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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 18, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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this is schizophrenia and dangerous. >> thanks to my panel and to all of you for watching. hope to see you here next week. . hope to see you all here next week. fox news is america's election headquarters. presidential race is getting fierce. donald trump giving an exclusive interview on fox news sunday. the republican front-runner attacking jeb bush concerning his familiar when's history in the oval office. >> look, jeb said we were safe with my brother. we were safe. now, am i trying to blame him? i'm not blaming anybody. but the world trade center came down. >> hello, everyone.
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welcome to america's news headquarters. >> now apparently considering how to handle a possible challenge come vice president joe biden and we're told that mr. biden is close to a decision if he will also run. we have team fox coverage of all of this from washington. kristin fisher on the latest from the democratic race but first to elizabeth with more on the gop showdown. hi, elizabeth. >> hi, eric. jeb bush continues to be a front-runner about his 9/11 comments. billionaire trump doubles down saying the towers came down on george w. bush's watch. >> i don't want jeb bush to say my brother kept us safe because september 11th was one of the worst days in the history of this country. i'm not thin-skinned when something is -- if i did something wrong and you did something wrong, i can handle that. and if the press is bad. it is when people hit me when i didn't do anything wrong. it is like, then it is not a
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question of thin skin, i will fight back. >> the bush campaign releasing just hours ago a two-minute ad on social media blasting his ability to be commander-in-chief and international heavyweight. blushing that politicians pointing to trump's knowledge of foreign affairs. >> it looks as though he is not taking the responsibility, possibility of being president of the united states seriously. for him it looks as if he is an actor playing role for candidate, not boning up on issues. an broad sense of what it is to be a president. in his own words, it gives me great concern for sure. and a lot of other people will as well. >> retired neuro surgeon ben carson weighed in. he was eager to pass judgment on the front-runner's intentions and of course the show must go on. six candidates, including bush and carson, are gathering in texas. christian values and liberties
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are expected to be headliners. >> for a fuel interview with donald trump, can you tune in. a chris wallace plays a clip of his father, mike wallace years ago. >> more speculation over whether joe biden will make a presidential run. an adviser close to the vice president said he is nearing a decision and if mr. biden does decide to enter the race, that could prove quite a challenge for big names hillary clinton and bernie sanders. chr kristin fisher is here. hi, kristin. >> hi. joe biden has been telling top democrats this week to say he is getting into the race and he will make a decision some time over the next month. but that timetable is becoming
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frustratingly big for many democrats. >> i think that particularly within the democratic community there's a growing impatience with this period of reflection. i think he really is struggling with the emotional toll of running for president versus his ambition to do so. and he is obviously going to take every minute he can to weigh the two. >> many in washington believe joe biden is waiting to see how hillary clinton performs before the benghazi committee on thursday. clinton said she will do her best to answer the questions. a committee she again called a partisan arm of the republican national committee. >> i started testifying about benghazi, testifying to the best of my ability, to the senate and house. i don't know that i have very much to add. this is, all all, the eighth investigation. >> bernie sanders is campaigning today in iowa. he delivered the moment of the first democratic debate, the moment he announced clinton's
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e-mails and he was asked if he had any second thoughts about it. >> i don't think so. i think what the american people want, george, is a discussion of the country of the real issues impacting them. and that is they are asking, why are they working longer hours for lower wages. >> in case you missed it, "saturday night live" did a skit on the democratic debate and larry david played bernie sanders. his impression was so good that sanders said, i think we will have to use him at our next rally. if you missed it, you've got to see it. the impression is a dead ringer. >> no, no, no, i didn't miss it, because tracy morgan was on. that was my big draw. >> that's the big news. >> and the other celebrities as well. kristin fisher, thank you so much pch. >> you got it. >> another deadly attack in israel. taking extra steps in the unrelenting wave of deadly violence. the original attacks on the
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nation's streets. police are now building a wall in east jerusalem intended to prevent the kind of terrorizing people across the nation in recent weeks. john kerry said he will hold meetings with leaders of both sides to keep the simmering tensiones from boiling over. now live with more news opt latest attack and efforts to stop this. hi, connor. >> hi, eric. that wave of attacks we have seen continues just a short while ago. there was a one attacker launching an attack in the central bus station according to police. he had both those gun and knife attacking people in there. police did shoot and kill the attacker. several dozen or more than a dozen or so people were injured. some very seriously taken to the hospital. another man who was at first mistaken and identified as an attacker but it was in fact a man from the country of aratrea
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also shot by police and is receiving medical treatment. this is the latest attack on israelis, israel plimted a whole host of security measures. dozens of checkpoints. and in east jerusalem neighborhoods. and also construction in large concrete walls between arab and israeli neighborhoods as well. the violence erupted about a month or so ago as more actives were pushed to the temple of jews and that is enraging palestinians an they went on a wave of attacks here primarily attacking here in jerusalem altho we have seen attacks in other parts of the country. clashes between palestinians and bethlehem and john kerry said he will travel to the region first he will met with benjamin netanyahu in germany. he said this is an effort to
