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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington, d.c. if you can't watch live, dvr and watch it at at 11:01 eastern each night. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> you are a force to be reckoned with. >> i hope so. i definitely hope so. >> things rapidly deteriorating in syria, afghanistan, israel, and pretty much every place in the middle east. why weren't the democratic presidential contenders asked about that? we'll continue our reporting tonight. he was our everything. >> the mayor of chicago uber liberal rahm emanuel says the cops are not being aggressive enough in stopping murder. we will take a look at that assertion.
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>> also ahead, stuart varney on villains and. >> do you know who this is? >> bill o'reilly. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the situation growing worse overseas. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as we established last night, very few questions about terrorism in the middle east were asked in the cnn debate this week. that was a glaring error. today faced with a deteriorating situation in afghanistan, president obama said this: >> i have decided to maintain our current posture of 9800 troops in afghanistan through most of next year. i'm absolutely confident this is the right thing to do. and i'm not disappointed because my view has always been how do we achieve our goals while minimizing the
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strain and exposure on our men and women in uniform. >> well, it is clear u.s. goals in afghanistan are not being met, taliban's attacking at will, isis now causing trouble in that country, al qaeda continuing its terror activities. it's not only afghanistan in trouble. today we learned that 1500 iranian shock troops are in syria they joined russian ground troops and scores of putin's bombers propping up assad regime by killing opponents, some of whom are supported by the cia. so now israel has on its border iranian and russian troops in syria. is there any wonder the violence between palestinians and israelis has spiked? this is off the chart dangerous. once again, in a major presidential debate mr. obama's foreign policy was largely ignored. the reason is the democratic party is has largely supported the president overseas that includes former secretary of state hillary clinton who actually designed some of the policies that are now failing. talking points is furious
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that many americans have absolutely no clue about the danger that is developing. russia and iran will soon essentially control the entire middle east. and their proxies will spread terror all across the region. that will lead to more refugees fleeing into europe. and some of them will eventually find their way to america. in addition, isis is expanding as the president has failed dismally in confronting that group. once again we did not hear a word about that during the debate. you want facts? here they are. there was one question asked about syria. one. during the entire two hours. there were no direct questions asked about isis. there were no questions at all about the migrant crisis in europe. and no direct questions about the iranian nuke deal which is panicking u.s. allies in the middle east. simply hard to believe but it's true. cnn is a worldwide news organization that surely knows the intense situation in the middle east and afghanistan and the direct threat it poses to the
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u.s.a. yet, no questions to members of a party that's largely responsible for the mess? that's the memo. now for the top story, reaction with us dr. austan goolsbee former advisor to president obama now teaches at the university of chicago. >> thanks for having me on your show, bill. i don't disagree with you the world is getting more dangerous and there are a lot of big messes. but i think i would disagree a little to try to attribute what's basically a religiously driven civil war wrapped inside of of a a quagmire to pin that on u.s. policy i think it's the right decision to try as much as possible not to get more involved and not to spend money on that. >> if it's the right decision to not get involved in syria, iraq iran, all of those places you are basically creeing the area to putin.
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wait. it's a fact that russian bombers and ground troops are now in syria. it's a fact and it is a fact that 1500, all right, of iran's elite troops have now arrived. so if uher israel and you are netanyahu, on your border you have these people and don't you understand the danger there? >> i agree that is a danger. >> you had the danger before. >> not the russians and iranians. >> the issue to view the middle east as falling to the russians and iranians is to ignore the fact that the shia as and the sunnies are fighting each other. that russia in iran are fighting with assad who they have also sided with is irritating and leading the saudis to fight them. >> if you are. >> if you are the president of the united states you don't want to get involved in a sunni think a civil war.
