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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 17, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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>> good to be back, tom. >> what do you mean? you were here last night. >> we have been doing banter like this all week. >> the good old days. >> let's welcome our guest. she puts the sheik in chick. joanne nosuchunsky. he says he is here to make "red eye" great again. the managing editor of the washington freebie con. "red eye" is about to enter the attitude era. the tech expert and host of the pod cast, katie linendol. and he has the wisdom of an old man and the face of a baby. let's start the show. >> you can all stop asking now. the donald trump sex doll is finally here. it is to the meant as a compliment according to the syrian artist who created it.
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he made the doll in response to trump saying that syrian refugees coming to america could be a trojan horse for isis -- >> tom, i don't get this. you are leading about a story with the trump sex doll? >> yes. >> you have a huge trump story sitting next to you next to you. >> what do you mean? >> the crack media reported dillon byers blew the lid off a giant conspiracy lead by the washington freebie con's andrew styles. using the global resources of a worldwide news organization, byers was able to piece together a tale of corruption that some are saying might lead to the down fall of the once mighty freebie con. free beacon. >> what happened? >> styles who calls himself an objective journalist donated a large sum of money to the trump campaign. i suggest you grill him about that instead of talking about your fun story. back to you. thank you for bringing this to my attention, andy.
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let's do that story. i have a feeling andy didn't tell me the whole story. what went on over there? how much money did you donate to trump? >> i am only guilty of loving america too much. >> is that what it is?xd >> covering politic3 is a soul destroying business. i wanted to do something nice for my co-workers and what better way to lift their spirits than a box full of make america great again hats. they cost a lot of money as it turns out. i had to get an extension on my rent, but i dropped the $500. >> how much are the hats? >> $25 each. >> they are probably made in america? >> of course. >> it is probably worth it? >> it is completely worth it. i was listed as a trump donor in the latest round of campaign disclosures. >> that's what is crazy to me. there was an sec filing?
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>> federal document. >> i think it is over a certain amount, but over -- i was definitely over -- >> so not just journalists? if they bought $500 worth of hats they would have to fill out a filing? >> if you do it on the website, yes. they get your address and occupation and everything. >> you listed your occupation as number one trump fan. is this true? >> of course. why would i lie on a form like this? >> to the federal government why would you lie, right? >> it must be true. >> we dwo way back. >> i broke the story about george stephanopoulos and the clinton foundation. i was waiting to get a comment from them. they kept me hanging and he wrote the story. >> were you punking him? 4--ast night.ñiail about 10:00
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it said something like yo, bro, are you on the grid? >> as one does. >> i wasn't sure. i let him hang. i had a feeling he may be writing the story. instantly people found my name. >> it is a fascinating story. >> i want to bring the panel in on this. katie, what do you think of this story and how many trump dolls are you gonna buy? >> no trump dolls, but a lot -- if you have any left over hats i will totally take one. did you threaten to deport your staff new didn't wear the hat? did it come with consequences? some of the losers in our office didn't get one obviously. >> fair enough. joeçóçóñ$sp()qvwhat doñr you mae of the artist who made this trump sex doll? >> i'll tell you what. it kind of annoys me they call
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themselves an artist. all these artists are doing is doing something outlashdish. wha! there, i am an artist. >> that was a bit of free expression. >> yes, it was art. >> are you aware if you $500 you have to fill out a federal form? >> doesn't that discourage people from donating to politicians? >> it should discourage employees who during 2012 donated to obama over romney by a ratio of 19-1. >> wow! you came prepared. >> that's homework right there. >> how many trumpñi sex dolls are you going to buy? >> none because i hate my co-workers. no really, a cookie cake people love in the office is a lot cheaper and there aren't really political sides tied to