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reduce tensions. what exactly, eric, the secretary of state can do is up clear. israeli police described attackers as young loan wolf individuals. not connected to groups like hamas and other groups and they say that the israelis say that these attackers primarily are influenced by social media and that making -- stopping them is very, very difficult. what exactly secretary of state john kerry can do is still the big question. er sfik. >> all right, connor. later on in the compound we have danny here. and we will ask him those very questions about how israel can potentially stop this. connor, thank you. >> we have another fox one alert. day one of the iran deal taking effect today. adoption day it is called. that means iran will make changes. it promised, including removing
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centrifuges and the west must hold up their end of the agremt. obama releasing a statement saying quote i have directed that the heads of all relevant executive departments and agencies of the united states begin preparations to implement the u.s. commitment including providing relief from nuclear-related sanctions. >> chuck nash, also a foch news military analyst. good to see you both. >> good to be with us. let's start here. in the end, will the region, america, be better off with a deal in place and how confident are you that iran will follow the rules and regulations outlined in the agreement? >> there's actually those of two separate questions. i this i we would be better if the deal were followed. i do think will deal will be followed? no. and the reason why i say that is because look at what iranians are doing. look at what they just did last week.
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they launched a ballistic missile and then when called on it said no, that doesn't violate a plan of action, that just violate you and actions. and by the way, an older version of u.n. sanctions, not the current version on the table? >> right. but they are developing ballistic missiles that are sized to deliver nuclear warheads all over the middle east. it is like buying a ferrari to buy groceries. no, you buy a ferrari to go racing. >> the chairman of the house affairs committee, let me share your quote then get your reaction. it has been quote 90 days sin the iran nuclear agreement was endorsed by the u.n. security council. and the obama administration is
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looking more naive by the day. consider the last three months, iran's top terrorist, general soleimani busted sanction to travel to moscow and forth a new iranian-russian alliance in support of eye sad that has intensified the mayhem and suffering in war-torn syria. iran tested a precision-guided long-range ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead in violation of the u.n. security council sanctions and unveiled a secret grounder ground missile facility. what is your reaction? >> they've been busy little beavers. what we don't know is what we don't know. we only know about the facilities we have discovered and we are interested in having them either fill up the core of the iraq heavy water plant or
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take out centrifuges that we don't know of. we don't know what we don't know of. there are other secret facilities that have been discovered, then you have little sidebars on those. they are going to continue to march forward, to become the regional power, dominant regional power in south west asia. there's no doubt about that. and the senior leadership of iran said they won't be constrained, let alone prohibited from doing what they believe is in their international interest. which is a nuclear weapon escapebility that will shield them so they can do conventionally what they can't do now because if they were to do too much conventionally they would be stopped conventionally. >> meanwhile, fighters fro have been working together to work with russia in syria. and why are they working together in and is this a good thing and does this affect the
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tenuous ladealings between the u.s. and iran? >> it is a stick in our side. we have putin on one side and united states and western alliance on the other side and putin is putting together his team and his team are the folks he is dealing with in other things. namely the iranians and the cubans. bringing in cuban troops. and iranians announced a multibillion dollar weapons deals with the russians and chinese. where are they getting that multibillion dollars to increase their defense budget by at least 33%? they are getting it from the sanctions relief, the $100 billion, that we are going to turn loose to them. we are foolish to deny it exists. they are going to be the regional power and they have guys like putin willing to back them and guys like the chinese signing multibillion dollar oil deals with them. >> so no good in this u.s./iran
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agreement? >> i just don't see it. p5 plus 1 which includes us, and eu, following the agreement to the letter. and just like the nuclear force treaty signed between gorbachev and reagan in 1987, the administration found out the russians were cheating by developing a new weapon in 2010. they kept it secret until 2012. then in 2013 they went to the russians and said, you're cheating with he we caught you. they finally went public because the russians blew it off. the russians are getting ready to now deploit that missile. >> i have to leave it there. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> u.s. military reporting that a top military commander was careless.
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the highest ranking members of al qaeda's group, the fifth top leader killed in the last four months. >> tray gowdy deciding whether or not to question hillary clinton about the benghazi attacks. offering words that the investigation is about facts not politician. >> i've told my own republican colleagues and friends, shut up talking about things that you don't know anything about. and unless you're on the committee, you have no idea what we have done, why we've done it and what new facts we have found. >> come this thursday, it is former second clinton's term. now more from washington. garrett? >> three days ago, the ben guzy committ committee member was killed in the attack.
