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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 20, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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ghost quad copter to terrorize his arizona neighborhood. britney spears has a major wardrobe malfunction. >> the singer's body suit popped open during her show. the background dancers tried to fix it without luck. "fox and friends" starts now. bye. good morning to you. today is tuesday, october 20th. i am elisabeth hasselbeck. it's only a matter of days according to sources before vice president joe biden jumps into the presidential race. he's already taking shots at his number one challenger. here's an indication. it's hillary clinton. >> oh, boy. meanwhile, time for front runner donald trump hitting his highest mark yet in one particular poll as president george w. bush entering the fray ripping one of the candidates saying "i just
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don't like the guy." who is the guy? we'll tell you. you think you're an overprotective father? check out what this dad did to his daughter's homecoming date. a reminder of what you do to my daughter i will do to you. his very embarrassed daughter both here live. >> dad power. >> mornings are better with friends. ♪ >> you know what, i never take mondays off. but i took off yesterday because over the weekend it was my pirt day and lookie there. i went to a great restaurant in jupiter, florida. they knew it was my birthday. they brought me that thing. could you put it up again for a
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second. >> was that a flashback to my weekend. if you drop the banner, i had cheesecake, i had tirr a ma sue and a cannoli. >> what did you have? >> thank you for following me. my wife made me german chocolate cake. just as good as my mom's. >> happy birthday. >> it's a national holiday. >> it's a worldwide celebration. wherever you go, they were talking about how they celebrated steve doocy's birthday. >> half a million people took a look at that picture. half a million. >> congratulations, steve. >> thank you, mr. president. >> we're excited to wish you a happy birthday yesterday. we were happy knowing you were with your pham. >> i missed -- i was absent for one three-hour tv show. >> welcome back. >> thank you very much. >> you had that mental health day. now we're back. it turns out, steefr, not much is changing.
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a lot of speculation about whether vice president joe biden will get in. he has told them that biden will run in 2016. speculation surrounding his potential bid is hitting an all-time high after the debate and prior to the benghazi hearings. >> at henry tweeted, three sources close to the vice president telling me he's expected to announce running but urging caution on the 48-hour timeline. interesting here. when you hear josh ernest at the white house, he was asked in a creative way by jonathan carl, this guy on the right of your screen look like he's about to run for president? he couldn't deny that he did. he said serm he has a lot to offer. you can only tell the timing what someone is thinking by how they're attacking the person on top. when you look at vice president joe biden saying that republicans are not his enemy, the direct shot at hillary clinton who had just called republicans her enemies. this right here might be an
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indication. >> darrell issa, not a republican friend of mine. i don't consider republicans enemies, they're friend. >> interesting. what he's doing is showing, well, you know, i'm bipartisan. i get along with republicans. unlike what's her name. >> well, in addition to the nra, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the iranians, probably the republicans. okay. why would she -- why would he announce this week? it's simple. out in iowa this saturday, they have their annual jefferson jackson dinner. they're still call it that. even though they said they have to call it something else because jefferson and jackson owned slaves and now we have to change the names. at this point we don't think they have. that is the same event where barack obama appeared, made a
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big splash, two months later, he won the caucuses. this is the last chance the biden people feel that he can go in and electrify the crowd for people who are not crazy about hillary and don't like bernie. >> not going to lose. why wouldn't he jump in? >> he'd be the fallback. in terms of head to head, there's no sign that he will get a shot at the number one spot. after you announce, you generally drop a few points. he's about 15% 16%. he's had two miserable runs and he's basically a punch line. there was even a thought that he wouldn't be part of the ticket for a while for the second term. i think people are delusional about what he brings. but that's not my call. >> his main competition is hillary clinton. they're both going for a contracting job in your house. one is under fbi investigation for compromising our national security, you think, you know what, maybe i go with the other guy. i'm not sure. >> she implodes, he's perfect.
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the democratic party doesn't want a socialist from vermont to represent them. >> if nothing else, she'll be utterly preoccupied with vag to defend herself. she's being investigated for putting our national security -- >> it's going to be on display all day on thursday. that's the day she goes to capitol hill and she's going to answer a lot of hard questions. now that they've got e-mail, they're going to ask her questions she has not been asked before. that's why her camp rolled out a five-minute video of what she accomplished as secretary of state. we're going to give you a snippet. a heads-up, the internet was not kind to the former secretary of state. watch this. >> i think hillary will go down as one of the finest secretary of states we've had. >> president clinton and say i know i'm going to get someone who understands our part of the world and will help us shape the best future. >> she is the one person who
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brings a tremendous amount of experience to the job of being a world leader. >> that ad was posted here. here's some responses from around the internet. they saw her five-minute resume reel. essentially this. this is from professor row poe. i assume it's a nickname. her list of accomplishments, hmm, wait a second it's on the tip of my tongue. >> the hillary clinton accomplishments video is 5:22 too long. she has zero accomplishments. plenty of disgraces. >> another comment, getting four people killed is an accomplishment? also, why didn't you say it was a video when you knew it was terrorism? interesting in the run-up to the benghazi hearings on thursday. you know that video story, it's a video, got to blame it on that. you know where that came from? sidney blumenthal heard a long time pal who she was corresponding with even though
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the white house didn't like that guy. his son matt came up with that. she was the first one in the administration to glom on to it and now don't be surprised if they ask her about that. >> her latest tweet when she said the world would be a better place and you're forced to her website had 520 retweets. it's not as though people are excited about it. >> i had more on my birthday and i was only gone for three hours. >> after columbus day, my kid will be off of school. the gop side where republican candidate donald trump continues to lead the polls. now, he's hitting his highest mark yet. >> we're live from washington, d.c. with the latest on this. good morning, kristen. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump is showing no signs of slipping in the polls. he's hit an all-time high according to a "wall street journal" poll. ben carson is close behind. donald trump at 25%.
