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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 19, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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tomorrow. >> when you're hot, you're hot. that's all that matters in baseball playoffs. that's it. >> a great monday today for mets fans. great to have you here, pete. happy birthday to steve. >> appreciate the opportunity. >> see you after the show show. >> if you're not at the tv r bill: morning, everybody. what war of words between republicans on the campaign trail. donald trump battling with jeb bush over the 9/11 terror attacks and the legacy of his own brother. trump saying george bush failed to protect america. >> i don't want jeb bush saying my brother kept us safe because 9/11 happened. martha: this fight is getting personal between these two men.
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jeb bush defending his brother and slamming trump's security credentials. >> he organized our country and he kept us safe. there is no denying that mr. trump talks about things as though he's still on the apprentice. talking about syria saying russia should take out assad and then take out isis like it was some kind of board game. bill: once again donald trump has drawn jeb bush into a battle over his brother's legacy. >> awhile ago trump goaded bush into wasting almost a week.
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every day jeb bush talks about his brother's legacy is a day he's not talking about why he jeb bush should be president of the united states. this is another sidetrack for the bush campaign courtesy of donald trump. bill: is this a winner? how do republican voters respond to a cad i that's criticizing another republican. >> this could backfire in the republican electorate. after the 9/11 attack bush did mobilize the entire u.s. government in the war on terrorism than was not another terrorist attack in the united states. there is a lot of respect for tbhusht republican base -- respect for bush in the republican base.
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>> i am extremely tough on illegal immigration. i'm extremely tough when people coming into this country. i believe if i were running things i doubt those people would have been in the country. so there is a good chance those people would not have been in our country. bill: he's talking about the hijackers but the seeds of 9/11 were sown during bil bill clints term. >> we have the wife of one president running in one party and the son and brother of two presidents running in the other. hillary clinton wouldn't take this line of attack against jeb bush because there were pre-9/11 intelligence failures under
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george bush and also there were intelligence failures under bill clinton. i think a lot of voters say maybe it's time to start afresh and not replay these controversies from the past. bill: we'll see how long this string could run. thank you, byron york leading in the it off from washington. martha: dr. ben carson was asked how he would have handled the situation after the 9/11 attack. here is his answer. >> i think they would have been extremely concerned if we had declared and we were serious about it that we going to be petroleum independent because it would have had a major impact on their finances. i think that would have trumped any loyalty that they had to people like bin laden.
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>> the saudis kicked him out, he was their enemy. >> you may not think they had loyal i to him, but i believe otherwise. martha: the 2016 candidate senator lyndsey graham slammed both of those responses and took to twitter saying the two gop leaders delivered bizarre responses. he said donald trump and ben car southern clearly lack the judgment to win this war jones radical islam. bill: donald trump and dr. ben carson being granted secret service details. senator obama was granted one early in his campaign in
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response to specific threats. hillary clinton will also have security at her events. martha: we saw some scuffles at some of the trump events. how about this. all eyes on capitol hill. hillary clinton gets ready for her much anticipated testimony as she'll sit down in an open form and be questioned by the benghazi committee. congressman trey gowdy has a simple message for his gop colleagues on this. shut up. gowdy is getting i am patients with his fellow republicans who he says talk to the media too much and they don't know anything about what's going on in this committee. >> i told my own republican colleagues an friends, shut up talking about things you don't
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know anything about. unless you are on the committee you don't know what we have done and what new facts we have found. we have found new facts that have nothing to do with her. the seven members. my committee are much more focused on the four dead americans than we are on anyone's presidential aspirations. martha: new emails that surfaces from ambassador chris stevens asking for increased security that were left unanswered. why was that? new violence erupts in southern israel. these scenes just don't stop coming. one attacker opened fire on 0 crowd of people at a busy bus station. he killed an israeli soldier and
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wounded 11 other people. connor tour with the tough situation in jerusalem. >> in your daily acts of violence and bloodshed. an arab-israeli opened fire. police killed the assailant but they also shot a refugee from the area of aifer of eratria. it comes here in jerusalem introducing new security measures erecting security checkpoints. they are seeing barriers being put up.
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violence erupted about a month ago pass jewish troops pushed for more access to the jewish religious site. john kerry is headed to the region. he will meet with benjamin netanyahu in germany. what exactly he dock to help ease tensions here isn't clear. martha: the secretary of state is on the road trying to move things forward. bill: some say it's covered ground, but trey gowdy says, hold on. >> none of the previous seven committees bothered to access the emails of our ambassador. if you want a window into libya
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and what was happening why would you not look at the ambassador's emails? bill: new emails from ambassador chris stevens asked for snore security from the beginning. what was worse, watergate or benghazi. martha: a sheriff's .deputy is killed with his own weapon. how did a killer get hold of his gun. >> i hope everyone would keep investigator saninvestigator's y in their thoughts and prayers. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy.
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martha: a community in minnesota is mourning the loves a beloved sheriff's deputy. the suspect was receiving medical care when he suddenly lashed out and attacked the deputy. >> during the struggle the deputy's firearm was taken by the suspect and the deputy was shot. several shots were fired during that struggle and security officers were able to get into the room and the subject was tased and taken into custody. martha: the suspect later died,
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whether from being tased or some other cause is not clear. bill: breaking news on benghazi. we are learning about new emails from the u.s. ambassador chris stevens from the moment he arrived in libya showing he asked for more secure, requests that the state department ignored, apparently. he was a prolific emailer. a one-week time period in june. he just been put in place as ambassador and he's already asking for more security. he knows there is an uptick in violence and he's asking for more security. on one occasion he joked maybe we should ask another government to pay for our you security upgrade because our government
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isn't willing to do it. bill: your singular question is what were we doing in benghazi in the first place? >> nobody has asked that question. we went into libya, had a libyan war. got rid of qaddafi. there is no jihadi chaos throughout the entire region. what were those guys doing at the consulate. a consulate is where diplomats work and they issue visas and look for tourist lost luggage. bill: what was your theory. >> here is the rumor, they were running guns. the qaddafi forces, weapons you
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could take down a helicopter. those went missing after qaddafi was overthrown. the rumor was they were look for those weapons. bill: if that is true, where does that lead? >> it lead to what were they doing there. were they taking those weapons and sending them on? that's a covert operation. that's where they are running guns to the syrian rebels. listening to trey gowdy. he's not talking about hillary's emails and the server. he's talking about what was the policy. why was there no rescue mission the might attack. the administration said it
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wasn't a terrorist attack, it was a riot that got out of hand. bill: mike pompeii mentioned that word from the 1970s. >> you mentioned watergate. but this is worse in some ways. secretary clinton destroyed 30,000 emails. now we have an f.b.i. investigation of those very emails. bill: is it fair to say that, even before a hearing? >> i think so. the watergate was about a breakin gone wrong and richard nixon was participating in the cover-up. but this shouldn't be political. what happened to american foreign policy? how did we get this so wrong?
