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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 16, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. aleve, all day strong. and try aleve pm, now with an easy open cap. if hillary clinton is in the driver's seat, was it's party message? operative, even order to make sure she would be? welcome everybody, you're watching "your world." i'm neil cavuto. a lot of attention now on the democratic party leadership whether they got what they wanted by making sure hillary clinton's opponents never really rattled her or took her on. growing indications that this was actually the work for some time. to the daily mail's david who has been breaking some rather remarkable revelations. what can you tell us? >> well, thanks for having me on. i tell you this. when i was in las vegas this
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week covering the democratic primary debates i had occasion to speak with a member of the democratic national committee, female member from a very blue state, who told me interesting stories. the crazy things you hear in casino bars in las vegas. her store was that the women at the top of the dnc are kind of an estrogen cabal have made it their mission from early on to clear the path for hillary clinton. make sure none of her male challengers had a reasonable chance of knocking her off her perch. chev said she was part of a couple of conversations in minneapolis this summer during the dnc summer meeting, conversations which were-and-ed by at least two of the dnc's vice chair, and part of the conversation was a general consensus to make things as easy for hillary as parted. we noted in our reporting that a majority of the dncs elected positions are held by woman, the ceo, coo, top press relations,
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people who choose the convention site. a very female-heavy organization, which is great, but this particular source of ours expressed real concern that the dnc's leadership is backing a woman because she is a woman and that might prove problemat mick if she imploats. >> we did call the dnc and they didn't get back to us. it would kind of make -- the way the other candidates behaved toward hillary clinton in the debate itself. those who had been complaining about the number of debates, o'malley, then we had bernie sanders famous, don't care before the damn e-mails remark, as if it was orchestrated. you're closer to this. but to what end? even the women, whether they're women or mart -- martians or whoever, wouldn't be in their
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interest to somebody who could lose the presidency. the biden prospect is stilt there. had to have read the polls that joe biden was beating top republican contenders while hillary clinton was losing to them. right? >> well issue did good to the dnc and they told me, as you might expect, flatly, they're trying to run an impartial primary process. i said tell me on the record, just for clarity, tell me this is not the kind of party you are, that the democratic national committee would not play a gender politics with this nominating process. please tell me you're not doing this. they wouldn't speak to that issue. find that problematic. >> but what -- looked like the debate was like a hostage taking. they were so bad that she had little reason to worry anyway. so, it could have just been that they were pathetic debaters and pathetic by comparison period. >> i think that's true also, frankly. none of this is suggesting that cnn was trying to skew the
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debate. this is really about the party making the decisions not have so many darned debates. eight years ago, the democratic primary candidates had to wade through 27 of these things. 27. not six. and hillary clinton was the only one of them who went to all 27, and what did she get? she got second place. the message inside the party is, the more chances hillary clinton is given to commit unforced errors, the -- less likely she'll survive to the finish line, and there are women, there are powerful women at the top of the party who don't want that to hey and are paring back the debate process to help hillary clinton. >> wouldn't be just women. a lot of men might be surmising she is our best shot now. >> reporter: it may be merit or sexism. at least this one member is saying -- to be compare this member is not a hillary fan, a she is a female democratic
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national committee woman but wants to see other candidates do better. from her point of view, this is not the way the democratic party should be conducting its business. it should be as impartial at possible and she said she was part of the conversations where the women at the 'of the port said it's hillary or bust. >> david, thank you very much. now to ed henry with the clinton campaign, and now with the growing threat, is he or isn't he? joe biden. jed? >> reporter: two sources close to the vice-president are telling me that they do think he is closing in on the decision, though they've been hearing that a long time. so they stress, don't think it's imminent in the next 24 hours but they believe he is closing in finally. both sources believe that he is leaning towards getting in. that it might run counter to what you just heard, which is interesting because obviously david is right, after the last debate there seems to be a rush within the democratic party, certainly the christian top camp, this is over.
