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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 19, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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entirely extinct. the company changed the way we watched videos 30 years ago today. i still have a tape out. the bill is around $41,000. i will not rewind it. you are looking live at the vice-president of the united states. he is addressing a climate change summit going on at the executive office building right next door to the white house. a place that maybe he will want to call home very soon if early indications are he has decided to go ahead and try for a presidential run. we don't know. we do know that a decision is reportedly imminent but there's no use guessing we just know that the vice-president is very good at teasing. now to texas. the state the latest to say when it comes to funding planned parenthood, not a cent of our medicaid money. texas saying it is not going to happen but it follows a number of states that have argued the same argument that it doesn't deserve it, it's lied to taxpayers, and so we shouldn't
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be funding that activity. well, of course, the devil is in at the details and right now the devil is also in lawyers who line up 0 to oppose these actions. shannon has the latest. >> the state of texas is getting tough with planned parenthood, notifying all the affiliates in the lone star state it's launching the process to terminate their access to millions in medicaid funding in a letter today texas officials accused planned parenthood of agreeing to illegally alter abortion method ford the purpose of obtaining fetal tissue. quote, the state determined that you and your planned parenthood affiliates are no longer capable of performing medical services in a professionally competent, safe, legal, and ethical manner. planned parenthood says we will fight back against this outrageous, malicious, political attack in texas with everything we have, and we will protect women's access to the health care they need and deserve. >> i think what texas has done is shown it is willing to take
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the leap and to planned parenthood accountable for the millions of dollars in taxpayer fraud. >> planned parenthood denied any wrongdoing. and louisiana has also attempted to block planned parenthood funding but a federal judge blocked that as the dispute plays out. >> amazing. texas republican lieutenant governor dan patrick. people say you're wasting your tile. efforts like this in louisiana have just been blocked, at least for 14 days. by a judge who said that bobby jindal went too far. others say dealing with the same legal back and forth. how do you expect texas to avoid the same thing? >> well, good to be with you, neil. first of all, our basis from our office of inspector genoas based on not only the videos but also what the videos showed us beyond
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the despicable behavior of planned parenthood employees we learned now from inspecting planned parenthood clinics that they have not trained their employees as required by the law to handle blood and tissue. secondly, they allowed people to come in who were posing as buyers of fetal tissue to handle material they should not have, which could have caused the spread of infection disease to patients and employees and the general public. i'm known a long time as a "life senator for eight years, passed the san know gram pill in texas to require ultrasound, woman to have a choice too see one before an abortion and that saved 12 to 150,000 lives. we have been on planned parenthood for a long time in texas. they're only in the business to profit from killing babies. at the end of the day they ha have not had professional people work agent their clinic with the exception of the doctors that come in to take the life 0 of an innocent baby weapon lost a criminal investigation in harris county where i live because of the planned parenthood
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activities on the individual you're, and when with first saw the videos back in july i called our senate chairman of health and human satisfieses to have an immediate hearing on the activities of planned parenthood and the investigation has begun. we're not going to tolerate planned parenthood pretending to be something they're not. >> do you think planned parenthood -- o -- >> get health care, i'm sorry. >> do you think that planned parenthood does anything good? >> no. i don't think they do anything good. they're nothing more than a referral service. a they pretend to care about women's health but don't have professionals even giving any information to women except referring them to another clinic. they don't have equipment they don't do anything except profit from killing babies and then selling body parts -- >> i understander passion, sir, but they do a little built more than that. the reason why i -- >> very little. very little. >> fine, fine, know -- i know you're passionate on this. what i'm asking you, you know what happened in louisiana and north carolina and arkansas and
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alabama and utah and new hampshire and indiana. they have done what you are trying to do and been stopped legally almost every path. there is an element of sort of methodical -- you didn't get this done in washington to the degree you would have liked to see it done, so much like obamacare you're trying to stop key financing measures, in that case exchanges and stop them at your level, but is that really ever going to stop planned parenthood? >> you'll never stop them if you don't keep trying, and, neil, let's be very clear. the goal here is to protect women. that's the goal here. we put $50 million more in our budget in the senate, the governor signed the budget to women's health care there are many qualified held centers who can do a much better job for women in need of health care who are poor. this isn't a political battle. it is not a political battle. this is a battle to protect
