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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 14, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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we are talking about it this morning. good morning to you. you are watching "fox and friend first. it is wednesday morning. i am ainsley aiearhardt. >> it was a late night for a lot of folks after the show down in sin city. democratic presidential stage for the nirsd to head debate. >> hill country clinton was defending her flip flopping and her greatest competition was rushing to her defense. >> john has all of the highlights. >> quite an interesting debate we had last night. a lot of people think hillary clinton won it. some people think bernie sanders took it. martino mal knee's people think he won. hillary clinton had quite a feat despite her record as a long moderate and voting record she managed to swing to the left of a socialist. bernie sanders when asked if she flip flopped for political
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purposes she tried to assuage the senator and the audience. >> i have been consistent my entire life. i do absorb new information. i do look at what's happening. >> for the record are you a progressive or a moderate? >> i am a progressive. but i am a progressive who likes to get things done. >> she faced questions on the ongoing e-mail scandal answering it defending and apologizing for the use of a private server. instead of being attacked by bernie sanders he had the moment of the night last night when he rushed to her defense. let me say something is that i mott be great politics but i think the secretary is right. the american people are sick and tired of hearing about the damn e-mails. >> she ducked the question on benghazi. none of the opponents went after
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her. >> hthey lost their lives in benghazi. >> i will get to that but i think it's important to explain where we were then and to point out that i think president obama made the right decision at the time. >> clinton also didn't have a clear answer as to how her presidency would be different than president obama. let's listen to how the five candidates answered. >> ending the wars. i would follow through on the promise the american people thought we made as the democratic party to protect the main street economy from recklessness on wall street. >> being the first woman president would be quite a change. >> the only way we transform america and do the thing the middle class and working class desperately need is through a political revolution. >> it would be in the use of executive authority. >> it was driven why president mccarthy isn't going to be the speaker of the house.
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his calf on benghazi she was on that. we can't say all of the candidates who were on stage last night will survive to the next debate but there may be a new face there because joe biden is expected whether or not he is going to run later on this week. john roberts live for us in las vegas. how did they score? we are grading the candidates with the director of the accountability editor and political strategist. >> i love this segment. let's start with the economy. who did the best? >> bernie sanders by far. he explained how we got to the situation we are in today and how obama coursed through the economic collapse and what we need to do to change it. he's the only candidate on stage
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who could explain this in the clearest terms. >> bernie sanders. he put it in personal terms and t tapped in. >> what about -- who was the loser when it comes to the economy? >> hillary. he can't get away from wall street. of all of the candidates on the republican and democratic side there is no candidate that has accepted more money from wall street than hillary clinton. she will not be able to get away from this. this will be the key issue that will probably lose her the election. >> this is a kumbaya moment. hillary said something that will be used against her in attack ad after attack ad. i represented wall street. i started salivating waiting for the general election because i am running attack ads against her and she shot herself in the foot.
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>> what about immigration? that's a hot topic this election year. who did you pick? >> bernie sanders. he has a comprehensive understanding of immigration reform. he calls her out on her weak points. he said listen i think immigrants deserve to have healthcare. these are undocumented americans by all means who have grown-up here, lived here their whole lives and should be able to access healthcare. they are paying taxes they are working part of the economy. >> i am ending the kumbaya i am going with martino malley. he was able to look at immigration and put it 30 years down the road. no other candidate was doing that. >> let's talk about (indiscernible) >> hillary. it was her weakest moment on stage. she didn't have the an
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explanation of immigration reform. i can see that attack ad on the right especially if you have someone who has a concept of immigration reform. >> she isn't say sanctuary city, she said sank air reuniversity. give them free college few wigs and get the tax payer to pay for it. she didn't say how to pay for it. >> who is the winner when it comes to military? >> she is secretary of state. she has a detailed understanding of foreign policy than any one on stage than any other candidate. i think jim web comes in a close second but she could talk her way out of any issue having more information. >> jim web won. he served his country and vietnam gallantly.
