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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 16, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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man, i love being a non-smoker. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. "imus in the morning" concealing an hour. jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered," with this is sandra smith, harris falkner, fox news contributor megan mckean is with us and one lucky guy we welcome that former cia covert officer mike baker, co-founder of diligence, a private intelligence and security firm. >> that is all the time we have
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right now. let's get to the latter. hillary clinton's closest a and confident testified behind closed doors before the house select benghazi committee, just six days before her boss did the same thing, the clinton camp saying the timing is further proof that the committee is out to get the democratic front runner, committee chair denies that as there's another development in hillary's e-mail scandal, intelligence or saying the fbi is focused on whether clinton committed gross negligence under the espionage act. the source saying investigators are focusing on possible obstruction of justice. what do you think? these charges are getting worse and i believe you and others
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have said perhaps this should have been something initially they should have been looking at, violation of the espionage act. >> they may have and we are just now hearing about it. it was on the table immediately because it makes sense. i don't think -- for a while i had some hope that this may be an investigation that would accomplish something but after in particular the president's performance on 60 minutes where he provided the top cover basically saying he doesn't believe there are any national security issues involved in this. is an active fbi investigation. why he wouldn't just say i can't talk about it, the fbi doesn't do these things lightly. that was amazing from the president. at this stage i don't believe it will have any results. a lot of people don't care out there and i do think she has what she needs. cabarrus >> i did the president wishes he
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hadn't said that because the new york times new article out today shows that cataloguing what they're going through with federal agents before the 60 minute interview aired and all through it so the president did say i don't think anything nefarious happened, i am paraphrasing. but to say it while it is still being cataloged we know we can't believe that because the fact that and been gathered. >> the president has said he does not comment on active investigations. the abortion doctor in philadelphia was asked about that, i don't comment on active investigations but he has when it is politically expedient. i want to pull the quote from the new york times article, an fbi agent saying, quote, injecting politics into what is supposed to be a fact-finding inquiry these of powell tate and the fbi's mouth and leads them
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to think whatever they find the justice department will take the president's signal and not bring a case. this is what i have been saying over and over. the white house the bidding hillary clinton cover and the agents are scared to bring it forward. it is compromise. >> hillary clinton's and schulman is finally going to have her feet held to the fire about what implications she could have? lots of shady things having to do with her relationship with hillary clinton and working for the clinton foundation and working for hillary clinton when she was secretary of state if there is something to be found she will have it. i am sick of the clintons somehow being above the law and not having to abide by the same standards as everybody else. >> will anything change anything? >> no but i will say to your point i think you know you made it when you have your own hen w henchwom henchwoman. if you had your own henchman you
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know you have become your own -- >> profiles in bowed magazine, people in d.c. treat her like she is royalty as well and i am glad finally she is going to have to talk to the benghazi committee about what role she might have played. i am sick of the clintons and their staff having a triple standard no one else has to abide by. >> you have a a valet -- >>, talk about how that applies. >> this whole thing, anyone who worked in the intel community or handle classified information for their job knows how facetious the clinton team's arguments have been about this issue. they tried a variety of things, one of the worst, nothing is marked, nothing came in mark classified. that has nothing to do with anything. they know it but they are trying to stonewall the public and they think the public will lose interest and a lot of them are
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losing interest. hu humawill say anything? i don't say -- will we hear anything from hillary? anything other than a mixed bag of excuses she has already rolled out? >> is completely political that she is involved in this. if you look at the e-mails we have seen, huma has as many as hillary clinton and responding undersecretary's behalf so hillary put her hingewoman in legal trouble herself. >> i can't imagine she went in anything but prepared. >> at the end of the day all we want to know is they have a responsibility, the president, secretary of state had responsibility. when you are at the front end in benghazi, the teams responsible for security, you know your life is at risk, you also know should
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something happen there will be cavalry being sent. you don't know if they will get there in time to save your life but that is the promise, the covenant they have. >> the big story in the new york times says we are scared about what we find, going forward because of what the president said. to using charges will be brought? >> what will happen is the fbi will make conclusions which should be brought, department justice will say we cannot actually win this. maybe we will drop it. >> we want your take on this, major concerns about isis and security in the united states, the justices a garment announcing the arrest of a 20-year-old man from kosovo accused of hacking into a u.s. government server and giving information about american security officials to the terrorists. this as we learn isis reportedly tried to hack into our nation's energy grid.
