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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 16, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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26 years ago, that movie predicted that the cubs would win the world series this year. >> 107-year drought. >> it's going to be great. >> congratulations to the mets. set your dvr to never miss an episode of "the five." president obama calls attacks on israelis random violence as he urges israelis and palestinians to stop the heated rhetoric that leads to anger. this is "special report." good evening and welcome to washington, i'm brett baier. hamas called on all palestinians to take part in a day of rage against israel. and they got their wish. right now, it's just past 1:00 a.m. in israel and darkness has replaced the flash of firebombs, grenades and gunfire. against this backdrop president obama said today that israel has a right to prevent its citizens from being subjected to whey
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called random violence. but he added, both sides should tamp down rhetoric that feeds misunderstanding and anger. earlier, correspondent john had you haddy -- huddy was in the middle of fighting in bethlehem. >> this has been the site of clashes all week here in the west bank city of bethlehem. you can see riders on the other side. here comes the military police. this is definitely increasing in intensity again. there have been clashes, rioting throughout the week, as the violence throughout jerusalem and other parts of israel has been escalating. today a palestinian man posing as a news photographer attacked an israeli soldier in the west bank town of heb ron. police shot and killed that attacker and this morning, palestinian rioters set the tomb of joseph ablaze in nablus. over the past month, eight israelis have been killed in palestinian terror attacks, the majority of them stabbings. so far, 31 palestinians have
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reportedly been killed, by israeli fire, 15 of them during attacks. the others in clashes with israeli troops. and as the violence continues, so does the political dissension, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas traded jabs this week. abbas accusing israeli forces of executing palestinians in quote-unquote cold blood. and netanyahu accusing abbas of spreading lies and inciting violence. one of the main triggers -- fighting at the temple mount, al aqsa compound. today president obama called on both sides to tamp down the rhetoric and end the violence. >> this kind of violence isn't going to result in anything other than more hardship and more insecurity. i think my views are well known, that over time the only way that
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israel going to be truly the on palestinians are going to be able to meet the aspirations of their people is if there are two states living side by side in peace and security. >> and prime minister netanyahu will be meeting with u.s. secretary of state john kerry at some point next week in europe to discuss ways to try to quell the violence and find a political solution. it's unclear, though, if palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas will be joining that discussion at this point. that seems very unlikely. brett? >> john huddy live in jerusalem. well president obama said today that russia and iran are just doing more of what they have been doing. in syria and with a new ballistic missile test. and he says neither will work out well. the president made those comments following a meeting with south korea's leader, the subject of renewed attention following her recent courtship by both china and russia. correspondent kevin corke reports from the white house.
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>> at today's joint news conference with south korea, president park, president obama insisted that close ties between washington and seoul weren't strained by an increasingly influential china. >> sometimes there's a perception that if president park meets with president xi that that must cause a problem for us. well i -- president xi was in this room eating my food. >> still, the treng of that relationship is cause for concern. ms. park travelled to beijing last month and appeared with china's president xi and russia's president vladimir putin at a military parade. that visit raised eyebrows in washington. worrisome say experts at a time when beijing continues to be a buffer to north korea. whose nuclear program remain as threat in the region and claims it has developed ballistic missiles that can reach the u.s. west coast. >> we need the south koreans to step up to this alliance.