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you can't allow the entire middle east to be dictated to mullahs in tehran. that's exactly what's happening. using the excuse of the morass that bernie sanders mentioned united states has retreated away from the area. creeing it to two of the world's biggest villains. that's going to have unintended consequences. you see them in europe and right before your eyes. and president obama is more than willing to allow the chaos to grow and grow and grow. isis getting more and more powerful. and now he is forced in afghanistan. forced to say i'm not going to withdraw the troops i wanted to withdraw. because the taliban will win if we do that go ahead. >> all i will say is several of those groups is fighting each other. isis is rising. they are fighting assad. this thing is a deeply confused area. i don't always find myself in agreement with bernie sanders but i don't think
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it's wrong to say that a little restraint on the u.s. part not jumping in -- if we side with a. >> a lot of restraint. >> if we side with a group that ends up. >> i'm just telling you what could be happening. >> six months you have back here and tell you right now i'm going to tell all the people, russia and iran are going to divide the middle east up and we are going to be out of there you know what's going to happen? israel is going to attack somebody. egypt our ally is going to withdraw those are our allies. iran and russia sow mischief everywhere and not be challenged by the president. that is off-the-chart dangerous and you know it go ahead, last word. >> i hope that's not true. i hope you are wrong. >> russia's economy is running out of money and this is an act of desperation. >> like putin cares about his people? he doesn't. all right? >> fair point.
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>> he wants the russia to be the dominant player in the middle east. oil is going to go their way, too. they will be able to control a lot more oil, particularly in iraq. and the oil prices are going to be at their behest had. it is such a mess you can't believe what a mess this is. and isis now in afghanistan, come on. we should have wiped those people out a week and a half ago and we had the capacity to do it. i said last word but i want to ask you one more question. when you were watching the cnn debate, did it occur to you that none of these questions were being asked? >> i was puzzled by that. >> you were watching? >> as i was watching i thought there wasn't a lot of foreign policy. >> so you were puzzled. now, there are are two reasons. either anderson cooper forgot or there was some kind of deal made that, you know, cnn just didn't really want to make. >> i think there is a a third choice. >> what's the choice? >> a lot of the mainstream media moderators seemed to me to be most interested in trying to get the candidates
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to insult each other. >> >> they had two hours to ask a few questions and they didn't ask any. now, look, cnn as i said is the worldwide news agency. they got people everywhere. they know what's going on. it's not like msnbc they don't know. they don't know anything. all right. but cnn does. and i i'm sitting there going when is this going to happen? and it never happened. >> most -- i mean, hillary clinton was the secretary of state that was an even bigger. >> foreign policy debated. i think shed would be fine with that most of the others. >> two hours. >> their interests were in domestic stuff. >> who cares -- >> -- they just wanted to get them to fight with each other. >> oh, come on, who cares about their interests? i hope it would be explained some day why that happened. all right, doctor, always good to see you. thanks for coming. in next on the rundown, the coronation of hillary clinton has the left he leaning media thrilled with her performance, as the violence escalates in chicago, the mayor there
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that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? in the impact segment tonight, as we last night hillary clinton was the winner of the democratic debate this week. bernie sanders came across as extreme and the others have no chance whatsoever. almost immediately after the debate the left leaninged media went wild. >> what a night. >> what a night? >> we said the democratic race would change after this debate. it certainly has. you got to see hillary clinton at her best. >> hillary clinton appears to have retaken control of the conversation. >> hillary clinton commanding the stage last night. >> basically tonight, hillary clinton was beyonce. she was flawless. [ laughter ] >> with us now here in new york city dana perino, co-host of the five. unless joe biden gets in and he has to do it next week.
