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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 14, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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if you have a question, send in a video. we hope you'll set your trump's son is right here to go "on the record." he is not only a billionaire businessman but right now with the latest poll numbers his father is closer than any other northern walking into the white house and running this country. so, what's it like to have the donald for a father and work side by side with him. eric trump executive vice president of development and acquisitions at the it trump organization and he joins us. nice to see, eric. >> hi, greta, how are you? >> very well. >> your father says he is he a strong negotiator. you work with your father. give me an example what he means by that. >> he is the greatest. i have seen him my whole life. i have sat across the table from her him no one better. quick patrol car particular it call.
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keep things simple and get things done. cut through red tape. amazing man. we have dealt with him every single day and no one better than he is. he would be an amazing president for are this country. >> growing up, was he is the disciplinarian in the family? >> he never let us get out of line. he made us work and instilled great values in us. last family that was ever going to be caught dancing on a table in a nightclub. at young age put on construction sites. worked very hard. expected to get great games and perform. we did. he held us toñi a high standard and we never let him down and he was amazing father and great guy. and still to this day one of my best friends and my boss and my mentor. i have the utmost respect for him. >> all right. at age 10, for instance, was he teaching you how to ride a bicycle or baseball or out negotiating deals and out looking at real estate? >> best memories walking construction sites with him. go to big building follow.
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he taught us the art of the deal just by being with him. i remember building lego sets in his office while he was negotiating great casino deals and other things. it was a lot of fun. probably a little bit of the let's go play baseball in the yard. amazing guy. the relationship we have is incredible. i mean, justhe kind of the family dynamic we have. most of the time family businesses are total disasters. what we have been able to keep together, he, ivanka, my sean mclaughlin and don. building the greatest properties in the world. here is he winning the g.o.p. right now. i couldn't be more proud. >> do you want him to be president? >> listen, i think the man would do an absolutely amazing job so the answer is yes. in fact, i have been encouraging him since before he announced to run. when you have that unique insight on a person, when you see their qualities, you see how good they are at what they would do he would do a phenomenal job in this country. we have real problems.
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$19 trillion debt. real problems in the middle east. educational problems. so many things that need to be fixed in this country infrastructure. there would be no better infrastructure president than he would be. is an amazing builderrenned he is passionate about it quite frankly he didn't need to set aside his life to do. this he has got an amazing company and he is doing it and very selfless. amazing thing. >> what do you make of his sort of spicy language. he is very blunt. calls people stupid. he has called people out. he sometimes he punches back real hard. >> he does punch back really hard that's one of the things i do admire. that's one of the reasons people are attracted to him. sick of the pc and non-since. went be bought by the lobbyists and he is that guy what gist him the example and apeople and why people lo hem. >> he won the debate lastht
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night. he was tweeting as he watched. why do you say he was. >> i was getting my own twitter about his tweets last night were amazing. i had a tough time getting through the debate last night. i think a lot of people had a tough time. he speaks not in the little sound bites. he speaks as a person. he has done a great job. think he has whop the past debates. i didn't see that flare or level of jrg from the candidates. >> the bowl numbers are quiet good for him. these poll numbers are astronomical. what does he say about them to you? he certainly is a guy who doesn't -- he certainly is a confident guy. let's say it that way. >> he is confident guy. amazing guy. everything he has ever touched turns to gold. i saw south carolina today
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he was winning nevada today and some of the other states. these are really battleground states. super important states. you know, listen, he just became a politician three monthsing ago. this is very new thing for him. i'm just proud of how well he is doing. i think he is incredibly proud of how he is doing and how they want something new and refreshing and knocks the sthaws quo. i think it talks to the sentiment of this country. >> he gets so mad at all of us. he gets mad at fox and nbc and says he is never going to talk to us again. get back into the talking business. >> he is he very passion nats about himself and healed himself to auto high standard. he is he a man of amazing are parole properlies. the media is not fair this
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has made him the success he is to the. he want do that for his country. two three siblings and a lot of you have been, woulding ivanka and great system. opening up hotels all over the world. building the best golf course and having a great time doing it believe me it will be a team effort and. >> that's a he no archer. i don't get to which sibling is going to be stepping over each other. y get it that. >> there woken be never leave a choral. we all run different properties it really really works well. contrary to so many family businesses which are disastrous. but we have amazing recipe and we are best friend and we are on this war path together and we are having a great time doing it. >> do you think he wants it?
