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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 17, 2015 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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separate from the nuclear agreement we just did. this is dangerous. >> that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. hope to see you all here next week. countdown to the showdown on capitol hill. hillary clinton testifies before the house select committee on benghazi next week. we'll separate the politics from the search for answers with a former cia covert operations officer. plus, the war of words on twitter between donald trump and jeb bush. why both candidates are calling each other pathetic and what started the social media back and forth. >> and guess this, the equivalent of 30 marathons in 30 days. all to help wounded warriors. we're going to talk to this runner with a cause.
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good to be with you this saturday. >> welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. ahead,' former secretary of state hillary clinton. her longtime aide spent nearly eight hours answering to the house benghazi committee on friday. they seek answers to questions about the attacks in benghazi. and if some at the white house are dodging the congressional inquiries. now, what the committee is revealing. >> this was a bit of a prelude to hillary clinton's appearance next week. uma abidine is one of her top aides and closest confidents. her meeting lasted for nearly eight hours. while she did answer all questions, sources tell fox news her testimony did little to fill in the gaps of all the key
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timing and events surrounding the benghazi attacks, including how then secretary clinton responded that night. this coming thursday though. that's when the committee will have its chance to ask clinton herself when she appears before the panel to testify publicly. clinton and her campaign, though, are attempting to raise further doubts about the committee's investigation. >> i think it's pretty clear that whatever they might have thought they were doing, they ended up becoming a partisan arm of the republican national committee. with an overwhelming focus on trying to, as they admitted, drive down my poll numbers. >> we're going to complete it. when we present that, i'm confidence the american people will say this was a professionally conducted investigation. >> clinton's campaign is riding a wave of momentum following her strong debate performance. her team is hoping to avoid
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falloff that can make it appealing for biden to enter the race. >> for more on what might come out of clinton's testimony before the benghazi committee, let's bring in joshua katz. former adviser to homeland security committee. appreciate you being here. as pointed out, she says, look, i've testified before the house and senate about benghazi. shep has. there's been a number of investigations. we're now three years past september 11th of 2012 when this happened. question, what questions are there left to be asked, what answers are we still looking for? >> i think what we're still looking for is that night, the process, the leadership and the decision-making process that clinton and other cabinet level secretaries, secretary of defense panetta and interaction with the white house.
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what happened that night. what led to -- >> where was the president that night, those kinds of things. >> absolutely. why was there inaction i think is a really big part that should be asked. >> in terms of that, are we going to get those answers from this hearing? is that how this plays out? >> no, we are not going to get anything new out of clinton. even though the questions are going to be asked. the former secretary of state, now a presidential candidate, is not going to give america anything new. we shouldn't expect anything new to come out of this at all. >> we'll see if it happens. obviously in the past couple of weeks, there's been debate about the committee itself. it started with majority leader mccarthy's comments about how this was about hillary. we're able to make this about her and bring her down. she's saying this is proof this is a partisan political attack. how do you all of a sudden, as
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members of that committee or staffers on that committee turn this back to being about benghazi? >> i think unfortunately what we're seeing is the chairman, mr. gouty, who has tried to walk the line of not making this a political, try to include the democrats in the process. what has happened is the democrats are putting a lot of staff members who have a lot of grudges here. the democrat staff have roadblocked a lot of what the chairman and the republican staff are trying to do. so what we're seeing here. >> any specifics? >> we're seeing that people that i have worked with in the past who have roadblocked other republican efforts are doing the same thing now. >> on what issue? what are they roadblocking? >> roadblocking issues on the intelligence. what did we know? what did we do? some of the staff are out really to try to discredit the chairman and committee as a whole. they're doing a good job. what i would say here is, to
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chairman gouty, that he really needs to sort of take a step -- take a step back, understand that the democrats are really roadblocking every one of his efforts. to go one step further, to start to bring in other people into this, such as the former secretary of defense leon panetta and others. and really ramp this up a little bit. not to dial it back because he's getting some resistance. >> we were looking at pictures. there's obviously former secretary panetta who has not so far been called to testify. we were looking at pictures of the aftermath of benghazi. four men were lost. obviously the ambassador, some others as well. a lot of folks lost friends in that time. there's the picture of the four people who were killed. have we gotten anywhere closer to preventing something like this from happening again? >> i got a call yesterday from one of my friends and i'm not going to disclose the location or where they were calling from. but they said to me they were
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really worried about this happening in other places. they're really worried about the possibility this could happen again. because there has been no action, no changes, no substantial changes that have been made. because of the political in-fighting really between the white house and the congressional oversight committees. until that gets resolved, our people out in the field are going to be left flapping in the wind and the world is not -- >> absolutely, it was tragic those four died. it would be a shame if they died in vain. appreciate your insight, thank you very much. america's greatest ally in the middle east is on high alert as a wave of violence threatens to spread. former confrontations just today. three of those, israeli police and a civilian shot and killed three palestinians in jerusalem and the west bank. they claim it was a defense during night attacks. daily attacks have caused panic across israel and raised new
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fear. so let's get the latest now from john huddy who joins us live from jerusalem. hi, john. >> elizabeth, there's concerns because of the political dissension and the continued violence that this vicious circle of violence will continue. and as mentioned, the violence continued today. there were four more stabbing attacks. one in jerusalem, the rest in the west bank city of hebron. where an 18-year-old palestinian man approached a security checkpoint and tried to stab an israeli soldier, according to police, and then when that reportedly failed, he went after an israeli citizen who shot and killed him, shot and killed the attacker. later, a 17-year-old palestinian female attacked a female israeli soldier with a knife. that soldier managed to shoot and kill the attacker. the soldier was moderately injured. earlier this evening, we got reports also in hebron an
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israeli soldier was stabbed, according to officials. the attacker also shot. no word on the condition of both. meanwhile, as mentioned in jerusalem, police shot and killed a 16-year-old palestinian when they say he pulled out a knife and tried to stab a soldier. many of these stabbings have been carried out by young palestinian men. that said, today's attacks come after a deadly and vicious week of violence and rioting, encluding clashes all week in the west bank, bethlehem. we were there yesterday. we saw that up close. hebron. and more today in ramallah as well. over the past month, looking at the numbers, eight israelis have been killed in palestinian attacks. the majority of them stabbings. 34 palestinians were killed by israeli fire, including 17 classified as attackers. the rest killed in clashes with israeli troops. all this as the political dissension continues.
