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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 15, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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bill: a dramatic reversal from the white house on afghanistan. president obama set to announce thousands of troops will remain through the end of next year. how is that war going? what does that say? i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." martha: i'm martha maccallum. this comes amid resurgence of
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the taliban in afghanistan. they have taken over territory held by the coalition. leland vittert joins us from the white house. how are they articulating this dramatic change in their policy? >> reporter: the president did not come to this decision lightly. this changes everything about what the president promised when he came to u.s. policy in afghanistan. the biggest headline, 5,500 troops stay beyond 2016. there was only supposed to be an embassy-based security force. things are not going as well as anyone would like. u.s. commanders say things have take and turn for the worse. the troop drawdown, that has
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stopped, too. troops say in their counter terror and training role outside of kabul as well as inside it as well. begging the question why this white house claimed so many times they december mated al qaeda. >> what we have seen is there continues to be a terror threat that emanates from afghanistan, and our ability to carry out this counter terror operations continues to be important. >> reporter: since this news broke many are saying president obama is kicking the can down the road giving who are his successor is the very same question and answer he had to do today. martha: obviously a lot of people will be asking questions whether 5,500 is the right number. martin dempsey said it would make him happy.
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how is the president going to explain what the mission is in afghanistan for these fighters? >> we'll have to hear from the president to try to explain this reversal and how things change because remember the president was emphatic back in march about keeping this promise is to end both wars before the end of his term. >> we have gone from 100,000 down to 10,000. they are not on the front lines because they are not in a combat role. the date for to us have completed our drawdown will not change. >> reporter: you can expect the white house to spread the responsibility for this decision around. two of the president's military advisors said they believe they needed to keep u.s. troops on the ground in afghanistan to keep beefing you have the afghan
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* military to take on al qaeda and the taliban which has proflen to be more -- has proven to be more resilient than anybody thought. bill: we'll have congressman thornberry in just a few minutes. martha: you can't decide to end the wars when you have situations bubbling out of your control. bill: the latest on the race for the white house. donald trump firing up the crowd in virginia, hitting the democrats on their debate performance tuesday night. >> i watched last night with bernie sanders and hillary and the other three guys -- that
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nobody -- i watched hillary last night with we are going to give this and give that. the poor woman has to give everything away because this maniac standing on her right is giving everything away so she is following. that's what's happening. this socialist/communist ... bill: new polling shows trump hold a lead in two key states? south carolina and nevada. byron, good day to you. he's not just leading in those two states. he's ahead of the field by double digits. as you rightly points out the early states could in the end decide this. >> the first four states all end next february. they will probably determine who is going to win the republican
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presidential nomination. we knew that trump was leading in iowa, new hampshire, now we have polls showing he has huge leads in south carolina and nevada. they are very different states. midwest, south, northwest. you have to save he's in a strong position. bill: in nevada his supporters are the most committed. they think he's best suited to handle the economy. >> he's been drawing big crowds of everywhere. there is always disagreement over how big the crowd is. 4,000, 7,000, but he is drawing bigger crowds than anybody in the republican field and everybody in the democratic field except bernie sanders on occasion. by the way, there is to contrast
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with national polls that showed sanders -- showed donald trump and ben carson essentially tied at the top of the republican field far above of everybody else. bill: the day after the democrats' debate the trump family covered the tv networks. he did fox and nbc, his daughter did cnn and son did fox. >> trump has bragged about how little he has had to spend on advertising in his campaign. he said he only spent about a million dollars on his sole campaign. the reason is he's able to appear on the media so much. he told neil cavuto if he purchased ads on top of all the shows in which he appears it
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would be too much. he's making brilliant use of media appearances. bill: pat caddell says he's watching him grow as a candidate in the last few weeks alone. byron york, washington, d.c. martha: not never the crowd had a warm welcome for donald trump. some fights broke out after black lives matter started shouting out. bill: john kasich turning his focus on hillary clinton in this ad. >> you all made a few people just set about your political career, which enemy are you most
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proud of. >> probably the republicans. >> is that where this country going in the leading in the candidate of the democratic nomination is bragging about the fact that republicans don't like her? she is proud of that? i have got to tell you, that's a disgrace. bill: he goes on saying candidate should want to unite the country, not divide it along party lines. martha: when you go on the ellen show you dance. [♪] a little off the beat maybe. but he showed off some dance moves. he even did a two-step during the break. some hailed him for sticking up for hillary over the email
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scandal. israel deploys hundreds of troops around the country to deal with a wave of deadly attacks. the u.s. under pressure to help calm that violence. secretary of state john kerry says he will travel back to the middle east soon. what can he do when he gets there about all of this? connor, is this additional security making a difference in the short term? >> reporter: we have seen stepped up security. and you can see over my shoulder, this is one of the main entrance froms into the old city. it's virtually empty except for a few tourists. there are checkpoints going in and out of east jerusalem. the security cabinet in israel
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ordered the demolition of seven homes of people accused of being attackers. you are seeing these enhanced and new security measures put in place all around jerusalem. there were two attacks last night. so it's not clear if the calm we are seeing are a direct result of these security measures but it's significantly calmer in comparison to what we have had the last few weeks. john kerry is expected to head to the region. what the talks will be, that's not clear. it's calm now and how long that will last is also not clear. bill: democrats taking a hard left turn on the issue of guns in america. >> is bernie sanders tough enough on guns? >> not at all. we have to look at the fact that we lose 90 people a day from gun
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violence. bill: we'll talk about that in a moment. martha: another close call in the kies over syria. a russian jet getting close to an american fighter plane. are the two countries on a collision course? bill: vladimir putin getting close to cuba. >> this is the coalition from hell. you have got cuba, iran, russia, all he need is venezuela and we'll have a full house. ♪ hi, tom. how's the college visit? does it make the short list? yeah, i'm afraid so. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. knowing our clients personally is why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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martha: a russian fighter jet
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coming within two miles of an american fighter jet. the russians going after the moderates we backed on the ground and ours going after isis is a complicated story. it's not when you have the ability to fly at supersonic speed. moscow says the russian jet was trying to identify the american jet. the two look to set new flight rules in this conflict. bill: president obama make an about-face on the war in afghanistan. announcing he will keep thousands of troops in afghanistan beyond 2016. congressman mac thorn dem berry
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with me -- thornberry with me from new york. do you agree with this move or not? >> it's better than th alternative. any type the president makes a security decision that's not a national disaster, i'm grateful for it. this is not a decision to win in afghanistan, it's a strategy to avoid another iraq which is what would have happened if he drew down like he did in kabul. and a minimalist how do you limp along to the end of the administration. i'm grateful for it because it could have been far worse. but we shouldn't overestimate
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what 100,000 -- 10,000 troops can do. bill: can you account for the rise of al qaeda and isis in one country? >> no. we have 9,800 now and isis is growing, the taliban is gaining strength and al qaeda is still there. can you eliminate? no. is it better than complete withdrawal, sure. that's why i have gone the to where i'm grateful for a decision that is not a disaster. maybe we can do better. bill: does the administration have a clear strategy in syria, 70% say no. who's got the upper hand? vladimir putin 53%.
