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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 19, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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jon: hope it's a great monday for you. we'll see you back here in an hour. jenna: "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ ♪ sandra: welcome, everyone, i'm sandra smith. here today is harris faulkner, andrea tantaros, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy, and today's #oneluckyguy, also from fbn, charles payne is here, and he is "outnumbered." >> outnumbered. it's been too long. harris: yeah, it has been. and you're wearing playboy cuff linkings. >> can we zoom in on those? harris: no dirty pictures, only good journal i. >> i was going to wear them last time, so i was happy when the
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news came out, but a sad day for most older men. [laughter] younger guys don't care because they've always had the internet, but, you know. sandra: it's always fun to have you, charles. let's get to the news. this could be a critical week for hillary clinton. she's about to square off with republicans in congress when she testifies thursday before the select committee investigating the benghazi attacks that occurred during her watch as secretary of state. the attacks that left four americans, including our ambassador chris stevens, dead. this as the chair of that committee says new information reveals the ambassador's pleas for beefed-up security fell on deaf ears. that stevens ran up against a state department that seemed more concerned about the pr headache presented by a deteriorating libya. chairman trey gowdy. >> the total disconnect between what was happening in libya with the escalation and violence, that we were a soft target, that there was an increase in
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anti-western sentiment, that we were facing an uptick in violence while washington is asking him to read and react to a sidney blumenthal e-mail and help on how to message the violence. he needed help on how to deal with it. sandra: for her part, hillary clinton repeating her claim that the benghazi investigation is just a stunt by republicans to pull down her poll numbers, adding she has already testified on benghazi. >> i don't know that i have very much to add. this is, after all, the eighth investigation. other committees of the congress, standing committees with very experienced members and staff have all looked into this and basically just rejected the conspiracy theories that are still floating out there in some circles. sandra: all right. so what do you make of that, charles? she's saying in this interview that aired over the weekend she doesn't have anything else to add. >> she'd better have something else to add, because i think her
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cavalier attitude is one of the reasons those so-called conspiracy theories continue to linger which is, by the way, the main clinton go-to card. whenever something goes badly for the clintons, they say it's a right-wing conspiracy that's after them. and the fact of the matter is she seemed to be almost indifferent about it, what difference does it make, it's in the past, yada, yada. a lot of questions have not been answered, hence the eighth investigation. we would hike, as the american people, to know what exactly happened and maybe to get some sort of mea culpa, because we know that things did not go right. there was a cover-up element to this, it would be nice for someone to be honest. sandra: and the american people are not satisfied with the answers and the answers that hillary clinton has provided on this. they want the investigation to continue. kennedy: and i'm sure democrats want to put it to bed. her transparent '90s playbook isn't doing her any favors. democrats have to have a solid candidate, and they do want to
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put it behind them. i'm more interested in the methodology, and i'm hoping those witnesses, including secretary clinton, actually yield something and give us more answers to the questions that have been lingering for so long. and that's what trey gowdy is promising. sandra: it's tough, andrea, to hear her say this is just politics when yet we still don't have the questions answered that everybody wants to have answered. andrew: right. not even that, but she also thought it was pretty funny, a laughing matter with jake tapper. we have that sound. watch this. >> i know bernie sanders said that, quote, the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. [laughter] but there are people who are not. >> well -- [laughter] >> including fbi officials looking into whether national security was compromised because of this server. andrea: the large national security breach in recent memory where four americans died is no laughing matter, one that she created, by the way, for political reasons. and, sandra, there are three
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phases to this scandal. there is the phase that led up to this. what was ambassador stevens doing in tripoli with security train down? if this was her friend, he knew about these cables. he'd been asking for security. hillary didn't give it to him. yet she sent him to tripoli that night with no security. and by the way, there was an attack on the consulate, the british be consulate and the red cross. they had closed both of them down in the weeks that led up to it, and sandra, our consulate was attacked twice before that fateful night in benghazi, twice. and the second time a hole was blown in the wall so big that 20 men could walk through. why wasn't the president -- which i assume he was informed because that's u.s. soil -- why didn't they shut down that consulate? why didn't they give them more security? why was there a standdown order? and why did they cover it up with those ads in pakistan and try to blame it on a video and jail the filmmaker? there are still so many
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questions. kennedy: can i just add something very quickly to what she said about chris stephens and his location. his location in benghazi was on -- in one of hillary clinton's e-mails it was deemed classified. so that information could have been compromised, and we still have yet to know be that compromise led to the attacks and his whereabouts were clearly known. sandra: what do you expect this week, harris? harris: well, one thing is for certain hearing the details come is that now we're being reminded. they did the polling about how people cared less about this over the summer, and hillary clinton's campaign was kind of using that. they're not anesthetized now. it comes back fresh with new information from new details. at one point christopher stevens joked maybe we should ask for another government to pay for security upgrades, because our government is not willing to do it. we have those facts now, and i don't think she can run away from those. it's going to be really difficult.
