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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 15, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> still awaiting remarks from the israeli prime minister. we'll hear what he has to say coming up. >> certainly will. great to have you in this hour. see you at 1:00. "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: fox news alert. we're moments away from a news conference with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. it is coming at a critical time. the israeli leader is expected to address a wave of violence making life intense and dangerous for israelis and palestinians. that is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith. andrea tantaros, fox news contributor, julie roginsky. #oneluckyguy, jesse watters. >> he is the warm-up act. harris: try that out on him. see how it works.
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we'll get to the news. secretary of state john kerry planning to travel to the middle east. after wave of shootings and stabbing attacks killed at least eight israelis and 31 palestinians. israeli military deployed hundreds of soldiers across the jewish state. the government is setting up most severe travel restrictions in 15 years in the main travel rout in jerusalem. state department spokesman john kirby landed administration in hot water about comments he made, calling individuals on both sides, israelis and palestinians guilty of terrorism. watch. >> i would say that certainly individuals on both sides of this divide are, have proven capable of, in our view, guilty of acts of terror. harris: come out to the couch now. jessie, both our tightest allies in the region, israelis and
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palestinians, calling them guilty of terrorism. >> they don't say islamic terrorism but they use israeli terrorism. now i know that they were referring to an israeli guy who was getting revenge for terrorist attack and stabbed some innocent arabs but at the same time you do not use the word terror and israel in the same sentence if you're supposedly allies. starts with the whole thing when they called bebe chicken scratch. this encourages attacks i think. talking about israeli using excessive force against this stuff. if canadians were pouring across our borders and stabbing anyone americans i don't think our allies, united states needs to hold back and not use excessive force. i think the whole thing is ridiculous. this is one of the reasons why people question this administration's patriotism. these types of things. harris: part of troubling situation that kirby has gotten this administration in though he started with, my words. but they're not just your words because you're representing the
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state department, a la, the obama administration. so this gross right back to the white house. by the way he is speaking specifically about the recent acts, stabbings there. we know they deployed the military. this is wider than one act on one street. andrea: when he provides reasoning, kirby provides essentially an excuse for the violence. we've seen this from the state department. this is state department, harris, that reached out to hamas, an organization that the united states of america designates as a terror organization to negotiate some kind of a peace deal. that was historic. we have never reached out to a terrorist organization. and look, i think that the attitude of this white house consistently we've seen has been hostile to the israelis and the words of kirby are offensive and downright embarrassing. what is he essentially saying to the jews? you shouldn't ride buss? you shouldn't protect yourself? the stories coming out of israel we see a wave of violence,
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harris, that is escalating against the jewish people. the jewish people are trying to protect themselves. the white house do this, they do this in ferguson too, put them on same moral equivalency as the terrorists. it is offensive and embarrassing and has people wondering is there a wave of anti-semitism coming out of this white house. harris: you saw the on social media this week, that there was a day of rage, we knew there would be violence, the kind we're seeing that we've seen in the past but it is so specifically bad right now to have to deploy troops to several cities. it really changes the landscape. sandra: john kerry saying they're trying to bring calm to the region. he will go to make a trip there. josh earnest alluded to that fact as well. that would be assuming that we still have influence and sway in that region, right? that assumes a lot. as far as kirby's comments, john kirby's comments condemning these terrorist attacks going
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back to your point, he says we remain deeply concerned. all sides must take action to restore calm. we must deliver a message. gets into specifics. never says exactly what involvement from the united states what we need to do and say in our part which is a big thing we're missing. likely to hear more from netanyahu. harris: julie, interested to hear your take. the prime minister also condemned attacks. he come out again this too. why do you think the administration felt like it needed to go one step further and call this anything at all? you have got the prime minister already acknowledging. >> that is a good point. i think back in july, it was a horrific attack on a palestinian family where apparently settlers burned to death at least one child and, a woman, severely burned another child and the father. and netanyahu came out that day called it terrorism. he called it for what it was, which was terrorism. i suspect that is what kirby was referring to, when he said
