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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 14, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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new york city. what did you hear to mean the song? >> it meant a lot to hear the song. because, law enforcement is giving their lives every day. you know, to protect. >> you're going to meet these families and you're going to talk to john about what it means. bill: the showdown around sin city is in the books. who would the republicans take on in a head-to-head campaign? martha: you have got hillary clinton and bernie sanders clearly dominating the spotlight on that stage. you saw hillary clinton fight off the surging bernie sanders. but they found common ground on at least one issue. >> how can any kind of socialist
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win an reflect united states. >> we should look at countries like sweden and denmark and learn what they accomplished. >> we are not den mark, i love the united states. >> is bernie sanders tough on guns? >> no, not at all. >> let me say something that may not be great politic. but i think the secretary is right. and that is the american people are sick and tired of hear being the damn emails. bill: that's the most talked about moment this morning. the one name that was not mentioned. vice president joe biden. chris stirewalt hasn't gone to bed. >> a little bit. bill: first start with the winners. you think she the won the debate hand down. >> she better have won. she was debating a 74-year-old
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independent social friftd vermont and three guys who couldn't get in a phone book. bill: you compared this field of democrats to republicans in 2012 going up against mitt romney. >> i think that the field of 2012 was better than these guys and that's saying something. that was a very weak field. i think hillary clinton have much find herself in the position of mitt romney. but she is all they got. bernie sanders supporters will continue to like him. and he's going to lose this election by 20 or 30 points because he's an issue candidate, that's all this other than hillary clinton. bill: hillary clinton with the
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emails. nothing to see here. except what was not mentioned, that's an ongoing f.b.i. investigation. >> one that may be reconstituting her server and the emails on it that will put to the ultimate test for all times the claims that she has previous made about her electronic. >> i jean. what was on the server, who was involved. why she handed over all that stuff. the democrats will always say it's the republicans' fault. bernie sanders gave her a huge assist. took it off the table for the primary. but if she is busted. she is busted. bill: you are joe biden watching from the naval observatory. what's his consideration about getting in? >> i think joe biden was waiting
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for hillary clinton to demonstrate she was so weak he could beat her. that her troubles and travails made her so weak he could beat her. this tells me he doesn't actually want to do it. if he did, he would get in and fight. bill: there is a hearing one week from tomorrow. bill: watch your electronic hygiene. martha: that's the quote for tomorrow. done rrp live tweeted for two hours during this event. but here is how he pretty much suched it up. >> dem debate means nor free handouts. they will be voting in droves. we need to get out and vote
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trump big time. >> i watched on stage and they just couldn't give more away. every time somebody gave something away, free healthcare, free education, the other will stand up we'll give at home this. i say to myself, i'm saying caching, caching, caching, that means the money is going out the door. we have a debt of $19 trillion. martha: donald trump tapped into something that's very essential. last night there was a lot of talk about what we need to give out more of including that wall street, bernie sanders' idea, should pay for every single college education in this country. what do you think? >> he's right about, this is an
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amazing contest to see who can out spend who. we have come to an interesting place in american political history when no one was willing to forcefully say i'm not a socialist. all hillary clinton said was, you know, we are not denmark. martha: she said i'm a progressive who likes to get things done. but one of the discussions for debate last night was are you a socialist or are you a capitalist. you would have thought capitalism which is the fundamental economic system of this country last time i check candidate was a dirty word the way people were after he frayed to reach out and touch it. >> capitalism neafd hillary clinton and bill clinton worth $100 million. martha: lyndsey graham has made what's going on in the middle
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east the central tenet of his nomination. he's not doing well in the polls but he says this is one of the most compelling issues of this election. he tweeted isil loved this debate. everyone is tripping over themselves to show weakness to isil. he says puff continue is not regretting his doug -- its devog of ukraine and syria. what russia are you looking at? >> obama said putin is making a mistake. putin will regret this, it will become a quagmire. with a little bit of exception
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of hillary who doesn't savor a no-fly zone in sir yag, they were happy to talk about how climate change is a bigger problem in the middle east. in another one of graham's tweets, to listen to these people you would think george w. bush is still president. they still want to blame everything bad going not middle east on the iraq invasion and george w. bush and it's a tired, backward looking way to talk about foreign follow i. martha: these are the two central issues of giving stuff away. and also what a threat isil is and the middle east are to our -- >> socialism at home. that seemed to be the theme. bill: hillary clinton accused
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the house select committee of being an extension of the republican party. >> i am going to be testifying. i have been asking to testify for some time and do it in public which was not originally agreed to. but let's take a minute and point out that this committee is basically an arm of the republican national committee. bill: what does the rnc have to say about that? the director of the rnc is coming up here. democrats have five more debates. mark o'malley look at debbie wasserman schultz saying this is why we should do more. martha: some people are saying six is plenty. what's coming up? bill: the kremlin accusing washington of refusing to agreet to a military delegation to talk about syria.
