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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 19, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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all right. thanks to all the great graphics people here at fox for putting together a fantastic program package. all right. have a great day. see you tomorrow. >> vice-president biden is expected to enter the race and sources tell our ed henry he is going to get in and soon. something sure to shake up the race on the democratic side and the g.o.p. a battle on the attacks of 9/11. donald trump claims they would not have happened had he been in the white house, jeb bush is defending his brother's record as president and says trump crossed he line. word a hacker broke into he e-mail of the head of the cia. the accused cybertheft, a high school stoner, and wait nothing you hear the trick he used to hack into in the nation's head spy. it's a stunner. so let get to it. >> good monday afternoon.
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first today, donald trump. donald trump says president george w. bush's administration knew in advance the attacks of 9/11 were coming. what he said. today donald trump doubled down on his criticism of his rival, general jeb bush. donald trump says he dot people president bush for 9/11 but quick to remind people it happen under his rival's brother's presidency. >> the cia director, knew in advance there would be an attack. he said it during the various things but he knew inned vans there would be an attack. >> he didn't say that. it's true the intellen community report at the time it saw increasing threats but the 9/11 commission report told news detail at that time, quote, despite their large number the
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threats received contained few specifics regarding time, place, method, or target. most suggested that attacks were planned against targets overseas, unquote. still donald trump says the terror attacks would not have happened under a president trump. for his part, jeb bush, or jeb! call the attacks pathetic and said my brother responded to a crisis and did it as you would hope a president would do. he enighted a country and kept us safe. and there's no denying that. peter doocy on the democrats and, once again, word that vice-president joe biden is ready to enter the race. let's get to carl cameron in washington, dc. these republicans will argue with each other organize anything. now it's 9/11? >> well, trump and carson have fairly uncommon view among republicans. trump opposed the iraq war ask his george w. bush didn't make the u.s. safe because had he
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been president, his tough illegal immigration stance would have prevented the 9/11 attacks. that a bold statement by mr. trump. carson had one, too. he suggested in the last debate that he would have avoided the war in afghanistan by threatening to make the u.s. energy independent in ten years, causing moderate arab nations to hand over bin laden, quote, on a silver platter in two weeks. until trump and carson's remarks, conservative military observes complained rand paul wag out of step. trump and carson are taking this who a new level. >> now trump and carson are getting secret service protection? >> goings to take away are paper, we serious manpower shifts. trump's team made a formal request. trump has huge rallies bill big exposure for himself and the big crowds. there have been some death threats threats threats and bomb scares. the carson campaign made they secret service request. he has had similar threats. once the secret service gives
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the okay, the congressional leadership has to sign off on it and then the have to rejigger manpower but the guys in the black shaded will soon be around the candidates. >> isn't the carson staff while he is on the book tour. >> while he is on the become tour, the publisher is it paying the bill. they can't mix and mingle. it's frustrating for the campaign staff to keep in touch with their candidate while he is signing book because he is on somebody else's dime. that's the distinction. it's not that he is not campaigning. it's jut a lot of hours into the book tier. >> on the democratic side issue vice-president joe biden, are you running for president or what? ed henry is reporting sources tell hem the vice-president decided he is running. in addition, a congressman is going on the record saying that he has a good source, a quote, very good source, telling him
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that the vice-president will get into the race. with those two things said, it's joe biden's decision, and until he announces, well, we wait for him to announce. peter doocy is in washington. an announcement soon? >> that what we're hearing, there's pressure on the vp from democratic advisers who have their eyes on thursday. hillary clinton's big benghazi testimony on capitol hill because, according to democrats who have spoken to ed henry, clinton already did well in the debates and if she does well at the hearing that will be two big tests she passes publicly helping potential unked toed voters make up their mind while the vice-president sits on the sidelines. another base of biden backers circled a date, the jefferson jackson dinner iowa. influential activists there who could help him. sources stay biden is calling to seek support in early states but does not have much urgency, a
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lawmaker is using their twitter account to make news. the first word about john boehner stepping down came from a republican congressman who tweeted that from inside a closed door meeting. so far nobody has come forward to say that this freshman congressman is right. >> we're seeing new pulses after the democratic debate. >> the needle did nod move much for hillary clinton, even though the chattering class pegged her as the big winner, the number is flat. her support remains 45%. senator bernie sanders surged five points, now 29%. and biden, who did not debate, sits at 18%. those could all change if he actually announces that he wants to be the president. >> peter doocy, thank you. congress back at book today, you hugh, after being on a -- after
