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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 15, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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using stag greta. 45% say yes she did. 56% say. no we will see you tomorrow night. can't watch tonight on "red eye" who won the democratic do pate? see if we can find anyone to say lincoln chaffey. and attacks on hillary clinton are pure 6ism. i want to disagree, but i keep getting lost in olivia's gore scrus eyes. and what is the most rewatchable movie of all time? for me it is the vhs copy of my first barber shop contest. we provide love and double takes. first, a news break. >> live from mark's news headquarters -- live from america's news headquarters, i'm will carr. john kerry will beheading to the middle east to deal with the rising tensions between
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the israelis and the palestinians. details were not final liesed, but -- finalized but they will meet with netanyahu and abbas. kerry has one goal this mind. >> i think it is clear he wants both sides to take uh ticial tiff actions -- affirmative actions in rhetoric and actions to restore calm and to try to move toward toward a two-state solution. >> the latest incident coming wednesday night in jerusalem. a palestinian man attacking an israeli woman with a knife. he was shot and killed by security forces. eight israelis and 30 palestinians were killed over the past month. a destructive wildfire raging in central texas. at least nine homes were destroyed. 150 others are threatened. the fire has grown to more than three square miles as 10%
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contained. the new england journal of medicine talks about another setback in the research of colon cancer. taking vitamin d pills did not stop the poll will you -- polyps from forming. half developed new polyps. a technological first for tesla motors. it is a system that can change lanes on its own and find a parking space and park itself. but you do have to keep your hands on the steering wheel. so no texting and driving. let's get you back to the overnight show you can't get enough of, "red eye." welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy at the "red eye" news
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desk. >> it is national dessert day. >> how did you celebrate? >> i am not much of a desert guy, but n brought in treats for the entire staff. >> that's really nice of you. i didn't realize you had a staff. >> yeah, i have 16 people working for me. >> i didn't know that. where are they? >> they are around. how did you celebrate national dessert day. >> never mind that. i am interested in meeting this staff of yours. >> see you at the half. time to start the show. >> let's welcome our guests. if it wasn't for musical theater she wouldn't know how to spell oklahoma. here to spice things up is a little salt and pepper. she spells her name with a y instead of an i. and they say dress for the job you want and he wants to be captain of a yacht. wait, you are wearing something different. it is the writer, producer and
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founder of rob long. let's start the show. hillary got her groove back. that's the prevailing media narrative. after tuesday's democratic debate it is outlet after outlet and slate to box and they are declaring clinton the big winner of the night. it is jonathon martin describing her as sure footed and gushing abouter h crisp answers and aggressivness saying it was the work of a pitcher who eyeing an anxious manager on the dug out steps and a reliever in the bull pen hurls strike after strike to get out of a jam. that's the first time i read that out loud. let's look at hillary in action. >> secretary clinton, do you want to respond? >> no. >> okay. there has to be more.
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>> when we met in copenhagen in 2009 and literally president obama and i were hunting for the chinese. >> and finally in what was probably the most telling answer hillary gave when asked who the enemy she was most proud of making was. >> probably the republicans. that is telling. do you agree she knocked it out of the car? >> what a gamut. that's an incredible range of opinions. >> these guys are so thrilled she didn't do something on the debate. it is as if they said it is all going to be okay. >> our panic attack -- they are blowing the paper bags and they are taking valium and stuff. turns out she is not a bad campaigner which is something we already all knew. she is a campaigner.
