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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 17, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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26 years ago, that movie predicted that the cubs would win the world series this year. >> 107-year drought. >> it's going to be great. >> congratulations to the mets. set your dvr to never miss an i'm eric shaun. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. >> ike arrest they will neville. ever greater bloodshed in the middle east. five more stabbings and more deaths as israeli security forces take action to counter violent palestinian attacks. after months of anticipation, hillary clinton due to sit down before the benghazi committee this coming week. that just days after her chief aide testified in private. plus a bizarre church ritual ends in death and two parents charged. now police say that victim
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wanted out. we begin with america's election headquarters. in the wake for a possible joe biden presidential decision. the vice president's inner circle breaking the silence on what sort of campaign we might expect if the vice president does reap into the 2016 presidential race. that is all in a letter that's making the rounds among biden supporters. the letter says a decision on running or not is imminent. lots of anticipation. kristen fisher is following all of this on the campaign trail live in a washington bureau. >> reporter: it seems as if a decision has been imminent for weeks, but now for the first time, one of biden's top advisors is using that same kind of language. in a letter to the vice president's closest supporters, senator kaufman says, quote, if he decides to run, we will need each and every one of you yesterday. so even biden's inner circle is acknowledging that time is running out, especially since hillary clinton raised more than
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$28 million over the last three months. bernie sanders 26 million. that is a lot of money already spoken for from democratic donors. in alabama, she took on the state's voter i.d. law. listen. >> this is wrong. 50 years after rosa parks sat and dr. martin luther king, junior, marched and john lewis bled, it is hard to believe that we are back to having the same debate! >> reporter: on the republican side, donald trump is continuing to take some heat from his gop rivals for partially blaming former president george w. bush for the 9-11 terrorist attack. during an interview with bloomberg, he said blame oregon don't blame him, but he was president when the world trade center came down. now jeb bush is defending his brother, saying, quote, how pathetic for donald trump to criticize the president for 9-11. we were attacked and my brother kept us safe. trump responded by saying, quote, no jeb, bush, you're pathetic for saying nothing
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happened during your brother's term when the world trade center was attacked and came down. now carly fiorina is even weighing in. she was asked about trump's comments today after a campaign stop in iowa. >> you know, donald trump says a lot of, frankly, irresponsible things and the rationale his candidacy seems to be everyone, everyone else is stupid or messed up or a loser and he's the only guy who is good. >> reporter: as for donald trump, so far today he has not responded to this controversy. eric? >> knowing donald trump, he probably will as we wait. >> i'm sure it's only a matter of time. >> exactly. thank you. hillary clinton is set to go toe to toe with members of congress next week. in her highly anticipated appearance before the house benghazi committee, that follows yesterday's testimony of long-time aide, uma abadeen.
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she was questioned for eight hours about the terrorist attack in libya that killed four americans, including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. garrett teny following the story from washington. >> reporter: after meeting with the house benghazi committee for nearly eight hours, top aide to hillary clinton said she came to be as helpful as she could be. >> i answered all their questions the best of my ability. and with that, i'll be making no further comment. >> reporter: sources tell fox news that she wasn't evasive in her answers, but that her testimony did little to fill in the gaps of all the timing and events surrounding the benghazi attacks, including how then secretary clinton responded the night they occurred. >> still unclear what was in those conversations and we didn't know that. of course, i don't think she knew that. so that's gonna be an interesting point is exactly what were in these conversations and who all did she talk to that night. >> reporter: this coming thursday the committee will have its chance to ask clinton
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herself when she appears before the panel to publicly testify. clinton and her campaign are attempting to raise further doubts about the committee's investigation. >> i think it's pretty clear that whatever they might have thought they were doing, they ended up becoming a partisan arm of the republican national committee with a overwhelming focus on trying to evade did she as they admitted, drive counsel my poll numbers. >> we have a task. we're going to complete it when we presents that. i'm confident the american people will say this was a professionally conducted investigation. >> reporter: the campaign is riding a wave of momentum following her debate performances and hoping to avoid falloff to make it more appealing for joe biden to enter the race. arthel? >> okay. thanks, garrett. turning to the increasing bloodshed in the holy land action the attacks continue.