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now, the timing is it's closer to the primary season. the timing is bad for hillary clinton. andrew: yep, exactly. why didn't she give him more security and answer those cables? well, most of those who watched that first democratic debate for 2016 say they think hillary clinton gave the best performance. but her strong showing did not improve her standing in a new poll. it shows clinton at 45% in the race for the nomination with vermont senator bernie sanders behind her at 29%. for hillary, her status is basically the same as before the debate. so, harris, what do you think about this? i mean, she did do well compared to the others on the stage, but it goes back to that theory that your mind is pretty much made up about hillary clinton. you either like her or you don't. harris: yeah. i was looking down at my phone because there was new information today about exactly where she was. the fact that she's the same in the polling just tells me she didn't hurt herself, but it doesn't say she's fending off bernie sanders.
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if you had asked the question whether hillary clinton would be fending off bernie sanders six months ago, i think most knowledgeable people in politics and maybe those of us who are not so knowledgeable at times would have said no way. but she has continuously hurt herself by not answering the questions about benghazi -- >> trying to be respectful. harris: i love it. she hasn't answered questions that needed to be answered early on. andrea: charles, is she playing not to lose now? is that the strategy? >> i think we all probably have to go back and recheck on what's winning and losing. i think this politicallen has been turned -- season has been turned so upside down, people watch that and said hillary won. social media said bernie sanders won. i think there's a disconnect not only between the way things have gone, but how it's covered. and i think this is why the media's gotten all of this wrong from donald trump to bernie sanders to ben carson. maybe bernie sanders won. maybe that's why hillary didn't
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go up. maybe he resonated more. maybe he was more authentic, maybe they believed he would follow through. whatever it was, maybe with the american people he really won and he is a true, true threat. kennedy: younger people are moved by bernie sanders' message. i don't think there's anyone they identify with demographically in the race right now. i think bernie sanders' policies are incredibly dangerous. i think he would put us on a fast track to becoming greece. i think socialism doesn't work in the united states of america. having said that, i think hillary clinton is unethical and abhorrent, and even though i have so much personal disdain for her, i still think she won the disdain. andrew: sandra, you talk about all the time why aren't they talking about the economy, and it seems like when hillary clinton tries, she can't break away from this e-mail scandal, so she can't move these numbers either way. sandra: i thought you were going to say i always talk about track and field. [laughter] that's what i was thinking of. you saw the least competitive race, right? the least options on the table,
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and it just wasn't that exciting to watch. she was the clear front runner, and you walked ea, as you were pointing out, andrea, you've already decided you either like her or you don't. i just wonder if this was an even better thing for the republican party because they are offering more options, it is a more competitive race and, quite frankly, people are more entertained by it. >> a lot of people said the republicans won that night, that joe biden might have won that night, a whole lot of other winners probably emerged. andrea: what about diversity, charles, because you look at the stage too, and they're talking about spreading the wealth around and reaching out, and they claim to be this diverse party, but it was the face of white privilege. there's a bunch of white senior citizens, and then you look at the republican stage, and you have the most diverse crowd we've seen in decades. >> yeah. we're starting to see that more and more. i think that whole race/gender card even though hillary played it throughout the debate, it's fading away, and more and more people are seeing through that smoke screen. kennedy: well, it makes sense why they were all talking about
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expanding social security on there. [laughter] the combined age is, like, 700,000. andrea: well, donald trump and jeb bush not backing down. all weekend long, did you see it? a war of words back and forth over george w. bush and 9/11. how each republican candidate is doubling down, and who stands to lose the most in this one? plus, tensions are high after a weekend of escalating violence in the middle east. secretary of state john kerry heading to israel to try and put a stop to the violence, but will kerry be able to help solve this ongoing conflict? and right after the show catch more from the couch. the lunchtime love sandwich where you get to talk to us and ask us things like what did you do this weekend and how does charles select his cuff links and ties? [laughter] fire away those questions, click that ot tag. harris is logging on now, so is sandra. fire away. ♪ ♪ many i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength.