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every day there are 28,500 american servicemen and women in south korea to defend that country this is the least south korea can do to defend the united states. >> chang says in addition to beijing and pyongyang seoul faces increasing pressure from moscow to keep american missiles off the korean peninsula. today the president repeated his criticism of russia. which is involved in a proxy war to prop up the faltering assad regime. mr. obama left open the door for future dialogue. >> my hope is that as we continue to have these conversations, and as i suspect russia starts realizing that they're not going to be able to bomb their way to a peaceful situation inside the syria. that we'll be able to make progress on that front. >> that drew a stinging rebuke from russia's prime minister who tweeted of u.s. efforts quote, the u.s. has achieved nothing in
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the fight against isis in syria. only russia's involvement has changed the situation. moscow has longstanding ties with tehran and its proximity to syria, iraq and afghanistan makes iran even more troubling for a white house eager to draw down its regional military presence. critics say this week's decision to leave nearly 10,000 troops in afghanistan through 2016 did little to improve u.s. chances of helping the afghans, but was still better than his previous plan. >> there reach as point where the numbers get so low that the only thing they're able to do is to spend all day defending themselves. that's the issue with the numbers. >> i agree with that announcement. frankly if you look at what happened with iraq, we should have never been in iraq in the first place. but when we took the troops out, that was the end of that and now iran is taking over iraq, as sure as you're sitting there. >> as you can imagine, brett, the two leaders certainly talked about trade, including the trans-pacific partnership, the u.s. and south korea already have a bilateral agreement that
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dates back to 2011. president park says she is interested in joining the partnership. lawyers for a libyan man accused in the benghazi terror attacks have asked a judge to dismiss the charges. ahmed abu katela was in court, captured by u.s. special forces last year. his attorneys say the charge of providing material support to terrorists is unconstitutionally vague and that other charges are designed for domestic, not international crime. one of hillary clinton's most trusted aides spent most of the day testifying before the house select benghazi committee. huma abedin spoke to reporters hours ago. >> i came here today to be as truthful as i could be to the committee. i wanted to honor the service of those lost and injured in the benghazi attacks. >> it was an all-day testimony
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and the testimony could be considered the undercard to next week's main event. when clinton goes before that panel. for new public, her focus remains on the campaign. the chief white house correspondent ed henry has that story tonight. >> trying to create momentum out of her strong debate performance, hillary clinton headed back to new hampshire where she's trailing democratic socialist senator bernie sanders and used a cnn interview to raise more doubts about the republicans' investigation of benghazi. >> i will do my best to answer their questions. but i don't really know what their objective is right now. >> that came as the drip drip continued for clinton. her long-time confidante and aide, huma abedin went behind closed doors to give testimony. clinton will give testimony next thursday. ahead of that appearance, clinton's campaign is still trying to muddy the waters, by
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insisting that abedin knows nothing about the september 11th 2012 terror attacks. clinton spokesman claiming in a statement about abedin it remains unclear why the committee is focused on her, given her lack of knowledge about the events surrounding benghazi. that's contradictory to some of the emails that abedin exchanged with clinton. where the aide confided she had a long visit with my friend, who was in benghazi. what's really going on is democrats are still using the comments of the house majority leader, kevin mccarthy to throw a cloud over all of the investigations of clinton. >> the question also becomes whether this is a taxpayer-funded effort. to derail the candidacy of loyal hoyle. hillary clinton. >> it's harder for democrats to make the same case about the nonpartisan fbi investigation of clinton's server.
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president obama seemed to dismiss and prejudge their probe before it's finished. >> i can tell you it's not a situation in which america's national security was endangered. >> today the president ducked a question about whether he thinks that prp joe biden is going to enter the race. hillary clinton announcing she's got $33 million in the bank. it's going to be a lot of catching up to do for biden, if he does get in. >> hillary clinton is not that worried about the fbi investigation, or doesn't at least publicly seem like that. >> it doesn't appear so. thinks she can focus on the benghazi committee, beat them up. that's more fertile ground for them. i think when you've got john podesta, her campaign chairman out there saying joe biden has got to make a decision, they're feeling strong coming out of the debate. think even if he gets in, she's going to win. >> ed, thank you. up next, what republican presidential candidates are saying about fundraising, plus a new jab by donald trump that is raising some eyebrows, again. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the