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barack obama 22%. what do the american people see there. >> the american people don't see leadership. there is no magic answer for syria but they would like to see something that can point us in a positive direction. into that void steps vladimir putin, iran, and what you see is increasing violence in israel. the palestinians see we are stepping back from our involvement. there is a perception that we are stepping back and when you step back that leaves avoid. into that void go aggressors like putin and iran. bill: help me make sense of what we are seeing the last few hours. there are cuban soldiers on the
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ground in syria on behalf of russia. >> cubans have trained in russia for a long time, and putin is lappie to ice proxy forces -- he's happy to use what he calls volunteers proxy forces. you have cubans controlled by the russians put on the ground to make sure al-assad stays in power. i think president obama is trying to put a happy face on a disaster. that this somehow will be hamful for putin. for 40 years the russians have not had a significant presence in the middle east. and in a few weeks that has commit turned around. and putin is willing to pay the price, especially if it's cuban
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lives as he extend his influence. martha: they warned us this might happen and now it is, a major medicare rate hike that will affect millions of americans. bill: a bear goes buck wild at a mall. that's indoors. >> a bear! a bear!
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bill: the justice department and the f.b.i. said to be launching an investigation into fantasy sites.
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congress passed a law against banks transferring money to online gambling sites. but so-called games of skill are exempt from the law. martha: the government is announcing the annual cost of living adjustment will be zero this time around. the cola will be flat. that sets up a major rate hike for nearly a third of medicare recipients. 7 million americans are expected to see their part b premiums that cover the doctors visits. it will increase 52% next year. put that in perspective. this year's individual monthly premiums are $105. next year they can be close to
6:26 am
$160. who is affected on what does this mean? >> they call this the hold harmless clause. it's harmless for the 70% of medicare part b recipients who have social security because they won't have a cost of living increase because gas prices have remained flat. and you won't see an increase in medicare premiums. but for the other 30%, they will have to absorb it. 3 million baby boomers joining the medicare ranks who make more than $85,000 a year, those who don't have a social security umbrella and $10 million who have medicare, medicaid, they won't pay the out of pocket but guess who is going to pay the for them? the states. the states are saying we may cut
6:27 am
down on services to cover the cost. states are affected and people who can't aforward to affect their fixed incomes. people say i can't pay this. i'm already paying $100 a month for my medicare premium. that's a lot if you are on a fixed income. martha: what happens if they can't pay it? >> they will have to drop medicare part b. that covers doctors visits. they won't be able to do their medical care. it covers surgeries and laboratories. this is a total disaster and the states may cut medicaid services. martha: they are saying we are not going to give you more on your social security check.
6:28 am
but there is inflation for those 30% who have to pick up the slack. >> you made a great point. when your social security check goes up, we hide the medicare premium increase under that. so you don't see any difference when you get your check. but if you don't have the medicare increase they hide it with everybody else. there is know agreement on that right now. martha: you will pay one way or another. >> you will pay as medicare recipients, the elderly other taxpayer pays. bill: donald trump dominating in the polling.
6:29 am
but he says it's not about the monday. >> i spent the least of anybody or just about and i'm first place. is that good? right? right? and i don't mean first place by a little bit. bill: where do voters stand with mr. trump on almost all the issues? we'll show and compare. plus there is this. have a look. martha: that was something. a controversial call. bedlam in toronto. what went down at this game that caused the benches to clear and fans started throwing bottles on to the field. ♪
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by we'll get a word from the president in the roosevelt room.
