of it. >> that case coming out of florida. thank you. >> thank you. we have heard of hackers breaking into computers and other personal devices. what about your heart? medical researchers say it's possible now to hack a pacemaker. it's never been done before. a team of scientists demonstrated how pacemaker can be wirelessly reprogrammed to shock a patient with deadly
11:39 am
bolts of electricity. this could all happen from a laptop just 50 feet away. in syria, we have it all wrong. the approach, what we're doing on the ground is all wrong. the united states needs to get over its issues with russia and team up with vladimmir putin. it claims the united states best shot is to join forces with putin. the authors of international affairs will explain why they say americans are completely misunderstanding russia's role in syria and why we should not be thinking of putin as an intruder. how we and the russians together
11:40 am
could get this done. something to think about. we'll lead with it top of the hour. >> thank you. donald trump is not taking the stage tonight. he'll soon do something he hasn't done in ten years. what is it? it's the end of an era. look at your screen now. this will be going bye bye. playboy announcing a shocking move siting the challenges of the digital age. you always bought it just to read the articles, didn't you?
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welcome back. democratic presidential candidates hoping to get a boost from their first debate tonight. take a look at this one. clinton now losing to donald
11:44 am
trump. a big reversal since june. great to see the both of you. >> good to be here. >> they're going to square off tonight. simon i'm going to let you go first because it's the democratic debate. are the other candidates going to go after hillary clinton tonight? >> i doubt it. it's like the beginning of the campaign where campaigns introduce positive acts or lay the ground work. this will be the chance for all the candidates to introduce themselves. we're a bit behind with the republican debate is. >> i want to show other polls that shows hillary clinton
11:45 am
losing in a head to head matchup to carli fiorina. that's totally reversed since june as well. i think she loses to jeb bush and ben carson as well. what do you think will happen tonight? >> i think simon is putting his hopes and dreams above reality. there are three debates total before the votes are cast in iowa. this is their chance. a report the las vegas casino billionaire considering supporting senator marco rubio. what do you make of that?
11:46 am
>> it's obvious helpful to rubio but it's not going to get him the nomination. he's still pretty weak. if he's going to win, he's got to do a lot more than he's doing now. i think it will be a bit of a boost. >> listen, to get nine and ten points in the national poll now. in a 16-candidate field is pretty good. first of all. this will mean a lot in terms of money. it's going to mean a lot in terms of prestige in this town. he and kasich and bush are trying to establish that acceptable candidate space. >> i remember from the way back
11:47 am
of my brain. donald trump, we know he's not going to be on stage tonight. he says it will be boring but he plans the liven it up by tweeting his reaction during the debate. he is scheduled to host saturday night live on november 7th. this is the first time he's done it in ten years. they can maybe talk about their hair tiles together. >> larry. i don't want to have to be the hair and makeup men and women on 30 rock that day. this is great for donald trump. it's going be a growing debate. we're seeing the coronation of our next female president. it should get good ratings. anything less is a problem. i love that donald trump is doing this. people will tune in about how he's racist and sexist and stupid and watch him and say he's fine.
11:48 am
there's nothing wrong with him. this is great move for him. >> is it going to be more entertaining to follow donald trump than to watch the debate? >> the fact we're talking about it show what is master politician or media figure. he's one of the best politicians in this median. i don't think he's going to a great president. he's been really good on twitter. hats offer to h to him. he knows how to play the game. he's playing at high level. >> maybe it's more important. i sigh siee simon is calling tr politician which he will hate. >> did you see he stopped himself? it started of simon playing the
11:49 am
saxonphone. there's always been an american that intersection of posture and politics and donald trump has mastered it. he's leveraged his celebrity more than anyone ever dreamed possible. he's winning. >> we'll have to see how this flushes out. it's going to be an exciting 18 months. see you next week. time for my take. donald trump is ratings machine and contributed to the high ratings for the first two republican debates. the republicans especially in the second debate didn't mind getting into the issues and calling each other out on topics when they disagreed with one another. doesn't look like that will happen tonight. the moderator is already advertising he doesn't expect my fireworks. bill clinton and sanders have signalled they will put on the kids gloves and not knock each other around. what a mistake. not only for ratings but the other unknown democratic
11:50 am
candidates on the stage. this could be their one shot to make a mark and take on bernie sanders for his socialist police chiefs. it's being billed the serious debate. debate. let's just hope it's not also a snooze fest. you can always get my take on my facebook page and at so here's a big story, "playboy" stripping away, yeah, stripping away something from its pages. the naked truth on the magazine's major policy change. and what sparked it.
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11:53 am
welcome back to "the real story." "playboy ""magazine getting out of the nude photo business.
11:54 am
the publisher says men are turning to the internet and it's killing the magazine circulation. jonathan hunt live in l.a. i'm sure you love this assignment. is this purely a business decision? >> yes. i have dedicated myself, by the way, to the research for this story like no other before it. but, yeah, this is all about business, gretchen. the circulation of "playboy" back in 1975 was about 5.6 million. now it's just 800,000. the reason for that, apparently, is not that americans have suddenly turned away from enjoying the sight of naked ladies in the magazine but they can found said naked ladies anywhere they want on the internet these days. in the words of scott flaunders, the "playboy" ceo, quote, you're now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free and so it's just passe at this juncture."
11:55 am
they're going to take out all the na kerks d ladies and hope it gets the magazine out of the wrapper it normally lives in on the back shelf and increase sales. quite simply about business. there's no moral epiphany on the part of hugh hefner here, gretchen. >> i don't know about that. the guys were always buying this for the articles, anyway, right? so what's going to be -- >> yeah. >> what's going to be in the magazine now? is it really just going to be articles? >> well, apparently so. there will still be some women, but they will be scantily clad rather than completely naked, and if you want a clue for what "playboy" is going to do, just take a look at the website. that's the kind of things they're doing now. they've got sports on there, they've got politics, they've got a recipe for what it is described as a wonderful salmon dish, even. so, god knows what, whether people are really going to love it as much as they have loved it in the past, and even some of the "playboy" officials have been struggling with the decision. corey joan, chief content
11:56 am
officer, said for instance, "don't get me wrong, 12-year-old me is very disappointed in current me, but it's the right thing to do." corey jones was obviously a very advanced 12-year-old. when i was 12, my fantasies involved spiderman and captain america than naked women. >> i was thinking about my own kids' ages. i think this is a stupid business decision. i'm going to come right out and say it. it's also bad for women who many times do their second and third careers by once again posing for "playboy." no more. all right, jonathan. >> i'll pass that on to hugh hefner. i'll be up at the mansion tonight. >> i'm sure you will be continuing your assignment. thanks, jonathan. these days you won't find a teen without a cell phone, right? and texting may be more addictive than we ever thought. why it's now being compared to compulsive gambling. great. diabetes, steady is exciting.
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only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. new study finds teenage texters have a lot in common with compulsive gamblers.
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among eighth and 11th graders simpymptoms include lack of sle and problems cutting back and teens lie about the amount of time they spend sending messages. thanks for being part of "the real story." i'm gretchen. what to do in syria. anything but what we're doing now. how about this? how abouts we roll with russia, partner with putin. today hear the new argument that it's time for the white house and the kremlin to get it together. plus fox news polls for democrats who wooant to be president. we'll have those for you ahead of tonight's debate. plus we'll have the story of the paramedic bride who raced from her own wedding to help save relatives from a car crash. and now you're going to have to read "playboy" for just the articles. hugh hefner's iconic magazine is stripping out the naked ladies. let's get to it. now "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox news desk. and first from the fox news desk t


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