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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 14, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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watching this tonight. i am bill o reilly. thanks for checking in. >> breaking font as the dust settles from the democrat's first debate of the 2016 race for the white house, some political analysts are suggesting one thing is very clear. this group of candidates is running further to the left than any in recent history. welcome to the kelly file, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. just a week ago, a recent study for princeton yumpt suggests the gap is getting wider than ever that once were considered political suicide. as if to prove the point, last night's democratic debate found five presidential contenders at various points promoting sociali
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socialism suggesting black lives may have more value than all lives and advocating free health care for illegal immigrants. here's a quick savrming of some of those moments. >> how can any kind of socialist win an election in the united states. >> well, we're going to win because we have to explain what democratic socialism is. i think we should look to countries like denmark and sweden and norway and learn from what they have accomplished for their working people. >> you don't consider yourself a capitalist, though? >> i believe in a soet where all people do well. >> what we have to do every so often in america is save capitalism from itself. i think what sanders is saying certainly makes sense in the terms of inquality that we have. >> do black lives matter or do all lives matter. >> black lives matter. >> and without the 2008 bailout, the u.s. was possibly days away from a complete melt doup. despite that, you still voted against it. would you stand bim that if it
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riszinged the country's financial stability? >> no, i would not let the economy collapse. >> do you think taxpayers should pick up the tab for wealthy children? >> every kid in the country should be able to get a high school education regardless of the income of their family. i think we have to say that is truf for everybody going to college. >> senator sanders' plan to expand social security, to make medicare available to all americans. is that something you would support? >> i would focus on helping those people who need it the most. >> carly fiorina argues if the government requires paid leave, it will force small businesses to "hire fewer people and create fewer jobs." >> and i think this is typical republican fair tactics. >> even people who agree with
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you might say this is very hard to do, especially in today's day and age. there are people who say really? another government program? >> i know we can afford it because the wealthy can pay for it. that is the way to get it done. >> senator ted cruz and dr. ben carson. we gin with co-host and the former white house press secretary under george w. bush. we are going to make the wealthy pay. and nibble who suggests we can't give all of these things away without undermining the debt or the financial situation is engaging in a republican scare taktic. >> if you were a democrat and watching last night's debate, you were having a great time. it's all the markets buzz jargon buzz words that make you siay o, my gosh. they are questions i'll have to
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answer later. bernie sanders is doing well, especially in the focus groups. but the media likes hillary clinton. i think what she showed last night is she's going to be able to wipe this slate clean and she will be the nominee. >> how is this changed. they didn't seem to be this open about taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor. >> actually, in that election, when they fought it out in 2008, bend over backwards to try and show that they were not going to redistribute money. that they were trying to push themselves far enough away on many issues. what she said last night about the second amendment is so far from 2008. she called herself progun orr prosecond amendment. >> prochurch -- gun-toting, prochurch goaler or something like that. >> and this time around, it could be good politics. what we're finding is that the
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party always had a little bit of a left strain. but that left strain has grown. and that really is not because of hillary clinton or bernie sanders. it's because of president barack obama. he was determined to change the way that he thought the democratic party should lead and he's been able to accomplish that. >> it's amazing to see the flip-flopping of the position on guns, on trade, the list goes on when it comes to hillary. >> that's not what they said when mitt romney changed some of his positions. hep's a flip-flopper, he doesn't have any core believes, you can't trust him. >> and she would -- but signalsing last night that she reserves the right to change her position again in a general election. here's an interesting thing on the left. one of the things that she's being attacked for, from her left, is that she said she is for trying to keep social solvent into the future. now, the far left says, oh my gosh, that means that she actually wants to change something and reform the system.
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so, basically, what they're saying is that hillary clinton can't even -- it's too far to the right of even fdr. but it's a little bit of a thing where it's, like, oh my gosh, she's trying to reduce benefits. >> that doesn't mean you're going to raise the retirement age. >> that's right. think about her keystone quote. >> i didn't take a position on keystone. >> it reminded me the first thing i thought of was john kerry in 2004 where i voted for it before i voted against it. >> you think so? it seems like right now, like she's smelling like a rose. >> well, that's because she hasn't had anybody pushing up against her. when the republicans have a candidate they'll be able to attacker her and she'll have to answer for that. >> senator,good to see you tonight. what does that montage tell you
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about the democratic party? >> well, megyn, it's great to join you this evening. last night's debate, it was more socialism, more pacifism, more weakness and a whole lot less constitution. last night's debate, i'll give them credit for honesty. every one of them says they want to double down on barack obama's failed agenda. >> striking in all of that, they have no solutions to actually bring back jobs and economic growth. their only solution is they want to spend more. they want more debt and they want to go after our constitutional right. >> they actually had a discussion on the presidential stage about getting rid of capitalism. and the defense of capitalism. that we heard from hillary clinton was we have to save it from itself. >> well, listen. last night was an evening with every democrat trying to explain how they're just as much as a socialist as bernie sanders is.