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putin stead quote i think some of pour partners simply have mush for brains. they don't have a clear understanding of what happens in the country and what goals they are seek achieve. gregg? >> hi, bill. tough talk coming from the kremlin regarding the u.s. and syria. we heard in a briefing from russian secretary laugh love that he will not send a delegation to moscow and has refused to accept a russian delegation in washington regarding strategy in syria. he called the u.s.-led year-long campaign in syria insignificant and insincere. carter called it wrong head
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strategically short-sighted. oh also said he does expect an agreement with russia's military about air safety protocols. he says there will be more talks between u.s. and russian officials considering the close even crown material between russian and u.s. jets over the weekend. vladimir putin claims russia had said to the u.s., tell us who not to found and we won't -- not to pound and we won't pound them. considering russia is founding some degree u.s.-backed moderate rebels. there are reports today that troops from iran powered into syria. martha: the white house with a bit of an about-face. walking back the president's comment on 60 minutes where he said hillary clinton's private
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server was not a threat to fashion stall security. bill: a small plane crashing into a small home shooting flames into the air. martha: a land mark ruling against a gun store that could change things across the country.
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>> would you say anything to get elected? >> i have been very consistent over the course my entire life. i have always fought for the same values and principles. but i do absorb new information. >> are you a progressive or moderate. >> i'm a progressive, but i'm a progressive who likes to get things done. bill: that was the first question asking about hillary clinton's flip-flopping since she was a senator. she was asked to explain more changes in her policy positions than everyone else on the sage combined.
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what stands out first? >> i think hillary clinton was right. she has been consistent in the sense she has been a consistent flip-flopper. there isn't an issue she hasn't been on both sides, keystone, the trade agreement, the gun issue. she is consistent as a flip-flopper. but the big take away is the disconnect between the mainstream media and the democratic activists. to listen to the mainstream media talk about it, hillary clinton was the winner. but focus groups show bernie sanders was the clear winner. you look at the number of people who searched after the debate in google, hands down bernie won. every focus group that was conducted on every station was for bernie sanders.
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she answered it this way. watch. hillary clinton everybody on this stage changed a position or two. we have been around a cumulative quite some period of time. we know that if you are learning, you are going to change your position. i never took a position on keystone until i took a position on keystone. >> reporter: everybody suggesting that was as john kerry moment. if i was for it before i was against it. >> that was an unbelievably ridiculous answer. she was clear live -- she knew what she was doing at secretary of state. she has been talking about this for a while. she is trying to thread the needle between the democratic and labor base of the party.
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on the trade the same way. she is trying to continue to keep that base together. bill: i hear the point you are making. does it hurt her when you consider democrats? does it hurt her among democrats? >> i think what people find appealing about bernie sanders is he's authentic. with hillary clinton the biggest problem she has is a lack of trustworthiness. to see her continue to flip-flop on issues. bill: clinton on benghazi and the emails. watch. >> i am going to be testifying. i have been asked to testify for some time and do it in public which was not originally agreed to. but let's take a minute and point out that this committee is basically an arm of the
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republican national committee. bill: the room loved that comment, suggesting the vast right-wing conspiracy of the 1990s is still there and probably expanding to this day. you say what? >> i think that's a nice talking point for her. but i would refer her back to the president of the united states who said on sunday night that she had a problem with the emails and she didn't handle it right. her email scandals and how she handled benghazi are legitimate questions. people don't think she handled it right and she has some explaining to do and she should come forward and answer questions. bill: sean spicer, thank you. communications director from the rnc, reaction from the republican side.
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martha: you know people said if you have something to say, write a letter to your congressman. but a new study says there is a much better way if you want to get their attention and you wanted action. >> my hands are shaking. i just saw a plane explode. the firemen are trying to figure out if anyone was in the house. bill: the latest on how this happened in the investigation today. >> the plane fell into the house and then you saw smoke and fire, black smoke. we tried to go and save them, but there was too much smoke. so what about that stock? sure thing, right? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with, i'd steer clear. really?
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really. straight talk. now based on your strategy i do have some other thoughts... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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bill: if you want your congressman or senator to take action, don't send them a letter, send them a tweet. about a third of congressional aides say it would take less than 10 posts to get the attention of their boss on any issue. the ones who get attention are the ones who write about an issue promptly. martha: if you get a letter you feel you have to respond with a letter. which is a big deal. rather than responding on twitter. bill: this story brought to you by twitter. martha: federal investigators are on the scene after a plane
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slammed into a trailer park and it sparked a massive fire. they saw the aircraft literally drop out of the sky. steve harrigan is live in miami with the latest on this. do we know how many victims there are in this fire? >> investigators are trying to come up with a total number of how many people were on that small plane when it crashes and how many people were on the ground. victims in that mobile home park. at least two of those mobile homes went up in a fireball. one man said his 20-year-old daughter was inside one of the homes when the plane hit. he says he has not seen her since. >> the plane was coming one minute to my home. boom. i opened my door.
