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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 14, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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carter and reagan. >> thank you, harris. i appreciate that. harris: congratulations so far on brand new book. will you stick with us online? >> online, yes. can't wait. harris: stay right here, "outnumbered overtime,"/out numbe red. click on overtime tab. happening now starts right now.
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♪ but we begin our second hour in nevada with the winner and losers of the first democratic national debate. welcome to "happening now". >> you know, everybody on it is stage has changed a position or two. we have been around for sometime. and we know that if you are learning, you will change your position. i never took a position on
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keystone until i took a position it on keystone. i never hadçó scandals and encouraged to take the long- term judgment. >> the government of china, you don't own the south chin sea. you don't have the right to conduct cyber warfare. we will do something about that. >> we need new leadership and we need action. the sort of action to makeñi was go up for all american families. our economy is not money. it is people. it is it all of our people. >> let me say something that is may not be great politics. i think the secretary is right. and that is the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your dam e-mails.
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>> thank you, thank you, me too, meçó too. >> that is the quite of the night. hillary clinton looked happy after that statement. and hillary clinton set to make remarks before a union group this afternoon in nearby henderson, nevada. ed joins us from there with the latest. >> reporter: this is where hillary clinton will be. and expect her to be in a better mood than in other campaign stops where she is facing pressures amid the questions of the e-mails and that was probably the quite of the night. bernie sanders throwing her a lifeline and saying, i don't care about the e-mail thing,çó let's move on. and they have doubts about hillary clinton's candidacy.
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and none theless. they are tired to be republican generated attacks and the point is, this may help hillary clinton lock up the nomination. i spoke to her top advisors later this evening and they were saying this is the best day for the entire campaign for them. they feel she turned the corner and it is less likely that joe biden has the rationale to get in. hillary clinton took one of her biggest liabilities which was the e-mail issue. and going after kevin mccarthy is the republicans. >> let's just take a minute here and point out that the committee is basically an arm of the republican national committee. it is a partisan vehicle. and as admitted by the house republican majority leader mr.
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mccarthy to drive down my poll 99s and that's what they have attempted to do. i am still standing. >> i am still standing. >> reporter: another key line from hillary clinton depiet the attacks. those questions are pushing back on the benghazi committee on the claim of partisanship will not resonate with the republicans or independent voters. on.rúu of that she doubled down on the flip flop to the left and makes it more difficult for her in a general election. vice-president biden. he does better than hillary clinton in head-to-head match up. joe biden is proud of all of the candidates and they did a good job and we have to make america better. sounds like a twist on donald
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trump's make america better. that is an opening and his rationale for running. the clinton camp doesn't think he has a rationale to run. >> he might need a new rhine loo. you can't copy donald trump. >> reporter: absolutely you have to come up with something. >> thank you very much. we'll watch it. >> scripted or unscripted? what truly mattered on the course of the campaign? sarah blake is editor. and shera is editor of the boston globe. welcome to both of you. hillary clinton was in trouble and her numbers were falling but did she stanch the bleeding? >> i think we are going toñr lo back at last night as a turning point for the clinton campaign.
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she had a strong performance and did everything she needed to do. and she had help from kevin mccarthy's comments and bernie sanders when he said the american public doesn't care about the e-mails anymore. that was the biggest lifeline to hand to her and now she will swim away. >> aaron, your take? >> people forget she is a good debater. there was a lot of debates with president obama and she had a slip up when talking about driver's license for undocumented immigrants and she dithered on that issue and it was a turning point for her back then. but over all debate performances were strong. she was prepared and she's done it many more times than the opponents have. and so i don't think it is going to set her campaign on the right track, but it stopped the
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bleeding and gave her something to build on. >> larry is a frequent guest on the program and director of the university center for polity and public affairs. >> clinton's numbers decloined because she is trapped in a recurring cycle of bad news. e-mails and bernie sander surge and biden's shadow candidacy. she's about to get a break. clinton was the clear winener tuesday night's debate and likely will be covered as one. does that change the nature of the coverage here? >> it might a little bit going forward. çó let's remember. we are covering 2 or ok3, if yo count martin o'malley. we are focusing on 2 or 3 top candidates and i don't know if it will change the nature in
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what we cover. i think folks will lookñr at bernie sander's. and looking at the his answers. in terms of the e-mail and in terms of the democratic primary, it is clear it doesn't matter to democrats anymore. i think it might mean people cover that less until the next batch of e-mails are released. >> one issue that did not come up was the deficit and usa xd spending. in the 1996 state of the union address, the eran of big government is over bill clinton says. gauging by the debate, clinton's wife didn't get the message. it seemed to have settled on spend, baby, ñispend.
