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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 14, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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in at a healthy 8 pounds 2 ounces and of course we wish them all the best and hope we can write scripts really, really well or put together great graphics like his mommy, but all the best, dina to you. beautiful, beautiful baby. i'm gretchen. here's shep. it's on in syria. vladimir putin's forces deliberately targeting u.s.-backed rebels there and killed dozens of them. what a u.s. official is now telling fox news. we're hearing today troops from cuba have joined the fight. in israel, the attacks are happening in bus stations and city streets. palestinians targeting soldiers and civilians alike, shooting them, stabbing them, running them down. now it's israel bringing in hundreds of troops to help police, we'll look how this is violence that's spreading and how some palestinian teenagers are apparently taking cues from social media to launch lone wolf attacks. also, closing down guantanamo bay. a pentagon team now scoping out
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sites in colorado to potentially hold gizmo prisoner, ahead, what needs to happen before anyone moves. judge napolitano saying gitmo is a devil's island that needs to close for good. let's get to it. >> announcer: now, "shepard smith reporting" reporting. and first from the newsdesk, the fight in syria is a civil war plus. plus russia's people against america's people. it's new and escalating now. anybody who tells you america and russia are not in a proxy war right now is uninformed, misinformed or lying. troops from russ cuba are right now on the move. that's the word from at least one u.s. official to fox news. sources tells hur pentagon team what reuters reported the last night, that russian forces are going after american allies in syria on purpose. cia trained fighters versus the russians and company. how bad habecome? our source says the russian side
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slaughtered as many as 150 cia trained russian syria rebels. of course, russian president vladimir putin claims he's targeting the islamic state. pentagon sources tell us putin is lying and giving isis help. because the terror group is taking advantage of the air strikes getting cover for its own deadly strikes in syria. in a new twist today, a u.s. officials tell fox news cuban soldiers are joining the fight. cuban. top story live from the pentagon. >> reporter: hi, shep. this report of cuban troops now in syria first came to light from the institute of cuban and cuban-american studies at the university of miami. moments ago state department spokesman john kirby was asked ash the report, he said he was not in a position to confirm but independently, a u.s. officials the it for fox news saying the evidence comes from intelligence reports that cuban paramilitary and special force units are now
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on the ground in syria. he describes it as a kind of cuba-angola arrangement. a cold war reference dating back to the 1970s when cuban forces operating under the auspices of the then soviet union worked in several african countries including angola and adds cuban troops may have been training in russia and may have come to syria via russian transport plane. the course wouldn't speculate just what the troops are doing there but the university of miami reports mostly to man russian tanks supplied to the assad regime. the white house said as recently as yesterday that there's no need -- excuse me, said as recently as yesterday that they should tamp down any cold war comparisons. what josh earnest said. >> i think the president was fairly definitive in the news conference he did 10 or 12 days ago and he made clear the conflict would not turn into a proxy war wean the united states
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and russia. that is a firm commitment the president has made and that's something that we will abide by. >> reporter: speaking at a conference of the association of the united states army here in washington just a little while ago, secretary of defense ash carter asked about russian aggression said, "it looks like it's here to stay." shep, back to you. >> thank you. i want top listen to josh earnest again. listen. >> i think the president was fairly definitive in the news conference that he did 10 or 12 days ago in which he made clear that the conflict in syria would not turn into a proxy war we between the united states and russia. a firm commit the president has made and that's something we will abide by. >> what's a proxy war? a proxy war is when one side has soldiers on the ground and another side has soldiers on the ground and those two fight as a proxy for these two and that's exactly what is happening. play the sound bite again. >> i think the president was fairly definitive in the news conference that he did 10 or 12
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days ago in which he made clear that the conflict syria would not turn into a proxy war. >> oh, really? but it is a proxy war. proxy war defined is what's happening right now. he made it clear it won't become this, but it is this, and that is all. it is. it's a proxy war. it's america versus russia. they can say it isn't all day long, but it is. we support one seat of rebels, russia supports another and syria and iran and cuba roll along with it. proxy war, u.s. and russia. president said no, it is what's happening. cha is a fact. i'm very sorry, but that's the fact. ambassador skip ghneim, director of the middle east policy forum at george washington university. how important for the united states to admit the fact we've put ourselves in this proxy war with russia inside the civil war in syria and how deep could the trouble be here? >> well, it certainly is a proxy war. i totally agree. you can't deny it. >> yeah, you can. yes, you can deny it.
