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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 14, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> oh! >> she thought she was sprayed. the expert hiding a squirt water pouch underneath the skunk as a joke. amazing. thank you so much for joining us. "fox and friends" starts now. >> bye. good morning to you. today is wednesday, october 14th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. hillary clinton never saw this coming. when pressed on her growing e-mail scandal, bernie sanders swoops in to save the day. >> and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me too. >> was hillary clinton ever pressed on any of her scandals? we'll take a closer look for you. as for the night, the winner was -- not even on the stage.
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so why are some saying it was donald trump who came out on top? we'll talk about that. >> we'll see if donald trump has a counter opinion. he's a former nba superstar, an ex-husband of a kardashian and he was found dying at the love ranch brothel. the latest on this bizarre story of la morrow come and his fight to survive. mornings remain better with friends. we've been talking about it. the democrats finally got together in las vegas for their big debate. how was it? everybody has a different opinion. the good news is, we watched it so you don't have to. >> that's right. who hit the jackpot? who folded? who was dealt the best hand?
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>> you got it. you ask all that. john roberts is live in las vegas with all the high liefts night. john, we were up late last night watching. not the most exciting debate. what can you stirrup for highlights this morning? >> well, of course, you can have all kinds of las vegas metaphors to describe what happened last night, elisabeth. what's clear is that hillary clinton's opponents need to step it up on the debate stage if they want this primary process to be anything more than just a coronation. hillary clinton managed to duck or fend off every tough question or attack that came her way that last night. ask about her flipflops in the keystone xl pipeline and the trans pacific deal. she rejected that she was pandering to the left. she told the left, she's one of them. >> i have been very consistent over the course of my entire life, like most human beings, including those who run for office. i do absorb new information, i do look at what's happening -- >> for the record, are you a
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progressive or a moderate? >> i'm a progressive but i like to get things done. >> on benghazi, when asked if her support for moammar gadhafi was in part for the deaths of americans. clinton said forces outside u.s. control were responsible for that attack. >> american citizens lost their lives in benghazi. >> i'll get to that. i think it's important to explain where we were then and to point out that president obama made the right decision at the time. >> anyone looking for a clear idea how any of the candidates' presidency would be substantially different than that of president obama is probably still looking for an answer this morning. >> certainly ending the wars. i would follow through on the promise that the american people thought we made as democratic party, to protect the main street economy from recklessness on wall street. >> being the first woman president would be quite a change. >> the only way we really transform america and do the things that the middle class and
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working class desperately need is through a political revolution. >> it would be in the use of executive authority. >> what's really furious about last night is that martin o'malley and lincoln chafee have been tougher on hillary clinton on the campaign trail than last night. when given the opportunity to go after her and asked to compare what they said on the campaign trail with what they want to say last night, they didn't even take debate. but that may come down to if you're not certain you can kill the king, you better not even try. elisabeth, stieve, brian. >> when the debate started, i got excited. i saw the preview for the movie sufficient rah jet. i thought this is something i want to watch with my daughter one day and watch the boys taken in the back room by the feminist and tied one arm behind their back letting hillary clinton win. they wouldn't pull the final punch when it came to calling her out on specifics. even benghazi.
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anderson cooper is the only one who took it to her. saying americans died that day. >> she said i'll get to that. >> you'll get to that. >> take control. as if can you imagine on the republican stage with donald trump up by 20 points, if nobody asked donald trump. you know that wasn't the case. you wonder how committed they are to winning if they won't take on leader. she defended her action in libya which she and susan rice pushed. what do we have now? a heaven and haven for terrorists which gives you a land bridge into europe. she looked comfortable and composed. she was saying to herself, it's great that barack obama is not here to challenge me. >> her biggest problem was not the guys. i'm not sure why webb and o'malley and chafee are running. >> they got no chance. her biggest problem, though, would be the moderators. if they were really tough.
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>> you know what an der ston cooper did follow-up but out of nowhere, the one point where she's really vulnerable, that's that crazy private e-mail machine down in her basement, the opponents and network really could have taken her to task. instead, her wing man to the left, bernie sanders, bailed her out. watch this. >> let me say something that may not be great politics. i think the secretary is right. and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me too. me too. >> i know there's an fbi investigation going on. give me another person who has someone interviewing for a job. by the way, i have this fbi investigation going on. how is that going for you? not well. >> just when you're running for the presidency. >> it's debating 101. how to control the situation. i'll get to that in a little while.
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next thing you know, we moved on to another subject. bottom line is earlier that day, josh ernest said on 60 minutes, which was it was a problem and the president is not sure yet because the investigation is continuing if there's going to be a security brea. so he even admitted to the president, to the white house that there's a problem. meanwhile, i was looking forward to twitter for a variety of reasons. good way to contact others and see what they're thinking as well as donald trump was live tweeting last night. >> he sure was. >> "time" magazine said the winner of the night on twitter was donald trump. if you missed it, we monitored this so you didn't have to. at one point he tweeted out the hardest thing clinton has to do is defend her bad decision-making, including iraq vote, e-mails et cetera. >> illegal immigrants will be given free college and few igs but nothing about our veterans. there was a mention when senator webb talked about he had the pen
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behind -- for the g.i. bill. there was a mention about veterans there. bernie sanders did turn at one point and thank senator webb for his service. no one else did. everyone else should have taken a moment to say thank you for your service as a marine, thank you for your son's service. >> i don't even think the thank you would matter. i think the bottom line is for bernie sanders to bring out that he was chairman of the veterans committee. the fact that the v.a. is the biggest joke in america today and the biggest embarrassment. the fact that he's pretending to take ownership as if he helped the veterans is a tragedy and shows a total detachment. he should pay in polls for that. >> if you saw the debate and going in you liked hillary or bernie. i think bernie sanders national numbers will go up. i think a lot of people were not familiar with his message and if you are super progressive and way over to the left, you like what he had to say. hillary clinton, i'm sure, did not like what this latest poll had to say.
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if the election were held today, this is a brand new fox news poll. we didn't have it yesterday morning when we came to you. look at this. she is beaten by everyone of those republicans. ben carson beats her by 11. donald trump beats her by 5. jeb bush beats her by 4 and carly fiorina, look at that, 42 to 39%. the interesting thing about that poll, though, is if you put joe biden into the mix, joe biden actually does better than hillary clinton. so he's at home and he's watching that debate last night. you got to be wondering, it is hard. he was probably hoping she says something really bad. it would be easy for me to get it. the big question is whether he get in? the ads they were running, the super pac. they were terrific. >> wondering if they convinced him. >> the one thing she did to make sure he had no air. she complimented barack obama every single step of the way.
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joe biden would run as a third term. last night was right with him. no air there. >> she played her cards right for sure. there wasn't much challenge when it came to the gentlemen on stage. >> who do you think was the big winner last night? go on our facebook page because we got a dialog going already there. or you can tweet us or facebook us or send us an e-mail. >> that's right. in the meantime say good morning to they heather. she joins us now. >> early morning certainly after that debate last night. other headlines i want to bring you, the former nba star, lamar odom is fighting for his life at this hour after being found unconscious at a nevada brothel. the 35-year-old allegedly spent the last four days partying at a love ranch taking pills and alcohol. tmz is reporting this morning that he's breathing with the assistance of machines. his heart and other organs, we're told, may be failing at this time. his ex-wife khloe kardashian by
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his side after she flew to las vegas overnight with her sister kim and her mother kris jenner. we'll follow the story. a plane crashes into a mobile home park in florida. one home destroyed, another damaged after the plane burst into flames. the number of victims is unknown. the faa is on the case. have you flown lately? in the all the flight delays. it could get worse. there is now a shortage of air traffic controllers. the union representing those workers says it has now reached crisis levels. they blame government spending cuts and that they say has led to more furloughs. about 30% of air traffic controllers right now are eligible to retire. the union says that lack of manpower will lead to more late or canceled flights. chicago cubs fans waited a century to celebrate like this at wrigley field. >> he got him! a strikeout! the cubs win! >> nice job, cubbies.
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they beat the st. louis cardinals in the national league division series. it's the first time they've clinched a playoff series at home. final score 6-4. they'll play the mets or the dodgers in a championship series taking place on saturday. president obama is a fan of the other chicago team, the sox. he tweeted this after the game. congrats cubs. even white sox fans are rooting for you. well done. those are your headlines. hold on a second. the president was watching the cubs and not the debate? >> perhaps. no he was -- he's a huge fan of "sportscenter." >> he's from chicago. >> big baseball night. >> white sox fan who can't name any white sox. rahm emanuel figured out what's causing the violence in his town of chicago. it's the cops fault? the outrageous argument straight ahead. freebie frenzy from college to free health care to democratic candidates making a lot of promises last night. who is going to pay for it all.
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introducing the all in one plan. only from directv and at&t. well, the democratic candidates at last night's debate promising everything from free health care to free instate tuition for illegals. >> you believe that undocumented
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immigrants should get instate college tuition? >> anderson, we actually did this in my state of maryland. you see, every other major country providing health care to all people -- >> it's always the republicans or their sympathizers who say you can't have paid leave, can't provide health care. i know we can afford it because we'll make the wealthy pay for it. >> with all that good stuff they're giving away, what's it cost you, the american taxpayer? stuart barney joins us live. you're right, a lot. a big lot. >> if you go with the "wall street journal," they say the bernie sanders program costs $18 trillion over ten years. having listened to hillary last night, she's somewhere up there with all the freebie she's giving away. they want to tax the rich, wall streept, the big corporations, topple the 1% and give us everything. >> a lot of things. paid family leave, health care,
3:18 am
free teu tigs, expanded social security. higher minimum wage. it goes on and on. you can't even fill the screen with it. everyone who is a good person has an ounce of mercy would say we'd love to be able to do this. the problem is, is it coming back to bite us if we can't afford it? >> that's right. if you do all of these freebies that you just mentioned, they're going to pay for it by taxing the rich. if do you that, take all that money off the rich, you end up with a recession, if not a deep -- >> that hurts everybody. far fewer jobs and less tax revenue coming in. you have an even bigger deficit, more money to borrow. >> the one group of people targeted was wall street. they talked about the collapse much 2008. something is telling them that people aren't over that. they're probably right. people getting screwed by the millionaires and billionaires. bernie sanders is running against billionaires, the ones that are burning bernie.
