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tv   Legends Lies The Real West  FOX News  October 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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for the attack on pearl harbor? one says, will you use trump air or air force one? one says what steps will you bring to change the federal income tax system? thank you for joining us. i'm julie banderas. >> wizard. >> he made ample success. >> none of this would have happened if i were not fired from apple. >> michael jordan, christopher columbus, tom edison were all failures until they tried again. >> don't quit at age maybe your boat has not come in yet, mine has not. >> charlie brown never learned from his failures. but we can learn from failure. try, try again. that is our show tonight.
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and now, john stossel. i'm a big failure. i started wegñfacebook. and it failed? really? well, sort of. when i was in college i published a guidebook for guys that included the freshmen pictures of girls from neighboring all girl schools. clearly this was the first facebook. unfortunately, al gore had not invented the internet yet, so it was not yet facebook. also who the girls are, was about to get views and publicity, the '60s protests started and my facebook got no attention and the book failed. years later, mark zuckerberg started, improving my idea and he has $40 billion and i don't.
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but i tried again, i became a tv reporter and that worked out. turns out a lot of people had had failures first, oprah winfrey, dr. zeuss, some argue they were fuelled by failure. that is the title of a book by jerry bloom, he has been a success, he was once an olympic skier, yet you say you're fuelled by failure? >> my biggest dream in sports was to win an olympic gold medal. my dad is the biggest olympic fan you could ever imagine, and when i was 10 years old, my dad would be wiping the tears off his face when a u.s.9ñ would win a gold medal. and i wanted so badly to give him that feeling. >> and you were a favorite? >> i was the number one ranked rñ dominating the sport, winning more consecutive world cups in the
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history of the world, and one inch was the difference in italy, was the difference between realizing the 23-year-old dream for me and getting sixth place. that was my first experience with major failure. >> and then you tried football. >> and then you tried football. and set some con1 but the ncaa turned you down? >> the ncaa wouldn't allow me to take endorsement money from being an olympic skier. and we use the money to pay for our expenses and traveling all over the world so without it, it becomes very difficult. so after two years of giving up you know any endorsement opportunity i was broke. and so if i wanted to go to my second olympics i had to start accepting endorsement money. and i did, and they declared me permanently ineligible and i was not able to play my junior and senior season. >> pro football, you're only 5'9", i don't know how you became a wide receiver but you got drafted by the eagles and
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injured. that was gone. signed with the steelers. injured again. failure again. >> you know, it was a moment of reflection for me after the steelers. i had the opportunity to go to my third nfl team in that many years. and most of my life you know, i have looked at what i'm doing and i would weigh the risks and rewards. and if the rewards outweigh the risks i would continue on that journey and that is how you know i think i was able to reach those two levels in athletics. but at that point i said you know what, it's time to move on. it's time to start new goals and climb a new mountain and that is what i did. >> and fuelled by failure, you say there are bouncers and splatters. explain. >> well, you know, there are two different types of behavior when you encounter adversity. and you can kind of splat and allow that moment to define you, and the weight that we all feel
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can be insurmountable and we can lose focus on our dreams. and there are'c bouncers who ca sit back a moment and not let it to define them. they can say all right, i'm going to dissect this, and learn from it and move on. that is what i did in turino, i said i'm going to learn from this olympic defeat, dissect everything that happens and after to 48-hour window i'm moving to a thousand miles an hour to the draft, the nfl draft, and move on. that gave me the clarity to pursue the dreams i had had. otherwise this would be the weight of turino i had on top of me, instead i said all right, on to the next thing. so i think it's important we don't self-identify too much with those moments of failures that everybody experiences. >> you bounced on to big
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business success which we'll get to in a moment. but first we asked our social media followers of their examples of favorite people who turned their failures into success. on facebook, alan peel said michael jordan, cut from his school's basketball team as a high school student. and the beatles failed after their audition for -ñdecca records. and a company was trying to comh up with a superglue, since then, that failure has made them billions of dollars on these things. so you're just one of many examples. >> that is why i wanted to write the book. because my entire athletic career i heard the cliches, the stories but there was no depth to them. no outlet to say, okay, why? we hear failure makes you
