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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 17, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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episode. >> we are done here. that was a great show. thank you brett stevens dave smith, joanne, katherine, gabrielle bloom. the liberal panel. i am greg gutfeld. . live from america's news headquarters, i'm lauren green.
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a series of stabbings and shootings left four palestinians dead and throw israelis hurt. the country has deployed soldiers in some israeli cities and put up concrete barriers outside some arab neighborhoods in jerusalem. secretary of state john kerry will meet the israeli prime minister next week. russian defense ministry releasing video of air strikes against what it says are isis in syria. the new video has not been independently verified. mexico is stepping up its manhunt for joaquin guzman, also known as el chapo. troops are searching in a mountainous region. the hunt extending into neighboring durango.
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guzman escaped from prison in july. it's believed guzman has suffered minor injuries during the manhunt. road crews in southern california are still busy clearing a number of roads and highways following this week's mudslides. thunderstorms thursday caused flash flooding. the mud trapped hundreds of cars and left dozens of homes damaged. thankfully, no one was hurt. one major trucking route highway 58 is expected to be closed for days. a spokesman says cleanup work in some areas may take months. i'm lauren green. now back to "red eye." for all the headlines, logon to fox
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>> the mets game just started. andy, i know you're a huge fan and this is a big game, but doing the hoe show is more impot than the mets. [ laughter ] >> let's welcome our guests. she'll take your breath ariser away. >> that was good. >> it's tom van horn. when i requested some guy, our booker took it literally, guy benson. and he got here a day early to make fun of tomorrow's guest, joe mackie. sitting next to me is comedian sam morrell. let's start the show. >> finally homeland finally, homeland gets artistic. "homeland" was trolled by a team of graffiti artists.
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the tv show was filming a scene of a refugee camp in berlin. producers hired arabic street artists to create apolitical graffiti to fill out the background. but it was instead translated into direct critiques of the show. this one reads "homeland is racist." "homeland is a joke." "homeland is watermelon." "black lives matter." and "freedom now in 3-d." i'm not sure what this one is supposed to mean. oh, hey. whoa! now i get it. this isn't the first time someone was able to sneak criticism into the snow. take a look at this newly translated scene. scene.
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>> all right, grie -- guy, graffiti artists write about things, so is "homeland" racist. >> cogent point to start with. i am a fan of the show and watched it from the beginning. i think it is terrific. i read the piece on this and i guess the criticism is there is a reductionist view of islam in the show which is not true. there are positive muslim characters. he was assassinated last season. >> that's right. and there is a clear distinction there. are we unwilling to be entertained byw3 realistic portrayals of radicalxd violent islam? the show does not portray or paint muslims the same way. i don't like it when people are trying to get stuff and can sell their boycott. it is more subtle than that, and good for them for sneaking it in. the producers had no idea what was happening. >> like you said it is a very
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nuance view of terrorism around the world. the first thing i want to ask is how did they not catch this? it was insults written in arabic. >> it said joe mackey is not a man. >> i am the right guy to come to for terrorist questions. comedians and terrorists have a lot in common. we both get bummed out when people don't make it out to a gig. this are like, three people on a bus? i guess i'll do it. >> they probably hold out i'm sure, right? >> are you like a terrorist? >> i agree. you think they would have enough money on the set to understand arabic language and going look at that over there. that shouldn't be there. when i find funny and i guess they did it as a political statement, but the only people who could get it could read arabic. it becomes like an inside joke to everybody else.
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they probably said look what he wrote on the wall over there. >> to be fair, arabic, can they even understand what the letters mean? there are many different dialects. i would think there are a number of ways -- tom help me out. >> it looksñr like my doctor's signature. >> they are not in yemen. there are not a lot of people who understand arabic. >> if you are spending that kind of money it must have cost millions to create the refugee camp. >> it looked great. in berlin you have to at least dedicate a few hundred dollars to a translator to kind of help you out. i do like the idea that being an inside joke almost with the people who do know what it means. like i love continuity errors in shows. that's a lot of fun.