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>> when you've got the people cheering bernie sanders, he's not ruled out a 90 pvnt tax rate. he's okay with leaving you with 10% of your money. and they're cheering him. how are you -- how does ted cruise, if he's a republican nomine people to vote for you. >> well, it's why the modern democratic party is getting smaller and smaller and smaller. what does it say that they're having a hard time finding anyone to run for president who isn't nearly 207 years od. you're not getting new and fresh ideas. but last night did illustrate the democrats are the party of government. and you know what i thought was particularly striking? you listen to each of them pradle on about income inequality. without one of them acknowledging that their policies expand income inequality under barack obama's failed government policies. the top 1% love the demagogues.
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they were demagoguing last night. they earned a higher share of our income than any year since 1928. the people that have been hurt under the obama economy have been the most vulnerable. it's been african americans, it's been hispanics, it's been single moms. it's been people struggling to achieve the american dream. and what the democrats are all about is trying to buy votes, trying to play cronyism, paying off their favorite special interests. you know, one of the numbers that i think summed up last night, those democrats attack the nra 14 times. attacked a group that protects the bill of rights in the entire debate. they mentioned israel once. they will come after american citizens trying to strip away our bim of rights. last night was an awe dix for who would wear the government jack boot.
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and that's why the american people are trying to change the path that we're on. >> senator, good to see you. >> thank you, megyn, god bless you. >> at the top of the hour, we asked do black lives matter or do all lives matter. dr. carson is next with his reaction to an interesting moment with ronald reagan and bernie sanders.rn sanders. plus, a republican group has hit hillary clinl ton with a new benghazi that a whole group is demanding it get pulled right away. and then, crime in the president's home town is hitting record levels. more than 60 murders just last month. and since chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, we'll show you who the mayor is blaming just ahead. >> the thooer ri abotheory abou
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ferguson effect and video documentation of police officers engaged in all types of blaif i don't recall would have a direct impact on a police officer's willingness to actually work is really offensive. ♪ our parents worked hard so that we could enjoy life's simple pleasures. now it's our turn. i'm doing the same for my family. retirement and life insurance solutions from pacific life can help you protect what you love and grow your future with confidence. pacific life. helping generations of families achieve long-term financial security for over 145 years.
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breaking tonight, a new fallout over the black lives matter. a point of targeting democratic kabd dats. at one point, they took over a bernie sabders event and drove him off the stage. they forced governor martin omally to apologize for telling a crowd that "all lives matter." so this is a question for the five people that led last night's debate. >> do black lives matter or do all lives matter. let's put that question to senator sanders. >> black lives matter. >> black lives matter. and we have a hot of work to do to reform our criminal justice system and to address race relations in our country. >> secretary clinton? what would you do for african americans in this country that president obama couldn't? >> we need a new new deal for communities of color. >> senator web? >> as the president of the
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united states, every life in this country matters. >> joining me now, republican presidential candidate dr. ben carson. what did you make of that exchange? >> so typical of political correctness. of course all lives matter. and all lives includes black lives. we have to stop submitting those who wanted to divide us up into all of those special interest groups and start thinking about what works for everybody. there are a lot of policies that this administration has embraced, that hurt black lives that hurt all people who are in the underclass, you know, the way that we have duoubled the national debt and basically abolished the banking system savings accounts and bonds and things like that, which used to be a mechanism for poor people and middle class people to grow their money. it virtually doesn't exist