3:19 am
>> they're giving stuff away. i keep going back to this. they're buying votes. vote for me, look what i will give you. >> guess what the counter message is. we have to get our fiscal house in order, cut the program. that's the responsible end. the irresponsible end is i'm going to give you everything because the rich have too much for too long. guess what? i might give that latter the vote. >> the left wants to keep the pie the same size but reslice it. some people get more, some people get less. the right wants to grow the pie. so everybody gets a bigger slice of that pie. that's the stark difference between democrats all government all the time and the republicans who want to stimulate private enterprise for growth. stark choice. here it comes. 2016. >> now i'm hungry. >> you're done at 12:00? >> you're done right now for now. >> thank you for coming by,
3:20 am
stuart. gunshots, firearms used a crime, being told to pay up millions. the legal case that could change everything coming up next. i was just told that stuart varney doesn't want to be touched. i'll read this quickly. walmart, all costumes went up in flames. how does that happen? i was not involved. good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. shorten the distance between intuition and action. e*trade. frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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22 minutes after the top of the hour. a quick look at the headlines. no trick-or-treat here. a california man accused of setting halloween displays on fire at walmart near oakland. witnesses say he sprayed lighter fluid throughout the store but only lit the halloween costumes and boxes of candy on fire. security tackled the man and held him down until police arrived there. awful. a family thankful for
3:24 am
teaching their children about gun safety after their 5-year-old daughter finds a north carolina state investigator's gun in a restaurant bathroom? >> she walked into the stall and she turned around and come back and said mommy there's a gun in here. >> good girl. that agent, by the way, is now on leave. brian? 44 minutes after the hour. selling a gun used to shoot two police officers in the face. now, its owners are on the hook for nearly $6 million. fox 6 in milwaukee is live outside the courthouse. county courthouse there with what could be a landmark case. deann dre? >> reporter: good morning. these two milwaukee police officers as you said awarded nearly $6 million in this case. the jury found the gunshot that sold the weapon negligent for the outcome in this case even though they did not pull the trigger. this was back in 2009.
3:25 am
brian nor berg and graham tunish were seriously injured in a shooting. they were shot in the head by julius burton after stopping him for riding his bike on the sidewalk. burton, who was 18 at the time, was not allowed to own a weapon. he got one by having a friend buy a gun at badger's guns. the store owner is now being held financially responsible for the outcome here. badger guns basically turned april blind eye on that illegal sale, also called a straw buy. they've been known for selling guns that have been linked to crimes. this verdict really could have national ramifications because it may be the very first time that a retailer is being held responsible for the outcome of a crime and the lawyers for these two police officers say there are a lot of appeals in this case. it could be years before they see any of that money that has been awarded to them. >> i have a question for you. so the guy twho bought the gun
3:26 am
gave it to somebody else, what happened to that guy? >> the guy who bought the gun? >> yeah. >> the guy who bought the gun was 21 and he ended up serving two years in prison. the guy who shot the two police officers is now serving an 80-year prison sentence. >> all right. what a story. thank you. live in milwaukee with the latest. >> think about this steve and elisabeth. this was the debate last night. they said it's time for the manufacturers to be held accountable. okay. if you drive drunk in a gm car, should you sue gm? >> people do. >> or budweiser or jack daniel's or somebody like that? shouldn't -- >> there are lawsuits like that all the timement generally, juries find, look, you can't blame them. they built the car, the vehicle. but the decision out of milwaukee, that could change a lot of things. >> all right. coming up on this wednesday,
3:27 am
what did america think of the democrats debate last night? wait until you see what we found on social media. students wanted mclemore to raise money to paint their school? the parents said no way. ♪
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tonight was the first democratic debate over on cnn. get this. they had an extra podium ready just in case joe biden decided to join the race. it backfired when before the debates people said can we vote for the empty podium? no.
3:31 am
you have to wait. >> it's too early for the official polls from last night's debate, we'll get those in a day or two. but we can get an idea of how they performed by looking at social media. clayton morris was here last night and joins us. i think it's surprising. the conventional wisdom is that hillary clinton really did well last night. social media was all about bernie sanders. >> it was all about bernie sanders and jim webb, people trying to find out mut him. if you look at google, this is a good way, people are with their computers or phones or tablets and they want the instant information. you can see the search spikes during the debate. see in red where you have bernie sanders, you're right steve, huge spikes throughout the debate. but jim webb spiking significantly when talking about immigration. people wanted to learn more about not only his service as a veteran in this country and his time in the senate and his message -- >> what about the children's name. was that a peak for jim webb. >> you get that commentary on twitter last night. who are your kids by the way?
3:32 am
>> google also, these are really powerful. but it's taking people to their campaign pages. the wikipedia page. bernie sanders, dominated as most searched for candidate. when you look at twitter debates and mentions. bernie sanders came out on top again with 41% over hillary clinton's 39%. >> right. i mean, there's much more unknown about bernie sanders than there is hillary clinton. even though he's been around this earth longer. >> right. did you see how many people below that. jim webb, 9%. you go from 41%, 39% and a huge drop down to webb at 9%. 6% and 5% for lincoln chafee. >> where do they end up? who gained the most followers? >> on twitter last night, donald trump came out on top with 60,000 new followers last night. >> how is that possible? he wasn't even on the stage. >> among those people on the stage last night, bernie sanders added 22,000 new twitter followers last night.
3:33 am
hillary clinton thought maybe she had maxed out her followers over the years. no, she added 20,000 new followers. you can see the list below there as well. we don't know if that translates to dollars for campaign contributions. we won't see that for a bit. senator webb had a chance to be the moderate with a huge military background. he realized that in the middle of the debate how different he was. >> i wonder if he was getting messages from anymore. >> you do have credibility. >> step it up a notch. >> good to hear that when he did. >> clayton, thank you very much. >> thanks, guys. meanwhile, did hillary clinton meet her fellow democrats' expectations in last night's debate? >> secretary clinton, how would you not be a third term of president obama? >> i think that's pretty obvious. being the first woman president would be quite a change from the
3:34 am
president that had up -- including president obama. >> the headline in politico this morning says clinton crushes it. it wasn't smooth sailing the whole time. so how did she handle the pressure? joining us right now is former ohio congressman and fox news contributor, dennis kucinich twho stood with clinton on the stage during the 2008 debates. good morning congressman. >> good morning. >> i know you're a democrat. i know you probably liked all of the candidates. but how did hillary do in particular? because you have stood opposite her on the stage dozens of times. >> i think that secretary clinton did as well as i've ever seen her. she was composed. knowledgeable, she basically fended off any potential attacks. and i think that she walked out of that debate with a enhanced credibility. >> i got a question for you.
3:35 am
we were wondering at home, if the others on the stage truly wanted to be president of the united states aside from bernie who has a strong message, you know, why didn't webb or o'malley or chaf i or even bernie really go after they are? they had the chance to bring up the e-mails or flipflopping and that other stuff. they gave her a pass. >> you're right. they did. i think it was an extraordinary moment in presidential debates when bernie sanders said look, i'm tired of hearing about your e-mails. in a sense, as a democrat, shelved that issue. he's the prime contender. but bernie, what he did do was he's brought the issue of income inequality to the national debate. he's done it in a way that has been very powerful. i think that's part of the reason why you're seeing such a strong response to him on social media.
3:36 am
>> sure. there was a focus group shortly after the debate last night. and the number one -- the take away from the debate that i saw, i saw a little of it because it was on really late was the people who were unfamiliar with what bernie sanders stood for kind of liked it. >> i think that's right. i think that he'll continue to resonate with those themes. the one thing we learned watching last night is you can not sell hillary clinton short. she was formidable last night and really became someone who, despite all the attacks and there's not many candidates who can take as many attacks as she had. despite all the attacks, she maintains poise and confidence. >> okay. for the most part, the debate doesn't change anything in the rankings on the democratic side. the ohm thing that possibly could change the trajectory for her toward the nomination would be joe biden. we saw some of those ads that
3:37 am
his super pac ran yesterday before the debate. they were great. if you're joe biden, what do you do? >> first of all, america loves joe biden. if he watching that debate last night and i'm sure he was, i don't think he saw anyone in that debate that would make him say oh, gee, i'm getting into this right now. i don't know where the opening is at this point. but joe biden is certainly appreciated. if hillary clinton does falter, he's certain to enter the race. the time window is starting to close. >> okay. you're the first guy up today in cleveland. dennis kucinich, thanks for joining us today from ohio. >> thank you. >> 23 minutes before the top of the hour and time now for news. heather starts with terror. >> a fox news alert to bring you. there is a new audio from isis that is targeting americans and also russians. according to memory, thaegs the middle east media research institute. it focuses on an inevitable face
3:38 am
to face confrontations, between the terrorists, united states and russian soldiers in iraq and syria. isis claims a confrontation would be the last nail in america's coffin. this is after weeks of u.s. air strikes against isis and russian-led air strikes against some of our allies to prop up president bashir al assad. who does the mayor of chicago rahm emanuel blame for this? the police. he said officers are so scared of doing something wrong, he compared them to babies curling up in the fetal position. really? emanuel says the riots in ferguson and babaltimore. there were 60 homicides in chicago in september alone. that marks the deadliest month since 2002. bring back mack. high school students win the fight to keep a concert by hip hop star macklemore.
3:39 am
♪ >> well, the school which is south of los angeles won the macklemore and ryan lewis appearance through a contest, including a $10,000 donation to the school's music program. parents, though, were outraged saying the artists support ma soj any, alcohol and drug use. the students protested and the appearance will now go on. it will happen after school hours and students will need a signed permission slip in order to attend. a man is behind bars after being busted on four wheels. police arrested ronnie scott hicks for drunk driving not in a car but in a motorized wheelchair. police responded after drivers say a man in a wheelchair was blocking a bridge. when questioned, hicks smelled like alcohol and refused to take a breathalyzer. this is his third dui in ten years. those are your headlines. i'll see you back here. >> he was driving a wheelchair under the influence? you can get a ticket for that?
3:40 am
>> you certainly can, i guess. >> i didn't realize that. >> people do it on horses. >> thank you very much. >> heather. >> the person never drinking when working is maria molina. >> i wouldn't say that. >> dark and stormy, she's talking weather. >> definitely drinking a lot of coffee to be up this early. take a look at the great picture across the nation. areas from the west coast to the east coast, we have quiet weather. there are lingering sprinkles across portions of the northeast, especially pennsylvania and new york state. a lot of that activity will be picking up heading into later this week across parts of the northeast. by thursday, you'll start to see more rain and showers developing out there as we head into friday and possibly even the first snow of the season for many in parts of the northeast this weekend. that will be something else to watch for. otheis tperaturewise this morning, you're in the 60s
3:41 am
across parts of the southern plains. later today, it will feel like summer. 97 degrees for the high temperature in the city of dallas. as you head far ner north across the great lakes, feeling like fall. highs in the 50s and 60s for many. let's head back inside. >> maria molina. 20 minutes before the hour. tequila sunrise here in new york city. >> tequila. >> sponsor to sponsor, if tequila wants to get involved with the weather cast, so be it. ladies, would you date these guys? there's something in this online profile picture that should give you a big warning. can you tell what it is? we're going to show you. i bet it's a book. >> maybe. the bride who rushed to help her car crash victims in her wedding gown. she's going to join us live with the incredible story behind this viral photo, next.
3:42 am
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quick photo headlines now. the selfie craze reached a new level. some millennials are so obsessed with looking good in pictures, they're getting plastic surgery. one doctor consulted a 23-year-old who hated the shadows under her eyes. a group of guys making a local ikea their home hoping to impress potential dates with their designer digs. the guys say the lighting at ikea is just perfect for taking pictures. nice job. >> i see that. >> how funny. >> thanks, brian. a tennessee bride walks down the aisle. then leaps right into action to save a life. that's sara ray. you see her there.