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she will be a formidable candidate and she will be their nominee and who ever runs against her will have an uphill climb. >> remember how she dispensed of rick? >> she was good with obama. obama had certain advantages. he was a -- more of a nice human being. more lifelike than hell reclinton -- than hillary clinton. this is the second or third time you have done this. there is thought much you can do to hillary clinton that they have not done. i don't know why we are surprised. >> i am not surprised. do you think this per tomorrow mans makes it less likely biden will jump in? >> i think biden was at home watching. he was like, good. i don't have to try to jump in and i never got the feeling biden wanted to do it. he is at home eating bon-bons. who wants a person who doesn't really want the job? it is like pulling teeth to get him to declare. i like hillary and i like
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bernie. what employer wants to hire somebody who is moping through the interview? >> bernie has the fire, but isn't that what people are saying? bernie has the fire and she goes through the motions? >> yeah, but she has been through this rodeo so many times before, a-d she has an advantage right now. she is planning -- shooy is playing not -- she is playing not to lose. >> jim webb said the enemy he was most proud of making was the man he killed with his bare hands in vietnam. >> that's a pretty good answer. it is hard to top that. with this biden thing, everyone is saying -- i think if you are smart and as people are smart they will keep them out of it as long as possible. as soon as you put a microphone in front of that guy he says something insane. the longer he is not speaking into the microphone the better for his candidacy. >> i remember he said years ago he was speaking to a bunch of african-americans and he said they are gonna put y'all
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back in chains. i was like when were we in chains? please don't put us back. we are having a good time. >> we both love to do that with the black audiences. she loves to get that little look going. >> it is the paranoia. >> you know who can put it on is the lincoln chaffey. he has it. it makes me -- i am so sad. i was sad looking at him. i feel like somebody should take him by their hands and say lincoln, we don't really -- >> we know your name is lincoln, but -- >> hold him a little tight and pet the back of his head and -- you know you can do that. >> i was proud of him for trying to go after hillary a little bit with the e-mails. they are like why do we keep talking about this? he said it is a relevant thing to ask. because you may be in charge of the country. it is a character thing.
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as far as these site papers, the news outlets that said hillary is like, one strike after strike. but if you are hitting underhand soft throws, is it that much of a victory? i don't know. she is a big fish in a small pond because she has done this whole thing before. but when it comes time to debate the republican nominee, it is gonna be very different. >> did she try? did they try? >> did they try? it seems to me they laid down and let her have it. >> i don't think it was as mop about her, and i -- i don't think it was as much about her. it is -- >> are you in big trouble! >> it is a gifted athlete and you look around and go, it is not like see is -- >> so she is the rhonda rousey of this? >> they were going soft on the other dudes which is the fairway to do it. >> but chaffey is the only one
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who challenged her -- that cth affey. she dispensed him with the word no and that's it. >> i think she is terrifying. people are afraid to say anything and that may make her a great president. >> you know what, i hadn't considered that. i don't want to consider it. hollywood actors and proud say attacks against hillary are sexist and they are rooted in show vaw anymore. sexism this pm bleep [about her not seeming warm enough is massage knee. i think she is one of the loveliest and most personable politicians i have ever met. warmer than other politicians in fact. that's pure 6ism. sexism. that's strong words. let's see what else they said about mrs. clinton. i had feelings about her at the time and she has become more extreme in the last few
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years. and she really is a horror. sexist, right, olivia? those things were not said about hillary. that was your robert red ready to talking about gop candidate carly fiorina. turn the table! so the comments are sexist if they are about a female democrat? rob long, what say you? >> that's what they want to say. they want to make it look like -- if you are a hillary partisan they want to make it look like it is unfair attacks. you are not attacking her beliefs. it is something she president -- she can't change. the problem is i don't think anyone -- i don't think bell clinton would say that she is warm and lovable and she just lights up a room. i don't think bill clinton has ever said anything she said to hillary clinton and meant it. that's not because she is a jerk, but i don't think she is that person. it is okay to be a tough robot and mean, mean. that's okay.
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>> if that's what you want in a leader, right? >> that's all right. no one is going around saying that olivia wild, she has a point. >> you have seen her hold that baby and it looks like she will lick it or eat it. it doesn't look normal. >> or you can lick it before you eat it. >> why does she have to be likable and warm? nobody is requiring that of donald trump or of the mail -- i would rather her be capable and qualified overall of those other things. >> here is the thing though. the problem is when you marry that -- her robotic quality with her positions that seems to change all the time, right? she was for nafta and now against it. >> she is evolving. >> that's what she says. she says it is okay, and she said it in the debate. she said show me a politician who hasn't changed their mind. >> that's true. >> so she looks at it as an advantage. joanne, you are a woman. don't you think they love to go go -- to cry sekism when --
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sexism when it is hillary. this go hard on carly. >> but look at that face. >> it is gorgeous. there is a big difference between criticism and attack. you should be critical of everyone who wants to be president of the united states. itit is a big job and your character should be questioned. your personality should as well if you want to do the late night tv shows. you want people to tune in. you know what is worse than sexism which is a bragger. she said i met her numerous times and she is so warm and wonderful. not every american can meet a presidential candidate. >> every time olivia wild met hillary clinton olivia wilde had a giant check in her hand. i will be warm and nice if you have money when you greet me. >> a giant over sized check. >> what is the lowest amount you will booy warm and nice?
