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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 15, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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alvin rights, rules are rules but you also need some leeway as well as common sense. when are these schools going to get rid of zero tolerance. >> dave says most definitely rules are rules. >> everyone else is doing it but i think uniforms should be allowed. >> thanks for watching it. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning to you. today is thursday, october 15th, i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert now. long lines and chaos at airports across the country when computers and computer screens that screen for potential terrorists go down. what that means for you if you are traveling today. we have the details. >> were we hacked? don't know yet. meanwhile, hillary clinton sounded pretty official when she shot down president obama's trade deal this week. >> i hope it to be a gold standard. it was justifiably negotiated
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last week and in looking at it it didn't meet my standard. >> in looking at it. well, it turns out hillary told a big lie and the white house, that facility right there, is calling her out. >> wait a second. isn't she a democrat? that's unusual. and howell do you know your own nation's government? >> can you name the three branches of government? >> federal -- >> that's arthur idella's nephew nicholas. he's putting young new yorkers to the test. we're not paying him. i think we might be under legal constrict shuns. we'll find out if arthur gould will represent us against his own family. by the way, mornings are better with friends. hi, everybody. welcome to the curvy couch. yesterday we showed you these
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guys, these clever guys who for their dating profiles went to ikea furniture stores and sat down and took pictures of each other. >> to make it look like that's their house. >> which is brilliant because generally guys of that age don't have furniture. >> right. >> don't have furniture that matches, and they like the lighting. >> they like how it looks to someone who could potentially want to date them. they look settled in, confident, they look like they read. >> that's the key. they were reading a book. >> yeah. >> that doesn't happen. >> they had more books behind them. >> you're in this beautiful living room and you're sitting there without socks and a hat on backwards. we have something special when it comes to those guys. >> they're going to be here. a couple of them were going to be here. >> that was a tease. >> we already said that. >> they're coming from salt lake city. going to join us. i can't wait to talk to them. >> we can talk to them about putting the furniture together. remember the day, brian, we put the couch together. it was a killer. just sayin'.
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>> i watched you doing it. it is about 2 1/2 minutes after the top of the hour. we start this hour with a fox news alert. look at these long lines creating chaos at airports across the country overnight when the no fly crash system list crashed. "fox & friends" weekend co-host anna kooiman. >> we'll get to that. passengers were stuck in the winding chaotic lines. u.s. customs and border protection is saying that the 90 minute outage affected the computers, electronic security kiosks. it checks people's names against the terror watch list when they arrive into the united states. those passengers were first to endure major security delays before being allowed to leave the airports after their long international flights. among the affected cities, new
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york, los angeles, atlanta, dallas, charlotte. one woman dropping off family at jfk airport in new york describes the absolute chaos. >> thousands. thousands of people upstairs, downstairs. the lines are all like crazy. the people were cursing. there was people that couldn't walk. it was crazy. >> and officials say passengers continued to be manually screened against the terror list during the outage. some passengers report having to fill out paperwork by hand. customs and border protection claim there is no indication the disruption was malicious in nature. steve, elisabeth, brian, back to you. >> anna. >> disruptive to say the least, right? >> guess what, the ratings are in for the big debate. they got 15 million, more than most would have thought, to watch the democratic debate. that's a lot. you can compare those stats to a lot of different things. you might also do this, compare it to the what the republicans got for not only that network but for our network. >> sure.
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>> that was 25 million? >> yeah, 25 million. >> i thought that would be the main story. 15 million is exceptional. it shows americans engaged. the bigger story is you're 10 million shy of the republicans. >> the same night on tuesday night the democratic debate wasn't even the most watched show on television. "ncis" on cbs beat the democratic debate. >> making it worse than that was the winner of that debate was someone who wasn't on the stage. it was donald trump. >> who predicted a boring, not as widely viewed telecast, and as it turns out he was kind of right. >> who knew he could be so prophetic. he gave 70,000 twitter followers more than the democrats on that stage gained. he currently has 4.5 million followers on twitter post the debate that he wasn't even involved in. >> he was at richmond international speedway yesterday down in virginia and he was
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reviewing the debate and listen to how he describes bernie sanders. >> i watched hillary last night with we're going to give this, we're going to give that. the poor woman she's going to give everything away because this maniac that was standing on her right is giving everything away so she's following! that's what's happening. i call him a socialist/communist, okay, because that's what he is. he is going to tax you people at 90%. he's going to take everything. >> maniac socialist communist. >> he also says something else is true, he doesn't want to win. you cannot say to your followers and the people showing up today to watch bernie sanders that that guy wants to be president because if he wanted to be president, he would have taken on the person in first place to his left. >> true. >> so i don't know what kind of message that is to the supporters. hillary clinton, congratulations. unless joe biden gets in or unless you get indicted you've got it because the number two guy made no effort to win the race. >> one of the questions at the
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debate on tuesday was toward hillary clinton, hey, essentially am' going to paraphrase, you're a flip-flopper. look at the trade deal, pacific trade deal. you were for it for a long time before you were against it. this is what she said and then we're going to explain the back story. >> i did say when i was secretary of state three years ago that i hoped it would be the gold standard. it was justifiably negotiated last week and in looking at it, it didn't meet my standards, my standards for more new good jobs for americans, for raising wages for americans. >> on october 5th that agreement was reached after the big meeting down in atlanta. okay? then it went to congress's hands. they have 90 days to decide if they want to push it through with amendments or not. everyone is scratching their heads. wait a second, how does hillary clinton get to see that trade deal when it's in the hands of congress and doesn't get to make comment. well, the white house was asked
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that same question and the white house said she hasn't seen that. >> she's actually looked at it? because i thought it hasn't been posted or made public. >> yeah, i noticed that, too. what we have indicated is we have made a commitment to make the text public, both prior to the president signing it but also prior to the responsibility that congress has to consider and ratify it. i don't think that i've minced any words in noting that we have a disagreement on this issue, but for the reasons that she has arrived at this position, i'd refer you to her campaign. >> i was dying for the follow-up question, what don't you like about it? what do you mean it was the gold standard and now it's in the? we don't know representing the american people which i can do during this statement, we don't know what's in it. the white house could have covered for her easily and said, yeah, we have a differing opinion. she was commenting about something she knows nothing about. >> it hasn't been made public yet. there's no way she could have
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reviewed it. >> this is 24 hours from when the president went out of his way on monday through josh earnst, we're not making any attempt to undermine an ongoing fbi investigation. really? these are two solid attempts to hurt hillary clinton's campaign and it seems justifiably by the white house. >> she lied on the stage. first of all, she said that she had seen it. it sounded like she had read it, which was disingenuous. she said, you know, flip flopping, but back then i hoped it would be the gold standard. the exact quotation is, the tpp sets the gold standard in trade arguments. so she was spinning or she was lying. >> she knows exactly what she said. >> that's not true. >> i hope democrats have a standard that they would demand more candor from any new candidate. a fox news alert. just moments ago the white house announced president obama will keep our troops in afghanistan
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because of the situation on the ground. that is a major reversal. >> we're following the story from our nation's capitol. good morning, garrett. >> reporter: good morning. the u.s. has roughly 10,000 troops on the ground in afghanistan, and according to senior administration officials the u.s. will keep those troops on the ground through 2016 and into 2017 before cutting that number in half. when exactly that will happen though won't be decided until late next year by commanders on the ground. this decision comes while the taliban is reemerging in afghanistan and beginning to regain some ground. back here at home the threat of violent extremists is growing as well with isis working 24 hours a day across the u.s. to recruit home grown terrorists. that's according to fbi director james comey. >> no longer the case that a terrorist is available through a particular website or a particular e-mail location. instead, the terrorist is
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buzzing in the pocket of a troubled soul 24 hours a day through twitter and twitter direct messaging. probably a fair estimate would be there are hundreds of conversations going on between people in some stage between consuming and acting. >> comby says the fbi is conducting investigations in all 50 states to identify hundreds of people currently being recruited by isis. >> if you see something, say something. garrett tenny down in our nation's capitol. >> al qaeda, isis and the taliban. fantastic. >> couple other things going on. good morning to you all. fox news alert to bring you right now. there is a new clue for the men who attacked american hero spencer stone. sacramento police now releasing the surveillance video of the suspect's car fleeing after that attack on stone. stone was stabbed several times outside a bar in sacramento last week. witnesses say he was defending a woman. stone still remains hospitalized. he's in fair condition right
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now. he is thankfully expected to make a full recovery. terrifying moments caught on a camera and a tarmac. look at that. part of a planes's engine breaks off during takeoff. a passenger sitting near the wing recorded that horrifying sight. that plane belongs to sky airlines, a budget airlines based in chile. the flight was turned around and landed. it landed safely in santiago. passengers, well, they were put on another flight. new overnight, dozens of activists who staked a sit-in at baltimore city hall no longer inside that building. watch this. >> stop the vote. stop the vote. stop the vote. >> well, that group was protesting the city's new police commissioner. they refuse the to leave until their listands were met. police arrested nearly a dozen activists charging them with trespassing. have you ever wondered what it's like to be raised by donald trump? well, his son eric giving us a bit of an idea in an exclusive interview.
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listen. >> young age we were put on construction sites. we worked. we worked very hard. we were expected to get great grades. we were expecting to perform and we did. he held us to a high standard. he never let us down. he was an amazing father and a great guy. >> we'll hear more from that interview in the next hour. those are your headlines. looking forward to that. >> raced nice kids. >> they are really. >> eric does a heck of a lot for charity, too. he's a machine. 13 minutes after the hour. >> speaking of machine. chicago mayor rob emanuel says blame the cobbs for the rise in murders. he's here to share his side of that story. and to tip or not to tip? that's the big question after a famous restaurant owner says it's okay to stiff his waiters? >> 70 bucks? ♪ ♪
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you need... ask your doctor about orencia. orencia. see your ra in a different way. you don't hear about this often but shootings and murders are at an all-time high in chicago. 60 in september. the deadliest month since 2002. how does mayor rom emanuel blame cops? he's blaming them as babies in a feet tall position in the wake of violence against police. officers are reacting this morning. one of them is with us now.