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do voters care about the spending? >> we talk about how the republican primary moved to the right in this election. the democratic primary moved to the left. hillary clinton is taking more liberal positions than she would have preferred to on keystone pipeline and tt, trade deals. it is it a race to the base. both sides know americans are polarized, it is turned out the devoted followers. and i think that democrats seeñ a reason to talk up issues like deficit reduction. and moreñr emphasis on social security benefits and expanding them toe1 poorer people and accs to education and government funding for that. and we have seen a lot of talk about things to drive up the deficit and democrats are not afraid to address those things right now. >> either one of you still
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paying off student loans? that came up last night. >> no, thankfully not. >> thankfully not. >> we want to hear from you. who do you think won the debate last night? go to to join the conversation. >> republican presidential hopefuls are sounding off on the debate last night. carl has the latest on that. >> reporter: ben carson couldn't see parts of it. huckabee and trumpñi tweeted throughout. it and cruz slammed them for liberalism and socialism. and bush said they gave her a pass on e-mail scandals. >> we are seeing freedoms taken away. and last night was audition who would wearñi the jack boot most vigorously.
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it was an audition for who embraces government power to strip yours and my individual liberties. >> it wassing about that they didn't go after her on the e-mail issue. there is an fbi investigation. she hasn't been forth coming and that is it a ecurity question. >> and candidates were weigh nothing on facebook and twitter. donald trump this morning after having crit otherwised bernie sanders and martin o'malley with brief tweets and he gave clinton a passing grade. like oregon not hillary did what she had to do in the debate. her opponents were gentle will and soft. and rubio, bill clinton urged them to detry rubio and rubio fired back on that this morning. >> i anticipate that. that is what they say.
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the clinton campaign are destructionist of personal individuals. they have done it for years. >> the next dpop debate is two weeks today from boulder, colorado. >> it is hard to imagine what campaigns were like before xd twitter? >> twitter is frustrated. it is getting it before the e-mail. you want to see the candidate talk as oppose to type. >> candidates are taking full advantage. and they watch and what is the next thing. great to see you as always. >> 140 characters or less. >> "happening now" volkswagon experiences another set back in the attempt to recover from the the emission scandal. calling it quits throw weeks after getting the job. the vet leaving over
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a difference of opinion as the german car company faces problems with the the models. u.s. regulators checking in reports that new software in the 2016 models couldçó fail the te. >> showing off a arsenal in missiles. restricting the nuclear program and then there's this. our alloy israel ramping up the response to pal will pal protestors amid new violence in the streets. we'll get into it next. [meow mix jingle slowly and quietly plucks] right on cue. [cat meows] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow... it's more than just a meal, it's meow mix mealtime. with great taste and 100% complete nutrition, it's the only one cats ask for by name.