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then marco rubio at 13%. followed by ted cruz, jeb bush and carly fiorina. >> trump partially blamed the former president for 9/11. jeb bush says that trump is "not a serious candidate as it relates to foreign policy." listen. >> his view of history is just wrong. the simple fact is, when we were attacked, my brother created an environment for 2,600 days we were safe. no one attacked us again. he changed the laws, he did everything necessary, united the country and kept us safe. >> jeb bush made that statement after trump a alleged the 9/11 attacks may not have happened if he were president. >> i'm extremely, extremely tough on illegal immigration. i believe that if i were running things, i doubt those families -- i doubt those people would have been in the country. >> remember, most of the 9/11
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hijackers were in the u.s. legally. now, one other thing to point out in the last poll is what happened to carly fiorina. she's dropped four points in the last month by far the biggest drop of any of the top tier republican candidate. brian, elisabeth and steve. >> kristin fisher live in the d.c. bureau where the sun hasn't come up yet. >> a lot of people think that jeb bush played into donald trump's track by bringing up and getting the issue. others say he's standing up and showing great loyalty. >> michael moore has the same talking point. >> you were the first to point that out. there was a lot of chatter in that direction as well. >> the same argument. >>. 11 minutes after the top of has the headlines. >> nice to be with you this morning. the stories we have for you. new overnight, not just hillary clinton with the e-mail woes. a high school stew tent and self-proclaimed stoner unhappy with u.s. foreign policy
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possibly hacked into dhs secretary jeh johnson's personal e-mail. this is the same teen who hacked john brennan's aol account. investigators say no classified information was compromised. the fbi and secret service are investigating. more on that coming up with judge napolitano. oscar pistorius now under house arrest where he will stay for the next four years. he was just released from a south african prison to his upg will's home. criminals are allowed to serve the remainder under house arrest. pistorius was found guilty of the 2013 killing of his girl friend, reeva steenkamp. they plan to appeal this month. the texas teenager led out of school in handcuffs when a teacher mistook his homemade clock for a bomb just met the
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president. he's speaking to president obama during the astronomy night event at the white house. the president tweeted a personal i invitation for him to bring the clock to the white house. a brand new photo of the former president without his meck brace for the first time in months. he fell months ago. earlier this month, bush was seen in a wheelchair wearing that neck brags throwing out the first pitch at an astros/royals baseball game. good for him. >> progress. thank you, heather. >> great to see this morning, heather. total disrespect under the friday night lights. >> boo! boo! >> that football team refusing to leave the field even for the
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national anthem and the crowd goes crazy. >> oh, my. you know one of the candidates running for president, but his life is the definition of the american dream. louisiana governor bobby jindal's life. he'll share it with us. he will join us live with a story you haven't heard that made him the leader he is today. good morning to you, governor. earning unlimited cash back on purchases. that's a win. but imagine earning it twice. you can with the citi double cash® card. it lets you earn cash back twice. once when you buy and again as you pay. it's cash back then cash back again. and that's a cash back win-win. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one-sided.
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it's a calling. a love affair. a quest. the next horizon. everyone loves the chase.
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dreams much being our next president. did you know louisiana governor bobby jindal started out as a premed students and was each once upon a time a road sko lar. lookie there. >> he's offering lessons for the future by looking at the past in his new book, american will which is in stores. >> joining us right now on the couch is governor bobby jindal. welcome back. >> thank you. happy birthday belatedly. back up a little bit from the policies. what makes you so thank full to be in america? >> my parents, they have lived the american dream. my dad is one of nine kids, grew up in a house without electricity or running water. the only one out of nine, the first to get past the fifth grade. i want you to think about something. 45 years ago, the first time they ever got on a plane, my parents came halfway around the
3:18 am
world to baton rouge, louisiana. my mom was pregnant with me. they didn't know anybody. >> freedom and opportunity. they didn't know anybody from louisiana. >> saw it from tv. saw it in magazines. >> there was no google. my dad gets his first job calling companies out of the yellow pages. my mom goes to school at lsu. they lived the american dream, they chased it, caught it, lived it. i'm incredibly grateful, my dad taught me there's no limit to what you can do. >> unlike the president, he doesn't think the government is supposed to take care of you or take it from somebody else or redistribution. he thinks it's about opportunity. >> it wasn't just the numbers in terms of why he rejected the welfare state. there was a high moral cost that was paid with that mentality. we're facing that today. >> that's right. american will, it's all about the critical moments in our nation's history. some may not be as well-known. one is reagan goes against his
3:19 am
own president and his own party. nixon is trying to federal eyes the welfare program. hot of support, popular idea. reagan stood up and said no, one, this should be done at the state level and second insisted a work requirement. he inherited a huge budget mess from governor brown before. this is the state of california. he convinced people to put in that work requirement, save billions of dollars. prove that the states, not d.c. knew everything. we see echoes of that same debate in obamacare many years lat later. >> why do you end up in public service? >> i wanted to give something back. this is a country so good to my family and me. i want to see the same opportunities for my children and me. the president is trying to turn the american dream into a european nightmare. we have to fight for the idea of america. i think this is a critical moment like i talk about these historic moments.
3:20 am
i think 2016 is another critical moment for our history. >> the book is called merp will. governor bobby jindal, thank you very much for the birthday gift. >> if they look at the early staples. we're in the top five. the wins are iowa or new hampshire. we think the networks should look at the early state polls. >> governor, thank you. >> thank you guys. >> we have no poll there. give you perspective. coming up straight ahead. you want to know the perfect investment to make up next. the critical money moves you need each decade of your life. we'll look at that for you. we will. it's the latest thing to break the internet. did you see the new star wars trailer. why they're going crazy about it this morning. it's han solo. hi i'm heather cox on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy.
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24 minutes after the top of the hour. fox news alert. new joint chiefs of staff, joseph dunford just arrived in iraq. earlier reports that the iraqi government wanted russia to conduct air strikes in iraq are no longer in play. a u.s. fighter jet was struck by enemy fire. it was hit patrolling a taliban controlled province in afghanistan. taliban insurgents were surrounding fuel tanks and ammo boxes from the plane. elisabeth, over to you. let's talk money. >> thank you. a new study finds that 44% of women are making the household money decisions compared to 35% of men. men still rate their financial confidence much higher than women.
3:25 am
why is that? we're going to ask financial planner kerry cash nar owe. she's the author of a new book, the money queens guide. thank you for joining us. women are making more of the decisions. they are far less confident when doing so. that's a problem. >> correct. >> you have a way to systematically look at this and say decade by decade there are things we could be doing. you say in the 20s, what do you need to be doing? >> it's when you get started. it's your first step into financial -- into your financial future. you need to get started with a budget and you need to get started saving. even your baby savings will make a huge difference in your life 20, 30 years down the road. >> how much are you saving at that point in life? >> baby steps. 3% of your salary. great start. >> 30s? >> my most important tip is, don't get over your hefd in a house. know your numbers for what you can afford. so what i do is i give you a calculation, take your gross
3:26 am
income divide it by 12 times .28, that's the maximum you can afford for principal, interest, taxes and insurance. >> that's a great formula. we'll put that on our website. in your 40s. >> that's a time of rebirth for a lot of women. they're either getting remarried, relaunching their career, becoming self-employed, going back into careers. if they were out with their children. it's time to go get back into the workforce. it's really a rebirth and there's a lot of different things i took about the pros and cons about doing which ever way you go. >> in the 50s, it's no longer about you? >> it is still about you but you have aging parents, which is pulling a lot of people away from their current -- where they are in their lives. >> you want to be able to help your parents. >> it's interesting. parents, believe it or not, the statistics are that parents will actually -- you're caring them longer than for your children right now. it's a long time frame and you
3:27 am
have to be prepared for it if your parents are not. >> follow your tips to be ready for that when it comes. 60s, doing what? >> if you're done everything that i told you to do in the book, 60s should be time to celebrate. this is your time where you're ready to get retired. so you can literally ep joy your life and enjoy your money. >> what if you skipped a step? >> it's never too late. your 60s may be your 70s. that's when you get to enjoy your money. >> key to confidence, getting that confidence number up financially for women is what? >> financial literacy is the most important thing. they need to learn what they don't know and not be afraid of it. math is not money. it's what you need to know. financial literacy is the most important thing to do for yourself and for your family and children. >> thank you for joining us right now. the money queens guide. thanks. coming up, donald trump attacked president george w.