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an fbi official telling cnn they haven't succeeded but the concern is they buy that capability. and isis is stepping up its recruitment with the u.s.. >> the terrorists buzzing in the pocket of a troubled soul, 24 hours a day, twitter direct messageing. we have investigations in all 50 states to identify among hundreds of people who are consuming this poison, where are they in stages from consuming to acting and how do we stop them from acting? >> how worried should we be? >> we should be very worried, great director of the bureau. we should be very worried. when you get a table full of intel, military people, you sit them down what keeps you up tonight at most. this country has three grids,
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the east and west of texas, in a patchwork. and when you drive down the highway and see a substation and chain-link fence it is because they never anticipated they will have she's issues, it is the biggest problem we're facing. >> you sound just like my dad. when we lost power in new york city, all those thousands of people crossing the bridge, he had a flash through his mind, if the enemy is watching, what must he be thinking. he can break s. >> is there any way to protect the power grid? >> a lot of things are being tried. to the ferret is not as a terror attack, it is a natural disaster, a crisis, a big storm.
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whatever is. they put a lot of money into this but they need to put a lot more. when they talk about allocating more resources we should listen. >> it goes back to the fundamental question are we doing enough to fight isis? >> for cyberterrorism, isis is a good recruiting people, what is the best way to combat that? fibers of the border is not isis, a state-sponsored. social media in an amazing way, much as others do, hamas uses it as well, hezbollah, al qaeda, in terms of sophistication -- >> there demographics are such they are very attractive. >> they recruit by word of
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mouth, the surveillance program which if you listen to house homeland security, peter king says is very helpful, the story didn't get a lot of coverage but this is big, the court reinstated a lawsuit against the nypd for muslims buying sighting at history of racist skiers. this is huge. if you are a cop in new york city the biggest target as you mentioned with the bullseye on our back, you will think twice about going in and trying to identify not peaceful practicing their religion. people who are trying to go to work, trying to blow up the united states or an active terror attack. >> a penalty for doing their job. >> we need to ask the question and ask judge andrew napolitano, did we give first amendment rights and fourteenth amendment rights to radical islam? you have a right to peacefully practice but you do not have freedom of speech and freedom of religion when you are trying to destroy or go to war with another country.
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this is a dangerous precedent. >> now that president obama has decided to keep troops in afghanistan that news breaking yesterday, new questions now on whether he is doing the right thing and whether he is tarnishing his legacy as a peacemaker. russian president vladimir putin reportedly calling the u.s. week when it comes to syria. lindsey wright? we have a lot of this and how it can be regained. in ein get us moving. i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> it has only been a day since he said. president obama announced he will keep 5500 troops in afghanistan through the end of his term and there are grilling questions whether he has lost his, quote, peacemaker legacy. during his reelection campaign in 2012 the president boasted that he responsibly ended of the war in iraq and would do the same in afghanistan. michael crowley points out instead of ending those conflicts he is prolonging them. we are back in iraq supporting an air campaign against the islamic state and the president's afghanistan announcement means we will state there too. it will be up to the next commander-in-chief to decide when to pull the troops out.
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you will see a drawdown in 2017 according to his plan. what are your thoughts on this? >> president obama is realistic to what is going on in the middle east, he learned from iraq, i don't think 5,000 troops are enough. and publicly he decries war. and what we are facing right now. always half way in so many ways might be infuriating. >> i had are a little can from on said yesterday. if you can't slow down the taliban with what you have there now range you are going to make that number smaller why are you staying at all? are you going to be in it to win it or just let them build? >> we are not in it to win it. i disagree a little bit that the president is realistic about what is happening. >> he has to come to terms with what has happened in iraq. been told by advisers fact
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complete chaos in afghanistan, pulling people out, 9800 troops not nearly enough. i say this as a sibling of someone in afghanistan for a very long time. >> when you have a limited number of troops on the ground, worrying about protecting themselves, you are not in an offensive position, what we are doing is it is good, at least the changes his mind and leaving some troops, in the spring of 2002 after we did an extremely successful tactical mission against the taliban and al qaeda in tour of borrow we should have walked out the door, you do this again, allow your place to be used by outsiders intent on turning as we are coming back and the other thing is the taliban had no place to go, what do we think will happen? the day we train the military is not going to prevent them, not going to happen, the taliban has no place to go. >> it was used at yesterday's should we take the peace prize back from president obama? should he give that up?