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with pg&e's business energy check-up. ♪ ♪ harris: well, i'm going to be happy that it's monday. andrea's rolling her eyes, as she always does. [laughter] well, now it's a fight. donald trump versus jeb bush over the september 11th terror attacks on america. neither republican presidential candidate is backing down at this point, and here is the tick
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tock on this to catch you up. first, donald trump told a reporter he does not blame former president george w. bush for what happened on 9/11, but he was president at the time. on fox news sunday, trump went further than that saying that if he had been president at that time, the hijackers likely would not have been in the united states. >> i believe that if i were running things, i doubt those families -- can i doubt that those people would have been in the country. so there is a good chance that those people would not have been in our country. with that being said, i'm not blaming george bush, but i don't want jeb bush to say my brother kept us safe because september 11th was one of the worst days in the history of this country. harris harris cue jeb bush who nose now defending -- who's now defending his brother. >> it doesn't show he's a serious person as it relates to being commander in chief and being the architect of a foreign policy. across the spectrum of foreign
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policy, mr. trump talks about things as though he's still on "the apprentice." harris: all right, andrea, you roll your eyes at mondays, and i scratch my head at jeb bush. this has not gone well for him when he takes on donald trump. is he smart to do it this time? andrea: i actually rolled them at donald trump and jeb bush many times, more so jeb bush than trump. i think it wasn't quite accurate, what donald trump said. to blame george w. bush -- and that's how i interpreted it from the go, even though he tried to clear it up -- not exactly fair. however, i do think it's not helpful to jeb to constantly have to be defending his brother. and donald trump, remember, is the only one that's talking about really strict immigration policies. george w. bush had more lenient immigration policies. so does his brother. so that puts jeb on the defensive to defend lax immigration. and, again, when you really start to study this back and forth, winner at the very end, donald trump, because he puts them on the defense saying what are you going to do about
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immigration? i would have kept those hijackers out. you, arguably, don't have a strict policy. and i think he's a master at that. you have to give it to trump. harris: you know what's interesting about this, charles? it stays in the wheelhouse, if you will, of donald trump's platform. i mean, he has figured out how to pick a fight and make it work to the advantage of what he's been saying all along on a certain issue. >> right. well, jeb bush is, he's just faltering. everything points in my mind to him probably leaving -- harris: even with all that money? >> plus, he's burning through that cash so quickly. he's in trouble, in my mind, and this only makes it worse. everyone's making the same point. he doesn't set the agenda, so he's a feeble counterpuncher. it's hard to say someone being president just seven months in would have changed all the visa policies, would have kicked out every illegal and legal immigrant in america. listen, i understand some people believe donald trump is going to be inaugurated and the next day every illegal's going to stand
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in line and wait for the bus to take them back to the mexican border. it's not going to necessarily play out that way. one of the interesting things for me in a general election when there's so much in-fighting and so much finger pointing that they crush the entire gop brand. we'll see what happens, but i think jeb is absolutely done. i really do. i think he's on fumes right now, and this is just another -- harris: that's hard to believe when you consider how much cash he started out with. a feebling counterpuncher is what i wrote down. i do think it's interesting that jeb bush's comeback is you're not serious on foreign policy, donald trump. kennedy: and donald trump saying, that's fine. sandra: it's giving him another platform and another opportunity as it has all along. even if donald trump, as many have reported, didn't know he was going to make this far, once again he is leading the conversation, and i don't know that this war of words is such a bad thing. it's really bringing to the forefront what is probably one of the most important things in this campaign, foreign policy
