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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  October 16, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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photo. >> "special report" is next. president obama makes a major about-face on his vow to end the war in afghanistan on his watch. is it enough to shore up the afghans? this is "special report." good evening, and welcome to washington, i'm brett baier, president obama will not keep his promise to withdraw all but a handful of u.s. troops from afghanistan by the end of his second term. the commander-in-chief made that official today. upping the number of americans who will stay in the country for the foreseeable future. many inside and outside the military are asking are the numbers enough to strengthen what has been a weak afghan fighting force. correspondent kevin corke
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reports from the white house tonight on a major reversal for this president. >> while america's combat mission in afghanistan may be over, our commitment to afghanistan and its people endures. >> a commitment that has now endured for 14 years and will continue with today's announcement that the u.s. will slow its withdrawal from afghanistan. opting to have troops by the thousands remain beyond next year. >> we anticipated as we were drawing down troops, there would be times where we might need to slow things down or fill gaps in afghan capacity. and this is a reflection of that. >> the president announced that 5500 american troops would remain in afghanistan into 2017. the president calling it a modest but meaningful extension of our presence. but for much of 2016, around 9800 american troops will serve throughout the country in noncombat roles. still, it's a dramatic shift for a white house that wanted to leave around 1,000 troops around
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kabul by the end of the obama administration. >> this was a disaster waiting to happen. i think what the president is doing now, is enough to contain the damage at least until he leaves office. >> the decision underscores the difficulty the commander-in-chief has had in achieving one of the central promises of his presidency. ending the longest war in american history. stung by the threat of isis and the reemergence of al qaeda, it's the taliban that's creating the most trouble in afghanistan. the terror group briefly seized control of the northern city of kunduz before being pushed back. that's the same city where the u.s. military mistakenly bombed a hospital occupied by doctors without borders. killing 22 in the process. the president apologized for the strike. but new questions are being asked about whether coalition analysts believe the taliban was using the hospital as a base. >> the president's expectation is that he'll receive a full accounting of these facts in the context of a thorough objective and transparent report from the
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department of defense. >> but experts say in a fog of war, especially one more than a decade along, decisions have consequences. which is why many believe despite calls from the left to leave the region wholesale, the president in this case made the right move. >> i've gotten to the point where any time the president makes a national security decision that's not a disaster, i'm grateful for it and i, but i think this is not a strategy to win in afghanistan, it is a strategy to avoid a disaster, to a void another iraq. >> if he was disappointed that he had to make this decision, the president said no, adding it was the result of a months-long review and a reflection of the wishes of the commanders on the ground. >> more on this with the panel in a bit. former defense secretary robert gates says president obama could never sell the war in afghanistan to the troops. or frankly to himself. i spoke to gates this week at
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his home in washington state as part of an hour special we're working on about the state of the u.s. military. but gates also talked about what he lived through with the president on the issue of afghanistan and other military decisions. and what the president is living through now. >> on afghanistan, you wrote that you never doubted president obama's support for the troops. only his support for their mission. what did you mean by that? >> i think in the two and a half years that i worked for him, there were only one or two speeches. in which the president talked about the importance of success in afghanistan and why it was important. but my view is that when a president sends troops way, he has to convince them that he believes risking their lives is worthwhile. he has to be able to convince them that their cause is noble.