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people on both sides engage in this. there is no equivalence. on one hand you have sorts of attacks by extremists on the israeli side. on the other hand, what you're seeing on the palestinian side is very coordinated, very planned, terror attack. i mean, what they're essentially doing, i don't know if folks have been to israel, i've been there many times, you can't underestimate the distance between east jerusalem, west jerusalem, the west bank, gaza. literally -- andrea: why doesn't the white house have harsher language for palestinians or hamas? >> i think they should. i don't have the answer. andrea: they don't. essentially saying israelis brought this upon themselves. >> the toxicity in the relationship between bibi netanyahu and president obama, they loathe each other on visceral level this is of affecting the state department
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all the way down. obama will leave next year. bibi will be there. it is toxic on both sides that it is harming relationship in ways we can't imagine. harris: troubling and pathetic when you talk about how coordinated attacks were against israelis all around this week. this is not a coincidence. you know i don't believe in coincidences anyway. i believe in interesting timing. speaking of timing, we're watching a live screen right now and we're waiting for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to step to the lecturn. when he does we're told the remarks will be first in hebrew and then english. we'll be monitoring this to bring you news as it happens. we kind of talked about what he may focus on but when the news breaks on the situation, we'll bring it to you. sandra? sandra: fox news alert. major reversal and possible setback for the administration in afghanistan. president obama just announcing he is leaving some 5500 troops
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there past the end of his term. abandoning his long-sought goal to bring all of america's troops home before leaves office. >> as commander-in-chief i will not allow afghanistan to be used as safe haven for terrorists to attack our nation again. our forces therefore remain engaged in two narrow but critical missions, training afghan forces an supporting counterterrorism operations against the remnants of al qaeda. sandra: the president had wanted to draw forces down by the end of next year to a small presence based at the u.s. embassy but the pentagon has been arguing against that timeline because of the resurgence of the taliban and new threat from isis in afghanistan of the change of course stunning when you consider the president's past vows to end america's longest war before leaves office. >> tonight i can announce that over the next year another
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34,000 american troops will come home from afghanistan. this drawdown will continue. and by the end of next year, our war in afghanistan will be over! by the end of this year the transition will be complete and afghans will take full responsibility for their security and our combat mission, will be over. america's war in afghanistan will come to a responsible end. we have to recognize afghanistan will not be a perfect place and it is not america's responsibility to make it one. the date for us to have completed our drawdown will not change. sandra: julie, to you first, what do you make of this reversal? >> disheartening to me for following reason and we talked about it last week, the phrase, that eventually we'll be gone and they will still be there still holds. eventually we can leave, 10, 20, 30, 100,000 troops there but it will not affect anything. the minute we leave, eventually
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we will, they will still be there. we'll never ever make this flourishing democracy or frankly a stable democracy. the taliban will be back. they're coming over from the border from pakistan. they want to expand the war into pakistan which we're not going to. to me, i'm happy to make people at pentagon happy. will not make an iota of difference. the taliban knows something we don't. the day we leave they will be back. we can stay another 20 years, they will be back then. sandra: major general bob scales was on fox news moments ago he said this is the right decision. he said the president is making right decision. it is not enough though. harris: it is not enough though, and he said this. general scales said this, we learned bombshell news nugget, isis in seven provinces in afghanistan. we only thought about one but seven. three things the president said, i will make it quit. president obama said afghanistan asked for continuous support. i made notes as we were
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watching. afghan forces continue to step up. he said the taliban made gains and can tin launch deadly attacks in cities like kabul. you said with the current force on the ground you can not stop them? why in the heck would you not surge the force or making it smaller next couple years when you're out of office. i don't get it. i don't get it. >> better than not doing anything and letting them leave the country. harris: make it bigger. >> i don't think that will happen with this president. obama is doing right thing for obama. i can't believe i'm actually going to say this i'm proud of the president. maybe they could be fighting global warming in afghanistan, he might have different idea. this is a long time coming. there are obviously taliban taking over the north. isis infiltrating. and i'm a little confused because the president always said troops on the ground in middle east causes more terrorism. why is keeping them there? where is codepink? where is codepink? president bush doing, codepink
