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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  October 18, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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said larry davis does him better than i do. we may have him at some rallies. >> that does it for us and "media buzz," is up next. >> on the buzz beater the media are gushing about hillary clinton for the first time in seven months. declaring her the huge winner over bernie sanders in the cnn debate which bernie helped her at a crucial moment. >> the secretary is right, and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you, me too. >> hillary clinton was flawless. >> this was the best day of campaign for her, she was confident, forceful, she was prepared without being overly prepareed and she seemed authentic. >> wondering which would be president i thought it was hillary clinton by a long shot. >> she did everything she had to
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do. >> hillary clinton was the winner of the democratic debate this week. >> is this diminishing the bernie sanders surge? and why are the democrats saying it is too late for biden. >> donald trump looked to the media as dishonest and beck become called them used car salesmen. >> on cnbc officials caving to the demand of donald trump not stretch the debate to three hours. and the attempt to salvage the reputation of dan rather after career-ending blunder is out. is it is whitewash i predicted? we will have a preview this is "media buzz." if hillary clinton was a big a winner in las vegas as most the commentators on the left and the
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right are saying, it wasn't because anderson cooper was toss, out easy questions. >> you are against same-sex marriage and now you for it, you defended president obama's immigration policy and now you say they are too harsh and you supported the trade deal dozens of times and called it the gold standard and now last week you are against it. will you say anything to get elected? >> i have been consistent. >> a poll said half of the country would not put a socialist in the white house you call yourself a democratic socialist. how can any kind of socialist win a general election in the united states? >> we will win because we have to explain what democratic socialism is. >> the two top democrats mixed it up but on the greatest as a result neitherribility bernie had a message for the press. >> let he tell you something about media, as well. i go around the country and talk to middle class which is collapsing, new of the e-mails. talk about the real issues.
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>> is the one debate changing the view of the former secretary of state? we have mercedes schlapp, political strategist and former 13578 for george w burn, and andrea mccarren a firm white house corporate for abc and nbc. and&jakcie kucinich. do you think this has been over-the-top? >> the media was being the cheerleader for hillary clinton because what is interesting you look at the social media, the on-line presence, it was bernie sanders what won but the d.c. insiders, the pundits, they basically --. >> are you saying they are wrong? >> she had a strong performance but does it translate to the grass roots. >> are you rised that the press corps which has been kicking her around for seven months, now
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singing praises? >> i am not surprised but she was so vulnerable going into the debate, she was battered by the media for seven months and there were very low expectations. america loves a come become. >> do you liken hillary clinton to the queen in "game of thrones," and that is high-rise -- high praise. but, first a look at debate. >> we are doomed. we need a revolution. millions of pole on the street and we got to do something. we have to do it now. >> that was larry on "saturday night live," but the fans were enthusiastic on social media. do you think the mainstream press could underestimate him? >> perhaps. i argue if you watch the presidential debates in 2012 and you looked at the media, rand
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paul won every one of the debates because his people were very vocal. you have to take some of that with a grain of salt and now say it is all jack roots because if you have an excited base they can permeate a lot of the space more than could be reality. >> it is hardly a scientific public opinion poll. how did anderson cooper do with the questions and the way he managed? >> anderson cooper did a terrific job, impeccably well prepared and asked tough questions and not shy of asking follow-ups. in many cases, people thought anderson cooper won the debate. in fairness to the previous moderators it is easier to handle questions among five candidates opposed to 11. >> five, flee or two of whom are not serious candidates. was it weird to have on the stage on the side, cnn anchor and african-american anchor
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asking facebook questions on raise and one in spanish about immigration. >> incredibly offensive. i know juan carlos lopez he can talk about any issue and he could have been the moderator for 9 debate, maybe not use anderson cooper but he asked the immigration question and let son ask -- and lemon asking the african membership, but do we want to pigeonhole the categories? >> and anderson cooper waited an hour that asked two questions about hillary clinton and the e-mails and not even bradening -- broadening, many people do not consider you trustworthy. >> very unfortunate. the first hour is important when the viewers are tuning in. guess what? that has been the topic of what
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the media has been covered for seven or eight months. they should have asked it earlier and more specific questions on how are you pay for the free stuff you democrats are proposing? >> what was lost in the maim exchange with bernie sanders is he was taking a jab at the media for focusing on that. but the soundbite you see played again and again and again is, america is sick of the damn e-mails. >> i knew it would be the soundbite and we would be sick of it. he was coding the media giving hillary clinton a get out of jail free card. but it doesn't make the issue go away. hillary clinton will still be testifying before the house benghazi committee. there are still questions -- it is outside her control now with the f.b.i. investigation and multiple layers of just any. >> the debate do not exist in a vacuum. because you say she did well does not noon it is an endorsement or she will do well next debate.