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the youth was the sole super power in the world. and we are now leading in the from behind. we are not leading in the at all. >> nixon or his aide erased 31 minute on the tape. put all this to the side. regardless of what happens thursday. whether there is a bombshell of new evidence. the f.b.i. ultimately has a say in this case, and that's significant. >> that's the most significant of all of this. water gait committee investigated, but the real evidence was uncovered of wrongdoing was done by special prosecutors to the legal system. the f.b.i. isn't going to be part of him. director comey is a straight shooter. they are looking for evidence. if they find something, that's
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where charge would be brought potentially if they ever were. bill: gowdy said you don't know what we know. we are about to find out what he knows. martha: a sad story as another high school football player collapses on the field anodize. the 6th death in a high school football game in a month. bill: jeb bush says donald trump could not be trusted with the nuclear code. >> it look as though's not taking the responsibility, the possibility of being president of the united states really seriously.
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bill: president obama signing an order expected to pave the way for the iran deal. and it calls for lifting of several long-binding restrictions on iran's economy. martha: tragedy on the football field after a texas high school player collapsed on the field and died. he's the 6th death of an american high school football player since the season started. dr. marc siegel is looking into this. good morning. what happened to this young man? >> this is a great tragedy. we don't know the exact details. he had a seizure, he had a
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convulsion. he was feeling dizzy. where he was playing football was 11 miles from the local hospital. after 20 minutes an ambulance still hadn't arrived. so they air lifted him. with a seizure you need immediate intervention. only 37% of our public high schools in this country have a full-time trainer. that means somebody on the sidelines looking to see if somebody has a problem, if they are not feeling well. another study indicated 70% of our high schoolers won't tell anybody. if they get a concussion they try to hide it. laws are in place we have to pull them out of the game. nobody wants that. so they hide the injuries. martha: often there is an
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ambulance posted at football games. when you think about it, in every community there is an ambulance sitting in the garage. so leave the ambulance at the game because time is of the essence. in east texas it's still hot. i'm sure a lot of parents are watching us. it's hot in certain areas. you can get dehydrated. you can have a high sodium count. everybody should get a physical before they play high school football. it isn't only football. you were mentioning also a great point. every contact sport carries with it the risk of injuries. thousands and thousands of injuries occur where a person is never the same again. you have a concussion, more than
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one, a developing brain like a high schooler has, fox news is looking into this right now. martha: my heart goes out to this young man, doctor, thank you very much. bill: dozen of new companies signing a white house pledge against climate change. the white house enlisting the help of 68 new companies. they promise is to reduce their carbon emissions and cut down on water usage. martha: "goodhe las." the man who allegedly planned the heist is going on trial. bill: you will hear both sides and our panel take the off.
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but first chris wallace. >> during the campaign you called marco rubio a puppet, jeb bush low energy, rand paul a lightweight and this week you called bernie sanders a maniac. >> and a communist. >> do you think that's presidential? brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health - now that's smart nutrition. ensure's complete balanced nutrition has 26 vitamins and minerals and 9 grams of protein. ensure. take life in.
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>> i always say i want to be unpredictable. but i would be very, very strong on the debt limit. i do not want to say that because i wanted to show unpredictability. but planned parenthood should be defunded. martha: donald trump saying he wants to say unpredictable on key issues like the debt ceiling.
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he maintains his lead in the polls. one candidate in the middle of the pack slamming his credibility. >> he's not taking the responsibility, possibility of being president of the united states seriously. for him it looks like he's the actor playing the role of a candidate for president. martha: the news editor for townhall.comandafoxnewscontribut or. you have got to feel for jeb bush. he was supposed to be the top candidate taken's not. he tried to get some traction and he's basically saying this guy is as reality tv show actor.
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is that going to work? >> i think republican candidates who tried to attack trump for being an actor and reality tv star, that's exactly why people like him. for candidates who who want to gain traction, she should stop attracting him for the things people like. you have to point out why the american people deserve some kind of plan and must the person in the job who can get the job done. martha: after they showed this interview web said he could see
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him possibly becoming president in this race. that's a major sea change is that people who said this is ridiculous, it's going away, are now saying, this is a very real possibility, right? >> i have been saying that for weeks now going back to the day he announced. that's the bigger problem for jeb bush. jeb bush does not have the stwadged voters to take on donald trump. but donald trump has the standing to take on jeb bush. if you have the standing to take out your opponent, you take them out. jeb bush has taken the bait hook, line, and sinker. they are running millions in dollars in ads, including new hampshire and now he has money problems. jeb bush is faltering. and jeb bush with only 106 days to iowa thinks he needs to pick
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a fight to get traction. but he picked a wrong fight with the wrong guy and he's not going to win this fight. martha: if george w. bush was running against him he would give a sideways glance like he gave al gore like who are you. but nobody has stood up to donald trump with that vigor. it's interesting to watch. let's play one more piece of this sound. the back and forth between chris wallace and donald trump on wher he's presidential enough. >> you have called rand paul a lightweight, jeb bush low energy and you called bernie sanders a maniac ... >> and a communist. i'm running against a lot of people. they come out and attack me very viciously.
6:36 am
i'm a counter puncher. i don't have a choice. martha: he said this is the campaign, i'm different, do you believe it? >> these people are his opponents, but they are not calling him a maniac or insulting him in terms of calling him names. a lot of people are point out his record in terms that he's not conservative. if he becomes the president which he won't because look at polling nationally, he won't get through the general election. but if he did it would be hard for him to put aside that name calling when it comes to dealing with diplomacy and going to the u.n. there are some people who think he should go to the u.n., then maybe we would get somewhere.