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so for some people who understand arabic like it is fun to read. i haven't watched the the show, but as far as i understand this is not a documentary. it is a drama series. as far as staying true to reality,ñi i mean it is a drama. you have death and grizzly things and some people are evil. you need that. >> and graffiti artists are always saying bad things. >> we love this show. i want positive characters in season five. like maybe the guy who runs the stand. >> those stands are amazing. the lines are down the block. >> by the way, here is what i don't understand. carry remathison, the star of the show speaks fluent arabic. she is a cia operative. how could she not catch it? >> that's true. i don't think claire danes has
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brushed up on the arabic. if you ever watched the "to catch a predator" show and say why not do a sting operation about the 12-year-old girls who do dumb things on-line then you are in luck. they created a series of shocking videos that he hopes will raise awareness about on on-line safety. after getting parents' permission they created the fake on-line profile and reached out to teens and arranged to meet up. when they arrive their parents are there to confront them. take a look. >> the first girl is makayla and she is 13-year-old old and we were talking on facebook the last couple days and we were supposed to meet at the park when her parents leave the house. >> got a text. my parents just left and i can be at the park in 10 minutes. we will go and see if she will be there. we will set up the cameras and be waiting for her. she is coming. >> makayla? >> who are you? >> from facebook.ñi
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remember? >> makayla, are you crazy? are you out of your mind? he could have been a rapist and a pedophile. >> we have to talk. >> we have to talk. >> it ends well. >> this next girl, her name is juliana and we are supposed to meet when her father falls asleep. >> i am here with her father and we will see if she will actually come to the door. she said this is the last text. lol, i would have to wait until my dad falls asleep if you want to chill. i can't have boys over. she wants to chill tonight. what do you think? >> i don't think she will open the door. god i hope she doesn't open that door. >> get over here? what's wrong with you? what's wrong with you? >> i'm sorry. how can you do this? you are 12 years old. he is 20 years old.
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>> shockingly the videos have over 50 million views. wow. is this riveting? >> that the girl is a great actress. the water works already? i wish i could do that. i mean i feel for these girls. they shouldn't have done this, right? >> definitely not. i think kids -- see that show "catfish" that is on one of the networks and they see people kind of getting punked on-line. they think it is funny. they don't really recognize the dangers that are associated with on-line predators. while if i were a parent i wouldn't react in that way, i think that may be a little more traumatizing than the actual meet up. >> you mean having dad jump out from behind a rock? >> i also think it is partially the parent's responsibility too of the -- responsibility too. how involved are you in their on-line presence. >> how more involved than having a camera crew film your
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daughter screwing up? >> and put it on television. when i first saw it i had a reaction of i thought it was a little cruel to the kids. but then i am not a parent, but if i were i would want to do everything i could to make sure that my kid understood the consequences for their actions. i think we are in a brave new world of social media and on-lin intersect with real life interactions. when you are 12 or 13 you don't understand the gravity of the problem you could be getting yourself into. and dh this -- and this is a dramatic way of illustrating it. >> tom, you are a dad. >> yes. >> is this chilling? >> i couldn't help think i was watching a bizarre candid camera show. a weird we caught you. i was hoping the girl, especially the first girl when she got home it wouldn't go into something like child
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abuse. it looked like he was going to take it out on her. >> you think the dad was dangerous? these girls need to learn a lesson? >> it is hard to relate because my dad left when i was young so he would have happily let me get abducted. it is weird because the guy is still messaging teens. >> oyes. >> i always wonder if old school press fors from the 70s whine about how easy it is to be a predator these days. all you need is a cell phone and twitter account. >> you needed a van and a bag of candy and wait for hours at a time. not that i would know. >> the man behind the video, kobe, he is live here with us. >> how are you? >> good. these videos are chilling and no wonder they had 50 million views. what inspired you? >> a story in california that happened two weeks before i made the video. a 27 yoorld made a fake account and talking with girls
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and met with a 12-year-old girl who let him in the house and the father was there to stop it, but it could have got out of hand and he waited for the cops. >> you took his idea and ran with it? >> we wanted to see if it worked. does this happen a lot? >> how did you find dads who would warts pate in this -- who would participate in this. >> i wanted to find parents with kids on social media. the ones i picked are the ones you saw on the video. >> have i to ask -- i have to ask, did you addition from "jersey shore"? >> i am from jersey, but i'm just saying. no. >> do we have any questions? >> you are showing a lot of skin. are you trying to reel in any kids right now? >> can i ask one more? >> let him answer.