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she is not out of the woods. she does have this benghazi issue. she has another we group of e-mails coming out at the end of the month because they release them each month. drip. drip. drip. not is not going away. wait another day. the story could be different. >> a lot of analysis about the strategy and hillary clinton is moving to the left to match bernie sanders on trade and wall street and keystone xl pipeline and on gun control. i did not hear whether the democratic party has moved to the breast. >> i don't think so. but hillary clinton has a very long way to go left to match bernie sanders. she did try to lure in some of his supporters but i don't know if that element was effective. >> there was a republican debate and part of the analysis given the way the g.o.p. is, the candidates have moved to the right on immigration, taxing the rich -- well, not, against
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taxing the rich, abortion. is in a different way the media view domes who are clearly trying to appeal now to the populist consistency? >> the media is so intrigued by the democratic socialist. the fact they asked, who up there is against capitalism, that is something we could never have imagined years ago. there is this sense that the media loves to push on the fact that the republicans are far right on issues like immigration. however, on the democrat side they praised this idea of more government, more involvement, going back to the free college tuition and do not critique their policy. >> keep in mind it was a trumpless debate. there need to be a type of energy or charisma injected. the tenor was very different from this debate.
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>> republicans had very deep divisions on key issues and you do not see that with a lot of democratic policies. >> and the debate got almost 16 million viewers which by previous standards is amazing although it is not the trump level of 23 million. >> did the hillary clinton go resolution on flip-flopping and her evolving positions. she did not take a position on keystone xl pipeline was not until they we took a position on key. that was not the strongest answer. >> not the strongest answer. there was high praise for hillary clinton for the debate. maybe it was over the top in some corners and maybe broadly. keep watching. >> another factor and you talking about this in the makeup room, hillary clinton and questions she got asked having to do with gender. >> how would you not be a third term of president obama? thank you is obvious.
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being the first woman president would be quite a change. >> i cannot thing of anything more of an outsider than elected the first woman president. >> she kept bringing it up and it is obvious from her standing on the stage. >> it is the only way she is differentiating herself from president obama. she -- being the former secretary of state there should not be a lot of different presence and she is trying to separate herself. the fact she is gender -- using that as a is boggling my mind. >> she played it down in 2008 and she is playing it up this year. >> i am sure she is look at the women voter whose will determine who is the president and she wants to get them in her corner. send me a message on twitter. remember when the press clamored for joe biden to run?
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that has changed in the blink of an eye and brit hume and media bias. in a work, work, work world...
