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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 15, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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twitter, use #asksean. send in a video, you can be a big tv star. set your dvr so you never miss right now. the inside story on the trump family, donald trump gets personal. he goes "on the record" in just minutes right now breaking tonight the president doing about face. announcing he will get 45500 troops in afghanistan through 2017. alan west is standing by. first, white house correspondent kevin corke. >> good evening, if you want to call it a reversal or even a reflection of conditions on the ground, no matter what your view is, we know this much. the longest war in american history you will continue into 2017 with at least 5500 american troops remaining in afghanistan. the president making that announcement today. i found it interesting during his announcement he was asked if he was
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disappointed he had to make this decision and here is what he had to say. >> this decision is not disappointing. continually my goal has been to make sure that we give every opportunity for average to succeed while we are still making sure we are meeting our core missions. >> if you have been listening to the white house. they are listening to commanders on the ground. but there are a lot of credited particulars out there that feel like the president had had to be pulled over the goal line to make this decision. listen to what an expert told us today here at fox. >> it's better than the alternative. and i have gotten to the point where any time the president makes a national security decision that's not a disaster, i'm grateful for it. >> now, keep this in mind. to be fair, the numbers are frankly down from 100,000 troops when the president took office, less than 10,000 obviously right now. that's a huge drop. but it's not as low as he wanted it to be, greta. now it's going to be 5500
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past his presidency. >> kevin, thank you. >> um-huh. >> and today's announcement an end to the president's ambitions to bring home our american forces before he leaves office. [gunfire] >> today's decision from the president to adjust our troop presence in afghanistan gives us the chance to finish what we started. [gunfire] >> this will keep americans safer back home. [gunfire] >> the united states keeps our commitments. [gunfire] >> today, we deliver our own message to president and the afghan people, we're with you. we support you. and we're not going to give up the gains we fought so hard to achieve. [gunfire] >> former congressman colonel alan west is live in dallas. >> good evening, greta. >> the president is going to leave about 1500 troops over there. is that a good idea? is that enough? is that too many?
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how do you know? >> well, that's the whole thing is we don't really know. the commanders on the ground have what they call a troop to task and what we heard today is a president who said that the combat operations are still ended and only way end come pats out two ways winning or losing. you don't just withdraw. the troops be there not just in a combat role, combat mission. why are we leaving 98 there now and 1500 later. earlier this week one of the largest joint special operations raids with the the afghans against two al qaeda bases that have been established in kandahar. we need to stop playing the campaign promises game and say we need to defeat this enemy. the president was dragged into this he does not apt repeat of iraq, libya, ukraine some of the other places where he has put political decisions over true strategic decisions. >> is afghanistan a national
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security threat to us right now? >> yes, it is. i believe that you have to be able to articulate to the american people that anywhere that islamic jihadists and these terrorists want to establish a sanctuary, which is exactly what the taliban did, when we allowed them to take power after the russians with drew as part of the afghan civil war, they invited in al qaeda and they established a base. now we know that al qaeda is bleeding people over to isis because there are certain jihadists that don't think al qaeda is strong enough. >> how is that different from areas like in nigeria where boko haram where they are trying to likewise get an area? there are lots of places in the world that are created. we are not send ising people there. >> well, that's the thing that we need to have is someone that can sit back and look at this strategically, and based upon the geographic areas of responsibility, like the centric command, central command, european command, look at the it right force mix so we can do strike
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operations. no more of this nation building. building schools and roads and things of this nature. we need to be able to find the enemy, fix them in position. engage them with all available weapon systems. attempt to destroy him in place and pursue him into defeat him. that's what we have to be able to do and that's not what we are doing. >> i guess what worries me is that when we get down to 5500, they are sort of sitting ducks at that point. there is strength in numbers. you know, to me it's like, we're really maybe even at 9800 we are at that point. that's what worries me. i see so many of these injured vets. i meet so many of them and families who have lost members. i worry when we get down to these low numbers. >> well, you should worry about that and, again, that comes back to the troop to task. the president did not specify what the task and purpose would be for those soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines that are there. it takes about five to six logistical support soldiers on the ground for every one combat soldier. so, when you think about that battlefield calculus, use that against the 5500 or
