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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 14, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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john: we will be back in one hour. jenna: "outnumbered" starts now. sandra: this is "outnumbered," i am andrea tantaros here is harris' father, sandra smith, accused in powers, one lucky guy, the host of the o'reilly factor and best-selling author, his latest peace turner killing reagan is out now, bill o'reilly is here and he is "outnumbered" and we will not be killing o'reilly because we love you. bill: is that collective? it is so good to see you.
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i never get invited to the relatives. >> welcome. i just tweeted a picture of your book and never got so much response. you know that is the twitter machine. you lighten it up. sandra: there's a bird as an icon. sandra: we have water tomorrow. "outnumbered" is being commandeered. we are better at something, we have you today, water tomorrow, more on friday. bill: i bet he gets nervous around girls. sandra: he has to follow the acting. big firework so let's hit it. on stage last night at the democratic debate in las vegas the five candidates meeting for their first bout ended was front runner hillary clinton and the surging bernie sanders dominating the spotlight beginning with what could be a first in a presidential debate. bernie and hillary sparring over capitalism.
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let's listen. >> how can any socialist when a general election in the united states. >> we're going to win because we will explain what democratic socialism is and what democratic socialism is about is saying that it is a moral and wrong that the top 1/10 su above 1% in this country own 90%. we should look at denmark, sweden, norway, learn from what they have accomplished for their working people. kirstin: we are not denmark, we are the united states of america and it is our job to rein in the excesses of capitalism so that it doesn't run amok and doesn't cause the kind of inequities we are seeing in our economic system. sandra: over ten minute stretch, from martin o'malley throwing down on gun control. sanders who is as far left as you can get hammered for his past support from the nra and the against gun-control.
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>> senator sanders did the five times against the brady bill. >> i come from a rural state and the views on gun control in rural state the different than in urban states whether we like it or not. >> have you ever been to the eastern shore? ever been to western maryland? we were able to pass this and still respect the hunting traditions of people who live in our rural areas. we did by beating with principle, not by pandering to the nra. sandra: hillary and former rhode island governor lincoln chafee tangling over her vote to authorize the iraq war. chafee who opposed the war through questioning her judgment and have a retiring back with this answer. >> i recall very well being on a debate stage 25 times with the then senator obama debating this issue. and he valued the judgment.
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in the situation room going over some very difficult issues. sandra: hillary would again find herself on the defensive, explaining her use of a private e-mail server when she was secretary of state but in what might have been the biggest moment hillary getting an assist from non others and her chief adversary. watch that. >> let me say something that might not seem great politics. but i think the secretary is right. that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damned e-mails. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> the american people want to know whether we are going to have a democracy or an oligarchy as a result of citizens united. enough of the e-mail. let's talk about real issues facing america. [cheers and applause]
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andrea: two candidates breaking out, laughing over what could be the most i would say the biggest national security breach the media pit was cheering as well on that one. that was the most telling moment. bill: bernie doesn't care about but e-mail. a lot of democrats don't care about the e-mails. they don't care. i think that is accurate. it goes to honesty so if you're an independent thinker and a voter who contemplates your choice you want an honest president, i would think you would. this e-mail situation is about honesty. that is what it is about. the fbi says we lost this, that and the other thing and need to indict hillary clinton. is bernie going to care than? don't know. that was planned, contrived. as i said on a factor last night the word was out to all the democratic candidates, do not attack hillary clinton. if you do the party will turn on you and they did not.
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andrea: she had passed last night. bill: from her friends. kirstin: anderson carter said he did not want to be a spark, there was an underlying who would do the sparring, you know as a front runner she would take the brunt of that. it was the two front message going from the people hosting the debate and as you are saying from within the party. bill: decided to clamp down the e-mail stuff but they didn't ask questions about isis and the world blowing up. the migrant question in europe, all of this was virtually ignored, is this an editorial decision? i got a lot of mail saying anderson cooper did good job. i won't cheap shot anderson cooper, it is a cheap jobs there, i would like to have its
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sunday. i am sitting there going isis, the economy, at every one of the democratic contenders criticized the economy but they all say they love president obama. am i missing something here? the economy is so bad and you have to fix it. with his he been doing? andrea: a lot of attacks on wall street, targeted at specific attacks on capitalism. i was listening patiently for somebody to tell us how they were going to fix this economy that is still slowing on a day be basis. walmart today sales growth is flat this year. is the biggest retailer in the world. we are still looking at a really tough time for our economy and it wasn't even a targeted conversation last night. kirstin: anderson cooper to really good job. is true there are certain things he didn't talk about but that will happen in every debate.