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>> and new violence in the middle east. and israeli security forces takedown the palestinian terrorist. and it is the latest in the wave
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of shootings. and a man rushed to attack a guard who was apparently protecting his family. and in the meantime, the separate area of israel. teargas and palestinian taking to the streets and israel calling out the military it help local police deal with the violence. and canner powell will tell us why it matters. conner? >> reporter: just a now days ago, we talked about if the violence could escalate further. it really continues today. just in the last hour or so, we saw a 70-year-old israeli woman in a bus station was attacked. she was able to get on the bus and the attacker was shot and killed. that was here at the damascus
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gate a palestinian boy was shot while running through the area with a knife. try to lessen the violence and reduce the violence and including rod blocks and dividing east jerusalem from west jerusalem. and so far those efforts are not making much of a difference. we have had the two attacks after the efforts were implemented and all of the violence we have seen here really started earlyener the summer, as the fight over israel willies and palestinians over the mosque intense foyed. the israelis pushed to go there and pray. it is an that is holy site. it is also a holy site for
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muslims. the juice are pushing to pray there. and there is incident heres in recent week ands months that also inflamed the situation here. right now, you have jenna, palestinian young men between the ages of 15- 25 running around and attacking the israeli here in jerusalem and other part aiup of the country and protestors in the west bank clashing with the israeli security forces there. it is it a situation that we have seen here before, but it does feel different. israeli officials say the attacks are not coordinated but seem to be lone wolf attacks and that adds to the difficulty for the israeli officials trying to stop them. >> conner powell, live in jerusalem tonight. thank you. >> signing off on the nuclear
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deal. that seals the last step in the long fought process in spite of efforts to kill the deal. iranian troops giving a behind the scene tour of a secret missile base. there is çóunderground tunnels where medium and long range tunnels are stored and ready to launch. it is 500 feet below the surface and one of hundreds scattered ii iran. >> there is a new plan to cite domestic terrorism. and a woman sues her own nephew for hugging her too hard. it is tough to believe be, the jury took the the case and we have results coming up.
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fox news alert. much of the political world is waiting and wondering what vice-president joe biden would say and do after last night's debate. we have the first comments from the vice-president about the others who were on the stage. take a lesson. >> i was proud. i thought they all did well. and you know, part of what has to be done, we have to actually
10:26 am
make things work. you know, you got to make itñi work. you got to be able to -- >> he said i think they all did well and make the system work. making those remarks after a white house event at which he was one of the primary speakers. will he get in the race? that's something he has not talked about yet. >> you can hear about it. >> and mike was very hard away. >> and to mestic terrorism. doj handling all cases of home grown extremist and that includes more than isis sympathizers. >> cathrein joins us line with more. >> reporter: it is it a force multiplier on putting emphasis on counter terrorism connected to isis or radicalism or racism
10:27 am
or anti- government groups. >> terror and extremism do not always take place outside of our borders. home grown extremist can be qxd motivated boy hate. >> reporter: one of the common links issous of social media and redirecting recruits to encrypted sites to leave fbi blind. >> social media can create a radicalization echo chamber and the calls for extremist propaganda echoes others. >> reporter: there is questioning of another level of bureaucracy and created the national counter terrorism center. and the hub for analysis and expansion of fbi joint terrorism task forces to 56 cross the
10:28 am
country who deal with the u.s. attorneys. reporters were told today that more people in the u.s. died in attacks by extremist than international terrorist groups. but they seem toñi have a lasti impact in some cases, jon. >> catherine thank you. >> i am sorry gen a. >> we are interchangeable. federal officials focus on one state in particular to house guantanamo detainees. some state officials are pushing back. plus, passengers rally to a defense of a woman kicked off of an american airline's flight. what did she do to warrant the treatment? no one seems to know. we don't care if it is legal. >> i know if you don't get off we'll have the cops to come get
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can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management. >> federal officials have their eyes on two colorado prisones añ they search for a place to house the remaining guantanamo detainees. some officials and residents are not okay with that. >> the transfer of git me detainees will require congressional approval. federal officers are doing site
10:33 am
surveys on two locations in the state including super max. alkatraz of the rockies and hold terrorist inmates as dzhkohar tasarnaev and the mastermind of the world trade center attack. and the other is the state penitentiary. the pentagon a ratified here as the delegation grows. why the administration is choosing to ignore the public and ignore theñi law in anñi il conceived attempt to bring the prisoners here is a question they must answer. folks in the county of free mont are used to having the worst of the worst living in the prison nor boy. they wrote letters saying, they
10:34 am
are not normal inmates. these individuals intensify the threat level to an unacceptable point because of the dangers posed by the associates on the outside. >> i feel like obama open up his eyes and start realize that we don't need more elements in the area that are already here. >> there are two other location under consideration including kansas and naval will brig in south carolina, jon? >> please keep us updated. >> and a jury taking less than an hour against a woman who sued her own nephew. she surprised the boy in connecticut at his eighth birthday party. he ran to give his aunt a hug
10:35 am
and she ended up on the floor with a broken wrist. she sued him for#gñ 127000. and so she has the brace. and still has it because she's not able to hold a plate of hordourves in a cocktail party. >> this is the reason public has negative perception. >> the attorney said she had a case. >> you have to go by the eight-year-old child who gives a relative a hug as to whether they breached the standard of care. and the jury coming back in 25 minutes, we are not giving you money, we think it is ridiculous. >> her attorney said the nephew should have known better.
