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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 13, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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yes, you are. and yardly, you are one of them. >> great moment. hey, we'll have full coverage of the debate happening at the other channel at 11:00 this evening. krauthammer, hume and so on. join us then. tonight, president obama bashes christians once again and takes a shot at fox news. 2016 gop presidential candidate senator ted cruz is here to respond. >> if you become president, will a woman make the same as a man and do i get to choose what i do with my body? >> then a volunteer for jeb bush confronts donald trump at a town hall event. >> i knew i shouldn't have picked her. >> and do these internal gop feuds help or hurt the party? >> we finally, once and for all, have to make sure women get equal pay for equal work. >> plus, hillary clinton claims to be an advocate for women, but a new book claims that she's anything but that.
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author roger stone is here with the shocking details. all of that plus former speaker of the house newt gingrich weighs in on who should next speaker. "hannity" starts right here, right now. welcome to "hannity." tonight president obama lashes out at christians and the fox news channel. now audio of an interview that the president did in mid-september has just been released. listen to him as he takes major shots at christians. >> the united states sometimes christian interpretation seems to posit an us versus them. how do you reconcile the idea of faith being really important to you and you caring a lot about taking faith seriously when the fact that at least in our democracy and our civic discourse it seems as if folks
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who take religion the most seriously sometimes are also those who are suspicious of those not like them. >> this is a president who goes to great lengths to defend islam. remember these things. >> the united states is not and will never be at war with islam. i'm also proud to carry with me the good will of the american people and a greeting of peace for muslim communities in my country. islam is not part of the problem in combating this extremism, it's an important part of promoting peace. our enemies expect no religious freedom. al qaeda's cause is not islam. it's a gross distortion of islam. the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam. isil is not islamic. no religion condones the kill of innocents. the vast majority of isil's
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victims have been muslim. we've reaffirmed that the united states is not and will never be at war with islam. islam teaches peace. >> sorry, mr. president, but the islamic state is radical islam. and the president loves to lecture christians about what they should and shouldn't be doing while praising islam and ignoring the fact that he sat in the pews of reverend jeremiah wright's church for 20 years. here are some of the vile things that his ex-pastor said in the george of gd america. >> we bombed hiroshima and we bombed nagasaki and thousands in new york and the pentagon and we never batted an eye because the stuff we've done overseas is now brought back into our own front yards. america's chickens are coming home to roost. no, no, no, not god bless
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america, god damn america. that's in the bible. we're killing innocent people. god damn america for treating her citizens as less than human. >> that's not all. during the same interview, president obama once again attacked the fox news channel. listen to this. >> it's interesting because we're talking in iowa people alwa always, i think, were surprised about me connecting with folks in small town iowa. and the reason i did was, first of all, i had the benefit that at the time nobody expected me to win. and so i wasn't viewed through this prism of fox news and conservative media and making me scary. at the time i didn't think scary. having a funny name. >> here is presidential
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candidate ted cruz who by the way has leapt into third place in the fox news poll. one of only three candidates in double digits as we put it up on the screen. this is now a growing trend. you've now been increasing your numbers in the polls. you also had an incredible corn quarter in terms of donations. this is obviously a pattern. things have changed for the better. why do you think that's happened? >> sean, i'm very encouraged by the momentum we're seeing. historically in the republican primary there have been two main lanes. a moderate lane and a conservative lane. in past cycles the moderate lane there's been a consensus choice early on and that person has all the money. on the conservative lane nobody's had any money and we fought like cats and dogs and splintered the vote. that's how the moderate wins the nomination, then goes and loses in the general. well, this cycle that whole thing has flipped. it's backwards. the moderates that lane is crowded as all get-out.
