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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 16, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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to instagram and hate it, you're not a hater. you're a fan. haters ewear. monday noon eastern. everyone have a great weekend. harris: mets, cubs. andrea: "happening now." torrential rain slamming southern california. mudslides sending rocks and degree on highways. stopping cars in their tracks. could this be a sign of things to come in the golden state? plus -- calls for a day of rage in the mideast and the wave of violent attacks in the mideast show no signs of slowing down. also --
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dash cam footage captures the moment a car clips a truck and goes airborne. it's all happening now. well, we begin with the spotlight on the benghazi scandal. hillary clinton's top aide going behind closed doors to face questioning. it left four americans dead including our ambassador chris stephens. welcome to "happening now." huma abedin will be appearing before the committee before hillary clinton. our correspondent ed henry live from the bureau with that. ed. >> a lot of tension from houuma abed abedin's hearing.
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what i think you really see is the clinton campaign is trying to jump on any little thing the republicans are doing around these very little bits of testimony to try and build on their case that this is all political because of those statements, of course, recently by house majority leader kevin mccarthy and others suggesting that maybe this is not about getting truth of benghazi but it's about beating up on hillary clinton politically. in fact, a short time ago he said he's not sure how much abadin knows about benghazi. let's take a listen. >> she, based on other information we've gotten, has no policy responsibilities, no operational responsibilities, was not with secretary on the nig
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night. mccarthy, congressman hanna and mr. ma diska tell the truth? >> now, republicans on the committee, we've already seen e-mails between abadin and then secretary hillary clinton about the security situation in benghazi, so they say she is relevant to this situation. then you have the conservative group traditional watch that found out through their lawsuit that abadin had a whole other personal e-mail address she was using for business. they have given all the information and that abadin maintained her job and agreements and arrangements for future ploemt controversy, which means that abadin obtained her
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special plamt despite her refusal to provide her basic financial information and her agreements and arrangements for future employment. all of that leading to the ult mall showdown which is next thursday when the former secretary of state will be testifying. that time not behind closed doors but in public, zbloon i know the democrats on that committee have talked about releasing testimony. would they consider releasing what she has said today, ed? >> democrats have tried that with other witnesses and sometimes they have succeeded. it depends frankly on whether she says things that are damaging to the former secretary or not. one would suspect as one of the closest advisers to hillary clinton, she's going say a lot of positive things and that's why in part we've seen democrats trying to get that information out there. >> it would be fascinating to be inside that room. ed henry, thank you. >> good to see you. many of the republicans gunning for a spot in the presidential ballot in a little more a year.
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standing out across new hampshire and iowa, as you know, two key states. rich edison has more on that. >> carlson is take off two weeks to support his book. carson responded on facebook calling that report carelessly false and writing, quote, in the next three weeks i have 25 fund-raisers, a national debate, several public appearances and dozens of book signings from texas to iowa. i don't see any time off in the coming three weeks. carson is gaining on and barely trailing front-runner trump in the latest fox news poll. despite their fight at the top, they've joined up to fight cnbc on its debate rules. they surprised them with a format for the october 28dth debate saying it was too long and offered no time for opening
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or closing statements. trump said they ak question easied. he tweeted, cnbc has just agreed the debate will be two hours. fantastic news for all including the millions who will be watching. >> i think apparently they're worried about answering questions for three hours. for heaven's sake, we have ten candidates on the stage. i don't think three hours is a long time and i think the american people actually like these debates. >> reporter: all others are holding debates, where else, iowa and new hampshire with the exception of, who else, donald trump. he holds a rally in
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massachusetts. >> thank you. for more let's bring in our political panel. jackie kucinich with "the daily beast." ben carson seems to be taking some heat in the media, ileana. >> it's more about boosting his name recognition, his book sales and ultimately income than it is about winning the white house and regardless of whether he's suspending his campaign or not, he's going on a book tour in the midst of a presidential campaign and i think that seriously undermines the rightness of his endeavor and he's being heavily scrutinized about it. >> jackie, what do you think about it? it doesn't allow for co-mingling and things like book tours. >> that's not exactly right. you actually can but you can't profit off of it. he'd have to give it to charity. but it does raise some questions. it's not against the law, but is it the letter of the law? that's the question.