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women, and make sure that women, particularly those who are poor, who 'ogo to planned parenthood, have the best medical services -- >> that do you say to your critics who say the republicans are launching a war on women. hillary clinton is having a field dale just to posing this against other comments of republicans and say they don't have women's interests at heart. >> they're just lies and more lies. the fact is that -- before, for example, we passed the sonogram bill in 2011, we found out from testimony from planned parenthood they had in some cases nothing more than high school kids performing sonograms on women coming coming in for an abortion. they have always cut all -- taken all the shortcuts to provide abortions at the -- and women's health care at the lowest price they could. we even had a bill that still in the courts where we just asked planned parenthood, at least to come up to the same standards of an ambulatory health center or medical center, in other words,
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somewhere you would go for day patient surgery. they didn't even want to do that. they operate in the dark, in the shadows and below the standards. what our office of inspector general found -- we're different because we're basing this on the same standards that we would require from any hospital, emergency room or doctor, and we would shut down any hospital, emergency room, any 24-hour clinic if they did not meet federal standards. we're going to insist that plaid -- if they want to they in business they ought to prayed and -- operate and give women true health care. we're not going to give. the medicaid funding. >> lieutenant governor, thank you very much. this has become a political football in washington. no prize there. we'll be getting senator marco rubio's reaction to this. our special guest tomorrow on "your world." in the meantime, one stock did a whole bunch today. weight watchers is twice as fat as it was on friday because
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oprah winfrey has a 10% stake in the country. she expressed an interest in the company because she says it's good for health, well-being and a good fitness provider and a good investment on her part. she joined the board and might be doing commercials and today alone oprah made $65 million. what is it about the rich getting richer? anyway, forget the rich. and forget about oprah. senator bernie sanders said she probably would be open to a much higher tax rate, maybe 90%. but when it comes to bernie sanders and his plans it is not just the rich. he wants to tax everybody but at least he is honest about it. ♪
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welcome back. i was wrong on oprah winfrey. bernie sand terse might want to tax the money but not just the rich he is going after. being consistent. peter doocy in washington on a plan that makes sure everybody pays taxes and he means everyone. >> he does. talking heads declared hillary clinton the winner of last week's veg sanders is the one whose numbers are spiking in the time since. secretary clinton is still ahead but flat, 45%. then there's the democratic socialist senator sanders up five points in a cnn post debate poll. that makes hmm the only one trending upwards even as he introduces a big tax hike. >> when a mom gives birth she doesn't have to go back to work in two weeks. there's an illness in the family, dad and mom can stay home with the kids. that would require a small increase in payroll taxes.
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just a small increase in the payroll -- >> that would hit everybody. >> that would -- yes, it would. >> and the vice-president. >> biden, speaking right now, has 18% support in that new poll, even though he hasn't debated and still hasn't publicly said he wants to be president. but sources are telling fox that some activists want the vp in the race before clinton's benghazi testimony thursday because if she does well it could help her sell more up decides voters on the idea of her as commander in chief before he engets started. >> thank you very much. now, to a read on whether taxing everybody is fair. julie and charles payne. i think i kind of know ahead of time their positions but, julie, slightly on the left of charles on this point of view. >> a little bit. >> you say what to what bernie sanders? >> i'm all for it. was for it when senator
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gillibrand -- the average woman would be paying one dollar and 38 cents more a month for this, which is nothing. the top, top, top here would be paying fewer than five dollars a month four for this, and we talk about family values all the time. this is the most family value thing to do. you can stay at home and take care of your baby, breastfield your child without having to worry about giving him or her formula because you have to rush back to work -- >> what is rushing back to worth for you? >> i think 12 weeks, which is what this proposal does, is the tip of the iceberg. i have to go back to work right away. a lot of women did. most women not afford to stay home with unpaid family leave. this is familiar lie views. >> a lot of things to espouse but this stuff costs money. charles payne, what do you think? >> i think the bigger family value thing is having a job.