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and on the conservative side we're uniting as conservatives with our campaign. looked a the two that dropped out. both good men, good governors. they were competing in the conservative lane. we're seeing more and more conservatives uniting saying we don't need another establishment candidate the lose the race. we need a strong conservative who will stand up and take on washington. that's why we've got the incredible momentum we have right now. >> let me ask what you heard from the president. he sat in the pews of wright for 20 years, lectures christians repeatedly now, horrible deeds done in the name of christ and bends over backwards on the issue of islam. how do you interpret this president? add to that the iranian deal which to me is a matter of madness and insanity. what do you make of it? >> the far left has always had a strong anti-american streak, and it's always had an antipathy for
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christians. it's true from the very beginning. you listen to reverend wright's sermons, they're stomach turning, but they reflect the views of the hard left. you know, obama was four years ahead of me at harvard law school. and i've described obama as the perfect harvard law school president because he reflects the views of the elite academy. now, when obama and i were both students -- this is not an exaggeration, sean, there were fewer presidents -- fewer professors on the harvard law school faculty who were republicans than there were communists. more professor professors, if y them, would say, i'm a marxist. that's the world obama came from. if you look at the elite academy, if you look at the far left, they view america's role in the world as fundamentally legitimate. you listen to what jeremiah wright says america's foreign policy is wrong, it's oppression
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and hegemony. we know that's nonsense. america has been a force for good. no nation has spilled more blood or treasure for freedom. yet the far left out of which barack obama rose, despises american leadership in the world. if you want to understand where leading from behind comes from, it is from those fever pitches of the far left that believe america's leadership in the world is wrong, and that's why the world has gotten so dangerous with america no longer leading. >> 60% of republicans feel betrayed by washington republicans. >> yeah. >> you're not included in that list. and those predictions that your filibuster would lead to a disaster in 2014, that never materialized. do those republicans deserve that label, betrayed? that is a severe term. >> well, it is, but the problem
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is republican leadership keeps making promises to the american people, then they violate those promises. you know, what i've urged leadership and both the house and senate to do, do what we said we would do. we campaigned to say we would stop obamacare. how about we do it? we said we would stop president obama's executive amnesty. how about we do it. we said we'd stop federal funding for planned parenthood, we'd stop this iranian deal. how about we do it? every time i stand up and fight against obama and for the priorities we promise the american people, you know who is fighting on the other side? it's not even obama. it's leadership in the republican party who are fighting to fund every one of barack obama's priorities. that's why the american people feel betrayed. >> why then make the promise if -- and then attack the guy that's trying to make -- it will keep the promises that all of them made. it's like you've become a pariah
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among republicans for just attempting to keep a promise. what has happened there that things have gotten so distorted that they've lost touch this way? >> well, but it's not about me. it's not about any one person. it's about the american people. i'm trying to give voice to the frustration of the american people. and leadership looks down on the voters who leaked us. that's the divide. what they don't like is anyone who stands with the american people and says -- it's a very simple message. let's do today what we said in september, october, november of the election year we would do. i spent two months at the end of 2014 traveling the country with senate candidates all over the country. i think i slept in my own bed four or five nights in those last 60 days campaigning to win the senate. i stood next to senate candidate after senate candidate who promised, give us a majority,
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repyre harry reid and we'll stand and fight. here's the problem. republican leadership, not only do they not want to fight, but they are fighting to fund obama's priorities, every single one of obama's priorities. >> do those people who made those promises, do they stand with you or have they -- >> leadership can be very ekt e effective wrapping people in their arms. i sure hope we see more republicans standing up and doing what we said we would do. >> stay right there -- >> it's interesting -- >> no, go ahead. >> i was saying i'm traveling right now through iowa. we do a barnstorming tour, town halls all over the state. we were told in 2010, give us a republican majority in the house and things will be different. millions of us rose up, we won a majority. very little changed. then we were told the problem was the senate. we had to retire harry reid. millions of us rose up. i asked people in town halls all over iowa, in ten months of republican control in both
