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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 16, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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your anniversary and your kids were safe at the grandparents, and samson made it out alive, thanks to tim, the firefighter. thank you for joining me on "the real story." it's friday. i hope you have a fantastic weekend. here's shep. >> church members accused of beating up two brothers to make them confess to their sins. one ended up in the hospital, not the other in the morgue. i'll speak time with a one-time former member who tells us what happens before closed doors and house church leaders manipulate their victims. in the middle east, tear gas, fire bombs and bullets in the streets. a day of rage and people are dying. also, the college student dedicated to helping veterans traumatic stress. he invented something for the army. his army sergeant dad, and now looking to help vetted around the country. you'll see what he made and why
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it's getting so much attention. let's get to it. good friday afternoon from the deck. first today, a mother who let church members kick and punch one of her sons to death was too soft-spoken to stop them. according to the mother's lawyer who called the brutal petedown a-month-old nothing that got out of hand. both parents in court this afternoon in new hartford, new york, an hour east of syracuse. they face manslaughter charges. four other church members charges with assault. it happened at the town's secretive word of life church. police say some sort of twisted rid fuel the attackers were trying to get the 19-year-old and 17-year-old brothers to repent. their sins, the older team wanted out of the church. so police say the victims' parents and other church members beat both brothers for more than ten hours. think of that.
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the charge is that the parent and other members of the church beat two teenagers from head to toe for ten hours. a torture session that started on sunday night, stretched into monday morning. cops say they punched the victims, kicked them, whimmed them with a thick electrical cord. he says the teens took hard hits to the gut and the back, to the legs and the genitals. the 19-year-old died in the hospital. police say they worried his younger brother was hurt, too. they couldn't find him. parents refused to say where he was. forced them to get a search warrant, and they looked and looked for hours upon hours while the wounded 17-year-old was in agony, inside the church. people who live nearby say they've always thought the place was weird. the describe hearing drums and chanting, dogs barking nonstop followers seemed to shun the outside world. one former member says the founder preached hate and used racial slurs in his sermon. we'll talk live with a one-time member. first more on the family.
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neighbors say their home was a pigsty, the teams were home-schooled and seemed isolated from the world. no television, no trace of them online. a neighbor told "the new york times" the kids couldn't watch disney cartoons abuse mickey and minnie never got married. rick leventhal, what is happening in court today? >> reporter: the hearing continues. graphic and very disturb testimony in the small courtroom. i was right in the front row, and the defendants were right in front of wearing orange jump suits and shackled at the hands and feet. bruce had his head downs' his eyes closed. and debra had her head down and her long hair was obscuring her face so i never saw her face. at one point the prosecutor was interviewing the police officer who took the crime scene photos, and she put the photos, very graphic photos on the table in front of the parents and neither one of the parents ever look out
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those pictures but i saw them, and they were awful to say the least. extensive red bruises all over the victim, lucas' back, all over his groin area, his chest and his legs. his legs apparently bleeding from the extensive beat that police say involved fists and feet. witnesses testified also involved what looked like a belt but was a folded up electrical cord, which witnesses say -- one witness said he saw bruce using -- the father using to hit his son, lucas in the back, multiple times. in fact the state police investigator was on the stand and says that the mother also confessed to using that cord to strike her own sons. but deb contract's attorney maintains the church's pastor ordered the desminimum and his client is not guilty of manslaughter. >> who is the pastor to call -- if she feels that there was some sort of inappropriate conduct going on between her sons and other members of the
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congregation, it's not her position -- not her place to be the judge, jury, and executioner of this. >> reporter: but again, according to to authorities it was the parents, and possibly others, who were the executioners. >> inappropriate contact? is he talking about the murder of this woman's own child? inappropriate contact? is that what the lawyer is saying there? >> reporter: that is exactly what he told us yesterday afternoon, and today in court he is cross can-ing and witness busy the extensive beating which took place agendaly by the parents, against their sons, and others were involved as well. david moory and linda moory were in doubter. they're out on bail. they're charged with assault in connection with the other brother's beating. their hearing was postponed because the brother is a key witness and is still in the hospital and can't testify. up next, the boy's half stir, sarah ferguson, and a fellow church member, joseph irwin, war
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brought bo court. thaw were in orange jumpsuitssus and shackles because the prosecutor said charges against them could be upgraded to include possibly manslaughter. they may have been involved in lucas' beating as well. the prosecutor said the charges could be upgraded, and we have now heard from a tate police investigator who says that sarah ferguson, the half sister, took partner beating and according to the state police, the mother says that sarah was beating the boys harder than the mother was. a very awful and disturbing case, and it's clear from the chief of police here that this is far from over. >> when cases evolve, in the beginning they're fast-paced. but just because -- doesn't mean the investigation stops. the investigation continues. >> reporter: they're looking for more information from anyone, former members, who may have more stories about other beatings inside the church. >> rick, thank you. rick leventhal on scene. we'll let you know what happens.