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bill: daniel murphy nailing this 2-run shot. that put the mets up 3-0. he's at 5 total with 8 runs bad in. if the cubs are coming back at wrigley they need to figure it out. the mets lead the series 2 games to none. i'm a sucker for the chicago cubs. martha: it couldn't have gone better for the mets. they have one both them. brian kilmeade said it was so cold out there, he said
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everybody looked like padooka joe. bill: did see the end of the michigan-michigan state game? instant classic. martha: packers game as you interesting at the end. it was good football. new reports that paul ryan's decision -- keeping everybody on the waiting game -- maybe coming soon. bill: here are the two front runner republicans saying 9/11 would not have happened on that watch. we'll ask senator lyndsey graham why the comments are just bizarre. >> you may not think they have any loyalty to him but i believe otherwise.
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you believe if president bush declared energy independence they would have turned over over sama bin laden?
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it's what you do. martha: new reports that congressman paul ryan is open to the idea running for house speaker. mitt romney weighing in on the chances of the man who was on his presidential ticket in 2012. >> there haven't been a lot of people who have gone from speak tore white house. so i would hate to lose him as a potential contender for white house. but he's a man of such talent, integrity and character web's a resource for the country. martha: sources saying he will not haggle with the conservative house freedom caucus and some would say good luck with that.
6:43 am
bill: i could see speaker boehner sticking around for a long longer than he promised. the outsiders in 2016 tackling foreign policy and the terror attacks of 9/11. donald trump and dr. ben carson says the attacks would not have happened on his watch saying his illegal i will grant policy would have prevented all of it. >> jeb bush said we were safe. but the world trade center came down. that's not safe. we lost 3,000 people. it was the greatest catastrophe ever in this country if you think fit, right? martha: dr. ben carson saying energy independence would have helped capture usama bin laden.
6:44 am
>> i think if we had declared and were serious about it that we would become petroleum independent, that would have had a major impact on their finances and i think that would have trumped their loyalty to usama bin laden. bill: senator lyndsey graham called it bizarre. you pulled a trump. you went right to twitter and you fired off a number of comments. take carson first. he's saying go after the energy, go after the money, and they would have changed their behavior. what's wrong with that logic? >> if you don't take it taliban down after 9/11 then you don't understand the war. trump and carson said they would have not gone into afghanistan after 9/11 the taliban invited
6:45 am
al qaeda into their country to launch an attack against our nation. to me it's beyond bizarre half 9/11 you would leave the taliban in place in some idea that saudis and other arab states would find bin laden if we declared energy independence makes no sense to me. trump says 16 of the 19 hijackers were here illegally. but at the end of the day i don't blame george w. bush, but i would ask both of our frontrunners to sit down with general keane and others to get an idea of how the world actually works. bill: the hijackers were here in the late 90s. >> legally. bill: he's suggesting his policy would have prevented them from being here.
6:46 am
>> he said he wouldn't have gone into afghanistan. well, mr. trump, what would you have done? mr. carson suggests he would not have gone into afghanistan. i would have gone into afghanistan. would i go into syria and destroy isil in iraq and $syria. i blame obama for the rights of isil and syria and libya, and i tell you what, president obama's policies are leading to the next 9/11. i blame he member of congress who is keeping his budget cuts in place. there is another 9/11 in the making. bill: carson's point is we could have done things differently. >> he doesn't have the judgment to be commander-in-chief. anybody who believed after 9/11
6:47 am
you declare energy independence that that would keep us safe. you destroy the people who helped launch the attack. you don't declare energy independence and think saudi arabia and the arabs will go tote bin laden. there has not been. >> the 9/11 originating from afghanistan because president bush did the right thing. president obama is risking everything we gained in afghanistan by withdrawing our troops. bill: you are calling in the question, the judgment of ben carson and donald trump. >> without a doubt. hillary clinton will mop the floor with these guy. if the response of our two leading in the candidate for president is after 9/11 they would not are gone into andrea tantaros to take the taliban down then you have no understanding of this war. talk to somebody who has been involved in these military
6:48 am
actions for the last 4 years. talk to general petraeus and general allen. get some good sound advice here. reporter: jeb bush said donald trump need to boyne on foreign policy. >> i think jeb bush need to be more aggressive himself. what is jeb bush going to do about syria. tell me how any of our leading in the candidate are different on syria. senator crew said he wouldn't get involved in syria. if you don't get involved in syria where the headquarters of isil exists. >> the 9/11 is coming and it will originate from syria. at the end of the day none of our candidate are making a whole lot of sense to me. if syria and iraq are not threat to our homeland, they are. obama is not doing a damn thing regarding iraq and syria.
6:49 am
if you don't have ground forces to destroy isil you will never destroy isil. bill: you said 2,500 troops in iraq. >> i would go to 10,000. you are not going to destroy isil in $syria without a ground force. i would get all the turk together and go on the ground and destroy isil. letting the russians take is i will down, this obama light policy is not going to work. i would have a ground for to go into syria. mostly people from the region, but we would be part of it. if we don't destroy isil bill, they will hit us here. bill: lindsey graham, thank you.
6:50 am
we are on standby for that. see you real soon. thank you. martha: it was the heist that helped inspire one of the biggest mop movies of all times. "goodfellas" and one of the real life mobsters to took part i heading to court. bill: hillary clinton heading to benghazi testimony. >> there are a lot of people are look into whether nationalf security was compromised because of this server. your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is,
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bill: lamar odom said to be
6:54 am
doing better today. he was hospitalized after being found unconscious at a nevada brothel. sources say his estranged wife remains by his side and has vowed to support hip through months of what is expected to be months of rehabilitation. >> it look like a big one! martha: it was a heist that inspired that scene from "goodfellas." one of the other men who allegedly was behind the infamous 1978 lufthansa robbery
6:55 am
i heading to court. who's going on trial? reporter: those familiar with those old stories of the new york mob scene will know this game. prosecutors have been working for years to get enough evidence together to bring him on trial for his local that infamous heist. he was arrested after his cousin helped the federal government by wearing a wire to coax him into talking about the robbery that netted $5 million in cash and jewels. this was an airport robbery in 1978. then it was considered one of the largest thefts in history.