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country are covering tonight. fox 11 los angeles, where the california highway patrol says it will take days to reopen state highway north of the city that is choked with mud between two and six feet deep. take a look at that. after yesterday's mudslides, hundreds of trucks were backed up for miles today because of the closure. fox 26 in houston, where the collapse of a scaffold at a construction site has sent six workers to the hospital. the site for the luxury apartment build something across the street from the houston astros baseball stadium. rescue personnel are using special scanning equipment to look for pedestrians who may have been trapped by the falling metal. a live look at austin from our affiliate, fox 7 in texas. the big story there, officials say 40 structures, mostly homes, have been destroyed by the hidden pines fire. it's burned 4600 acres so far. it's about 25% contained. evacuated residents are not being allowed to return to their homes yet. officials say early indications are the blaze may have been caused by a farming or ranching
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od. helping the world keep promises. donald trump hosts a rally in suburban boston in just a few minutes. the billionaire's return to the stump follows a week where much of the attention in the race has been on money. as in who's raising it, spending it, and needing it. but something else trump said in an interview today is getting a lot of attention. senior political correspondent mike emmanuel has the wrap-up. >> now in the fourth quarter of 2015, campaign seeking to stand out in a crowded republican field are touting some of their financial strengths. while texas senator ted cruz wasn't the top fundraiser in the third quarter, he has the distinction of most cash on hand with a more than $2 million edge over the top rivals. then there's the showdown between florida's former governor, jeb bush, and current senator, marco rubio, with bush raising more money, but with a
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higher biron rate. the top five republicans in terms of cash on hand are cruz, dr. ben carson, rubio, bush, and former ceo, carly fiorina. >> our fundraising as our latest report suggested, our fundraising trajectory is on the rise day after day after day. and certainly we are seeing that throughout october. >> and kentucky senator rand paul who has been struggling in recent polls, says the money rate should be considered in terms of a candidate's staying power. >> we've raised nearly $20 million. so we have 150,000 donors, there's a lot of dish measurements other than just a poll. >> it appears that cnbc caved after trump and carson threatened to back out of the upcoming debate in colorado on october 28th. >> they want to make this an extra hour. think it's unfair to the viewers, it's too much. >> one of the stars of the last gop debate blasted her opponents. >> apparently they're worried about answering questions for three hours. for heaven's sakes, we have 10
3:17 pm
candidates on the stage, i don't think three hours is a long time and i think the american people like these debates. >> this morning trump tweeted quote, cnbc has agreed that the the debate will be two hours. fantastic news for all. rubio said his focus is on the big picture. >> this election is not about me. it's not about whether i want to stand for three hours behind a podium or not. this election is about the future of america. >> meanwhile, trump likely raised a few republican eyebrows when near the end of an interview with bloomberg he went out of his way to criticize former president george w. bush for the september 11th attacks. >> when you talk about george bush, i mean say what you want, the world trade center came down during his time. he was president, okay? don't blame him, but he was president. >> this afternoon, jeb bush fired back on twitter -- how pathetic for real donald trump to criticize the president for 9/11. we were attacked and my brother kept us safe. >> much of the republican field
3:18 pm
has been witnessing for trump's unfiltered comments to get him in trouble with likely gop voters. it's not clear if the blame game on the september 11th attacks will be that moment. brett? >> doubtful, mike. thank you. one of the most interesting exchange in this week's democrat debate concerned the subject of socialism. and how some european countries are perceived to be ahead of the u.s. in certain respects. tonight correspondent doug mckelway looks at the politics of capitalism versus socialism. >> democratic presidential candidate senator bernie sanders has been pushing the nordic model of social democracy. as a cure for america's income inequality but would it work here? >> i think we should look to countries like denmark, like sweden and norway. and learn from what they have accomplished for their working people. >> denmark's model offers a mix of free market capitalism with cradle-to-grave benefits, including free health care, college tuition, retirement, child care and sick days, but it comes at a price, denmark's top individual tax rate is 55.41%.
3:19 pm
there are value-added taxes, $180% tax on new cars. gasoline at $6.36 a gallon is among the highest in europe. all of which may help explain hillary clinton's reaction to sanders' plan. >> we are not denmark, i love denmark, we're the united states of america and it's our job to rein in the excesses of capitalism so it doesn't run amuck. >> ironically for sanders and clinton, both of whom oppose the trans-pacific partnership. it's free trade and low corporate taxes which allow the nordic model to work. >> part of their success has been build globally competitive companies. and sell around the world, use those resources to fund these big social welfare systems. >> according to the world bank, denmark actually has better business environment than the united states. >> once noted for their work ethic, nordic countries are now finding younger citizens are abusing the state's generosity. >> in sweden, researchers have
3:20 pm
found that people tend to fall sick primarily on fridays. >> so many young people in particular are not working, being disabled for life. it's a clear abuse. and one that has generated a lot of discontent. >> studies have shown that the more ethnically homogenous a culture, the higher the tax rates tend to be. as diversity decreases, so are doubts about the welfare system. still ahead, they agree on repealing obamacare, but what do republican presidential candidates want to replace it with? first, they have declared an islamic caliphate. now isis terrorists are getting serious about statehood?