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she doesn't have to campaign anymore, right? >> the media was pushing the joe biden line so long they were desperate for some drama. what they really want to do is be able to help mostly hillay clinton. they could written these stories on tuesday morning before the debate. unless she had totally flopped this was going to be the outcome. >> she was good. i have toll it you she was good. >> now, interestingly though, the focus groups like bernie sanders. the folks like bernie sanders but the media be hillary clinton declared hillary clinton the winner. he is not electable nationwide. >> everybody knew that from the jump. i think you have to give mrs. clinton some credit. >> yeah, she was good. >> she was prepared for the the largely softball questions that she got and i'm not saying that in any derisive. but you saw her first segment with dr. goolsbee. the whole world is about to ignite in flames. all right. and hillary clinton is right in the middle of that. because her secretary of
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statemanship was horrible. she stands there no questions from her moderators or opponents? it was so unbelievable. i know people were watching the debate and they didn't think about that but i'm sitting at home and i'm going well, when is this going to happen? she was former secretary of state under this absolutely catastrophic foreign policy thing. and today you think president obama wants those troops to stay in afghanistan? >> absolutely not. >> i mean, he had to eat the biggest crow in the world because he knows that this thing is tottering over there. >> his strategy is going to be criticized interestingly in the debate you know when she was asked who is your enemy? instead of saying republicans which is typical and justed as to the divisiveness of america. i think she should have said something like i don't have personal enemies i'm worried as enemies of america that's why as secretary of state i did x, y and z and protected herself a little bit better on that. >> i don't believe that barack obama the president
5:16 pm
or former secretary of state hillary clinton and i said this earlier this week believe they did anything wrong at all. >> they don't. >> that's frightening to me. because, look, if i do a bad show on the factor, i know it's a bad show. i try to improve it for the next show. not that that has ever happened. but, you know, you have got to be realistic about what you are doing and if you live in a world where everything i did is good, even if it turns into this unbelievable chaotic violence, then we don't have any leadership anymore. >> having a little bit of humility can actually also increase your support. if they were to say i had advice from some that we should have kept more troops there, i didn't like that decision at the time because of x, y, and z. i'm changing my mind now. i don't know how it would have been if we decided to go with their advice in the first place. and then everybody then will help you support your decision that change instead of saying why isn't there any. >> it's about, look, recognizing and your former boss, president bush the
5:17 pm
younger, i mean, let's face it, iraq was going down the drain and he said i'm going to do something differently. surged it, all right. and pulled it out. now, that's not to say that his initial policy going in was wise, i don't believe it was. in hindsight its historians are going to say that was a mistake. he at least was nimble enough to pull it out. we are sitting here. you know israel is not going to take this much longer. once israel starts to attack syria, which is absolutelily going to -- 1500 iranian revolutionary guards in that country. here is the democratic party -- this is what they are doing. >> isis is making a further move into afghanistan. it's not just afghanistan. con do you, kabul. i don't know if a thousand more troops trying to fill in the gap. >> 10,000 troops plus cia personnel in afghanistan that should be enough to stabilize the areas they
5:18 pm
need stable because of the air power. but to say that the united states government is doing anything overseas that's winning, we're either holding firm, all right, or losing. all right. that's not a foreign policy. and it's partially the fault of journalism in america because we don't bring this to the people in ways they can understand. >> barely anybody covered a report out of the state department yesterday that talked about atrocities across the board. what is happening especially to the you seeds and women and children being held. >> americans don't care. >> i think they would care. >> do you really you? i don't think they are going to talk about them. we are too self-absorbed. last word. >> i think if the president of the united states and former secretary of state hillary clinton cared enough to talk about it the american people would care. >> they don't. it's their faulted they are in trouble because they had a chance to wipe isis out early and they passed. >> and the media doesn't cover it. >> that's right. dana perino, everyone, directly ahead, the most
5:19 pm
controversial story of the evening, that's saying something, uber liberal mayor of chicago say the cops are partially to blame for the surging violence in the windy city. and later stuart varney with his villains of the week. and watters with debate reaction up ahead. gross. well, you didn't use pam. so it looks like you're stuwith me! bargain brand cooking spray leaves annoying residue. that's why there's pam. trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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factor follow up tonight. murder is up 2 1% from last year. violence in the windy city is a catastrophe. now the mayor of chicago rahm emanuel is blaming the situation partially on recent social issues. the murder rates in chicago have been high for years, however, so that analysis really doesn't hold up. now, last wednesday, there was a secret meeting in washington, d.c. about the rising violence in american cities. joining us now from washington aaron davis "the washington post" reporter who was the only member of
5:23 pm
the media covering the meeting. how did you get in there and how did you know about it and why wasn't any of the other media there? >> well, i guess chalk it up to too many politicians in the room. the mayor of washington, d.c. put it on her schedule for the day as an open press event. i followed her into the room and lo and behold i was the only one there from the press. >> who organized of the meeting? >> this was one run by the justice department loretta lynch, run by her office. also had the director of the fbi come and talk to this group. and in this room you had mayors and police chiefs from dozens cities many who have had biggest spikes this year. rahm emanuel, police chief of new york city. the mayor and police deputy chief from d.c. milwaukee, you could go on down through the list. >> baltimore there. >> 17 u.s. attorneys. >> there was baltimore mayor and police commissioner there as well. >> why wouldn't lore let that lynch, the attorney general want all the press there to convene this?
