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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 19, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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it's a nice way to blend in the with the citizenry and have some community involvement. harris: more on this in outnumbered overtime. we'll go to you first, kennedy, for that. we're online in just a few seconds, click on the overtime tap. now, "happening now." "happening now". >> jeb said we are safe with my brother. well. the world trade center fell down. when we were safe, that is not safe. >> the war of words between the presidential hopefuls. >> there were real people on the other side of the act. >> 25 years after one of the deadliest terror attacks.
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will new evidence lead to arrests? >> and the manhunt after a deadly shooting in a zombie festival. >> i look down at my hand and there was a giant hole in it basically. >> we are live with the latest. "happening now". >> fox news alert. vice-president joe biden expected to announce he's running for president. i am jon scott. >> i am jenna lee. speculation about the run is spirling. and>mvqñ now ed henry said joe is expected to run in the race. >> reporter: jenna, we have heard that vice-president joe biden would announce his decision by the end of the summer. we are still waiting for the decision. we are hearing that there are
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reports it is coming soon. three sources that the vice-president is expected to announce he's running and telling supporters he's planning to jump in and not rushing and does not believe the timing will be imminent. this saturday, democrat jefferson jackson event and mar que. and in november a handful of filing deadlines. and why many democrats are trying to push the vice-president either way. president obama publicly staying out of this. >> i am not going to comment what joe is or not doing. i think you can direct those questions to my very abled vice-president. >> reporter: the press briefing is ongoing. josh earnest said he doesn't
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know if the president knows what the vice-president's decision is or time line. and if biden jumped in the race, hillary clinton leading at 45 percent. and bernie sanders at 25 percent and biden who is undeclared at a shade under 20 percent. back to you. >> rich. thank you. >> for moreçó on this we'll bri in karl rove. carl, a lot of the political experts if there is such a thing that the door has closed on joe biden's entry in the race, how do you so it? >> i am not of that opinion. i don't think the debate had an impact on whether he would run. if you wanted to look at the aftermath of the debade, sure. hillary clinton did well.
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if you look at the polls afterwards. she won the debate but the move was to bernie sanders. and joe biden, what does he have to lose. my son asked me to do it on my deathbed and i was the happy warrior and i talked about blue collar america and rallied the labor unions. and i am not certain the debate >> you don't think there is a down side for him? >> if he loses. i don't think he really cares that much. he either win oars loses. and he will be the happy warrior. one thing you can say about joe biden, he will go into this and he will be saying weird things
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but having fun at it. and i am not sure how much there will be as a down side. he will go in as vice-presidcyw and he will either one shot and won or loss. >> and we'll talk to you about the republican politics. >> all eyes on capitol hill as hillary clinton gets ready for her much anticipated testimony before the committee. the schedule is light and speculation that she's taking time to prepare. this comes as fox news gets a cable showing two months before the terrorist attack that killed them. ambassador stephens requested more security in libya. he was turned down. in the years leading up to the 2010 terrorist attacks there
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weriçs[ 234 terrorist incidents libya. and including the assassination attempt on a british ambassador and the team narrowly escaped and while it was shared with the state department, no additional security was added. two months before the consulate attack shows ambassador stephens requested 13 additional security personnel to help him travel the country and he was turned down boy patrick kennedy. and kepd kenned advocate for handgun licenses for the local guard force in blue mountain libya. and he had to choose between guarding the tripoli airport and sending the security with ambassador stephens to benghazi on september 11th. and he chose to reinforce the
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airport. >> the the real problem he was forced in a choice of that nature. you couldn't do both things which were probably necessary. you could only do one. >> reporter: the blue mountain libya was in disarray on september 12th, 2012, in libya they didn't have documents. they were provided through judicial watch and the partnership was dissolved between a dispute between libya and blue mountain libia. they were willing for blue mountain to use the license. despite the e-mail traffic the state department felt there was no problem with the license and the local guards could use it on a temporary basis. you get a sense of how precarious things were on the
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day of the attack, jenna. >> so as we reported in the first hour of "happening now", a war of words is playing out between jeb bush and donald trump over comments about the attack on 9/11. bush may have more serious problems on the campaign trail though. a recent headline jeb bush, no longer the mr. inevitable for republicans. what bush needs to find and fast is a compelling reason why undecided republicans need to be be on his side. without that all of the money and endorsements and name credibility in the world won't win him with the gop nomination next year. carl, your take on the the washington post piece. does jeb bush need to delineate a clearer purpose in his candidacy?