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people who pay close attention say isis is changing some of its tactics. when it comes to the message it wants to spread. less emphasis on brutality, more focus on governance. although the brutality part still seems pretty prevalent. but correspondent benjamin hall shows us how isis may be evolving. >> baking, farming and fishing, bustling markets and clean hospitals, beautiful landscapes, not things usually associated with isis. but they're now being used by the terrorist group to paint a very different picture of life inside the caliphate. a recent analysis by the quill am foundation of the staggering 9,000 pieces of propaganda that isis releases every month. shows how the majority of it concentrates on statehood, not violence. >> the fact that it's got an economy, the fact that it has
3:25 pm
schools and hospitals. i mean of course these are all for a very heavily refined and eye dialized lens. what they're trying to sell is the utopia. >> the brutal videos do still exist, but in fewer numbers and isis still seeks to attack the u.s. but this shift has been seen by some as a sign of growing confidence in light of the ineffective bombing campaign against them. isis is not able to deliver on their promises of statehood yet. recently discovered documents show the majority of their money, estimated up to $300 million a year, is still spent on battle. they do have plans to change the financial system and introduce their own currency. within the province of dar ezor in syria the finances break down as 2.8% spent on media. 10.4 on the islamic police, 63.4 on military and 23.4 on governance. the fact remains that for a group which is being attacked by so many countries, including russia and the u.s., to even
3:26 pm
consider setting up a state is embarrassing and what's more, it's dangerous. the longer they have to dig in, the harder they will be to remove. brett? >> benjamin hal in london. thank you. confusion tonight over a possible cyberbreach of dow jones. the fbi is confirming it is investigating. short time ago a spokesman said dow jones has received no information from authorities about any matter. the dow today gained 74. the s&p 500 was up 9. the nasdaq finished ahead 17. for the week the dow was u up .75%. the s&p 500 gained almost 1. the nasdaq picked up a little over 1. republican presidential candidates want to scrap obamacare for something new. we'll take a look at what that might be, when we come back.
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round three of obamacare sign-ups begin on the 1st of november. we told you this week projections for subscribers are down significantly. next year the fate of the president's health care law will be a major issue in the race to succeed him. tonight correspondent rich edison examines what several republican contenders say they will do. >> republicans on health care.
3:31 pm
>> we have to repeal obamacare. >> we will repeal every word of obamacare. >> i will work immediately to repeal and replace obamacare. >> we' going to repeal it and replace it with something great. >> great. though critics have been asking -- with what? with varying levels of detail, republicans have announced principles and some specifics. >> the republican proposals are consistent between the candidates. even if the candidate hasn't come out with a long plan. all the republican candidates have pretty much embraced the same outline with only some policy wonk nuanced differences. >> former florida governor jeb bush, senator marco rubio and louisiana governor bobby jindal off the most detail. the foundation provides americans tax credits to provide americans insurance. basic plans to protect against high-cost medical events. rubio's plan features health insurance credits for all americans, increase in value every year.