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would be on the streets in no time. >> what about the know bell peace prize. harris: family members of 9800 i'm worried sick. andrea: they're on the ground and can't do their job because of crippling rules of engagement. they can barry do their jobs. a commander-in-chief hasn't articulated them and refuses to say isis is islamic. when you look at this, all the thoughts at democratic cocktail parties, we have to pull the troops out, they don't really work in real life. this is why he decided keep troops there. he doesn't want the country to fall because of his record with egypt and muslim brotherhood taking over. isis poised to take over in syria. now afghanistan, what is that four or five failed countries on his watch? i think peace prize should be headed back. >> maybe he learned lesson of iraq. maybe he did? >> you raised a good point, 9800 will do nothing. two million is not -- what will
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we do be occupying force. >> search and destroy mission. >> we tried that for 13 years. >> better having none there. harris: our men and women fighting. >> how long have we tried that for. sandra: stunning development in syria. cuba may have joined russia and iran to help prop up assad regime all as we learn how little confidence the voters have with the white house solving the controversy. will we see a kind letter, gent letter trump? what he just said that may signal a big change in his no-holds-barred campaign style. join us for "outnumbered overtime," log on to click on the "overtime" tab, tweet us your questions, comments and tell us what you think about jesse watters being in our world. >> keep it clean. ♪ peanut of the night.
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tand that's what we're doings to chat xfinity.rself, we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. harris: we are continuing to await arrival of benjamin netanyahu. the israeli leader ready to step up to the lecturn. we want to hear what he says about a couple of things, particularly the wave of violence sweeping across his nation leaving israelis and palestinians dead.
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this started with a day of rage with attacks on israeli citizens. he had to deploy his military to several cities across israel to protect his citizens. we are watching waiting for him to step up. first his comments will be in hebrew, then english. we'll bring you news as it is made. andrea: stunning new numbers on conflict in syria show how concerned americans are what is happening there. a brand new "fox news poll" show 70% of the americans do not think the obama administration has a clear strategy on syria. this as we're learning that cuba may have joined russia and iran in helping to prop up syrian president bashar al-assad. we're told cuban military operatives were reportedly spotted in syria and may be operating russian tanks. gop presidential candidate lindsey graham slamming the latest revelations. watch. >> this is the coalition from hell. you have got cuba, iran and russia, all we need north korea
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and venezuela we'll have a full house. when you have russia, iran and cuba fighting for assad at our expense. refugees will never stop flowing. the war will never end. isil loves this the mortgagal enemy of isil is iran. it will help them recruit. this is nightmare for the region, nightmare for america, everybody concluding now cuba is walking all over obama. this sneads to stop. andrea: meantime also reports that china wants to deepen military ties with iran. okay, jesse, cuba is now involved. president says he will not put any boots on the ground. the tense relationship between him and vladmir putin seems to be running that region. >> president said he never had a strategy. now you're seeing what happens when you don't have one. what was the one strategy he had? $500 million to train five guys? andrea: bargain. >> there is axis of evil, new axis of evil. all the countries obama cozied up to.
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cuba, putin, china, iran. what will happen? cuba is better community organizer than president. i don't know what is going on. we allowed the middle east to unravel on his watch. i don't understand what is happening. it is absolutely ridiculous. andrea: sandra, to jesse's point the american public believe cube is better community organizer. if you look at latest poll, upper hand goes to vladmir putin with 53%. 22% of respondent said president obama. sandra, it was president obama who drew the red line with syria, one he was not prepared to enforce. now he can't go back on it. he can't go back on his word. he is not prepared to take out bashar al-assad. he is not prepared to help putin. we're sitting back doing nothing which i'm somewhat okay with. >> you like that. sandra: puts us here in really weak position. we enter 2016, makes we wonder why we watched first democratic debate, this wasn't a primary focus of the conversation.