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>> the coverage is turning on joe biden with the breathless reports, and how does it look now? >> for a noncandidate who did not spend a cent on advertising he is getting a constant gift. i think with the debate hyping up, it was part of that, to get interest and it may have paid off. i blest only person who knows is joe biden would will run for the
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presidency, is joe biden and possible his wife. >> he may not know how. you look at the headlines, "washington post" and "new york times" skepticism, and abc "the moment has passed." now? >> the media want as horse race. >> after the strong performance by hillary clinton the media jumped on him and said the love affair is over. now they are back saying, wait, he might jump in. >> he needed bernie sanders and hillary clinton. >> it is hike a time count. that is what though need. >> it sounds like a high school romance. >> they want him and joe would not date them and they will move to someone else. >> we are running out of things to say. we are waiting for joe. we are waiting for joe. >> maybe he will not run. >> shading the narrative like
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that, i have a feeling we will know soon whether we will have joe to kick around. >> but there are filing deadlines. >> that is hard deadline but he will have to make-or-break. >> you read the stories like in "usa today" one of the first quotes was "there is no path for joe biden." >> so basically the idea of saying biden prospects could dim at the clinton performance. the first quote --. >> it is so fickle. >> but we all understand that joe biden is the only person who can change the political landscape for the democrats. maybe we need that. >> the question is, how much of the landscape could he change? he could get a bump but it is only around 11 percent the last poll i saw. >> it also reflects that journalists do not believe that bernie sanders can win although
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he has had an extraordinary few months. biden pose close friend put out a memo designed to be leaked saying, well, he could still do it, but it has kicked up the speculation. >> media is saying, well, we might still have a crush on joe biden but everyone is just waiting. this is is a waiting game. >> if bernie sanders not completely shut down her greatest vulnerability in the debate, maybe he would have announced. >> a missed opportunity. >> and larry would not have been on "saturday night live." >> thank you all. see you in a bit. >> the robert redford policemen about dan rather's biggest blunder is out. is this a whitewash that we predicted? president obama in a contentious interview on "60 minutes," and the "new york times" reporter cash card from capital one.
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it's where brains meet brawn. >> and the go to guy for president obama has had soft sit downs including this one from 2013. allow without characterize your relationship right now. >> i consider hillary clinton a strong friend. >> very warm, close... >> but last weekend he was very aggressive in taking on president obama, the main subject was syria and the newsman zeroed in on a tram to train moderate syrian rebels that the administration has now abandoned as a failure. >> i know you don't want to talk about this. >> i am happy to. >> i will talk about this program because it would seem to show, if you expect 5,000 and you get five it shows that
2:23 pm
someone, someplace along the line, made some sort of a serious miscalculation. >> let me say this --. >> it is an embarrassment. >> he pressed the president on russia's military intervention in syria. >> today, rather than being able to count on their support and maintain the faith they have had in syria which they had for a long time, vladimir putin is devoting his own troops, his own military, just to barely hold together by a thread his only ally. >> he is challenging your leadership. he is challenging your leadership. >> he got the president to say that hillary clinton's private e-mail use was a mistake was right to interrupt and it is easy to be be rough in the 7th year, but what the reporter did is what all journalists should
2:24 pm
try to do when interviewing politicians: hold them accountable. >> this media blogger for "new york times" is not a fan of jeb bush. >> he dropped the "f" bomb in a tweet saying [ blank ] you jeb bush for saying poverty weaks families. >> "new york times" called the tweet inappropriate. >> inappropriate? a case study in liberal bias. >> coming up, donald trump and ben carson and ted cruz and hillary clinton all tick off at press. brit hume was a look at that. later, the media and finger-pointing over hillary finger-pointing over hillary clinton and benghazi. with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that.