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she did better than expected, better even than some democrats expected in terms of her performance in that first democratic debate, and that it might be a tougher window here for joe biden to sort of jump in through and try to get some traction. first of all, key player in all of this will be president obama. if joe biden get inside, does he remain neutral, get behind his vice-president? push back on hillary clinton amid the potential legal trouble inside at a news conference at the white house today, the president tried to duck the issue. listen. >> the democratic debate was taking place at the same time as some ball games, so there was a little bit of clicking back and forth. i'm not going to comment on what joe's doing or not doing. i think you can direct those questions to my very able vice-president. >> reporter: the biggest problem of all for joe biden if he does
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get in. everybody has now put their money on the table for the third quarter and hillary clinton turns out raised more money not just than anyone on the democratic side but in either party. and after paying all the bills, paying the liability bills, the staff, the adds, she has $33 million in the bank, neil. that's a lot of money, and, sure, a sitting vice-president can catch up faster than somebody off the street but is going to be extremely difficult to put all of this together, a national operation, and bank rolle that effort, raise that money quickly when hillary clinton has had a big, big head start on joe biden. >> she has indeed. ed henry, thank you very much. to fox business network's carli gasperino who says he things it's too late for the vice-president to jump in, nick says there's plenty of time. >> it's not too late and i think that he can raise money because biden is not going to get in this thing if he didn't already clear it with some big donors and groups first. i don't think he is going to dare get out and have
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embarrassing numbers. so the odd are in his favor. and look, people are -- people gave to hillary clinton because they've felt pushed and obligated. a lot of people weren't that thrilled and they weren't that ready for hillary anyway, but they felt obligated to go ahead and support her because she was the only front-runner they could see that would emerge from the crowd of people that they have now. so with biden maybe getting in the race, think that it would shake some money from the trees. >> but i think the debate did change things, did it not, charlie, re-enforced the notion that maybe she isn't wounded. she was up against -- but the fact of the matter to give her due, she is a very good debater and really won it fair and square and it was one less reason for joe biden to jump in. especially at this late stage. >> lisp, i'm a captive of my sources, and my sources are primarily wall street money guys and the democratic ones think she did a great job. the think there's no populist
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uprecord for a joe biden candidacy. they see the party handing it to her. when bernie sanders takes e-mails off the table, he is handing her the biggest -- that's her big -- >> but to be fair he has never mentioned e-mails. >> that's what i'm saying. >> know el -- >> peats. >> hit people hard during the debate. that's the last salvo. the biggest challenger not take only the biggest issue tragedying her, kite be game over. >> you have to realize in the debate a lot of people view hillary that somebody in the middle and going to be a reasonable candidate on the democratic side. a little bit more moderate. if you look at it she got on the coat tails and trying to lean way, way left now because she is seeing how well bernie sanders is trending. >> i don't know about that. >> i do, because that would give -- >> i littenned to that debate --
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>> biden -- >> before falling asleep i 'watched but the talked about the excesses of capitalism. he left herself enough room to move back to the center. who is joe biden's constituency, people that believe hillary clinton will be indicted. >> wasn't he the backup incase she implode? they didn't think bernie sanders could bet elected president and joe biden had a better chance. >> by the way they have the same donor base, both biden and hillary. >> charlie is right. they have the same donor base and i do think that a lot of them are going to give to both. and on the debate stand, every one of those countieses should have worn a t-shirt that says, eat theory. it was awful. horrible. big socialism. >> maybe gnaw on them. >> that's what is nice about trips. >> the, guys. a department of veteran affair
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official responsible for assuring -- has resigned. under enormous pressure, charmed as the disability claims backlog was ballooning and veterans were not being paid enough attention to. so is he first so-called bureaucratic victim of the catastrophe. a quick look at wall and broad. week for retailers up and down, down for walmart. when all was said and done the view that maybe the federal reserve has very little reason to pounce in the middle of this and raise interest rates had the dow up for the third straight week, a gain of of 75-points. twitter got an interesting investor. anybody remember this guy? i love see ballmer because he is just the kind of guy who isn't afraid to strut his stuff. but when steve ballmer indicated
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he took a four percent stake in twitter, you knew it was serious. not only because he is a billionaire, not only because he is in your face, not only because he is passionate, but here's something you don't know about this big guy who can move. the is a very good insister and a very savvy one, and the old mr. softy is plunking down money to twitter, and i said that i think in 140 characters or less. more after this.