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and getting isis. as jeb bushel wently pointed out -- eloquently pointed out, we are facing grave threats right now. at least they're having conversations. i don't know if this is a bad thing for the republican party, i think it's a good thing. kennedy: well, it's a bad thing for jeb bush, certainly. the worst place he can be is on the ropes. when you put him on the defensive, he performs so badly, and he also performs badly when he embraces his brother's record. this is a person who's trying to differentiate himself by saying they call me jeb, meaning they don't include my last name, bush, but here he is mired in the bush name. and the other thing that i don't appreciate from trump, how easy is it to say, you know, if i were president in 1941 pearl harbor wouldn't have happened. if i were president in 1916, we wouldn't have gone into world war i. it is such -- >> but we do need tougher visa laws. andrea: sandra hit the nail on the held though, it puts jeb in two positions he doesn't do well in; defending his brother's
9:21 am
record and immigration. they make him vulnerable. and when you're explaining in politics, you're losing. harris: my big question for jeb bush is why do you need to defend your brother? let his record stand on its own. kennedy: and move the discussion into an area of strength if you plan on getting more support in this race. harris: we'll move forward. violence in israel is getting worse. an attacker armed with a gun and a knife murdered an israeli soldier and went after people at a bus station, many of them injured. this is after several weeks of israeli citizens under attack and the military there deployed to cities. secretary of state john kerry is getting ready to go to israel to meet with leaders. question is, will his visit help? plus, new information on joe biden's chances of running for the white house as he faces increasing pressure to make a decision, really peer pressure to run for president. what does that look like? ♪ ♪
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andrea: well, tension is high in israel after a weekend of escalating violence. a man armed with a gun and a knife opening fire at a bus station in the south killing an israeli soldier and wounding ten people before he was shot dead last night. a migrant also killed after an israeli security guard mistakenly thought he was an attacker as well. meantime, secretary of state john kerry getting ready to head to israel for meetings with leaders there to try and help put a stop to the violence. here is what he had to say about that earlier today. >> we want to see calm restored, and we want to see the violence stopped, and i think everybody in israel and in the region would like to see both of those things happen. we continue to urge everybody to exercise restraint and to restrain from any kind of self-help in terms of the violence. andrea: what a joke.
9:27 am
i mean, really, charles, what a joke. everybody should restrain violence, everybody. they're not the same, both sides, hamas and the israelis. they're not. >> you listen to john kerry and president obama, hey, you know, it's like a playground thing where you try to get both sides, no one's at fault here, it's so parochial, and they won't take a stance, and it's pretty obvious who's committing the violence, who's instigating the violence. and this notion of pitying and trying to be diplomatic and not be honest, i think, actually makes it worse every single time. it goes into these death spirals until it gets uglier and uglier. ann i -- andrea: i don't see john kerry helping especially on the heels of his spokesman's remarks. harris: a spokesperson for the state department coming out and saying that was definitely not helpful. i will say this, if you're
9:28 am
looking for israel to take the high road, they must be honking at no neighbors on the high road because what they're doing today is really impressive. they're working with palestinian leadership to have the medics go in and treat their own palestinian protesters. and they're agreeing to have that happen on their own land, to have that happen. i mean, that's an amazing thing. they're coming to kill you -- and not the protesters, but they're definitely coming and causing some violence. your citizens are getting killed, yet you're going to work with the opposition to make sure that they have access to their own people to treat them medically. i mean, it's an incredible thing. sandra: and, charles, as secretary kerry makes his plans to go over there to bring calm to the region, i mean, it just makes you wonder what is he doing to prepare, and what sort of leverage does he think that we still have? >> well, we don't have any leverage, and i think more importantly, we don't have any credibility. that's why we don't have leverage. because we won't come down. there are times when this is
9:29 am
just pretty plain, obvious, and i just don't understand. it's the overall ethos of the obama administration that somehow everybody in the world that we're all sort of on the same moral plane from isis suicide bombers who are only doing that because they don't have a job opportunity, and otherwise this is sort of a perfect world and no one's more guilty than anyone else. that's why they have been, their policies have been feckless, and the world has gone deeper and deeper into the abyss. andrea: you look at the trend of what president obama has done, you know, telling israel basically to return to '67 borders, to snubbing netanyahu multiple times, then this iran deal. there's a list of things that the president has done directly to hurt relationship, so how is kerry going to go fix it? kennedy: you know, again, he's just waiting for his nobel prize that's never going to show up. and the international community has to be looking at this, and israel's going thanks for the iran deal, you know? this is one of the groups that iran could potentially be