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josh earnest just denied it. the president said it's not happen, but it is. go on. >> but it certainly is happening and this is obviously something that putin has planned well, well ahead. you just don't drop cuban forces in overnight. i said before on your program, you don't build a runway overnight. we've watched this happening yet don't seem to be reacting. just seem flat-footed. what you have here is russia putting together the very coalition that it wants with allies that back it, troops on the ground, which we always said was essential, and which we never were able to produce. we look very, very weak at this point. >> i'm not as concerned about how people think we look as the facts on the ground and among the facts on the ground according to our sources and not disputed by anybody, that 150 of these, remember, the cia is the one doing the training. people have to remember. we've been in there all the tile. they lie to us, tell us we're not in there. they say the military is in there, that the cia is doing is it.
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a fact. that's it. 150 according to our sources slaughtered. when do you protect those supporting against slaughter and then what happens? >> well, we've let them hang out before, haven't supported them. slaughtered by other resistance forces, frankly. it has not worked. it's a flat-footed program. i understand what you're saying about not worrying how we appear. the point of the matter is putin wants to make sure the syrian regime doesn't fall and collapse and says he will not send in ground troops, meaning russian ground troops. sure. because he's sending in cuban ground troops. >> there are russian ground troops there, too. i wonder what is the symbolism? you don't bring in cuban ground troops for anything but symbolism, right? i don't think so. they're fighters. they'll be out in the trenks. >> trunenches, going to cuba ses
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a message? doesn't? >> used cubans before. you already had on the program. in ethiopia and several other african countries. this is a relationship going back to the days when putin was in his intelligence capacity and nows how that was worked. >> intelligence capacity at the kgb? >> yes. >> yep. ambassador, good to see you. thank you. remember, russia is also fighting a war in europe. they say they're not. but they are. and today officials in ukraine honored the troops fighting in the country's civil war against the russian-backed rebels. thousands met in the capital city of kiev celebrating a new national day, defender's day, replacing a holiday that had links to the soviet union. demonstrators chanting glor toy ukraine and the revolution. here is ukraine's president sitting at the back seat of a fighter jet. here he is with a tattered flag. you get the point here. right? think of what's happening at the same time as this is going on.
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remember, yesterday there was a credible report that no side xeps texcept the russians are denying a russian missile shot down a flight. remember that? brought forward all people involved in the study, explained how they figured it out, put the jet back together. definitively a russian-made missile that brought it down. but that's not what they heard in russia. in russia the government controls all media. right? especially the television media. 92% of russians say they get most of their news in the television and television reported to them it was not a russian missile at all that did that. the missile that went up had not been used by the russian military since 2011. that's the problem for the united states. if you say more sanctions on you, vladimir putin, for what you've done and his people think washington's ganging up on them and they would, there is the belief it wasn't a russian missile at all. it they're of the belief the russians have not invaded anyone -- they're of the belief that the united states and the rest of the west are out to get president putin and anything we do against him makes him more
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powerful within. that's the conundrum, that's the problem, and that's why it's going to be so hard to solve. because if you own the media, you own it all. as we move on now, the news continues. fresh violence in israel as security forces try to stop the deadly shooting and stabbing attacks that put the entire country on edge. palestinians today have been fighting with israeli forces in the west bank. town of bethlehem, second day in a row. officials in israel report at least two new attacks today saying a man stabbed a woman at a bus station in jerusalem before an officer shot him and then there's this -- they say they shot and killed a terrorist who took out a knife and ran towards them, at the gate to the old city of jerusalem and they shot that guy dead. israel officials say they've deployed hundreds of troops to cities across israel to help stop the attacks. in most cases the attacks have been young palestinian men between 15 and 25 years old, who don't appear to have any connection to organized terror
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groups. instead, looks like they're getting inspiration online. the "new york times" reports that online videos of israeli killing palestinians and other social media posts have been helping promote the violence. and the times refers to the palestinians as men who have independently decided to carry out attacks against israelis. lone wolves. in some cases, the attackers parents were shocked to learn what their children had done. >> translator: i became worried like any mother. i got worried. i phoned the school principal. i told him, i'm the mother of mu to mustafa? she not at school. i suspects she the martyr. at this point i collapse. >> eight recent attacks, palestinians on israelis. the israeli security forces returning fire and also say 30 palestinians died in the violence. half of them while attacking israelis. and the rest during protests and street fights with the troops. it is escalating.
