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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  October 20, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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i'm heather childress. thanks for joining us. >> and i'm ainsley earhart. donald trump is on top with the highest poll numbers yet. >> he leads a brand new poll just as an announcement from vice president joe biden is expected to maybe shake up the democratic race. >> kristen kristen fisher is do washington with all the latest. >> reporter: a new poll out with 25%, the highest level of support since entering the race and four-point jump since september and close behind him is ben carson with 22%, followed by marco rubio with 13, ted cruz, jeb bush and carly fiorina in single digits. fiorina has dropped four point in the last money. on the democratic side all eyes are on one man joe biden as speculation about his presidential ambitions hits a fever pitch. our ed henry reported that he is
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expected to announce that he is running. big question is still when will he announce? one way or another, here is all the vice president would say after meeting with the president at the white house yesterday. >> i've been in a meeting with the president on another matter for the last two hours, and it's hard to say, mr. president, you're on your own, i'm leaving. >> there are reports that an announcement could happen in the next 48 hours, right around the same time his potential opponent hillary clinton will be testifying before the bengdsy committee on capitol hill. the white house is still not weighing in though. all they will say is this. >> based on the fact that he's run for president twice before i think should be a clear indication that he believes that he's got something to offer to that debate and to offer to the country. >> and another potential shake-up in the democratic race. senator jim webb will be holding a news conference later today to discuss his candidacy. he is said to be considering
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running as an independent so there are a lot of changes that could be coming in this race in the next 24 to 48 hours. >> thanks, kristen. many questioning were the vice president may be jumping in now. former house speaker newt gingrich says he thinks he'll run as an insurance policy pending an inevitable hillary clinton collapse. >> i think he's running partly because as she moves to the left, she's taking positions that are increasingly at odds with the obama policy, and if you'll notice 90% of obama's major fund-raisers have not committeded to her, 90%. that means that there's a huge group of potential fund-raisers who are waiting for the obama candidate, and i think the signs are the obama candidate will end up being joe biden. >> gingrich says that he has no doubt biden will be running. well, a new shot fired in the war of words between jeb
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bush and donald trump. the former florida governor defending his brother again. >> his view of history is just wrong. the simple fact is that when we were attacked my brother created an environment where for 2,600 days we were safe. no one attacked us again. >> bush insisting his brother is not the one to blame for the terrorist attacks on 9/11 despite trump's comments. bush says that trump is not a serious candidate when it comes to foreign policy. the texas teenager led out of school in handcuffs when a teacher mistook his homemade clock with a bomb just met with the president. can you see the 14-year-old ahmed mohammed speaking with the president. the president tweeted a personal invitation to the teenager to bring the clock to the white house shortly after the videoth
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clock went viral. the it's time now to look who is talking, and this morning it's ben shapira, the editor of "daily wire" saying president obama's meeting with the teen was awkward. here's why. >> everybody ask always a victim of profiling whatever the circumstance and president obama buys into it, right away, no questions asked and then invites to the white house and got a little bit awkward. unclear whether the president was going to meet with him. met with him briefly. took a photo with him in passing and that was a bit of a downgrade from the big event, star-studded event that we expected between the two where the president was going to knight him, give him the order of merit and declare him the greatest scientist since sir isaac newton. >> the it's one of the most notorious mob heist in history and the latest on the "goodfellas" trial. >> reporter: heist that inspired the classic oscar-winning mob