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>> it is hardly candidate when candidates talk about the press coverage but they are especially vociferous this year. >> they do not want to cover me accurately. i see such dishonesty. they have a couple of cites like "politico" saying unbelievably wrong things. purposefully. >> there is only one business to america. or that is protect by a constitution. that is the press. >> when they become partisan, which they are, they distort the system. when news media pick one word or one phrase and they run with it and try to characterize people like that, i got to tell you guys, that is why people don't trust you anymore. you are down there with used car salesmen. >> joining us now is brit hume the senior political analyst. now, we will tart with donald
2:29 pm
trump. he said to me last week, much of the media are dishonest and unfair talking about polls and crowds. he uses twitter to hit back at specific come tears and hosts and anchors. on follow and elsewhere. does he have a legitimate beef? >> he does but there are two sides to the coin. some of the coverage of him has been something to complain about , worded used out of context to portray him as saying something more extreme than he intended or he actually said but the other side of that, he has gotten a valve coverage that is unresidenced in my experience. i have never seen anything like it. it has subside add bit now. >> but it is a tsunami. >> it is enormous. there were periods in time in august particularly where he would make a speech or have an appearance and he would take a few questions ahead of time and when cable network would take the questions which would go on, they would take the whole
2:30 pm
speech, live, without commercial interruption. no one has gotten coverage like that and it was a huge bonanza. he knows how to be colorful and how to get a rating and if that is few the compulsion or temptation to corn h cover everything is there. >> some commentators dismissed him and does not take him seriously but many now have had to walk that back and chris wallace, did a fine interview on fox news sunday said after, and you were on the show, saying i am going to believe that donald trump cobble elected president of the united states. >> i thought it was particularly striking coming from chris. i now can see how he could become the nominee of the republican party. it seems getting what you need to pick president is not just republicans or republican sympathizers but that is a tall order. >> to say you could see it, it
2:31 pm
is a sea change. >> huge. huge. huge. >> we saw ben carson and he has gotten into it with the press over the answer on what he would advocate a muslim president or if he was faced with a mass shooter and what jew could have done if they were harmed in nazi germany and he believes the express unfair. does me have a point? >> the treat some of his statements were bordered on hysterical. i see long articles say, well, no, actually, the guns would not have helped the jews so he has a legitimate beef there. but this is true, too. this is the nfl. you get hit harder at this level. you have to be able to take it. you have to be able to anticipate it and be careful how you trays things or these things
2:32 pm
happen. it does not make it fair or right. that is the laying field -- playing field you are on. >> thank you is what ted cruz has said and he does not expect the media to be fair because he believes the g.o.p. are portrayed as stupid or evil. here is what he said to me. >> look, the mainstream media is not fair and impartial. they have served, i believe, as the guard that protects president obama and this presidency. no one is more ready for hillary clinton than the mainstream media. >> is that an everstatement? "all," the mainstream media? it is the same media that recorded on the mails? thank you is what i was thing when he said that. a lost main stream media are bias and when it gets to it in the fall campaign we will see this. the democratic nominee, whoever that may be, is going to get more favorable come or much less
2:33 pm
unfavorable coverage than the republican nominee. that has been true as long as i can remember. >> the cnbc debate is coming up and donald trump and ben carson, although ben carson was more public, said we are not showing up if it is two hours. it was going going to be three hours and we will deal with the substance. is this an effort by a network to sell some are ads? >> perhaps. if you have a good piece of reallying and you know people are watching you are not cutting it shore. the last debate was three hours so this is precedent. why fault them for trying and the question is, whether two candidates should be able to dictate the length of the debate. >> you anticipated my question, cnbc is now backing off with a compromise of opening statements and now it will only be two hours as originally planned.
2:34 pm
does trump show the art of the deal and saying he will take the marbles and not show off. i never had any doubt they would work it out but it moneys the network in a defensive position. >> he knew he had the leverage because he gets the ratings and ben carson do some extent. they had the leverage and they used it. it is a little deficit an irony to think that donald trump who said that jeb bush lacks energy to say he doesn't want a three hour debate because it is too long. >> he could stand up there but he said the viewers should not have to sit through. >> yes be he was doing it for the viewers... >> you weren't impressed. >> next, the press plays up those would say the house of representatives benghazi investigation is politically motivatedded as hillary clinton prepares to testify. >> why "playboy," is going pg-13