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu traded jabs this week with palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas. accusations flying from both sides. at some point this week in europe, elizabeth, the prime minister is expected to meet with u.s. secretary of state john kerry to discuss possible ways to quell the violence and come to some kind of -- some sort of political solution. it's unclear if abbas will be joining the discussion at this point, elizabeth that seems very unlikely. >> thank you, john hunter reporting live. it is a complicated and dangerous part of the world. a little later, we're going back to jerusalem and talking with the military correspondent of israel's channel 10 news. he will give us insight on not only what's happening but what options the israeli defense forces have to stop it. i do not send you into harm's way lightly. it's the most solemn decision i'll make. but as your commander in chief,
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i believe this mission is vital to our national security interests in preventing terrorist attacks against our citizens and our nation. >> president obama announcing he is changing course in afghanistan. he'll keep 9,800 u.s. troops there through most of next year. he's also increasing the number of troops he'll leave behind when he leaves office. joining us now for some insight is former u.s. intelligence officer and the adviser to the top u.s. commander in afghanistan andrew peak. andrew, thank you very much for joining us. my first question for you, are we getting an accurate play by play by the president as far as our involvement in afghanistan? i remember he had said that our combat mission in afghanistan ended in 2014. but we know the air force has carried out more than 400 air strikes just this year alone. are the american people getting a really accurate picture of what's going on? >> what we've got going on in afghanistan is one more example of political theater being mugged by reality. president obama has finally conceded what every one of his
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military commanders for the better part of the decade. that this war won't be over just because he decreed it's over. the afghan government and the army's going to need continued u.s. support and the flexible u.s. policy that's responsible to what happens on the ground. >> secretary of defense ash carter. i want to get your reaction. if you could listen, then i'll ask a question. >> is it going to be 5,500 forever. i mean, there, i can only say this. that is our best estimate now of what we should plan for and are planning for and budgeting for for 2017. i think that in the future, these will be decisions probably a future president will take. >> twofold question here for you. a decision for the future president. is he just sort of buying time
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right now? and my second question is, we hear from critics such as senator mccain who says 5,500, that's not sustainable. this is a plaid, we're having a lot of issues. it's not just black and white. you need to have more troops. >> the overriding political goal, until 2016, is to avoid a disaster in afghanistan. right. that's what the president has to have. they probably at this point given up on the idea of a victory. but they just need to not have one of -- not have it be a saigon 1975 situation where guys are being pulled off the roof of the embassy, right. militarily, probably, unfortunately, the tactical reality at the ground has been undercut at the strategic level by this image of irresoluteness almost from the begin of the afghan surge in 2010 with an
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artificially imposed withdrawal date. even when the president has made bold military moves, it's been undercut by the needs of his sort of domestic political theater at home. >> when you talk about bold military moves, that's what the cite rix saying. in fact, far from it. >> a little bit just plays into the overall strategy right now for the administration of trying to avoid disaster, right. probably 5,000 guys -- >> perhaps let's say to isis moving in to afghanistan? >> the isis thing is interesting because when i first heard about the reports of isis, we've been waiting for the insurgency to splinter and start fighting each other since virtually our first guys were on the ground there, right? what concerns me about the isis thing now is isis is a brand name. it's a brand name that in syria and iraq has been holding its own successfully against the united states and the combined weight of however many nations are in our coalition.
10:15 am
60-plus. if i were a disaffected jihadi, disaffected afghan, i would find it pretty attractive to go over to isis rather than the taliban. >> what move, if you could suggest a move, what move would you say? you could somehow advise the president or the administration? >> i would make it clear you're going to leave 9,800 troops in country until the facts on the ground dictate otherwise. >> any hint of a drawndown? >> i'd make it clear to the american public that the afghan government is going to need a sustained financial and political commitment going forward. the soviet-backed government, the naji regime collapsed when the money ran out. that's what we really have to be projecting to afghanistan and its neighbors. >> always comes down to that. andrew peak, thank you. republican presidential
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candidates trump and bush are at each other again on twitter. it started friday when trump said of george w. bush, quote, say what you want, the world trade center came down during his time. jeb bush defended his brother, tweeting, how pathetic for donald trump to criticize the president for 9/11. we were attacked and my brother kept us safe. in typical fashion, it did not end there. trump responded with a one-two counterpunch. quote, no, jeb bush, you're pathetic for saying nothing happened during your brother's term. our country needs more energy and spirit than you can provide. >> the long list of presidential hopefuls may get longer if biden jumps in. announced candidates are busy courting voters. republican candidate fiorina is holding a town hall in waterloo, iowa. the iowa caucuses are four
10:17 am
months away. fiorina's debate performances have boosted her fund-raising. she's raised almost $7 million in the last three months. tea party favorite ted cruz is one of two republicans in new hampshire today. senator cruz who is rising in the polls held a rally this morning outside of manchester. former arkansas governor huckabee was on fox and friends this morning. huckabee set the record straight on the format for the next debate less than two weeks away. >> there was extraordinary pushback to keep this at two hours. because the insufferable three-hour debate from last time should never happen again. gilligan and the skipper only took the minnow out for a three-hour tour and the cnn debate was longer than that. >> democratic front-runner hillary clinton will try to rally the african-american vote in birmingham where she will address the conferences convention. finally, kentucky senator paul will hold a town hall in new
10:18 am
hampshire. earlier, paul held another event less than a mile from the cruz rally. >> finally, some good news for millions of drivers in california. dealing with tons of mud. you can see there. that has put a number of lives in danger. >> i hit a spot that my car just sank down off in. >> so will water-logged hills and canyons have a chance to dry out, or is more rain on the way? our own janice dean is monitoring the forecast out west. hi, janice. >> hi, leland. we're watching the slow-mosting upper level low that's going to bring moisture to the four corners. california will get a chance to dry out. we're going to talk about the weather forecast for much of the west and the east coast as well. leeland, back to you. >> we'll see you soon. plus, nasa revealed brand-new secrets about pluto that will
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the dust is setting after a massive storm swept across the southwest. a dust storm blanketed phoenix. the massive cloud kicked up could be seen from miles away. the bad weather isn't over yet. forecasters say thunderstorms and flooding remain a threat for the southwest today. >> the same weather system that caused the dust storm also left behind a dangerous mess in southern california. this is a lot more than a mess. hundreds of people had to be rescued after their cars got stuck in massive mudslides that triggered by heavy rains. the vehicles were buried along busy state route 58 and interstate 5. the california highway patrol says the interstate has since been reopened. you can imagine the clean-up it took to do that. officials say it could take days now to clear debris from the state road which is a major
10:24 am
truck route. so will mother nature cooperate with the clean-up efforts or cause more landslides? meteorologist janice dean is tracking it all from our fox news extreme weather center. >> this is a good news/bad news story. they need rain desperately across the west. the bad news, too much can cause floo floodi flooding. now the danger lies across the four corners and the great basin. california, you will dry out today. we're still going to see the threat for heavy rain in the forecast. you can see all of that rain through arizona, parts of new mexico. that's when with have flash flood watches and warnings. that's how much rain we've gotten over the last few days. that's not a lot of rain but for the desert area, half an inch to an inch of rain can cause massive problems because the ground just can't take all that water at one time.