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the 9800, then you really get to understand that we don't have the trigger pullers that are out there. >> colonel, thank you. always nice to see you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> president obama promising to bring the troops home by the time he left office. well, that's not happening. is that a flip flop or is that evolving based on changed circumstances? and how do you tell? the "on the record" legal panel is here. from the hill bob cusack and political director rick klein. i guess if you don't like the person that's flip flopping, if you like the person that's evolving based on circumstances. >> that's precisely right. make no mistake this has become a presidential talking point. ending two bitter wars. disappointment of him had of the strategy to have to reverse himself. interestingly strange appearing dels. it not obvious thing where democrats will support and republican also oppose on a policy level. you have a lot of republican support. democrats will have to say they are supporting. but i think it's hard thing to label a flip flop when you are talking also about national security and trying
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to actually make that region safer. >> bob? >> it's a good thing for leaders to change their mind based upon conditions on the ground. there is no doubt i agree with rick is that this president, this white house has had goals they have not met in afghanistan. in 2010, joe biden said come hell or high water we are out of afghanistan by the end of 2014. now out by 2016. the other thing is what's the mission? ash carter says finish what we started there is a lack of clarity and has been a lack of clarity. maybe if you just tell the american people we are not going to have big footprints but have to go after isis and al qaeda wherever they are small forces, 5,000, 10,000, i don't know. i think there is a lack of clarity and there has been. >> that brings me back to the question there are lots of places, horrible places like boko haram where they do terrible things. leaving 5,000 warriors in afghanistan is our mission over? we can never cure their problems. >> right. i think the mission at least in the medium term is to transfer authority over to afghan security forces and make sure you have another
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resources there to do the kind of counter terrorism operations still necessary in the region. the president has used it as a political talking point. those quotes that you mention, a lot of these things came up in the 2012 campaign. they were proud of the fact that they had a plan to end the war in afghanistan. they contrasted that with mitt romney. clearly though that strategy is not even one that the president believes has continued to be successful. >> why is he doing this? i mean -- >> he is under a lot of pressure from military leaders. a lot more reported on differences with between the pentagon and the white house. you know, and when you think about it though, whether it's iraq and certainly i think iraq had some role here and isis and the spread of isis there and as well as syria. you don't want to have a safe haven. if you look at we have been talking about training afghan and iraqi forces for more than a decade. we have had reporters in afghanistan just say it's just -- the military it just can't happen. it's not equipped to do it. >> look at the training we did in syria. $500 million authorized and i mean that's a nightmare the president canceled that. got out of iraq without a
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status of forces agreement. no sooner we get out isis is there. the whole place is a a nightmare. >> i'm curious to see if those failures in particular force a reassessment. it's appear easy thing to say we are going to train local authorities, local troops to be able to do exactly what we want to do. it is proven to be difficult in every instance. >> and i'm not so sure how much they want us. >> no. you know, some leaders do in different countries. at the same time, like this all equation changes if we were struck at home. i do think it is important for you can't have another afghanistan, bin laden situation. for a while that mission was clear. get bin laden, then after we got bin laden, it's been. >> i guess i regret we are not talking about the vets, the v.a., what's happening to the vets here and spending a lot of money and seems unaccounted for. i certainly want the united states to be safe. i always -- you know, the conversation needs to take a little bit at the people who have made the sacrifice. anyway, i'm taking the last word. panel, thank you. >> thanks, greta.
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>> tonight "on the record" donald trump is here. he is threatening to boycott the next republican presidential debate. why he? well, right now donald trump goes "on the record" from the trump tower. nice to talk to you, donald. >> hello, greta. >> i understand that you don't like the rules that cnbc has set for its next g.o.p. debate. are you seriously thinking that you would boycott it? >> well, the same thing is happening has happened with cnn. they sold the commercial so much and for so much money. it was going to be $4,000 for 32ened commercial that ended up being 200,000 for a commercial. same thing is happening with cnbc. what they are trying to do they have sold out all their commercials and want to increase it by an hour. if you look at the debate even though it was pretty boring from last night or the other night with hillary, and the group, that debate, it was a two hour deal. now they want to make this an extra hour.