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take a look at these bbq best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? ♪ whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. well i'll be... does that thing just follow you around? like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today. well, we knew the threat to our military personal was real but we're find ought how really close it was coming to being acted out. to fox is in's greg palkot in london with the latest on a hacker with interesting ties to a certain region. greg? >> reporter: absolutely, neil. authorities are calling this arrest of this hacker the first of its kind. the feds are narrowing in,
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closing in on the nexus between terrorism and cybercrime. the guy's name is rdfaritzi, 20 year man from kosovo and is accuse of stealing personal information via hacking into computer database of some 1400 u.s. troops, u.s. government employees, and then passing it along to the terror group, isis. we're talking about names, addresses, photos, e-mails, and enough to do real damage in wrong hands and isis qualifies as the wrong hands. the hack was discovered when isis tweeted the information. was tracked down to this guy. authorities in malaysia picked him up and washington is work only extra disk. he could spend 35 years in the clinch. some individuals were contacted but the risk is huge and the danger is real. we have seen what isis does to its targets.
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the feds are making clear they are going to crack down on what is dubbed the islamic state hacking division of the cyber caliphate. isis is used as a social media as well known. washington now trying to play catchup. it is very important. back to you. >> thank you. to steve rogers, former fbi jointer terrorist task force, scary stuff. >> we predicted this for quite some time. the aways of isis are global. they want to bring the batfield here and the way to do that is to recruit people like this individual. >> to do what? >> to make sure that attacks are here and not just in the middle east. >> but attacks on military personnel. right. >> and police per -- personnel. >> like london. >> ly you go. and then eventually we'll see in our cities, i'm sorry to say this, bloodshed. isis is for real and want the bloodshed here. let me add this.
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early on in the game we talked about how do we stop this? well, it should have been stopped a long time ago. we hit their command and control centers militarily in the middle east, hilt their intelligence infrastructure. ironically putin is doing the job for us, and i hope to god he is able to decapitate them. then we have to deal with him. >> you were telling me that terrorists work under just intimidation, and when you see soldiers or police killed, sometimes brutally, that has a whole new wave of impact. right? >> yes, it does. obviously, with this information, when -- let's say the parents of a lot of these military guys are aware that isis has their names and they're going out, that brings terror to families. but once they start acting on this information, we have serious problems. that's why the department of homeland security has to start bringing funding to local police departments. i've said this on the air a million times. beef up police departments, beef up their intelligence-because
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we're in for some tough times. >> what do you make of the significance of kosovo, everything only nateed there. >> in this case i don't put much significance in it. it's just a guy they found and you can find them anywhere, and they tap into him. i don't know and we don't know what they gave him what's offered him but i wouldn't place any significance on that. >> the fact that these weren't just vague threats against military personnel or targeting or hacking, this was a means to an end. >> it sure is. the mean is is terrorist and the end is to detroy the united states of america from within. so this government has to wake up and realize we're at war. and we better start fighting this war with everything we have or we'll fine ourselves in serious trouble. >> steve rodgers, scary stuff. thank you very much. scary stuff in a money way. we're bragging right now about having deficits under half a trillion dollars. in fact in the latest fiscal year period, it's out and done,
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$439 billion treating it as if we hat a home run. i know we're used to a trillion dollar deficit but that's ha half trillion added to the debt and we think we're foam free. it's your home, it ain't free and you're going to pay big-time after this.
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means striking a the right balancesco between economic growth, housing we can afford,
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and our quality of life. aaron peskin has been a champion for the middle class, fighting bad growth and income inequality. and mayor ed lee has transformed san francisco into the nation's most thriving city. vote peskin/lee. san francisco needs them both. aaron peskin for supervisor and ed lee for mayor -- the perfect balance for a better san francisco. now there's big debate whether on november 3rd we run out of money and the government has so shut done but not because there's any short attacks coming in. 3 and a quarter trim in tacks collected in 20 15 for the fiscal year we have never seen so much taken in by uncle sam ever. ever, ever. headley and scott on what to make of that. bottom line, scott, is we are seeing a lot a lot of money andt
1:24 pm
more going out. >> isn't that strange. more red, yet more revenue coming in. this sounds like a very poorly run wall street company. and you have beloved jack -- i love you, jack -- . >> the treasury secretary. >> thank you for the caller -- who is talking about the debt limit showdown and hold is this over the american people residents head, we're not going to send oat social security checks. are you kidding me? they're using that as an excuse to push the debt limit debate through. >> you're a democratic strategist so you always provide the little colorful commentary we so value on the view from the left, and i found that a little much. when we have a lot of money coming in, we can prioritize our bills. i would imagine top would be interest payments on the debt. i would imagine after that social security payments, medicare related payments so we honor our elderly.
