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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 18, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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course which a lot of people will. it's worrying about it if you're having a problem. >> we'll see. >> a good start. talk to your doctor. >> that says it for us. >> thank you for watching. doctors here every sunday at this time. see you next week. >> will he or won't he. we hear about joe biden's new plans to throw his hat into the ring and take a run for the white house. we'll break it down with fox news. >> plus after weeks of attacks from palestinians and dozens dead israel takes a step today to stop the violence. we'll talk to one of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's closest advisors. >> and we'll talk to a football coach who wanted to show his gratitude on the playing field. he made a move that could cost him his job but he says it's worth it. >> i kind of made an agreement with, you know, my personal faith and with god that this was
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something i was going to do and i was going to give him the glory after every single game and do it on the 50. good afternoon. welcome to america's news head quarters from washington. >> nice to be with you this sunday. >> donald trump and jeb bush trading jabs since friday. the two republican presidential candidates went another round. bush compared trurp to an actor and trump expounded on his 9/11 comments. we're following it all from right here in washington. >> well a lot of unique aspects of the 2016 race. the candidates at the helm. crowded landscapes and the twitter wars. one of the venues of republican
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rivals jeb bush and donald trump have been calling each other prophetic respectively. doubling down on his original comments that the world trade center towers came down on george w. bush's watch. >> i don't want jeb bush to say my brother kept us safe because september 11th was one of the worth days in the history of this country. i'm not thin skinned when something is truthful. if i did something wrong, i can handle that and if the press is bad. it's when people hit me when i didn't do anything wrong. you know, it's like then it's not a question of thin skin. i will fight back. >> and fighting back is exactly what jeb bush is doing referring to a two minute social ad media. the billionaire is -- he's blasting the billionaire's ability to be commander in chief. the piece has blur bs of comment taters and politicians with foreign affairs. six republicans including bush,
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carson and fiorina, mike huckabee, ted cruz and santorum will gather in texas hours from now. christian values expected to be the headliner. ten days from now they will meet for the next two hour gop debate. shannon. >> thanks. >> across the aisle at one of joe biden's top advisors says the vice president is nearing the decision on whether or not to run for president. he certainly will be one of hillary clinton's top rivals in the primaries. kristen is standing by with just how close the vice president might. >> a senior democratic source is telling fox news since the debate joe biden has been calling top democrats in new hampshire to say he is leaning to get into the race. the vice president has been making the calls even after clinton's strong showing at the debate and announcement. he has $30 million in the bank and so does bernie sanders.
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a significant chunk of money from democratic donors making bid biden's decision more difficult. the vice president is saying he will make up his mind some time over the next month but the timetable will frustrate some democrats who have been waiting for weeks for biden to decide. what is clear is that every day he waits it will get harder for him to win if he runs. >> i also think particularly within the democratic community there's a growing impatience with this period of reflection. i think he really is struggling with the emotional toll of running for president versus his ambition to do so and he's obviously going to take every minute he can to weigh the two. >> many in washington believe joes joe biden is waiting to see how hillary clinton performs before the benghazi committee. clinton says she's not sure how much she'll be able to add since she's will have testified about benghazi. >> i really don't know what to
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expect. i think it's pretty clear that whatever they might have thought they were doing they ended up becoming a partisan arm of the national republican committee with an overwhelming focus on trying to as they admitted drive down my poll numbers. >> even though clinton has testified on capitol hill about benghazi it appears she's leaving herself plenty of time to prepare. her campaign schedule is totally clear until the hearing on thursday. >> we'll all be watching for her testimony then. kristen live in washington. thanks. >> thank you. >> let's bring in fox news digital politics editor and host of power play. >> hi. >> welcome good to see you. >> happy sunday. >> to you as well. we get the e-mail from our ed henry talking about senior democratic sources saying that biden is telling people i'm leaning towards doing this and it may not be tomorrow, may be
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an extended time. but leaning into the yes column. >> uh-huh. >> what do you make of it? >> look, joe biden is not going to get pushed out by hillary clinton. he's not going to led that happen. he's the vice president of the united states. he's either going to run or not. more hog wash being slopped around this town about well it was the debate that pushed him out. look, if it was -- if a single debate could have made up his mind, he wasn't going to runniway. i don't think he is but he's either going to run or not. but he's the sitting vice president of the united states and this would be his third run for the presidency. and joe biden is either going to run or not and not going to get cowed by hillary clinton and that's how he feels about it. >> isn't it one of the situations, people love you until you get in? >> we're terrible. it's like john huntsman. get that guy in the race and then you go who is this joker