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i like that his family his daughter. i want to hear what your overall losers are. >> bernie sanders, if you count it as being vit ran chairman. they think he did nothing. he ignored him. >> big winner who won? >> bernie sanders. she was ready to debate. bottom line she could not explain the traffic. >> bernie sanders is soaring. >> and even defended hillary. >> i think hillary. all she had to do is go and not stumble. she was a major league ball player in a minor league game. it was a shoe in for her and if she hadn't do it it would have been a major loss. >> who did the worse last night.
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>> lincoln chaffey. >> if you are polling at 1 percent you are also not raising money and when you are not raising money you don't have the support system in place that prepares you for the debate. he's qualified, he's articulate. not ready for prime time. >> i would have said israel so i will say lincoln chaffey. he flat out lost. you look at him it seemed like there was nothing behind his eyes. you could say he was there. >> thank you so much. >> all right heather. o over to you. >> interesting stuff. >> how did the candidates rank among democratic voters. >> how many of you walked in there supporting hillary clinton raise your hands. half of you. how many of you are still sporting hillary clinton.
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only a small percentage. so who won the debate. >> bernie sanders. >> want to kick web out of the debate race yoou hand. quick chif fee out? we had one winner and two big time losers. >> the best moment of the night was when bernie sanders was stick and tired of hearing about hillary clinton's e-mails. >> said enough about the e-mails. get to the topics. he was defending her saying let's get to the topics. that was respectable. >> it is such a nonissue. i am glad he addressed it like that. >> he was strong on the issues and she wasn't. i wish she would have said it to protect herself more than he had to say it for her. >> there is no star p on the stage tonight. donald trump stealing the show on twitter. he wasn't the only republican
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candidate weighing in. kristin fisher life in washington with gop reaction this morning. long night. i was following you on twitter as well. >> as i was following donald trump he live tweeted the democratic debate. some uncharacteristic constraint. he doesn't use as much colorful language as he usually does. overall he thought they are very scripted and rehearsed. two should not be on the stage. when the moderator ask do all lives matter or black lives matter. sanders said only black lives matter. hillary didn't answer the question. the candidates on the stage didn't talk about trump directly all that much but sanders and o'malley referenced him by name. listen. >> donald trump and his billionaire friends are going to pay a hell of a lot more taxs in the future than they are paying
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today. >> the immigrant pate haters like donald trump barker and the republican party. >> two other candidates were active john kasich, lindsay graham george bush said quote if you think the country is on the right track hillary clinton says she has no tings of changing directions. i sure will. bush is in 5th place with 8 percent of the vote. his fellow floridian is one point ahead then ted cruz. the big story is ben carson and donald trump now neck and neck one point apart. carson climbed 11 points since august while trump is holding steady but still on top. he may get a boost around november 7th because it has just been announced he will host "saturday night live" on that night. >> that should be a good show. >> with good ratings. >> we will see what the ratings are for last time. >> 11 minutes after the top of the hour.
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the panel was saying bernie sanders won. what did you think about hillary clinton? who did she take down on the primary stage. >> two officers shot in the line of duty, and now a gun store on the hook for $6 million. it could set major precedence. >> an 8-year-old boy is sued by his own aunt after he hugged her too hard.
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>> a gun shop found neglect for selling two guns that shot polia police officer in the face. it could be a landmark case. >> the mayor of milwaukee and attorneys involved in the case say the outcome will have ramifications on gun stores
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nationwide. here's why. who milwaukee police officers seriously wounded in the line of duty sued badger guns. the gun store was neglect for selling a gun to a straw buyer. the jury agreed ordering the gun shop to pay the officers over # million dollars. >> i wanted to represent my clients. >> julius burton sent jacob into that store to buy the gun. it was julius burton who decided to put that gun into his pocket and leave his home that day.