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it as far as i know. >> or an ice cream cake. >> true. or global warming. >> is it a partisan message or is it something everyone can embrace. >> it shouldn't be. are you for america being great organs? >> if you are not for it, you are against it, right? >> i would think anyone who is not walking around in 1 -- in one of those hats -- >> well, i am not that powerful. >> we have a little more and under shot it and left people angry. >> the lawyers say the sex doll does not come with a disclosure requirement. >> you may want to spring for those for everybody. >> fantastic. captain america, more like captain hates mark. and captain america beats the
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crap out of anti-militia. a young boy went missing along the border and he heads to the border to confront the sons of ther is pebt. they are -- the sons of the serpent. he yells, until the mighty wall is built you come here for employment that is rightfully ours. and if denied you seek welfare paid for by our tax dollars adding also you know how youxd make me press one for english at the beginning of every call to my satellite provider? that's something i cannot abide. captain socialist springs to action up loading a can of whop ass on the conservative. until the old real captain america shows up and orders sam wilson to stand down. well, well, well. katie, what is going on here? what happened to captain america? >> it is a sad day to society. the red skull and the captain
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octopus has concurred so much. in fact the biggest foes are anti-immigration. that's crazy. >> it is amazing. >> it is a sad story. >> who are these characters you brought up before? >> i think i am not up on the latest. >> it is okay. >> it was an octopus. >> i knowçó doc-oc, but i don't know this other fellow. >> red skull. >> i took cues and did some research as well. i hit up the goog. >> this side of the table is out shining the other side. >> we'll see how it goes. captain america beat up nazis. why is he attacking trump supporters? >> i blame it on his friend, illegal alien 4. you can't trust these superheros. i ran into green lantern at a comedy show and he said bush repealed the act. he said sam's got a great
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comedy album and i said check your facts. >> so green lantern is a big tan? >> anytime you get people with super powers it is bad. >> andrew, what do you think? i have not been keeping up with the latest in comic book action heros. >> it seems to have lowered his ambitions. he is not fighting grand super forces. >> i would like to see him going after slow walkers or cyclists or people who used selfie sticks. >> people are talking movies. >> definitely. >> did they intau mate that
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white supremecists have satellite providers? >> yeah, i mean i think a basic cable package will be maury latable. >> i was unaware that there was a new captain america. thank you to the show for letting me know. and i believe the characters are a nonsubtle illusion to president obama. was that known or did i just figure that out? >> i think you just figured it out. let's ask katie. she is more up on the comic-con culture. >> i am up on the culture. i have to read the comic to get the gist. it is two steps forward and that's smart thinking. >> he is a black captain america. >> and there were other little strips in the comic or image that i saw of newspapers saying that he doesn't like america. he shouldn't beçó in charge. >> they are getting us to talk about it, right? so they are doing their job. it is the perfect combo for watching "the notebook."
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mercer's dairy in new york makes their ice cream with real wine boasting 5% alcohol by volume. flavors are cherry merlot and peach white zinfandel and it has celebrity endorsements. turns out presidential candidate hillary clinton loves the stuff. during thursday's campaign trail stop in san antonio she praised the business for the job creation and growth. i'm sure this come combination will join other successful pairings like ice cream plus the sandwich equals ice cream sandwich. right? cheese plus cake equals, yes, cheesecake. and chickenxd plus pot, plus pie equals -- >> seth rogan. >> what do you think? do you like the idea of wine ice cream? >> i do like the idea.
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i would never say it is because of me that it existed. that's what hillary was doing there. when she was the senator of new york there was a food fare that happened. the two new york -- it was a winery and a dairy and she put them next to each other. >> how did she do that? >> apparently a senator handles the layout and people had tear samples of wine and ice cream and they were pouring the wine into the ice cream. the entrepreneurs thought this is a great idea. hillary encouraged them or so she says in her campaign stop. she takes credit when she shouldn't. these people had the wherewith all to know this is a good idea. >> it is hard to believe that story. it is like the old reece's peanut butter cup. you don't even know what i'm talking about. >> chocolate fell on it. >> yes, you know what i'm saying. >> katie, i think it may taste good. it has a cor bay feel.