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>> this was supposed to be the good war. >> can you do that? >> iraq was supposed to be one of the greatest successes of the administration according to joe biden, now is overrun not just by isis but iran, yemen was also that success story. and to fight isis in yemen, the saudis not a fun fact. and you are right, absolutely. we should have told them if you harbor terrorists we will come back and latin you instead of saying. this -- these half-hearted measures in war putting men in there as you sat on the defense with no real strategic mission, crippling rules of engagement. essentially sitting ducks. is he did get going to -- >> basically passing the baton. it is to the next president. >> congratulations, here you go.
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>> that is symbolic of his leadership or lack thereof for the past 7-1/2 years, let the next administration deal with it and all the problems the ad came from the bush administration, it is no culpability for anything. >> what does this do is his legacy? this was an unfulfilled promise by the president, providing a laundry list of accomplishments he has seen. >> not really answering your question directly, i would like to have a president who is not concerned about their legacy. just concerned about meeting and doing what needs to be done to protect national security interests in this country and stop worrying about this nonsense about his legacy but i think it tarnishes it. >> we love unicorns. >> of very good point. >> israelis are bracing for more violence, we covered this story as it was happening yesterday and it is getting worse. hamas is calling for another day of rage against the israeli
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citizens. the attack on all holy site that is really is calling despicable. i had other words on twitter and more fallout from the united states calling on israel to refrain from excessive force in response to what you're seeing in the middle of your screen. will your won't he? vice president joe biden making a run for the white house and what a 2016 campaign could look like.
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>> america is about to make history but not in the way we intend hamas we are about to be $18 trillion in debt halloo how
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entirely unacceptable. ha >> israeli is bracing for more violence today as hamas calls
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for another day of rage. this has hundreds of palestinians enter the joseph tomb compound in the west bank and set it on fire. a man was shot and killed after stabbing and lyndon and israeli soldier. as spokesman for benjamin netanyahu is responding to claims by the united states that israel is using excessive force to stop the terror attacks. here is what he told greta. >> it is a mistaken statement. imagine what would happen if people were running down the street in new york or washington or los angeles or anywhere in the united states with knives, trying to randomly, what would you expect your american police to do? that is exactly what the israeli peace -- police are doing. they are acting from brutal
9:27 am
killers. that is their jobs. >> the word is excessive force. that one not help our relationship with israel. >> i'd done a how any pro-israel american can continue to support president obama. it is a tragedy with a relationship with benjamin netanyahu is a tragedy and long term the legacy of president obama at, this may be the darkest mark on his legacy. >> what could we do to calm the situation? >> we need to get an agreement to keep the nose is out of the middle east. that might benefit the situation to some degree but there is not much we can do. look at the leverage we don't have, the relationship doesn't exist. he is going to insert himself back in to urge both sides to calm down. let's wait for the next administration to come in with serious minded people understand issues and get on with it.
9:28 am
and the lone wolf, what how concerned we are happening every day. >> what leverage do we have, what relationship is that we're trying to salvage? >> great question, what relationship. we were supposed to be their staunchest ally, israel. what can we do? we can stop meddling. we can stay out of it because we are only exacerbating it every time someone like admiral kirk be at the state department stands up and put hamas and the same moral equivalency and lectures them to prevent terror attacks. maybe some candy?