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julius burton decided to resist officers. it was julius burton who pulled the trigger of that gun. >> the gunman pleaded guilty to two counts of intentional homicide. he is serving 80 years in prison. one officer lost part of his brain in that shooting the other is back on the job in a limited capacity. >> kelly wright live for us this morning. thank you, kelly. >> now to a fox news alert. a small plane plunges from the sky and crashes into a mobile home park in florida. one home destroyed, another damaged after the planes burst into flames. fire officials will only say there are an unknown number of victims. the faa trying to figure out what happened. >> former nba star lamar odom is fighting for his life after being found unconscious in a brothel. he spent the last four-days
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partying. he is breathing with the assistance of machines his heart and other oregons failing. his ex-wife chloe kardashian is by his side after flying to las vegas overnight with his sister kim and mother chris jenner. >> chicago cubs fans waited a century to celebrate like this at wrigley field. >> they got him. a strikeout. the cubs win. >> the cubs beat the st. louis ca national leg legal -- league division series. final score 6-4. they will play the nets mets or dodgers on saturday. >> go team. crisis in the skies. new warnings for the faa. major flight delays could be in your future. >> did hillary clinton secure her frontrunner status in the debate and who can she take down
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in the primary stage. they are here live up next.
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>> like most people i know i have a range of views but they are rooted in my values and my experience. i am a progressive, but i am a progressive who likes to get things done. >> hillary clinton forced to defend herself over accusations of flip flopping in a fight to stand out on a stage of inexperienced debaters. >> how did her performance stack up? what do you think? >> lanny davis is here special assistant to council for bill clinton. >> they said in 2008 hillary
2:23 am
clinton won 80 percent of the debate. she has a lot of experience as you know first hand. how did you think she did last night? >> i don't know what winning or losing debates really is people sound like it's a performance rather than a discussion of issues. the big contrast is hillary clinton and bernie sanders and certainly governor o'malley, i don't regard comments made by senator web or governor chaffey as particularly relevant. but the three of them engaged in a discussion of issues that people care about. i think the three of them did very well. >> now that we have seen hillary debate this time around, who do you think would be best served to debate against her in terms of the gop candidates to go against her in the primary debate? >> well, i would say the most serious and decent and honorable debater among the group of republicans, meaning instead of
2:24 am
engaging in name calling, vi vitriol food fights which is what we saw in the republican debate there were one or two people who tried to be serious and decent. i would say jeb bush and john kasich would be the two. whether i disagree with them or not i do on most issues, they will be relieved to hear that, they would be formidable in a debate because they would debate issues no the ininvestigate tive we hear the insults we hear from donald trump. which is great for a television show but not good for running the country. >> interesting polls came out last night. if you look at the gop frontrunners up against hillary clinton, they are all beating her. but then if you look at biden up against the gop frontrunners he actually wins. what is your reaction to the polls? >> if you don't use margin of
2:25 am
error you use beatings. all of those are within a margin of error. >> but neck and neck definitely. >> you can't tell if it is in the margin of error. it is statistically a dead heat. right now to predict that they predict anything. if anybody wants to bet their how is that donald trump will win the presidency? i don't think you would say that. entertainment is what they put voting on when it comes to the pollsters. when it comes to who you want to represent the president of the united states, donald trump will not be one of them. >> we have to ask you the following question. i know you are not a paid member of hillary clinton's campaign but do you expect to be appointed administration should she win? >> no. first of all i am not only not pa paid, i am not part of it.
2:26 am
>> not at all. >> no. i am a friend from law school. i have two older children six grand children and a 17 and 10-year-old son, so i will be writing tuition checks for a long time and i will be happy to be a friend of the next president. she will be the next president. >> the time is 26 minutes after the top of the hour. big news for donald trump. >> nobody is bigger than me. nobody is better than me. i am a ratings machine. >> trump heading back to the network who gave him the boot. a woman gives birth mid flight.