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-- it has a sorbet feel. >> i am ready to down enough ice cream. if i can get buzzed enough, i'm good. and we were talking about this, full pint to feel some -- i'll do a few pints, not a problem. i think it is great. >> it is 5% alcohol and that's like -- isn't most wine -- isn't that what most wine is? >> it is a sad state for the u.s. economy if we are trying to have our presidential candidates . out that the new business is a wine-based ice cream. we got the wine-based ice cream barons coming with their wine. >> i get the feeling this is not blue collar friendly. maybe we should take about the spicy chicken sandwich from wendy's. >> there is something about wine that is elitist. >> it is she-she. >> i think most frozen drinks are like this anyway, right? when you go to a bar it is like drinking ice cream, isn't
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it? >> we will market this stuff to kids. we will have the ice cream bowl where you have white swrin fen del -- white swrin swrin -- kids go did you get wine ice cream? no i wasn't invited to that party. >> you jock, but you make a -- you joke, but you make a good point. they say it is making wine attractive to the younger set. isn't that right? >> toddlers are going to be getting drunk on their -- >> they would. >> it is like accidentally give it to the kids and why are they acting like this? gee i don't share my wine ice cream. >> it is not even -- like starbucks has taken coffee and mixed it in with -- they are basically selling cook let
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shakes with -- selling chocolate shakes with coffee in them. >> it is not decaffeinated though so it is good if you don't want to go anywhere for six or seven hours. >> isn't that what a tub of ice cream is for? i don't like mixing dessert and drinking. sometimes i fore go the dessert and pour a glass of whiskey. now if i don't have to choose -- >> coming up, a murder hotline. i'm assuming you only have to dial m.ñi ñiñi
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going to commit murder? just here. a yale researcher has created
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a website and a 1-800-hotline for those about to slay. the site is called saving kane the site contains the quote resources you need right now to help you overcome the desire to kill and features book recommendations by the dalai lama. when is the last time you killed a guy? let's go further. let's be as pro-active about murder as we are about suicide. there is a sign on every major bridge saying don't jump. why not remind everyone not to murder? it could be biological. he had this urnal to kill when -- he had this urge to kill and he focused his energy on academics. his plan is to save lives by
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tilting the conversation beyond gun control to motive control. that should appeal to gun rights add -- advocates. thou shall not kill. someone should carve it in stone. joe, what do you think of the professor's work? >> i tell you what, if he thought about having a -- about committing a mass killing i hope that class is an elective. i would drop that one. second of all, moving from gun control to motivation, you are never going to take away people's desire to have mass killings as long as my laundromat won't take canadian quarters. >> does it bother you with the canadian quarters? why are you hoarding the canadian quarters? >> i don't look at my change from the supermarket and they are always sneaking them in
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there. i blame canada for making their change the same size, but a different weight. >> that's champagne problems, dude. >> about james kimmel, junior, he advertises as a junior because his name is jimmy kimmle. he almost committed murder. he had a gun and was going to use it, and he talked himself down. >> it could be considered good work. i feel bad and i worry about the person who uses this site with success. i was going to murder a whole bunch of people. i went on-line i read about the site and i didn't sway everybody. now you admitted that this website helped you notñi murder. >> how about my point? they, would. people call them -- >> this is not proven. i need factual data.
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i want serious data. >> if i were the nra, i would give this guy a grant and i would say spend it however you want. he says forget gun control. let's work on the motives. that's what they want as well, right? >> unless you disguise it as a porn site i don't know how you get people to click on it. >> you would think that. suicide hotlines work in that way. they put the information out there and people know. you know that the sign is up there. they put it where people are going to commit suicide. so there is a sign like i said on every bridge. why not go to high crime neighborhoods and literally take out ads that say gonna murder? call this number. >> or get movie theaters with people talking nonstop. >> go to your laundromat. >> i get the point because it is interesting to see if they are googling thinking about mass shooting. i need a website to help me not do that.