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been a on a break, everybody wait fog congressman paul ripe to announce whether he will run for speaker although he has said he does not want to run, and in the face of objections from the right wing of his party. there's other work to get. to congress has days to decide whether to raise the nation's debt limit. otherwise the government will not have enough money to pay bills temp the freedom caucus is trying to force a move to defunded planned parenthood in connection with a debt decision. let's start with the speaker position. there's still pressure on paul ryan, right? >> that's right. congress return to capitol hill this morning, spokesman for paul ryan reiterated that ryan is not running for house speaker and said everything else is just about speculation. the focus still remains on ryan, though, because many feel he could bridge the gap between the
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divided republican caucus and get the necessary 218 votes needed to become speaker. the white house press secretary was asked about a potential ryan speakership. >> the president was quite clear that he respects paul ryan. at the same time the president has profound and occasionally vigorous disagreements with him. >> for know, though, there is no clear way forward. john boehner remains the speaker, and one possibility herer is that he stays on past his previously announced october 29th retirement date and raises the debt ceiling before elections for his successor take place. >> i was going to ask that. still no consensus on the debt. they want to lump in planned parenthood over that on the right? >> a lot of issues. planned parenthood with the budget, and then with the budget comes the debt ceiling, and then you have the questions there surrounding the speakership. so there's at a lot going on. nine days left on the congressional calendar to tack then debt controlling. it's the full faith and credit
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of the united states and our ability to repay debts. november 3rd ills the deadline here to raise the borrowing tap. last week the treasury secretary jack lew said this would be a, quote, terrible time to raise concerns over paying our bills knowles likely scenario is that a large block of democrats carry the vote and get an extension. >> thank you. the nation's top spy may have been hacked by a high school student. the hacker says the head of the cia was using his own personal aol account to keep secret work-related documents. aol account. there's your headline. there's still aol accounts. details how he pulled off this attack, high school student. that's next. ♪ ♪
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federal authorities investigating the claims of a high school student who says he hacked the personal e-mail account of the cia director, john brennan. that's what a law enforcement source is now telling fox news. the new york post newspaper broke the story, which is a corporate cousin of ours. a teenaged stoner, tricked a verizon "employee into revealing brennan's personal information. the teen says that's how he got into the account. he hacker says the director had
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information on his personal aol account which included private data on intelligence officials and a document on interrogation. judge andrew andrew napolitano napolitano complaints. >> if it happened we know that director brennan kept top secret information -- again, if -- on his personal e-mail account, which is, as you say, a violation of the federal law that requires people who have possession of top secret information to keep it only in a secured government venue. the failure to do that is a felony. >> the cia has since released a statement saying, and i quote, we are aware of the reports that have surfaced on social media and refer the matter to appropriate authorities. trace gal her has the latest. what else do we know about this high school kid? >> reporter: he hasn't give his name but on a social media
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account he says he was motivated to go after the cia director's account bus hey is opposed to the u.s. policy and supports palestine. his twitter page includes quotes from the koran and about allah being the one true god. he also mentions owning john brennan of the cia and refers to himself and a class meat that he smokes pot with as cwa or crackers with attitudes. not explanation what that means. the teen called the "new york post" to brag and posted documents and part of john brennan's contact list on twitter just to show off. >> it was more than just bron brennan's you've got mail account. >> not only did he -- this pot-smoking high school hacker reportedded lilly comprise the account, he reportedly prank called john brennan repeatedly, even reciting his social security number. he used a tactic called social
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engineering where he tricked the verizon workers into providing cia director present unanimous' personal information, then tricked aol into reset his password. verizon released a nonstatement saying it takes a security of customers very important and it's very seriously investigating this hack. so far, aol has said nothing. the hacker also apardonly got into the comcast account of jeh johnson, and listened to his voice mails. >> thank you. trace gallagher on the west coast there. israel's prime minister is condemning the actions of some israeli citizens after a group of people beat to death an innocent man mistaken for terror suspect. the violence continues in israel today. jerusalem is a hotbed, and our next guest explains why these attacks are impossible to predict and stop. that's next.