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anymore. you have to have risk tolerance to get into the stock markt. his economic plan would add an additional $18 trillion to our debt and query what that would do to the economy. >> did you watch the debate? and what did you think? >> i watched most of it. i kept falling asleep. but, you know, when i woke up, i would see parts. >> you did not find it particularly exciting? >> well, i'll tell you what was interesting. was that the candidates really seemed to pretty much embrace the philosophy of the current administration. and it is that philosophy that has led us to this very dismal place. i don't think most people think we're moving in the right direction. and it sets 2016 up for a magnificent time in the world of politics because we will be able to contrast a system that is up
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for the people with a system that is up and by the government. and for big government spending. and we will be able to explain to people, you know, what the national debt means. what the fiscal gap means. and how this is a house oaf card that is's about to collapse. and when people come around, zir, talking about free college and free phones and free this and that, it is not free. and we'll be able to explain in-depth this to people. and unless you're not very bright, you'll be able to see what's going on. >> what did you make on the attack of the 1% and the billionaire. we cued up the following. listen to what ronald reagan braught to america. >> we have so many people that can't see a fat man standing beside a thin one without coming to the conclusion that the fat man got that way by taking advantage of the thin one. >> so is it moral and wrong that
9:18 pm
the top tenth of one% in this country own almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%? that it is wrong today in a rigged economy that 57% of all new income is going to the top 1%. we should look to countries like denmark and sweden and norway and learn for what they've accomplished for working people. >> your thaugt sns. >> well, some of the individuals who want to fundamentally change america make the point that you must always keep class warfare on the front burner and appeal to, you know, the basic instincts of jealousy. and this is ridiculous. you can take all the money of the top 1% and when you look at our fiscal gap, which is over $200 trillion and you apply all the money of the top 1%, you're not going to get very far that. 's not the answer. the answer is stoking you want the most powerful economic
9:19 pm
engine the world has ever known and getting off the ridiculous regulations, every one of which costs money in terms of goods and services which hits poor people and the middle class more than anybody else. it is the asinine policies that are causing a problem. and we will explain that to people. they will understand this. >> that's another thing we heard a lot of last night. regulation. regulate this, regulate that. dr. ben carson, thank you for being here. >> as violent crimes hits chicago, the cops may have the responsibility, not the gangs or the drugs. definitely not the mayor's policies. that has touched off an angry debate. we'll have that just ahead. plus, all of the democrats on the ben ghazi committee will unfold. we'll report, you decide when the congressman joins us next. hold the phone.
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yeah. coverage for land and sea. now, that's progressive. we've had a murderous dictator who had american blood on his hand threatening to massacre large numbers of the libyan people. our response is that the united states will not leave this. we mr. provide essential, unique capableties that we have. but the europeans and the arabs had to be first over the line. we did not put one single american soldier on ground in libya. and i'll say this to the american people! the american citizens did lose their lives in benghazi. >> i'll get to that. but i think it's important to explain where we were then and to point out that i think president obama made the right decision at the time.
9:24 pm
>> as hillary clinton was last night pressed to defend her track record on benghazi, a republican group raised a scathing new ad. it is running in several swing states and it ran during them -- during the debate last night. and here it is. >> dear hillary clinton. i'd like to ask you why you ignored calls for help in benghazi and then four americans were murdered. >> i'd like to know why you lied saying the attack was a response to an internet video. >> i'd like to hear why you tried to silence the benghazi whistle blower. >> but mrs. clinton, i can't. what difference does it make? >> hmm. and that is the grave at the end there. joining me now, congressman jason chavis. good to see you. >> wow, so mrs. clinton and the
9:25 pm
democrats came out and called to pull the add to use the authority immediately and saying those images of the grave are being used without permission. does he have a point? >> the first amendment. we have a first amendment right to speak and offer political speech. so,no, those questions, i think america has those questions. why is it that they were left in this death trap that they call b benghazi. why did she, for weeks, lead the american people to believe that it was a video, a video that was not playing itselfo out in liby. that was not the truth. >> one situation on the ground in libya, that's one of the issues that congress is investigating. why were we so not present? why were we so relaxed? why didn't we protect the embassy better, understanding the threat.
