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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  October 18, 2015 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone. it's sunday, october 18th. i'm juliette in for anna kooiman. thousands run for their lives when gunfire explodes at a zombie convention. >> oh, my gosh! >> the terrifying aftermath captured on camera. the breaking details coming in. death threats against donald trump and ben carson. a new report says the fbi has fielded mutt imthreats against their lives and now the secret service is being called in to protect those presidential candidates. the disturbing details straight ahead. and live from new york, it's the democratic debate.
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>> we need a revolution! millions of people on the streets. and we got to do something. and we got to do it now! >> larry david killed it last night on "saturday night live" as bernie sanders. everyone's still talking about it this morning. we'll show you more clips from it. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ don't stop >> you put me in a good mood. >> is this new journey or old journey? >> oh! >> i don't know, all those lead singers all sound the same. >> looking at the actual numbers this morning, 32 degrees this morning. >> i know. >> what's going on? >> we're here to warm your heart this morning. >> juliet huddy. >> edward, good meeting you. >> are you still one of those types, i'm sure you are. even during the show you lose things during the show, right? >> excuse me. >> like where are my keys?
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>> i'm a hot mess. >> lost an i.d., as well? >> i did. >> are you one of these people that constantly loses things? we're going to show you how to not lose those things. we've got some experts on actually to prevent you from having juliet huddy's -- >> first of all, it's not true. i trip over my own feet all the time but i don't lose things. >> that's coming up. >> we'll have some big news this morning in politics. >> brand-new report that two republican candidates, donald trump and ben carson, are going to receive secret service protection. this is very early but they're getting it because death threats are starting to skyrocket. listen. >> getting the biggest crowds. you know last night we had 8,000 people in virginia. we had 20,000 people in dallas, texas. we had 35,000 people in mobile, alabama, and 20,000 in oklahoma. and, i know this, if i was a democrat, they'd have it. but, it's really up to them. >> it is pretty early, right? >> that was trump with greta van
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susteren the other night. he was feeling like as a republican he wasn't getting this protection soon enough and he had been calling out saying i'm getting these threats, they're coming in more and more. now we're learning secret service is coming in. usually they try to wait until someone is the actual nominee. >> right. >> barack obama got it very early -- >> february? >> but this is super early. >> barack obama got it early in 2007-2008 because death threats were pouring in against him as well as the first major african-american presidential candidate. donald trump, he's in the news. he's out there. >> well, that el chapo guy, i mean, who knows what's up with that if that's actually legitimate or not. >> right. >> threats from cartels. >> but the concerning thing, though, and another concerning thing is, is the ben carson threats purportedly there are threats against his life. isis being brought into it. sources are telling newsmax that there's chatter from terrorists about ben carson. obviously because of the comments that he made on muslims. >> think about it. when you don't have that infrastructure, you don't have the secret service going out, doing those advanced searches of
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buildings that you're going into and giving speeches, think about it with 20,000 people. >> yeah. >> showing up in oklahoma. one wonders, too, bernie sanders is also drawing massive crowds like that. >> absolutely. >> he doesn't have secret service. and to go in to those large venues, secret service shows up like a week ahead of time to do scans, metal detectors to make sure the site is safe. >> and hillary clinton, of course, as former first lady, former secretary of state, she has secret service protection already. but the same report is suggesting that her protection is being stepped up, because obviously she has a lot of threats, as well. >> let's talk about happy things like "saturday night live." maybe it's not so happy if you're one spanish organization, hispanic organization, the national hispanic leadership agenda is upset that "saturday night live," a comedy show, had donald trump scheduled to appear. >> to host. >> actually host it in november. >> and their statement is we're appalled that you would enable trump's hateful speech for nothing more than a ratings ploy and ask that you rescind the
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"snl" invitation. it's interesting because hillary clinton was front and center a couple weeks ago with the woman who plays her. val the bartender was her character. it was a funny skit and it helped her in the campaign, because what was happening in the context, hillary clinton was trying to show she's human. >> i hope nbc doesn't cave to this threat, though. i mean, let's be honest, what does that mean? that you can't go on any other kind of show? you can't go on jimmy fallon. >> the tonight show. >> this group has been -- >> stephen colbert. >> this group has been upset with lorne michaels in particular, obviously the head of "saturday night live." they've been trying to get a meeting with him because they feel like hispanics are not represented on the show. >> remember, nbc had a little skirmish with trump about the apprentice, and now arnold schwarzenegger is going to take over. we'll see whether they bail or say he's going to host the show. >> lorne michaels has autonomy
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there. so to sort of separate them from nbc, lorne michaels does what he wants to do and donald trump on our show a few weeks ago, saying that he's friend with lorne michaels and that it's an honor to be on that show. my question, though, is with this sort of fair time rule in television, in broadcast television, nonnews shows will all these other candidates have an opportunity? >> it's almost like it's been thrown out. >> i totally agree with you. >> hillary clinton gets on saturday night live. donald trump gets on. if you're ben carson or mike huckabee or bernie sanders, you're saying, hey, what about me. >> yeah, in broadcast terms it goes back to 1980s, this rule, of fair time on broadcast television. if you get a certain amount of time the other candidates have to have the same amount of time. >> it's not just comedy shows. the today show a few weeks ago did an entire town hall in new hampshire with hillary clinton. and then they announced we're going to be fair and have a town hall with donald trump. but what about all the other candidates? you've got more than a dozen -- are you going to do a town hall
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with every one of them? to be hair. >> also snl. >> last night was hilarious. >> they've been going after the gop for awhile. you saw that a little bit earlier in the show, larry david and tracy morgan returned to the stage, just check it out. >> he crushed it. >> senator sanders, how are you? >> i'm good. i'm hungry! but i'm good. and now, if you don't mind, i'm going to say we're doomed! we need a revolution. ! millions of people on the streets and we've got to do something and we've got to do it now! i carry my stuff around in my arms like a professional. you know, i own one pair of underwear. that's it. some of these billionaires, they got three, four pairs. who do you want as president? one of these washington insiders, or a guy like one pair of clean underwear that he drys on a radiator? >> he nailed it.
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>> the accent is perfect. i also love he said, what's with e-mail? i don't want to hear about your e-mail scandal anymore. what's with e-mail? i lost my password to my e-mail account and then they said they were going to e-mail me my password. someone explain to me. i can't get into my e-mail. >> you also what he also nailed at the beginning before bernie sanders gets really fired up, i bumped into him on the street in washington, bernie sanders, and went up to him, senator, how's it going out there? good. good. and i says, well are you ready for the debate? yeah. it was before the debate. it was like a 6-year-old coming home from school and you ask him how his day was. good. >> gives a one-word answer. >> or a 14-year-old. same thing. then a minute later bernie sanders was fired up ready to go. not just one-word answers. he's got the whole paragraph for you. >> we'll show more of the clips coming up. >> let's get to some headlines. fox news alert breaking overnight. horror in the streets after shots rang out, strangely at a
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zombie convention in florida. watch. >> oh, my god. >> this isn't a joke. people were running for their lives at the zombiecon in fort myers, florida, after a deadly shooting just before midnight. one person is dead, four others also recovering from being shot. the shooter is still on the loose. witnesses describing the terror. >> i just saw somebody on the floor, they was all dead and the cops were saying get back, get back. and everybody was like -- >> [ bleep ] >> i heard six or seven gunshots ring. and we saw one person laying on the ground, and the cops were working on him. >> that is really disturbing. police still on the scene investigating. right now, no word yet on a motive or any information about the suspect. a texas high school in mourning after a football player dies after a game. cameron matthews is his name. he collapsed on the sidelines on friday after telling teammates that he felt dizzy before
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kickoff. he had been injured on a previous play. he had to be airlifted to a hospital where he died. an autopsy will determine the cause of his death. six high school football fatalities this season. and, double shark attacks on the same day in hawaii. first, a 44-year-old was swimming to shore in oahu when suddenly a shark grabbed his leg. two nearby kayakers paddled him back to shore before he was rushed to the hospital. hours later another bite on a swimmer's foot in the waters off waikiki beach. that swimmer is still in serious condition. moving on to something a little happier, depending on whether or not they won. college football roundup, a finish for the ages. >> whoa we have trouble with the snap. and the ball is free! it's picked up by michigan state! jaylen watts jackson and he scores! on the last play of the game! >> that's no joke in michigan. seine tekds were left on the
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clock. fumble the snap, the football flies out. the spartans win 27-23. then the florida gators could not overcome a bit of trickery from lsu. this is in the fourth quarter where the tiger score a winning touchdown and they break a tie game. lsu wins 35-28. >> wow. >> and then we move on to west point army celebrating 125 years with a 21-14 victory over bu trailed at the half but were able to come back after their injured backup quarterback came off the bench. >> yeah. >> drama unfolding. >> all right let's check in with rick now. 32 degrees outside. was i reading that correctly? >> not right here but you go just a little bit inland and it is really chilly. in fact some snow. take a look at some of the pictures coming in with the snow out there. not just any snow, though, accumulating. there you go, a couple inches on
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your patio furniture out there. patio furniture season almost over. a lot of fall colors still out there. now we've got snow on top of it, which is quite pretty. send us your pictures, all day long. you can send them to me, i'm rick reichmuth on switer. it's also breezy. this is what the windchill looks like. haven't shown a windchill map yet this season. i'm sure many, many more to come. that's where the cold is. it's still nice across much of the west and far parts of the south, maybe in towards florida. 47 right now in atlanta. certainly chilly out there. we still have this upper level disturbance across parts of the great lakes and more snow falling today across some of these areas. erie, pennsylvania, around cleveland, over towards buffalo, seeing plenty of it. one other thing we're going to watch this week is this little disturbance, gulf of mexico, a lot of moisture coming in across the gulf this week. maybe some sort of tropical activity. >> chilly tonight here in new york city. >> chilly, chilly tonight. >> so game time tonight for the second game of the nlcs.
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>> like 8:00? >> queens, probably upper 40s. >> that's not terrible. >> not terrible. but -- >> wearing those neoprene face masks. >> thanks, rick. >> meanwhile the violence in israel shows no signs of slowing down. president obama calls the attacks by palestinians random. our next guest calls it terror. he explains why, next. and a wild night, a kangaroo, loose on the streets of new york city. >> new york. >> i mean -- >> i mean, he's got a pouch. >> all the way from australia. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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violence in israel showing absolutely no sign of slowing down. a day after five incidents involving palestinians trying to stab israelis. the violence coming despite new security measures, checkpoints, and troops in east jerusalem. dozens have died in the recent wave of violence gripping our closest middle eastern ally. president obama still calls the attacks random violence. joining me now to react congressman lee zeldon, the only jewish republican in congress. what is your reaction, good morning, to this state of violence and what we should be doing about it right now? >> well, it's saddening. a couple of months ago i was standing on the same exact streets where we're watching all of this violence today. israel is just trying to defend herself. you have innocent israelis being targeted by elements within the palestinian authority that will not rest until israel's wiped off the map. as far as america, we should be standing strong with our greatest ally. i mean --
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>> on that point, let's hear president obama, a news conference at the white house on friday. >> this kind of random violence isn't going to result in anything other than more hardship. and more insecurity. >> now, he says it's random violence. on social media, you see people suggesting here's how you stab israelis. here's how you do it. is that random? >> no, it's not random at all. it's deliberate. it might be a lone wolf attack. but at the lectern during prayer you have muslim leaders, palestinian authority leaders, that they're pushing it. you know, and i sat down with the prime minister of the palestinian authority and i was asking him about the influence of hamas in some of these terrorist groups, what are you going to do about it? and he starts talking about the need for democratic elections. and obviously it was a brief meeting to a visiting congressman, not when you're sitting down with hamas. >> think about, now let's talk about how the media has been covering this. you have a reporter on msnbc,
3:19 am
who was reporting on the violence on the ground, and said something that led his own anchor to correct him. listen to this. >> we can clearly see from where we were lying, from where we're sanding where his body was lying, both of his hands were open and both of his hands did not have a knife. now that was -- >> well, wait, ayman, as a matter of fact, you know, and this is important, we can clearly see the man in camouflage t-shirt and pants with what appears to be at least in his right hand, a knife. >> okay. so i don't like to call out reporters, i'm a journalist, i don't want to pick on others. but when your own anchor says, wait a second, you just reported that both of his hands were empty, and the photo we showed on the screen, he's got a knife in his right hand. how do you explain that? >> the anti-israel bias in the media is disgusting. it seems like, i mean if israel literally tied their hands behind their back, the narrative
3:20 am
at the obama administration is pushing, that many in the media are playing along with, is a narrative that is against reality. they're getting caught on camera. it's not serving the media well. it's not serving the american public well. >> real quick. we've seen this happen before and people start to shake their heads and say, it's just awful. but what can we do about it? what can we do this time? >> as a nation we just need to stand with our greatest ally. you know, israel never asks america to go over and fight their battles for them. and no american service members, we don't drop an ounce of blood on their soil. it's not about fighting our battles for them. it's we go on to the international media embarrassing them like what we're seeing right now. >> thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> lamar odom meanwhile is out of a coma after overdosing at a brothel in nevada. could the former nba star now face criminal charges? a legal panel will weigh in next. and do you know any parents like this? >> the -- >> who is zack?
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and some quick international headlines. authorities may be one step closer to catching drug kingpin el chapo. mexican officials capturing the getaway pilot who helped him flee the northwest mountains of mexico just after escaping from a high security mexican jail back in july. and iran's foreign minister says he's trying to resolve the case of "washington post" reporter jason rezaian from a humanitarian perspective rezaian was recently convicted of espionage by an iranian court. he has 20 days to appeal the verdict. juliet? >> thank you very much.