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>> it is wednesday october 14th. they are squaring off vegas style. if you were betting they were swinging at hillary, you lost. >> they are sick and tired of hearing about the dam e-mails. >> he defends her. we are live with a first democratic debate. >> the one item you should not pack in your checked bag because it could explode and bring down the plane. >> an 8-year-old sued. 427,000 dollars for hugging his aunt. she was left with a broken wrist the ruling right now. >>
2:31 am
>> hope you wake up and have a nice day. watching "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt at 5:30 on the east coast. democrat duking it out on the first democratic debate. five candidates taking stage it got heat whenned it turns to gun control and the war in iraq. good morning, john. >> if the goal of clinton's opponents was to take out the frontrunner they fell short. seemed as though none of them wanted it. hillary clinton was unstaged any of her challengers managed to inflict damage on bernie sanders running well left on gun control. >> he was going to give immunity to the only industry in america. everybody else has to be
2:32 am
accountable but not the gun manufacturers. we need to stand up and say enough of that. >> we are going -- all of the shouting in the world is not going to do what i hope all of us want and that is keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have those guns and end this horrible violence that we are seeing. >> they implement the social programs like they have. >> we go through swede agan and norway. >> we are not denmark. i love denmark. we are the united states of america and it is our job to reign in the excesses of capitalism so it doesn't run a muck and doesn't cause the kind of inequities we are seeing in our economic system. >> clinton found herself on the defensive a couple of times including over her famous use of a private server to handle her
2:33 am
e-mails when she was secretary of state. >> i have taken responsibility for it. i did say it was a mistake. i have been as transparent as i know to be. let's take a minute here and point out that this committee is base cancally an arm of the republican national committee. >> despite an ongoing investigation into the e-mails, bernie sanders came to hillary clinton's rescue on the issue saying he's sick of hear being it. the only candidate who came close to scoring against clinton was lincoln chaffey. >> looking at someone who made that poor decision in 2002 to go into iraq when there was no real evidence of weapons of mass destruction. >> i recall very well being on a debate stage about 25 times with then senator obama debating this very issue. he asked me to become secretary of state. he valued my judgment.
2:34 am
>> it was pretty clear last night when it comes to debating hillary clinton stands head and shoulders above everyone else about any candidate who can go head to head with her on the debate with joe biden. y you>> it has been a long night for you. we are going to talk about all of the topics. the candidates hardly taking shot at the woman standing center stage. >> i think the secretary is right. >> i think they are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> me, too. me, too. >> why aren't they hitting at hillary and why don't they. >> author of clinton inc. daniel
2:35 am
helper and christie set zer. thank you for joining us. >> great to be here. >> you both watched the debate last night. you heard the sound bytes where he defends clinton. why didn't they go after her? daniel, start with you. >> it was as though they realized she was probable pli going to be the democratic nominee and therefore the future standard bearer of the democratic party. they didn't want to annoy her or hold the key to the democratic party. if they realized they wanted to win if they realize the conclusion they wanted to win or do anything to win they would look at the barack obama model. they would make the argument squarely against her. none of that leads me to believe they would be president of the united states. >> do you agree? how do you think it will impact the other candidate's campaign moving forward? >> i do not agree with daniel.
2:36 am
i think these candidates will have serious policy differences with hillary clinton. they will be willing to go with her on those differences. we saw some of those where lincoln chaffey hit her on her iraq vote. i think bernie sanders is going to be willing to take shots at her as well. where they are not is on the e-mail issue because they see that as being republican orchestrated. there is more to be gained in hillary clinton than there is attacking on this. >> she was able to spin that around as well. i want to move on, though. joe biden, after last night do you think he was more or less likely to run? >> that's the key question. i am not sure it factors in such a big deal to him personally. i think a lot of people will
2:37 am
read it as she had a solid performance. she did all right. she met expectations and a lot of people were thinking she is on the way out and they thought lort she can put in a debate performance maybe we don't need joe biden. i am not sure last night will sway him one way or the other. if he were looking a the it he could say there's a lot of room for democrat to bring the case for her. she did a good job of hiding behind obama saying there's no space for a joe biden. i think his decision has probably been made. this is a fox news poll they show him beating the frontrunners against trump 50 percent, against jeb bush 46 percent and then it moves on down from there. do you think polls like these take a look at the difference and that will be the deciding factor for him?