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some people just for all their lives they want to be president for of the united states. is he one of those people that, you know, this has just come at the right time for him to run? >> i couldn't be more sure of it. greta, he wouldn't do it if he didn't want to. >> is this something that he wants? is there a passion? >> no question in my mind. not only does he want it, he is going to win. i can telling you that emphatic will he. everything he touches turns gold. he has a great business and doing great things. if he wasn't into it he wouldn't be cooking it doing it. tough, tough business you know better than be in else. he is there to take it all the way through eric, hope you bring your brother are sister back. >> great being with with you,ñi greta. >> thank you. and from the republican frontrunner donald trump to the democratic frontrunner
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hillary clinton who last night took aim directly at the g.o.p., secretary clinton relishing the fact that the republicans have put a target on her back. >> well, in addition to the nra. the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the iranians. [ laughter ] probably the republicans. >> if she wins the ticket does the g.o.p. plan to take on hillary clinton? reince priebus is here. nice to see you, mr. chairman. >> nice to be here. >> did you see anything last night that is somehow factored into your strategy for 2016? >> not really. i mean, they are basically going it have a coronation unless joe biden gets in the race. you saw that last night. i mean the fact that today people are discussing, you know, who won the debate, did hillaryñi win the debate? how big did she win the debate shows you where they are at that they are actually have a conversation about whether hillary clinton won a debate against
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a 74-year-old socialist and three other people that most people can't name. this is where they are at. it is what it is. >> i think they are only having six democratic debates and republicans having more. is the fix in so to speak or make a decision this is a good number what is coming out of the sec? >> you have your presumptive nominee. only person that can end that is being joe biden. look, we have got our hillary clinton nominee. what do they think about the debate schedule? they thyme in and say as few as possible. >> is the fix in for her with the dnc? you are supposed to be independent amongst you will your candidates. >> i don't know if the fix is in but it would appear that hillary clinton is show
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calling the shots. if you are the only serious can it as the some point mow is calling thes it much political mischief you might want to call it with donald trump tweeting during the debate. any thought on that? >> we were all pretty much tweeting during the debate. i think all the candidates were tweeting during the debate. i had fun tweeting during the debate. i had trouble staying awake. obviously it's part of my job to stay away and watch a pretty boring through hours. i did it. >> how do you think secretary clinton did? >> you knowht what? she is competing against a bunch of folks that don't register on the rickster scale she is losing to bernie sanders in his home state new. >> what would you give her last night? >> is that an a?
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i don't know if it's an a. if you look it at the opinion polls bernie sanders actually won. same thing that happened in 2008. the pundits came on immediately after and said hillary clinton won the debate. hillary clinton won the debate. focus groups, online money went to who? they went to barack obama. >> wait and see what my you'ves record is after the show. it's a long race, isn't it? >> it's a long race and we're in the first inning. >> inkeyed. usmg, nice to so you, mr. chairman. >> you wet. s which for candidate k the streets lining in vegas. >> american people are sick and tired about peering about your damn auto males. >>, thank you, me too. >> every life in this fun tri i haves. is it wrong that 5' pert of
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the income is p coming to the -- >> it's our job to reign in the ache excesses of capitalism. >> you voted in bill that make it bigger. >> my dad had died in office. i wpb appointed to the office. >> are you saying you didn't know what you you everywhere voting polar for. >> the viewszv in. >> have you ever been to the eastern shore and western maryland? >> you have not been in the united states congress and when you want to check it out. >> it's time that the entire country stood up against the nra. >> >> people at high levels in this country government does no have body cards and secured a right to which enemy are you most proud of. >> i guess of the coal lobby. national rifle association. >> in addition to the nr. >> a. the health insurance come.