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hillary clinton is an important witness to talk to but she is just one part of the investigation. gowdy said theage bat dambassad e-mails are more interesting than chintones. >> i want to know why certain things made it to your inbox, madam secretary, but the planet pleadings of our own ambassador that you tut in place for more security never bothered it make it to your inbox. i think that's a fair question. >> hillary clinton and her campaign are taking credibility of the benghazi committee calling it nothing more than a political attack job designed to hurt her in the polls. >> leading democrat said this has steered the investigation far off course. >> i think it is a sad day for all of us. because we might a commitment to the families. families came in with tears in their eyes, literally, and said
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please don make this a political football. that's exactly what happened. >> we will hear more from hillary clinton and her testimony thursday. that could be the most important day of her presidential kpap. >> thank you very much. that report coming from washington. eric? >> a staff old collapses and crumbles at a construction site. >> man oh, man look at this. rescuers swarmed to the scene and helped workers caught in that mess. what happened and how they were able to get out safely. >> chaos erupting a at zombie convention as a gunman opens fire on a crowd. now the search is on for the shooter. we will have the latest in the investigation. >> a group of kids to protect them from a man they say was holding a knife. what he did to save the lives of several children. >> i wouldn't use the word hero on myself but i did something
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. brand new cell phone video showing the scaffolding collapse that injured six workers in downtown houston.
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wow. thick cloud of smoke appearing like smoke in the morning. whatever this is moments following the collapse at an apartment complex there. investigators are still trying to figure out what happen tld. unbelievable. >> tragedy at a zombie festival in florida. a gunman opening fire at annual zombiecon in ft. myers. now investigators are on the search for the shooter. >> the ninth annual zombicon, some carry fake weapons as live deejays and bands play in the streets of downtown ft. myers, florida. last night, the scare becoming all too real when at about 11: 45 p.m., shot fired killing
1:23 pm
20-year-old xaviuos taylor. 20,000 people were said to be standing shoulder to shoulder, heard gunshots. >> four or five shots at the same time. pop, pop, pop. the i go right there. right in front of me. i'm here here and the body is right there. >> we started running because we heard a horde of people running. then heard two big shot. police responding quickly, seen carrying rifles, barricading some of the area and clearing downtown. >> just shots fired. there were people taking cover, you know, people running towards the shots. and that's when we located victims.
1:24 pm
>> they have not located a suspect. no possible motive. zombicon is described as a charity event. on facebook they say they are quote deeply saddened saying we take the safety very seriously and take precautions in hiring security and police officers for our annual event. prayers go out to family members and individuals involved in the incident. ft. myers police department is asking people with any videos or photos around the shooting to come forward as the hunt for a suspect continues that hour. >> certainly hopefully they can get them. thanks so much. >> a predator on the shores of hawaii as two people are hurt in separate shark attacks. what is being done to keep swimmers safe. >> individual attacks show no signs of ending. john kerry set to meet benjamin
1:25 pm
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israeli police have been building barriers and the latest attempt to try to defer the deadly wave of vie leaolent att by palestinians that are sadly continuing. the latest attack was a fatal attack at an israeli bus station which is just the late ef of all of the single attacks by attackers against citizens and soldiers. clashing with palestinians after they gathered to protest the burning after holy site. forces have been stepping in to remove protesters. you are looking at a video of the bus station attack that happened a few hours ago.
1:30 pm
united states secretary of state john kerry is hoping to try and diffuse the crisis. he will meet with benjamin netanyahu this week. can these efforts really help? danny is the ambassador and deputy defense minister and joins us in the studio. thank you for coming in today. >> thank you. >> especially in the middle of the crisis. >> can your prime minister try and quell this or is it up to a boss to try and get a message out? >> prime minister spoke on friday and i think we expect secretary kerry to stop the incitement. only four hours ago we saw another terrorist in a bus station in a major city in israel in shooting and stabbing and over and over. people are afraid to walk on the
1:31 pm
street. they need to stop it. once we stop the incitement, we can talk. when you look at internet and social media and -- it can stop that way -- >> the prime minister accused of lying about theati situation of young boy that was set to be executed that was not true. a lot of these are teenage boys, young men, frustrated. some say because of occupation. because of the economy. because conditions in east jerusalem attacking your people. is it possible to stop the internet? >> when i saw last monday, a child, years old, taking a knife and chasing an israel kid and stabbing him 15 times.