10:25 am
so as you can see, we've got flood advisories still posted for parts of california in towards las vegas, up into utah as well arizona as. the forecast radar is going to bring more moisture across the four corners. we've also got a front that's going to move in towards the northwest. beneficial rain, yes. however, flooding concerns will remain an issue heading into the new workweek as we could get anywhere from an inch to an inch and a half of rain. the drought monitor is really historic across the west especially for california. again, they need the rain, but too much of a good thing could cause issues. for los angeles, you're out of the woods. no rain in the forecast for the next five days. the temperatures are going to go down. however, we really need incredible amounts of rain to bust that drought. another big story we're going to cover in the next hour, leland and elizabeth, is the cold front arriving across the upper midwest and the great lakes. maybe even the first snowfall of the season as well. back to you. >> it gives us something to
10:26 am
complain about, right? if we didn't have cold weather, what else would we complain about? thank you, jan. >> that's right, you got it. take a look at this picture. it buried a number of construction workers. there were several stories up working on a building, then all of the scaffolding you see there came crashing down. i'm going to tell you how rescue crews got those workers out alive. and pictures what they're now calling the heart of pluto. nasa says the dwarf planet may be dangerous for all of us.
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well, it's official, it's the end of an era. the red eye from san francisco completes a 22-month merger with american airlines. american is is now working to
10:31 am
unify two reservation systems. live from la guardia,en llenas has all the details. >> reporter: just take a look, all the flights here on time, the lines seem normal as american airlines officially becomes the largest airline today and us airways officially disappeared into the sunset after more than 75 years of business. if you take a look, the final u.s. airlines flight landing in philadelphia. flight 1939 named for the year the airline was created flew round trip from philadelphia to san francisco with stops in between. today, the first day american airlines has fully integrated its computer systems, its reservation systems with us airways. that means no more booking us airways flight. their website redirects you to american. all ticketing and passenger services are now all american. combining the computer system is the most complex part of the
10:32 am
merger that's been slowly happening since 2013. but so far, so good. >> it's pretty seamless. it's been pretty good. so far, so good. >> the experience is good. similar to most american flights i've taken. delta, american is usually what i fly. not much different but it's kind of interesting. bigger airlines. just wonder what they can do with the prices, flights, everything like that. >> reporter: you'll remember in 2012 when american airlines and continental merged. that led to rampant delays, cancellations. american airlines took note of this and this weekend there's 20% more staff at the airports. they did 5 million mock reservations. still, though, passengers need to be cautiously prepared for some issues maybe. at least over the next few weeks. >> print out your boarding pass. print out your reservation. make sure you have the app on
10:33 am
american airlines. make sure you arrive at the airport extra early. have a backup plan. find out who is flying that route, if your flight's canceled. >> now, elizabeth, american airlines says so far customer feedback has been good but they're not letting their guard down. now there are just four major u.s. airlines in this country. that is the smallest number since 1978. elizabeth. >> not that many to choose from. bry bryan, thank you so much, i appreciate it. what they're calling pluto's heart may be lovely to look at. we're going to show you a picture. but it could be poisonous to humans if any of us actually arrived on pluto. new pictures in a study released by nasa revealed the astronomers think the area is filled with a combination of nitrogen, carbon monoxide and methane ice. the pictures were taken by the new horizon spacecraft that is
10:34 am
collecting data on our solar system. i guess no new mcdonald's built there any time soon. >> we'll have to cancel our plans to pluto. >> maybe mars or jupiter you can drop by. up next on america's news headquarters, there's something very wrong with this video. if you can spot it, you're better than us. a sergeant calling the situation as bad as it gets. we'll explain. it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them. i know. it's so frustrating. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet?
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after several minutes her sergeant, walks over, startles her. she then dropped her phone. during the investigation, she admitted to looking at her calendar and web suffrfing whil she was supposed to be providing security. she was suspended for ten days. you won't believe this next story. air force master sergeant troy dasher ran 720 miles from his station in colorado all the way home to texas. sounds near impossible, doesn't it? he did it in just 30 days. the trek started near buckley air force base in colorado. he ran south through oklahoma into texas. then he took a left in amarillo and made it home to abilene this week. this massive endeavor all for a good cause. he hoped to raise $5,000 for wounded warrior project. he has passed that goal, bringing in now more than $12,000 for the organization. he joins me now. thank you so much for joining us, sir. we appreciate it.
10:40 am
>> oh, thank you, it's my pleasure. >> first and foremost, before we get to the operation, tell me about the moment that inspired you to do this, to make that initial run. >> this is something that came about 15 months ago. like i said, i was stationed up in aurora. active duty air force. when i received my orders to go up there, my family, based off our conditions and how things were looking, we thought it would be best to leave my wife and children in abilene, allow them to graduate high school and then move on to college. so going up to buckley air force base by myself. about 15 months ago, i was at the end of a duty day. i was running on a treadmill. i was just thinking about my family. i was thinking about what i was doing up there. and my mission. i just thought, you know, i have all these loves, whether it be the wounded warriors and my family, and i was really missing them. i was like, well, i could really run back to them right now. but i knew that there was -- i wanted to leave my mark.
