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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 16, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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meantime, have a great weekend. tonight, "on the record." human that abedin. she is hillary clinton's right hand woman and today her much anticipated appearance abedini headed herself. testifying before the benghazi select committee. just moments ago abedini speaking in washington. >> good afternoon, everybody. >> good afternoon. i came here today to be as helpful as i could be to the committee. i wanted to honor the service of those lost and injured in the benghazi attacks. i'm proud to have served at the state department and i was honored to work for
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secretary clinton and alongside distinguished diplomats and foreign service officers. i appreciated the time both the members and the committee staff today and i answered all their questions to the best of my ability. and with that i will be making no further comments. thank you. >> you will hear what went on behind those closed doors. benghazi committee member westmoreland goes "on the record." chief white house correspondent ed henry is here. ed? >> it's interesting the committee has now dissolved to the point when republicans last night put out some details about when yuma abedin would be showing up. clinton campaign jumping on it they weren't sure why all this leaked out. seemed like an attempt to attack huma abedin something republicans insisted they were not doing. just the fact they are fighting over the minor details. the clinton campaign sees a golden opportunity ahead of hillary clinton's public testimony next tuesday.
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why this was important today that is the main event next thursday when hillary clinton raises her right hand as has to be sworn. this may be the last chance republicans have her under oath before the iowa caucuses and the new hampshire primary. and so what they're doing is still milking the comments from kevin mccarthy that this is about politics. they want to jump on every little thing. in fact, a clinton aid put out a spokesman put out a statement today saying huma abedin doesn't know anything about benghazi why was she there? if you check the records, we have had some emails released her huma abedin sends emails to hillary clinton talking about how she spoke to someone who had been in benghazi. look, i don't know the full extent of what that means. maybe it was a brief conversation. this is obviously a fair area of inquiry. but it's become so poisoned that everything is going to be jumped on. final point is, look, it's easy for the clinton campaign to try to undermine this investigation because of the mccarthy comment because of the whistle blower situation. all the back and forth.
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this fbi investigation and the fact that the "new york times" today is reporting fbi agents are upset about the fact that the president went out there last week on cbs "60 minutes" he doesn't think anything went wrong. national security because of the hillary clinton server. you have fbi agents telling the "new york times" why was the commander and chief out there before this probe is over. before the evidence has even been presented to say there was no damage here. so, look, at the end of the day it's harder for the clinton campaign to say that the fbi, which is nonpartisan and overseen, by the way, by the obama justice department is partisan. so you are not going to see them attacking the fbi but you are going to see them attacking especially in the run up to hillary clinton's testimony they are going to attack this committee every day. >> ed, thank you. >> good to see you. >> you hear a lot about huma abedin secretary clinton's long time confident but do you know who she is? >> how are you? >> this is huma abedin, hillary clinton's right hand woman. >> i'm proud to have served at the state department. and i was honored to work for secretary clinton. >> and today the woman hot
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"new york times" calls hillary clinton's most trusted and most visible confidante is facing tough questions on capitol hill. >> i came here today to be as helpful as i could be to the committee. >> but who is huma abedin and what does she do for hillary clinton? the story goes back to 1996. abedin a student at george washington university gets an internship in the clinton white and is assigned to then first lady hillary clinton. >> i want to be your senator from new york. thank you all very much. >> during the 2000 senate campaign abedin officially becomes clinton's personal aide. then in 2008, serves as clinton's body woman. essentially the person who follows right behind her during her first run for the white house. but when that didn't turn out, abedin becomes deputy chief of staff in clinton's state department. that's not all. just last august, the "the washington post" reporting this bombshell, abedin worked for multiple private sector companies while
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working at the state department, including work for a consulting firm run by a close clinton ally and simultaneously getting paid by the clinton foundation. an arrangement that's attracted criticism. >> she could could have them legally if people treated the law like a pretzel and infantly elastic as the laws tend to be when they get in the clinton orbit. >> some making an issue of abedin's husband notorious husband anthony weiner who famously tweeted his private parts and lied about it stood by her husband's scandal. >> it was not an easy choice in any way. but i made the decision that it was worth staying in this marriage. >> but as questions and controversy surrounded secretary clinton's use of a personal server to sort government emails, there is one thing the emails do make clear, there are few people as close to hillary clinton as huma abedin. >> and in a statement issued