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and i think it's unfair to the viewers because it's too much, it's too much to watch and they are doing it because they want to make more money. >> so, does that mean if they are going to do three hours that you would say i'm out of here after two hours? >> well, i spoke to ryans and i spoke to the rnc and so have other people, actually, they don't like the idea because it's unfair. it's unfair to the viewers. i don't care. i can stand for five hours. i can stand for 10 hours. but, it's unfair to the viewers. it's too long. you know, the democratic debate, if you look at it, that was two hours and it was too long. everybody was bored at the end. they want to make this much longer than that. i think it's really important that they make it a reasonable period of time. >> all right. well, i think you are still in if it's three hours but you want two hours is what i get out of that now, do you think you should have secret service. >> that's what we agreed to. by the way, greta, that's what we agreed to. it was agreed to two hours and now you all of of a sudden yesterday they came up with this additional long
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period of time whatever it may be. but it was originally agreed that it was going to be two hour. the networks are making a fortune off of this stuff. they never made money. they always lost money with it now they are making a fortune. i wonder why? but now they are making a fortune with it. so, you know should you have secret service protection now? >> we are getting the biggest crowds. last night we had 8,000 people in virginia. we had 200,000 people in dallas, texas. we had 35,000 people in mobile, alabama, and 20,000 in oklahoma. and i know this. if i was a democrat they would have it it's really up to them. they know what they are doing and i assume they are doing the right thing. i would hope they are doing the right thing. i think it would be appropriate because we have been speaking with them about it my people have been speaking with them about it it we will see what happens. when you have 20,000 people, that's a lot of people. even if you have some really
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fantastic guys doing it and this case we have 10 people that are very strong people, when you have 20,000, it's pretty hard to protect, i would imagine. >> all right. let me ask you a question now about foreign policy. i know that you know about the doctors without borders hospital was bombed in afghanistan and the doctors without borders wants an international humanitarian fact-finding commission to investigate it. if you were president, would you want this to happen, this organization to investigate it? >> well, look, it was a horrible mistake. and we made it. and it was just a horrible thing that took place. i have been watching that. and i think that's maybe the least of the problems. how does a thing like this happen? this is constantly happening with our country. we don't have victories anymore. we bomb hospitals, instead of bombing targets. we're like the gang that can't shoot straight. i mean, nobody has ever seen anything like this. this is cop distantly happening with our country. so many bad things.
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they bombed a hospital. we had a lot of people. you had patients being operated on, innocent patients being operated on. and it just never ends with our country now. we have to start winning. we have to start doing things properly. >> what do you think about president obama's announcement today that he is going to keep troops in afghanistan longer? >> well, i agree with that announcement because, frankly, if you look at what happened with iraq we should have never been in iraq in the first place but when we took the troops out, that was the end of that. now iran is taking over iraq as sure as you are sitting there. so i think that probably they have to do that. he is cutting it down to 5,000, maybe he will leave 10,000, not that i recommend this at all, burr i think you have no choice at this moment because you already see the insurgents, they are already going in there because they all think we are leaving. probably you have to leave it. it's a shame to have to leave it. at what point do we leave? at what point do we get out? but you probably have to
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leave otherwise the same thing is probably going to happen as happened in iraq. >> prime minister netanyahu is not happy with the united states at the suggestion that they are using excessive force in the latest round of problems in israel. what are you thinking about the united states' suggestion that it's excessive force by israel? >> well, israel is being hit from all sides. and, you know, if you look at this new deal, this horrible, one of the worst contracts ever the iran nuclear deal, i mean, how can israel be happy with the united states. and in the meantime, they are getting hit on in so many different ways. so i don't blame him for being unhappy with our president or the united states. we're not taking care of them. we are not doing what we are supposed to be doing. and, you know, exes isive force. what's excessive force? they are being hit from all sides and being hit unfairly. they have to do what they have to do. >> last night we had a guest here "on the record" his