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film it's at center of this trial. >> from the scene of a heist at jfk, it looks like a big one, maybe the biggest one. >> oh, jimmy! >> 80-year-old vincent asaro is on trial for his alleged role in the 1978 robbery of $6 million in cash and jewelry boosted from a the lufthansa airlines cargo building from john f. kennedy airport. it's long been considered one of the most infamous unsolved robberies in u.s. history. government officials say aysaro helped plan and he's being linkeded to the bonanno crime family with a list of charges including extortion. witnesses who are giving up information about the case to avoid lengthy prison sentences for their own misdeeds. the government's star witness stickup man gas per valente may
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testify as soon as today. >> we'll be following it. thanks, robert. brand new information about an american f-16 fighter jet hit by gunfire controlling 'taliban province in afghanistan. you can see taliban insurgents surrounding the fuel tank and ammo boxes that were dropped mid-flight. the pentagon says the plane's stabilizers and munition cases were hit. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu warning citizens about taking the law into their own hand. a man was shot to death after being mistaken for a palestinian terrorist and one israeli soldier was killed and a dozen more were injured. brand new images revealing possible leads in the search for the florida some zombicon shoot. police now focusing on finding a
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man seen on the left running from the scene on a rifle and looking for these two men scene on surveillance on a nearby restaurant appear to be passing something to each other before going in opposite directions. police point out many people at the festival carried replica weapons and the these men are not official suspects and are only wanted for questioning. oscar pistorius now under house arrest for the next four years. the olympic bladerunner just released from a prison in south africa. he was originally sentenced to five years. the south african law allows convicted criminals to serve one-six of this their sentence to serve the remainder under house arrest. he was found guilty of the killing of his girlfriend reva steenkamp. prosecutors plan to appeal the verdict late they are month. lamar odom is back in the city of angels and was transferred from sunrise hospital in las vegas.
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his ex-wife khloe kardashian still by his side. his progress has been remarkable since he was found unconscious in that nevada brothel last week from a suspect the drug overdose. well, it was a fight for the first place spot in the nfc east for "monday night football," but neither team looked sharp. the eagles end up with a 27-20 victory which leaves the two teams tied for first. and the blue jays come alive powering past royals in game three of the american league championship series. toronto now has won foot out of the hole as they return home for an incredible 11-8 victory over the oils. the blue jays explode the in the third inning with six runs. the royals lead the series 2-1. meanwhile the national league championship series heads to chicago tonight as the mets lead series against the cubs 2-0.
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flash flooding and thunderstorms are possible for some of you out there today. mar mar malinos joins us now. >> talking about large hail and isolated thunderstorms across parts of the midwest. parts of the country that doesn't see across of precipitation and a lot of precipitation in place today and the next couple of days. starting with the current temperatures on the map. cold air is still in place and in raleigh, north carolina, the current temperature just 36 degrees and head farther north a little bit milder. 39 degrees and moving farther west across the plains it's a mild morning with temperatures relatively warm in the mid-60s and as we head farther west across parts of the southwestern u.s., that's where it's unsettled and that's where we have temperatures highly
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variable. 60s across new mexico and warmer farther south. out here you'll be looking for that risk for severe weather. large hail, damage is winds and isolated tornadoes in parts ever mexico, arizona and western texas. a lot of that will move slowly eastward here over the next few days so we'll continue to track that storm system. can you see it's always producing showers very widespread across the western u.s. and as we head farther east more showers in the central midwest. new video inside a plane moments after a man chokes a woman reclining in her chair. the fbi now on the case. president george w. bush letting out a big secret today, the one gop candidate he really does not like. and the apps that apple is dropping because they were secretly stealing your personal information. >> uh-oh.