3:28 am
bush over 9/11, now the former president is firing back. noft at the donald. what he just said about the 2016 race and to whom was he speaking about? >> they started out sending our troops stocks and now they're helping wounded warriors walk when they thought it would never be possible again. see the incredible device in action and it's helping our soldiers just right here. walk again. first, we want to wish happy birthday to musician tom petty, he's 65 years old. steve had him beat by a day. more "stay" per roll. more "sit" per roll. more "who's training who" per roll. bounty is two times more absorbent.
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so one roll of bounty can last longer than those bargain brands. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty. the long-lasting quicker picker upper. withof my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ordinary objects often seemed... intimidating. doing something simple... meant enduring a lot of pain. if ra is changing your view of everyday things orencia may help. orencia works differently drama, with me this morning fox business's dagen mcdowell, keith mccullough and wall street journal's jon hilsenrath. donald trump still on top in the latest washington journal nbc poll receiving 20% of support with ben carson trailing a few points bob heintz, marco rubio and the only other to crack double digits, ed henry reporting vice president joe biden is expected to announce his candidacy for president sin, and the timing of a potential announcement remains unclear due
3:30 am
to hillary clinton's testimony before the benghazi committee, and a gathering of democrats in iowa saturday. ibm says sales were down 13% in the third quarter compared to leave earlier. a strong dollar and weak demand a strong dollar and weak demand out of china, this is the the sudden loss of pasture became a serious problem for a family business. faced with horses that needed feeding and a texas drought that sent hay prices soaring, the owners had to act fast. thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business. and with greater financial clarity and a relationship built for the unexpected, she could control her cash flow, and keep the ranch running. chase for business. so you can own it.
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if you missed the game last night and you're a giants fan, you're lucky. an eagles fan, you're happy. they won 27-7. at halftime, there will be a
3:32 am
huge -- >> for 2:35, the anticipated trailer perhaps. the star wars trailer. the force awakens played and everyone could not get enough of it. in case you missed it, here you go. >> those stories approximate what happened -- >> it's true. all of it. the dark side. the jedi. they're real. >> the force calling to you. >> did you see right there, a lot of new faces in the force awakens but a lot of old faces that we're familiar with. han solo, princess leia, chewbacca. all back. >> r2d2 we saw in the back of
3:33 am
millennium falcon. carrie fisher who played princess leia. she's being hugged by if he lis at that lockhart -- >> tickets are supposed to go on sale during this premiere. >> see, the headlines, elisabeth, they're selling tickets two months before the movie comes out. two months. >> the pre-sales are going crazy. they actually started earlier than this preview at the halftime. causing fan diego movie tickets to freeze up and crash. there's so many demanding them. >> somebody we didn't see in the trailer was markham he will who played luke skywalker. >> chewbacca. >> 27 minutes before the top of the hour h heather childress has other breaking news. >> that was two months. >> in two months the movie will come out and people standing in
3:34 am
line already. we have headlines that we've been following for you. when it comes to 2016 presidential candidates, president george w. bush apparently not a big fan much senator ted cruz. he was overheard saying, i just don't like the guy during a campaign event for his brother in denver. bush apparently has a problem with cruz, who is his former domestic policy adviser getting too buddy buddy with donald trump. cruz shot back in a statement. it's no surprise that president bush is supporting his brother. i have no intention of reciprocating. i met my wife heidi working on his campaign. so i will always be grateful to him. the fbi is investigating after a woman claims a man tried to choke her for reclining her seat back on an airplane. look. >> everybody is screaming. it was pandemonium. i didn't know what was going on. i thought -- they restrained this guy. like i said before, i thought -- i will peat you down. >> rough up there. the southwest plane from los
3:35 am
angeles was on the way to san francisco when it was forced to turn back mid-flight. officers escorted the man off the plane for questioning. but he was not arrested the remaining passengers managed to get to san francisco about five hours late. a texas paramedic leaps into action to save a life in austin. the dramatic rescue caught on camera. >> well, you can see the emergency responders plucking that little boy from under the water. he had actually fallen out of an inter tube and kept going -- inner tube, he kept going under. they had just finished water rescues training and he had to put it to the test. shocking display of disrespect under california high school stadium lights. >> boo! boo! >> so here's what's happening.
3:36 am
you can see the deer valley high school football players practicing as the pitsburg, high school band plays the national anth anthem. the crowd saying how they feel. the players were clashing with band members, shoving, swearing and even spitting. deer park was given a 15 yard penalty. but outraged parents want tighter sanctions from the school district. those are a look at the headlines. >> thank you very much. controversy. maria molina has the latest weather. good morning. >> good morning, it's 50 degrees right now in new york city. starting out a little bit on the chilly side. it's cooler as you head on our map there. it's 49 degrees now. it's a little bit colder. as you head southward, raleigh, north carolina, 35 degrees at this hour. as you head out the door, you're going to need to bundle up with a jacket and also gloves. if you head farther west in the plains, it's very mild this morning. 65 degrees in kansas city. out there, temperatures are going to be very warm. especially for this time of the year. you're going to see them into the 80s. not bad at all.