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the question, how to stop the violence so each side feeling its winning in some way. otherwise this continues. vice president biden was not onstage for the first democratic debate but getting a lot of attention today, analysts question whether the showdown may actually help him decide about this political plans. you'll hear what the v.p. just told reporter coming up from the fox news deck on this wednesday afternoon. why do so many people choose aleve?
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vice president biden offers congratulations to the democratic candidates in last night's debate. >> the debate -- here at -- >> i was proud of -- of, i thought they all did well. >> proud of them. thought they all did well but didn't say whether he plans to get into the race. as a front-runner, hillary clinton certainly had the most to lose during the debate but had a solid performance by pretty much all accounts. in fact, political analysts say she did so well may have convinced vice president biden to stay out of the race. we'll see. ratings were big. biggest ever for a democratic debate. cnn more than 15 million watched on television. gop debates did much better, for obvious reasonsance with more than 20 million in both the fox and cnn debate. ed henry's in henderson, nevada, down the president to vegas. republicans even say hillary clinton did herself good last night? >> reporter: they really are, shep. you said it right. she had the most to lose but also ended up having a lot to gain.
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republicans like ed rollens saying today she looks presidential on that stage. she did it as well by continuing to shift left on various policies, making no bones about some flip-flops she's had, moving from the middle on issues like the president's trade deal, but also pushing back hard on her chief rival, bernie sanders. the democratic socialist on gun control. listen. >> secretary clinton, is bernie sanders tough on guns? >> no. not at all. we have to look at fact we lose 90 people aday from gun violence. this has gone on too long and it's time the entire country stood up against the nra. >> she went on to hit sanders hard saying he voted against the brady bill several times and pushed back hard about the e-mail controversy. the upcoming testimony she has before the benghazi commit saying its bipartisanship because of kevin mccarthy's comments. popular in that room among
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democratic primary voters and may have moved, taken a big step forward locking up the nomination but the policy shifts to the left and some ongone trust issues could still hurt her in a general election but she clearly did herself good in terms of locking up the democratic nod. >> and heard pundits say that and that probably means biden won't get in, which is to suggest he was sitting on the sidelines waiting to see if she would screw up. is that your understanding of things? >> reporter: i will tell you, shep, some advisers of his told me privately he has been waiting to see what is the floor on hillary clinton's poll numbers? so whether that, is she going screw up or not, he has been waiting to see if it would get worse. i talked to hillary clinton's pollster, they believed they've stabilized those numbers and even before last night's debate she was no longer sliding. they think, at least, inside the clinton camp, number one, she's finally had a plateau. there's a finally a floor there and number two, i talked to one
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of her top advisers last night and he basically said they see no path in the clinton camp now for joe biden to get in. they candidly admit, if she had fallen ot are floor last night, a big gap, a floodgate of democratic donors, shaky start. what's going on? pushing joeed by ton get in. the clinton camp believes, could be wrong, they believe they shut the door lat night. >> see what happens. ed, get water in that desert. be careful now. >> reporter: thanks, buddy. almost eight years ago while campaigning in a similar way, president obama promised to close the prison camp in guantanamo bay. vowed to it. pentagon officials may have found a place in america to transfer the 114 people still there. of course, guantanamo bay is a devil's island of torture that must be dismantled and shut down, so says judge andrew napolitano and explains in detail, next.