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it is not going to be perfect. every debate you could pick out, they didn't -- i think they were probably very aware who their audience once and i think they were aware who their audience was and that is something democrats actually are not that interested in hearing about. bill: anderson cooper is a journalist and you are telling me he is asking a question because he knows who his audience is? kirstin: you want to know what was motivating somebody. i don't know. that is what they did. bill: the biggest threat in the world today virtually ignored by anderson cooper. kirstin: when bernie sanders said climate change is the biggest security -- you have such a hard -- let me finish what i am saying. i would have followed up when he said that about climate change with the isis question. that was the opportunity to say what about --
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bill: on sunday night steve cross, obama's best friend eve this rates him on isis. that is just two days away and anderson who works for 60 minutes for gets to ask him. this has to be explained. kirstin: she is the former secretary of state, she is weak on foreign policy. when she tried to answer a question on libya she fumbled. democrats are horrendous on foreign policy. she wrote a book on it. hard choices. they didn't ask her. bad journalism. bill: one reason this country is going down the drain is because you the viewer can't get the truth. the viewers can't get at the voters can't get the truth because the media is declined so
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bad, it is so corrupt, maybe he knew who his audience was. that is not his job. and when fox news goes after the republicans as they did in the first debate, our guys went after and we're supposed to be in the tank for the republicans. kirstin: one card she dropped is she is a woman. you heard in a few times, she played that part a lot. >> finally fathers can say to their daughters you too can grow up to be president. >> how would you not be a third term of president obama? >> that is pretty obvious. being first woman president would be quite a change, i can't think of anything more of an outsider than electing the first woman president. i would be the first woman president. andrea: there is a twitter feet, we get it, you are a woman.
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bill: she is trying to convince people this is a historic moment like barack obama did, i am a dark skinned man running for president, obama didn't use it that blatantly but i don't mind hillary clinton doing that. it doesn't affect me. what offends me is a she pretty much echoes what barack obama has done for seven years, look at the world, look at the state we are in, that is what the debate should have been about last night. it is like we are in good times. all cotton as they say. andrea: the best the economy was under democrats, they all agree on that last night. i agree on what was missing and what was missing was some place that all of them could have gone to bring in an independent. there was not a lot of meat for independents like the debt ceiling.
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the budget coming up, the fight that is about to happen before november 5th never got mentioned. kirstin: they're trying to win a democratic primary so they will appeal to democratic voters. i don't see a criticism in that. on the woman thing, the problem is i can't imagine being in a job interview when someone asking me what differentiates you from the the people i'm interviewing and me saying i am a woman. can't you see? i am different. that is when she is saying. that is not an answer. bill: in a historical context. kirstin: what does that mean? what would you do differently? what would you do differently? bill: you should have been moderating the discussion. what would you do differently? we would wear different shoes. andrea: can we get to benghazi? a lot of people were waiting for what she did say
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august. if the general election were held today the same polling finds ben carson would be the person to beat hillary clinton. carson leader head to head by 50-39%, better than any other republican candidate. did you ever think it would come down to a former neurosurgeon up against a billionaire real-estate mogul like donald trump? bill: no one could have predicted that but i caution everyone in these polls, until the next debate which is in two weeks, two week from tonight the next republican debate. there will be of winnowing process because people have started to walk in. these polls are okay, they are entertaining but it won't start to matter until after the next one. sandra: people really think he is a man of high morals. what is it about him?