11:16 pm
name is eric trump. >> yeah. >> i asked him growing up the son of donald trump. listen to what eric said. >> i think best memories is walking construction sites with him. we would go over to big buildings and followed him around. he taught us the art of the deal just by being with him. i remember building lego sets in his office while was negotiating great casino deals and other things. it was a lot of fun. >> well, it wasn't teaching him to ride a bicycle but apparently teaching him real estate. what do you think about that? >> and how to drive tractors at a young age he could drive tractors. i have wonderful children. eric has done such a great job. he helped us rebuild doral along with yvonne and yvonne can a. he is in charge of the great turn bury in scotland. we are renovating turn bury in scotland one of the great resorts in the world where they have the british open golf championship. he has been absolutely amazing. i watched him last night and
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i said i don't want to go in tonight because i cannot compete with that performance that he did last night. was great. he looked great and he sounded great. he is very, very smart. and he has done a fantastic job. >> donald, thank you, i hope that we are looking forward to introducing your wife to the "on the record" audience as well as i ivanka and your son don put pressure on them will you? >> absolutely, greta i will. >> thank you, donald, nice to see you. >> thank you very much. >> and this is an interesting surprise. cnbc, which is the host of the next g.o.p. debate, which donald trump said that he was not happy with the rules. they have now issued a statement and it says. this. our goal is to host the most substantive debate as possible. our practice in the past has been to forego opening statements to allow more time to address the critical issues that matter most to the american people. we started a dialogue yesterday with all the campaigns involved. we will certainly take the
11:18 pm
candidates' views on the format into consideration as we finalize the debate structure. my thought to this is stay tuned we will see if trump wins or cnbc on this one. former secretary of state hillary clinton read president obama's new trade deal it looks like the white house may be throwing the secretary under the bus on that one. benjamin netanyahu is very upset with the obama state department. some cash back cards love to overcomplicate things. like limiting where you earn bonus cash back. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one likes to keep it simple. real simple. i'm talking easy like-a- walk-in-the-park, nothing-to-worry-about, man-that-feels-good simple. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. it's a simple question. what's in your wallet?
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fire department safely rescued several people from inside those cars. the national weather service warning of golf ball size hail in the area. former secretary of state hillary clinton once called president obama's transpacific partnership trade deal the gold standard of trade deals. that was back in 2012. fast forward to the democratic debate. secretary clinton saying she no longer supports. >>it it was just finally negotiated last week. and in looking at it, it didn't meet my standard. >> clinton said she saw the trade deal but the official text has not been made public. and then today in texas, secretary clinton saying the details were made public but here is what the house had to say about that. >> kevin, i actually did not see her comments. i'm not quite sure what she was referring to. the official final text of the transpacific partnership has not been released. when it does, we will make sure that everybody has the opportunity to see it. >> democratic strategist joe trippi goes "on the record." boy, i don't know. what do you think? >> well, look, the details a
11:23 pm
lot of the details have been leaked. and wikileaks actually has put the entire -- the purported entire agreement on the internet. so, it's completely possible that her aides have read the details and, you know, and have gone through it. >> i guess it's sort of rough though when you have said it was the gold standard, which is rather, you know, it's not like saying oh, it might not be too bad. she said it was the gold standard and now wanting to curry favor with the europes who don't like it and on oously trying to grab up some endorsements. she now thinks it's not such a good idea. >> as she said in the debate, she -- it was, you know, it was when the thing was being negotiated years, you know, it's taken years for this thing to come to this point. with the details that have come out, she can't support it. she thinks it should be stronger. look, we can all get into what the motives are, but that's her position. she has put it out there.