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>> the lowest amount is 350. >> dan, why do we listen to the hollywood celebrities? i did a whole story about it. >> i think you nailed it on the head at the beginning of the show. i worked at maxim in 2009 when olivia wild was declared the number one woman on the hot 100 list. she's gorgeous. she's beautiful. she's funny. she's great in movies. she's very warm and likable. she should run for president. >> she has you sold. >> i mean, i'd vote for her. >> next story. rewind, we watch, repeat. a survey conducted by the website 538 reveal their readers are watching rewatchable movies. it is lord of rings and the sound of music and the wizard of oz. they love prepositional phrases. and coming in at number one
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"star wars." the heartwarming tale of a farmer on a mission to stop his dad from choking everyone. the survey showed men and women like different movies. the men's list contains movies like "the matrix"" good fellas" and movies with problem solving. woman liked movies like "dirty dancing"" love actually,," "pretty woman" and anything else you can cry into a pint of ice cream. do you agree with this list? >> to me you have to get shawshank redemption and i will watch the devil's advocate to watch al pacino screaming for two hours. >> i feel like he never stopped screaming. >> i will give -- if that's what women like, i like "love actually." now that's a movie.
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>> i will put it on the list. >> it is not even on the list. >> there was a separate woman's list as well so you can compare the genders. >> those were real chick flicks. "the notebook" was on there. you don't have to watch that a second time. >> you don't have to watch it a first time. and just so you know "the notebook" is on the men's list. >> did you like "the notebook"? >> i didn't see. it what do i need to watch it for? >> do you need good cry? you watch "the notebook." >> you know what is not on any list? "raiders of the lost arc." that's the best movie ever made. be quiet because i'm serious about this. >> obviously you can watch it -- that's the meaning of a rewatchable film. what didn't make the list? >> there is a cultural element to this. one of the movies that didn't make the list that should be in the top five of all time is "the color purple." it is the most quoted movie of all times. the movie was three hours long. >> that's why you won't watch
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it again. >> it was six and a half hours on regular television. >> how many times did you watch it? >> "the color purple"? >> yes. >> 12 times. >> i is that the movie where -- >> oprah makes out with whoopi goldberg. >> that did not happen. two women did make out, but it was not oprah. >> you're welcome. >> "you've got mail," one of my favorites. it was on the women's list, like number 17. i love it every time it is on i have to watch it. i think a lot of these films go with nostalgia as well. even on the men's list there was "the sound of music" and" the wizard of oz" is number four. it just means when you were a kid and saw these movies and you have the good feeling. >> "you've got mail" is a kid's movie? it shouldn't be on the list
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because it is a remake of "the shop around the corner." >> you know what, tom, unless you know the power of the evangelicals is one of my favorites is "broke back mountain." the two guys fall in love. >> is that the one where oprah and whoopi goldburg -- >> again i don't think you have to rewatch it. "catch me if you can" is one of the best films to watch over and over again. and like all of the great rewatchable movies. even if you didn't watch it watch it 10 more times. >> it becomes deeper and "the philadelphia story." carrie grant and kate hepburn. i must have seen it hundreds of times. >> me too. a million times. >> is that the one where tom
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hanks makes out with whoopi goldburg? >> you know the one movie that was highly ranked for men and not at all on the women's list? "caddie shack." >> comedies i want to watch them over and over with friends. i have to be with buddies to watch it. >> i can watch "caddy shack" over and over. >> i don't watch comedies alone. a side of rice that no one ordered. what insane comment susan rice said about climate change after the break.
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i will give conservatives free advice again. take out your notepads,
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righties. most listed climate change as a top threat to u.s. security. some of you laughed. but don't. their fear mongering is sinking in with the country. republicans insist on arguing whether it is real as opposed to what to do about it. conservatives should try to stop arguing the science. it is not working. if you believe it, stop it and listen to what democrats are saying. the national security advisor actually believes the war in syria is caused by climate change. arguments were so silly that republicans could win the argument without saying much. take a cue from the author of the book, now a movie. look him up, dummy. the argument is simple. climate change will affect poor people first. nothing will hurt poor people more than the policy of restricting comek growth in the u.s. and developing nations. that's what all their solutions do.