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houses of congress, what on earth have they accomplished? every town hall the answer is the same. people call out absolutely nothing. the answer is worse than nothing. it would have been better if they'd done nothing. what in fact they've done right after the election republican leadership came back, joined with harry reid, passed a trillion dollar krom ne bus bill formed with pork, filled with corporate welfare, they funded amnesty and funded planned parenthood, then republican leadership took the lead confirming loretta lynch as attorney general. every bit of that is exactly what harry reid and the democrats would have done. that's why people are so frustrated. >> more with senator ted cruz after this break. also tonight here on "hannity" -- >> so maybe i'm wrong. maybe you can prove me wrong, but i don't think you're a friend to women. >> i knew i shouldn't have picked her. >> huge controversy. a jeb bush volunteer grills
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. ge good evening. the five democratic hopefuls battling it out tonight in their first debate. hillary clinton and bernie
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sanders are joined by a trio of low polling candidates in las vegas. they are martin o'malley, former senator and navy secretary jim webb, former rhode island governor lincoln chafee. the candidates facing off on everything from gun control, syria to the pacific rim trade deal. dutch investigators now saying a russian-made missile downed malaysian airlines flight 17 over war ravaged ukraine last year. the prime minister of the netherlands is calling on moscow to cooperate with the criminal investigation. russia is dismissing the report as biased. investigators say the missile was launched from an area held by russian-backed rebels. 298 people on board that plane died. the white house now says there are strong signs iran violated a united nations resolution when it test fired a long-range missile this weekend. the test is first of its kind after iran and western nations reached a deal to slow iran's nuclear development. but the white house says the violation is separate from that
7:17 pm
agreement. twitter announcing it is cutting 8% of its work force. the cuts come after jack dorsey became the company's permanent ceo and as the company strives to turn a profit. the network that cut ties with donald trump over its comments on immigrants is welcoming him back. trump will return to nbc to host "saturday night live" november 7th. he tweeted out the news earlier today. nbc ended its relationship with him after he said that african-americans are rape iss and they bring drugs into this country. you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. welcome back to hannity. a war of words has erupted between donald trump and jeb bush because of this. >> so maybe i'm wrong, maybe you can prove me wrong, but i don't
7:18 pm
think you're a friend to woman. >> i knew i shouldn't have picked her. i knew i shouldn't have picked her. i have given women more opportunity than i would say virtually anybody in the construction industry. i have a daughter named ivanka and a wife named melania who constantly want me to talk about women's health issues because they know how i feel about it. >> so if you become president, will a woman make the same as a man and do i get to choose what i do with my body? >> you're going to make the same if you do as good a job. >> the woman you just saw questioned donald trump was later discovered to be a bush campaign volunteer. after that revelation, donald trump, he took to twitter. he wrote, quote, the arrogant woman who questioned me in such a nasty fashion at the no labels event yesterday was a jeb
7:19 pm
staffer. how can he beat russia and china? earlier today the bush campaign responded by taking a shot at donald trump in a statement that read, like many in new hampshire lauren is a student who is passionate about and active in politics and attended this event on her own accord. that question was not sanctioned by the campaign and we can'thel seem to be very sensitive about being challenged by women. so are these feuds among gop candidates helping or hurting the party? responding to that, 2016 gop hopeful senator ted cruz. is this good or bad? >> oh, listen, i like donald trump and i like jeb bush. i'm not going to get in the middle of their shooting back and forth. the way i've been conducting my campaign, i think the american people could not care less about politicians bickering like children. i think they're interested in real and positive solutions to the problems in this country. it's one of the reasons that the first two debates, the moderators have tried to turn them into food fights.