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stronger, adversity makes you have character. i get that, but why is that? why did michael jordan continue to play basketball after he was cut in high school? and as i was looking at venture capital, the company i run today, i got 100 no's before i got a yes. >> let's look at other careers, you tried modelling, did that for a while. looks good there. then he tried a reality dating show.çó but those were just experiments because now he has really succeeded by starting a company that is called the leader in market and integration. whatever that means. >> transfers the way you execute outbound. it allows you to move from a single dashboard. >> all right, jeremy, i still don't know what it means, you're
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making money. >> to put it in consumer terms we all downloaded something on line, or signed up for something with the wrong information. or whatever, we don't want to be re-marketed to. turns out it is a big problem for market companies like dell, because that data clogs up their system. so we develop data to help their sale teamoa28to focus on the it that matter. so we integrate that, on the back end of our software, we put together marketing automation. >> forbes calls you a really fast-growing company. you have failed and succeeded in inspiring ways. thank you, jeremy. >> thank you, john. >> so many successful people failed at first. henry ford's first company
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failed completely. it was called the detroit automobile company and ford took so long to design his car that his financial investors backed out. everyone knows that thomas edison invented the light bulb but you probably don't know that edison filed a thousand patents of ideas that went nowhere. he was also fired by " the telegraph office and lost money in other investments. then came the light bulb, another invention, not quite on par with the light bulb but still very successful, is this toy. >> introducing laser pads, you can light up your creations as you build. >> laser pegs were invented by john coppriola. so you have been called a success by failure, why? >> i think it's because ferguson, ferguson when i grew up there -- >> ferguson, missouri.
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>> yes. >> you dropped out of school when you were a sophomore? >> mentally in eighth grade, sophomore, i quit, it was a rough school. >> you might have gone on welfare. >> yes, i might have, but instead read a lot of self-help books and found out who i was. and i had a knack for inventing, i inventing many things that were not successful. >> invented a relief band, that was not successful. >> too many applications across too many platforms so therefore that failed as well. >> a battery-operated shoe lace, this -- >> called laser laces, the reason these failed is that the chinese knockedb us off. so they sold well -- >> but you got ripped off by imitators. >> you can go on and find many of them.
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>> and you started a company -- >> i collected a lot of no letters. and i pinned them on my board. but after time i threw them away, because it doesn't matter. >> didn't you feel terrible? >> yes, you open this with edison, and edison, he is 67 years old and his entire plant burns down in 1914. he just starts over the next day. it's a mindset, really, if you want to do something in life you have to have a mindset and feed your mind, like you exercise in the gym. you have to feed your mind little sound bites. >> then you come up with the laser pegs, they look like legos with lights, what is the deal? >> each feeds a volt with current which has never been done. you have a spin pattern, so it's three times that of lego, we complement their brand, we're
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not out to compete with them. >> and now the company is worthy $40 million. >> at the rate of that. growing about 35 to 40% a year, kind of growing me out of business. >> what the last guest said before, bouncing and splating? >> it's all relative, how you look at it day in, day out. >> well, congratulations overcoming plenty of failures, john cappriola. >> appreciate it. >> coming up, did you know that colonel sanders was a failure, and viagra, and the author of harry potter. >> i was a big failure, had i succeeded in something else, i would never have been in the arena where i believed i truly belonged.
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last segment, one of my guests made a point that re resonated with me, he said when it comes to failures it's how you deal with it because there are bouncers and splatters. when i fail, i sure don't bounce
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back, i get demoralized. i really how stupid that is, because others fail many times, isaac newton, and gravity. and we should be glad because he tried something else. he created the start-up pay pal. >> making it possible to send money to each other by the internet. >> profits from pay pal allowed him to create other companies that changed our4?,6ñ lives. he also funded other websites. people who fail at first and succeed say in retrospect i only succeeded because i failed first. this woman said that. >> i was a lone parent, and as poor as it is possible to be in modern britain without being homeless. i was the biggest failure i knew. >> do you know who that is? that is j.k. roweling, who went
5:18 pm
on to sell books such asqó harr potter, selling more copies of fiction ever. in her case she says thanks to failure. >> i stopped pretending to myself that i was anything other than what i was. and began to direct all of my energy into finishing the only work that mattered to me. had i really succeeded at anything else i may never have found the determination to succeed in the one arena where i believed i truly belonged. i was set free. >> and now she has a billion dollars. and our kids are better off because her failure gave her the motivation and time to write. likewise, i'mnñ better off becae i have one of these things. an iphone, and also an apple computer. steve jobs started the company but then had failures. apple's board of directors forced jobs out even though he was the founder.