3:18 am
retired chicago police sergeant peter kakanas. sergeant, your reaction to the mayor of the city you work in? >> i mean, this guy went to washington. he slid away to washington to say something like this when in fact in chicago we've recovered 5419 guns, we've arrested over 2200 people and he's going to say they're not working? the cops are working. we have microphones, we have cameras in the cars. cops aren't afraid of that. what they're afraid of is not having enough people out there. not having enough policemen. having your superintendent give misleading statistics. you know, jack nicholson put it really well in one of his movies when he said, if you don't like what i do, then strap on a badge and a gun and walk a beat. that's what our mayor should do. >> well, he's not. you also say he's surrounded by bad guys, corrupt individuals. >> well, one of his chief financial officers got -- left here, got indicted in cleveland
3:19 am
and pled guilty. his school superintendent that he tauted as the big change, she steered $23 million worth of contracts to her friends for a kickback of a couple of hundred thousand dollars. she got indicted and within five days she already pled guilty. these are people that he hand picks. his superintendent gives misleading statistics to the community, and in chicago here we had a black caucus of alder men. african-american alder men got together and they all want this guy fired. >> right. >> i don't think he has the support of the police and i don't think he has support of his own command staff. >> sergeant, true and false. you haven't been active for a few years but there's a sense on the street among everyday cops that the administration, the country and this mayor does not have their backs so they're not going to put their lives and careers on the line. is that true? >> no, i don't believe that. these policemen work hard every day. when you don't have enough police and you're paying $70
3:20 am
million in overtime so far this year, 70 million in overtime just to cover the south and west sides where the crimes are high. we have somebody shot in this city every 2.8 hours. we have somebody murdered in this city every 16.4 hours. you don't blame the cops that are making the arrests. >> right. >> there's something wrong at the upper echelon of that police department and i believe it starts with mccarthy and i believe that the mayor's afraid to fire this guy. >> well, i'll tell you this, he had a chance to fire at you guys and your colleagues and your brothers on the street. do you have something to say to the mayor who's listening right now? >> if the mayor's listening right now, i would tell him that he should support the guys that wear the blue shirts, the men and women in this country that go out there every day and risk their lives to protect their communities while the politicians sit in their ivory tower. he should goet out on the stree and ride around with the cops. >> he's not but he is speaking up. it is something that has to be addressed right away.
3:21 am
peter koconis. thanks so much, peter. i've got to leave it there. i'll have you back. >> thank you very much. need a good online dating photo as we shich gears? why don't we go to ikea. the guys who are behind these photos join us next, we think. real cheese people know how to pack uber flavor into ultra thin. sargento ultra thin slices, the same taste, just thinner and 45 calories a slice. that's 45 reasons to layer, fold,
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now it's time for some consumer headlines. the car company tesla is one step closer to self-driving cars. the ceo of tesla, elon musk, telling customers the company's first auto pilot feature will be flashed into their electric cars later today as part of the software update for version 7. musk expects to reveal fully
3:25 am
self-driving versions of the car within three years. texas, get ready. southwest airlines is going international. its first flight takes off later today. they will be flying nonstop from houston to six cities in mexico and central america. on november 1st they'll add flights to costa rica and jamaica. no problem, man. >> gee, thanks. there's a lot of pressure to look like the perfect catch on dating websites. some utah guys may have come up with the best idea ever. they headed to their local ikea to use its picture perfect display as their home hoping to impress potential dates with their designer digs. kevin and terry oren, the man behind the idea join us now. well, guys, we certainly struck gold here. 300,000 people have viewed these photos. they have more than 7,000 uploads at my last check in and our research team. welcome to "fox & friends." how did you come up with this
3:26 am
idea? >> just something that we've always been thinking about. kevin always has a camera on him. >> kevin, so you guys walk into ikea and you say, you know what, hey, this looks like a better spot to take my dating profile spots. let's go for it? did anyone stop you? >> no. no. it was just funny because the lighting in there is great for pictures and you don't see many people taking pictures in there. >> so let me ask you, with 300,000 people seeing this, you took a look at your friend's pictures that he had on social media and thought they were boring. hey, we're going to take these photos. after all of these people have seen it, do you have a date? >> i've actually received four so far. >> your original photo, these are interesting. i think they would make some people interested in dating you, you have a good response. what did your original photo look like?
3:27 am
how bad was the photo? >> it was pretty bad. i think it was -- i hate to say it, but it was a couple years old. i don't take very good pictures. >> you don't take selfies? >> no, not very many. i do. i can't say i haven't but not very many. >> terry, it's good news that you've got some interest there. kevin, what's your next location site? >> we haven't really planned it. we'll have to think about that after this. >> well, i think ikea should be contacting you guys. this could be their new catalog. >> yeah. call me. >> okay. terry oren and kevin raucy, thank you for calling us. we're glad you had some interest. the photos have everybody talking. >> thank you for having us. >> take care. this coming up, a high school goes into emergency mode even sending a note home to parents after a student brings chewing gum to school? wait until you hear this. and, to tip or not to tip? that's the big question here after a famous restaurant owner banning gratuity. that's his move.
3:28 am
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of course, last night's democratic debate on cnn, and after speculation that he may enter at the last minute, joe biden did not end up coming. no. biden said he thought about showing up but at the end of the day his head was stuck in a banister so, i mean, that -- >> that visual. >> say it ain't so. >> joe biden did say he was very proud of what he saw on stage. >> he did. >> so now the big question is, does he get in?
3:32 am
yes or no? >> a lot of people saying, no, he doesn't need to if they did so well on the stage there. >> monica crowley is a conservative conservative who believes they have a source within the white house. he has an all-day meeting with the president and the white house to get in. >> time with news. we start with a fox news alert. >> a sad story to bring you coming out of las vegas. former nba star lamar odom clinging to life at this hour. he is in critical condition and said to have brain damage after he suffered several strokes. newly released 911 calls reveal the moment he was found unconscious at a nevada brothel. listen. >> blood coming out of his nose, white stuff coming out of his mouth and can't get him to wake up, he's like almost not breathing. >> okay. is he conscious? is he conscious? >> no. >> sources say that odom had several drugs in his system including cocaine. investigators are now awaiting blood tests to confirm that.
3:33 am
his ex, khloe kardashian now making their medical decisions. their divorce was never finalized due to a court back log so they are still legally married. the toronto bluejays eliminate the texas rangers. seventh inning toronto catcher hits the batter and rolls away. the runner on third scores giving texas the lead. the umpires initially ruled the play dead but then they changed that call. upset fans, yeah, they were pretty upset. they started throwing bottles and cans on the field. then the game had to be delayed nearly 20 minutes as a result. then in the bottom of the inning jose bautista crushes a three-run home run giving the jays the lead for good. the final score 6-3. they face the kansas city royals in the alcs tomorrow. sorry i missed that one. looks like a great game. well, a request for a piece of chewing gum prompts a big scare at an austin, texas, high
3:34 am
school. a student misheard a conversation and reported that classmates were talking about a gun so teenagers were kept in their classrooms while school leaders investigated what was going on there. the district explaining saying, quote, we take these concerns seriously. fortunately in this case it was a misunderstanding. oops. and a high school football coach and marine corps veteran planning to defy his school's ban on prayer at tomorrow night's game. joe kennedy would walk to the 50 yard line and pray for the safety of his players since 2008, the fairness of the game and spirited competition. over the years students began to join kennedy voluntarily. the school district banned it in september. coach kennedy will join us at 7:45 here on "fox & friends" to talk about what is going on. those are your headlines. >> thank you very much. because the school has insisted and sent him a letter and says, you can't do it anymore, i'm going to do it. we've got his lawyer and himself on. >> thanks. one of the things i used to do
3:35 am
over and over again probably since i was 15 is wait tables, bus boy. i always lived on tips. you knew if you worked hard and you gave great service you have an excellent chance to earn extra money. that's fundamental capitalism especially when you break into the work force. for 1800 employees who belong to the union scare hospitality group, they are going to live a life without the ability to get tips. >> danny myer will start removing tipping from restaurants. >> good. >> they serve 50,000 meals a week. >> they're going to build the tip-in. >> they'll say it will pump up to compete with the minimum wage, to keep their staff. number two, to be able to pay the back kitchen. so in dining -- >> that's illegal to do that. >> their salaries have gone up 200% in the past 30 years if you're serving tables. if you are back in the kitchen your salaries in 30 years have gone up 25%. he's trying to keep kitchen help as well leveling the playing field behind the scenes. >> this is the bernie sandering
3:36 am
of restaurants. i want a free market where if i do a good job, i want to get more money. i'm a better waiter, i want to get rewarded. >> i lived on tips. he said this could raise the wage for staff that are serving tables to $15.25. they're going to tag on the price to the menu items. so your burger's going to cost more. >> they're going to build it in and make it simpler. >> how many times do you go, the food wasn't that good, i'm not going to give that big of a tip. you're penalizing the waiter for the food. it becomes so subjective. one of the things they do okay in europe is they do food and they do the -- the europeans, the tip is included. any time you go into a restaurant and a party of six, they're going to add the tip on anyway and you're okay with that. >> i'm saying i want the ability to judge my waiter or waitress. >> you still can. >> sure. >> no, you can't.
3:37 am
they're going to discourage that. >> give them an extra 5. >> that's hassle burger. >> the american system is unique that we do the tipping thing. what do you think? do you think it's a good idea to tip or do you like the idea where it's all built in and you don't have to figure out what is 18% of $47.35. >> communist, steve? >> communist? >> not a communist. >> certainly not. good morning. i want to talk about the winnipeg jetser now because we do have some cold air that's forecast to impact parts of the great lakes and also into the northeast and down into parts of tennessee and also western north carolina. it's going to be the coldest air of the season so far. so get ready. grab those jackets out of the attics or wherever you have them. you'll need them coming up over the next couple of mornings especially over the weekend. forecast low temperature in new york city of sunday morning, 39 degrees. you'll be in the 30s sunday morning as well in boston and 30s for you in indianapolis, detroit, and 20s farther west in
3:38 am
duluth. the radar very quiet across most of the nation. the exception is across california where we have an upper level low moving in bringing in some showers. take a look at the northeast this weekend. right there near that future radar you see some of those white spots showing up across new york state and pennsylvania. that is snow! we are forecasting snow. just a little bit of accumulation coming up this weekend but it is going to be the first snowfall of the season for some of you across the northeast. >> football weather. >> thanks, maria. meanwhile, in entertainment news steven spielberg is at it again based on a true story. his latest thriller depicts america's fight for peace taking audiences back to the days of the cold war. >> we had a conversation our governments can't. >> people in my country consider this an act of war. >> you can call it what you want. let's be clear, nobody is safe.
3:39 am
>> whoa. >> "bridge of spicees" is bringg in oscar buzz. >> i'm so excited to see it tonight. i had a chance to catch up with the stars and steven spielberg. if you tune in to "war stories," this is a sneak peek. >> a set of war stories. tom hanks, the movie "bridge of spies." >> we are engaged in a war with the soviet union. >> catching up with austin stoll, indy lion and we even caught up with steven spielberg. >> everything that goes on today, cyber hacking, that was what was happening in the 1950s and '60s in this cold war. there's so much of that going on now. anybody can be a spy today and they often do it. >> everyone deserves a defense. every person matters. >> what do we deserve? do you know how people will look at us? the family of a man trying to free a trader? >> war stories is a free series
3:40 am
that they can catch every weekend and it's fantastic because it's america's story. generations after generations continue to learn what happens. >> check out "bridge of spies" in theaters and stay tuned for more "war stories" here on the fox business network. we're watching. >> good stuff coming up this weekend. check out in the fox or follow me on twitter and instagram. there's that cheesy picture. >> looks just like you. >> love it. >> little fromage. >> tom hanks, has he ever done a bad movie? he's in tnchts steven spielberg, tom hanks. >> what a combo. >> michael, thanks. all right. so how much do you know about the u.s. federal government. are you smarter? >>. >> i have absolutely no idea.
