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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 13, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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operational activity in the. >>. just hours ahead of the first democratic presidential debate. new numbers indicate the party's most electable figure not even on the stage. this, is "special report." good evening i'm shannon breen in for brett baier, who is on assignment. hillary clinton enters tonight's debate with a sizeable lead over fellow democrats, as she deals with the ongoing fallout from her email scandal, it appears that americans are more willing to support vice president biden if and when he decides to jump in. ed henry has tonight's top story from las vegas. >> the stage is set for democrats to debate after two republican showdowns. while front-runner hillary clinton and the others have
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insisted their debates will have more substance than the donald trump-nominated gop slugfest. democrats threw punches before the debate. chelsea gabbert charging that dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman-schultz is lying. gabbert said she was disinvited from tonight's debate for demanding just four debates before the election. the democrats charge the limited debates coddle clinton. >> this is so silly, so ridiculous. this is my point. we need to focus on our candidate. >> nevada's senior senator harry reid tried to mediate. as soon as clinton arrived in will have lf she raced to trump's hotel which happened to be across the street from the debate site, the wynn las vegas.
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clinton struggling to get key union i endorsements, eager to meet culinary workers protesting trump. go if you're going to run for president, you should remember all of the people of the united states. >> despite clinton's effort to take over trump, a poll shows she would lose to him. while vice president joe biden leads all major republicans head to head in the new fox poll. biden decided not to use a sixth podium waiting here for him, though the draft biden team is out with a new ad, hope to get him in the race soon. >> democratic socialist senator bernie sanders and the others have never been tested on such a big stage while clinton went through 19 debates with senator barack obama and others in 2008. >> i think tonight hillary clinton will be the clear victor on the podium tonight and i'm not sure that everybody wants to
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go there. >> two big democrats will not be in the hall tonight. will be watching on tv. bill clinton and joe biden. the former president is planning to attend a watch party. while the v spmpb going to be home hosting a high school reunion. >> ed henry, live in vegas. on the republican side, the candidate once considered the likely front-runner on is the attack tonight. jeb bush, a nonfactor despite his fundraising prowess, is trying to shake things up with an appeal on a red meat issue. >> with the democrats debating tonight, jeff bush sought to inject himself and his plan to repeal and replace obamacare into the mix and put them on the spot for backing what he called its failure. >> heel drun draun up this high-s could health care plan. for the democrats, this is what they want. >> instead of the premise's
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promise of universal coverage and lower insurance premiums, bush noted that premiums will rise $2900 over the next ten years and 27 moin people will not be covered. >> you can't figure that was a fate yur from the start. >> bush who toured a expand health saflgs accounts, bolster individual insurance accounts and provide tax credits to those without employer coverage, deregulate and unleash technological innovation. latest fox news poll has donald trump steady in the low 20s and ben carson surging to a virtual tie. ted crust has moved into third. the only other candidate in double dicks, carly fiorina lost her surge. trump plans to live-tweet tonight's democratic debate. he went after a student for his questions in new hampshire
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yesterday. >> maybe you can prove me wrong. but i don't think you're a friend to women what -- >> i knew i shouldn't have picked her. all right so let me give you that answer right now. i respect women incredibly. >> trump trashed her today, tweeting quote the arrogant young woman who questioned me in such a nasty fashion at no labels yesterday was a jeb staffer, how can he beaut russia and china. jeb's communications director tweeted back, for what it's worth, lauren is not a jeb staffer, she is a volunteer supporter. didn't agree with her queue for question, but boy is trump sensitive when being challenged by women. >> we may see some attacking the press tonight. but attacking citizens at town halls is designed for them to ask whatever is on their mind is a very risky proposition in
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iowa, and new hampshire. planned parenthood is making a major change in its policy regarding fetal tissue research. here's correspondent peter deucy. >> today planned parenthood said they'll stop asking their partners to reimburse them for money spent collecting fetal tissue after abortions. the tissue will still get collected, but now no one will chip in to cover costs. the group's president explains in a letter that any planned parenthood health center that's involved in donating tissue after an abortion for medical research will follow the model already in place at two of 0 our facilities. that affiliate accepts no reimbursement for its reasonable expenses. planned parenthood has been trying to convince congress that it still needs half a billion a year from the government. much of it from medicaid, ever
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since undercoverage video. the women's health provider has insisted there's nothing to those clips. >> planned parenthood has been in the news recently because of deceptively edited videos, released to a group dedicated to making abortion illegal in this country. >> the producer of the videos sees things differently telling fox that for quote three months planned parenthood has tried to pass off its baby parts for money scheme as totally legitimate. today planned parenthood latest pr stunt of a so-called policy change, is anned a miss of guilt. jaysen chaffetz says it's a good tangible result in the collective efforts of the house to investigate planned parenthood. adding congressional scrutiny will continue. something that pro life groups want to hear. >> no other group should receive
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a dime of taxpayer funding until they clean up their act, they should not receive any more. >> planned parenthood insists the way they've gen collecting fetal tissue goes above and beyond what's required by the law. if that's been the case, why raise the question, why make a change at all. up next, the difference between what the president is saying and what's happening regarding syria. first here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. >> two firefighters were killed battling a fire on monday night. the chief says they were trying to rescue people. fox connecticut in hartford, a woman loses her lawsuit against the nephew. saying the 8-year-old leaped into her arms and connell said made the injury climbinger
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stairs, having a social life different. >> marine reservists running the annual toys for tots campaign. the commercial space is at a premium because of the booming maureen indust marijuana industry. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report," we'll be right back.