5:19 pm
>> it was devastating. i really didn't know what to do for a few months. i didn't see it then but turned out getting fired from apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. the heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again. >> he learned from his failures, he started another company, then one called pixar. >> i'm pretty sure none of this wouldn't have happened if i had not been fired from apple. it was awful-tasting medicine but i guess the patient needed it. >> sales went on, they re-hired jobs and he helped to make apple the biggest company in the world and gave me this. sometimes people fail nearly their whole lives and then become successful. colonel sanders, the founder of kentucky fried chicken chain, first failed at running a motel, then a gas station, then finally
5:20 pm
at age 60, he started kentucky fried chicken. now, 18,000 kfc restaurants. one of the advantage to failing and trying again and failing, it becomes less incapacitating over time. the repetition helps you become a bouncer rather than a splatter. terry cruz says that is what happened when he played football. >> i got cut almost every year, i learned failure, it was my buddy. with every failure i got a little bit higher and that no is negotiable. when people tell you no or reject you, it's not now. it may be for now, but tomorrow it may be yes. so i learned to just keep going. >> that is something lots of successful people have learned. harrison ford spent years working as a carpenter before making it as an actor. albe albert einstein and charles darwin failed at school.
5:21 pm
failure is painful but pushing through it has its rewards. >> it is impossible to live without failing at something. unless you lived so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all. >> coming up, why letting your child fail and fall is a good thing. child fail and fall is a good thing. ♪ centrum brings us the biggest news... in multivitamin history. a moment when something so familiar... becomes something introducing new centrum vitamints. a multivitamin that contains a full spectrum of essential nutrients... you enjoy like a mint. new centrum vitamints. the coolest way yet... to get your multivitamins. same eyes. same laugh.
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5:26 pm
>> full of spills, setbacks and bumps. >> babies fall trying to walk. and then they try again. >> little bodies were meant to sit up with pride. little arms to reach goals and little legs to push to new heights. >> here is a similar commercial from india, selling baby oil. they also show the thrill in both baby and mom when a child is left on his own long enough to triumph by taking his first ste step. >> today, kids manage to learn to walk. but still, many parents want to protect their kids from falling. but such protection is a bad thing, says the author of "playing to win." and that is socifrom this exper >> you may have success
5:27 pm
sometimes but until you really fall down and go splat and learn to pick yourself back up again you're not learning all of those skills that will serve you well throughout your entire life of the if you can believe it, they sell kneepads for kids now if they learn to crawl. what kind of kneepads or helmets will they put on kids when they get to college? >> but recently, there is the self-esteem image, where everybody is a winner, everybody gets a trophy, this is a $3 million business pushing that. >> yes, we, often there are weird unintended consequences to things we do. the reason we have this movement, thej athletics in the '70s and '80s, we have the pay-to-play activities now. it is not just part of the school and part of the everyday experience, but you have to pay
5:28 pm
to play which automatically makes a lot of these competitive activities limited to upper middle class and middle class kids, then we question well, if it's important to win or lose who is being left out of that mix today. >> is it important to win and lose, they say when my kid was in the soccer league, we don't keep score. his did. >> kids are very savvy. they keep i talked to kids for book they knew exactly what was going on. >> you write that failure prepares kids? >> it can in many cases. it's not just about school success success, or getting into graduate school or college, it'i about getting a job and also romance. you can even watch one of these reality shows, who turns out the winner. there is really only one. at the end of the day ideally there is only going to be one person you mate with for life. >> so people who can fail and ask a lot of people who do better -- >> you have to get back out
5:29 pm
there in the dating game. we think so much about preparing kids just for school but these skills are transferrable to many different activities. >> the protect my child in some areas has gotten so crazy in some places like hollywood that even bill maher has noticed it. >> when did we get the idea that children should never endure the slightest risks or face disappointments? these1w kids are more anxious tn a squirrel on crystal meth. >> not learning how to fail makes you anxious? >> it can, we're seeing waves of college students now who are not prepared to not only deal with the failure in the classroom or a romantic failure, but can't deal with the failure of knowing how to do their own laundry. when parents coddle their kids -- >> you deal with this at brown university -- >> you see students who are not
5:30 pm
prepared to get a c on a paper, it's just terrible to them. >> do they quit then? >> well, they might drop the class to find an easier grade. it might affect -- we're seeing -- we see this -- student takes first semester, and decides that their dream of being a doctor is out the window. >> one of the results of the self-esteem window, many kids think they're really smart. on surveys they are asked if they do well on math. the american kids rank themselves number one on self-esteem in math. let's roll this chart, ranked country by country, oops, they're not ranked number one there, that is korea, where is the united states? we still have not gotten to the united states. they rank 34 countries and finally doctthere we are, 27, k of near the bottom. so we think we're smarter than we are?