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yes, he's not technically running for president when he's on this book tour. is the publisher paying for these expenditures as he's going from town to town? okay. fine. is there a difference? it's hard to say. i've never heard of anyone suspending their campaign to go on a book tour. that's for sure. >> apparently newt gingrich did it in 2012. it has been done before. the campaign rules get kind of murky. he said to avoid all appearances of impropriety, he's going to suspend his campaign. he's doing really well in a tie with donald trump. he's doing fairly well. >> well, again t fcc does allow a candidate to sell books on the campaign trail, but the difference is the money they incur from that, fi they're using campaign funds must be dough naded to charity so it doesn't look like they're
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profiting off of it. apparently he doesn't want to do that. not to say he's not charitable because i'm sure he is. he wants to make some money off of it. that's his decision. >> he's going to be heading to texas, oklahoma, missouri, kansas, nebraska, and iowa, eliana. he'll also be doing some fund-raising dinners and that kind of thing. his appearance or public profile doesn't sound like it's going to be in any way diminished. why not do it. there's nothing that says you can't profit from book writing. >> i think his challenge is to show he's 100% serious about winning the white house and the goal isn't as you suggested, john, simply to increase his public profile and to pad his pocketbook. he certainly, you know -- i think the one thing he could do right away is say all the money from the book will go to charity and he's not inclined to do that. i think what this shows is running for president has become
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a no lose proposition. that's what we're really seeing play out right now. >> let's talk about what's going on on capitol hill. apparently abadin, clinton's long-time aid is testifying behind closed doors in front of the benghazi ordeal. she was using another address while she was working for hillary clinton at the state department. how much are they going to get from her and does it amplify the pressure on hillary clinton? >> you know, because of some of the things that other republicans have said about the benghazi committee, kevin mccarthy, hannah, they have to be careful and stick with what their mission is, which is to figure out what happened at benghazi. if it has to do with the security violation, something having to do with benghazi,
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that's fair game. but they do run the risk of making this look political which dem krits have been saying for a long time and you've had these republican gaffes or omissions or whatever you want to call them. the drip, drip, drip is not good for hillary clinton. it makes her look not trustworthy and that's a big thing we'll be watching next week when she testifies. >> the committee, you know, has been described as t political heat from mccarthy's comments and so forth. eliana, the fact that this new e-mail address comes out, doesn't it amplify or take people back to the concerns they have about the appropriateness about some of the means of these communications? >> exactly. there have been these dueling narratives, one that benghazi is a serious endeavor to daurn what happened on the ground in libya.
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the other is it's an intent to damage hillary clinton's spros expects and the latter half has taken control over the past few weeks. i think the address takes us back to there's something to figure out here that the victims and their cronies tharnld supporters have something to hide and so we're seesawing in the former direction and the biggest beneficiary of the discovery of who the e-mail address is trey gowdy. >> fascinating to know what's going on in that rhyme right now. eliana johnson from the national review, jackie kucinich from e "the daily beast." thank you to you both. >> thank you. ha mazz calling for a day of rage against israel to counter today's violent protests, israeli troops are firing tear gas and live rounds after weeks of palestinian shootings and
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knife attacks that have killed dozens of people. they're contemning an arson attack by palestinians. the tomb of joseph. >> it could be a whole whole new ball game for fantasy sports. what a nevada judge's ruling could mean for other states and millions of fans nationwide. plus, torrential rain triggers mud in southern california, swallowing cars and trapping drivers. we're live in the fox extreme weather center with that next. >> it's so bad, it's like a lake. it's incredible. this is wild. it's not only just, you know, dirty water. i have no idea what's in this water. today, jason is here to volunteer
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to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. aleve, all day strong. and try aleve pm, now with an easy open cap. a fox news alert. we're going to take yu to houston, texas, where there's a terrible scaffolding accident. four people, we're told, were
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injured in this thing. two are in -- well, they received significant injuries, not life-threatening. the other two apparently are being treated at the scene. that is the good news. firefighters are still there sweeping to make sure there weren't any pedestrians or anybody else who inadvertently got into this mess. the scaffolding apparently collapsed according to one report when a car smashed into at least one of the legs and toppled the whole thing like dominos. again, firefighters sweeping. four people hurt but the injuries said to be not life-threatening. we'll keep you updated. those of you who love fantasy football will have to go without it in nevada, at least one way. they're ordering draftkings and fanduel to shut down their sites. that could ripple to other states questioning the legality of the sights.