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the president's chief spokesman reiterated today, syria will not devolve into a superpower showdown with russia. the correspondent kevin corke tells us from the white house, circumstances point to a different conclusion. >> i think the president was fairly definitive in the news conference that he did ten or 12 days ago in which he made clear that the conflict in syria would
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not turn into a proxy war between the united states and russia. >> no proxy war. that's still the word from white house officials. despite increasing evidence to suggest that one may already be under way in syria. for the second time in as many weeks, u.s. and russian jets were in close proximity in the skies over syria. this time within visual identification range. and while neither group engaged the other. the white house said the incident underscored the need for increased air safety protocols. but while those talks continue, u.s. support for syrian rebels has escalated, with 50 tons of small arms and grenades air-dropped by the u.s. to opposition forces over the weekend. additionally, bgm-71 anti-tank missiles have been shipped to syria to help american-backed fighters battle against russia-backed forces. >> did made me think of one of those science experiments where do you in grade school where you keep adding combustible elements into a test tube until eventually there's a big explosion. >> an explosion of competing
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interests, say experts. with no set rules of engagement. as for the russians --? >> they are not despite what they're saying publicly. trying to destroy isis. they're trying to prop up the assad regime. >> analysts believe that russia's widening sphere of military activity threatens the safety and security of those not even involved in the fighting. dutch investigators released what their final report this animation of what they conclude happened to malaysian fight mh-17. shot down over ukraine in july 2014, killing all 298 people on board. the report found that the plane was hit by a russian-made buk missile. in washington, critics call president obama's syria's strategy late and severely lacking. >> by the time he came around to doing anything about syria, there was not that many people left to work with on the ground and even the effort to arm and equip them has been slow, unsteady, unreliable. >> and shannon, we have received word late tonight, this from a report from "reuters," that thousands of iranian troops are
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preparing to join the syrian army and it's allies for a major ground offensive in aleppo province. that's an area that's not only controlled in part by isis, but also the opposition to the syrian government. all of this is happening as the pentagon prepares for a third secure video conference with the russians on air safety protocol, otherwise known around here as deconfliction, back to you. >> thanks for laying it out for us, kevin. taliban insurgents say they're withdrawing from the northern afghan stiff kunduz. the city fell to militants last month but was quickly recaptured by government forces. a taliban spokesman says fighters are retreating to avoid further civilian casualties. in israel, a pair of palestinian men boarded a bus in jerusalem and attacked passengers, shooting and stabbing them as another assailment rammed a car into a bus station. three israelis and two attackers
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were killed, prime minister benjamin netanyahu has called a emergency meeting of his security cabinet. why is bernie sanders so popular? we'll take a look in our contenders series. but first, the epa can't get enough publicity and the taxpayers are paying for it.