9:21 am
like foreign policy, the world was perfect when you watch that debate. why isn't this bigger conversation particularly with democratic candidates? >> i'm not a fan of obama's policy in the middle east, we talked about this many times. wait, you have isis fighting assad in syria, count me in. this is best thing. why would we get engaged when our enemy iran and our enemy isis are off killing each other? why are we getting engaged, when vladmir putin you all disagreed with me. andrea: except me? >> except you. this is the stupidest thing putin can get involved. >> we're not only country that can mess things up in the middle east. >> there you go he can go mess up. russians can die instead of americans fighting isis, great. if he wants to do that, fantastic for him. andrea: agree with julie, harris, we should let putin and
9:22 am
let iranians fight isis and fight this out. news, yesterday we saw iran is sending their soldiers in to aleppo to fight this. why would we get our men and women killed for it but i disagree with you on the notion somehow this weakens vladmir putin. harris: you know what? lindsey graham was talking about how the president's being walked all over. you know you have footsteps on your back when the man we're waiting to hear from, prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu, few weeks ago went to moscow. this was rare. he took top military and security officials with him. they talked all about what is happening with russia and its military moves. you know you're in trouble when your best friend in the region, is meeting with russia. >> no way. he wants assad in power. absolutely in his interests to have assad there. i get it. andrea: no question. harris: i don't mean israel. i mean russia. andrea: should gop frontrunner
9:23 am
donald trump change his no political correctness mode? something trump just said that prompts that question. so is he starting to feel some heat from his rivals to be a nicer donald? one week from today hillary clinton will testify publicly before the benghazi committee on 2012 terror attack on our u.s. consulate that killed four americans. word a big budget movie about benghazi is set to be released just days before the iowa caucus. she has got to be worried about that. >> u.s. ambassador to risk. >> ambassador in his safe haven. you're not the first-responders. you're the last resort.
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harris: fox news alert, prime minister of israel. benjamin netanyahu speaking now. let's watch. >> first of all he is not dead. he is alive. he is not innocent. he tried to kill, murder, knife to death an innocent israeli youngster, 13 years old, riding a bicycle. this palestinian terrorist is being treated in a hospital in israel. the only way we can fight this big lie, all the other lies that are hurled in israel, and spread palestinian stowings network and world is tell the truth this is what we will do today. we expect all our friend, anyone concerned with the facts and the
9:28 am
truth to look at these facts, to see the truth and not to draw false symmetry between israeli citizens and those who would stab them and knife them to death. thank you. harris: that was very quick. okay. benjamin netanyahu making very brief remarks on the violence that has been moving across this country. obviously having to deploy military troops in israel to cities, to protect his citizens, stabbings, shootings. it has been horrendous. today, of course, the focus is on the obama administration after admiral kirby who represent the state department as its spokesperson, made a comment, equating both sides, in particular, an incident where, there was a stabbing, equating both palestinians and israelis in all of this, to being guilty of acts of terror.
9:29 am
you have a thought on this? >> what netanyahu was referring to, mahmoud abbas, head of palestinian authority came out said that israelis killed this terrorist that had stabbed the 13-year-old boy. in fact that is a lie as netanyahu pointed out. they had not killed him. in fact he is being treated in an israeli hospital which the palestinians are always hesitant to talk about, but a lot of times their people come to israel when they need medical treatment, including terrorists that tries to kill innocent israeli 13-year-old boys. that is something to bear in mind too. this is not, let's not conflate mahmoud abbas, quote, unquote, moderate palestinian with the fact this is somebody who is honest broker. he in fact going out to the world community lying what israelis are doing at this moment with respect to the terrorist. >> i don't think it's a cons coincidence just after we give $150 billion to the iranians --
9:30 am
harris: they don't have it yet. >> all of sudden stirring up trouble with palestinians and israelis. they're sending troops to syria. they're making hell for anybody. it is no coincidence. we reward them for exporting terror. this is the result. we need to let israeli army unleash hell on palestinians, find these cells and put a stop to this show the iranians we will not put up with this. stop garbage equating both sides with terrorists. enough already. put the guys to dead. people are getting stabbed, innocent people. harris: interesting to hear you talk about iran in the context of all of this because what people need to remember, your enemy is your enemy. he is your enemy. if one of your friend is fighting an enemy, that enemy can get some help from other enemies. >> iran is not stirring this up. >> they have historically fostered problems in the palestinian territory. sent money and rewarded suicide bombers with cash advances. >> they have.