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the american gaming association responding saying nevada's decision provides clarity and a roast map for them to provide fantasy sports there. well, torrential rain triggers flash floods and mudslides in california trapping drivers in their car. >> the car can't move. >> are we stuck? >> yeah, we're stuck. >> yeah, they're stuff. chief kmert rick reichmuth is live. >> it's caused that kind of flooding. it's due to the terrain. not many trees to hold the ground together and you get flash flooding very, very quickly.
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it's an upper level disturbance that continues to be in the area and bring scattered showers and it's not going to move away very quickly. from time to time it will continue to bring scattered showers. and because of that we have these flood watches and warnings in effect. around the area, flash flooding going on right now. we're going to continue to deal with this all weekend long. it's going to keep temperatures in this area a little bit down. we're talk about this upper level disturbance. that's where we see the thunderstorms. some of those will going to be a little bit heavier. john, we're looking at an el ninoee year. they need the rain. as we learned from william la gentlemen necessary, a little bit of rain. >> and know, we'll take that. speaking of california, we have new video showing a truck
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that launched someone off the freeway. you can see the truck swerving and hitting another car and up the embankment of a car dealership. it took rescue crews 20 minutes to get him out of the crumble. ed truck. it appeareds to be a road rage incident of some sort but police are still investigating. >> a bizarre church ritual ends in death and now two parents are facing charges. police say they beat their two sons to get them to confess their sins. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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right now some new details in a horrifying kidnapping case in ohio. please say 20-year-old cody lee
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miller lured a 14-year-old girl to his home on facebook and then kept her locked up fehr five months where he raped and abused the child, eventually impersonating her. a look inside the apartment. court documents shows the child was not allowed to eat or sleep without asking. he was on electronic monitor. he's also accused of transferring child pornography using his facebook cage. >> this is happening right now in upstate new york, the latest chapter. the mother of two children allegedly beaten during a church ritual. one of them killed. said she felt helpless to stop it. deborah leonard's attorney said the situation simply spiraled out of control. she and her husband bruce who you're going to see on the screen are charged in the beatings as well as the death. police say it all happened at a
10:25 am
church in new hartford, new york, where four other members as well. the group beat the 17- and 19-year-old boys to get them to confess their sins. all suspects are heading to court this hour for the hearing. we expect to see the parents as well as the half sibling in court. we're seeing live pictures of what we do have. our legal panel is here to talk about the case. great to have you both. i just want to make something really clear, troy. i'd like to ask you about it first. when we talk about death by beating, that can mean a lot of different things. i don't want to go into the gruesome situation of all of this. this is a beating that lasted several hours. this is not a beating that happened spur of the moment between father and son and something happened accidentally and here we are, one of the sons dead and there's a manslaughter charge. this beating lasted for so, so long according to police and affected every part of the victim's body.