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we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> one of the bloodiest attacks in israel has happened as the nation tries to clamp down on a wave of deadly violence. an arab israeli man stabbed an israeli soldier, stole his passport and opened fire on people at a bus station. the soldier died and nearly a dozen other people were hurt. authorities say security forces shot and killed the attacker last night. at the same time they shot a bystander by mistake. they believed he was another attacker. israeli officials say an angry mob of israelis there at the time beat the man as he was bleeding on the ground from the gunshot wound. he died. the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has condemned that beating and urged the people not to take the law into
12:20 pm
their own hands. officials say nine israelis and more than 40 palestinians have died in recent violence. half of the palestinians were attackers and others died in fights with security forces. secretary of state john kerry called for an end to this violence and is set to meet with israeli prime minister netanyahu net and the palestinian leader abbas. investigators say the attackers appear to be lone wolves without direct ties to any terror groups. fred burton is a former counterterror jim agent with the state department and now vice-president of the stradford global intelligence firm that provides intelligence and analysis to individuals and organizations. nice to see you. thank you. >> thank you, shep. >> i don't know how you would explain the origins of this to someone from another planet, but what seems clearest to those with whom i've spoken how difficult it is to stop his. can you explain why? >> certainly can.
12:21 pm
this month alone there's been over 40 attacks, and when you look at the mod does on plan die of the attack -- mod -- there's brilliance in simplicity. meaning the ability to couldn't knives. to the use of automobiles and pistols in order to target individuals, either innocent persons at bus stopped or armed personnel walking around. the element of surprise is certainly in the hands of the attacker. >> it would be helpful if you could get the two sides to talk. sounds like secretary of state john kerry is working on that. i guess the first matter for discussion would be the holy sites. right? >> certainly. of course. those are high value targets and you're going to have very heavy idf, their domestic security service apparatus in place there. but it also boils down to intelligence, shep. you really need the palestinians
12:22 pm
to cooperate here, to pass names of persons that are predisposed towards this kind of activity, and that's always been the challenge for the israeli internal security apparatus. >> you wonder how you would even fibrose internally specially given everything we read suggests there's a lack of hope there among teenagers in the palestinian territory. israelis don't deny that. the situations don't have anything to do with the youth. you have to defend your people. but you kind of get it that these teenagers, sometimes 14, 15 years old, don't see any hope for tomorrow and leaders have to bring that to them. right? >> of course. but i'm not optimistic. i can recall going back to the middle east peace conferences during the '80s and '90s. we were always consistently dealing with the same issue, and how do you stop these kinds of lone-wolf attacks? that's the challenge, especially
12:23 pm
for the israelis, and in essence, what happens is because of this, you're going to see more vigilante kind of violence, and i would not be surprised to see additional blowback inside of israel, like theirs horrific killing we saw of the individuals just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> the israeli prime minister condemning that and asking the people too let security force does their job. but even if you're able to calm people down about the holy sites now, the protection thereof. mutual respect, and make this fighting go away, as long as you have these walls and these kids without hope and these israelis who don't see another way and nobody tries to bridge that, howe do you stop them from becoming a third or fourth or fir first enty sad da and make so it both side seize a win. >> takes diplomacy and intelligence, first there has to be that active participation on the part of whether it be
12:24 pm
u.s.-back i don't know or jordannan help to try to quell this violence. the palestinians need to get handle on this themselves, and they really do need to work with the internal security apparatus of the israelis, which over the years from a cop-to-cop perspective there has been some great liaison underway there. >> you mentioned the jordannans there they're hosting abbas for the talk with secretary kerry and hopefully they can tamp it down. thank you very much. thank you for having me. >> the story that will not stop. u.k. is expanding its power to seize passports of young people who might travel to other countries to join islamic state and other terrorist groups. they're taking people's presidents away, the word from the british prime minister and says they will ban people with terror convictions from working with children. muslim groups claim these moves
12:25 pm
to backfire by alienates muslims. "the new york times" reporting that more than 700 brit tops may have travel abroad from there to fight for isis and other militant groups in iraq and syria. the vicious battle now underway for control of syria's biggest city. russia and iran said to be running the show here, and it comes amid word that the war there has gotten so bad that scientists had to take emergency seeds out of the world's doomsday vault. they had to take emergency seeds out of the doomsday vault. our next guest explains why the war is so important and how what happens there matters here. remember the kid who police arrested after teachers mistake his signs experiment for a bomb? today is his big day at the how much they're still controversial. and a new picture is not helping matters. as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on fox news channel.