1:32 pm
15 times. you ask yourself what happened. and incitement. when he goes to public school, he learns -- when he goes open and opens the television, he sees incitement. then he wants to be a hero. here the u.s. kid want to be football player, celebrity. in palestine, they teach kids to kill jews. can you look on-line and see videotape on youtube, how to stab jews. >> you showed a video to the security council last week. >> i showed the security council what is taught in palestinian day school. that is shocking. you can't speak about peace and negotiation when you teach your children to stab jewish people. >> you have ooun funding. american taxpayers, do you think they will do anything to it try and prevent this.
1:33 pm
>> they are calling both sides. you can't call both sides when you have one side that is sign inciting and stabbing and then the other size is the victim. >> in jerusalem and wherever you want, through negotiations, we have done it in the past with egypt and jordan, that's the only way to promote peace in the region. >> whhamas diplomats blame you. >> they care about dashing israel and u.n. they care about bashing israel in media. they should stop lying and sit with us for negotiations. >> obviously this will end somehow. what will happen? >> it is not easy for us.
1:34 pm
the numbers are high. but we have the police and security forces and we will deal with this. i think we need to deal with incitement, then we can negotiation. >> danny danon, thank you for coming in. unfortunately it is scary times on the streets of your country. >> it is, but we will reprevail. >> thank you. >> separate shark attacks leaving two men seriously injured off the coast of hawaii. the sixth and seventh in the state this year and second and third in as many weeks on the island of oahu pch. will has more. will? >> there are several attacks in hawaii by sharks there and it is the beginning of shark season in hawaii. it happened just off the beach in the east i'd of oahu.
1:35 pm
a 44-year-old man was in the water when a shark jumped up and bit him in both his legs. he is now in serious condition. >> they were hanging on by just threads. from just above his ankle. all you saw were his feet dangling. >> second attack yesterday happened last night in the water of waikiki beach on the southeast part of oahu. a man in his early 30s was bitten on his left foot and is in serious condition as well. both attacks are one week after collin cook lost most of his left leg
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legalzoom. legal help is here. . our top aides appeared and now hillary clinton is getting ready to testify on benghazi. one of the most controversial episodes of her tenure. meanwhile, donald trump slamming mrs. clinton calling her, in his words, one of the worst secretary of states ever. >> personally, i think hillary was one of the worst, if not the worse, if you look at the record of secretary of states ever, ever in this country. and the world blew up around her. you look at world, it just blew up around her. everything went bad. whether libya or her tenure in iraq. and there is plenty of bad tenures in iraq because of the
1:42 pm
length. things during her tenure were a disaster. >> trump versus clinton and on and on. susan, susan, susan, what would you have done if back in '88, they are going back and forth. not only mr. trump but today bush is saying trump is not fit to be president. still thinks he is on "the apprentice" and is not a serious person. >> i think jeb bush will get back in the race. we were just talking here on the news strip and it is a really interesting story. obviously you've got donald trump doing better than anybody expected. you've got the republican establishment. i think legitimately worried about what. happen in their party and jeb bush has been missing in action. sort of drifting downward as a candidate with just i think probably good for the democrats. but not so good for the republicans. >> meanwhile, mr. trump, a blow
1:43 pm
out in some polls. everyone say, oh, he is trump and now look. there is a good chance he will, or could get the nomination -- >> say it ain't so. >> some pundits. okay, good ahead. you think it will fizzle out? >> eventually someone will get him one on one and they will start winning. if you havefully more traditional republican candidates than jeb bush running against him one on one i think they know jeb would win. the problem is a multicandidate field where 25 to 30% puts you in a commanding lead. until that field narrows down, you know, trump could select delegates and go for a while and all of the forms that are supposed to make the winner win faster and easier on the republican side may up just elong gating this multicandidate
1:44 pm
race in which nobody gets a clear shot at donald trump until way late in the process and i don't think trump is nominee. but he could throw a wrench in this for whoever it is the republican nominee. >> do you have any idea -- are you betting on who that could be? >> you know, i was putting my money on jeb bush. you know, i thought bush and clinton. easy bet. but i'm still keeping money on clinton. >> speaking of mrs. clinton, we just showed the wedding photo of mrs. clinton at the donald'sed withing a second ago. man oh, man. >> isn't that awful? >> take a look. >> this is what money can buy, right? >> meanwhile, mrs. clinton coming this thursday to the benghazi committee and that's serious. and she he is -- >> that would be very serious. >> dismissing it in a certain
1:45 pm
way. but she's got some questions to answer even though she said she answered them. >> i don't think the benghazi hearing is about ben guzy ghazi all. i think it is about hillary. is she honest? is she trust worthy? she had a great night tuesday night. with the controversy and lawyer-like responses, people forgot she is actually a very formidable well-informed polished candidate. but the big issue in the hearing is, does she come in and say this is all a right wing conspiracy and right swing attack or whatever it is, that's what the democrats will say. or does she sound honest, sound transparent. this sound silly, but sound genuine. if she comes in and sounds honest and transparent and open about exactly what happened,
1:46 pm
take responsibility where responsibility is due, she will come out fine. only the hillary looking to blame someone else shows up, that's not so good. >> and their mission is an objective fact-finding effort to try to get to the facts and certainly asked if she withheld any e-mails that could be damaging to her. we will see that big show on thursday. as always, good for joining us. >> good to see you. have a good weekend. >> okay. take this job and shove it. a new survey shows the big reasons people say they've had enough with their jobs. find out the answers and why companies are very eager to know. ♪ take this job and involve it, i ain't working here no more ♪ ♪ i've been working here for now 15 years ♪
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. jumping ship. a new survey now taking a look at exactly why people decide to quit their jobs. the answers are more than just curiosity because knowing how to keep employees is a vital interest to countries. brenda is here, our senior business corporate and anchor "bulls and bears."