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think he's kidding. >> the polls turn. >> and the press turns. but look, hillary clinton, you didn't play it there, her interview with jake tapper was so bad and it was like -- >> a lot of laughing. >> horseshoes hitting into the side of a trash can. she's talking about an fbi investigation that she's supposed to take seriously, cackling through it. you think if you don't -- it is amazing how deep and swift the return to full entitlement is with her and with her campaign. one good debate against a group of people who could not win city council seats in most medium sized towns in the united states and she acts like she is just conquered the world. i should hope she would be able to outdebate bernie sanders. >> he was rather entertaining. >> definitely. >> but he gave her this big path on the e-mail thing. do you think he's serious? running? >> no. >> he basically handed her -- >> he's an issue candidate. >> a card. >> he's the ron paul for the
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democrats. who is in it to raise his issue and get a focus. hillary clinton will pat him on the head and tell him oh, good job and she will try to placate his supporters the best they can. this is not a contest. the democrats do not have a contest. if joe biden gets in it becomes a contest. right now they don't have a contest. she shouldn't act so cocky. >> she's got to face this benghazi hearing this week. >> yeah. >> she said she's ready to go. it's going to be interesting because it's a public hearing. people will be able to watch it play out. >> it depends how bad the republicans want to screw this up. but if they want to do a good job and do it just as a low keep deposition it could be fruitful and yield results and move the investigation forward. if they have all of these people making sound bite noises for their hometown tv station so they can have dramatic moments with hillary clinton not only will they not get to anything
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but they're going to end up making asses of themselves and giving her something so they could go back to her base and say she did it. >> can we? >> like the animal. i'm in shock. >> 60% of voters in a poll say they think clinton has been dishonest on benghazi versus 32%. you look at the numbers further. 50% say they think it's time for congress to move on. even if they think she's done something wrong they're over it. >> there are plenty of democrats who believe that she's lied about that. believe she's untrustworthy and so on and so on. and they're going to vote for her. you look at the polls and they say they don't like her and don't trust her. you know who the republicans didn't like and didn't trust? mitt romney. they voted for him anyway. people will vote for a candidate that isn't their dream date as long as they feel that there's
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sufficiently shackled. >> we appreciate you coming. >> my pleasure. >> fox news alert out of israel. another attack in a bus station in the southern town obarsheva. two palestinians armed with guns or knives or both. information just coming in to our jerusalem bureau. at least two israelis were badly hurt. the other three condition unknown. one palestinian dead. one so far his condition unknow well. obviously we're going to be following this story with the help of our jerusalem bureau bringing the very latest as it becomes available. meanwhile in israel after more than two weeks of clashes local newspapers reporting that israeli police are putting up a temporary wall in east jerusalem.
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the 15 foot high barrier built of concrete separates jewish and arab neighborhoods. officials say it's to prevent molotov cocktail attacks and stone throwing. just to the north in lebanon the leader is calling the violent clashes in israel a renewed initafda. at least 40 palestinians have been killed by israeli fire. this latest round of violence was started by rumors among the palestinians that israel was planning to take over the hill top known to the home of the mosque, the third holiest shr e shrine. the israeli military removed dozens of jewish worshippers today from their site of joseph joseph's tomb saying the worshippers did not have permits
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to be there. the pr the prime minister addressed the issue today. >> we see how the militant muslims blast each other's mosque to the sky. we seen it at a jewish holy site, joseph's tomb. the reason the status quo has been violated is not because we changed it. we didn't change anything. the orders of prayer, the visiting rights have not changed for the last 15 years. >> netanyahu's senior advisers and israeli foreign minister will join us with much more on all this including reaction to that latest attack a little bit later in the show. >> big news out of the pentagon, u.s. military officials confi
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confirming a coalition air strike in north syria has killed a top ranking al qaeda command earn. the saudi national died in the air strikes thursday along with two other fighters. the officials say he funneled money and fighters for the terrorist group. the defense secretary calls the death a significant blow to al qaeda's cell known as the korason group. >> most experts will tell you president obama made the right move by breaking a campaign promise this week and keeping more american troops in afghanistan long past when he said they would come home. that is about all folks agree on though. how many troops to keep, what the mission should be and u.s. anti-terror policy in general remains the subject of intense debate in washington and among u.s. military commanders. we bring in matt miller. i assume you agree the president made the right move by keeps at