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this is regarding a decision on afghanistan. here is what we believe he will announce. 9,600 troops in the country through most of016. and are 500 going into 017. isis a growing threat, the taliban a growing threat and al qaeda all in the same country. 11:00 a.m. eastern time right here on the fox news channel. >> i had to tweet this thing. somebody said on one of the networks the winner was trump because we picked up 160,000 followers. can you believe it? martha: he may not have been on the democratic debate stage, but according to hip he won anyway. according to the cnn polls he's
6:34 am
beating dr. ben carson 36% to 18% in south consider. he's beating on the issue, economy, immigration, foreign policy. only dr. carson comes close on social issues. doug schoen and monica crowley. people said he won't last into the fall. he will max out at 25%. not so. he's at 36%. >> report of donald trump's demise are exaggerated. there is so much anger particularly in the republican party toward washington. given what we have seen last
6:35 am
week in the disruption dislocation and dysfunction in terms of picking a speaker, it make sense donald trump, a can-do businessman would go up not down in term of what we are seeing in the political landscape. martha: let's look at these other polls. if elected president, who would handle the economy best. truck, 67% in nevada. 59% in south carolina. foreign policy. 34% foreign policy for trump and 27% for him in south carolina. i want everyone to look at this. let's talk about people like rubio. lyndsey graham who has been studying foreign policy his
6:36 am
entire career. donald trump who had the qud and kurds discussion with hugh hewlett. let's move on to one more here. social issues. this is the only one where carson beats him in south carolina. but he's on top. >> a lot has been said about this profound anti-establishment, anti-politician sentiment in the country. with trump there is an incredible driving for powerful leadership. people want a strong leader. they want america to be tree stored again. make america strong again. it resonates with a lot of americans.
6:37 am
the second thing is, he's a happy warrior. people want somebody who is energetic, happy to be there. wants the job, will take it on with relish. you look at some of the others in the field and they don't seem to have that happy spirit. when he came out and said i won the democratic debate, o'reilly ran a clip and said one of the big reasons i'm running is because i'm handsome. everybody laughed. he's sprg fun out there and it shows. >> you look at those economic numbers, winning by 50 points. we don't have any growth, the workforce participation is at a record low. trump offers the promise of revitalizing the economy. so he offers hope. monica is exactly right. there is hope, it's a better future with trump.
6:38 am
martha: in terms of the unfavorables, hillary clinton's unfavorables are strong. are there republicans who would never vote for him and can he make up those numbers with democrats and independents who would? >> i think the republicans would come back to trump should he be the nominee. they may not like trump but they like hillary or whoever would be the nominee less. working class democrats are looking for leadership. >> i hear from a lot of old reagan democrats. hard hat guys, union guys, they say i'm voting for donald trump. he hits china and he hits illegal immigration and those
6:39 am
two issues affect the american workforce. it's really fascinating. thank you so much. bill: game five in toronto. this one of the craziest games in baseball. top of the 7th inning. catcher russell martin throws the ball back to the pitcher. the bull hits the bat, the runner on third scores. umpires allow the runner to score. the crowd isn't happy. trash is thrown on the field. the game goes into delay. after back to back to backerrors, loaded bases by
6:40 am
texas, jose bautista goes deep. i think they call it liftoff. next batter trying to calm the crowd down. pitcher like dude, what's going on. that was the conversation they had. benches clears, game delayed again. the 7th inning lasted almost an hour. blue jays never look back. they win it 6-3 moving on to the championship series. the astros and the royals in a game five afterwards. royals win it 7-2 and they will face the blue jays friday night at home. martha: i didn't get to see the game. i feel like i just saw the
6:41 am
entire game by former sports reporter bill hemmer. and tonight we'll see what happens. bill: another game five. unbelievable. this spot brought to you by espn. 20 minutes before the hour. martha: gun control takes center stage at the democratic debate. >> it was pretty straightforward to me that he was going to give you minity to the only industry in america. everybody else has to be accountable but not gun manufacturers. martha: are democrats taking a hard left and looking to take away guns? that's the question on the table. bill: a different bear incident caught on camera wandering on a high school campus.
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martha: surveillance video spotting this bear outside a high school in montana. he made his way inside. he entered through a dmoort back of the building. roamed through the building, and then he left. out of russia, far for frightening. take a look at the video. she is speaking russian, by think she said, oh, my god, it's a bear. he pushed open the mall doors. earlier surveillance video
6:46 am
caught the animal trapped inside. he's doing early shopping. there is sad news. they shot this animal base was heading toward a playground down the street. he learned the hard way about shopping. bill: bears hate algebra, they complain about it all the time. gun control taking center stage at the debate tuesday night. the candidates disagreeing on how to prevent mass shootings in america. >> no, not at all. i think we have to look at the fact we lose 90 people a day from gun violence. this has gone on too long and it's time the entire country stood up against the nra. >> what i can tell secretary clinton.
6:47 am
all the shouting in the world is not going to do what i would hope all of us want. bill: it's clear she is moving to the left of bernie sanders. where does this issue go in terms of politics in this campaign? >> there are two ways to look at it. the political half and the policy reality half. politically it's probably not a dumb play for democrats. america changed dramatically in its composition. there are a couple of groups democrats need to win. one is suburban and single women and the other is trial lawyers from whom a lot of democratic campaign fund come. when hillary student and said we need to sue gun manufacturers, there isn't a single person who believes that will reduce gun
6:48 am
violence, but it's a pinata party for her donors. the trial lawyers. on the policy side, if you press democrats how will the proposals you are putting forward have prevented any of the mass shoot stion we have seen over the past three years, you will get silence. because there is no policy proposal on the table short of taking everyone's gun away which is prohibited by the bill of rights, would have stopped this gun violence. and what do you do about the mentally ill. how do you prevent them from getting guns. bill: i think you hear more people talk about it all the time. you have got a gun shop in wisconsin. that gun was used to shoot two police officers. that law was passed 10 years ago under president bush 43 that was designed top protect the gun
6:49 am
store owners if the guns fall into the hand of the wrong people. >> you can't just ban guns because of the second amendment. the idea is to disarm the population by making guns too hard to get, too expensive to get, the regulatory burdens are too owne onerous or the ammunitn too sentencive. it's not aimed at them, it's aimed at all of us. bill: republicans think democrats are going to overplay their hands on this. is there evidence that suggests they are right about that an election year?