3:41 am
>> come on. >> isn't he an actor? >> come on. joe biden. >> he always puts college grads to the test coming up shortly. >> he's incredible. >> a landmark case, a gun store being charged millions for a gun store that sold a gun used in a crime. judge napolitano. ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help
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to get your multivitamins. quick headlines now. frightening new discovery, hackers can now eavesdrop on your conversations and even send techs messages from your phone to 16 feet away. hackers can use your plugged in head cone ford as an antenna if
3:45 am
your phone has siri or google. a former james bond weighs in on his choice for the next 007. >> my name's bond, james bond. >> wow. roger moore exclusively telling "the daily mail" that hugh jackman or damian lewis should play the next bond. >> i say david beckham. steve? >> i'm shaken, not stirred. thank you. a verdict in one wisconsin gun case may set a new precedent. badger gun shop was found liable for an assault on two police officers who were shot in the face with a weapon that was bought from badger guns. a jury ordered the company to pay nearly $6 million in damages. maybe that store did something wrong, but what does that mean for all gun retailers across the country? does it have implications? let's talk to judge napolitano. judge, here's the thing that's
3:46 am
puzzling to this. so a guy goes into a store and he fills out the form at this badger gun shop -- >> right. >> -- he wasn't really going to keep the gun. he was filling it out for the guy next to him telling him what to write in the blanks. >> well, exactly. this is a unique case. the concept of suing somebody because their negligence has harmed you obviously is not knew. it's been part of our system since day one and we inherited it from the british system. what's unique about this case is two people were filling out the form, a guillen titled to buy it, the straw man, and the -- >> as it turns out. >> right. and the person to whom he was going to sell it, a convicted criminal who wouldn't have passed the fbi background check. they're filling out the form together. they're disputing what the appropriate addresses and ages and weights are and they're crossing all -- >> so there should have been a red flag? >> exactly. that's the hook on which the jury made the decision. the facts are terrible. they do not have the right to
3:47 am
take guns, sell it to a criminal who shoots a cop in the face and blinds the cop, which is what happened in this case. >> okay. and we should also point out that apparently guns purchased from badger guns were used in hundreds of crimes found at hundreds of crime scenes. >> as a result, the feds and the state lifted badger guns license to sell guns. so at the time this trial took place there was no badger guns. so who's going to pay the 6 million? their insurance carrier. >> of course. >> not them. so this is basically transferring money from the insurance carrier to the innocent injured police officers. >> okay. so for the people watching right now who might work in a gun shop and they worry, is that going to happen to me? >> follow the rules. follow the law. if something looks suspicious, stop. >> but if somebody comes in and fills out the form, how do you know if they're going to down the road give the gun to somebody else? >> you don't. >> you don't! >> you don't. but if something looks wrong, smells wrong, doesn't seem right, go to a deeper level.
3:48 am
the fbi and at least in new jersey, i'm not familiar with wisconsin, has other levels of inquiry that they can make if the gun shop owner suspects that the person buying it is not buying it for himself. >> just crazy in one guy says the street's wrong, put it down. >> right. right. >> all right. judge, thank you very much. >> all the best, steve. speaking of guns, president obama has threatened executive action to force more gun laws, but a small town sheriff says not on his watch. how he plans to fight the white house next. and how well do you know our nation's government? >> can you name the three branches of government? >> federal -- >> that's arthur idela's nephew nicholas. he's putting new yorkers to the test. the uncle is fixing the nephew. they're coming in. he's wearing red, white and blue. he's next in the land of the clueless. >> come over here, nicholas.
3:49 am
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
we all hope that fox news legal analyst arthur knows what he's talking about. but when it comes to the constitution, his 11-year-old nephew nicolas takes the cake. >> that is well said. >> you can't eat cake, it's too early. >> he went out on the streets of new york city to put other young people to the test. joining us now fax news contributor arthur aidalla and his fabulous nephew. >> who does not have working papers. >> his name is nicolas arthur.
3:53 am
>> that's where the greatness comes from the middle name. >> must be. >> yeah -- >> so nicolas, you went to new york -- you went to times square? >> yeah. >> and what did you ask people? >> no, i went to washington -- >> washington square? and what did you ask people? >> people questions about the government like the three branches of government. >> great. >> the justices of the u.s. supreme court. >> important stuff, right? >> we want to see this. >> let's watch. >> here it is. ♪ >> hi. i'm asking questions about the constitution. do you mind answering some? can you name the three branches of government? >> federal, [ buzzer ] >> judicial, legislative, and starts with an "s," right?
3:54 am
no, sorry. >> what are the three branches of government? >> oh, executive, judicial -- >> and legislative. >> legislative. >> yeah! >> got it! . >> who is this person? >> i have absolutely no idea. >> come on! take a guess. >> is he an actor? >> welcome. welcome. >> you're -- my name just came out of your mouth. >> no. >> i >> yeah. >> okay. >> it's joe biden. >> how many justices are there on the supreme court? >> something's telling me twelve. [ buzzer ] i have no idea. >> nine. >> who is this guy? >> no idea. >> i'm not going to go -- >> whatever. >> wow. i don't know. >> john roberts.
3:55 am
how many women are there on the u.s. supreme court. >> oh, no. women? >> two. [ buzzer ] >> out of nine? is it three? >> yeah! >> oh, okay. >> can you name them? >> sonia sotomayor. >> ruth bider ginsburg. >> elena kagan. >> what is the bill of rights? >> that's like -- i don't know how to describe it. >> it's just the blood and bone and sinew of this democracy that some great man handed down to the human race, that's all. >> what is the bill of rights? >> the first ten amendments to the constitution. >> yes. >> how old are you? >> i'm 11. >> wow. you know more than me. that's pretty impressive. >> know more than your uncle, too. >> the big reason why we did the segment is because they did a study that college graduates
3:56 am
know very little about the constitution, once they graduate with that degree they still don't know. >> exhibit "a," ladies and gentlemen. >> what was that overall experience like for you? >> it was pretty difficult. because a lot of the people, they -- they were very foreign. like they came in from different places around the world. so, they didn't speak a lot of english and they didn't know a lot of the answers, because they knew more about their -- >> sure. >> their form of government. whereas you were doing it for american kids -- >> how did the american kids do? >> they did pretty good. and the law school students, they did very well. >> well the law school. i mean the lawyers. of course the lawyers did very well. >> they did very well. >> and i thank you very much. you did very well. >> yay big nick! >> you got a lot of guts, kid. >> homework. i got to go. i got to go. nick, thank you very much. >> thank you, everybody. >> all right. coming up, you know donald trump
3:57 am
is a candidate but what about donald trump the dad? >> the last family that was ever going to be caught dancing on a table in a night club. >> probably about right. more from that exclusive interview in two minutes. . ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? good morning to you. today is thursday, october 15th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert now. long lines and chaos at airports across the country, where computers that screen for potential terrorists go down. what that means for you if you are traveling today. and you know donald trump the candidate. but do you know donald trump the dad? who better to ask than his son eric. >> listen, we were the last family that was ever going to be caught dancing on the table at a night club. >> they didn't drink at all. more from that exclusive interview with eric straight ahead. and actress jennifer lawrence says when she gets paid less than men for the same job, it's her fault. so, is it a political problem?
4:01 am
or a personal problem? this morning, we are debating that subject. live from new york city, you're watching "fox & friends" for a wednesday. ♪ it's the eye of the tiger fighter ♪ ♪ dancing through the fire and you're gonna hear me roar ♪ >> good morning, and welcome to "fox & friends." we with kicking cancer live on our plaza. put some kicks to that mat. our own effort to fight cancer for women across the country, and really globally now. doing it right here at 48th and 6th. i've got to stretch my leg a little bit before i get out there. >> meanwhile did you notice how i said today was wednesday? well, maybe i'm in a brain fog. dr. mike dowd has come out with
4:02 am
this great new book, are you ever in the brain fog first thing in the morning? this book can show you how to reclaim your focus, your memory, and joy in just three weeks, and it's related to the food you eat. before you have breakfast. wait until you hear how you can clear up your brain fog. >> i love how it's three weeks. >> not two weeks, not four weeks -- >> has a lot to do with spices. >> there is tumoric in there. >> and some paprika. >> we have a lot of breaking news. >> fox news alert for you. long lines and chaos at airports all across the country, where the no-fly list system crashes. "fox & friends" weekend co-host anna kooiman is here with the latest details on this. this is troubling. >> absolutely. and people on the unlucky list no matter who they were. the department of homeland security's airport system is back up and running this morning, elisabeth. but not after passengers were stuck in those winding chaotic lines in airports from coast to
4:03 am
coast. u.s. customs and border protection says the 90-minute outage affected computers and electric security kiosks. that system checks people's names against a terror watch list when they arrive into the united states. those passengers were forced to endure major security delays before being allowed to leave the airport. among the affected cities, new york, los angeles, atlanta, dallas, and orlando. one woman dropping off family at jfk airport in new york describes the absolute chaos. >> thousands. thousands of people, upstairs, downstairs. the lines were like out of there crazy. the people up there were all cursing. people that couldn't walk. it was crazy. >> officials say passengers continued to be manually screened against the terror list during the outage. some passengers report having to fill out paperwork by hand. customers -- or customs and border protection claim there is no indication that the destruction was malashs in nature at all. all right. back to you. >> well, let's hope we weren't
4:04 am
hacked. >> i hope so. thanks, anna. >> thank you so much. heather nauert joins us with the headlines. >> let's start out overseas where we've got some very serious news coming in, a fox news alert as the taliban gains strength in afghanistan. president obama reversing his plan to bring home nearly 10,000 troops deployed there. senior administration officials say that the united states will keep 5500 troops on the ground in to 2017 when the president leaves office. in the mean time, the fbi director james comey is issuing another new warning about statewide terrorism. he says that extremists are now recruiting americans 24 hours a day through online communication like twitter. well, top hillary clinton aide huma abedin is set to appear before the house select committee on benghazi tomorrow and in less than a week clinton will give that highly anticipated testimony before that same panel investigating the deadly attack in libya. and then a brand-new fox news poll shows that americans simply
4:05 am
don't trust clinton when it comes to the events surrounding the benghazi terror attack. 60% say they don't believe that she is being honest. and imagine you are about to take off in a plane and you see this outside your window. that is part of the plane's engine breaking apart on the runway. a passenger sitting near the wing recorded that horrifying sight. the plane belongs to sky airlines. that's a budget airline that's based in chile. okay. don't need to fly that one. that flight was turned around and landed safely in santiago. passengers were put on another flight. and this next story comes in from my little cousin aidan in bozeman, montana. no hall pass for this bear wandering around aidan's high school in montana. sneaking through an open garage door, and then into the hallway. >> huh? >> check that thing out. school hadn't started just yet. just a handful of students were there for an early morning meeting. they started opening the exit doors and eventually that bear escaped running back into the woods. no one was hurt.