3:46 am
she happens to be a paramedic. on the side of the highway, holding up her dress. moments after saying i do. she and her emt husband, were checking on her father and grandparents who had gotten into a car wreck on the way to the reception. now, thanks to this photo, she's getting a lot of attention. joining me now is that brave bride, sara ray. good morning and congratulations, sara. >> good morning. thank you. >> i know you don't think it's a big deal what happened. you just happened to be in the wedding dress. take us back. you literally just tied the knot. you walk out and you get a call that your grandparents and your dad on your wedding day on the way to the reception are in an accident. what's going through your mind as a bride? >> well, we just didn't know how badly anybody was injured because all we knew that the car was totaled. i was more worried about them than anything else at that point in time. >> you spring into action. you jump in your car, it's about two miles away. you arrive on the scene. what do you have there? >> the fire truck and the ambulance and the police were already on scene and my dad and
3:47 am
my grandfather were standing outside the ambulance. but my grandmother was in the back of the ambulance. so i hopped back there with her and the paramedic and the emts were on scene. we see that photo, this is a picture of the car. obviously, on any day it's not good to know your family is in this situation. you hop into action. your mom snapped in photo. looking at it now, i know you were scared at the time, what do you see when you see it photo? >> it's just -- right now, everything everybody can laugh about it because everything is over and done with. it's just going to be a huge part of any time our wedding conversation comes up. so it was just a really good experience overall. it was a really neat picture considering our jobs. >> they're calling you a hero. by all definitions you are. are you a hero? >> no, i don't think so at all. >> many people disagree including the 5,000 shares and 11,000-plus likes online and your mom said that picture shows your true beauty.
3:48 am
a courage us woman doing what you do best. congratulations to you and paul on this special day. i have to ask. are grandma and grandpa doing okay and your dad? >> they're doing okay. still recovering and in pain. no major injuries. they are recovering. >> what did your grandma and grandpa say to you? >> my grandmother was worried that she had ruined the day. i told her she had not. >> made it all the more storytelling-like i bet. >> what a hero you are to her. i know you won't admit it. thanks for joining us. congratulations. >> thank you. exceptional moment there. >> coming up, we showed you this video. a drunk driver streams the ride live. >> i feel like i'm going to be drunk all the way home. all the way home people, i'm going to be drunk. >> going to be drunk all the way to jail. these apps are everywhere now and they can be dangerous. do you even know how they work? kirk the cyber guy is here to
3:49 am
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3:52 am
it's certainly the chaos in the middle east, there's no doubt about it. i believe the nuclear iran remains the biggest threat along with the spread of isil. climate change, of course, makes a cascading threat even worse. >> i think it has to be tunely threats from the spread of nuclear weapons, nuclear materials, that could actual into the wrong hands. >> as far as the business community is telling us if we do not address the global crisis of climate change, transform our energy system away from profit
3:53 am
fuel -- >> our greatest long-term strategic challenge is our relationship with china. our greatest day-to-day threat is cyberwar fare against this country. >> those are the democratic candidates. and now to answer the question, what is our greatest national security threat, do any of these answers qualify them to be commander in chief? joining us right now is navy commander, man on the bin laden mission who killed bin laden rob o'neill. out of those five that you saw on stage who made you feel best about leading the country militarily? >> good morning, brian. made me feel the best, i was comfortable with secretary webb. he's got a lot of experience. he's a vietnam vet. he fought against the enemy on the ground. >> son served. >> most of his family did. secretary of the navy, undersecretary of defense. he's very realistic about the threat of china, what they're doing in the south china sea, how they're building islands and gearing up and not really afraid of any deterrent that we have. he seems very experienced. the problem he's having right now is because of the way the democratic party is. he's more of a harry truman, jfk
3:54 am
type democrat. he's not moving towards the socialist that this country seems to be moving to on that side of the aisle. >> bernie sanders who did not vote for any war resolutions in the 1991 persian gulf war. here's what he said. >> yes, i happen to believe, from the bottom of my heart, that war should be the last resort. that we have got to exercise diplomacy. but yes, i am prepared to take this country into war if that is necessary. >> very quickly -- >> he didn't recognize isis as an enemy to the country. >> they don't recognize isis. they don't recognize russia as an enemy. he was asked about what we're doing with russia and i think he said well i think putin regrets it. so if we're going to go forward with a, let's cross our fingers and hope there's karma instead of a forward defense alliance solidarity and deterrent, that's going to be an issue. >> i think in the big picture, too, everyone was running from the iraq war. a war which you fought in. does that bother you? >> it bothers me the way they talk about it.
3:55 am
they're very quick to blame the republicans for the invasion. you can say there were mistakes in hindsight. at the time that we were with the threat of everyone saying there's weapons of mass destruction, it was time to go in, they never once mentioned that we pulled out too quickly. there's a lot of problems with isis but they're not even recognizing isis. >> and in the big picture, too, the sequester has gutted the military. has anyone talked about building up the military? when you talk to the guys serving right now, do they feel it? >> they're noticing in spots where, you know, not enough fuel to do the proper evolutions. these are guys at the highest level. just the budget cuts alone have stopped some training trips, things like that, and a lot of the stuff they could be having to train. it seems like when the democrats talk about -- they just talk about supporting the vets after the fact. they don't want to build up to deter. they want to take away. >> when bernie sanders says i was chairman of the v.a. and i've been on the veterans committee, is that something to brag about? >> it's hard for me to take that too serious because he's a conscientious objector and seems to be against everything -- not
3:56 am
everything but a lot of things. i believe that he believes in health care for, you know, vets and the mental health. but it just -- >> has he executed it? what is the state of the v.a. system? and he's been there. >> he's been there awhile. right now it's a typical government employee, you can't get past the bureaucrats to get to the people that are providing the health care. which do a great job. i go to the v.a. and it's so hard to get an appointment and get to your appointments, definitely not on time. once you get to them, it's fine. but it's difficult to do it. >> somebody on the other side of the aisle called him out on that. rob, thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. >> four minutes before the top of the hour. straight ahead, we still have a big show ahead. presidential candidate jeb bush, marco rubio, he arrives. laura ingraham's analyzes, as well as last night's debate. don't go anywhere. if you qualify for a sittingham's card today
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4:00 am
spectrum of essential nutrients... you enjoy like a mint. new centrum vitamints. the coolest way yet... to get your multivitamins. good morning. today is wednesday, october 14th, i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. it was one of the moments that no one expected. hillary clinton's biggest defender was standing right beside her last night. >> and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me, too. me, too. >> really? you're sick of that? did she have to answer for any of her scandals at all? we're going to tell you. and was donald trump declared the winner? full debate coverage live from las vegas for you straight ahead. and he's a former nba superstar. he's been champions before. an ex-husband of a kardashian. now he's fighting for life after his collapse at the love ranch brothel in nevada.
4:01 am
this bizarre story and an update on his condition straight ahead. meanwhile, outrage on the runway. >> boo! boo! >> they're booing. what made the passengers on this jet so mad they turned on the crew? we're going to tell you. thanks for turning on the tv. live from new york, it's "fox & friends." i was just looking at the drudge report. they've got one of those surveys where everybody who is on the drudge report can vote. the winner last night, take a guess. bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders. the clear winner. on drudge. >> wow. >> if america wants a socialist they got a choice. >> absolutely. >> finally we have a socialist to choose from. >> for someone who really wants
4:02 am
everyone to spice things up and be equal he took a lot of the time last night. the debate clock, between he and hillary clinton. >> and never stopped complaining all night. i'm not going to get enough time. every time they wept to him. >> that is not me on the stage. thank you very much for those tweets. hillary clinton did win by a land slide the face time clock. she had twice as much face time, and talking time last night as everybody else. meanwhile what happens in vegas doesn't stay in vegas. john roberts is going to go over the debate with you at two minutes after the hour. >> good morning steve, brian and elisabeth. i talked to so many democratic voters across the country during the early part of the political season and they told me, hey, we don't want this to be a coronation of hillary clinton. after last night's debate it looks like that is the way they're headed. most people say that hillary clinton came out the clear winner last night, managing to inflict far more damage on her opponents than they did on her. watch as she taxed way to the
4:03 am
left of bernie sanders on gun control. >> he was going to give immunity to the only industry in america. everybody else has to accountable, but not the gun manufacturers. and we need to stand up and say, enough of that. we're not going to let it continue. >> we're going to roll the shouting in the world is not going to do what i would hope all of us want. and that is keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have those guns, and end this horrible violence that we are seeing. >> there were a couple of moments last night when clinton's opponents managed to score points against her. the left is still skeptical of clinton's ties to wall street and in this exchange, sanders drove that point home. >> i represented quality as a senator from new york, and i went to wall street in december of 2007, before the big crash that we had, and i basically said, cut it out. >> in my view, secretary clinton, you do not -- congress does not regulate wall street. wall street regulates congress.
4:04 am
and we have got to break off -- >> but clinton showed her sharply honed debating skills when lincoln chafee tried to skewer her on iraq, only to find that dart fired right back at him. >> looking at someone that made that poor decision in 2002 to go into iraq when there was no real evidence of weapons of mass destruction -- >> i recall very well, on a debate stage, i think about 25 times, with then-senator obama, debating this very issue. he asked me to become secretary of state. he valued my judgment. >> five more of these debates on the democratic side. it is unclear after last night how many of those candidates will make it all the way to the end. also unclear what effect last night will have on joe biden's decision to get into the race. will he look at hillary clinton's strength and say why bother? or say someone needs to challenge her and jump in. >> thank you very much john roberts. there's a lot to go over.
4:05 am
they kept talking, talking, talking. one of the things was hillary clinton's e-mails. it was great that anderson cooper asked her directly about it. but there was nothing -- she was unable to land and really get anything further really, because bernie sanders jumped in to save the day. it's unbelievable that the person who is trailing her by five points in iowa -- >> leading her. >> and leading her in new hampshire, had an opportunity to jump on her most -- at her most vulnerable point and did this. >> let me say something that may not be great politics. but i think the secretary is right. and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me, too. me, too. >> we should point out that when he said that, in the press room, there was a cheer. so if you think that the press might lean to the left, and they're sick of trying to ask hillary about the e-mail
4:06 am
questions, that could have been your evidence. by the way, that was also the most tweeted moment of the entire festivities. >> that was the line coming out of the debate for sure. but who was the winner you ask? guess what "time" magazine just crowned donald trump as the winner of last night's debate after blasting democrats for ignoring veterans, he said, while promising a bunch of goodies for illegal immigrants. the hardest thing clinton has to do is defend her sad decision, making including iraq vote, e-mails, et cetera. >> the fbi investigating, an indictment could be coming down. >> what about congress? what about the families of those poor people who died in benghazi? >> oh, but steve -- she said i'll get to that. >> and i'm sure she will sometime maybe in the next week or so. meanwhile some of the other tweets that trump tweeted out, notice that illegal immigrants will be given obamacare and free college tuition, but nothing has been mentioned about our veterans.