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>> i don't know if there is an answer there. >> you don't want to dignify his question. >> where do you find the time to do all of the in between eyebrow threading. >> these are all natural. >> i could use help on my end. >> do you do threading? >> no, it is natural. it is a garbage fire up here. >> maybe you can meet up later. you can text, meet up, go to the salon. >> i have a question. do you worry because you did these viral videos that girls may talk to guys on-line and think it is a sting operation and they will be virally famous? >> i don't think the girls that's their most wanted to be on tv like this. they didn't and that's why we blurred their faces for their safety. i don't think people want this to happen. >> the girls that were
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stunning and their faces were blurred, but when you did a follow-up, were they glad this happened? did they feel they learned something? >> they all learned something and i am never doing this again. i understand. they didn't think it could happen to them and it was real life stuff. it can happen to anyone. >> this is not a sexist thing. he didn't just do it with girls, there were young boys as well? >> right now i will text him. what'sñr your address so i can come and pick you up?xd what's your address? is this your address? >> hey, little buddy. i'm amanda's dad. hop in back. >> where is amanda? >> didn't she tell you i was coming? come on back. i got you, don't worry.
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>> help me! help! >> didn't i tell you not to do this on facebook i have the don't you know you never know who is in there? what do you do if i don't find you anymore? >> what is with the mask? >> we wanted to make it as scary as possible. that's how it goes down. we wanted to make it as real life for these kids. >> is that including the rastafarian wig? what is that? >> we picked it up at the party store. >> can i ask one more question? >> are you holding up your hair with these kids' tears? >> the kids are learning from this. i could be their worst night mare, but this is what happens.
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>> kobe, what's next? what's your next project? >> the next one we are doing is showing how we can get adults, tinder. sam, watch out. >> kobe thanks. >> see you later. take care. >> so what do you think of kobe's videos? post on "red eye" facebook page. coming up, are you scared, america? you should be. america's fears are next. do you know the secret to a happy home in these modern times?
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it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. geraldoselfies, not part of the top 10 fears of 2015.
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they gave 1500 people a list of 88 potential fears and the one selected the most was corruption of government officials m rounding out the top five were cyber terrorism, corporate tracking of personal information, terrorist attacks, tracking of personal -- government tracking of personal information. overall the average fear score was highest foreman-made -- for man-made disasters like terrorist attacks and fall of technology and then government. the survey was conducted before wednesday's episode of "ellen" which explains why this didn't make the list jie. please welcomeñi senator bernie sanders. >> ♪ burn baby burn ♪ burn baby burn burn -- >> he was on the down beat. he was marching to his own beat.