6:27 am
i opened door. fire on me. >> reporter: the plane crashed just before 6p.m. martha: do they know what happened? >> you are yaleans video shows it plane going down it was flying sideways when it hit. the wings were vertical. the faa investigators are trying to determine what caused the crash and still trying to couple a number of how many victims both in the plane and on the ground in those mobile homes martha. bill: an nba all-star ex-kardashian husband was found
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by opening bell from wall treat, we are going down. stocks dropping yesterday as well. after a 7-session winning streak. investors looking ahead to major earnings reports. off 0 point at the open so far. >> they had two hours of debate. 5 candidate on the stage, but at times there were only two people going back and forth. here is brit hume with his analysis. >> it didn't seem to me the three candidate with the lead
6:32 am
anding in the polls made any serious headway. so the question become did hillary clinton or bernie sander change things have much? i thought she held up fine. she was under attack. i thought she showed authority and knowledgeability. martha: bring it joked that he showed a jumpier side of bernie sanders. >> the same conviction he shows in his eccentric way. i kept expecting the next thing he was going to say is get off my lawn. but that's probably just me. martha: alan colmes is the host of the alan colmes radio show. for bring it he was maybe just a tad too authentic.
6:33 am
brad, what do you think? >> bernie sander is the donald trump of the democrats. he speaks his mind unfiltered. democrats like it. but at the end of the day it's pretty clear hillary stood her ground. she to me is the most likely nominee but for joe biden entering the race. so emails may not be over as far as the public its concerned. even though the democrat wish it to be. martha: hillary looked happy, i think she looked genuinely surprise and said enough with the damn emails. it put a lid open that subject for last night. but did it put a lid on it forever. there are questions that could have been pushed harder like what about the f.b.i. investigation. >> i agree with everything
6:34 am
that's been said here so you don't need me here today. damn emails trending on twitter. hillary clinton who would barely mention bernie sanders' name had that moment where she shook his hand. while bernie sanders said this may not be good politic, it was great politic, that particular moment. martha: it made him look authentic. but it also made hip look magnanimous and put him in good phrases with hillary clinton if down the road he doesn't get the top spot. it felt like there was quite a bit of deference to her. we bring up joe biden. and you make an interesting commented this morning in term of whether joe is going to get in and whether last night -- some people are saying it proved it's not necessary. do you agree with that?
6:35 am
>> absolutely not. if i'm joe biden and i was watching that, i saw the three lesser-known candidate, they are not a threat. bernie sander is not credible enough to be the nominee to be selected by the party. so it set the race on it ear if joe biden and hillary turn out to be the two top contenders. why surrender to hillary clinton? there i no use for further debate. it's worthless. it's clear that as it stand now hillary clinton will waltz into the convention. why would you let that happen? who all we talked about was whether joe biden was going to get in. in the polls he beats republican candidate and she doesn't. i was surprised when i checked out your notes this morning. >> i don't think the polls mean
6:36 am
a whole lot. people like brad, the republicans -- i like brad. but i just don't think -- republicans want joe to get in so they can divide and conquer. i thereof joe biden, but i don't see given where hillary is ideologically, i don't see where there is a niche for joe biden in this race at this type. martha: when you watch the two -- she made a very interesting move. she cozied up to barack obama's policy as much as she could on the thing she felt he has done right. she said she want to be in the room with him making those decisions. she said we made that decision, we were pressed to go in by european leaders. i think she is sort of making it look like she was the vice president and making it look
6:37 am
like joe wasn't even around. i thought it was fascinating. >> in a general select process by the general electorate. they are not going to buy that. it's a gift for republicans the fact that she is so joined at the hip to the failures of obama. the entire middle east is in turmoil. and this all happened under her watch. of course, what happened in benghazi because we didn't have adequate security. she is going have to answer for a lot beyond the select process the fact that she herself has joined herself so closely with obama. martha: i imagine biden's folk will be watching closely. i heard democrat say they want biden to get in. >> you would tie biden to obama
6:38 am
like you are tying hillary. whammed the difference there? bill: a potentially landmark decision in wisconsin. jurors ruling a gun shop must pay $6 million to two police officers. the police officers shot during a routine shop. they say the shop ignored signs of an underaged buyer. >> it was julius burden who decided to put the gun his pocket and leave home. julius burton decided to resist the officers and it was julius burton who pulled the trigger of that gun. >> reporter: the decision could have big implications for the gun industry. hillary clinton saying if she
6:39 am
were president she would took the repeal that law of 2005. martha: a collectorring with a rare photo that shows the lighter side of the notorious billy the kid. an incredible piece of history. bill: hillary clinton says her private server did not threaten national security but the white house is reframing the comment. >> we heard you many times for a variety of different topic saying you cannot comment on an ongoing investigation. why does the president decide to comment given that the f.b.i. is look at this?
