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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 19, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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thank you for joining us today. >> have a great day. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. joe biden expected to make his announcement about running for president. bill o'reilly here with the real story on that. and at least two presidential candidates will get secret service protection early. and a pastor pulls out a gun and kills someone right in the middle of the church. hi, everyone. so it looks like we are getting a lot closer to a major announcement by vice president joe biden on a potential run to take his current boss' job. sources say we could get word as early as the next 48 hours on when he might announce. but after hillary clinton's strong debate performance, the big day could fend on her testimony in front of the select benghazi committee and whether
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she holds up to all of the committee's questions. chris stirewalt the author of "fox news first"downs me now. we've been hearing this news that joe biden is about to make his announcement, well, any day now joe biden is going to get in. what do you think? >> well, three months we have been on the biden watch waiting for some news for some final sign. it was going to be the end of the summer. then it was going to be the beginning of fall. then it's push push pushed. now we are getting late in october. can he still run? sure. he has 100% name identification. he also would have at least the divided support of the president, and he would have the knowledge that he has from two prior presidential runs. can he win? well, that's a good question because hillary clinton as we see in polling out today is in a dominant position in her party. they have forgiven her mostly the transgressions related to her e-mail scandal and other
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things. she's flip-flopped on a host of issues that seems to have satisfied democrats. joe biden can run, can he get to the finish line with a win? i don't know. >> no doubt. let's move on to our power index. things settling down in the republican field, rankses forz you, chris, staying the same for the top four, senator at the time cruz coming in again at number one, senator marco right behind him followed by karl lee fiorina at number three and donald trump rounding out the top four. why no movement for you? >> they each had pluses and each had minuses and basically canceled each other out. donald trump is in a dangerous space talking about 9/11 and blame being george w. bush. that is a tricky space to be as a republican. but at the same time the people who were behind him in line, there's nobody who can rival trump there for that fourth slot. fiorina staying steady, rubio continuing to be sort of the consensus choice among the republican establishment. and ted cruz with the lane laid
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wide open for him as he continues to raise huge money and build big organization. >> all right. i want you to take a look at a new carly fiorina ad. it's very interesting because she's decided not to take on any of her fellow gop contenders. instead, hillary clinton. >> if their states agree, then we want more states to do the same. that's why i would go further than even the executive orders that president obama has signed when i'm president. >> president obama entered washington with majorities in the house and the senate. he could have chosen to do anything to solve this problem. instead, he chose to do nothing. >> this has been smart for fiorina, has it not? because when people see this, they think about fiorina taking on clinton, woman versus woman. >> well, they think about that, yes. and certainly there's a gender imperative here. but you know what else republican primary voters are seeing? one of the ugliest, stupidest primary fights. i mean, this is an endless just
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absolute tails among republicans who are finding new and more savage ways to denigrate one another. anything one can do to raise themselves and not drog another one down is something primary voters respond well to. yes, it's smart from a woman v woman general election to envision that, but i think it's very smart for a republican primary electorate that's sick to death of this stuff. >> very!n interesting take from chris stirewalt. time now for my take on this program last week we predicted hillary clinton would go up in the polls after a strong debate performance. and that vp joe biden would not get into the race if she did well. so let's see how those predictions are panning out. well, hiry clinton's lead in the new monmouth university poll shows her support has ticked up to 42%. berniesja sanders stays unchang. joe biden down from 22% to 17%.