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2:39 pm
correct but i think there was a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people and an individual, hillary clinton. >> that was a congressman and hillary clinton seized on this at the las vegas debate. >> let's just take a minute here and point out this committee is basically an arm of the republican national committee. it is a partisan vehicle and admitted by the house of representatives republican majority leader, kevin mccarthy, to drive down my poll numbers. >> joining us now from new york to examine the coverage is rich lowry, and democratic strategist julie roginsky. >> these two republican members, one intentionally and one adverse. ly painting the committee as antihillary clinton. >> republicans have given the
2:40 pm
press the material to run with this narrative it is gotcha coverage. it is clear what kevin mccarthy meant that this committee has uncovered, really, a consequential thing about hillary clinton and the private server and e-mail and that has drive down the poll numbers. not the committee. if republican investigative committees had the power to drive down hillary clinton most not should bees she would have been at zero a long-term ago. you can feel the narrative turning. if she puts in a strong performance you will have a last the media saying she has turned the corner on this and the clinton press strategy will say, it is old enough. >> we saw it on friday when long term hillary clinton agent and the huffington post said "witch hunt," but it was behind closed doors testimony. the tone of the coverage is changing but if she has a rough time before that committee, it
2:41 pm
may not be pleasant and the media will have to reflect it. the benghazi investigation to me has been an avatar and those who think hick shake scapegoated, kevin mccarthy views have given people the perception of saying it is a witch hunt. if you believe hillary clinton is guilty with blood which the bloggers on the right wing thing, and they are doing god's work, then he is the best thing since sliced bread. but there is nothing new being broken. the reviews of hillary clinton is guilty and he is doing god's work and the people have allowed people like kevin mccarthy to give them an excuse they need. >> rich, you have the fired
2:42 pm
staffer from the committee telling cnn he wanted to look at the attacks but was pushed in the direction of concentrating on hillary clinton and the chairman of the panel said he was fired for cause including taking on classified material but did that help make it fodder for the media. >> clearly, clearing driving the narrative. i would not take a disgruntled employee would was fired, take his word for anything. certainly, it is right that what you thing of benghazi depends on where you sit. but trey deserved to be examined. what has he done that has been soholy partisan? it seems clear he is doing all he can to be a professional and to be's board here. the big take away is the benghazi committee's media reputation is beside the point and the key questions on whether the story will continue to have
2:43 pm
a lot of momentum are, what are the classified material that is in the e-mails? were the e-mails compromised by foreign intelligence? what does the f.b.i. conclude about the law. ness? "new york times" can shoot trey at noon and if the answers are bad for hillary clinton, this is still going to be a significant story. >> isn't it true, julie roginsky, the reason the media have bounced on this and it is partisan conclusion we have to look at what trey does, to make a fair evaluation, but they believe that this is a very important event with four americans dead but the political aftermath has been partisan. >> this is the sixth or seventh committee to investigate so if he comes up with something significant and the e-mails were significant, well, they have nothing to do with benghazi
2:44 pm
itself. i think the tragedy of four americans dying is outweighed in some parts of the right within blog and the fact that hillary clinton has blood on her hands which no one has been able to connect the two. there was a tragedy that happened but you cannot go out there and say it with credibility that hillary clinton was responsible for their deaths. that is where people overplay their hands in the media especially those who want to see her go down. >> a quick answer, rich, trey responded to the comments by congressman congressman rich around hanna saying it was unfortunate but the guy is a member of a committee so do you think the explanation is going to fly? >> i don't think he is a member of the committee. you look at the comment saying there are important things we need to get to the bottom of, so
2:45 pm
what is it? some say the committee is revealing nothing but for hillary clinton's e-mail which is an enormous story and goes to how she conduct herself asset of hate and he would would would not know that the way other obama officials were whispering in her ear about libya at the same time he had business interests in libya so all these are consequential. and worthy of debate. i predict we will revisit this issue next sunday. thank you, rich lowry and julie roginsky. >> dan rather sees the new movie of "truth," as vindication.