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2 is minut1 minutes partici hour. colorado, a possible new home for dozens and dozen of get poe detainee, inside a prison, obviously. the defense official mentioned two according to a pentagon spokesperson. local officials pushing back promising to fight moves to keep one-time terrorists there. president obama promised to shut down the detention center in cuba when he first took office in 2009. congress blocked keeping sending them from cuba and going anywhere else for that matter. judge napolitano. what was your quote? gitmo has become a devil's island of torture, force feeding, it should be shut and
12:23 pm
dismantled? >> the president argued gitmo should be shut from day one. one of the first pieces of paper he signed shortly after he took the oath of office, combined ways of shutting down, not because of physical torture but people are kept there without charges, without a hearing and without opportunity to require the government to prove that they belong there. stated differently, it is a place of mass violation of basic constitutional principles. when i say this, people say, come on, judge. they're enemy combatants, wish us harm, caused us harm, are not americans. the constitution protects persons. the just it department knows that, the president knows it and the defense department knows that. if the defense and justice department cannot come up with a legal basis for holding these people there, they do not belong in american confinement. anywhere, whether it's colorado or cuba. >> how does the white house get away with continuing to hold them?
12:24 pm
>> popular opinion supports holding them, because of the myth that they are dangerous and the ming that they engaged in enemy activity against american troops. >> it's a myth? >> a myth. because these people were picked up in foreign land before any american troops were even there. if they had attacked american troops, american troops would have attacked back. some of these people we don't even have a pedigree or know how they got into the hands of the american military, whether they were kidnapped by militias in afghanistan or iraq, and sold to american forces, or whether american intelligence agencies were involved. >> look, i do not put down the efforts of american intelligence agencies to keep us safe, but every one of those folks has taken an oath to uphold the constitution and the supreme court ruled five times that this system requires a hearing, and a trial, for every person there.
12:25 pm
they haven't had it. >> interesting to me the pentagon reviewed some of these detainees, reviewed them at length over a period of years and ruled more than a year ago that they are eligible for release, and yet -- >> nobody wants them. the government's argument is, what do we do with them if there's no place for us to send them? well, you don't confine them in jail, because, guess what? that's a crime. to hold somebody in jail when you don't have a legal basis for it. as for closing this place, jail cells 250 feet below the surface of the earth. nobody ever escaped, nobody can esca escape. put them there and still don't charge them it's just as horrific as if they keep them in gitmo and don't charge them. it's a failure to charge them and prove whatever it is the government said they did. >> it's become politics, though. almost exclusively. >> yes, because the argument i'm making would be difficult for me to make if i were running for office, whether a republican or
12:26 pm
democrat, because it's popular to demonize these people, and that's what a lot of politicians in both parties have done. >> look, the president signed into law a statute which prevents him from transferring prisoners out of gitmo without giving congress notice and giving congress the opportunity to intervene. that is undoubtedly unconstitutional. prisoners are in the custody of the executive branch run by the president. civilian and military prisoners. he can move them from prison to prison and congress can't interfere. >> anything he wants regarding prisoners in any facility anywhere and to say otherwise is not true. >> correct. unconstitutional. it hasn't been challenged because nobody in a position to challenge it yet. >> see where it goes. >> hearing the same word a lot of years. >> yes, yes. like a broken record. maybe finally there will be action in the remains 16 months of ois term. >> a lot of people would be really mad in that happens. >> yes. >> report on it either way.
12:27 pm
thank you. after hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of u.s. casualty, president obama declared the war in afghanistan over, but it now appears terrorists did not get the memo. a new report in the "new york times" that details why the white house is convinced it must keep american troops in afghanistan. how big a force and for how long and at what cost? the national security reporter who broke the story for the "times" joins us live as we approach the bottom of the hour, and the top of the news. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to take their act to the next level... before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time... is
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fox reports, more of today's headlines from the fox newsdesk.
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a plane taking off with nearly 80 people onboard forced to aboard takeoff and leave the runway to avoid a car. it happened at los angeles international airport. reps say a worker was driving and made a wrong turn. no one was hurt. in houston, texas, new video showing a former city councilwoman jumping on to a moving car, trying to get her purse back from a suspected robber. the thieves got away after driving over her foot. if you think running marathons is tough, try running through the amazon jungle, jaguars, snakes, venomous keeping you on your toes. dozens took part. about a quarter dropped out. the total distance for the race more than 150 miles, a lot longer than a traditional mayor ton. the winner in just over 40 hours. the news continues with shepard smith right after this.