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and just. and, and warrants their sacrifice. and even after he sent an additional $60,000 troops to afghanistan, the president just didn't do that. >> do you think he just wasn't comfortable with that? >> i think he had his own reservations, and that's what i write about in the book b. whether the strategy would work. >> have you seen that again where he did the syrian rebel train and equip program and told "60 minutes" he never really believed it was going to work from the beginning. >> yup. >> is that kind of the -- >> well, yeah. >> and you've talked about the micromanagement from the obama white house on the pentagon. and that it seems like you were very frustrated by it. >> it's the operational
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micromanagement that drove me nuts of the white house and nsc staffers calling senior commanders out in the field and asking them questions of second-guessing commanders. that's the kind of thing that made me crazy. >> and i will tell you, it was with the background of having served on the nsc, uchnder four presidents before i was deputy national security adviser. or including under as deputy national security adviser. and when i was deputy national security adviser, if i would have tried, even as deputy, if i had tried to call a field commander, going around dick cheney, who was secretary of defense, or colin powell, who was chairman of the joint chiefs, i would have had my head handed to me. probably personally by the president. that kind of interference was
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just unheard of when i had been on the nsc. and in the white house. >> what led to you say this about president obama and the military. president obama was quote deeply suspicious of their actions and their recommendations? >> i think this was particularly true in afghanistan. and i think there were people in the white house, and i don't want to name any names, who were constantly goading him and saying the military is trying to box you in. the military is trying to trap you. the military is is trying to bully. you, the military is trying to make you do something you don't want to do. >> was vice president biden one of those people? >> i think so. and i was told so. and i think -- but he was not alone. and you can argue with the options that they were putting forward as president bush did.
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can you disagree with them as president bush did. that's totally fair. that's totally fair in my view. but to think that they are trying to mousetrap you -- i think is a, if i were the president and i truly believed that, i would replace those commanders that i felt were trying to trick me. so i worried a lot that he was hearing from people, things that made him worry that the military was consciously trying to thwart his will, consciously trying to be insubordinate. and i never believed any of that for a second. >> that was the environment that he was making decisions in? >> i think so, yes. >> on russia. i saw your op-ed with condoleezza rice.
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what do you make of vladimir putin? >> i think it's not all that complicated. this is a guy who is all about lost power, lost glory, lost empire. he's all about, he, i think internalized hugely the humiliations that russia went through in the 1990s. the poverty, the weakening, the collapse of the russian empire. people forget. with the collapse of the soviet union, the russian empire collapsed. putin is all about how do you reestablish russia as a world power, as a power to be reckoned with. you ignored us on serbia, you ignored us on ukraine. you ignored us on kosovo, you're not going to ignore us any more. i'm going to assert russia's national interest. i'm going to recreate a buffer of pro russian states on the periphery of russia. and by the way, in doing all of
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that, i can poke the united states in the eye. i will leap at the chance. >> this guy is really all about reassorting russia's role in the world. that's his strategy. but he's very opportunistic. and frankly, i think if resisted, will stop. he's not crazy. he's not a megalomania, not much. i think he's a opportunist, but a raelist, also. >> an opportunist who filled the back yum. >> there was waltzed in to ukraine. and did the same in syria. >> for an administration that made that humanitarian argument in libya. and then in syria. critics would say there's 250,000 dead in syria. it seems like it's two different administrations. >> well, i think again -- i'm
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probably the last person that should ever try to put a president on the couch. but i do think that the president saw us try and shape events in iraq and fail. try and shape in his view, fail. tried without much success to do the same in afghanistan. tried without any success to do it in libya. and frankly, i think thrice bitten, twice shy. i think he wanted nothing to do with syria. because my guess is he saw no good outcome for the united states. by, by intervening directly there. >> people who say okay, so what. russia takes the hit. they do the military action. they strike the isis terrorists, why do we need to be there? what do you say to them? >> i think our role should be
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limited. cy would not put ground troops in syria. i do think that a safe haven is an achievable thing. i think the idea of training somebody from the outside and sending them in is nuts, it's just not going to work. the only way you can stanch the humanitarian flow, the humanitarian disaster is through some kind of a safe haven and i think that's achievable. >> our thanks to secretary gates, up next, president obama's top money man has a warning for congress. first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering, fox 32 in chicago, former house speaker dennis hastert plans to plead guilty to a federal hush money case, linked to allegations of sexual misconduct decades ago. he's accused of breaking banking laws and lying to the fbi. fox 12 in portland, an oregon woman kicked off an american airlines flight says she's getting a lawyer.
