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  The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 14, 2015 5:05pm-5:20pm PDT

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and that's the memo. top story tonight reaction. joining us from his campaign headquarters in new york city, republican presidential contender donald trump. now, you were goght during the debate. you can tweet and walch at the same time? is that possible? >> well, i had plenty of time because that was a pretty boring debate but i did and picked um like i hear 160,000 followers lastçóñi night. >> did you actually watch the debate though? >> i didf; i actually did. i felt i had an obligation. i would have rather have watched me other things to be honest they all know they
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are not going to win and they would like to have a role in the democratic party going forward. that's not like the republican field where anybody could win. now, i'm surprised you didn't watch the mets get pounded last night. you did watch the two hours. in your opinion, did hillary clinton wins a i believe she did? >> she did what she had to do. i thought she won. i thought actually she was pretty effective.ñi she was not strong. gave up one of the strongest points, the emails as you know totally gave that up. he did it for a sound bite and actually big beneficiary much more so than him. got a nice applause line. in the end he gave up a very powerful point and it almost looked like maybe he doesn't want to win because that was a very powerful thing to give up so easily i.
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>> were you surprised as i was there was no isis stuff in there? we have got putin running syria and your solution to syria is kind of controversial let putin fight it out with with the various factions inside the country. putin de facto is running that country now with an assist from the iranians. pretty much a dangerous situation. isis has now expanded to afghanistan. they are all over the place committing horror after horror after horror. cnn doesn't quiz them about it and doesn't ask them about the migrant influxion into europe which is humanitarian catastrophe. i was surprised they stayed away from that, were you? >> and very little on the horrible treatment that our veterans are receiving. yet, they are talking about the illegal immigrants getting college education. they don't mention vets in terms of them setting going. we have to start taking care
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of our vets properly. that wouldn't blowt up, black lives matter they asked a couple of people busm when she got to hillary she never answered that question. >> we have a seeing. interestingly enough. let's say you are debating hillary clinton so it's trump -- i think you could charge for thatñi money. charge money for that one. that would be like a may weather fight on pay her view. are you going after her personally? say listen, your personal life and your controversies one after the other disqualify you from being president? are you going to go that far? >> well, i think i would certainly be talking about the emails. i don't know if i would go totally personally. >> you wouldn't see me doing what bernie sanders did last night and basically say ha okay fired of hearing about it serious charge. people's lives have been destroyed over what happened. if you look at petraeus. if you look at, you know, so
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many other people have been destroyed for doing just a tiny fraction of what she certainly did. >> i think the democrats frankly are protecting her. whether it's the prosecutors or whatever. they are protecting her. >> i think they we have to wait before we convict mrs. clinton on television as you just did for the fbi to weigh in because it is a sear just investigation, we call for the fbi to do it they stepped inwith you but let's wait and see. no question throughout her career that hillary rodham clinton has been involved oneçó after enough sand another. i don't know boy she didn't respond security is terrible. why did you ignore that? and we haven't got' answer for that. >> you grow back further in the career you had whirt white water. everybody thought that was
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going to be. nobody went after her last night. i think, frankly, that maybe cnn -- they could have been told not to do it but when we were debating they were asking well, mr. trump, well, but there was much different kind of a debate. they were saying, mr. trump so is and so said this how do you respond? i'm talking about somebody to my right or to my left. >> then wanted to make you look gadd, no, no, they didn't do that last night. >> so, are you saying now that cnn was in the bank they made an editorial decision to be no difficult on democrats tran republicans. >> maybe the democrats said this is the way we want it and we insist on doing it this way. >> you think the democrats told cnn what they were going to do? that's a pretty tough charge. >> i think it's possible. >> really? >> glow, i don't think so.