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the united states spent 14 years, hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars in afghanistan.
12:33 pm
the military reports 2,345 american troops have died. we're supposed to pull out our men and women from that country. instead terrorists are on the move. afghanistan security forces said to be a mess and now the would us is considering leaving thousands of u.s. soldiers in afghanistan and stopping the pullout altogether. we got all of that today from the "new york times," which reports at least three options are on the table now. one -- keep the current force of about 10,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. two -- cut back to about 1,000 troops to protect the american diplomat in kabul, or three -- leave as many as 5,000 troops on a counterterror mission. the "times" reports that's the option officials are most seriously considers, also what the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general martin demp dempsey proseds they past summer. leaving a larger force in afghanistan as one possibility. no word on when the president will decide on which option to use, but the press secretary
12:34 pm
josh earnest did say the white house is el phooing good about how things have gone with afghanistan's government since the war officially ended. >> over the last year, u.s. military personnel and the afghan government have been testing this partnership, and i think it's fair to say that thus far we've been encouraged by the result. >> encouraged by the result. just last month the tell ban took over the city of kunduz. they've taken it back. taliban left that word last night. decided to pull out of the city to avoid what it called an unnecessary waste of ammunition. of course, it's about more than one city and more than one taliban. still finding havens in the mountains of afghanistan and the
12:35 pm
iz lauck imstate gain add toehold opening a treacherous new chapter in the war. all of that from matthew rosenberg. national security reporter for the "new york times." reported from afghanistan until last year during the course of this war when then president hamid karzai ordered him to leave. the first expulsion of a kevwes journalist since the taliban ruled in afghanistan. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> i should add, you were expelled and viewers should know, you famously reported that there were cia cache drops to hamid carsize and the government there over a decade and i don't think he particularly liked that. for today's matter, for today's matter, the war continues. do you have, does your reporting indicate whether they're leaning in one way or the other and when we might get a decision? >> you know, there's no deadline on this. they've got a lot of time to make a decision. this is by the end of 2017, but
12:36 pm
what i'm told is they are leaning towards that 3,000 to 5,000 option that keeps people in place who can hunt for militant hillary clint isis ands are having trouble holding it now, reducing support makes it less likely they will hold on. are you in an apache situation, guys in a lily pad, spring into action, but otherwise do little. what's the big debate. what is this worth in the end? and if we do this for four, five, six more years at 5,000 or 10,000, what's the result? any better or staving off collapse for as long as we can hoping the insurgency eventually fades? >> and hoping whoever's in power at the time doesn't get the blame? is that part of it? >> i think it is.
12:37 pm
and it applies to both republicans and democrats in this town. the constant argumenter that accomplishing well and doing well. a lot of things have been accomplished but a lot of things happen. the afghan military the biggest praump the u.s. has done in the last few years is not doing well. built from scratch from 2009. not a huge expectation is ho be great but they have real problems and the depth of political problems in the government and the society as a whole are enormous. i'm not sure we ever really have an honest discussion about that teach people to fight. the question is whether they want to. because you can't teach that part. does reporting ind date whether they do? >> in some instances afghans do and in some they don't. not like the situation in iraq where he just left when the islamic state showed up. at the upper level, command and control is really bad. a lot of problems. huge political problems, and at
12:38 pm
some point the soldier may be willing to fight but his commanders and political bosses together to tell him who to fight, there's not much for him to do. >> as a clearly, we like the new leaders better than the last leaders, for reasons that are easy if you google it. does that mean they're anymore effective? >> effective in some ways, but what they're trying to do to bring about this change and build institutions and clean up an incredibly corrupt government, this is something that takes years. the nots getting done in two, two, three, four, five years. it's going to take decades. i'm not sure we think on those time scales. >> the immediate goal, i guess, is against the taliban, all of a sudden part of newspaper reporting. it's not as if they had gone away, just we haven't heard about them daily. right? >> yeah. amazingly, omar died a few years ago but we didn't know it before the last couple of months. the taliban never sought to
12:39 pm
attack the united states outside of afghanistan. al qaeda they're in-line with and the potential for a failed state. one of the people i spoke to, a diplomats, spent a lot of time there, put it as, like, you like syria? you want another one? that's what could happen should we pull out altogether. the afghan government is very weak and the state is very weak but it is a series of bad choices that have to be made here. >> matthew, if allowed in, would you be there, and if so, why? >> i have gone back briefly for time to do reporting. so i would -- i would go. if it's for work. i wouldn't go to visit at the moment. i think it is pretty risky. >> you wouldn't holiday there? >> no. and i have holidayed there at times. it's really pretty and there are great places in that unt can but right now it's pretty rough in that country. >> matthew rosenberg, fine work at the "new york times" and ny times i appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. ever wonder if today was still an orange day?