4:07 am
#demdebate. >> he also tweeted can anyone imagine chafee as president? no way. >> oh, boy. >> trump adding about 20,000 followers last night. i believe, according to -- >> i think more than that. >> oh, was it 60? >> 60 by the end. i think in the first 30 minutes or so there were 20. clayton morris has broke down all the twitter and google stock for us.k like the debate is going to really change things if you like hillary going in, you probably liked her coming out. if you didn't know much about bernie sanders, and you are way to the left, you might have liked all the free stuff he was offering up. the biggest thing that can change the trajectory of this race on the democratic side is whether or not joe biden gets in. we had dennis kucinich on with us about 45 minutes ago. he said he did not think that mr. biden was going to get in. i don't know. what do you think? do you think he should get in? do you think -- i mean kind of dull last night. joe certainly would add some oomph to this. >> it was dull. and they didn't do much to challenge hillary clinton beyond the first step. thinking about the 80 yard line
4:08 am
and couldn't take it all the way in with challenge fighting with one arm behind their back against her if she did less well. she didn't do as well last night -- >> what would they challenge her on? they have the same beliefs and policies, work for the same guy. she says such nice things about the president, who is no heir there. but ed henry reported he's got to get in this week. >> it's hard to run for president if you're indicted. >> that's true. >> true. >> yeah. and -- >> just saying. >> and if you're going to get in you have to be in now if you want to be on all the ballots. heather nauert is working on the news. >> a couple of things i want to tell you about. the former nba star lamar odom is fighting for his life after he was found unconscious at a nevada brothel. apparently the 35-year-old had spent the past four days partying at dennis hof's love ranch, taking pills and alcohol. tmz reported this morning that he's breathing with the assistance of machines. medics tried to transport him to a larger medical facility in a helicopter. they weren't able to because of
4:09 am
his, quote, large stature. he was then transported to a las vegas hospital by ambulance, where he is now being treated. his ex-wife khloe kardashian is now by his side after she flew to las vegas overnight with her sister kim and her mother kris jenner. a milwaukee gun shop now must pay $6 million after it is found liable for selling a gun that was later used to shoot two police officers back in 2009. attorneys say that the store called badger guns was, quote, negligent for selling a weapon to a so-called straw buyer. that's a person who buys a gun for someone who isn't legally allowed to own a firearm. that verdict is expected to be appealed. but what a case that is chicago cubs fans waking up very happy this morning after a big win last night. take a look. >> they got it! a strikeout. the cubs win! >> nice job. the cubbies beat the st. louis cardinals in the national league division series. it is the first time the cubs have clinched a playoff series at wrigley field.
4:10 am
the final score was 6-4. they will play either the mets or the dodgers in the league championship series on saturday. president obama, of course, from that area. he's a fan of the other chicago team, he tweeted this, congrats cubs. even white sox fans are rooting for you. and did you hear about this one? passengers push back when a woman is kicked off an american airlines flight. watch this. >> boo! boo! >> wow. a whole lot of boos there. the crew pulled the woman who was talking to someone in the seat in front of her, well she didn't sit down so the crew members eventually kicked her off that plane. the woman sobbed through the entire ordeal and says she never heard the flight attendant's instructions. passengers could be heard in the background saying, you just lot a whole lot of customers. that was american airlines, by the way. those are your headlines. >> and by the way the dodgers did win last night and beat the mets to force the game five to find out who will play the cubs next. so a lot of excitement. >> heather, thanks. >> all right.
4:11 am
who knew president george w. bush would be a topic of discussion during last night's debate? democrats still blaming "w" for the bad economy. his brother jeb is here live to react from lebanon, new hampshire, coming up next. >> that's right. and superstar actress jennifer lawrence made headlines after everyone found out that she makes far less than her male counterparts. now she says the unequal pay, it's her fault. >> really? >> her reasons, ahead. today, jason is here to volunteer
4:12 am
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y'all did wonderful! that's another safelite advantage. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ just the two of us we can make it if we try ♪ ♪ just the two of us >> oh, look at that photo. one topic hillary clinton didn't shy away from in last night's debate was her praise for her former boss, president obama. >> there's a lot that i would like to do to build on the successes of president obama. i think that, well you're talking about the tough decision that president obama had to make about osama bin laden. where i was one of the few advisers. he valued my judgment. and i spent a lot of time with him. >> well, is that a winning
4:16 am
strategy? joining us right now is one of hillary clinton's possible opponents for the upcoming presidential race should she get the nomination, former florida governor jeb bush. governor bush, you weren't in the debate. you watched the debate last night. thanks so much for joining us. >> you bet. >> do you feel as though hillary clinton came out on top in her tact, herself close to the president, is that a good one for her? >> it's good for the liberal base of the democratic party, for sure. but most people think we're on the wrong track, and hillary clinton is going to double down or triple down on failed economic policies, and interestingly, on the failed foreign policy of this administration that she was a part of for four years. so i don't think that's good still going forward. i think it's actually a complete disaster. you see what's going on in syria, see what's going on in libya. you see russia on the move across the world and taking credit for things that haven't actually happened. i think with the disingenuous to say the least. >> do you believe that the candidates on that stage were
4:17 am
fighting with one arm behind their back when it came to really debating hillary clinton and taking her to task fully? >> i thought it was interesting that they didn't go after her. particularly on the e-mail issue. because, look, there's an fbi investigation. she hasn't been forthcoming. that's a national security question. put aside the legalities of this. it's clear that the russians and the chinese were trying to hack in to her server. she was secretary of state. this is information crossing that server was of national security interest for sure. and i would have taken her to task for that. and if she wins the nomination and i win the nomination, trust me, this is not going to end. >> why do you think bernie sanders essentially cut off the conversation about it by giving her a pass with the big laugh? i mean, why would he do that? that is her -- if he wants to be president, that's good for him to go after her. >> yeah, i don't understand it. i think if she had been more forthcoming from the very beginning, maybe you could say something different. but the simple fact is, as she
4:18 am
said last night, you know, this is the best that she can do. and the best that she can do is not be forth coming and truthful. >> well, last night they were asked, all the five candidates, not 15 like you have to deal with, all five candidates were asked about the biggest threat facing the country. listen to what they said and i'll get your reaction, governor bush. >> i think it has to be continuing threat from the threat of nuclear weapons, nuclear material that could fall into the wrong hands. i know the terrorists are constantly seeking it and that's why we have to stay vigilant. but also united around the world to prevent that. >> senator sanders? >> the scientific community is telling us if we do not address the global crisis of climate change, transform our energy system away from fossil fuel, to sustainable energy the planet that we're going to be leaving our kids and our grandchildren may well not be habitable. that is a major crisis. >> are they right? >> i think nuclear proliferation
4:19 am
and that kind of issue is serious. i don't think climate change ranks in the top ten list when you consider that we have these asymmetric threats of islamic terrorism, organized to destroy western civilization. you have nation states like russia on the run, where we're pulling back, trading big problems for ourselves and our allies. you see the threats on israel. the threats to europe across the board. we have serious national security challenges in this world today because of the weakness of the obama/clinton foreign policy. and that would be the answer i think that most people would want to hear. >> you're probably right. meanwhile, we know that while they were preparing for the debate yesterday, you were rolling out your plan to repeal obamacare. for the folks who are unfamiliar with your plan, if selected president of the united states, give us an idea about it. >> well, instead of having this massive obamacare with massive subsidies, and $1.7 trillion of taxes, we would repeal the mandate. we would repeal the taxes, and we would shift power back to the
4:20 am
states to create exchanges that would provide support for catastrophic coverage, expand hsa, health savings accounts, allow states to provide support for people that are transitioning off the obamacare exchanges, and liberate the innovative spirit of this country so that we could get drugs and medical devices into the hands of people who keep them healthy for a longer period of time at a far faster rate. we're on the verge of an extraordinary time in this country but our government right now is holding us back and obamacare is a wage suppresser and a job killer. i think we could grow our economy far faster than people's income could grow if we shifted to a tried and true market oriented approach. >> governor bush joining us from a diner in new hampshire. by the way, what's for breakfast today? >> bacon and eggs. hopefully with some truck drivers here in lebanon. >> as long as the paolo diet allows you. good luck today. >> we thank you for your reaction to the debate last night.
4:21 am
>> thank you all. >> now this. we showed you this video, a woman bragging about driving drunk, live, right on the internet. acts that could encourage your teens to do the same thing are popping up all over here. the cyber guy is here to explain it to you next.
4:22 am
♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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4:24 am
ladies and gentlemen, time now for "news by the numbers." first $127,000. that's how much one woman sued her nephew for, and then lost, after he leapt into her arms saying, i love you, at his 8th birthday party. that caused the two of them to topple over, and she broke her wrist. she sued him. she lost yesterday. meanwhile, less than $100. southwest airlines offering big discounts on some round trip domestic flights. but you have to act fast, the
4:25 am
sale runs through tomorrow. runs through a smartphone to download. and $1,000. that's how much an ohio church surprised a pizza delivery woman. the church was teaching a series on generosity. and boy were they. a woman behind the wheel landing her behind bars, driving drunk and broadcasting it for all the internet to see. >> i'm going to be drunk all the way home. all the way home, people, i'm going to be drunk. >> well, police in florida say the 23-year-old whitney beale used the app periscope. they were able to track her down, too. so what do these apps -- they were able to see this and one of the younger officers said i know she's on periscope, they were able to notice some of the background and chase her down before she killed somebody. and she indicted herself with the fact that there was periscope actually ended up
4:26 am
saving her, correct? >> you know, it turns out, brian, good morning. we're talking abou right. she did, indeed, reveal enough about her location, and she was pointing the phone around enough to where an officer, by the way, bravo to him, he was able to download periscope because this is not in the arsenal of police departments at this point. maybe it should be, and now this police officer says hey, i recognize that location, and they end up sending officers to find her and pull her over and, indeed, she failed a field sobriety test. but the fact of the matter is periscope and meerkat, these are some of the leaders in the space. i'm broadcasting live right now on periscope. >> really? >> and my mother this morning was saying, is that real? can you really do that? and, yes, it's easy as it has ever been to broadcast live. and it has a lot of great things to it. but, it is causing people to do a lot of very stupid things. in terms of turning it on in your car. even while you're driving, whether you're drunk or not.
4:27 am
is really not a brilliant idea. but people are just not using common sense yet. >> right. >> and that's part of what goes hand in hand with new technology. >> i mean, you could be doing things that we always see on jackass. you could be seen acting like a jackass like this woman. but in the big picture, kurt, does this video, which is live streaming, become video and saved forever, too? >> you can save a video stream. and you know what? nothing in life that you think is temporary or just in that moment ever really is when it comes to technology. it can always be recorded. it can always be saved. there are no secrets left on the internet. so whatever you do in life, you do it one time on this, it will follow you wherever you go. without any doubt about it. >> so is this going to be your estimation, does this remind you of the success that twitter had early, and ends up sticking with us for awhile? do you see meerkat and periscope and other innovations like this being the hot thing now?