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when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf. great. how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! the ready for you alert, only at martha: it's a very happy moment for the chicago cubs and their legion of fans after their
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beloved cubbies launched an historic win last night. that's good stuff. good, good stuff at writing think field. chicago making history, clinching the series for the first time ever. the cubs beating the heavily favored cardinal 6-4. that homer breaking a tie game in the bottom of the 6th. being on the scoreboard with a monster hit. a beautiful night in chicago. that was pretty cool. cubs advance to the nlcs for the first time in more than a decade. wrigley field could not be more excited. the dodgers beat the mets 3-1. her shaw dominating throwing 8 strikeouts and allowing three hits throughout the whole game. it comes down to a winner take
6:44 am
all game. bill: the white house backtracking on comments the president made about hillary clinton's emails. the president said hillary clinton's use of a private email server was a mistake but did not endanger national security. >> it's not an intend to under if mine the importance or independence of the f.b.i. investigation. >> did you not know whether or not this could have had an impact on national security? >> i think that -- the president wasn't speaking based on any information that has not yet been made public. '. bill: k.t. mcfarland, good morning to you. let's try to make some sense out
6:45 am
of this. what is the dilemma? the president says we get this yesterday from the white house. >> reporter: the president does not want hillary clinton to succeed him in the white house but he doesn't want his fingerprints on getting rid of her. but he has 3 agencies in his own administration investigating her. the justice department and the f.b.i. the inspector general and the intelligence community. >> you have a lot of people looking into this. does any of that happen without the president's approval? >> not a chance. to unleash those dogs on hillary clinton, maybe they would go on their own to investigate some mid-level bureaucrat. but the state department investigating their former boss pore future boss? that happened because somebody in the white house said look and
6:46 am
see what's there. if you look at the timeline of all this, it started happening about the time president obama talked about a third term. he said i could run for a third term, i could be reelected i'm so popular. if you want fundamental change in america you need 12 years to do it. you can't do it in 8. that's why he needs to control the next president and it may not be hillary clinton. bill: bernie sanders said i'm sick of hear being your darn emails. >> maybe it public is but the investigation are ongoing. i don't think you pull those back at this point. there are two sets of investigation. one is the three government agencies and the other one is the united states congress. bill: do you believe based on the president's statement that he was right or was -- the use
6:47 am
of this server endangering national security, putting it at risk? >> i talked to people in the cyber world and they said the russians, the chinese, the iranians hacked into her stuff from the very beginning. they were reading in real-time her emails. every time she went into a negotiation, the russians, chinese knew everything. and that is one reason i think why we did so badly. bill: that's remarkable if true. an a.p. investigation said it made it vulnerable to risk. it allows users to control it remotely. two other devices in her chappaqua home were accessible from the internet.
6:48 am
>> this an independent media source. experts i talk to say she was hacked from the beginning. ka could she have used that to biggyback and temperature look inother emails. martha: this story is on a lot of minds. a shocking turn for former nba all stand lamar odom. he's said to be battling for his life after he was found unconscious. bill: bernie sanders take on vladimir putin. >> i think mr. putin is going to regret what he has done. i think that when he gets into
6:49 am
that. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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bill: a collector buys a rare photo of the notorious outlaw at a junk shop in fresno, california. billy is on the left playing croquet. the woman paid $2 for the photo. experts say the image could be worth $5 million. billy the kid the subject of countless western books and songs. escaped from jail a couple times. was killed in a gunfight in 1881.
6:53 am
martha: former nba all-star lamar odom this hospital on a rest per curator. on, on a rel rels'.he's in hospital ass for his life. i know you have spoken to people close to this story, what can you tell us? >> he was partying at the love ranch for four days. the owners said lamar was allegedly take an herbal supplement similar to viagra and he was drinking koa cognac.
6:54 am
what we can tell you is he is in the hospital in las vegas. he was at a local hospital first before they transferred him. they couldn't airlift him base was so tall he couldn't fit in the helicopter. khloe kardashian is there, will be and court any kardashians estranged partner. everybody is just set about this. khloe kardashian is said to be inconsolable. we have spoken to lamar's father who has alleged lire had drug issues in the the past. he said he's devastated but believed his son didn't do drugs, but he was drugged by somebody else. he's coming out making these accusations. but he's not by the bedside. by kobe bryant who was best
6:55 am
friends with lamar odom, hundreds of photos of them hugging, they were very close. he left after the game against the sacramento kings and drove to the hospital and he's there. it's an incredibly somber time. according to tmz, he unless heart failure and his liver and kidneys are allegedly shutting down. he can't breathe on his own. he's intubated. martha: it sounds lining he's in a very, very come prove miced situation. and obviously his family and friends are surrounding him right now. i can only imagine there will be an investigation into what happened in those four days and what was in his system and toxicology and the like if he doesn't survive all this. everyone hopes he does survive.
6:56 am
but it looks like a dire situation. >> he was found around 3:15 by two of the girls at the lot of ranch. reportedly and according to a police report he hadley kid coming out of his nose, mouth, and was unconscious. the last time anybody had seen him, another woman around 6:00 a.m. but dennis hoff claims he was not using drugs. he was sleeping soundly every night. chloe, thank you very much. bill: a new wave of violence erupting in israel today. what the israeli prime minister is doing to try to put an end to the bloodshed. dr. ben car responsible gang ground on donald trump. -- gaining ground on donald trump.
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>> martha: another morning of brand new polls showing a shift in the presidential campaign for the gop sides. ben carson continues to surge for support were the neuro surgeon nearly doubling over the last month. brand new hour two of "america's newsroom." i am martha maccallum. >> and i am >> >> bill: and i am bill hemmer. trump is if the top spot and carson at 23%, a point behind. today republican candidates reacting to the democrats' debate. >> martha: some describing the position as the race for your wallet. >> it was a liberal debate on who was giving away the most free stuff.