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the fox report. more of headlines. police say family of five died after their car drove into a lake. happened yesterday near phoenix the three kids in the car all under four years old. investigators say they do not know what caused that crash. >> a passenger on a southwest flight started choking another person apparently after a fight ore legroom. the man got angry after a woman in front of million declined her seat. the flight turned around and the fbi took the man off the plane for questioning. a snake got loose on a bus in philadelphia, forcing everyone onboard to evacuate. it was other four foot long bow ya constrictor. one passenger admits he brought the snake onboard and insists it is ft. poise sonnous. he also brought his pet's dinner along, a live rat. the news continues right after
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word that bash share al-assad is trying to take back ahelp 'owith the help of russian jets and reportedly with iranian and hezbollah fighters on the ground. waits say the amateur video shows russian aircraft striking near ahelp pa. -- aleppo. this is all part of america's proxy war withrussian. ahelp. >> according to "the wall street journal." assad's regime has taken back a number of villages on the southern outskirts of aleppo. activists say syrian fighters killed a top rebel commander and thousands of people are
12:32 pm
reportedly leaving. officials are warning that could lead to another wave over refugees at europe's doorstep. word that russia is getting ready to track down jihady john. the son of russian president vladimir putin is looking to score major propaganda point biz capturing or killing "jihadi john" and al-baghdadi. andrew lives in the middle east for 14 years, half of that time in syria. now a fellow at the program on arab politics. good to see you. the battle for aleppo. it importance and why it matters to us. >> well, for a number of reasons. the regime tried to lay siege to
12:33 pm
aleppo to break the rental's grip on it for two years, and i the regime succeeds with the iranian and russian backing, it's going to throw a lot of refugees out of the area. also going to be a major wind for the assad regime. we'll have to see if they can hold it but it will certainly expel more people from syria and probably prolong the suffering there, but of course at this point, as the proxy war has gone on, nothing stopping that. >> might as weapon stipulate that what the russians want is for bashar al-assad to be prop up. but along the way they have to fight isis because isis wants the territory, too, and some combination of russia and syria and iran and what other groups are floating around there, take out isis. is that so horrible, and if so, why? >> first of all, a. for isis to be taken out is not a bad thing.
12:34 pm
the problem is, what the sustainable end state in syria that doesn't lead to the destruction of the country further and for syria's population to be fur her displaced. half of syria's 22 million population is now outside of their homes, either in neighboring countries for fleeing to europe. we have to find a stable end state. i don't think the assad regime, the iranians and russians can blast their way out of this one if think it will take a political settlement that is not in the cards. >> a settlement that would leave assad standing? because the united states said it's against that. >> i think the united states is against that for very good reasons, because the hard truth of the moment is if assad left the scene very rapidly it could lead to a catastrophic collapse of the regime and isis would benefit. if he doesn't go there seems no hope over putting syria back together again he is very rigid.
12:35 pm
>> isn't that at the root why thigh might seem like this is the sort of situation for the united states, we can't shoot straight, can't figure out what to do when the truth is there isn't seem to be a very good answer. >> there isn't. the best thing for americans to do is get handle on the democratics in syria. it's a majorie sunni country but ruled by the assad regime and until we get the sectarian balance right, get representatives from the opposition in power in damascus, we're not going to be settling the war anytime soon, and syria will continue to disintegrate as well as iraq and neighboring countries, i'm afraid. >> with tried to put the majority in charge in iraq and that has just been a disaster. >> that's right. and have been barely able to hold the country together. it's actually a larger issue than assad or isis. we need to have a stable end
12:36 pm
and the only way to get to that is for there to be international agreement first and then work with different parties own the ground to achieve that. we don't have that agreement. mostly because it's a rivalry between the russia and the united states which i don't think will be ending anytime soon, certainly not for the rest of this administration. >> doesn't look like it. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> the war in syrias is in fact so out of control scientists are tapping into the world's doomsday reserves. sounds like a bad radio program. this is the global seed vault. it is located near the top of the world, 800-miles into the arctic circle. the norwegian government opened it in 2008 to hold seeds in clays of global nuclear war or natural disaster. this is a door at the global seed mart. built into a mountain. there's 400 feet of tunnel for
12:37 pm
storage area for the seeds. organizations have deposited 860,000 seed samples. last month researcher had to secretly ship 40,000 of them to stations in morocco and lebanon. the reason? one of the regional centers of seeds is in aleppo. and because of the war, scientists can't use it properly. the samples included crops native to the war southern. they say the plan is for works at the other facilities to reproduce the crops and send new seeds back north. officials say they conducted the shipment in secret for security reasons. global seed storage warehouse. police in florida say they have the description of a suspect in the deadly shooting at zombicon. here -- hear about this? they're looking at surveillance
12:38 pm
video. witnesses saw the man firing the handgun. cops say one person died, five others hurt and a thousand people dressed as zombies started running for their zombie lives. police say all the fake blood made it hard to tell who the real victims were. investigators say the person who died was a college football player. his sister told "usa "usa todaye was a church are goring man and sung gospel and loved sports. what do we know about the suspect. >> a fuel team of detective us i examining cell phone videos taken by eye witnesses there to try to come up with a portion of the suspect. the one beginning to emerge, a young man, white or hispanic, late teens, early 20s, using a single semi-automatic handgun. no word on possible motivation for the shooting and right now police say none of the six people shot, including the 20-year-old man killed, seemed to know each other.