4:28 am
>> i don't know that all my friends are narcissists but boy they are embracing this. it's an ability to express yourself in a live form, in a way that causes people -- i mean i just turned this on. >> right. >> and already it was just like 10, 20 people are following it. i can't even see right now how many are following it at the moment. but it causes us a new way to express ourselves, and there's nothing about this that's going away any time soon. in fact periscope was acquired by twitter, and that tells you that twitter says, hey, i think we've got something here. and so, you may want to just check out what periscope and meerkat are all about. and then facebook will be getting in to this game. they're allowing celebrities now to broadcast live. and they do live events, like we saw last night. but, sooner or later you and me, we're just going to -- and all our friends will be able to go on facebook and do the same exact thing. live streaming video is here to stay. >> kurt you got to promise me to leave it up all day to find out what kurt does on an average
4:29 am
wednesday? >> not a chance. not a chance. >> all right, kurt the cyber guy, thanks so much. periscope saved the girl from hurting herself and others. thanks so much for joining us. two minutes before the bottom of the hour. hillary clinton wants equal pay for women required by law. but she got an unlikely opponent. jennifer lawrence, that's right. she's very attractive and a good actress. and she's underpaid. should she blame herself as she is? and you've heard of hillary and bernie. but who are those other guys? anna kooiman just hit the streets to put you to the test. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"
4:30 am
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4:33 am
i was like, no, there's something wrong. he's yelling too loud. >> his first remark was screaming. he was absolutely screaming. >> you know bernie. you know hillary. but, who were those other guys? the other three people on stage. >> good question, steve. we actually sent anna outside a headquarters to times square to see if anybody could figure it out. good morning, anna. >> good morning, elisabeth, brian and steve. good morning to all of you at home. we're at the crossroads of the world here in times square. close to the people. walter spencer, good morning. how are you? >> fine, thanks. >> where are you from? >> visiting philadelphia, now in the new york area. >> all right you watched the debate last night, right? >> i did. >> all right. first up who is this guy? >> lincoln chafee. >> who is this gal? >> hillary clinton. >> and? >> joe biden. bernie sanders, donald trump. martin o'malley. jim webb. and the lou dobbs.
4:34 am
>> you got his, too, from fox business network. >> who do you think won the debate last night? >> there's no question hillary's on top but without a doubt, i mean bernie's got fire. >> a lot of the pundits last night were saying that the other four candidates on stage were not hitting hillary clinton where her weakest spot is with her trustworthiness coming from the e-mail scandal and then bernie sanders came forward and said what? and do you agree or disagree? >> oh, yeah. forget about the e-mails. let's talk about the issues. what happened last night was a -- made me, you know, proud to be an american after the debacle which was the last republican debate. which, frankly, love the candidates and hate the candidates, it was a poor display for america. >> a lot of folks were saying that last night donald trump actually came out on top, in fact "time" magazine said that. he was live tweeting the entire time. what do you think about donald trump? >> i think he gives me something to -- well, some entertainment to read what seize done lately.
4:35 am
i don't know. he's got me. i don't really care for him. but -- and i don't care for him, and i -- >> the poll numbers are certainly surging. walter thank you so much for your time. man do you get an a-plus gold star rating for being able to name every single one of them. with these poll numbers from the other three candidates besides sanders and clinton, it's pretty amazing. there you go. all right augustine, how are you, man? where are you from? >> new jersey. >> you're -- where are you originally from. >> albania. >> did you watch the debate last night? >> yes, i did. >> now compare the government where you're from to the united states, and what you saw last night? what do you think is the future looking like for us? >> leaving my beloved country, that i love, and we all love the background where we come from, i grew up in the most horrible way, without food in the stomach. i could tell you that. and to these words i can tell you this directly, mrs. clinton, and bernie sanders, this will
4:36 am
never work in united states. you are just for your pockets. you're trying to bring socialism, communism in the united states. just think what you're doing with obamacare. making people live check by check. >> augustine, now finally, you told me that you are registered republican. >> yes. >> of the candidates last night, did you have a favorite at all? >> what i loved about it, it was mr. jim webb. he's the only one out of all of them. >> former secretary of the navy, and of all these people on this card here, who is your favorite? >> my favorite, and i don't want to -- >> the most entertaining? >> i tell you, i don't want a politician, i want a businessman, i love what i'm hearing and what i'm seeing from donald trump. that's the way to do it. and go all the way through. and also, by the way, one more thing donald trump, if you become a u.s. president, make sure you get chris christie attorney general, or you're
4:37 am
fired. >> augustine, thank you so much for your time today. so both sides of the aisle there elisabeth, brian and steve. but, it seems like everybody actually is able to name the people on the card. >> anyone else from albania out there, anna? is that it? >> i love that line. you're fired. >> we have a lot of internationals here. >> it's a crossroads of the world. okay. >> excellent. >> anna kooiman with the mug shots out on the streets. lou dobbs definitely would have challenged those others on stage. >> who knew. i forgot he was there. >> all right. 'tis 22 minutes before the top of the hour and heather joins us right now with a chilling message from the bad guys. >> that's right. this coming in from isis just a short while ago. a chilling new audio message from isis targeting americans and russians. according to the middle east media research institute, the recording focuses on, quote, inevitable face-to-face confrontation between the terrorists, the united states, and russian troops in iraq. and also syria. isis claims that a confrontation would be the last nail in america's coffin. well this comes after weeks of
4:38 am
u.s.-led air strikes against isis, and also, russian-led air strikes against some of our own allies, as russia tries to prop up syrian president bashar al assad. the actress hayden panettiere is hitting the pause button. the 26-year-old new mom is voluntarily checking herself in to a treatment center to get help for postpartum depression. panettiere has been open with her struggle about this in the past, saying women shouldn't shy away from talking about it. her on-screen character in the show "nashville" also suffers from this condition. the highest paid actress in the world now speaking out against gender pay gap. >> those guys over there? they don't scare me. >> well that's the actress, jennifer lawrence, penning an essay months after the sony hack revealed that she made a lot less money than her male co-stars in that movie "american hustle." she said she failed as a negotiator because she didn't want to seem, quote, difficult
4:39 am
or spoiled. she closes the essay with a new outlook writing i'm trying to find a way to find an adorable way to state my opinion and still seem likable. and standing behind him, a guy in arizona shows his support for police officers by painting thin blue lines on the street. take a look at this. larry rose says that the moment started with lines outside his home in phoenix, and then his neighbors saw that he was doing this, and they decided to do it, too. now police officers are noticing rose flagging down one of them to show him what he did. >> he really got quite emotional. and thanked me, and said it's tremendous to see this support from the public. i know that without them, we'd just have a chaotic society. >> well, rose says he hopes that more people will catch on and start painting the blue lines, as well. something so simple to do. great to see how much it meant to the police officers. >> blue lines matter. no one said that last night, after all lives matter, black lives matter, no one said blue
4:40 am
lives matter. >> and earpson cooper asked jim webb and one other person about it, did not ask hillary that particular question. >> asked a variant of it. >> they dropped the question after those first responses. >> meanwhile coming up, 20 minutes before the top of the hour. first it was your pocket knife, then your toothpaste. now the faa says there's one more thing you better not get onto an airplane with. and ed klein wrote a book about hillary clinton called unlikable. but did her performance last night change his mind? he's going to answer the questions for you live, next. >> i bet you it did. am i right? changed your mind? >> first we have trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1939 this designer creates the uniforms for the u.s. olympic teams who is he? this is easy. e-mail us.
4:41 am
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(wa♪ r rushing) get the right price, right now on the seasonal items you need with new trophy deals, only at bass pro shops. like savings of $30 on a masterbuilt cookmaster propane smoker. just about 15 minutes to tonight of the hour. we have quick flying headlines for you now. a brand new warning from the faa, do not pack lithium-ion batteries in your luggage. they could burst into flames and set fires in baggage compartments. lithium-ion batteries are found in things like cell phones and laptops. hmm. plus a miracle at 30,000 feet. watch this -- passengers cheering after a woman gives birth to a baby girl, at least eight weeks early, midflight. the flight was headed from bali to los angeles. the crew actually planned an
4:45 am
emergency landing in alaska but the baby would not wait. mom and baby are doing well this morning. >> what a story there. now this, hillary clinton standing her ground. after virtually the only shot her opponents took at her during last night's debate sounded like this. >> there's an issue of american credibility out there, so many time someone is running to be our leader and a world leader, which the american president is, credibility is an issue. out there with the world. >> president clinton do you want to respond? >> no. >> governor -- >> quit while you're ahead. >> our next guest says that answer was part of her best performance during the entire campaign. >> joining us the author of "unlikable: the problem with hillary" ed klein. good morning to you. >> good morning. good to be with you. >> so hillary did well last night? >> i thought she sent a very loud message to the republicans that you've been wrong about me from get-go. they've been saying now for months that she's been a cooked goose because of the e-mail
4:46 am
scandal. and that she would not go all the way and get the nomination. last night she proved, in my estimation, that you don't have to be particularly likable to be electable. >> so was she likable? >> i thought in the first half hour, 45 minutes, i thought, man, is she ever going to smile? >> well, she wasn't particularly likable. but she looked like she was efficient, on top of her game. >> very efficient. >> she had a little smile on her face. she had obviously been taking some likability lessons. >> sure. >> fox news poll still has her losing, before the debate, losing to carson and trump. interesting to see coming out of the debate how she's affected by this. what should the republicans focus on now? how could they focus their campaigns in a more efficient way now, post-this debate? >> very good question. because i think they should get off the e-mail scandal. the clinton -- the clinton foundation, and focus on her untrustworthiness, the fact that when people are asked by
4:47 am
pollsters, what do you think about when you hear the name hillary clinton, 60% say, liar. there's a lot to get hillary clinton if the republicans know how to focus on her. and so far they haven't been doing very well. >> one of the reasons she is doing so well on the democrat side is people like her husband, where was her husband last night? well he was in a hotel room. take a look at this. he tweeted this out. there he is in the shadows, what happens in vegas is i watch hillary clinton prove she's the most qualified candidate for president of the united states. i am with her. >> speaking of the former president, apparently a source told you that he has eyes on marco rubio. why? what do you know? >> he had a dinner with a group of friends not so long ago. he went down the entire list of the republican candidates, and came to the conclusion that marco rubio would present hillary with the greatest challenge, because of his age, generational change, he represents facts, he also has
4:48 am
obviously a real appeal to the latino vote. and he can siphon off that vote from hillary, he could be a very formidable challenger. >> so, your source says bill clinton feels that marco rubio is the one they need to take out? >> exactly. >> what -- >> bill clinton's opinion on those kinds of things. >> did the source also correctly say this, i'll quote from the source, we've got to destroy him before he gets off the ground? >> that's exactly what bill said. and he said this in front of a group of friends, and i interviewed some of them. >> we just interviewed ed klein, the author of the brand new book "unlikable" so what does marco rubio think about the clinton's plan to destroy him? we're going to talk to him next. stick around about two minutes. >> first on this day in history, in 1980, queen was topping the charts with their hit, another one bites the dust. ♪
4:49 am
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4:52 am
well, the aensz to the trivia question what is ralph lauren. our winner is not ralph lauren. it was carl from michigan. you'll get a copy of my book, george washington's secret six. >> not a secret of the fox news poll that came out just i think at 9:00 yesterday morning. if you miss them, they're interesting. because if the election were held today, as it turns out there are four republicans out there who would actually beat hillary clinton. i know a lot of people saying boy did hillary really, she did a great job last night. when they're head to head against the republicans, she loses. >> yeah, she loses big time. especially right here, to ben carson. i mean look at that. that's over ten points there in difference. trump beating her by five points.