9:30 am
funding, and, you know, our death to them is imminent. that's all they want, that is the reason for being. it is such a disastrous situation. and kerry doesn't do anything to make it better. he doesn't represent the united states -- andrea: he should be cleaning his boat up in nantucket. harris: oh, stop it. andrea: that's where he's more use. this is a secretary of state said climate change is the number one greatest threat facing the country and also one that tried to help the israelis and palestinians get to a peace deal and actually negotiated with hamas. the first time the state department's done that. harris: i wonder at this point if he could go over there, and i asked this question last week, does the state department owe israel an apology after what was said by admiral kirby? i mean, because that really was -- >> i think the administration owed him an apology long before that. harris: with your top diplomat, i mean, do you begin there? where will he start?
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sandra: urging restraint. well, back to the race for 2016. sources telling fox news that vice president joe biden is privately telling democrats it is likely he will jump into the presidential race. the vice president facing a lot of pressure from democrats urging him to make a decision one way or another. that pressure only growing more intense following front runner hillary clinton's strong performance in last week's first democratic debate. but a longtime adviser to biden reportedly saying that he refuses to be, quote, bullied into this decision and that he wants to decide on his own time. to whom do you think he is referencing as bullying, andrea? andrea: i was thinking the same thing, sandra, who's bullying uncle joe? [laughter] could it be the president? i'm not sure. sandra: the media? i don't know. andrea: if he gets in this race, the only way he's going to get traction is if he goes negative against hillary clinton. he cannot do what the other guys did on that stage and play nice. unfortunately, there's that
9:32 am
footage of him from 2008 where he said she'd make a better president than i would, and you know hillary's going to run that over and over and shay thank you, joe -- say thank you, joe, for that endorsement. harris: to your point, it's why i've heard someone say it would be very, very timely for him to get into the race right before the benghazi hearing, so that he has the standing and the fodder to be able to take some shots at her. that news cycle starts, he'll be behind it. he's got to get out in front of it. it's an interesting premise. kennedy: timing wise though, he should get in after the benghazi -- harris: why do you think that? kennedy: because if he gets in before, that's a political field for her. his entry into the race, if she does poorly or mediocre, nobody's going to be talking about that. harris: i think the opposite. [inaudible conversations] >> below the fold, as they say. the benghazi hearings. harris: if it's before it, it's better. sandra: you're the money man. wall street has showed that they have unrelenting support for
9:33 am
hillary clinton in the face of her losing a lot of ground in the polls, but joe biden gets in, does wall street back him? >> he'll still have some backers. there's certainly some limousine liberals in manhattan who like uncle joe, if you will. [laughter] you know, so far he hasn't been persuaded, pulled to the left -- harris: well, we don't know. he hasn't done anything yet. >> right. we do know that bernie sanders and elizabeth warren who are now -- particularly elizabeth warren -- very serious power brokers that have had an amazing impact on hillary clinton, whether she's still going wink-wink to the wall street crowd remains to be seen. inside there's uncle joe. that means the democrats have admitted this thing ain't working. although, listen, i think president obama's made it pretty s had some serious animosity towards the clintons. he's let a lot of this stuff linger when he probably could have nipped it in the bud, at least, you know, prolonged it until after the election process. andrea: but, charles, what does
9:34 am
it say when uncle joe is the plan b, right? when kool & the gang celebrate good times comes on when you celebrate another old white guy? kennedy: what's left, a looming indictment or a looming gaffe, you know? joe biden starts to look pretty attractive -- harris: i guess that depends on what that gaffe will be. here's that new hampshire poll that i mentioned earlier, the boston herald. it has sanders at 38%, clinton at 30, biden at 19. and it just says the rest at 1%. >> yeah. harris: this' interesting. if joe biden is the second choice and it's typically true you're most popular before you get in, that doesn't look good. bernie sanders has twice the following in new hampshire -- >> the polls have pointed out biden getting in would make sanders -- kennedy: more competitive. harris: hillary takes a hit. >> he and hillary divvy up the rest.