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today, the clinton campaign saying in part the committee's focus on huma is additional evidence that the attack of benghazi and lessons about how we might better protect diplomats serving in dangerous places are the last things on the committee's mind. and today benghazi hearing was aimed at finding out what happened on the night of september 11th, 2012 when four americans including our u.s. ambassador chris stevens were murdered. did lawmakers get the answer they were looking for? benghazi select committee member westmoreland goes "on the record." thank you for being here, sir. >> thank you for having me. >> as far as you can tell is huma abedin honest and fort worth in answering all the questions you put to her. >> i think she is a very nice lady and she was forthcoming. there is things she couldn't recall and couldn't remember. these things happened four years ago. i think she tried to answer every question. >> when you say the things she couldn't remember, do you believe that she legitimately couldn't remember them or that she is dodging you? >> i think everybody remembers the day the twin
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towers were hurt or kennedy was slain. so on an event where you lose four people that are representing this country in the foreign land, you would think that you would remember everything about that day. >> all right. well, what -- was there anything that surprised you about her testimony or that you learned new about her testimony. >> there are a lot of things. if you are somebody's deputy chief of staff for operations, and you are that close to the secretary, you are going to hear conversations that go on. especially if are the one scheduling her events it was interesting to find out from her where the secretary was at find out what kind of communication she had with the secretary. what she had planned for the secretary. what she was going through in the following three to four days which were very important to the american people to find out exactly you what happened in benghazi. >> at any point did she tell
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you whether the secretary on the night of encephalopathy 11th, 2012 had a conversation with the president about what was going on? >> she said she did but she was in new york. >> who was, huma? >> huma was in new york that night. i think she could just tell us what she had been told. she did say that there had been a conversation with the president that night. >> do you have any information about what was being said or is there anything unusual at all or did it just seem that this was a state department obviously very distressed by what was going on in benghazi? >> i think greatly distressed about what was going on in benghazi. it is still unclear what was in those conversations. and we didn't know that of course i don't think she knew that. so that's going to be an interesting point is exactly what were in these conversations and who all did she talk to that night? >> who meaning secretary clinton, not huma? >> yes, ma'am. that's what we were trying to hopefully find out. but since she was in new york, she couldn't provide
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us with a lot of that. >> all right. so, you learned nothing particularly to advance your investigation. is that the headline from this? >> no. i think that, you know, every day we learn something from every witness that we interview. we have interviewed about 50 witnesses since june. only one of them really pertained to the emails and that was brian pagliano. >> did you ask huma about the emails at all or was that not about the discussion. >> we asked her about the server, if she knew it was a private server. evidently this private server was online. >> did she? >> she did. >> did she say anything about whether or not there was ever a discussion whether it was permissible to have a private server? >> she did not. >> did you ask her about what kind of information was on the server? >> she did -- the only thing that she knew is that she had personal email that she had with the secretary and their family about things
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that she would need to schedule for the family doing something. and so she had three he, i think she said she has got -- she had a private email and the clinton email and email. >> did she say there was ever any discussion about whether secretary clinton should have a server? >> no, ma'am. >> you didn't ask her or she didn't say that? >> we didn't really ask her if she thought it was proper for her to have one. >> not so much about was there a discussion about don't don't put that in your basement or go ahead and put that in your basement? no discussion about that. >> i was there about two and a half hours, if that question was asked it was not while i was in there. >> all and all you were satisfied with her answers? >> i think she did the best job that she could in trying to give us the information we asked for. she answered every question. >> congressman, thank you for joining us, thank you, sir. >> thank you, ma'am.