8:23 pm
these fears surprise me, joanne, do they surprise you? >> i think it was 35.7% of people fear obamacare right under war and right under illness. i didn't know you could fear a law. >> i understand it. people are bothered by obamacare. >> they are afraid of what it will do, i guess. as a new yorker i feel terrorist attacks. also bedbugs was not on the list. >> absolutely. i think it is a new york thing because we have the hotels. corruption, that's what it is? >> i have never been on a plane and thought oh my god i hope chris christie doesn't get on. >> obviously corruption
8:24 pm
bothers me. >> i would point out that chris christie was exonerated. >> that made the the joke stronger. thanks for doing that. >> if we are truly terrified of corruption think about who the two front runners are. hillary clinton and they are the front runners. >> corrupting though. he is a corrupter. he doesn't get corrupted. he is incorruptible. >> sew we are okay with the practitioners of corruption? >> i would think so. it never bothers me the guy who offers the bribe. it is the guy who accepts the bribe. >> i am not lying in bed going i really hope he didn't take that bribe tonight. >> it is like somebody hiding
8:25 pm
behind a tree and jumping out and scaring you. you say enough already. to be scared of politicians would be like scared of watching "the blob." it just doesn't work anymore.xdi >> didç?$váq+er see "them" and that is still scary. it holds up. global warming was 21st on the list. that's not a good sign for obama. >> with all due respect, it is our number one national security threat according to the white house. let's get with the program, america. >> when people didn't understand the meaning of fear , some of these things were things that bother people. >> there were a lot of things to choose from. you have to rank it on what scared you most. what i thought was interesting
8:26 pm
was zombies had like 8%. that's the last one on the list. >> içó thought it would be higher, did you not? >> they are not real yet. >> are you scared of people who dress up as zombies because they are annoying? >> the thing about the zombies is they move slowly. >> like government. >> exactly. coming up, the comedy team , a mug, an andy? it seemed better on paper. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm lauren green. joe biden had nothing to say today about his political future. the vice president was in new york city to accept the highest award given out by the greek orthodox church. he said protecting religious liberty is a memorial imperative and credited his catholic faith forgiving him reassurance. sources close to biden say he'll make a decision about running for the presidency soon. us airways making its last flight ever. the airbus a-321 landing in
8:31 pm
philadelphia, shortly before 6:00 this morning. the red eye from san francisco. the plane was flight 1939, and that number corresponding to the year the company was formed. all flights, all future flights will fly under the american airlines logo. the two airlines merged back in 2013. passengers on the final flight said they liked being a part of history. >> the experience was good, similar to most american flights i've taken. >> it was great. i actually missed another flight, so i came over here. the gate agent was really helpful. >> pretty seamless. we checked in online. they sent us e-mails, communication has been good. firefighters in texas are days away from getting a wildfire under control. the hidden pines fire has score. ed more than seven miles of forest land. right now, the fire is about 50% contained. fire officials say it's not
8:32 pm
spread any further today. the blaze is about 40 miles southeast of austin. i'm lauren green. now back to "red eye." l. >> welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy. >> how is is the game going? >> i am going to pretend that it is not 2-1 dodgers. >> oh boy. >> what are we doing? >> half time. >> oh yeah. the graffiti on homeland. guy you said you loved the show. you were able to get through season two? >> season two was a bit of a mess. the finale was really good, but the rest of it, sub par. >> i grave up -- i dwaif up halfway through that season. >> season four is good. >> here we have an attack on
8:33 pm
"homeland" and president obama is doing nothing. >> he is weak and passive. it is impeachment time. >> every day is impeachment time especially here. >> you were surprised they didn't catch what the graffiti said and one said joe mackey is not a man. >> joanne, you said the producers have to dedicate money to a translator to help them out. i know they only had two days to do this shoot, but they had writing on a wall that was going to be on tv as part of their show. they have to know what it says. if it were in english they would have made sure what it said. >> thanfully nothing -- nothing was threatening. >> what if it had racial slurs against president obama? this could have been a big catastrophe. rebbe "game of -- remember
8:34 pm
"game of thrones"? >> you were baffled by the fact that carrie mathison didn't catch this. i don't want to spoil the show for you and the characters are not real. >> you shut your filthy mouth. it is all real. >> here is another fun thing that homeland/show time did. they sent out a blast e-mail to people who subscribe to things like that saying somebody wants carrie dead, but who? it is kind of a scary e-mail to get if your name is carrie. >> predator videos. is kobe still here? >> i am here. >> i know you reached out to the parents. what percentage reached out 1234 did you get some no's. >> i was talking to six kids and those three were the ones
8:35 pm
that fell for it. the other three didn't. >> cool. i have been asked to ask you this but there is thought from some of the pam lists that you are not being truthful about your eyebrows and they are too perfect to be real. >> back on the eyebrows thing. it runs in the family. i have good genes, honestly. >> so you said you have -- there are six kids, but three didn't agree to meet you? is that how it worked? >> i was talking to them, but they weren't really involved in the conversation. they were too late. i have three that were involved and they will probably go through with this. it qoo have been a failed video. >> before you even started talking to them you got their paisht's permission. gee i sat them down and told them who i was. who would want a random guy
8:36 pm
talking to their kid. >> they knew exactly what was going on. >> cool, thanks, man. going back to the panel, joanne, catfish is on mtv. >> thank you. i thought so. vh1 gets me confused. >> you are now too old for mtmtv. >> it is terrifying. >> van horn, i will call you van horn because there are two toms. you felt like you were watching a can dit camera thing. did you actually -- i know it is not fake, but when you watched it the first time you thought this may not be real dism? >> the whole time i was watching it i felt leak i was watching a candid camera episode and i was waiting. the first one the dad jumped out and you take it to an extreme. >> it is a good way to get kids to understand, right?
