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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 13, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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breaking tonight, the first democratic debate wrapped up with new fire works, sort of in the 2016 race for the white house. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone. it's the first time all democratic candidates are appearing together and tonight in las vegas, former secretary of state hillary clinton, vermont senator bernie sanders, former virginia senator jim webb, former rhode island governor lincoln chafee and mrs. clinton took on a grilling on everything from support to the iraq war. >> it was like a gentle saute. senator sanders got some of the
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biggest applause lines of the night and each tried to climb his moment. some fierceest exchanges came out on income inequality, credibility and gun control. >> very proud over 30 years i have had no scandals. >> i did say it was a mistake. what i did was allowed by the state department but wasn't the best choice. >> i am very comfortable that i'm the most qualified person to be the commander in chief. >> i have been very consistent over the course of my entire life. >> this campaign is about whether we can mobilize our people, take back our government from the handful of billionaires. >> we have comprehensive gun safety legislation. not by looking at pollings, we did it. >> what i can tell secretary
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clinton, but all of the shouting in the world is not going to do what i hope all of us want, keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have those guns, the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your e-mail. enough e-mails. let's talk about the real issues facing america. >> me too. me too. >> just ahead, pollster frank luntz is live and they've been watching and where he have a powerful fox news line up for you. charles krauthammer on how candidates stand and then, bill burton are fact checkings claims. chris stierwalt and weigh in on the gun debate we begin with brit hume. what did you think?
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>> it didn't feel like the kind of debate where the standing of the candidates was going to be shuffled and changed. it didn't seem they were last standing in the polls or made serious headway. the question becomes did hillary clinton or bernie sanders change things very much? i thought she showed authority and eligibility and if you're the person who likes hillary clinton and would like to see her succeed you're not going to be put off tonight. similar with o'malley. with the same passion and conviction is on display tonight. i kept expecting the next thing he's going to say is get off my lawn. but that is probably just me. so my guess is that this comes out, this kind of a draw, the rest of them not making headway. and you know, individual points, i have heard things i thought were striking. but -- the final rule.
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>> memorable moments for you on hillary clinton? there was one that you mentioned on income inequality. let's play it for viewers. >> i have a five-point economic plan. this inequality challenge we face, we have faced it in other points. it's right. it hasn't been this bad since the 1920s. >> it hasn't been this bad since 1920s. >> next thing out of her mouth was, the next thing out of her mouth was the economy is always better when there is a democrat in the white house. >> we've had a democrat in the white house -- >> right, going on eight years now. i thought the president took kind of a mauling on the economy. and never mentioning its his economy. >> she is being on twitter for what she said about key stone.
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>> everybody on this stage has changed a position or two. we've been around, you know, we know that if you're learning you're going to change your position. i never took a position on keystone until i took a position on keystone. >> that should be the next bumper sticker. vote for hillary. she never took a position on keystone until she took a position on keystone. >> right. right. >> that didn't get it done. >> and what is striking is that had to be something she thought about. >> of course. >> she had a lot of rehearsed lines tonight she got out. what did you think? i heard a lot of people saying the real winner of the evening is joe biden because no one has such a standout moment that he or she changed the dynamic of the race. >> so if you're joe biden at
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home or wherever do you watch and say te -- they can't cut it? i better get in? i don't think he's worried bernie sanders is going to beat him, or her, either. the question is can he seize her voters? i don't think her performance tonight in many democrats would make everybody say she can't win the election or the nomination. i need to get in and take her. i'm not sure that would be his calculation. >> brit hume, great to see you. >> and when it comes to creating moments it looks like bernie sanders got strongest reaction. joining me now, frank luntz. hi, frank, what did you find out? >> we got democrats here, 28
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democrats. how many of you walked in her supporting hillary clinton? raise your hand. half of you. how many of you are still supporting hillary clinton? only a small percentage, so who won the debate? >> bernie sanders. >> for the people. >> strong, confident. >> direct. >> sincere. >> educated. >> smart. >> he's a socialist. >> he answered a question on being a socialist. you're nodding no. he's crowd of being a socialist. do you think this guy can win? do you? . >> i don't think he can. i don't think he can. he's a problem. i understand the appeal. but i don't think he can win. i think -- >> i think they're investing in a country looking for radical change. it's so deep that this could be the year someone like that gets
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in. >> i want to know the people home something. the highest moment of the debate, the one the group thought was incredible was about hillary clinton but wasn't delivered by hillary clinton but bernie sanders. listen. >> let me say something that may not be great politics. but i think the secretary would like. and that is that american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me too, me too. >> the american people want to know if we're going to have a democracy. enough of the e-mails. let's talk about the issues facing america. >> thank you bernie. thank you. >> incredible. i have to ask you, why is that moment so powerful?