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outside public relations to promote its rule-making agenda. >> this is a real question. why do you need an outside tens of millions of dollars spent on outside pr films to develop campaigns when you employ a literal division of up to 200 public affairs officers in-house, we think it's a waste of taxpayer money. >> in one example of how the epa uses outside money. a proposed rule to protect drinking water had received more than a million comments, 87.1 of them favorable. she didn't say that epa had hired an outside pr firm. thunder clap to promote the rule. >> thunder clap is a social media tool that has been likened to a virtual flash mob to generate a lot of social media responses. >> that despite repeated opinions from the justice department that federal agencies should not undertake grassroots lobbying. >> when an agency does what
3:21 pm
happened here, which is to propose a rule, and then immediately embark on a pr campaign, it looks like the agencies predetermine the outcome. >> today's open the books report sizes up epa's bureaucracy with, its budget, the epa outranks eight states in spending. it hands out 20 times more grants than the gates foundation, the largest in the world. in 2014, the epa employed enough lawyers to rank as the 14th largest law firm in the united states and since 2006, the epa spent $750 million on its own police force, including ammunition, body armor, unmanned aircraft, amphibious consult ships, radar and night vision guns up to 300 millimeters. why does the epa need that? open the books has filed 18 foia requests to find out, the epa
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told us today, this report cherry-picks and falsely misrepresents the work of two administrations whose job it is to insure people are informed about the critical work of epa. all those foia requests filed by the open the books organization have been outstanding for three months now. shannon? >> we'll keep an eye on it. doug, thank you. the dow snapped a seven-day winning streak, dropping 50, the s&p 500 was off 14. the nasdaq 42. when we come back, bernie sanders feeling the burn in our presidential contenders series. i have type 2 diabetes. i started with pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active. but i wasn't reaching my a1c goal anymore. man: my doctor says diabetes changes over time.
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that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. > tonight's democratic presidential debate in las vegas will be the first time many americans get to hear vermont senator bernie sanders for a significant length of time. sanders has shocked the political world, turning a small grassroots effort into a significant national campaign. my colleague profiles sanders in our presidential contenders series. >> a year ago, no one predicted, no one could predict the huge crowds and the surge of popularity for 74-year-old senator bernie sanders.
3:27 pm
>> whoa! unbelievable. this is an unbelievable turnout. >> even he's been blown away by it. what a huge crowd. >> the independent senator from vermont caucuses with the democrats in the senate. and is a committed democratic socialist. and he's not afraid for everybody to know it. >> are you a capitalist? >> no, it's a democratic socialist. what i mean is i've been elected as an independent throughout my political career. i'm running now in the democratic nomination process. and will support, i hope to win, i expect to win. >> sanders officially launched his campaign from vermont in may. >> i am proud to announce my candidacy for president of the united states. of america. >> sanders jumped quickly in the polls. especially in early states. and his favorability tripled. for third quarter fundraising, his campaign reported $26
3:28 pm
million. just two million less than hillary clinton. but sanders is spending a lot less. most of sanders' fundraising comes from small donations. his campaign has only held a handful of traditional fundraisers. >> i think he's not an establishment candidate. and it's refreshing. >> everything that he says is spot-on. i was a hillary supporter for so long. but i really like what bernie says. >> it's time for a guy that is for the people. i think bernie is for the people. >> that's sanders' pitch on the stump. a man who has been around the block. fighting for poor and working-class americans. >> the intentions that i outline for you are more progressive than anyone else's. >> sanders campaigns on more jobs, a higher minimum wage, free college and universal health care. >> this is the wealthiest country in the history of the world. we can and must do better by working people. we have got to raise the minimum
3:29 pm
wage to a living wage, $15 an hour over the next few years. we should have pay equity for women workers. i have introduced legislation and will fight to make happen as president, to see that every public college and university in america is tuition-free. united states of america remains the only major country on earth -- that does not guarantee health care to all people as a right. and that is why i strongly support our country moving toward a medicare for all single-payer program. >> that all sounds good on the campaign trail. but the "wall street journal" added up the price tag of all of sanders' new and expanding programs. $15 trillion pays for medical for all, a single-payer health care plan. $1.2 trillion for increasing benefits and shoring up social
3:30 pm