7:01 am
free college education, free education for people in the country, free hillary clinton, there answer to everything in the country is free. >> every time something gave something away, free health care or free education, the other one stood home saying we will give you this. i am saying ching ching the money is going out the door. >> >> martha: we have mark here to talk about this. mark rubio and donald trump talk about something that is going to be a significant part of the 2016 campaign. there is no coincidence these candidates last night on that stage in vegas made it clear they wanted to do more find ways to give more to people in the form of education, in the form
7:02 am
of health care, in the form of benefits. >> this is not the new democratic party of bill clinton. they are talking about more and more giving away of free stuff. i think "the wall street journal" added up the new spending bernie sanders proposes and it comes to $18 trillion. that is how you win the democratic nomination. but they are offering free stuff to people who can't even vote. illegal immigrants. >> they may be defining that is what is going to help them win the election but it is going to be an issue in the head-to-head. when there is one gop candidate and one democrat candidate i would mnl imagine you will hear
7:03 am
more about this. the republicans want to take your stuff away. cut back on obamacare. if the war on woman was the war of the last round i think this is the crux of the argument this time. >> i agree. that is why it is important the republicans have a hopeful message about lifting people up. not the argument over what we are going to take away. we are not the party of taking stuff away from people. we are the party of opportunities. one of the reason why ben carson is surging is because he as an optimistic message. he want to campaign in harlem a couple weeks ago. he said i think it is terrible what is happening to the african-american community and i
7:04 am
will fight for you whether you vote for me or not. that is the message we need and other candidates should be saying if we are going up the against the party of free stuff. we need a compelling message. >> i think about the moment where everyone had to say if they believe black lives matter. i watched what other people were tweeting, other prominent african speakers on this, saying what about the lives lost in chicago? what about black on black violence? what about education? is fascinating to see how that part of the argument shapes up. let's look at the next fox news poll putting together people's first and second choice and seeing how it stacked up. carson, trump, rubio in the top three spots. carson and trump very close. as you talk about, mark, it is the question of vision and how strong the country will be and
7:05 am
that is what the top two contenders are getting across. >> with the exception of trump, rubio is someone has a hopeful vision and the generational shift and talking about making this the greatest american century or continue on the path to being the worst american century. so if you can look at the support he and carson have there is a yearning in the party for that message. trump is tapping into the angry side of the republican elec electorate. jeb bush is low for first choice but even after second and third he is still not there.
7:06 am
>> martha: mark great to see you. >> bill: five candidates meeting on stage and first time they meet in las vegas. checking in with john robert for the reaction today live from las vegas. >> reporter: we talked to democratic voters across the country and most say they don't want a coronation but hillary clinton could be getting fitted for her crown. any criticism of her policy or record were tepided at best. when clinton was asked about the e-mail account bernie sanders didn't attack but threw her a life line. >> the secretary is right. and that is that the american people are sick and tired of
7:07 am
hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. thank you! >> let's talk about the real issues. >> reporter: sanders was rewarded with a sharp attack on his record on gun control. >> going to give immunity to the only industry in america. everybody else has to be accountable. but not the gunman manufacturers. >> all of the shouting in the world is not going to do what i would hope we want. and that is keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them and end the horrible violence we are seeing. >> reporter: hillary clinton is engaged in impressive political runnings moving to outflank bernie sanders on the left. but denied pandering to progressives.
7:08 am
>> i have been consistent over the course of my life, like most human beings including those who run for office, i absorb new information. >> are you a progressive or moderate? >> i am a progressive but a progressive who likes to get it done. >> reporter: the question is was joe biden watching and if so what does he think about getting in the race? does he think why bother? or i need to jump in and challenge hillary clinton. we will find out soon. >> bill: thank you. john roberts live. >> martha: israel deploying troops to help local police deal with terror attacks in several cities including jerusalem. pictures here shown from the area. we have been watching these unbelievable scenes unfolding with three israelis killed and
7:09 am
many injured as we get word of another attack stopped by israeli forces. john hut is live in the streets of east jerusalem. >> reporter: that attack happened in jerusalem's old city. we are seeing heavy security after the attacks. basically palestinian neighbors in jerusalem are being sealed up and security checkpoints and roadblocks. these are israeli border police just outside an east jerusalem neighborhood where three of yesterday's attackers came from the police say. earlier a lot of vehicles were being pulled up, searched, drivers being asked for identification, this among all of the tighter security measures. 300 soldiers in the military caught up to assist more than 4500 police officers on the
7:10 am
streets of jerusalem and tighte bank where there has been rioting including in bethlehem last night and today. all of this is fueling debate about whether jerusalem is being divided more than it already has been. yesterday, and i want to be careful because this is very graphic and intense video, three people were killed during two separate attacks in jerusalem. one got on a bus, another with a gun, started stabbing and opening fire and two israelis were killed in that attack. that bus attack happened close to our location. on the other side of jerusalem, a palestinian man rammed his vehicle into a group of people before being shot and taken into custody. and two other stabbing incidents
7:11 am
in an area near tel aviv. graphic, intense video of that. we are getting word amid all of the high security of yet another stabbing attack in jerusalem's old city at the damascus state. this is a palestinian area. the attacker was shot and taken into custody by police. but heavy security, roadblocks, checkpoints like this one in east jerusalem. martha, back to you. >> bill: russia is stepping up its bombing runs in syria today meanwhile. moscow slamming the united states for withholding int intelligence.