4:06 am
but i got a text from his mom yesterday telling me all about it. >> look at you. you're gathering news. >> i know we've got a bozeman bureau now. hi, tanya. >> heather. >> i just wonder what's so boring about the woods all of a sudden when the bears just aren't happy there. they used to stay in the woods. >> we're tearing down the woods to build stuff. >> speaking of boring, donald trump said that the democratic debates over on cnn was going to be boring. and we found out that more people actually watched ncis than that debate. he tended to be right when it came to that prediction. about 11% only of american homes were turned in between 23450i7b clock and 10:00 p.m. to watch that stage. the clear winner wasn't even on the stage it was donald trump who ended up gaining 70,000 twitter followers during the course of the debate. >> michael cullen, one of the counselors for donald trump said last night that he thinks that the fact that donald trump was actually tweeting during the democratic debate probably drove people to cnn. which is probably true given the fact the likes and stuff like
4:07 am
that. why was the democrat debate lower than the republican? well, you could say it's because there was no gigantic personality on the stage like donald trump, who was in richmond, virginia, last night. a big rally. sold out. 5,000 people. he was reviewing the democratic debate, and in particular, he got very sharp words about bernie sanders, and listen to how he described mr. sanders. >> i watched hillary last night with we're going to give this, we're going to give that, the poor woman. she's got to give everything away, because this maniac that was standing on her right is giving everything away. so she's following! that's what's happening. i call him a socialist/communist, okay, because that's what he is. he's going to tax you people at 90%. he's going to take everything! >> and by the way -- >> socialist/communist. >> well he's not far off. he might be nicer than brezhnev
4:08 am
but they have the same principles. why would they rally around sanders when he wants to take nine out of ten dollars of everything they earn. he also went on to say on bill o'reilly said if you're going to sit there and see the person to your right, who's leading you, could be under an fbi indictment shortly, and have all these things that michael isikoff broken about what they were doing when they were secretary of state, and you bring none of it up, in fact you exonerate them, you don't want to win. he doesn't want to win. >> bernie sanders? >> -- the mainstream media made is not taking donald trump seriously and the effect that he would have. he now has 70,000 added to his twitter following of 4.5 million. so you ask why is he doing so well? you know who gives you some insight, eric trump, donald trump's son talked with greta van susteren about why his dad is doing so well? >> it's one of the things i admire most of him, he can punch back real hard and i think that's one of the reasons people
4:09 am
are attracted to him. they're sick of the pc, they're sick of the nonsense. they want a person who will fight for this country and won't be bought by the lobbyists. you know, he's that guy. and you know, again, i think it's really what gives him his charm, what gives him his appeal and why people love him >> speaking of people loving him, a brand-new cnn poll came out in nevada and south carolina. these are among republicans. the numbers are unbelievable. in nevada, trump has 38%. ben carson has 22%. in south carolina, trump is at 36%. and ben carson is at 18%. he's got half the support. but as you can see, trump in the upper 30s in both those very important states. >> carson is within one point of him in one poll and when asked about ben carson he said listen, i have a really hard time being tough on him, hesuch a nice guy and such an accomplished guy. he also doesn't think he's the guy to negotiate with china. eric went on to talk about something we've talked about on his couch. we had donald trump on every morning, we also got a chance to see him interact with his family at saint jude's event and at the
4:10 am
apprentice and there's a real relationship and respect there that you're just in awe of. i went to the last apprentice, the little grandkids are running out of the stands and saying hello. and of course his sons are there. and you wonder how could a guy work 80 hours a week and still be that attached to his kids. here's eric talking about his dad. >> he never let us get out of line. he made us work. he instilled really great values ins us. we were the last family that was ever going to be caught dancing on a table in a night club. it just wasn't us. we were put on construction sites. wee worked. we were expected to get great grades. he held us to a high standard and we never, you know, we never let him down. he was an amazing father and just a great guy. he still to this day one of my best friends and my boss and my mentor, and i have the utmost respect for him. >> and that's the way you want one of your kids to talk about you. i have heard donald trump say in the past that one of the rules he had for his kids, and i think it was from ivanka, no booze, no drugs, no tattoos.
4:11 am
>> they abided by all of that, are incredibly successful in their own right. he talks about what would happen to the trump name and business should donald trump end up becoming the president of the united states after the nomination. and he said, we're such a great team, i wouldn't step forward as leader we would all continue to work the way we work together. >> i thought it was really interesting, too, because he does talk about his older brother dying of alcoholism, and he said he watched the talent his brother had, he watched it all go away and his brother used to tell him, don't be like me. and he turned around and told his kids basically you'll get everything you want if you work hard and i never want to see you with a drink in your hand. i would say, i mean -- >> and trump, that's why trump does not drink. but just the fact that the kids turned out so great says a lot about the parents. >> we're not saying he's the only candidate with great kids. >> no. >> we're just saying that this is something -- >> it's special to hear from the kids of someone who could potentially be in the white house. i think it's one of the most personal and intimate looks into the character of a man or woman. >> do your home work and get a
4:12 am
building. >> i would love that deal. >> as we move on it's 7:11 here in new york city. what do you think when bernie sanders said this? >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me, too. me, too. >> you know. >> why did he do that? well, we know how democrats felt about it. but what about independents and republicans? lee carter has brand new dials coming up next in her hands. >> that's right. and the school district said stop praying after football games but the head coach plans on doing it anyway. he joins us live with his fight for faith on the football field. at safelite, we know how busy life can be.
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4:16 am
well, after the democrats hit the stage for their first-ever debate we heard about what the politicians and pundits thought of their performance. but what do the voters think? isn't that most important? here to give them the dial treatment as one of the partners is lee carter. welcome back. >> thanks so much. >> were you able to break this down to a few big questions. the first one, when all of them were asked who their big enemy was. for hillary it was? >> for hillary she talked a lot about a bunch of different foes.
4:17 am
we talked about republicans. i think we should take a look at the sound bite and see how they did. it was pretty interesting. >> here it is. >> franklin delano roosevelt once said i ask you to judge me by the enemies i have made. you've all made a few people upset over your political careers. which enemy are you most proud of. secretary clinton? >> well, in addition to the nra, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the iranians, probably the republicans. >> well, so that was her sense of humor. we heard the laughs, from mostly democrats. how did the democrats respond? how did the independents respond? >> the democrats loved it. they gave her an a-minus. the independents overall they were climbing along. they liked it okay. it was sort of partisan so they gave her a "c." republicans obviously said it's too far. the thing that was disappointing here is that a lot of the republicans were liking the message that they heard from hillary. she did a really good job in the debate but unfortunately every
4:18 am
time she slammed them during the debate it just didn't do her favors. >> that kind of ruined it i guess. the key moment for me was to see the other opponents say about her e-mail problems that she's having. let's take a look at the question and then the opportunity that bernie sanders had and what he did with it. look. >> let me say something that may not be great politics. but i think the secretary is right. and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> well, yeah, the blue and the red, what happened here? >> this is like spaghetti junction. everybody sat there in shock. nobody really know what to make of it. what i heard over and over again from republicans, democrats, and independents, was, you know, what i really liked about this debate was that they were all so civilized for each other. and everybody was so nice to each other. so while they weren't letting hillary off the hook, they're saying i'm not sure i trust her they did like that these people
4:19 am
gave help ear respect and props so this, i didn't really give a grade because everybody was sort of in shock that it was so civilized. >> just so odd. we're going to remember that debate for that moment. >> exactly. >> yet we still don't have a decisive verdict on it. meanwhile, hillary loves the fact that she's a woman, and that she's running on that and that she could break a barrier by becoming the first female president. hear the words and then watch the reaction. >> how would you not be a third term of president obama? >> well, i think that's pretty obvious. i think, being the first woman president would be quite a change from the presidents we've had up until this point. including president obama. >> this year has been the year of the outsider in politics. just ask bernie sanders. why should democrats embrace an insider like yourself? >> well, i can't think of anything more of an outsider than electing the first woman president. >> well, she went back to that twice. the dems gave her a "b."
4:20 am
that's the reaction. independents gave her a "d" and so did the gop. >> it's not an answer. for people who liked her said it's great, you're a woman, i like to vote for you, i'll give you a "b." for the independents and republicans who are just not sure about it, give me a reason, tell me why you're different. tell me what you're going to bring that's new and different. it's not an answer. unfortunately it just didn't work for them. >> it didn't. and the first lady, senator, and now secretary of state claiming to be an outsider, you have to suspend disbelief. >> absolutely. >> lee carter, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> independents were key and they're still very much on the fence. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour, straight ahead. a runaway hot air balloon causes chaos when it goes down on a busy highway. how this one ends will surprise you. and ever feel like you're walking around in a brain fog? >> i forget things almost instaptly. it runs in my family. >> well, i mean at least i think it does. >> author of the new best-seller the brain fog, dr. dow.
4:21 am
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welcome back. we have some quick headlines right now caught on camera, hot air balloon comes in for a dangerous landing over a busy british highway. the balloon nearly slamming into several cars there as it flies over two low lanes. luckily drivers put on their brakes and avoided hitting the balloon there. it landed safely in a nearby field. and a ghostly sighting at the cleveland museum of art. someone snapped a picture of what it looks like. looks like famous artist claude monet standing over an oversized image of the french
4:25 am
impressionist there. some museum workers recall seeing a man dressed as monet, but no one knows where he came interest. one of my favorite artists, though. meanwhile, it's a cool scientific fact that our brains start to slow down once we pass age 40. some people call it brain fog. some people say they just don't feel like thenselves. turns out there's a lot we can do about it. from starting today, from special spices to a glass of water. simply taking a walk. here with the science behind it is author of the new best-selling book "the brain fog fix," dr. mike dow. good morning. >> good morning. ll, i think it's people whon say like they don't feel like themselves. you know if you're starting to lose your memory. just a little bit, right? and you know that you used to feel a little bit better. a little bit sharper. and what i found in the studies from around the world is that there are natural, preventive strategies that work even better than the thing that we're turning to. >> what's your background that led you to this? >> well i studied a lot of the
4:26 am
way foods impact the brain. and neurochemicals. so what i really wanted to do is i wanted to take on one of the biggest problems in america. >> sure. >> alzheimer's disease. they're going to triple in america in the next few decades. that's not just because we're getting older. that's part of it. but it's the standard american diet and the standard american lifestyle that is getting us into so much trouble in our brains. >> you have some ways to help us out. >> yes. >> you say walk it out. >> walk it out. people who walk a mile a day are 50% less likely to be diagnosed with dementia later on in life. >> one mile. >> that's all you got to do. >> blood flow to the brain? >> that's right. >> okay. meanwhile, let's talk about drinking water, or drinking wine. >> yes. >> wine. coffee drinkers. we found that three small cups of coffee a day can cut your risk of dementia, alzheimer's by over 50%. one to two glasses of wine. i like red, and especially pinot noir can cut your risk of cognitive problems by 23%. >> for coffee, there's such a push and pull. one day they say it's bad --
4:27 am
>> that's why i found that magic number. four or more is bad. but you have to get at least three to get the benefits. >> three small cups. by measurement. >> small cups. >> blueberries -- >> one or two glasses of wine. >> blueberries the very best food for your brain. this can slow the progression of cognitive decline. especially for women, elisabeth, because women get dementia and alzheimer's more than men and once you get it, the disease progresses more rapidly. so blueberries can slow that decline by 2 1/2 years and can even help people who have genetic predisposition for the disease. >> another superfood. >> meanwhile modified mediterranean diet includes olive oil. >> olive oil is one of the best foods to your brain. it decreases your risk of stroke, dementia, alzheimer's disease. >> cook with olive oil. >> and make a dressing. get a bottle of olive oil, throw out all the dressings from the store that have soybean oil, that's a no-no for the brain. mix with your favorite vinegar, give it a shake and this is your new brain fog busting salad dressing.