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it's a simple question. what's in your wallet? and welcome back to "fox & friends first." commotion on a southwest flight and now the fbi is investigating after a woman claims that a man tried to choke her on that flight for reclining her seat. >> everybody is screaming. it was pandemonium. i didn't know what was going on. they asked me would you restrain this guy and i was like yeah, you know. i was telling him at 30,000 feet i will beat you down. >> the plane was flying to san francisco to los angeles but was forced to return to l.a.x. mid-flight. officers escorted the man off the plane for questioning, but he was not arrested. the remaining passenger switched plane and arrived if san francisco five hours late. from air rage to road rage, fuming drivers caught on camera all too often exploding on this
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road like this driver in hollywood punching out another driver as the two fall to the ground during that scuffle but now, guess what, there is a new adult car seat that could help reduce your road rage. the active wellness seat monitors your heart rate detecting stress and fatigue and gives off a warming or cooling sensation and it gives you a massage. it will be available to you the driver in 2018 or 2019. that is awesome. >> the she continues to shock viewers with what she does with her money, and this time oprah has some more to weigh in. >> cheryl cassone from our sister network fox business is here with the latest. >> good morning, ladies. cole call it the "o" effect shares of weight watchers jumped 105% after it was revealed oprah winfrey made a big met taking a 10% stake in weight watchers and will also take a seat on the
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board of directors. apple has250 apps from its app store for simply scoring and collecting people's personal information. if you want to use amazon fresh for grocery delivery get ready to pay $299 a year for prime fresh first. according to several reports, that's what the price will be in seattle, philadelphia and new york. current prime members on amazon who upgrade to fresh will be refunded for their prime membership on a prorated basis. google fiber is sending flowers to potential customers hoping they will be able to ditch their current internet providers notes saying we were in the neighborhood and say hello and if you want internet we're a step away and popping up with some very pretty bouquets. back to you. >> thanks, cheryl. tuna fish may help breast cancer patient live longer.
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a new study show women with the disease who had high levels of fish in their diets were one-third less likely to die prematurely. women who had the highest intake of fresh tuna had a 29% lower risk of dying than those who did not eat fish. researchers believe that fatty acids in the fish have anti-inflammatory effects and may reduce cancer cell growth. do you think you have a lot in common with your significant other? >> i'm so glad we're finally doing this. >> me, too. >> here. >> well, it turns out there's a reason for that. a recent study says that we are likely to subconsciously pick a partner with similar genes and an vestry. very interesting. >> opposite of what we've always heard. the time now is 17 after the top of the hour and first the director of the cia and now the director of homeland security hacked by a high schooler. how does that happen? >> an one dad's hilarious
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it's not just hillary clinton with e-mail woes. a high school student and self-proclaimed stoner unhappy with u.s. foreign policy possibly hacked into dhs secretary jeh johnson's personal e-mail account. this is the same teenager who admitted he hackled cia director john brennan's aol account. officials say no classified information was compromised. the fbi and secret service are now investigating. could your relatives' dna
2:22 am
turn you into a suspect? police departments demanding websites like turn over customers' genetic data. websites like ancestry and 23 and me encourage customers to send in their dna when researching family history but critics warn this puts their privacy at risk. both sides say they will turn over information if served a court order it could be his ticket to college. a high school student pens a college entrance essay on his life living homeless in new york city. wnyw has this story of this survive. >> an accurate description of what it's like to be homeless, on the street and nowhere to stay in new york city. >> reporter: a young man, the circumstance out of his control, the raw truth about homelessness and the kids caught in the middle told in a college entrance essay. >> living in a tiny essay in queens and my father was off on alcohol binges ever few days.