9:35 am
sandra: our own ed henry saying biden's made phone calls the past couple days to democrats in iowa, new hampshire, he's not letting the debate result influence his decision. >> how many writers around the world are saying, please run. please run. sandra: well, his school district demanded he stop his postgame prayers at midfield, but this high school football coach defying those orders under the friday night lights, and he wasn't alone. so did he do something wrong, or is the school violating his religious freedom? >> i understand it's tough from the school district's point, the separation between state and church, but this isn't -- nobody's being forced to stay out there, nobody's being forced to sit out there and listen to them praying. hi i'm heather cox
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♪ ♪ kennedy: welcome back. a washington state high school football coach putting his job on the line for his faith. last month the school district
9:40 am
ordered assistant coach joe kennedy to stop praying after games, saying it violated the separation of church and state, but on friday night kennedy went to the 50-yard line and knelt down by himself. he was soon joined by team members, players from the other side and a group of supporters. he says the support overwhelmed him, and then he said this: >> i'm going to be bold in my faith, and i'm going to fight the good fight, and i want to set that example for every one of the kids if you believe in something, it doesn't matter if it's popular. if you think it's right, follow the process and do what you have to do. kennedy: all right. bremerton lost that night, and i have to wonder has his, has his fight become a distraction for the team and the school, charles? >> absolutely not. i think it was beautiful. i got goose bumps just looking at it. it's a beautiful thing, in my mind. and his prayer is, lord, i thank you for these kids and the blessing you've given me with them. we believe in the game, we believe in competition, and we come into it as rivals and leave as brothers. that's a message. that's learning.
9:41 am
that's a learning experience. i mean, you could argue that he was teaching which is, by the way, what coaches really are. it's not about winning and losing, i shouldn't be. it should be about teaching faith, teaching this kind of thing. it's lost in our school system. i stand with him 100%. kennedy: i mean, he's, maybe he's trying to retire early because, you know, his job has been threatened, the aclu is helping the school board. there's a lot of legal action involved. what is the ultimate outcome of this? andrea: i don't know, but i think the aclu has a pretty weak case. i mean, he's not forcing the players to kneel and pray, he's not trying to indoctrinate them, he's not pushing his religion or trying to force his religion somehow on other people. it's free will. and you see this in the nfl. sandra i you talked about how you would pray at lsu and how it was important to these athletes. if they want to kneel down and pray with him, they have that right, and i would love to see the aclu fight this case. freedom of religion under
9:42 am
attack, so bring it on. harris: you know the context of all of this is that christians are being hunted around the world. >> sure. harris: i mean, they are asking -- terrorists are asking christians who they are, identify yourself before i kill you. my goodness, we've seen that in our own country. but the context also for this particular coach, he said he was huddled, he began to pray, and he could hear people coming up around him, and he said to himself, uh-oh, i'm not sure if that's kids or not, i could be in trouble, but he continued to pray anyway. he knows potentially his job is on the line. kennedy: okay, but he's not handing out copies, he's not, and he doesn't have some sort of an organized spectacle. so in my mind, this is protected free speech regardless of whether or not you agree with the -- sandra: okay. so let me just play the devil's advocate. not my personal thought. but what if there were students on the team, either team, who felt like they had to participate because everybody on their team was.