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least 10,000 troops in afghanistan? >> what i agree with is the fact that you got 10,000 families and military personnel that are going to miss 10,000 anniversaries and birthdays and graduations. i can tell you from my own personal experience when my oldest daughter started first grade i was deployed. when she graduated high school i was in afghanistan. i missed 5 1/2 years of all of those life events. you can look at that and i feel that by doing this the president has passed the buck to the next commander in chief. but what he did do is call attention to the fact that we're still a nation at war. one of my favorite sayings is america didn't go to war, america went to the mall. the marines or military went to war. i think he called attention to those things. >> as we watched his speech thursday. modest but meaningful, narrow missions and he said that the combat mission in afghanistan
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for the united states is over. that's gotten pushback from our folks at the pentagon and others. as you talk to folks who are in afghanistan and iraq some veteran that is you talked with and represent. is the combat mission over? >> i leave that up to the military leaders on the ground but i can tell you that we went over there to help the afghan people to deny a safe haven for terrorists, to establish some stability for economic and political roots to take hold and that the military personnel have a job to do and they will continue to do it. when the light turns green there is no left or right. there's only do. and for them, i think their mission is clear. >> what's all the criteria that you just listed you think? >> you know, i would leave that up to folks there. but again, i think that we have been over there for 14 years. we have done training. we have established some -- they have had two presidential elections. >> when you look at what's going
10:16 am
on in iraq in terms of isis taking over large parts of iraq and the government there on the ropes to say the least, now iran is a major presence in iraq as is russia. at some level is the sacrifices made by the veterans you represent in one way or another called into question in terms of how much it was worth it now that terrorists are taking over the same two countries we try to liberate? >> i can tell you from my personal view and the views of our members, again, they're there to do a job and feel that they have been successful at doing that job and it's the national leaders and military leaders that will make that decision. >> all right. do a job and great personal sacrifice. we appreciate your family's sacrifice as well. >> what's coming up? >> well up next, a gunman opening fire on a crowd of people at a zombie-con gathering in florida creating chaos and
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the costume fans were sent running for their lives. >> four, five shots at the same time. pop, pop, pop, pop and the guy right there in front of me. i mean right here. the body is right there. >> we'll get the latest on the casualties there. plus, we'll talk to this high school football coach who was demanded to stop praying on the field. wait until you see what happened friday night. two separate shark attacks in one day having a popular surfing site on edge after hearing this. >> i didn't realize the severity of his injuries until we pulled hum out of the water. at rates. at rates. it's a fact. ium out of the water.nd of likeg hungry equals overshopping.
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two people recovering from separate shark attacks suffered on the same day happening off the coast of the hawaiian island of owahu. we have details on the harrowing ordeals and how they survived. hey will. >> these were the six and seven shark attacks in hawaii this year alone. the first happened in the east side of owahu when a 44-year-old man was about 50 to 100 yards
10:22 am
off shore when a shark jumped up and bit both of his legs. kayakers rushed over to help. one witness said the man's injuries were extreme with just his feet hanging on. the man is now in critical condition. the second attack yesterday happened last night in the water of waikiki beach on the southeast part. a man in his early 30's was bitten on his left foot and in critical condition. both attacks happened after collin cook lost his leg. cook says he's lucky to be alive. >> pretty much out of nowhere i felt like a truck ran into me and kind of took me a second to realize what's going on and he come and dragged me under water. >> there have been a lot of shark attacks across the united states this year. the two yesterday bring the total number across the u.s. to 53. that ties 2012 for the highest number of attacks and we're only
10:23 am
in october and this is the beginning of shark season in hawaii. witnesses say at least one of those sharks was a tiger shark which is known as the garbage can of the sea because they're liable to attack anything that's out there. so comes as no surprise that experts say that tiger sharks are the most dangerous sharks in the world when it comes to attacks against humans. >> thank you for the update. >> fox news alert as we continue to cover breaking news out of israel. there has been another attack. this time two palestinians shooting and stabbing their way through an entire bus station injuring a number of israelis. we go live to jerusalem in a couple of minutes and bring you the latest. plus talk to ambassador dory gold about what the israelis can do to stop the attacks. plus, in other news we'll talking about the high school
10:24 am