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that is significant. still, today the biden rumors with getting into the race%2ds ramping up again. but here's how i see it. biden was banking on more low poll numbers for hillary and that's not happening at least right now. a bad debate performance by clinton, he was also banking on that, but that didn't happen either. now it comes down to clinton's performance in front of the benghazi committee. kevin mccarthy did her a favork with his comment. and she's blaming republicans for another witch hunt. americans will be watching on thursday, but no one closer than joe biden. israel on the enl now as the lone wolf style violence is spreading. the latest in the southern part of the country at a crowded bus station, one ever the bloodiest in the current outbreaks of almost daily terror atakz now. this as secretary of state john kerry calls for a halt to the, quote, senseless violence there while also rejecting calls for international presence at the jerusalem holy site at the center of the escalating tension. joining me, john bolton former
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u.s. ambassador to the united nations and fox news contributor. i know you have a theory, mr. ambassador, about why the palestinians now might be ramping up this violence. what is it? >> well, i think in the wake of the nuclear weapons deal with iran where the united states essentially abandoned israel to a grave new threat that the palestinians sense that this is their moment to try and get recognition as a new state. and that they're not going to wait to talk it out with the israelis. they're going to create facts on the ground, which i think is what this violence could be about. in the expectation that before he leaves office, barack obama will recognize palestine as a state. >> you believe that. >> i think that's one of his objectives, and i think when you see the administration's reaction to these acts of terrorism and israeli efforts at law enforcement and response and you hear the same thing. it's the cycle of violence, both sides have to deescalate. you hear it from the president. you hear it from john kerry.
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>> they actually accused israel of using excessive force last week. >> right. these calls, therefore, for israel to stop protecting its innocent civilians from these attacks is a way of signaling to the allies that their acts of violence have a certain sense of legitimacy. and that's a bad signal. >> it's really interesting because it goes to show in foreign policy every little decision, you're talking about (lc%, how that has aezkq trickle-down effect for these other nations, some of them rogue, to also try to get a slice of the pie. now i'm thinking about north korea, and they earlier reportedly have now rejected the idea of resuming talks to abandon the nuclear program but saying they're going to welcome negotiations for a peace treaty with the u.s. so are they trying to get on it now because they see a certain administration that's willing to make deals? >> absolutely. i think they see that obama has 15 months left. if you go back to the inaugural address, the president said, we will extend an open hand if the
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likes of iran and north korea unclench their fists. so when the north koreans say they want a peace treaty but not negotiate about theiro+ nuclear program, they're going back to something they've wanted for 65 years. they want legitimacy equivalence to the united states. they're never going to give up their nuke cler program, but they'd like to get rid of sanctions. they don't know who will be elected in november of next year, but they know they've got barack obama to deal with in the meantime. >> doesn't that take a lot of you know to do that? the south korean president was just leer last weekuúz president obama and the minute they were talking about this, north korea came out with this statement. >> this is fairly typical. the north koreans have an amazing sense of public litzty. it's for the world's oenld r only heredity communeistic dictatorship that's remarkable. they see who's in the white house, they've seen what he's done in the middle east, elsewhere in the world. i think from their own point of view taid be making a mistake if they didn't try to grab all the goodies they could. >> very interesting. thank you. >> thank you.
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we have an alert to tell you about. we're being told the secret service is officially moving forward on activating 24-hour protection for donald trump and dr. ben carson. trump calling for federal security amid large crowds at his rallies and we're learning now that dr. carson is reportedly facing increased threats. peter doocy is live in washington for us. how common is it for candidates to get secret service protection this early on? >> it's rare, gretchen, because this is a big deal. a 260-agent rotation costs a lot of money and requires a lot of logistics. now trump and carson are set to become the third fastest candidates to ever receive 24-hour protection. the earliest ever was now president obama who got a detail 551 days before his election. second earliest, senator ted kennedy who got a detail 411 days before and a distant third now set to be fourth place, herm herman cain in the last cycle 355 days before. there are polling andn+
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fund-raising minimums that candidates are going to have to meet to be even considered for protection, but threats to candidates are part of the calculation as well. and it is ultimately up to the dhs secretary to figure out who gets protection from the secret service and who does not. he has apparently now decided that trump and carson deserve it. >> it's very interesting criteria. so how can secret service protection actually impact campaign if tt at all? >> in addition to helping assure events run smoothly and safely, there's a look someone from the herman cain campaign told us is a big plus. >> secret service for us on the cain campaign was great because not only did it help us with security, it helps with prestige as well. when people saw the secret service detail around mr. cain, he looked very presidential. >> if campaigns consider a secret service detail prestigious, then that is a major built-in plus for the clinton campaign since she has had secret service agents by her [gf+$urár'ce her day as the fir lady and for a potential biden
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campaign he has been protected for the better part of a decade now. >> peter doocy live in d.c. oh, there he went. as he was just talking about joe biden, sources telling fox news biden much closer to making his decision to take a run at the white house, maybe even this week. we're going to ask bill o'reilly what it will take for joe to go all in. plus, we have this. donald trump may be pulling in huge crowds, but there is one crowd trying to not only pull the plug on his campaign but on his next big "saturday night live" appearance. so is he ready for another fight? when something is truthful. if i did something wrong and you said i did it, i can handle that and if the press is bad, fine. it's when people hit me when i didn't do anything wrong.