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and breaking news in the middle east, hamas calling for a day of rage against israelis, the palestinian militant group launching violent attacks. overnight dozens of palestinians set fire to jacob's tomb a sacred jewish site and the violence not expected to slow down any time soon. john huddy is live in jerusalem. john? >> well, you are right. it doesn't look like it's going to slow down any time soon, greta. that's because of two really main things. the political dissension that continues among palestinian and israeli between palestinian and israeli leaders. and also the intense violence that continues as well. violence that we saw upclose. take a look. [gunfire. >> this has been the site of clashes all weep week in the city of bethlehem. can you see riders on the other side. here comes the military police. this is definitely increasing in intensity again. there have been clashes riding throughout the week
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as the violence throughout jerusalem and other parts of israel has been escalating. >> and israeli security forces are paying extra attention to the media at this point because, after a palestinian man in the west bank city of hebron posing as a news photographer pulled a knife and began stabbing viciously an israeli soldier, israeli soldiers in turn shot and killed that attacker. as the violence continues at the top. so does the political dissension. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu trading jabs this week with palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas. and, greta, we found out earlier that prime minister netanyahu will be meeting with u.s. secretary of state john kerry at some point next week in europe to discuss ways to try to quell the violence, come to some sort of political solution
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though at this point it's unclear if mahmoud abbas will be part of that discussion. that seems very, very unlikely, greta, this as the atmosphere in jerusalem -- i talked about this last night. people wondering if this is are going to stop if at all there is a lot of concern as the security remains extremely high as well. >> john, what sort of provoked this are two lies as i understand it one is that the palestinians said that the israelis were going to take over the mosque aloxa that was one thing and two president mahmoud bass said the israelis is executed a palestinian boy. also not true. are the palestinians making that admission to these things are false and these were false accusations so maybe everybody could come to this discussion with the facts on the table? >> well, the short answer is no. and what -- you know, we
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talked about this last time i was on the show. in terms of the 13-year-old palestinian boy, mahmoud abbas in his speech that he delivered wednesday night said that israelis are executing palestinians in quote, unquote, cold blood. and he held up the picture of a 13-year-old boy who was involved -- who stabbed an israeli teenager the same age, and that abbas held his picture up as if he was killed. turns out that boy wasn't killed but wounded and being treated in an israeli hospital here in israel. as for temple mound he said those were unfounded rumors that israel is not trying to change the status quo. it continues and seems like not going to join in. he did speak with secretary clear so we are waiting to hear. >> fueling a lot of
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distention and silence. anyway, john, thank amidst the rising violence news today that israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. good evening, sir i realize they are working on all the last details to make sure this happens. >> good to be with you. nice to have you. what do you an tisz pate a meeting with prime minister netanyahu and eacket kerry will bring about. hopefully we may be able to make it happen. last year you had a mini way of violence. at that point they called it the car, a number of people ran over by plannians and cars. and l.s.u. fueled that israel was trying to industry the mosque. and at the time selves kerry, king abdullah of jordan and prime minister actually met in a mob and they were able to do escalate the situation if we could do that again that would be good for everybody.
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the latest round of revive lens is predicated on two lives one is that ha has doesn't want to take that over. second is that the israelis executed a palestinian that didn't happen either. maybe i'm asking the wrong personal. why is there not a strong condemnation from many nations? at least let's get the facts straight before we get into a fight. >> unfortunately, greta, there is no push back from the issues national community. they don't don't call president abbas out. hey you need to condemn terrorist attacks against salaries. he hasn't condemned attack. >> he did confirm the fire today. >> that's good that he did it and that should remind people. that was a scrd site to jews, joseph's tomb, that was lit up. that was torched. they are making the claim that we are trying to harm their sacred sites, which we are not. israel is the only protecter of these sacred sites. do you know what would
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happen if israel was not there in jerusalem. do you know what would happen to the holy sepulcher and western wall, exactly what the taliban did in afghanistan and exactly you what isis is doing in iraq and syria. we live in the area where the forces of militant islam are on the march and they destroy all those things that they disagree with and cultural heritage that goes back thousands of years. israel is different and thank god we they're to protect the religious sites and religious freedom of all. >> how does this ever end? it's like presidential administration after administration after administration here deals with this problem and israel is one of our great allies. how does this ever stop? >> i will tell you how. first of all a, people have to stop the confusion about what is the source of the conflict and they have to stop the conflict about what is the source of terrorism. those are two separate things. >> as i look back, i don't think i have seen in all these skirmishes and fights and wars, i don't think i