5:24 pm
why was it so secret? >> there was a few minutes at the very end they invaded the press. in it's at that point they realized i was the only one there during three hours. there wasn't a whole lot said is. was interesting was the unvarnished version that took place over of the preceding hours when the police chiefs the mayors all began talking about why they think the crime is going up in chicago and baltimore and elsewhere. some themes emerged. one of the most interesting here and the one that's hard to quantify but raises the most questions is this idea that somehow police officers are pulling back. are being more conservative in the era of the youtube video clip, the smart phone videos, the iphones, taking a picture of every police interaction on 00 sidewalk. this was echoed by five different cities saying we think there is something -- there is a national phenomenon here that police don't want to stick their neck out. they don't want to be the
5:25 pm
next one caught in a compromising position whether they are doing their job or not and tried in the court of public opinion before there is any actual charges or problem. >> i think it's absolutely true i know here in new york city the mayor de blasio doesn't support the police. the police say we are not going to be proactive like we were. we are not going to do that therefore bad guys have a lot more room to rome and bad -- room to roam. police are fetal, what does he mean fetal? >> well, we have heard words described like police are being conservative or they're not putting their neck on the line. i think emanuel in the course of this meeting took as far as any politician has saying the connotation was in some way that they were cowering in ways. >> that's going to help morale in chicago pd that chicago cops are cowering. >> he did give an example. he said say it's late at night and you have got a
5:26 pm
bunch of guys on the sidewalk and police officer are going to walk up to him or sit in his car and watch them from the car. >> look doing bad things that police officers supposedly supposed to walk up to them and say what are you doing here? >> this is the heart of the issue. our police officers do engage in community policing where they are going out. whether they are getting an arrest or just out gathering intelligence something going on down the street on the corner that's the issue at play here. >> one more time i have got to ask you this again because you didn't answer the question. you did good reporting. you followed the mayor of d.c. you got into a meeting that no other media knew about. why didn't the other media know about it? why were they not alerted? did you ask anybody that? >> there was a guide cans put out by the justice department that day. >> nobody saw it, come on. nobody was there it's a big story. there was a whole lot of press that showed up at the
5:27 pm
end for what was described as the public press conference. i just happened to get there hours early and i walked in and no one stopped me. >> all right, mr. davis, thanks very much we appreciate it stuart varney with his villains of the week, global warming involved tonight. then watters, the post debate edition. >> were you excited by any of the candidates? how would you assess the debate? >> i cried and then i drank. >> we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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three hour block in the morning on fox business could be overexposed. tell me about the villain news professors. >> they are the academics, they are saying to climate skeptics hey you shut up. we will intimidate you not in free and open debate we are taking to you court. so they have written a letter to the attorney general saying why didn't you take these climate descenters, these climate deniers. >> people who don't believe in global warming. >> why don't you threaten them with an investigation using the ricco statute. rico racketeering and corrupt organization act. >> who is leading the charge. >> led by professor general dash shrek ler and 19 other academics from two other
5:32 pm
universities around the country. >> any other place where all their names are listed? let's list them on bill o' we will get that up and running. see who the professors are that are threatening other people that don't agree with them it will be on bill o' now, there is no criminality in saying i don't agree with the global warming theory. i think it's a natural phenomenon. how can you possibly have authorities involved investigated them saying did you knowingly say knowingly deceive people. >> many journalists on every network would be arrested if they knowingly deceive people. >> what's knowingly deceive? go to court symbolic piece of nonsense. i will take to you court and ruin you. >> number one villain of the week professors on bill o' second villain is a woman named jennifer connell,
5:33 pm
okay? i will describe it jennifer connell in 2011 in connecticut is at a party her little nephew around 8 runs up to her and says i love you, i love you and jumps into her arms and she breaks her wrist. then she wants to sue the nephew the little kid. roll the tape. >> i would never want to sue sean but i have no legal expert but as i understand it in connecticut it's not possible to name an insurance company in a suit of a homeowner's insurance case. an individual has to be named. in this case because sean and i had this fall together, i was informed that we had -- sean had to it be named. >> she would never do anything to hurt the family or myself and she loves us. >> okay. so you buying this? >> i don't think that she, the aunt, is the villain. >> no.