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brenda? >> this survey is fascinating. burnout. that is something that is difficult to explain and varies from individual to individual. if you feel you are pushed past your limit you will leave the company. second, bad bosses. it is often said that employees quit managers rather then a company. your immediate boss especially limits your freedom and ties your hand and micromanages many employees do not like that. that leads to professional development. if you feel you are working someplace and you are recognized with a chance to go to the next level you will stay. if you don't, you won't. what is most interesting is what is not on there. >> which is? >> compensation this is about emotions not economics. people do not leave by and large because they are not paid enough. >> that is interesting and interesting to companies. why does the information matter
1:52 pm
to business? knowing why people leave is more important than knowing why you are hiring someone. in could be a trend. you have to look for that. the turnover is incredibly expensive, lost productivity, training costs. the survey also points out the actual confident, a third of the annual salary can be last if you lose someone. it is multiples of executives of that at a firm. if they leave it is much more expensive. >> you because that is another set of problems trying to head hunt. >> exactly. >> and moving if emfrom crass -- and moving people from across the country. >> exactly. >> why are millennials most like throw change jobs? >> fascinating. >> why, before you answer, why should businesses care? >> that is a great question.
1:53 pm
this is a shocking stat, nine out of ten millennials do not expect to stay at a job more than three years. they see no stigma in that. that is the difference between their conference and our generation and above. we usually see a stigma in leaving a company. they think it is a great thing they do not need to stay that long. why should companies care? why are they recruiting millennials? you may have a different perspective, more information on competitors and millennials like an engaging work space and may change the culture of a company. that is one side. the other side, why are they hiring them if they will leave so quickly? >> think about when we would have been considered millennial millennials, in that age group when you are chile the larder you were not staying to stay beyond two or three years but moving up. >> that is very true but in this
1:54 pm
industry, especially, i surveyed in reno, nevada, a year but... >> get in in, get the experience and move up. >> i point out our company, i have been here for 16 years and would not think of leaving you have been here six, this time. >> back in 1998, as well, so... >> that speaks highly for the culture here. >> good culture. it is. >> we are not saying that to kiss up. >> no, no, i tell that to people all the time. >> anything else? >> no. i will not throw in egg mc muffin. >> no prop? >> good information, as always, miss brenda. >> you can catch brenda on "bulls and bears," every saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. east were right here on the fox news channel.
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1:59 pm
man armed with two hunting knives stormed in. that is when his army training kicked right in. he came without warning. i grabbed him and threw a knee at him and my weight pushed him back. >> vernon was able to hold the attacker down until a library employee and the police came to help. thank you, mr. vernon. >> last night, "saturday night live," motorcycling fun -- folking fun at the presidential debate and everyone is talking about larry davis. >> a revolution. millions of people on the street and we got to do something and we got to do it now. >> isn't that great? >> we should see him more, larry
2:00 pm
davis more and bernie sanders said larry davis does him better than i do. we may have him at some rallies. >> that does it for us and "media buzz," is up next. >> on the buzz beater the media are gushing about hillary clinton for the first time in seven months. declaring her the huge winner over bernie sanders in the cnn debate which bernie helped her at a crucial moment. >> the secretary is right, and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you, me too. >> hillary clinton was flawless. >> this was the best day of campaign for her, she was confident, forceful, she was prepared without being overly prepareed and she seemed authentic. >> wondering which would be president i thought it was hillary clinton by a long shot. >> she did everything she had to


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