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andrea: what i don't understand is why people would want him to be president. can you explain that? >> a cms trust worthy cammed a don't see him as part of the establishment. he says what he means and that is hard to find. i think politically he is deeply threatening to the left. he is a self-made african-american that does not play the victim. he is very mart, he does better not in the debate but in private settings. we talked about this on a factor of a media has gone after him. every time the media goes after him because he is a deeply threatening his numbers seem to go up. bill: he is going to be in the next administration, he could be at vp but i don't think he will win the nomination. you get to a point where the machine kicks in, the republican
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machine and i don't know if they want somebody who has no governmental experience. certainly you could look at him as a vp candidate. the reason people like him on the right, conservative, independent people, because you hit it. he is genuine, he is honest and sincere. that is what they are. harris: how does that make a good president? bill clinton is none of those things but was a good president. sandra: incredibly intelligent and to gillette as well. kirstin: why do you want them to be president of the united states? bill: has to do with leadership. why eisenhower had no political experience and all. he was a general. kirstin: i am sorry, a surgeon as far as being a surgeon is is not the same as being a general. bill: involves brainpower and skill. andrea: the general is leading the plant making complex
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decisions. he is not meeting -- i know what surgeons do and they are not leading people away at general is leading people, they're making complex decisions in operating rooms, that is nothing. siriusxm are you serious and comparing that to leading people into work? that is not the same. kirstin: president obama hasn't -- bill: lack of government experience is his deficit. people right now are looking for leadership that is honest and that is why trump and carson received as guys -- uma: carson and trump have been cordial to lead to the, you have not been targeted attacks. harris: that is the change. bill: did you forget about from that so-so dr.?
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harris: according to donald trump if he continues to erode what he has talked in terms of a beating in the polling. what is interesting, donald trump said it yesterday, gave an extended interview on good morning america, he said it is not about like, it is whether i need to go after him and if i continue to see the competition in the polling, up with dr. ben carson, here is the guy who has taken on issues, made people uncomfortable in ways he said, he hasn't backed down. the end of trump are a lot alike in some ways. bill: no they are not. you could not get two more opposite people. i understand what you are saying. you have these guys, voters perceive them to be honest in what they are saying, not contrive to. andrea: you may be "outnumbered" but i will give you less word. they had an extra podium at the
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democratic debate in case joe biden decided to show up but after the months of speculation he was a no show. is it not too late for him to get into this race? chilling numbers in the war on isis. the more we kill, the more there are and what does that say about obama and his administration's strategy?
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♪ harris: one person missing from democratic debate after a lot of speculation. vice president joe biden did not announce any word of a candidacy and therefore did not show up. brit hume says after hillary's performance, biden may have missed his moment. >> if she had done real damage, i don't think he is worried that bernie sanders in long run will beat him or her either. question, can he come in and seize her voters? i don't think her performance in
9:30 am
eyes of the democrat or many democrats would make such, she is really hurting here. she can't win the election. she can't win the nomination. i can get in and i can take her. i am not sure that would be his calculus. harris: we all saw bub bubble wrapped lecturn in case he would show up. do you think he missed his moment? >> brit hume is one of the best political analysts in the world but i think he is little wrong. that debate was not watched, 10 or 12 million what you will get on that. most voters see what hillary clinton do what she does. perception of hillary clinton among most voters that she is remote and not honest. biden has opportunity. once he gets in, you're barack obama. you're the same guy. you love everything he did. look at the world. look at the chaos in the world, how do you explain that? he will not have an easy road. his guys are saying he will get in but he is real unpredictable sort.
9:31 am
harris: if you had his ear, what would you tell him to do? >> biden. tell him to run. i think more candidates the better, i always said that but i tell him, look, joe, you will get hammered. you have to separate yourself a little bit from your boss. that will be hard to do. harris: do you think he has fewer or more weaknesses than hillary clinton? >> he is more likeable and more accessible as they say. he knows as much as hillary clinton about policy he has been around forever. i think it's a draw in policy and he has a big advantage in personality. harris: when it comes to who is not there, i always ask myself what would that person who is not there bring to the stage? is there message or something you felt was missing last night? is there line of questioning? i mentioned debt ceiling. andrea: we talked about foreign policy. harris: what would biden bring to the conversation? andrea: what he would have to do is go marred and against hillary clinton.