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the lawyer says the mother should9+ñ!not be the judge, jur, and executioner, when he is charges with killing her own child? in church? for sinning? former member of the church is with us now. chadwick handsville, he cut ties to thedrop after more than a decade. on the phone instead of on camera because he doesn't want to be seen talking about the church. is that right. >> i didn't want to be on camera, no. >> you called the church a cancer. why too you use that word and can you explain it to us? >> well, cancer, as you know, is sometimes very quiet and usually the -- when you feel pain, it's usually an indication that the cancer has spread or has gotten further than anyone has noticed or anticipated. so, it spreads.
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it's something that is a tumor or a cancer in your body, and if not removed, it will spread and get worse. >> and kill you. >> and possibly take your life, yes. >> was your experience in this church one of manipulation? how would you tell us this place rolls? >> well, i'll start with an earlier pastor we had, and under his pastoral care, it was actually a pleasant place to be. there was encouragement. there was great. mercy, love. >> what has been described to us as a bunch of church members and two parents coming together beat to death one child and leave the other very harmed. is this the sort of activity you saw there? >> never.
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>> you say in "the new york times" today that there was abuse there. it was more mental abuse? is that right? >> it was emotional and spiritual abuse, correct. >> how do they get people to join? >> well, i was asked. it was pretty much word of mouth, and after a certain period of time, people just stopped coming. >> they stopped coming to the church? >> correct. >> why? >> other visitors. we would have the occasional visitor. >> is there something going on that people didn't need to see? i'm trying to understand what you're saying. >> no. it's just that we were a small church, and we were a small core of people. >> why did you leave? >> why did i leave?
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>> yes. >> um, i left because of the accusations. >> what accusations? >> after jerry -- lusting after jerry's arrive, we're that what's pastor. didn't he say that about numerous people? >> i don't know what he said to most people. i know what he said to me. he said that it was lusting after his wife. i denied it. and there just wasn't any -- he wouldn't let it go. and it just -- i saw the way he was treating others and i didn't approve of it. >> how was that? >> coarse. >> we have to be specific. i don't understand these vague terms. i asked you specifically because the member's the church are accused of murdering a boy. that may not be the criminal charge. they're accused of boating him for ten hours until he eninin the morgue. i'm curious what you know about what is going on in there?
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>> well, as far as my part, i don't know what's going on in there currently. obviously it goes back to my same point. if you don't care of the negativity it will only get worse, and even though jerry was negative, even though jerry had his own personal issues. >> like what? >> well, let me -- just one moment. he had his own way of doing things -- >> i don't understand these vagueness. doesn't help me. what do you mean he had his own way of doing things? >> what i mean is that he controlled a lot of people through his words, through intimidation. he had good points and he had bad points, like anyone else. however, he didn't do anything like this. nothing was ever done that was
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abusive, physically or sexually in any way, as for the -- i heard the witchhunts and i'm appalled by them. i don't care if bruce leonard of or any of the others didn't hang up christmas decorations or halloween. that's irrelevant. it's witch-hunting and that needs to stop. people have kole out of this, they want to continue their lives -- >> well, two people came out, one of them is in a hospital and one is dead. >> -- alone. >> none of these people need to be left alone. they need to investigate and figure out why it is a 19-year-old boy is deads at the hands of his parents and others because of sinning at some kind of church. some kind of church i never heard of and with great respect global helping me understand very much. they have good points and bad points. there was no sexual, nothing. what we have enough is a dead kid and some of the weirdest stuff haired.and the police chief said the investigation continues, and it better.