9:29 am
it is absurd, it is offensive and embarrassing. the best thing we can do is set out and stop meddling. >> the u.s. is going to do something. and they were saying they were committing acts of terrorism with some of the response we were seeing, comparing palestinians with their actions, that comes with state -- roker be. they're calling excessive force. they have softened the language. it is interesting, i brought this up, we will talk about vladimir putin later in the show but today, reports that israel and russian president vladimir putin are talking in detail about what russia is doing in syriac, when was the last time you heard reports of the president talking with benjamin netanyahu about what our military is doing, maybe it is happening in supersecret and we don't know about it. >> you said something that
9:30 am
caught my attention, the next administration will coming and warm this relationship. that is assuming we get an administration that its foreign policy is different than the one we have. >> that unicorn comment, i realized that was not being realistic. depending on which administration, one of the interesting things i found with the current conflict is once again the impact of social media having with perception, sophisticated ways in which hamas, using selected a tax, if you believe what they said. israeli police and military not shooting people at random. they're putting these down, talking about the martyrdom, bravery of these palestinians as they stand innocent civilians. >> as usual, well said.
9:31 am
>> running for president? have you made your decision yet? >> i can't hear you. >> have you made your decision yet? is there an opening for you in the race? >> i am here, i will talk about that later. >> should have hid behind that pumpkin. that is vice president joe biden once again playing the will your won't he game when it comes to his presidential ambitions. and new report that the vp himself personally made a series of calls this week the democratic strategists from iowa, new hampshire and south carolina asking a final round of detailed questions about how, not whether to launch a presidential bid.
9:32 am
he would run an optimistic and unscripted campaign from the heart. based on restoring middle-class opportunity. you are giggling. >> that is ridiculous, such a dumb statement, campaign from the heart. i am at the point, put a ring on it and think about what you are doing. all of this is ridiculous, the publicity, like the attention, no candidate in history getting this late has ever gone on to succeed, he likes the attention. >> how are we doing? when is october 22nd coming 4 hillary clinton? is it time yet.
9:33 am
is there a place in that debate. is there a place in that debate. did you see perhaps a vacancy for him? i personally didn't. sandra: debate may be more entertaining. how much is this being plan b? had hillary had a moment on the stage that night or should still have one, how much is this about having somebody in the wings for the democratic party? andrea: what do you think. do you think he really gets in? hillary did a good job. >> she did. look who she was on stage with. you would have to be a moron not to look good in that crowd. andrea: he is kind of a complete moron, joe biden.
9:34 am
come on, guys, this is uncle joe. >> i should also say, having said what i did i separate jim webb from that group. i have a lot of respect for him. you about you never more loved, probably never more popular than just before you jump into something like this. so i think we all forget he didn't do so well in previous efforts. i think it would be very entertaining to have him in. i do think he is a plan b. i think right now the big sponsors and donors and media are feeling more comfortable with hillary. you can see that the way they're saying story changed. the story is about, does he have enough time, does he have enough time? nicole: we haven't been able to predict coming out of email scandal. >> he is enjoying the attention. andrea: you talk about jim w
9:35 am
is is a serious war hero. >> he shouldn't be on the stage. andrea: we showed you fox news polls that americans think vladmir putin has upper hand in syria. guess what? he agrees. the russian president blasting the u.s. as weak. so is he right? does the administration need to respond to this? mike baker knows. he will tell us. >> i do know. ♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. . .
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♪ harris: the president has a rather vocal critic this hour and the voice is not coming from inside congress. it is loud and clear from, russia's vladmir putin, who is calling president obama's policy on syria weak and directionless. we know the russian military began intervening in syria last month. here is what putin telling reporters. quote, i don't understand how the u.s. can criticize action in
9:40 am
syria if they refuse to have a dialogue. we're keeping the door open. how big of them. secretary of state john kerry reportedly didn't like that answer and said, russia must make good on its commitment to help the u.s. fight the islamic state rather than propping up the assad regime in syria. sounds like passing each other. they called us out and we said, what? >> this is absurd as possibly can get. we have russian, cuban. sandra: iranian, syrian forces fighting together. think about. we just established our relationships with cuba and cuba is providing -- harris: i'm writing this down actually. >> we've done this deal with iran. they're working, obviously against our interests. a couple of things. iran has never enjoyed this much influence in the middle east in modern times this is exactly what they have been jonesing for, exactly what the saudis have been worried about, our allies the saudis have been worried about.