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goes along with the other stuff. higher minimum wage, the forced part-time work for obamacare. as far as the government encroaching on private business and telling them what they must do, all they'll do is create fewer jobs, and i think we have seen an example of that in the last seven years ex-bernie sanders himself, this laundry lost that added up to $18 trillion. everybody will be taxed and this welfare giveaway you toneways going to fall apart and be another example of greece or venezuela all over againful of you want to help american families create an economy that is growing, everyone can find jobs and if you have the skill set you'll get more days off but let get jobs first. >> one thing that bernie sanders says this is what other european countries do, but those countries are in a world of hurt. greece in and out of insolvency, italy, not much further behind. the opinion is that, you can talk about cradle to grave protections and security, but
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then comes the little issue about paying for it. >> you want to talk about paying for it. let's talk about americans. the median worker would pave an extra 1.38 a month. we can all spinning that. i spend more at starbucks. >> you think that's where it stops. whatever increased. >> -- >> it's i i've not known a tax increase that ever stopped at that level. >> that's the bill he is talking about and that is the bill he is supporting. a buck-38 for median worker seems like a good tradeoff -- >> julie, when we started medicare, the financing had a set limit. the net was raised and raised and raided. social security the same thing. so what starts out as something that looks like an affordable tax becomes an unlikely burden. >> wait a second. you're talking about november saying that medicare and social security are bad idea? i don't understand -- >> you remember how they were sold? medicare sole as a $66 million program that is knew
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half trillion dollar program. good intentions run deep and get very expensive. >> how old do you think i am you think i remember when -- -- i. >> you obviously don't remember that. >> i don't. >> charles payne, my only issue -- i take no umbrage against anybody with a good heart. i just think the country pays -- >> we're praying for it now. >> and then realizes they're getting very little bang for the buck. >> we're paying for it now. lost urgent -- >> productivity -- >> but charles, look at italy, look at greece, portugal, spain. >> too your point, the great war on poverty would cost a handful of billions. bernie sanders' laundry list is 15 trillion for medicare, another trillion for social security, a trillion for infrastructure almost a trillion for free college, 300 trillion for free family aid. the list goes on and on weapon know these numbers are just the
1:18 pm
beginning. and it's not fair. not even partially honest to say, oh, man, i wasn't around when all owes to ago thursday were being promoted. we're all historian. we know economically we have to be very careful weapon shouldn't try to divvy up the spoils of the nation. we should shift -- all i hear from the bernie sanders of the world is that america has peaked. let's -- >> you're talking about the fact that -- talking about lost product, lost ages and if that's what you're talking about, as many women find it cheaper to stay home and take care of their kid than go in the work force you. didn't. >> the government paying them to stay home. >> this is the best way to encourage work. >> men getting social security differentability because they -- >> wait a minute,. >> week tower talk can bat done tray that cretes a environment. >> i don't know what universe you live it. in it's costs more -- >> jew lull i -- [overlapping speakers]
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>> over insolling me now. i have -- >> [overlapping speakers] [overlapping speakers] >> now, julie, the only thing i will raise is you find it odd at the democratic debate, a lot of big spending plans, not a one, not a one, how to pay for it. not a one to address -- in fact the debt didn't even come up. as a liberal, does that bother you that apparently the party seems to be immune to math? >> it's not immune too math. i want to talk about who actually had a balanced budget the last time i believe it was dem -- >> ens answer my question did it come up. >> no. this specific proposal has -- it is paid for. does not add a cent to the debt or deficit. it allows women to get back in the work force. want to encourage work? this is the best way to do it. >> i wish we had more time,
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together, we're building a better california. means striking a the right balancesco between economic growth, housing we can afford, and our quality of life. aaron peskin has been a champion for the middle class, fighting bad growth and income inequality. and mayor ed lee has transformed san francisco into the nation's most thriving city. vote peskin/lee. san francisco needs them both. aaron peskin for supervisor and ed lee for mayor -- the perfect balance for a better san francisco. we are still in earning season and a lot of companies report -- we don't report them all but ones who are market movers or a good barometer, ibm would be included. its shares are falling three percent after its sales missed forecasts again for the 14th 14th straight quarter.