3:37 am
by the way, we had cool temperatures over the last couple of days in the afternoon hours as well from northeast. but those temperatures also rebounding. expecting a high temperature at 70 degrees today in new york city. now, as we head to the southwestern u.s., dealing with a lot of flash flooding across this part of the country and today we have the risk for some severe storms across new mexico, western texas and also parts of arizona with large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornado. some light showers already in place early this morning. now, over to brian. thanks, maria. private organizations stepping up to help injured veterans regain their footing. literally. soldier socks which began as a mission to give socks and sunscreen and vital items to soldiers on the frontlines evolved and helping paralyzed vets take their first steps again. here is chris meek. he's the co-founder of an organization called soldier strong. he's here with a navy veteran on the outside left. in the midding is a physical
3:38 am
therapist. martha mccallum is on your board, one much our great anchors here. >> tell us about this. >> the original mission was to send tube socks and baby wipes to troops on the frontlines. the veterans came home, we learned very quickly that just because the war is over on the frontlines, it's not over for them. we learned there are gaps in need here at home for medical devices for veterans. >> for example, getting them back on their feed with technology. >> i was staggered to find out that 100,000 vets have spinal injuries coming out of the two wars we've been fighting. what action did you decide to take? >> i came across the company by accident in a magazine. saw the need for that. went and asked the company to take a visit. saw the facility. decided to fund some. >> this is an exoskeleton. >> yes. >> they enable paralyzed persons to stand and walk again with
3:39 am
injuries. >> that's what you did, lisa. you learned how to work the suits in order to get veterans back on their feet. how have they evolved? >> there have been a few evolvements in the technology since i began. first it was used with people with no movement in their lower extremiti extremities. now we have software that enables people with some motor ability to give them a power assist. >> jason, tell me about why you joined the service? >> so i joined the service to serve my country, feel like i have a strong purpose in life. >> how long have you been at the point where you could not walk? >> search years this month. >> what has this suit meant to you? >> it really means everything. when you're a veteran, i mean anybody really, but especially veterans and law enforcement is what i did after. you got a sense of independence and a sense of fight in you, right? once you lose your mobility,
3:40 am
takes something away from you. for companies like this, soldier socks or this company, to develop something to get veterans back on our feet and gives us a sense of independence. >> it cost $150,000, right? >> there's not that many of them. can guys and women come in and try them for an hour or two. unfortunately, you have to take them off and share it. lisa, you want to show us how it works. >> the crutches aren't just crutches, right? those are controls. >> jason has the ability to control moving from standing to walking mode with the crutches. the sit to stand part is under my control. >> okay. >> so jason is getting into place to get up. it takes him a few second. ready? >> in about three seconds i'll
3:41 am
go to 6 foot tall. >> for search years, you've been restricted to a wheelchair and told you you won't walk again. up comes these suits. >> up comes the suits. so this is your height. these are your shoes. >> i'm standing on a small platform so it gives me an extra half inch. other than that, it's all me. >> lisa, how long does it take to get in the suit? >> about five minutes. >> so the device is sensing when he shifts his weight and moving his legs for him. giving him steps. >> what does it feel like, jason? >> got it. >> it feels amazing just to be standing tall and able to have a conversation standing up. seeing the world from 6 foot
3:42 am
tall again. >> wow. >> these suits are expensive. >> yes. >> how many have you bought? >> we've purchased ten so far and more going. >> your goal is to get the suits to the >> yes. >> we need money to train people like lisa? >> exactly. >> jason, what's the message to people out there and to other veterans. when you meet them and tell them about these suits? >> i think the message would be that there's so much technology and science and medicine out there that just keep seeing things like that. a call to action to help soldier soccer soldier strong. get the suit for more veterans. >> right. >> you're starting to feel different things and the stretching and everything has been great for your body, right? >> right. >> great stretch. it takes away nerve pain that i experience. >> people want to help out, people like jason and this organization. >> soldier or text to
3:43 am
give 80077. key word strong. >> $150,000 and get everybody up on their feet for a couple hours. thanks so much, jason, lisa. thanks so much. soldier strong. tell us what's coming up next, elisabeth and steve. >> unbelievable. >> by the way, if you'd like more information, go to our website in a couple of minutes. "fox and friends".com. we'll show you exactly how to donate. what a great cause. coming up on this tuesday, ever get stressed out while you're driving. are you prone to road rage? there's a new car seat for adults that's listening. >> oh, boy. >> details are next. >> we have them. plus, first the head of the cia and now we're learning the head of homeland security has been hacked by a high schooler? >> why not? >> how bad is this for national security and what needs to be done to stop this business. judge napolitano on the fallout. good morning, judge.
3:44 am
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3:47 am
a teenager as he's been described is taking credit for hacking into the private e-mail account of cia director john brennan and department of homeland security secretary jeh johnson. he claims that he gave access to sensitive material and reports say this won't be the last of his attacks. who is next? judge andrew napolitano joins us to discuss. sounds like it's been verified by the fbi that he got into their account and lookie there, they did the same thing to johnson and brennan as well. petraeus and hillary clinton did. >> right. general petraeus kept the hard
3:48 am
copy, the printed copy of his calendar and the supporting documents to look at for each day in a loose leaf in an unlocked desk drawer in his guarded home. convicted of failure to care for secure information. >> right. >> mrs. clinton now has sent or received over 400 e-mails through her private server. the most recent revelation of which is the actual name of a cia undercover agent, which is per se, top secret. >> there were over 400 top secret documents that she said didn't exist before. >> there were over 400 classified, top secret is the highest category. but the most recent one is what the government goes to great lengths to protect because it's a human being plaraiting undercover. she sorted on her certificate vr. she should have deleted it. sent it to her friend sid blumenthal. we don't know what happened to
3:49 am
it there. the latest is that cia director brennan has kept classified, we don't know the level. i'm going to guess it was secret or top secret, it was his own application to the cia for classified clearance. plus information about senior officials in the cai. on his private e-mail account. that's what was hacked into. what does the government do? the government prosecute this kid? surely they will. >> if they can find him. >> yes. does the government prosecute the cia director brennan? perhaps homeland security jeh johnson. we don't know if what he had was classified. we do know what john brennan had was classified. >> sure. >> or do they let them off the hook? >> a couple of weeks ago when the president was on 60 minutes and he said he didn't think hillary clinton endangered security. he's essentially pardoning her. >> i think he was essentially
3:50 am
saying, you know, everybody here does it. it's no pig debig deal. >> he probably knew what we now >> he undermined the serious fbi investigation. he didn't nullify it. he didn't stop it. it's still going on. but i'm sure those people are not very happy when their boss says, oh, there's probably no crime there. hillary clinton is being investigated by, and we'll find out on thursday, the most serious team of fbi agents down there. they're going to continue to investigate her no matter how she lasts and no matter what the president says about her. >> that's right. judge, thank you very much. >> you're welcome, steve. >> all right. what do you think about that? e-mail us at i know what you think about it. coming up, do you ever wonder what heaven is like? well, one man tried to figure it out by asking people who have had near-death experiences. he joins us live with his incredible results in the next hour. and you think you're an overprotective father? well, check out what this dad
3:51 am
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3:54 am
did you ever get nervous introducing your dad to your date? remember that? >> your mouth might be saying, hey, we cool. but your eyes are like, no we not. nice to meet you. no, it's not. it's all good. >> one dad's photo is now going viral after he posed with his daughter's date saying, whatever you do to my daughter, i will do to you. so far it's got more than 3 million views. >> joining us right now is
3:55 am
ricara and her boyfriend brady and right in between them, her dad benjamin shock. thanks for getting up early this morning. dad, why did you do this? >> obviously it was a photo bomb. i was just trying to make light of the situation. it was ricarda's first date. we only met brady a couple of times. so just trying to be funny. >> and it was. >> did you find it funny at the time? >> yeah. it was kind of weird when we first like took the picture, and then he came over, so it made it not so weird. >> and how have your friends reacted to this? i mean 3 million people saw it. what is your friends' reaction? we know that matters most. >> well, they just think it's really funny, and, yeah. >> your dad has a great sense of humor in a time that's a challenge to him. benjamin, right now you have nine brain tumors and seven that are in your spine? what's the bigger message here? we get the date message, and the message to guys and dads.