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investigators with a whole lot of questions after a car crashes through a four-foot fence and plunges off the pier. this happened in santa cruz, california. crews towing the car out of the u rescued the two men, the victims under water for nearly 20 minutes, the one last died. the other listed in critical condition. investigator rz say it's not clear what caused the crash. several hispanic groups protesting donald trump's appearance on "saturday night e÷ live." they want nbc to pull his appearance on "saturday knit night live". >> i'm leading in the polls with the hispanics. you look at nevada, i'm leading in the poelts with the hispanics because i produce jobs and they know it. i have thousands of hispanics that work for me. my relationship with hiss pan
11:16 am
igs is i think better than those groups. those groups are looking to fund raise. i know about those groups. >> eboni williams is a fox news contributor, mercedes schlapp tomorrow spokeswoman for george w. bush. here we are again, ladies, talking about the hispanic group, this one in particular that does not want donald trump to host "saturday night live." mercedes, let me start with you this week. it's interesting, they say, here's their allows him to host, it will sanitize the remarks he made about illegal immigrants. what do you think? >> that's just ridiculous. it would be like the national rifle association asking snl to boycott hillary clinton because she called the nra, quote unquote, an enemy. i mean, come on. they must have not received the memo, the hispanic coalition, about freedom of speech. they may not agree with what trump has said with his comments and -- but again, he shouldn't be boycotted from participating in snl.
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i mean, let me tell you, i oppose bernie sanders for being a socialist. so what? he can be on snl, though i think larry david did a very good impersonation this past weekend. >> no duty doubt. it's fascinating to see how time has changed things, eboni. when trump first said those comments nbc was his enemy. they wanted him to lose the miss universe pageant, didn't want any association with celebrity apprentice. now here they come calling because he's successful and he's a good entertainer. >> absolutely, gretchen. look, this absolutely shows nbc to be arbitrary. they're cherry oepicking. his comments certainly inflammatory and he stood by them, hasn't apologized. nothing's changed there. what has thanged is nbc hasatq decided to prioritize entertainment value, which they should. they are a network for that purpose. they're not endorsing anything mr. trump has said negative about the hispanic camhñ or coalition. they're cherry picking and boasting themselves to be quite hypocritical on this issue.