3:25 am
talking about lamar odom he is apparently out of a coma showing signs of improvement just days after falling unconscious at a nevada brothel. could the next chapter for the former nba star include criminal charges for his use of illegal drugs, and if so, who would be charged? would the brothel be brought into this? would the owner of the brothel, dennis hof be brought into this? let's talk about this with our legal panel, a criminal defense attorney and ebony williams an attorney and fox news contributor. thanks very much for joining us today. >> thanks for having us. >> lisa, let's start with odom, first of all. if he makes it through, obviously we hope he does, again there are reports that he had used illegal drugs, that he was basically a cornucopia of drugs in his system. we don't have the official word. but that's -- that's what the -- the, you know, they're saying. will he face any charges? >> he won't face charges especially in nevada. because in may of 2016 they passed what's called good samaritan laws. the good samaritan laws come out of the fact that drug overdose
3:26 am
is an epidemic. especially in the u.s. it's up 80% since 1999. so it's prioritizing life over drug abuse is what they're trying to do. and they want people that are in the presence of people who are overdosing to call 911 without fear of prosecution. so they grant people immunity in these situations. and that again, just passed in nevada in 2015, protects odom,ate protects the brothel. it protects this whole scenario. >> can you see any sort of situation where dennis hof would be in any sort of criminal trouble? >> actually, no. but that's specific to this jurisdiction. if this had taken place somewhere else, where this brothel type of institution was illegal, certainly we would have saw different behavior from the owner. he was very expedient. he was very adamant, called 911 several times. let them know immediately they needed medical assistance. so in terms of the scope of reasonable expectation for what he should have done, he almost followed it to a "t." >> there is always talk about this herbal viagra that
3:27 am
apparently odom received from the brothel, how does that come into play here? >> well, it's herbal. so it's holistic. although, i mean there are cases when people sell herbal drugs, if they sell too much of the quantity is too high they can actually go under prescriptions. and the doctors that prescribe them, or the quote/unquote holistic healers, are not allowed to prescribe all kinds of holistic drugs. so there is an option. but it wouldn't fall on odom. it wouldn't fall on the brothel. and as ebony said, especially in nevada, because that's legal. >> is this more of an investigation into all the sort of tangential sort of things like who gave him all of this? all of these drugs? you know, can you see anything like that happening? >> trying to look at every single circumstance. we know the county sheriff has issued warrants trying to figure out what's in lamar odom's bloodstream. not necessarily a criminal charge for possession of the narcotic or drugs but what they really want to know connecting the dots. that type of thing is very, very helpful for them so this doesn't
3:28 am
happen again. >> and it's likely they will look at this brothel in the future to make sure that drugs are not being dealt within the broth brothel, which is, of course, a conclusion that you would have to make. >> dennis hof is a pretty smart guy, he knows how to play the game. very savvy. >> not the classest move, but very savvy. >> yes. >> all right, guys, thanks very much for joining us. appreciate it. all right, are these the men that stabbed american hero spencer stone? up next, the latest on the manhunt for the men behind that attack. and why police are asking for your help. and joe biden, is he jumping in? is he not jumping in? when will he tell us. we're all waiting with bated breath. what the vice president is telling democrats. we'll be right back. ♪
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jack-o'-lantern. his evil attempt to educate the masses on how to properly and safely carve a pumpkin. >> but he can't believe some people still use dangerous sharp knives. >> that's what he said. >> they can be dangerous. you get in there. then you got the scooper. you can cut your hand. and the kids want to get the big knife. you're like whoa whoa whoa whoa. >> if you start yelling at them about it you might be helicopter parents. >> that's right. if you start overprotecting. >> nice segue. >> you need a television -- >> believe me. we're talking about helicopter parenting because a dean out of stanford this morning is out with a new study on exactly how parents may be ruining their children by helicopter parenting. >> how is helicopter parenting essentially means that you coddle your child, you don't want to let them be disappointed. >> you're hovering over them constantly. >> here's the thing. you know you are a helicopter parent if, you say -- parents say we, you know when you're talking about your son. we're going to soccer camp this summer. or we're going to, you know, that type of thing. pretty much every parent that i know. >> check your language.
3:34 am
because if you say we, then it's a hint to yourself that you are intertwined in a way that's unhealthy. >> second one is examine your interactions with adults in your child's life. if you're arguing with teachers and principals and coaches and umpires all the time it's a sign maybe you're just a little too invested. >> let them handle it. let them figure out the world for themselves. and then the homework question, this is a big one. the dean says look, stop doing their homework. enough said. >> but my parents helped me with my homework a little bit. but you had to do your own stuff. >> you can help, but not do it. >> right. >> can i ask a question? >> yes, please. >> you guys have kids. >> uh-huh. >> here's something that drives me crazy. i love children, i do. i love them. but when i'm having a conversation, i'm with my friends and their kids are playing, and i'm having a conversation with my friend and the child comes up and starts -- the parent immediately turns away from me midconversation and addresses the child. >> oh, no. >> that drives me crazy. >> we're having a whole discussion about interrupting in our family. they don't understand. they think they're the center of
3:35 am
the universe. you've got to explain to them, do not interrupt. there's a nice way to say -- >> hang on, clayton -- >> exactly. >> can we start a movement? i want to start a movement. no interruptions. >> i am on that movement with you. >> i will lead the movement. but can i lead it if i don't have kids? would that be sort of wrong? >> no, you can do that. >> a little biased. i do love children. >> i'm going to lead the headlines. >> do it. >> sacramento police say these are the men responsible for stabbing french train hero airman spencer stone earlier this month. the composite sketches of the two suspects come from witnesses. who saw stone get stabbed in the torso three times during a fight outside a bar. they're described as asian or filipino men wearing white shirts and blue jeans at the time of the attack. the pair are still on the run after taking off. and a tragic end for a hero combat dog who survived two tours of duty in iraq. mike a 9-year-old bengen malamute was shot to death last week. the cyclist encountered a pack
3:36 am
of dogs outside the home and felt threatened by the pooch. his owner was away hunting and said mike had no behavioral problems. both dog and owner helped each other with ptsd. a go fund me site has been set up to give him the military funeral he deserves. and a hopping new sight, staten island. a kangaroo broke free from his home. why there was a kangaroo in a home is the question in and of itself. the kangaroo bounced around the island. they're kind of freaky. i got to be honest with you. he finally got caught near an auto body shop -- >> wait. >> oh, yeah. >> come on. >> buster was eventually returned to his owner who is no stranger to owning exotic pets. >> don't eat buster. >> nothing wrong -- >> all right. let's check in with garrett tenney now. vice president joe biden taking his time to decide whether or not a 2016 campaign is in his rear view mirror, or out the
3:37 am
front windshield. >> and meanwhile hillary clinton spending her time preparing for testimony this thursday at the benghazi hearings. and she's taking some swipes at her republican opponents. >> let's go to garrett tenney live in washington with more. good morning. >> good morning, clayton, ed and juliet. just four days from now, hillary clinton will make that highly anticipated appearance before the benghazi committee and you can bet one person that will be keeping a close eye on that is joe biden as he is moving closer to deciding on joining the 2016 race. fox news has learned from a senior democratic source that biden is privately telling democrats in key states like iowa and new hampshire that he's leaning towards getting in to the race. at some point over the next month, weighing heavily on his decision is his family after the loss of his son beau. something he touched on last night in new york, while receiving a human rights award. >> it's our faith that urges us to rise each and every morning,
3:38 am
no matter how bleak things look. to put one foot in front of the other. as my son beau used to say, just keep moving forward. >> meanwhile, ahead of her appearance before the benghazi committee, hillary clinton and her campaign have spent a lot of time attacking the credibility of that investigation. yesterday in alabama, though, the democratic front-runner turned her attack to her republican opponents for their stance on voting rights, and for pushing voter i.d. laws. >> -- a blast from the jim crow past. i know we hear the same excuses we've always heard. drgs disproportionately affect people of color. women, young people, seniors. whenever i hear somebody try to justify what is still clearly
3:39 am
unjustifiable claiming that it has nothing to do with denying voting rights. >> all eyes will be on her testimony before the committee this thursday, and for joe biden, in the days after. >> thanks garrett tenney in washington. >> i've been hearing that biden's been on the phone ever since that debate on tuesday night talking to key people in iowa and new hampshire. i spoke to one person who got a call and basically said joe biden made it very clear if he does not get in he has no plans to endorse hillary clinton. he thinks this race is wide open. he knows people are pressuring him. she's got $33 million in the bank. he's got to get moving. but he's convinced she's still got potential legal problems, political problems from benghazi and just the broader e-mail issue. he's taking his time. >> a lot of people thought she did very well during the debate and a lot of people are saying the next morning this could have ended joe biden's chances. >> and if she does well before the benghazi committee and pushes back, it's another test for her. if she keeps passing the tests pressure is going to be on biden to get in.
3:40 am
>> we'll talk about that. let's get over to rick, because we'd like to know what the weather is going to be like. >> the pressure is how soon do you need to unpack the warm weather, weather gear, your coats? >> that is the question. >> should you get another half a cord of wood for your fireplace and i say yes. out across the east we have freeze and frost advisories all the way down across parts of the south this morning, very col and tonight another one where there will be frost watches across northern alabama, georgia, north georgia mountains get ready for a chilly one. coastal areas in towards the carolinas and up across parts of the northeast, more freeze advisories and freeze warnings. so get ready. one more chilly night tonight and then we begin a little bit of a warm-up tomorrow. a little bit of a warm-up. today we still have the snow that's moving across parts of the great lakes. we're going to deal with that. maybe another inch or two accumulating. out across the west we're continuing to see the same storm, the storm that brought us the flooding across parts of california, dust storm in towards phoenix, hasn't really moved much at all. more rain and thunderstorms today. could look at a little bit of
3:41 am
additional flooding going on across the area. >> thank you, sir >> talk about campus bias. a cornell professor says hiring a republican would decrease the quality of the school's faculty. whatever happened to diversity on campus. >> was there ever? >> kids, has this ever happened to you? >> where's the car? >> i thought it was here. >> you don't know where we parked? >> happened to me yesterday at the short hills mall. >> i knew it did. >> you lost your i.d. and your car. >> i didn't -- well, i found the car. i didn't lose my i.d. -- >> help prevent you from ever getting lost again or losing your gadgets. the technologies that will track all of your lost items. that's coming up. it's your outside brain. >> stop with the nasty rumors, clayton. ♪song: "that's life"
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3:45 am
bradley cooper is standing up for his lady. after praising jennifer lawrence for her attack on hollywood's gender pay gap, bradley cooper says he's now going to start sharing salary information with female co-stars before movies go into production to help them negotiate. barbara walters could be making a high-powered return to "the view." insiders say walters originally left because she was tired of being behind-the-scenes drama. well, potential return wouldn't be permanent, rather a quick appearance to help boost some ratings. and, juliet? talk about trouble with schools. one cornell university professor suggesting that hiring republicans would decrease the quality of school faculty >> a lot of professors actually are saying this. this one in particular, professor andrew little, quoted as saying placing more emphasis on diversity of political beliefs when hiring would almost certainly require sacrificing on general quality or other dimensions of diversity. joining us now to react is campus reform contributor
3:46 am
abigail alger. good morning. >> good morning. >> we're finding out that colleges and universities here in the u.s. are bastions of liberalism. big shocker here. so this is a study that was done essentially, it was cornell university. and 96%, i believe it is, 96% of the professors there gave to democrats. with regards to political contributions. these quotes, it's kind of shocking. >> yeah. this story is outrageous. because it demonstrates the bias against conservatives on college campus isn't accidental. it's intentional. >> interesting. there's another quote here from cornell professor, our job is not to mold the minds of young students, they'll go out into the world and do that for themselves. cornell does not have to be a banquet that offers every viewpoint. abigail, aren't we sending our children to colleges to get a diverse view, different viewpoints, and not just hear one side?
3:47 am
>> absolutely. the college classroom is a place for discussion, and debate. when they show conservative students as being unintelligent, uninformed, simply wrong in their views you shut that down. and that's the opposite of what we want to see in higher education. >> is there any kind of movement within students? you're a campus reform person. is there any movement to get this to change or is this understood that this is the way it? >> one of the things that the leadership institute does is bring these stories to light. so what we see is across the country, unfortunately this type of thing is a pattern of behavior. and we're able to report on these stories, get attention to them, and that helps us bring some sort of, you know, balance. >> awareness, nothing's changing. this is the way it was back when i was in college, and you know, back in the day. >> well, as they say, yeah, sunlight is the best. the more we can draw awareness th to sort of combat this. one of the most amazing things
3:48 am
about this story, is that people feel like it's okay to talk so openly about what sort of bias is going on in the hiring practices in higher education. >> big story especially when up consider there are some studies saying there could be up to 40% deemed millennials. these are young people voting and if their professors are basically telling them one side of the story that could have a big impact on elections. we appreciate you joining us this morning, abigail. >> how outrageous it was 96% -- >> the other way? >> moving on now. >> you know him as the pint sized conservative with a whole lot to say. >> mr. president, when -- gun violence you doesn't do anything. you didn't even call the family. you didn't invite him to the white house. >> but now he says he's being treated unfairly by a teacher for those very views. the shocking details at the top of the hour. >> okay. feel like why am i reading this, people? are you constantly looking for your phone or keys?
3:49 am
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welcome back. we've all been in this frustrating position before. >> where's the car? >> i thought it was here. >> you don't know where we parked? >> this is great. >> i thought it was green 20. >> i remember orange. i thought it was orange. >> i didn't pay attention. >> i'm sure it's right around here. >> it looks familiar. >> i remember the elevator. >> there's elevators all over.
3:53 am
everything looks the same. >> in my effort to include seinfeld of every episode of "fox and friends." with the help of technology you may never lose stuff again. the cyber guy is here to help. >> ironically, yesterday i lost my bag on the train. >> did you? >> i got it back. no help to technology, though. it was just great people on the amtrak at jamaica station. thank you. we're talking about amazing things that you can now finally go, let's shut down the lost and found department. when you plim emt some of this stuff, you will be able to find your car at the mall when you park it and i'm that guy. i park and say wait a minute, let's use point x. we saw the seinfeld clip. how can that help us? >> what point x does. you a go and arrive at the mall and take a photograph with the app, save the spot at the location you're at.
3:54 am
it knows through the gps and the compass inside of your phone where you've taken the picture and guide you back to that point. it shows you a little james bond 007 radar of where you are. you can follow it back like you would with breadcrumbs. very smart technology and very easy. although, they have a free version. there's one that three bucks. i think the free one does it fine. this is really cool. >> tile. i have this in the wallet. >> we moved to the tile. i was going to say where did my wallet go? >> it shows you exactly where it is. >> you have it on a map. >> it shows on the map if you look. it shows where we're located here in midtown manhattan in new york city and you could also go back to your device that's really close by and say, wait a second, it says it's right here. i hit the find button and inside my wallet is a tiny little
3:55 am
bluetooth. >> in my pocket f why do i have your -- >> why do you have your wallet? you keep your big bills on the outside. >> you are this. it's an amazing device. i'm going to stop it from beeping. that helps you find it. you can attach that to your crease and stick it to anything, a backpack, laptop. a bicycle a car whchlt it goes out of range, the range is 100 feet at the most. it works within 20 feet whchlt it goes away from the app, it finds another person using a tile app and says by the way, your wallet is now over here. it goes to theirs. this one, incredible. you're traveling, you check your bag. >> what's this called? >> this is track dot. you turn this on, this is a tiny device with cell phone technology inside of it. it uses gsm, an older broad type of cell phone.