7:20 pm
i stayed out of it, look, i'm not interested in tearing people down and engaging in personal insults. let's focus on how we bring back jobs and economic growth and defend the constitution and restore america's leadership. that's what the american people are looking for. >> let me ask, the reporters in the country will say there's chaos in the house. i actually think this is an opportunity in the house with john boehner out. paul ryan's name gets mentioned a lot, but a lot of conservatives don't like his position on immigration. i know you feel passionately about immigration, sanctuary cities. >> yeah. >> tell me about that but who would you like to see as speaker? we have newt gingrich coming on next. would you like to see him as speaker. >> i think newt gingrich is brilliant. someone who is a friend who i visit often. who should the house pick as speaker. i stay out of that. that's a decision for the house republican conference. i have laid out the
7:21 pm
characteristics that i think the next speaker should have. the next speaker should be a strong conservative and, most importantly, the next speaker should be committed to honoring the promises we made to the men and women who elected us. you and i were talking just a few minutes ago about the great gulf theory is because people make promises on campaign day and they don't follow through. let me give you an example of that in the presidential context. in the presidential race, every presidential candidate is saying, vote for me and i will stand up and fight washington. well, the natural next question is, okay, when have you ever fought washington? and you know, you think back to 2013 when millions of americans rose up against obamacare. i was proud to lead that fight. and of the other ten people on that debate stage, where were they? none of the other folks there led in any meaningful way. you think about -- >> but there's an inordinate fear that has rendered them impotent. they seem unwilling to use their constitutional authority even to stop something that they all
7:22 pm
declared was illegal and unconstitutional, an executive order of amnesty or to defund planned parenthood or defund obamacare or the aspects they could defund. all the president -- all the democrat hs to say was oops, we'll blame you for shutting down the government and they surrender. so doesn't the next speaker have to be willing to allow the president to shut down the government if they fund every other aspect of the government but his special priorities? >> we shouldn't have a shutdown, but the situation is republican leadership has promised we'll never, ever have a shutdown. obama said, a-ha, i have a magic key. all i have to do is whis ber the word "shutdown" and republican leadership will surrender and run for the hills. for every issue he says fund obamacare or i'll shut the government down. same thing on planned parenthood, same thing on iran. we've got to be willing to stand our ground. >> when the president will
7:23 pm
literally defy the law and the laws of congress -- for example, we have all these sanctuary cities set up across america. >> yep. >> why did i always thing thk t that was illegal, that the president's executive order was illegal? you have spoken out about this recently. >> that's exactly right. the senate next week will vote on legislation that i introduced along with a number of other senators including iowa's own chuck grassley, to end sanctuary ci cities, to strip any city of federal funding that defies the immigration law. and demands a mandatory prison sentence of five years for any felon who enters illegally. legislation named for kate steinle, that beautiful young lady murdered by an illegal alien in san francisco. a sanctuary city. we'll vote on it and almost surely there will be a party line vote. the democrats will vote. we'll get clarity on that.
7:24 pm
the democrats, clear where they stand. but i have a question. just two weeks ago we passed a continuing resolution. why wouldn't republican leadership put sanctuary cities legislation and kate's law on a continuing resolution and put it on obama's deck ask and force ho decide does he shut the government down in order to maintain sanctuary cities? >> well, said. senator, congratulations. you had a jump in the poll. you're now in double digit. see you on the campaign trail. >> thank you, sean. the momentum is incredible. people keep going every day to contributing, volunteering and i'm really encourage katie kouc much conservatives are willing to turn the country around. he's here to weigh in on the gop field. and the leadership shake-up in washington. also later tonight an explosive
7:25 pm
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and sized just right to give you cupcake-ability, entourage-ability... ...garage-ability and even afford-ability. starting at $28,950. available in cargo or passenger. from mercedes-benz. welcome back to "hannity." here to talk about the 2016 race and the gop shake-up in washington, author of the brand-new book called "duplicity," newt gingrich. mr. speaker, great to have you in the studio. >> great to be back. >> congrats on the new book. we'll talk about it in a second. you're a student of history. we have four outsider insurging candidates, donald trump, carly fiorina, ben carson, ted cruz who we just had on. they take over 60% of the vote. 60% of republicans feel washington republicans betrayed them. as you look at the through the prism of history, ever seen anything like this? >> no, this is historic in the
7:28 pm
sense of the pre-civil war period. what you have here is -- and the gallup people have been giving me data. 75% of the country thinks we have widespread corruption in the government. 50% of the country now is afraid of their own government. you have the average american believes 51 cents out of every federal dollar is wasted. these numbers are building and people are looking at their lives and going why doesn't washington hear me and they want somebody -- and the numbers are now clear. they prefer by a big margin somebody who has never been in public office but has a record in the private sector. that's what's driving trump and carson and fiorina. and then cruz is the most outside insider we've ever seen. cruz is not an insider. he's one of the four, and because you point out between them, they're pretty even today i think those numbers are at about 62% nationally. >> it's crazy.