9:43 am
does that put them in a bad position? andrea: they've got to prove it. kennedy: i agree with that. andrea: then i'd like to see the evidence there. sandra: i'm just playing devil's advocate, because i think this is such a lesson for students on both teams -- harris: it's a fair question. andrea: they would have to come forth with evidence showing that in some way the coach, number one, forced them but two, then, would retaliate -- >> punished for not doing it. sandra: if this guy loses his job, there's going to be 15 other schools that line up to hire him. harris: the other thing you'd also have to prove is whether or not the act of what you felt you needed to do to participate was harmful. it's not like you're being shamed into participating with drugs, which would be harm of to you -- harmful to you. kennedy: let me ask you this, charles. if he had taken a prayer mat out to the middle of the field, if this were a muslim, would you be defending him?
9:44 am
>> i would still defend him. particularly if he had the same exact message, and, you know, but that's not what happened. what happened was that this is yet another christian in america, a country that was built on the foundation of christianity that's being under attack. i can tell you right now the atheists are on the rise, and the more they win, i feel the more america loses. andrea: it doesn't help their case as atheists if they're trying to empower people to join their cause, atheism. it's not something compelling when you're being this intolerant. they want respect and tolerance -- >> they keep, they're pretty good at framing this as somehow being coercion, you know, or -- andrea: i would love to see if this coach brought an assistant coach in that was muslim and on the other side of field had a similar type of thing, if the aclu would want to pursue this case, i doubt it. >> probably not. kennedy: all right. well, some men say they love the idea of dating a woman who's smarter than they are -- [laughter] but a new study shows that in
9:45 am
reality -- ooh, that's not the case, is it, boys? [laughter] what's going on? does a smart woman threaten a man's masculinity? we'll put it to the brain test, next. ♪ ♪ did you know that good nutrition is critical for brain health? brain food, hmmm. ensure has b vitamins that help support brain health
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andrea: you know you're hungry for more "outnumbered," but first jon scott's with what's coming up in hour two of "happening now." jon: bernie sanders holding a town hall in iowa right now. we are monitoring that for news. several new polls out today show hillary clinton getting a small bump from the first democratic debate. those polls show bernie sanders has maintained his number two position. and all eyes are on vice president joe biden. will he run? fox news reporter ed henry says his sources say the vice president is expected to get into the race for the white house. we'll have reaction on that ahead next hour on "happening now." andrea: thank you. jon: thanks. sandra: a new study revealing that some men are threatened by smart women and actually may not want to date them because of it. listen to this. in this study men were asked to imagine dating a woman who was a
9:50 am
lot smarter than themselves. the men were initially enticed by the idea, but when it came to actually meeting that woman in person, they suddenly had a change of heart. making researchers think that men only like the idea of dating a smarter woman. but not actually doing so. andrea, you're cracking up. [laughter] andrea: i'm cracking up because our stage manager pat is rolling his eyes, huffing and puffing going, whatever. [laughter] all the gender studies we do on this show. i actually think this one's somewhat on point. not all men, but i've experienced this before. and if you look at men's magazines, they'll give you ten tips on how to pick up a hot woman at a bar but not how to handle a strong, smart, successful one. so there's a little bit of truth to this. >> that's because there's more than ten tips. [laughter] 1,010 tips on how to handle a smart, successful woman!