3:56 am
you put it inside your bag. you check your bag. when your bag arrives in the city, it notifies you on your phone and then at the same time, what it does is if it's in the wrong city, it lets you know that. it says in the app it says we're right here in midtown. >> i remember at the consumer electronics show and the fact that you could land and the bag is in st. louis and you're in phoenix, you get an alert that the bag is not in the same town. that's a problem. >> the worry is my bag is 20 feet from me and now i'll dive into the crowd. you'll find this online. great seeing you. >> have your wallet back. i'll keep the 20. check out kurt's newsletter, cyber the mainstream immediate why is covering the fighting among republicans. >> today's top story with the washington whiplash. congressional republicans in turmoil. >> chaos at the capitol. >> can anybody in the republican
3:57 am
party for right now -- >> it doesn't look like anybody can. >> what about the fighting among democrats, some questioning the leadership of the dnc. >> more on that when we come back. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
3:58 am
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well, actually it looks like you were born yesterday. happy belated birthday. thanks. for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this. good morning. it's sunday, october 18th. i'm julie in for the lovely anna kooiman. we start with donald trump and ben carson. a new report saying the fbi have stopped several threats on their lives and the secret service is stepping in. the disturbing details straight ahead. you know him as the pint-sized conservative with a lot to say. >> mr. president, when -- you didn't do anything, you didn't call family or -- >> pearson is being targeted by one of his teachers for one of his beliefs. the outrageous comment made to
4:01 am
him. an amazing story going viral. a high school football player calls time out, goes to the sideline to thank a few fans, a group of world war ii veterans. that player is here live at this hour. "fox and friends" hour 2 starts right now. ♪ ♪ chilly and gorgeous. >> enjoy some scotch >> it's 7:00 in the morning. >> you want to sit by the fire and have a hot today i. >> want to show you how to -- in honor of you being here. >> that's lovely. thank you. >> we're going to be talking about a study where men are threatened by smarter women. i feel like that now.
4:02 am
>> that's why you've been attacking me all morning. >> i've never met before in person. i really respect you. i think you're so good. i love watching you. >> every time you're about to speak and ask a question at a conference, i'm like -- i love it. >> appreciate so much. >> of course, i respect you as well. >> calmness and craziness out there. >> got that right. let's start with headlines. we have a fox news alert. this is really creepy. overnight, brand new video of gunshots going off at a zombie convention in florida. this is true. watch this. >> moments a video shows people running for their lives. this actually happened. this is no joke. the annual zombie con in ft. myers flashings fla. fours are recovering. shooters on the loose. witnesses describing the chaos.
4:03 am
>> just saw somebody on the floor. they were all dead and the cops saying get back, get back. everybody was rioting. [ bleep ]. >> we saw one person laying on the ground and the cops were working on him. >> it's the kind of thing where you think it's a joke. you're at a zombie convention. there's no information about a motive at this hour. the violence in israel showing no sign of stopping after stabbing attacks in jerusalem and the west bank. in all of the attacks, suspects were killed by israeli gunfire. it's going crazy over this. the victims suffering minor injuries, no deaths. meanwhile, the new chair of the joint chiefs of staff, marine general joseph dun ford is in jerusalem this weekend to rea form america's commitment to israel. in hawaii, double shark attack. same day. a 44-year-old was swimming in
4:04 am
oahu when suddenly a shark chomped on his leg, two nearby kayakers paddled him back to shore. hours later, there was another attack. a shark that bit a swimmer on the foot in the waters off of waikiki beach. that swim ner serious condition. game one of the nlcs complete. the mets win. >> we don't need to mention that. >> a dominant performance. the mets win. matt harvey, great performance. daniel murphy and the mets led them to a victory in game one. cubs trying to end the championship drought that dates back to 1908. i'd be okay if they won. in the american league, the royals rallied five runs to pull off a 6-3 victory in the game over the blue jays. this is game two. kansas city leads the series 2-0. they shift to toronto. >> baseball in canada?
4:05 am
>> still bitter from 1992 when they beat my phillies. good thing they're in a dome there. >> how long until you get over that? >> you never get over it. >> i said upper 40s is what we'll get. mid-40s. probably. i'm going to drop it by a few degrees. maybe even upper 30s bit end of the game. here's what it feels like across the eastern seaboard. very chilly. feels like 34 degrees in raleigh, north carolina. you get an idea. this is feeling way cooler than you'd like it to be. actual air temperatures may be a degree or two warmer than that. 38 in new york. across parts of the west, we're still dealing with very warm temperatures. that will continue to be the case. we have the snow we're continuing to see also. throughout part of the great lakes. we'll see that all day today. maybe a few flurries tomorrow. across the west, still dealing with that same storm that brought all the severe weather across southern california. we have new video out of that
4:06 am
flooded area we saw to the north of l.a. along i-5. this is drone footage. always gets in there with amazing shots. you see how barren those fires we've . seen and then 3 inches of rain in a short amount of time. this is the scene that you had. the cars buried up to 5 feet of mud. little bit more rain on tap for them again today. guys, we have an el nino season. the long-term forecast or winter forecast came out from early this week. expect a lot of rain in southern california. they desperately need it. but it always comes at a price. >> we'll check back with you about the mets/cubs game tonight, you're not going to drop it to high 330s. i flurries by game time. >> bundle up. it will be chilly. >> can't believe we're talking about snow already. >> a lot of people talking about the level for candidates. donald trump and ben carson. this is really dangerous stuff.
4:07 am
the reason that they have a secret service detachment that goes out and pre screens their events to make sure they're safe. the death threats for both candidates are off the charts. >> trump's been talking about it for weeks. he's concerned. >> he talked about it on wednesday. take a listen. >> getting the biggest crowds. last night we had 8,000 people, in virginia 20,000 people in dallas texas. we had 35,000 people in mobile, alabama and 20,000 in oklahoma and i know this. if i was a democrat, they'd have it. it's really up to them. >> it's early, though. usually it's like february. after the iowa caucuses. >> here we are the year before. barack obama did get this kind of protection early as well in 2007 as i recall. spring of 2007. that was very early. first major, major african-american -- obviously jesse jackson and others had
4:08 am
run. but his threat, special and social media early in that campaign was ugly. if you look at donald trump and pen carson's recent comments, people are not throwing stones at him. the comments get blown up, he gets demonized. >> talking about a muslim being president. >> and people get upset. >> what about bernie sanders, he's got massive crowds as well. the concern is you go to the big events, 40,000 people. there's no metal detectors and people come bo these very events. >> he has his private security team. but you're right. talking about all it takes is one. it's true. >> sadly, we've seen it before. don't want to see it again. mine while, milt milt on the road. i decided to play the race card. talking about black lives matter. the only person that said all
4:09 am
lives matter is senator jim webb on the podium. over other democratic candidate took the black lives matter line and said that black lives matter. here she was again. >> we need to say loudly and clearly, black lives matter in america. everything that i want to do as your president, to build that -- democratic presidents who have gone before, can't be done if folks won't vote or can't vote. we may be up again, super pac and billion mayors, but when the election comes around, donald trump and coach brothers for all their money, they only get one vote each like everybody else. one person, one vote. that's what we believe. this is a blast from the past. >> that same southern accent at the benghazi hearing.
4:10 am
>> she went after a local -- a governor actually because the governor closed 31 driver's license offices in areas that were primarily african-american and she said -- >> maybe the arkansas roots coming out a little bit. >> i had a little bit of an accent when i -- >> madonna. >> i know. you can't help it. >> cj pierson has been a guest here. maybe followed his facebook page. he's 13 years old. taken the president to task for a lot. if you don't know when who he is, here's a look back at some of his videos. take a look. >> mr. president, when he was gunned down, you didn't do anything, didn't call the family or invite them to the white house. is that okay? i don't think so, mr. president. mr. president, today i come to you with a bold yet simple
4:11 am
request. a meeting. i want to talk to you about your vision for this nation. my generation deserves answers. they deserve a future. and i will give whatever it takes to fight for that future. here in america, we don't back down to terrorists. we fight them on their own battleground and we annihilate them to the very large. >> here's the thing. he apparently was told by a classmate who was in the class, taught by a teacher that this cj was taught by, by a couple years. that teacher has been bad-mouthing him. >> it's not in his class. he heard it from under injure classmen. teacher has been bad-mouthing you, saying things that he wouldn't say if there was a fire, he wouldn't save him and made other comments about it, about his vocabulary skills back in the day. he would hand out words
4:12 am
>> the principal said look, this just happened before the columbus day holiday. this might be a private matter. >> they're going to investigate other students in the classrooms and said not all of the stories are jiving. >> the superintendent did say, though, that there were some stories that j were jiving. apparently where all the kids were interviewed. >> you know what, i hope they find -- >> free speech in america. he's not doing anything. >> he's saying he will be sticking out a former -- >> with the clips we showed, he's speaking his made. >> saying that a former -- he was in my class a few years ago and i wouldn't save him in a fire. tell that to the new crop of students, that's far over the line. let us know what you think about it. friend of we'll find out if that death investigation unfolds am. the mainstream media is
4:13 am
spending a lot of time covering the fighting among republicans. >> been talking about kay ross at the capitol. >> can anybody in theroom deal with? ? >> for right now, doesn't look like you can. >> the democrats, independents are being ignored. including their questioning the leadership. teachers can't sit during clash, though she tries to make sure they comply with thoeg the furniture out of window.
4:14 am
4:15 am
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war between donald trump and jeb bush. front page news. who is covering the infighting among democrats. not the big three networks. debbie wasserman schultz and the displeasure about her leadership and the number of democratic debates. media critic for the federalist molly hemingway is here. >> debbie wasserman schultz, i was in vegas for the democratic debate. there was a big brawl and she basically disinvited congresswoman tulsi gabbert. disinvited her because she's been attacking debbie wasserman schultz for not having enough democratic debates and coddling hillary clinton. tulsi said if you're going to criticize us -- why didn't this get any coverage? >> it's fascinating. last time democrats had a competitive primary, it was
4:18 am
2008. they're getting a late start. it's clear what debbie wasserman schultz and her team are trying to do. they think it will protect hillary and carry her over the line. either they think it's a horrible strategy or strengthen a candidate before the nomination. or they think it's unfair to the other candidates. at the same time, you have hillary clinton flipflopping on the issues and trying to get to the left. all we can talk about is the chaos in the republican party. that's weird. >> to your point, there's another vice chair of the dnc, in addition to tulsi gabbert who called out debbie wasserman schultz. i'm questioning whether she has the capacity to do what has to be done. that's why i'm doing what i wanted for a long time which is go public with my serious questions of whether she can lead this party. that got very little coverage. to your point, i'm out at the debate in vegas and the dnc appeared to be doing limited to
4:19 am
four debates before iowa and new hampshire to protect hillary clinton and then she debates and does a good job. there's some democrats saying, wait a second, why limit debates. it may help her to have more debates? >> that's right. whenever republicans are fighting about something, it's supposed because they're chaos and can't cater to all their different coalitions. when democrats are shutting down debates, this doesn't get any more coverage. >> you were talking about this resignations on the president's foreign policy team. i haven't seen a lot of coverage about at that. >> this might be the most staggering job of media blindness. you had three of president obamas top advisers on isis, russia and cyber security all resign within a matter of two weeks. this is part of a growing chorus of dissent among his foreign policy team. they share his views but he can't follow-up on the limited
4:20 am
things he's saying in his speeches. they're frustrated and angry. these are some of the top issues facing the republic and the world. we're focused on whether jeb bush and donald trump had a twitter spat. it boggles the mind. >> if vice president joe biden jumps in, you can bet they'll be front and center on this policy. thanks for joining us. >> thanks. coming up, are these the men who stabbed an american hero, spencer stone. the latest on the manhunt for the suspects behind that attack and why police are desperate for your help sdwliefrnlts plus, an amazing story going viral. i high school football player calls time out to thank fans on the sidelines. they weren't just any fans, a group of world war ii vets.
4:21 am
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news by the numbers. seven, how many california cities worst polluted places in the united states. congratulations, california. 25%. that's how much of a tuition discount northeastern university will give parents and siblings of current students. finally, for $299,000 you can own the home where bruce springsteen wrote this song. ♪ you were born to run ♪ >> that's right. the boss's 828-square foot home in long brach, new jersey, is back on the market. he wrote all eight songs from
4:25 am
the born to run album within these walls. humble beginnings. still ahead -- >> good deal. moving on now. an incredible moment under the friday night lights in louisiana. as a varsity football player breaks away from his teammates after halftime to honor some of america's heroes shaking hands with world war ii veterans honored at the game. heartwarming photos going viral. i get chills every time i look at the picture. parkway high school football player chase hill and the man who took the pictures, navy veteran lieutenant bill davis of the sheriff's office. good to have you guys here. chase, i'll start with you. why did you do it? >> well, my dad always told me if you ever see a veteran with a hat on, it's a veteran thing. you never pass them without shaking their hand. mainly, just respect and gratitude. i've been told all my life to respect those who serve. >> you're in the middle of a
4:26 am
football game. was this planned or something that kind of happened organically, spur of the moment? >> i think it was just spur of the moment. we just got out of warmup. i was walking back to the bench. i saw one of them wave at me. i thought, well, it just feels right to walk over there, shake their hand and respect them a little bit. >> let's hear what they had to say about this. listen. >> it blew my mind for a minute. but it was an honor. something that you don't see every day. >> it was wonderful. i tell you, we just had the best opportunity to talk to him. >> i honored him. i said i love you buddy, bless you. god bless you. >> i'm having a hard time keeping it together on this story. i'm telling you. lieutenant, let's talk about this. you were there. you were watching this all unfold. you snapped some pictures. what was going through your mind as this is happening?