5:34 pm
she spent $125,000 fixing the broken wrist. a lot of money. she goes to the insurance companies, pay up. >> why should they pay up though? it was an accident caused by little kid. >> insurance company says go out there and find a neutral authority that applies liability. you tell us who is liable. that's why she goes to court. she is not the villain. in my opinion it is the court system that is the villain for taking this case in the first place. >> there is an accident called just lie circumstances. >> life. >> so why should the insurance company pay it unless -- i mean, health insurance he she had to pay her doctor bills and they weren't paying her doctor bills? that's fraud. >> liability. the insurance company says you settle the liability. here ho is liable here is it you or the boy? why didn't she do to
5:35 pm
arbitration instead of filing a lawsuit, wasting the court's time. >> she is kind of a villain. >> i think the villain is the legal system which allows this kind of thing to happen. >> mork needs the english rule. >> they do i have said that. >> loser pays. >> where is this thing? is the little kid going to jail come up with 125,000? that's a lot of trick or treating. >> the jury said after 25 minutes of deliberations. >> they threw it out. >> get out of here. >> the woman is not going to recover any money outside of her health insurance. >> at this stage, no. >> that's it. that's the way it should have been from the beginning. if the health insurance doesn't pay, go after them, all right? because you are entitled to health insurance. >> if the kid jumps and you fall down. >> english rule, bill. english rule. >> stuart, i have been saying this since this show began 19 years ago. in a lawsuit, if you lose, the judge should have the discretion if you are charlotte ton to make you pay all court costs. >> cut down on frivolous court costs.
5:36 pm
>> they wouldn't do it. lawyers don't want it big lobby. karl rove on why some of the republican presidential contenders may have to drop out soon. also, watters with the reaction to the democratic debate moments away. a moment when something so familiar... becomes something introducing new centrum vitamints. a multivitamin that contains a full spectrum of essential nutrients... you enjoy like a mint. new centrum vitamints. the coolest way yet... to get your multivitamins.
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thanks for staying with us in the bill o'reilly in the campaign 2016. donald trump leading the pack 24%. ben carson 23. ted cruz 10. marco rubio 9. jeb bush will. carly fiorina 5. mike huckabee 5%. paul 3%. christie, jindal, kasich and pataki 1%. karl rove, my contention by halloween six or seven of these republican contenders will be suspending or dropping out of the race because they can't raise any money. am i wrong? furs of all, here is my winning hand. i have now broke the bank and possession of a deed to a major hotel if you come i will make certain they give you the breakfast buffet. come on out look, i think that there is after the next debate. last until november.