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>> he keeps making good points , but when you type in suicide, the search engines bring up the suicide prevention first and they can do that for murder. >> he has probably links to the searches. people are trafficked to him. he says if you read over this whole thing which will take five minutes, then maybe you won't want to do this anymore. when you are thinking you are irrationally, an irrational argument doesn't help you. you are past any reasonable thinking. and also i am concerned about the hotline. at what point is the person an accessory to murder if they can't stop the person from committing something? how will anyone trust you enough to confide in you without worrying they will be punished for it. >> we will let them go.
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we will say it is okay. >> just so long as you don't kill. >> we do it with lawyers and psychologists. they have patient privilege, right? andrew, support mooy on this. >> sure. i was going to say if everyone was wearing a make america great again hat we would be nicer to each other. )yrjñ would make it a ruse. joanne is selling drugs. the policemen raid her apartment. then she wouldn't put two and two together. time for a break. don't go anywhere. the "red eye" news desk is on deck. half time is next. ñiñi
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live from america's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. u.s. officials accusing iran of violating a missal ban, but president obama says that doesn't mean the nuclear deal was a mistake. the u.s. confirming the bough lis steek missal launched by iran last woke was capable of carrying a nuclear weapon. the united nations banned such test launches. this was the first missal test since the nuclear deal reached between iran and world powers. president obama said the deal is aimed at preventing iran
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from developing nuclear weapons and does not revolve -- resolve other issues like ballistic missiles. >> it left a half hour late. it is now returning as a "red eye" flight back to philly. the plane is flight 1939 named after the airline's founding year. the future flights will fly under the american airlines logo. they merged in 2013. if you drink too much alcohol you could be hurting the economy. that's according to a study from the cdc. excessive drinking cost $250 billion in one year alone. the reason for this? the cdc says it leads to more crime, reduced workplace productivity and health issues. excessive drinking costs the u.s. economy about $2 per drink. lucky charms are getting more imagine clear delicious. the company is releasing a
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limited edition version of the cereal with, get this, just marshmellows, but only 10 boxes are available. general mills wants you to post a selfie of yourself with an imaginary picture of lucky charms charms and they will pick the winners. i'm patricia stark. now back to "red eye." welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy in the "red eye" news desk. >> a couple of quick things. is that a members only jacket. >> it is indeed. same one mouth wore in "goonies." katie your tablet said you heart robots. does that include mr. robot? >> it does. the second thing i cooperate show was that -- i couldn't show was that robots will take over. >> that explains the first
12:34 am
one. you are succeeding up. you are sucking up. >> the trump sex doll. >> a couple of questions to the trump campaign. he told politico that because mr. styles refuses to admit to an honest mistake we lunched an investigation. why won't you admit your mistake and apologize? >> i am not going to comment on the on going investigation. >> and he said you will not be moderating public debates. was that a shock to you? >> i was hoping to one of these days. i guess they think i would be bias. >> i can understand. is there any chance your only buds man -- only bunds man who does excellent work will lead
12:35 am
to the dismissal of free beacon's editor sonny bunch because a lot of people hope it does? >> the -- free beacon newsroom hopes so as well. can we put upñi the picture of the trumpçó doll? it is not a sex doll. it has not openings. >> okay. >> it is gender norma tiff of you. >> not really. you have to have something. >> unless you don't have anything. >> you are not much of a sex doll. >> you might be a robot. >> katie, do you really want a trump hat? >> sure. >> people love free stuff. did you ever go anywhere and they are giving out free hats and pens and t-shirts? >> free pens are the best. >> i will give you my social security number for a free
12:36 am
t-shirt. >> point made. >> i happened to have friars club matches. >> so generous. >> i would like to point out the hat is a made in china knockoff that we did thought donate to the trump campaign. >> that was a knockoff? >> made in china. >> looks like the real thing. >> fighting anti-illegal immigrant bad guys. i am usually thor is now a woman and you are losing your mind. i read a comic today and it is not good. it is not good at all. >> good, good. you had a problem with -- >> captain america is an avenger and they are trying to make him part of the social justice league. don't do it. >> katie you say it is a sad day when the red skull and i think you said dr. octopus? >> i will give myself a fact
12:37 am
check there. >> tom was the one who pointed it out.çó >> mackey-thor is not an illegal illegal -- >> we all dwre to disagree. tom, you don't like the new captain america. >> i haven't read a lot of the -- >> it is because he is black? >> no i -- >> moving on. tom i think the satellite package reference is because people in rural areas there is no cable system. they ged the cadillac. hillary likes wine ice cream. katie, you were down for pints of it. >> absolutely. i want to hit the wine ice cream and hit it hard.