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that you're in the 90s? i heard people saying you wanted to turn your dial beyond 100. what was it? >> he said enough about the e-mails. get to the topics. almost protecting her and being a man about it. and saying let's get to what the topics are. i thought that is very respectable. >> such a nonissue. and i'm glad he addressed it like that and got it out of the way. >> he is stronger on the issue than she was. >> this country is tired of the focus on personal infractions. >> we have more issues going on in this country besides that. >> are they connecting to you? did this debate connect to you? >> yes. it did. because it's the first time i've heard any candidates talk about real issues impacting you know americans as opposed to republican who's just pull fear. i don't know what they're doing.
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>> i thought it was great. it gave me the opportunity to learn, and meet three candidates that i never met before. >> do you want too kick webb out of the debate sf raise your hand. how many of you want to kick lincoln chafee out of the debate? raise your hand? so one winner and two big time losers. democrats are happy about the debate. they thought they got good answers and they're excited about the candidates. >> poor jim webb, thanks, frank. well, senator lindsey graham weighing in on the debate and hit the five contenders on the issue of foreign policy. senator graham calling the democrats foreign policy a nightmare. governor pataki saying none seem concerned about isis. >> greatest national security
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threat to the united states? >> it's certainly the chaos in the middle east. no doubt about it. >> governor o'malley? >> i believe the spread of isil and threat of climate change. >> i think it has to be continuing threats from the threat of nuclear weapons, nuclear materials that can fall into the wrong hands. >> we do not address the global crisis of climate change, transform our energy system away from fossil fuel, our challenges are relations with china. our greater day-to-day threat is cyber warfare against this country. >> joining us now, dr. charles krauthammer, charles, good to see you tonight. what did you think of that? >> well, it was about two hours and nothing changed. i don't think any of the
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candidates helped themselves in my way we know. three minor candidates did not stand out in any way. sanders was his usual grandiose in a way, self. and i think his supporters are going to like what they saw. as for hillary, i think she had a good night. she showed herself confident, she wasn't afraid, she was aggressive. she came out of the box on gun control and hit sanders. she's way ahead. you won't expect her to be on offense. and she followed up with a capitolism issue. by saying well, you know, what about small business? sanders had to retreat on that. that is just the beginning of the debate. she got weaker as time went on. the great irony is that it was one moment. all debates have one moment. we know what the moment was. when sanders said i'm talking about the damn e-mails.
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but here is the only time i've ever seen the moment in a debate which is going to help a candidate other that be the one who uttered it. because it helped her. it is a way of saying the field is done with this. it's not going to be an internal issue. and after she wins a nomination. but it will not be an issue, should not be an issue. when you got applause in the audience, it's obvious democrats don't want to hear about it. it weighs her down. it affects coverage. it didn't look as if the sentiments of the democrats on the audience or stage were swayed by the e-mail scandal. i think that helps her more than anything else. >> what did you make of -- it's different to see candidates up there not going after each other, anywhere near as much in the republican debate. so is this a better process for the democrats? than it is for republicans who emerged, you know with more
8:14 pm
damage after debates? >> l is no douit. i thought anderson was tough but each was tough in terms of their own history, or in terms of contradiction. it was not pitting one candidate against another. and is a way to set up a food fight, a coliseum clash. it was ugly and a lot of negatives for republicans. but of this -- the democrats were not helped by that. the questions were not easy. i loved the fact i learned something tonight. i didn't know bernie sanders honeymooned in the soviet union. perhaps he's like to explain that. must be the climate in moscow in april. not sure what that is.