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>> he does. he's laying the predicate for. that now people should have made up their minds? most republicans haven't made up their minds and they will not make up their minds until later. the i would remind you that rand paul, as of november 24th of last year was leading jeb bushyj polls. jeb moved in the lead. and lost to scott walker. and walker was in the lead until late april and jeb bush maintained it until july 19th with donald trump. time it will change we are kidding ourselves. we have three and half months before we vote on the delegates. five percent of the delegates will be settled in february and 95 percent march 1st and thereafter. we have a long way to go in the contest.
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>> a lot of people suggest that show national numbers that show trump in the lead jeb has a ground game in iowa. looking at politics average of presid goers, it puts bush in sixth place. is he in trouble in iowa? >> i think iowa would be better territory for ben carson or ted cruz. it was run by sanatorium and huckabee. only one candidate that won iowa and that was george w. in 2000. remember again five percent of the delegates will be chosen in february. the other 95 percent republicans do what was done in the four early states? i don't think so. it will be be a long contest and we'll so a lot of twists and turns before we get to the end.
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>> chris, an opinion writer wrote this piece. he said jeb bush's demeanor is a poor fit for a republican party and republican base than confrontation on all times and% fronts. i heard it over the weekend, they like donald trump's brash approach calling out the world like he sees. it and jeb bush is a conventional politician. >> we'll see again how much that brashness lasts. on the weekend we had the controversy on 9/11. and mr. trump gave an interview to the washington post and why he was blaming 9/11 on george bush. he said the director of the cia knew about the attack before it happen. that was not true.
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there was increased chatter about an attack but no actual intelligence on which they could act. the 9/11 commission looked at the cia knew in advance and found it was unsupported. cia was not talking to each other and everybody knew it at the time. that was decisions made in previous administrations in trying to interpret the laws of the united states. and not until the passing of the patriot act and homeland security that the wall was torn they could legally talk to each other. and one of the points, mr. trump said he could have stopped 9/11 because he was tough on immigration. i examined the comments and i can't find a statement where there would be a policy where
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xrp with a mideast passport would be here in the united states. either he doesn't know the facts or twisting the facts to achieve the political purpose. using 9/11 and claiming that george bush was responsible for 9/11 happening is beyond the pale and it will hurt him with republican primary voters. he would find himself in places. really, you know, you are saying george teinant was a liar and knew and let this happen to our country? what a stain on the central intelligence agency for him to suggest they knew what was happening. >> he's clearly touched a nerve. we'll see if that extends party wide. >> recent polls showed 80 percent of the republicans believe that george bush did an excellent job in the 9/11. he's running uphill on this one.
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>> hundreds of people running for their lives. how a zombie festival in florida took a deadly turn. isis getting involved in terrorist attacks in israel. we want to hear from you. former senator rick sanatorium is our guest. and what you want to ask him for the presidential race. go to to join the conversation.
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>> a fox news alert. police are out looking for a suspect in the deadly zombie shooting in florida. they are looking for a white or hispanic male in his early 20s. he shot and hurt victims. >> we are getting a clear picture of the shooter from cell
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phone, in fort meyers and eyewitnesss to the shooting. the shooter himself said to be in the 20s, wearing a ball cap used a semi-automatic handgun to fire in the crowd. it came at the end of the festival many thought it was part of thes only when blood began to flow they realized it was a real shooting. >> it was a traumaitizing real experience. and people are dressed up and scary. people are walking around with guns that look real. >> i heard 6 or 7 shots and we saw one person laying on the ground and the cops were working on him. >> one person killed, that was a 20-year-old man, a florida
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college student. and others wounded. it is a difficult scene for police to super vise the people in costume. some had blood splatters and so it was a challenge for police to clear seven square blocks with 20000w3 people in attendance. it grew from a backyard party and now after the shooting it is unclear. >> keep us updated as the search for the suspect goes on. thank you. >> a fox news alert. isis adding gasoline to the conflict in the holy land. the terror group launching a massive media blitz to call on palestinians to attack the israeli soldiers and civilians. saying use knifes and poison and
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explosives. this is one of the most contested religious sites in jerusalem. it is fuelled in part that rumors that israel wasñr planni to take over the area or allow jews more access to it. they said it will not change the arrangement that is in place since 1967. >> nearby, a super power rivalry is playing out in syria. russia stepping up the attacks and the u.s. supports the anti- assad rebels. general jack keene with his insight next. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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>> new concerns that the united states and russia are waging their decades old rivalry in syria. and conducting at least 18 bombing runs in iraq and syria. and syrian rebels have received a new batch of advanced weapons in the americanars nel. ñi and russia is denying that the drone shut down was russian made. president obama last week saying it was not a proxy war. >> we are not going to make syria into a proxy war between the united states and russia. that would be be bad strategy on our part. this is a battle between russia, iran and assad against the syrian people. our battle is with isil and with
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the entire international community to end the blood shed and allow people to be at home and work and grow food and shelter children and send them to school. that's the side we are on. >> and a fox news militaryh'rn i analyst. general keene the president described the strategy as patience. is that working for us. >> there is no evidence to support that. isis expanded in the seven countries and holding same terrain they did year ago. assad proxies are on and russia intervening to make sure that the onclave in damascus is secure because the rebels made progress against it.