6:56 am
it was the inspiration for movie "goodfellas." court is said to have gone the under way 20 minutes ago. we are expecting his cousin to take the stand. we are expected to see some other crime member families take the stand in this trial. martha: he's also being charged with murder. is this part of the same trial? reporter: yes, the judge in this case decided that evidence would be too prejudicial so he will keep that evidence out of the case. paul katz disappeared in 1969. he was strangled with a dog chain, then his body was buried
6:57 am
in a basement in new york. he's 80 years old. martha: what a story. thank you very much. bill: whistle blower coming forward with a lack of security and repeated the requests -- repeated requests for more help coming up.
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i mean, amazing savings. i was like, wow, if i could save this much, then i could actually maybe upgrade a little bit. (announcer) usaa car buying service powered by truecar. save money, zero hassle. jo new information what was -- martha: new information what was going on the ground in benghazi and back and forth with the state department before the attack. hillary clinton lays low in the early days of this week getting ready to testify before the committee that is investigating that deadly terror attack and all the circumstances around it. welcome, everybody, on a monday and brand new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm martha ma -- maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. new documents may show mismanagement and senior levels at department of state. ignoring repeated requests for more security at the consulate in benghazi. catherine herridge is live on this.
7:01 am
good morning to you. start with what you are learning, go. reporter: thank you, bill. in the year leading up to the 2012 terrorist attack there were 234 security incidents in libya, 50 which took place in benghazi including the assassination attempt on the british ambassador in june 2012 when a rocket propelled grenade struck the vehicle and the team barely escaped. no additional security was added. this cable obtained by fox news from july 2012 two months before the consulate shows ambassador chris stevens personally requested 13 additional security personnel to help him safely travel around the country. this was turned down by mrs. clinton's deputy, patrick kennedy who was the state department chief administrator. kennedy advocated for handgun licenses for the local guard force in benghazi run by blue mountain libya. after the 2012 attack the senior security officer in libya told
7:02 am
senate investigators he had to choose between guarding tripoli airport you see here, lifeline to the outside world and sending security with ambassador stevens to benghazi on september 11thth. he chose to reinforce the airport. >> the system is not working well. we've seen that not on just one occasion but many occasions. i'm not aware it has been fixed as we sit here today. reporter: the same month the british ambassador was targeted there was an ied attack on the consulate in benghazi blasting a hole in the perimeter wall but still these additional security requests were turned down by washington, bill. bill: what about the local contractors on the ground in libya? what was significant what were they doing? reporter: the guard force was run by a contractor blue mountain libya, they were in such disarray on september 11th, 2012, they did not have a valid license to operate in benghazi. these documents first obtained
7:03 am
by fox news shows the partnership was dissolved after dispute between the libyan license holder and parent company in britain. after the at cac the libyan company was willing to put differences with the security operators, blue mountain u.k. and allow the use of security license. our prayers are with the family of the victims. one critic noted there is nor security at luxury condo in fort lauderdale than there was at the consulate on the day of attack. bill. bill: catherine herridge, too come from washington d.c. martha: hillary clinton clears most of her calendar this week as she gets ready for this. the appearance before the benghazi committee, is on the 22nd, 10:00 a.m. that morning. how serious is she taking questions about the server. remember the server came to light because they were looking for any emails that had to do with the benghazi situation. here is her reaction. she was asked about this by cnn's jake tapper about the fbi
7:04 am
investigation. >> i know earn bernie sanders said quote, the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. there are a lot of people who are not. [laughing] including fbi officials looking whether national security was compromised during the server. martha: a bit of an awkward moment. brit hume, fox news senior political analyst and joins you now. you're not a psychologist but can you explain the reaction by hillary clinton to that question? >> i suppose in her imagination laughing at this whole thing is preferrable to getting all snarky bit. i think laughter, mocking laughter probably speaks volumes anyway. martha: yeah. i mean, you know when you think back to that night, brit, just listening to catherine herridge talking about numerous pleas for additional security, there were decisions being made whether or not there should be more security at the tripoli airport
7:05 am
or whether that should be diverted to travel with ambassador stevens particularly. a lot of people are tired of this discussion but when you go back and remember what happened, how horrific this attack was on these americans and lack of security surrounding them, it is so substantial. >> well, that's right. and i think that for all of the fuss about the emails and the server and all the rest of that, which is important enough to warrant an fbi investigation, these questions about the security at that compound are central to the mission of this inquiry by this congressional committee. my guess is, martha, that there will be a lot of questions led up to this and the kind of thing that catherine was just discussing will be central. and so will the question of, you know, what kinds of appeals for more security had been dispatched to the state department and how they got turned down, all the rest of it.
7:06 am
obviously this was a major, major security failure and one if it turns out it was preceded by, just a long series of pleas to come and beef it up we kind of sense that it was but if it's laid out on the table there it's going to be pretty telling i think. martha: heartbreaking pleas in many cases it sounds like in terms of what we might have here. so i also want to ask you about president obama because i thought it was fascinating, go back to the "60 minutes" interview, you mentioned the server a moment ago he basically let her off the hook. what he said in that interview was that he didn't believe there had been any breach of national security. yet his own fbi is in the middle of investigation for that. he is the ultimate person that can determine whether something is classified or not, even retroactively. what do you think about that comment? >> it was howlingly inappropriate to state a conclusion like that in the midst of an investigation being conducted in his administration
7:07 am
by his administration. i think that is manifest. the white house rushed later, no, no, he wasn't trying to put his finger on the scale but think that is pretty clear that may have been what he had in mind. martha: all right. >> one more thing, martha, i might add here, hillary clinton keeps saying, you hear this all the time, there were no emails marked classified, that she sent or received. of course there weren't. she was using a system outside of the state department system which the classification markings would not have been able to be applied. furthermore there is this. she keeps talking about marked classified. thing to remember, martha, information is not classified because it is marked, it is marked because it is classified. if you're operating outside of normal channels of communication and pick a piece whatever the source, put it in email, it will not be marked classified but doesn't mean the information is not. martha: the potential crime is removal from that classified
7:08 am
place on to an unregulated server, and putting it out in the open. that is exactly what the drugs of the criminal issue -- crux of the criminal issues, that got general petraeus -- we didn't hear the president leap to his defense as he did to hillary clinton in "60 minutes" interview. i want to ask you a question 2016 question. back and forth this weekend with jeb bush trying to be more aggressive and donald trump calling him out as an actor and not a serious presidential candidate. will that work for jeb bush. >> i doubt it, martha. jeb bush keeps trying different things to see what he can do about the trump factor and the trump factor continues to hold steady, bush in my view not making much headway. he continues slowly but surely to sink in the polls. i don't see him breaking out of this anytime soon, if it ever happens. martha: brit, thank you. always good to talk to you on monday morning. bill: wow.