security. $1 trillion for an infrastructure program, rebuilding roads, bridges and airports. $750 billion for tuition-free public schools. and more favorable refinancing of student debt. $319 billion for paid family leave and medical leave. $29 billion to prevent companies from cutting pensions. $5.5 billion to create one million jobs for disadvantaged youth and a child care pre-k proposal that's on the way. still to come, all of that adds up to $18 trillion of new spending over a decade. that's the largest peace time expansion of government in modern american history. something sanders responded to directly. >> it's really not a fair analysis. of that $18 trillion, $15 trillion has to do with health care. and the view, my view and my
3:31 pm
position that we have got to move toward a a medical for all single payer system. what they forgot to tell the american people is that whether you like single payer or not, the evidence is overwhelming that it will be less expensive than the current dysfunctional system that we now have. they forgot to take that into consideration. they forgot to tell the american people they would not be paying private health insurance costs at all. so i think that was disingenuous on the part of the "wall street journal." but having said that, do i believe that we should create millions of jobs by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure? yes, we pay for that. do i believe that we should make public colleges and universities tuition-free? yes. and we pay for that by imposing a tax on wall street speculation. so i think we are going to spend a lot of money. but we're going to create a lot of jobs, and we are going to pay for everything that we are
3:32 pm
proposing. >> how sanders exactly plans to do that, is not yet clear. although his campaign says his proposed tax increases could bring in about $6.5 trillion over ten years. sanders' political career began in 1981. when he was elect for the first of four terms as the mayor of burlington, vermont. >> he barely won after having lost a series of races. but he was popular there. they saw him as a down-to-earth individual who did try to do what people wanted done in that town. >> his career in washington began in 1990. sanders went on to serve 16 years in the house, before being elected to the u.s. senate in 2006. >> i believe that destiny has suggested that this small state of vermont is in fact going to lead america in a very different
3:33 pm
direction. >> now in his second term, sanders is the ranking member of the senate budget committee. he previously served as chairman of the veteran affairs committee, helping to pass legislation in 2014 reforming the va health care system. at 74 years old, he's the longest-serving independent in united states congressional history. and yet, on the trail, he's not perceived as a career politician. >> the other great strength bernie sanders has, is the ability to communicate effectively and to tell people precisely what he thinks, whether they like it or not. there seems to be a demand in the country for the unpolitician. for someone who comes at them straight. >> sanders promises to run a campaign that's free of negativity. and even travelled to conservative liberty university to discuss differences in opinion. >> i came here today because i believe from the bottom of my
3:34 pm
heart, that it is vitally important for those of us who hold different views to be able to engage in a civil discourse. >> sanders is not hesitant to contrast himself with his chief rival, hillary clinton, especially on key issues for progressives, like the environment and trade. >> from day one, i opposed the keystone pipeline because i believe that if you're serious about climate change, you don't encourage the excavation and transportation of very dirty oil. that was my view from day one. tpp -- i believe that our trade policy is going way back when, i voted against nafta. >> on foreign policy, asked about the way forward in syria, sanders is quick to remind people of his contrast with hillary clinton on an important u.s. senate vote. >> voted against the war in iraq. and i believe that was the right
3:35 pm
vote because this war clearly, that war has led to the destableation of the situation right now. it is wrong to ask the united states alone, our armed forces, our taxpayers to put that country back together again. you need a regional force of people who are prepared to take on isis and destroy that barbaric organization. >> the biggest question for sanders is whether he can unite the various factions of the democratic party. including minority voters. to out-progressive hillary clinton from the left in order to win the nomination and then convince independents who don't lean left that he's the man for the oval office in a general election. >> in democratic circles, bernie sanders lass a nickname, and the nickname is george mcgovern, who in 1972 carried massachusetts and the district of columbia, he lost 49 states. when you come right down to it. it's very, very difficult to
3:36 pm
imagine bernie sanders being elected president of the united states. >> please check out our website at for the entire 2016 contender series. new poll numbers ahead of the first democratic debate. we'll talk about it when we come back.
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when i become president i will work immediately to repeal and replace obamacare with a system that looks more like the successful enterprises and successful systems of our great country. >> jeb bush talking about his plan to do with and replace obamacare. let's bring in our panel to talk about that and more, syndicated columnist george will, a.b. stoddard, and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. prior to the race kicking into high gear a lot of people said jeb bush will be serious on policy. it's been a very different race than he expected.