3:32 pm
jindal's proposal offer as uniformed tax credit. these republicans also expand health savings accounts, funds that allow earners to direct part of their paychecks tax-free to pay for health care. >> a better approach is to put everyone in charge of their own health care spending. >> and republicans would encourage states to create high-risk pools, designed to cover those with preexisting conditions. as for health care for seniors, medicare, bush, rubio and jindal have hinted at owe proposed, gradually transforming medicare. as for medicaid, insurance for lower income americans, they propose transferring the program to the states with the help of federal grants. obamacare expanded medicaid, adding millions of americans to the program. most republicans oppose that expansion, though new jersey governor and ohio governor expanded medicaid under the law in their states. other candidates have offered a few concepts or less. dr. ben carson says he supports
3:33 pm
health savings accounts, mike huckabee proposes paying health care providers based on addressing an entire illness, instead of billing for each service. most republicans propose granting insurer. carly fiorina references other republicans' plans, whim her spokesperson says our theory is is there's lots of great conservative ideas out there year after year, but it never gets done. what we need is a leader who can get it done, so that's what we're all about. one major unresolved issue among the republican proposals -- >> none of the republicans have said how they're going to pay for their plans. i think i know how they're going to get paid for it think they're going to take all the revenues in obamacare and use the same revenues for what really would be better health reform and i think that the cost of the problem of the republican plans is not going to be much less than obamacare, it's a wiser use of the money. >> while republicans relentlessly campaign on repealing obamacare, democrats vow to defend it. >> i'm not going to let them
3:34 pm
tear up that law. kick 16 million people off their health cover annage and force this country to start the health care debate all over again? not on my watch. >> democrats charge that repealing obamacare and transforming medicare and medicaid will cost millions. mostly lower income americans, their insurance benefits, making comprehensive changes to those programs exceptionally difficult to shepherd through congress. republicans contend a failure to do so will lead to their insolvency. brett? >> rich, thank you. president obama on attacks on israelis, iran launching missiles and russia in syria all in one day with the panel.
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this kind of random violence isn't going to result in anything other than more
3:38 pm
hardship. and more insecurity. the only way that israel is going to be truly secure, is the only way that the palestinians are going to be able to meet the aspirations of their people is if there are two states living side by side in peace and security. >> president obama on the situation in israel. specifically the escalation of violence there. as hamas called for a day of rage. and pretty much carried it out today. as that battle continue. we'll begin there with the president's comments, at a news conference. let's bring in our panel. steve hayes, senior writer for the "weekly standard," and ann guerin, and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. >> i think if you look at what the president said on the israeli/palestinian issues and also on iran and russia, it was almost a picture of passivity. and the president didn't seem to be terribly engaged. i thought on the israeli question, he used euphemisms in
3:39 pm
a way about talking about random violence. think this is quite purposeful violence in many cases, these aren't random acts and i think that's what makes them so striking and has led to this new series of violence we're seeing. >> he called about tamping down rhetoric and clearly, both sides have talked about that and possibly engaging in new talks. when you talk to israelis, they say this is cut and dry. they are attacking. >> yes, i mean and u.s. leverage to prime minister netanyahu to ask him to really to do much of anything different is pretty limited here. certainly president abbas has said some of the right things in terms of trying to limit incitement. but he's also said some of the wrong things. and u.s. influence is limited there as well. from what obama has basically got to do at this point is to try 0 get both of them, both
3:40 pm
leaders to on each of their own sides, do a little bit more. >> as we've seen with the p palestinians, there's hamas and there's abbas in the west bank and controlling both factions is pretty difficult to do. >> absolutely. there's no way that the hamas leadership is going to listen to us or anything else. and they don't listen to president abbas, in some ways that's a bit of a lost cause in terms of what anyone could do from the outside to influence them. but run of the reasons that this particular spate of violence is so disturbing is it is playing out in every venue. it's in gaz, it's in the west bank and it's in jerusalem. and certainly president abbas does have influence in the west bank and in jerusalem. >> what about the influence of the u.s. and the president's comments today. >> it's beyond passivity that we saw from the president. this is an appalling moral equivalence between the perpetrators of terrorism, a
3:41 pm
word obama would not use. he disgracefully called it, he called it random violence. as if what we're dealing here is the oregon shooter. this is a campaign to kill innocent jews wherever they are. so instead of calling it that, he has essentially said it's the equivalent on both sides cycle of violence. he said it's not going to create more stability or advance any causes. as if the reason to announce the stabbing of a 72-year-old woman on a bus or a 13-year-old boy on a bike, is because it's not going to advance your cause. the reason to denounce it is because it is evil, it is an abomination that's a violation of all civilized norms and obama speaks about it as if it's a traffic violation. and the secretary of state says well this has to do with settlements. which is completely false.