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>> this can't be legal. my god. >> if you don't come off i'm going to have call the officer. >> tina foe said she did not hear a flight attendant's instructions, video of her removal went viral. the airline has apologized and said it's spoken with crew members. a live look at san diego from our affiliate fox 5. the big story there, california's great shakeout earthquake drill. about 10.5 million people were expected to participate statewide, about a million of those were in san diego. the goal is to teach residents what to do to stay safe during an earthquake. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway on expert rort.
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stocks had their best gain in two weeks as investors responded to positive earnings surprises. the dow gained 217 today, the
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s&p 500 was up 30, the nasdaq finished ahead 87. treasury secretary jack lew says a decision on the debt ceiling must be made a little sooner than expected. the secretary talked exclusively today with fox business network's liz clayman who joins us in washington. welcome. >> thank you very much. it's not news that you want to give and it's not news that you want to get. imagine if you, brett were receiving a letter that said come november 3rd, you're going to run out of money to pay all of your debts. that is the letter that congress members got this morning and here's what happened. you have treasury secretary jack lew saying we've been running the numbers and in essence, the tax receipts that are coming in do not cover what we expected to last until november 5th. now the deadline is moved up to november 3rd and it becomes a problem if congress doesn't move to raise the debt limit or the debt ceiling. the problem is congress is distracted right now,
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particularly the republicans who don't really have somebody right now who can be the speaker of the house. obviously john boehner is staying. but i began by asking treasury secretary jack lew, is congress distracted? do they understand the issue about the debt limit? here's whey said. >> have you heard from anybody in congress since your letter went out? >> well i put in calls as i always do, to all the leaders when i send the leaders, i will speak with all of them. i've spoken with some of them. i think they understand. my policy for the last three years has been to share information as we know it think it's a good policy. they need to know and they need to be able to avoid an accident and a misstep. only congress can raise the debt limit. something i need to remind the viewers about is the debt limit does not commit us to new spending. all the debt limit does is give us the ability to pay the bills for expenses that were committed to a long time ago. it would be the equivalent of
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running up as a former republican governor said to me last week, running up a tab at the restaurant and leaving without paying the bill. >> you order things, you say this is the restaurant i want to go to, i want the steak and you start haggling over the bill. >> there's people on capitol hill, many of them conservatives saying listen you can prioritize, the tax receipts are still coming in, the money is flowing in. why can't you happen and you prioritize -- >> i said someone on capitol hill feels that you're fudging the numbers that perhaps you're posturing, your hyperbole here. and he said it is fallacious to think you could prioritize, meaning sit and pick and choose if grandma gets her social security check and then a veteran doesn't get his check. it would be a very difficult thing both emotionally. but also technically. congress gets the bills in and technically the machines just send out the payments so it looks like a very tough situation. and they're less than 18 days before he says we hit it.
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>> liz as always, thank you. still ahead, how marijuana factors into the 2016 presidential race. first, something else that will make a difference, fundraising. we look at who's raking it in and who's not.
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we're learning more tonight about how well or how poorly some of the presidential campaigns are doing in the all-important money department. chief political correspondent carl cameron looks at the facts and figures. >> ben carson wins the third quarter fundraising race, collecting $20.8 million to keep growing his campaign. >> he's in the middle of a
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multi-week book tour, is pulled into a tie in donald trump with the latest fox poll. the billionaire front-run certificate self-funding his campaign. he spends next to nothing on advertising. both trump and carson threatened to boycott the next debate in two weeks hosted by cnbc if it does not agree to limit the debate to two hours. currently the network plans no time limit. >> i'm jeb. running for president. >> jeb bush is cutting costs, trying to save money for a long gop primary trench war. he raised 13.4 million over the last three months and tried to make today's disclosure look more muscular by revealing his campaign bundlers. the man on the move is ted cruz, his war chest and poll numbers are growing as he courts conservatives from across the spectrum. third in the fox poll now and on bush's heels in fundraising at $12.2 million. carly fiorina danced with
1:25 am
students in iowa, she raised $6.8 million. >> our trajectory is where others have been, up and down. >> she bested marco rubio, who banked six million. he knows he'll need much more and hopes to recruit former donors to scott walker's defunct campaign. >> i think senator rubio and governor bush are the ones who are courting walker donors the hardest. although others are certainly doing it as well. >> chris christie raised $4.2 million. that puts him ahead of rand paul who raised $2.5, and put out a memo denying that he's dropping out of the race. john kasich talked about his plan to balance the federal budget. he would cut income and business taxes, reform entitlements and freeze discretionary spending. kasich says initially his budget would increase the deficit, but balance it over eight years.