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the probably the republicans. >> wall street and the farm is sought enemy. the he soldier harr haas incident me but he is not around to talk to. >> chief white house correspondent has been traveling with secretary clinton that's ed henry he is in nevada. in fact, he is in henderson, nevada. ed, what's the latest? >> good to see you, greta. she just wrapped up an event here. picking up union endorsement. she is feeling lucky in las vegas. not just about that union endorsement. but obviously the debate last night. she was all but declaring victory. i think what's happening is that secretary clinton realizes as you go through some of those sound bites she really offered a contrast to the other candidates. look, this is aee of the outsider hearing whether it's clump and it bernie san percent on the left. hillary clinton proved having a bit of bernsen can
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help you on the big stage last night. the problem long term may be in order to lock up the nomination she kept moving left last night on various policy issues. she also had had a much easier time deflecting questions about the email controversy. because, as you played that clip, she had her chief rival, bernie sanders basically saying enough with this i don't care about it and they elm embraced shoe. is he not going to have the same kind of reaction down the roads. republican voters and independent voters are requesting it care more than democratic voters who are largely saying perhaps they don't care about the email issue. the other big question i suppose moving forward is what does vice president joe biden do? i can tell you that just a moment ago, hillary clinton took a couple of questions from the media here. and was asked whether she thinks that her strong performance last night means it's less likely joe biden will get in? of course she wanted to deflect that again and say i want to let him make his own
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decision. they are telling meal in private, they are saying they think this strong performance last night makes it extremely difficult for joe biden to get in. if she had stumbled after weeks and weeks email situation. if she would have been stumbled. democratic money people, various allies saying we need joe biden to get. in they know that in the clinton camp and that's one reason why they are breath ago sigh much relief today. >> thank you. v k hillary clinton. one of the wes tawrld nighttime's debate is a question about benghazi. >> isn't it hard to call this just a partisan issue. there is a an fbi investigation and president obama two days it was will he legitimate issue. >> i haven't said it's not legitimate i have answered all the questions and i will
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do so before esm had secretary clinton answered all questions in 60% of americans say no. brand new fox news poll say secretary clinton has been honest with the neent george h.w. bush, governor john sununu goes "on the record." good evening, sir. and the democratic party is parades secretary clinton last night after a dazzling performance. we have a short memory in his think. maps. fee is going to be uncomfortable pope sanders consider her through testimony she is misebb it played well in front of a democratic crowd. the republican and independent voters that are out there are still really concerned about her honesty. they arexd certainly have put
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her in a position where i think hue is she is going to have to go over the hard question. >> one of the questions by flip floble for back of better records we have the question and answer right here. >> you are against same sex marriage and you are forever it rpght supported. gold standard. now suddenly last week you are against it. will you say anything to get elected? >> actually, i have been very consistent over the course of my entire life. i have always fought for the same values and principles but like most human beings, including some of us who run for information i do absorb information. >> what's the difference we between evolving and/or flip flopping that's expedient to get elected. how far do you know it. >> look.
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when everybody begins to put that as one the of headline issues. we started notice with one socialist bernie sanders. and then derg to sentences there were two socialists hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> in 2016 general election, if she gets the nomination. what will be be her gravest vulnerability? what will they zero in on. >> actually i think her biggest problem is defending the disaster economically that all the democrats last night were talking about the problems the middle class has, the failure of the economy. and they were talking about it as if it was 8 years of republicans in the white house. instead of 8 years of obama clinton running the country. and so she is going to walk up to the fact that she is going to have to defend a failed obama presidency. i think that's her biggest problems. >> governor, thank you, nice to talk to you,sir.