9:31 am
>> they have but lecturing israel to go back to '67 borders, denying meetings with benjamin netanyahu and press avails, not advocating we're their staunchest alley in the middle east, cozying up to iran as jesse points out emboldened every terrorist in the middle east. >> don't forget the intifada was in the bush administration. they didn't crush them. hamas took over during the bush administration. crushed them? they're in charge of gaza. no i don't, they're in charge of gaza. >> eight years later after we put the foot off the gas. >> no. from the day we came into gaza. harris: we anticipated his remarks would be longer than a few words. he had very poignant thing as you said. his focus is what is going on. andrea: constantly doing reputational management. harris: we're not helping him. andrea: one week from today hillary clinton is set to testify on capitol hill about
9:32 am
the terror attack in benghazi that killed four americans. you know that the assault took place under her watch while she was serving as secretary of state. this as a new "fox news poll" finds that 60% of voters think that clinton has been deceitful about the state department's role in the 2012 attack. tomorrow, clinton's top aide, huma abedin will go before the benghazi committee. the closed-door meeting will be latest of many the people had with people close to clinton. we've been waiting for this. this is the second time she has testified. she said she would. all eyes will be on her and this ties directly into her emails that she deleted, 30,000 of them, that coincides with the terror attacks. sandra: that polling is so telling where americans stand. by the way, when he say americans, even among democrats in this polling. one in three say clinton has been dishonest on benghazi. sorry, julie, i'm staring at you
9:33 am
as i say this. one in five saying congressional investigation should continue. are you surprised she is not falling further than she is in the polls at this point? >> yeah. benghazi has been focus of a certain segment of american population to the exclusion about much else from her. i don't see in polling that is obsession for rest of the nation as for certain people. benghazi is problem for her. the bigger problem with email scandal because of trustworthiness. her numbers have fallen. a lot of press conferences she had to do have been playing defense. that's the problem for her. the problem for her campaign continues to be she tried to trot out political statements and everybody keeps going back to her problems with benghazi, her problems with this. that is the dilemma for her. i don't think it is benghazi so much, the fact she had to play defense. andrea: another dilemma, jesse, there is movie coming out of hollywood about benghazi from director michael bey. we have a clip. >> he is under attack. go man.
9:34 am
>> let's go, we got to move! >> if you don't get here soon we will all die. >> u.s. ambassador is at risk. he is in his safe haven. you are not first-responders. you will wait. >> none of you have to go. we are the only help they have. andrea: watching that democratic debate when yucking it up with bernie sanders, laughing about what could have been the largest potential national security breach that was under her watch when four americans died and she is trying to avoid all those record-keeping laws, that to me was so telling just how unserious liberals are and hillary clinton is about national security and the job that she had and job she want. >> i wouldn't be surprised if hillary tried to arrest film-makers for this movie like last time in benghazi. remember what happened in benghazi. it was 9/11 anniversary in the middle east. her ambassador had been asking for more security.
9:35 am
she denied it several times. have her signature on the piece of paper. then when they were under attack, they didn't have any military positioned to save these guys which is dereliction of duty. when the cia and defense department that it was a terrorist attack, obama and hillary went out and spun a tail about a youtube video. when people started asking questions, they found out she had secret emails. she get as subpoena. then deletes half the emails. that is the question.s why peopt her. andrea: harris she keeps say this is right-wing conspiracy. this director not a right-wing conspiracy. do you think it will change minds of americans? harris: michael bey is incredible storyteller. to julie's point, if american public on wider scale need to understand what happened, you can bet watching this movie you will understand it. it will point out, jesse, how they didn't have the military protection. say to our guys on the ground. up to you if you want to go in but we're all they have. it really does spell it out. andrea: the big question why,
9:36 am
why were they told to stand down? harris: was that the 3:00 a.m. call? andrea: she missed it. major change in line of popular restaurant doing business. they're getting rid of tipping. how could it come to this? could it come to a restaurant near you? ♪ uthis isn't the mostne efficient way for people -or air to travel. awww! ducts produce uneven temperatures and energy loss.