1:25 pm
but come on you know that's a scare tactic. >> well, then we also are going to prioritize the shopping spree that the government is going to go on, right? yay. no, seriously. >> answer my question. answer my question. >> remind me what your question was, neil. >> that it's a scare tactic to say we are running up against the debt ceiling, we stop paying social security. you know that's a lie. >> well, i think it's a scare tactic that has become a reality in recent years. >> no, no, why -- >> reality. >> they keep repeating it? >> -- in congress. that it reality that our politicians have created. i agree they are using this as a -- >> didn't senator barack obama create the same confusion when he rejected a hike in the debt limit at the time, saying for patriotic reasons? >> he has been president for stenyear so won't we talk about
1:26 pm
probe pen dixie can't have it both ways. all i'm saying on this, there's enough blame to go around, both parties have absolved their responsibility to dole with the issue but to say the 3 and a quarter trim dollars can't be prioritized much like people pay the rent first and ore mortgage first, the treasury secretary does a huge disservice when the frightens people to say we're on the verge of default or not paying granny their social security check. >> we get caught up in the jargon of budgets but thus is simple. yes, the u.s. can pry oit to the way we spend money and we can't continue to spend more money we take in american families know that. household budgets for many american families that's that's reality. we have record high tax receipts but we heard a debate among democratic presidential candidates how to collect more in tacks tacks and spend even mn
1:27 pm
into it. ment programs and we -- entitlement programs. >> both party, a pox on both house they talk about reforeigning and addressing entitlemented but anyone who gets close trying to rein in the growth is crucified so they a big off on that and not provide details and, scott, it's tick, tick, ticking towards $20 trillion. >> it's frightening. we're damn lucky that given tax policy in the united states, we're still bringing in tax receipts we are. i'm not surprised it's not choking off all the growth. so far we are doing okay but doesn't give you the right to keep hiking taxes and spending more. get the budget in and we'll make paroling. >> did it bug you watch thing debate -- did a great juror, the four others with hillary -- butted they talked about spending, not a one, not a one mentioned the debt, and it didn't even come um as a question, as if there was all the money in the world to do anything you want. >> well, they weren't the ones asking the questions.
1:28 pm
and didn't bug me at all, the issues that -- >> i love you, dearly -- come on, you're wearing green, the coral of money. >> we should de, we're my last name is green but we should be prioritizing spending dish. >> but we're not. >> how much on kids -- >> on the stage saying, hey, we don't have the money for this. i. >> robots. >> man nick quinns, that's actually a compliment. >> very robotic and programmed. >> i tell you, that is my biggest concern. right now there's no real responsibility. and natalie and i can talk about the republicans who said they wanted to up defense spending beyond the 600 billion we give. and now near all-time war highs of the iraq war at is height, afghanistan war at it height. surely they can make the argument for looking for excess there, to prove the point they're going to look for excess everywhere. but they don't. >> well, i agree withyou, again,
1:29 pm
neil. everything needs to be on the table when we talk about ways to responsibly reduce spending and has to be a matter of how are we paying tacks? are we sharing responsibility for how we pay taxes? when you look at the labor force participation numbers and break down the tax burden that american families are facing, it's an average of ever $20,000 per working person in the u.s. if we could put more american workers back to work we would have more tax receipts to spend lo on things that both democrats and republicans -- we have more to work with if we had higher tax revenues due to higher receipt cannot raising rates. >> on the stage or even -- who knows math? money in, money out. >> well, hillary clinton knows a thing or 0 two about math. >> did you hear her answer on planned parenthood, that the rich will pay for it? >> i thought she should have dropped the mic after her answer on planned parenthood. i it was spot on. >> she know how to hide e-mail -- >> what we need to keep in mind is austerity did not work in
1:30 pm
europe -- >> spending money you don't have doesn't work either. >> -- keep it real. while our economy is growing fastes than any other economy is because we did not go into that same austerity because of -- >> so, i want to be clear -- >> people are working, slowly but sheer, you're you're saying you find nothing odd about candidates come petting with others who can hey the most generous program, provide college for everybody, provide cheap drugs and the rich, someone will pay for it but there will be no pain on anyone to pay for all of these goodies. you find nothing odd in that, nothing offensive in that, nothing sinful in that? >> i find it offensive you think there was actually competition on the stage, but i am -- >> once again you're not answering my question, young lady. >> -- like secretary clinton talk about the investments -- >> you can't invest money you don't have. >> -- support and grow the middle class. we need continue vest in small businesses. we need to -- >> i wish we had more time but
1:31 pm
we don't. we remind of you at home, whether you're republican or democrat, liberal, conservative, red, blue, green, polka dot, we're out of money! more after this.