11:18 pm
have ever seen israel throw the first punch. >> no. we don't. >> i have never seen israel throw -- so i do find that significant. >> look. a lot of people are confused about the nature of this conflict. if you have ask most people around the world today, they will say the reason there is a conflict between israel and the palestinians is because israel in the territories that captured. sum that i can't the west bank or building settle thements. here is the problem. israel had a conflict 50 years between the 1920s and 1967. before there was a single settlement and israel was in control of those territories. whats that that conflict all about. the conflict is simple. the world has been basically putting their heads in the sand for a very long time. if we want to solve a conflict we have to deal with it. that is the palestinian refusal to accept a jewish state in any boundary. >> how would you enforce it. >> one other thing, that's the conflict. but the people are confused about something else. they think that because there is a conflict there is terrorism. and by that i mean the deliberate targeting of civilians there are
11:19 pm
conflicts all over the world. there are political conflicts. there is social conflicts. there is national conflicts. you don't see people running around with meat cleavers and knives and guns and killing innocent civilians. 13-year-old boy stabbed to death. 70-year-old grandmother getting on the bus. it is a mind set it ♪ despair it is not hopelessness. people like to say that thinking well if we get people another refrigerator and another car all of a sudden they won't be terrorists. terrorists tend to be wealthier than the populations they come from. people don't understand that. terrorism is the product of a fanatical mind set. what you have in palestinian society is years and years and years of incitement. decades of incitement to spread these lies to create a culture that glorifies violence. who are the heroes within palestinian society? they're not the doctors, the firefighters, the athletes, the heroes are mass murderers. you have public squares named after killers. the problem that we have is that the world has basically
11:20 pm
stood on the sidelines, allowed the palestinians to glorify terrorists and murderers, not said a word about it and then they are surprised that a new generation of palestinians are raised to become terrorists and murderer he is. deal with the conflict and terrorism let's go to the root cause of the problem. if we do that hopefully some good will come out of this very difficult situation. >> ambassador, thank you for joining us, nice to talk to you, sir. >> thank you. >> and we have new information into fox news about when joe biden could announce his run for president. if he is going to announce his presidency. that's next. and also drivers pulled from cars stuck in mud as deep as 5 feet. new video of at mfs investment management, we believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management.
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this is a fox news alert. mud slides and flash floods wiping out roads and causing dangerous chaos in california. emergency workers pulling trapped drivers from cars stuck in mud as deep as 5 feet. we have live team coverage. fox news chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is standing by. jonathan hunt live in california. jonathan? >> hey, greta. some 24 hours since those extraordinary storms first hit. the clean up operation is still underway here. i'm standing right now over i-5. one of the most important freeways and one of the busiest in all of california.
11:32 pm
and for much of today, traffic in both directions on this 40-mile stretch was completely shut down. as you can see, both directions north and southbound now open. but crews spent a lot of today cleaning up a thick carpet of mud that had spread across all eight lanes here. about an hour north and east of where i'm standing, highway 58 is still under a similar blanket of mud. crews there have spent much of today pulling out some 200 vehicles that were trapped in that mud that came down from the hillside on both sides of the highway. that is the problem here. these hills are completely barren because of the drought. there is no vegetation to hold back waters. when those storms hit last night tons of mud and rock flowed straight down on to the highways in this entire region. a lot of people are very concerned, greta, that this
11:33 pm
may be a taste of what is to come for california we are told by the forecasters that there is a strong el nino weather storm building in the pacific. that could bring many storms of a throughout this winter. this in some ways has been a dress rehearsal for what may be to come over the next few months for california. traffic as i say now moving here on i-5. that is the good news. the bad news for this area is that the forecasters are saying that there are still some storms in the region and if they do hit again this evening, then this could make a bad situation even worse. greta? >> jonathan, thank you. fox news chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is here. rick, i mean those videos. it's unbelievable. 5-foot of mud. 8 lanes covered with mud. what's to be expected? >> yeah, greta. think about the 26 inches of
11:34 pm
rain that fell in south carolina. this was just an inch or two of rain. a very different setup. you take a look at these kinds of pictures here. this is in a spot that saw one to two inches of rain. completely different pooing toography. different terrain, different vegetation, different type of soil that doesn't absorb the water the way soil in south carolina does and because of the mountains, the water just funnels down and washes a lot of dirt with it there are no roots in those plants be to hold that dirt stable and so we get those kinds of muddy washes. few heavier rain showers still. this is what we have seen over the last three daves. light couple areas seeing an inch or two. there have been storms that have popped up to the west of los angeles. out toward the santa barbara area. some of those over the last couple hours have been very, very strong. we have some flooding concerns going on there now. it's upper level disturbance that's actually been in the area the last couple of weeks meandering in the area. now bringing the heaviest of the rain across arizona.