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>> reporter: basketball has been sebastian rohback's escape, a dribbling ball, the physics, a metaphor for his life. when thrown down the resilience to bounce back. >> the i didn't have the slightest idea where i was going to be anywhere my next meal was coming from. >> reporter: sebastian a senior sees light at the tunnel and a chance at stability in college. >> in my mind like how am i going to explain eight years in 650 words, a dream come true because when somebody is used to having nothing, unfortunately, it becomes your standard, you expect to just continue having little to nothing. >> reporter: a major and international relations detail is his way out, a b-plus average in the classroom and a pretty good looking jump shot. >> having known what to have, i will make sure that less and less have to go through what i
2:24 am
had to go through in my life. >> great young man there. whatever you do to my daughter i'll do to you. a wisconsin dad sends a hilarious warning to his daughter's homecoming date. ben shock living up to the word jumping into the photo shoot wrapping arms around the boyfriend to recreate the picture. shock and his wife say it was all in good fun and the couple were in on the joke and we'll hear from the dad and daughter at 6:50. >> you put my arms around my daughter i'll put my arms around you. president george w. bush let out a huge secret, the one gop candidate he really does not like next. and is this the iceberg that brought down the "titanic"? the incredible picture and how much you would pay for it. and first on this day in history back in 1803 the senate approved the louisiana purchase treaty. and in 1973 the sydney opera house opened. ♪
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it's tuesday, october 20th, 2015, a 2016 shake-up. donald trump hits a new high as speculation mounts over the vice president's plans. is joe biden in or is he out? the new clues live from washington. "goodfellas," one of the biggest mob movies of all time about one of the largest stickups in u.s. history. >> live from the scene of a heist at jfk, it looks like a big one, maybe the biggest this town has ever seen. >> oh, jimmy! >> now the alleged mobster behind it all is on trial, and we'll take you inside that courtroom. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> and we're also going to tell you about this, let the force be with you, a brand new "star
2:29 am
wars" trailer is out including a first look at carrie fisher as princess leah, fans going crazy and crashing the ticket sites. are you going to see it? we'll talk about it. >> all right. we are doing just that. we're waking you up this morning. if you're just waking up, welcome to "fox & friends first." i'm ainsley earhardt. >> and i'm heather childress. thanks for waking up with us or joining us. donald trump getting his highest poll numbers yet, the republican front-runner surging in a brand new poll just as the democratic race is about to get interesting. >> in the next 24 hours vice president joe biden is expected
2:30 am
to announce that he is going to run. kristen fisher is live down in d.c. with all the details for us. good morning, kristen. >> reporter: so much can change in the democratic race in the next 24 to 48 hours and so much is about the decision of one man, joe biden, as speculation about his presidential ambition hits a fever pitch here in washington. our ed henry is reporting that he's pected to announce that he is running. the big question though is when would he announce, one way or another. listen to what ed henry said after meeting with the president at white house. >> i've been at a meeting with the president for the last two hours and it's hard to say, mr. president, you're on your own, i'm leaving. >> i'll read into that statement, what you will. there are reports that an anounment could happen in the next 48 hours, right around the same time his potential opponent, hillary clinton, will be testifying before the benghazi committee on capitol hill. >> the clinton campaign really, really, really hopes that the vice president doesn't get in
2:31 am
because hillary clinton knows what it means. it means a tough, expensive, probably negative campaign. >> and another potential shake-up in the democratic race. senator jim webb will be holding a news conference later today to discuss his candidacy. he is said to be considering running as an independent. so many potential changes on the democratic side while the republican field is holding fairly steady. donald trump is still showing no signs of slipping in the polls and a new nbc news poll out yesterday shows trump at 25%, his highest level of support since entering the race and close behind him is ben carson with 22% and marco rubio with 13, followed by ted cruz, jeb bush and carly fiorina. fiorina has lost four points in the last month so that's a very big drop for her since the last debate heather and ainsley. >> kristen fisher live for us, thank, kristen. some say if joe biden does decide to get in this week, his timing couldn't be worse.