11:24 pm
she did it in the debate. i'm sure the administration clearly isn't going to be happy with that. >> why did they say that? don't you think that josh earnst threw her under the bus on that one? i thought he did. >> they can't say well that's great she opposes it. he said it hasn't been made public. he couldn't have thrown her under the bus more. >> you are going to have these things happen the rest of the way. even if joe biden is going to get in why will find out as vice president he was supporting things the president had done but it now turns out he was not for them. that's how these things worked. i worked for vice president mondale. eye know i'm dating myself 1984. but, you know, we kept finding out about differences he had had with his president. and that's the way these things work. >> i think what's interesting about flip flopping. that's when someone changes his or her mind and you don't like the person. whereas if you like the person, the person has evolved and looked at more details. that's politics. >> but it's also true that
11:25 pm
when you are working in someone's administration, you have to carry the water of the administration. even though you don't agree with the position, you have to carry it when you get out of the administration. you run on your own. you have a right to say i don't agree with this. and i think that's what's going on here. >> well, it's going to be an interesting 13 months. is joe biden getting in? what's your guess? >> i'm now leaning no. but i must confess to everybody. that i have leaned back and forth. >> you have evolved or flip flopped? >> i flip flopped. >> joe trippi has flip flopped whether he gets. in i have evolved. anyway, joe, thank you. and israel on edge tonight. prime minister benjamin netanyahu calling out a
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israel on high alert. benjamin netanyahu telling the world not to listen to what he calls the lies of the palestinians, including president abbas. >> the current -- result of continuous palestinian incitement. first on the mosque and outrageous claims that we are changing the status quo there or intend to destroy it and now we have a new big lie new big lie is that israel is executing palestinians, nothing justifies the systematic and deliberate slaughter of the innocent, the attempt to menace or maim or murder innocent people. nothing justifies it fox
11:30 pm
news correspondent jonathan huddy is in jerusalem. what's going on there. >> in that sound bite that you played from netanyahu talks about lies. comments related to palestinian authority mahmoud abbas and that speech he delivered wednesday evening. in that speech he accused israel of executing palestinians in quote, unquote, cold blood. those are abbas' words. including a 13-year-old palestinian boy that as it turns out wasn't killed but wounded after he stabbed another teen his same age. now surveillance video shows that 13-year-old and his 15-year-old cousin running away after the attack. that palestinian teen is now in a hospital here in israel being treated. his 15-year-old cousin, however, was killed. so prime minister netanyahu accused abbas of really spreading lies like the
11:31 pm
supposed death of the 13-year-old and trying really to insight violence. netanyahu also defended his country's military and police against accusations of excessive force. so, really, greta, thursday was about the politics. remember, it's friday morning. around 2:30. a little after 2:30 friday morning. thursday was about the politics. the jabs being traited between both sides, abbas and netanyahu, and, of course, all of this as secretary of state going to jordan to start talks between. whether that happens, greta, who knows. prime minister netanyahu says he is willing to meet with abbas. at this point we haven't heard anything from abbas or his people. that said, security remains high jerusalem and heavily
11:32 pm
populated palestinian areas. this is a divisive issue among those who believe that splitting up jerusalem between the east and west is going to further inflame tensions. there are those though that say it is necessary. but that said, again, a lot of concern and unease about the escalating violence. a lot of the places that are usually busy, shopping centers, malls are very quiet. in fact, all you have got to do is look out our window here in the studio, usually this area jaffer road, all you see is police and military security patrols. usually a lot going on. very quiet, has been the last few days. that said though, greta, so far there have been no reports of any new attacks hopefully that remains the case. >> thank you, john. >> and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu joins us from jerusalem. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta as i
11:33 pm
understand it two rumors. secondly, that israel is executing or has executed a palestinian boy. president abbas apparently made that accusation. am i right? is that what invoked this latest round of violence? >> you are exactly right. the violence started to break out because of these allegations, these mendacious allegations that somehow israel is threatening the muslim holly sites -- holy sites in prime minister has said repeatedly you there will be no change in the temple mount. israel has meticulously always protected the holy sites of all faiths. but nevertheless islamic
11:34 pm
extremists putting out propaganda. echoed by the palestinian authority by president abbas and his people and created a crisis atmosphere that fed the violence. >> is prime minister netanyahu, in spite of that, willing to meet with president abbas and try to find some peaceful resolution? >> this evening said that is he willing to meet with president abbas or any other arab leader in order to end this incitement, end the violence and calm things down. will do what needs to be done to try to return the situation of quiet and calm in jerusalem and the rest of the country. we're doing our part by beefing up the security presence, having a more stronger police presence in jerusalem that is deterring attacks and if there are attacks, we can deal with those quickly and efficiently. now i think on the palestinian side at least those palestinian leaders who want to claim to be
