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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 15, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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in a mall in russia. authorities shot the animal before it could reach a playground down the street. thank you for being mart of "the real story." now to shepard smith. >> america's longest war continues despite president obama's promise to end the war in afghanistan during his term. now the president says he will keep thousands there still. >> not the first time adjustments are made, probably not the last. >> can the president keep afghanistan from becoming a failed state? israel deploys the military to city across the country, video of the violence popping up all over social media, facebook, instagram, twitter, pere scope. how this conflict is very different because of social media and where this may be heading.
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coming up, the propaganda war that could create a real one. will the former house speaker denny hastert go to prison? he is agreeing to plead guilty but to what after he was of crimes including lying to the fbi, paying someone to keep a dark secret. let's get to it. >> first from the news deck, american military analysts knew, knew in advance a hospital in afghanistan was a protected site. knew days before the bloody bombing that burned to death patients in their beds and killed surgeons in the o.r. that's according to an investigation by the "associated press," which now reveals u.s. special ops analysts were gathering intelligent on the hospital before the bombing because, the ap reports, those analysts thought the taliban operative was using the hospital as a base. 22 patients and hospital staffers died in the american
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attack. the top american officer in afghanistan has called the bombing a mistake. president obama has apologized. but the revelations from the "associated press" add to the big question surrounding one of the worst civilian casualty incidents in america's longest war, and today word from president obama the war in afghanistan will rage on at least until a new president takes office. two fox top tvs. and jennifer griffin is on both of them. this ap investigation, seemed clear that the united states should have known, now from the ap, the united states did know. so why did they bomb? >> reporter: the ap learned that u.s. intelligence had been watching that hospital in kunduz for several days because they believed a senior pakistani intelligence officer was running taliban operations from the hospital. the u.s. special operations forces had been provided information on the hospital, they knew where it was by -- but also believed that an important
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taliban commander was inside. that jibes with what reports that i was receiving shortly after the strike, that they thought that the taliban was 'inside the hospital at the time. in fact they said they were shooting out at the time. they believed he was killed in the strike, that pakistani intelligence leader, but there's no evidence of that. shep. also mounting evident from the cockpit recordings that the pilots knew it was a hospital and questioned whether they were authorized to strike. >> i listened to people who were in the hospital who saily was nobody firing from anywhere and in fact they were on the phone with what they thought to be at least american control saying, you're bombing us. don't come by again, and then they'd come by again and bomb them again. happen there been explanations? >> reporter: again, this is starting to peace together part of the explanation but again, this is just a part of it, and there has been a lot of conflicting explanations from the beginning. i received calls from people in
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the chain of command, who seemed to believe that they had been told that there was firing coming from the hospital. so, a lot of conflicting information but this is certain lay significant new piece of evidence. if u.s. intelligence analysts had been watching that hospital and the special operators thought there was a taliban leader directing operations from inside the hospital. the question is it still likely would have been an illegal strike. permission to strike would have had to good very high up if not all the way up the chain of command. meantime, not big of surprise put the president announcing our longest war will now get longer. >> reporter: that's right. the president announced he would live 5500 u.s. troops in afghanistan into 2017. that's after he leaves office. a major policy reversal. he had said he would just leave
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1,000 troops at the embassy and that those troops basically would be drawn down over the next year. the president opened today by reiterating that america's combat mission in afghanistan ended in 2014. >> last december, more 13 yearsr our nation was attacked be al qaeda on philadelphia, america's combat presence in afghanistan tame to a responsible en. >> the defense secretary reiterating but that's just not true. the u.s. air force has carried out 328 airstrikes since the president announced that major combat operations ended, dropping 629 bombs since the start of this year, that's based on u.s. air force statistics. that's combat by any other name. >> thank you. let's concern to the "associated press" white house correspondent julie pace who is with us new who woe wrote a headline today
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regarding this, as the president put it, modest but meaningful extension of the war. does your reporting indicate exactly what the goals are sneer. >> they do indicate what the goals are to some degree, very specifically the president said that the 5500 u.s. forces that will stay into 2017 will be focused on counterterrorism, training and assisting assistine afghan security forces. what the u.s. forces on the ground are doing right now. the question, of course, is how long do you keep the forces on the ground, what is the definition of success for them? it's always going to be the case that u.s. forces can do more than the afghans can do and that the afghans will be helped by having americans on the ground. so at a certain point, future president now will have to make a decision about when enough is enough. >> julie, these are noncombat forces. the white house and pentagon have been clear. but have they complained what happens if these forces become targets and how they'll be able