7:12 am
>> martha: with the taliban on the march again in afghanistan, president obama is rethinking the plan of a complete with drawl of u.s. troops. >> and what about the format in the ring last night? a closer look at the attack. >> doesn't it add wrong itself?
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
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7:16 am
we are getting breaking news. u.s. officials saying that russia is, they are confirming, they are purposeally targeting american-backed rebels some reports saying they have killed up to 150 of the cia-trained individuals in the region. we don't have conformation on that number. but clearly a volatile situation. as vladimer putin says quote i think some of our partners have mush for brains and don't have a clear understanding of what is really happening in the country and what goals they are seeking to achieve. ralph peters is here. your thoughts, if you could, on both things. the report about them going after us, which has been the
7:17 am
strong suspicion, and putin's comment about our mush for brains. >> reporter: well the problem in washington isn't low iq. there is a lot of brains in washington and on paper they are highly educated. the problem in washington is a lack of reality. team obama didn't do their homework on war and the middle east. president obama's middle east policy, to the extend there is a policy, has been no inept that the united states military is helping one group of terrorist beat up on another now. we are hitting an islamic state and assad and putin don't have to do that. they can focus on hitting everybody else. the guys we train. it is a phenomenal situation. russia is killing the people we
7:18 am
are backing. we are helping by continuing to take out isis and work with the government. it is stunning. >> martha: 18 u.s.-led airstrikes in the area was a headline this morning. what do you think is the administration's next move with putin? >> reporter: i don't know they because they don't know. they are improvising every day. in the russian media today and others they are making a big deal out of the fact that putin offered to cooperate against the united states and asked for the target location devices and by the way, americans, tell us where the people you are supporting are so we will not hit them. if we give them that information
7:19 am
he is going to give to assad and the iranians and they will hit our guys. putin never stops. and obama is always in reactive mode. the only way to deal with someone like vladimer putin is to seize the initiative yourself but we lack the imagination and guts to do that. i thought it was interesting and we will get to bernie sanders soon. but hillary clinton said she knows that within the administration right now there is a heated debate going on over whether or not to put in a flow-fly zone in syria. which i thought was an interesting comment. >> reporter: i think it is too late. i am no friend of putin. i want him gone and whipped in the streets. but under international law he has a legal bases for being there and we don't.
7:20 am
we have no legal bases for establishing a no-fly zone unless there was a u.n.resolution supporting it which russia is china would veto. we face enemies who play chess and we are playing jail bird checkers not even thinking a single move ahead. last night, martha, i would rather watch a dead skunk in the road decomposing but she was the only adult on stage. >> she was hoping jim webb would get the answer on putin. when it came back to him he scrambled. >> reporter: chafee made sanders
7:21 am
look normal. what wasn't said interested me. when cooper or dana asked what the number one security threat with against the united states was no one said russia. you heard several say climate change. look -- >> martha: we have to go. >> reporter: climate change is not the ones killing america today. >> martha: ralph peters, thank you very much. >> bill: this is jerusalem now. we report with live pictures on the scene. there was an attacker with a knife earlier today near the old city. the damascus gate and jerusalem's old city. he was shot and killed. this is coming 24-36 hours after stab wounds were given to several israelis and a car hitting the side of a bus stop in jerusalem. we could be back at the boiling point many wanted to stay away from.
7:22 am
back to there live as we go throughout the morning. a secret battle man to beat hillary clinton. it is public showing how the obama team planned to beat hillary in 2008. so had question today is who made it? ♪ ♪ ♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down.
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7:25 am
>> bill: several camera angles from the middle east. one from jerusalem. one from bethlehem. john kerry said the united states is trying to calm the tension and he will go back to the region soon to see if we can reengage. "i will go there at some point and work to engage and move away it from the im -- impetus.
7:26 am
you have been watching this throughout the week. you had the attack at the dam damascus gate. what is happening? >> reporter: the palestinians are used to getting the headlines but they are being pushed out because of the other news. so this is the palestinians saying we are still here. remember us? you have to do something about us. it is pathetic. this helps no one. stabbing israeli citizens in cold blood doesn't help anybody or advance the palestinian cause but they are going ahead with t. you have the palestinian
7:27 am
authority saying we don't approve of this but are egging them on. >> we have been watching things in the middle east for three years and this has been a peaceful area relatively. with the focus being on syria, iraq, afghanistan and libya prior to that. you are saying this is an attention grab on behalf of the palestini palestinians. >> reporter: i believe what is behind that. hamas, the last gaza fight didn't work out well for them, but israel was trying to work with them. the difference between israel and every other country in the middle east is israel wants to live in peace with its neighbors while the neighbors want to
7:28 am
destroy them. it is not just getting u.s. or israeli attention they are trying get the saudi arabians and others. i believe those people are dying to get the palestinians in the headlines. >> bill: john kerry said it is time to go back soon. will that help? benjamin netanyahu is not coming to washington. >> reporter: he can see the non-middle east policy of the united states is failing. he is brilliantly working with the iranians and hezbollah ground forces in russia so benjamin netanyahu looks at us unwilling to do anything. but putin will do what it takes, full speed ahead.