8:15 pm
no. the fact that the democrats took the opportunity in their questioning offensive to turn the issue against the republicans. obama's name hardly ever came up in the republican debate. here, republicans were all throughout. it made the case for democrats. >> there wasn't one candidate up there swinging it to others. not one. they seemed to be protecting the democratic party above all. this goes on, republicans you know, they keep slinging mud, in these debates and this goes on on the dem's side, do you anticipate a damaged, weakened republican against a stronger, more prepared democrat? >> that is what happened in 2012. there was a lot of mud slinging in the republican debate. remember, the whole attack on mitt romney as a vulture
8:16 pm
capitolist began with newt gingrich and was picked up by the democrats. and used in the general election. so republicans have a history of this, unfortunately. i think that is true. look. the other four candidates did not want to attract hillary. each of them would like pushing ambassadorsh ambassadorship. you don't want to jeopardize that by acting ugly. >> and you know, maybe he loves borscht. we'll have to ask him. >> and hillary clinton sounding like a different candidate tonight. mark case onand bill burton are here next and this hour before the debate, brand new polling on
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the democratic and g.o.p. fields. how will this debate reshach the race if at all? and our focus group reviews hillary's remarks on race in america when we come back. >> we have to repair american credibility after we told the world saddam hussien had weapons of mass destruction, which he didn't. there is an issue of american credibility out there. so any time someone is running to be a world leader, credibility is an issue with the world. there is work to be done. we need someone that has the best in ethical standards as our next president. >> secretary clinton, do you want to respond? >> no. governor? governor? ♪ our parents worked hard so that we could enjoy life's simple pleasures.
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governor chafee you said this is a huge issue. are you willing to say that to her face? >> absolutely. credibility is an issue. there is work to be done. we need someone that has the best in ethical standards as our next president. >> secretary clinton, do you want to respond? >> no. >> governor o'malley? >> ahead of tonight's debate, cmn said it did not want to set
8:22 pm
the candidates pit the candidates against one other, you saw the people on the stage were ready to go after hillary clinton. well, one was. ed henry is live in las vegas in how mrs. clinton did while defending her record. >> megyn, good to see you. hillary clinton seemed to be kind of leading the over all thrust of it in terms of pushing back and trying to turn one of the most difficult parts of her campaign on phones about it. she was on defense before that, lincoln chafee immediately said look. i've been in public life 20, 30 years and never had scandals. that is a shot as hillary clinton. she tried to jump on mccarthy's
8:23 pm
comment about the benghazi committee try beating her up. listen. >> i have taken responsibility for it. i did say it was a mistake. what i did was allowed by the state department wasn't the best choice. i have been as transparent as i know to be, turning over 55,000 pages of my e-mails, asking they be made public and i'm going to be testifying. i've been asking to testify sometime. and to do it in public. this committee is basically an arm of the republican national committee. it is a partisan vehicle as admitted by the house republican majority leader mr. mccarthy to drive down my poll numbers, surprise. >> she went on to say "i'm still standing". a direct appeal she's taking fire but is still the front runner. interesting she's trying to focus in on the problem was the
8:24 pm
benghazi committee but not addressing e-mail controversy itself because despite the back and forth with the republicans it does not change the fact there is a nonpartisan, criminal investigation going on at the fbi now, and two, this weekend on 60 minutes president obama defended her but said there are legitimate issues here. interesting today, josh earnest pulled back a little bit. the president said this weekend this was not a threat to national security what she did on e-mail. josh earnest said what we know now is not a threat to national security but left the door open we might find out more. >> ed, thank you. joining me now is mark thessian. good to see you both.