2:32 am
listen to charles krauthammer explain why. >> the timing is incomprehensible. it's only explainable by saying it's biden, so we're not going to look for a logical explanation. it would be the worst possible time. it would be stepping on the benghazi story if there is one and it would be exposing him to questions about benghazi. he's had months to make an announcement. he's now here. at this point he might as well wait a few days until it blows over and he can see where he is but nonetheless he has his own internal clock, a long history at least in foreign policy for 35 years having been wrong on everything, so i wouldn't be surprise federal he chose the wrong day to announce. >> let's keep talking about this. what do you think about biden announcing this week? is it the right time or log time? logon to our facebook beige at
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the #keeptalking. president bush letting out a big secret, who is his least faith rite candidate. senator ted cruz saying i just don't like the guy at at campaign event for his brother. bush has a problem with his former policy adviser getting too buddy buddy with donald trump on the campaign trail. he says it's no surprise that president bush is supporting his brother. i have no intention of reciprocating. i met my wife heidi working on his campaign so i will always be grateful to him. the texas teenager led out of school in handcuffs when a tooeng teacher mistook his mommade clock for a bomb met the president. you can see the 14-year-old speaking to president obama during astronomy night at white house. the president tweeted a personal invitation for the teen to bring his clock to the white house shortly after his incident went viral. mohammed has been named american muslim of the year and days before that he met with the president of sudan, an accused
2:34 am
war criminal. he's being called a gangster through and through. now the aging mobster whose alleged crime was immortalize the in the classic movie "goodfellas" is on trial. robert gray is with more on the trial. >> reporter: there's a big hollywood connection, 80-year-old vincent asaro is on trial for the robbery are $6 million cash and jewelry, the movie that inspired martin scorcese's mob film. >> port authority believe $4 million. >> jimmy! >> from the scene of a heist at jfk. it looks like a big one, maybe the biggest that this man has ever seen. >> ah, jimmy! >> reporter: robbery took place at a lufthansa airlines cargo building at new york's john f. kennedy international airport. it's long been considered one of the most infamous unsolved robberies in u.s. history.
2:35 am
government prosecutors say asaro helped plan and steal the loot and they are charging the head of the bonino crime family with a number of offenses ranging from murder to extortion. the defense claims the case against asaro is built on shaky foundation. witnesses who are giving up information about the case to avoid serving lengthy prison terms of their own for their own misdeeds. now the government star witness mob stakeup man gas per valente may testify, heather, as soon as today. robert gray live for us, thank you, robert. well, former nba great lamar odom is back in the city of angels. he was transferred from sunrise hospital in las vegas. his estranged wife khloe kardashian by his side. odom passed a critical swallowing test, is breathing on his own and is said to be speaking a little. his progress has been remarkable since he was found unconscious in a nevada brothel last week from a suspected drug overdose. well, oscar pistorius now under house arrest where he will
2:36 am
stay for the next four years. the olympic blade runner just releaseded from south african prison to his uncle's home. he was originally sentenced to five years and south african law allows criminals who serve at least one-sixth of their sentence to complete it under house arrest. state prosecutors want him charged with murder and they plan to appeal this month. another state is now delaying executions, this time over the lack of lethal drugs. ohio has run out of supplies forcing executions to be halted until at least 2017. the department of rehabilitation and corrections says the drugs are hard to get, and they need more time. oklahoma delayed their executions last week after a wrong drug was used during a lethal injection in january and then almost again last month. last month's execution was actually called off at last minute when they realized they had the wrong drug. texas is dropping planned
2:37 am
parenthood clinics from its state medicaid program. the state health department says planned parenthood is no longer able to perform medical services in a safe and ethical planner after the release of those controversial undercover videos. planned parenthood calls this move outrageous and will fight to continue to provide care. christmas in october, well, it sure looks that way in los angeles. a massive 1115-foot christmas tree is standing at citadel outlet center in the center of the city. >> it's being hailed as largest large cut tree from the shasta national forest and right now it's bare and a tree lighting concert is now set for november 7th. >> can't believe. >> it's a big one. >> flash flooding and thunderstorms possible for some of you today. >> maria molina in the weather center tracking that for you. >> if you live in north carolina a chilly start to the day. in raleigh just 36 degrees and
2:38 am