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>> thank you. >> viewers we want all of you affidavit home now to take tart in our live testimony vote. did hillary clinton just scare vice president joe biden out of the race? tweet rfp using #greta. you will see the live results on your screen all night during union the record. russian president vladimir putin putin has strategy for syria. does president obama have a strategy? we know how 740% of americans answer that question and it's not good. plus senator lindsey graham is here straight ahead. also tonight, trouble in israel is escalating. we will take you there hold the phone. because at&t and directv are now one! which means you can access your dvr at the dmv. change channels while he changes pants. you don't have to be a couch potato, you can be a train potato! and let them watch all the shows they love, inside the ride that you really kind of hate.
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alarming. russia has a new pal in syria. cuba. u.s. officials telling fox news they have evidence that cuban special forces are now on the ground in syria. this coming as new reports showing iran has also sent in hundreds of troops. this is happening as russia escalates its involvement in syria. plus, tonight, brand new fox news poll say 70% says president obama does not have a clear strategy to handle the situation in syria. south carolina senator and g.o.p. presidential candidate lindsey graham goes "on the record." good evening, sir. and should would he be alarmed by the fact that cuba is there helping? >> this is a coalition from hell. have you got cuba, you have got iran, you have got russia. all we need is north korea and venezuela and we have a full house. >> how concerned should would he be that it's now that people who used to be -- >> -- a lot. >> enemies, iran, cuba and russia are now in syria helping assad who president obama said had to leave. >> well, number one, you
11:24 pm
should be concerned because your commander and chief has no idea what he is doing. assad being in power is a nightmare for us the war in syria never ends. not going to accept him as leader. iran, russia and cuba fighting for assad it's at our expense. the refugee also never stop flowing. the war will never end. going to help them recruit. this is a nightmare for the region. nightmare for america. and everybody, including now cuba is walking all over he obama, this needs to stop. >> well, you know, we all know what putin's strategy is. he has made it very plain. i think it's astounding that 70% of americans say that president obama has no strategy. that means he is not doing -- there is no foreign policy in that direction when will we realize that president obama doesn't know what he is he doing.
11:25 pm
he withdrew from iraq when people told him he shouldn't in military. he drew a line and said he shouldn't stop it assad is standing he is he going to leave. he said isil was the jv team. he said obama is dead and taliban is disseminated. he is a nightmare. we will never destroy isil from the air. russia has a strategy to fight for assad. weave have abandoned our friends in syria. we are going to get hit here at home because isil is going to get stronger and not weaker. they are coming after us because obama allowed them to get stronger on his watch. >> what do you think of last night's debate? 30 seconds and i have got to governmental if you like big government you have won. last night was big government and weak national security. i couldn't believe what i was hearing on national security. none of the people on the stage last night has a clue how to defend this country. biggest threat to america is not climate change it's radical islam with a weapon of mass destruction. >> senator, thank you very
11:26 pm
much. >> thank you. >> thank you for joining us from north conway, new hampshire. >> north conway, new hampshire. [cheers] we did it. >> you did it. and violence escalating in israel tonight. israel is now ramping up security. we are alive in jerusalem. that's next.
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of this is a fox news alert. israeli police thwart ago terror attack.