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it seems to me, that we have real problems in syria and our strategy is flawed in dealing with it. >> where is the space for diplomacy now? is there space? >> dealing with isis, none. they are fanatical tyrants that want to control terrain and dominant the region of the world and you will not diplomat your way out of that. and with syria, there is. here's what i think the russians are are about and by the way, i dispute the president's postulation we are not in a proxy war. we began a covert program to arm and trade moderate rebels and will increase that in 2014. and that means we had a proxy on the ground that we were trying to overthrow assad.
10:27 am
what the president means, we'll not directly intervene with the air power or troops on the the ground to go against the assad that meets his definition of a ñiproxy war. the russians know they can't retake all of syria. they only own 20 percent and they are on the way to losing that. they want to hold the western the way up to aleppo so that is protected. damascus protected and the alowight onclave is protected and houses a naval and air base. >> the coast line. that is access to water. >> that is a limited military objective which i think they would take. iranians are supporting that.
10:28 am
7000 force and add to a 8000 hesbollah and iraqi militia assisting the syrian army that is veba9klimited. point, they would be be willing to make a deal. they will not talk before that. >> diplomatic solution on our side. russian is trying to figure out vladimar met with the saudis. between russian and saudi arabia for a diplomatic solution to leave assad in power and they go after isis. foreign policy has an article on it today. and the point of the piece, if russia can negotiate this, it underlines the fact that the united states is no longer needed in the region. i am curious on your thoughts and if that is the outcome and
10:29 am
what that means for and you say does that mean american leadership is no more' >> it doesn't mean we are no more, but american leadership is reduced and impact is obvious. the russians are trading arms with saudis. they are with the egyptians and providing advisors in the war against isis in the sinai. it is not surprising they are talk to the saudis about negotiating a deal in syria. why is that happening? those gulf countries, they don't want to buy arms from the russians and make deals, they are only doing that because they no longer rely on the united states to the degree that they did and their enemy is iran and now russia has an a liiance with that and they believe that the relationship with russia means
10:30 am
something to them and gives them leverage with the iranians and that is on the table in the middle east. >> investigators take a closer look at deadly locherbie bombing. and donald trump and jeb bush setting a stage for a show down for next week's debate and trading jabs on 9/11. >> i am not blaming george bush. but i don't want jeb bush to say my brother kept us safe. september 11th was one of the worst days in the history of this country. >> we'll get reaction from michaelñi mukasy who served und president george bush. did you know that good nutrition
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10:35 am
>> jeb bush fired back. >> my brother responded to a cries and he did it as you hope the president do. mr. trump talks about things as if he is on the apprentice. he is not taking the possibility of being the president of the united states seriously. he's not boning up on the issue. >> donald trump said this on fox and friend this is morning. >> if you look at jeb during the debate said my brother kept us safe. i didn't want to embarrass him. wait a minute. we lost the world trade center. his brother was president. and the world trade center came crashing down with 3000 lives and all of the problems ensuing. it was the worst attack in the history of our country.