10:41 am
like i said, i've been there 20 years. i just kind of got this crazy idea, why not take everything, put it together and run back to texas. >> you've been deployed six times. that's a huge service to our country. so what's your biggest motivated? you've already given so much. >> well, i think it was just something i wanted to leave behind for my brothers and sisters was the real motivation. we all have our callings. we all have something inside us we want to give to. whether it be st. judes, the rotary club, a mission with your church. just being around. i wanted to make sure i left something for them. >> obviously, all of this is going to the wounded warrior project. why is the wounded warrior project so important to you? >> well, it's something that i've seen first hand. i have a few friends that have used it. i've met a lot of men and women over the years that have. i just think it's something that's really special. to make sure we're not leaving anybody behind and we're taking
10:42 am
care of them. >> when you're running all these hours you spend running what are you think iing about? >> all kinds of things. thinking about my family. thinking about the warriors. and just really loving it. meeting all kinds of great people. >> did you ever expect you would get this much money and this much support? you said you only wanted $5,000. you've almost tripled that. >> i started off, i was thinking, maybe 3,000. that would be a good goal. as i started wrapping it up, i thought, why not, let's go high. let's really aim for the top. i put 5,000. i really never dreamed it was going to get this big. >> what's next for you? you've already raised $12,000. i can't imagine the wheels are done turning yet in that head of yours. >> i'm sorry, ma'am? >> what's next for you? >> oh, i don't know, i'm just taking it one day at a time. right now, i'm just kind of healing up and enjoying this. >> so no more runs on the schedule? >> not on the schedule. it's just something i'm going to do for fun. >> my producer said, how many shoes did you go through? >> i went through four pairs. >> i would actually imagine more
10:43 am
than that. if people want more information, where can they get more? >> i tell you, there's a website put together on facebook. it's a community event. >> excellent. tray drasher, you're an inspiration. we look forward to your next journey. thank you so much for joining us. it is known as the last mile. the distance most commuters must cover daily between home and office and the public transportation they take. many run or walk the rest of the way. but there's now a new choice to get you home. douglas kenty takes a test drive on the streets of los angeles. >> reporter: he lives in pleasantville, new york. the town serviced by one of the greatest rail systems ever built. so unfortunately, you live a little outside of town. you have to walk over a mile to get to the train. >> sit a little over a mile. it's a hilly town.
10:44 am
i'm sweaty when i get to the train. >> when he gets off the train, he has to walk a half a mile in manhattan. sullivan is not alone. millions of people live over a mile from any public transportation. making traveling to and from work a hassle. or very expensive. precisely the reason grant dell gaddie has high hopes for his new invention, the urb-e. so this is an electronic bike specifically designed to take commuters the last mile either to home or work? >> exactly right. we found a trend that people are taking public transportation to get into the downtown area and they node a way to get around once they're there. >> reporter: urb-e weighs 30 pounds and can travel as fast as 15 miles an hour. it can also go up to 20 miles on a single four-hour charge. the advance lithium battery technology is now leading the way. in a super quiet, super light electric bike revolution.
10:45 am
like the city commuter. so most important to you, it can be easily folded or carried or wheeled to the next location? >> exactly. i can fold it up and away i go. it's just like a piece of luggage. >> reporter: a great fit for sullivan who likes the exercise of walking, but looks forward to the convenience of riding. but why walk when you can ride? >> yeah, it sounds perfect not only for here but in the city. over a mile here, half a mile in the city. if i could take it with me and use it for both sides of the commute, it would save a lot of time. >> reporter: a perfect ride for any short trip. in los angeles, california, douglas kennedy, fox news. >> coming up, more problems for cash-strapped detroit as canada closes streets linking to a major bridge in the u.s. where is it and why is it not being fixed immediately? we'll have all the details coming up.
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you really have to take a second and look at this heart-stopping video out of houston. you're looking at scaffolding collapse. construction crews were working on a luxury apartment building when all of a sudden the scaffolding on the outside
10:50 am
collapsed from under their feet. officials still don't know what caused the accident. it happened after -- just after 11:00 a.m. yesterday when obviously the workers were up on the scaffolding. it trapped at least four workers in the scaffolding there. in total, half a dozen people were taken to the hospital. you can see one of them being
10:51 am
the very nature of attacks that will be very hard to stop. our military correspondent for israel's channel 10 and one of the country's best source journalists on security matters joins us. we understand that there has now been another attack? >> reporter: yeah, we had a fifth attack a few moments ago in colombia checkpoint.
10:52 am
and it represents a wave of terror, very young palestinians who come to the check points with knife and try to attack. some of the soldiers in the majority of the events are being shot and killed before they succeed to make any damage. but again this wave of terror that the israel establishment do not -- fortunately we think that -- unfortunately we think that it will continue on days and weeks from now because israel do not have the magic point if you like, the magic possession to end this wave of terror. this is not a war or military
10:53 am
operation in gaza or lebanon. this is a wave of young terrorists between ages of 16, 17, 18, 19, maybe 20. with knives and cold weapons that they are trying to do harm to make casualties in israel. but they do not have any organization behind them. they are not linked to hamas or any islamic organization. so it's hard for the israeli security establishment to prevent those attacks before they are happening. >> we're watching video of some of the attacks and the aftermath happening in military check points, but also in major cities, in jerusalem, hebron.
10:54 am
are people walking around looking over their shoulders wondering if they will be stab bed in the next couple of minutes or are people going about their daily lives? >> reporter: yeah,stabbed in th minutes or are people going about their daily lives? >> reporter: yeah, well-known israeli society and i think what we're seeing here unfortunately as an israeli citizen, we're seeing that there are a few dozen young palestinians are terrorizing the israeli society. before every day we had dozens of casualties in tel aviv, in jerusalem by suicide bombers that lose themselves with explosives inside coffee shops and buses and in the streets. what we're seeing here is the
10:55 am
uncertainty of course when and where will be the next attack. there is no organization. >> i want to get one last question in with you in just about 30 seconds. is this this violence being incited and brought about by the palestinian authority ala yasser arafat, or is this truly just lone wolfs out there? what are your sources telling you? >> reporter: in two word, lone wolf as you said. this is young palestinians are a lot of lone wolfs, but they are lone wolfs. and house rivals. >> we're up against a hard break as we sit there and look at
10:56 am
those pictures of all of those young kids carrying out the attacks. get back to your work for channel 10 and we appreciate your help. coming up at the top of the hour, the hunt is heating up for mexico for escaped drug lord he will clel chapo. we'll have a report on what officials think may have happened to him in the mountains of mexico. and long awaited testimony coming up on capitol hill next week. hillary clinton faces the house select committee on benghazi. we'll have a preview coming up. >> was it because of a protest or guys out for a walk one thigh decide they go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make?