that's the story across many areas across the eastern u.s., parts of georgia, especially in the suburbs you're very cold and as you head farther north as well into the northeast. caribou, maine, 37 degrees this morning so bundle up as you head out the door but good news is temperatures will be rebounding as we head into this afternoon across the eastern u.s., closer to its average this time of the year. meanwhile across the plains is a mild start to your day. temperatures out there in the middle 60s in some areas, and they will be climbing into the 80s so not bad as all. you'll get the sunshine as well and where we won't be seeing a lot of sunshine is across the southwestern u.s. out here we do have the forecast for some storms and some of these storms could actually produce some severe weather so we're looking at threat being large hail, damaging winds and even isolated tornadoes across portions of eastern arizona especially, across parts of new mexico and also western texas so heads up if you live out here. stay weather aware today. you do have that concern in the only for severe weather but even some localized flash flooding from the heavy rain that the storms can produce and you can
2:39 am
see that the radar is kind of busy this morning out west, anywhere from parts of montana out to new mexico, you're looking at some areas of rain and shower activity rolling on through and it could be a slow commute for you early this morning across the areas and meanwhile across the plains, the southeast, abundant sunshine in the forecast, the exception will be as we head farther north, parts of new england and also into the great lakes area. we'll be dealing with those showers today. let's head over to you. maria molina live for us this morning, thank you. >> 20 minutes to the top of the hour and what went wrong inside the school bus. >> open the window. >> parents outraged after seeing what really happened when an accident happened on board. and the feds lay out a new plan to keep the skies safe. register your drone. what you need to know next. and oops, she did it again. the britney spears wardrobe malfunction that happened in vegas but definitely isn't
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staying there. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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like a little puppy! the award-winning geico app. download it today. the things you need to know before you buy. the at the present time of transportation will require owners to register their drones no matter how they use their device for fun, transportation or business. d.o.t. plans to have a registry up and running by christmas and registering drones is necessary to ensure public safety. >> we fully appreciate the potential of unmanned aircraft to transform transportation, commerce and quality of life, but we've also seen unmanned aircraft interfere not help with our lives. we must work ever harder to ensure a strong culture of
2:44 am
safety, accountability and responsibility among users. >> reporter: the federal aviation administration expects more than 1 million drones to be sold this holiday season. drone owners will eventually have to pay for and take an operator's test to receive a certificate to fly their drone. the tsa will also review all drone registration applications, although owners, they say, will not be required to get a license to fly their drone. back to you. >> all right, adam shapiro, thank you for joining us. to find the fox business network just logon to well, is this the iceberg that sank the "titanic"? the mysterious photo goes up for auction this weekend. it's expected to sell for more than $15,000. it was taken by another ship's crew just hours after the "titanic" sank it. almost looks fake, doesn't it, but it's real. the photographer unaware of the tragedy at the time did notice some red paint on the side of
2:45 am
that iceberg, possibly from where the ship scraped the side of it. interesting. well, it is the moment that "star wars" fans have been waiting for. >> there are stories about what happened. >> it's true. all of it. >> the brand new "the force awakens" trailer released during "monday night football." tickets for the zaga's seventh installment went on sale and the mad dash crashed a lot of ticket sites and the most talked about trailer, this, a half second snippet of carrie fischer repricing her iconic role princess leia hugging her lover happens solo played by harrison ford. "star wars, the force awakesens" opens december 18th. the middle school principal
2:46 am
admits she is not releasing student election results because more minorities did not win. the outrageous story coming up next. and country superstar blake shelton sues the tabloid for millions. the cover story that sent him over the edge. but first steve doocy on what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> ainsley, you wanted to be princess layia. i thought she was the best. who did you want to be? >> luke skywalker. anyway, coming up on "forecast & friends," i digress, 13 and a half flints now, joe biden, our vice president, reportedly decided he is going to run for president of the united states. and did he just take a shot at hillary just a couple of days before announcing the run? we'll play it for you. plus, donald trump hits a new high in the late presidential poll, but there's another candidate who is not too far behind. we'll get reaction from laura ingram who joins us once a week and governor bobby jindal who has a brand new book out called
2:47 am
"american will." also, disney actress laura morano is here from "austin and alley." she will be here on the couch. a busy morning in just twest minutes from the channel you trust for news.