9:32 am
other clowns on stage didn't want to do that. i view biden as a clown a little bit. seems like a clown car. she stood out because she was serious. if biden gets in the race and can't stand there and do what he did last time, remember? she would make better president than i would. hillary filleted o'malley. you endorsed me in 2008. she would fillet biden if he doesn't point out to all ways she triangulated and got wrong. harris: kirsten, how loved is biden in the party? kirsten: he is more personally loved as bill was talking about. he is well-liked and accessible and other things. look, democrats still like hillary clinton. she is not, we're constantly hearing how she is plummeting. she is not really plummeting. she was dropping and stablized. andrea: 10 points in five days? kirsten: "fox news poll" there
9:33 am
is gap between her and bernie sanders. he is not actually closing the gap. for biden, his calculus she has to be in free fall. andrea: do you think he hasn't decided? kirsten: i don't know what he has done. >> has to be next week. next week is it. kirsten: that hillary is so wounded that she won't recover. agree with brit, looking at her see her a competent, capable candidate. harris: pre-october 22 when she goes to hill to talk about benghazi. my big question, after this is all over, talk about the pre-benghazi hearing, and the post. do you think that will make that. after difference. sandra: how will biden say, as bill says got to get in next week, how will he differentiate himself from hillary clinton right now? andrea: flip-floppedded 20 times on issues trying to be moderate and progressive. she is progressive at her car.
9:34 am
she is die-hard liberal. i told you this last night -- >> i don't know how hillary and biden debate. bernie you can see, he is chair ga vara. you remember che? we have to take billionaires out. i have one word, bernie. venezuela. how does that work out for socialism. he lives in vermont. close to caracas. he will never get elected. it's a big show. andrea: if you're biden looking at "fox news poll," the story i think out of that is hillary clinton is only at 40% against a republican. >> i'm agreeing with kirsten powers, everyone. he has to attack her. i don't know if he has the heart for it. that is what is keeping him out, nothing else. if he goes in he has to attack her. he may not want to do that. the president is going do it, do it, do it, do it. no love lost between the clintons and obamas.
9:35 am
kirsten: biden is better in matchups. but he is not in yet. as soon as he gets in. they will start beatings him up and numbers will start to drop. harris: i wonder who carries the obama legacy forward in smoother fashion. kirsten: biden. >> no obama legacy if hillary clinton is president. every picture of that guy, oh, where did he go? they don't like each other. does everybody get that? hillary and obama. reason she was secretary of state to get her the hell out of country as far away as possible! harris: next book is muting obama by hillary clinton? islamic terror army is maintaining its strength. in fact it is growing by some reports. senior u.s. official told "usa today" th killed 20,000 isis fighters since 2014. he despite more than 7,000 airstrikes and $4 billion spent, isis continues to draw new foreign fighters to its strong
9:36 am
holds in iraq and syria. the official says it is estimated isis is still 20 to 30,000 strong. you know what? that is the same number reported when the airstrikes began more than a year ago. you said isis wasn't talked about last night. you look at this statistic how they're getting bigger. bogs the mind it doesn't come up. >> really doesn't though if you understand the middle east. every crazy jihadist who can't get a job and can't get a girlfriend and has nothing going is going to show up there and get a big gun and kill christians. i mean that is the pitch. so that doesn't surprise me. what surprises me the absolute inepttude of american government dealing with this crew. i wrote a book on george patton, the general, one week. his army, one week. no more isis, gone. all right? would have taken patton one week to destroy the whole crew. but if you listen to democrats, we'll get a coalition to go in. this is bernie sanders. coalition we'll get.