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there were several more stabbing attacks in jerusalem and the west bank today. at least three of the palestinian attackers, they say, have been killed. this as israeli troops fire tear gas and rubber rounds in the west bank to encounter violent palestinian protesters. follows weeks of these disturbing shootings and stabbings by these palestinian suspects of israeli citizens that have so far left dozens of people dead. john huddy joins us live with the continuing details from jerusalem. good evening, john. >> reporter: yeah, good evening. it has been a vicious, violent and bloody week. there is concern that these latest attacks, the latest round of violence is just a prelude of something to come. there was a total of five stabbings since saturday morning. three in the west bank city of hebron. all of them targeting israeli troops. several of those attacks back to back. in one an 18-year-old palestinian man, you see this in the video, tried to stab a
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soldier before an armed citizen shot him to death and then a 17-year-old palestinian female tried to attack a female israeli soldier who shot and killed her attacker. you mentioned jerusalem. there were two stabbings. one in which a 16-year-old palestinian tried to stab a soldier before being shot and killed. it's getting harder and harder to keep up with the number of attacks because they've been happening with such frequency after a month of violence as mentioned. that really culminated this past week, again, a vicious and violent week. and there was more violence today in ramallah, the west bank city of ramallah, where clashes between rioters and police continued. there is also been continuous fighting over the past few weeks in hebron and bethlehem as well. we were in bethlehem yesterday on the ground. we got an up close view of that fighting between palestinian
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rioters and israeli security forces. this as we've talked about, the political dissension between israeli and palestinian leaders continues. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is expected to meet with secretary of state john kerry this coming week in europe to discuss ways to try and quell the violence and find a political solution. the question is whether palestinian authority president abbas will join in those discussions. eric, at this point, that does not seem likely. the odds are slim that abbas will be involved. though secretary of state kerry spoke with abbas over the phone this past week, encouraging him not to incite any violence and accusation made by the israeli prime minister, prime minister netanyahu. abbas reportedly told secretary of state kerry that he will try to ease the tensions and violence in israel and the west bank. eric, how exactly he's going to do that is unclear. >> so far they show no sign of
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stopping. john huddy in jerusalem, thank you so much. a possible break in the hunt for el chapo. the drug lord who has been on the loose since breaking out of the high security mexican prison last july. officials say they might be closing in on the fugitive after he sustained injuries while fleeing from a raid to capture him last week. will carr is live in los angeles with the details. >> reporter: we're talking about one of the most powerful, one of the most dangerous men in the world. joaquin guzman, better known as el chapo, broke out of that prison in july and authorities have been looking for him ever since. there were reports that after that breakout, he was flown to the mountainous region in sinoloa. we know that because authorities say they captured the pilot who helped with the escape that then led them to the mountains in western mexico where they believe which poe was staying in a ranch in the area. mexican marines zeroed in on
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that location very recently, but he was able to escape, although it is believed he hurt his face and his leg in the process. while authorities are not elaborating on that operation, it's not the first time he's escaped law enforcement, like we mentioned in july he walked into his shower stall in a maximum security federal prison in mexico. key word, maximum security. that led to an underground secret tunnel that he used to escape from the prison. in 2001, he broke out of another mexican prison reportedly after he was rolled out in a laundry cart. which poe is known for staying in the that doughs at any one time. he has 150,000 people working for him. so few have ever really seen him. he's known for wearing disguises and it's believed he's had multiple plastic surgery. his cartel is widely known for creating super tunnels, tunnels that run into the united states that have lighting, ventilation and rail cars to bring massive amount of drugs into the country in the united states. in chicago, he's public enemy
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number one there for all of the drugs that he's pumped into the city. he's been named one of the most powerful people in the world by "forbes" magazine several times. as of right now, the united states is offering a $5 million reward for any information that leads to his arrest. >> okay. thank you very much for that update in l.a. police releasing sketches today of the two men who they say viciously attacked u.s. airman spencer stone. stone went home from the hospital on thursday after extensive surgery. remember he was one of the hero service members ho spotted a terrorist attack on a train in france back in august. just over a week ago, he was attacked outside a nightclub in sacramento. stabbed in the heart, liver and lung. suspected sidewalk dispute or altercation of some type believed to be behind that. just a second ago we showed you the sketches that investigators had of the two suspects. there it is again. police describe them as asian or philippino wearing blue jeans and a white shirt.