2:38 am
>> i don't. i think that he certainly has been looking at polls. i think that's why the opening here was clear and probably very compelling to him. but as the dates move on and on we get later and later in the year and things like the first democratic debate actually passing and joe biden is not part of them. it becomes increasingly clear he will take a pass on this. last night helped solidify that decision. i don't know joe biden's thought process on this. i have to say hillary clinton was head and shoulders above everybody else in the debate. she was playing a different lead. >> if you are joe biden you look at that and you say, i don't need to put on the red cape and save the party. i think she is got this. >> people seem to want outsiders. we will see what happens today in terms of the response. thank you both for joining us. appreciate it very much this morning. >> thank you. >> donald trump stealing the
2:39 am
show on twitter during the democratic debate saying all are very scripted and rehearsed. two at least should not be on the stage. he wasn't the only republican candidate weighing in. kristin fisher is live with the gop reaction. >> you know, donald trump showed uncharacteristic restraint last night on twitter. she poled at the bottom of the pack. he tweeted can any one image chaffey as president? no way. when asked do all lives matter or black lives matter sanders said black lives matter. hillary did not answer the request he. he said sorry, there is no star on the stage tonight. >> the candidates on the stage didn't talk all that much about trump. he did reference him by name. >> donald trump and his
2:40 am
billionaire friends under my policies are going to pay a hell of a lot more in taxes today. taxes in the future than they are paying today. >> a lot of the immigrant haters like donald trump>> a few of the other republican candidates were active on twitter during the debate. lindsay graham said quote can't take any longer. wouldn't make gitmo detainees watch all of this. good luck. you're going to need it. ben carson and donald trump now neck and neck. trump is holding steady, but he may get a boost around november 7th. it has just been announced, he is going to host "saturday night live" on that night. so he is not doing a cameo. he is actually hosting. this is a big deal. heather and ainsley i am sure a
2:41 am
lot of people do also. >> especially coming from nbc. thank you so much, kristin. the time now is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. a chilling new message from isis. why the terror group wants new revenge on americans. >> a plane full of people turns on the crew. >> what happened to force a revolt on the runway. guys listen up! jake, put that down point it at the ground til your ready that's not the ground leo put that down when your day goes on and on, you need 48 hour odor protection that goes on clear for no white marks. secret outlast clear gel.
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2:45 am
this two weeks after the u.s. and russia launch air strikes in syria. >> talk about a family feud. listen to this story. an aunt just lost a 127,000 dollar lawsuit filed against her nephew. the reason? he hugged her too hard. jennifer connol jennifer connell says the 8-year-old boy broke her wrist when he jumped into her arms and broke her wrist. it prevents her from holding an hors d'oeuvre plate at a party. it took jurors to side with the boy who is now 12 years old. a crisis in the skies which could delay flights around the world. >> fox news cheryl casone from the sister network fox business is here to explain. >> good morning. here's another reason flights may be getting ready to be delayed in 2016. the union representing
2:46 am
controllers and the lack of a man tower is going to lead to more delays or canceled flights. they blame government spending cuts which led to more furloughs. it happened in 2012 and 2013 was the worst on record. current air traffic controllers 40 percent are eligible to retire. lithium eye on batteries while you fly. the batteries can burst into flames setting fires in baggage departments. they are found in many portable electronic devices like cell phones and laptops. >> facebook is testing a new feature that will let people exclusively watch video on their site. the new button will help users find video they want to watch. first having to stroll through their news video feed to see if they posted a good video or not. you won't see it yet, but already 4 billion videos are watched every day on facebook.
2:47 am
probably a lot of them "fox & friends first" videos. back to you ladies. >> thank you, cheryl. >> the time is 15 minutes to the top of the hour. who scored the most points on social media. clay morris breaks down the debate. >> sprayed by a skunk on live tv? oo the prank that is now going viral. first brian kilmeade with what is coming up on "fox & friends." >> we are getting brand new reaction for the first democratic debate and we will go over donald trump's tweets which always make a lot of sense. how much they promised the american people and how much it will cost you. governor jeb bush is here live. we didn't tell him but we also booked rubio later in the show. ingrams is here tweeting
2:48 am
fascinating insight into what took place last night. we have the latest news about the cubs. cubs win, cubs win, cubs win. all coming up at the top of the hour. cle . . .