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a lot of that signaling maybe some problems abroad. comes on the heels of some weak china numbers and china slowing down, concern from the world bank and the imf, the international lehning institutions that expressed similar reserves for the rest of the globe. that's weighing on ibm shares. in the meantime, another thing that reflects global weakness. oil slip sliding away. now under $46 a barrel. iran getting back on the market might have something to do with it. part of the deal includes iran getting more oil on the market. want to make sure i got this right. iran secured another half million barrels of oil a day on the market. this deal calls for upwards million barrels a day but that's a lot of oil and comes at a time when because of that deal other countries and other regions are looking at taking advantage of their own maybe nuclear stockpile or doing what iran has done to take advantage of this and get some agreements to go their way.
1:25 pm
united arab emirates to say we want in on this nuclear thing. just what ed royce has been talking about. congress mosquito you said this might happen and it has happened. but they all want in. right? >> that's the problem. as one of the ambassadors told me, your worst enemy is just obtained the right to enrich. your friends are going to right want that right, too the other aspect is not just that iran obtained something that our friends didn't obtain when they signed ton what we call the gold standard, and the other aspect is are we actually going to enforce against iran any of these provisions? now, you and i, i think, heard the administration say that there was going to be a prohibition in terms of arms transfers, and yet we see general soleimani twice now in
1:26 pm
violation of sanctions fly to russia in order to discuss arms. we just saw the other day a new missile being tested. a ballistic missile, long range, which could carry a warhead. that seems to be in direct violation. and they're talking about -- >> direct violation of what, though? because the argument against that is that it might be a direct violation of u.n. resolutions. maybe not this deal. you say it doesn't matter there are other enough things to make you pause whether iran is holing up its end of the bargain. >> is it is the part of the bait and switch in this. during the debate, the talking points said that those supporting the administration were arguing, look, sanctions are still in place. they're not going to be able to transfer arms. that would be a violation. yes, they meant a violation of the sanctions that the united nations but if you don't intend to enforce them what meaning does it have? we heard rouhani, head of state
1:27 pm
in iran then say, we have no intention of abiding by that u.n. sanction and -- >> well, the bottom line to your point, just to get back to the subject here, we do know they secured that iran, a half million barrels a do, up 0 two million barrels and they have already got set customers for the oil, include asian, african, european buyers work committed to buy the oil. what do you think of those countries, regions-that are already lining up to be customers for that iranian oil? >> i thick it was very predictable but i think some of those countries who have convinced themselves that the proceeds of those purchases of oil will go to people in iran. that's not the case. the iranian revolutionary guard corps will be the beneficiary. they're the ones that control the companies in iran. they're the ones that are then going to turn around and be able to buy the weapons systems. so when you see these iranian
1:28 pm
commanders flying to moscow, two trips now for the quds force leader who has killed over 600 americans in terms of the bombings that he planned, the guy in charge of assassinations outside of iran, where do you think the money is going to go? that's what i would ask these european leaders. >> they've got that money now. >> it's very clear. >> every day they're going good have a lot modify. >> what way warned about. >> joe biden wrapped up his comments at the old executive office building here. dealing with climate change. but he could be on the verge of making a big political change in this presidential contest. we're told he is on the verge of announcing he is readies to run for president of the united states. this much we know. a lot of big bundlers are staying on the sideline just in case he does. after this.