5:31 pm
what good does that do? >> well, this american confidence is well known throughout the world. some people actually move to america wanting their children to be confident, to have that belief that they can do anything. and this cuts both ways. we say well we$;p[ don't want yo think you're always a winner in everything you do, yet at the same time to get a steve ballmer or bill gates who dropped out of harvard. >> they really were smart. >> well, they were smart. but could have splat ted spectacularly. and i call it kid capital, the ability to fail and develop certain skills only by participating in competitive experiences. so you need to put yourself out there. learn how to fail, bounce back and perform in high pressure situations. that is what it's going to take to really succeed long-term in life. >> thank you,;v hillary.
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that's how zonnic helps me quit. zonnic nicotine gum. every victory counts. . science advances through experimentation. and experiments fail most of the time.÷49t but it's a good thing that researchers try and try again because we learn a lot of good things from the experiments that fail. dynamite was invented after experiments with other explosives killed the chemist's brother, which inspired him to find a safer explosive. and rubber was a failure when people first tried to use it. it froze in winter and melted i[ summer. then charles goodyear mixed it
5:37 pm
with sulphur, accidentally dropped it on his stove and noticed it didn't melt. that brought us today's tires. there are more examples, x-ray machines, velcro, we're all a result of some other experiments. this person forgot to close the window. mold grew, and that is how penicillin was discovered. some people question if that happened, but that really is a the question. what happens out of failures? the last time this man was on my show his experiment failed on me. he claimed that if people inhaled the chemical, oxitocin, they became happier, but i'm as grouchy as ever. in fairness, i didn't get the full dose, but paul zach has done other tests, and it
5:38 pm
succeeded. >> so it failed as a happiness drug, but turns out it works as an autism drug. >> it failed on schizophrenia. >> so we go through these studies, but really study why it failed. that tells you what to look for next. >> and doing these experiments in america is a hurdle, because government gets in the way. >> they do, you can get some levels, but you need lots of approval and money to move forward. >> they say they want to make sure people are safe. >> that is right, but in fact science is the study of failure, right? we go, we fail, keep trying, the history of medicine is full of these happy accidents. >> so these fda safety rules may make us less safe by stopping experiments? >> exactly, we have to balance the kind of expected benefits with the costs. we don't want to hurt people, but also want to develop the drugs that help save people's lives. >> but they don't stop you from doing that. >> they make it more difficult.
5:39 pm
>> let's take other examples of things accidental discoveries. viagra was originally developed to treat high blood pressure. >> and didn't0ãwork very well, but experts noticed it helps with problems, the woman's drug, viagra, failed three times, in clinical trials. and they noticed women were having better romantic lives. >> rogaine, the hair growth medicine, originally developed to treat ulcers. >> and then didn't work very well, hypertension, and then helped with hair growth. >> just accidental things people find. the blood thinner warfarin was meant to treat blood clots,[ñ ts was noticed because something.