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>> what does it say about the work force if you have to come up with elaborate reasons to be sick from work, including that granny was trying to kill you. this is the end of the world.
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are we really surprised that the folks at sony got a big fat mo from the folks at cbs when they granted to wrote moat the dan rather movie, robert red ford in the starring role, a move vice-president that disputes cbs and how it handled mr. rather and his firing and makes a mockery of cbs itself. so the cbs evening news, the late show, none of them, none of them running these ads. shock of shock. so the fallout from that? dionne is here. we have joanne, we have mike. cat, and dionne. i got to get your take on this. >> i fine it astounding even the cbs chief spokesman says he is astounded by how much of untruth is in "truth." >> really think they were going to run ads for this? no it makes them look like idiots. fitter of all, cbs news sucks.
1:36 pm
they're not fair and balanced. how are you doing? and the other thing -- >> i'm sure they're watching. >> the other thing is, abc is not going air something antidisney. just makes sense they're not going to promote something anti what they are about. >> the bummer is hey have the gotten even more attention because they're not doing anything for. >> and robert redford was on "good morning america." >> show have made a joke. whenever something bad about me is out there i say, ha-ha-ha. >> when guy to the -- >> long day. >> when you ban something, it makes you look weak. you can't stand up for yourself. >> would you take money from one trashing you? >> it's money. >> yes. >> i would -- >> i rather admire that. i. >> how is dan rather -- >> dan rather loves the way -- >> paints a picture that the stuff that happened they -- >> the man decided everything.
1:37 pm
>> want to see them didn't. >> it's built on fiction. >> they need to pull a trump and just embrace it. >> exactly. be strong. >> you see people like oliver stone or mikal moore, will take a -- based on real stuff and fab prick -- fabricate something. >> your -- >> they can make competing movies -- >> people saw oliver stone's jfk and that is exactly what happened. >> back to the left. >> that's what is wonderful about this country. everybody has the right to too that. >> so people will see the movie not familiar with the event or story and believe the movie. >> gives me very little hope: i do want you to look at this because it says a lot.all of you. >> pam, it's andrew. listen, can't come into work today. well, i'm stuck under the bed. okay. i'll see you tomorrow. >> mommy, daddy is stuck under the bed again. >> again.
1:38 pm
>> it happens? it happened to my cat once. >> people are coming one if the darnedest excuses to get out of work. four in ten workers now have wild things and come up with even wild are excuses to get out of coming to work. you do this all the time. >> seems i'm like i don't know what happened but i'm walking funny this morning. always a rough one. one of my favorites -- >> eye drunk. >> he's on honest, though. >> the best -- the worst one is when your father passes away. it's like, well, you can't do that more than once. >> from and -- what if he dad have an excuse. >> he said -- my gram tried poison me with ham. the very important thing about lying or -- calling in sick when you're really not, details are very important. more details, the mow true it seems. >> my favorite one was the person who said the universe is telling me no not come into work today. i feel like there are hipster
1:39 pm
book stores and urban outfitters where they're like, i do understand. >> if this is a survey done, does this mean there's a phenomenon going on with people calling saying they're gram is trying to poison them. >> whatever happened to say i'm under the weather. >> you don't want to say you're throwing up. you say you have a fever. and honesty here works the best. it's like i just can't deal with you've guys today. let me stay home. >> that -- but you might just say, look, i'm really just under the weather. >> i don't want to infect you. make about that. >> i'll leave names out. i remember years ago, it was just -- giving away too much detail about bowel movements. >> don't bring me up. >> i didn't need to go there i understand you won't be in today. finally something -- whether you are out of work or just going to a restaurant, there's a big no-tipping policy happening in a number of restaurant
1:40 pm