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tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. jardiance is free for one year for eligible patients. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit breaking news out of israel. reports of yet another attack. connor powell is in our jerusalem bureau with the latest. hi, connor. >> reporter: after a brief law on the attacks they began again with another attack in the last 30 minutes or so in the town in southern israel. taking place in a central bus station which on a sunday night would be packed with people. extremely understand according reports coming out of the police is that two attackers opened fire with a gun and a knife as
10:29 am
well. possibly each armed with one. we're not exactly sure. they started attacking people in the central bus station. both men have either been shot and taken into custody or one of them has been shot and taken into custody. both men have been subdued and are in police custody at this point. we understand that the number of injured has jumped from five to six people. three are either in critical or serious condition. we don't know the status of the other three. but this does appear to be another terrorist attack here in israel and getting word there is video. it's graphic. i'll warn the viewers it is graphic video. it is the latest video in the central bus station. now we have seen attacks for several weeks across israel. but primarily based in jerusalem. this is a unique attack because an overwhelming majority of the attacks have all taken place primarily here in the old city and this is a bit of a unique attack and raises questions
10:30 am
about the security measures that the israelis have put in place really around the country but primarily here in jerusalem. there was hope it would begin to reduce the violence and instore some calm but right now it does appear that there's been another attack. this wave of attacks has gone on for several weeks and the security measure it doesn't appear have done much to reduce them. >> connor, thank you very much. lee land, you spent a lot of time as our correspondent over there. what do you make of this? they're always there. >> and it's always right below the surface. you seen this bubbling up. we had the peace talks in the past couple of years and you get a sense when you talk to the muslim population there and arab population a sense of hopelessness. that's where the attacks are coming out and it's difficult to be able to try to stop these
10:31 am
attacks than what we had during the bus bombings. so many attackers, they're teenagers, 13, 14. single actors and lone wolves and the sources i talked to say these people don't have facebook profiles. not members of hamas or islamic jihad. no way to arrest everyone and detract these guys. we have some video that's come in in the past couple hours of this new wall built by the israeli police in between neighborhoods in east jerusalem trying to seal off some of the arab neighborhoods and here's the video that's come in. perhaps you can create checkpoints where all the palestinians who want to come out are going to be checked by the police to see if they have knives or weapons. but that is difficult to do in a place as small as jerusalem. >> with these attacks happening in public places, i mean, they're filled with thousands of
10:32 am
people. today this busy bus terminal. how in the world do you begin to screen for everything? it's difficult to screen for guns but small knives. it makes it a really difficult task for the idf and protection services there. >> it's definitely a tough situation they're in. we have more on this with ambassador dory gold now of the israeli foreign minister industry and a senior adviser to prime minister netanyahu. appreciate you joining us. this wave of violence seems to have caught the israeli security establishment by surprise for lack of a better term. is there anything you feel like you can do in the coming weeks and months to try to get a handle on it as we see this other horrific attack already today? >> i think you have to understand the phenomenon of what's going on. israel is not on an island in the indian ocean. we're in the heart of the middle east and around us things are happening. you know, isis has been growing in power along our northern and southern borders.
10:33 am
they have websites. young people watch that material, see beheadings and they themselves take knives and they have suggestions made to them of cutting israelis in the neck. the whole growth of the social media as a platform for influencing young people has expanded massively. ten years ago hamas would print up a magazine and its effectiveness would be based on its distribution. today facebook offers a whole new unlimited possibility of influencing young people. so we have to understand the phenomenon of what's going on. it's both regional phenomenon of isis, the breakup of arab states and people watching that among the palestinians and the mechanisms for distributing these horrible pictures that influence young people to come and attack innocent israelis. >> no question that these
10:34 am
attacks have been many of them by the lone wolf actors inspired on facebook. we were watching video of some of the clashes that have occurred at funerals. some of the protests that have occurred in the west bank. do you as a government, does the netanyahu government view this as the fault of the palestinian authority in terms of they are inspiring this violence and inciting this violence or if the palestinians aren't a partner in a long term peace deal are they a partner in a short term peace or is the authority and its security services allowing this to happen? >> let's start with the big lie that has been surfacing here over the last month or two. that big lie is that israel is changing the situation on the temple mount especially with the mosque. the big lie was started by the northern branch of the islamic movement in israel which is a branch of the muslim brotherhood
10:35 am