10:36 am
>> i don't know an s7 eight-year-old not exciteed to see their aunt and hugs her? >> punished for a hug. >> i think the attorney should be punished for bringing that lawsuit and wasting the court's time. >> if you are injured on someone else's property there is homeowner's insurance. what is the right legal proceeding. >> if there is negligence. as we were talking. xd if the standard of care is violated. if there is a huge pot hole and no light and no one tells you there is a huge pot hole and you fall tenñi feet down. family member or not. that may be negligence to sue for. in this case it isñi a child running. >> and so many strange parts.
10:37 am
the fact that you name the nephew as the person you are suing. >> first of all, there is no legal basis for just because you get injured you don't have a lawsuit. unfortunately people file cases and hoping to break the back of the insurance company to say we have to pay our lawyers, we'll give them a settlement. good for the insurance company to payout on a bogus lawsuit. the poor eight-year-old child just lost his mother a year ago. >> it makes you wonder how the case got that far. >> i wonder how the judge didn't throw it out. it doesn't support. facts doesn't support a legal case here. >> the 12 year old doesn't have to pay. >> i agree with that. the next message, we have to be so afraid. don't hug too hard. or too much affection or jump
10:38 am
you may get sued. >> he had a new bike and he was excited. there is no legal case right now in this case, an american airline system taking heat from passengers on a flight bound from portland after a woman was kicked off of the plane. this was an exchange recorded boy a man sitting behind her on the plane. watch. [inaudible] why are you see mean to me? >> you have to get off of the plane. >> i didn't know you were talking to me. this can'tb be legal. i seriously didn't do anything. >> if you don't get off -- >> off the plane she went and fellow passengers say it is a misunderstanding and they booed the flight attendant as they escorted the woman out. >> i know you didn't see it.
10:39 am
>> [inaudible] >> you just lost a lot of customers. >> the flight was going from phoenix to portland. and we don't know what transpired and what we are gleaning from the reports that there might have been a misunderstanding and the flight attendant told her to mood and she thought he was rude. it didn't seem a grejous and does she have a legal ramiction. >> she was calm and composed and very nice and not screaming or cursing and not assaulting noone. >> there was no criminal activity and for someone to be taken off of the plane, you need to do something more serious than complain about a flight
10:40 am
attendant. i prefer not to fly that airline because they are so rude. and they are service people and should be checked for proper ñi behavior. >> but you are vulnerable on the plane and they are stuck wu. and maybe there was something that we will not fly for thisxd woman. do they have legal basis to remove anybody they suspect can be a problem for the flight? >> after the homeland security act was passed and we have specific rules with the airlines. we get that and i have found in the enforcement world whether it is police officers or flight attendands you have to use the rule of reason. sometimes employees overact and making a situation worse. she did nothing seen here that
10:41 am
was wrong. >> does she have a case to sue. she was able to get on the next flight. >> she might. did the delay cause her damagef# emotionally and is sheñi distraught over this? the next flight might have been the next day and it could have caused her financial aggravation or distress. >> have you been removed off of a plane. >> it was nothing like. this there is emotional distress and things like. this i wouldn't sue. you you have to suck it upñi an hopefully get apology and the next flight. >> or free beverage. >> maybe she wanted the conduct to change and if american airlines doesn't change their training i will sue you. you never know. we'll find out.