changes. they charge now moore for what is on the menu but you don't have to tip. >> i'm not -- i served for many, many years and i think this will take the incentive out of offering -- >> waiter -- >> in the army. >> i served people. but it takes the incentive out of giving people at the restaurant a good dining experience. >> you know the help -- >> i was waitress for a long time but i was the worst waitress ever. i would forget things and instead of getting them, i'd stand at the table and be like you guys hate me. do you hate me? >> if i hustled i got more money. now it's no incentive. >> i was a waiter at itop where you got tips and awas a waiter at a country club where tips were part of it. you don't care that much about people. >> -- >> help thing people in the back, the dish washes, but it's going to boomer rang. >> you how heave to pay for at bacon, egg and cheese onlilet,
1:41 pm
the prices are higher. >> tip cup in a starbucks where they charge you $25. >> a regular customer and they slide you a tip as a bride? >> as long as -- as a bribe. >> i would have tipped you all the time. >> what about me? i also -- >> matchmaker, i'm sorry. >> every time we have attractive women here, you're witnessing on them. even if they're married. >> i would have -- >> look at the time. when me come -- come back, fantasy sports in nevada. a perfect reason to get rid of these guys, after this. (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term.
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well, you bet online on sports. fantasy sports, whatever you want to call it. it's a fantasy in nevada because the state is to longer allowing it so draft kings are stuck. what it means is the state is
1:45 pm
saying that it's gambling to them, pure and simple. not a contest of skill they argue. who is right? we have an attorney who agrees with this some janelle disagrees. why? >> well, the legal question here is, is this internet fantasy gaming a game of skill or a game of chance or luck? and most players would argue it's a game of skill because they're using their own analysis to predict the outcome. >> but they're betting money. >> they're betting money and actually -- the fantasy part is sort of a block to what is really happening because they're betting money a real life player is going to score points on a particular day, and then from that real life player's actions they get points on their fantasy teams. so they're really betting on real life players' activities. >> so it's not gambling. >> no. gambling. i'm saying gambling. >> excuse me. you're right. >> well, what happened is the federal government came down with an act that prohibited certain online bet organize
1:46 pm
gambling, and they carved out an exemption that talks about fantasy sports. the business model is not gambling, and they based it on this, is it a game of chance or a game of skill? >> it is to you? >> right now the legal precedent is it's legal. >> legal as gamble organize legal to do -- >> it's legal to do as not gambling. >> such great lawyers counties leave me lost. all die know -- this is something shy disclose -- 21st 21st century fox owns a stock in draft king. >> right there is the point. the big businesses are now investing in the fantasy sports model, which now what is happening is the law, the government, looking at them closer. a lot of more scrutiny. >> if you're in nevada and feeling threatened by this and then one guy maybe rigged the system or whatever happens, isn't it your golden moment to stick a spike in them? >> that's exactly what happened, because the federal government was allowing this particular
1:47 pm
fantasy sport game to exist as not gambling, a game of skill. picking out your team and thinking about it, not just throwing it to the wind and seeing what turns out. >> the end of fantasy port? >> no, it's very strong -- >> other states have -- >> i know new york is looking at this. >> some are carving out exemptions and some are not. at the end of the day it's still there. what we'll see is more consumer protection, so what happens with that employer winning, kind of like insider information -- that's the allegation -- won't happen anymore. too big of a business to get rid of it. >> do you thinking this leads to something where -- because i think the kinds are looking at it as their last stand and cannot have any threat online. >> you're right on target with what is really going on. this is going on in every state, and one state is now saying, even though the federal government is allowing did. >> many states have --
1:48 pm
>> you account do it in nevada. >> many states are coming down and making their own -- maryland has down it and arizona -- >> can they trace where you are using these sites from the so you can't use it. >> the action came from atlanta, to talk about where the online betting is happening through the internet. that's white they are so heavily regulated. >> thank you very much other. states are expected to follow suit. ladies, i appreciate in the meantime, we're getting new concerns over this iran number deal, -- nuke deal, not so much because of other countries are saying but what iran, iran itself is doing. after this.
1:49 pm
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all right. the one thing i love about having casey mcfarland on is she says stuff and other stuff happens. she warned you about this.