4:27 am
>> you know, when the football team came back after halftime and i'm hanging around the veterans, we were working security at the game and this one kid just beelines it out of the group and goes and shakes the hands of these veterans. i was -- that was pretty darn cool. i said man, i had my camera there. took a few pictures. put it on facebook. and folks just were overwhelmed by what this kid did. i didn't know who he was. it's number 83, chase hill, the class act. it was pretty amazing. >> definitely. chase, i am sure the other students, the other players respect these guys as well. but what did they mean to you? talking to your fellow millennials, what do these people signify to you? >> my parents and a lot of my friends' parents are in the military. there's a few people down the street, my next door neighbor, my dad just recently retired from the air force. and my grandpa served in the
4:28 am
navy. it was just -- i've always really respected those who served. i just wanted to show some gratitude and maybe some kids in the future will follow my footsteps and you don't see it every day that kids respect anything these days. >> hopefully, we'll see it more and more. >> this picture is an iconic picture. it will go down in history, lieutenant. we appreciate you joining us today, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you for the opportunity. >> your parents raised you well. coming up, remember this famous season from goodfellas. >> it looks like a big one. may be the biggest they've ever seen. >> oh, the movie will be front add center in the courtroom this week. guys, are you attracted to smart women? you may not admit it. be right back. take a look at these bbq trophies:
4:29 am
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4:33 am
touchdown. spartans beat the wolverines 27-23. you see the disbelief there. fans can't believe it. it was in the big house in michigan. that's why they thought they had it. >> it ain't over till it's over. >> there was another image we can't show. but the refs had some rough moments. a michigan fan blew up the internet for a while who said to one of the refs you're number one basically. but he used a different finger. >> that also got some attention. but this overshadowed that. >> i have a question for you. back in the day when you were single and on the town, your friends said, hey, i have a really great girl for you, she's really cute and smart. would the smart give you a little pause or would that make you more interested? >> a lot of men are intimidated by the smartness. >> is that a word? >> there's no off switch on this genius meter up here. >> i think men get scared.
4:34 am
according to this new study, that's the case. that men get scared by being outsmarted by women. you add you're attracted to a smart women. >> your wife is a smart woman. >> men like the idea of dating a smart woman but once you have presented with the smart woman -- >> then i have a question for you. do you want a smart man? >> yeah. i like creativity, too. >> break this study down for us, julia. once we're presented with the smart woman, then what happens? >> then they lose interest. they perceive her as less attractive. >> sorry. >> angry. >> perhaps. is it possible maybe it's the sweeter side, it gets lost in the intellectual side. she's too smart and she's a little too tough and then the sweetness dissipates after -- >> is that what happens?
4:35 am
>> that could do it. >> is that what happens? >> i like the way you act this out. she's a little too tough. you put your arms down there. maybe the saccharin wears off if you're too smart. >> let us know what you think. >> they throw their pens at you. you don't know what's going to happen. >> guys, are you threatened by a smart woman? >> do you like to date smarter than you? >> let's get out of this topic. sacramento police state, these are the men responsible for stabbing spencer stone. this happened earlier this month. these are composite sketches obviously. they come from several witnesses who saw stone get stabbed during a fight outside of a bar. they're described as asian or filipino, wearing white shirts and blue jeans at the time of the attack. the pair is still on the run after taking off in a toyota camry. his alleged crime was immortalizedized in the movie
4:36 am
goodfellas. >> it looks like a big one, maybe the biggest they've seen. >> the trial for alleged mobster vincent asaro is set to begin tomorrow. he's set to be part of the one of the biggest heists in history. it was at jfk airport. a witness turned him in, squealed. in addition to the heist, he's also accused of killing an informant to keep him quiet. a principal in new york says her teachers can't sit during class so she throws out their desks and classroom furniture. donna conley made the rash decision because she thought the teachers were sitting too much in class. the staff at the elementary school is puzzled because their students perform well above the city average on tests whether they sit or not. none of the actual chairs were thrown away. i'm so confused by this story, i don't know where to begin.
4:37 am
>> schools aren't strapped for cash. just throw the furniture out ziefrnt let's go ov ziefrnt. let's check out the forecast. >> e-bay. i don't know. >> i keep on asking for people to send me your fall pictures. guess what? wintser happened instead. you can see a little bit of fall there with snow on top. we're talking 32 degrees in gaylord, michigan. a few more snow flurries. keep sending your pictures. i know fall is looking pretty good. here's your forecast across the northeast today. we're talking a little bit of snow flurries out there. we're going to see a chilly day. down across the southeast, a chilly one and a chilly night. the southern plains very, very warm. towards the northern plains, warming up a little bit. it's going to be a pretty nice day. little bit of fire threat and across parts of west, we'll be talking about stormy conditions continuing. >> rick, these fall temperatures, perfect right now. leaves changing. so should the color of your
4:38 am
liquor. which whiskeys could you stock your bar cart for the fall? it's time to sit by the fire. >> joining us to break it all now is the brand ambassador for mckellen scotch. >> best job in the world by the way. let's start with the value rise to stock up with. >> rye is sort of the classic american whiskey. a lot of the cocktails made with bourbon are originally made with rye. >> the rit en house rye. >> bottled in bond. what's special about this? >> bold, spicy and at a smart price. you won't mind gluging a bit of that in your cocktail shaker for a manhattan. >> that's the point. when you're making your drinks, maybe go with something less expensive than something if you sip it. >> no reason to throw a lot of cash that you'll be primarily using for cocktails. a lot of the younger, vibrant whiskeys stand up better in a cocktail. >> like jim beam.
4:39 am
>> can't go wrong with that guy. classic. old-fashioned, hod today is. >> what's the key to a good old-fashioned. >> you better have the right whiskey for it. the key is not overmuddling. i don't like mine to taste like a fruit salad. >> good advice. >> couple good dashes of the bitters. >> good cocktailing bitters like these with good depth and a bit of that sort of balance off the sugar with a medicinal -- >> does that make a difference if you go better than the yush bitters that we all have. >> they're just variance from the other producers that you can explore as you get more into making your cocktails. >> i can tell, you want to move across the waters and get into some scotch. >> famous grout is actually the
4:40 am
most famous. the most popular london scotch whiskey in scotland. i would think it has to count for something. this guy is fantastic smooth easygoing sipper. london scotch whiskeys are great for smoothness. this one is also at a really ideal price for a lot of classic cocktails. >> now the mccal en. what's special about the 12 and 15-year? >> get those out there. the mcallen is one of the most legendary names in whiskeys. they're known for a creamy character and richness and a lot of fruitiness. the tenure will be soft and floral. 15-year moving into a more butterscotch, more refined. fantastic, fantastic whiskey. if you're looking to maybe spend a couple more dollars for something really special into the holiday season and the special occasions, the mack alan rare is the one i would say.
4:41 am
>> amazing stuff, craig. you can get all these items and more on the inspired paddle 8 auction going on. >> thank you very much. coming up, gentlemen, put that down. clayton. suing three universities for denying instate tuition to illegal immigrants. do they actually have a case? we have a breakdown for you next. talk about an amazing find. this photo of the legendary outlaw billy kid was bought for $2. it could be worth millions now. we'll bring the man who brought it live to us in a moment. coming up. ♪ i built my business with passion.
4:42 am
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4:45 am
welcome back. just about 7:45 east coast time. the aclu is launching lawsuits against three missouri colleges alleging their refusal to grant instate tuition aid to students in the u.s. illegally is discrimination. the schools say they're following a state law that prevents them from giving tuition benefits to illegal immigrants. constitutional attorney is here to fill us in on this story. let's break this down. the schools are the university of missouri. that's my alma mater. they have commented they basically say yeah, we're just following the rules of missouri. here's the aclu's statement. it's shameful to treat daca students like outcasts when they have lived, worked and gone to schools in the country since they were children. missouri can't afford to drive talented students away. explain what daca is and how it
4:46 am
plays into the story. >> well daca stands for deferred action for childhood arrival recall, this is the president's controversial program where he said we shouldn't remove individuals brought to this country illegally when they were children through no fault of their own. what's fascinating about this lawsuit is that even though this daca program was only supposed to defer action, that is to say defer any removal efforts, it's now being used to argue that these people are entitled to the whole panoply of benefits afforded to american citizens. >> these students are not american citizens. they came here illegally with their parents, obviously, but they're allowed to stay here. allowed to go to college. yes, now they want the benefits. does the aclu have a leg to stand on? >> they have an uphill battle. their best authority is an older supreme court case that says you can't deny educational benefits
4:47 am
to illegal aliens who are children. we're not talking about children in this case. we're talking about grown men and women who are enrolled in these colleges. and i had think missouri has a very reasonable argument that this class of individuals should not be granted benefits that other individuals such as international students, for example are denied. >> where do you see this going? i know you mentioned when you were talking with our producer that there's a little bit of confusion or maybe hing iness i guess you could say with the missouri legislature in passing this law. >> there was. in missouri legislature passed this provision in the preamble to a budget bill, which is kind of lawyerly and technical. at least there's some argument whether this measure was validly enacted under missouri law. i'll tell you, even if it wasn't, i suspect the missouri legislature could enact this provision through its ordinary course. i don't think this issue is going away. >> two of the three schools commented saying they're following the laws of missouri. university of missouri, my alma
4:48 am
mater did not comment on that. i would imagine they'd say the same thing. good to have you here. thanks very much, tom. tomorrow dupree. remember the last time hillary clinton testified about benghazi. >> we have four dead americans. was it because of a protest or guys out for a walk who said they were going to kill americans. what difference at this point does it make? >> maybe she can answer that question for herself when she returns to capitol hill. what you can expect at the top of of the hour. talk about an amazing find. this is one of the things we dream of. you find a photo at a flea market. a photo of billy the kid bought for 2 bucks. it could be worth $5 million now. the man who bought it joins us live. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief
4:49 am
suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief then you don't know "aarp".e trip when you think aarp, get inspired with aarp travel. plan and book your trip online and get hot travel tips from the pros. find more real possibilities at
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
the picture is one of only two authentic photos of billy the kid. experts say it's worth up to $5 million. >> and the man
4:53 am
you want to be able to see possibility.
4:54 am
>> when randy said to me, i looked at it and, you know, there were an awful lot of similarities of seeing those two figures. showed me pictures of other people in the picture who were known associates of billy and that was compelling. at the time, a lot more research. along with some people from nashville geographic doing that research. >> so randy, then you start to dive into it when the photo becomes more fascinating because they're playing crochet, right. he's 21 years old or 20 playing crochet. people think billy the kid the tough outlaw who are the people in the photo and why is he playing crochet? >> that's what was amazing. the twilight. here's billy the kid who i'm thinking looking at him playing
4:55 am
crochet with his buddies. what touched off the war that elevated him on the way to being billy the kid watched his english, you know, friend and boss get murdered in front of him with this whole, you know, cattle big war getting ready to brew, people stealing horses and cattle and, you know, he happens to be in the thick of this thing here. again, his boss is an english man so i believe the english crochet set coming over with him and, you know, you're out in the middle of the bad lands of new mexico and, of course, no entertainment like we have today so you bring the few things that are going to make life easier with you out there. playing a game of english crochet with your english boss, that was one of the wildest twists of looking at the photograph. >> and it happened apparently at a wedding, that's why they were all together playing the crochet. his outlaw group the regulators
4:56 am
as they were known, david, when did it hit you this is authentic and you valued this at $5 million? >> well, i was presented with an immense amount of information by randy, and i sifted through it. there was facial recognition, you had historical information about, you know, exactly when this had been taken and information from people's diaries, and there was also, as a part of all of this information, they had located the spot where the photo had been taken and no one had really determined with absolute certainty, but they lined up the hills and it looked like it was correct. >> wow. >> we kind of determined that was keyes piece of information, so i flew out to new mexico to look at the site. >> so you went there -- >> while i was there -- >> we're out of time up against
4:57 am
a hard break. i could talk about this another hour. david and randy, appreciate you joining us this morning. more "fox and friends" in a few minutes. another man's junk is another man's treasure. you're always saying that. understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪ if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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nothing like a good, quick meal to bring two people together. campbell's skillet sauces. ready in under 20 minutes. campbell's. made for real, real life. good morning, everybody. it is sunday, october 18th. i'm julie huddy in for anna kooiman. thousands run for their lives when gunfire explodes at a zombie convention. [ bleep ]. >> oh, oh. >> wow. all this footage started to come in, the terrifying aftermath captured on camera and the breaking details coming in. remember the last time hillary clinton testified about benghazi? >> with all due respect, the fact is, we have four dead americans. was it because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night and decided they would kill some americans. what difference, at this point, does it make?
5:01 am
>> we may get an answer to that question when she returns to capitol hill this week to testify about benghazi. how will her testimony impact the presidential race? we'll break it down coming up. live from new york it's the democratic debate on "snl." >> we're doomed! we need a revolution. millions of people on the street. we got to do something. we got to do it now. >> so great. >> anyone funnier than larry david. "saturday night live" surprise everyone is still talking about this morning. more of the clips as "fox & friends" hour three trucks on. ♪ wake me up before you go go don't leave me hanging on ♪ >> driver safety week. >> yeah. >> kicking off here on "fox & friends." >> out on the plaza we'll show you all the tips and have a driving expert with information
5:02 am
every parent needs to tell their kids. it's a big concern, teen driving. >> with texting. >> we are in a whole new world. >> stay focussed. >> new digital dating world as ed henry knows. we've got to check his on-line dating profile. we will show you the tips coming up on the show on how to fix your on-line dating profile, to be more true, more honest. >> i'm not aware of it. >> we have to fix your tinder profile. >> better tell my wife first. >> all right. >> hello, ed henry. >> hello. >> good to see you. >> good to be here. why don't we get into headlines before we get into your dating life. just kidding. this is a fox news alert, breaking overnight, new video that shows the horrifying moments that gunshots rang out at a zombie convention in florida. watch. >> oh, [ bleep ]. oh, oh, oh. >> people thought this was some
5:03 am
sort of halloween-ish type thing, but this was real. moments after more video shows people running for their lives. this was the annual zombicon convention in fort meyers, florida. one person was killed. four others were injured. the shooter is still on the loose. witnesses say it was just chaos. >> i just saw somebody on the floor. they were dead and the cops were saying get back, get back. everybody was like -- [ bleep ]. i heard six or seven gun shots and as we walked over there we saw one person laying on the ground and the cops were working on him. >> police are still on the scene investigating. no word yet on a motive, no word on the suspect. a texas high school in mourning after a football player dice after a game. cam ron mathews collapsed on the sidelines friday after telling teammates he felt dizzy before kickoff. he had been injured on a previous play. he had to be air lifted to the hospital where he died. an autopsy will determine the cause of the death. his death is the sixth high school football fatality this
5:04 am
season. former nba star lamar odom now speaking in sentences and texting from his hospital bed as he recovers from an overdose at a nevada brothel. family says he's breathing on his own, he continues to make steady improvements after being pulled off a ventilator. it looked dicey for a while there. his estranged wife khloe kardashian has not left his side. her sister kim tweeting this photo out after a visit and said i believe in the power of prayer. thanks for your prayers. lamby. so happy kendall and i could make you smile today. god is good. vice president joe biden still deciding about a presidential run. sources say he's privately telling democrats in key states like iowa and new hampshire he's leaning towards getting into the race at some point over the next month and also saying the results of the democratic debates will not sway his decision either way. >> that's right. under a lot of pressure right now. democrats say hillary clinton won the last debate no room for you joe biden and she has $33 million in the bank.