7:29 pm
do you think they sustain it or maybe do people get cold feet in the end and say, maybe we need to go with the establishment guy? >> i think if it was one person, you could say, boy, if that person makes a big enough mistake, but the fact that there are four of them. i think about being a conventional candidate because like you, i've got great friends who are running who i really think are terrific human beings. i can't figure out how they get past the four of them. so if trump were to falter and so far there's no sign of that, the default would go to carson. look who is second choice is for trump, they're going to split between carson and cruz. >> the freedom caucus pretty much took john boehner out. it was a no-confidence vote. he would not have been able to sustain his position. then he came out against kevin mccarthy. mccarthy's out. paul ryan is thinking about running, and all i've been reading is one conservative group after another does not want him speaker for a variety
7:30 pm
of reasons not the least of which is his position on immigration. he hasn't that bold a conservative stand on any issue an important moment. nobody else seems to want the job. >> let me tell you, first of all, paul ryan is probably the smartest member of the house party. the work he's done on the budget, the work he's done to try to reform health care and the work he's doing on taxes. ryan is one of the most serious guys. >> and one of the nicest people. >> i've known him since he was an intern. they're both from wisconsin. it's not about the freedom caucus. it's about the country. when 60% of your own party is saying to you, i want real change, then the freedom caucus -- and george will said this pretty good on sunday. he said, look, the house was designed to reflect turmoil in the country by having turmoil in washington and the senate's designed to sort of hide from it. >> because they're the closest to the people, the direct
7:31 pm
representatives. >> that's right. everyone who goes home this week with the house out this week, people are home. and i suspect what they're hearing is that people want somebody closer to trump or carson or fiorina or cruz than they do to a normal establishment figure. >> so i thought -- i look at your term as speaker and i think i speak fairly objectively. there's not been a more consequential, successful speakership than yours. you've literally laid out renewing american civilization. that became the foundation for republicans coming into power for the first time in 40 years. you laid out a contract with america. you fulfilled every one of the promises voted on those items in a hundred days. you are the last speaker to balance a budget and give us a surplus. you are the last speaker to get real welfare reform. transformative stuff. maybe some people only remember the end of your speakership. now, i know, because i speak to
7:32 pm
house freedom caucus members, that they want you to go speak to them. will you do that? >> of course. look, i am very flattered. i would point out that john kasich played a major part of balancing that budget. >> other members did, but you were the leader. >> what i said to members of the leadership and members of the freedom caucuses, i'm very happy, we both love the house, we believe in the house. we're very happy to be advisers, we're happy to sit down with them next week when they get back from this break and to lay out how do we get to a strategy of winning for the country, not just for the republican party, but how do we get past barack obama and past the democrats in the senate and actually get something done. >> let me ask an important question. i asked this to kevin mccarthy when he was on. i think he could have given a better answer. republicans said that they would stop executive action on immigration and they would defund it. they ended up funding it. same thing on obamacare. there's this inordinate
7:33 pm
paranoia, fear for being blamed for a government shutdown. how many times did you shut down the government? >> it's very funny, i just wrote a piece two days ago about the catastrophic 2013 shutdown which led to the republican landslide of 2014. two shutdowns in ' 95 which led to the first re-election since 1928. there's no question that your numbers go down during a shutdown. but if margaret thatcher and ronald reagan had worried about their poll numbers week by week, they wouldn't have been margaret thatcher and ronald reagan. >> is defunding planned parenthood, stopping executive amnesty, defunding obamacare, which is the constitution authority -- the constitution gives the power of the purse to congress. would those be three items you'd be willing to shut kodown the government if you were speaker. >> i wouldn't set it up so i would be the one shutting down the government. i would say the opposite. is barack obama so committed to cutting up babies, which is what