4:53 am
jeb bush, beating her by four. and carly fiorina, beating her by three. >> i almost think this is an outlier. we'll see what happens and how many democrats actually are in that poll. because most of it is head-to-head. however, joe biden does much better head-to-head than hillary clinton does with other republicans, which is significant. however, the thing is you're talking about logic would lead you to that if joe biden was waiting to see her fall on her face last night or show some vulnerability, it didn't happen. would he force that out of her? i don't know how. because before she answered almost every question she credited the president and i thought joe biden was going to run as obama's -- >> it's interesting. you remember that empty podium that they kept touting, will he step up to this podium? we're going to keep it until 6:00 p.m. it's almost as if hillary clinton based on her performance last night and lack of challenge from those around her almost picked up that podium herself and said there's no need for this right now. >> while a lot of the pundits are saying hillary did really
4:54 am
well, ed klein just said that the republicans have been saying she would, you know, her goose was cooked, she did a good job defending her stance. but the biggest loser probably was joe biden because if he was waiting for her to fall. she did not do that. also, our own ed henry has spoken to somebody inside the clinton camp, they say that last night's debate was the best day of the campaign. hillary's pollster says i think things have stabilized. and she came across as a president, which is exactly what they want. >> the guys didn't really challenge her. >> david axelrod roughly the same thing. >> she did well. what i found frustrating is as a woman we don't want guys to let us win. i would have appreciated her being challenged more. they took the first step to challenge her on some things but let her get away saying we'll get to those four americans, including our ambassador in benghazi, we'll get to that later. which she never did. >> if in boxing your
4:55 am
vulnerability is the left jab and you win a fight but the person you're fighting against never throws a left jab, what have you actually won? because eventually you're going to get in the ring with somebody that's going to point out benghazi. she actually hailed the libya interaction as smart power and talked about they had their first free election since the 1950s. it's the home of al qaeda. it is where isis goes to vacation. libya is a disaster and that's what she urged action on to the president. and she's brought attention to it last night. >> meanwhile, former president, former president bill clinton, reportedly growing more worried by the day about an emerging threat that could ruin hillary's white house dreams. and this time it's not a scandal, it's a senator, marco rubio. we promised him about two minutes ago. he's going to be with us in about five minutes. sorry for the delay. >> that's right. and laura ingraham says she watched the debate and she was not impressed. she's here with her grade on the candidates and their performances.
4:56 am
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good morning. today is wednesday, october 14th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. it was one moment that no one expected. hillary clinton's biggest defender was standing right beside her! >> and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me, too. me, too. >> so, did she have to answer for any of her scandals? and why was done trump declared the winner of the debate night? full debate coverage live from las vegas, coming your way straight ahead. plus, freebie frenzy from free college for illegals to free health care the democratic candidates made a lot of promises. but who is going to pay for all
5:00 am
that stuff? laura ingraham is here in just a couple of minutes to talk about that. >> and flames erupting after a small plane plunges from the sky and crashes into a mobile home park in south florida. we'll bring you the latest on that. keep your fingers crossed that everyone's okay. let me just remind you, too, mornings are better with friends. hi, everybody. welcome to the first democratic debate post-game show. we're getting your comments about who you thought won, and who you thought lost. not that many people i think watched the whole thing. >> i'm curious. >> donald trump did. he was tweeting throughout the entire debate. >> his thumbs must be exhausted. >> he must be. >> did the billionaire tweet himself? or does he give 140 character dictation? >> good question. meanwhile, we promise marco rubio is going to join us about five minutes ago. there was a delay. he's joining us right now from new castle, new hampshire.
5:01 am
good morning to you, senator. >> good morning, senator. >> good morning. >> so what have you -- >> sorry about that. >> that's fine. it happens. you're on the campaign trail. for us, the sound bite of the night last night was where hillary clinton, who is the most vulnerable regarding her record, was on the e-mail server, she got bailed out by bernie sanders, who said enough of that. got a big laugh and then they moved on. what did you make of that? >> well, they may not care about it, but the people in this country do, because it goes right to the issue of credibility. first of all it's pretty clear what she told us and what happened are two very different things. second it goes to the issue of confidence. these e-mails by the secretary of state were the prime targets before an intelligence agency. as soon as the news came out that she was using a private server one of the first things i said was those e-mails were vulnerable to the chinese, the north koreans, iran, you name it. the russians, and of course that's now we're seeing reports that that was the case. so it shows that she was both incompetent, but quite frankly was not being truthful with the american people and playing
5:02 am
games with words. >> sure. >> and it goes to whether or not you can trust someone. >> would you challenge her further also on her response to benghazi and libya? she ended up having this justification for it. and then saying about those that were killed, including our own ambassador that she'd get to that later. >> yeah, look, it's quite insensitive, of course. but here's the bigger issue with benghazi, we either should not have been there or we should have had a plan to rescue them and in fact they got in trouble. it was no mystery that was a dangerous place. the red cross had left the area. the british had left the area. we probably shouldn't have had a facility there. if we did have a facility it should have been much more secure than it was. these are all the things that a confident secretary of state assures is in place to safeguard the lives of the people under their chanld. she didn't do that. >> unbelievable, senator rubio, you must be seeing this saying i can't believe i have to debate ten people who actually want to be president, as opposed to one person who wants to be president and four people who want to be in her cabinet. they let her go on all the hot
5:03 am
issues. here is an example of how she described the ambassador steven's death and her role in it. >> should secretary clinton have seen that attack coming? >> let's remember what was going on. we had a murderous dictator, gadhafi, who had american blood on his hands and the libyan people had a free election. the first time since 1955. and you know what? they voted for moderates. they voted the whoep of democracy. because of the arab spring, because of a lot of other things, there was turmoil to be followed. unless you believe the united states should not send diplomats to any place that is dangerous, which i do not, then when we send them forth, there is always the potential for danger and risk. >> a lot to impact there. break it down from what she said. do you have a problem with anything? >> well, that last point, there's always choices. no one's ever said they shouldn't send diplomats or representatives to places that are dangerous.
5:04 am
but some places are too dangerous. and if you are going to send them to a place that's dangerous, make sure there is sufficient resources in place to protect them. that facility in benghazi was not sufficiently protected. it was easy and quickly breached by a handful of people and led to the tragedy that happened. and then there was no extraction plan. there was no nearby military assets, according to them, that could have come in and rescued those people in time. if you are going to send people to a very dangerous situation then make sure that they're protected. they probably should not have been there, and if they were there, they should have had plans in place to protect them and to save them and they did not. and that falls squarely on the shoulders of the secretary of state, hillary clinton, because it was her job to ensure the security of those people. >> and they did appeal many, many times and no help came. senator, 15 minutes ago we had ed klein on. he's written a book about the clintons, the new one is called "unlikable." he says that bill clinton named you as the greatest threat to hillary's candidacy.
5:05 am
do you take that as a compliment or what? >> who knows with these reports. i think the biggest threat to her candidacy is her outdated ideas. if you watch that debate last night it looked like something from the early '80s. it was basically a liberal versus liberal debate about who was going to give away the most free stuff. free college education. free college education for people illegally in this country. free health care. free everything. their answer to every problem in america is a government program and a tax increase. that's all they prescribe time and time again. and this is stuff from the '80s. the mid '80s. and we're back there, except as i said before the debate, it became exactly what i predicted it would be. a race to the left to see who could be the most radically liberal, the most big government. and that's what this whole primary is going to be for the democratic side. >> i want to jump back for just a moment. the source that ed klein quoted said that he heard bill clinton say, quote, we've got to destroy him, you, before he gets off the ground. are you prepared, in fact, to go up against the machine that is behind the clintons? if you are, indeed, in the bull's-eye of their target?
5:06 am
>> sure. and look, here's the bottom line, when you run for president, it's a tough endeavor. and people are going to take shots at you. but this is an important job and it's worth doing. i'm not only prepared for it, i'm motivated by it because i honestly think this country has only two ways forward. we either are going to have the greatest century in our history or our children are going to be the first americans to inherit a diminished country. we're on the road to leaving them a diminished country right now. we need to change direction. that's why this election is a generational choice. i'm inspired and fired up about being a part of it. i'm willing to do whatever it takes including confronting the clinton forces to win this. >> they've got to go through donald trump, because he's already going after you. let them line up. senator rubio, thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you, senator. >> post debate analysis. right from here to nfl sunday. >> take a look at this tweet from laura ingraham. it says, just tuned back in. still going on. thought they were all against torture. oh, the funny author of that tweet joins us live from our nation's capital.
5:07 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> it was. >> painful. >> the overarching message you took from the debate last night? >> hillary clinton is going to be the nominee. i know for months people have been saying, oh, hillary's going to be crippled because of benghazi or e-mails. and i've been saying on this show, and at fox for many months, two families matter in politics today, really matter. maybe three. the bushes, the clintons, and the obamas. and the idea that hillary clinton, with all this experience, was just going to ball up in a corner somewhere and start whimpering because trey gaudy is going to hold a hearing that's just not how the clintons operate. they've walked through the fire, the scandals, all of themselves generated, for decades. and they've managed to, i know it frustrates people, but they've managed to walk through and usually look better after the investigation. so that's my take from this debate. i think she did what she had to do. i think, you know, bernie
5:08 am
sanders, see i can't watch bernie sanders without thinking of george steinbrenner in "seinfeld." you know, just the voice >> exactly. >> calzones, bring me the calzones! i mean, i can't -- that's all i think of. costanza! i just can't get that out of my mind. >> he was yelling the entire time. >> oh, my gosh. >> he doesn't understand that he doesn't need a bull horn. >> from calzone to free stuff. everything is going to be a gravy train. just a trough. open it up. >> well the kids like it, right? all the kids in college, like, yeah, we can keep playing foosball and hanging out after college because we're all going to -- they're going to take care of us. and the laundry list of things that they're going to give the country gratis is quite something. >> you look, childhood education, higher minimum wage, public college, public family leave, health care, health care for children, and instate tuition for illegals. >> hillary clinton said we need a new new deal. >> a new new raw deal.