7:29 am
benjamin netanyahu doesn't like putin but he is recognizing the reality the middle east is crawlicraw -- the united states is crawling away from the middle east. >> bill: you can see the pressure on all sides. hezbollah has been relatively quite for the moment but that threat is not extinguished. >> reporter: what is interesting on the strategical alignments. we have news the gulf arabs want to buy anti-air defense missiles from israel with us brokering the deal. so you can see the sprit between the shiite in iran, iraq,
7:30 am
lebanon, and syria back by putin. and the sunni who have been our allies are left high and dry. >> bill: ralph peters, thank you for sticking around. we will see if it gets more intense than watching so far. >> martha: makes a great point about the realignment of allies in the middle east. there are new reports the white house might be rethinking its afghanistan strategy. will the president decide it will be best to leave troops on the ground there? live report next.
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
new jersey >> martha: very interesting reporting coming through saying
7:34 am
the fbi director was recently asked why he didn't have the same amount of resources devoted to white supremecist crimes as they do isis. and he said investigations are going on in all-50 states against members inspired by isis. this is an effort, as he heard trickling from the reports, is they want to same treatment of the number one threat. they want that balanced with the investigations of things we saw in charleston and oregon wanting them to be grouped together. president obama in the meantime is rethinking his decision to pull our troops out of afghanistan. right now, there is nearly 10,000 troops there on the
7:35 am
ground and the president wants to bring most of them home. he made it clear by the time he leaves office he wants to bring them home. but the taliban is resurging in afghanistan once against and that is mounting pressure to keep up the might. let's go to kevin cork outside of the white house. >> reporter: conditions on the grund, right, martha. that is what you are going to hear as the white house is evolving strategy relating to afghanistan continues to unfold. you mention what has been happening in kabul but with isis at the forefront of the terrorist attacks it is the taliban that is reemerging as a force in afghanistan and that is bad news for the white house. despite all of that, josh ernest said yesterday that will not dictate the president's future plans. >> the president does have a
7:36 am
policy decision to make as it relates to our future military presence in afghanistan. and certainly conditions on the ground will influence that process but they will not dictate the outcome. there is a range of considerations the president will factor in in making that decision. >> we will talk to the leaders at the state department, the leaders at the pentagon, but unless things decline, the president has the ultimate say and we will push forward with the drawdown in afghanistan despite what you are reading. >> martha: fascinating. kevin, thank you. >> bill: taking a close look at the performances of the candidates in vegas. how about the moderators? and how about the network cnn? anderson cooper tossed out the questions but didn't see much of dana bash and others. howard kurtz is here. good morning to you.
7:37 am
we have a lot to go through. your column is titled hillary moves left and best bernie with two e-mails questions. >> anderson cooper overall turned in a solid performance, good follow-up and didn't lose control of the debate. but waiting an hour to ask about the e-mail and only asking two or any question about her trust worthy numbers declining -- and bernie sanders gave her the gift by denouncing the media's focus on the e-mails. i knew that moment that would be the one sound byte people played from this. >> bill: he was asking about benghazi and she said hang on i will get to that. i don't know if they ever got to that. that was an hour and 15 minutes in.
7:38 am
cnn timed it perfectly. barack obama appeared on a screen and it appeared to be a dnc add. this is from the nation journal. hillary clinton won because she is a strong debater and bernie sanders isn't. she won because it focused on liberal policies and not her character. do you agree? >> it seemed hillary clinton was running for president and bernie sanders was running for president of denmark. he made no effort to expand the base and bashed wall street and capitalism itself. hillary moved to the left, and had been doing this, on trade and other issues to sort of try to co-op bernie sanders. and she talked about the gun control exchange and ramped up
7:39 am
the rhetoric and bernie sanders, who was once backed by the nra, and got to his left on that. all of that plays well with the general audience but general election another story. >> bill: you are about to hear more about ads that came late in the night during the second break. >> i would like to know why you lied and saying the attack was a response to an internet video? i would like to hear why you tried to silence the benghazi whistle blower. but ms. clinton, i can't. what difference does it make? >> it is a powerful moment and one that is not going away. -- >> bill: -- >> i think the tone of that add is not going to convince many people that don't already believe the former secretary of state is at least in part personal responsible for the deaths of four americans in benghazi. when benghazi did come up in the
7:40 am
debate, she was able to use the gift that kevin mccarthy gave her talking about the benghazi committee talking down hillary's poll numbers and allowed her to paint it as a political investigation in front of a national audience. none of the other competitors on the stage were taking shots and one of the reason she did well and turned in a positive experience. >> bill: he has more experience than all of those guys. i agree about the ad. if you made your mind about benghazi you will not be phased but if you don't know what is going on you might look into it. howard kurtz, thank you. martha? >> martha: a once secret memo that laid out hillary clinton's
7:41 am
weak spots and it wasn't written by republicans. it was written by democrats straight from the obama team in 2008. can the rivals use the information that barack obama used to beat her this time around? >> bill: the water near alcatraz is getting a lot scarier. is getting a lot scarier. huh, fifteen minutes could save is getting a lot scarier. you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ know when to walk away. ♪ know when to run. ♪ you never count your money, ♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪ what? you get it? i get the gist, yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> bill: visitors getting a show in the middle of san francisco bay. tours were standing at the dock on alcatraz and the shark devoured the prey. must have been a sea lion in the wrong place at the wrong time. this is the first record they have an attack from a great white like that inside the bay.