1:52 pm
the pro pac-10 of playing fast and loose with iran on nuclear capabilities leads others to want in, too. congressman ed rice will be joining us by monday. saying that the uae wants the same sort of -- well nuclear ambitions. now kt, what you do for one, you have to start doing for all, we learned that with kids. but boy, these aren't kids, these are kids with some powerful stuff, huh? >> yeah, these are kids that shouldn't even be allowed to play with matches. now they're going to be playing with nuclear weapons. all along it was never what obama said about the iran deal or what the europeans said or what the mainstream media said. i was always far more concerned with what do the countries in the region think of it? were they buying into it? did they think that it meant that iran was going to stop its nuclear program and now we're seeing the predictable results, they're not buying it. they think iran is getting nuclear weapons and capabilities. they're particularly worried that iran has a lot of extra money, $100 billion to use for
1:53 pm
whatever it wants. and even if it only uses 1% of that to support terrorist and proxy groups, these countries in the region say american has gone along with this. they've allowed iran to become this dominant power. they've allowed iran to become a nuclear weapons state we need our own. think you're seeing the first steps of a nuclear arms race for the middle east. >> you know this region so well, kt. i always think cynically that a lot of them already have that capability, they're just not saying it. >> well we think the israelis do. i think some of the countries in the region have probably already paid for somebody's nuclear program, in particular pakistan. it's been thought that the saudis paid for the pakistan nuclear program and they have access to pakistani's nuclear program any time they want. i'm not even terribly upset at the thought of iran getting nuclear weapons. because i don't think they're suicidal. i'm even that worried about other countries in the region
1:54 pm
getting nuclear weapons. i don't think they want to use them. what worries me is two or three steps down the chessboard. which is what if these countries get nuclear weapons and then their governments are overthrown. we saw with the arab spring, dictators can be overthrown in a matter of weeks. what happens if one of these gulf states gets nuclear weapons and they're overthrown and get taken over by radical islamists. for the first time we have people who want to use those weapons, who are suicidal. >> you wonder what happens if they end up in the wrong hands within the country. in other words they paid somebody on the side to get it and somebody has a dirty nuke or something like that and those countries can be a solve themselves of responsibility because they're hard to trace. god forbid something like that, we're going to bomb, but we can't quite prove. >> there would be no return address on that weapon, particularly a dirty nuke, a dirty bomb. >> is your biggest worry that
1:55 pm
isis gets something like this? >> yeah. why? because i think they would use them. here's the problem with isis and the radical shiites radical sunnis, they think that they have been chosen by the divine being. they think allah has designated them to encourage and to usher in the end times. now we can laugh at that and we can say that's so silly, that's crazy. they think it. and if people like that get their hands on nuclear weapons, then i think somebody uses one. >> scary stuff, kt thank you very much. >> it is scary. we're hearing the interior department is announcing it's curbing future offshore drilling. t relief suppositories for relief in minutes t relief and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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finally today, as some of you might know, in the last 24 hours, it has come to our attention that a frequent guest on this show might not have been who he purported to be. federal prosecutors now claim wayne simmons was not a former c.i.a. operative, or for that matter, ever worked at the c.i.a. at all. if it's true, then all our due
1:59 pm
diligence and vetting on mr. simmons missed this. that's big and that's on me and only me. and you as viewers have little reason to be comforted by the excuse that mr. simmons might, and i stress might have fooled many others, including no less than former defense secretary donald rumsfeld. but the responsibility to check out who comes on this show, ultimately lies with me. after all, it's my name on it. i'm in charge of it. i decide who comes on. if in so doing i wasn't thorough enough or followed up enough, it's on me. and i apologize. you have a right to expect guests who appear here, to be who they say they are here. now it's a very rare slip-up, but it's a very big slip-up and i will make doubly sure something like this never, ever happens again. i value your trust and i promise, i promise to work very hard to regain it. thank you.
2:00 pm
hello, i'm dana perino, along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, eric bolling and brian kilmeade. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." one of hillary clinton's closest aides went before the house select committee on benghazi. huma abedin went before congressmen. on thursday clinton will deliver public testimony. on tuesday she defended her decision to send ambassador stevens and others into harm's way. >> we did not put one single american soldier on the ground in libya.


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