and perpetuated by hamas which is also a branch of the muslim brotherhood and the third partner in the big lie has been the palestinian authority. look at the speeches of abas over the last two to three weeks. they keep talking about israel is going to threaten amass. this is a total lie. far more muslims visit by a huge factor than jews or christians for that matter. so this lie has been said over and over again, particularly in the social media. this is what excites many young muslims who see this lie or hear this lie and feel they have to act upon it. >> well, there's certainly been a lot of folks acts and we want to give our viewers a warning that some of the video we're about to show you coming out of this most recent attack in southern israel is graphic. this is new video we want to show. we want to get your reaction ambassador in the last 30
10:36 am
seconds or so. how does this end? how does this wave of violence that certainly has overtaken israel and my friends say they're scared to go out in the treats in tel aviv. how does this end? how do you keep your people safe when folks and young palestinians walk into a bus station and start stabbing and shooting people? >> well, first of all, it does peter out and israel has adopted very strong measures to bring this to an end. you're going to have exceptional moments. today was a good day until that attack. we will bring this to an end. second of all, we have to strengthen our deterrents regionally vis-a-vis these terrorist organizations like isis and all the iranian surrogates. if we neutralize that problem and use the measures necessary, maybe tough, but in our immediate environment i think we'll get over this current wave
10:37 am
as we have previous waves. >> as you said it's a wave we hope that comes to an end quicker rather than later for you and your people. mr. ambassador appreciate your insights sir. >> my pleasure. agreed. >> tough day. what's next? >> prayers on the grid iron. a school district warns a football coach to stop praying with students after their game. friday night he went straight to the 50 yard line and got straight down on his niece. speaking out for the first time and his first interview on national tv. ♪ >> go out there or not go out there -- [ inaudible ] in panama, which is a city of roughly 2 million people, we are having 5,000 new cars being sold every month. this is a very big problem for us with respect to fast and efficient transportation.
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watching us, running errands. chances are it wasn't as
10:42 am
thrilling order identifying as this. hundreds of base jumpers left from the new river gorge bridge in west virginia as thousands as you might imagine looked on. get this. the bridge measures 867 feet above the water and the bridge is the country's third highest. normally illegal to jump off this bridge but one day every year the third saturday in october firms ma october officials make it legal and there is the result all the way down. >> in washington state, pitting a school district against one of its high school football coaches. at this weekend's home coming game some members of the football team, the opposing team and fans surrounded coach joe kennedy as he said a prayer on the 50 yard line. reports coming in after the school district threatened kennedy for praying after games.
10:43 am
school officials say that violates the separation of church and state. coach kennedy joins us for his first interview and kelly shackleford. coach you made a big decision friday night. how did you decide that despite the warnings you were going to that 50 yard line? >> well, it was pretty simple. i've always gone and taken a knee on the 50 yard line after each game and the school district gave me the policy on what i could and could not do, and i followed the rules, and i challenged their decision on not allowing me to do that. and the liberty institute, they were in contact with the school district and their lawyers and basically i believe i was following exactly what i could and could do on friday night i didn't include my team and yeah,
10:44 am
i just went over and did what i've always done. >> and kelly here with liberty institute. i want to read the letter you got before he did this friday night. you have been trying to meet with them and hammer out some resolution after they warned him. he is free to engage in religious active so long as doing so does not interfere with his job duties and does not constitute district endorsement of religion. given the significant potential liability, strict adherence is required and expected violations cannot be tolerated. when he invites students to pray with him out there in his leadership role as a district employee, that some would argue it's an endorsement of religion. >> yeah. we agree with what they said. hopefully we're getting close to agreeing and when we are going to be talking to them this week and hopefully meeting with them and get all this worked out. exactly what coach kennedy did is exactly what any coach can do
10:45 am
and it's what he's been doing. he's never told the kids i want you to come out to the 50 yard line. this is something he started 12 years ago going to the 50 yard line and praying and thanking god for his players, what her gets to do and some students said can we go out there when you go out there. he said it's a free country but it's always been him just doing this. and this week which i think is special because he went to not jeopardize any of his students because he knew there was controversy. for the other team and coach to surround him and pray with him, that to me speaks of america and religious freedom and what this country is about. >> you went out to the 50 yard line at a time when your players would have been caught up with the fight song and doing some post game activities so as not to draw them into this. my understanding is that as you were praying you became aware there were people gathered around you. what was that like and when you opened your eyes who did you
10:46 am