5:40 pm
>> the feed would cause the cows to bleed. >> the scientists found out what the substance was and developed the most obvious use of this, which was rat poison. >> because it would make the rats bleed. >> which means they bleed out and die away from the poison so the rats are not tipped off which is a nice effect. then you give a little bit to humans, stop blood clots, including this was given to president eisenhower when he had clots. >> which didn't help him ultimately, they gave him rat poison to try to save him. >> nutrasweet, the stuff which is in my diet coke, which i drink all day. >> the chemist had discovered
5:41 pm
this, saying oh, my finger was sweet. wouldn't happen today. >> finally, recreational drugs, molly and ecstasy had had a long history. >> yes, were developed again for circulation help. >> and we keep investigates, testing, failing, finding lsd was the same kind of thing. hoffman developed this, got it on his finger, he rides his bike home and is tripping out. again, this is an illegal drug, but it is helping people stressed out. there may be some situations where it's actually beneficial. >> thank you, paul zak, good luck with experiments on ocitocin. and there is one organization that almost never learns, it tries and tries again but doesn't learn)t)nnáz its ow mistakes. it keeps doing the same stupid
5:42 pm
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. entrepreneurs try and try again because they have to. if you invest your own money and
5:46 pm
there is something wrong with your product you have to make an adjustment right away or you lose your money. there is nothing like risking your money to fund the mind. and by contrast, some ideas are brilliant ideas and they keep testing them on people and these experiments fail againc=hp'd agn but they don't stop the experiment. they keep spending money on it. they're happy to do that because they're not spending their own money, it's yours that they're spending. and that organization, of course, is government. economist ed stringam studies how invest money better than government does. so ed, before we get to markets, i'll push back, hillary clinton says that government learns from mistakes and improves things. >> well, in the private sector, there are profits and losses, if you do a good job there is profit if you do a bad job you make losses, government lacks profits and losses.
5:47 pm
so people who can't balance a budget they overspend, rather than get penalized for that they go back to taxpayers0c and say please, you need to give them more money. and it persists. we can't do it, we need a higher budget, and congress says, okay. they should be fired. instead they get rewarded. oftentimes, bureaucrats get more money to expand. >> let's say the housing bubble. >> oh, yeah, there is lots of examples where government regulators fail. ten years ago they were enacting regulations, saying we know what we're doing, we're going to prevent any downturns in the future. >> and that came after the enron failure. they were going to fix all of these failures with sarbanes-oxley. they added thousands of pieces
5:48 pm
of paper, cost a ton. >> it didn't have the promising effect. now what did they do? we need more regulation. now we have the dodd-frank act, which is 30 times longer than war and peace. it's extremely onerous and i'm quite sure it will do nothing to prevent the next economic downturn. >> and it didn't, too big to fail. and another example of lifting people out of poverty. >> housing projects, which had disincentives for working, magnets for crime, terrible places to live. what happened years later? they still exist. >> some are just being burned up and they build new buildings for them. >> and does the housing and urban development get put out of business? no, they're still spending money year after year. >> public schools? >> same thing, tons of examples of failed policies harming the kids. they're not helping the
5:49 pm
education, and what do we say? this is a failed public school. let's put them out of business. no, this is a failed public school. we need to throw more money at the problem and nobody is fired in government. the civil service protection, if not union rules. so almost nobody is ever fired. >> government officials, you have tremendous job security. people can be doing the most terrible job and it's almost impossible in certain areas to even let these people go. and i noticed over my reporting cai i talked to a lot of people who say it was horrible being fired. i hated that, but you know i'm so glad it happened. i feel much more useful now, i found something new where i'm doing better. that is the creative destruction that makes capital work and doesn't get to do its wonderful stuff in government. >> right, so markets are constantly rewarding innovation, encouraging people to try new things, learn from past mistakes.