1:26 am
as far as his campaign budget, kasich will report having raised $4.3 million in the third quarter. just slightly ahead of chris christie. brett? >> carl, thank you. a bizarre twist to the resurgent violence between palestinians and israel. palestinian president mahmoud abbas created an young roar by falsely claiming that israel had executed a palestinian boy. the boy is recovering in an israeli hospital. prime minister benjamin netanyahu said he's open to a meeting with abbas. >> it's potentially useful. because it might stop the wave of incitement and the false allegation against israel. so i would be open to meetings with arab leaders and palestinian leadership in order to stop the incitement of extremism. >> no word on when the meeting might take place.
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how the marijuana vote could end up playing a major part in the 2016 presidential campaign. that's coming up after a short break.
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despite what was perceived
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across the board as the strong showing in this week's debate, hillary clinton is still facing some difficult moments ahead in the days ahead. they have to do with two of the scandals that have dogged her campaign. benghazi and emails. here's senior political correspondent, mike emmanuel. >> on the campaign trail in san antonio, hillary clinton worked to win the support of latino voters and picked up the endorsement of hud secretary huluian castro. part of clinton's pitch was about immigration. >> latinos and latinas, you're not strangers. you're not intruders. you're our neighbors, our friends, our families. >> there's new revelations about the clinton email issue ahead of clinton aide huma abedin's testimony. she suffered private server problems while she was secretary of state twice in 2012 and the existence of a previously unknown email address for abedin
1:32 am
was obtained by the conservative group citizens united. after an exchange of emails with clinton foundation director stephanie street abedin wrote my bigger problem is i can't get into my clinton email. may need the documents sentd to this email. the clinton campaign received a gift from a republican member of congress on the issue of the benghazi select committee. >> this may not be politically correct. but i think there was a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people and individual, hillary clinton. >> that led to clinton campaign spokesman saying house republicans aren't shy about admitting that the pen ghazi committee is a partisan farce, chairman trey gowdy said there are several republicans on the committee who are familiar with its work. and some calls for joe bide ton get into the race have died down following tuesday night's debate. biden tried to deflect
1:33 am
reporter's questions at an event with south korea. >> is there an opening for you in the race, sir? i'm here. -- [ inaudible ] . i'll talk to you about that later. >> back in the 2004 cycle, there was intense speculation that biden could be a late competitor against then senator john kerry. after dragging his feet, biden was quoted as saying you can't parachute into a presidential campaign. there will be no benefit increase next year for millions of social security recipients, disabled veterans and federal retirees, it's the third time in 40 years that benefits will remain flat, all three of them coming since 2010. the reason, low inflation brought on by cheaper gasoline prices. appears obamacare may be losing steam. government says it expects only a slight overall increase in enrollment next year to a total of 10 million subscribers, well below an estimate from the congressional budget office and
1:34 am