5:09 am
i mean, there's never any discussion about how any of this is going to be paid for. i did think that it was fascinating to see jim webb up there. i know you guys have talked about this. but webb really kind of represents, in most ways, the old democrats. the democrats that were much more successful, frankly, politically until ronald reagan came along and stole those democrats and made them republicans. so he just was like he wandered in to the wrong debate. webb. he was so strong on foreign policy. and stands up there, looks like a real man. i mean he talks about, you know, virtues and values, and he got sort of peppered applause most of the time. i thought that was fascinating. lincoln chafee, you know, god bless him, was just -- he seemed confused a lot of the debate. and i, again, someone who when he says he needs a takeover on a vote, because his father had just passed away. i mean -- >> oh, my goodness. >> how are you even on stage at that point? >> lay off him, he's a piece of
5:10 am
granite. we heard that last night. >> by the way, doocy, he looks like your father. did you ever get the resemblance between lincoln chafee. you're much more handsome. but lincoln chafee is a much older steve doocy. the two of you have some similarities. >> the daily show made that observation last night. >> oh, they did? >> and some people from the white house. >> i didn't see that. that was my own thing. >> you were busy live tweeting. a lot of people think, wow, could you imagine being in second place and not going after the front-runner -- >> what does that tell you? >> that's exactly what happened. >> what does that tell you? that tells you that a lot of this is kabuki theater. the smart money and all the booking agencies overseas, and i think still in the united states, hillary is going to be the nominee. none of these guys want to cut off access or offend the clintons. you offend the clintons, you will pay for it down the road. >> laura ingraham, thanks. >> go do your radio show and go run lights out. >> okay. take care. >> all right. it's about 11 after the top of
5:11 am
the hour. there's other news, and heather's got that. >> a couple other things this morning. good morning to you. ten minutes after the hour. fox new confirms that the former nba star lamar odom is fighting for his life after he was found unconscious at a nevada brothel. apparently the 35-year-old spent the past four days partying at dennis hof's love ranch, taking pills and alcohol. tmz is reporting this morning that he's breathing with the assistance of machines. medics tried to transport him in a helicopter to a larger medical facility, but were unable to because of his, quote, large stature. he was then taken in an ambulance to a hospital in las vegas. his ex-wife khloe kardashian is now by his side after flying there overnight with her sister kim, and mother kris jenner. a small plane plunges from the sky and then crashes into a mobile home park in south florida. at least one home completely destroyed, and another is damaged. after that plane burst into flames, in palm beach county. right now fire officials say that the number of victims is unknown. the ntsb is now taking over that
5:12 am
investigation. and america's first president george washington getting dumped from new york city's iconic gracie mansion? that's where the mayor lives. according to today's "new york post" the mayor bill de blasio will have washington's portraits removed from gracie mansion, the publicly owned home where he lives with his family, apparently the pictures of washington weren't diverse enough, and will be replaced with other iconic figures, including the famed abolitionist frederick douglass. the first lady, charlene de blasio saying she wants art that represents her family's history. >> too bad the father of our country is not good enough for her family. that is absolutely incredible. >> you can read more about it in today's "wall street journal." other papers, as well. >> do you think he's going to bother running for re-election? is it worth it? >> the question is could he possibly win? heather, thank you very much. >> so what did you, the voters, think about last night's debate? you'll want to see what we found online. clayton morris checking out the
5:13 am
social media coming up next. and it's shocking. >> okay. and ladies, don't be fooled by these guys online and their dating profiles. do you see the problem with them? look close. we're going to reveal it. here at the td ameritrade trader group, they work all the time. sup jj? working hard? working 24/7 on mobile trader, rated #1 trading app in the app store. it lets you trade stocks, options, futures... even advanced orders. and it offers more charts than a lot of the other competitors do in desktop. you work so late. i guess you don't see your family very much? i see them all the time. did you finish your derivative pricing model, honey? for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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5:16 am
5:17 am
it is too early to see polls indicating how you feel about the performances last night at the democratic debate. but there is one way to see how people were perceiving the actions. and that is with your smartphone, or your computer. >> of course. here with social media reaction "fox & friends" weekend co-host clayton morris. break down the numbers for us. >> one of the best ways to gauge, you know, voter response is to sit there and see who is jumping on google to search for certain things that the candidates were talking about during last night's debate. so you saw some google searches, during some key moments last night. you can see in the graph here, this is all google search spikes. one of the key moments overall was for bernie sanders. he was dominating all of the red spikes for google searches. >> bernie is the red line? >> bernie is the red line. and then senator webb in yellow. look at some of the big spikes. people were curious about his military service. but that big spike is for his discussion on immigration. >> right. also had the end he went out of
5:18 am
his way to say who hates you the most? well the guy that shot me in the war. >> and also though on google the most searched for candidate. so during the debate people wanted to learn more mostly about bernie sanders but it was pretty close with hillary clinton for the most searched for candidate on google. let's jump over to twitter because this is where a lot of the conversation was happening last night. so the twitter mentions during the debate, bernie sanders up there with 41%, ousting hillary clinton at 39%. then it's a huge droboff. senator webb at 9%. martin o'malley at 6%. and chafee at 5%. >> sanders isn't a democrat, he's a socialist on the stand. the big winner last night with twitter was not on the stage. >> donald trump. 60,000 new twitter followers. everyone was talking about his conversation during the debate. donald trump added 60,000 followers. bernie sanders, 22,000. clinton with 20,000. and then the big cliff drop-off.
5:19 am
fox viewers were commenting they thought it was a respectful debate overall and they thought that the moderators did a good job of getting questions at hillary clinton. >> i saw one online poll, on the front page right now and this goes to your point about the red bernie sanders spike, according to the drudge report, it's not scientific. >> right. >> but he was the winner, bernie sanders. i think he had 60-some odd percent over hillary. >> there's a lot of people, bernie sanders supporters who are young and web savvy who are being told to go to this web site, vote in this poll right now and drive those numbers up. >> interesting. >> can you imagine tha? >> they're the ones who turn on our phone, please. show daddy how to get facebook again. >> let's download you some apps. >> clayton, thanks. >> not if it's $2. >> all right, clayton. >> now this coming up, horror on the halloween aisle when all the costumes go up in flames. how did this happen? and check this out, --
5:20 am
>> this is no movie scene. what about sean astin his real life rudy chant? he's going to tell us because he is here with us next. >> he finished a marathon!
5:21 am
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5:23 am
at 23 minutes past the top of the hour, time now for some photography headlines. this picture is about to make one collector very, very rich. the man on the left is legendary outlaw billy the kid, playing croquet. it's a picture there are extremely rare. the collector bought it at a junk shop for $2.
5:24 am
it could sell for $5 million. all right. plus, staging pictures for dating profiles? a group of guys made a local ikea their home hoping to impress potential dates with their designer digs. the guys say that the lighting at ikea is just perfect for taking pictures in their faux homes. do you like it or not? >> that's hilarious. >> now a new film tells a true american football story about a teen torn by racial segregation and unified by a spiritual change. >> this is our symbol. because there is one way, we're not gathered here united tonight, because of the name of our team or of our school. but because of the name above all names. jesus. >> well here to talk about that film, the new one, "woodlawn,"
5:25 am
is actor sean astin. welcome back. >> good to be back. >> so you don't have to be the line backer in this one? >> no. i never touched a football. >> tell us about "woodlawn." >> "woodlawn" is a story that was told to directors by their father who was a chaplain about the early '70s and what was going on with what they call the jesus freak movement. which is when there was kind of a wave of evangelism that swept -- >> cover of "time" magazine. >> billy graham was all of a sudden, 50,000 people in the cotton bowl, and so they just wanted to tell the story. because for them, you know, birmingham has been the epicenter of so much negativity and so much, you know, in the civil rights conversation, it just is a kind of locus of, you know, yeah just bad energy. and they're like, there's so much goodness in our place we want to tell the story about when this football team in a public school found faith and it became a year when no matter what adversity befell them,
5:26 am
because they had made this commitment to each other and to god, they had an extraordinary -- >> it's a true story. >> and a real running back played on the dolphins, he was an outstanding player. >> that's right. this was his -- taylor castle plays him. he's going to be a young breakout actor. tony nathan is this humble guy. when i met him i couldn't believe how quiet his strength was. this is the story of how like a guy through his athleticism and not letting other people impinge, you know, on his greatness with their limitations, he just -- he just went forward and his family supported him and it's a great american story. >> and sherri shepherd plays momma nathan. she was so blessed to get that role. it's perfect for her. >> the movie was blessed to have sherri. she has heart that won't quit. >> so true. >> you play the spiritual heart of the movie because you are the chaplain who told the story to the guys who made the movie. so it's football and it's faith.
5:27 am
we've seen you in a lot of movies before but this is the first time i can remember where you have shown your spirituality on screen like this. >> well, that's a good long conversation for another road. but i'm not personally an evangelist. but the christian movie scene has become really effective at letting filmmakers communicate wir theseage. so as a professional actor, when i see a part like a chapten give these sweeping switches where he looks at a group of kids fighting and say when are you going to change? you can change in this moment. as an actor i'm like, oh, give me that. i would love to do that. >> you are a professional actor. when it comes to triathlons, you were in an iron man triathlon? >> the ironman championships in kona and i did it out of i think 2,300 something people i came in 2,008 or something like that. 15 hours 30 minutes. my wife and kids were there. it was awesome. >> well you finished. and somebody had a camera and here you are crossing the finish line. >> yeah. and you -- >> let's listen.
5:28 am
>> rudy! ru rudy! rudy! bring him, the very own beloved -- >> wait. >> you are -- >> it's 2.4 mile swim, which is when you're standing on the shore you cannot see the last buoy. it's 112 mile bike ride, like 40 mile an hour winds in both directions, headwinds. and then 26.2 mile full marathon. >> how cool is it to be an iron man? i know you had a great welcome by your family and your little ones. >> she had a sign that said you're my iron dad. >> rudy. >> so "woodlawn," a race for the finish line, october 16th is when it opens. >> this friday. october 16th. >> it looks great. >> i'm marking my calendar. >> you'll like it.
5:29 am
it's an intense experience but it's beautiful. >> all right. >> sean astin, thank you very much. >> great to see you. >> could >> congrats iron dad. >> on this wednesday, they were enemies in 2008 but apparently all they needed was a little space. >> there's a lot that i would like to do to build on the successes of president obama. >> oh, really? so would hillary really be a third term for president obama? one of her top supporters and surrogates joins us live from las vegas, former l.a. mayor antonio villaraigosa is live next with elisabeth. >> that's your mayor. and how much does anyone really know about the democrats on the street in the debate? anna taking her big board to the center of this country and the city right here, the big apple and anna and the candidates, coming your way.
5:30 am
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5:33 am
there's a lot that i would like to do to build on the successes of president obama. i think that whether you're talking about the tough decision that president obama had to make about osama bin laden, where i was one of the few advisers. he valued my judgment. and i spent a lot of time -- >> he, president obama. that was hillary clinton last night counting her former boss, president barack obama. >> if elected would she be a third term obama? joining us now clinton surrogate, former los angeles mayor antonio villaraigosa. it's interesting so hillary clinton really tying herself closely with president obama, they're fine in the primary season. but should she be the nominee? that won't bode well for her in the general election with the majority of this nation feeling we're heading in the wrong direction under president obama, correct? >> well, i think she's pretty
5:34 am
clear that she wants to build on a lot of the work that president obama has done over the last seven years or so. she also indicated that there are places where there are disagreements, and i think so, talk about both in the course of this campaign. and i'm not sure that i agree with you when you say that most of the people don't support the president. i know that's true for republicans. but democrats mostly support him. and obviously she's going to have to win over independent. she certainly had a compelling performance last night. >> right, she wasn't challenged like, for example, she was challenged by senator obama six years ago. but in the big picture, mr. mayor, do you think the fact that she keeps herself so close to president obama was a message to joe biden, there's no room for you here? >> you know, by the way, i think anderson cooper did a good job
5:35 am
of really challenging her. i think he did a really good job. she was challenged last night. and i think she performed very well, gave a compelling and clear vision for the future, one that rewards work. with respect to vice president biden i think she said that this is a personal decision for him and he certainly has indicated that, as well. she and i have a great deal of respect for him. so he'll have to make that decision -- >> so do you think -- >> i thought her performance was strong last night. >> i know, mr. mayor, but i was wondering if you thought the fact that she was so close to president obama and almost everything she said was a way tactically to keep him out of the race, that there's no room here? >> no. i don't think. i think she was, frankly, being candid about what her views are. i don't think she was trying to keep him out of the race, because if joe biden wants to get in the race, he's going to get in the race. but i think her performance was strong, and he'll make that
5:36 am
decision sooner, rather than later, i think. >> all right. mayor, before you go, want to ask you about a brand-new fox news poll that came out yesterday. this is not just republicans. or democrats. it's all registered voters, across all political spectrums. and as it turns out, if the election were held today, hillary clinton would lose substantially to ben carson, donald trump, to jeb bush, and to carly fiorina. what do you make of that? >> well, thankfully the election is not going to be held today. it's a few months down the line. in fact more than a year from now. look, she's, i thought, did very well last night, as i said. i think she's going to work hard all the way through the end. she'll work hard for the democratic primaries. i think she'll be the democratic nominee. and then, she's going to have to do the hard work of convincing the american people that she's right for the country.