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awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management. there were 14 consecutive quarters of missed estimated, rather 14 straight quarters of
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declining. the strong dollar not helping things. ibm down 3-1/2 to 4% in after-hours trading. meanwhile, some growing signs that there is a distinct possibility joe biden is set to announce he is going to run for president. the only issue is, when? kevin at the white house. >> reporter: my colleague, ed henry, the chief white house correspondent talked to a number of sources and confirms that in fact biden is expected to run. now, with the timing on that, we don't know. there have been some reports thatted could happen in next 48 hours. today the vp was speaking at a business summit for -- a climate summit for business leaders but i wanted to know, what's the process like? let's walk through the process. how do you make this decision?
1:34 pm
what has to go into finally saying, okay, i am in it to win it? i posed that question to the white house press secretary, josh earnest. >> there's one fundamental question that has to be answered before you can consider a whole range of other tactical questions. the first is, about your own desire and commitment to running the kind of campaign that we all know takes a significant personal toll. life on the campaign trail is arduous, and it's a difficult challenge. >> okay. so, here's my question. yes, it's a difficult challenge, neil. why do it? you have already done everything else you could possibly do in your life as a public servant. well, our sources tell us that beau biden's words may have weighed heavily on the thought of probiden. and if he makes the announce. about thursday, keep in honda hillary clinton is expected to testify in front of the benghazi
1:35 pm
committee on thursday. maybe that happens. we'll be watching carefully from my perch at the white house. >> "usa today" analysis, less than ten percent of the president's bundlers from the last election, the 2012 election, have committed to hillary clinton. that's amazing. >> well, some of them say they're still sitting on the sidelines in the hopes that may jobe biden will enter the rails. others have said, look, i like hillary, want it to support her. i just health reached that big 100,000 threshold to appear on her bundler list. >> do you get a sense from the bundlers that if joe biden needed them, he could get money from them fast? time would be running our on him. >> absolutely. you get a sense they feel at that time way. it's hard to pin down how many
1:36 pm
people are sitting there waiting for joe biden. but right before i came here i was on the phone with a bundler who is supporting hillary, donated to hillary, not yet raised money for her yet. she says if joe biden called me to talk about a campaign, i'm going to pick up the phone and talk to him. he used a lot of words, called him a beloved figure in the democratic party. so he will definitely have people who are willing to listen to him, hear him out, hear him make his case for a third run for the presidency. >> now, obviously this includes those who watch the debate that hillary clinton was deemed at least have won and bernie sanders has picked up more support post the debate. if overbiden is saying i think she is still vulnerable and still beatable? at this relatively late stage in i say relatively because these have got 'earlier and earlier.
1:37 pm
>> she has built a huge found fundraising operation and a big ground game already. i think maybe this has to do with what you guys just discussed as we headed into the segment. his personal conviction that he wants to do it. the feeling that maybe his family members and his late son, beau biden, wanted him to do it. he has been gating great reviews from democrats as a vice-president, someone that president obama counted on to go in, in difficult, sometimes what seemed to be intractable situations and negotiate. he is coming off what democrats say is a strong seven years. >> now, frederick, has anyone checked who provided that story on beau biden? presume i weeks from death, urging his father to run for president? >> well, to there have been reported that it may have been vice-president biden himself who had that conversation. i can't confirm that or not. but there's -- it's certainly --
1:38 pm
it was described first by maureen dowed in the "new york times" and it was someone very close to him had to have provided that information. >> he denied he was the guy, but who knows. thank you. >> it's very intimate. >> only a couple of people would know. thank you very much. a live shot of lax in california. very busy airport, an airport with more than its share of close call with drone. now there's a take, maybe we ought to recommending steer series drones and this holy season we be looking at 700,000 of them being given as gifts. the question is, even if we do register them to what end will it keep the skies safer, after this.