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anywise anything wrong with it even. the way they spoke with us was pitting against each other. how do you respond, mr. entrepreneurship. there was nor ever of guys back and forth. let's be fair about it dictated terms of the debate to cnn. that's a pretty strong accusation. >> it was a much different debate charge. if you look at what happened with us and if you look at what happened. by the wavy thought anderson cooper did an excellent job. in that case they were asking questions. they were giving answers. in our case it was like a reality show. okay. if you want to know the truth. and that's what happened. and, franksly, i liked it. i enjoyed it but it was a very different way of doing the debate. >> certainly different. now, if you just kang with us a next few later bernie
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continuing now with donald trump's quest to become president last week in georgia he said this when asked about his popularity. >> personally, what's the secret of my popularity? honestly? it's my looks. [ laughter ] >> it's true. i'm very handsome. that's the only thing i can think of right now. >> rejoining us now from his headquarters in new york city donald trump. that's from the namath playbook, is it not? >> we are just having fun. the question was asked why are you doing so well with. i thought that would be fun. every once in a while we with k. have a little bit of fun. >> i loved it. i think that's what's separates from you the other people. now, ben carson the latest fox news poll out yesterday he is right on your heels. i think it's 24, 23 you are
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beating him. would you vote for ben war son for president if you weren't in the race? would you support him? >> yes, i would. yes, i would. goodñi man. he has been very nice to me. very respectful and nice. and i have also been very nice to him. we have so far gotten along very well. every once in a while i want him to say something bad so i can go after him but he has been so nice i can't do that. very hard. if it comes down so the debate in a couple of weeks the field is going going going o winnow. it will become more back and forth because you have to best your competitors. what's ben carson's weakness? >> well, it's the lack of experience. he is experienced in certain things but certainly in terms of negotiating withtñ china and all of these countries that have been ripping are us off for so many years, they are ripping us so badly you have no idea
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even, bill. and i am the best at that. i deal with them all the time. i have beaten them so many times in terms of private enterprise. right upstairs we have people, the biggest banks in the world in this building from china. that's what i you do for a living and ben doesn't have that kind of experience. okay. by the way unless you turn things around from a trade standpoint, this country is going to go down, bill, because we are losing a fortune. >> your unfavorable rating is high. 50% in some polls. do you have a plan to bring that down to make people like you more? do you have a plan? >> well, i also number one in leadership by far by a factor of two and three if you saw that poll that just came out. and some people don't love me but i get the highest marks in leadership. i get by far the highest
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marks on the economy. you know, there is some pretty important categories. >> i understand that,ñi are you worried about the people -- are you going to persuade them to like you if so how you can going to do that. >> >> every place where i intend time. you saw those polls come out today north only leading by 20 and 25 points. i do well in favorability. where they get to know me where they come for speeches and we get to know each other i do very well in favorability. i haven't been able to do that nationwide yet but that's happening. i think we will be able to do it. i think leadership is very important. i think the leadership poll is the most important to be honest and on that i'm double digits ahead of everyone else. in fact, two or three times in some cases ahead of everybody else. leadership is going to be really the most important thing. >> you are well aware that some people feel you are entertainer and not a serious candidate. "saturday night live" has gotten you signed on to come
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over to go a show in november. i have beeni have been ins are e mad they don't want you to host the show. any reaction to that? >> no reaction at all. i just -- i think you saw the poll in nevada where i'm leading with hispanics. i'm doing very well with hispanics. i think i will win with hispanics which i think will surprise a lot of people. buff you think i will end up winning. >> what about your message is going to make hispanics vote for you. >> i'm bringing back jobs in this country, taking away he from china and snan. tens of how sands of hispanics working for me. i have thousands of them right now working for me. believe me, they like me a lot. they are doing great. they are making great salaries. they like me very much. and, you know, of the radio host in new york, the hispanic -- they say they really like trump.
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>>' trump. what if they start mocking you? if i were you i would wear your hat on that whole show so they couldn't get the air. >> i actually hosted it 10 years ago and lauren michaels called me up the other day and said i would love to have you host. it's an honor. i did 60. highest rating in a long time. i think "saturday night live" will be a lot of fun, bill. >> never forget, the biggest honor in your life is being on the factor can't forget that. >> that is true no, question about it, number one. >> donald trump, everyone. thank you very much as always. direly