7:09 am
other thing she said on interview, state department it was okay. she is setting up within the state department we were cool. it is outside folks who have disagreement. that is coming up thursday morning. 10:00 here in "america's newsroom." warn you, following footage is graphic. a man mistaken for shooting suspect shot and killed by a security guard. [gunfire] the man you see wounded on the floor, later died at the hospital, the attack that started it all is among the bloodiest in the recent wave of violence. one person killed, nine wounded when a gunman opened fire, continuing to watch the tinderbox that is this back and forth between the palestinians and the israelis. ten minutes past. martha: so donald trump launching a new tack on hillary clinton. here is a piece of it. >> everything went bad, whether it's libya, whether it's her
7:10 am
tenure in iraq, plenty of bad tenures in iraq having to do with the length. things that happened during her tenure were a disaster. martha: if the two go head-to-head you will hear a lot of back and forth. he says she is the worst secretary of state ever. is that a fair statement? then there is this. [shouting] bill: this is real-life horror playing out in a zombie festival when shots rang out. a manhunt underway for a shooter in the dark of night there. martha: a family of five killed when their suv went into a lake. their heartbroken family struggling to come to grips with this tragic loss. >> we got bad news for you. i'm like, what do you mean? your son died. i couldn't believe that. i still don't believe it.
7:11 am
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you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right bill: a fifth victim from a devastating accident in arizona has died leaving no survivors. 2-year-old boy hospitalized in critical condition after his family's suv flipped over into a lake. witnesses called 911 but both parents and three children were dead. family members, the couple, say the couple were best friends who had separated but were trying to work things out. the cause of the crash now is under investigation.
7:15 am
♪ >> i things will be revealed. personally i think that hillary was one of the worst, if not the worst, i mean, if you look at the record, secretary of states, ever, ever, in this country. i think that is the bigger problem she's got. i don't think benghazi is as big a problem for her as her past and what's happened. martha: donald trump slamming hillary clinton as the worst secretary of state of all time he says. that comment coming ahead of the benghazi testimony. this is a very, very, important week in the presidential run for hillary clinton, or nomination run at least at this point. it comes on heels of the report that says that the cybersecurity situation at the state department slipped dangerously on her watch. these things all kind of connect. let's bring in the senator john barrasso, not republican policy committee. welcome to new york as always. what do you think donald trump said there?
7:16 am
is he right? >> she was clearly underwhelming as secretary of state, very ineffective. after all look at our friend around the world, do they trust us more? no. do our enemies fear us more? no. jimmy carter former president of the united states, i don't like to quote him, he can't think of many places around the world where the united states had a better relationship with those countries than when president obama and hillary clinton came into office. she is the one that pressed the reset button with russia. take a look how that worked out. russia subsequently taken over ukraine and crimea. russia set up this axis now with iran, with iraq, with syria. they have troops on the ground and planes in the air in syria bucking up assad. it was president obama that said assad must go and drew his red lines. we've seen many failures under her leadership as secretary of state. martha: so we think about this benghazi hearing that is going to take place on thursday where she will testify. it has been long-anticipated this moment coming up. there are a couple of fronts
7:17 am
here. there is what happened in benghazi. also how it was documented in emails that might have been on her server. now we're learning there has been sort of a lack of attention to cybersecurity and locking down the information at the state department under hillary clinton which is potentially, you know, a huge issue as well. we know the inspector general from 2011 to 2014 says there were significant deficiencies in the state department system. let's just pull up this full screen quote we have here that came from a top clinton aid, ann marie slaughter, state's technology is so antiquated no one in large letters use as state issued laptop or high officials routinely use home email accounts to get their work done quickly and effectively. the state department system was so bad they had to use their own equipment. what do you make of all that? >> as secretary of state, secretary clinton didn't really comply with what regulations were. if things got worse each year she was there.
7:18 am
to me we have state department, to me a target for cyber attacks, whether from russia, from china. got scored 42 out of 100. only department that was worse than them, department of health and human services in charge of the health care website which obviously melted down. china attacked us. they attacked us broadly. russia is much more sophisticate and targeted. we had open invitation to attack us. martha: you ask yourself, where did this come from? you referenced they found malware from china and russia attached to some of her state department information. is it they don't get it? they don't understand our enemies around the world will try to tap into any system to find any null veriability they can? are they not up to speed on cybersecurity? they're not worried about this or something else? >> i think secretary of state clinton was clearly not up to speed. whether it was competence or
7:19 am
negligence, i don't know how you want to label it, wasn't up to speed, wasn't focused on it, wasn't looking at it. an in today's world what is happening in cyberterrorism world is what is happening in the kinetic world. martha: 2016 thought from you before you go. when you look at the scenario right now, you've got donald trump and ben carson in the lead for the republican nomination, are you prepared, looking forward to the possibility working with one or both of those gentlemen? >> i will support the republican nominee. i want to nominate the most conservative person who can win in november. it is critical we can win in november of 2016 of the when you take a look at debates we've had, with so many good, solid republican candidates, compare that to the democratic debate. the democrat debate is not focused on equal opportunity. they're focused on equal outcome. republicans focused on more people doing well, equal opportunity for everyone, earned success which is the compared to the democrats is learned dependence on big government.