the analysts there predicting 20 million by the end of 2016. the next enrollment period begins november 1. you know issues such as immigration, foreign policy, and obamacare will have an impact on next year's election. one topic you may not have thought of that could make a difference. james rosen tells us what it is. >> proposed changes to marijuana laws will appear on the ballots in six states. five of them, arizona, california, nevada, maine and massachusetts will decide whether to legalize pot. taxing and regulating it more or less as alcohol as for other states, alaska, colorado, oregon and washington have done. residents of florida will vote on the more limited step of allowing medical marijuana. the sunshine state, like nevada, is a swing state in presidential cycles and the two battleground designed showed a 35 of electoral votes. advocates of the legislation say the democratic nominee will
1:35 am
likely benefit from pro pot ballot measures, pointing to recent experience in colorado and washington state, both of which saw youth participation rates surge from below the national average in 2008 to above the national average in 2012. >> the data does show that marijuana initiative does bring out young voters, they tend to favor marijuana legalization. >> in the case of florida, medical marijuana could prove a greater draw for older voters. who are more interested in marijuana's therapeutic properties than its recreational use and who are the republican party's most reliable voting bloc. some political scientists question the proposition that referendum on any subject which tend to appear far down on the ballot exert influence on decision-making about the very top of the ballot. >> my sense of it is that it marginally increases the votes either for democrats or republicans, depending on what's in the referendum. but most people vote for president first and they get down to the initiatives long after they voted for the president, in the voting booth
1:36 am
or an absentee pallet. >> the number of states considering marijuana laws could grow to as many as 17. analysts say they don't see america's mind changing as swiftly on the issue of pot legalization as they did on same-sex marriage. government contractor and occasional fox news guest wayne simmons has been charged with lying about his supposed career with the c.i.a. prosecutors say simmons broke the law by lying about his credentials on applications for consulting work. simmons made appearances on fox as the national security and terrorism expert. he was never employed by the channel and was never paid by fox. president obama breaks a promise saying he will leave several thousands troops in afghanistan at the end of his term. what's the fallout? and is that enough? we'll get reaction from the panel after a quick break. you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run.
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here you have a situation where we have clarity about what our mission is, we have a partner who wants to work with us. we're going to continually make adjustments to insure that we have the best possibilities for success and i suspect that we will continue to evaluate this going forward as will the next president. >> the president going to run for a third term in january of 2017 there will be another commander-in-chief sitting in the oval office who will vick sr. to make a decision about what that forward-looking military presence looks like. >> this is our best guess. and certainly it was our advice to the president, for what would be sufficient and a good basis for planning, for 2017. the president said he wasn't disappointed. he said it is a change, a bill b.i.g. change for this president. 9800 troops will remain in
1:41 am
afghanistan through 2016. after that drawing down to 5500. but they'll remain there for the next president to deal with. meantime in the military there are questions about is that enough for afghanistan. a former special forces commander in afghanistan, colonel mike walls, author of the book "warrior diplomat" said about the 5500 going forward, necessary, but not sufficient. this president is obsessed with numbers, rather than what the situation needs, if the afghans are struggling and losing major cities with 9 800 soldiers, how will cutting them to 5500 help? he's determined to fight his plan, and not the enemy. gentlem jalalabad, kirsten powers usa today columnist and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. >> it was interesting to go back to woodward's book, "obama's wars" that came out in 2011.