8:25 pm
so mark, let me start with you. that moment, that moment where bernie sanders says we're done with the e-mail issue and they shake hands, that was a nice moment. but they don't get to decide that. 58% of the american people think that she's lying and wants to see this probed deeper. >> absolutely. this is amazing to me you have a candidate under investigation by the fbi and she had that moment with lincoln chafee. so it's remarkable she turned it into a positive thanks to kevin mccarthy. she wrapped herself around kevin mccarthy saying this is politics. it's the republican national committee. and with democratic voters it's going to help her. >> what did you think of the events tonight? >> well, i thought it's a great
8:26 pm
debate. i thought hillary dominated and presidential elections i think are decided on strength and i think hillary showed she's the strongest candidate on stage. you can ask people a question, but if they're interested that doesn't determine how they're going to choose next president of the united states. the e-mail issue is pretty much a done issue. you have talked about it. people have thought about it. and people are moving past it. it's -- >> democrats are moving past it. >> the american people are looking to see what issues are important to them. >> the polls -- >> the americans want to talk about things that are important in their lives. >> but americans care about honesty and credibility and by 58% they believe she's lying, then, this -- >> well, let's talk about the election post poll. >> that she's lying.
8:27 pm
>> the american people -- the american people said. >> american people do care about honesty. >> they do. i never would say they don't. they do. >> that goes outside the democratic party at least. let me ask you this. hillary clinton sounded more relaxed tonight. she was smiling. her delivery seemed in control. i don't know when the word is but she seemed inauthentic in the past. >> she looked very good. she doesn't have any major gaffes used in attack candidates against her. >> was she the big winner? >> in the sense she didn't cause -- when you're in a presidential debate, you lose by saying something someone can use in an ad against you. >> joe biden looked and saw
8:28 pm
three guys who won't even make it into the happy hour debate and saw bernie sanders and her and is thinking i can wipe the floor with these people. fox news poll has her losing to every major republican candidate and joe biden winning against most of them he hasn't jumped in yet. >> just saying that is not a good situation for her. >> what do you make of the frank luntz focus group went nuts for bernie sanders. is that real? do you believe that is real? >> well, about bernie sanders is that a lot of the things he's promoting are, have a feel for general election audience. >> anticapitolism? >> focusing in on the right, donald trump, ben carso, carly fiorina, those are not attractive to audiences but at the end of the day, if you look
8:29 pm
at the polling numbers if you're any one of the candidates now, which would you want to be? only one, hillary clinton has a path to winning a general election. >> i'll ask you about joe biden. do you think he has a chance to get in? >> there is always a chance but if he's watching the debate tonight he sees a steeper climb for him to get into the race because hillary clinton is very well. there is nothing joe biden would have seen and thought i could have done this or that. and i think hillary clinton -- it's difficult for him to get in. >> any chance these other democrats are going to get out? i realize on the republican side you've got 0.0. but these guys are better now, like 0.02 but what do you think, bill? >> i mean, look.