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to be defended. >> anytime u.s. military personnel is in a war sean, which is what afghanistan remains, if they're fired pop or come under threat they have the ability to fire back. so even though these forces are not going in for combat missions they're going to be in very dangerous situations and could come under fire moore other kind of eye tack. so, as the president said today, this shouldn't be looked at as forces just going to sit on a base somewhere. they will be in dangerous situations. >> your colleague has been writing today about this other big story developing in front of us, and i'm curious if you know where doctors without borders is with this call for an independent investigation into the air strikes on a hospital. >> at this point they just continue to call for this investigation. you have heard the white house and the pentagon talk about other investigations that are going to be happening, but that's not enough for doctors without borders and as more
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pieces of information come together, i think you'll see the clamoring from doctors without borders increasing. >> how upset are they in the white house about all of these different matters coming together at the same time? it's not a pretty picture. no one can deny that. >> it's not, and certainly different than what president obama expected the situation in afghanistan to be right now. he obviously came into office promising to end america's wars. he has already had to send troops back into iraq, although in smaller numbers and in different situations. now he is going to leave office without ending the war in afghanistan, and there are a lot of questions about the security situation, a lot of questions about whether he gave too much away by announcing timelines, and certainly the situation with the hospital has really been just a tragic example of what happens in war, which, again, even though a lot of americans paying attention to afghanistan anymore, it is a war.
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>> paying more attention now. julie, appreciate you and your colleagues. now america's proxy war with russia in syria. that is amateur video showing the aftermath of russian air strikes in the province of central syria. an official says syrian forces fan an offensive to, quote, restore security and clear out isis militants and that those russian strikes were designed to provide cover. a u.s. official says that 150 of the american cia-attended moderate rebels have been killed or wounded by russian forcesle. 150 of them. the ones we're traiting and sporting and propped up. killed by the russians. the officials say, quote, our guys are fighting for their
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lives." activists at the syrian observatory for human rights reports that isis terrorists are not being targeted. that's not to the goal for these people. they've say that russian war planes killed ten people, including opposition fighters, near a rebel held town. these people are fighting for bashar al-assad the murderous dictator of syria, if isis gets in the wayne, -- way, that's fine but that's noter in goals. tonight a senior irann official tells reporters that iran has sent weapons and experts and that the government would consider sending troops only if -- syria requested. the white house will not call this a proxy war. that does not mean it is not that. it is. u.s. and scottish prosecutors say they identified two libbanses a suspects in the 1988
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lockerbie scotland bombing that killed 270 people, most americans. the prosecutors are asking the libyan officials to let scottish police and fbi agents question the suspects in tripoli but libya does not have a stable government right now, obviously. we do have some pictures in our slide show. investigators say a suitcase bomb blew up on pan am 103 from london to new york as it was flying over locker by scotland and this is one of the most famous pictures. everybody onboard died, including a group of students from syracuse, university in new york. the crash also killed near lay dozen people on the ground, and a scottish court convicted just one person in the attack, a libyan, and that was in 2001, the same year of the attacks of 9/11. the former libyan dictator, moammar gadhafi, claimed he was responsible for the attack. he also gave that guy a hero's
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welcome back home in 2009, after scottish officials released him on so-called compassionate grounds. they claimed the terrorist had cancer and would die. that was '09. he lived for three more years tsunami. if you want to run for president you need a big bank can't. could cost a billion dollars to make it to the white house. so how much have the candidates raised so far? the dollars coming up from the fox news deck. the promise of the cloud is that every organization
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to the us the money. today the presidential candidate must turn over the amount of money they raised. lots of them have already put the number odd there. hillary clinton and bernie sanders reporting raising more than $20 million from july to september. more than any of their republican rivals. bernie sanders says he has gotten 2 million since the debate. we're waiting to hear from jeb bush and donald trump. trump says he doesn't need to raise money because he is really rich, like campaign carl cameron. really rich. >> shep, if you take a look at rick perry and scott walker you understand that campaign cash can determine a candidate's fate. a lot of the candidates are struggling but ben carson, who is out on a book tour, has now announced he raised $20.2 million, and that tops the field. an outsider with the most money.