10:57 am
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11:00 am
thanks for staying where us this saturday. nice to be with you. welcome to america's news headquarters from washington. >> here is what is making headlines right now. speculation is reaching a fever pitch in washington over whether vice president joe would i debi throw his hat in to the ring and challenge hillary clinton for the democratic presidential tomorrow natio
11:01 am
nomination. >> plus closing in on el chapo. mexico says the drug lord has been injured after barely escaping capture. we'll tell you what we know about the massive operation. and the multimillion-dollar online fantasy sports industry is facing major investigations across the country with accusations of fraud and insider trading. we'll take a closer look. big question this weekend here in washington and everyone has an opinion. is he in or is he out? we're of course talking about the vice president running for the big job. joe would i deny's political team is signaling that a decision is close. so will he or won't he run for president sha president? christian fisher is here. how close is close to a decision? >> who knows. the vice president is reportedly very close to a decision. his announcement one way or another could come any day now.
11:02 am
but he's running out of time and something his own political team is now publicly acknowledging. in a letter to biden's closest supporter, one of his top advisers says if he decides to run we will need each and every one of you yesterday. but he candidn't seem to be in hurry. he with went to his daughter's cross-country race. and hillary clinton has just announce that had she has $33 million in the bank, a big amount. so if biden run, he has a lot of catching up on do. on the republican side, one of the big debate this is week has been the guidelines for the next debate on cnbc. many of the candidates wanted a time limit of two hours tops and yesterday the network agreed to their demands. >> the unsufferable three hour debate should never happen again. i might as well have gone out for a sandwich during the first 45 minutes and almost went over and handed my number and said
11:03 am
text me when you think you may need me. the >> and jeb bush is going after donald trump for something he said in an interview. frump criticized george w. bush for the september 11th attacks. watch. >> when you talk about george bush, say what you want, the world trade center came down during his time. he was president. don't blame him or don't blame him, but he was president. >> jeb bush posted how pathetic is donald trump to criticize my brosh for 9/11. my brother kept us safe. trump responded no, you're pathetic, but when asked about his comments again last night, trump declined to comment. >> and lindsey graham has weighed in saying trump owes george w. bush an apology. christian fisher following it for us. thank you so much. hillary clinton will testify
11:04 am
in front of the house select committee on benghazi next thursday. she will answer questions about the attack but the hearing could impact the frontrunner for the democratic side. joining me now, a reporter who has been covering the story from the beginning. i want to start by the fact that we're seeing a big push on the democratic side to it discredite work of the committee. and i have two front questions for you. first and foremost, there are still answers that we're looking for. what are we looking for? and i also want you to separate for our you viewer what is is going on on the fbi side of things. >> let's take the first question. first and foremost, it will be interesting to see if there are any you new answers for the questions that still exist after four dead americans during this attack. particularly with why the department of state officials did that provide the security requests that were asked and who
11:05 am
exactly needed to provide that security. the second part to your question is you're right, there have been a huge effort from the democrats to discredit the committee itself, to argue that this is little more than a political operation. now, they were handed a huge political gift from kevin mccarthy the congressman who said this was just little more than an effort to drive down secretary clinton's poll numbers. but at the same time there, is a very real fbi investigation into the use of her e-mail server. so there are still questions for hillary clinton as she continues to not be able to put either controversy completely behind her. >> so we may still find something new on thursday. and i want to put up a poll for you. it says 60% of voters say clinton has been dishonest on benghazi. does this tell you that folks are still very much engaged in the story? >> what it tells me is that she has not been able to get on message to put forth the ideas that she would like to discuss with her campaign.
11:06 am
and the politics of that is why you're perhaps seeing someone like bernie sanders who appeals to the far left be able to get other democrats to take a second look at the self described socialist from vermont. and it also provides an opening for joe biden and perhaps an appeal to more moderate pragmatic democrats as an alternative to secretary clinton. >> and you talk to her motive, but i want to ask you, is she also using it to her advantage? because we are seeing her capitalizing on the effort saying this is a political witch hunt. is she really scraping here? because she perhaps is worried that joe biden will get in to the race? >> i think what you're seeing is that secretary clinton is trying to argue that this is little more than a political operation. but even if she's arguing that, she's not talking with her candidacy or talking about the ideas for her candidacy because if you look at senator sanders, there is no question that people know what he's talking about. he's talking about breaking up
11:07 am
big banks. and regardless of whether or not you agree with that, you know that he has a message. so hillary clinton on policy issues has been yet to be able to define a choice for her candidacy and that is leaving an opening for vice president biden. >> whoever all how big is the month of october for her? she's not only testifying, but we could be learning that her landscape may change. this is vital not only to the primary. >> it's huge to quote donald trump. but she did have a strong debate showing during the first debate. however, the polls indicate that the elector ak toctorate had a different direction than the political pundits if you will. however she did have a strong showing. she was able to stick up for again her more moderate, if you will, democratic principles and put to some extent senator sanders on defense from expanding and making inroads with more moderates. however, you're right, she has again these bad headlines and
11:08 am
this story line that continues onward into the rest of october and into the fall and she is closer to the iowa caucuses and a decision expected at any moment from vice president joe biden. >> is there pressure on the committee to really produce some news here for folks on thursday? >> yeah, it will be interesting to see exactly what the takeaway is from this hearing and whether or not she is successful as coming away from this as little more than a political operation or if we actually stop and pause and perhaps get some real answers into that attack. because that really is at the end of the what this is all about. >> it's been more than three years. >> and the republicans have just as much of an obligation to keep the focus on that, as well. >> thank you. appreciate it. sure we'll be talking with you next weekend. leland. fox news alert on new details coming in overnight on the hunt for the world's most
11:09 am
wanted drug lord. mexican officials say they came close to capturing joaquin "el chapo" guzman and think they injured him in the process. but you guessed it, he got away. will carr has been following the developments from our los angeles bureau. >> reporter: we're talking about one of the richest more dangererrous man in the world. el chapo broke out of a mexican prison back in july. recently reports were automatic that mexican authorities enter ent ent inter-crepted cellphone signals. it's not the first time he escaped from law enforcement. in july he walked in to a shower stall and slipped into and underground tunnel that led him out of the prison.