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>> no doubt. let's move on. senator ted cruz getting a big boost in north carolina as he fights for the republican presidential nomination. cruz winning the state's tea party constitutional caucus, ladies, 51%. dr. ben carson coming in a close second at 42%. so is ted cruz, mercedes, still the underdog in your mind? >> i think he's a very favorable underdog in the sense that he is viewed especially by those in the tea party movement as a constitutional conservative. he has been with the tea party move. ever since it started, basically, and the tea party movement has supported ted cruz when he first ran for senate. so, again, this is a relationship a longstanding relationship they've had. i'm not surprised he has the support of the tea party movement. plus, you're seeing a lot of evangelicals also supporting ted cruz. with that being said, obviously trump and ben carson are the two biggest challengers for senator ted cruz at this time. >> i was very fascinated by this, eboni, that trump did not do better in this particular tea
11:19 am
party caucus because at least the pundits -- and they've been wrong on him -- have been saying, look, the tea party also supports donald trump. but not in north carolina, at least with this poll. >> no, gretchen. north carolina is actually my home state, and i know many rural parts of north carolina, they're very strong about these evangelical values. i don't think trump is representative of that for them. what we know about north carolina is they went blue in 2008 for obama, red in 2012 for mitt romney. i'm not surprised to see ted cruz doing so well, nor ben carson. but the question about cruz's candidacy, can he get beyond a tea party ç÷kacandidate? can he go national? >> lots to discussion, ladies. it was the heist set up by the man who inspired robert de niro's character in "good fellas." now one of the men who allegedly helped jimmy the gent pull it off is actually in court. what we're learning about his role in the famous lufthansa heist. you may have noticed "the
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real story" got a bit of a face-lift today. that brings us to our question of the day. how do you like the new music for our show and the colors of theúlz show? tweet me, use hash tag the real story. looking forward to reading your comments coming up at the end of the show. this is claira.
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an alleged mobster able to keep away from police not ten years, 20. 40 years. even after a hit movie is made about the $6 million crime they say he committed. a movie starring robert de niro as the heist mastermind. but now vincent asar row is due in court for his role in the sting made famous by the film
11:24 am
"go "goodfellas" the 1978 lufthansa robbery at jfk airport. laura has the latest. who did the government call as the firstx;fáz witness? >> reporter: hi, gretchen. the government called sal va tal le right nout of the gate. he got up on the stand to talk about his involvement as an associate of the crime family. he was an associate for over 30 years and basically gave jurors sort of a lesson in mob be history and mob terminology, even going over some of the mob rules. he's on the stand telling jurors some examples of those rules of how the mob works. you can't fool around with someone's wife. you can't sell stocks and bond. you can't meet with law enforcement. if you do, they have the right to kill you. he also told jurors about seeing a case of jewelry the defendant had in the '70s which contained what he claimed asar row said were pieces of jewelry from the lufthansa heist. now, that heist in 1978 at jfk airport was considered the
11:25 am
biggest cash in u.s. history, 5 million in cash, 1 million in jewels and until last year there wasn't enough evidence to bring asar row to trial. sa rarrow's cousin helped federal investigators by agreeing to wear a wire and also taped asarrow for five years which eventually led him to coaxing him into revealing details of his involvement in the heist and admitting to being a member of the banano crime family calling himself a wise guy. he could get decades behind bars if convicted which would essentially mean life for the 80-year-old. we'll continue to watch this as it goes on here, gretchen. >> fascinating. other family members, crime family members, are they expected to also testify? >> reporter: yeah. we are getting a little bit of a tip from!ú#ñ the prosecutors. some of this coming from the indictment, that one expected witness is the boss of the ban ooh no crime family. we're also expecting to8é hear from asar row's cousin, the one who wore the wire. manufacture the suspects in this case through the decades as
11:26 am
you've mentioned have disappeared, were killed or died which has made things challenginging for the feds. defense attorneys told jurors today, remember, many of the prosecution witnesses are killers, murderers, blcnythieve loan sharks and are only here to save themselves by, quote, telling stories. jurors today also heard about a murder asarroe is accused of killing, the 1969 murder of paul katz who prosecutors say was,qm choked by a dog chain by asarrow and buried in a queens new york basement. what the prosecutors are doing is starting off by laying out stories like this to use them as an scamp of his life of crime. things are interesting. >> unbelievable details, laura. thanks so much. bill o'reilly is going to be here on "the real story" to weigh in on major immigration vote in congress that addresses sanctuary cities and kate's law. we're also going to ask him about joe biden ponlly getting into the race for the white house. plus, we'll have this, new rail ruhles on drone set to take off.