9:26 pm
were we trying to make it look like there was no problem when, in fact, we knew based on the intel, that there was? >> well, first of all, if you want to go to war, then you go to the congress. the president went to the united nations. we need to call it war, war, terrorists, terrorists, treaties, treaties in this country. but she should have gone to the congress. she did go to the merp people. i actually went to tripoli. i was the first member of congress there. not the smartest thing i ever did. but it was so -- >> she used it over and over. it succeeded in bringing her poll numbers down as the end of the matter. >> that the republicans didn't set up her own private e-mail. that the republicans didn't transfer classified information. >> she's investigated by seven different committees, including
9:27 pm
some with republicans heading them up. >> it was just this passed friday that literally, for the first time, the committee ambassador e-mail. >> they've been hiding for years. they dead not get them. they've had them for less than a week now. that's how bad it is. the department of defense and the white house can certify to the american people that they have given all the documents, not guilty a percentage, not a certain number, all of the documents to the committee, why should the committee stop. >> here's a question for you. benghazi happened before the election of 2012 obama. didn't stop him. >> it's all about truth and candor. what would she do as commander in treef. the question in congress is how did it create this situation. how did they get into this position where four americans were killed. as a nation, we are self critical. that's what we do and we need to find the truth.
9:28 pm
>> and we'll watch her testify later this month. he's not on the committee so i won't hold you response. good to see you. >> thank you. >> we've been tracking a big story overseas where israel is only high alert after a series of attacks. but what is happening is very different from what you're seeing here inn colluding from our own administration. we'll show you how next. plus, last night's debate featured angry kplacomplaints a angry spending and evils. and just ahead, we will talk about the man that democrats love to hate the most in this country. the show e so called shadowy billionaire. charles coke and his decision after years to finally break his silence and speak to us. >> do you believe that the democrats, including the president, have tried to make ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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israeli troops being sent across the city to the more than 4,000 extra police officers who have been deployed. today, we're seeing graphic new videos showing just how brutal the violence has become. in a moment, we'll get to the controversy and how the obama administration is reacting to this. the story on what is unfolding tonight. trace? >> megyn, this is the worst violence in israel with the terrorist group that controls gaza. eight israelis have been killed. >> we have disturbing video of a man police call terrorists into a jerusalem bus station. that attacker was arrested at a
9:33 pm
separate bus stop, a 07-year-old israeli woman and killed more graphic pictures of two palestinian boys with knives chasing down and stabbing and critically wounded a child riding a bicycle. one tried but the parents of the boy who was shot say he did nothing wrong. he was standing over the body of a palestinian boy has gone viral. israel is accusing palestinian authorities of using social media to radicalize and encourage young people to attack. palestinian authority blames israel for the up tick in violence. the white house blames both. we should note. much of the violence is centered near the gates of the old city of jerusalem. that's the entrance to the holy site for both jews and muslims. there's concern violence could lead to a third or palestinian
9:34 pm
uprising. >> trace, thank you. the administration today responding to these attacks on our best ally in the middle east by suggesting that both sides should be working to calm things down. and despite secretary kerry's announceme announcement, the state department is saying well, this. >> you're not happy with the cycle of violence, you think it's bad. but you think the message to both sides need to be the same. thaekt, right? >> yes, in the sense of our statement frankly said as much. we condemn obviously, today, in the strongest possible terms the attack against israeli civilians. the murder of three israelis and left others injured. >> my question was whether the message to both sides are the same. and, if it is, and you say that it is why is the message to both sides the same?
9:35 pm
>> maybe i wasn't clear enough. we're deeply concerned that there's escalating tensions on both sides. >> joining me now, brook goldste goldstein. >> are you drawing equivalents. if the answer for that is yes, which is how it sounded that is significant why? >> because could you imagine a situation where, let's say an israeli leader goes on television repeatedly and calls for all israelis to pick up knives and stab iz really children to death. well, all sides would have to come down and stop violence? absolutely not.
9:36 pm
but that is what is happening here. a moral equivalents of being drawn. there's no out right condemnation of insightment to genocide. that is exactly what is happening. a bus is inciting genocide against the jewish people. my people. and my government, the american government, doesn't have the courage to stand up and say stop using american taxpayer dollars to fund television programs, cartoons, music ved owes, teaching innocent palestinian children to take their own lives as second-degree bombers. check on the military front. we both watch the same videos
9:37 pm
that people at home are watching. those are horrible. they're just hideous. to zeal what's happening to the israel people. >> why not call the palestinians on it. >> they're telling both sides. >> but that's the problem. >> the obama administration is trying to get both sides to deescalate. to diffuse the situation. what do we want to happen. do we want israel to retaliate and in disproportionate ways? >> here's the problem. here's the problem. you tell me. because hamas is a terrorist organization. our government, our government designates it. that's who's running pal stin. and israel is our oldest ally. let me just say something. it's not about whether or not america is israel's best friend? it's about the bigotry of low expectations. and every time we see muslim violence as a reaction to it perceives offense to islam. >> nobody's saying that. >> whether it's reaction to
9:38 pm
youtube films or reaction to the muhammad cartoons. the obama administration. >> they never called out imam or the palestinian authority or the death to all. that include you, too, mark. it's not just jews, it's all infidel. >> and that comes from palest e palestine, mostly. and they've been on the record denouncing this. >> you don't thip they should be specific in their language. the palestinian leader does not think they should have to abide by their prior obligation saying they left us no choice and there was a real question whether there was going to be a push by the palestinians. >> this isn't a coordinated thing. this is 13-year-old pal stinl yan kids who feel desperate.