11:10 am
and back in 2001, he broke out of another mexican prison reportedly after being rolled up in a lawn country cart. el chapo is san antonio fknown had lows and he has 150,000 people working for him, though few has ever actually seen him. he's known for wearing disguises like a priest or army officer and also believed that he's had mues over the years. millions of mexicans actually consider him to be what they think of as a modern day robinhood because he did continues to outwit a government that they have grown to distrust and the united states in chicago he's been voted public enemy number one for the city because of all the drugs that he's pumped in to chicago even though it's not believed he's actually ever been to that city. also force has voted him nunlronunl ro numerous year as one of the most powerful in the world and right now the united states has a $5 million reward out for any information that leads to his arrest. >> we'll see if that helps get him back behind bars for the
11:11 am
second or third time. will carr, thanks so much from los angeles. the purported leader of a cartel is now in custody. he's known by his nick 9/name o cyclone 7. officials say he was the last of 15 priority targets in a new security strategy. he face as variety of charges related to murder, kidnapping, drug trafficking and the last one, fuel theft. turning now to europe, where the flow of thousands of migrants have been rerouted to sl slovenia from croatia. barred wire has been pulled over a passage. immigrants are being redirected toward slovenia where authorities say they will accept controlled numbers as long as its neighbors keep their borders
11:12 am
open, as well. and coming up a little later, we'll tell you how volunteers are helping ease the transition for migrants who have made to the united states. fwrs . and later in the show, four days after he was found up conscious at a nevada brothel, a change in lamar odom's medical condition. we'll tell you whether it offers any hope. plus vladimir putin says his air force is achieving what he calls impressive results. president obama meantime says russia cannot muscle its way to peace in syria. so would should u.s. strategy be given to prove the latest move? chuck nash is here. and it doesn't matter if you're a republican or democrat, all presidential campaigns have one thing in common. the need for cold hard cash. so who is ahead and maybe more telling who is behind in the latest round of dialling for dollars. our political panel is here to break it down.
11:13 am
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11:16 am
lamar odom is showing signs of improvement according to his
11:17 am
family. a family spokeswoman says odom has regained con succesciousnes is communicating. earlier this week he was found unconscious at a nevada brothel. authorities are still retracing odom's three day $75,000 odyssey to determine what caused his medical episode. in the movie jerry maguire, a pro sports player famously told his agent show me the money. it might not be quite that blatant in politics, but for every minute candidates spend on the campaign trail, they often spend just as much time on the phone dialling for dollars. and many say it is the least part of their process. here to break down the numbers,
11:18 am
we will a take a look at it relates to the fwgop candidates. first what they have in terms of cash on happened. cruz has the most cash on pd that, only 10% in the polls. carson has less than that, 23%. and donald trump says he will fund his own campaign sorgs t t changes the numbers there a little bit. angela, what is more important, the number on the left-hand side of cash or the number on the right-hand side where your poll numbers are? w >> polls. there are three major components. money, name i.d., grass roots and advocacy. money helps you pay for grassed i.d., so both are important. >> i have to agree, but i think even more importantly is message. and i think right now --
11:19 am
>> so four or five most important things. as we look at those numbers, can we tell anything from that or do we have to go farther now and look at people like rand paul and that kind of stuff? >> we have to go farther down because the main folks that raise the money for the party are split. they're going after different candidate a as. here we have the outsiders that are number one. >> when you look at those numbers, we're looking at how much the campaigns have on hand. this is not looking at the super pacs. is the actual campaign on hand is less important? >> i think this is more important because it tells you what the average voter is thinking and contributing to. and what it demonstrates, we call them parties, but they're coalitions. and right now the conservative coalition that we call the xwgo is unstable and that's why we're
11:20 am
seeings money going toward the outsiders. mainstream candidates usually seen as shepherds of the status quo. >> i think the democratic side is a little bit more unstable than our side. >> does it tell us anything as we stick to the republicans, is it telling us anything right now as you look at this that bush is still able to bring in big dollars even though his poll numbers have slipped so much? >> yes, because i believe right now it's an eternity able before election day and bush is still in there. we haven't even talked about john kasich. he ebolaed tbalanced the budget state from bankruptcy to now people have jobs. >> and we look at clinton/sanders. clinton and sanders have roughly the same amount of money, about $5.5 million. and about 20 point spread on the national polls. does this mean bernie sanders can be competitive through iowa,
11:21 am
new hampshire and get all the way to super tuesday? >> absolutely, and it shows the importance of message. bernie has the most attractive message to the working class, working poor and poor which is a sizable part of the democratic coalition. >> small donations. >> very small donations and the debate that he just had was basically about socialism and for someone to defeat the republicans whoever it is, they will need to get independent votes. and independents want results. so i think they need to deal with with the democrats, as well. >> i'm hoping joe biden gets in because he can take advantage of the obama coalition. we need to energize the obama coalition. >> we agree. oh, my goodness. >> and we will end it on that note. angela, garland, thanks so much.
11:22 am
elizabeth. the 2016 presidential campaign is shaping up on how and why candidates are getting up in the youth movement. in 2010, danny and her mother launched a baking business and today wicked good cup cakes is arising success and the state of the nation matters to this young pyridine. pure. sgli want the next candidates to help all the small businesses struggling or not struggling. >> millennials, those who came of age near the turn of the century or i don't understand make up the single largest generation in history and they are a powerful voting bloc. in 2008, the youth vote helped secure the white house for
11:23 am
barack obama. >> but the younger members remember not the movement of the obama campaign and electing the first african american president, informed they remember 2009, 2010 when we had gridlock and recession and we saw their friends, family, neighbors losing things. losing jobs, houses. a very different angle of which they came of age politically. >> with the new election cycle under way, director of polling at harvard's university institute of politics believes the youth vote is up for grabs. but both parties may struggle to earn the trust of millennials. allison is a junior at harvard and believes the economy, foreign policy and health care are all important issues. >> gridlock in a lot of different factors in washington that made me think i'm not sure what party i believe in. >> reporter: drew webber questions the priorities of
11:24 am
politicians. >> are they just representing cooperations, billionaires. are they just represent whog will cut them the next check. or do they really care about the needs of people and what they need to get ahead. >> i'm hoping that a lot of my generation will stand up, vote for someone who will help us out. >> reporter: in 2012, 18 to 29-year-olds gave president obama 60% of their vote. but research shows younger millennials are slightly more conservative than their older counter parts. they believe the time is right for both parties to reconnect with younger voters. and donald trump sits down with chris wallace on "fox news sunday," an interview that chris has promised will be, you guessed it, huge. check your local listings for
11:25 am
time and chapnnel. still ahead, a postgame tradition stirs up controversy for a football coach who says he's simply siding for his faith. plus the latest on a wildfire in texas that has already destroyed dozens of homes. we'll tell you whether firefighters can finally get it under control. sbloo and president obama reaches an agreement with russia over what is going on in syria. but there is a long way to go this terms of these two sides getting together. details next. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
11:26 am
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and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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11:29 am
authorities in central texas say firefighters are have gotten the upper hand on a wildfire that destroyed dozens of homes. it's 40% contained after consume building 4600 acres.