4:28 am
>> you want to use all these things or one of these things? >> all of them. if you want the maximum benefit you've got to put them all together and my favorite is turmeric and black pepper. this is why people in rural india have 90% less alzheimer's disease than we do. >> this spice mix has what? >> turmeric and black pepper which makes the turmeric bioavailable so it can stay in your body. >> these together how much of each do you need to have a day? >> one half teaspoon of each in one half of water. i drink this every day. my mom drinks it every day. >> does your memory improve or are you preventing alzheimer's? >> this can block the accumulation of amyloid plaques in the brain. this is really a great preventive strategy. if you already have some plaque it will prevent you from possibly getting new ones. >> you feel sharper when you do it? >> i do. decreases inflammation. i can feel it in my body. >> it's okay. i was expecting something really strong. it's okay >> yeah. >> go ahead. >> you can do it. >> that's not bad. >> it's not bad, right? >> you can put it in your olive
4:29 am
oil as a dressing. >> all of these together, imagine if this could really keep you more focused, give you more power, and you could, you know, be here on this couch for 50 more shares as sharp as a tack. wouldn't that be great? >> i love that -- >> i pray that you are absolutely right. i think brain fog is plaguing a lot of people and hope that these solutions can bring some resolution. >> i think they will. >> and the key is you say, you can pull it all together in three weeks, right? >> yeah. >> these strategies and some other ones i have some meditation, i have some lifestyle changes in this book. they're all natural. people can really change their life. >> i'm going to try it. >> i'm going to throw that stuff in my smoothie in the morning. dr. mike dow, the book is "the brain fog fix." meanwhile straight ahead, hillary clinton sounded pretty official when she shot down president obama's trade deal this week. >> i hoped it would be the gold standard. it was just finally negotiated last week. and in looking at it, it didn't
4:30 am
meet my standards. >> as it turns out she's telling a couple of fibs right there. and the white house is calling her out on that. >> wow. >> that's right. and people all around the world are living up to kick breast cancer to the curb, literally. these guys are going to put us to the test for a good cause, next.
4:31 am
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a fox news alert now. secretary of state john kerry planning a sudden visit to the mideast in an effort to calm down the region. this comes as president obama is being pressured to help with the growing violence in israel. conor powell joins us live from jerusalem close to where someone who is -- stabber was -- someone was shot by police. >> wow. >> conor, what's the latest?
4:34 am
>> yeah, brian. we're hearing the secretary of state john kerry is planning a trip here to the region. it's not sure just yet where and when he's going to travel and who he's going to meet with. the hope, of course, is that he can exert some type of pressure to calm the situation here. that's the other big question is what exactly can the secretary of state traveling to the region do to calm the situation here? now, as he travels here and as we were waiting for more information about the trip, the attacks here have continued just last night. there was another attack here at the central bus station, a 70-year-old woman was attacked as she was getting onto a bus. israeli police shot and killed the attacker. it's just the latest in a long line of brutal attacks that we've seen here. now for several weeks. israeli security officials have implemented a series of security measures around jerusalem, and israel. there are more troops, both police, and soldiers all over the country, particularly here in jerusalem. there are also checkpoints all over east jerusalem, which is primarily palestinian areas.
4:35 am
so far, though, those have not stopped the attacks. there were two more last night after those security measures were put in place, guys. >> all right. conor powell on the streets of jerusalem with the very latest. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> you know things are getting bad when you can't wait for a bus and you're risking your life just waiting on a bus, waiting or walking on the street. if you're a teenager you could get stabbed by another teenager today. >> unfortunately that's the situation in a lot of places in the middle east. >> thank conor for that update. we turn to heather nauert with an alert. >> there is a new clue to tell you about this morning in the manhunt for the men who attacked american hero airman spencer stone. sacramento police now releasing this surveillance video of the suspect's car, after that car fled the attack. stone was stabbed several times outside of a bar last week. witnesses say that he was defending a woman. stone remains hospitalized in fair condition. he's expected to make a full recovery. wishing him the very best this
4:36 am
morning. the former nba star lamber odom clinging to life at this hour. he's said to have suffered brain damage after he suffered several strokes. newly released 911 calls reveal the moment that he was fund unconscious at a nevada brothel. listen. >> white stuff is coming out of his mouth and can't get him to wake up. he's like almost not breathing. >> okay. is he conscious? >> excuse me? >> is he conscious? >> no. >> sources say that odom had several drugs in his system, including cocaine. investigators now awaiting blood tests to confirm that. his ex khloe kardashian is now making the medical decisions on his behalf. their divorce was never finalized due to a court backlog. so they're still legally married. well the obama administration says it doesn't know what hillary clinton was talking about when she said this during the debate. listen. >> it was just finally negotiated last week. and in looking at it, it didn't
4:37 am
meet my standards. >> looking at it? so she claims she saw it but the white house says she never saw that trade deal. i don't think that i've -- minced any words in noting that we have a disagreement on this issue. for the reasons that she has arrived at this position i'd refer to her campaign. >> clinton has been criticized for flip-flopping on that deal. and there's a whole lot of pressure to look like the perfect catch on those dating websites. some utah guys have come up with what may be the best idea ever. kevin robson and terry orrin made a local -- went to a local ikea and made it look like their home. they posed for pictures and they used those pictures to put up on their dating websites. you know to make it look like they live in nicer digs. they joined us earlier today to talk about what sparked that idea. listen to this. >> just something that we've always been thinking about. kevin always has a camera on him. >> the lighting in there is just great for pictures.
4:38 am
and you don't see many people taking pictures in there. >> looks pretty authentic except they don't have any ramen noodles or beer cans around. here's the question, did it actually work? terry says he's only received one date invitation so far. so ladies, still single. and those are your headlines. i'll see you back here in a little bit. elisabeth and brian. >> hey, heather, thank you for that. well, october is breast cancer awareness month and today all over the country, a special fund-raiser is taking place that lets you kick cancer to the curb, literally. here to explain is co-founder of nine round and he joins us on our plaza. >> thanks for having me. >> nine rounds? >> nine rounds is a 30 minute full body kick boxing workout. we have over 300 locations throughout the world. we're in 40 states, five countries. today is a magic day. it's a kick fiend workout raising money for breast cancer. everyone that comes into one of the locations that local owner will donate money to breast cancer. >> why does it mean so much to you? and why kick? >> you know what, medically,
4:39 am
it's medically proven that exercise decreases a chance of breast cancer for men and women. so we're a fitness brand and it just works. we're a kick boxing theme brand so it works. >> how do you expect to raise money? >> everybody who comes in cancer kicks they give them to the owner and the owner donates to a local cause of breast cancer. >> we're going to try to get our kick number as high as possible? >> 30 seconds. see what you got. >> okay. >> 30 seconds on the board. >> come on holders. come on. >> use the top of your foot. >> kick with the top of our foot? >> we've got the time ready. ready? go. hands off. looking great. keep working. keep kicking. come on, you got it. you got it. >> i tell you what, this feels great. >> you knew it. keep those hands up. you're looking great. keep working.
4:40 am
23, 24, 25, 26. [ buzzer ] >> 28. >> 39. >> he beat you. >> i am so tired. >> good job, guys. >> i used to like being the best athlete. >> together we did a great job. >> kicking cancer today. >> all you guys did a great job. >> great work back there. what an incredible cause. >> thank you guys. >> whoo! >> we're going to stretch. >> we're calling it a day. we're done for the day. >> no, actually this is coming up. the school district said stop praying. but he's going to tell you -- >> i am. all right. that's right. a school district told the coach, stop praying during the game. but the coach says no way. he's going to do it anyway. tomorrow night. he joins us live with his first national interview. you're going to want to hear that. and she stole a bottle of booze and then celebrated with a dance. one problem? she was caught on camera.
4:41 am
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all right. it's time now for the headlines, the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good. this disabled boy was blessed by the pope in philadelphia and now his family is blessed by the kindness of hundreds of strangers. folks donating nearly $120,000
4:45 am
to help michael keating's family buy a wheelchair accessible van. among those donors, star wars direct remember j.j. abrams. that is great. next the bad. cheerleaders from acampa high school told they can't wear pink uniforms for breast cancer awareness month because it goes against the district's policy. school officials say the uniforms were not approved. are you kidding? and finally, the ugly. shoplifter, caught dancing on camera right after stealing bottles of booze from a liquor store in mississippi. the owners of the store thought it was hilarious, so they uploaded the video to facebook. shows her doing that and then doing a little dance. meanwhile, listen to this. a fight for faith in washington state after a washington school district forbids a high school football coach from praying before and after his game. it's become a post game tradition. coach joe kennedy started nearly a decade ago and he's not going to back down without a fight. kennedy plans to pray after
4:46 am
tomorrow night's home coming game, no matter what the bremerton school district tells him. the coach joins us right now, live from up there along with the deputy chief council of litigation for the liberty institute. guys, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having us. >> so, joe, i understand a number of years ago, you started after the game, you would just walk to the 50, all by yourself, and you started praying and after a couple of games, some of the players realize what you're doing and they joined you. and what has it become since then? >> it's actually become quite a interesting thing. it's really incredible to see that the whole entire team coming out there, and you know, joining us, just voluntarily wanting to join everybody out there, and then it spread through -- from there to the other teams, and now everybody in the league, we've had the
4:47 am
opposing teams, doesn't matter if it's a home or away game, they have joined us out on the 50. >> oh, that's great. >> for the whole thing. >> sure. all right. well, now your boss, the school district up there, has told you to stop it. but you are going to go ahead and do it tomorrow night. why? >> well, it's something that i kind of made an agreement with, you know, my personal faith and with god that this was something that i was going to do. and i was going to give him the glory after every single game. and do it on the 50. and, you know, i'm kind of guiding my word and i just am going to go through with what i've always done. >> and you spent 20 years in the military defending the constitution and the freedoms that everybody has. heir up, what is your message to his school district? is what they're telling him constitutional? >> well, no it's not.
4:48 am
you know, obviously the pregame prayer is coming to an end. but on the 50 yard line, after the game, has concluded, after the fight song and everyone's free to come out on the field, the coach has a right as a citizen to be able to go out there personally pray. and he doesn't have a duty to flee the scene if other kids happen to come along. the supreme court and other federal courts have said that the kids understand the difference between someone acting in their individual capacity, and somebody acting as a government. and here he's acting in his individual capacity. and we have our demand letter that outlines our law at liberty people can go to our website that outlines the law on this. >> it's great that you would represent him. joe, before you go, i suppose there's a possibility you could get fired for this. are you willing to take that chance? >> well, i'm strong in my faith, and you know, i really don't
4:49 am
believe that i'll be fired for what i'm going to do. and, i'm going to do what i've always done. you know, i -- you know i have a power power that i answer to, and i understand what the school district's coming from. but, now that i have more of an understanding of what the law is, and having more time to actually figure out what the rights are in the constitution, and, you know, my lawyers have said that i'm well within my rights. >> well, there you go. and your lawyer's sitting right next to you. hiram and joe kennedy, thank you very much. we did reach out to the school district and we have not heard back from them yet with a statement. we'll keep you posted as to what happens after he does that tomorrow, saturday, on "fox & friends." meanwhile coming up it's a topic men and women are talking about all over the country. actress jennifer lawrence says when she gets paid less than a guy for the same job, it's her fault. so is it a personal problem?