7:45 am
i don't think that many that bad. >> who could forget that moment? that was hillary clinton and president obama egg eight years ago in philadelphia. an old obama campaign memo surfaced on how they beat her. that summer, president obama was lagging in the polls and his supporters were getting nervous about him beating clinton and came with an attack plan to turn the tide and here is part of the memo that went out among the obama people. change you can believe in was intended to frame the argument along the character fault line and this is where we can and must win the fight.
7:46 am
we cannot let clinton blur the lines on who is the genuine agent of change in this election. it was a difficult time for the obama campaign at that moment. ed rollins, campaign manager for reagan and bush in '84 and we are hoping we can get the joe trippi to join us but we are having trouble with his connection. when you read through the memo, they say things are slipping away from us. we need to go after hillary's character whether or not people believe and trust her. these are similar themes we are seeing now. think it is interesting this was linked or surfaced? >> nothing is accident. the timing is perfect right before the debate. character is still a significant sou in this campaign.
7:47 am
she performed well in the debate last night against people not up to the presidential level. and i think the big issue is still do you trust her. i think people are saying in polls they don't. and they don't think she is honest and they think it is just a whole variety of thinks she did over the years. the last eight years hasn't added to her trustworthiness. bernie sanders may not want to touch her e-mail but the country does. i think it she still has that flaw. and i think the critical thing here is the white house is feeding this. they don't want her or people in the white house don't want her. that is why they encouraged joe biden to make the race. >> martha: joe trippi is with us now i understand. you see a lot of familiar names
7:48 am
when you look through this. they talk about how they had to dig into america's fundamental distrust of what is going on in washington and hillary will recommend the old and barack obama represents the new. and one of the people involved in the memo, going against attack mode in hillary, is now on her core team this time around. no mistake she wanted him on her side, i would imagine, joe. >> none at all and i think that is going to be helpful to her. she is not in a position she was against barack obama who was new to the senate. she now actually in an in the interesting way she could be the first woman. it is easier for her to push back on being a change agent whe whe
7:49 am
whereas it was tougher to do that. >> martha: there is not a young, fresh face out there. joe biden is perhaps the person the white house wants in the race if you believe the insiders talking about it. but they may be designing an architecture for a republican candidate to go after hillary clinton. because if they look at the playbook they may follow certain elements. >> i think the critical think, you can never under estimate is obamacare ran a campaign twice. he was going to be a new democrat. he didn't turn out to be much of that. she now can't get away from it. over eight years, she added to the legacy of dishonesty. there is a fatigue factor out there. and i don't think anyone on the stage looked presidential, other than her, and i give her cret --
7:50 am
credit for that. we will make character an issue and her switching of positions a significant part of the race. >> martha: can republicans use this playbook on her, joe? >> i don't think so. ed is right. we don't know who the republican is. the republican is going to have their own set of problems. i am certain that benghazi, e-mails and all of that will be brought up by the republicans that run against her and questioning her trust and honesty. but right now i can guarantee you that the republicans are going to have a bunch of problems, too. those will be gotten into. it is going to be a very tough race. but we are a long way off. i think she did well last night. i think it is good to have joe venison and others on the team this time. it is a new team and i think it is running a much better
7:51 am
campaign than last time. she beat obamacare in the poplar vote throughout the primaries. >> martha: that is like using hand grenades, though. >> that is true. but that is how tough >> martha: we have to go. i am glad we got together. we will be right back.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> jon: and full reaction from joe biden at the top of the hour and as candidates prepare for both events, new polls on the republican field are showing carson giving trump a run for his ms hissy. -- his money. karl rove is here to discuss
7:55 am
this at the top of the hour. >> they got it. the cubs win. >> bill: what a sight. never before seen. more than a hundred years they never clenched a game to win the series in the history of the stadium. jarred max is here from fox news headlines stayed up late. how are you? i watched this and thought this is america's sweethearts. >> they are america's team. a national poll found more americans are rooting for the cubs to win. >> bill: the only looser comes in to win? >> 107 years ago today is the last time the chicago cubs won a world series. >> bill: what is the secret sauce for them? >> manager joe madden gets a lot of credit. sent time in tampa bay turned
7:56 am
that team as the winner. they have knocked out to two teams they finished better for this year. >> bill: when you are a cubs' fan you hold your breath. >> it was the anniversary of the field who knocked out their chances. >> bill: it is fun to watch. see you on the radio tomorrow. marthah, what is next? >> martha: the pundants believe that hillary clinton dominated the stage and the staff is calling it the best day of the campaign. what about the looming shadow of joe biden? pun dandits
7:57 am
7:58 am
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8:00 am
>> bill: we talk to our friend on the radio. do you like the cubs? >> martha: i like the mets. do you not listen to me? i have been talking about them all week. bye, everybody, we will see you on the radio. >> jenna: fallout this morning from the first democratic presidential debate. the candidates sparring on a host of issues and the clinton aids are calling the debate coat the best day of the campaign. i am jenna lee. >> >> jon: and i am jon scott. hillary clinton clashed are hillary clinton over the economy and gun control and other things. this is amid the growing


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