10:36 am
>> former attorney general michael mukasy served under president george w. bush. so when donald trump suggest that bush 43 did not keep us safe how do you respond? >> oh, please, that is rubbish. that is blaming fdr for pearl harbor. president bush was faced with a situation of an attack. they we2 reviewed by the 9/11 and concluded that the following of intelligence information and they couldn't cooperate with criminal investigators because of a wall build up in a mistaken belief that the law required it and that happen in the clinton president bush didn't blame the clintons, but he turned around
10:37 am
and did what is necessary. this is leadership and kaeshg and this election is will leadership and character. ultimately it will come down to who makes the most sense but the >> there were attacks in the clinton administration notably the attack on the uss cole. and the world trade center attack, hearing the charges against many of the convicted conspirators in that case? >> there was also the attack on the embassies and they were treated as crimes rather than part of a war. but president bush didn't point to that. he defended the country and did whatçó was necessary. >> how does jeb bush answer back against a guy who gets publicity for making the charges. >> as i said in the long run, it is the person who makes the most
10:38 am
sense and not noise. if you explain qualmly and show character and leadership that will prevail. that's what he's trying to do. >> there seems to be a republican hunger for someone frontation. and they have been too quiet and they want somebody who wants to nail, nail people to the wall? >> i think they wantú1wpx confrontational. fvrh they have to couldn't front reality. and not confront imaginations in the hope of knocking down imaginary demons. >> is it an appropriate campaign question at this point? we are talking about an election in 2016? is it fair to look back on what
10:39 am
happen in 9/11, 2001? >> fairness is not the issue. the question is relevance. and i don't think it is relevant. that is just a logical matter. i am not a politician, i am a lawyer. it is not relevant in today's conversation. denying that he is accusing president bush of failing the country even as he does it, that is an old tactic. that went on in ancient rome. someone saying i will pass over you all of the stuff that he was not going to mention. that was old then. >> michael mukasey, good to have you on. thank you. >> right now, new focus on the
10:40 am
lockerbie plane bombing. some say others may be involved and now the brother of one of the victims is getting investigator's attention as he searches for more answers, greg? >> reporter: jenna, this is a story of one brother's love for another and that man's search for justice. táyt locherbie bombing left 189 americans dead. among those victims on board. 25-year-old david dornstien. remembered by his brother ken. >> he was that kind of person who lived for memorable conversation and lived to make a difference in the moment with you. it was a blow to lose him when i was 19. >> reporter: many others
10:41 am
believe others need to be found. and suffer several trips to libya and digging. he had a documentary, he might have come up with with the goods. they knew there was a bomb maker but didn't know who or where he was. and dornstein thinks and backed up with evidence that a former libyan explosive experts now serving time in a libyan jail on other charges. >> i wanted to say to him that there were real people on the other side of that act, and that you had impacted not only my life and people in my families and the families affected and there were consequences to what you had done. and i wanted him to live with those consequences. >> it locks like dornstein will not confront that bomb maker. but others might. scottish authorities announced
10:42 am
they would be seeking along with fbi agents to interrogate ma sued and the other intelligence chief of the gaddafi regime mentioned by dornstein. he's thrilled, but realizes it is just the beginning. it is chaotic now in libia. back to you. >> thank you. >> a terrifying crash caught on camera. we'll show you the collision that sent two motorcyclist to the hospital. >> how many hours of sleep do you need each night? >> you are probably wrong. two sleep experts are here to weigh in. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to take their act to the next level... before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time...