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number two is ted cruz. he raised $12.2 million. that bested jeb bush who is cutting his campaign spending. he raises just over $12 million. a big drop from 11 million in the second quarter. and bush reporting his income tax return and maybe to get people something else to talk about. carly fiorina's strong debate performance helpes let raise $6.8 million. he danced with high school students in iowa todayful right past marco rubio, who raises $6 million. chris christie raised $4.2 million in the third quarter. rand paul put out a memo denying his campaign is in trouble. he raised $2.5 million. aides say the organization is second to none nationwide. a lot of which mr. mr. powerful
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says is because of his father's campaign left over from 2012. john kashich laid out his plan to balance the federal budget, not his campaign budget. he would slash personal can and business taxes, tackle entitlements, freeze defense spending for eight years, all of that will actualry raise the deficit for the first couple of years but balance that conveniently at the end of two presidential terms. >> did you mention trump? >> if didn't because he is self-funding and not soliciting donations, though he does get them. the linings to tell stories of little old ladies extending him $7. he loves to fought out he budgeted $20 million of his open money but sin he is getting so much attention from the media, he says he doesn't need to spend any money on ads. he has a really good couple of organizers in iowa and new
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hampshire. >> looking long-term. good to see you. thank you. >> the former house speaker ex-denny hastert, set to immediate guilty in his mush money case. the question remains, what did he admit to doing? the feds say he lied to them, tried to pay off somebody to keep a secret. reportedly about sexual abuse from decade earlier. so he has agreed today to plead guilty. but to what? that is next. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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the dennis hastert will plead guilty in his federal hush money today. denny hastert is charged with breaking banking laws and lying to the fbi. prosecutor says he agreed to pay somebody millions of dollars to
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cover up past misconduct. court documents do not explain what that misconduct was exactly. but according to the media reports the former speaker was trying to cover up claims he sexually molested a teenaged boy back when hastert was in high school -- was a high school wrestling coach in illinois. decades ago. his lawyer is not saying whether hastert would spend any time behind bars. he is facing up to ten years. a plea deal would let him avoid a trial and potentially keep the details of whatever the allegations were quiet officially. let's bring in mercedes kolon. the claim was relatively specific in the media from back when he was a wrestling coach in high school. >> exactly. what is the deal? >> how do we know. >> we don't know whether he is going to jail but the deal is, you're going to plead to this. not going to plead to misconduct it so may be the banking laws.
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or may be the fact he lied to the feds. it's a sweet deal. >> the charms -- we don't know -- the charges were not about anything but the coverup, as is so often the case, or the alleged coverup. >> exactly right. what he is alleged to have done is withdraw less than $10,000 of his bank account and then pay it to somebody else. once you withdraw more than 10,000 the banks have to inform the authority. >> like in a casino or something. >> exactly right. so, the fact he withdrew $952,000, someone in the bank should hey said, wait a minute. so maybe it's -- >> $9,250. >> but it's going over time and keeps getting paid out, and ultimately a huge amount of money he was transfer to thing alleged individual. >> the numbers point to that as a coverup. they're like, he was -- knew our
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laws, and thin can know. if it's under $10,000 you don't have to sign a thing that day. so he was trying to cover it up. the reason he was covering it up is not about the taxes as much as about not letting them know where where the money was going. >> exactly. a source came forward, a sibling cameford and cascade he was sings outly assaulted by hastert many, many years ago. >> part of the law is that the charges are public once he pleads pleads and the deal is signed. we'll know then what he is convicted of. >> exactly. >> but not the details. >> independent the de. no the details. probably going to be this money laundering issue and the fact he lied to the fbi but we'll never know. >> the case has been coming up because it was the speaker of the house. remember bob livingston, and then brought up denny hastert
12:25 pm
and nobody knew he was, and now all of this. that's what they've worried about. who haskell ton -- has skeletons. >> this is a sweet deal because he has a dead witness, allegedly the same individual died in 1995. this is decade ago. there are no records that can help the prosecutors bring it home and get a conviction. so that's why it's a sweet deal for him. >> all right. nice to talk to you. the olympic blade runner oscar pistorius can transfer from prison to house arrest after doing one less than a year for killing his model girlfriend. he claims he shot reeva steenkamp by mistake. a court convictedded him of south africas where version of
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manslaughter but criminal tuesday these cases only have to serve a fracture of their sentences and here we are. prosecutors gore to trying to -- going back to court for a murder conviction. but for now he is eligible for house arrest and that's about to happen. more serious violence in the middle east. leaders having a hard time getting things under control, and next step says that's because kids armed with smartphones are controlling the message. on both sides. palestinians and israelis. how social media is helping fuel this round of violence. and making a very dangerous situation potentially explosive, and that's next. with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal.