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on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me? bottom of the hour, fox news alert now. because we're hearing new reports that vice president joe biden is expected to announce that he will run for president and could jump into the race sometime later on this week. meantime, hillary clinton's campaign has just released a new web video. check it out. >> if you use the soft power of
11:31 am
diplomacy with the hard power of the threat of the use of force and sanctions, that is smart power. and there was nobody better at wielding it than secretary clinton. >> the video is focusing on? he record at the state department trying to turn the tables, so to speak, just ahead of her appearance before the benghazi committee on thursday. bill o'reilly anchors the o'reilly factor here on the fox news channel in case you didn't know, also has a new best seller called "killing reagan". >> you know your producers got to wake up. they had killing kennedy on the teleprompter. gretchen smart enough to see the error and not commit it. >> we're going to get to that in a minute. let's start with joe biden. i said earlier at the beginning of the show that i don't really think he's going to get in if hillary clinton does well at the benghazi select committee. what do you think/. >> i don't know. the rumor from the far left tv network is he'll make an announcement this week. biden doesn't really talk to me so i just don't know.
11:32 am
what i do know is this. he can get in at any time because there's no difference between vice president biden and barack obama. if you like barack obama, you think he's done a hell of a job, then you can like joe biden. there's a little bit of a difference between hillary clinton and barack obama but no difference between biden and obama. so it doesn't really matter. he doesn't have to sell anything. but he knows who he is. he can come in anytime. he has the name recognition. >> the interesting thing is that, after the debate, and she did well, she went up in a new poll that we talked about earlier. >> right. cnn poll. >> she went up to 48% now.fe biden interestingly enough, he hasn't done anything, bu3g went down from 22% to 17%. >> that's because people thought hillary clinton did well on the debate and went over to her. it's all democrats in these polls by the way. it's not the folks across the political bounds. >> true. >> but look, i'd like to see the vice president get into the race. i think it would make it a better race. bernie sanders has no shot. i don't even know who the other three guys are. >> you don't think sanders has a
11:33 am
shot? >> never. >> you haven't been surprised that so many americans in these polls more than 50% say they wouldn't have a problem voting for a socialist? >> it's all democrats again. >> still! >> half the democratic party won't vote for him and not one single republican or independent in the united states would vote for him. so he can't win. >> okay. >> do the math. >> all right. >> but he's entertaining. >> we've seen more stunning things happening. >> no, we haven't. >> yes, we have. >> no, we haven't. there's never been a socialist even close to being president. >> i think it's fascinating pulling that much in democrats. >> we live in the entitlement culture. i'd say 30% of americans want free stuff and they want bernie to give it to them. i'm not surprised by his popularity. >> speaking of something else surprising to the pundits is the success of donald trump. now he is having the tax today that he may in fact have a super pac even though he has said all along that what makes him different is he's using his own
11:34 am
money. >> but he doesn't have a super pac, does he? >> his aide. >> it's his friends. it's frinds of donald's set up a political so what? >> well, what do you make of the fact that he has been so successful in using that particular line, that he's using his own money? that says something about the american culture. >> he is using his own money. >> but what does that say about voters, that they don't want people to be controlled by lobbyists? >> i don't think voters care whether he's using his own money or not. but the overarch is he's not corruptible because he doesn't owe anybody anything. i think voters care about that. >> the senate is set tomorrow to vote on sanctuary cities. >> it will be filibusters. it's a game, a roouse. everyone in the senate knew the democrats were never going to vote on defunding sanctuary cities. or planned parenthood for that matter. and it's a fraud. that's why the american people despise the congress of the
11:35 am
united states. we all know it's a ruse. and unfortunately, something very worthy, like kate's law, was attached to the defunding of the sanctuary cities which i support, by the way. and they all should be votedkñó individually. so let's see who opposes kate's law. let's see who wants convicted aggravated felons to come back after being deported and not punished in a mandatory way. let's see who wants that. >> so you don't even think it will get to a vote? >> it won't get to a vote. everybody knows they'll+oz filibuster. they don't have the 60 to override. this is a fraud. it's a fraud, all right? and it's perpetuatedjfs political parties. mcconnell knows he's not going to get that vote. why don't you just say it? why go through this charade? i am really angry about this. >> i know you are. >> i am going to make this vow and i made it on the factor but i'll make it to miss gretchen. i'm going to run down every single politician in this country who opposes kate's law,
11:36 am
including republicans. >> all right. and i know you'll hold them to that. >> i will. now, let's talk about your brand-new book. it's actually "killing reagan" on top of the "new york times"7 best seller lift for nonfictionñ of course. you've written now a series of these. >> five books. >> them. what was different in your mind about this one? because it wasn't like he was murdered. >> almost. >> yes, almost. >> a whisper, that close. >> yes. >> 70 years old, and he's on the operating table and the doctors think he's going. and miraculously, they bring him back. through very skilled doctors. but afterward, everybody in america -- you remember two weeks later in his pajamas, you comes out with nancy and all americans go, thank god. the president is okay. he wasn't okay. and nobody knows that story. that's why we wrote "killing reagan." because the white house couldn't tell it because they were locked in this unbelievable battle with the soviet union. you can't show2)ves weakness.