12:38 am
>> the thing about hillary clinton is she wroint eat the entire -- he won't eat th entire serving. >> i heard server and i thought of an e-mail server. >> she only had the one server. >> i like that one. some nerd cred. >> joe, you said we will market this to kids? >> you start with the ice cream and kids like the ice cream. you can't lock up your freezer? kids say this is good and it makes me want to buy a purple suit. >> understood. >> i don't care about wine with ice cream, but if somebody comes up with a vie
12:39 am
vicodin crunch ice cream? >> you said it is named after a john lithgow film. i believe it is a biblical reference. kane killed able. he was society's first murderer. >> you need a refresher course. and the name of the site's creator is james kimmel. it is probably another jimmy kimmle host. >> it didn't cross my mind. >> katie you feel bad for the person who uses this site with success. i feel peep a around this. >> i feel bad they tried to do the right thing and in turn they were outed. they staged a bunch of people, but threw theelves under the bus. >> i am t i am close to 100%
12:40 am
certain i quoted you directly. >> i would say that is a strong parafries. paraphrase. >> let's roll the tape. >> last week you raised a good point about the potential liability for the site. it is not like a suicide hotline. there is nobody there taking calls. >> there is a number for the crisis hotline. if someone goes on that site because they send them to places and whatever like you said, the police whatever could conceivably ask that site to keep track of people's ip addresses and track them that way? what is a i you, joanne? >> the fact that i went on the website -- >> don't be surprised if when you get home there is sirens. >> what about the work computers? >> the stories we comb through every day, we are --
12:41 am
>> the things iñi google are ridiculous. >> especially you because i log-in with your account. i am done. >> thank you, andy. time to take a break. mcdonalds makes a movie. first, here are bernie babies. >> ♪ i went walking that rivet of highway ♪ ♪ i saw above me ♪ that endless sky way ♪ i saw below me ♪ that golden valley ♪ this land was made for you and me. ♪ this land is your land ñrñr
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well, it only took 11 years for the kraft mcdonalds rapid response team to put their answer out to the 2004 "super size me." the fast-food giant is showing their new documentary 540 meals to students around the country. here is a clip that is showing what is going on and a cartoon guy that looks like the guy from "super size me." >> we know what happens when a person of normal weight and size consumes food at mcdonalds with no real exercise wait gain, sexual
12:46 am
dysfunction. what happens if an over wait male 80 for 90 days and nutritil values ofxd each meal. meet johnsicna. >> he lost 37 pounds which doesn't surprise me. i long said i could super size me. maybe they could pay mooy a chunk of -- pay me a chunk of money. you would never know it was sponsored by mcdonalds. >> people say how can you eat at mcdonalds after 548 straight meals. i like mcdone willed thats. i love the egg white delight sandwiches and the oatmeal. >> the good fuse is one day down. only 89 more to go.