5:41 pm
there will be essentially some campaigns that are out of gas. would get a look at it today. jawl, august, and september. july and august are terrible months to raise money. some people looking at how is fundraising going in september and how is it going in early october. that may give them a sense how much longer they are going to keep on. i would break the field into two groups candidates who got into the race. were people find at a place where they are out of cash, out of gas and going nowhere. then we have the ones who want to be president who are down there below 5% while it's still early. christie, kasich, paul, my suspicion is they will be able to hang on for some period of time and play be players still by the time we get around to voting. my sense is jindal and pataki and unless they show some real big umph in the
5:42 pm
next couple of weeks. >> boulder colorado, cnbc debate that debate is already in chaos because cnbc didn't want opening and low e. closing statements donald trump said today if we don't have them i'm not showing up. of course they will have them they need trump in that debate. really, let's be honest and be candid. i love that word. let's be candid. there is only really five or six republican contenders that have a shot at it unless there is some miracle. there is not going to be a miracle. >> there might be a miracle. >> you saw it in 2012. at this time in 2012, rick santorum was an as tier risk. and he dug n iowa and he won iowa. looked on that night like romney had won it but it turned out santorum wanted it. it was enough to keep them alive for basically the next two months. >> i'm talking really viable candidate for the
5:43 pm
presidency. not win in iowa. look, bernie sanders may win iowa and he may win new hampshire. >> he will. >> don't say that it means something. mike huckabee won on the republican side, won iowa in 2008. and i grant you, i was not great predicting. there has been one candidate who has won iowa. won the nomination and won the presidency on the republican side and that was 2000 with george w. bush. but, look, bill. this is a personal thing. there are people sitting there saying if i could just keep myself is alive, can i pull off something stunning. and i'm not argue that they will. but i -- i'm in fundamental agreement there are three guys who with walking dead today. there are two more i think depending on what these numbers show and what happens in the next couple of weeks will be out of them. find themselves like rubbing perry. maybe rand paul. >> now, hillary clinton, unless biden gets in next week, she doesn't even have to campaign anymore. she wins. nobody is going to elect
5:44 pm
bernie sanders president of the united states. and the democrats aren't going to do that hillary did pretty well in the debate as everybody knows. biden is watching that debate. i was almost positive biden was going to do it based on his conversations with money men. but now the only way biden can beat hillary clinton is to attack her because she did very well in the debate. and you have got to attack her had. that's the only way biden can do it. i don't think he wants to do that. and that's why he might not get in now. >> well, first of all, the debate reminded us of two things. one is she is a pretty good debatedder. remember in 2012 she took barack obama to school most of the time in the debates and still lost the nomination. the other thing that it reminded us is the rest of the field are really weak. really really weak. i called bernie sanders an elderly dispeptic appearing like he was at the british labor party meeting. this is ridiculous.
5:45 pm
biden, however, i know the narrative is biden looked at the debate and less likely to run. i'm not certain that's the case. you are in vegas. would you put money on. >> i'm not a gambler despite i won this hotel with a royal flush. i'm not certain that debate had much to do with effecting biden. >> do you think is he going to get in or not. >> i think the odds are biden gets. in deeply personal decision. i just don't think it's going to be affected by that debate. >> i think he should put a couple of shekels on biden getting in out there. >> in your name. in your name. >> fine with me. watters on deck. he asked the folks about the democrat debate last week. this week i should say. then, the factor tip of the day, a female tv personality thinks bernie sanders is hot. we're not talking perspiration here. up a ahead. sh card from capital.
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back of the book segment tonight, watters world, the democratic debate. hours after the exposition, jesse watters took to the streets. >> what did you think about the big debate last night? >> i didn't watch it, actually. i felt like lincoln chafee was in the debate and that just turned me off immediately. >> i just found it very boring. i had a hard time staying awake. >> you know you are driving, right? >> the debate. bernie sanders is [bleep] >> i actually met donald trump. i can't believe it. >> when is the election. >> i don't know. >> do you want me to help me? >> november. >> this november? >> yes. >> next november. >> are you going to vote? >> no. i have felonies. that's right.
5:50 pm
that's right. we bad. um-huh. >> which amendment guarantees the right to bear arms? >> the first amendment? [ buzzer [ buzzer ] >> that's freedom of speech. >> fourth. >> that's search and seizure. >> the second amendment. >> the second amendment. >> you think is the biggest threat to national security? >> climate change. or islamic terror? >> oh. terrorism, for sure. >> islamic terrorism. a lot of the democrats said global warming. we know democrats are idiots. >> global warming. >> has global warming ever beheaded anybody? >> no. >> do black lives matter or do all lives matter. >> all lives matter. >> i'm over it. >> you can't just say black, whites, hispanics and don't leave out asians. everyone forgets about asians. >> i think all lives matter. >> even me? >> yes, even you. >> i'm going to hold up some
5:51 pm
pictures, you tell me what you think of him. >> he's not presidential material. i'm sorry. >> he's really sexy. ♪ ♪ >> i don't know. he looks like a drug salesman. >> do you know who this is? >> it's bill o'reilly. >> i played better sports but i had some chafing. >> he 5:00 kpactually looks presidential. >> this guy, he was in the debate last night. >> did he show up? >> the guy is running for president. >> fine, let him keep running. >> run, forest, run. >> he served during the reagan administration. do you know when reagan was president? >> ronald reagan? '65? >> there you duoagain. >> she's like the happy face with smile all the time. we're not stupid, hillary. america is not stupid. i don't trust her at all.