12:40 pm
the department of homeland security has considered bringing back those fantastic color-coded terror charts so great back during the bush administration. in our wall is the chart, in case you sort of long for looking at it again. it really was among the best things. that, this and tom ridge's warning to us all to wrap our houses in cellophane. two of my favorite new things. critics ted is wasn't very helpful. back in 2011, replaced with a new thing. alert system giving detailed information to the public about a threat. see, there's the new thing. not nearly as colorful, so how can it be better? even el it have aed or imminent is what the terror would be. elevated or imminent. not colorful, as i mentioned. so -- yesterday the homeland security secretary, jeh johnson, said the department is reviewing whether to revise the old color-coded system. secretary johnson saying it's part of a push to better deal
12:41 pm
with the threat of terrori terrorists-inspired or so-called lone wolf attacks on the united states soil -- or to make it more colorful. what if you brought the color back and then wrapped it in cellophane? it would then be doubly awesome. the united states has a new domestic terror chief, word from the justice department. an official there says in the past few years home-grown extreme i679s killed more americans than foreign terrorists have. hear that? the home-grown people killed more than the foreigners have, like this picture. officials say the new domestic terrorist council will focus on preventing attacks like this one. the bombing in 1995 of the al ferd p. murray federal building in oklahoma city and the church massacre happened earlier this year. live in washington, how's this going to work? >> reporter: speaking here in washington today the head of the justice department national security division john carlin said this new position will be the main point of contact for u.s. attorneys and better
12:42 pm
coordinate strategy as well as resour resources. carlin spoke about the threat posed by the islamic terror group and emphasized law enforcement is focused on racist and anti-government ideology such as those held by dylan roof. more serious than isis. the use of social media making contacts for perspective recruits and redirect them to encrypted communications leaving fbi agents blind to activities. >> social media in this situation can also create an extreme segment of our society, radicalization echo chamber which each of their own calls for extremist propaganda or violence echo and support the others. >> reporter: the justice department also said the goal of his new position is to get all of the u.s. attorneys across the country on the same page, shep. >> what do critics think? rt kr >> reporter: critics question what they call another layer of
12:43 pm
bureaucracy. created the national terrorism center at the nation's threat analysis and expansion of the fbi's joint terrorism task forces to 56 cities across the country, and they already work directly with u.s. attorneys. >> i think the first question that needs to be addressed is, what problem are we solving here? we've been combating domestic terrorism, particularly as it's related to islamist threats here for well over a decade. what have we been missing? >> reporter: why another position is needed. white house had no specifics to offer saying the creation of this job is in keeping with the administration's strategy. >> i will say that the administration has worked diligently to constantly be in a -- be reviewing our posture, and evaluating strategies that we can implement to counter violent extremism. >> reporter: one of the criticisms we also heard today
12:44 pm
is that there was no sort of input from other organizations who work this issue, shep, rather just announced by the justice department. >> okay. thank you. >> reporter: okay. even though our military spends billions or high-tech tools, the u.s. navy's latest gadget sells on ebay for $30. the naval academy is bringing back classes in navigating with secretariants. a star-based navigation tool from the 1700s. the academy scrapped the glasses, after gps satellites made navigation easier. but now there's a fear that a cyber attack could knock out the gps. the incoming cadets have to learn the old school ways of navigation, in case the satellites go dark. that makes sense. former nba star who married into the kardashian family found unconscious at a brothel. it is very bad we're now told, and we're hearing about what happened before he collapsed. and a new proposal in california to let violent criminals leave
12:45 pm
pris ton fide wildfires. we reported briefly on this yesterday. today a big change. and it's next. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow! uthis isn't the mostne efficient way for people -or air to travel. awww! ducts produce uneven temperatures and energy loss. mitsubishi electric systems offer a better way with no new ductwork....