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one of vice-president joe biden's top advice send ought a letter to one-time staffers indicating the type of campaign biden would run if he were to run. how long is this going to go on? today he sends former staffers to -- one of his people does. if joe runs we'll need all of you 100%. what are you talking about is he running for president or not running for president? this is getting tiring. tired of this. plus, heavy rains unleashing devastating mudslides in california. hundreds of cars stuck. part of a highway closed. we'll take you for a live look. it's 1 -- 13 minutes past the hour. this is fox news channel. why do so many people choose aleve? it's the brand more doctors recommend for minor arthritis pain. plus, just two aleve can last all day.
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and to replicate this across the entire african continent. fox urgent. look at these live pictures from southern california. when they zoom in you'll see we have a disaster on our hands. the muds have come in historic proportions. flooding in southern california. this is just north of los angeles. highway 58, in to hatch pea -- to hatch tahachipi. the officials say the mudslides shut down a huge section of the 5 freeway and another highway. this is a lane of the freeway. this is not cars off the road. that is the road. sometimes drivers had to wait on tom top of their cars.
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these have been pushed around by flows of mud. this is part of the 5 freeway today. just empty. nobody ever seen the eight lane's the 5 freewaylet. the los angeles daily news, mudslides forcing thousands of drivers to look for alternate rats. california has been in a battle of a horrible four-year drought and another image here shows cars along the 5 freeway. this is the freeway. this is not mud on the side of the road. this is the 5 freeway. so far no reports of any serious injuries thankfully. look at this. the 5 freeway, the hills have come down upon it. joe biden would run a, quote, optimistic campaign if he decided to run for president. that reportedly from one of the vice-president's closest advisers. analysts say it is a clear signal from the vice-president not only that he might get into the race but he thinks he could win. "associated press" reports the
12:18 pm
adviser sent an e-mail to some of to the vice-president's former staffs, telling them if biden decides to run we will, quote, need you. a campaign from the heart. a campaign consistent with his values, our values and the values of american people. what does that mean? went be a scripted affair. after all, it's joe. the adviser tells the former staffers to be ready in case vice-president biden decides to run, he'll be making a decision soon. they've been saying that for a long time. >> on the republican side, ben carson suspended his campaign for presidency. he is up in the polls statistically, tied with trump or beating him, yet campaign suspended. why? to spend some time on his book tour. ben carson is selling books. and temporarily not running for president. the rest of the story from rich edson live in washington.
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>> dr. ben carson is putting events on hold to sell his new book on tour. carson claims he is taking no time off, citing several public appearances, fundraiser and dozens of book signings, hosting one in texas on sunday. today and tomorrow there are hand of g.o.p. candidates campaign in the to usual preelection year states, iowa and new hampshire. on sunday evening, the pressingwood baptist church in plano, texas, hosting several candidates including jeb bush, ted cruz, carly fiorina, mike huckabee, and rick santorum. >> rich edson in washington. hundreds of palestinians taking part in a day of rage against israel. witnesses say one attacker dress up as a journalist so he can get close enough to stab an israeli soldier. we'll look at the efforts to calm the crisis. as we watch live pictures on the 5 freeway. look next to people standing on the side of the road because ahead all traffic is stopped
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because nothing but mud in the way. it is a disaster of epic proportion. 'll keep you updated. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. for the first time united states officials say iran did indeed violate a missile ban a week after iran cheerly violated the ban. iran test launched a ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead on saturday 'the united nations banned such test launches by iran. the range would allow it to hit american bases overseas and iran's sworn enemy in israel. the american ambassador to the u.n., am man that powers, saying the u.s. is, quote, deeply concerned. a day of rage. the caw from palestinian militant groups and hundreds of people have responded.
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israeli forces say just hours ago they shot and killed a palestinian man in the west bank after he stabbed an israeli soldier. the background news was israeli forces firing the attacker disguised himself as a journalist, wearing aeyol vest with the word "press" on it. the image shows a suspect on the ground with a knife is in n his hand. we learn the part of the photo which shows the wound on the israeli soldier's arm. the latest in a recent shooting and stabbing attacks tarring israelis. dozens of palestinians torched an ancient tomb in the west bank that was a holy site for some jews. israel's government stepped up security to try to clamp down on the violence, and israeli officials have been demolishing homes that blocked to the families of the accused attackers. they almost always do that, saying that the martyrs should not have a family living better because of it.