11:37 am
>> interesting. >> and reagan did make a fairly good recovery. but he had his bad days, his good days and bad days. and nobody knew about his bad days until iran contra popped. so we take you right through it, you know, the shooting, the aftermath, what happened, and it's just a really dramatic story. >> riveting. do you have any idea if nancy reagan has read this? >> nancy is mid-90s now, not well i understand. i doubt that she would read anything at this point in her life. my mother recently died at age 92. i know what that is. nancy is comfortable out in california. we wish her the best. but i don't think she is any longer active in any of these things. >> everyone, check out the book if you haven't already. i'm sure most people watching probably have. >> i think you'll like it. >> i'm sure they will. bill, see you on the factor. >> thanks for having me on. the federal aviation commission trying to crack down on those free-flying drones now.
11:38 am
so they're announcing new rules for registering the remote-control aircraft, this after a number of reports as you know of drones flying too close to our airplanes. doug mcchas the latest live from washington. how is the plan working? >> the plan requiring the registration of drones is the result of this huge uptick in uas incursions in recent months as drones become more and more common place with tens of thousands of new drones expected to be sold this holiday season. >> some have come too close to airplanes and airports and even at the u.s. open tennis=45ly tournament in september an unmanned aircraft flying in a densely populated area near laguardia airport crashed inside arthur ashe stadium during a match. >> the faa sees this as a really urgent problem and today announced it has assembled a task force to come up with a
11:39 am
plan to register all drones. it will be offered in mid-november with expectation to be finalized in mid-december. it's been relatively easy for authorities to identify drones while they're in the air, but that doesn't help them eliminate the risk. >> finding the drone has not been as much of a problem as finding the person who is using the drone. and the registration is designed to close that loophole. >> so because of the urgency of this problem, the government is under some pressure to streamline the normal regulatory process of rule making. we'll see if they meet the deadlines, gretchen. >> i understand the government is working on new technology to identify a drone user by the device that they're actually operating. how are they going to do that? >> you have this new technology being done in conjunction with a government contractor caci. this technology would passively detect, identify and track drones and their ground-based operators in order to protect air space from unlawful misuse. secretary foxx would not say how
11:40 am
that technology works. there is some speculation that transponders or some sort of digital signaling device may be required in newly manufactured drones. stiff penalties are in place for commercial drone operators who violate rules. earlier this month for example, the faa recommended a $1.9 million fine against a chicago company, sky pan international, for violating air space. sky pan has denied those allegations. >> doug, thank you. now on to this. serious scare for the punter on the university of michigan football team. did you see this over the weekend? he fumbles the ball on the last play of the game. it was actually the snap. costing wolverines the win against archrival michigan state. blake o'neil now receiving deaì% threats on social media. you know, are you surprised? i knew this was going to happen. and it is so, so traumatic. he's also receiving other less friendly comments. university releasing a statement to say, to be clear,
11:41 am
such comments come from a small minority none of them reflective of our institution as our head coach said yesterday, this outcome will steel our spine. got to feel for that young man today. let's check in with shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. that's not surprising, is it, shep? you know you'he'll be attacked social media after a mishap like that. >> yes. i certainly do know that. i saw it right there at the minute. you better tell your family to run and hide. >> it's sad, though. it's sad. it just happened so quickly. affects so much. what do you have coming up? hey, tles a real possibility the bloodshed we're seeing in israel could spread here not united states. that's what it says because it's according to a former u.s. counterterrorism agent who says he has worked on cases in our country directly linked to the israeli/palestinian violence. him e. says there's a history of violent clashes in israel leading to