2:46 pm
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>> the robert redford movie "truth," is out and dan rather is considered positively after a storied that ended the career at cbs. eight president of the united states may have gone awol from the military. >> tonight be we have new information on the president's military service. >> here is to a great story. >> someone has to confirm the memos. >> this isn't a trial it is a hunt. >> journeying us is david zurawik television and media critic for the "baltimore sun". >> i was fired up about movie because i does a lot of reporting and it is one of the biggest embarrassments. >> i am upset i warned to not be upset. we went head to head on this and we were deeply steeped in the movie. here is what troubles me. there is an easy way to get through all of the ideology of this, it was simply really bad
2:50 pm
journalism. right there, when dan rather, in that clip he said we need someone to confirm the memos that is what they did not do they did not confirm the memos but the movie has him say saying "do it," and the memos were written about joe been being awaffle from the texas air national guard and why would robert redford who played bob wood ward want to do this based on a book by a woman who was fired as a producer on the story? >> i know why why robert red for does it but when you have him and cate blanchett, which is a serious production, and redford is the power of the movie. here is the scene that get me. at the end, everyone is caving and dan rather is making all of the speeches about how the business changes, and he said i
2:51 pm
was there when they found out they could make money with news and cbs is a budge of could you wars, and they show him at the end, in profile, looking off in the heroic shot invoking bob woodward and from "the natural," the american hero, it is dan rather as western hero after the west is closed and the money makers have taken over. it wasn't heroic what he did. it was bad journalism. for my part, why think he was that involved. i think it was mary driving the bus. >> in an interview she has done said, well, we did bungle but we were in the normal journalistic range of bungling. >> in her book she said, and i read it, when i saw the blogger start to attack this, i was looking at a political jihad hatched in the radical
2:52 pm
conservative back rooms, and flaw, flaw -- b lah, blah. >> she is the source of this story. so what do you think you are going to get? >> for those that do not remember the details they will go to the movie and think cbs was a corporation that refused for political republicans to stand by dan rather when, number, the story was horrible as an independent investigation later showed. it is sad that dan rather, 83, is still clinging to this discredited story saying the story was true although we could not quite confirm. >> i knew him well before 2424 and i don't know if we have spoken since, i felt sad watching him in this question-and-answer situation. he said they got it right. if you got it right why did you apologize. he said i only apologized for the documents, look at the
2:53 pm
print. i did. he apologized for the story. now he is recanting and telling another version of events. thank you is revisionist history. thanks for joining us. still to come your top tweets and why "playboy," is having its and why "playboy," is having its women cover up.♪ nothing artificial. just real roasted turkey. carved thick. that's the right way to make a good turkey sandwich. the right way to eat it? is however you eat it. panera. food as it should be.
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2:57 pm
i decide who come come on it. if i did not physical up enough, it's on me. i apologize. >> good for neil for taking responsibility. into some scale him as a follow employee, and fox news commentator lied about c.i.a. past. that is wrong and a correction was run. he has never been paid a dime. he was a guest, and he got a platform that he does not deserve over allegationed connections. >> should cnbc drop plans about three hours debate? >> debates are about us, not cnbc ratings. >> no, she should go on, although no one would watch. >> robert jones, yes, less time for cnbc to ask questions with the purpose of trying to get the
2:58 pm
candidate to attack each other. smart of my, g.o.p. >> talk about the end of an era, apply boy," that introduced generations of female boys and put marilyn monroe on the first cover in 1953 will no longer run pictures of fully naked women. the magazine that pushed the boundary of sexual culture is now too tame. >> the magazine known for showing so much will show less. >> why think any other magazine in the 20th century has more influence. >> after 62 years of sexy center fields and uncloses celebrities from mayor land to madonna starting in the 1950s, h ever fdheff fired off showing women unclothed and unashamed, some unknown, some famous, some looking to be famous more. >> embracing sexuality is part of what it means to be free.
2:59 pm
>> the founding agreeing that the internet is so awash in x-rateed material publishing nudes does not make it. playboy has done good journalism and scenes the circulation fall from 5.5 million to 800,000. it is deeply embedded in our culture. what do you think? >> i think times have changed. what we are seeing, i remember when i was younger a catholic schoolgirl looking at the "playboy," covered it and it want taboo and now you can go online to see the nude pictures and guess what? playboy is trying to go with the changing times and realize what they need to do is move toward more...investigative reporting. >> new i can say i read it just for the articles. that is it for "media buzz," and hope you will like our facebook page. we have posted a lost original scan tonight and you can write to us
3:00 pm
back here next sunday at 11 o'clock and at 5 o'clock p.m. eastern with the latest buzz. >> i am chris wallace. the frontrunner in the g.o.p. presidential race, donald trump, face-to-face, only on fox news sunday. >> last time we talked 24 million people watched. and sparks flew. is that how he should run the country? >> you are living in a world of make believe. >> today, round two. >> do you blame george w. bush for 9/11? >> are you a little thin skinned? >> we go in democrat the with donald trump on fox news sunday for the first time as candidate. >> hillary clinton faces her moment of truth with the benghazi committee. after she declared her first debate a success. t


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