6:50 am
>> i wouldn't take that for granted. the population has changed in the united states. republicans need to clearly articulate why this won't make the country safer. they have to make a strong rhetorical case. it's there for the take but they have to be bold. bill: tucker carlson in washington, d.c., we'll talk again. martha: former nba all-star and khloe kardashian's husband lamar odom fighting for his life. the kardashian clan is said to be calling the shots. >> we need an ambulance. he's close to not breathing.
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martha: we are getting new details about the state lamar odom was in when he was rushed to the hospital in nevada. the former nba player had used cocaine and an herbal supplement. the 911 calls are being released. >> is he conscious? >> no. he has stuff coming out of his mouth and blood is coming out of his nose. he's unconscious right now? >> yes. martha: what's the latest on his condition and how he got that way? >> martha, oh dome is on life support, a ventilator. his former wife khloe kardashian at his side.
6:55 am
because of the backlog in the courts their divorce is not final so she alone is making medical decisions on his behalf. according to witnesses he took cocaine, cognac, and 10 supplements, a sexual stimulant. one of the sex:workers found him face down on the bed foaming at the mouth. the brothel owner said he was having a blast with the girls. the sheriff is investigating how odom obtained the drugs. >> if we find that someone at the brothel was responsible, then of course they would be. we are only half the truth here. reporter: odom reportedly suffered multiple strokes, brain
6:56 am
damage. two years ago the fda warned the drug contained i am atlanta. one pill is good for 72 hours and he took 10. martha: what are the players saying. >> he had a reality show that showcased his party boy lifestyle. he was suspended for using marijuana, but former teammates say was a loyal friend and good player. martha: thank you very much. bill: president obama about to make a major announcement on the new war.
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>> president obama reverses course on afghanistan. he is throwing out the plan to bring u.s. troops home before the end of his second term, that pushes the war into the presidential campaign and on to the next president. welcome, everybody to a new hour of america's newsroom. i am mccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. the taliban makes dramatic gains. the president announcing to end the war with great fanfare same time for americans to turn the page and this morning at the white house he will have to explain his decision to extend military operations. nestle -- national security correspondent jennifer griffin, what will he say or what do we expect him to say? >> reporter: we expect him to announce he will keep 55 of the u.s. troops in afghanistan through 2017 after he leaves
7:01 am
office. the plan had been to go to the embassy presence of 1,000 troops by the end of next year. we now know that before the chairman of the joint chiefs general martin dempsey retired last month, one of his final recommendations to the president back in august was to keep more than 5,000 troops and place them in lily pad formation around afghanistan so the u.s. does not lose their bases that back room, ken strait and . general john campbell hinted about the change with a change that was imminent testified last week. >> based on conditions on the ground, based on transitions i talked about, i do believe we have to provide senior leadership options different than the current plan. >> reporter: one of dempsey's arguments is it would cost $10 billion a year to keep 1,000
7:02 am
troops and the$.6 billion a year to 5500. bill: why the change of heart after repeatedly promising the war in afghanistan would end on his watch? >> reporter: we are told the new afghan president made the appeal in march, the white house call would happen in iraq, a rise of isis after u.s. troops were pulled out, but what doesn't make a lot of sense is the president had an indication back in march and over the summer isn't this was likely to happen and yet he kept saying all troops would be removed. what we do know in the last month, the taliban for the first time since 2001 took over a major afghan city, that got the attention of the white house so now we understand that those troops will be at the stage beyond the end of this presidency. bill: vladimir putin filled a void in syria. is there concern, are you hearing talk at the pentagon or the administration about
7:03 am
vladimir putin end -- filling a void in afghanistan? >> reporter: it is interesting, certainly vladimir putin is unpredictable right now. i doubt the russians want to go back into afghanistan. they have a very bad history there but certainly better tune is trying to embarrass the u.s. and fill vacuums wherever it sees american leadership lacking. bill: thanks. martha: president obama made his promise to end america's military mission in iraq and afghanistan, a central part of his second term. >> together with our allies and afghan government we have agreed this is the year we will conclude our combat mission in afghanistan. tonight for the first time since 9/11, our combat mission in afghanistan is over. [applause] six years ago nearly 180,000 american troops served in iraq and afghanistan.
7:04 am
today fewer than 15,000 remain. we salute the courage and sacrifice of every man and woman in this 9/11 generation. martha: interesting look back, bret baier joins me now, good morning to you. your reaction to this news about the 5500 saying? >> no doubt many when you talk to in the intelligence community, the military community, this president, his goal was to allow all troops out of iraq and afghanistan and he is kicking and screaming to not do this but he got to the point when he saw the taliban move and take over in the northern part of afghanistan. this is the president who has not spoken out about the u.s. mission in afghanistan that frequently. he is a president who authorise a surge of some 60,000 troops when all was said and done back
7:05 am
in afghanistan, but he did not speak about it much in contrast to the previous president who spoke almost every week about the u.s. mission in afghanistan and iraq. martha: so true. look at the criticism about pulling out of iraq, the president's critics said he decided to end war because that is what he wanted to do, not what was going on on the ground and we had tremendous losses after we did that. it may be he does not want to have the same outcome. bret: i think that is true to and extend. the administration would say the iraqis prevented the forces agreement from going forward, others argue the u.s. could have negotiated and made it happen no matter what. in afghanistan and new afghan president is pleading with the u.s. to stick around, to be a presence there so the taliban does not take greater control so little difference an area with the two governments. martha: interesting what you said, the lack of mission in
7:06 am
terms of how it is conveyed to the american people. we have not heard much at all from the president about what our mission in afghanistan is, how things are going very and you wonder what he will say when he speaks less than an hour from now and how strongly he will speak about our commitment to making afghanistan as safe as we can and quelling terrorist activity as it happens there. i sad that in the context of the polls we're seeing which are astonishing, foreign policy fox news poll that came out geared more toward syria but it goes to leadership in the broader airmass as well, does the obama administration have a clear strategy in the syrian conflict? 70% say no. 20% say yes. let's move on to the next one. who has the upper hand in syria? this is military action, russia's military action in syria, strong and shrewd? 46% say yes, week and desperate is how the president characterized it, 29%, who has
7:07 am
the upper hand in syria, vladimir putin gets 53%, barack obama gets 22%. bret: when he told the 60 minutes at steve crop that russia was acting out of weakness, that is tough to take. the allies around the region and around the world perceived it very differently. a senior official, and from the pentagon team, and our guys fighting for their lives, 150 cia moderate trained rebels have been killed or wounded by the russians, 150 cia trained guys by the russians have been killed or wounded, and a different scenario on the grounds of.