9:41 am
russia is doing exactly what you expect them to do. foreign policy is being pragmatic, making decisions on realities on the ground as opposed to what you would like them to be. our current white house makes decisions how the world should act. russia, like every other nation out there acts according to their own best interests. only port in the black sea and have sad it since 1971. they will not let that go. they have been allies with assad and his father a long, long time. they will not let that go. what do we expect putin to do. the white house continues act surprised over russia's actions. are we insane. sandra: reminds me of ash carter's comments on wednesday, that u.s. increasing unprofessional behavior from russian forces. we're worried about who is being professional and unprofessional. putin is poking fingers at us. harris: not just poking fingers.
9:42 am
doing it the way we do it a while ago a senior defense official confirmed a turkish jet shot down a russian flying near syrian border. sounds like they're taking control. >> president whose definition of leadership is leading on climate change. we wonder why everything is a mess. russia is reacting. this is not leadership. putin knows he can do whatever he wants. we won't do everything. he won't get involved because of something he learned in ivy league classroom decade ago. crazy the times we're living in. andrea: he still lives in the ivy league fantasy land. he spouts magical incan stationses progressive dream world how he thinks the world should be. what he thinks it should be, not rooted in reality at all. but you're right, mike. the fact that they didn't see that russia has been long-time allies with not just syria and iran, how can they be taken off-guard? in fact our president said he
9:43 am
would give russians more flexibility if reelected. what did he expect to happen. he should take notes. one thing putin does best. he puts interests of russia first. that is all he cares about. this president, he puts himself first. something very different. harris: something to watch out for. we heard out of this from samantha power. iran deal has been violated. this is breaking news right now. this is in houston. we don't have a lot of detail, here is what we know. houston, texas, hard to get your mind around what you're looking at. this is giant section of scaffolding that has become a nightmare. it collapse near minute made park. we're told four people are trapped beneath this. people walking to left of your screen and now to center of your screen. we're being told those are first-responders looking for those people. this is, my gosh, i mean look at this. we don't have control over this live camera obviously from the
9:44 am
air but when they pull out, on right side a little bit better vantage for you to see from this video. but that will show you the enormity of what's happening. now we go back to the live picture as they pull and pan. you can see people on the exterior of this. a giant section of scaffolding collapsed near minute maid park. we're all over the this story. we'll bring details as they happen. stay close.
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harris: fox news alert with a situation they're dealing with right now in downtown houston. take a look at this. those are first-responders, they are picking through so delicately, trying to find people trapped among a giant scaffolding that has fallen near minute maid park. imagine this. this is massive outside of this building. it has fallen and people are trapped. you have to be careful as you go in because the stuff can crush in on you. this is meticulous. it is mind-bending to get in there to save those lives. four people are reported trapped. we'll bring you more on the story. downtown houston as we get it. sandra: 40 hour work week seems like a foreign concept with many people putting in overtime on
9:49 am
the office or on phones. even work life integration policies let you head out early for child soccer game or something or other. you can still monitor work emails. a small group of companies are trying, quote, unquote, new management idea. a 40-hour work week and nothing more. no breaks during the work day for facebook or online shopping. leaders at firms call it the firm 40 concept. and they tell "the wall street journal" it makes employees more efficient, forcing them to focus on work while actually at the office. and get this, unplug fully when they leave. can you even imagine? i go to you first, harris. harris: no. sandra: are you ever really unplugged. harris: i work six days a week and love it. one of the things i love when i get ready to walk around the block, can't do it during a live show obviously but i can during my day act like a human being take a break. come back to it with a fresh mind. studies show that make you more
9:50 am
productive. it makes me more present with all of you or with my family. but a firm 40? unless that is some sort after weight loss program, i don't think i want to be there. sandra: i don't think we have the conventional job here. hard for me to get into that mind set. not getting a break, oh, i need this at home. bop on to website so there tomorrow. you do work a lot. you need to get some of those small things done. >> that is everybody. that is every company. i run a by, we have a wonderful staff. we have fantastic people that work for us. you know, i want them to have the right mix, focus on work but you know the priorities have to be there. family, their outside life. so what we tell them all the time, as long as clients are happy, i don't care whether you show up at 8:00, 9:00, 10:00. whether you leave at 3:00 because you have got something going on or here till 7:00. the measure for us is are clients happy. assuring that you have to keep your priorities straight.