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♪ sandra: big change coming to some of new york city's top restaurants that could have major change on dining far beyond the city. danny meyer, the restaurant impresario behind the popular shake shack burger empire saying he will eliminate tipping at all 13 of his full service dining establishments in the big apple. which includes some high-profile restaurants. many of them harris has eaten at. andrea: what? harris: i do love fries.
9:41 am
sandra: many observers say zero gratuity will be universal policy for major restaurant group. this means higher wages for servers and higher menu prices for you. meyer is doing this he says to remain competitive. i have a lot of chef friends at the james beard award winning level. everybody is talking about this. not just the chefs in the restaurant chains talking about this. at consumer level, we will face higher prices. i mean this is just his restaurants chain starting. what do you think about this? >> i like being able to slap down a fat tip to impress the waitress. i like to be able to show off a little bit. when you go to europe, service is terrible because there is no tipping. they don't have any motivation to hustle. >> this is good point. >> you work for tips. >> jesse waving a five. you know what? this all could be yours. >> bring me some fries, baby. >> keep it coming. harris: i have a problem with raising prices.
9:42 am
you and i were talking about walmart and how they're hurting because they have raised their prices. look what is going on with them. not their prices but their wages. in order to pay for that, they have got to raise prices. if the food is fabulous, but the service is awful, i'm not going there. i'm not going there. you will raise prices but you will lose me. sandra: talking about restaurants like modern, in the museum of modern art which danny revolutionized museum dining. he really did. he has gramercy tavern. up. andrea: one of the best restaurants in new york city. as much as i want to believe service will slide he will probably keep eye on it. although that is the biggest concern. if this bleeds outside of say the restaurant chain of danny meyer, i agree with jesse, someone who grew up in the restaurant business, my parents own a number of restaurants. if you take away that incentive to work your tail off, and everybody is just getting flat wage, you're not going to see the servers hustle.
9:43 am
that is why we moved. my dad was screaming at me from the kitchen. that is why we were motivated. harris: i love his voice. andrea: move it faster, go, go. that is not going to be there. why? if you all get the same amount of money danny meyer to be clear says he doing this for several reasons. one he mentioned to do this to attract top talent. there is big problem with the city, lack of tipping of europeans or one of big complaints, that they don't understand we do tip and reward good service in this country. he has waiters left crying because they had a big meal and big customer and got tipped nothing. so doing that to protect his workers. >> yeah, i don't know if i buy that. something tells me meyer will make a lot more money in this policy. i don't think this guy is doing this out of the benefit to help the wait staff. >> no, he said he will lose million to million point two a
9:44 am
year. >> then he is a bad businessman. >> he is doing this back staff, staff in the kitchen is making virtually nothing where waitresses are raking in money from the tips. sandra: said he will have to raise menu prices. interesting story. people are talking about that one. hiring just a wedding planner is just so yesterday. there is a growing trend of wedding proposal planners. harris: oh, my gosh. sandra: lavish lengths some will go to pop the question and whether it is really necessary. ♪ this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis from the inside out ...with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both
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harris: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. let's go to jenna lee with what is coming up in second hour of "happening now." hi, jenna. >> president announcing u.s. troops will remain in afghanistan potentially 2016 and beyond. focusing on training and counterterrorism efforts. we have new information on the presence of isis in afghanistan, a bone-chilling report in the "new york times" that didn't get a lot of attention is now getting that. full analysis ahead. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu making comments on the recent terror attacks.
9:49 am
we'll bring you comments out of the news conference as you were able to watch it live. 30 years after the pan am flight 10bombing that -- 103 bombing that killed 200 people. they are identifying new suspects. what they are asking the libyan government now. details at top of the hour. harris: we look forward to it. >> say good-bye to days of getting down on one knee to pop the question. wedding proposals companies are all the rage. businesses like yes girl, or buy the cow excursion for men who want to propose to their women in worthy way. they do eight to 10 proposals a month for average cost of $45,000. they include flash mobs, helicopter excursions and famous movie scenes recreated.