11:30 am
some vevacuees are being allowe to return to their neighborhoods. a farming accident may have started the fire. >> so will the weather be giving the fire crews in texas any help? >> yes, the answer is they will get some relief. look at this mess of tropical moisture around the bay of campeche. that will make its way up toward texas and bring quite a bit of rain next week. but for now, just cloudy skies across the great state of texas. but watch what happens over the next several days as this moisture moves in from the gulf of mexico. wow, that is quite a bit of rain. flooding is actually going to be a concern as we get into next week. but for now, the smithville, texas forecast where wildfires are burping, the next couple of days will be warm and dry, but again, wednesday, thursday,
11:31 am
friday, a lot of rain in the forecast. now let talk about the cold air. is that good news? i'm not sure. if you like snow early snow perhaps across great lakes and upper midwest, coldest air of the season. freezing temperatures will be the story for the next couple of nights. taking a look at it through tuesday and again temperatures well below freezing for millions of people here. so we have freeze warnings, frost advisories, you name it, for at least a dozen states through the next 24 to 48 hours. forecast temperature and radar, look at that, don't let your eyes be deceived. that is snow that is flying across the great lakes over the next 6 to 12 hours as the temperatures drop below freezing. so again, it's not out of the question to see snow this time of year. just a little bit of a shock to the system. leland, where i'm from on
11:32 am
halloween, they make the costumes bigger so the kids can swear the snowsuits underneath, so i'm used to halloween snow. >> a lot of people will have to become used to halloween snow if this keeps up. thanks so much. there will be no accidental clashes. president obama says that's the understanding the u.s. military has with russian fighter planes in the country's recent uptick in engagement in syria. there is however very little understanding when it comes to an actual strategy. >> my hope is that as we continue to have these conversations and as i suspect russia starts realizing that they're not going to be able to bomb their way to a peaceful situation inside of syria, that we'll be able to make progress on that front. >> the president went on to say that russia's actions are
11:33 am
supporting a regime that is not legitimate in the eyes of the syrian people. this map shows russian air strikes which appear to be targeting anti-assad rebels more than isis fighters. so joining us now for insight hopefully to clear this all up, chuck nash, retired navy captain and fox news military analyst. i'm glad that we brought in the big guns for this because this is confusing. you hear politicians say i would enfoors no-fly zone. is that even possible at this point? >> i think based on what has happened with the administration in syria thus far that would be just another red line. because to enforce another no-fly zone as we can it in iraq, we it with with the net of force. ie you fly into the zone, we'll shoot you down. so if now the russians are already flying in syria, if we were to come in with a solution of a no-fly zone and then they were continue to fly in it anyway, are we willing to shoot down russian aircraft.
11:34 am
and if we're not, stop talking about this. >> i do want to get to what is going on behind the scenes in your opinion, but i also want to ask you you about the uptick of activity that we've seen in turkey. should u.s. officials be worried about that? >> absolutely. turkey is a nato ally. they have one of the largest standing armies in the world. and you've got the ak party that has moved in and a the country has taken a decidedly islamic shis. so you have all this destabilization that is occurring in the mideast and refugee flows. the problem inside turkey. it's a very tenuous situation. >> and a lot of americans are paying attention. a fox news poll says 70% of americans polled believe that the obama administration does not have a clear strategy within the conflict in syria. but i want to ask you, do you think that the russians have a strategy? because it appears that they're
11:35 am
taking a bolder stance. >> absolutely, elizabeth. if you just take a look at what putin has done in a very short period of time, he's moved naval forces in to reinforce and lockdown and moved in supply aircraft, they're flowing supplies and now bringing in his former cuban allies. they're putting troops on the ground. he's bringing in iran, syrian government already has their own troops as well as hezbollah fighters. so putin has put the old band back together. >> and if we do see more involvement from iran and cuba, what does that mean for us? >> it's clear that the united states condition have the political will to put forces on the ground in syria, so we're going to have depend on the i
11:36 am
think dinlg fuss fighters. >> and what does that mean for the u.s.'s stance especially if we see a larger role from all these other governments and is that a slap in the face? we're seeing the obama administration now have a much more comfy relationship with cuban officials. >> well, they have done the open handed friendship cuba, iran and russia. it's not working out well. >> what would your advice be to the obama administration right now? >> stop saying anything that you are not willing to back up. that's what i would tell them. >> all right. captain chuck nash, thank you so much. we appreciate. certainly like you said very tense situation and still unfolding. despite the threat of being fired pie tby the school district, a football coach continued his tradition of praying before and after his team's games. he says it is his constitutional right. and at last night's homecoming game, coach joe kennedy took a knee with the rest of his team to pray and according to one football mom, the fans in the
11:37 am
stands rushed the field in support. we don't have a picture of that. >> separation between state and church, but this is -- nobody is forced to stay out there, nobody is being forced to sit out there and listen to him pray. i personally like it. my son, trying to put values in my son, wish there was more people like coach joe out there. >> so how does this end? what will happen to coach kennedy? well, we'll ask him tomorrow when he appears on this program america's news head quarters. the show starts at 1:00 p.m. eastern with myself and shannon bream. you don't want to miss it. coming up, fantasy sports industry game of skill or gambling? we'll take a closer look. and plus check out how this very pregnant woman delivers. she's not bored. introducing metris, the mid-size van from mercedes-benz. it's got small-ability
11:38 am
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flames shot into the sky and two explosions rocked a small texas town. firefighters rushed to put out flames early friday morning after an oil pipeline exploded in a town near the mexican authority. authorities evacuated nearby residents and closed the local school. no injuries have been reported. the cause of the explosion isn't yet known. the fbi and nevada state regulators among others are now reportedly investigating fantasy sports companies siteslike draft king and fan duel among others let fans put together imaginary teams of real players and receive massive payouts based on how they actually perform on the field. the sites contend they aren't gambling enterprises but rather games of skill and thus exempt from a slew of laws and regulations. yesterday the sports gambling capital of the world in nevada banned the sites saying they
11:43 am
need a license. joining us now, dominic ramada. there is a lot of opinion here. one fact, there is a lot of money won and lost and it seems like it's the wild west. >> absolutely. both draft kings and fan duel, there is talk of bothing for public last year. you see ads for these services all over television and the internet. >> december fight all that money that exists, as we've looked into it, it seems that there is very little regulation controlling how they do business, what happens. at one point you had draft kings employees or one site's employees betting on another site which seems to be sort of the height of inappropriate. >> and that is the allegation and that is what is alerting
11:44 am
regulators to take further action and also as was reported to the department of justice and the fbi. look, that person at one of the sites was set to have bet $25 and made $350,000. there is a class action lawsuit that is alleging that the person bringing the lawsuit, the primary participant, that he started winning only after these sites banned their own employees from betting on the competitor's website. and also that he was placing bets or playing the sport daily fantasy sports in a state where one of the five state where is it was banned. so the allegation is that these two big participants are failing to police their own players from playing in states where it's not permitted by law. >> a lot of questions here you'd think the general counsel would have thought of this before it happened. on our screen was a lot of the pictures from their websites that show and advertise the amount of money that can be made on these sites.