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well, it's too early for the poelgs to determine how the candidates performed last night. but there is a way to see how viewers, how you the viewer perceived them during that debate. >> it was hopping last night. here's fox and friends weekend co-host clayton morris. >> how did they do? >> when you dive into social media and look at google search results, that's one way to see what was going on last night. let's look at the google search spikes. they were jumping on google to find out what people were
2:52 am
talking about. bernie sanders dominated overall, but there was a huge spike when senator jim webb was talking about immigration. people wanted more information and they jumped on google about that. you can see the search spike in red and the orange color for jim webb. the most searched for candidate. people wanted more information on google in general. bernie sanders dominated on google, hillary clinton in second, jim webb third, martin o'malley fourth and lincoln chafee at the bottom. let's jump over to twitter. donald trump was pretty active on twitter. but he didn't manage to beat out bernie sanders with 41% of searches on twitter going to bernie sanders. hillary clinton at 39%. then it's not even close. drops down to webb at 9%. o'malley, 6% and lincoln chafee on the bottom for twitter followers. here we go. take a look at twitter followers. who added the most last night. bernie sanders crushed it with
2:53 am
22,000 new followers last night. hillary clinton got another 20,000 followers and you see on down the line as well. let's take a look at social media reaction last night. these were tweets from our viewers, fox viewers last night watching the debate. lincoln chafee was mentally out to lunch writes ben on twitter. steve jumped on twitter and said i'm pleased to see the candidates being respectful to one another and answering questions. that seemed to be a common theme. there was a respectful debate last night. another tweet from mary. why were there more questions about pot than issues affecting women? jane wrote this last night. she said clinton was presidential, sanders was passionate, o'malley and chafee were present and webb killed a man. those were some of the social media reactions last night, guys. it's interesting to watch google spiked as people were saying certain comments during the debate. people want to jump online and see more about the results. usually an indicator of the most memorable moments.
2:54 am
the e-mail comment from bernie sanders to hillary clinton that we don't give a damn about your e-mails anymore was the most retweeted moment of the night. >> many were shocked by that. >> that was a big moment for her and many people thought that ended that discussion during the debate. >> although republicans disagree with that comment, right? >> if you watched twitter, if they said it led to investigation abdomen was illegal -- >> it's six minutes before the top of the hour. the moment an entire plane full of people turns on the crew. >> boo! >> what happened to force that revolt on the runway and at 30,000 feet in the air, the incredible moment that a woman gives birth mid flight. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta and fires up free wi-fi, with a
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two minutes until the top of the hour. lamar odom fighting for his life after being found unconscious at a nevada brothel. tmz reports he's in a coma and on breathing machines. a milwaukee gun shop ordered to pay nearly $6 million for selling a gun used to shoot two police officers in the face. badger guns found guilty of negligence. the democrats debate. hillary clinton defended her
2:59 am
flipflopping and her greatest opponent, bernie sanders came to her defense over her private e-mail server. what do you think about the debate? did the other candidates go too easy on hillary clinton? log on to the facebook page for a live debate, #keep talking. time for the good,ed bat and the ugly. >> a miracle at 30,000 feet. starting with the good. [ applause ] >> passengers cheering after a woman gives births to a baby girl at least six weeks early on a flight from bali to l.a. the plane turned to make an emergency landing but the baby could not wait. >> passengers push back when a woman is kicked off an american airlines flight. >> boo! >> here's what happened much the crew told her to sit down. but she didn't hear them. they gave her the boot. finally, the ugly. a nebraska news anchor freaks out on air over a skunk prank.
3:00 am
>> oh! >> she thought she was sprayed. the expert hiding a squirt water pouch underneath the skunk as a joke. amazing. thank you so much for joining us. "fox and friends" starts now. >> bye. good morning to you. today is wednesday, october 14th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. hillary clinton never saw this coming. when pressed on her growing e-mail scandal, bernie sanders swoops in to save the day. >> and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me too. >> was hillary clinton ever pressed on any of her scandals? we'll take a closer look for you. as for the night, the winner


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