9:50 am
>> $4500. harris: i wish the guy would give me the cash. >> that is how they used to do it. harris: ask me to marry you any way you want but hand me the cash. >> somebody living my worst nightmare. i will say something more controversial than i said on tv. some guy actually paid 75,000 bucks to recreate the worst movie of all time, ladies start tweeting me the hate mail. "love actually." this guy recree created it in the english counttry side. >> for you. >> not for me. that guy would be kicked to the curb. andrea: relationship is about showing off than the divorce. >> thank you. andrea: we see the divorce rate sky-high? it is not about love anymore, jesse, showing off on facebook and instagram to your friends. >> i threaten my wife when i would propose, honey i do it on the jumbotron at a eagles
9:51 am
football game. you will love it. jesse, it is not about you. isn't this all about. someone through a lot of jess skis and lambos. there is lot of pressure. >> you're eagles fan and she married you. >> yeah. sandra: agree with your wife, jesse. >> most people do. sandra: he asked me in privacy of his own home. it was between us. i don't think that can speak for everyone. i think some people like lavish things. >> she wants cash money. you're so romantic, harris. harris: in lieu of spending on actual proposal plan, write it out. kimberly, l-e-y when you write out the check. when you see huge diamonds and everything, my husband went small. >> hold on. harris: we've been married 13 years.
9:52 am
he said i will manage your expectations. we're going small ball at first. if you're still here in 20 years we'll -- >> tony gives you the rings, i rather have the cash. >> so i went to a martini bar, a bar we go to all the time and i prosed at the bar. >> were you drunk? >> i did not get down on one knee. lorded this over me our entire marriage. i feel terrible. it was awkward. i didn't think. i'm paying for it ever since. get down on one knee, guys, do it. sandra: that is only bar in manhattan you can smoke at. you were probably covered in smoke. >> real romantic. covered in smoke. i was a the a bar. stop it. it was very romantic. move over millenials, there is newer younger group of supporters feeling the burn for certain democratic socialist.
9:53 am
just what is this adorable social media trend say about the movement behind bernie sanders? here we go. ♪
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♪ andrea: "boogie nights" over here. some parents taking support for presidential candidate bernie sanders to a whole new level. hashtag babies for bernie, one of the vermont senator's friendly social media slogans but certainly most adorable. babies feeling the burn of the self-described democratic socialist, with his trademark wild white hair and heavy glasses. as one put it, never too soon to talk to your kids about the political revolution. this is cute and creepy all the once, jw. >> bernie babies. makes sense. all babies are socialist. people earn money take care of them while they lay around. i get that. [laughing] when i had twins, when we
9:58 am
dressed them up as o'reilly, we bout from the website,, the stops here. if you're out there, go to sandra: creepy, not cute. andrea: kids can't say no. >> point of having a kid. embarass them with horrible pictures to show them at wedding 30 years later. that is exactly what you do. >> baby turns to republican i guarranty you. >> i put my son in terrible halloween costume first two years to embarass him down the road. >> joy behar says bernie sanders is sexy. bernie babes thing. i don't know what it happening. harris: what i think is interesting about this from social media aspect, you know during the debate the other night he raised over a million dollars in the first four hours after that, after he shook hands and defended his friend hillary clinton? he has a huge social media presence.
9:59 am
they were tweeting, people were tweeting, we're giving to bernie, whatever. this speaks to the issue this dude is hot on social media. andrea: making women over 60 hot. i don't know, feeling burn. hillary didn't feel the burn too much. i love your point, jesse. bernie hopes babies never grow up and that they are adults and want someone to take care of them. >> from the cradle to the grave. he starts them young. sandra: my babies are pumpkins for halloween. >> they were going to be buzz light year before i saw that. >> they will be trump babies. wear blonde wigs. make america great hats. absolutely not. one will be jake of the never land pirates and one will be rapunzel. andrea: i will reveal costume on "outnumbered overtime." how is that for a tease. click the over time tab.
10:00 am
tweet us as well at any of our handles. fire off your questions for jw. remember he is in our world right now. we'll see you on tv at noon eastern tomorrow. "happening now" starts now.


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