7:34 pm
they were doing, that he would shut down the entire government. second, i would want to have a strategy that says we would fund, in a separate bill, fund national defense, fund homeland security, we're going to fund the fbi. everything which relates to your safety. now is the president going to veto everything which relates to your safety? are the democrats going to go to filibuster? you have to have a strategy, and you have to have a communications plan before you get to the crunch. you can't get to the crunch, and then start talking. >> so the answer is you would be willing to let the president shut down the government and fund all essential government programs for defense and safety. >> we're working on a movie on george washington, which we thing is very important to remind the country who we are. we only have the power of the purse to control a president who is imperial. and if the congress is not willing to exercise the power of the purse, then you're
7:35 pm
inevitably going to get an imperial president. >> tell me about this new book. >> "duplicity" starts with a very intriguing family. a so maly american totally patriotic running for congress in minneapolis and you have his brother who has decided he's against this the number two leader of al shabaab in somalia. you have this tension between international terrorism and american politics. you have a president, happens to be a woman, not necessarily hillary, could be fiorina. and she makes a decision that is political about national security and it blows up and they decide they have to lie about it. >> you will be on a book tour. i'm doing something sneaky, but i'll take the liberty because i've known you now for many years. >> and you've been sneaky since i first -- >> that's true. i haven't changed a bit, have i? i'm going to ask your wife whether she supports the idea because people like me think you should be the next speaker. so we're going to bring you back later in the show. >> all right. >> and coming up tonight,
7:36 pm
damning new book alleges the clintons for years have systematically abused women. the author, roger stone, is here with the shocking details. also newt gingrich will be back. we'll ask his wife what she thinks about him potentially being speaker and we'll talk about their brand new book. ♪ ♪
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♪ welcome back to "hannity." for years the clintons have claimed to be champions of women's rights and hillary made it a part of her campaign in 2016. but tonight an explosive new book completely destroys that narrative. author roger stone claims the clintons have systematically abused women and even alleges that hillary clinton helped silence women who are targeted by her husband. joining us now for the discussion of his brand-new book. destined to be a best-seller "the clintons' war on women."
7:42 pm
roger stone. >> thanks for having me. >> i've been reading the book. it is explosive. they claim to have this mantle that they're the champion of women's rights. these are the biggest abusers of women that you're describing in this book. and hillary's a part of it. >> the book is really about hypocrisy. she denigrates you and trashs you as a bimbo, slut, trailer trash, then hires heavy-handed private detectives, anthony pelicano, ivan duda to harass you into silence lest you get in the way for their quest for power. >> is this the same woman who recently said if you're a victim of sexual assault, have you a right to be believed? has she come out in defense of the women in this book. >> unless you're eileen wellstone or juanita broderick or caroline moffat or becky brown or helen dowdy or paula jones or kathy ferguson or christine scherzer or my friend kathleen willy.
7:43 pm
in case those women are abused and they're psychologiccally abused. bill abuses them physically then hillary abuses them psychological. >> i nokno juanita broderick. i interviewed her. if you ask me, because i interviewed paula jones, gje jennifer flowers. >> they've been threatened, their petses killed, their homes vandalized, their tires slashed. so they don't step forward. that's part of the plan. >> this i think needs to be read by anything that thinks hillary is a champion of women's rights. roger stone. coming up, newt gingrich joins us along with his wife calista. we'll ask her what she thinks about him potentially being the next speaker of the house.