1:42 am
looking back on the war strategy back then. the president according to advisers was determined to find an exit strategy. he also said he couldn't afford to lose all the democrats, because as we remember, 102 democrats in the house voted against war funding, the war in afghanistan in 2010. so the president set his policy with a determination in the goal to remove all american troops. it didn't seem at the time to be grounded in what military analysts were saying and a lot of military analysts were predicting what's happening now with training camps, i saw one estimate, half the size of washington, d.c. and another training camp of significant size. seemle to develop despite all the training we did of all of these afghanis, much like some of the train week did with sirtians, that didn't seem to pan out as we had hoped. >> it is a big change for this president. what did you make of former
1:43 am
defense secretary bob gates saying he never doubted the president's support for the troops, only his support for their mission. >> that was an overall such a damning interview. it was kind of astonishing to listen to secretary gates say the things he was saying. it all rings true, you look at the fact that the president's heart was never really in this arming the syrian rebels, but he did it, anyway. he seems to be making these political calculations. and he's not even in this case, you do have do say i'm somebody who wanted to us get out of afghanistan. if you look at the situation on the ground right now, could you easily see why you would stay. but it doesn't seem like it's the plan and the president, where's the rallying cry? >> i think we're not just talking about keeping afghanistan stabilized, we're talking about a region blowing up, completely out of control and it's our only base of
1:44 am
operation. you think the president would be making a rallying cry to the american people, this is something we need to do. we may need to send more troops, as much as most americans don't want to be there. >> charles? >> gates is telling us from the inside what was utterly obvious from the outside. the night of obama's speech, december of 2009, he announced the surge in afghanistan, it was obvious his heart was never in the mission. he announces the surge and in the next sentence he says we are getting out. and that in the speech he said the nation i want to build is america. that was the signal to everybody that he simply wanted to get through on the minimal with the minimal commitment he could. what gates is saying when you send soldiers into battle, knowing that some are not going to return. there's something deeply wrong about doing it if you don't believe in the mission from the beginning.
1:45 am
that is how history is going to judge obama very severely for having done that. for now, the, i don't think he's going to reduce it to 5,000 before he leaves. i think that's just a story he's telling. it will be after the election next yearing, he will leave the decision to the next president, he wants to hold on so there will be no helicopters lifting off embassy personnel in kabul the way that happened in sigh gone in '75. he saigon in '75. and he wants to dump in the lap of the next president. >> i want to play a sound byte from defense secretary ash carter on the difference of combat mission and counterterrorism. >> the combat mission has ended. and our mission now on a day-to-day basis is train, advise and assist in counterterrorism and only to undertake other kinds of operations either to protect our own forces or in an extremist
1:46 am
situation. our mission on a day-to-day basis is and will continue to be first of all, counterterrorism. >> our pentagon team points out there have been 328 u.s. air strikes through september. but the combat mission lure apparently is over. >> i think most people watching this have no idea what's going on in afghanistan. they see we've been there for years and years and the old thing, it's a graveyard of empires. i think just talking politically here, not militarily, there could be a scenario whereof course if this blew up, hillary clinton's a nominee, it's a disaster for her. i'm not saying that's why he made the decision. it could be a disaster. but then the republicans come forward, whoever the nominee is and say we want to triple the number of troops. >> i don't know how that will be taken by the american people if it's not explained. this is why your life is going to be better and safer here at home if we do this. because this has been going on
1:47 am
for years and years and regardless of what we all think about how dangerous this is. the more people have to be brought on board. otherwise it will be a meltdown. >> it hasn't been front page because the president as gates said hasn't given speeches about why to be there. interesting that in the debate, democratic debate the other night, afghanistan didn't come up at all. i think isis or some pretty major issues, i have sort of postulated it's because cnn knows that's not what the democratic voters care about or want to hear b. that's an unfortunate situation, that i this is not a front-and-center issue for democrats, and it should be. >> it will be for the campaign and those questions will be asked obviously in a general election debate. next up, money and the 2016 presidential race.
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it's a matter of being able to, to marshall their resources so they have money to spend on tv in the early states and even more importantly, with this calendar, doing the ground game. recruiting people on the very local level to be able to amass the delegates they're going to need to win the nomination. >> ben ginsberg has a lot of experience, former bush cheney campaign counsel and scott walker no longer around in the 2016 race.