11:35 pm
mainstream leaders, it's time they did their part, too, and stop this incitement, stop putting oil on the fire. trying to calm things down, too. if we all do our part, we can return everything here to peace and quiet the way it should be. >> is the united states' statement that both sides, which, in other words, they are accusing israel of it as well of excessive force, is that an earth to bring everybody to the table, trying to look like they are trying to spread the blame or is that putting fuel on the fire? it's a mistake in statement. imagine if people were running down the street in new york or in washington or in los angeles or anywhere in the united states with meat cleavers or knives trying to randomly murder people. what would you expect your american police to do? well, that's exactly what the israeli police are doing. they are acting efficiently
11:36 pm
to protect our civilian population from brutal killers. that's their job. the rules of engagement for police is only use your firearm in a situation where it's life-threatening. we have had a whole series of life threatening situations and our police force has been there on the streets doing their job protecting the people of israel. >> mr. regev, thank you very much for joining us. i hope -- i don't know, i hope this violence stops soon. thank you, sir. >> so do we, thanks for having me, greta. >> and so now we're going to show you the inside of the bomb doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan. the photographer who was there and took the pictures is next. plus, have parents of athletes gone way too far. dangerous threats forcing a football take a look at these bbq trophies: best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... yep, greatness deserves recognition.
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11:41 pm
strike in afghanistan. 22 patients and hospital staff including doctors were killed as the hospital was ripped apart in u.s. air strike. president obama has personally apologized, calling it a tragic accident. but today the associated press is reporting that u.s. analysts knew it was a hospital they were becoming. freelance journalists was embedded with the afghan army and took incredible photos. andrew with foreign policy, you have published the pictures you took inside on saturday, october is 1st, take me through this. what did you sees a you walked in there? >> it was a mess, greta. to begin with it actually didn't look all that much like i expected.
11:42 pm
building unscathe in relation to the main building itself which was pretty much a write off. it was completely gutted, burned. there was nothing left that was recognizable, really, other than the hardiest of medical equipment. frames, some bathroom seatings and the like it was total devastation. >> one of the pictures we are not showing. there is even one when there are bodies still in there that had not been recovered, right? i had seen one of the pictures. >> correct. i probably came across eight or nine bodies that have yet to be recovered. much of those were bearable recognizable as human form. some of them were just blobs
11:43 pm
of human flesh, completely charred beyond recognition. some skulls were still recognizable. it really showed the intensity of what occurred that night. >> did the afghan national army believe the taliban was inside their shooting out and did they tell the u.s. forces? do you have any information? i know there is investigation ongoing, but since is have you been embedded, do you know anything? >> i wasn't able to learn anything more than what the afghans and the american officials have claimed. what they are saying is that afghan forces came under attack from taliban who were allegedly using the hospital as a place from which to fight. i didn't speak to anyone when i was there certainly not from the hospital itself
11:44 pm
i have also spoken to people since -- none of those people agree with those statements from the officials in kabul and washington. >> andrew, thank you very much. and we're going to link to your pictures that you took for foreign we will link to those on so the viewers can see these. andrew, thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me, greta. >> and as we mentioned, the associated press now reporting that american special operations analysts were gathering intelligence on the facility and they reportedly knew it was a protected medical site. should also note the a.p. is reporting the analysts believe the hospital was being used by pakistani operative to coordinate taliban activity. and convicted killer and olympic blade runner oscar pistorius has news. that's straight ahead. released
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to go to libya. olympic blade runner oscar pistorius getting out of prison next week it is. the south african was convicted of manslaughter in the the shooting death of model girlfriend rehave a steenkamp. he mistook steenkamp as a burglar and shot her through the bathroom door.
11:50 pm
a dozen protesters arrested outside of city hall. camped out inside. protesters refusing to leave changes to police tactics as well the 12 were charged with trespassing. london's mayor may have taken it a little too far. london mayor boris johnson bulling over a 10-year-old kid. playing in japan when he got carried away and took the kid out. don't worry the little boy was okay and like a true good sport. they shook hands afterwards coming up. a football's team season is over. cancelled. the shocking reason next. don't forget to watch hannity tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern. g.o.p. presidential candidate dr. ben carson joins sean tonight at 10:00 p.m. on hannity. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] woman: [laughs] no way! that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know.