7:08 am
bill: we are 50 minutes from that announcement. stay tuned on that. meanwhile a computer glitch causing massive delays at airports across the country, homeland security saying a system that the federal terror watch list went off line. doesn't sound good. in queens, new york, what happened? >> reporter: it is a part of security you do not see as a passenger when you clear customs at any airport. when it happens when they shut down. this computer glitch, thousands of people delayed and frustration, went down temporarily for 90 minutes, the computer system actually check airline passengers against terror watch lists so that temporary glitch caused delays at airports and cities across the country including jfk airport in new york city, boston, mass. dallas-fort worth
7:09 am
texas, a huge airport, charlotte, north carolina and baltimore, md. leaving thousands of passengers waiting in long lines of security screenings for multiple airlines. >> the people up there, it was crazy. >> u.s. customs and border protection issuing the following statement. to address the technology. in the meantime, officers process international travelers using alternative procedures were back on line. and faber still screaming it slowed down the pace, every
7:10 am
single passenger. they had paperwork before boarding the flight. bill: old school in the end. ten minutes past. martha: martha: isis making major gains as we prepare to leave troops in afghanistan, peter king joins us. >> reporter: a new protest rocking the city of baltimore, we will tell you what protesters are demanding now. bill: hillary clinton will testify about benghazi on october 22nd. what do americans think about her truthfulness on this issue? the brand new polls coming up. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about the damn e-mails. >> thank you, thank you.
7:11 am
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
bill: syrian forces pushing out rebel forces. this video showing a bat or post on line by rebel fighters, the group firing missiles and machine guns at forces loyal to bashar al-assad. government troops reportedly backed up by russian air strikes in turn. martha: one week before hillary clinton testifies on capitol hill about benghazi on fox news poll finds most americans think she has not been honest about what happened in the deadly terrorist attack. 32% say she has been honest about this, 60% say she has not. maybe perhaps people do care
7:15 am
about the damn e-mail issue as bernie sanders put in the other night. tomorrow, clinton's longtime aide has her moment as she sits down with the benghazi investigators to tell them what she knows about the events before, during and after that night. joined now by steve hayes, fox news contributor, good morning, good to have you here. bernie sanders says people don't care. take a look at what congress should do. this is another poll we want to pull up, hillary clinton's handling of been gaza. what should congress do? considered the inquiry, 46% say yes, 50% say we should move on. it is about split. >> about 50/50. congress is going to continue, trade audi --trey gowdy will not stop. kevin mccarthy and this representative from new york said foolish things about politicization.
7:16 am
beyond the congressional investigation is important to remember much of what we are learning about hillary clinton and her e-mails have come from fbi investigation. we know the fbi investigation is expanding and if you are skeptical of the congressional investigation you still have to get used to the fact that the fbi investigation is continuing and expanding and we have learned a lot from hillary clinton's e-mails themselves. hillary clinton's own hand or the hand of her advisers, hard to politicize that. martha: here is john sununu on whether she got past this issue this week in the debate. >> she is going to be very uncomfortable if she thinks the absolution she got from pope sanders is going to carry her through that testimony. it played well in front of a rapid democratic route but the republican and independent voters that are out there are
7:17 am
still really concerned about her honesty. martha: i thought was interesting, she said i have been wanting this long time, i was asking for these hearings, asked for them to the public and the delay which people might not remember, andrea: -- trey gowdy's to be with all the e-mails look for the daughter in that room and eventually they had to say come on in because time was wasted on this but they never did get absolutely everything they wanted. >> they certainly did not. what they met with one of the ad ministrations was obfuscation and basically a slow roll. trey gowdy sent a 19 page letter to secretary of state john kerry laying out exactly how often they had been delayed and detailing what the administration still hasn't turned over. trey gowdy and his investigators wanted to have all the information, all of the documentary evidence of a could formulate the most well-informed questions possible when hillary
7:18 am
clinton and others came to capitol hill. they still don't have that which is part of the broader story. martha: i agree because trey gowdy wanted the full picture and a lot of e-mails were sent around a time of the benghazi incident they never did get their hands on. that turns as you point out quite rightly the congressional prong which people will see publicly, next week when hillary clinton testifies and the ongoing fbi investigation which is set to determine whether or not the situation she set up with her e-mail server expose classified information. correct? >> exactly right and is expanding. the state department had four servers seized in september, the public learned about this week, the inclusion now of a second data co. and its pledge to cooperate with fbi investigators, internal e-mails from the original tech company in which employees are
7:19 am
suggesting there may have been some directive to shorten the backup time, the amount of backup and suggesting there may have been a cover-up. we don't know why they said that, we don't know if it is true but people inside the probe were raising those questions, it demands further investigation and demands an answer. martha: hillary clinton said this had nothing to do with downplaying all week al qaeda had become in their region which was the meme and coming out of the state department and the administration so we will see how goes, thank you so much. bill: of major change in our restaurant does its business, getting rid of tips. how would you like to come arrest on near you? when we come back. martha: you win the jackpot in a lottery and are very excited and then the state mails you and i owe you that says they can't pay you. we will tell you where that is
7:20 am
happening. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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7:23 am
martha: amazing update to the store, oscar pistorius convicted of killing his girlfriend last year will be released from prison next week. that was pretty short. the story -- oscar pistorius served a year of his five years sentence for culpable homicide and could head to house arrest as soon as tuesday. you, was acquitted of the strongest murder charge for shooting his girlfriend at his home on valentine's day in 2013, thought she was an intruder, his freedom could be short-lived, prosecutors appealed his murder acquittal and could seek to