5:05 am
he's telling people i'm told, on the phone, he still sees an opening, thinks hillary clinton is vulnerable and saying if he does not get in the race he's not going to endorse her. it's open. >> up against deadlines. >> getting on the ballot in key states. >> raising money. >> getting the money going. as sitting vice president i think he believes and rightly so he can raise the money quicker than some outsiders can, but boy, in a year of the outsider where ben carson, donald trump, bernie sanders, the sort of folks seen as anti-establishment, are sort of gaining steam, being the ultimate insider might not play well. he's got to weigh all that. >> for democrats who look and say wait a minute, maybe hillary clinton is too tainted with her e-mail scandal and everything with benghazi and, of course, this week on thursday hillary clinton heading back to the hill to testify, we saw one of her key aides uma testifying last week. handled herself during the day debate but this thursday will it be a reflection of 2013. take a look.
5:06 am
>> with all due respect, the fact is, we have four dead americans. was it because of a protest or guys out for a walk one night and decided they would go kill some americans. what difference at this point does it make? >> that sound bite has come back to haunt her. you probably will be seeing different behavior. >> seemed cavalier. >> you know what's different, two words. kevin mccarthy. the republican majority leader suggesting look, this -- these hearings, this committee is about beating up hillary clinton politically and we've brought her numbers down. you saw a sea change after that. >> she mentioned it during the debate. >> she will mention it during the hearing. what i think has changed she has a better hand now politically. she's running for president, sure and that's going to complicate matters on one hand but on the other hand going in there and any time they score and get somewhere on the benghazi investigation, she's going to say wait a second this is about beating me up, even if it's not, she has the ability to claim it is. >> she said it's a witch hunt, her husband said it's a witch
5:07 am
hunt and democrats think this is a republican witch hunt, open-ended investigation that can roll on and on. kevin mccarthy -- >> people can never forget there are real questions and four americans died. this should be a serious investigation, but unfortunately, the republican comments and some of their actions have undermined their own investigations. >> one of the things she has been doing is trying to get out there and softening her image on "saturday night live" did that cameo. they are complaining about donald trump being on "saturday night live" hosting the show. one of a major latino hispanic group the national hispanic leadership agenda upset about this. >> they said we're appalled that you, nbc, would enable trump's hateful speech for nothing more than a ratings ploy and ask that you rescind the "snl" invitation. >> i hope nbc doesn't back down at this. then where do you stop? >> sure. >> can't go on "meet the press" and all these other shows, can't pop up on this show, can't go over here. look, let's be honest, lorne
5:08 am
michaels of "saturday night live" sort of autonomous, can almost look at "saturday night live" as not even an nbc property operating in its own universe anyway. >> we'll talk to chris wallace because he sat down with donald trump for fox news sunday. donald trump pushed back on cnbc about the terms of the upcoming debate. he has been holding a lot of the cards. while these outside groups might want to push him off "snl" i suspect donald trump will hold his ground. >> you saw larry david last night. >> brilliant. >> hilarious. of course the co-creator or writer of "seinfeld" and "curb your enthusiasm" fame and played bernie sanders on "saturday night live" and it was flawless, watch. >> senator sanders, how are you? >> i'm good. i'm hungry, but i'm good. and now if you don't mind, i'm going to dial it right up to a 10. we're doomed. we need a revolution.
5:09 am
millions of people on the streets and we have to do something and we have to do it now. i carry my stuff around loose in my arms like a [ inaudible ]. between classes. i own one pair of underwear. that's it. some of these billionaires have three or four pairs. who do you want as president? one of these washington insiders or a guy who has one pair of clean underwear that he drys on a radiator. >> i think he was joking, right. >> might have been. >> might have been. good. tracy morgan, after the tragic car accident, was it two years ago now, just one year ago? >> i think a year -- >> just over a year ago, finally back. made his appearance last night and hosted "saturday night live." >> great to see him back. >> and making, you know, some funny jokes. here he is in a scene with alec baldwin. >> i'm black and better than ever. >> there you go. good to see him back after
5:10 am
losing his best friend. >> incredible. >> larry david, bernie sanders, i'm hoping he comes back. >> yeah. >> can't be the only appearance. rick reichmuth is over in the weather center typing away over there. >> starting a revolution over there. >> can you get to the weather center. >> starting a weather revolution. >> how will the weather be tonight at about 6:00. i'm going to a wedding that might be outside? >> that's news to me. >> i know. >> look up. >> still typing. >> when is the weather what? >> 6:00 this evening? i have a wedding to go to. >> chilly. they should have had that wedding maybe a month ago. >> i'm sorry. i'll give them a call and let them know. you do not approve their choice of wedding days. >> back during may during wedding season. >> your current windchills not going to warm up across the east. feels like 38 in new york, 37 in raleigh, 34 in asheville. you get the idea. 23 in indianapolis. so very, very cold today. warming up into the lower 40s. we have freeze advisories in effect all across the area.
5:11 am
even down towards parts of the southeast, we have frost advisories in effect across alabama, mississippi, georgia, into south carolina and north carolina. it gives you an idea how chilly it's going to be and if you have plants outside want to protect them if you want them to keep going for a while. freeze warnings across the northeast as well. that snow we're going to continue to see as the wind moves across the great lakes, and we're going to continue to see it. in fact, take a look at some of the pictures coming out of the area. i believe some of these are from michigan, kind of the big winner for accumulating snow. your lawn furniture. might need to be taken inside. same for this picture and some fall leaves with the snow on top of them and some dogs getting in and starting to enjoy some of the snow. we've got that snow there. and we also still have more rain across parts of the west. that area that saw the flooding. little more of that coming this week. there you go. a chilly wedding for you this evening. >> not my wedding. like to clarify that one. >> i like you throw it out there. can people tweet you and say -- >> personalized forecast.
5:12 am
>> bar mitzvah. >> of course. >> people getting personal forecasts. when you have access to a meteorologist why not. >> war of words not with rick, but donald trump blaming jeb bush's brother for not keeping the country safe on 9/11. is that going too far? chris wallace joins us to weigh in next and sat down with donald trump. have you checked your fantasy lineup several times this morning? you're not alone. just how addictive can fantasy be? as addictive as drugs it turns out. the findings are next. ♪ at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason?
5:13 am
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5:14 am
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5:15 am
boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain. water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. but the family just didn't think a flood could ever happen. the reality is, floods do happen. protect what matters. get flood insurance. visit to learn more.
5:16 am
i think i have a bigger heart than all of them. i think i'm much more confident than all of them when you talk about george bush. say what you want, the world trade center came down during his time. you look -- >> hold on. you can't blame george bush for that. >> he was president, okay. don't blame him or don't blame him, but he was president. the world trade center came down during his reign. if you look at sandy hook, those people are still begging for help. >> jeb bush reacting angrily to those comments on twitter saying how pathetic for donald trump to criticize the president for 9/11. we were attacked and my brother kept us safe. did trump take it too far? joining us to discuss, the host of "fox news sunday" chris wallace who had a chance to sit down with donald trump. what is he saying, doubling down or backing down? >> i will make you watch it, but he does not back down, doubles down, he doesn't back off those comments at all and, in fact, i
5:17 am
ask him, if he could have done anything differently to prevent 9/11 and he gives an answer and believes he could have prevented it. >> wow. >> it's an interesting fight for him to pick. and it seems to have come out of the debate, the cnn debate, when he was talking trump was, about what a disaster george w. bush had been and that he was the one that gave us barack obama. and then bush answered back, jeb bush, and said well, he kept us safe. and that seems to have gotten under donald trump's skin and that's why he made the comments he did on bloomberg and i think goes considerably further on "fox news sudden". >> is it your sense he's trying to put jeb bush away. look at rick perry and scott walker, got in battles with donald trump and they both dropped out. >> yeah, maybe. clearly there's no love loss between jeb bush and donald trump. i have to say, if you're going to go after jeb bush seems you
5:18 am
should go after jeb bush. i'm not sure going after his brother over the events of 9/11 is the most strategic move to make politically to weaken jeb bush, but, you know, donald trump's leading in the polls, i'm not, so let's see what he wants to do. >> getting desperate. some of the candidates getting desperate. read "the new york post" this morning, you know, plants showing up at campaign events to ask questions of donald trump, poll numbers we hear jeb bush is cutting campaign staff salaries. and yet we're still far from iowa right now. these guys just getting desperate in the face of the trump storm? >> i do think in a way this whole thing in the way that jeb has reacted to it says more about jeb bush than it does about donald trump. jeb bush certainly seems to be trying to pick a fight. he sent the e-mail out and said how pathetic and, you know, that could be said, well you're defending your brother, but then he put out a big web ad
5:19 am
attacking trump's militarycrede. trump didn't serve in the military, but his support for the military. and then jeb is going on another sunday show this morning to -- so i think to some degree he's losing steam and thinks one of the ways maybe he can regain it is by picking a fight with trump. he doesn't seem to want this to go away either. >> chris, tell us what else is happening on your show today? >> well, really, a fascinating interview. we sat down for about half an hour yesterday, juliette, with donald trump. we talked about the issues. i think we went into depth about a number of the issues and talked about his personality and the fact that he does tweet out at night and he gets into these fights and frankly, that he attacked me after the first fox debate and he explains what goes through his mind. it's a really interesting look at donald trump. i will also tell you, there's a little surprise in it because when he was going after me, he was saying that my father
5:20 am
tweeted him much more -- treated him much more fairly than i did. we run a clip from the first mike wallace profile of donald trump on "60 minutes" and i promise you the reaction he has to seeing donald trump circa 1985, is priceless. >> oh, can't wait to see it. >> must see television. "fox news sunday." great to see you this morning. >> bye, guys. >> thanks, chris. a terrifying close call for one ground crew as a jet screams over their heads. >> whoa. >> why in the world was that jet flying so low? national teen driver safety week kicks off today. up next, driving safety expert has the tip that every parent needs to tell their kids. pay attention to this. ♪
5:21 am
♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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5:24 am
welcome back. 24 minutes past the hour. quick headlines. if you're finalizing your fantasy football lineup games right now, beware. a compulsive gambling counselor says daily fantasy sports can be as addictive as crack cocaine. arnie weschler says satisfying that addiction could be more dangerous than drugs because all you need is money and an internet connection to satisfy that craving. harvard researchers saying all those hours on the treadmill at the gym may not be helping you lose weight. oh, i love this. they say it all comes down to burning off more calories than you eat which many marathon runners don't do while training. clayton out to you. >> all right. thank you, young miss juliette. start your engines because today marks the first day of national
5:25 am
teen driver safety week since crashes are sadly the number one killer of teenagers, michelin tire has started the sharing safety hash tag campaign to spread its safe driving tips and joining us from michelin tire is expert sarah robinson. great to see you this morning. >> good morning, clayton. >> this is a tragic topic but so real and something we need to face. >> right. i mean, this issue is just mega in the face of teenagers today. so michelin wants to help starts the conversation, because really just talking about safety is one of the best ways to combat the problem. and make it a two-way conversation with the hash tack sharing safety. >> using that #sharingsafety what do you hope to accomplish? people sharing their tips from families around the country? >> people learn so much from others they don't realize what they're taking in. for example, i was a test driver at michelin for many years and what i'll go and do #sharingsafety after this is, you know, every time i get behind the wheel of a car, i go with the same intense focus i do
5:26 am
when i'm driving on a racetrack because driving on a racetrack is actually safer in a lot of ways because everyone else around me is seriously focused op the task at hand whereas on the public roads people are thinking about their next meeting, what's going to go on in class the next day. >> not paying attention. >> yeah. >> so dive into some of the tips from the car perspective we can kickstart this. tire pressure. as we're entering into the winter season important to check the tire pressure. >> absolutely. yeah, we at michelin know a lot about tire safety so one of the things that we want to share about tire pressure is that you need the right tire pressure in order to carry the load of the car and make sure you get in the best performance. so every car is different. i checked what this pressure should be. >> you can do that in the manual of a car. >> or on the driver's doorjamb. >> on the doorjamb of the vehicle. max pressure for max load. this is right here. at about 27. now, because this is a cold morning, kind of expect that the first cold snap so the pressure
5:27 am
goes down. >> what about the penny test? >> well, the penny test is going to help us with our tread depth because our treds depth we need it to prevent hydroplaning in wet conditions and a penny is still powerful. what i'm going to do is grab it, turn lincoln upside down and drop him into the tread groove here. if i can see the top of his head, then the tires are down to tread depth that's inadequate and time to res place them. this is full tread depth covering part of his head. >> okay. >> too two more tips. how to expect your car and know it's safe to drive? >> it's good about once a month when you do this tire inspection, step back a little bit. how to look at the car, do a check. i might be kind of biased but i think it's cool to know what's going on under the hood, checking the fluids, making sure that you're not hearing any funny noises. you wouldn't ignore an empty gas gauge so why would you ignore anything else that seems wrong with the car. >> you say the vision driving test. >> yes.