5:52 pm
>> if she wins how many years he serve in the first term? >> in prison? >> oh, one. >> she would serve four years. >> four. >> her pants suits are always on point. >> i like her, i really like her. >> how many senators are there? >> 16? >> 230 something. i forget. >> 120. >> 50. >> more. >> a hundred. do you know how many governors there are? 71. >> 50 governors. >> look at it this way. at least you're getting an education. >> do you know how many states there are in the yunlon? >> one governor per state. >> how many state dos we have? 52. >> roughly another. >> do you know who the vice president is right now? >> joe. >> schmoe? >> joe biden. >> isn't it joe biden? >> you've got it. you're hot today.
5:53 pm
>> waters. and this is my world up here. >> okay. what just happened. >> now, that person, she can't vote because she has felony sns. >> i asked her which felonies, but she couldn't remember. >> i don't know if that was a she, though. it was -- >> he. >> i don't make those types of judgments. >> you didn't get the resume? >> no. >> it's okay. we're not making fun, we're trying to define. but felonies can't vote, right? >> i guess. most of the people you talked to watched the debate? most of them watched it. >> jesse will be back on monday with the kids. this is a good one. in fact, your tip of the day, bernie sanders sex symbol.
5:54 pm
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tip of the day, bernie sanders attracting female attention. we had three books on the best seller list at the same time. this has never happened before. killing lincoln, top ten paper backs. best seller for kids ages 11-16. of course, we thank you all for making that possible. deal alert. you get a free copy of the constitution. become a premium member, you get any of my books free of charge plus the discounts on all of our stuff. >> i can't believe your amazement at trump, saying the democrats provided cnn questions to ask. most of us know that happened.
5:57 pm
i'm looking forward to you providing back up, bill. i'll leave with the story when you provide it. >> do you get a kickback from all the air time you give truch? once in a while i get a kick out of it -- oh, you said kickback. i work hard on it, gary. my father was raised in brook lynn, like the barn, berne. >> there is more wisdom in two minutes of dennis miller than in countless hours of o'reilly's e-mail.
5:58 pm
charles moorehead o washington, should read ronald reagan's final speech in his debate with jimmy carter, as told in your book, "killing reagan." they are extremely interesting to me, charles. thanks for pointing it out. ray engle, sacramento. how will you ever top killing? >> we are working on the next killing book right now. don't know whether it will top killing reagan, but don't nope that you'll be able to put it down. and, tonight, the factor tip of the day. yesterday, on "the view" something incredible happened regarding bernie sanders. >> i thought that bernie was so minching in that moment. like a real guy. i'm actually aroused by him. i'm serious ri.
5:59 pm
i find him to be eye candy. not ear candy, eye candy. i like an old jewish guy who's a socialist. that's my thing. everybody's talking about omally and how hot he was. but, to me, bernie is hot. >> so here's the factor tip of the day. sometimes comments are simply not needed. i'm going to be on "the view" on monday. i know i will live to regret that decision. i will be there. i hope i'm not high. that is it for us tonight. please check out the factor web site. also, check out the factor from anywhere in the world. we had that for you before, charli. wu we're starting to roll out
6:00 pm
our factor words of the day. again, thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. remember, the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. >> breaking tonight, big headline from the campaign trail as a brawl breaks out at one rally. reports bubble up of republicans getting out and the two clear front runners in the gop race for the white house band together and threaten to boycott the big debate. welcome to "the kelly file" everyone, i'm megyn kelly. in a joint letter to the network hosting the next debate. if it does not change the debate format, than the two men will not participate. the letter reads, "neither of our campaigns reads to the length you proposed or your ban or opening and closing statements.


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