4:50 am
the debate comes up next. but first, on this date in 1878, thomas edison founded the edison electric light bulb company. in 1989, canadian hockey player wayne gretzky broke an nhl record making his 1,851st goal. and in 1991, mariah carey had the number one song in america, talking about our emotions. real cheese people know how to pack uber flavor into ultra thin. sargento ultra thin slices, the same taste, just thinner and 45 calories a slice. that's 45 reasons to layer, fold, mix, match, beg, stack, sneak, peek, tease, taunt, like, love. because real cheese people bite with abandon.
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4:54 am
vice president of communication. i'm going to start with jennifer lawrence's comment on lower pay. she said when the sony hack happened and i found out how much less i was being paid, i didn't get mad at sony, i got mad at myself. jeremy renner, christian bale and bradley cooper fought in succeeded powerful deals for themselves while i was busy worrying about coming across as a brat and not getting my fair share. what's your reaction to her comment? >> i applaud her for taking some personal accountability in her income. i mean not to say that gender biases do not exist in this country. they do. but let's be honest, women on average are not negotiating as much on their own behalf. a study found that 30% of male graduates are more likely to negotiate their initial salary. for women, there's a lot of money being left on the table.
4:55 am
jennifer lawrence needs to work to the with her team, her agents, what do they have to say about the fact that she should earn what her value is in hollywood. and it's a lot more than she's been getting paid. >> she didn't play the victim card. what was your reaction? >> i would almost say oh, the irony another hollywood actress coming out and saying something about her weight when you know they act like champions for the equal pay movement. which is what we thought the oscars, when at rush yeah arquette got up there and you saw meryl streep clapping uncontrollably. this is something that doesn't resonate with middle america and the women in the workforce. studies actually show that young women, yes, while negotiating is difficult for women, for the most part, women are educated, and when you look at young women coming out of college, we're actually outperforming our male counterparts in a lot of large cities all across the country. so i really don't think the wage gap is something that jennifer lawrence can be blaming here and calling it discrimination. >> you're shaking your head, why? >> she is absolutely going to move this needle. we need to have people in
4:56 am
high-ranking positions with high profiles that we admire to come out and tell young women and women of all ages and men, too, you need to negotiate for your biggest advocate in the workplace. you don't get what you deserve in this country. you get what you negotiate. >> i think that's absolutely ridiculous. because, you know what, this might be an issue in hollywood in the sense that they feel like they're not making millions more than their male counterparts but in the rest of america, young women are outperforming and outpacing their male counterparts. >> it's just not true. >> yes, it is threw. >> we're going to have to leave it there. >> study after study shows that. >> not when they become mothers. not when they become people -- >> actually when they become mothers it's a personal choice -- >> we're going to leave it there. ladies, thank you so much for this debate. it's a hot debate start bid jennifer lawrence. let us know what you think about that at home. thanks for your time. coming up the democratic debate ratings are in. and they lost the night to a crime drama? we're going to tell you. and to tip or not to tip. that's the big question after a famous restaurant owner bans
4:57 am
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good morning to you. today is thursday, october 15th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert now. a huge reversal by president obama. he now wants to leave our troops in afghanistan. so what happened? we are live at the white house with that breaking story for you. meanwhile you know donald trump the candidate. but do you know donald trump the dad? well who better to ask than one of his sons? >> listen, we were the last, you know, family that was ever going to be caught dancing on a table at a night club. >> okay. just like the doocy kids. more from that exclusive interview straight ahead. >> all right. no tips, please. a famous restaurateur with a lot of clout bans gratuities. is this a good idea? i'm going to weigh in shortly.
5:01 am
but here's a hint. no. morning's are better with friends. >> thank you for joining us. at this 8:00 a.m. hour on the east coast. we begin with a fox news alert. we are just learning that thousands of american troops will remain in afghanistan beyond the 2015 deadline set by president obama. >> well that sounds pretty good to us. the president going back on his promise to end the war before leaving office. remember that? even as the threat posed by the taliban has grown greater, and the same for many other evil forces over there. >> i'm wondering if we were able to finish the surge before it ended, if it would have been a different story. live at the white house with the breaking details. hey, leland. >> good morning, guys. this is an administration still very much feeling the effects of having pulled all u.s. troops out of iraq, and clearly things in afghanistan are not going as
5:02 am
well as anyone would like. that includes u.s. commanders there. so here new plan as it stands right now. 9800 u.s. troops stay in afghanistan through 2016. that's essentially the current level. doing largely the same thing they're doing now. training, and security assistance. 5500 u.s. troops stay in, beyond 2016. remember, though, the president won't be commander in chief starting january 2017 so conceivably this will be up to his successor to figure out what to do in afghanistan. also keep in mind how vastly different the policy we're now hearing from the white house is than what the president was emphatic about back in march. >> we've gone down 100,000 down to under 10,000. that they are not on the front lines, because they're not in a combat role. and, the date for us to have completed our drawdown will not change.
5:03 am
>> now it's changing. the administration is quick to point out the role of u.s. troops won't change in afghanistan from what they do right now. the same time, the fbi says the current terror threat against america comes from within, rather than necessarily a faraway land. >> the terrorist is buzzing in the pocket of a troubled soul 24 hours a day through twitter and twitter direct messaging. >> and fbi director went on to say that he estimates somewhere in the hundreds are folks who are being remotely radicalized by terrorists around the world. any one of whom could become a lone wolf attacker here in the united states. back to you guys. >> all right leland, thanks so much. who knows the region well because he was over there. pretty amazing now the new report is not only is the taliban coming back but now you have al qaeda and isis in the area. and now we have less guys which makes those guys that we have left even in more danger because they don't have enough people watching. >> use of force came up with the democratic debate over at cnn. but you had to be watching about
5:04 am
it to know about it. a mere 11% of the nation actually tuned in to it. more people watched ncis than the democratic debate. >> that's the embarrassing thing. hillary clinton was beaten by mark harmon on tuesday night. because ncis had more people watching. surely it did set a record for a democrat debate. however, it was, i think, about 10 million fewer than watched the republican debate here on fox. >> which drew 25 million viewers. >> that's right. a lot of people, why was it lesser -- why were fewer viewers out there for the democrat debate? well, donald trump himself said, you know, i'm not going to be there. it's not going to be as interesting. he was right about he wasn't there. >> he wasn't there. >> it wasn't quite as interested. >> he was declared the winner. but his success came in numbers, mind you 70,000 gained twitter followers went to donald trump. he went out there and called bernie sanders a maniac in a
5:05 am
rally there in virginia yesterday in richmond. but everyone keeps wondering, and they didn't take him seriously enough early on, a bunch of the media are saying now donald trump is succeeding. still up in polls. and you wonder why. you say, what does this family say about his success? his son eric trump spoke with greta van susteren about why his dad would make a good president. what it was like growing up as his son. >> one of the things i actually admire most about him, he can punch back real hard. and i think that's one of the reasons people are attracted to him. they're sick of the pc, they're sick of the nonsense. they want a person who will fight for this country and won't be bought by the lobbyists. and you know, he's that guy. and, you know, again i think it's really what gives him his charm. what gives him his appeal and why people love him. >> it was very interesting because it seems to be for a guy that seemed to be winning on the stump for a long time there seems to be a strategy to let everyone know what he's like as a family person. in people magazine you get to know what he's like as a person
5:06 am
in particular, and then "fortune" magazine is doing something just on his background. now eric talks about being a dad. you know, he has, him and his brother and his sister, three of them, grew up very tight, very tight nuclear family. listen to the role. >> he never let us get out of line. he made us work. he instilled really great values in us. we were the last, you know, family that was ever going to be caught dancing on a tail at a night club, right? just wasn't us. at a young age we were put on construction sites. we worked very hard. we were expected to get great grades. we were expected to perform. and we did. he held us to a high standard and we never let him down. he's an amazing father and just a great guy. you know, he still to this day one of my best friends and my boss and my mentor, and i have the utmost respect for him. >> he went on to recall a time, many times, he was sitting by donald trump, his dad's desk, he would be putting together lego sets listening to his dad negotiate deals. and he said how could that not impact you. >> the son was building lego buildings. his father was building actual sky scrapers.
5:07 am
so to hear his children talk about him it's great. you want as a parent to have your kids one day talk about your mom and your dad like that. so, it's a salute to his parents that they would grow up like that. just one other thing, going back to the events last night at the richmond international speedway. >> yes. >> down in virginia. >> apparently there were a couple of groups, black lives matter tried to disrupt it, and also there was an -- anti-illegal -- no a pro-illegal alien group there, as well. and brings up the question about security. because, at one point donald trump said something about that's what freedom of speech is all about. but he said something yesterday to the hill newspaper. he said, the secret service should probably give him security, but won't, because he's a republican. he said, quote, they're in no rush because i'm a republican. they don't give a sh -- you know, something like that. prnly i think if obama were doing as well as me he would have had secret service earlier. i have by far the biggest
5:08 am
crowds. candidate obama actually got secret service protection in may of 2007. >> i thought he was going to get this a month ago. i thought the front-runner was supposed to get it about a month ago. >> i know. so what is going on. he says it's because he's a republican. i hope that's not right. >> he does have his own security but let's see if it can get bolstered. >> eight minutes after the hour. heather nauert, what's happening? >> i have an update on spencer stone, u.s. airman and american hero. he thwarted that attack on the train in france. we have new pictures that could help find the men who attacked him. sacramento police releasing these surveillance photos of the suspect's car fleeing after that attack. stone was stabbed several times outside a bar last week in sacramento. witnesses say he was defending a woman at the time. stone remains hospitalized in fair condition and is expected to make a full recovery. we all hope he's doing well. terrifying moments ought on camera on a plane when part of the plane's engine breaks off during takeoff.
5:09 am
a passenger sitting near the wing recorded that horrifying sight. the plane belongs to sky airlines. it's a budget airline, perhaps no surprise. based in chile. the flight was turned around and then landed safely in santiago. passengers were then put on another flight. well it may go down as one of the most bizarre innings in all of baseball history. the top of the seventh. did you catch this? during the toronto versus texas blue jays. the catcher russell martin's throw to the mound hits the batter and then rolls away. the runner on third then gives texas the lead. the umpires initially ruled that play dead. but changed the call, and that's when some really upset fans there started throwing bottles and cans onto the field. as a result the game had to be delayed about 20 minutes. the jays pulled ahead to knock texas out of the playoffs. wow. one indiana sheriff says if president obama issues an executive order requiring law enforcement to register guns, he would simply ignore it.
5:10 am
this is elkhart county sheriff brad rogers. he appeared on a local public television channel to discuss gun control well the sheriff says the country doesn't need any more regulations. listen to him here. >> i'm from the government. and i don't think that the government has any -- any place in gun registration. the government shouldn't know who's got weapons. >> regulated at the state level. rogers says he will register guns when citizens ask him to do it, but he doesn't encourage it. those are your headlines. a little surprised this morning to be making national news that sheriff there in elkhart county. >> without a doubt. coming up a high school goes in to emergency mode. even sending a note home to parents after students were talking about gum. somebody thought they said guns. it was about gum. >> that's right. and the democrats took aim at wall street in the debate. but did they have any facts behind their attack?