3:40 pm
>> it has been but he's proceeding as the policy wonk in the race, what he unveiled today, although it bear as strong resedge sem plans to what john mccain proposed in 2008, it's conservatism built around high-deductible health insurance. you pay for your everyday health expenses out of your own pocket and you get a tax credit for that preferred savings. now americans seem to think that deductibles are kind of a violation of natural rights and that health insurance ought to pay for everything. just, but they don't think that your oil changes or your windshield wipers, still. it's a good start and he would also cap the ability of employers to provide untaxed health insurance, which means he and hillary clinton, she's
3:41 pm
attacking the cadillac tax, are on the same page here. >> let's look at the overall poll, brand new polls from fox news this is among republican primary voters looking at the entire field. you've still got trump at the top 24% in a virtual tie with carson 23%. working down cruz into double digits, bush in fifth place. you know, a.b., we talk about the fact that he is one of the policy wonks in this race. right now it doesn't seem like that's what the public wants. >> no. the public or the republican primary electorate is swooning for something new. and something irref rant, a glas glass-breaker. a mold-breaker. so are other people in the race that have held public office. he's doing terribly in the polling. jeb is always you know hoping that he's in the top five. that would be a good poll for jeb. but he's playing a long game and
3:42 pm
i think actually it's smart. there's no point in getting out now. if there is a chance that trump leaves the race, probably on a high note and ben carson implodes and there are people who think and they might be wrong, that there's a scenario where there will be a reordering of the race and jeb will be a player in that. fiorina might, cruz, kasich, there might be a new top four or top five. that voters in new hampshire won't be making up their minds until january or the earliest mid to late december. if he quits now just because he has bad polls and that ends up happening you know, he loses. so he's going to stay in and dog it. >> unlike a couple we've seen bow out, the governors walker and perry, jeb's got a lot of money in the bank. he's got this little dust-up going with donald trump. based on a female who stood up to ask a question at a trump event. we'll play a little bit of that and talk about the fallout.
3:43 pm
>> okay. so maybe i'm wrong, maybe you can prove me wrong, but i don't think you're a friend to woman. >> i sknew i shouldn't have picked her. let me give you that answer right now. i respect women incredibly. >> that was trump speaking at the no labels event. he went on to say the arrogant young woman who questioned me in such a nasty fashion at no labels yesterday was a jeb staffer, all caps, how can he beat russia and china? then we have some return fire, some tweets from tim miller of the bush campaign saying she's a volunteer supporter. this is a college kid we're talking about. i didn't agree with her question, but boy is trump sensitive when challenged by women. we got another iteration of that the same thing. >> does it work for them, charles? >> i mean nasty and arrogant?
3:44 pm
she starts by saying maybe i'm wrong. she continues by saying prove me wrong. that's the polite way to do it it was a direct question, i don't think it was completely out of line. and look, i think trump is showing that he is, this is -- what he usually does is he reacts very strongly and it raises the question, when the other guys and gals in the race begin to run negative advertising and there's a lot in his past both ideological and otherwise, that can be highlighted, how will he react? and that's going to be the real test of a trump campaign. i don't think he implodes because of anything he says on his own. but i think this will be the test. and it will be a test in temperment and that's what you need in choosing a president. >> let's look at the democrat related polls as well ahead of the debate tonight. hillary clinton with a strong lead, 45% to bernie sanders' 25% and to biden's 25%. who is not even technically in. you put clinton head to head
3:45 pm
with the top gop contenders, it shows her if the election were today, losing to carson, trump, bush and fiorina. but when you look at biden against the top gop contenders. he's winning against most of them. trump, bush, fiorina, carson and one point ahead of rubio. george, what are you going to look for tonight, other than a surprise appearance by joe biden? >> mrs. clinton has nothing to gain from brawling with these people. she's ahead and the polls indicate a stability at this point. i think the fact that $18 trillion is the figure attached to bernie sanders' program might have gotten some people's attention and joe biden maybe people are saying look, it looks better in the shop window than it would at home. this particular knick knack that we're thinking of buying. people should remember he ran in iowa hard in 2008 and got .9 of
3:46 pm
1% of the vote. webb and chafee have nothing to lose. >> they could be spoilers. >> jim webb is an interesting, accomplished man with a very different take on the world and on the democratic parties' relationship to working people. it will be interesting to hear how he does. >> some of those foreign policy issues could be very interesting. next up, speaking of this, is syria becoming a approximaty war between russia and the u.s.?
3:47 pm
test test test. test test test test. test test test test. test test test test. test test test.