1:52 am
those are the numbers we have as of now. we are back with the panel. charles, everybody talks about the polls, the national polls, the state polls, but, really this poll about money is really big. if you are not donald trump and self-funding, it makes a big difference. you know, do you have to wonder about the people who have been sending money to donald trump. >> 73,000. >> they must be very committed. i think that's really quite remarkable. he, of course, doesn't need it. i think the only numbers that stand out here is ben carson who is an amazing fundraising machine. enormous number of small donors. he doesn't have the big fat cats. he hasn't been doing a lot of events. bush's people say it's a disappointing number because compared with the rate at which he raised money at the
1:53 am
beginning, he -- no, but he also raised in the first two weeks he raised as much. >> you mean comparatively. >> in the third quarter? >> he has had subsided a little bit the money flowing and the others are doing well enough we sort of overrate the necessity here. you need a certain amount of money to stay in the race. if you have it you are in the race. and then everything will determine or will be determined how do you in iowa and new hampshire. and then the money will follow. >> you know, when i mentioned that burn rate, some people may not follow me. some campaigns have to spend money to raise money. >> right. >> and if the percentage of the burn rate is up at 80%, 90%. your cash on hand after that is obviously going to be diminished. >> exactly. people like ben carson has a big number but his burn rate is very high. >> the thing that struck me about this is the return on investment is so low. gr the people spending money. jeb bush is spending all this money. people not having to spend any money.
1:54 am
donald trump has hardly spent any money and still at the top of the polls. >> let's look at the real clear politics poll as we are talking here and donald trump is leading significantly. this is an average of all the recent poll, leave this up up as we are talking. >> in new hampshire, bush has been pro-bush ads have been occupying 60% of political ad time there for the last three weeks. and he actually dropped. slightly. you know, and so here you are spending all this money. you are getting nothing in return for it because people want these antiestablishment candidates doing well raises money. we haven't seen the is i
1:55 am
think he gets really sizeable crowds. i think a lot of people are looking to him. the poll that stood out to me was the cnn/orc poll that came out today or yesterday. in nevada. nevada -- interesting state. critical state; 38% for trump. 6% for jeb bush. i'm not like a matt genius. that's a six fold deficit for bush. he has burned through a lot of his father's and his brother's contacts. they were joyfully giving to the bush campaign and still are it was the "new york times" that said we have gone through that list. now we have to raise more money from more people and a you are down at 6 fold deficit to trump. a guy who everyone said was going to fade in july. >> that's the thing, is he is not fading. >> no, he is not fading and he doesn't need a penny from anybody. the reason the advertising isn't having any effect is number one trump is
1:56 am
monopolizing all the free media the advertising that works, we don't want to admit it because we are all goody too shoes is negative advertising. when the field is this large you can't do negative advertising. you don't want to know who to aim the artillery at. >> i bet you there will be some soon. that's it for the panel. stay tuned to see one democratic candidate who may have gotten too h
1:57 am
finally tonight, democratic contender bernie sanders is known for his
1:58 am
dramatic hand gestures but one late night show noticed sanders is getting competition from former virginia senator jim webb. >> we had a national political strategy. the working people whoever day go out and make this country stronger at home. [ laughter ] >> i think i know what's missing. can we play that clip again? >> looking for a leader who understands how the system works and not be. >> there you go. [ laughter ] >> a proven record of accomplishing. >> it was actually his debate coach. >> oh, jim webb, thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record"
1:59 am
we are tracking even more rain on the way for much of our country. "fox & friends" first starts ♪ good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends" first on this friday morning. you made it through the week. >> thanks so much for starting your day with us. we begin with this fox news alert. a reporter under arrest in malaysia this morning after attempting to help the terror group hunt down military service members on american soil.
2:00 am
ardit parizi was charged for allegedly hacking a retail company's computer system giving him access to home, addresses and social security numbers of mo more than a thousand military personnel and government employees. that information was posted on an isis kill list online. he is expected to be extradited to virginia for arraignment. if convicted, he faces up to 35 years in prison. threatening a boycott. republicans donald trump and ben carson say they're going to skip the upcoming presidential debate if cnbc doesn't change the format. garrett is live in washington, d.c. to tell us more about their demands. >> donald trump says he's not worried about himself. he can stand on stage for ten hours if he needs to. it's the folks watching at home that he's worried about. yesterday, cnbc sent a memo


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