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stone was back in the u.s. after he received france's highest honor, along with his two childhood friends and british citizen. they have of course stopped that terrorist gunman suspect while traveling on that train in france. it could take weeks to clean up this mess here in california. you're looking at these unbelievable images after last week's heavy rain caused mud slides, covering highways, as well as homes. northern los angeles county, the hardest hit area. drivers describe a terrifying ordeal. >> why did any car sink off in? i didn't think it would be that deep. i gets out and i walk and when i walk, i fall. i'm glad to be out because i didn't know how far the water was going to come up. >> what a dangerous scenario there. so will drier weather help the clean-up? let's check in with j.d. live in
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the fox weather center. what's it going to be? >> for the short-term, yes, we'll see a drying out period. but arthel, all indications are that we're going to have a wet winter for california. so people need to be prepared for the potential of flooding really for the next couple of months. okay. so we have that low pressure moving eastward. we also have a cold front across the northwest. the northwest, northern california getting the rain here. southern california drying out. but the southwest, you're still going to see the potential for some heavy rain. when you look at the rainfall totals, it doesn't seem like much. but this is the desert area. the ground is completely dry. so the moisture can't get down into the ground because it is so dry. so your radar, an inch to inch and a half. again, could cause devastating problems across this region that has been into a historic drought. flood advisories remain posted for parts of california, into nevada, utah, and arizona. and looking ahead to los angeles, beautiful forecast for
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the next several days, but again, as we get into the winter months, because of el nino, we are thinking the potential for more heavy rain, the potential for mud slides as well as flash flooding is going to be a concern in the next couple of months. drought monitor, of course, extreme to exceptional. we need the moisture, but too much of a good thing will cause issues. current temps, i want to point out coldest year of the season. here we go across the great lakes and the northeast where temperatures five to 20 degrees below average and even snow in the forecast. >> this is where you and i part ways. you start talking the s word. it's october 17. seriously? tone that down a little bit. >> a little bit of a rebound next week. okay? >> okay. i'll work with that. >> it's going to be a long winter, i think. >> thanks, j.d. >> a lot of blue in that map. more were you is coming. >> okay. coming up, the veteran who was hailed as the hero of the devastating oregon college shooting, now opening up on
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facebook. what he's saying about that horrific and almost unimaginable experience. also while donald trump is high in the polls, he's pretty low on something else. so say the latest reports. we'll tell what you that is and how it's impacting his campaign. .