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1:42 pm
they're expecting to sell another 700,000 of them. now many in government are urging at looking at a way to register them. like the department of motor vehicles like you register a car. it's not that easy. trace? >> reporter: the feds are rushing to get this done. by mid-december the faa hopes to have rules in place requiring drone buyers to register the aircraft and get some basic education on drone operation. the big concern is the steady rise in drone statings at airports around the country. airline pilots have reported 700 close calls with drones this year. drones shut down air operations this summer at a dangerous wildfire here in southern california. the feds say it's easy to find the drones about very difficult to find out who owns them, but some in the drone industry say the feds are selling you hooey, saying drones are almost never
1:43 pm
located and forcing people to register them will hurt the drone industry. if you already own a drone you still have to get it registered but have more time to comply. the problem is a lot of drone fanatics make their own flying machines and those would likely remain unregistered bus there's no record of them existing at all. >> incredible. trace, thank you very much. michael boyd, aviation analyst. you have been worried about this things when there weren't as many of them and now there are more of them. i'm wondering whether registering them, much as you would a consider or motorcycle, will make a difference. >> it won't. the issue is drones have wonderful technology, even in our industry, airports and agriculture. we're in danger of losing that because unless we can put something into effect where we can track who is operating the machinery, we have a dangerous situation there. terrorists can use it. bad guys. i'll grab a third rail here for
1:44 pm
people outside of new jersey. that means i'm going to grab an issue here. that mean we have to ground these things until we can find some way of tracking who is operating them. >> i don't understand the new jersey exception there but i'll let it go. do you think that by grounding them in this case -- the fear had been we have a lot of close calls. they think with registering them would be much more careful about how close they get to airports, how close they get to areas they shouldn't be. do you buy that? >> no, i don't. we're not talking about mom and pop in ohama buying one for the kid. we're talking about people who can misuse these things to do very bad things with them. if we can't track whos operating them, we're wide open. it's like putting a warning in the box won't fix that. we have a security threat with drones and the third rail thing, a lot of people get upset but we shouldn't let these thing goes into the sky until we can get that one item fixed.
1:45 pm
>> some said all you have to do is up the punishment for violating what already faa required air space rules and restrictions. make it more than just a slap on the wrist. what do you think? >> how are we going to fun issue me? you can't find my. me drone went over return 27 at la guardia and hit an airplane you. don't foe who had the drone. >> but if you register it -- hear you. they're arguing if you register it, you would not, if you could recover it. >> but they're acting as if everybody is a wonderful person and would never do anything evil. we have people that can use these drones to do all kinds of bad things. until we can deal with that we have a security threat. security threat. and i know people don't like this but until we can fix that security threat, these drones have to be taken out of the sky. >> michael, thank you very minute very much. strong words. michael boyd. north of the border they're
1:46 pm
having an election, in canada. you might say, what do i care? it's canada. i don't even like hockey and don't flip over the toronto blue jays. fine. the fact of the matter is that if the election goes and the consecutive government goes down to defeat, climbed change is alive and will and the climb changers have almost a complete global clean sweep to force their way whether you believe in their cause or not. now are you paying attention? eh? after this. it's more than the cloud. it's security - and flexibility. it's where great ideas and vital data are stored. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions from a trusted it partner. including cloud and hosting services - all backed by an industry leading broadband network and people committed to helping you grow your business. you get a company that's more than just the sum of it's parts. centurylink. your link to what's next.