5:37 am
and while the polls may indicate that those candidates are ahead right now, i don't think they'll be ahead on election night in 2016. >> mayor villaraigosa thanks so much for joining us this morning. appreciate your insight. go thank you guys for having me. >> thank you, mr. mayor. >> always so upbeat. meanwhile, how much do people really know about the democratic candidates? >> anna kooiman is outside in times square. hey, anna. >> hey, elisabeth. good morning to you. good morning to all of you at home. we are live in times square. the heartbeat of new york city. and we're getting a pulse of the people as they scramble to work, chugging their coffee. we've got two democrats and one independent. you want to wave? thanks for joining us. anthony i'm going to start with you. who do you think won the debate last night? >> i think bernie sanders did a great job last night. although hillary was very polished in her responses and her answers, i still think she has some very robotic, you know, clipboard tape comments we've heard time and time again. i thought bernie was aggressive, he was forceful. he was hitting on the issues
5:38 am
that i think most people care about, economics, income equality, civil rights, and i really like to hear about that stuff. >> okay i'm going to quiz you on the other three that are less known. who used to be a republican then an independent the a democrat? >> that would be lincoln chafee. >> very good. who used to be secretary of the navy? >> webb was navy. >> and who was the former governor of maryland. >> martin o'malley. >> and what did you hear from him last night that you liked or didn't like? >> martin o'malley had some really good, strong points about the black lives matter issue. i really like hearing about that. i think his stance on the nra and gun control was important especially as it relates to minority rights. and also, one of the real big important issues that he brought up was just the justice system in america and how it's so skewed towards incarcerating and penalizing minorities and poor people. >> others would say that he was part of the problem because he was a mayor of baltimore, as well. anthony, very good. thanks for watching last night and thanks for participating. all right, come on in, jeff. how are you? >> good morning. >> who was your guy or gal last
5:39 am
night? >> well, i'm probably more politically aligned with sadrers, but i thought hillary did a really strong job. you know, she's very polished as i think everybody expected her to be. >> a lot of folks said the big moment last night was when bernie sanders, rather than exposing her biggest weakness, being the e-mail server scandal, he said we're tired of hearing about this and it drew a lot of applause. what did you think about that if bernie sanders was your guy was this a good move or a bad move? >> i didn't see that moment. i only watched the first 30 minutes. but i think it was probably smart not to hone in on that issue because i think it's been overplayed. you know, that's just one of those things that's going to happen. i don't think it was an egregious national security issue. i think much like the benghazi issue, people are making too much of it. so i think it was smart for him to not focus. >> thank you so much. finally john come on real quick, bud. you are 22 years old. you say this is the first time you're going to vote for president. what do you think about the candidates so far? >> i think i haven't really sat down a lot and kind of went into
5:40 am
it. but the only thing you really hear in the media now is from donald trump, hillary clinton, bernie sanders. a lot of people that are surrounded by the press. but until i find time to kind of sit down and look at each person's political views i can't really make a decision. >> okay. thank you so much. all right, elisabeth, brian and steve, back to you. that's what we know out here from times square. >> all right, anna, thank you very much. in the washington free beacon there's a column this morning that says hillary wins, and it says a democratic party debating socialism over capitalism, whether black lives matter or all lives matter, whether climate change is the most strategic threat facing the company and whether to open obamacare and instate tuition to illegal immigrants. that pretty much was what they talked about last night. >> that sums it up. >> do you have something to say? >> i've got a couple other things going on. a fox news alert, there is a chilling new audio message from isis and it's targeting americans and russians, according to the middle east media research institute, the
5:41 am
recording focuses on what it calls, quote, an inevitable face-to-face confrontation between the terrorists, the united states, and russian troops in iraq and syria. isis claims that a confrontation would be the last nail in america's coffin. well this comes after weeks of u.s.-led air strikes against isis, and russian-led airstrikes against some of our allies, as russia tries to prop up syrian president bashar al assad. well it was no trick or treat. a california man is accused of setting halloween displays on fire at a walmart near oakland. watch this thing right here. witnesses say that he sprayed lighter fluid throughout the store, only hit the halloween costumes and boxes of candy on fire. security tackled the guy, they held him down until police arrived. well, massive corruption, and financial troubles are not the only crises in chicago. crime s&l getting even worse there, and the mayor, rahm emanuel, says that his own police officers could be to blame for that. according to emanuel, chicago cops are scared, they're
5:42 am
reluctant to confront potential criminals, out of fear that they may be attacked or even killed. those officers told the mayor, quote, they don't want to be a news story like so many of their fallen brothers across the country. last month was chicago's deadliest month, more than a decade, 60 murders in september alone. and those are your headlines. you talk to anybody from that area and they'll tell you, what a mess crime there is in chicago. >> absolutely. >> you understand what the cops are talking about. heather, thank you very much. all right, 15 minutes before the top of the hour. we've got maria molina today. >> good morning. it's a quiet picture this morning across the nation in terms of any precipitation. but we do have lingering showers across parts of the northeast. that will be increasing in coverage over the next couple of days, especially over this weekend when we could potentially also see the first snowfall of the season for many people across the northeast. so that will be something to watch very closely. here's a look at your current temperatures. quite chilly across parts of the midwest. 42 right know in chicago.
5:43 am
and it still feels like summer across the southern plains. high temperature of 97 degrees. forecast for the city of dallas. back inside. >> going to be 102 today in phoenix. all right, maria, thank you. am coulding up one of the most recognizable voices in country music. ♪ ♪ rose colored glasses >> now grand ole opry legend john conlee using his voice to say blue lives matter. his special message for america's police force coming up. here's to the explorers. those diagnosed with cancer who explored their treatment options by getting
5:44 am
a comprehensive second opinion at cancer treatment centers of america. call today or go online to schedule your second opinion here. learn more at
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5:47 am
touch on? let's spin the wheel right now. one of the first things they touched on was trust and e-mail. >> i'm very proud that over my almost 30 years of public service, i have had no scandals. >> i've taken responsibility for it. i did say it was a mistake. >> but the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> this committee is basically an arm of the republican national committee to drive down my poll numbers. big surprise. >> there's an issue of american credibility out there, for any time someone's running to be our leader and a world leader, which the american president is, credibility is an issue. >> trust and e-mails. >> well, what happened last night is basically they all entered into a nonaggression pact. let's not pick on hillary on the issue of trust, benghazi, and e-mails. and bernie sanders led the pack saying, let's give hillary a big pass on this. we've had enough of this. >> sure. >> about the e-mails.
5:48 am
and so they led the democratic crowd, and cheers, that that was enough. and then anderson cooper says, okay, enough, we're not going to ask you anymore about it. and it was done. >> what else do they talk about? they talked about, ladies and gentlemen, the 1%. >> the middle class of this country, for the last 40 years, has been disappearing. millions of americans are working longer hours for low wages. and yet, almost all of the new income and wealth being created is going to the top 1%. >> at the center of my campaign is how we're going to raise wages. yes, of course, raise the minimum wage. but we have to do so much more. including, finding ways so that companies share profits with the workers who help to make them. >> 1%. >> well, hillary clinton in "the new york times" and other places are getting a big patch saying she defended capitalism last night. she took on the democratic socialists and explained, america is not really denmark,
5:49 am
but we can't mimic their health care system. well, that's really a tremendous accomplishment for hillary clinton last night. what happened last night is that hillary clinton really she demolished the field. but she demolished a socialist, conspiracy theorist, two republicans, basically turned democrat. >> true. >> and kind of a poor governor from maryland that was kind of wondering why he was on -- >> i'm a democrat, i'm a republican -- >> and so if she couldn't beat these folks last night, who could she beat in a democratic debate? >> great analysis. >> it was. >> and a little feel of vegas. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> he's one of the most recognizable voices in country music. ♪ >> now grand ole opry legend john conlee live in the studio using his voice to honor law
5:50 am
enforcement officers behind him. he's live with his new song. first let's check in with hemmer with a preview of what happens in ten minutes. >> looking forward to that. doocy, big reaction to the democrats' debate. the republican committee responds in minutes. the president said national security was not at risk, as the white house now taking that statement back? and name the biggest national security threat today. they did. colonel ralph peters will analyze them, martha and i see you in ten minutes, top of the hour. i really like this organic soup. yeah. at least we know what he's eating. campbell's organic soups. made for real, real life.
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the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california.
5:53 am
well, he is one of the most recognizable voices in country music, with songs like "rose colored glasses." john conlee's new single "walking behind the star" after his latest album clagsic 2 has a moving message in support of all
5:54 am
law enforcement. he joins us now live. what an honor to have you here. >> thank you very much. my pleasure. >> we're joined right now behind you we see the families of officers who were killed right here in new york, and this song i can only imagine what it means to the families that are going to get a chance to talk to all of you and we're honored to have you here. we are with you. why was it important for you to release the song right now? >> the song was written 17 years ago. and they didn't -- couldn't get it recorded back when they wrote it. i've said that i think when they wrote it they were simply planting a seed that was due to sprout now. and you know, we're honored to be able to pay tribute and honor to our law enforcement folks. we want all of them to hear it. but we want the nation, also, to understand that we, the people, have to stand up in their defense. >> you ready to sing for us? >> i'm ready to sing it. >> then we'll talk to you guys after. >> all right.
5:55 am
♪ when that old wild west needed thgs ♪ ♪ a special breed was born and filled with the courage to walk behind the star ♪ ♪ and make a stand for the rights of man ♪ ♪ knowing it could mean their life ♪ ♪ but somebody had to draw the line between wrong and right ♪ ♪ nowadays it's not much different ♪ ♪ just the uniforms have changed good folk need protection where evil still remains ♪ ♪ so god bless all the women and men sworn to uphold the law ♪
5:56 am
♪ and thank him for the fallen one the ones who gave it all ♪ ♪ walking behind the star keeping the line ♪ ♪ standing tall when duty calls taking it down to the wire ♪ ♪ ♪ from helping a newborn arrive in the seat of an old squad car ♪ ♪ to putting the bad guys away walking behind the star nend ♪ ♪ it's just a piece of metal until ♪ you seem knowledgeable, professional. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. cfp -- work with the highest standard.
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6:00 am
new york city. what did you hear to mean the song? >> it meant a lot to hear the song. because, law enforcement is giving their lives every day. you know, to protect. >> you're going to meet these families and you're going to talk to john about what it means. bill: the showdown around sin city is in the books. who would the republicans take on in a head-to-head campaign? martha: you have got hillary clinton and bernie sanders clearly dominating the spotlight on that stage. you saw hillary clinton fight off the surging bernie sanders. but they found common ground on at least one issue. >> how can any kind of


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