9:37 am
no you're not, bernie. nobody will listen to you. if we don't do it, no one is going to do it. that's the fact. no one is doing it. harris: we have a coalition and it is not happening. >> 60-nation coalition. do you see any of those people around in the desert? see any of them. easy to sign up. but it is not easy to show up. sandra: seems like, kirsten, look of acknowledgement the strategy is not working. isis is getting stronger, gaining more ground. when do they say that's it and change strategy? kirsten: they admitted plan failed. the plan they weren't on board with in the first place. >> take 500 million and throw it in to see what happens. kirsten: i just all along said i don't think this is that easy to solve. i know you say -- >> patton could go -- do it. kirsten: i think it is difficult, people saying arming rebels in the first place where
9:38 am
we were arming isis i don't think it is that easy. harris: two things have gone on, not just are they going to administration change the strategy but do they have one? remember president obama said at one point we don't have a complete strategy. beside that, talking about recruiting going on, i don't see how this administration, look, they don't have to give us every detail, tell us it is working but this is different component you've seen in patton's days, social media. >> really isn't. they have command-and-control in a town in syria, raqqa, right? that's where they are. everybody knows where they are, all right. you have to take that out. you have to take that out. scatter them to the wind. all right? then wherever reconvene, then you go in and get them. this is how you defeat the jihad. kirsten: talking about ground troops, then? >> absolutely. you don't have to stay there, and you don't have to nation build. go in like putin. putin is taking over syria.
9:39 am
putin will be running syria. bring in some troops. he will bomb who he wants to bomb. he will run syria, all right? he will run it. and that is what putin is going to do? harris: take a look at reports this morning the fact putin is shooting as you say, whoever he would like to and u.s.-led forces are among targets. andrea: iran is sending soldiers into aleppo. i'm completely comfortable with this white house not meddling. they're not committed to the war. not identifying. i'm fine with it. i don't want stumbling into proxy war with russia. >> that does not deal with isis. andrea: we're bombing "doctors without borders" hospitals. we have commander-in-chief is not committed to defeating enemy. guess what? we'll stay out, let someone come in who can. >> letting him stay out in another year, isis will be stronger just know that there is difference between assad, syria
9:40 am
and isis. i agree, assad, let putin deal with him. he is in. will not get out. isis, whole different deal. harris: their ability to recruit all this year we've had airstrikes has not made one dent in terms of numbers. >> people signing up have nothing to live for anyway. they might as well take a bunch people out. like shooters in the usa. harris: supposed to be exciting time for high school graduates, going to college. majority of first-year students say they did not feel prepared emotionally once school actually got started. so do they have something to cry about or not? waa. ♪
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information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world. bill's got a very tough 13lie here...... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric... ♪ andrea: supposed to be the best time of your life, right? most high school graduates are
9:45 am
not emotionally ready for it apparently, according to new survey of more than 1500 college freshmen. 60% said they had a hard time taking care of themselves, adapting to their new environment and building relationships. and more than 3/4 of freshmen say they felt social media, tv, movies, led them to be college would be a lot more fun than it actually turned out to be. what is happening here, bill? >> like the marines. where am i, paris island? what is this? i feel sorry for the dopey college kids because i was one. i went away to college, poughkeepsie, new york, not exactly paris. it was a little hard. you don't have mom doing wash anymore, cooking you up a little grilled cheese sandwich. you have to do it. sandra: go to the college campuses now, it is like a resort. no longer staying in a dorm room on mattress used for 10 years,
9:46 am
20 years. >> for 60,000 a year you ought to be a resort with how much these colleges cost. kirsten: maybe everyone adjusts and have a great time. i think college was wonderful. >> what college did you go to? kirsten: started at market university and transferred to maryland. to your point, home depot tiesment and parents are -- advertisement and buying all these things like make wave. i had some sheet. towels, some little thing to put shampoo in. andrea: lsu and baton rouge with one suitcase. harris: my parent didn't even drop me off. not saying i was roughing it by any stretch but i'm saying things are changing. expectations are higher now. andrea: didn't show up with one bag. in an rv, looked like the supremes were coming to town. >> to where?