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1:50 pm
to believe when they have the big global summit on the environment in paris you will see for the first time ever a canadaan government interested in putting a cap on emissions. something we have not seen out of that conservative government because it doesn't buy the climate change. science change plan. science director al gould, the eco entrepreneur. howard, to you. what do you make of what's at stake tonight? >> i think there is a huge issue at stake tonight. i think you have a young politician coming in that's actually understanding the issues that's really happening in this country and this planet, and he's understanding what the young people of his country are looking at and what they believe. whether he's going far enough or not too far, i think he's right on track with understanding the issues of climate change. >> what do you think of that, jay? >> i think there's three major problems, neil. the first is we've increased carbon dioxide in our atmosphere
1:51 pm
about 10% in the last 18 years and there hasn't been any change in the earth's temperature in that period. so the evidence isn't there. secondly, the only way you stop emissions is to eliminate fossil fuel. that's going to raise dramatically the cost of our energy and that impacts all families in both of our countries, and it impacts the poorest the most because the percentage of their budget on energy is much higher than the rest. and finally, every year there is a bunch of economists that are convened in denmark, and they figure out how best to spend public money to improve the human condition. the top five are fighting aids and hiv, fighting malaria, reducing malnutrition, improving sanitation water supply and reducing the amount of water we need to grow our crops. of the top five, affecting
1:52 pm
climate change comes in 16th -- >> you might be right, but justin trudeaus was one of the longest serving entrepreneurs of all time. he has said we'll reduce our emissions. if you add to that that australia has a prime minister more open to addressing this, that would mean there is no prominent country on the planet that has a problem with digging in deep to wallets to address a problem that guys like jay just said may not be that much of a problem. >> jay just brought up three points that are factually incorre incorrect. last year was hottest on record and next year is slated to be hotter than that. >> whether it's manmade or not, with the onus coming on big countries like the united states
1:53 pm
and china gets a pass and india gets a pass, weird. >> 85% of new energy that came on line in this country was made by renewable energy. and did it bust our bank? no, it didn't. the fact is the parody -- >> neil, neil, no single coal-fired or gas-fired power plant has ever been shut off because of the climate. you have to keep the fossil fuels going all the time because the wind doesn't always blow and the sun doesn't always shine, so there's no improvement at all. >> i'm glad you're not solving the climate change debate. thank god. in the meantime, we've got something weird going on with walmart. do you remember when they were investigating the company for bribery and trying to extort its way into key positions in mexico? remember that was all the rage? turns out it's not the case.
1:54 pm
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how does walmart get its good name after years of being charged with bribing mexican officials to get ideal retail locations? it turns out there's not much there there. anthony karmuchi wonders what will happen now with newspapers and such that have to take that back. >> neil, this is one of those situations where people knew about it. it was reasonably telegraphed into the market. forget about the political issues, i just want to talk about the market as it relates to walmart. a 25% drop on this market is a sign there wasn't enough capital. >> there's saying, well, there are signs in india they're doing this, but without proof. >> the trip wire is against big
1:58 pm
corporations, the trip wire is against things going on in mexico, the trip wire is against the have and have nots, so these things will get much blown out of proportion on a going-forward basis, especially into the presidential election. >> if walmart were unionized tomorrow, all these things would go away. i don't think it would get much attention if they were unionized. >> because of political attention. >> absolutely. >> you have to realize there is about one-third of our society that walmart is benefiting with their low prices and geography. >> when energy prices were moving up, when they're tumbling, no one calls for an investigation or blue ribbon commission. it's the way it is. >> but you have to understand something. there is a struggle in the society going on right now. the messengers on the policies you and i like have really misfired on the message. those policies at the end of day
1:59 pm
that help the middle class and help the poor, we've seen that as we aspire in our society. >> they just don't know how to articulate it. >> i think they're spending too much time with the consultants and not enough time with people looking at people, and explaining to them why certain things work, why other things don't. we've had a war on poverty in the united states for 50 years. we spent $50 trillion on the war on poverty. poverty won, neil. don't you think it's time to switch the game plan a little? >> you look heartless when you say that? >> but i'm not heartless. i'm loving, i'm catholic. >> anthony, thank you very much. as anthony was speaking, we did get a response to our story at the top of the hour about the congressman wanting the latest country to weigh in on nuclear abilities. the country said, since signing the nuclear agreement with the
2:00 pm
u.s. since '99, they have no plans to enrich or prosper uranium. what they're saying to the congressman is he is wrong, they are right. marco rubio tomorrow. hello, everyone, i'm dana perino along with kimberly guilfoyle, geraldo rivera and this is "the five." america has raised serious concerns about hillary clinton's honesty, judgme and judgment. clinton has been labeling the investigation as politically motivated. >> i think it's clear that whatever they thought they might have been doing, they ended up becoming a partisan arm of the republican national committee with an


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