9:51 am
sandra: meagan, this blackberry was supposed to free up and go home to get work. people kept working through dinner and straight through to with tear family and straight through to bed. >> for millenials trying to make it in this world with this crazy economy, trust me, i have people work on radio show, much younger than me in 20s, work their butts off all day long, all day and all night texting me stories. it doesn't help people overly ambitious trying to work up the ranks, trying to make your way in the world. sandra: andrea, a lot is expected of us. work around the clock, right. >> as harris says, excuse me, i will be right back and go around the block for a cocktail or buy a pair of shoes. i remember when i worked in office, i looked forward to the gilt sales, shut everything off and buy me clothes and get back
9:52 am
to work. i want to ask you, sandra. you interview business ceos all the time. why do we keep hearing about companies altering their work policies? people totally shut off after they leave or not log on while at work? sandra: because they see people are burning out. the work life balance thing is extremely difficult. i was talking to the ceo of deutsche bank, not deutsche bank the other day or deloitte, major accounting firm, happened to be a woman, daily conversation for them at management level to provide work life balance of employees. they don't want to burn out employees, need a two-week vacation and check out. it is really a struggle. harris: one thing i can say being a mom started later in their years and see my girlfriends who are career women, the later you start in life hard to do the family work life balance. you're so used being full tilt.
9:53 am
andrea: thanks, harris. worse things to look forward to. you you -- harris: you will be fabulous. employers need to encourage people how it gets >> i go back to millenials. we work differently. there is bonding with like what zappos does for employees. >> if you're working. andrea: i think is really antiquated idea. sandra: that card your facebook friend posted online he might do it to make you jelly. really? is that where we are with the social media world? it might be true. ♪ diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
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so you stay steady ahead.
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the health care law gives us powerful tools to fight it. on medicare fraud. to investigate it. prosecute it. and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers are teaching seniors across the country to stop, spot and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us.
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♪ harris: yeah, it's friday. andrea: harris is dancing. of call it fake book? a lot of folks using social media to make their life seem more exciting than it really is. the same survey find 76% of the people judge their peers based on what they saw in their friend's profile. more than half, postings purely to make their friends jealous. that is not a good friend. 6% admit borrowing items to include in their pictures, pretending you own them.
9:58 am
that yacht is not mind i posed for on instagram. don't think it was mine. harris: sandra: i walked perfectly beautiful girl positioned on tap of grand central with a selfie sticks harris may or may not have. the thing is four feet long. she is by herself, taking a picture of her posing in grand central. i'm thinking she will do with it. what she is doing not exciting but looking like in on social media. andrea: posting pictures to make their friends jealous, meagan. saying this harley is mine. doesn't that sort of defeat the whole purpose of having friends? are you supposed to share so they will like what you're doing? >> i i have a girlfriend and wot shout you out. we took a picture. i have to photoshop it and i said what is this? we're in a restaurant.
9:59 am
why are we photoshopping our faces. you download apps or photoshop yourself. andrea: there is thin-agram because people are tired of perfection on instagram. they have fake accounts where they can pose pictures where they don't look so great among the real friends. harris: sensitive photos. one of the best editors of photoshop in the business is sitting right across there. >> look:er. harris: take a picture with andrea. andrea: i chrome it. harris: take years off my life. >> all about making your life more exciting than it is. my suggestion, put your phone down. sign off of facebook. go out to have experiences. harris: here, here. >> and be in the moment. don't be the person standing there, with the camera. >> if you didn't instagram it, did it happen? andrea: as madonna said you go
10:00 am
to instagram and hate it, you're not a hater. you're a fan. haters ewear. monday noon eastern. everyone have a great weekend. harris: mets, cubs. andrea: "happening now." torrential rain slamming southern california. mudslides sending rocks and degree on highways. stopping cars in their tracks. could this be a sign of things to come in the golden state? plus -- calls for a day of rage in the mideast and the wave of violent attacks in the mideast show no signs of slowing


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