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now time for the latest headlines. former nba player lamar odom is recovering now after he was found unconscious at that legal brothel in nevada. he reportedly breathing on his own and speaking with his estranged wife, khloe kardashian. the student hailed as a hero for confronting a gunman in oregon is opening up. he's sharing his story on facebook, writing the gunman these chilling words. quote, he loaned further out of the classroom and tried to shoot my phone. i yelled as my kids birthday man. he pointed the fun at my face and retreated back into the class. general motorses issuing a small recall over some potentially exploding air bags. gm recalling about 400 cars and suv with takata air bags that involve 2015 equinox, malibus, lacrosses, cadillac xts and gsc terrain. the company says it will contact
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the owners of all those affected vehicles. from america's election headquarters, the life blood of any presidential campaign is money, money, money. and with third quarter fundraising numbers out this week, we got a stark look at who might be next to exit the 2016 race. ben carson, he's leading fundraising right now with $20 million. donald trump just under 4 million. keeping in mind he's not doing a big campaigning -- fundraising campaign there. hold on. i'm not finished. but here is the thing, he reminds voters he doesn't need to raise much money. that is trump. on the lower end of the scale, you can see rick santorum pulling about $400,000 and george pataki even less. real clear politics checking this out now. latest average of polls show ben carson closing to within a few points of trump, with marco rubio, about ten points behind
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him. so are we about to see the herd thin out? look who is here, jamie weinstein. senior editor at the daily caller. good to see you in person here. >> thank you for having me. >> so let's start here. if you're not a political insider and you're looking at these numbers that i just showed, how much money you're raising, where you are in the polls, people are asking, so why don't these candidates just drop out for the good of the party, support the frontrunner? what's the answer? >> it's a good question. i think some are doing it for vanity purposes. but there are some, someone like bobby joinedle who saw last time rick santorum was probably where he was at this very point, a rounding error in the polls come back in january and all of a sudden rise in iowa and become a real threat to mitt romney. so they're hoping that this cycle they'll be rick santorum. >> so how long can they last hoping for that turn around is this. >> depends how much of a campaign they have. we saw with scott walker he was raising a lot of money. he just had a massive campaign
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that he couldn't pay because he wasn't raising enough money. so if jindal only has a couple staffers and is in iowa, maybe he can stay around longer. >> because that's the burn rate, some are saying look, this is a race. it's not a sprint. and they are, as you're saying, that they're in it for the long haul. it depends on their overhead versus how much money they're putting out. >> you look at marco rubio, he has a very low burn rate. he's not raised the most money out of anybody, but he hasn't spent very much to begin with. there is pluses and minuses. that one it shows an efficient campaign, some would argue. someone who can be here for a long time to come even if he's not number one or two in the immediate. on the other hand, someone like jeb bush will argue we built an infrastructure that's a real presidential infrastructure. we have people in every state. marco rubio doesn't have that. you have to have that to compete for the nomination and ultimately hillary clinton, if she's the nominee. >> you mentioned jeb bush, marco rubio, the two candidates from the sunshine state where a lot
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of shade is being tossed in the sunshine state. it's getting personal. the rivalry, maybe not personal, but the rivalry between bush and rubio is really heating up. i would imagine that bush has to feel, look, here i am scrapping in the low digit arena and i can't even have time to focus on the frontrunner, which is where he thought he and many of his supporters thought he would be at this point in the race. so how do you think he's feeling in this campaign? >> he sees someone like marco rubio getting a lot of buzz. this is the guy who he was a mentor to marco rubio. he was the whipper snapper and jeb was the governor. marco is competing with jeb and doing better than jeb right now. maybe not in fundraising, but certainly in the polls and kinds of the momentum. a lot of people in dc that i talked to says rubio has a better chance to be the nominee than jeb bush. >> let's talk about the democrats here. hillary clinton is the frontrunner there. i think we have some numbers in terms of their money that they
3:24 pm
have left in the campaign, what they raised in the third quarter. hillary clinton, third quarter raising 29.9 million to bernie sanders' 26 million. you look at jeb webb, third quarter he raised 27,000. and chaffey, zero. so again, you see who the frontrunners are. why are they staying? the race? >> that's a good question. they're barely campaigning. they have enough money to buy a few cheese berg user. but a lot of them -- jim webb doesn't go on the campaign trail. it seems like he wants to get in the debates and have a message candidacy. but it's hard to see how they have any chance to win a delegate much less the nomination. >> well, we will see. it's definitely exciting, i must say, isn't it? >> amazing. what a race, huh? >> all right. enjoy your time here in the big apple. >> thank you for having me. >> good saturday. thanks. president obama has repeatedly said that america's combat role in afghanistan is
3:25 pm
finished. promising that by the end of this year, the war would be over. he said something very different this past week. coming up, we'll talk to a former pentagon spokesman about the plan to drive down our troops and he will tell us what he thinks this really means. and it is the end of an era in the skies. u.s. airways flying its last flight, but it is -- is the merger facing smooth skies is the question.