5:28 am
>> using your eyes. >> yes. >> what's -- mine it seems kind of obvious, but think about it, texting all the other things that kids are doing in the car these days a big problem? >> right. your vision is the most important tool you have. all the training comes down to using your eyes and brain. so if you cast your vision far to the horizon and let your peripheral vision take in everything around you, then you're constantly scanning the environment and you're aware of everything and it prevents you from just being a passenger sitting in the driver's seat. >> you're able to see with your peripheral vision. coasting right through and you have to react. >> yes. >> sarah robinson from michelin tire, thank you so much. remember the #sharingsafety so use that, tweet out your tips this morning and let us know. great to see you this morning. >> thanks. pleasure clayton. >> coming up on the show, the end of birth right citizenship for illegal immigrants. a huge ruling that came down. that is coming up next. we'll bring it to you. is a pumpkin spiced latte not
5:29 am
enough? how about pumpkin for breakfast, lunch and dinner. now you're talking. the tasty recipes that will last the entire fall we're cooking them next ♪ it's 5:00 somewhere with the pain and swelling of my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ordinary objects often seemed... intimidating. doing something simple... meant enduring a lot of pain. if ra is changing your view of everyday things orencia may help. orencia works differently by targeting a source of ra early in the inflammation process. for many, orencia provides long-term relief of ra symptoms. it's helped new ra patients and those not helped enough by other treatments. do not take orencia with another biologic medicine for ra due to an increased risk of serious infection. serious side effects can occur including fatal infections. cases of lymphoma and lung cancer
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5:33 am
i love it. that will do it. >> that will do it. your shot of the morning literally. >> literally your shot of the morning. >> used his rifle. perfectly carve a smiling jack o lantern. >> to educate the masses on how to properly and safely carve a pumpkin. >> some people still use what he calls dangerous sharp knives. >> true. >> more likely to slip on that like slippery pumpkin and cut off a finger than shooting it with a rifle. >> good thing he's doing it in the woods. >> well when carving th the pumpkins you hover around your kids and make sure they're not cutting off their fingers. >> helicoptering. >> don't walk into that wall, watch out for sharp objects, the steps. turns out we're hovering more than ever, helicoptering more than ever. >> there is a stanford professor i think it was who did a study and said, it's a dean of freshmen and said the freshmen classes she's seeing coming in
5:34 am
year after year are getting basically like kind of wimpier. >> the parents hovering constantly. >> coddling them too much and they're not able to go into the real world. >> start att an early age, everybody gets a trophy. three ways they say, one is check your language. if you say we when you mean your son or daughter as in we're on the travel soccer team. it's a hint to yourself, you're intertwined in a way that the study says is not healthy. >> let your kid be on the traveling soccer team and show up to his game once in a while. >> examine your inner actions with adults. arguing with teachers and principals, koefs, you've seen those parents before on the sidelines, great to be involved when your son or daughter is playing in a game but when interfering and jumping on the field telling the coach how to do it w better. >> drown your soross in alcohol. >> clayton. >> might be an indication something is wrong. >> my parents did not helicopter
5:35 am
and they did help me with my homework a little bit but made me do my own. the professor says stop doing your children's homework for them. enough said. let them do it. they need to learn how to fail and improve and only learn through failure. >> the kids, again, going to stanford, they're brilliant on paper, but says they lack the real world skills. >> so we asked you to react and -- about helicopter parents. mary anna on facebook, so much harm in these kids/adults who go on to make horrible spouses and patients themselves -- parents themselves. >> parts of learning has to involve failing. parents don't always fix things. >> that's right. >> that's very true. >> you fail. >> your input. you got to fail. >> to succeed. >> right. >> exactly. >> i don't know anything about failing. >> words of wisdom. >> never failed at anything. >> let's -- >> juliette. >> go ahead and stay it. get it out. >> hey, we all. >> move on now.
5:36 am
we have a serious story. danger in the water in hawaii. two people attacked by sharks on the same day. first one was attacked in oahu. luckily two kayakers nearby, they didn't think they were so lucky there was a shark there, patled the guy back to shore when they heard him screaming. emergency crews rushed him to the hospital. hours later another attack off the waters of waikiki beach. a two foot long shark bit a swimmer on the foot. the swimmer recovering. a texas judge says the state can continue to deny giving illegal immigrants the birth certificates of their u.s. born children. a group of mexican citizens sued the state back in july after they were denied certificates because they didn't have the proper identification and claim their children's rights were being violated. the judge wants to explore the facts more before changing policy. some virginia drivers are pumping the brakes over the new legality of their old license plates. the state sent letters to drivers saying displaying
5:37 am
confetds rate flags are illegal in the wake of the charleston church shooting in june. the drivers send them back or face a misdemeanor. many standing defiant. out of the 1600 letters that went out, less than 200 returned the plates. and duck and cover, a plane goes flying low over an air base in ukraine. so the pilot zoomed within feet of a ground crew's head. even though it looked like it was coming in for hard landing we're told it was a plank by a pilot. that's always funny when flying a gigantic jet. >> the jet shot down over ukraine, allegedly the russians behind it. pulling a prank like that -- >> not funny. >> a lot of people died. awful. >> let's check in with rick reichmuth, i was outside for the teen safety thing. >> how is it out there? >> freezing. how does it feel, rick? >> come on, man. not bad. i just took a picture of all the crew back here all in like their winter puffy coats.
5:38 am
>> right. >> actually probably need it. take a look at the maps and show you, actually, maybe if you don't want to really get to winter just yet, take a look at the picture out of green bay, wisconsin. and i tell you what, this is the beauty of fall. absolutely spectacular. you're 25 degrees. that is cold there right now. getting up to 55 today. you're going to see plenty of sunshine. keep sending me your fall or winter pictures. rick reichmuth. chilly day. we will see snflurries again. towards the southeast we will be dealing with a chilly day. the southern plains very, very warm and in towards the northern plains, warming up quite a bit into the 80s. all right. well, it is chilly and it is winter and it is time for some fall food. everybody has all kinds of pumpkins out there. fall is here. >> pumpkins. >> mega pumpkin crave since that's not coming to an end any time soon. why not give you all the ways to
5:39 am
incorporate pumpkin into every meal. >> pumpkin is the greatest ever. here to show us how to do it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, mark bailey, good to have you here. >> thanks for having me. i'm back. >> fanatic. i'm down with this whole pumpkin thing. >> breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. >> frozen joe girt. >> iced pumpkin. >> it's a smoothie. pumpkin spiced smoothie. pumpkin puree, put a little pumpkin spice, cinnamon and nut meg and believe it or notes use premier chocolate shake it's good, 30 grams of protein in there, 160 calories and about one gram of sugar. >> i'll take this. thank you. >> blend that up quick. it's a great little -- get. >> that going. [ inaudible ]. >> definitely. works well. so great shake. delicious. i can't tell you how much i enjoy that. i like to roast pumpkins as well. this is an egg pumpkin bake. >> wow. >> look at that.
5:40 am
>> in the summer i use avocado but in the winter pumpkin. >> this is a great idea. >> eggs like you put a hole in your piece of bread. >> or in an avocado. it's delicious. scoop up the pumpkin on the bottom. >> this is a pumpkin spiced chicken. basically a marinade i create. i use olive oil, smooth olive oil, milder on the palate. apple cider vinegar, parsley and you have cinnamon, ginger powder and chili powder and garlic. >> and this is lunch basically. >> yeah. that's a marinade. throw the chicken in there, let that marinate about an hour in the refrigerator. >> wow. >> pop it in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes and you're good to go. make sandwiches, all kind of good stuff. >> i might make this. >> pasta. here's the pasta cream sauce for any pasta. it's a pumpkin cream sauce.
5:41 am
five ingredients. sage, broth, cream, as well as some shallots and salt and pepper and toss that with any pasta and you're good to go. >> pumpkin is healthy. >> and this is a great way to sneak it into all your recipes without being over pumpkined out. >> everything pumpkin or like gourds? >> they give you the same, squash, gourds, pumpkin, same yummy flavor into thank you for being out here in this. >> definitely. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you. >> pumpkins. guys, to you inside. >> i saw apple cider doughnuts out there. it will be -- >> it's cold. >> yeah. that's good. >> all right. you've heard about rats in new york city. >> oh, yeah. >> pizza rat. >> dragging -- >> the costume. how did a kangaroo get loose in the big apple. you got to hear this story. >> i want to hear that one. >> faith returns to late night. >> the favorite passage from the bible? >> i do. do you? >> i do. >> let's hear yours. >> steven -- >> go for it.
5:42 am
>> stephen colbert discussing his religion on the late show back in america. father jonathan morris says yes, he's here live next. ♪ ♪
5:43 am
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yeah. the wild. animal headlines for you. a sea snake with some of the most poisonous venom in the world has washed up in california. an environmental group blaming el nino. the first time in more than 30 years creatures have been spotted in california. was that guy pulling its tail? come on. a wild sight in staten island, not the normal site you sea in staten island but a kangaroo bouncing around the island for 15 minutes before getting caught near an auto body shop.
5:46 am
and a woman got a scare when she walked into her daughter's home and found a bear. officials say it was eating pet food after getting through an unlocked door. >> got to lock the doors. >> emergency workers had a -- had to hit on the ceiling to square the bear away. tap on the ceiling. bye-bye bear. >> late night television traditionally hasn't been home to religious discussions until recently thanks to stephen colbe colbert. >> do you have a favorite passage from the bible. >> yes, i do. do you? >> i do. >> let's hear yours. >> so i -- mine is from matthew. i like it because jesus says, so i say you to do not worry for who among you by worrying could change a hair on his head. it's a commandment to not worry. i'll go with that. >> hear the audience laugh. he's not going to be able to quote the bible. >> what prompted the shift and is this proof that religion
5:47 am
matters to most americans? >> good morning. >> hello. answer these questions for us. >> profiling here, asking me religious questions. >> we hear so much about how people are not faithful anymore, and yet studies suggesting those who are, are becoming more devout. >> well this new study shows i think two things. one is that more people are saying that they're not anything. that they're not attached to any denomination but what i was impressed by, 81% of americans still say i am this, i am catholic, i am protestant, i am evangelical, whatever it happens to be. that's a lot of people agreeing it's something important in their life. what i find to be also very interesting is that as people are separating from some of their traditional beliefs, they're searching more and i think this is what colbert is tapping into. recognizing he's a very serious guy about his religion. >> talks about it a lot. >> he does. he knows that he's not going to
5:48 am
hide that because he's a comedian. talking here to oprah about something that a lot of people care about and happens to be very important to him. >> he didn't get to do this on "the daily show" because he was playing the reporter role and a sanctimonious reporter and on his show playing the character, but on "the late show" he gets to be himself really and not have to play this character and talked about it, i watched a number of his shows, talked about his faith regularly on the show. does that harden you? >> it's who he is and not playing to the audience. just being who he is. what i find to be also very comforting to your point or heartening, is that people aren't going to church because they have to, they're not calling themselves religious because it's socially acceptable to do, they're actually maybe a new freedom in saying, i'm going to be who i am and i'm also going to pursue truth. i'm going to pursue god, but doing it in an honest, open way. >> i'm sorry. i was going to say do you feel the pope has had influence on
5:49 am
sort of the resurgence? >> what i found is that at least among catholics but others who look to pope francis as a guide, they feel a new trust to say i'm going to be honest about where i am and i find people coming back into my own church saying, hey i, i don't know if i believe all this stuff but the opposite of not having any beliefs in the eternal, belief in god, in understanding the eternal justice, that's not satisfying me. let me pursue and see what i find. and i think that's very healthy. >> we saw a lot of nonbelievers interviewed while the pope was in america saying just that. that i haven't had faith before, he's inspiring me. might not become a catholic but thinking about it and asking these questions. >> think about what life is like if there is no eternal life. it's i think almost like theater. it's -- it's just for a time and it's all over. it's all show. i think our hearts are made for love and if our hearts are made for love, love isn't temporary.
5:50 am
love is eternal. >> wonderful thought. >> good sunday thought. >> i better get back to my church. >> you better. it's sunday. >> stole you away from it. >> 75-year-old veteran uses his army training to save 16 kids from a man mad man with a knife. he's joining us next hour. >> scared of on-line dating because your match might be lying to you. >> it could be a guy. >> it's not a guy. i know her. >> it could be like a big giant guy. >> we've got the tips to create the perfect profile when we come back. ♪ ♪ get your sexy on get your sexy on ♪ ore, thanks to ore, thanks to kaboom... get your credit swagger on. go to become a member of experian credit tracker and take charge of your score. still not sure whether to stay or go on that business trip? ♪ should i stay or should i go
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5:54 am
harts you guys. if you're navigating the wild wacky world of on-line dating you wondered how do you know -- i mean obviously, how do you know the person on the other side is actually the legitimate person that you're seeing in the pictures and being represented in the profile? 54% say their dates seriously misrepresented themselves in their profiles? >> to expose liars apps like the grade and tinder are forcing members to connect through facebook using their authorization settings. the good news for that thousands of honest profiles still receive the most attention. here with tips lori davis founder of eflirt author of "love at first click." good morning. >> wearing red. >> this is a big problem. 54% say they're being seriously misrepresented. >> i really think that hoens -- honesty is the way to go. the way you can test a profile if you're not sure if someone is lying or not, look for i
5:55 am
statements. the further people distance themselves from talking about themselves the more likely they are to be lying. >> how do you handle a profile, user name. >> first thing you want to do is choose an interest and highlight that in your profile. it gives you something to connect with with someone right away. and then in your photo your main photo your want to take up most of the frame, like a head and shoulder shot. >> not a distant photo of you on a cliffside. >> not in your main photo. show what like and people can dig in more to your photos when they click thing. >> i never understood why people would put themselves and best friend. or your best friend happens to be a guy and you're a girl. wait. >> no group shows. >> just solo. you have someone's attention for not so long, right. you want to keep their attention on you the whole time. this is your profile. >> have a smile also in the photo. >> it's important to feel like
5:56 am
you're approachable in your photo. connect with the person through the screen. >> is it possible, i would think this would make sense, if you were me, like under promise and overdeliver? like wear a sloppy shirt with mustard stains and then meet and then meet the guy and like whoa. you look much better than in your sloppy photo? >> it's more likely it's the opposite. >> yeah. >> to that point, one of the most important things in photos having a full body shot so that you give someone an idea of what you really look like. they did a study and found you get 203% more messages when you have a full body and a lot of my clients won't communicate with people who don't have full body shots. you need a full body shot. show someone what you look like more than just your face. >> not a photo of you doing full body shots. >> no. >> lori davis, thanks so much. new frontier. coming up here on the show. >> meanwhile, donald trump and
5:57 am
ben carson are getting death threats. serious news out this morning. the secret service called in to protect the candidates. the details top of the hour. >> everyone's play. we're talking about left michigan fans looking like this. the play. oh, no. sads if. -- sadness. tra soft gets you clean without the wasteful wadding. it has comfort cushions you can see that are softer and more absorbent, and you can use up to 4 times less. enjoy the go with charmin.