11:42 am
attacks on u.s. soil and also says there's one huge section of the united states more vulnerable than the rest and it's not the new york area. that's at the top of the hour. see you then. >> shep, thank you. oprah winfrey has money to burn, and she just bought a big many americans use. so can her injection of cash help make you healthier? and this daredevil flying high in a wingsuit. we'll take you onúñ a ride high above the skies of switzerland. (vo) rush hour around here starts at 6:30 a.m. - on the nose. but for me, it starts with the opening bell. and the rush i get, lasts way more than an hour. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we've built powerful technology to alert you to your next opportunity. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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the kids went to nana's house... for the whole weekend. zzzquil. the non-habit forming sleep aid that helps you sleep easily, and wake refreshed. because sleep is a beautiful thing. . let's check out what's trending today and what americans are clicking on. former nba star lamar odom reportedly doing better now after spending four days in a coma. he was found unconscious in a nevada brothel last week. it could be getting quieter in london if big ben doesn't get the much needed repairs, expected to cost the equivalent
11:46 am
of $61 million in the u.s. and a daredevil giving us this cool look at the mountains of switzerland. i'm just glad i'm not doing the flying. but he is and the flier using a wingsuit to soar like a bird. weight watchers making some big gains after oprah winfrey buys a 10% stake in the diet company. oprah herself uses the program and she said this, quote, weight watchers has given me the tools to give me the lasting shift i and so many of us struggling with weight have longed for. i believe so much in the program that i decided to invest in the company and partner in its evolution. charles payne from the fox business network is here with the details. well, i can tell you one thing. the minute this was announced the stock went up. >> not up. it's up 115%. are you kidding? she he's already doubled he['ip% money already. by the way, she as an option to buy 5% more of the company. i'm sure that's at lower prices. i think this was a brilliant move for both parties, oprah winfrey of course we know her
11:47 am
struggles with weight loss over the years. weight watchers has had their struggles as well. this was an $85 stock in 2011 it's up 100% today and at $14, almost $15. that give uz an idea just how much it's come down. it's been a free fall. >> do you know why it was on free fall? let's face it, americans continue to look for ways to lose weight. >> $60 billion a year americans b on losing weight. i think one of the problems with weight watchers has been this sort of perception that it helps you lose weight but doesn't help you keep it off. you know, they've had a lot of celebrity endorsers, jennifer hudson, jessica simpson. of course they had charó barkley who was controversial when he was their representative. i think they're going to have to figure out a way to sort of make this a lifelong -- it's one thing to take it off. but to keep it off -- >> but i thought weight watchers was kind of like that program. to me it was more difficult to follow because you had to add up all the points.
11:48 am
>> right. >> but other people swear by it. my mom lost a bunch of weight on it and swears by it. let me ask you this. it's obviously going to do much much better if oprah actually loses weight. >> absolutely. absolutely. people are going to be watching her like a hawk now. anyone who owns this stock, anyone who is thinking about buying this stock and anyone who actually is thinking about buying the product, walkly s ob she has a lot of sway. stock is up 115% because she became involved. she'll be on the board of directors, help them develop products, obviously will promote it. she can take off some weight, keep it off, and become a true ambassador for this, she's going to make a lot of3e money. this product will come back because it's been around for a long time. i think in 1963, 50 years. we know it's a household name. doesn't necessarily have the best reputation but doesn't have a bad one either. it's just it doesn't have a lot of ambassadors. >> so from losing weight to your market movers for the week. they're very dietary.