5:11 am
and big claims there. property man bob massi separates facts from fiction for you next. earning unlimited cash back on purchases. that's a win. but imagine earning it twice. you can with the citi double cash® card. it lets you earn cash back twice. once when you buy and again as you pay. it's cash back then cash back again. and that's a cash back win-win. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided.
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5:15 am
you know the music. that means politics. and the democrat candidates took aim at wall street and big banks during their first debate two nights ago. what was the truth behind their claims and campaign promises. here host of the property man bob massi. >> good morning, sir. >> they were all out in your town. we've got three sound bites to play. first up from vegas, here is bernie sanders, hillary clinton, talking about the big banks. listen. >> yep. >> it is my view that when you have the three largest banks in america are much bigger than they were when we bailed them out, or being too big to fail we have got to break them up. >> my plan is more comprehensive and frankly it's tougher. the plan that i have put forward would actually empower regulators to break up big banks if we thought they posed a risk. >> okay. so was that true or false? it was actually -- >> well, it was fiction.
5:16 am
>> thank you. >> i had to laugh because when hillary said i couldn't take it anymore and i went over to wall street, i said quit foreclosing on homeowners. i'm saying to myself, yeah, that really worked. so the bottom line is this. look, this is a strong lobby. they control so many different people in the congress. to be able to try to come in and break these people up is unrealistic. it's good political jargon. it makes for good sound bites. but when push comes to shove the lenders now are making more money than they ever made. and that's okay. they're in the business of making money. the problem is to try to impose regulations, now we have the consumer finance protection bureau that was designed to protect consumers and sort of help oversee what the lenders are doing. and the other thing is as it relates to hillary, she didn't really get into how is she going to regulate it. what are the things. there were no specifics. >> sure. >> what was really missing here is what i'd like to see, steve. we talked before about zombie foreclosures on this show. about it. why don't they put some type of regulation in, or lenders have a
5:17 am
statute of limitations to take people's homes. instead of having homes sitting vacant for years. if they don't do it by a certain period of time they're going to lose their right to do it. they need to come up with some other regulation to force these lenders to do certain things. as far as these sound bites i didn't get any details. >> we've got another sound bite for you to analyze. former governor martin o'malley. >> yeah. >> here he is talking about how it's time to reinstate glass eagle. listen to this. >> yep. >> we need to separate the casino speculative mega bank gambling, we have to ensure with our money from the commercial banking. namely, reinstating glass steagall. >> was that fact or fiction? >> that was a fact. i really support what he's saying here. look back in the '30s after the crash of 29 they passed the banking act which is glass-steagall. what did it do? it sort of said look, banks were feeling that the banks got into some areas they shouldn't have which caused the collapse.
5:18 am
there was pros and cons in that. the bottom line is, whenever they repeal this in the '90s, okay, i think it was 1999. basically it allowed the banks to get into some risky business and that risky business was one of the reasons why we got involved in this crisis that we've covered for years. he's saying look we got to bring that back. we have to separate these banks. we shouldn't get into, you know, more security mortgages, things like that. get in the business of doing what you do, and separate it to protect the homeowners, and to some way regulate what the banks do. i absolutely support that. i think it will be very good to bring it back. >> all right. meanwhile, bernie sanders, who donald trump last night had some sharp words about, referring to him as a socialist, a communist, things like that, here he is talking about how you should put a tax on the fat cats on wall street to pay for college. listen to this. >> i paid for my program, by the way, through a tax on wall street speculation. which will not only make public
5:19 am
colleges and universities tuition free, it will substantially lower interest rates on college debt, a major crisis in this country. >> it's a great idea. but is that going to work? >> remember dr. zorba? i don't mean any disrespect. i can't get it out of my head. anyway, look. i have a concern, steve, for a lot of the kids coming out of school for student loans. again, they talk about these things, it sounds good, they get an applause. but the cost is prohibitive. i am concerned, though, about kids that are coming out and getting strapped with these huge student loans. i would like to see some type of program addressed where maybe employers, when kids get good jobs, and there's retirement there, that maybe some of that be used towards paying these kids' student loans. because kids are coming out strapped. there has to be something done. but again to take the higher echelon to fund all these things at some point in time it's going to affect business. you just can't keep whacking the people that are successful in
5:20 am
business and saying we continue to tax them. just can't do it. >> then again maybe they should have been talking about why does college cost $50,000 a year? >> there you go. >> i mean start at the root. >> yep. >> oh, well. mr. vegas himself bob massi, check out his show "the property man" airs saturday at noon and sundays at 3:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. thanks very much. >> thanks buddy. coming up, here's one way to get your point across to lawmakers, drop a smoke bomb. and the boogeyman is no longer under your kids' bed. he's in their back pocket on their smartphones. up next the dangerous app you need to know, including ones specifically designed to keep parents in the dark.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
all right. time for some quick headlines. a big scare at an austin area based high school. a letter to parents went out explaining, quote, we received a report from students that there was allegedly a weapon on campus. a student thought he heard the word gun but, in fact, it was another student asking for some gum. students were kept in their classrooms until there was -- it was clear that that was no threat. and a father gave his daughter quite a gift on her wedding day by standing up from his wheelchair. to walk her down the aisle. ralph duquette was diagnosed with leukemia in 2012 and has been using a wheelchair ever since and not only did he walk her down the aisle, he also got to dance with her at the reception.
5:25 am
that is wonderful. elisabeth? >> recent survey found that 24% of teens admit being online almost constantly. but parents, do you know what your kids are doing online? have you heard of apps like yik yak and fake calculator? our next guest knows exactly what kids are doing online because we talks to thousands of students every single year. she says what you don't know could be putting your kids most at risk. jessie weinberger is an internet safety expert and the author of the boogeyman exists, and he is in your child's back pocket. thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> you have some words for our parents at home who are wondering what's going on online. you said you really need to look at what your kids are doing and set limitations. no smartphones under the age of 14 and no social media under 13? >> right. the no smartphones under 14. i know that's a radical concept considering the fact that when i travel all over the country, speaking to students, on average
5:26 am
i see smartphones at first grade and second grade. which is absolutely madness. your child, your first grader does not need a phone. none of them really need a phone. you know where they are all day long. if for some reason there's a divorce situation and they go back to mom and dad's house, that's fine you get them a flip phone with no data. it's a very simple thing to do. the problem is that a child's prefrontal cortex isn't done developing, which regulates impulse control. so you have a child with a fully functional phone that's probably unmonitored with no limitations, and very little impulse control. it's a recipe for disaster. >> okay. >> and then you also -- >> you say that there is self-destructing apps. >> right. >> that are out there, snapchat, burnnote, yikyak. >> they're supposed to self-destruct. the premise behind snap chat is i send you a picture and i say it needs to self-destruct in seven seconds. the problem is that most kids know and parents don't, first of all if you're under 13 years
5:27 am
old, no child should be using social media of any kind according to federal regulation. if your child is under 13 and you're using social media you're having to lie about their age. that's issue one. issue two is the self-destructing content doesn't ever go away and kids know how to save it. they're getting in trouble, legal consequences, social consequences. like most parents have no idea what their kids are sharing on those apps. >> sure and what other kids are going to start using against their own kids. >> totally. >> also there's these vault apps. one is called a fake calculator. >> it looks and acts like a calculator. you walk by your child thinking they're doing their math homework. if you punch in a certain order of keys a door opens, and this is where kids are keeping all the stuff that mom and dad don't know about from porn to images to messages to anything else they don't want mom and dad to see. it's hidden behind this calculator, this vault app. >> yikes. and then i know a lot of the preteens and teens that do have
5:28 am
these devices they're livestreaming either through terry scope or meerkat. what do parents need to know? >> basically, they're livestreaming their life moment to moment to moment to anyone who cares to watch. so this is a huge safety risk. obviously for sexual predation and other issues as well. if i'm livestreaming myself in my bedroom and there happens to be my high school pennant behind me on that wall i know where that child lives. some are livestreaming while they're sleeping. now they may have cash in their accounts from viewers who gave them money in return for that stream. >> so scary. >> yeah. >> jesse weinberger. she writes the boogeyman exists, he's in your child's back pocket. we're going to put these on our website. thanks for your tips. >> thanks. >> the future is here. we're going to show you the new supersonic passenger jet that you'll fly across the pond in one hour. using rockets. and a famous restaurant owner bans tipping. is that a good idea?
5:29 am
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♪ >> why is that happening. the shot of the morning. this little kid, has perseverance. attempts to pick up all the tennis balls, but each time he puts one in the container it falls back out. >> you just want to scoop in there and help him. it's okay, buddy. but he doesn't give up or maybe
5:33 am
he just doesn't notice. the video cuts off after one minute so it's not clear how long he kept trying to collect all those balls. i have a feeling he was victorious in the end. >> he might still be doing it right now. >> he might. you know what brian is doing? he's at the diner. right here in new york city. >> that's right. >> there's a new move right now in new york city, brian, to stop tipping. okay. dannemeye dannemeyer, big restaurateur said he's going to start a new system to even out the pay from the kitchen to the front and jack the prices up, add it to the price of your burger in order to let the tips fade away. what are you thinking? >> this is so anti-american. we want to reward great service. this is because of uber. uber, you don't tip. it's built into the car service. it's built right into the price. why don't i do that with waiters and waitresses. and everyone's on pins and needles wondering if it's going to change how america does their
5:34 am
restaurateuring. so here we are at evergreen. we want to go out to eat, have a good time and reward good service. you run this place at evergreen. you heard about this new trend about tipping. how do you feel about that? do you want to take the incentive away from waitresses and put it on the bill? >> no. that would make the prices higher than the service to the customer will not be the same. it's not like when a customer is pleased with the service he gets from a waiter, they should be i'm to allow themselves to leave or not to leave >> absolutely. >> because if we have to put it in the price, because the price will be higher than the meals, and ends up customer does not have an option -- >> it's communism. that's what i think it is. let's go to, wow, craig, hold on a second. come over here. i was talking to craig. i know you got to run, what business are you going to? >> going to a meeting. couple blocks away. >> listen, you have a reason i'm going to write you a note. how do you feel about not tipping at a place like evergreen, if that's the new trend. are you happy? >> well, i guess if the business
5:35 am
takes all the tips, and then pays the employees a fair wage, it could work out. but, in the research i'm familiar with is that some people are good tippers and some are bad and the service level doesn't really help. >> really? i didn't know that. good luck at your meeting. best of luck, i want to go up to jenny now. jenny, what's going on? where are you from? >> i'm from the netherlands. but originally from england. >> how do you feel about here in america? we tip good service. we have waiters and waitresses, we reward good service. how do you feel about that? >> i think it shows that the companies might end up actually taking that money for themselves. and not passing it onto their staff. and then i think that takes away consumer choice to reward good staff and good feeling and atmosphere within a restaurant or wherever it might. >> you want to reward good service. how has the service been at evergreen so far? >> superb. we've been here every day.