3:42 pm
this began with a rumor and a blood libel ved led by hamas ane palestinian leadership and changing the al aqsa mosque, which the israelis are not and it's being repeated by abbas and others and that's why people are attacking the jews and the desecrators of islam. the president ought to say that and the fact that he doesn't is a betrayal of israel. next on russia, we've heard the president before on russia's activities inside syria. he was asked about that again today. >> there's no meeting of the minds in terms of strategy but my hope is that as we continue to have these conversations and as we suspect russia starts realizing that they're not going to be able to bomb their way to a peaceful situation inside of
3:43 pm
syria, that we'll be able to make progress on that front. >> well this comes shortly after that. the russian prime minister demetri medvedev. said the u.s. a has achieved nothing in the fight against isis in syria. only russia's involvement has changed that situation. steve? >> again, i think this is the president engaged in wishful thinking. we heard it from the president with respect to ukraine. he used to say russia, vladimir putin will learn that this is not in his interests to do this. he is saying the same thing here. we've seen that vladimir putin has a very strong sense of his interests and president obama just doesn't understand it. i also thought it was interesting that the president had said after ukraine. after the cry crimean peninsula.
3:44 pm
the president saying we're opening paths to communication, working on deconfliction, which is important in its own way. but clearly working with the russians or at least in diplomatic sense, working with the russians. think it sends the wrong message after saying we were going to isolate the russians for so long. >> ann? >> now that the russians are involved in syria, what else would he do but try to make sure that they stay, we stay out of their way and they stay out of ours. >> that part is understandable. but i think you could also stand up to russia and make clear that russia is not going to be doing this and make an argument in a way that says something beyond it's not in your interests. >> frankly, ann, don't you think there's some element of it that the u.s. administration likes what russia is doing. in overview, that they are fighting the battle and the u.s. is essentially not? >> on one level, the outcome here could potentially be to u.s. interests in terms of just
3:45 pm
stopping the war. but on every other level, no. because this is only going to produce more refugees, which is currently one of the largest problems on the world stage. and one that again u.s. influences is limited to deal with. but it's something certainly that president obama is hearing from every day. from his european allies. it's very difficult. so there's that problem. it obviously stirs up iran, it causes all kinds of potential problems with hezbollah. so having russia there even if it does shortsen the war eventually, in the near term, causes many, many other ripple effects and many problems. >> the short-term in that they have different targets. >> and the russians aren't in any way impeding isis. you can see it on the ground. there's not a theoretical proposition. they've been attacking the forces, anti-isis, anti-assad forces, our clients, our people, they've been attacking them from
3:46 pm
the air. and as a result, isis has expanded into the suburbs of aleppo, taken them over, this is territory they had lost before, as a direct result of the russian attacks on the nonjihadist talibans. they're working hand in glove. they want to divide syria between assad and isis and say to the world, you got no choice and that's what's happening. obama has washed his hands, if you pronounce an area a quagmire, that means you're out and that's what obama has done. >> he talked about iran saying the iran nuclear deal is different than the u.n. sanctions that iran is violating with testing a ballistic missile. next up, friday lightning round. stick with us. hey america, still not sure whether to stay
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i know bernie sanders said that, quote: the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. [ laughter ] but there are a lot of people who are not. [ laughter ] >> including fbi officials. why' something classified whether north korea or drones or informant for the cia that it wouldn't be emailed to you and why wouldn't you consider that having it on your personal account with some server in colorado might be a potential risk? >> well, first of all, nothing and i will underscore nothing that i was sent or that i sent was marked classified. >> the inspector general of the intelligence community said that some of the stuff contained classified information when it was generated whether or not it was marked classified. >> well, that is just a very strong difference of opinion. the state department does not agree with that. >> we'll start there. hillary clinton talking to jake tapper on cnn ahead of
3:51 pm
testimony this next week in front of the benghazi select committee about benghazi and emails. we're back with the panel and you cover this campaign, her performance in that interview and what you took out of it? >> well, she is really doubling down on her main talking points on the email issue. some of them are not quite correct. she says one of her predecessors did the same thing and other government officials have done the same thing. yes, lots of other people have used aol or g mail accounts. she is referring to colin powell. he did not have a completely separate and privately owned system maintained in parallel to the one that the state department used. that is not the same thing. but she keeps saying that. and she is expected to continue to say some of these same points to the extent that they are part of the benghazi testimony next week. her larger point though is that what she did in setting