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the benjamin netanyahu is accusing palestinians of spreading lies and inciting violence. the prime minister of israel says the latest, quote, big lies froms from the palestinian president homes. >> accused israel of executing an innocent palestinian boy. first of all, he is not dead. he is alive. secondly, he is not innocent. he tried to kill, knife an israeli youngster. >> officials say a car hit the palestinian boy after he took part in a knife attack on monday. video shows him recovering at an israeli hospital but graphic video is also spread on propalestinian websites slowing the 13-year-old bleeding on the ground report italy while an israeli man shouts another him, telling him to die. this is a screen cap or freeze frame from that video.
12:33 pm
daniel niss moisture is a security analyst. how much can you quantify how much social media has to do with the spreading of the violence. >> first of all, shep, thank you for having me. i think you can quantify it within the incredible rate in which arab teens from east jerusalem or the palestinian territories are willing to go out and go ago teen stabbing attacks which are because basically the suicide attack without the suicide vest. there have been four a day, since october 1st, 28 attacks have been carried out, few more thwarted. this is unprecedent it rate we have seen in the second' uprising in 2000 where you have people that basically know there's a high chance they're going to get either mortally injured or shot debt -- dead and yet they're willing to commit these attacks.
12:34 pm
what is driving these attacks i would say is the access to this both prop gap da -- prop began to -- propaganda and the go -- gory details. everywhere. passed around in groups on the web site, and facebook, and different campaigns. through the attack itself where you have images near real-time of the attack, all the way until after the attack where instantly the person who carries out the attack i glorified, made a hero. there is no societal consequences for going out and committing these acts of violence. >> you mentioned the second uprising and there's a picture that was famous at a time we
12:35 pm
didn't have social media it wouldn't spread. this time you can count dozens and hundred of them and i wonder if you're having the same problem with isis that it spreads lies, spreads propaganda that incites and also incutes. there is a thought how to stop this cycle? >> well, it's very difficult. if you look at story you mentioned, incited the prime minister benjamin netanyahu, there was a situation where people with smartphones were capturing one part of the attack, the aftermath, without the footage of the 13-year-old boy carrying the knife and attacking the other 13-year-old at the candy store. that image went viral before the israelis could actually complete the investigation, and by the time they put out the tv footage of the boy with the knife, he had already been glorified as a symbol of the uprising, up to the level where abbas, the president of the palestinian
12:36 pm
authority, erroneously first of all claimed he was dead, and second he was murder bid the israelis. so the israels where can't keep up. >> the hope is we're on the brink of a third uprising but palestinians are suggesting we are. i'm curious to what degree israeli forces have brought together people who can fight this side of it? a new side from the first and second uprising? >> well, i tell you what the main challenge is. the vast majority of the people who carried out these over 28 attacks since the beginning of the month, only a handful of them, under four of them, have been in a sort of semi planning sophisticated attack, meaning the majority have simply picked up a knife and decided to commit attacks and these are impossible to thwart. the only thing to do is blood the streets with plim e policemen and hopefully they can
12:37 pm
stop these attacks and we're seeing some of that happening. but one point you have a media machine similar to that of isis that is promoting and flooding the internet with social media, including videos on how to actually carry out attacks. i'm talking about anatomical videos where is the best place to stab one. hamas is behind this and other extremist organizations, and the ironic think is that ham mass -- hamas leadership understands that violence doesn't pay. but they're willinge the rest bank where the rivals, including the palestinian authority, are in control. they're willing to incite the west bank to violence in order to destabilize the rivals. so what you're seeing is this machine driving incitement in order to even destabilize and carry out these interpalestinian
12:38 pm
rivalries. >> hang on. at the heart of the problem here. all the best to you and at the very much. the feds are now blaming a computer glitch for the massive delays at airports last night. shut down the system that screens passengers who are on terror watch lists. i'm familiar with it because i'm on it and i don't know why. thousands of people were stuck at customs for hours. happened a airports in new jersey? is including new york, boston, los angeles, charlotte. more than a million people on the terror watch list. database but hat to screen every
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netflix is looking to take on hollywood. netflix is planning to bring more big screen rem years to subscribers' small screens. movie theater owners are making it clear they're not onboard with this. the netflix original film "beast of no nation" is set to premiere tomorrow online. netflix reps say they're hoping the film with contend not only for an emmy and also an academy award. netflix has 9 million subscribers but that's around the world.