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>> hi, everyone. i am gretchen carlsson. bill will give us the real store is store of joe biden entering the race. and sanctuary and kate's law. and we'll talk about his new bovenlth and one hispanic group wants nbc from dumping donald trump from saturday night live. and weight watchers ever use them and we'll tell you who is the new owner and why the stock is soaring. we'll have that in the top of the hour. >> you certainly heard this, ri is crucial for sleeping in order to maintain good health. and now a new study is challenging that notion. researchers are finding that community regularly have half that and they were fit and
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healthy. one sleep expert said the findings will transform the field of sleep. and dr. christopher winter is yoining us. and dr. nate wattsop from the sleep academy and both well rested. dr. winter, you would stop short of calling this a revolutionary transformation with the sleep, why is that? >> i think it is found that they were getting two hours of sleep every 24 hours is rev lougzary. and i don't think they are different than what they>3a91ñ saying. individuals spent a lot of time in bed. not all of it is sloping and that's the point. they are looking at 5000 studies with the recent recommendation. and it underscores the idea that we need enough slope and not
10:48 am
a specific number. >> how do we get to a specific number though. we talk about 8 or 7 hours. and where do those numbers come from? >> i would like it say every view isser of the program lives in a post industrial society. we consider the impact of the study and we have to view it through that lens. we looked over five this happened studies and supporting optmalhealth adults need to get 7rv]. or 8 hours more sleep on a xdindividual basis. that is probably something that is specific to them. and we encourage people to slope saturate themselves over two or on three weeks and determine how long they are sleeping. are we overly focused on too much sleep? there is a lot of value to
10:49 am
sleep. but is it sleep deprivation or not being happy? how do we know that sleep is the main issue in our life that we have to fix. >> are they talked. they may not be getting enough sleep. for sleep specifically. we have to look at behaviors we exhibit today. and are we getting in bed and taking us three hours to fall a sleep. the person operateing a motor vehicle is not getting enough. i love what is in this study there is no word for insomanyia. they don't answer the idea if they get in bed and not fall asleep that to be be a problem. npicking up of that point. the culture got six and half
10:50 am
sleeps and there was resting involved. and obviously they were not on their iphones and shopping 9:30 at night. is it rest or sleep? >> it is about sleep. unfortunately 70 million americans have a problem with their sleep and 60 percent of them have a sleep disorder. if you feel like you are not sleeping well. seek out the care of a physician to get the problem taken care of. >> how many slope hours you got last night. seven and half. older i get more sleep. >> six and half last night. r t night. >> confession. hunter and gatherer in a different way. we're not perfect every night. docs, great to have you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. we have seen the dramatic images out of california of
10:51 am
raging wildfires. but what's sparking them? is it climate change or mismanagement? that debate, next. >> when you woke up this morning
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10:54 am
. >> you may recall lawmakers blaming climate change for devastating fires in california. some are saying that link is without support. >> jonathan hunt is live in our l.a. bureau with more on that. >> john, california governor jerry brown saw huge swaths of his state engulfed in flames this summer amid soaring temperatures and a record drought. the rocky fire just one of many that scorched thousands of acres at a huge cost to the state. and governor brown has had enough. >> my message is real clear. california is burning. what the hell are you going to
10:55 am
do about it? climate change does not wait for politicians. it just rolls forward, abdz that's why i'm stepping up my efforts to wake people up and get the proper action taken. >> now, the governor has a powerful ally in his effort to directly link climate change to wildfires, president obama, who is hosting an event at the white house today discussing climate change. a fact sheet issued for the event says in part, quote, countries and communities around the world are already being affected by deeper, more persistent droughts, pounded by more severe weather, inundated by bigger storm surges and imperilled by more frequent and dangerous wildfires. but many scientists disagree with those facts. not arguing that climate change exists but it that there are more obvious causes for the current spade of wildfires and more urgent ways to tackle those causes. development of forested areas is one, the design of houses in those developments another. and if those causes aren't
10:56 am
tackled then the effects will continue. according to richard hanscy of the chaparral institute who tolc "the l.a. times," quote, the houses will keep burning down and people will keep dying. i don't believe the climate change discussion is helpful. so, john, it's like so much in this environmental and climate change debate. it seems that you are two experts, you get two very different answers. john? >> jonathan hunt, thank you. very interesting. well, a car hit a's motorcycle injuring the driver and his passenger aund can see the car cut off the bike. both victims go tumbling off the side of the road. the motorcycle rider suffered cuts, his girlfriend had to have surgery to repair a broken wrist. a friend caught everything on camera. police are investigating. oprah winfrey pays more than $40 million for a stake in a well-known company and a seat on
10:57 am
the board. what is it? we'll tell you.
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thank you for joining us today. >> have a great day. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. joe biden expected to make his announcement about running for president. bill o'reilly here with the real story on that. and at least two presidential candidates will get secret service protection early. and a pastor pulls out a gun and kills someone right in the middle of the church. hi, everyone. so it looks like we are getting a lot closer to a major announcement by vice president joe biden on a potential run to take his current boss' job. sources say we could get word as early as the next 48 hours on when he might announce. but after hillary clinton's strong debate performance, the big day could fend on her testimony in front of the select


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