11:30 pm
opening fire shooting and killing a man armed with a knife and dressed in combat fatigues. this attack is the latest in a deadly string of stabbings. israeli forces are stepping up a major security operation. conor? >> yeah, greta. jerusalem remains a city on edge as attacks on israelis and violent clashes in the west bank continue really as they have now for several weeks in an effort to stop the violence and the blood shed, israelis security cabinet has implemented a series of new security measures including deploying soldiers around the country. also erecting checkpoints throughout the palestinian neighborhoods in east jerusalem. the move really affectively dividing the holy city. the security steps so far have done little to actually stop the violence. a 70-year-old woman was stabbed earlier today outside the central bus station. the attacker killed by police as he tried to flee the scene. this is really just the latest in a growing string of brutal attacks carried out by young palestinians in
11:31 pm
recent weeks. most /97?armed with just basic knives. they are very low tech attacks. according to israeli police and officials, these are not coordinated attack despite the widespread anger. these are individual attacks, police are calling them lone wolf which makes them very, very difficult to stop the tensions here really began several month ago over fight to access to the compound between israelis and palestinians. jewish groups here have pushed for more access to that holy site which is holy to both jews and muslims. that set off in motion a lot of violence here and just continued to escalate. greta. there is hope that it will start to die down in the coming days but the language on both sides continues to be very strong and very concerning in terms of trying to tamper down this violence. there was an effort today by prime minister benjamin netanyahu to talk about peace negotiations and peace talks and a call to return
11:32 pm
to the negotiation table despite the fact that two months ago he rejected a two state solution. that may help calm the solution a bit. but right now this is very much, greta, a city that is not at ease eight right now. >> conor, thank you. just a short time ago the white house announcing secretary of state john kerry will go to the middle east in the very near future. president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu have had had a very frosty relationship former yalts ambassador john bolton goes "on the record." good evening, sir and two part question. how dangerous is this the start of a bigger problem and what can secretary kerry do going to the region? >> i think there is very much a risk that is the start of a bigger problem. in fact, the dispute that's occasioned this violence about alleged israeli attempts to change the temple to go after these islamic mosques is just made up. but i do think you have to look at the region as a
11:33 pm
whole. i think chaos is descending across the region. i think the reach of isis and terrorist groups is increasing. i also think there are many palestinians who look at the environment that they face today seeing the deal that iran got from the united states in the face of massive israeli opposition and they are saying this is the time to put pressure on israel with barack obama having a year and three months until he leaves office to get to what they think he will do which is declare recognition of a palestinian state prime minister netanyahu interviewed a short time ago in the united states talked about iran and what iran was doing developing this program an the deal with the united states to stop it but we didn't talk about violence inside israel because even two weeks ago, you know, that wasn't the focus. now, of course, his attention is inward. under the security within his own nation. >> well, and the violence has accomplished its objective as you just afound in secretary of state kerry
11:34 pm
gone to the region when he said the violence was caused by settlementxdctivity. out of a textbook. take it out and see things like despair and hopelessness, cycle of violence as if there is a formula here i think what some palestinians, maybe mahmoud abbas leader of the palestinian authority some are saying look, barack obama just knee capped israel on this iran deal and he did it at no political cost domestically in the united states if we provide the excuse mere on the west bank, we can get him to declare a palestinian state. >> what does president obama want? >> i think that's what he wants. i think his end objective is to leave with what in the mythology of many at the state department is the solution, the answer, the peace and tranquility the middle east needs will come when there is a palestinian state. i think that's delusional but i think that's what they are looking at. i think that at least some in the palestinian community think they can force this by
11:35 pm
getting a level of violence up. forcing the israelis to negotiating table and they are for the first time america will dictate the outcome. >> ambassador, thank you. nice to he see you, sir. >> thank you. >> a pedestrian bridge collapsed over a busy highway and it happened during rush hour. that's next. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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11:40 pm
hurricane joaquin. >> should have never left the dock. had a shipxd in waiting this would have delayed the profits just a little while but they could not wait to make the money. first to file a suit against tote services and maritime. the family has not responded to the lawsuit. the ntsb is still investigating the sinking. former nba tv star lamar odom fighting for his life. found unconscious in a brothel outside of las vegas. he was rushed to the hospital. the brothel owner saying he was foaming at the mouth when he was found. tmz reporting four of his organs are failing and he has a 50/50 chance of surviving. multiple reports report to a drug overdose. he won two nba championships and famously married and separated from khloe kardashian.
11:41 pm
and this enrages me. the chicago public school chief caught stealing millions of dollars. millions meant to help kids learn to they could get out of poverty. this so outrageous. where was mayor rahm immanuel? he is her boss. that's next.