7:20 am
martha: most conservative candidate even if that person is donald trump. a lot of people are changing their mind on donald trump. are you? >> i will support the nominee of the party. i think donald trump brought a new energy and a lot more people are watching the republican debates. what we're seeing is, a lot of good republican ideas and excellent candidates. i want the most conservative one to be nominated who can win in november. martha: diplomatic answer. >> thank you. martha: good to have you here. bill: 25 years after the bombing of pan am flight 103 in lock per i, scotland, the brother of one of the victims tracks down two suspects. what did he learn? martha: bernie sanders calls for a socialist agenda. do voters really want something that may include higher taxes that may distribute income more fairly around the country as bernie sanders would say. >> yes, wee ask trump for his billionaire friends to pay tax. >> what rate? >> we'll come up with the that rate.
7:21 am
rate. it will be a damn lot higher than it is right now. that whether times are good or bad, people and their ideas will continue to move the world forward. as long as they have someone to believe in them. citi financed the transatlantic cable that connected continents. and the panama canal, that made our world a smaller place. we backed the marshall plan that helped europe regain its strength. and pioneered the atm, for cash, anytime. for over two centuries we've supported dreams like these, and the people and companies behind them. so why should that matter to you? because, today, we are still helping progress makers turn their ideas into reality. and the next great idea could be yours.
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martha: powerful thunderstorm in phoenix ripping down a gags station ahning in, completely destroying four gas pumps. strong winds from the storm leaving at least 27,000 people without power. thankfully fire crews say there were no injuries and none of the pumps were leaking gas. bill: new focus on the deadly lockerbie plane bombing more than 25 years later a libyan man was convicted of the terror attack that killed 270, most of them americans. some believe there were others involved who may still be out there. now the brother of one of the victims getting investigators attention as he searches for answers. greg palkot tracks down his story for is today in london. greg, what did you find out? reporter: bill, in some ways
7:25 am
this is one man's war on terror and that man might be getting results. the lockerbie bombing in 1988, pan am flight 103, left 189 americans dead. among those on board, 25-year-old victim david dornstein. while he was convicted including his brother, ken, others were involved, needed to be found including the actual bomb-maker. take a listen. >> i wanted to say to him there were real people on the other side of that act and that you had impacted not only my life, people in my family and all other families affected on that, there were consequences to what you had done. now i wanted him to live with those consequences. reporter: after years of digging including dangerous trips to libya and recently portrayed on recent documentary on pbs he might have the goods. they knew there was a
7:26 am
bomb-maker, they didn't know exactly who he was, what he looked like, where he was, dornstein he think it is a libyan explosives experts livin. they want to interrogate him as qadaffi's former spy chief. once again, dornstein. >> airing film might be occasion for them to act. i was thrilled they actually had acted. i'm also aware it is a first step. there is a decision now. reporter: scottish officials tell us that they are appreciative of dornstein's work, they are aware of it but won't actually acknowledge it prompted them to move. at least for dornstein it is his brother's loss remembered and maybe more investigation. back to you. bill: greg palkot on that story. fascinating out of london today. thanks. martha.
7:27 am
martha: the director of the cia hacked. you will not believe who is behind the hack attack of john brennan. if this can happen to the man behind our nation's secrets what does it mean for national security. then there is this? [gunfire] bill: there were hundreds of people and once they heard that, they were running for their lives. how a zombie festival took a deadly turn and prompted a statewide manhunt to capture those responsible. >> we started running because we saw a hoard of people running and we heard two really loud bangs. >> i was nervous when i saw people running because i didn't know what was coming behind them.
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
martha: a manhunt is underway in florida for the gunman responsible for this chaotic scene. [gunfire] martha: police say a shooter opened fire saturday night at a zombie confess val in downtown
7:31 am
fort myers, kill being one person and wounding five others. steve harrigan, live in miami. steve, are there any leads on the shooter at this point? reporter: martha, the manhunt is still on. police examining cell phone records of people at scene of the man fired several shots just before midnight before the zombie con event in fort myers was supposed to end. initially people thought it might be part of the festivities, fake shots. only when bodies began to fall they realized this associating was for real. >> about four or five shots at same time. pop, pop, pop. >> all of sudden i heard like some commotion and i looked down at my hand. there is a giant hole in it, basically. reporter: five people were wounded. one 20-year-old college man was killed. police still not releasing any motive behind the shooting, martha. martha: just terrible. this event makes it very difficult for the police, right? reporter: that's right.
7:32 am
there were more than 10,000 people there shoulder to shoulder just before midnight in downtown fort myers. many of the people there were in zombie costumes. you have people with blood splatter, fake blood splatter on their bodies holding fake guns. police are supposed to determine who is really wounded and who is the shooter. this is the ninth year of this zombie con event. it started with a few hundred people, but grown into tens of thousands, based on a zombie movie that was filmed in fort myers. martha. martha: you have to shake your head. steve, thank you very much. bill: so the head of the cia reportedly hacked. this according to a report in the "new york post." where a teenager claims that he accessed john brennan's personal email account on america online, aol, which held sensitive files including the social security numbers of security officials. well the fbi is investigating. judge andrew napolitano is fox news senior judicial analyst. judge, good morning to you. if it is true, if this story is
7:33 am
true, he has committed the same offense that people like petraeus and hillary clinton are accused of. >> correct, correct. and that might mean this is the tip of the iceberg. it might mean in the government, in this administration there is rampant failure to secure classified information, which is a felony. hillary clinton not yet been charged in a formal way. general petraeus charged, pleaded guilty and convicted. so we haven't seen this anywhere other than in the "new york post." the post describe as very, very detailed, methodical tricking of verizon personnel in order to impersonate, enable the trickster to impersonate director brennan. to reset the passwords. bill: seems to easy. he called it social engineering in the report. >> yes. bill: tricks worker at verizon to give you a password. it shouldn't happen that way.