12:39 pm
>> zombicon. i would guess that would make it a terrifically tough place to find a shooter. >> basically you had seven city blocks filled with people dressed up like zombies. a lot with fake blood and fake weapons. so this complicated the job of the police. when the shots were initially fired just before midnight, it was right before the event was supposed to shut down, so a lot of people thought it was part of the show until the chaos started. >> i heard the shots, and then about ten seconds later just dish thought it was a firecracker and then a mass of people started running and screaming. >> asaw somebody on the floor, and the cops were saying, get back, get back. >> police basically had to evacuate all of downtown fort myer to begin the search for the suspect. as far as the future of zombicon, it's set to be back in
12:40 pm
fort myer next year but no guarantee that will happen. >> the muslim student from texas who got in trouble for bring what the teaches called a suspicion clock to school, will meet president obama at the white house tonight. last month, cops in irvin, right outside of dallas, where the cowboys used to play, arrested 14-year-old ahmed muhammad after he breath in a homemade clock to class. the teacher say they thought it might be a bomb. when word about the out of the 14-year-old's arrest, folks from across the globe expressed support for the boy on social media, even the white house weighed in. president obama tweeted, cool clock, ahmed. want to bring it to the white house? we should inspire more kid like you to like science. it's what makes america great. there's still controversy surrounding the visit. >> that's right. and this is because of ahmed mow
12:41 pm
ham monday have i with the sudanese president, who is also wanted by the international criminal court for genocide and war crimes but ahmed muhammad as strong ties to sudan, his father is from there and his father ran for president of sudan, and he tweeted, quote, i'm coming home, tell the world i am coming home, hash tag, sudan. white house has no comment on ahmed's meeting with the president. the administration says it's up likely he will have the same access to this president. >> i don't believe the president will have an opportunity to meet one-on-one with ahmed muhammad. there are self hundred tread people who are planning to participate in tonight's festivities on the south lawn. >> it's the white house astronomy night. billed as an evening of star gazing with students, teachers, scientist, astronauts and others. >> rich, thank you. now, canada, they are voting for prime minister right now. ending the country's longest
12:42 pm
election campaign season in recent memory. longest campaign anyone in canada can remember. they're exhausted by it. the papers are full of it. it's lasted 11 weeks. 11 weeks. put that into perspective here, when the canadian campaign started, hillary clinton was already airing television ads, donald trump was leading in the g.o.p. race. and we still have more than a year to go, but not in canada, eh? all decide tonight. the current prime minister, stephen harper is run can for a rare fourth term. they don't have term limits. so is this other guy on the right. justin trudeau, son on pierre trudeau. the polls show that voters say they want a change so trudeau is in kind of a good place. but just like we're seeing with famous names in our presidential race, critics of the trudeau family ties don't make him fit to lead. >> we have to rethink elements
12:43 pm
as basic as space and time. >> seen its share of scandals and mostly this is an ac ad saying justin just isn't ready. christopher. one candidate for parliament dropped ouch after surveillance video showed him urinating into somebody's coffee cup. there was a coffee cup so he did his business, rinsed out the coffee cup and put it back and there you go. canadians will have a new government later on today. ever read a review on the amazon and wondered, is that real? maybe it's just too good to be true or too bad to be possible? now amazon reports it's cracking down and plans to take thousands and thousands of reviewers to court. we'll explain that next.