8:37 pm
>> it is a great way to get kids to uppedz what is happening. i couldn't help laughing. >> america's top fears. joanne, you mentioned bedbugs weren't on the list which is correct. help tiles are high though, 33%. it was top 20. >> those are fun though. you are in school and the reptile guy comes and you pet a lizard. >> it is probably not so much the little lizards people are scared of. >> what else are reptiless? >> crocodiles, alligators,. >> i hate to call you out on this, but i felt you were being air was stick when you told the world to get with the program and be more afraid of climate change. >> good job. >> you will thank me for doing that.
8:38 pm
>> that's all i'm saying. >> by the way, 9.7% of americans were afraid or very afraid of ghosts. >> well yeah. >> makes sense. >> most ghosts are scary. usually they are angry which is why they appear. they are unfinished business and they are angry. >> friendly ghosts don't appear? >> what about was casper. >> the ghostbusters was 90% of the population to choose from so i don't know. go higher on the list than talking to a stranger. it was tied to talking to a stranger and the dark zombies
8:39 pm
and vaccines. i would have had talking to a stranger higher on the list right behind talking to someone i though just sout side the top 10 was gun control. it is something democrat might want to take control of. jay and fear of mass shootings was farther down the list. >> morelp scared of ghosts than mass shootings? >> yeah. well no, they may have been more scared of mass shootings. mass shootings by ghosts is very high on the list. i am done. >> thank you, andy. it is time to take a break. sam, i know you have to leave. you have to go make money. >> i can stay for 10 minutes, 15 minutes. >> you probably have to go. we are telling you to go. thanks for coming in. >> if you're running a business,
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legalzoom has your back. over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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hollywood screen legend tab hunter you may be -- >> i'm here with the subject of the new documentary tab hunter confidential. it is based on his best selling book of the same name. take a look.
8:44 pm
>> are you tab hunter? >> yeah, yeah. >> i think i have died and gone to heaven. >> he was the all-american boy and nobody sold that image better. >> what do you like about tab? >> there are quite a few things. >> don't you ever think of marriage? >> all the time and that's what cops me single. >> i am tab hunter and i have a secret. >> thanks for being here. >> i can't believe it. i am just glad you know. >> my dial is set on fox. >> my staff have been e-mailing their parents. they said not the tab hunter. their parents are freaking out right now.
8:45 pm
>> your book is amazing and i got it on kindle. the first line, i hate label. i am so glad you picked that out. she is like this or he is like that and they are like that. it it drivels me nuts. >> at one time you were one of the major american labels. you were tab hunter. a park cetting guru called you the sigh guy. >> they did the all-american boy. but those are labels people love to hang on people. i am worried about people as human beings and what kind of human being are you? society says she is this and she is that and they love to do that and that's not a wonderful four-letter word. >> were you the last of the big s the studio system was coming to a close in the late 50s. when you did you sign with -- what was?