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11:45 pm
i don't know about you but this actually enrages me a chicago public schools chief in charge of educating children accused of stealing money, money meant to help children learn. mike tobin is live in chicago. >> there is tuition to pay and casinos to visit. those words from rahm immanuel's hand picked school ceo and flip excellent on one email explaining her motivation to cook a deal bid contract
11:46 pm
linked to hefty kick backs. supposed to be the cure for the school's largest school system. plagued with teacher strikes, money problems, school closings. yesterday, before a federal judge, she pleaded guilty to wire fraud in connection with to that kick back scheme. according to the indictment, bird bennett arranged a 23-million-dollar contract for formerxd employer, an organization called soups. that program was to train chicago school principals and administrators there were no competitors for the contract and the school board approved it unanimously. she was supposed to get 10% of the contract as a signing bonus after she left chicago public schools and rejoined soups. as it worked out all she ever got was tickets to sporting events and some dinners. >> >> my message is for the children and families of the children of chicago public schools and incredible dedicated educators we have i'm terribly he sorry and i apologize to them. they deserved much more.
11:47 pm
much more than i gave to them. >> now, because byrd-bennett cooperated with investigators and agreed to plead guilty, prosecutors dropped 19 of the 20 charges against her and agreed to recommend a sentence of only seven nafts -- and a half years. that's out of 20 max. two of soups were in court today they have pleaded not guilty. we can learn a lot more about this case when they eventually go to trial, greta. >> where is is the mayor on this. i read a chicago tribune editorial today asked for pee maltsd of the mayor he is boss of her. mayor's office tracking feet providing emails. when they did get them over they were so heavily redacted they were of no value. >> exactly. all we have really gotten from the mayor's office is saying that his staff became suspicious of the no bid contract and he says that his staff asked hard question. he has been that broad. here is a statement from mayor immanuel. >> she violated everybody's trust as a person who was as
11:48 pm
the a ceo of the school system entrusted to advance our children's education. they don't have a do-over. while she was a professional, she was using her professional time to make personal gain. >> and what we have heard "the chicago tribune" is driving the story harder than anyone at the moment. the reporters there are complaining they have so many redacted emails they provide no useful information at all, greta. >> all right. go chicago tribune. thank you, mike. the "on the record" legal panel is here. former prosecutor katie phang and former homicide detective andi attorney ted williams. i don't know why the mayor is allowing auto no bid contract to the tune of 23 million dollars and why in the world you need $233 million to teach people who ought to be principals. don't they learn it on the job or in college. $23 million to teach them. why do you allow someone to do all these kick backs. these are about kids that are not only going to be able to read to fill out job applications later but otherwise severing is fine.
11:49 pm
>> clearly we know how you feel about this and greta and dead, the old saying goes pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered. that's exactly what happened with with an exchief of the chicago public school system is did. you know her salvery was $250,000 already. she -- salary was $250,000 already. money directed to the chicago system to be be able to redirected to this company she used to work for. you know, normally it flows down hill, guys. this needs to flow up the food chain. mayor rahm immanuel picked her said she was the best and brightest. his office knew about this no bid contract but let it go through. according to mike tobin they asked hard questions. hard questions real mr. mayor? think of their children and all of their chanceñi and hope and opportunity to get out of this horrible community of poverty and woman in charge of it stealing the money and the mayor looking looking the other way
11:50 pm
claiming they asked hard questions. >> when you look at this she says she is terribly sorry. >> yeah that she got caught. >> yeah that she got caught. when you look at this and look at the mayor and everything, one of the guys who has been charged by the name of solomon, solomon has allegedly a direct contact with the mayor. solomon is the one who recommended byrd bennett to the mayor and solomon is one of the individuals whose charged with with this 23-million-dollar scheme. this thing goes very much upstairs. >> i always hear about chicago politics. that's just politics. people accusing all sorts of things in politics. this is stealing from kids. you can't do anything crueler than to put your foot on some kid's throat and say you can't possibly raise yourself up because we are taking the money and spending it on ourselves. we are stealing it from you. >> yeah. you know, it's stealing from their mouths directly. it's cheating them of an education. and the insane about this is mayor rahm immanuel hand