7:24 am
convict him again in the south african justice system on november 3rd. bill: lottery winners in illinois not celebrating, anybody who wins more isn't $600 will not get a pay out but instead get an iou because of an ongoing budget crisis. the check is not so much in the mail. >> reporter: it is like that friend who says trust me, i will pay you back. state officials in illinois had a lottery account is broken and can't afford to pay out people over $600. the trouble began in july when the budget crisis first started. the illinois lottery started issuing ious for folks who won over 25 grand. kabul four months of negotiations state lawmakers have not passed a budget and they can only pay out $600 a person. a lot of winners are outrage saying they paid to play but the
7:25 am
state won't make good on its end of the deal. >> i don't think many people will be happy about it. a lot of people are waiting for that winning number and relying on doing some good things with it, they needed. for >> reporter: they are looking for their winnings plus interest. bill: are they selling lottery tickets or did they stop? >> reporter: they are selling. the lottery is still up and running in illinois. the governor promises the budget will be passed soon and once it is the state will pay those who hit the jackpot but the budget crisis is having an effect in other areas across the state. people who are wrongfully convicted will have to wait on their compensation and perhaps in a twist of fate today is considered national improve your credit day. bill: thank you. that budget has been a mess in that state for a long time. good luck, ill..
7:26 am
martha: the president said to make a big announcement on u.s. troops in afghanistan, does it mean our strategy there is failing. congressman peter king joins us on that live. bill: the latest on lamar odom. his condition as friends shed light on the struggles he has been fighting. >> he has been through a lot of pain in his life, more so than anyone else i have come across in my time here. addiction can be a scary thing. so we switched to tide turbo clean. now we get way cleaner clothes way faster he turbo clean. 6x the cleaning power in ½ the time
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martha: breaking news in the dennis after case, the next speaker of the house is expected to plead guilty in the hush many cases that has been haunting him over the course of the past several months. it goes back to this situation
7:30 am
where he gave $3 million in hush money to keep someone quiet, story of a young man and a high school you worked at details have not looked good in that situation and now we are learning he will plead guilty to the money part. the transaction carnival holding. and that only for this part of the case. bill: 30 minutes away we will see the president's statement on afghanistan at 11:00 eastern time. word of his decision to keep a sizable presence of u.s. troops into 2017, dashing his ambition to bring all troops home before he leaves office. congressman peter king, republican on homeland security committee with me here, good morning, want to get your reaction on this. did you see it coming? did you have word this would be the case? >> i certainly felt something like this had to be done. with this president you are not sure what he is going to do but i tell you all the briefings we have gotten in the last several
7:31 am
months or several weeks the situation in afghanistan is deteriorating and there is no way the president got ahead of this pull out that the afghan forces would have, batted the taliban. this is a disaster waiting to happen. what the president is doing now is enough to contain damage at least until he leaves office but i still don't see how was small number like his, 9,000, 5,000, is going to be enough. bill: here's the number, 9800 through most of 2016, then 5500 going into the year 2017. dimension the word contain. is this the policy of containment? what can you get done with that number when you have the taliban, al qaeda and a growing force of isis? >> do the bare minimum. when i say containment, talking a brief period of time contain the enemy's, no way you can contain over a long period of
7:32 am
time a force as effective as the taliban and right now there are more taliban forces around afghanistan than at any time since 9/11. he leaves office, down to 5500, i don't see how that is sufficient at all. in kabul, kandahar, jalalabad there's no way. >> caller: bill: what is your sense with the growing presence of isis? what is your sense about what the experience in iraq and syria have done for the commander in chief knowing how that group is working? >> his credibility, it has damaged the credibility of the u.s. countries in the region, both friends and enemies don't take us seriously. what happened in syria is a tremendous crisis of confidence. you see the saudis dealing with the russians, egyptian dealing
7:33 am
with the russians, first-time ever the russians are back in the middle east. in afghanistan the people on the ground the we rely on making their own deals because they feel within a year or two the taliban is on its way back to take control but they are going to be killed. and isis is moving in. there are no good options in afghanistan with the president has left this. we need more than 5500. more than 9800. just want to get out. bill: you won't get that under this commander-in-chief. vladimir putin filled the void in syria. he may be about to do more. we will see. was there at sense in your briefings that vladimir putin, given the soviet history in afghanistan, that he may have been willing to fill a void in afghanistan? >> i don't believe any real intelligence that led american wants to get real engage in
7:34 am
afghanistan. that would cause him so much trouble at home. bill: this was not on president obama's mind in making this decision. >> i don't think so. what was on his mind was pulling out of afghanistan would strengthen vladimir putin's hand in syria and the middle east and send a signal to our allies and enemies that this president is not serious and the u.s. is not serious so the reputation is her globally. >> our fox pole. bill: our things going in the fight against islamic extremists? 32% say somewhat badly, 37% say very badly, only 22% say somewhat well. you reflect on that number. cnn had 15 million people watching the democratic debate the other night, we had 25 million in early august. it is my sense the american people are very confused about world that is upside down and they want to try to figure out who is the best to lead them in
7:35 am
2017. do you see that? do you hear that? >> i do see it and i do. and we have to lay out our message that we have to stand up to islamic terrorism, we cannot be retreating from the world, we have to issue we have a coherent view. as president has not had it. we are willing to stand and fight the we won't overcommit. it will be a fine line but i feel strongly we can't isolate ourselves, we can end wars, wars have to be ended. the president announced the end war, at the war in afghanistan, the war goes on. remember we withdraw, the enemy fill the vacuum, the russians, the taliban, whether it is isis, we have to assure the american people we are aware of that, we don't want to be the world's policeman, if we don't play the international, we have to show coherent policy and not be going place to place saying this is unpopular so we are building out. once we make a commitment we