7:34 am
>> it shouldn't happen, that is correct. if it happened, we know director brennan kept top secret information, again, if, on his personal email account, which is as you say a violation of the federal law that requires people who have top secret information to only keep it in secured government venue. the failure to do that is felony. it is not a joke and it is not a fender-bender. it's a felony. bill: this is 17-year-old kid, right? >> yes. bill: seems to happen all the time. if this is true and this teenager can do it what can moscow do, what can beijing do? >> right. mrs. clinton, russians, chinese, our friend, israelis attempted to hack mrs. clinton. we don't know or they never know if they were successful. we don't know if they know what the "new york post" reported about director brennan. so no one knows where this is
7:35 am
going to go but we know the government is apparently very sloppy about enforcing its own laws on its own employees to protect its own secrets. bill: he claims brennan's account was disabled as of last friday. who do you pursue? who could face charges? one or both? >> i hate to say this but brennan should face charges if this is true. bill: because he had classified information on a private email server? >> yes. i will tell you -- bill: private email server. >> some of his predecessors, director john deutch was prosecuted for taking a laptop into his home which nobody hacked into, but having it there in his home where it contained national security secrets. so there is a precedent for this. they will go after this 17-year-old to try to make an example out of him. bill: they will? >> absolutely. but question is director brennan just as cuppable keeping it there as the 17-year-old for accessing it.
7:36 am
bill: do you think this is strong learning curve for government that is happening very quickly? >> i think it's a slow learning curve. you had a interview, about ann marie slaughter, with when he first started there at state department we know the email civil slow, insecure and faster to work from home. that should have been repaired years ago, not now after the fact. bill: why are we so late to the party and so lackadaisical. >> i think mrs. clinton was probably trying to hide things which will come out thursday. her involvement from the clinton foundation to make money for her and her husband. secretly waging wars against qadaffi and assad without regard to safety of american ambassadors. bill: chris stevens. that comes out our government has to get serious making sure our secrets are safe and your information is kept secure? >> yes. bill: thank you, judge andrew napolitano. >> you're welcome. bill: nice to see you.
7:37 am
martha: nearly 14 years after the 9/11 terror attacks a military judge could decide as early as today whether to continue the trial of five gitmo detainees accused of master mining those attacks including khalid sheikh mohammed. the case was put on hold after a lawyer for one of detainees revealed by the fbi about breaking security rules. that is an offense that could bring criminal charges against the lawyer. the fbi reportedly found no wrongdoing. we may be able to get back up and rolling with that case soon. bill: is hillary clinton using a fake accent to connect with voters in the south? have a listen, decide for yourself. >> how we're going to deal with systemic racism and injustice, i didn't hear anything about any of those issues. and i think that's really what this election is going to be about. bill: so a little folks sy charm for the local crowds there in
7:38 am
arkansas. will a little track give you an edge in this campaign? plus there is this. watch. >> oh. martha: whoa. terrifying tumble after a bike stunt goes horribly wrong and it is all caught on hello meet cam. we'll show you what happens next.
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
bill: frightening crash caught on camera here. mountain mike biders competing in red bull rampage, zion national park, utah, loses control on a steep drop, man. tried to slow down. the front tire slipped out. he goes right down the rocky cliff. he was also wearing a camera as they so often do, this is what it looked like from that perspective. man, that is hard spill. he will be okay, despite the
7:42 am
setback he got back on his wheels and finished course. he got back on his bike and finished the ride after that. martha: he must be very good at falling. they must have very good falling training. that would have left everybody out of competition for a long time. bill: good for him. >> not a fan of the banks. they trample on the middle class, they control washington and why do they chain all that to the debt. what is the deal with emails anyway? i forgot moye password the other day, they say we'll email you new one. i can't get into email to get the password! martha: that was so funny, right. comedian larry david on saturday night. spot-on impression of person bierne on "saturday night live." self-described democratic socialist is getting traction in the polls because people are connecting with his philosophy. this is the real bernie sanders we're talking about now. he proposes to pay for some of his plans basically raising
7:43 am
taxes on everybody. >> yes. let me be very clear. if we're going to make public colleges and universities tuition-free, as i believe we have to do in the 21st century, yeah, we'll have a tax on wall street speculation. yes, we are going to ask trump and his billionaire friends to pay more in tax. >> what rate? >> yes we are going to end -- we'll come up with that rate but it will be a damn lot higher than it is right now. martha: wait till i'm president, then i will tell you. deneen borelli, chief political correspondent for conservative review. fox news contributor. jessica ehrlich, former democratic congressional candidate and an attorney. welcome to both of you. he was hilariously spot-on. going on banks how they attached the pens to the desk so you can't steal them. in reality, it is his authenticity that has gotten bernie sanders so much attention and so much affection in some quarters, jessica, but when it
7:44 am
comes down to it he is talking about raising taxes on everybody, will that be so funny i guess for some people? >> for -- you know, i think, with bernie he is a bit of equal opportunity offender in terms of tax plans and he is very authentic. that does resonate with people. he certainly, he is is who he is, that is how he ran for governor and senate and how he is running for president. he is definitely bringing you know, through his, being himself and sort of quirkiness he is getting people to talk about issues he thinks are important and a lot of people want to talk about them and they're resonating with millions of people around the country. martha: yeah. you know the first poll, we just saw a poll today, that is the first one, i don't know if it's a trend or not because hillary has been, looks like sanders will beat hillary in new hampshire. it looked like he would do so quite handily. this is brand new poll from the
7:45 am
"boston globe" suffolk university, first one where you see clinton edging sanders out in new hampshire. i wonder, deneen, if people are starting to get better sense of tax raising across the board sanders is talking about and maybe they're not so enthusiastic about it when they see what is underneath it? >> maybe they're not. i don't know whether to laugh or cry, martha. bernie sanders is for raising taxes on all americans. listen, that not the way to grow the economy. and you look at the fact that he is looking at his socialist agenda to run america. when you think about it, democrats are all for a free lunch economy. everything should be free. and we, the people, should pay for it. taking one to give to another. is not economically smart and it is not morally smart. and i like the book, the law, i think there is a lot of learnings in that book because legalized plunder. taking from one to give to another.