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when i went on to ancestry, i just put in the name yes, we are twins. of my parents and my grandparents. i was getting all these leaves and i was going back generation after generation. you start to see documents and you see signatures of people that you've never met.
11:54 pm
i mean, you don't know these people, but you feel like you do. you get connected to them. i wish that i could get into a time machine and go back 100 years, 200 years and just meet these people. being on ancestry just made me feel like i belonged somewhere. discover your story. start searching for free now at innocent kids playing for the colts get their season cancelled the reason?
11:55 pm
threats. bullets left on the field in a western pennsylvania game that terrifying threat is not the first incident. the entire season has been plagued with increasing violence. coach of the nor very well colts chad's goes "on the record." coach, nice to talk to you. what is going on there, sir? >> well, thank you for having me, greta. over the last couple months, the league as a whole and i would like to point out there is five teams in our league that are mount pleasant teams, we have been receiving lergts through the mail and increasingly gotten worse up to the point on tuesday morning that the shells were found at the stadium where the kids play. >> are there suspects? >> as far as i know, there is not. we have been trying to keep tabs handling the investigation. we have not been aware of anybody that has come forward or any names that have popped up. >> are there written threats
11:56 pm
and if so what are they saying? >> the few letters that i did see, the one of the first four that were sent. they were basic threats stating that anything can happen at the stadium that we ended up having to cancel a week of the season and prior to the incident actually prior to the actions on tuesday we were making up those games that were cancelled the first time this all started about month and a half ago. >> do the players know about this and how do they feel about it? absolutely, the players are devastated. i met with my patience and my players last night at our practice field. it was very disheartening to have to look not only at the parents because they put a lot of time and effort into it as well as us coaches but just to look at the kids and try to explain to them because of the actions of a few adults that just doesn't
11:57 pm
get it to ruin a season for over 200 kids in our league is just fathomable. >> what do you mean adults? are there adults giving you guys trouble? >> no. i believe that's where they are leaning toward. we did have a couple incidents at the field until the last season. parents are always going to be very active at football games. any sporting event, actually. but just for the actions of a few to end up canceling the season which was only four weeks left to do that for these kids is just -- it's not right. >> and this is a league that's been on for a number of years, isn't it? is this an old football league? >> yes, ma'am. this was our 50th anniversary. and it couldn't have started off better. we had the founding fathers of the league that were still around. and other alumni from the
11:58 pm
league over the years out there on opening day. and the league -- the season started out great. and all of a sudden, about three or four weeks into it, it just took a turn for the worse and it has not gotten any better. >> well, coach. i you hope find out who is doing this and gets back on track. thank you, sir. >> thank you very much for having me. have a good evening. >> let's all go off-the-record. i'm not so sure secretary hillary clinton hates the email investigation. think about it. she is fundraising off it. that's called political strategy. she is playing the whoa is me card. that those mean old republicans are after her again. and that revs up her supporters enraging them big time and money comes in over the transom. here is what you need to pay attention to. don't get the fbi information over emails mixed up with the benghazi committee. the fbi is only looking at whether secretary clinton mishandled classified information or not.
11:59 pm
if she did, she broke the law. if she did not mishandled classify information she did not break the law. it's that simple. and she and bernie sanders may complain about it. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. >> thank you. me too. me too. [ laughter ] >> you know. >> but the fact is, secretary clinton is in the driver's seat on how fast this investigation goes. the republicans can't speed it up. they can't slow it down. it depends on clinton's cooperation with the fbi. drag her feet, it will go on forever. bottom line going slow, no matter what the outcome is, may be great political strategy but you disappointing for the american people who deserve the answer now. and deserve a race without the political games from anyone. so stay tuned, right? and that's my off-the-record comment tonight. thank you for being with us. we will see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. take a look at this. this is my favorite tweeted picture of the day. i picked one out today for all of you. we will be bringing you more here "on the record." follow me on twitter at the
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handle @greta. up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington, d.c. if you can't watch live, dvr and watch it at at 11:01


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