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6:00 am
good sunday morning. it's october 18th. i'm juliette huddy in for anna kooiman. a fox news alert. oh, [ bleep ]. oh, oh, oh. >> you are reading that correctly. there was gunfire at a zombicon convention. thousands running for their lives when gunfire explodes. the terrifying moments caught on camera and the breaking details just coming in. >> hillary clinton demonizes republicans over voting rights. >> one person, one vote, that's what we believe. this is a blast from the jim crow past. >> voice sound a little different when down south.
6:01 am
did she go too far? we report, you decide. >> where you won't want to miss this. 75-year-old veteran uses his army training to save 16 kids from a mad man wealding a knife. that hero will share his story with us live on "fox & friends." "fox & friends" hour four starts now. ♪ it is definitely fall. >> don't adjust your poll lor road picture. we have apple cider doughnuts. what to do with the apples. >> warm apple pie for fall. >> how to pick the perfect apple. you have to know how to pick the right apple. >> don't want to get the -- >> one with the worms in it. >> i didn't but my colleague did. horrific. >> favorite. the apple cider doughnuts does it get better?
6:02 am
>> no. >> the apple pie. >> we should put up a poll on our facebook page, apple pie or apple cider doughnuts. >> can you tell we've been up since 3:00 in the morning. a lot to get to including new reports out and ed was talking about this a moment ago new reports about death, very bad and multiple death threats against donald trump and ben carson. now they're stepping up and getting secret service. >> early in the process. happened with barack obama in 2007 and 2008. and it's interesting because, you know, donald trump this week was talking about how he wanted see vet service pro -- secret service protection. his crowds have been larger than anybody else's and when you have a big crowd out there you don't know who's out there, he has a private security team. they will go ahead of a event and scope it out. look, i have more people stop me in the airport and say when is trup going to be done? i say he's not done. he's leading. >> he is crushing. >> i just tweeted out two polls
6:03 am
that came out in nevada and south carolina. he's not just leading by a little bit, he's crushing the competition in some of these swing -- some of these early primary states. >> unbelievable. >> we showed you ben carson, going to be getting secret service detail. sounds more serious. apparently reports -- he didn't want the detail initially. >> ben carson. >> right. but now he's sort of capitulating because there are reports that he's getting threats or terrorist chatter mentioning him. the fbi reporting that they've been hearing chatter seems to be amping up a bit. >> high in the polls as well. his name i.d. has risen, get more threats as people know who you are. >> talk about the events. you have 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 people as donald trump is having at the events, you don't have the secret service going there a week ahead of time like if you're hillary clinton going to a town hall meeting of 200 people, secret service rolls in a few days early, checks everything, under the seats, set up metal detectors. all it takes is one crazy person
6:04 am
to do something we would all regret. >> hillary clinton in alabama yesterday going after the gop. on the campaign trail. she was in alabama and what's going on is, she wants to get african-american turnout. that's what she needs to lock up these primaries so take a listen to what she was saying in alabama. >> to say loudly and clearly black lives matter in america. everything that i want to do as your president to build on our democratic presidents who have gone before, can't be done if folks won't or can't vote. with we may be up against super pacs and billionaires but when the election comes around, donald trump and the koch brothers for all their money only get one vote each just like everybody else. one person, one vote. that's what we believe. this is a blast from the jim crow past. >> going to have that same
6:05 am
southern accent on the benghazi hearing. >> sounds like a southern bell. >> when you go into these different towns. >> not the first candidate to do that. >> of course. >> you hear president obama does the same thing. george w. bush. >> start talking a little slower. >> a little texas in front of the audiences. >> last hour i think it was i mentioned she was using her arkansas roots and got tweets saying she's from illinois. you're an idiot. a little tongue and cheek about the arkansas roots. >> lived there for a long time. yeah. >> you do sometimes when you're surrounded by a different accent you do tend to pick it up. happened to me. >> interesting here she's talking about black lives matter. during the debate the other night, the senator jim webb the only person who answered the question and said all lives matter. so all the other candidates on the stage that night were quick to say, black lives matter. >> let's get quickly to a fox news alert this morning as the violence is intensifying today in israel. we just learned secretary of state john kerry will meet with israeli prime minister benjamin
6:06 am
netanyahu this week and this morning there's no signs of this violence slowing down. >> kristen fisher is following the latest from washington. >> this morning the leader of a hezbollah group in lebanon called the violence in israel a quote renewed intifada, the renewed attacks are being carried out by a new generation of palestinian assailants. eight have been killed and 40 palestinians. netanyahu says his government has been operating on all fronts to stop the wave of attacks. but today he announced they will start going after the financial sources of the violence. specifically, a group called the islamic movement in israel which netanyahu calls the, quote, chief insider. the obama administration has come under fire in recent days for not blaming either side for not unequivocally condemning the palestinian attack. secretary of state john kerry announced he will try to ease tensions in separate face-to-face meetings with
6:07 am
netanyahu and mahmoud abbas. >> we are as deeply engaged as i can ever remember in trying to help resolve some of these very complicated explosions of sectarianism and violent extremism. last month, in new york, the director general spoke eloque eloquently at the u.n. leader's summit on countering isil and violent extremism. >> reporter: the plan is for kerry to meet with netanyahu in germany and then he will travel to somewhere in the middle east to meet with abbas but the exact dates and locations of these meetings have yet to be announced. back to you. >> very important because the meeting with mahmoud abbas had not been confirmed until this morning. it shows they're not just going to talk to the israeli side. this has gotten more and more serious by the hour. >> my brother is over there. >> yeah. >> amazing work. >> i hate watching his reports they make me nervous but said there's something in the air
6:08 am
over there. it's just a very, very uneasy feeling. >> he's done remarkable reporting all week. on friday he was in the middle of the action getting scary. >> i don't know. let's -- he's a trooper. all right. fox news alert, new video that shows the terrifying moment this really did happen, gunfire erupting at a zombie convention in florida. watch. >> oh, [ bleep ]. this is crazy. moments after the gunfire. more video. hundreds running for their lives. this was the annual zombiecon convention in fort meyers, florida. one person was killed. four others were injured. the shooter is still on the loose. witnesses say it was just chaos. >> i just saw somebody on the floor. they were dead and the cops were saying get back, get back, everybody was like rising [ bleep ]. >> i heard six or seven gunshots ring and as we talked over there
6:09 am
we saw one person laying on the ground and the cops working on him. >> police are still on the scene investigating this. there's no word yet on a motive. they are looking for a shooter. extreme weather old man winter coming early to the midwest. parts of northern michigan saw up to 3 inches of snowfall overnight. the national weather service posting frost and freeze warnings throughout the ohio valley as more snow storms are predicted this morning. the last time the state saw snow this early was back in 2001. we'll have more of an update on weather coming up. a texas high school is in mourning after a football player dies after a game. cam ron mathews collapsed on the sidelines on friday after telling teammates he was feeling dizzy before a kickoff. he had been injured on a previous play. he had to be air lifted to the hospital where he died. an autopsy will be done to determine the cause of this death. it's actually the sixth high school football death this season. and the finish for the michigan -- the ages in
6:10 am
michigan. finish for michigan. with only ten seconds left on the clock, you to watch this. >> he has trouble with the snap! and the ball is free! it's picked up by michigan state. jaylen jackson, and he scores! on the last play of the game. >> falling on the ball and stopped. >> or if -- >> just fall on it. >> fall on it. >> if this guy, watch this, if number 24 could have stopped him, he said he cuts back up the field and scores. >> lots of arm chair quarterbacking going on here. >> michigan fans were feeling it. in the big house in michigan. >> 27-23, spartans -- >> all right there. >> wow. >> all right. well, baseball fever, betting fever is hitting in the high gear and four teams left in the mlb trying to make it to the world series and in the meantime right now, people are taking wagers. >> politicians like to jump in, mayors from different cities.
6:11 am
first one mets versus cubs. mets won last night. new york city mayor bill de blasio offering pizza to chicago mayor rahm emanual. >> would you rather have a chicago pizza or new york pizza. >> emanuel would send de blasio a few chicago made projects from jordan nos among others. remember when de blasio got all the business eating with a knife and forth. >> before the pizza cool office you have to use a fork. otherwise it just -- >> no. >> cheese slide office of it. >> -- slides off of it. >> a minute and a half to two minutes until it solidifies. >> i don't have patience. >> the cheese will fall off. >> that's what i'm saying. heat with a fork. >> then burn your mouth. >> you blow on it before you eat it. >> there's other things to get figured out. >> we digress. >> toronto, do they have -- toronto mayor john tori will wager a selection of ontario kraft beer for his bet with
6:12 am
kansas city mayor slide james. he will wager ribs and barbecue sauce from three kansas city restaurants. how cool to have a mayor named slide. >> i would rather have ribs from slide than random kraft beer. e-mail us. coming up a dangerous new trend, teens taking pictures on active railroad tracks. and the consequences can be deadly. deaths from railroad incidents this year up significantly. what can we do to prevent this? >> gentlemen, do you like smart chics or dumb chics? an it interesting study has been done and it -- the answer may surprise you, actually. ♪ right when you feel a cold sore,
6:13 am
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6:16 am
you're looking at a lopsided matchup, jim. go to the action. ♪ >> what is he thinking? >> every day people attempt fate and die trespassing on rail tracks. see tracks think train. >> that is a new public service announcement out because of a dangerous trend involving railroad tracks. in 2014, 915 people were hurt from trespassing on railroad tracks. unfortunately more than 500 of those resulted in deaths. surprised it's not higher than that. despite the deaths the number of people trespassing on railroad tracks increased by 16% from 2013 to 2014. a lot of them are young people taking pictures on or around active railroads. psychologists and director of graduate studies at lincoln university dr. chuck williams joins us now. nice to see you this morning.
6:17 am
what's going on? >> good morning, clayton. >> why are they doing this? >> well, what's going on with these kids, weig kids, what's gh kids, kids are wired differently from us as adults. what does that mean? it means they're thrill seekers. why? the areas of the brain responsible for things like critical thinking, rational thinking, problem solving and impulse control have not developed fully in young people and that's why they take risks and sometimes do very stupid and dangerous things. >> so some of your interesting afall sis on this, es -- analysis on this, i know this to be true growing up myself, it's the reverse psychology that you think might actually work. by us telling them that this is unsafe, they're likely to do it. if we tell them that it's perfectly safe are they not willing to do it? >> no. no, i don't believe that at all. i think that what happens we send mixed messages. on the one hand we started this segment, we started talking
6:18 am
about how dangerous it is. 914 people hurt last year, 500 died. however at the same time we promote people playing on and around train tracks in everything from underwear to soft drink commercials to movies. i can remember growing up the popular movie "stand by me" remember that movie. >> of course. >> very prominently displayed a bunch of kids walking on train tracks, running across train tracks. we send a mixed message, again, the brain is important because of where adolescence are. they're likely to take the easy way out, which means to follow their impulses and their impulses are going to tell them to take risks. >> of course, the peer pressure and the bandwagon, kids post these images of themselves on train tracks on social media and what, their friends want to now do it as well? >> yeah. remember when you're young, right, i mean you want to be the toughest, the coolest, realist of the real, picture in the woods was scary, dark maybe at night. i'm going to one up you and take
6:19 am
pictures near a train track and some will say i'm going to take pictures on a train track and someone else will say i can do better than that, take pictures on the train track while the train is coming. it's again, about being young. that's why young people need almost constant adult guidance and supervision in the home, community and schools. they're not always prone to make the best decisions. >> how should parents approach this if the kids are doing this thing? parents log in and sees a photo on the train track, what could a parent say to a child? >> what's key there, the parents need to follow their kids on social media. i said on this show and this air many times you have to know what your kids are doing and to find out what kids are doing, they're not playing on playgrounds anymore, they're not in the mall, they're texting, tweeting on their phones and on social media. parents need to know. tell them it's dangerous. when we promote the use of train tracks in things like underwear commercials and soft drink commercials and movies and tv
6:20 am
shows, we need to have an advisory that says this is purely entertainment. do not try this at home because this could hurt you and more importantly it could kill you. >> certainly seen the numbers to back it up. dr. chuck williams, thank you for joining us this morning. frightening. >> always a pleasure, clayton into coming up on the show, you know the. it sized conservative has a lot on his mind. >> mr. president, when [ inaudible ] gunned down you didn't do anything, didn't call the family, didn't invite them to the white house. >> a new report says a teacher could be targeting c.j. for those beliefs. the shocking comments straight ahead. and an nfl player's tributes to breast cancer sure vivers sidelined after he wants to wear pink all season. is this a fair decision? we'll debate it next.
6:21 am
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6:24 am
welcome back. time for some quick headlines from around the world this morning. the head of doctors without borders is calling out the u.s. military saying damage from the air strike that destroyed that hospital in afghanistan is far too extensive and precise to be just a mistake. the charity continuing to call for it to be investigated as a war crime. authorities may be one step closer to catching el chapo. mexican officials capturing the getaway pilot who helped him flee to the northwest mountains of mexico just after escaping from a high security mexican jail in july. the worldwide web may get smaller. russia is reportedly looking for ways to unplug from the internet in case of a domestic political crisis.
6:25 am
it might save us a lot of hacking trouble if russia hackers couldn't have the internet. ♪ >> he has lost his mother to breast cancer, hoping to honor them asking the nfl to ask him let pink gear for the entire year beyond the annual breast cancer awareness month of octoberp the league rejected its request. should they have made an exception. joining us two former nfl players. also author of "team works." i wonder, i want to start with you, chris, do you think they should make an exception? >> i don't. no doubt that breast cancer is a highly emotionally charged issue. 40,000 women expected to die from the disease. personally affected me. i lost my mother-in-law, family members who have issues with it. the nfl is a private business comprised of owners of 32 teams and this is -- a business has rules.
6:26 am
there are merchandising agreements in place with sponsors, there are, you know, the uniform rules in place for a reason and i think in this case it's right to follow the rules and manage the business of the business. >> tony, obviously we understand people have to follow rules, nfl life as well, i don't have to be the first to say the nfl hasn't always followed the rules. we won't pick on anyone in particular. do you think they should make an exception? >> i do. i think they should make an exception because this is the nfl initiative, nfl charge, and if it was something else i agree with you the fact that we can't have guys supporting their own causes, but this is the nfl cause and deangelo runs the commercial so should make an exception. >> deangelo williams himself said it's not just about october for me, not just a month, it's a lifestyle, about getting women to recognize to get tested and i would assume as well, chris, it's about getting men who are watching the nfl and going to the games, to become more aware of it as well. >> no question.