8:30 pm
that last poll, that polled democrats across the country, o'male got 0 people. literally 0 people. and he's a great guy. great governor. i mean, at a certain point have you to wonder what is the path there? >> you're right. >> there is no party. right. >> you're right. >> what is going on the majority of support on the republican side is trump, carson and fiorina. >> i have to go. good to see you both. >> our luntz panel returns with remarks on race and how vice president biden could shake things up. and did cnn handle the debate in a fair and balanced way? plus, how gun control became one of the hottest issues of the night. >> from a world state, i can
8:31 pm
tell secretary clinton but all of the shouting in the world is not going to do what, i hope all of us want. that is keep guns out of the hands of people who shall not have those guns and end the intolerable violence that we're seeing. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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democratic debate was the subject of gun control. there is a fight over how hard each candidate fought against the nra. >> secretary clinton is bernie sanders tough enough on guns? >> no. not at all. we lose 90 people a day from gun violence, this has gone on too long. it's time the country stood up against the nra. the majority of our country supports background checks and majority of gun owners do. senator sanders did vote five times against the brady bill. since passed 2, million prohibited purchases have been prevented. >> senator sanders do you have a response? >> from a state, what i can tell secretary clinton but all of the shouting in the world is not going to do what i hope all of us want, that is keep guns out
8:36 pm
of the hands of people who should not have the guns and end the intolerable violence we're seeing. it's time to talk about these things and i'm glad we're talking about these things but i've done them. we've passed comprehensive gun safety legislation not by looking at pollings or what the polls said, but we did it. here is the point, governor, we can raise our voices, but i come from a world state. it's different than in urban states. you have not been in the united states congress. >> joining me now, our fox news digital politics editor, hi, so this is the g.o.p. put out there rapid response. rnc. they're forwarding the "new york times" headline from april, 2008. hillary clinton portrays herself as pro gun church goer. she called herself a pro gun church goer. what a difference a few years
8:37 pm
makes, chris. >> when you don't have love. when you don't have attachment and passion, you go to the issues. that is what mitt romney had to do in 2012. he had to go through this death march where you say in this issue i will cave and this i will cave until they pen you in. the democrats are doing that to hillary clinton. the question is once she's gone far enough on guns what happens in the general election? >> hillary clinton has moved less on so um issues to match bernie sanders. i mean, attacking wall street, climate change. gun control is popular. a good issue for her. that question enables her to get to his left. she didn't mention bypassing congress. >> she said she's going to take further executive orders on immigration. i mean, news flash.
8:38 pm
there is no more executive orders you can do than what president obama did on immigration. >> and bernie sanders didn't try to compete with her. so for the constituency she's playing to, that is a good moment for her. >> i thought anderson cooper did a good job. he sent disturbing signals about he's going to be too patty cake. but he did a good job. i don't get the weird thing they have people stashed in the back and saying this guy will ask you about pot. you want to talk about reefer? go ahead. >> just the man. john lennon. >> it was a good debate. >> i think i never had a lack of confidence in anderson cooper. he pressed the candidates.
8:39 pm
i think the reason he wasn't mixing it up is that those democrats did not want to punch in particular at hillary clinton. she's the front runner and likely to get the nomination. and someone was saying they want to be in her cabinet. >> absolutely. the striking moment is going to be played over and over again is bernie sanders riding to the rescue on the e-mail mess and the handshake. the thing that is surprising is that she's kind of reading talking points and kept saying i would be the first woman president. well, what about voting for outsider? well, i will be the first woman president. no. look at me. it's evident. that she'd take longer going to the potty. >> it was an interesting attack. you don't want to highlight our outsider status or time on the potty, either. >> no. either way you don't want to highlight our outsiders.
8:40 pm
i am not an outsider just because i am a woman. and she's not an outsider to politics because she's running for presidency and happens to be a woman. granted it's never happened before. >> i think the biggest thing is that she seemed relaxed and confident. at her news conferences she seems stiff and defensive. >> she did not tonight. >> she did not. that is a win for her. >> she obviously won but she was debating people who should not be running for president. >> it was like donald trump in the first debate. i was like wow, these people are delightful. >> like watching trying to get up to spawn or something. >> they looked tired. >> exhausted. >> she didn't seem tired. >> so bernie sanders -- >> and frank luntz's focus
8:41 pm
group? >> they loved it. >> you're on a big debate stage and a couple hundred thousand people watching you. >> yes. >> where is the energy? >> chafee is like a block of cement. >> granite, granite from new hampshire. >> good to see you both. >> aren't you cute in matching suits. >> up next, dnc chair woman debbie wasserman-shultz is here, she'll react to the debate and the vice chair about the lack of diversity among candidates. >> we've got democrats here, 28 democrats. how many of you walked in here supporting hillary clinton raise your hand. how many of you are still supporting hillary clinton?