10:26 am
why is this a manslaughter case? >> you know, jena, if you can't trust your parents, who can you trust. look, i went there. i can't speak to the witnesses so i don't know what level of culpability a person has. normally a person isn't required to come to the aid of somebody else, but when you're a parent, you have a special duty. the law requires you to protect your children and, you know, at very best they watched as other people tortured and killed their child, and at worst they participated in the murder. >> apparently that's what the witnesses are saying, whitney. apparently some other people are going to be charged in this case and they've made bail. we may not see them during the hearing. what do you think of the mother e mother's attorney, that she was so beaten down that she could not have acted in sh situation. >> i find that argument -- as a
10:27 am
criminal defense attorney i find that argument to be very compelling actually. if i was representing her i would be exploring the options of whether she was acting under duress or her failing to intervene had to do with abuse she suffered herself. there's psychological effects of years and years of being beaten down yourself and being part of an institution where the church is everything to you. what they say is literally the gospel and so you're not going to do anything to bump up against that when it defines who you are. so i think that that's a very compelling argument that she's meek and therefore less likely to intervene or do anything out of fear herself of being abused. i find it to be compelling. >> we're just learning a little bit more about this, troy, but apparently it predates her son's birth. as whitney is explaining, this is something she's been involved with for a long, long time.
10:28 am
is there such a thing that you've been part of the bizarre group for so long, you literally don't know the difference between right and wrong? >> i thit would have to be an insanity defense. she's sitting there watching at best as her child is being beaten. her children are being beaten and one eventually killed. i don't think it's a defense to say, oh, you know, it's my religion and this is what we do or i've been part of this religion and i couldn't help. there's a lot she could have done. she could have thrown herself on top of her children, she could have ran out, called 911, ran to a neighbor her help. there's a lot of things she could have done. >> is there ee sennually going to be an insanity defense, maybe not for the mother but for the father? >> it may be an insanity defense or duress even if she did participate in it. same for her the fooer too. her psychological state is certainly a factor.
10:29 am
ily is something for her attorney and -- >> jenna, this is hogwash. this is exactly what isis says. >> oh, please. >> they're killing people in the name of their religion. >> this is manslaughter. it's not an intentional killing. even the prosecutors have alleged this is manslaughter. they haven't said they intentionally killed them. >> there's nothing to stop the pros kulter from charging later on. >> maybe but -- >> it does bring our conversation full circle because if the beading was lasting for so long then where does it cross the line between an accidental death and one that was really intended. so it's a case we' to watch as viewers saw live pictures from the courtroom. troy and whitney, thank you very much. >> thank you. an accused hacker busted for helping isis defenders. hear how he did it.
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a computer hacker busted in malaysia. ardit fehr recity is believed to be part of an internet hacking group based in kosovo. they say fa rhettcy has been
10:34 am
detained. >> john, authorities are calling the arrest the first of a kind. they're going hard against the next sis of terrorism and cyber crime. 20-year-old koes vsovo ardit is being accused of getting names and passing them on to isis. they include names, passwords, e-mails, passwords. enough to do damage in the wrong hands. it was discovered when they tweeted a link to information in august. feds apparently tracked it down to him who was in malaysia who was studying i.t. authorities got the tip there. extradition, if granted, means he could get up to 35 years in
10:35 am
jail. some of the information is said to be out of date and others have been identified quickly. the risk is huge. the feds are making it clear they're working hard to crack down on what has bun dubbing the islamic state hacking division or the cyber caliphate. isis's use of social media is well known. the u.s. ability of it in the midwest to keep up is well known. washington is trying to change things. >> let's hope they get around to it. new fears about the ebola virus and whether or not it can be completely cure. the nurse who contracted the outbreak last year is back in the hospital. it's raising a lot of questions about what we know about ebola and whether we know enough to declare someone cured.
10:36 am
considered one of the leading disease experts, it's always great to have you on our program, doctr. schaffner. why? >> yes, we certainly are. we're finding out more and more and particularly now among some people who are ostensibly cured. what we've learned is that the ebola virus can persist in certain privilege legend sight sites in our anatomy. inside the eye, the tess tees, and now the senn central nervous system. it is ominous for those affected. >> what about contagion. if you're, quote/unquote, cure
10:37 am
oddcured of ebola and you're walking around the threats, are you a threat? >> some who have it in their testes can pass it onto someone else intimately and then have small outbreaks. we'll have small group of people. through the eye and the central nervous system. no spread but danger to the individual affected. >> absolutely. do we know if we can here ebola? can we be confident to say we've cured someone of it? >> we can say they can become completely cured am small percentage, it can exist in certain selected places.