10:42 am
>> we'll find out rebecca flies. >> and i hate to go toñr the cot of public opinion. the people on the plane were overwhelmingly suppothive plane and that makes me overreacted. jon? >> another dramatic incident. a delta connection jetv: forcedo abort the take off after an airline car drove on the runway. it happen in los angeles international. the plane was able to stop safely and the car was removed and the flight continued on to its destination. >> we could so serious flight delays nation wide in the future. there is a long- term problem in need of a serious fix. >> and also, a u.s. official confirming parts of a troubling new report that has russia and
10:43 am
cuba teaming up militarily. we'll tell you where that is happening. >> and surveillance video shows a woman jumping in front of a car. what police say she was after. >> your life is more than a hearse or computer. i did not think. i reacted and try not to let people do bad p things to people and that's what i did. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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>> we have breaking news in israel. another stab nothing jerusalem happening moment it is ago. russian president putin strong arm nothing syria is that happening because the world views the u.s. as weak. newt gingrich has the analysis. and who is pulling in more cash. ted cruz, carly fiorina or marco rubio. and do black lives matter or all
10:47 am
lives matter in it was a theme in the democrat debate. join us for the real ge debate. >> a houston radio station, a car pulls up and smashes the window of a car and tries to take off. but jones jumps on to the car and trying toçó grab her stuff. it ran over her to the. jones chased the suspect in her own car. she admits she shouldn't have taken that risk. police are searching for the suspect. she just reacted. >> new information on russia's military involvement in syria. cuban troops are now operating on the ground there on behalf of the kremlin. theyñr are reporting live with that. doug? >> hi, jon.
10:48 am
>> reporter: the information surfaced in the university of miami. the head of the cuban armed forces recently visited syria with cuba military personnel to support russian operations ñi there. cub an forces will man the russian tanks in the assisting of assad's forces. the u.s. official confirmed to fox news parts of that report. there is evidence that cub an paramilitary and special force units are on the ground in syria. he describes it as an arrangement to the cold war days from the 1970s when cuban troops operated on soviets and central african countries. and cuban troops trained in russia and come on board cuban transport plains. josh earnest cautioned against
10:49 am
the cold war proxy parallels. >> the president was definitive in the news conference in which he made chlor the conflict of syria would not be a proxy war. that is a firm commitment that the president made and that is something we will abide by. >> there is also new information an u.s. official tells fox news moscow is targeting cia backed rebels and succeeded in killing 150 of those rebels. >> back to you. doug, thank you. >> officials are dealing with a growing crisis and could mean more flight delays in the near future. the next guest explained why it years to fix that.
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led to widespread flight delays. ntsb, faa and u.s. air force crash investigator. how many have involved bad information, bad direction from air traffic controller.
10:54 am
>> didn't get it updated weather report. i'm motte sure it's always related to fatigue. that's the big issue today. they are routinely forced to work six day weeks because there aren't enough controllers to staff the control towers. >> the kind of controllers that you need today that are hands on type a personalities that tell us where to go, they are going to be a little bit obsolete with this observation today.
10:55 am
>> that's three years ago. that's according to the controllers union. is that danger to the flying public? >> john, as i said the role of controller is changing. it is scary over the next few years with the growing traffic
10:56 am
that is going to be a problem. they may have to come up with schemes or whatever it takes to get them to stay on for a few more years. >> most of the controllers i talked to when i'm flying are very, very capable. you do hear one once in a while. good to have you on. thank you. >> thanks. birds. some are alfred hitchcock like. we'll tell you why, next.
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10:59 am
a maryland park putting up warning science after an aggressive owl attacked three people leaving them with
11:00 am
scratches. watch out. >> i do not want to be attacked by an owl. >> have a great day. we have breaking news coming out of israel at this hour as we have confirmed another violent attack happening in jerusalem involving a palestinian. a 70-year-old israeli woman stabbed as she was getting on the bus. i'm gretchen carlson. this is the real story. the attack happening hours after another stabbing outside the city. as israel takes aggressive steps against the recent waves of aggressive attacks including deploying hundreds of troops across the city. >> reporter: they approved these measures in hopes of trying


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