7:36 am
have to stand by it and show a coherent world view. bill: my point about the ratings is simple, the black pain the attention. democrats, republicans all across the board. peter king, thank you for your time. thank you. >> let's go knicks. martha: a group of government whistleblowers are calling out an alleged double standard in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. they say their lives were ruined in cases that were far less compromising. in a news conference they highlighted what they call unfair treatment by the government. katherine harris or live in washington, you are tracking this news conference, what are we learning here? >> whistleblowers are speaking out at the national press club in washington d.c. and one of the central complaints is there's a double standard. they were aggressively prosecuted under the espionage act for sharing information and in some cases information that was not classified, in an effort to expose alleged government misconduct. former cia officer jeffrey sterling was sentenced in may to
7:37 am
3-1/2 years in prison for violating the espionage act because he provided classified information to a new york times reporter. sterling was convicted on obstruction of justice charges because a single e-mail was missing from his account. this morning whistleblowers said cases showed there is a law for the average citizen and a different set of rules for the powerful. >> secretary of state, one of the most targeted individuals by other intelligence agencies and entities in the world using a private server to traffic and highly sensitive information. and no doubt including classified information and no doubt information including sources, but i am secretary of state. >> is important to note the government never showed he was the one who deleted the e-mail, mrs. clinton publicly confirm she made the decision to be
7:38 am
30,000 records. martha: he started with one e-mail and end ed up with 30 years in prison so they -- their claims have merit apparently. >> as you recall, one of mrs. clinton's primary defenses is she simply didn't know. >> as has been confirmed repeatedly by the inspectors general over and over, i did not send or receive any material marked classified. >> thomas drake who you just heard from, a former nsa official, was still prosecuted under the espionage act for sharing information with the baltimore sun reporter and the information was not classified nor was it marked as sensitive national defense information. >> the fact that something is not marked for the person may or may not know it was classified would not be relevant at all in the prosecution. >> charges were dropped in his case, he pled to a misdemeanor but in the process he did lose
7:39 am
his job, his clearance and his life savings and clearly they believe the law has not been applied in a uniform manner. martha: thank you. >> caller: bill: protests is descended on the city of baltimore. >> want freedom! bill: this time anchor over the new police chief as anti police mentality making cities less safe in america. martha: we have a kit for you, you won't be saying keep the change any more in some restaurants. big debate about this.
7:40 am
7:41 am
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the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more about our treatment options at appointments available now. bill: no more keep the change, one restaurant getting rid of tipping. no gratuities. that means higher hourly wages for waiters and waitresseses working very and higher menu
7:43 am
prices. union square hospitality group will change the menu to explain the new system. the company's ceo says the wage hike is needed to keep the restaurant's competitive. martha: police in baltimore arresting 16 protesters who occupied city hall. they would not leave city hall in till the wee hours of the morning. those arrests following a larger protests that happened earlier in the day. here are scenes, the demonstrators denounced the confirmation vote for the city's new police chief kevin davis who had been named interim chief since july when commissioner anthony bass was a prominent figure in everything that happened over the summer resigned after the city's riot. kevin mccullough is talk show hosts, author of know he can't, columnist for town hall. great to see you. and fox news contributor and former political adviser to the late new jersey senator frank
7:44 am
lautenberg, welcome to both of you. what do you make of these protests? >> i am torn. on the one hand, peaceful protest is a right in the constitution and our society but i don't like the occupation of public space to the point where you disrupt proceedings and ultimately forced police to have to escort you out. get a permit, get on the steps of city hall, don't come and disrupt the work of government as they are trying to do it. i understand the frustration and why these people are upset, get a permit, there are other ways to get attention than being dragged the day. martha: homicide rate has increased dramatically, an end to the chaos in baltimore since last summer and the freddie gray case. the mayor says she will not run again. she is putting the police chief in place and confirming him after is they said he was the interim person in charge but
7:45 am
these protests are against him. people seem to think that he will not be able to do what he says he wants to do which is to build a better relationship with the community in baltimore. we are seeing these conversations and debate across the country. >> i was interested in his response to this because he said we are a city basically that is in pain and we are going to go through some of these times where people are going to be frustrated. give the baltimore pd some credit. for people occupying the public space they did what they had to do but nobody got injured. seems like everybody was arrested peacefully, they resolved it in a good way. i think that is a sign of hope that he is on right path, it might be -- bill: we will see if he puts the words into motion. it goes to the larger picture we're seeing where there's a battle between police and their responsibility to do the on holy job and as rahm emanuel said in
7:46 am
chicago their nervousness about doing their job, here is what ays, we nuel said it has been have allowed our police department to get fetal. it is having a direct consequence. they have pulled back from the ability to interdict and they don't want to be at news stories themselves, have their career ended early. he some say he is blaming the police with that quote. i see a little more. >> i think he is defending the police and saying they are so terrified of being the next poster child for ferguson or whatever else the they're not able to do their job because they have to be extra politically correct for lack of a better word. i see that as a defense of the police and nobody knows more than rahm emanuel what is going on in chicago. why the police are necessary and we are having such problems with murders on a daily basis. i completely understand his frustration and the frustration of a lot of police officers.