7:46 am
redistribution of wealth. it is not going to grow the economy. martha: that is the great thing about this whole election process because people get to listen to everything and decide what they think makes sense for the country going forward. so also, we're talking about hillary. we showed latest new hampshire poll. she is getting a little bit of guff in some quarters some say putting on a little bit of a southern accent when she was talking to a group down there. it goes to who is real, authentic thing. let's listen and get your thoughts. >> i remember after that election in '92, him saying to me, it is so much worse than they told us. so he had to roll up his sleeves and work hard and at the end of eight years we had 23 million new jobs, incomes were rising at the top, middle, working folks, poor people. martha: working foles, jessica. -- folks. >> i didn't hear a southern accent at all there. and as someone who grew up and went to school in the south i don't hear it at all.
7:47 am
particularly no one in the south would say hard that way. i can't even do that myself. i'm not from the mid west. my mom is. i'm like walk? i don't see, i don't hear it at all. very, very subtle. martha: i think it is sort of dropping the gs, and working folks, all that kind of stuff. >> i heard it loud and clear. >> candidates do it all over the country. when they're in iowa they go to farm rallies. martha: i agree with you. there is no shame in any candidates corner on this front, deneen. everybody goes where they are, when in rome, right? >> hillary is desperate. the woman will do and say anything at this point. she is doing poorly in the primary states. so she has to bring in the southern states. so she goes into this black environment, with black voters and she is trying to whip up emotions, martha. that is what she is doing. she does it on a number of bases. she is trying to whip up emotions to drive black voters to the polls. that is what she is doing.
7:48 am
>> i think that is smart move for any candidate in the united states. >> smart to play politics like that, really. >> anyone who is running and anyone who is running in the united states should be focused on the south. alabama and mississippi and all over. >> -- politics. >> you have to win votes, you have to win votes to win the election. that is what it is about. >> playing on people's motions. playing race card, jessica? >> race card that is not happening here. >> absolutely. martha: deneen, why do you say that deneen? why do you -- hold on, jessica. >> throws dialect out, any chance she gets because she is desperate right now. so she is trying to whip up emotions of black voters to drive them to the polls. democrats play on fear of voters. that is what they do. >> that is so opposite of case. that is why we have republicans doing in terms of every comment being made about immigration and everything else going on whether world international crisis or not.
7:49 am
so it is pot here calling kettle. martha: jessica, deneen, thank you very much. good to have you both here. >> thanks, martha. martha: have a good one. bill: hi. martha: hello there. bill: best finish of the weekened depends on who's side you're on. michigan state trailing by two at michigan. michigan needs to get the punt off. blake o'neill, has been solid, the punter but not here. as jalen jackson taking ball the other way as time runs out. that's a touchdown. that is victory for michigan state, one of the most improbable ways ever. martha: oh, my gosh. bill: get this, michigan state stays undefeated, martha. have more for you. guy who recovered it all his buddies jump on top of him, dislocated his hip. he is gone for the season. a michigan fan had a heart attack in the stadium. he will be okay. he was taken to the hospital as well. that is an instant classic. i for one would not want to get
7:50 am
in jim harbaugh's way after that happened. martha: no, think you're right about that. could see it on the poor faces with the navy blue hats and yellow ms, they were not happy. bill: great way to finish. martha: next year, right? bill: that's right. jon scott coming up next in "happening now." >> we could talk about broncos and browns game. bill: winner overtime. nicely done. >> thank you. the war of words between donald trump and jeb bush heating up. we'll get karl rove and former high-ranking george w. bush administration officials to weigh in. plus coverage of the benghazi terror investigation and email controversy getting very hot over the weekend. we'll explore that. do you really need seven or eight hours of sleep? a new study you will want to hear about for the sleep deprived. bill: got it. browns fans were not happy. congratulations. >> you're a cincinnati fan. 6-0. bill: california lawmakers said
7:51 am
to blame for raging wildfires across the state. new information that might disprove those claims. up next.
7:52 am
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bill: you may recall some california lawmakers blaming climate change for the devastating wildfires in that state but a number of climate scientists saying that link does not have support. chief correspondent jonathan hunt is working that story live in our bureau in los angeles. what is governor jerry bruin's argument, jonathan? reporter: governor brown is leading charge to link climate chain to these fires. seen large swaths of his state burn this year, the rocky fire one of worst we've seen in the state over last few months and governor brown is very certain that he knows what is causing these fires. listen here.
7:55 am
>> my message is real clear, california is burning, what the hell are you going to do about it? climate change doesn't wait for politicians t rolls forward. that's why i'm stepping up my efforts to wake people up to get proper action taken. reporter: governor brown has a powerful ally in this, president obama, hosting an event at white house today which climate change will be discussed. a fact sheet published by the white house for this event says, quote, countries and communities around the world are already being affected by deeper, more persistent droughts, pounded by more severe weather, inundated by bigger storm surges and imperilled by more frequent and dangerous wildfires. then you have brown's, governor brown's senior environment aal advisor who says, bill, that we should be fighting climate change on, quote, a world war 3 footing. bill: scientists are arguing
7:56 am
this in what way, jonathan? reporter: this is interesting, because you have "the l.a. times" looking at this some depth, "the l.a. times" not a newspaper known for questioning climate change, they spoke with a range of scientists, with these fires you need to look the way we developed the land and design of homes being put on this land. one of them from the chaparral institute, says if we don't make changes there, the houses will keep burning down and people will keep dying. i don't believe that climate change discussion is helpful. so again, scientists saying it is not about climate change when you look at these fires but you can always find one scientist to say one thing, one to say another. one hand of economic advisors of former presidents, bill. bill: thank you, jonathan. from los angeles, thank you, sir. martha. martha: the latest on the investigation into the deadly attack at a crowded bus station in israel. horrible seen here -- scene here as a gunman opened fire.
7:57 am
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martha: so there we have it on a monday morning, and we wait for the benghazi hearing on thursday which is going to be probably the big itself event over the course of this week. lots to watch. have a good monday, everybody. bill: that's right. martha: see you later. ♪ ♪ jenna: and the gop race for the white house getting even more heated as donald trump once again goes after jeb bush's brother about the 9/11 attacks. hello, everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: and i'm jon scott. donald trump blasting jeb bush's claims that his brother, quote, kept us safe in the aftermath of 9/11. he claims things would have been very different if he had been in charge. governor bush says trump's comments show a lack of seriousness, but trump is not backing down. >> jeb said we were safe with my brother, we were safe.


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