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from the 180-degree change in the course in afghanistan. president obama declaring that the u.s. drawdown of troops in afghanistan will not happen the way he originally vowed. there are 9800 troops currently stationed there. the original plan was to cut that number in half by the end of 2016, at which point it was
3:30 pm
projected that just 1,000 will remain to protect our embassy. that changed with the president's announcement on thursday. >> i've decided to maintain our current posture of 9800 troops in afghanistan through most of next year. maintaining our current posture through most of next year rather than a more rapid drawdown will allow us to sustain our efforts to train and assist afghan forces as they grow stronger. >> in january, the president promised that america's longest war would be over in just two months from now. now what? j.d. gordon, former pentagon spokesman joins us. we had a high of 100,000 troops. now it's down to 9800. do you think that's enough? >> i think that's about the right number. we have to stay in afghanistan. i think the president learned a very valuable lesson from the withdrawal from iraq. that is terrorists love a power vacuum. so if we're not there, the taliban would take over the country again. we'd be right back to where we were before 9-11. al-qaeda could be operating safe havens in the mountains and
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planning terrorist attacks around the world. so i think the president understands that and i'm glad at least we're going to keep some troops there. >> i mistakenly misspoke when i said 2018. i meant 100,000 troops in 2010. look at some of the threats. usa today, they put it perfectly in a column just yesterday. they said, quote, on a personal level, it means obama will fall short of his goal of decisively ending america's longest running war by the end of his presidency. it reflects cold realities, afghanistan's military still needs considerable help, taliban insurgents remain a threat, and the islamic state is emerging as a new danger in the country. so how do we help the afghan army when they got both the taliban and isis on the run? >> less it's gonna take a long, hard fight. look, i was stationed in japan. i was stationed in italy when i was in the navy. world war ii ended 70 years ago. so we're in afghanistan. we've got to be there for the long haul because if we're not right there, it will get taken over by terrorists.
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even the islamic state has a franchise right now in afghanistan. so if it's not the taliban that takes over, it will be the islamic state. so i think we've got to be in afghanistan and i do think the numbers should be where they are right now. the president is talking about 5500. i don't think that's going to be enough. >> some say even 10,000 figure wouldn't be enough. that's enough maybe to hold the government in kabul now. but it's not enough to finally bring peace in the sense of unification to that country. >> you're right. but at the end of the day, i think we have to talk about what is the source of the problem. and that, i believe, is radical islam. as long as radical islam is exported from places like saudi arabia and iran, we're never going to be safe. every single u.s. president since the 1970s has seen americans attacked by radical islamists. so there is a proxy war going on right now between the saudis and the iranians since the '70s to see who is going to rule, to see who is going to be the most extreme, the most anti-western. so afghanistan, if you will, is kind of like a detail in that. so with the islamic state carve how long a caliphate out of iraq and syria, until we stop this
3:33 pm
middle eastern exported radical islam, we're never going to be safe. >> you talk about isis and its caliphate. can isis or do you think that isis will potentially fight the taliban or unite with the taliban and lead to bigger danger? >> it would be a bigger danger. you have to look at what's going on in iraq and syria. isis doesn't like al nusra. there could be a fight within afghanistan among the islamic state and taliban to see who is going to rule the roost. that's a danger as well. >> how about the afghan army? clearly they haven't been able to do the job. tremendous sacrifice, very high rate. that's not sustainable, they say. do you think they will eventually be able to stave off the taliban and isis at the same time? >> only if we're there. if we left, they would be wiped out by the taliban. so i think we've got to be there to support them. but there are a few things i do think we should also be doing. the president should be doing. number one is stop releasing taliban and al-qaeda leaders from guantanamo bay. our forces just have to deal
3:34 pm