9:47 am
andrea: lehigh university. i worked very, very hard. colleges are different. a report about all shrinks on campus. there is rehab center. latte bars, climbing walls. like the factor green room but more expensive. harris: staying quiet. i went to uc santa barbara. it was just fun. >> all you needed was a surfboard? harris: that's all you needed. this idea really speaks to me to the economy, sandra. i had five jobs by the time i got to be in college. i was only 17 in my freshman year. i had all this responsibility before i got there. my parent made sure i stayed busy. not just knew responsibility but played a role financially in my future, even though it was a small one. they did all heavy lifting. i think kids today, tough to get a job for anybody but especially for -- andrea: are you down on millenials, bill? you have two younger kids. are you part of the wing down on millenials? >> i'm down on anybody who is
9:48 am
not paying attention and lazy and wants to live off of other people. that isi am down on. andrea: jesse watters. >> if millenials or baby boomers are in the category i'm done on them. we're much softer country. i was in college, playing football, double sessions, getting the hell kicked out of me. i was whining a little bit. my parents are, like like, hey, you're in college. that was a big thing. shut up and try not to get into traction. sandra: you want to save time for the next segment, bill. a story we all thought we knee. attempted assassination on ronald reagan. and the remarkable recovery. in his best-seller, "killing reagan." our guy bill o'reilly revealed details how his brush with death
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♪ andrea: our one lucky guy, bill o'reilly has hit number one again, a best-seller. this time with "killing reagan." it's a new look how that failed assassination attempt by john hinckley dramatically
9:53 am
transformed the reagan white house in ways that we never knew before. and after only three weeks on shelves it is already number one on "the new york times" best-seller list with over 400,000 copies sold. congratulations, bill. >> thank you, andrea. tan tant great book. what. >> what surprised you most writing this book? >> ronald reagan's courage. he came that close to die, 70 years old. two weeks later coming out in his jam mys with nancy and waving, cracking wise. everybody going he was okay. but he wasn't. he was not okay it was kept from american public. he had his good days. on bad days, ronald reagan wouldn't go down to work. he stayed up in afternoon residence watching soap operas. on good days he was brilliant as president can be.
9:54 am
he had to fight throughpsycholo, this tremendous injury hinckley brought to him in a way totally secret. no one saw it. that is why martin dugard and i decided to write the book so you know exactly what he went through. harris: it was fascinating. i stayed up to read it. >> that is nice of you. harris: one point captivated me. he didn't realize he was shot at first. how long between the time bullet hit him, kept blaming security guard, secret service guy with him, you ribbed me, taking me down to protect me. you broke my rib. i remembered some of the things historically studying this, bill, he was at the hospital before they realized he was shot. >> reagan was pushed into the car as everybody remembers in the video. secret guy went on top of him. reagan thought, as you mentioned he thought he had broken his rib. when he gets in, doctors right
9:55 am
away saw he was shot. they couldn't trace the bullet. they had to go into surgery and all of that. it is harrowing sequence in the book and we describe every second of it. harris: every detail. >> put you right in the operating room. that is why the killing books are successful. we don't write from academic point of view. we right from a reader point of view. the surgeon is brill and gets bullet and he gets out and recovers because he is big, strong, robust guy, reagan. he had been a skinny guy he would have been dead. rehab, rehab was excruciating for him. harris: just not being able to breathe. >> whole trauma of it. suddenness of it. andrea: very well-written. interesting background with debate prep with your ceo roger ailes which i found fascinating. >> we all work for roger ailes. he is the head of fox news.
9:56 am
they brought him in because walter mondale kicked reagan's butt in the first debate. they were worried about re-election. and we write the whole sequence, what roger ailes did and it plays into reagan's mind and what had happened. andrea: more bill o'reilly right after this break. ♪ i brought in some protein to get us moving. i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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harris: so much fun having bill o'reilly. the new book, "killing reagan." we loved what you had to say leading up to debates between
10:00 am
carter and reagan. >> thank you, harris. i appreciate that. harris: congratulations so far on brand new book. will you stick with us online? >> online, yes. can't wait. harris: stay right here, "outnumbered overtime,"/out numbe red. click on overtime tab. happening now starts right now.


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