11:45 am
draft king's terms of service says essentially this is a game of skill, this is not gambling, you can't gamble. is that a defense here or is pretty soon will they have to face up to the fact that uncle sam is not only going to want a piece but also want to be able to see what is going on in their server rooms? >> that's their defense, their position, that these are games of chance like you said. but how much skill is really involved and what about the inexperienced user? isn't there also a certain a skill in a horse race, finding out which horse might perform better? the rain? a lot of these people are playing with their hearts instead of their minds. the casual sports fan is probably picking players on a local sports team. so is it really a game of skill and people are losing lots of money playing these games. >> and then obviously these sites put out ads with the one guy who makes a lot of money. but you don't know exactly how that happened. very quickly, what comes next here? you combine a lot of money, it's very popular, hard to imagine that you'll be able to outlaw it and it goes away.
11:46 am
people have been betting on sports since sports began. so is regulation next ? what happens? >> absolutely. i think you'll see depending on what happens in the various lawsuits and investigations, i think you'll see a very different landscape. the continuation of daily sports betting in its current form is not a safe bet. >> and we will leave it there with that. dominic, appreciate your insights. these are complicated situations especially in the fall that has a lot of fantasy sports leagues. appreciate it, sir. coming up, you won't believe what happened to this man when he went to fix his mother's plumbing. >> itave through me have threw e water. >> we'll tell you what 8-foot surprise was waiting for him.
11:47 am
>> reporter: and the u.s. is accepting more and more refugees. find out how organizations here in arizona are helping coming up next. 130 yards now... bill's got a very tough lie here... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric...
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. it started coming down on my
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hand. right after that, i heard the snap. and i knew something was going on. and i said, he got me. >> big understatement here. doug brown got the surprise of his life when a small home repair job turned into a wrestling match with an alligator. brown was repairing water pipes outside his mother's central florida home when an eight-foot-long alligator attacked him. it bit brown's hand and then tried to pull him into a canal. wildlife officers captured the gator. they believe another resident had been feeding the animal. thankfully doug looks like he's going to be okay. hundreds of thousands of refugees are fleeing war-torn countries in the seven of a new life. a select few will make an even longer adjourn to the u.s.
11:52 am
>> reporter: hi, elizabeth. volunteers in tucson are helping with tutors lessons, counseling sessions, even furnished apartments. 4,000 refugees relocate to arizona every year. abdallah escaped isis terror in iraq. >> i want to make a future for me. i want to be a nurse in the future or doctor. >> reporter: he is taking ged glasses to make that dream a reality. she volunteers at the center. she was born in a refugee camp. >> i was all alone, confused and nervous. >> reporter: volunteers work to make sure migrants don't feel isolated. >> we bring them to their apartment which is set up for them. we enroll children in school.
11:53 am
there is an on-site therapist. >> reporter: now a student at the university of arizona, she hopes other refugees can find a future. >> i hope they can come in here. >> i have a dream. a future. i feel better. >> reporter: now, volunteers tell me their goal is to assist the refugees from the minute they arrive to the moment they become u.s. citizens. elizabeth? >> thank you so much. they are tiny but they are mighty. why this squawking sound is music to the ears of wildlife officials in virginia. ♪ >> chance are you have seen the
11:54 am
latest dance craze called whip nene. i hope i am say that right. she has some help too. >> hello, everybody. coming up in less than 10 minutes right here on america's news headquarters in new york, will he or won't he? the waiting game on if vice president joe biden will run for the white house. >> is the white house doing enough in the middle east. as attacks continue in jerusalem and the west bank. and remembering the deadly attack 15 years later. the commander of the ship joins me. had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them. i know. it's so frustrating.
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give me your phone. the rollover consultants give you step-by-step help. no set-up fees. use your potion. sorry, not you. my pleasure. goodnight, tim. for all the confidence you need. who's tim? td ameritrade. you got this. i started in my basement. here i am today releasing an eagle. i'm choking up now. it's just what it's all about. >> virginia wildlife officials, as you can see, are celebrating after releasing a bald eagle back into the wild. wildlife officials found the injured bird four months ago. she had fallen out of her nest after a severe storms. they attached a transmitter to
11:59 am
track the bird's journey. >> very cool. it shows how much effort she put into it. all right. roll the next tape. ♪ windy rickerson shows she can still bust a move at 40 weeks pregnant. friends and a few newers to watch me whip. she and her husband are the proud parents of 8 pound 10 ounce baby jackson. they have been hoping for a baby for 17 years. it says to react to this video. you never do well talking about a pregnant woman. so i'm going to leave that to you. >> i'm going to say that woman can dance better at 40 weeks
12:00 pm
pregnant than i can at no weeks pregnant. 17 years is a long time to wait. >> this is my only warning. jackson, don't put your mom's name into youtube. let wendy play us out. have a great saturday. ♪ hello, everybody. i'm uma live in new york. tensions on the rise after another attack leaving three palestinians dead. now the finger pointing begins. is the u.s. doing enough to help its key ally. back in this country, a muddy mess. cars and trucks covered following dangerous mudslides in california, leaving many drivers and residents caught off guard. >> it's pretty scary to see the water on both sides and moving very quickly and rising very quickly. i was thinking about how i


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