3:56 am
but you have a bigger message that i'm seeing here about having a sense of humor when you're going through a tough time. >> you know, just smile. enjoy the time that you have with the family. and build your memories. >> talk about that transition with your daughter. i know you like brady. but your daughter, i mean, what she means to you and what the message is. in reality, it's funny. but in the real, real reality, you're concerned a little bit, aren't you? >> no. i mean we come from a real small town. so, pretty much know everybody. and brady's a good kid. you know, he does good in school. my wife's good friends with some of the teachers. so, she keeps an eye on it. >> and what does it mean that your dad really made this message with that message of great humor, with a protective tone for you? what does it mean to have a dad who cares so much? >> well, i think he just did it
3:57 am
to be funny and try and embarrass me. >> it shows you care, ricarra, brady, benjamin, good luck. great story. >> happy dating. >> thank you. >> more "fox & friends." ♪ every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return.
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good morning to you. today is tuesday, october 20th. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. it could be any moment now, according to several sources, before vice president joe biden jumps in to the presidential race. and he's already taking shots at his number one challenger, hillary clinton. wow, elementary school students sent scrambling after a part of their school bus explodes, sending chemicals everywhere. >> oh, my gosh! what is that? >> it's green and it's everywhere. it smells really bad. >> open the windows. open the windows! >> why parents are outraged this morning.
4:01 am
>> i want to know what it is! do you ever wonder what heaven is like? or what god looks like? or what you look like when you're in heaven? well, one man, that man, tried to figure it out by asking people who have had near-death experiences. and he joins us live with his incredible results, this hour. you're going to want to hear them. live from new york city, it's "fox & friends" for tuesday. ♪ carrie underwood's new album. i'm not sure she's from that album. >> she's great. one of my favorites. >> you know snt we're showing sixth avenue because there are a lot of cars there, and they're invariably some road rage between here and central park. coming up, there is a seat that
4:02 am
listens to your problems and tries to eliminate road rage. we're going to tell you how that all works. >> it's a remedy for road rage. >> my remedy would be get everybody else off the road. is that possible? >> not a bad idea. >> let's talk a little politics. remember after hillary clinton last week she had a really good week with the debate. well, the pundit class for the most part said there would be no way joe biden would get in, because she did so well. well, you know what? once again, pundit class probably wrong. because according to ed henry, his sources say that joe biden, vice president, seen right there is about to enter the race. nbc says the announcement will come within a day. >> he's strong in third place nationally with 17% of the vote and he hasn't even decided to get in yet. even josh earnest over at the white house when asked whether vice president joe biden looks like someone who is deciding to actually jump in and run for the president, he said there's no denying that he -- he has something good to offer. and, something to offer the country. he brings a lot of energy to his
4:03 am
current job. so there's no negative from the white house. >> he's going to try to run, as somebody who's going to bring attention back to the middle class. what have you been doing for the last seven years? he's going to have to run on barack obama 3. congressman brendan boyle tweeted a very good friend told me that biden will run. what will that mean in terms of executing a successful run? after all seize done this twice before, to miserable results. newt gingrich on what's out there. >> i think he's running. and i think he's running partly as an insurance policy, because hillary may well collapse at some point. if you'll notice, 90% of obama's major fund-raisers have not committed to her. 90%. that means that there's a huge group of potential fund-raisers who are witting for the obama candidate, and i think the signs are the obama candidate will end up being joe biden. >> so there's a real good possibility he's going to get
4:04 am
in. what's interesting, though, is right now, hillary's main competition is bernie sanders, right? so at the debate last week when bernie had a chance to clobber her with the e-mail scandal, it was a whiff. so if joe biden gets in, look for him to -- the happy warrior, to actually hit hillary on that. of course, then she will hit him with the plagiarism scandals and boy that joe biden says a lot of dumb stuff. the primary is going to really be dirty. if he gets in. >> but people will look at these two individuals and think, okay, they both have experience. they've both been inside washington. they're both smart. some people would defy one of those. but i think they both obviously have what it takes to do the job they're doing now to tb elected by the people. but when you have someone there who is thinking about running for president and like any job you think, do i trust this person? okay -- >> joe biden? >> do you trust joe biden more than -- not over anybody else. do you trust joe biden more than you trust hillary clinton who is currently under fbi investigation for compromising national security? i think a lot of people would
4:05 am
say yes. >> as amy walker said sunday, joe biden has to be willing to go after her and her past and so far, his friends say he's unwilling to do it because they have a long history and a long friendship, because barack obama and hillary clinton did not have that long history and long friendship. it was easier for him to do that. it's going to be harder for joe biden. >> or the joe biden surrogates. i would look for them to go after her. be be -- otherwise, he's not going to get the traction. and he really -- i think he's probably going to get in because he doesn't want to have the regrets. no, i probably should have run. you know. >> yeah -- >> exactly. >> so by this time tomorrow we may have the announcement. >> keep in mind he's getting half the numbers hillary clinton's getting. meanwhile, heather, we would cover this for two more hours. >> if he doesn't announce, a little bit longer we'll talk about it even more. >> yes. >> we have some other headlines. we begin with a fox news alert. the brand-new joint chiefs of staff chairman joseph dunford just arrived in iraq for an update on the fight against isis.
4:06 am
dunford telling reporters traveling with him that earlier reports that the iraqi government wanted russia to conduct airstrikes in iraq are, quote, no longer in play. meanwhile, less than 24 hours after the castro regime denied cuban troops were actually in syria, two brand-new reports show that russia is thanking leaders in havana for its support and action in the region. well texas dropping planned parenthood clinics from its state medicaid program. the state health department says that planned parenthood is no longer able to perform medical services in a safe and ethical manner following the release of controversial undercover videos. planned parenthood calls the move outrageous, and says that it will fight to continue to provide care. well, parents in washington state, they are outraged this morning after an antifreeze leak on their children's school bus was caught on surveillance camera. look. >> oh, my gosh! what is that? >> something is coming out of
4:07 am
the bus. >> it's green and it's everywhere. it smells really bad. >> open the windows! >> it took that bus at least five minutes to stop. one parent claiming that his son was burned by the liquid. the ocean shores school district says buss are inspected every summer and promised to investigate. and finally fuming drivers caught on camera all too often exploding on the road like this. this driver in hollywood punching out another driver, as the two fall to the ground and scuffle. but now there's a new adult car seat that could help reduce the rage. the active wellness seat monitors your heart rate detecting stress and fatigue. and then it gives off either a warming or cooling sensation, and a massage. it will be available for drivers in 2018, or 2019. so what do you think about that? massage while you're driving. >> and you fall asleep. >> if you're fatigued might not be a good idea. >> last week on this program we introduced you to joe kennedy.