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i have been very clear in my conversations with foreign minister lavrov that our ability to develop a credible international political process would be a farce if it were perceived as a way to simply you extend or strengthen assad's hold on power. >> we haven't taken steps and now with putin stepping in to the vacuum with iran assisting with, by the way a new resurgent and stronger iran helping in syria, it really leaves very few options. all right, we're back with our panel to talk about perception and reality and what's happening in syria. charles, today white house press secretary josh earnst again today said not a proxy war between the u.s. and
3:51 pm
russia. >> that's what they are saying but i'm encouraged by the fact that they appear to be doing the opposite. it's clear in. refused to flight good guys the ukrainians who want to join the west and against being agressed by russia we refuse to give them defensive weaponry. it looks as if that's not what's happening on the ground. the reports are that the good guys, what's left of them and there aren't very many free syrian army relatively secular non-jihadist being pounded by the air by the russians and now ground assault is being provided on exat the expedited basis. protected them against these kinds of assaults. if that is occurring, that is a good thing. and it would be a proxy war. we have been in a dozen proxy war with the russians since the end of the world
3:52 pm
war. we did not go to war with russia. this is different from shooting down russian airplanes. these are the few people on the ground who could topple assad or at least could resist him and we ought to be supporting them and if we do it with antitank weapons we ought to continue. >> will he let me play a little bit more about what josh earnst had to say at today's briefing about this. >> there certainly is ample rhetoric that we see from republican critics essentially goading the president to try to engage in a proxy war with russia. they say that ostensibly because they think that it makes them look tough. i think they would have a very difficult time articulating why that would be in the clear national security interest. >> a.b., there has been a lot of debate over the administration's decisions with regard to syria to this point. now the finger is pointing back at republicans again from the white house. >> well, charles is right. it was clear that putin led
3:53 pm
and we followed. there has been a definite marked escalation in aid to a group that mixes the free syrian army fighting the assad regime with al news are a. the problem is we are doing both covertly simultaneously the aiding and propping up of another group to fight isil which is a combination, the syrian arab coalition of arabs and kurds. as we have escalated, the objectives are blurred. and so i just disagree with charles in that i might be a worry wart, but to me this is an explosive, dangerous situation where we will be in a direct conflict with the russians or the assad regime or the combination of both pretty soon because they are attacking everyone in the country is a quote, unquote, terrorist. so as we have a two pronged and increasingly confusing approach, we will certainly have some kind of accident
3:54 pm
which will be very easy for, i think, putin relishes this prospect but i think for us it would be a disaster. >> engaged in all-out war there and what we are doing is the sleuth minimum of through saudi arabia and a few other allies supplying defensive weaponry to people who are being crushed. how is that in any way a provocation? >> when putin tells the world that we attacked his troops intentionally and makes up some wacko story and i have all the confidence that he will. >> we are not on the ground. it's people that he is. >> it's the u.s. backed coalition of -- i don't know. i mean, i really hope that this is going to work out well. >> this is what is left of the rag time army of dentists and pharmacists that obama ridiculed a couple of years ago who actually are alive and well and the only people on the ground resisting the russians, iranians, hezbollah and assad. they deserve our help if we
3:55 pm
know where the good guys are and who they are and how to get equipment to them, we should. but those are three questions. what is different here, than during almost any episode i can think of in the cold war, is we have soviet fighters and u.s. fighters eye frying close enough to one another without any clear rules of engagement. i don't want to say this is a case where you could have a real serious accident. >> catherine herridge reported today there is a new call for attacks by isis by the islamic state on not only u.s., as we know they have always wanted to go after but russians as well and how that plays is another mix in this very volatile stew is very difficult. >> if we had applied your standards in vetting the resistance in the second world war, we never would have won the war in europe. >> all right. we know that one is over. we will see hopefully this is not the start to another one. >> we supported everybody on
3:56 pm
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. finally tonight returned to after fourth tour of duty. first stop when he got home was to surprise his daughter at the high school homecoming. >> terror mccarroll. sergeant mccarroll of the united states army. [cheers and applause] >> from kuwait completing his fourth tour of duty. he is here to surprise and celebrate his daughter this evening. please stand and welcome sergeant. thank you for your brave service to our country. [cheers]
4:00 pm
>> we love those videos we hope you do, too. thank you to all those military families out there. shannon bremen. good night. "on the record" is next. trump, the troublemaker that's tonight "on the record." get ready for donald trump mischief and it is at the expense of the democrats debating tonight. donald trump is not going to be on the debate stage in sin city but is he sure going to be there in spirit. he just cannot stop himself. billionaire businessman announcing he will live tweet and post on facebook throughout the entire debate. >> that was good because she gave the casino -- she gave the hotel, it's a beautiful hotel, tallest building in las vegas. she gave it great publicity. in a certain way it was good. >> so when he this were period of protesting and hillary clinton says you don't hear the cries of the common man, you say what? >> well, it's not really them. it's people that they they have from the union from outside. they come in and they protest.


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