12:47 pm
the company projects the number will be closer to 75 million by the end of this year, and this move comes as movie teeter -- theater attendance is dropping, the highest in decade. >> netflix needs to learn how to make moneys in different ways. they already raised the prices for new subscreen years but the issue is international development, and then buying more of the original content, like the movie, also narcos, the series that has been so popular about pablo escobar. that's done really well with international subscribers and that's where you saw the growth in the earnings report which was the one bright spot. internationally netflix is killing but tons of competition and they're gaining market share, and they're work with
12:48 pm
studios. >> you know the theaters have lobby. >> they do. >> are they talk bath price hike? >> well, netflix says for now they don't expect more price hikes. they just did. but the idea here is to get all of that content. but looking ahead, looking at the movie theaters. amc regal are not showing this new movie. they're saying, no. it's precious real estate. you want to watch it at home go for it, but we're not going to show it bit netflix has valuable partnerships, disney, and a bunch of other companies. 21st century fox. >> our company. >> so you have warner brothers so they're doing a lot to fend off the competition. >> you can't change it. it's coming. ask the music industry. >> they have the early mover advantage. just likeamazon vs. walmart. >> when is the last time you called in sick to work? were you actually sick?
12:49 pm
coming up, career builders' list of the worst excuses employees have given to their bosses in attempts to get a day off. the worst excuses. should be good. next.
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we're watching a live feed from atlanta. waga fox 5 the. this is a crane -- they zoomed in -- looks like it's buckled in the center. the crane is over and on the ground at a construction site. i'm told this is a buckhead section of atlanta for those who are familiar. you can see what looks like an aidan donned construction site. maybe because people got away. we don't have anything to indicate anybody has been hurt. the wide shot -- there you can see the problem area.
12:53 pm
the crane is down, and they're concerned. america's millionaires apparently stepped up their game because it shows china is home to more billionaires than the united states. a research firm in shanghai says 596 billion billionaires live in china, and 537 live here in the united states. the firm reports it's the first time ever that happened and it comes despite china's economy being a real mess. not that the economy being bad hurts billionaires. we know better than that. the reason according to "wall street journal" is that china's stock market is down, yet it's doing considerably better than this time last year so the rich got richer. the guy in charge of the firm says the report shows the success of online retail and entertainment and other service-based bonuses and china's wealthiest defied gravity.
12:54 pm
when it comes to money in china we don't know what is real so they mott even neat gravity. we have pictures. hill this next story has to do with grandma who poisoned somebody with a ham. that's one excuse when calling in sick. we wanted to give you some of the worst excuses or best excuses? >> kind of both. best/worth. >> one employee says he broke his arm reaching out to grab a falling sandwich and this woman said she poked herself in the eye while combing her hair. some employees were just in the wrong place. this guy said he was stuck underneath the bed and that's why he wasn't at work the day before. >> can't imagine how he got there. >> this guy's wife found out he was cheating so he had to retrieve this belonging from the
12:55 pm
dumpster. some people did not know what a good emergency was. one guy said that the universe was telling him to take the day off. another person said that his wife put all his underwear in the washer so i guess he had to wait until the next day. >> no commando. >> the best one was this one worm told her boss she had to go to the beach because the doctor said she needed more vitamin d. >> i like that one. that will soon be a very good excuse in new york. it's about to get cold. >> they do make the -- >> 93 in oxford today. >> oh. but it's so nice rear height now. that perfect fall week. 93 is hot. >> 30s saturday night. >> then going to mississippi -- >> have to get back.e right bacd to this day in hoyt and a look back at the opening of one of the many fliers have called the
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worst airport on the planet. what is the worst airport? i don't think it's la guardia. if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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>> on this day in 1939 what was the largest airport on the planet opened, la guardia. it was built on the site of an old amusement park. the anytime anytime called it the greatest air terminal on the planet. ha half. can't trust the times. vice-president joe biden said the airport was like something from a third world country and was ranked the worst in the u.s. for flight delays. the governor is rebuilding the airport and hoping to make one of the best airports in the world, and four billion becomes
1:00 pm
eight billion, the runways are still not. the water is still there, terminal d is beautiful, and la guardia still sucks, hard. cavuto is next. he is awesome, unlike laguarda. hello, neil. >> hello, shep. and look at what happened on the corp over wall and broad. a big gain, 219 points. maybe the federal reserve doesn't hike interest rates. i know you're saying, didn't they want to raise interest rates? for one day they said there's to reason forked the fed to do anything. that helps banking issues, big players, the dominant theme in the financial markets. something that got a little crazy last night in richmond, virginia, for one donald trump. take a look. >> so we're going to build it,


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