9:39 pm
who feel discriminated against. >> desperate. desperate. stabing innocent 2-year-old children. shooting parents in front of their children? how many jews have to die until we realize -- >> they're dying on both sides. >> it's about a lust for jewish blood. and it existed way before this day in israel. >> more palestinians have died in the last 48 hours. >> so more jews have to die? >> that's exactly my point. israel is like our little brother. when you see your little brother on a schoolyard fiekt, you don't necessarily get his back and beat up the kid he's fighting with. you tell them both to chill out. >> this is real life. real people are dying. >> every drop of blood spilled for jerusalem life holy. this is what obama calls a peacemaker. >> very good debate. both of you. coming up, as the crime rate
9:40 pm
skyrockets in the hometown of chicago, the city's mayor is pointing the finger at the cops? >> well, there are only three problems with this. the first problem is crime isn't spiking. and, indeed, there's no national pattern at all. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of these feet...e pain, ...served my country... ...carried the weight of a family... ...and walked a daughter down the aisle.
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file" with megyn kelly. >> developing tonight as violent crime hit a new high in chicago, the city's mayor is making some remarks that are getting attention about police. suggesting the cops are hesitating to act in the wake of what we saw in ferguson and in baltimore. the mayor is saying last week that we've allowed our police department to get fetal. and it ee's having a direct consequence. they don't want to be a news story themselves, they don't want their career ended early and it is having an impact. remember when police were wildly being criticized last winter, we were being told, don't worry, this won't happen. >> have you seen these arguments, basically that go like starting in ferguson, we've seen these activists and protests against police misconduct. that has forced police to stop becoming proactive and now crime is spiking. what do you make of that argument. >> well, there are only three problems with it.
9:45 pm
the first problem is crime isn't spiking and, indeed, there's no national pattern at all. >> and even the theory about the ferguson effect and how the video documentation of police officers engaged in all types of behavior would have a direct impact and the police officers willingness to actually work is really offensive and it speaks poorly to the profession itself. >> joining me now, former new york city police department detective and political commentator lisa durgen. welcome to you both. i thought it wasn't going to happen, but every n the mayor o chicago seems to be saying it's happening. that the cops are "going fetal. do you believe that? >> if you look at the whole circumstance, after ferguson and what's happened, the other groups be informed, black lives matter. next thing, they say rioting is
9:46 pm
like the tea party now. and we didn't see one person arrested in ferguson or baltimore. there, you identify people who are looting. they don't want to arrest people committing crimes. and then what happened with blake in new york. look at the fact of the matter was he was pointed at, he was supposed to have at night, he was put on the ground as handcuffs. the cop was taken off duty. his gun was taken away from him. his badge was taken away from him. now he's suspended. the cops can't keep being slapped around. the cell phones come out if you go to toss somebody to try to get a gun off the street. they're going to be video taping so you're illegally zernl pd and a cop is going to get sued. >> do you believe it's true that
9:47 pm
the cops are holding back? >> i think they're holding back and that's the biggest racist statement of all times. to blame the black lives matter movement for why you're not doing your job, you robo cops, is disgusting. that's the same thing as saying a woman whose husband beats her is her fault because she stood up for herself. >> to say they can't do their job -- a police's job is to be in danger every day. you will not get shot in the head and not come home tonight. you can't take a cell phone, video tape of you doing your job? if you don't want to get an evaluation -- >> i've got a question. if you feel as though you can identify people burning people's b.i.d.ings down in their business and robbing those stores, do you feel those looters should be arrested for that? >> absolutely. >>. >> well, they're not doing it. and the cops are getting frustrated out there. people are committing crimes. >> the cops are worried about
9:48 pm
becoming the next wilson. but they're exonerated. >> we're going to put a camera on you to make sure you do your job. >> i worked for major corporations for eight years of my life. every year, i got evaluated at my job. if i didn't do a good job, i got fired. >> 60 people were killed in chicago in the month of september. follow me on this one. this year, there will be 5,000 african american kids killed in cities. where are my black leaders crying about one bad shooting with a cop? why don't they come out and say illegal guns are killing the kids on our streets. not nra guns. these are illegal guns and chicago, washington, new york, all of this country. i want to get these guns off the street. if i have to toss somebody, they'll toss them. i'll get the gun. you know what they'll say, i did the legal search. here, you have to sign this card because i searched you. now i'm going to have a problem.