11:35 pm
big dust storm in phoenix this evening. take a look at this right here, greta. all sorts of flooding concerns continue. flooding threat continues all weekend long although the worst of it moves off towards arizona. >> rick, thank you. >> you bet. >> and watch this. a man accused of hacking u.s. servers stealing personal information of military members and passing the data on to isis has been arrested. the man originally from kosovo was arrested by malaysian police and u.s. charges. "u.s.a. today" reporter melanie has been covering the story. she is live in new york. melanie, tell me what happened. >> sure, 20-year-old living in malaysia, studying at a university there. he allegedly leads or led a group of hackers, who were all so co-so he -- this summer he managed to tap into the server that belongs to the hosting company that maintains the website of an internet retailer.
11:36 pm
we don't know who the retailer is. but he accessed data, personal information of 1 had hundred thousand customers and from those 100,000 folks, he managed to extract personal information of 1351 u.s. government and military employees, which he then shared with islamic state. >> how did he share it with isis? >> that is really not clear. but we do know according to the indictment. he communicate with folks via twitter. he communicated with two people in particular. he shared links that way, so that could have been it but it was not clear. >> all right. the 1300 or so in the myrtle are government. is our government contacting them to be somewhat on alert >> i don't know that. but i do know that the lead terror prosecutor for the
11:37 pm
justice department john carlin he gave a speech today in rhode island. he said that this is the first case of its kind. it's a combination of crowd sourcing and cyber terror attacks and something that we need to be on the alert for in the future. he said it's the first case of its kind. >> melanie, thank you very much. and is he is going to have to face those charges eastern district of virginia. i assure you that's not where i want to stand trial. anyway, thank you. >> thank you. >> and coming up, the unthinkable. a woman brutally raped by isis multiple times and tortured, escaped. she is here. that's next. and developing now, news about nba star and kardashian husband lamar looks like some folks have had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them. i know. it's so frustrating. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture.
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isis extremely brutal nature is obvious for anyone who has seen the beheadings and the torture. few have seen it firsthand and lived to talk about it 20-year-old woman tortured
11:42 pm
and isis. we are concealing her identity for her protection. >> take me back to august 3rd, 2014. what happened? where were you and what happened? >> translator] on the 30 of august i was in town and isis came there and we were far from the mountain. we couldn't flee and go to the mountain like other people did. we were surrounded by arab villages. all the villagers around us were arab. they surrounded us and they said you should never leave the village. you have to stay here. we stayed in the village for 13 days and then after that they came there and they took us all together to a big school and they separated the men and the women and the children. they took all the 600 men aside so they behead them and they killed them and they took us, of the women and the children for
11:43 pm
themselves. >> they took us to sola and then they took us to laff every. they took us there for a tuesdays and the situation was very bad. they were not feeding us. they killed all the men in the village. they took away the girls and the children and the grandmothers all separately. we stayed in talaffa for two months and then they took us to syria they are teafing us to shops and markets to sell us. we yazidi girlss were treated in a bad way. they took eight of us, me and some other girls to raqqa where we went to the farm where we could see many other girls and women and children there. we stayed in raqqa for 13 days. they were doing very bad things to the kids that were with us. they separated the kids from
11:44 pm
five years and older and they were punishing them in front of us. so we get hurt. after that, a person came. he was one of their amirs. he was called abdul he bought me and nine other girls and took us to his house in aleppo. he took us to his house and he started selling the other eight girls. he left me and another girl with my nephew which was 3 years old. i asked him why did you bring us here? why are you doing all this to us? he said if we don't treat you this way, you will never convert to islam. you will never marry us. he was very angry and he was abnormal with us. he was treating the kid very badly and he was hitting him so we get hurt. and he was telling us if you don't pray, and if the kid doesn't pray, i will punish you. i stayed with him for 45
11:45 pm
days. and the situation was very bad. and i'm sure the situation of other girls who are captured by isis is even worse than ours. i am here today to deliver my message and to let the world hear me so that you can help us. i just want to add this, that when they first caught us, captured us, we thought it's kind of a joke for american to rescue us from them because they were able to defeat saddam, the person that nobody could defeat and we said these are only a bunch of guys. and we will be easily rescued from them. by the americans of the united states. but i was very surprised when i met the american isis who bought me then at that time i was very hopeless. and i said this is the end. >> and news breaking story, police may be closer to finding out what happened to missing baby chance. we are live in florida let me talk to you about retirement.