with these guys back on the battlefield. number two, when we have soldiers that stop child rapists in afghanistan, they shouldn't be punished like the army is doing now. the third point i would make is when we have deserters like beau bergdahl, they have got to be held accountable. >> final point, the president has said there must be a lasting political settlement. do you think that's even possible? >> not without our troops there to back it up with military force. the government in afghanistan is democratically elected. we support them. they support us. but unless we're there to back it up with military force, it's not possible. >> all right. thank you for your insight tonight and we totally support our brave men and women in service who are in afghanistan right now tonight as we speak. thank you. >> yes, we do. thank you, sir. >> arthel? >> yes, we do. u.s. airways completing its final flight, flight 1939 landed in philadelphia this morning. the red eye from san francisco last night. u.s. airways is officially part
3:35 pm
of american airlines after a merger almost two years in the works was finalized today. bryan llenas is keeping an eye on things from laguardia airport here in new york city. do you know if they served those final passengers champagne, bryan? >> reporter: hi, arthel. so far, so good here. no complaints from those passengers at la guardia airport. really around the country, there haven't been major glitches or delays because of this big merger. today the official day that american airlines becomes the world's largest airline. u.s. airways, by the way, in the meantime, sails into the sunset, done after over 75 years of business. now today really it's the first day they fully -- final u.s. airways flight landed in philadelphia. flight 1939, which is named for the year the airline was created. flew round trip from philadelphia to san francisco with stops in between. today it's the first day they fully integrate u.s. airways into its computer reservation
3:36 pm
system. that means no more booking on u.s. airways flights. their web site redirects you to american. all ticketing and passenger services are now all american. so far it seems to be going well. >> pretty seamless. we checked in online. they sent us e-mails, communication has been pretty good. so far so good. >> the experience is good. similar to most american flights i've taken. delta, american is usually what i fly. not much difference, but it's kind of interesting. bigger airlines and you just kinds of wonder what they can do with the prices and the flights and everything like that. >> reporter: you'll remember in 2012 when crew nighted airlines and continental combined, their computer systems after merging led to months of rampant deal delays, cancellations, technical glitches. american airlines took note of this and this weekend there is 20% more staff at airports. they've tested the system with 5 million mock reservations. still experts say passengers need to be cautiously prepared
3:37 pm
for issues, at least over the next few days and weeks. >> print out your boarding pass. print out your reservation. make sure you have the app on american airlines. make sure that you arrive at the airport extra early and have a back up plan. find out who is flying that route if your flight is canceled >> reporter: now there are just four major u.s. airlines out there. that's the lowest and smallest number since at least 1978. we'll see how that all figures out when it comes to prices and quality of service, a story we'll be following. >> hopefully it doesn't mean higher tickets. you mentioned they'll be beefing up employees at the airports for the transition. what about those employees long-term? have they been able to be absorbed during this transition, do you know? are they going to keep their jobs. >> reporter: yeah, yeah, they are. this merger started in 2013, so for over the last 22 months, they've slowly been integrating things. things like changing the signage at airports, as well as working
3:38 pm
on those employee -- making sure the employees are seamlessly put together into one company. remember, united and continental did a lot of this stuff and they didn't really gradually do it. so american airlines is gradually doing this merger because they want to avoid some of those big issues that happened a few years ago between united and continental. >> very good. thank you very much. >> remember when u.s. airways was allegheny? then they were u.s. air. >> wow, i don't remember allegheny. >> then they bought mohawk. oh, yeah. i remember that one. kind of sad to see some of these old line airlines merge. but it's good for us, okay. coming up here on the fox news channel, the inner secrets of a church in upstate new york has been revealed after a fatal beating. coming up, our legal panel will weigh in on this tragic case on who they say is responsible for the death of a teen-ager. also you don't see this every day. we are going to tell you exactly where this water spout sprouted