see? >> well, it was really interesting. i, you know, went over and met with the other coaches, shook hands, thanked them for coming out. i went directly to the 50, you know, i was kind of watching my team to make sure they got through the lineup just fine. you know, giving thanks for the other players and as soon as the last one went over and was headed over to the fight song, i thought, well here's my opportunity now and to make sure i'm not in violation of anything. and when i took my knee there was a lot of the opposing team, you know, still out there and as i was praying, it was really weird because there was -- you know, i could feel people starting to come around and people were closing in and it felt like i was completely surrounded by people and i'm sitting there thinking i hope this isn't my players, i hope this doesn't cause them more
10:47 am
controversy and when i finished prayering and opened my eyes and stoo i was kind of shocked. i didn't know what was happening because i'm looking at all these faces i've never seen before and different team colors. i was basically shocked at that point. you know, kind of a little disoriented. didn't know what was happening at that moment. it was really, really overwhelming to see the support from the opposing team out there and them and their coaches out there supporting what i was doing and praying alongside me. >> coach, we thank you so much for your time today. we know it sounds like you're going to get to meet with the school district and hammer out a solution that works for everybody. we wish you the best. >> thank you very much. >> fox news, out of the middle east, breaking news of another attack in israel by two palestinians. an update on the condition of some of the israelis who were hurt in this attack. plus this coming up, fake
10:48 am
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a fox news alert. we have an update on an attack at a bus station in israel. one of the israeli victims is dead. new video coming in. at times this amateur video does get graphic of the central bus station where two palestinians opened fire with guns and also were armed with knives as they rampaged through that area. very busy bus station on what was a sunday night in israel. they have a totals of seven victims in israel. seven israelis. one dead. one in critical condition. five others injured. one palestinian attacker dead. one wounded. obviously this is just the latest in what has become a wave of attacks. the death toll of the number of israelis now nearing ten. the number of palestinians killed in the past month well over 40.
10:53 am
at least one person is dead, several others injured after a gunman opened fire last night at the annual zombiecon gathering in florida. >> at the ninth annual zombiecon some carry fake weapons as deejays and bands fplay in the streets. the scare became too real when at 11:45 p.m. shots fired killing one person and injuring four others. injuries are nonlife threatening. witnesses describe the chaos as 20,000 people said to be standing shoulder to shoulder heard gunshots. >> four or five shots at the same time. the guy fall right there. lay down in front of me. right here. body is right there. >> we started running because we saw a horde of people people running and we heard two loud
10:54 am
bangs. >> the police responding quickly seen carrying rifles barricading the area and clearing down town. >> it was just shots fired. as you can imagine with that many people, there was people taking cover. they were running toward the shots. that's when we located the victims. >> they have not located a suspect. no possible motive has been given. the organizers describes zombiecon as a charity event. attendees are encouraged to donate money, food and blood. they say they are deeply saddened saying we take safety of our patrons very seriously. our prayers go out to family members and individuals involved in the incident. the ft. myers police department is asking people with any videos
10:55 am
are photos of the shooting to come forward as the hunt for the suspect continues. shannon? >> bryan, thank you for that update. >> are you ready, baby? are you ready? >> i'm ready. i want to go in. >> a coach calls the last play of his career and we'll show you the new player that gets into the game.
10:56 am
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>> in my family, if you don't eat the stone crabs fast, you don't get any. you have to be bang, bang, bang. >> he was bang, bang, bang. that's the new crab eating champion explaining how he nailed down his speedy technique. aaron won the fifth annual florida keys stone crab eating contest. that's a contest worth going to. he cracked his way through 25 crabs in 14 minutes and 20 seconds. he says his secret weapon is a butter knife rather than the crackers or mallets that his 30 competitors use. >> the ending of a coach's 35-year career was an emotional one. he wasn't the only one that ended up stealing the show. that would be die-hard fan kyle stewart who usually watched the games from the stands. kyle scored the game winning touchdown in overtime from his motorized wheelchair. stewart only missed a few games over the past three years so the coach named him honorary captain
11:00 am
and made last call as coach giving stewart the ball on the last play. that's what's good in the world. we need more of that, please. >> more please and more coaches like that. "fox news sunday" is next. i'm chris wallace. the front-runner in the gop presidential race, donald trump, face-to-face only on "fox news sunday." last time we talked, 24 million people watched, and sparks flew. >> is that the way that you would run this country? >> you're living in a world of make believe, chris, if you want to know the truth. >> two round. >> are you at thin-skinned? we go in depth with donald trump for the first time as a candidate. then hillary clinton faces her moment of truth with the benghazi committee after she declares her first debate a success. >> thanks to each and every one


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