12:25 pm
if you're going to do this, we'll make life difficult for your family and that's what they do. itself is controversial, no doubt. they also say they will begin banning attackers' families from jerusalem. at least eight israelis have died in attacks in the past month 30. palestinians have died. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu yesterday said he is open to meeting with the palestinian president, mahmoud abbas to push for peace and accused the palestinans to of using social media to incite more violence. this day of rage, how is it manifesting itself? >> reporter: the day of rage turn out to be more a day of mild anger. there will two incidents you mentioned, the burning of the tomb, the tomb of joseph, and the stabbing by a palestinian disguised as a journalist. but the protests we saw across the west bank and gaza toy attracted crowds only in the hundreds. it wasn't the mass turnout that, whichized, say, the first or
12:26 pm
second enat the fad da and bunt what the factions were hoping for. >> when you talk about causes, it depended 0 your perspective. can you offer yours on the cause of this and where it's going? >> reporter: well, it's a combustible mix here and has been for a long time. you had a nearly 50-year israeli occupation of the palestinian -- >> the israeli would deny that but go on. >> reporter: they would, but you also have -- last time this year, last october and november, we had a similar surge in violence, and a lot of it is time to the jewish high holidays, large numbers of jewish israelis go up to the temple mount, as muslims know it, and muslims -- many palestinians believe the israeli government is trying to limit their access to the site even though the sailory government said repeatedly it is not doing that. we saw the last year where visits raised tensions. >> and social media seems to be pushing both sides in this
12:27 pm
matter? i know there's no easy solution and never is in this part of the world, but how do you begin to get in the two sides talk so that this will calm down rather than escalate. do you have a thought? >> well, i think one of the problems we have now is that when you talk about social media, this is happening on very low level. you have abbas, the palestinian president, who does condemn violence, but what happened this week what was striking on monday there, was a 13-year-old palestinian who took part in a stabbing attack help was run down by a motorist to stop the attack. someone took a video of his body laying in the streets. he was injured there was a crowd around him cursing, and the video made the rounds on palestinian social media and often shared with a caption that wrongly said he had been shot by israeli settlers and omilted the fact he had taken part in an attack, and then the next morning we had the deadliest day against israelis with killing and wounding. there is very little the
12:28 pm
loadership can do to control the passion. >> it continues. greg from foreign policy magazine, thank you. the u.s. and russia have apparently figured out how to keep their warplanes from crashing into each other. there's word one of our nato allies just shot down a russian drone. live at the pentagon ahead. applause we're hearing former nba star lamar odom is showing some signs of improvement. from death's door to some signs of improvement. coming up from the fox news deck. ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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faint or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. other side effects are genital yeast infections, urinary tract infections, changes in urination, kidney problems, and increased bad cholesterol. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of an allergic reaction. symptoms may include rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit fox report now. president obama meeting with the leader of south korea at the white house today. on top of the agenda there, north korea. president obama says the communist country's nuclear program has only deepened its isolation. south korea's president said her country's open to go,s with the
12:31 pm
north. >> a sinkhole the size of a city bus will be sticking around for a while. that's the word from crews in union city, california, outside san francisco. the workers say they may have to make the crater even bigger before they can fix it. that could take days. one clear what caused thing. the guy in venezuela just set a regard for the worldest biggest feet. he says each of his feet is one foot three inches long, that's a size 26. gets his shoes custom made. 26 size shoe. wow. that horrible- then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt.
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miles and mile's miles of traffic backup in southern california now. it is incredible what is happening here. this is the freeway backup -- actually not the freeway. the 5 freeway at bakersfield you take a right and get on to 58, state route 58, from bakersfield to tehachapi, and this is it.