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time for a quick check of the headlines. firefighters battling the hidden pines wildfire near austin, texas. say it's about 40% contained. they're allowing some people to return back to their homes now. that wildfire has destroyed dozens of homes and businesses and scorched more than 7 miles of forest land. a huge dust storm rolling through phoenix this afternoon. take a look at that. the cloud could be seen for miles. visibility reduced to only 100 yards in some areas. and check out this water is swir just off of coast of michigan. the national weather service there did issue a tornado warning in case that thing came close to land. but thankfully it didn't and dissipated over the water. i want to warn you that this next story is disturbing. it is a shocking case unfolding
3:44 pm
in upstate new york. two teens allegedly beaten during a church ritual. one of them died. now their parents seen here, bruce and deborah leonard, are charged with the crimes. police say it happened at a church in new hartford, new york, where four other members face accusations as well. investigators say the group beat the 17 and 19-year-old boys to get them to confess their sins. their mother's attorney says she felt helpless to stop it and now police say the boy who died wanted out. let's bring our legal panel now, david schwartz is here, defense attorney and former prosecutor, mercedes colon is here as well. fox news legal analyst. i'm happy to see both of you. i want to start with you, mercedes. was it the right decision to charge these parents? i want to know what's the maximum charge they could get and the penalty they could face and what's the minimum. >> sure. great question. certainly they were. we know so far that they were there. we know that the parents struck
3:45 pm
both of their teens, which is stomach churning that they allowed meanwhile the beating was over a 14-hour period. these children were relentilsly beaten for 14 hours. >> with a cord. >> yes, with a cord. and the parents just standing there. so we don't know -- certainly they're facing manslaughter charges. like david and i were talking before air time, they can actually be charged up when they present it before the jury. the jury -- the grand jury. the grand jury can say, no, we're going to actually say this is depraved indifference. what they allowed these children to endure is akin to murder. not manslaughter. >> david, let's talk about the defense for the parents. what possible argument might the defense mount to get the parents off the hook, if that's even possible, or to minimize even the current charges? >> first of all, we're not dealing with a minor. so we're dealing with a 19-year-old. that's first thing. >> why does it differ? >> big difference. because if we're dealing with a minor, then the parents put the minor in that situation. we're dealing with an adult victim here.
3:46 pm
so that's a very important point as to the parents' culpability. number two, we don't know any of the facts in this situation. we really don't know. we know the parents were somewhat involved. we heard through innuendo there were six beatings by one of the parents. so we don't know who caused the death. this is a beating that happened all night long. so what i want is i want to see the police do a full investigation. there are 30 people involved. the culpable individuals should be charged with murder, like mercedes said. it all depends on what the grand jury does. so all the facts need to be put in there in front of the grand jury. >> so if you're prosecuting this, how do you build a case? >> certainly going back to what david said, you're going to interview anyone. when you've got a large group like this, someone is going to confess. someone is going to say, give me leniency and i'm going to tell you exactly what took place in that room. so get one of them to turn the dime on the others because there is some sort of conspiracy. it's all very odd. this whole thing about a church
3:47 pm
ritual, it sounds much more like more of a cult. >> which is my next question for you. my final question, david, is there any way these church leaders are going to be protected by some statute, like religious or counseling statute that i can't imagine? >> absolutely not. if they're involved and if this is a cult, and it looks like it's a cult. this doesn't look like a church. it looks like a cult. and certainly the church leaders may be involved in brainwashing the members and that may be also a defense for the parents if they were brainwashed into this whole thing. so we have to see how -- >> seeing my son being beat down right that, i would have been on top of somebody else. >> absolutely. stomach churning for any parent up there. ridiculous. >> let's get rid of that. >> exactly. >> and i want to end on a happy note. happy birthday to you. >> happy birthday to you, arthel, too. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. eric? >> happy birthday. well, coming up next, do you
3:48 pm
know about volkswagen and all their problems? they admitted rigging millions of cars to cheat emissions test. it seems the big company is far from being in the clear. investigators are looking at some sports cars that could be affected. what do you do go you got a vw? we'll tell you coming up. cases of lymphoma