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it is a lay up, people. say it with me. climate change is real. our solutions help poor people. theirs hurt. >> were we supposed to say it was you. >> you weren't supposed to be laughing. you were supposed to be cheering. >> the words were flying. >> you must be exhausted after that. >> the movie was great. >> i am exhausted, but didn't i make such great arguments and haven't i helped a lot of people with their arguments? >> well, what do you want me to say? >> i want you to say that is the most bril yept thing i have ever seen. -- the most brilliant thing i have ever seen. >> it never works. we agree with your premise and here is what we want to do. you never get that. you get bizarre -- i mean, look, people said that about signing the protocol.
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we should just sign. it everybody is signing it. >> we didn't sign it and we are the only country that actually managed to hit the numbers. we didn't sign it and we are doing okay. i am nervous about getting in on the rhetoric, the surrender, the coward's way out. no judgment. >> you didn't take out your notepad like i told you to. >> i didn't bring a notepad. >> i am going to answer his question and then i have to move on to someone else. i don't want to sign the agreement and i don't want to give in on the dumb solutions that the democrats have. global warming is happening. your solutions stink. >> there is a lot of science that shows there are climate changes happening. if anyone doesn't think he can affect the environment when is the last time you ate a trout fished out of the east river?
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man does affect the environment, but i agree with you. if you keep saying it doesn't happen, well then someone like me could say that and then you go -- and then you get no where. let's say that people can make things bad on earth so what happens next? >> joanne, even if you believe that there is some kind of hocus pocus, forget about that. the people on the right are being called den is ers. >> it is about making the right things priorities. what susan rice is doing is taking an ideology. she is taking a theory and placing all of the blame on what's happening in syria on that. it is easy. it is easy to place the blame on something you can't touch or see or feel as opposed to placing it where you should which is on the people and policy and government and things like that. why don't you change the
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things you can change. >> what is crazier? is climate denial crazier or saying the syria war. >> i don't know what is happen wght climate. i just know i have been a lot hotter lately. i am trying to figure out the reason for that. if we want to know what happened, ask a syrian. i don't know what to say. susan rice, everybody has their theories and something is shifting. something is happening and i don't know if it is climate change, but something is changing. we as a society have enough to figure out exactly what it is. but going yes this is happening or no this is not happening we need to do maury search and be open minded -- more research and be open minded. >> i tend to convince people across the nation. >> and here is why your solution stinks.
12:28 am
it hurts economies and it hurts poor people. >> that's fine. you can be in favor of prosperity -- look, prosperity is happening. this year will be the year where the fewest number of people are in poverty. >> that's a big story and we don't talk about it because people like susan rice wants to sell gloom and doom. part of what happened in syria is a direct result of the horrible leadership of this administration. they had a hand in it and instead of saying we really messed up it is just the weather. they have anal whrap >> they have seasonal effective disorder. >> it is about half time with andy levy.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm will carr. activists against a permanent appointment are occupying city hall. the protesters disrusted the committee members chanting, qot, stop the vote. stop the vote. they said they are not leaving until their demands are met. he was made the interim police commissioner despite a spike
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in the murder rate. they followed it up with a campaign rally in las vegas. she is now turning her attention toward independent voters and the general election. during the the rally clinton slammed her political rivals depicting a weak america under the watch. >> we have a democrat in the white house and unemployment is lower, income is higher and even the stock market is higher, but when you have a republican in the white house, you are four times more likely to have a recession. >> president obama is presenting a retired army captain with the immediate del of honor. he will receive the award for disrupting a suicide bombing in afghanistan. he saved several lives that day sacrificing himself in the process. he suffered a serious leg injury that forced him into retirement. the ceremony will take place at the white house in mid-november. and another success story
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as the world unites to save the the giant panda from extinction. twin pandas were born at the toronto zoo. the first ever in canada. zoo officials haven't identified the cub's gender, but they say the guinea pig-sized pups are doing well and mom too. 1600 giant panda reis main in the wild. pandas remain in the wild. 300 are in captivity. now let's get you back to the overnight show you have grown to love. "red eye." >> welcome back, time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy in the "red eye" news desk. >> hi, tom. >> the "red eye" news desk has not been here since last thursday. >> it feels like forever. what do i do now? >> it is half time. you can do whatever you want. >> really? >> that's the beauty of half time.