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we're getting word lamar odom's condition is improving. the former nba star turn up unconscious in a brothel in nevada. tis estranged wife, khloe kardashian is at his beside side. now his aunt is saying, quote, each kayla mar is getting stronger and reaching significant milestones in this recovery. the brothel's owner said odom spent $75,000 at the ranch. worker report head had done coke and taken a month's supply of a supplement known as herbal viagra. >> amazon has filed lawsuits against people who write reviews for products. apparently you can't believe everything you read on the interweb. they're saying thats that are not true? >> yes, amazon is upset. their goal is to be the earth's
12:48 pm
most customer centric company. and they already sued another web site back in april, fake amazon this time hey have gone after fiber, new startup web site where people can sell services like resume editing tips or transcribing audio. but people are going thereon and saying, five dollars for five star reviews on amazon, offering to give glowing reviews to anybody who wanted to up their product. amazon actually went on and pretended to be somebody soliciting and was able -- they actually named a u.s. beats cable. this lit up my life, definitely buying more. impressed how bright the lights on the cable are, and cool charger, with five star review. that kind of thing is annoying amazon but they don't know who the people are yet but fiber is working with amazon and they're
12:49 pm
not getting sued to try to find the people and put a stop to it. this individual who was investigating for the sunday times actually wrote this ebook over one weekend, littered it with errors and paid $85 on finer and was able to get this ebook,ing a bonsai, on the top of the gardening and horticulture category. so, clearly it's a problem. people are looking at the reviews and it's affecting things. so amazon is trying to stop that so you can hopefully go on, still probably shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet, but hopefully make it a little built of a safer, more trustworthy environment. >> thank you. opening arguments today in the trial of the suspect in the lust tenancy a flight. i would after all these sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. a mobster movie popular in the east. its heist trial is ongoing. opening arguments kicked off in federal court in new york city today. prosecutors say 80-year-old vein tent otero took a cut from the robbery at the lufthansa terminal at jfk airport in 1978. more than $20 million in today's money. the feds arrest edvin sent otero after a witness came forward with new information. most of the other suspects have disappeared or died. lawyers say the prosecutors built their case on information from up reliable witnesses including gangsters.
12:54 pm
kennedy is here. >> hi. >> man. talk about things from ever ago that i don't even get it. >> it's almost -- these were the good fellas, bygone era and people feel part of because of good fellas, which told the story. a lot of people saw themes as mafioso, they were insiders; people who war fan's the film and rationalized the murder and racketeers and everything else but now these people are either dead or extremely old, and you see some turncoats in the mob like the head of the bonano family. the item guy, the highest -- the top guy, the highest ranking mob person to turn for the federal government, and now vincent otero who is on trial and may be
12:55 pm
going down for the heist. they would knock off a few cartons of cigarettes off a truck or fur coats. then they thought they could make a lot of money when they got a plane. that lufthansa play. and it was $6 million in 1978. but in today's dollars that could tillly fund obamacare. >> it could. >> 18 trillion. >> it's 40 years ago. not only do does no one care but any lawyer will tell you, your witnesses and your evidence, it's just so hard to get anything done after all that time. >> well, also be interesting to see if people still remember that era. the defense attorneys can make a connection and if they can get these jurors to feel bad for an 80-year-old man. do you feel bad for him? >> well, don't know. feel bad for an 80-year-old man if he is in a bad way. plenty of 80-year-olds are doing fine. >> i remember this one time, we had $8 million inen and give me
12:56 pm
any. and vincent was demoted went the family because he kept spending the money at the racetrack. complaining didn't get the cut. he told me he was giving me part of $6 million and i was going to give it to all of you guys. subsequently those guys were killed, and vincent was demoted. >> well, now there's court. this day in history is coming next. see you tonight at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central on the fox business network here inside the cable. this is claira.
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on this day in 1985, the first blockbuster video store opened. before the dives dvd or the cloud, blockbuster featured thousands of individualee tapes on the show. for lots of peeve start of the friday night routine, rent a few movies and sent for the weekend, first before how returned them you had to be kind, rewind. today block buster is not
1:00 pm
entirely extinct. the company changed the way we watched videos 30 years ago today. i still have a tape out. the bill is around $41,000. i will not rewind it. you are looking live at the vice-president of the united states. he is addressing a climate change summit going on at the executive office building right next door to the white house. a place that maybe he will want to call home very soon if early indications are he has decided to go ahead and try for a presidential run. we don't know. we do know that a decision is reportedly imminent but there's no use guessing we just know that the vice-president is very good at teasing. now to texas. the state the latest to say when it comes to funding planned parenthood, not a cent of our medicaid money. texas saying it is not going to happen but it follows a number of states that have argued the same argument that it doesn't deserve it, it's lied to


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