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today, jason chose aleve. aleve, all day strong. and try aleve pm, now with an easy open cap. former nba star lamar odom said to be fighting for his life at a hospital in vegas after passing out at a brothel, fighti fighting for his life. he also died. it's reported khloe kardashian is at his side. she timed for divorce, it's n t confirmed. he was at a broth's in nevada, about 70 miles north and west of vegas. the brothel's owner says he was taking something called herbal viagra. a number of days. i mean -- the county sheriff
12:49 pm
said paramedics rushed to the brothel yesterday after a woman found lamar odom unconscious in his room. he's now at sunrise hospital in las vegas, we're told, reportedly on a coma on a respirator. reports he was intubated. what do we know about what happened here? >> shep, workers at the love ranch tell fox news during his stay lamar odom got a call from someone about the show "keeping up with the kardashians," became disstrout and remained that way until found unconscious. tmz reported odom had drugs in his system but the owner of the ranch says odom never did drugs in front of anyone, although he would go to the bathroom quite often. he did drink alcohol from the bar and on monday night requested privacy and spent the night alone in his suite. he was found late yesterday by several employees and when they turned him on his side, at the request of a 911 operator, odom
12:50 pm
started "throwing up all kinds of stuff." paramedics told the brothel's ober that it was bad, and he might not make it. shep? >> anybody reading knows that he's had a rough time of things. >> yeah. i mean, you touched on it at the top. in the middle of divorcing khloe kardashian. arrested for drunk driving recently. nba career essentially over and this summer two of his closest friends died. on a recent episode of "keeping up with the kardashians" following his friend's death. she gets off the phone and says she thinks this will cause him to spiral. a few years ago on top of the world. two championships with the lakers, nba player of the year and a series. saying this to odom. >> hey, keep fighting. you've always been a fighter. you're a survivor. from new york city, to l.a., to miami, you've been a fighter. so keep fighting and we want to
12:51 pm
see you back on your feet. >> reporter: former teammate kobe bryant also at the hospital. shep? >> thanks. we now know the winner of the wildlife photographer of the year award. that's coming up.
12:52 pm
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the winners of this year's wildlife of the year competition announced today at an award ceremony in london. chris has the details. >> hey, yeah, for the national history museum in london they have a competition. the only truth, 100 winning images. this first image was taken by a 14-year-old in the check republican. one out amphibians and reptiles
12:55 pm
category. the photographer said you have to put on a web suit and go into the water and he captured this moment right when the newt was swimming above him. >> that's a lot of work. >> this image here was in australia. you see a whale that just took a huge chomp out of this school of sardines. these are lions and tigers performing at a park in china. this image won best overall for wildlife photographer of the year. this was an amateur photographer. >> that's incredible. we'll be back with a look back at this day in history. a foul ball catch that ruined a
12:56 pm
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12:59 pm
it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. on this day in 2003 a guy caught a foul ball and all hell broke loose. it was game six against the marlins. steve bartman grabbed a foul ball out of the air just as the cubs outfielder reached up for it. the team ended up losing that game and the next one and the marlins went on to win the world series. steve bartman reportedly went into hiding after getting death threats. he apologized saying after being a life long fan he was heart broken. chicago gets another chance, another shot hoping the end the curse that steve bartman enherted from a billy goat 12 years ago today.
1:00 pm
when news breaks out i'll break in. >> nothing cool about the way we finish. take a look at this. the world's biggest retailer saying we don't see any light at the end of this tunnel for a while. a good few years at least. that stock today alone fell 10%. it has rarely lost so much in a single day. some say back to 20 years. that much we know. in one swoop, walmart lost $21 billion in market value which is about the amount the accompany has promised to buy back in stocks to make up for that loss. good luck there. and good luck for the dow when


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