12:34 pm
the reason for the backup is huge mudslides that have really paralyzed parts of the region. this is from kttv fox 11 in los angeles. this is at the -- tehachapi, and it's mountainous there and that what happened here the mountain part has just flowed like water down on to the roadway and there are trucks and cars that are just all trapped. so they're having to route everyone off this on to small are roadways so any traffic can move today. it's not the end. there's more rain in the forecast. this was expected and has long been expected over the four-year drought. there's very little vegetation left. everything has died. so the mountains where there used to be vegetation to hole the ground together, that's gone. now in the rainy season, the rains come, the road wash away and that's it. that's the case across southern california today. this is tehachapi, south and
12:35 pm
east of bakersfield. the u.s. and russia have cleared the way to allow both military to carry out airstrikes over syrian that's the record from russia's defense ministry. it reports now that the two countries have agreed on how to keep their fighter jets out of each other's way as there is a proxy war between the another and russia. we have figure out houston to keep our jets out of each other's way. it's comical almost but it is not. we talked to away for defense department staffer about the idea of the u.s. forming a coalition with russia to take on isis. u.s. officials say there's zero chance of that happening. the russian president, vladimir putin, claims his military air strikes have killed hundred's terrorists, and isis militanted but ace official says most of the airstrikes are completely targeting and killing cia trained rebelled, at least 150
12:36 pm
of the rebel wes trained killed already in the proxy war by russia. jennifer griffin is at the pentagon. i mentioned the united states and russia are not going to work together in syrian that's the word today. >> reporter: absolutely true. president obama just reiterated that the two sides are merely discussing the safety of their pilots. the problem for the u.s. is that russia is not actually tarring isis. >> there's no meeting of the minds in terms of strategy, but my hope is that, as we continue to have these conversations and as i suspect russia starts realizing that they're not going to be able to bomb their way to a peaceful situation inside of syria, that we'll be able to make progress on that front. >> reporter: former defense secretary robert gates in an interview last night was asked what putin is trying to do in syria. >> this is a guy who is all about lost power, lost glory,
12:37 pm
lost empire. he is all about re- -- he, i think, feels internalized hugely the humiliations russia went through in the 1990s the poverty, the weakeninghe russia. >> reporter: i'm told to expect a memo of understanding with russia on pilot safety sometime soon. my understanding is they are finalizing the language as we speak, shepard.
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come down on the highways and it's extremely dangerous. >> what dot we know about casualties. >> we're told there haven't been any. in this case the mud has come up far enough to where the cars become immobile a'sed but you can see none are completely under so people have been able to escape. people have been wait ago on the roofs of their cars for somebody to rescue them. it's incredible. >> i will never complain about a traffic jam again. i've never been stopped in my tracks by mud. these are really epic pictures.
12:44 pm
>> there's plenty of mud but it stays inside the beltway, not on it. >> ha-ha. now, now. >> isn't he funny? looking forward to "fox news sunday" this weekend, harrumph, ha hump. donald trump, you always said one thing is you won't come to me on the phone. won't be on the phone-right? >> no we're face-to-face, doing the interview tomorrow at his golf course in sterling, virginia, and we'll run it on sunday, face-to-face. first time since he announced his candidacy. >> this sunday on "fox news sunday" in person, with chris wallace. an speaker vue you -- interview you don't want to miss. donald trump and chris wallace. see them then
12:45 pm
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♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance. along with diet and exercise, jardiance works around the clock to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it works by helping your body to get rid of some of the sugar it doesn't need through urination. this can help you lower blood sugar and a1c. and although it's not for weight loss or lowering systolic blood pressure, jardiance could help with both. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration.
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this may cause you to feel dizzy, faint or lightheaded, or weak upon standing. other side effects are genital yeast infections, urinary tract infections, changes in urination, kidney problems, and increased bad cholesterol. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of an allergic reaction. symptoms may include rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit well, the former basketball star who wound up unconscious in a brothel is reportedly awake and speaking. lamar odom. this would be an enormous change. listen now. moments ago we heard from a publicist from lamar odom's
12:48 pm
family that lamar odom gave a thumbs up and said good morning today. that's from a publicist to fox news. if that's true, though, it would be a really major development considering reports indicated he has really been on death's door. "us weekly" reported he was opening his eyes and trying to communicate. some say this is involuntary but he was found in a brothen in nevada. a worker who called 9-1-1 said lamar had taken coke and an herbal section system hunt ten times. the worker told police he does there are would gunk coming out of odom's nose and mouth. a horrible set of descriptions. now while it appears that progress is being made, potentially, according to the publicist, lamar's estranged wife, khloe kardashian, has been