12:47 am
from here i get to do to mcdonalds. >> says one food expert and author it is terrible to do brainwashing to the young kids who don't have the facts. i don't think it should be allowed to be shown in school. i don't know why. it is about a guy changing his life and they show movies like like -- what is that al gore documentary? "inconvenient truth? they show it. it is like socialism. >> i am okay with not letting them show this movie. i think he could have lost more weight by doing cocaine for a few months. >> well they are not selling that if school. >> i think company had need -- companies need 20 have counter counter -- have you ever seen the story of stuff? a lot of school systems see this to kids in elementary school. show them super size me and
12:48 am
show them this so they can make their best decision. it is about choices and the choices you make. part of that is mott just mcdonalds and health, but fiscally to be fiscally responsible, we need to startling our kids -- we should be teaching them that it is best to bring your lunch from home. it is usually healthier and you are consuming less calories and it is cheaper. that's the ideal option. but most companies won't say that. >> the cheapest option is to get mcdonalds to pi for your food. >> they should make a documentary where a person does president eat mcdonalds all the time and he is an idiot. >> you should get to work on that. >> is understand good. i could go for a double cheese burger. >> he has a passion for them. what about you? >> i am not a mcdonalds
12:49 am
person. >> did you know red, the spokesman for wendys. that would be an honor. she sols looks like she is having fun. >> i am a big fan of the wendy's chicken classic. that's my guilty pleasure. >> i think this documentary is great. the super size me was all propaganda. he stuffed his face. if you stuff your face you will gain wrait, right? gain weight, right? >> the super size me guy was unhealthy. now he looks great. >> what about this guy? do they do health tests on him? >> he died. this just in. >> this guy walks 45 minutes a day. you eat mcdonalds and exercise every day and keep the calories down. >> there is. i watched the whole thing. they went to the doctor and showed his cholesterol was
12:50 am
down and other scientific words, we are down. >> just the opposite of super size. they showed the terrible elevated levels. >> we will close things out with a bedtime story. xd
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here at the td ameritrade trader group, they work all the time. xd sup jj? working hard? working 24/7 on mobile trader, rated #1 trading app in the app store. it lets you trade stocks, options, futures... even advanced orders. and it offers more charts than a lot of the other competitors do in desktop. you work so late. i guess you don't see your family very much? i see them all the time. did you finish your derivative pricing model, honey? for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade.
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you got this. eye" john and julia kelly and paul odo. ?ee when i what is a kid you injured your spine the old-fashioned way, by riding your bike without a helmet. not anymore. kids and their smartphone addictions have lead to a rise in text neck at least -- according to one patient. you can see this curve in the spine is due to bending over foods for an hour at a time. text neck can lead to anxiety, profession and lived in a bell tower. half of the patients he sees are teens. joanne i will dwo to you and i
12:55 am
used to have a contraption. >> some of us had real final problems growing up. i won't humor this. >> you don't think it is possible? >> i think they were doing something. they always talked about the kids. >> put them on both shoulders there is something new for each generation. >> what did you do with your backpack if you had the apparatus. >> backpack? it is not like i was wearing a house. it was a back brace. >> i always picture this kind of iron lung around you walking around. andrew, what say you? i think it is a real thing. >> it makes me feel like an old man and i also longed for the good old days when kids would injure themselves in more exciting ways. playing football, breaking
12:56 am
into your neighbor's house, things likwó that. >> there was real danger in that life. look, i think people are using devices too much. i am getting text neck just talking about it. >> and i had a great spinal injury. i broke my back doing cooler things than texting. >> what did you do? >> jumped off the train trestle. that's another story for another day, but i'm very competitive. >> you win. >> i win. and i won some wine ice cream for it. >> did you injure your spine going into the water? >> both. but that's neither here for there. at birth we give everybody a selfie stick. >> mackey, -- machi, close it out. >> i was text gz the other day márá.lmost walked into a tar içó am as done as axd mastedon. joanne know saw nosuchunsky
12:57 am
and joe machi. that does it for me. i'm tom shillue. see you next time. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras. including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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episode of "the five." president obama calls attacks on israelis random violence as he urges israelis and palestinians to stop the heated rhetoric that leads to anger. this is "special report." good evening and welcome to washington, i'm brett baier. hamas called on all palestinians to take part in a day of rage against israel. and they got their wish. right now, it's just past 1:00 a.m. in israel and darkness has replaced the flash of firebombs, grenades and gunfire. against this backdrop president obama said today that israel has a right to prevent its citizens from being


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