12:35 am
>> i did not know that. starting tomorrow things will change. >> hilly's performance. you said you could see the media sighing with relief. you could particularly hear the cheering. couldn't you? >> you could hear the cheering. it was amazing. >> you said you got the feeling that biden was watching saying, oh good i don't have to jump into the race. i think you may booy right about that. biden now tends to sit this one out. >> that's what i think. he made enough money and he has done this enough time. get on a catamaran and sail. >> why a catamaran? >> why not? if biden is smart people will keep it out as long as they can. the serious question is how much longer can they do that if they still want to get in in terms of fundraising and stuff like that. i go to you about my serious question of politics.
12:36 am
>> all of my years have trained me for this moment. i think he's got two and a half more weeks. >> have i to take it seriously. >> put it in the bank. >> you said you were sad looking at lincoln chaffey. >> what are we going to do about it? i feel like we all feed to have an intervention or something. we are having a big party for you. what is everybody doing here? >> at the very least, some kind of group hug. >> maybe not. i opt out on the group hug, but that's my thing. he looks like a -- you know, he looks like a guy that might enjoy too much. >> you say to opt out of the group hug before the show too which i found personally insulting. >> this may say more about you than lincoln chaffey.
12:37 am
>> that's true of almost all things about lincoln chaffey. >> dan, you said the other candidates were terrified of hillary. i'm sure they were. they remember what happened to vince foster. >> yeah, they do. >> olivia wilde said hillary hate is sexist. this is what i thought was interesting, rob. wilde said the most common attacks on hillary is she is not warm though and she is too hawkish and those attacks are rooted in 6ism. that's not something more republicans are see -- saying. >> that's not what -- people on the left are saying that. >> that's what i'm saying. she is calling people on the left sexist. >> it is anybody running against hillary clinton. anybody who denies hillary
12:38 am
clinton's rightful place in the white house. that person is a sexist. >> it is a very consistent fill philosophy. >> you have to respect that. >> you said olivia wilde should run for president. >> why do i feel it has nothing to do with her politics. >> i don't know. i have been following her for quite some time and she made excellent points over the years. >> you should probably stop following her. >> you will never stop me. >> i love you, olivia. >> oh boy. the most rewatchable movies. you mentioned "the devil's advocate" and that was number one on my list. >> he is an absentee landlord! pacino's over acting and keanu reeves attempt at a southern accent -- i own it on blue ray, but if it is on cable i can jump in and then to the end. have to. >> i ordered it on blue ray
12:39 am
and i don't even have a blue ray player. you can still see his performance. >> i have a feeling you have "the color purple" on blue ray too. >> i actually don't. "the color purple" and" broke back mountain" are pretty heavy movies. i have a feeling most people don't view them as super rewatchable. >> i guess it depends on your taste. it is such quality. there are some movie i cooperate want like "precious." "broke back mountain" and two men in love? it doesn't get much better than that. >> although my appreciation is well known i have infer seen "you've got mail" or" sleep less in seattle." >> i think you would like it. >> i don't think i would.
12:40 am
i agree "raiders" not being on the list -- >> it removes credibility. >> last crusade also. >> the first three. the rest of mine in no particular order "hunt for red october". if it comes on i'm watching it. same with "crimson tide it is." "airarmageddon and the rock." "fast and furious, the entire series." but you have to watch "tokyo drift" even though it came out third, really it is seventh on the list chronologically. very important. >> it is something for the comic-con friends. "apolo 13". , "brave heart." >> big time. >> "fletch" which i hate everyone who didn't mention"
12:41 am
fletch." >> i hate myself. >> "gross point blank." really? >> the movie where he holds the boom box. >> "say anything." and "jerry mcgwire." >> that was good. >> "raiders of the lost arc, the only thing that is different, is that ever on tv? >> every weekend spike had the "star wars" trilogy four, five and six or the first 3 indiana jones policy. obviously the other movie "citizen four" the documentary about edward snowden. i am kidding. susan rice ties global warming. you said rice actually believes it it is caused by climate changing and not what
12:42 am
she said? >> what did she say? >> it played a role in the syrian situation. it is in line with what the pentagon said. they called it a threat multiply yes, sir. >> the jerks at the pentagon. >> i am 23409 going to prepare for that. >> i leak -- >> i don't like it at all. this could be career ending. >> you don't think there are jerks? >> there is a hallway. >> i would like to disassociate with myself. i support our troops. >> that makes two of us. >> i know it is not in season or in style. my guess is they also support the men and women in uniform. ♪ god bless america ♪ land that i love
12:43 am
>> i am done. >> coming up, men give dating advice to women after the break. stay tuned.