7:47 am
you have one or two bad apples in every police department, in lots of police departments, to paint the entire structure of the entire police force in every city that way is counterproductive especially in places like chicago where they have real issues. we understand his frustration. bill: it happened to some of their brothers in blue out there who have been videotaped and in some cases it goes back to the ferguson case where it turned out not to be what it appeared to be but it was too late for that. >> a lot of time in chicago before coming to new york. i got to say that city have a lot of other problems besides the recent controversy. in those date back to even how the city itself was cut up by demographics. you had populations that were shoved into certain areas and kept their economically for a long time. the mayor is someone who said you should never let a crisis go to waste without exploiting it. it will be interesting to see
7:48 am
how he fixes it if you are on the attack against lawful gun owners, not letting police have stopped and frisked and other types of tools at their disposal, how do they forcefully enforce the law. martha: there is a long-running problem, not black on black violence in chicago, the homicide rate that is atrocious. maybe one criticism is jumping on this latest dialogue about all this to blame this problem on the police. >> it is a combination. it is kind of an insult to the police. i think they did get out and try to do their job. there is no doubt the political scenario made it harder. great to see both. bill: lamar odom fighting for his life. a 911 call from the monday was found unconscious at a brothel
7:49 am
in las vegas. >> are you with him right now? >> he is quiet.
7:50 am
my name is peter tran. i'm a gas service representative. i've been with pg&e nine years. as an employee of pg&e you always put your best foot forward to provide reliable and safe service and be able to help the community. we always have the safety of our customers and the community in mind. my family is in oakland, my wife's family is in oakland so this is home to us. being able to work in the community that i grew up in, customers feel like friends, neighbors and it makes it a little bit more special. together, we're building a better california.
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martha: president obama will announce a major policy change in afghanistan, what it means for the war on terror, we will look at both of those items. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu also speaking out about the recent surge of terrorism in that part of the world. our loan ally in the middle east. we will talk about whether the story got fair coverage by the mainstream media coming up on "happening now". martha: in the meantime we wait at the top of the hour to hear from president obama about the decision to leave 5,500 troops in afghanistan, not just there
7:53 am
to protect our embassy as he originally planned with a thousand on the ground. more clarification coming from that from the roosevelt room. we await the president's live comments moments away. bill: lamar odum remains unconscious in las vegas hospital, he is staying 70 miles outside of las vegas, the owner of that brothels that he took herbal viagra during his stay. police waiting on lab results to see what else is in his system. sources telling imus it is being treated as an overdose. an entertainment reporter for joins me now. we heard these 911 calls, it is a tragedy, he is fighting for his life, it is a life-and-death situation. his condition is what to based on a report? >> he has a 50/50 chance of survival. he is still in a coma and all his family members and friends are at his bedside. he is on dialysis because his
7:54 am
kidneys are failing, he had several strokes after the results of an m r i came back, his overdose, ultimately his heart is in heart failure right now. so he has not woken up. according to jesse jackson he was very optimistic but we are hearing hollywoodlife got, he wasn't in there for 30 minutes, only three minutes, jesse jackson, and the condition is dire. bill: we don't know if he's going to pull through? or what condition he will be in? >> we don't know the extent of his brain damage, doctors don't know yet but we know they are treating this as if it could be their final goodbyess. bill: clearly kardashian is the estranged wife, what is her role now? >> does she have power of attorney fees will be she the executor of the state puc making decisions in terms of his medical care? she is calling all the shots when it comes to his medical care. even though they were estranged she really loves lamar and they are technically married because
7:55 am
the judge has not signed off on the divorce papers. according to california law once you sign those divorce papers you wave the rights of inheritance. she doesn't have to be power of attorney right now but she chose to be. bill: she is making decisions. what do you know about how they found him and the phone calls? >> two prostitutes found him and several 911 calls were made, the one that was recently leaked by the sheriff's department you hear them talking about pink red liquid coming out of his nose and mouth but they do say he appeared to be breathing and snoring at the time which is very interesting. we do know because of the strokes he had, a blood clot, he was deprived of oxygen but we don't know for how long. we to prostitutes have spoken out about this, he was party in which many women over the course of several days. bill: can you confirm anything? >> i can't confirm anything but multiple outlets that he was
7:56 am
using crack cocaine over the weekend, and he had track marks on his arm and he was taking an herbal substitute for viagra. the fda said it was incredibly dangerous. when the sheriff's department went in they confiscated a lot of things from his room. we do not know if drugs were there but there was a blood test and if it comes back eddie had runs in his system they could prosecute him. bill: he needs a lot of help. thanks. martha: back to the white house where they are setting up the podium and we are waiting for president obama to make an announcement that is quite contrary to his original plan to end the wars iraq and afghanistan before the end of his second term. he will announce we stay on in afghanistan with 5,500 troops, coming up moments away.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
tomorrow, and we'll go over what the president has to say, no doubt afghanistan will be in the news throughout the afternoon, and we will see you back here on a friday. have a good day, everybody. jenna: fox news alert on two very big stories developing right now. we're awaiting that announcement from the president on his decision to keep troops in afghanistan after next year while at the same time we're expecting the israeli prime minister to also speak during our hour on the recent wave of deadly attacks in his country. that's also a very big story. hello and welcome to "happening now," i'm jenna lee. jon: emphasizing it remains a dangerous world, i'm jon scott. president obama expected to speak shortly from the roosevelt room at the white house announcing he plans to keep more than 5,000 troops in afghanistan beyond 2016 and beyond his last day as president, leaving the nation's longest-ever war to his successor. right now we have nearly 10,000 troops in country. the president wanted to draw that force down by the end of next year to a small presence based at the u.s. embassy. the pentagon arguing against


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