12:49 pm
thanking fans for support. trace, this is really tough. >> reporter: itself is. here's the grain of salt. today they said that actually lamar odom was asked if he wanted to see kids and his reports he either said yes or made an affirmative gesture. thenasas today -- "usa today" saying these are movements that are involuntary, and now the aunt -- the publicist of lamar odom's aunt said not only did he give a thumbs up but he said "good morning. o'the thing that nobody has knocked down are reports that odom residents heart appears to be getting stronger. i asks dr. mark siegel what that means. >> you tend to see something called stunned myocardium, the heart its injured and stunned but not permanently damaged. a very good sign if it's starting to recover function and pump on its own. a lot of things could be causing the problem, but as the heart
12:50 pm
starts to recover function, it is a very good sign towards recovery. >> reporter: good sign but the truth is it's difficult to confirm information because his doctors have not spoken to us. >> trace, watching the work happen there on highway 58 in tehachapi, i guess that's los angeles county. they've got an lot of rain. what about you? >> we have gotten no rain at all down here. a little bit of drizzle here and there but no rain therapy. got delugeed in the mountains. that's otherwise known as the grapevine where interstate 5 connect with the highways and a bunch of people, people on the roofs of their cars -- as far as we know there were no injuries but when the mud comes off the hill is it comes down with aggression and wiped a bunch of the cars off the highway. you could stand in the middle of interstate 5 a few hours ago and it was filled with mud. as far as we know it's still shut down and they're still talking about more flashflooding out there because it's so dry,
12:51 pm
there's no trees. the ground is just brick hard so the water comes blazing down off the mountains, shep. >> just hope you're not in the way. coverage continues in a moment. stay close. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact.
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the evident at the grapevine in southern california is unbelievable to watch what is happening. the chopper shot is in and out. must be difficult getting a signal through there. we have been watching as the big rigs have been digging out vehicle-by-vehicle from the mud. they have to get rid of the vehicles to rebuild the highway. now that we have -- during the commercial this was fantastic, and now it's like there's someone drunk up there. i know they're not. they're not on at the moment and very nice to do this for us. here we good. this is them taking the mud
12:55 pm
away. there were vehicles all around this. so they have to dig out the vehicles and carry the vehicles away. seconds ago they were rebuilding part of the railroad tracks there. traffic is just at a complete standstill. and trace gallagher was telling us from los angeles that more rain is possible. this whole drought-stricken region, they're in the middle of four years of drought. every now and then one area -- look at this. ev thing is skidding out in the mud. every now and then they get so much rain in one place, the hills come down on to the highway in some cases on to homes or whatever. but in this case, it's tehachapi, california, the grapevine, as trace said, where all the highways come together. part of los angeles county but one of the few parts to get any rain at all, and what they got here was disastrous. the live pictures we have been seeing today, what is this, 12:55:00 p.m. five minutes to 1:00 in los angeles, and it is -- the level of work that has to be
12:56 pm
done. he keeps panning along here in the chopper, and you can see just -- there is mud everywhere. trace, it's hard to believe that there are enough people to get this fixed anytime soon. the afternoon rush today will be a zoo. >> reporter: it's been a mess all morning the morning rush never ended so just goes from one to the other elm people trying to get out of southern california and can't. these reads are heading up toward bakessers feel and fred know and if yaw -- you want to go there forget. you need the train which is not built. they're expecting more rain this afternoon, more rain in those areas. not down here in los angeles proper but up in northern los angeles county. you could get up to two to three more inches of rain. that means you got more mud coming down the hills, and more problems on interstate 5 and those nearby highways. so they're trying to get this stuff off the road so they can try and get people through and wait for the next dehuge to
12:57 pm
come down the hill. >> your your your is coming up on the other side of the break. i'm shepard smith in new york. when news breaks out. we'll break in. until then stay tuned for your your your world with cavuto. legalzoom. legal help is here. this is todd hardy. a fitness buff, youth baseball coach-and lung cancer patient. the day i got the diagnosis, i was just shocked. the surgeon in dallas said i needed to have the top left lobe of my lung removed. i wanted to know what my other options were. and i found that at cancer treatment centers of america.
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keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. aleve, all day strong. and try aleve pm, now with an easy open cap. if hillary clinton is in the driver's seat, was it's party message? operative, even order to make sure she would be? welcome everybody, you're watching "your world." i'm neil cavuto. a lot of attention now on the democratic party leadership whether they got what they wanted by making sure hillary clinton's opponents never really rattled her or took her on. growing indications that this was actually the work for some time. to the daily mail's david who has been breaking some rather remarkable revelations. what can you tell us? >> well, thanks for having me on. i tell you this. when i was in las vegas


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