11:49 am
buffalo wild wings and sam adams beer. >> you know what? we love our wings. you know, it's interesting. buffalo wild wings as a company has not executed well at all and still the stock is at an all-time high. that's because people love the product and when they get their act together, it's an amazing company. i think the stock goes to $250 a share. sam adams has been 4 there's been major consolidation with the two largest trying to take each other over, merge. but i think it makes companies like coors and samuel adams targets as well. even if it wasn't, samuel adams i think it just an undervalued company. >> those are the dwo recommendations. >> after you've enjoyed those, check out weight watchers. >> we'll check you ott on fbn tongt. >> yes, 6:00 p.m. thanks. bullets flying in a house of worship and somebody ends up dead. why the gunfire erupted and who pulled the trigger.
11:50 am
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it's gotten squarer. over the years. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers.
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movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. this is an unbelievable story. a past war forced to pull his pistol in his own such and should dead a would-be attacker in detroit. we're learning the pair may have had problems in the past. trace? >> reporter: this was not a random act of violence. be pastor had been threatened by the man before and even filed a police report. it's unknown what the dispute was over. this time the 25-year-old man, who has not been identified, was carrying a brick. he never made it into the church. instead witnesses say he threatened the pastor and the congregation in vestibule but the pastor pulled out a pistol and shot the map multiple times, including one in the chest.
11:54 am
the man died at a hospital. the past you're was taken into custody and has been release it. the police chief says the shooting is under investigation, and after a full report is submitted to prosecutors, the dea will decide if the pastor will face charges in recent years detroit clergy memberes have been involved in denouncing violence but the religious leaders have been attacked, and the wake of the shooting last summer where nine worshipers were gunned down inside a church we have heard more than a few reports of clergy carrying firearms. this pastor carries a 38 caliber handgun. she believes the lord helps those who help themselves. listen. >> the shooting shooting in chas shouldn't shook up a lot of people from all ages. when it starts hitting home it's time to protect your own. >> in 2014 there were 74 deaths
11:55 am
in church as a result of violence. police are not yet releasing the name of the pastor who shot the man in detroit. >> at the tails on the next "star wars" movie. when you can get your hands on ticket and who is not in the new movie poster.
11:56 am
11:57 am
11:58 am
building aircraft, the likes of which the world has never seen. this is what we do. ♪ that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. well, it's a good thing -- didn't enter in the nfl. >> can you hear them? >> nice. >> oh! >> still got strength in the arm. >> we still got somebody. >> well, thanks a lot. >> good thing he has a lot of dough. the yankees all-star shattering
11:59 am
the tv monitor. it was a-rod's first day on the job. fan boys and girls get ready, new trailer for "star wars" hits tv sets tonight. we're still two months away from the premiere of the force awakens but presale tickets go on sale the second the ad runs. and a poster includes what appears to be a new death star the size of a planet. the real mystery is not included in the artwork is jedi night hicks, luke skywalker. hmm. earlier we asked you what you thought of "the real story's" new look today. walter treats, very nice. makes all the terrible news easier to take. steve tweet, looks great. keep up the good work. well, thanks for writing. hope you like the new music, too. it's got a sense or urgency to it. right? there it is. that's good music, right? gets you in the mood for news
12:00 pm
and everything else. all right. thanks to all the great graphics people here at fox for putting together a fantastic program package. all right. have a great day. see you tomorrow. >> vice-president biden is expected to enter the race and sources tell our ed henry he is going to get in and soon. something sure to shake up the race on the democratic side and the g.o.p. a battle on the attacks of 9/11. donald trump claims they would not have happened had he been in the white house, jeb bush is defending his brother's record as president and says trump crossed he line. word a hacker broke into he e-mail of the head of the cia. the accused cybertheft, a high school stoner, and wait nothing you hear the trick he used to hack into in the nation's head spy. it's a stunner. so let get to it. >> good


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