6:27 am
i mean his charge is an amazing one and does a great job of it and his goal of getting people tested should be the goal of everybody, not -- and it shouldn't just be i have to wear pink on a game day to get the awareness out. it is a lifestyle for him and i get that. the nfl honors that in the month of october. it's part of their merchandising strategy. this is a business again. it's incumbent on deangelo and the nfl and all the players including retired ones to support the cause outside of the month of october. >> as was noted breast cancer an awful disease so it's obvious that everybody can come together to fight it. is part of the nfl's rationale here that if you open the door players can start bringing in other causes that are not quite as nonpartisan, not as easy for people to come around? >> yeah. that's exactly like i said earlier, like you can't have 53 guys -- i can support breast cancer, i'm wearing fingernail polish myself, i can support causes, but i understand the nfl is a business and you can't have
6:28 am
guys doing different things but if this is a rule -- i love the pink. i hope they make an exception. >> looking good today in purple as well. >> thank you. >> see you at the jettings game. >> good luck with the book. thanks for being here today. >> do you know who the men are? they could be the ones that attacked spencer stone. why police are desperate for your help. plus, a 75-year-old army vet saves 16 kids from a knife wielding attacker using his bare hands. >> i didn't have any weapons except these, so i went -- i grabbed him and threw a knee at him. >> tom brady, the nfl heros have nothing on this man. he will join us with his story next. ♪ ♪song: "that's life"
6:29 am
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not a fan. they trample on the middle class, control washington, and why do they chain all the pens to the desk? what's the deal with e-mails. i forget my password the other day and say we'll e-mail you a new one. i can't get into my e-mail because i forget the password. >> i understand what he's saying. >> larry david playing bernie
6:33 am
sanders on "saturday night live" was spot on. i mean the sound, what am i trying to say, the voice. >> yeah, the look everything. >> perfect. spot on from vermont. >> shout of the morning. and "saturday night live" took on the democratic debate. kate mckinnon portraying hillary clinton and making a triumphant return. >> tracy morgan back, his first big gig played a couple new york city comedy clubs over the last week or so but this is a big one. obviously he was injured severely injured in that car crash last year. he came back to screaming audiences. >> really great to see him back. he had been at the emmys a couple weeks ago and made a brief appearance, last night the big coming out party. a lot of people celebrate stoog he lost his best friend in that accident in -- jersey. let's get to headlines. sacramento police are saying that these look like the men responsible for stabbing french
6:34 am
train hero spencer stone this month. these are composite sketch from witnesses who saw everything go down. stone stabbed in the torso during a fight outside of a bar. the pair on the run after taking off in a toyota camry. these pictures look familiar to you, you know somebody driving a camry that looks like this, maybe get in touch with police. stone is out of the hospital recovering at home. his alleged crime immortalized in the gangster movie "good fellas." >> jfk look like a big one. >> oh! >> such a good movie. >> the trial for alleged mobster vincent asar ro is set to begin tomorrow, accused of pocketing a cut of one of the largest cash heists in america. he managed to hide his involvement in the robbery at jfk airport for decades but a witness zealed. in addition, he's accused of
6:35 am
killing an informant it to keep him quiet. >> gone viral by blasting president obama's policies. >> mr. president, when was gunned down on, you didn't do anything, didn't call the family, didn't invite them to the white house. >> conservative c.j. pierson criticized about his beliefs by his grade schoolteacher. the 13-year-old claims the teacher at his georgia school told the class full of students pierson was, quote, not worth saving in a fire. he shot back on facebook saying it's great not only having a teacher that's a liberal bully but someone who engages in slander. the school is investigating pierson's claims. a moment under the friday night lights in louisiana. football player chase hill breaking away from his team as they came back to go into the second half to shake hands with world war ii veterans sitting on the sidelines. hill joined us earlier this morning to share why he made the heartwarming gesture.
6:36 am
>> i've always respected those who served and i just wanted to show some gratitude and maybe some kids in the future who follow my footsteps you don't see it every day that kids respect anything these days. >> we heard from the vets and they couldn't believe it. they were mind blown. hill says his parents, lot of his friend's parents and neighbors are veterans, part of the reason he has so much respect and gratitude for veterans. those are your headlines. >> great story. >> i love that story. let's get it outside to rick reichmuth, following some snow for us. even though we're still in the middle of fall. >> true. >> i guess that season, a little winter here and there and then back to fall. we haven't been outside in about an hour or so when i came out and you stole a pumpkin from us. >> i stole a pumpkin to wave to my husband. hi, rock. >> we'll let you keep it. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> fall pumpkins, fall pictures. take a look at the map and show you what's going on. this picture from fair month, west virginia. and take a look at this.
6:37 am
how spectacular is that. behind me they're saying that is beautiful. it is. reflection of the trees. you're 33 degrees, getting up to 49 today around that area. keep sending me your pictures, rick reichmuth on twitter. we'll keep showing them to you throughout the next number of weeks. across the northeast the snow will continue to move in across interior sections, chilly tonight, another cold one. your kids are headed to the bus stop make sure they have bundled up. to the south frost advisories in effect, a cool one. the southern plains though, areas of texas, oklahoma, you're looking warm. nice warmup today. we will see 70s and 80s across western parts of nebraska and south dakota. it will be breezy. fire threat continues across the central plains. across the west stormy conditions continue. more rain and flash flooding. all right, guys. back to you inside. we've got to send the guard out here to keep people away from the pumpkins. >> we'll see you shortly. >> all right. >> coming up, gentlemen, are you
6:38 am
attracted to smart women or do you like women who are lighter in the intelligence department. >> dumb women. >> yes. >> the answer is in and it will surprise you. >> jeb bush and hillary clinton are getting the most campaign donations from wall street. so why is jeb lowering salaries for his staff? very beautiful woman, maria bartiromo is here. >> and also smart. >> smart and beautiful. >> awesome combo. >> i just noticed her smarts. >> hi, guys. >> how are you? >> great. how are you doing? ♪
6:39 am
6:40 am
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welcome back. 41 minutes past the hour. quick headlines. bradley cooper is standing up for his female co-workers after praising jennifer lawrence after her attack on hollywood's gender pay gap and will start sharing salary information before movies go into production to help them negotiate.
6:42 am
are men threatened by smarter women? >> 94. >> welcome back, nerd. >> thanks. >> a new study says men like the idea of dating smarter women but when it comes down to meeting her and going out with her, men actually find more intelligent women less attractive and have less desire to date them. >> let's get the opinion of one of the smartest women we know, the host of sunday morning futures, maria bartiromo. is that your experience throughout your life, men -- they want a smart woman and going to date you and when it gets down to brass tacks they're scared of you. >> i'm not buying this. i think that men will do the date and look for the fun factor and the fun factor comes out. >> they have to dig for the fun factor. >> that's what everybody wants. fun and smart. >> somebody who is not having fun right now, jeb bush. he has all the money, a lot from wall street, hillary clinton has a lot of money from wall street, nobody knows wall street better
6:43 am
than you, jeb bush all the money in the world is not selling. >> he's obviously trying to stretch his dollars right now because of the numbers that we're seeing in the polls. but i don't know that you can read into it at this moment in time. when you actually look at the actual policies, jeb bush has been among the few to, you know, specify what he wants to do in terms of moving the needle on jobs and be real specific in terms of tax reform. now, you know, when you look at his base and beyond, be that's going to resonate with that base. >> are people listening he had like a $30 million ad buy and to ed's point sounds like it's not resonating right now. we learned he's having to lower salaries for key staff members almost like cutting in half. >> a third. >> their salaries right now. >> we'll see if he can come back. i think it is too early to really for voters to make their opinions today only because we don't know enough about specifics. hillary clinton on the other hand, she is talking about raising capital gains tax, talking about being tougher on
6:44 am
wall street. the regulatory environment has been the issue that has kept business sitting on cash and made it hard for the economy to move forward. >> hillary clinton passed a test with the democratic debate. another test thursday appearing before the benghazi committee. you have a guest on that panel. >> we have one of the members of the select committee on benghazi coming up on the program. representative susan brooks. we will ask her to lay out what she's expecting to find from hillary clinton. and where this goes. of course we have to ask her about the comments of kevin mccarthy. we will talk about the president's now new stance on afghanistan. leaving the troops there. we'll talk with james jeffrey, former u.s. ambassador to turkey and iraq. two important guests i just want to mention in business, frank is the ceo of a huge ipo last week, payment processing. this is about your credit cards, your security technology. and then nile ferguson coming up, just wrote a great book and we'll talk to him about foreign policy as well. >> that show starts in about 15
6:45 am
minutes. don't want to miss "sunday morning futures" on the fox news channel. >> thank you, maria. >> smart and beautiful. >> stunningly beautiful. >> and we're not threatened. >> thank you. >> speak for yourself. sitting next to her. >> coming up 75-year-old army veteran saves 16 kids from a knife wielding attacker using his bare hands. >> i didn't have any weapons except these, so i went, i grabbed him. threw a knee at him. >> he didn't have that gigantic wrap around his hand. so up next you will meet his hero when he joins us live. >> plus, it's the perfect plan for a fall day. are you going apple picking today. before you leave the house great tips for a great day at the orchard. ♪
6:46 am
6:47 am
6:48 am
6:49 am
♪ a story we've been telling you about all morning long. a 75-year-old army veteran saved 16 kids from a man man carrying a knife inside of a library. police say the hero james vernon was leading a chess love meeting for kids when 19-year-old dustin brown burst into the room vowing to kill everyone. vernon confronted the attacker as the children ran to safety. he was slashed in the arm but managed to pin brown down until police arrived. here now with that story is [ inaudible ] joining us by phone and you can see him there via skype as well. mr. vernon, quite simply, tells us how you did it. >> well, after he burst into the room i tried -- i thought, this can't be real and then i thought it is real. i can't let this happen.
6:50 am
so i started talking to him, softs voice, ask him a couple questions about himself, his life, moved as i did so, i moved towards him, and backed away just keeping a little distance there. and that freed up the area around the door.
6:51 am
>> yeah, i actually don't
6:52 am
big utility tables that hold eight folding chairs around the perimeter of them. and these were playing chess on. the table slid back in to kind of the corner of the room and stopped moving, and he wound up on his left side with his left arm underneath him. and took that out of action, and he dropped the knife and his collar bone, right arm, was exposed, kind of held that with the left hand, and i was hitting him in the collar bone area with my closed fist. >> did you ever think the chess would become a contact sport like this? >> oh, but i delivered check mate. >> oh, you did. you did. >> well congratulations. you are definitely a hero. >> he's not giving up teaching. >> yeah, please don't give up teaching. >> oh, we're going to meet next week.
6:53 am
again. as we usually do, and absolutely we're not -- this club is going to go on. >> you got to love that spunk. >> do we know, james, do you know anything about dustin, the availant, why he decided to do this, and where this came from? do you know anything more about him? >> other than he lives in this town and he was out on bond for another charge, the rest of it, information is available from the police chief's statement. i didn't know his name at the time. >> well, now he's been arrested, and you are a hero. >> in trouble. >> in that club. >> had been expelled from local high school. >> jarnlgs how you doing this morning? we'll get you out of here on this. how's the arm holding up? >> i don't have any pain right now. i had two hours of surgery to repair the arteries and the tendons. but the prognosis is good. i haven't lost any feeling, and i'm potentially going to get well from this. >> well, what an inspiring story this sunday morning. we salute you and i'm sure our
6:54 am
audience is joining us in a warm, hearty salute. get well soon, sir. >> thanks for joining us. >> thanks, james. >> we just lost his mic there. we got him at home on skype. we managed to jerry rig it with some duct tape. it's national apple month and picking season. we're going to go outside and get some tips. what to do when you get home. next. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about
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a whooping cough vaccination today.
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excellent looking below the surface, researching a hunch... and making a decision you are type e*. time for a change of menu. research and invest from any website. with e*trade's browser trading. e*trade. opportunity is everywhere. october is national apple month. and what better way to celebrate than load the family in the car, maybe the old station wagon, go to your local farm or orchard for an afternoon of apple picking. >> here with some tips to pick the perfect apple and what to do with it when you go home is elizabeth ryan owner of stone hill orchard and snyder mill. >> great to see you.
6:58 am
>> so, you didn't know i was going to do this. pop quiz. how quickly can you name each of these different type of apples? >> courtland, mckellen, fuji, new apple, no name. crisp, empire and stamen wine sap. and i actually grow about another 70 varieties. thank god i didn't bring them. >> load up the family. what's the best way to actually make something of it when you get home? >> well, before we do that, you need to know how to pick an apple. because they're actually a little bit -- >> to eat it. >> so get everybody to just take an apple. >> okay. >> somebody likes to be -- >> you bet. >> so how do you think you pick an apple? >> you guys know the answer. >> so let's talk about what we do with the apple. now -- >> you as a master apple person,
6:59 am
what is your favorite apple? >> i have to say stamen winesap is a maryland apple it's one of my favorites. but that's like picking your favorite child. i mean, come on. >> everybody can pick their favorite child. >> we make a lot of things with apples. beautiful apple cider, a homemade apple cider doughnut. the 100-year-old -- >> share with the aid yuns sne >> you bet. and i make a fabulous hard cider. farm house cider. >> we make applesauce. >> we make apple pies with a butter crust. >> i've got to save one for our producer. >> apple peelers, it's a wonderful thing -- >> really work. great little gift. >> you know that recipe for all these? make sure we have it at >> one of the things we do when we put the apples is, this is to get all the air pockets out.
7:00 am
>> we're going to have many more tips coming up in the after the show show. stick with us. "straight outta compton." >> >> >> good morning a pivotal decision about america's future in afghanistan, taking thousands of our troops in the country to the end of president obama's second term. hi everyone i'm maria bart roma. welcome to "sunday morning futures." how did the rise of taliban and spread of isis impact the president's decision? i'll ask former u.s. ambassador to turkey and iraq, james jeffries, coming up. plus north korea offers to end 60-plus years of conflict with the united states, and south korea. what should we make of it? and how safe is it to use your credit card? industry rolling out new cards with safety chips now. but retailers are not keeping the pace. i will talk to t


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