10:38 am
>> here at home there are those at home and some outside the country and now we're able to watch them because perhaps in the past we haven't been able to watch individuals as long as we could potentially watch them. what about immunization? what about a vaccine for ebola? where are we on that now? >> well, we've got some preliminary data on the vaccine and interestingly enough the scottish nurse who's back in the hospital, many of her health care workers have gotten the vaccine. we think we're making progress and that will help with preventions going forward. >> it proves how deadly the virus is, doesn't it, doctor, that it's something that if it were to have a major outbreak, it's a real risk. >> oh, it's a serious virus. we all know that. and we're learning more about it all the time and exactly as you say, now that we have people under observation in sophisticated medical circumstances, we're defining what these problems, these
10:39 am
ongoing problems are. >> really interesting. we, of course, always want to speed up the time line on all of this. we'll try to be patient. dr. schaffner, great to have you as always. thank you. >> my pleasure. it's the end of an era in the skies. us airways flies into the sunset for its final flight. why its name is now a thing of the past and what it means for the airline industry. plus rand paul denies reports that his campaign is on life support. howard kurtz is on deck. we're right in the mix of things and we think we'll be competitive. we're in it to win it. we're in it because we truly still believe. i would not do this if i did not believe i couldn't win the nomination.
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ask test. test. hi, even. i'm gretchen carlson. an crease in lone wolf knife
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attacks in jerusalem, should. the u.s. be doing something similar. plus they're calling syrian rebels nuts and new fund-raising numbers are up. can you guess what donald tru trump's biggest expense is? every tech product has gotten cheaper except for one. what is it? find out on "the real story" later today. the flight from philadelphia to san francisco this morning is the last one under the airline's name. on the return trip tomorrow it will officially become part of the american airlines part of a merger announced two years ago. passengers on the final leg will observe the moment with a champagne toast. this lajtest moment. american airlines now in control of twa and u.s. airways and
10:44 am
southwest taking over operations of airtran. presidential candidate senator rand paul blasting the media this week telling fox new this morning that his campaign southbound the issue and not the poll numbers. take a listen. >> i think this campaign cycle, we seem to be emphasizing polling and trying to cull the field with polling before we get to the actually campaigning and the actually issues. >> joining me now, howie is the host of "please ya bumedia buzz" the campaign leased a long memo to the media really suggesting that the political press is forcing them into the corner, pushing a false narrative about the health of their campaign. do they have a point? >> well, there is a rand paul death watch in the media, there's no question about it.
10:45 am
there's no question. >> i'll go out on a limb, if there's a campaign memo saying they're not to drop out, not exactly a good sign. when i sat down with senator paul a couple of weeks ago and asked him about his campaign, he seemed a little subdued. let's take a look. >> i think that the rumors of my demise are quite exaggerated. i'm doing well actually. >> it becomes this sort of, you know, cycle where journalists are now in the position where they really can't ask -- can't not ask rand paul about how his campaign is doing, so, is that an issue for the campaign that they have to overcome and show some better numbers, or should journalists make the choice? you know, he's in it for now, so i'm not going to even ask that
10:46 am
question. >> it's a self-perpetuating cycle. rand paul was once touted as a top tier candidate. he has been called the most interesting man in politics on the cover of "time" magazine. he had a lousy fund-raising quarter. when you look at the polls and i know they can change and it's three months before anybody votes, it's anchd 3 president 2%. it's dangerously low. if he gets knocked out of that, that's going to be bad news. >> that's hard for fund-raising. at least two gop candidates have dangerously low accounts. kentucky senator rand paul's support shows he has a little more than $2 milliliter, chris krchris christy, $1 million.