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parents in washington state outrage after an antifreeze leak on their children's school bus. the whole thing caught on surveillance camera. look. >> oh, my god. what is that? it's green and it's everywhere. it smells really bad. open the windows. open the windows. >> the terrified children from
2:51 am
ocean shores elementary scrambling to get to the front of the bus after that leak. one says they were burned by the liquid and the bus didn't stop for at least five minutes. the buses are inspected every summer and they are investigating. a california middle school principal announcing the winners of the student council after withholding their names because she thought the candidate were not diverse enough. the principal of everett middle school in san francisco says she wanted the student council to reflect the counsel, which is only 20% white. parents outraged at how this election process is being disrespect disrespected. >> that should have been decided prior to the election, prior to the campaigning process. if we can't teach them the right way of how it's supposed to work, we're letting our kids down. my heart goes out to the kids. because they're confused about what's the issue. >> the principal is planning to add more positions on student
2:52 am
government to get more minority on the council. blake shelton taking up a magazine over rehab claims. >> the country superstar is suing in touch weekly over this cover that claims that he was headed to rehab over his split with wife lambert. shelton's lawyers insisted the headline is false and are demanding more than $1 million in damages. jesse waters usually hits the streets to talk to adults. he's using the halloween season to chat with children now about what really scares them. ♪ >> what scares you? >> creepy clowns. >> clowns.
2:53 am
>> clowns. >> about to explode with joy. >> what scares you. >> bugs. >> dolls. >> nothing. >> what scares you? >> hillary clinton becoming president. >> i'm going to hold up some pictures of people. you tell me if you're scared of them or not? >> obama. scary. >> he gives us common core and do not like it. >> you watch a lot of fox news, don't you? >> they just like, let's see what's going to happen on fox news. >> who is this? >> barack obama? >> is anybody afraid of this man? >> no. does he scare you at all? he doesn't scare putin either. >> donald trump. >> what is he doing? >> he's running for president. >> does he scare you? >> yeah. he has that weird smile. >> he's scary? >> yes. oh, my gosh. >> this guy? >> is he friend with obama? >> great scott.
2:54 am
>> are you feeling the bern? >> i've never heard of it. >> that guy is something sanders. he's a socialist. >> i was going to say bill o'reilly. >> he's the polar opposite of him. is he a vampire or a senator? >> senator. >> excellent. >> would you accept candy from this man? >> no. >> stranger danger. stranger danger. >> please. >> do you know who this is? >> abraham lincoln. >> i don't understand. >> i do not know but she looks like my grandma. >> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton. too much lipstick. >> she's been exposed for a lot of scandals i guess. >> she acts like the president. >> i think you'll like the hillary clinton that my team and i have created. kids say the darndest things. that's a really cute one. it is 54 after the top of the hour. is he in or out? what we now know about big joe
2:55 am
biden's announcement that's expected in the next 24 hours. and how would you like this flying around your house? one man ghost drone made to terrify his neighbors. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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before you leave your house, you need to know what's happening today. joe biden expected to epter the race for president in the next 24 hours.
2:59 am
rumors have been swirling for months. his son beau urged him to run before he passed away earlier this year. the mob stick-up man gas perville ent could testify in the trial against vincent asaro. the fbi now investigating a flight on -- or fight on board a plane to san francisco. a woman claims that another passenger tried to choke her for reclining her seat, forcing the plane to divert and then return to l.a. time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. first, good. the gilmore girls are back. the popular show coming back for a brand new four-episode season on netflix. pro tucks expected to start early next year. it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a spooky ghost drone. a man is taking his decorations to new heights by creating this
3:00 am
ghost quad copter to terrorize his arizona neighborhood. britney spears has a major wardrobe malfunction. >> the singer's body suit popped open during her show. the background dancers tried to fix it without luck. "fox and friends" starts now. bye. good morning to you. today is tuesday, october 20th. i am elisabeth hasselbeck. it's only a matter of days according to sources before vice president joe biden jumps into the presidential race. he's already taking shots at his number one challenger. here's an indication. it's hillary clinton. >> oh, boy. meanwhile, time for front runner donald trump hitting his highest mark yet in one particular poll as president george w. bush entering the fray ripping one of the candidates saying "ius


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