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this is a fox news alert. a major break tonight in a sad and heart breaking story. police in florida have found the body of an infant believed to be baby chance. baby chance disappeared more than a month ago when he was only 9 weeks old. his parents already behind bars have changed their stories multiple times. sarasota herald tribune michael davidson is live in sarasota. michael, where did they find the remains? >> sure, well, yesterday the sarasota county sheriff's office announced that they had found a body in undeveloped subdivision in north port florida they believed to be chance. that's 13 miles away i from chance where he lived. >> why did they happen to look there? my guess, my wild guess is that one of the two parents who is behind bars i think
11:51 pm
in south carolina decided to talk. >> well, we are not exactly sure, but we know that they received a tip that they received a tip that a body had been burred in that area and they went out there on wednesday and began searching and stayed overnight and on thursday they found a body that they are confident they say is chance walsh. >> when the parents -- are they in south carolina in jail? am i right on that? >> well, actually, joseph walsh still is. but we found out today that kristen berry, chance's mother is currently right now being extradited to sarasotalorida, in the custody of u.s. marshals the two of them have told multiple stories, have they not, as to where that child is? >> you know, they have told people that they gave the child away in a hotel in augusta, georgia. they said that the child died in a car crash in south carolina. so far we really don't know where chance is we are still pending an autopsy to determine if that body that was found was actually him. >> do they have other children? >> they had another child named duane.
11:52 pm
but duane died last year in april after only 20 days after his birth. and from an autopsy report we were able to determine that he died of a severe kidney infection. >> i'm sure they will be looking at that one again, too as well. michael,thank you. >> thank you. >> get ready to speed read the news, six workers pulled from the wreckage after scaffolding collapsed in houston. piles of metals can be seen scattered around the seven story building under construction. those six workers were all rushed to the hospital but good news those injuries are not life threatening. and right now firefighters are afraid that more of the scaffolding could collapse injuring emergency workers who are on the scene. and the curtain is closing on u.s. airways, the last ever u.s. airways flight will take off tonight from san francisco flight 1939 will be the last flight under the u.s. airways name. when the plane touches down in philadelphia and early tomorrow morning the merger were american airlines will
11:53 pm
be complete. passengers on board this historic flight will be treated to a champagne toast and that's is tonight's speed read. and coming up, the latest news about former nba star news about former nba star and kardashian
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when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about.
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that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. this is a a fox news alert. a stunning development. la plar odom now out of his coma. the former nba and reality tv star opening his eyes and speaking in hospital. live in los angeles with melanie. what's the latest? >> what we discovered this morning is that he has actually woken up, which obviously is amazing news. he opened his eyes and actually spoke to khloe kardashian who has been by his bedside since he was admitted to hospital on tuesday evening. he said hey. and he is also showing some movement in his arms and his legs as well. so all incredibly great
11:58 pm
signs. they have taken him off a ventilator as well. is he breathing on his own. you know, this was such a tragic thing that happened now and hopefully he is on the mend. >> have they made any statement of what his progress novembers is and what's comprehension because he was obviously a very sick state when they found him. >> what's actually happened right now he is showing a progression forward. what will now happen is that they will be doing a series of tests on him. mri scans and so forth to work out how much damage the strokes that he had might have caused in his brain. however, i will say, speaking and also being able to recognize people and also being able to move his arms and his legs are all incredible signs. and, you know, i was speaking to a medical doctor obviously this afternoon that said that this means that there could be be a full recovery that takes place. >> and his wife chloe from whom he separated, is there any other members of the kardashian family there? >> not at the moment.
11:59 pm
chris was there. and also courtney was there and also kylie was there they have all gone back to los angeles. we have been told that. so kardashian members of the family are going to be back at the hospital this weekend. >> and anyone at the brothel speaking up? >> the brothel, they haven't spoken today, actually. owner of love shack has spoken a lot. they now decided that they want to keep things quiet. there is an investigation, ongoing police investigation taken place to work out the events that led up to this. things are quieting down while police do their work. >> melanie, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> thank you for being with us tonight. see you monday night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. take a look at this. best tweeted picture of the day, okay. i admit it. i took it so the fix was in on me winning this prize. but who doesn't want to be audrey our dog. she is so lazy. there she is audrey. follow me at the handle
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@greta. good night from washington, d.c. if you can't watch us live. dvr on the record and watch at 11:01 p.m. eastern every night. ♪


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