3:52 pm
up the system the way it was set up and maintaining it was sort of unremarkable. and i mean i think we can all say, since nobody else ever had one of these things in some respects it is remarkable or at the very least unorthodox. but her point is, look, i mean, everybody uses g mail. you know, we all pass information back and forth through a variety of means and none -- nothing that was passed in any form of email to her was marked classified at the time technically correct but not really the whole story. >> exactly. which is why, steve, the white house had had to walk back the president's comments to sixth mince saying it wasn't a national security threat as this fbi investigation continues and the fbi, some people privately are saying that made them pretty upset. >> they should be upset. i think the president got way ahead of the evidence that we have. that's precisely what the investigation is seeking to find out. look, i think her marked
3:53 pm
classified argument is a bogus argue many. of course it wasn't marked classified. the very nature of her private system meant that that kind of information wasn't being processed by the people who would classify it. so, of course it wasn't marked classified. that was one thing that stood out to me in this interview. the other thing was her repeated reliance on the arb, this state department review of what happened in benghazi. it's important to remember that the leaders of that panel were hand picked by hillary clinton. they didn't have her emails. they didn't interview her. and they provided draft copies of the report to her chief of staff before it was made public. that's not really an independent board. but i guarantee she will use it as a shield when she appears before congress next week. >> all right. quickly, biden in or out? >> i was saying all along he would get in but i think he would be crazy to get in now. >> i don't think he gets in now. but i think he waits a little while so it doesn't appear that the hillary debate performance is the driving factor. >> i have been skeptical all
3:54 pm
along there are new reports just this afternoon that suggest that he is inching towards an entry later this week. >> lots of reports all over the place. all right, steve, winners and losers. >> so my winner is iran. we didn't get to it in the first panel but i think, the kind of answer that the president gave on iran today where he sort of shrugged off their ballistic missile test signals to iran that they have free reign to do what they want. my loser was lincoln lincoln chafee who defends his controversial votes in congress by using an argument that i don't let my kids use which is everybody else was doing it. it it was a poor argument and one of the poorest debate performances i remember. >> winner and loser. >> winner were democrats in general with 60 million roughly on hand, split between hillary and bernie. that is almost exactly the same figure 61 million for the entire 15 member republican field.
3:55 pm
yes there are a lot of caveats here. donald trump has plenty of money. doesn't have anything to do with the fec. it really shows that you there is some fundraising is diffuse and problematic on the republican side and relatively steady on the track side. loser is jeb bush with 13.4 million on hand. a middling performance for the former frontrunner and sore of confirmatory that he is now in the middle of the pack. >> winner or loser? >> loser would have been lincoln chafee but he was nowhere land to start with. to suspects jim webb. hillary was handed the nomination when sanders said we're sick and tired the damn emails. case closed. she gets out of jail free. >> i saw your column on that very point. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for your friday feedback.
3:56 pm
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tough to make peace with people hamas and hezbollah who wanted you dead. on our story about isis seeking statehood we asked if it could happen, sarah jane clark tweets americans will only be able to look on in horror as our country's leaders do nothing to stop isis from evolving. charlene marcus say no they will be defeated if not under obama under putin. examination of republican plans to replace obamacare, repeal and replace, we asked if the president's healthcare law will be repealed. jackie weinstein tweets no. and it shouldn't be. and tammy s. writes it definitely has to be repealed or fixed. it's stopping our medical professionals from doing their jobs effectively. thank you all for writing in. that's our friday feedback. and thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special
4:00 pm
report," fair, balanced and unafraid. make it a great weekend. greta goes "on the record" right now. ♪ ♪ tonight, "on the record." human that abedin. she is hillary clinton's right hand woman and today her much anticipated appearance abedini headed herself. testifying before the benghazi select committee. just moments ago abedini speaking in washington. >> good afternoon, everybody. >> good afternoon. i came here today to be as helpful as i could be to the committee. i wanted to honor the service of those lost and injured in the benghazi attacks. i'm proud to have served at the state department and i was honored to


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