10:47 am
>> he says he has a young support group. it might not be the ones being polled. so is that a fair point? >> there are a lot of candidates who we in the press have prematurely buried who have bounced back. i mean in the summer of 2007 they say john mccain was going nowhere and he had that much money and yet he went on to win the republican nomination that year. am the same time you have this. that is rand paul is simultaneously running for re-election in kentucky and so there are those in the republican parties who think that effort could be complicated or jeopardized if he hangs on too long if he's just floundering. if he started to come up, raises money, good debate, all that could change. i don't think we ought to benyb anybody in as many in this business tried to do with joe bide snoon right.
10:48 am
the geniuses in the media. it's a bit of an oxymoron. we understand that. what do you have coming up on media buzz, howie? >> we're going to look at the coverage of the debate and hillary clinton and bernie sanders and the off again, on again. we'll have a lot of ground to cover for you on sunday. >> it is a little bit like bromance. all right. we'll see you on sunday. incredible new research revealing how elephants could hold the key to curing cancer. a live report next. then as mets fans celebrate a big victory, hear from one new yorker who's been a fan longer than most of you have been alive. here's her son describing his mom's mets loyalty. diehard fan, roots like hell while the tv's on. you can hear her three rooms away.
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10:52 am
the national league championship series says the mets beat the dodgers. much to the joy of one of team's biggest fans. 100-year-old new yorker. became a season ticketholder when the team formed back in 1962. she's been going to as many games as she can no matter their win-loss record. take a listen. >> since 1936 i've been watching baseball. >> love her. i want to hang out with her.
10:53 am
parentally, she kicked yankees fans out of her house. that's how she feels about it. >> whoa. >> sorry, it's the truth. i don't see the yankees in any championship games. no offense. some gentle giants could hold the key to finding new treatments for childhood cancer. elephants rarely come down with cancer. scientists think the reason lies in their genes. land mark study is under way to see how to use that knowledge to treat cancer in people. the ringling brothers circus is helping out. each weighing about 10,000 pounds. their retired from performing in the circus. this is where they live. when cancer researchers needed
10:54 am
to study the elephant genome, these old elephants used to the spotlight went back to the stage. these majestic aging elephants lumbering along in retirement are no longer performing in the circus but providing what could potentially be a cure for cancer. >> i look at these amazing animals, 55 million years they figured out how not to get cancer. if i feel like the secret for us, humans, is coursing through their blood. he needed elephants, a lot of them. he teamed up with ringling brothers circus. >> to think our elephants can be a part of research to help save children's lives is pretty
10:55 am
amazing. >> through weekly blood draw from their ears, the team discovered elephants have 20 times as many p-53 genes as we do. it attack and kills cancer cells. without the gene, cancer cells thrive and multiply. the research is quite provocative. the future will be developing a drug that replicates in humans exactly what happens naturally in these beautiful elephants. >> that is fascinating. >> that's the thing when you walk away at the end of the day, did you know that? i didn't know that. that was an amazing story. maybe they can figure it out. >> some good news in the midst of a lot of bad news. today's graduating classes
10:56 am
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army reservist major lisa jaster is the third to graduate from army ranger school today. the los angeles zoo welcomes the world's rarest fresh water crocodile. she's on loan from the singapore zoo zoo. >> when does she go back? >> cocoa is having a ball playing mom to her new babies. look thereat. we love kittens too. we can understand. >> she even knows how to sign
11:00 am
baby cat. >> look at that. sweet. nice little birthday gift. >> that will get your weekend started right. thanks for joining us. >> let's all get kittens. we kick off the alert for friday. we have new bloodshed in the holy land with an israeli soldier stabbed and wounded. john, what's the latest on the ground there? >> reporter: well here in jerusalem it's fairly quiet but there remains a sense of unease because of the ongoing violence. we saw that violence as you showed quickly there in bethlehem where the clashes between palestinian


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