5:36 am
>> how are your eggs? >> fantastic. >> i thought she'd offer me some but it didn't really come out. i want to find out how the west of the world feels. seamus from ireland. you want the price built into the bill. >> yes, it should be in the bill. >> why? >> because in ireland we don't tip. the onus on customer service is on the business owner not the customer. why should the customer pay for good service? >> wow, that's how seamus feels. >> he's right. >> all right, fine. because seamus looks like he's the leader. here's the bigger story, guys. look on top here at evergreen. gretchen carlson, geraldo rivera. martha maccallum, governor huckabee. and steve you remember this three shot? there we go. >> oh, yeah, yeah. >> and steve you did that to yourself. just keep that in mind. >> i did. >> i signed the autograph. >> incredible. >> evergreen. here at "fox & friends." >> when you plan a trip to new york city stop by evergreen diner on 47th street. we wanted to know what the people out there watching
5:37 am
thought. and fellow by the name of steve e-mailed in, cut brian's salary, and we'll mail in tips when he's good. >> is that steve doocy who sent that in? i'll do some investigating on that brian. >> e-mailed this, restaurants should pay their employees like every other business. tips should be eliminated entirely not to mention that most tips are never reported. close the loophole. >> tom from the uk, on twitter said, the word tips stands for too insure prompt service. >> we certainly have heard from a number of people. >> america wants to reward, america wants to reward a great dining experience. with a good tip, and that's what we do. and it's worked for a lot of years. the whole economic system could fall apart. interest rates will jack up if we go ahead with this. this will be a disaster for the economy. it worst than 2008. >> brian is all fired up about that. >> it works when it is not arbitrary and that is the word.
5:38 am
anyway we'll find out if it works in new york city. bring us some breakfast. >> some home fries. >> we'll tip you if you do. >> all right. 22 minutes before the top of the hour, and heather has got a fox news alert. >> i certainly do. good morning to you all. hope you're off to a good day and having a good breakfast. we have just learned that oscar pistorius will be released from prison? next tuesday. well in september of last year he was found guilty of culpable homicide. that's like manslaughter here. for killing his model girlfriend reevaamp. pistorius was sentenced to five years behind bars. now we're just learning he'll get out next week. a fox news alert to bring you, another one. former nba star lamar odom clinging to life at this hour. he is in critical condition and is said to have suffered brain damage after several strokes. newly released 911 calls reveal the moment that he was found unconscious at a nevada brothel. >> white stuff coming out his mouth and can't get him to wake
5:39 am
up. he's like, almost not breathing. >> okay. is he conscious? >> excuse me? >> is he conscious? >> no! >> well, sources say that odom had several drugs in his system including cocaine. investigators now awaiting blood tests to confirm that. his ex khloe kardashian now making the medical decisions. they filed for divorce but it was never finalized. there was a court backlog so they're still legally married and she has the right to make those decisions. >> tear gas, canisters and smoke disrupting carlment in kosovo. take a look at this. opposition lawmakers setting off smoke bombs to protest deals with serbia and montenegro. the chamber was evacuated. everybody looks fairly calm right there. it's unclear how they smuggled that gas past security there. this is the second time in two weeks that those opposition lawmakers have released tear gas in parliament. oh, my. and want to fly from new york to london in as little as an hour? airbus is hoping to make that happen. the company has created a new
5:40 am
design for passenger aircraft. they can travel at supersonic speed. called the concorde 2. we're told it will be able to seat 19 people and use three separate engines, turbo jets, ram jets, and a rocket motor. the design has just been patented. no word yet when the company will start building it. kind of cool to think about. and those are your headlines. >> it only holds 19 people. can you imagine how expensive that ticket is going to be? >> very expensive. >> heather, thank you. now we turn to maria molina with a look at weather for you today. >> and a good morning. and it's going to feel like summer across some areas especially across parts of texas where temperatures are going to be close to 100 degrees in some cities. i want to advance this map and actually show you what's going to be happening over the next few days and that is finally some very cold air dipping down from areas farther off towards the north and you can see that blue shading across places like north carolina and also in tennessee on sunday, and that is going to be colder air making its way that far south.
5:41 am
clicking ahead you can see that our forecast temperatures over the next couple of mornings are going to get quite cold. new york city by sunday morning 39 degrees. you're going to be in the 30s as well in indianapolis and also in detroit during the morning hours. it's going to be quite chilly out there and by the way, we live in the northeast, get ready for some snow coming up this weekend. so some of you are going to be enjoying your fall fail yank with some snow on the ground. especially across interior parts of the northeast by sunday. >> it's too early. it's not even halloween! >> get out the jackets. >> get out the shovel. >> maria, thanks. fox news alert for you now. long lines and chaos at airports across the country when commuters that screen for potential terrorists go down. what it means for you if you're traveling today. >> and donald trump reminding people this about the democrats. >> she's got to give everything away because this maniac that was standing on her right is giving everything away. so she's following! 33 >> maniac. so what is a socialist?
5:42 am
peter johnson jr. breaks that down. coming up next. flonase allergy relief nasal spray outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance, flonase controls six. so you are greater than your allergies. flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything. ♪ ♪ (charge music)
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or every room ... ...with no new ductwork. so everyone can enjoy ultimate personal comfort. mitsubishi electric cooling and heating. make comfort personal. at just about 15 minutes to the top of the hour. quick headlines for you now. a fox news alert, the fbi is investigating daily fantasy sports websites to see if they violate federal gambling laws. this comes after a draft kings worker allegedly used insider information to win $350,000 on rival site fan duel. both sites say their operations are fully legal. in texas, get ready, southwest airlines is going international. and its first flight takes off today. they will be flying nonstop from houston to six cities in mexico and central america. on november 1st they will add flights to costa rica and jamaica. steve? >> thanks, elisabeth.
5:46 am
on this thursday a fox news alert, long lines and chaos at airports across the country when the no-fly list computer crashed. let's get right to wosl's jackie aroseco live at orlando international airport. jackie, that's usually the happiest place on earth. but since the computer crash, not so much. >> yeah, not so much. i was speaking with passengers this morning, and they were so worried that they came three hours in advance before their flight would leave because they had heard about it. as of right now things are good to go. things have been running pretty smoothly. some passengers say that they just had a difficult time checking in online. but according to the u.s. customs and border protection agency, they said that this computer glitch was a temporary outage. now, this also affected homeland security, because they could not screen passengers against a
5:47 am
terrorist watch list. now, federal officials say there was no danger, and they do not believe that the disruption was malicious in nature. as you know, orlando is one of the busiest international airports. millions of people come in and out of this area. so a lot of people were talking about it this morning. but, again, federal officials say that it should not be affecting travel for people here just came a little bit earlier than usual. just to avoid any chaos. now reporting live here at oia, jackie orozco. >> thank you very much for the latest. coming up, on this thursday's telecast we've all heard this -- >> are you a capitalist? >> no. i'm a democratic socialist. >> aim a progressive. but i'm a progressive who likes to get things done. >> but what do these titles really mean? and are they good for the future of our country? peter johnson jr. takes a closer look next. first let's check in to find out what is happening at the top of the hour and martha maccallum
5:48 am
joins us. >> hello there, steve. good morning. so donald trump's lead gets even bigger as he tops some brand-new polls out there. we're going to show you where and how he is winning now. and the president wanted to end the wars, but there was growing violence in the streets of the middle east, and breaking news this morning as he reverses himself, deciding to leave thousands of troops in afghanistan. bret baier joins us on that. and new details on what really happened to lamar odom at the top of the hour. ♪ can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
5:49 am
i really like this organic soup. yeah. at least we know what he's eating. campbell's organic soups. made for real, real life.
5:50 am
5:51 am
i call him a socialist/communist, okay, because that's what he is. he's going to tax you people at 90%. he's going to take everything. >> that was donald trump last
5:52 am
night in richmond, shutting down bernie sanders after he refused to himself -- as he referred to himself, that is to say, as not just a socialist but a democratic socialist during wednesday's debate. another defining moment from the debate, hillry clinton calling herself a progressive. but what's with all the titles? fox news legal alyst peter johnson jr. is here to explain. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? you know, if you've been a con man you will say democratic socialism is about a utopian society in which everyone loves each other and there are golden unicorns and everyone is treated fair and it's sexless, raceless, wonderful society. and that's what bernie sanders aspires to. listen to this. >> are -- >> i'm a democratic socialist. what democratic socialism about is saying it is immoral and wrong that the top one tenth of one percent in this country own almost 90%, own almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%.
5:53 am
do i consider myself part of the casino capitalist process by which so few have so much and so many have so little, by which wall street, greed and recklessness wrecked this economy? no i don't. >> okay so what is a democratic socialist? >> and why won't he tell the truth about what democratic socialism is. because the definition, is that it combines a democratic political system with a socialist economic system. where the means of duproduction that means ownership, ownership is socially or collectively owned. >> okay >> so under the democrat socialist model, under the mantra of the socialist party of the usa it's owned by a collective. it's owned by the people. >> by all of us. >> and so this democratic -- >> disadvantages? >> they're obvious. redistribution of income when people don't want that done. high taxes, like in countries we talked about.
5:54 am
less freedom. and the government setting the prices, and deciding the allocation of government or collectively owned resources. >> okay. so bernie sanders calls himself a socialist. >> but doesn't really define it. >> how close is socialism, really, to communism? >> probably two nights in red square. it is up to you. and it's up to the american people to decide. >> yeah. >> people are -- >> you called him a -- >> authoritarian -- i call him a con man. sure he's a con man because he's not telling the truth about what democratic socialism really is in order to make people believe that it's something palatable and interesting, and good. >> okay. meanwhile, here's another sound bite from tuesday. here's hillary. she's no longer a liberal, she's a -- >> progressive. >> i don't take a back seat to anyone when it comes to progressive experience and progressive commitment. i'm a progressive. but i'm a progressive who likes to get things done. >> okay, so what do progressives
5:55 am
get done? >> goes back to the early 20th century, even teddy roosevelt, president wilson, and even bernie sanders, a founder, a founder back in the '90s of the congressional progressive caucus on paper they believe in political change and social improvement through government action, 19th and 20th century paid the way to modern liberalism. envisioned expansive government, evolving constitution and nationally centralized administrative agencies. but in the dictum, in the lexicon of hillary clinton, and of bernie sanders, it is left, left, left, left. it is a watch word for redistribution. it is a watch word for the most liberal principles that you can evoke, and still be a democrat in the united states. trump was right. sanders is going left, left, left, left. towards the socialist, and
5:56 am
hillary clinton has got to get left, left, left, left, left, too. although she kind of upgraded and said you know, capitalism, if we keep it in check, it's okay. >> you're saying she needs to get to the left of a con man? >> well, she has -- she can't get that far. she can't get that far. >> all right. i don't think she wants to. but she's getting pushed. peter johnson jr. with a little lesson in how it all works. >> all right. >> coming up, church bells can be a beautiful sound. how would you like that if i was clanging 24 hours a day? the story that might drive somebody a little crazy. coming up. (man) hmm. what do you think?
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bill: a dramatic reversal from the white house on afghanistan. president obama set to announce thousands of troops will remain through the end of next year. how is that war going? what does that say? i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." martha: i'm martha maccallum. this comes amid


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