4:08 am
he is a coach for a number of years out in on the west coast -- >> bremerton high school in washington. >> right, exactly. and there he is right there. and what he has been doing for the last number of years is at a couple of points he walked over to the 50 yard line, and he prays. you know what? the team has historically gone over to him. he was told to lay off. last friday, he didn't. you know what happened? the other team came over, they bowed their heads. well this was a topic over on "the view" yesterday. somebody liked it. somebody did not. try to guess who. >> if separation of church and state does not mean that we cannot pray publicly. it actually guarantees our free exercise of religion. so that if it voluntary, we are allowed to pray wherever we would like to. that is -- >> why did they take prayer out of the beginning of school and now its just silence to recognize the other types -- >> lauren, i don't know and i wish -- >> that's not fair to somebody
4:09 am
who doesn't pray. i shouldn't have to pray -- >> but you don't have to. you can always walk out of the room -- >> if people would -- >> -- prayer than to fight prayer, you would see a whole different -- in this country to see that power of prayer. >> great points by sherri shepherd and candace cameron. >> when you see that what do you think? >> i just you know i think it's courageous first of all to be able to speak for faith in any circumstance. because it is voluntary and it is by choice. the coach has explained courage on that field. we said it last week. one of my favorite times, and i've long been at football games, no matter college or nfl, both teams together if you want to see sportsmanship and faith combined it's that shot right after the game when all members come over who want to pray by their own will and say thank you for the opportunity to have done this. all the glorly be to god and that is one of my most favorite moments in any football game. >> i will say this, though, we don't know what's going to happen to this coach yet. the district has not ruled, but
4:10 am
they know they've gotten a lot of publicity about it. they'll want to get rid of the publicity. >> but the key -- >> it's voluntary. >> he's doing it voluntarily. the reason they took prayer out of schools was because it was not voluntary. it was mandated. meanwhile, are you a person who does not like mouse sounds from somebody else or clicking their pen -- >> gum chewing? >> that is a condition called misaphone yeah. about 20% of the population has it. brian has it. the experts are deciding whether or not it is a psychiatric disorder. and what is happening now is experts are saying, look, you know, we all know that because -- >> brian's expert information. >> because -- >> brian hates if you chew gum around him. >> but it's a real aversion. by definition it's a physical, emotional and psychological aversion to those sounds. >> me and kelly ripa have it. >> the experts are saying this. you would probably have an easier time with it at home because people who care about you and know you best, your
4:11 am
family, may -- >> they may move to accommodate your situation. >> right. >> right? >> so the experts are now saying that the person who is annoyed by the sounds is the one who needs to change. >> oh, i have to change? >> this is not my diagnosis. >> because when you're at home, brian, your loved ones will stop because you say -- >> stop it! >> is this an intervention? when i first started i would come in chewing gum -- >> she still chews gum behind the set. >> i go back to my mom cave -- >> it's not her -- >> i don't want to give you that aversion. i respect your condition. >> this is how crazy it gets me. my eyes will tear in anger. >> right. so what they do -- brian, what they do -- >> it's -- >> what the experts suggest is -- >> i'm -- >> joe biden is -- >> we were -- >> they suggest you should be exposed to it. so because you hate it so much, you hate gum chewers, you really hate this, you should be around it, because while your loved ones will stop it, it's really hard to ask your colleagues to
4:12 am
stop it. >> if you guys all decide that this is what you need to do i will take my first sick day in 17 years. >> what if we build you up. 30 seconds of gum chewing, the next day 35 seconds. >> i want the world to change. i don't want to change. that's the way i would like it. is that a problem, world? write me if you mind -- everyone together spit out your gum. >> and we care about you enough to know it does really bother you. >> it bugs him >> i will not chew gum here. he got me out of a bad gum chewing habit. i'd say it's good for me, as well. >> if if you're teething, you get a whole -- >> you will feel better once you're cured. >> coming up -- >> oh, that's the worst. >> you're the only one who is bothered by it. >> all right. >> we're going to get you through this. >> all right. coming up on this tuesday, a middle school principal admits she's not really since student election results because more minorities did not win. it's an outrageous story and
4:13 am
you're going to hear it straight ahead. >> and expect joe biden the vice president to enter the presidential race. but will his foreign policy past come back to haunt him? like when he opposed the bin laden raid? >> oh, yeah. >> jillian turner worked in the obama administration. we're going to discuss that with her next. you totalled your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
welcome back. with joe biden expected to announce that he is running for president this week. but could past mistakes haunt his campaign, specifically on foreign policy? here with some unique foreign policy insight is fox news contributor jillian turner. she served on the white house national security council during the george w. bush and obama administrations. and she joins us now. jillian, thanks for being here. this is an important 48 hours that we advise on the vice president as he is set to, as sources are saying, enter the presidential race. overall, people are saying his foreign policy may come back to bite him. let's start with this first example. his position on iraq. he actually argued to separate iraq into sections and this is what he had to say about it.
4:18 am
>> fundamental strategic mistake that everyone on both sides clings to. that is that if there's any possibility in the lifetime of anyone here of having the iraqis get together, have a unity government in baghdad, that pulls the country together. that will not happen, george. it will not happen in the lifetime of anyone here. secondly, the point is that you have to separate the parties to give them breathing room. you have to get them out of each other's face. >> what's your assessment? >> i actually agree with him. i have to say that the one iraq policy that we've got currently has been, for the most part, a tremendous failure for this administration. if you speak to foreign policy makers in washington, there's a kind of covert consensus that the one iraq policy is really not a long-term solution to the problems the country is facing. and what happened with vice president biden is that early on, he kind of identified that and started trying to move
4:19 am
people away from it. so when he talks about federalism, a partition, what he means is, let's carve out space for the different ethnic and tribal identities inside the country. something like that would have been much better than what we've got now. >> right now, an issue in part because of the withdrawal that happened. the surge, which we had a victory in our hands there. the vice president was more than against sending troops to afghanistan when we -- when we were at that point. listen to this. this is a reminder. >> we have eliminated osama bin laden. that was our purpose. and, in fact, in the mean time, what we said we would do, we would help train the afghan military. but we are leaving. we are leaving in 2014. period. it's their responsibility, not america's. >> so he didn't win that argument. >> he definitely did not. you know, hillary clinton was one of the folks that was pitted against him. he wanted less, no troops.