5:50 pm
government, it's like well, we've always done it this way, we're going to always do it this way. oh, let's try this other thing, maybe it's not working out so well and they will just continue doing it xforever. >> you wrote example of how tha works. >> i like to highlight some private people who learn from failure. you mentioned paypal earlier in the segment. we've got a great example of them getting defrauded by all types of hackers around the world. rather than them sitting around saying, oh, we don't know what to do, they had to learn from these problems. and so very quickly, they implemented a fraud detection, fraud elimination system. so right now they've got a very good way of reducing online fraud losses to very close to zero. >> they program computers to search for certain patterns. >> yes, if there's a bunch of small transactions, all of a sudden happening in the middle of the night, it's like this computer is looking at things at
5:51 pm
all times saying, i don't think that's right. they will send up the red flags and in certain cases they would freeze the accounts or not allow those transactions. >> other entrepreneurs copy it. i'm sure visa and mastercard have similar systems. >> yeah, they had a positive influence on the industry. and cyber source was another company that implemented a lot of these things which since got bought by visa. a lot of these things that we traditionally look to the government to solve, are solved privately, because people have money at stake. >> the private sector adapts. look at private insurance companies. when people file claims, insurers don't want to pay for fraud, so private insurers often hire investigators. this one came on my show to explain how his detectives videotaped people they suspect filed phony claims for disability. >> our claimant's in the water, swimming, talking, conversing,
5:52 pm
decided to climb up to the top of the ledge as you see here. and jumps off with no signs of disability whatsoever. >> social security, medicare, they run tests like that. >> there are so many examples of fraudulent claims with fraudulent disabilities. these things have skyrocketed over the past few years. even the government knows that there's tons of fraud. >> gao admits it. >> $1 billion in a recent report. we just lost this to fraudulent claims. but they don't have the same profit and loss incentives, because they don't really care. they're going to charge it off to us taxpayers. >> thank you, ed. coming up, how i failed, and how i tried again. coming up how i failed and how i ♪ do you really think that's a good idea? if everyone jumped off a cliff, would you do it too? you'll lose interest. it's just a phase. it hurts me more than it hurts you.
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so much success has grown out of failure. on social media, you offered a bunch of examples i hadn't known about. reed hastings fail to return a blockbuster rental on time, led to netflix. really? well, yes, we checked it out, and that's true. reed hastings returned a tape six weeks late, was hit with a $40 late fee and was nervous explaining that to his wife. he said, i was on my way to the gym and thought, wow, video stores could operate like a gym with a flat membership fee. wonder why no one's done that
5:57 pm
before. he created netflix and earned himself a billion dollars. mark mcgrath tweeted us. milton hershey had two bankruptcies before finding the right location and formula for hershey chocolate. that's true, too. hersh hershey's first two stores failed. he only succeeded when he moved back to pennsylvania and tried a third time. walt disney's first cartoon company declared bankruptcy. then disney tried again with mickey mouse. and that was a huge success. this willingness to try again and again is very american. sometimes people say, well, you failed, you're not good at that. i'm not going to back you. you had your chance. now go work for someone else. but in america, people are more willing to say, your failing doesn't make you a failure. try again. politicians do it all the time. richard nixon lost an election in california, then stood up in front of the media he hated so
5:58 pm
much and said -- >> as i leave you, i want you to know, just think how much you're going to be missing. you won't have nixon to kick around anymore. >> the media did get to kick nixon around again, because he later ran again and then became president. barack obama ran for congress and lost, getting only 31% of the vote. but he tried again, and you know what happened just eight years later. >> god bless the united states! >> look, i didn't say trying again always brought us good things. just that it works for lots of people. also, trying again made my career possible. >> on the abc news magazine, 2020. >> i became a minor celebrity by working at "20/20," one of the longest running shows on tv.
5:59 pm
but boy, you should have seen the first show. >> harold hayes and robert hughes. >> robert hughes is not exactly a household name. where do you come from? >> the first show was so bad, the boss fired the host the next day. but then abc tried again, and succeeded. i worked there 28 years. but then i failed because i couldn't convince abc to keep letting me do more reports like this one. >> tonight, stop kidding yourself about your child's school. we'll teach you a thing or two about being stupid in america. how we cheat our kids. >> my abc boss said, we don't want more of that. that's libertarian propaganda. we want more stories on things like diets and breast enlargements. so i left. a failure? you could say that. but no, said curt thompson on twitter. in answer to our question about examples of failure, turning to success. he wrote, your career, turning
6:00 pm
successful at fox. thanks, kirk. you're right. good to be here at fox where i get to say what i want to say. glad i tried again. that's our show. see you next week. right now, on justice -- her top aide was on the hot seat. now it's hillary clinton's turn. but first, i have some questions for hillary before the benghazi panel grills her this week. it's tonight's opening statement. and justice fans may remember this. >> a month from now, we're not going to be talking about this. mark my words. >> you know what? i'll bet you lunch. >> you got it. >> so guess who won? richard goodstein brought me lunch this week, and boy, was i hungry. >> she had 61,000 e-mails over four years on one server, and that one


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