3:49 pm
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turns out there's more trouble on the horizon for volkswagen. that after that big automaker admitted equipping its vehicles with software to cheat emissions testing. investigators are now expanding their probes to investigate lamborghini. the super fancy high-prized zoom zoom car. how bad is this expanding emissions scandal? financial planner joins us now. 11 million vehicles so far. >> right. >> they've got lamborghini. these things are like hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> they all have to pass the emissions test. doesn't matter how much you pay. the epa still wants you to pass the test. >> it's unbelievable. >> it is. >> it's unbelievable this happened. >> this is absolutely shocking because it's deliberate. when we think about the history of all the scandals that -- whether it be from corporate
3:53 pm
malfeasance to accounting frauds. but this was a deliberate action. i mean, this was to evade the rules and regulations. we haven't had anything like this that i can remember. >> so far they supposedly put some doo dad in the engine that cheated the emissions results to fool the government, the software basically to lie and cheat. >> right. >> ceo has resigned. four engineers have been suspended we're told. what do you think will come of this? >> we don't know which way this is going to go. when we look at other scandals in the past, it could pull down a whole company. now, on the negative side this was deliberate. that's what everybody is so crazed about this. crass a deliberate action and wasn't isolated to one little division, it wasn't isolated to one rogue employee. this was pervasive and systematic throughout the entire system. it's really a big problem. on the other hand, what you have is a company that has over
3:54 pm
500,000 employees. so we don't believe it 500,000 people were part of this conspiracy to defraud the government. so they're going to have to try and find a balance. but we don't know. sometimes companies go down on this. we don't know. one thing i will tell you that generally when you're getting this information you don't get it all in the beginning. you get limited information. and it almost always gets worse before it gets better. so no one can tell. it's going to cost them billions of dollars. they have lots of constituencies. they have the regulators in many jurisdictions, 11 million cars, that's worldwide, got the united states, europe, everyone. >> this is diesels only. you got the beetles, golfs, passats, jettas. jeff brian camera has a new 2015 golf. he lot a letter from the ceo. >> they're calling this -- >> one of the mass letters of course. >> this is the diesel dupe. >> what do you do? jeff got the letter. jeff you call your dealer?
3:55 pm
>> the letter should contain instructions. it says to go to the dealer and the dealer will offer you something. but you know, this may not be all you're ever going to get. because now if they fix this, now you have the emissions fix. but maybe your car doesn't perform. but that's not what you meant to fight. >> i smell diesel i smell class action. once the lawyers start something. >> you're talking the amount of billions of dollars that you're talk about on this is incredible. it has the potential to bring down the whole company. >> but then, at the same time, you kn know what they do. bring in the crisis gurus, clean house. say we're sorry we're going to do x, y and z. >> you have lawmakers in every single jurisdiction. they want their piece of the pie. the dealers want their piece of the pie. you've got 11 million unhappy customers. it's a big deal. >> well, maybe we counts jeff as one of those. jeff hope you get that taken care of. pat? give them a call. thank you. okay, pat and eric, we're
3:56 pm
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4:00 pm
walk across the bridge. the new river gorge bridge is the third highest bridge in the u.s. >> wow! let's do that next year. looks like fun. >> i'll walk, i'm not jumping i will walk. >> why not? all right. >> i will walk this way. julie banderas," fox report" up next. several palestinians reportedly shot and killed after a series of stack attacks on israelis today. despite increased security measures there are no signs of the violence letting up. i'm julie banderas and this is the" the fox report" in one of today's attacks, israeli officials say they stopped to question a suspicious-looking teenager in east jerusalem when he pulled a knife and tried to stab the officers. they shot and killed him. this is the latest in a month of confrontations involving a knife-wielding attack and attackers or demonstrations turning ugly. now, israel has taken unprecedented steps in response, increasing checkpoints and barriers and deploying soldiers in israeli


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