4:20 am
she wanted more. they came out somewhere in between on the heavier side with 30,000. but he really looks dovish compared to her on this issue. >> it's interesting you say that because some people have highlighted him as a noninterventionalist. that he will not -- no -- troops at the very last point would we send in. he actually wanted to hold back when it came to getting in to osama bin laden's raid. right? >> yes, absolutely. he is military -- military option is a last resort. we use diplomacy, we use soft power, we use smart power. we only bring in military force when we absolutely have exhausted all the other options. and he's been that little bug in president obama's ear these last seven years, encouraging him to use restraint, use caution. what you've seen is largely a product of the vice president. >> and what's cooking inside the white house. and what may be cooking as we move to a presidential race in 2016. to cooking with jillian. guess what? jillian's going to stick around in about an hour she is going to share some fun facts about her life. they are fascinating. i've been reading about you.
4:21 am
and a great lasagna recipe. we'll see you soon, jillian. thanks. coming up, do you ever wonder what heaven is like? one man has found out by asking people who've been near death. that man joins us live with the results on what heaven is like, next. sometimes the present looked bright. sometimes romantic. there were tears in my eyes. and tears in my eyes. and so many little things that we learned were really the biggest things. through it all, we saved and had a retirement plan. and someone who listened and helped us along the way. because we always knew that someday the future would be the present. every someday needs a plan. talk with us about your retirement today. or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you,
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4:24 am
news by the numbers. six runs, that's how the blue jays scored in the third inning. they ended up telling themselves into game three of the alcs 11-8. next 156 years. that's how long the big ben has been striking this hour. but it may be running out of time literally. maintenance crews say -- steve heckled me. >> to keep it on time. they have to stop it completely
4:25 am
before the minute hand falls off. and 115 feet is beginning to look like christmas in the city of angels. a giant white fir standing at the citadel outlet in the heart of the city. >> thank you, brian. can >> okay. something all of us think about, heaven. you ever wonder what that might be like. >> amazing. love inside, take it with you. >> that's the movie version. our next guest has studied 1,000 stories of near-death experiences, and he has some answers about the afterlife. joining us right now to talk about his new book "imagine kevin" is pastor john burke. good morning. >> good morning. >> so, it was a couple of decades ago. you were at your father's death bed and watching him die. and until then you'd never really thought about death, had you? >> no. i really hadn't. i picked up the first book about near-death experiences and read it and that night i just said,
4:26 am
wow, this may be true. >> mm-hmm. >> and that really started me on the last 30 years of a journey of faith, of studying scriptures. but also studied about 1,000 of these near-death experiences. and weave them together, and you see this exhilarating future that awaits us. >> so what you notice is there are some things, you know, some people go, well, you know, that bright light is just the operating room light. or something like that. but you have put together all these near-death experiences, and there are some things that are common. >> oh, yeah. and in "imagine heaven" i talk about the 12 commonalities that people see, across ages, professions -- >> like what? >> well, like we have a body. we're ourselves. in fact, you're more fully yourself than you've ever been. >> so in heaven, am i steve who is 50? am i steve who is 15? am i steve who is 80? >> it's fascinating because when you hear it through the words of the people who are talking about it, they say, some say you're
4:27 am
kind of prime age, but then others say well age doesn't really matter, because time is even different. you're experiencing life. it's real life, but it's life really on another dimension. >> what about god? >> so, that's one of the common things. people see this brilliant man of light, they say he's brighter than the sun, but not difficult to look at. in fact -- >> but looks like a person, you say a man? >> yes. commonly a man, and unconditional love. and he knows every person personally. in fact, in their presence, they feel at home. they never want to leave. that's common. >> are there animals there? that's a common question. will my pets be there? and i do. i talk about how not only does scripture talk about animals being there, but people commonly do see their pets. especially children. >> what do people do forever? >> yeah, that's a great question. one of the main things that this helps you understand is it's life. in fact when people come back, they say this life is the shadow. that's the real thing.
4:28 am
so, there will be real work and projects, and music to compose. people talk about the music, they can't stop talking about it. because it's another dimension, though, of experience. >> one of the other commonalities is after people have had a near-death experience, because heaven is so fantastic, they're not afraid to die. >> no. they're not afraid. but they also are actually a little depressed when they first come back. >> why? >> well, because, like i said, they feel like that's the real thing. that's what we were created for. and this is more like a shadow. it's more like a birth canal into the real life. >> it's interesting stuff. you spent 30 years putting together all these stories of common, near-death experiences. the book comes out today. it is called "imagine heaven." pastor john burke. thank you very much for stopping by. >> thanks so much for having me here. >> all right. that's really comfort. great. coming up on this tuesday, first ahead the cia was attacked
4:29 am
by a high schooler. now we're learning the head of homeland security was hacked, too. we have details coming up. plus she's the next disney star ready to break out and top the music charts. laura marano from austin and ally. she's here to talk about her next project. plaque psoriasis...
4:30 am
...isn't it time to let the... ...real you shine... ...through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase... ...the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression... ...or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your doctor about otezla today. otezla. show more of you.
4:31 am
4:32 am
fox news alert. breaking overnight, israeli forces arresting one of the cofounders of the militant group hamas. >> israeli officials say hassan yussef has been inciting all the recent violence that has plagued that region this month. and john is in the middle of the madness in jerusalem. >> hey, brian, elisabeth and steve. as you mentioned the hamas leader's name is hassan yousef.