9:49 pm
i'm going to lose my job. there is some sort of thought behind it. >> i've got to go, but this is riveting. >> oh, lord. you're killing me! you can't criminalize something because the criminals are watching you. so you can't become the criminals who help stop the criminals. so this is what the cops are doing. >> i locked up thousands of people out there. and i tossed them. and they got their guns off! great to see you both. >> well, thank you. >> oh, lord. >> thank you. >> did you notice last night's debate featured angry complaints about political spending? you're going to get a lot more of it in the next couple of months. up next, a preview of my cable news exclusive with a man the democrats love to hate the most. the so-called shadowy billionaire charles coke.
9:50 pm
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i go around the country, talk to a whole lot of people. middle class of this country is collapsing. we have 27 million people living in poverty, massive wealth and income inequality. our trade policies have cost us millions of decent jobs. the american people want to know whether we're going to have a democracy or an oligarchy because of citizens united. enough of the e-mails. let's talk about the real issues facing america. >> well, that was democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders last night attacking political spending in the u.s. and after taking heat on this issue for years, the man and gop donor whom the left loves to hate the most is breaking his silence and speaking out to "the kelly file" in an exclusive interview we'll have for you tomorrow night. joining me with a bit of a
9:54 pm
preview is howard kurtz. and charles koch does not talk. he doesn't talk when he winds up on the president's enemies list when harry reid mentions him 289 times from the senate floor, but finally he is speaking. and let me tell you, howie, the interview is fascinating. what do you make of his decision to come out now? >> well, i'm very eager to see this because liberals led by harry reid have spent years demonizing the koch brothers, which i never thought made sense because much of the country don't know who they are. and journalists instinctively distrust really rich people who give truck loads of money and don't give interviews. so this is a chance, i think, for public to make up its own mind about who is this guy and what are his views is and his motivations. >> he took a business that his father built worth 21 million and he and his brother david turned it into a business that's worth $100 billion. and for this, he has been
9:55 pm
excoriated because not only does he employ 60,000 americans but he makes donations. he makes donations to candidates who he thinks stand for economic freedom. i asked him about some of that. here's a preview. not long ago president obama himself came out and attacked you. it's not the first time. but he said that the koch brothers are trying to prevent new, clean energy businesses from succeeding. you came out and in a rare public statement said you were flabbergasted by that accusation. why? >> because the opposite is true. all of our policies are based on whether it will make -- enable people to improve their lives or it will make their lives worse. >> on the comments made by president obama, beneath the dignity of the office? it goes from there. howie. >> well, it's interesting to actually see him and see that he has opinions and feelings because i think the koch brothers have made a mistake
9:56 pm
over the years by kind of hiding behind a curtain because that has led to -- it's made it easy for the democrats to paint them as dark and shadowy figures. so maybe this will be a chance for them to more fully participate in the public arena. i'll be very interested to see what you asked him. >> charles coke is the opposite of bernie sanders. i think you couldn't find two men who stand for two more different things. but you'll make up your own minds when you see this exclusive interview tomorrow night. don't forget to tune in, at mfs investment management, we believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management.
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again tomorrow night charles koch. we don't often tell you we're going to air something that could change your life. this could. it's not just the talk about politics, it's about cha your life, your business and your country. see you tomorrow at 9:00. tonight -- >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> the democrats didn't disappoint at their first debate. >> i'm very proud that over my almost 30 years of public service i have had no scandals. >> plus they trashed ka eed cap and promise to give away free stuff. >> rein in capitalism so it doesn't run amok. >> mark steyn is here with reaction. >> i want to talk not about my e-mails but what the american people want. >> then jeb bush weighs in on the democrats going easy on hillary over her server scandal. >> i would have taken her to task for that, and if she wins the nomination and


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