9:51 am
andrea: wow! >> i'm not dissing. sandra: all right, charles, i'm not letting you off easy here. kennedy: the dumb ones are fish in a barrel, huh, charles? [laughter] >> hey, you know, they serve alcohol. harris: boy, you are digging deeper and deeper. [laughter] wow. >> i do agree with study. i think men are intimidated by women who are smarter and make more money. harris: you're brave. i've met your wife, and she's brilliant. >> she is. she's very smart, she's passionate. you know, you right though. i think it takes a certain kind of man to be able to say, yeah -- sandra: oh, that's a pat on the back to yourself. kennedy: can i just say something? one of the co-authors of the study is a woman, an academic with a ph.d. who has maybe had a tough time meeting gentlemen in her life. i'm not saying that i know the woman or know anything about her, i'm just imagining that there might be cats, there might
9:52 am
be reruns of ally mcbeal. harris: oh, that's not very nice. kennedy: i'm saying -- [inaudible conversations] using the study as confirmation why she's going to have a hard time knocking it out of the park too. >> a lot of times guys associate smart women with being unattractive women, that somehow if they were filling out a form that the woman was smart, then she might, you know, might not necessarily be attractive. and that might play a role that these researchers didn't know how to quantify. kennedy: okay. but here's how they countered that. they had people -- they thought they were taking intelligence tests, and then they met each other. and when the guys were told these women actually performed better, the men sought fewer phone numbers and less interaction with them. andrea: they said the idea of them, and i think that's true. but when you meet a guy, like your husband or your husband, that loves smart, successful women like the two of you who are also gorgeous, they're pretty awesome. i mean, i've had a handful in my life, like you, charles --
9:53 am
[inaudible conversations] harris: i have to say, though, to charles' point -- not to give you too much credit -- but when i met my husband, we were not talking about our mensa experiences. like, that was -- sandra: because you weren't talking, were you? harris: oh, no, we were. ♪ ♪ harris: you're connecting on a different level. so i do think -- when you ask a guy in theory what do you think of this woman and then he gets nervous in person, that doesn't surprise me necessarily. i mean, everything is scarier in person. kennedy: oh, if only intelligence were the ultimate trophy. ♪ ♪ [laughter] sandra: so smart. andrea: there's a lot of guys out there. sandra: as our producer would say, this segment may have gone off the rails. [laughter] all right, getting ticketed by a police officer usually is not a good thing, is it? one police department is changing that. why officers are now handing out citations for good behavior. and what residents are getting as a reward. ♪ ♪
9:54 am
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harris: sing it, charles. there we go. all right, can't stand getting a ticket, right? in one new england town it can be wicked, a wicked good thing, i'm told. police in concord, massachusetts, are writing citations for good behavior, things like wearing a bike helmet or seat belt, yielding to pedestrians at crosswalks and looking both ways before crossing the street. people who get the good tickets can redeem them for two scoops at a local ice cream parlor. concord's police chief wants to create a positive relationship with the community. watch. >> there's been some negative publicity about our profession over the last year or so, and we believe that overall police in this country do a great job assisting people day in and day out. and this is just an example of it. i know departments around the country are doing great things every day. harris: that's a wicked good thing. i love it. you know what? what do you think about this? >> first of all, he's brilliant on the part of the ice cream parlor owner. [laughter] a lot of free publicity and a lot of people coming to the spot, so smart move on your
9:59 am
part. i don't know, i'm so/so on it. as a new yorker, i don't want to be bothered either way. you don't have to pat me on the head, you also don't have to -- just reeve me alone either way, and i've got -- leave me alone either way. i salute any earths to try to -- any efforts to try to make it better. harris: they're going to give away 200 of these. sandra: that's great. there's nobody making money other than the ice cream parlor. i think it's a nice gesture. i don't know that it's going to last and, unfortunately, there probably will be some negative incidents that come out of the positive ones. harris: you think so? sandra: con confrontation. harris: one of the things the police department said they're trying to do is have a different effect when someone sees an officer. andrea: at first i thought this was stupid except for the free ice cream cone because i would be buckling up and looking both ways for that triple dip. until i heard the reasoning why, and i thought it was a really good point because of the issues with police.
10:00 am
it's a nice way to blend in the with the citizenry and have some community involvement. harris: more on this in outnumbered overtime. we'll go to you first, kennedy, for that. we're online in just a few seconds, click on the overtime tap. now, "happening now." "happening now". >> jeb said we are safe with my brother. well. the world trade center fell down. when we were safe, that is not safe. >> the war of words between the presidential hopefuls. >> there were real people on the other side of the act. >> 25 years after one of the deadliest terror


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