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dating is complicated. if only an on-line news, entertainment and style blog could offer advice to the dating illiterate. the huffington post did just article titled 12
12:47 am
things men wish women would do on dates. the divorce bloggers suggested females do the same thing. let me hold the door 4. if you are a surgeon and waiting for someone to tks you, have the phone on the table. otherwise put it away. that's a bit of a stretch, a female heart cornellen? just kidding. i work out and one of the reasons i do so outside of staying healthy is so that women can see i am a man who takes care of himself. why not just gaze at yourself and please pick up the phone when i call. a call means i really like you. who knows? maybe i will have more ciewls for you to follow. disagree and ask hutch money i
12:48 am
make. is this great advice or dumb advice? >> i think if you have to advise anyone on those thicks there is trouble -- on those things there is trouble in paradise. how much do you make, tom? >> oirks you are not supposed to -- and you are not on a date. sorry. >> please forgive the first 10 dumb things i say and do. >> that's a lot of dumb things. what are the next 10? i think a lot of guys -- do you think they really -- is it important what happens during the date? isn't the reason for the date what will happen after the date? you can do whatever you want as long as what happens after the date. >> what? >> listen, i support the droops. i support the troops.
12:49 am
>> you mean bible study? >> i mean netflix and chill and watch "broke back mountain" and all of that. >> alicia do you think there is a reason these guys are divorced? >> oh yes. guy don't you think the guy -- >> don't you think the guys should take control? >> absolutely, absolutely. if you don't take control at the beginning don't call her a ball breaker and all of that stuff after she was forced to step up to the plate and take control and that's a role she will settle into. you set the tone from the beginning. >> do men set the tone and what advice would you give back to men? i think the woman should be the one in control. for the record, the huffington post did female tips for men first and then followed up with this one. i do think these tips are very revealing.
12:50 am
no man mentioned what a woman should wear on a first date if they want to see heels or hair down or whatever. and as for the man who says you should compliment my looks, that's a high maintenance man and you don't want to get involved. we will close things out with a bedtime story.
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we had a great time covering the democratic debate last night. i had a chance to live chat with "red eye" fans on our facebook page. your thoughtful responses are tribute to parts paw tore democracy. >> watching, but ready to throw up. this debate is boring. i am watching with closed captioning. clinton's squalling is intolerable. popped my third no doze. i am trying here. sorry. i am watching my grass grow. "cocoon 3" is boring. it is far funnier than "red eye." i lasted 15 minutes. i had a chance to get a root canal while receiving a rope burn and that would be more fun instead. if sanders can say cuigmire40
12:55 am
or 50 times more it is worth. it my dinner is coming up. why do i think sanders is on star trek. tom, why did you wear a jean looking shirt this week? >> this land was made for you and me. >> wonderful. dan, that was only two of the vomit references. there are a lot of them. >> why were you wearing a jean closed shirt? >> i was wearing a jean shirt this week. i love wearing -- some people only think they are for the bottoms, but they are for the top is a well. don't you think our fans had a lot to ad this. >> sometimes less is more and sometimes that's all you need to say. it sums it up. >> isn't that true? >> what do you think? what was your favorite response? >> hillary's hair color. that was the only positive one. >> and she doesn't like
12:56 am
hillary. >> she was honest about the fare. it looked nice. >> very nice. better than trump's. and she had is a a smies fit out. >> they are all nice. i thought -- that was a lot of digs about the age, right? >> you see the scence where bernie sanders and hillary clinton swim nude in the pool and they become young again? >> and whoopi shows up? >> sthaz a move -- >> that's a movie i would wop. >> isn't that what it is all about and i'm glad our fans joined us. it is what democracy is all about. special thanks to joanne nosuchunsky and rob bong. that's it for me. see you next time.
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