8:46 pm
>> warner brothers. it was in the 50s. we were at the end of the studio system. gary cooper, john wayne, lana turner. great. >> we were the last three contract players, but it was the end of the studio system. i loved the studio system because you had great moguls. >> so they took care of you? >> yeah. you did your job. you did your job and someone else was in. >> you don't like labels, but they made you a brand. you like personal freedom and you like being your own man, but they were plugging you into projects. >> you cooperate choose. things were a tough state at
8:47 pm
that time. my touch of reality in the unrealistic world i was happiest when i was sugar lig with the real stuff. >> you were discovered. >> shoveling at the barn. 15 years old. >> let's talk about this issue. i don't want to be tab hunter. then you talk about the studio that tried to make me into an idol. >> they didn't have to make you. >> our society plays importance on the -- >> what can you do? >> people said what are they pumping gas for? i i pumped soda, gas, soda jerk, jerk -- when you are a
8:48 pm
kid you think you are bulletproof and the opportunities come forward and you say why not? then when you live in this area as you get older and older and i am old you hopefully elevate your thinking. >> letsy get into the meat of the confidential. in 1955 they revealed your arrest for disorderly conduct. you doing this. >> i was 17 years old and just got out of the service. is a friend said do you want to go to a party and i said fine. a couple of gals were dancing with girls and gals were watching from the gays. they arrested him and it was that simple. was it true that they made a
8:49 pm
deal to keep rock hudson out of the tabloid? they gave him a couple of other names? >> what happened was this, rock -- there was a story they were going to do on him and his agent who was my agent had just left to go with my friend dick clayton. whenxd i left henry called up confidential and said kill the story on rock hudson and threw me under the bus. of course the rags, they put a spin on everything. so they put the spin they wanted. a paw swraw ma party. give may a -- give me a break. they didn't use the word gay in hollywood they used word likes pajama party? >> gay wasn't around. it was fairy, people label you. >> the studio linked you
8:50 pm
romantically -- you had to be straight in hollywood so they linked you with natalie wood and diseb be reynolds. >> you can call it linking. deb booy reynolds -- debbie reynolds? i remember when she blew the french horn in the band in high school. >> sounds raisey. >> and people like natalie wood. she was my kid sister. she was like a colt finding his legs. she was terrific. >> we have to go, but i will do an on-line segment. can you stick around? >> more tab on-line. we will close things out with a bed look like this? ♪
8:51 pm
♪ never seen this one before ♪ chicken parm you taste so good ♪ i like it. ♪ mmm mmm mmm mm mmm mm mmmmmm
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beenñi saying you all along. men and women are wired differently. they say the male brain is programed to choose sex over food. studying the behavioral patterns in worms they found the male worms would risk starvation to mate and female worms made success staw nens their priority.
8:55 pm
>> i understand when you are young. the importance is here and then it is elevated. >> men would prefer sex over food? this calls to mind george caw stan swraw's perfect tau. sex and a sandwich while watching television and he pull itself off. if you have to order them i couldn't comment. >> back in my days when i was on the hunt. when i was on a date i ate light. >> as you should. you want to ep could the girlish season. men need to plant the seed. it is hard to grow a baby on an empty stomach. she needs blood. >> the choice of what have? >> depends on what you are eating too. that's a good point. pasta. >> if you think about the man
8:56 pm
having intercourse and it is three minutes? >> is that what you tell yourself. >> that's what i read. in a man's mind you will not star of. it will be over in three minutes.q it is not like you you are eating later. >> three minutes later and boom. >> the studies have been done on worms and not humans. byes are like worms anyway. >> we can be wormy. i don't like associate with worms. i don't like anything that crawls on the ground. >> i think the good news is something joanne we saw all the time. men and women are wired differently. we should embrace it. that's what makes the world so wonderful. we are different. >> wow. we ended it and brought it altogether. that's beautiful. >> so beautiful. >> special thanks to joanne nosuchunsky and tom van horn
8:57 pm
and guy benson and tab hunter. not too good for the pabl. that does it for me.ñr i'm tom shillue. i'll see you next time. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush
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right now, on justice -- her top aide was on the hot seat. now it's hillary clinton's turn. but first, i have some questions for hillary before the benghazi panel grills her this week. it's tonight's opening statement. and justice fans may remember this. >> a month from now, we're not going to be talking about this. mark my words. >> you know what? i'll bet you lunch. >> you got it. >> so guess who won? richard goodstein brought me lunch this week, and boy, was i hungry. >> she had 61,000 e-mails over four years on one server, and that one


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