7:44 pm
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♪ welcome back to "hannity." former house speaker newt
7:49 pm
gingrich and his wife calista are both accomplished authors. newt is the author of a new book "duplicity" a thriller set during the time of an american election. how timely. calista "christmas in america" and smans how the holiday has been celebrated in america and they're both now here to explain it. by the way, congratulations. you are doing book signings. i know you were at huntington earlier tonight. you'll be at book ends tomorrow night. >> that's right. >> and go to your website. >> go to gingrich productions. we have five weeks of book signings. >> this is a very important five weeks. before i get to the book, what do you think of the idea that i and others have suggested that maybe newt be the next speaker? >> well, you know, sean, i worked in the house for many years. i love it as an institution and both newt and i are deeply committed citizens. i think it's unlikely that he'll become speaker again, but i do have to say, if push comes to
7:50 pm
shove, we may have to step forward and help. >> don't you think he could help the republicans? isn't he a better strategist, tactician, wouldn't a new contract be invigorating for the republicanst be invigorating? >> it is brilliant, and i'm biassed, but the records speak for itself. >> i know you personally. since he's been speaker, am i accurate in saying he's read at least a thousand books? >> but he reads on his ipad now. >> what are you reading? >> okay. you have taken to your faith more. so if newt gingrich came back as speaker, you're a more faithful person. i mean, going to the polls you're singing in washington. this is more important than it's been. you've changed? >> well, just a week together in israel. and you can't walk where christ
7:51 pm
walked and not have a deep sense of god's rule in your life. and being subordinated to this extraordinary experience. >> yes. so explain how this works. you go on a book tour, how does it work out when directing crowds? >> well, people who have grandchildren love her and people who like politics like me. we draw two crowds from the same room. >> at least ellis is not. >> i write these books because i love our country and it's exceptional and more important now, than ever, that our children understand why this country is so special. >> what do you think you can no longer celebrate columbus day? >> that is the environment we live in now. but christmas and america is such an important holiday.
7:52 pm
it's really traditions we celebrate, some of the best things we see at christmas time, we value faith, family, friends, and charity. >> most wonder full time of the year. >> congratulations and i'm looking forward to you speaking to the freedom caucus. and christmas in america at bookstores together. you can see the book signing on the website. thank you and congratulationss. >> thank you. >> when we come back, ask sean is up next and your help. a very important question of the day. might have a little bit to do with the topic straight ahead.
7:53 pm
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welcome back. time for the question of the day. is president obama a hypocrite for attacking christians after attending the church of gd america for over 20 years? i think it's obvious. let us know what you think. time now for our ask sean segment. >> sean, nearly all democrats believe that the planned parenthood videos are false or a lie. i'd like to know what evidence they have that makes them believe this? because to me, they never seem they can back it up. >> great question. i think it's very transparent to anyone what they're involved in. and remember, the group that unveiled this released the entire video.
7:59 pm
so it's clear they're selling baby babe -- parts and so they can sell them with the hopes of buying a lamborghini. we live in a age where there are such hyper part wri son people on the left. i'm convinced if you had a video of barack obama or hillary clinton robbing a bank and shooting a teller, they'd say no, they're giving money to the poor. sad, but true. if you have a question just go over to twitter, #asksean. send in a video. you can be a big tv star. we hope you'll join us. also, quick programming note. we'll be back tonight in what? one hour, at midnight with live reaction to tonight's snooze fest, democratic debate. we'll see you back here in an hour, thanks for being with us.
8:00 pm
breaking tonight, the first democratic debate wrapped up with new fire works, sort of in the 2016 race for the white house. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. it's the first time all democratic candidates are appearing together and tonight in las vegas, former secretary of state hillary clinton, vermont senator bernie sanders, former virginia senator jim webb, former rhode island governor lincoln chafee and mrs. clinton took on a grilling on everything from support to the iraq war. >> it was like a gentle saute. na


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