8:42 pm
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hi, frank. >> hi, megyn. i want to be clear. hillary clinton had a good night tonight. she talked about importance of a new, new deal. let's take a look. >> we've got to do more about the lives of the children. that is why i started off by saying we need to be committed to making it possible for every child to live up to his or her god given potential. that is hard to do if you don't have early childhood education, schools that are able to meet the needs of the people or good housing. there is a long list. we need a new, new deal for communities of color. >> you can see scored well with liberals and moderates and everyone here. i understand, explain to me the success tonight as well.
8:47 pm
in the back? >> well, i think her -- i think her wanting to do new, new deal is a good idea to strengthen the debate in the country. >> your reaction to hillary clinton? >> our country in the last seven years has been based on national highway systems and social security. these are things conservatives and liberal was agree upon. >> yes. on this issue, i mean most of them seem to be some of the basics and on this issue she was very passionate. i give her a high rating. >> so when she was passionate. when she got into it, you seem to respond favorably. but not always. tell me why not? >> because she's very good at policy. she speaks policy talk. connects to people and people
8:48 pm
want to feel like that. >> and they thought bernie sanders connected to them more this evening? this is the opening statement and one of the high moments of the debate. >> we have more people in jail than any other country on earth. african american youth unemployment is 51%. hispanic youth unemployment 36%. it seems to me instead of building more jails and providing more incarcerations, maybe, just maybe, we should be putting money into education and jobs for our kids. >> that is one of the most positive reactions to bernie sanders. and here is the issue here. both climate change and social justice reform did well among this group. your reaction. why is bernie sanders to effective? >> he is bringing up topics that
8:49 pm
are pertinent that will not outlast this presidency but in the following presidency. >> he's a socialist. >> do you have an issue with that? >> we're a socialist country in many ways. >> how many of you think america -- raise your hand if you think america is a socialist country. >> we don't like our police and firefighters. >> just want to know. megyn? this is a chance for fox news viewers to see people they otherwise don't see. they're going to choose the democratic nominee. and based on tonight they like bernie sanders. >> we shall see how that gets reflected. frank great to see you. thank you to your guests. i just heard from our panel of voters during the debate, you'll see debbie wasserman-shultz will join us and share her take on
8:50 pm
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8:54 pm
reaction is debbie wasserman-shultz. great to see you tonight, madam. >> thank you, megyn. >> the vice chairman of the dnc decided she was disinvited after calling for more debate and called you a liar for denying that the dnc had done that. do you want to respond? >> you know we just come through two and a half hours of a democratic debate that showed more substance and you know, a more robust discussion about how to move america forward from our five candidates that nearly five hours of first two republican debates. and our focus has been and needs to be the contrast between our party's candidates and the republican party, who has been clearly making it clear how they want to take us backwards. unfortunately, everybody gathered continued to focus on
8:55 pm
process. let me say that she was not uninvited but asked to focus on candidates. and clearly has not been able to do that. but look we have had a debate tonight that i think the american people got a good, close look at the next president of the united states of america on that stage tonight in contrast could a republican field that spent their time trying to outrun one another, engaged in a reality tv show. >> we're up against a break time. >> sure. >> do you think joe biden will be tempted to get into the race after tonight? >> that is a decision he's in the process of making and one we'll be ready for in the event he makes it. >> who do you think the winner was? >> the winners were the voters because voters had an opportunity to see a clear contrast. >> did you for being here, see
8:56 pm
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what do you think of the democratic debate? follow me on twitter and let me know what you think. thanks for watching everyone. i'm megyn kelly. sean is up next. welcome to a special hiv edition of "hannity". 2016 rivals squared off in las vegas tonight. and we're going to have analysis in just a moment. first, here are the highlights and low lights, depending on which side of the aisle you look at it. take a look. >> i'm a progressive that likes to get things done. >> i believe in a society where all people do well. not just a handful of millionai millionaires. >> look how glad we are to talk about issues that


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