11:51 pm
picked her and put that school board together. it's the committee that he selected to be able to do this. the fact that is he sending redacted emails and turn things over signifies to me that there is more going on than the people indicted thus far. >> we have got to go. that's ridiculous ask hard questions. are you kidding in look the other way. halloween is just around the corner. did former secretary of state hillary clinton just
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
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11:55 pm
former secretary of state hillary clinton doing a victory lap today after a democratic debate. where does that leave vice president joe biden? >> >> i was proud. i thought they did well. [inaudible] we have to actually make the system work. i thought every one of the folks last night -- i
11:56 pm
thought they all did well. thanks. >> secretary clinton's pemple maps last night convince the vice president to stay out of the 2016 race? the "on the record" political panel is here from the hill a.b. stoddard and sarah west wood. a.b., biden in or out. >> i don't know if he is going to get in. i don't think it's the clinton's campaign's place to tell him. i thought john podesta talking and trying to push vice president biden to make up his mind was unseemly. this exist because of a huge scandal self-inflicted from the secretary herself. she could be in legal jeopardy. that's the opening for joe biden not whether or not she is a weak debater. she a great debater and always has been. she debated well against president obama. >> the glow of the debates but the fbi is investigating. this there is that? >> right. so it's entirely dependent on whether they uncover something further than what they have already uncovered because beyond that there is really no natural constituency for joe biden.
11:57 pm
if he wants to run as a center left candidate who is the most likely person to carry on president obama's legacy, hillary clinton is already doing that so really the only room for him would be if something further emerged from the emails if she is able to clinton campaign political witch-hunt. they still have the fbi which is part of the obama' that administration investigating. that's completely separate.çó if they go after her. if the fbi does. >> that's the problem. you can always take a baseball bat to the benghazi committee. >> you have still got the fbi to deal with. >> she is under investigation for something she did that they just simply uncovered. it's not partisan and it's not sexist. that's a real scandal that she created. >> are they worried about that? >> they certainly should be but president obama gave them a boost this weekend when when he unequivocally
11:58 pm
said that there was no national security breaches in her emails and while the white house walks that back, you know, that was still a good thing for her. >> look at numbers whether or not she scared him out of the race. 34% say yes -- 46% say yes and 54% say no. letw&p all go off-the-record. i i'm a quick lerner. i'm talking about being proverbial know it all the one that looks like a fool down the road. after secretary clinton's big night last night many announcing secretary clinton will be the democratic nominee for president. she might be. but how does anyone really know? think about it? this is like the first week of the nfl season sitting next to that one sports bore the one eating chicken wicks and pontificating who will win the super bowl. meanwhile the rest of us we know star quarterbacks can
11:59 pm
tear a rotator cuff and change things throughout the season. when nina ease stolen asked about the most powerful women's summit, here is what i said. >> give me one wrong prediction you have made this cycle, greta. >> i'm so burned in 2007-'08 because i didn't know that this then senator barack obama would ever win the nomination from then senator clinton that i was so wrong on that that i have been gun shy of predicting them stem trying to recover from that mistake. >> yes, it can be tempting to make a prediction and i can be a bit of a know it all, a lot can happen in politics. i don't want egg on my face again. that's my off-the-record yent. see you time night 7:00 p.m. eastern. did hillary clinton with her debate performance last night just scare haven't joe biden out of the race?
12:00 am
you are tweeting yes or no using stag greta. 45% say yes she did. 56% say. no we will see you tomorrow night. can't watch tonight on "red eye" who won the democratic do pate? see if we can find anyone to say lincoln chaffey. and attacks on hillary clinton are pure 6ism. i want to disagree, but i keep getting lost in olivia's gore scrus eyes. and what is the most rewatchable movie of all time? for me it is the vhs copy of my first barber shop contest. we provide love and double takes. first, a news break. >> live from mark's news headquarters -- live from america's news headquarters, i'm will carr. john kerry will beheading to the middle east to deal with the


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