4:33 am
he's very well known to israeli security officials. he's been arrested before. he's been on israel's radar for quite some time. he is a hamas leader. and now israeli officials are accusing him of actively instigating and inciting terrorism. as we know, hamas has been praising these attack, and the attacks continue today. an israeli soldier was stabbed this morning by a palestinian man who israeli forces then shot and killed. the soldier was lightly wounded. it was also an extremely violent weekend. several stabbings saturday. the targets being israeli soldiers. and then sunday, a 21-year-old bedouin man shot to death, an israeli soldier at a central bus station at southern israel town grabbing the soldiers and then spraying the bus terminal. 11 people were wounded. but then adding to the chaos, an eritrean man seeking asylum in israel was shot mistakenly, was mistakenly thought to be part of the attack by a security guard,
4:34 am
the security guard shot the guy, and then as the man lay bleeding, he was beaten by an angry mob leading now to investigations that of course, steve, brian and elisabeth, concerns about lidge vvigilante because of the escalating violence. >> live in jerusalem with the latest. i'm amazing how it's reported. they talk about beating the wrong guy and that's herbal. the only reason that happens, he started randomly spraying everybody in the area. they have in the craziness, they got the -- the wrong guy one of the wrong guys. but that's not the head line. >> much more to bring you today in this hour. and heather childress joins us now with the headlines. >> stories we have been following all morning. we begin with this. the self-proclaimed high school stoner rumored to have hacked into cia director john brennan's e-mail account may have also accessed the personal account of jeh johnson the secretary of homeland security. officials say that no classified information was compromised in
4:35 am
the hack. but the fbi, and the secret service, they are investigating. a program aimed at keeping houses environmentally friendly is drawing some backlash. a number of homeowners and realtors in california, they say that the financing of green homes is making it more difficult to sell. more than 50,000 households signed up for the government-sponsored program to add solar panels, and energy efficient windows. but, potential buyers now say that they're scared off by higher taxes. and some more california craziness. a middle school principal in san francisco with held student council winners for a week because they thought the candidates were not diverse enough. the principal of everett middle school said she wanted the council members to reflect the school. which is only 20% white. parents, outraged at how the election process was being disrespected. >> that should have been something that was decided prior to the election. prior to the campaigning process. if we can't teach them the right way, how it's supposed to work, then we really are letting our
4:36 am
kids down and my heart goes out to the kids because they're confused still about why -- what's the issue. >> they're now planning to add more positions to get more minority students on board. and an absolutely incredible moment on "fox & friends" if you missed it. jason geyser, a paralyzed navy veteran walked again live on the show. >> now for seven years, you've been restricted to a wheelchair, they told you you're not going to walk again, and then up comes these suits. >> really amazing. getting a second chance at standing up, thanks to a robotic exo skeleton, courtesy of a private organization called soldier socks. definitely motivational there. >> thank you very much. by the way, if you would like to know how to donate so you can buy more people those kind of exo suits, go to our website
4:37 am a lot of you have a lot of questions. >> 150,000, a suit and there's over 100,000 of our military men and women that have been paralyzed. >> remarkable moment there. now this. the pressures of preparing for a big interview. we've been there. take a look. >> i am trying to make a list of my accomplishments. why isn't this pen working? >> because it's a carrot. >> oh! i am so freaking out. >> a carrot. >> this is a sneak peek. oh, how exciting. of a brand new episode of austin & ally set to air on the disney channel. it's about college applications. joining us now, actress and singer laura marano with us on the curvy couch. >> i'm so happy to be here. >> you didn't know that was a carrot? >> can you imagine me shooting it and trying to hide like the carrot aspect of it. you don't write that way. >> that's some good acting.
4:38 am
>> i have to say, because we watch the shows with the kids, and once in awhile when we're sitting around there, you make me laugh. >> oh, stop. >> you have such natural humor. congratulations, by the way, 2015 kid's choice award. >> i know. and we have just also won in mexico and brazil, and like colombia. so i'm really excited. everyone seems to like what we do. so that's nice. >> a lot of people -- comes with disney stars like yourself, people say this is exciting. you have your fan base. they wonder what you're going to do next. and that's where singing comes in. >> yes. yeah. i'm really lucky austin & ally is a show about music so it's kind of like i've been involved in that side of it for a long time. but finally, you know, i find with big machine, a few months ago and so i'm going to be coming up with my pop single in like a few months. >> are you sharing what the name of that single will be? >> well, well, i want to wait for a second. i think we actually finally decided but we haven't like officially announced that. >> you're like joe biden dragging it out. that's fine.
4:39 am
i understand your sister's also in show business? >> yes. well, she's on switched at birth, which is on abc family which is now free form so it's often we both like got shows at the same time. and, finally i felt so, you know, we've been acting for a long time. and my poor mother always had to drive us, so when vanessa got her license, we both got jobs at the same time. it was amazing. >> just out of curiosity, what did your parents do to raise kids who wound up with their own tv shows? >> well, you know, my mom did not want us to act. she owned a children's theater so we grew up, so hello, we fell in love with it. >> don't do it. >> but we have a theater. >> so we fell in love with it. and she's like no, no, no. and of course we begged and got our way. but my dad is a college professor and he teaches italian. he's so not in the business at all. >> molto bene, darling. >> that was beautiful. i know no italian. it's really embarrassing. i'm going to learn. and he's from italy. so i got to get my act together. >> at least you're half italian. >> yeah.
4:40 am
>> everyone's been talking about jennifer lawrence, jumped in to say there's a gender pay gap. and that jennifer lawrence specifically said she didn't feel -- she didn't want to appear to be that, you know, needy person asking for a salary, didn't want to step out and speak up for herself so it was her own fault. where do you stand? >> i just read the article and i thought it was lovely. because i think there is definitely an aspect as, i know for me personally, you want people to like you. that's kind of the thing that you have to stand up for yourself and i think jennifer lawrence is amazing. i for sure totally support that i think both genders should -- >> and bradley cooper says he'll level out his salary for any woman who wants to stall with him. >> what a guy. >> so austin & ally should make the same amount. >> ally writes the songs, so there's that aspect. >> you're already advocating -- >> all right from songs to proms. >> yes. >> you got prom dresses. >> i'm really excited. i'm going to have a line of prom dresses this january. which is awesome.
4:41 am
>> steve and i grew up in fashion. >> obviously. >> and what are we looking for? what hints? and what is your genre? >> basically i like the mermaid shape. >> join the club. >> obviously. i can tell you guys -- >> is that the mermaid shape? >> this is -- >> that one is a little -- it definitely has a little more mermaid. basically mermaid, think of a mermaid you have like the tail but it's nice the nice sleek front. >> one fin >> one fin, yes. >> as we approach halloween, i have to ask, question from my daughter, are you -- what are you going to be for hal even? do you still get dressed up for hal even? >> it's my sister's birthday. it's a big night for the family. i think i need just -- i have all these beautiful prom dresses from sherry hill i think i -- >> why are you -- >> p queen. >> britain and i are going as easter -- >> that is a hot topic. >> that and donald trump. >> the two hottest things.
4:42 am
>> well congratulations. >> so thankful you came by. they have a birthday coming up, too. >> yes, thank you. >> unfortunately the acting the same, besides that nothing really going on. >> you're kind of slacking. >> thank you. >> coming up straight ahead. a brand-new victory for the american auto industry, one foreign company setting up shop here in the u.s. of a. >> and do you ever wonder what your flight attendants might be thinking about you or judging you? >> i'm sorry, do you have any extra pants? my friend seems to have had a little accident. >> well we now know what they're saying behind our backs! oh, no. >> excellent. >> but first the trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1979 this actor was sam's boyfriend and later husband in hit series the office. who is he? be the first to e-mail us with the correct answer. >> laura, you know this? >> oh, definitely.
4:43 am
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some quick headlines. a rescue at sea. a royal caribbean cruise ship picked up seven cuban refugees who were floating on a raft in the atlantic. the group had been on the water for ten days. they were surviving only on crackers. that's all they had. the coast guard was called in to help. and ever wonder what your flight attendants think about you? >> i'm sorry, do you have any extra pants?
4:47 am
my friend seems to have had a little accident. >> well, air stewards are now taking to whisper, an anonymous confession app, and filling their inner thoughts with posts like, i hate crying babies as much as everybody else. i love turbulence because i don't have to do beverage service. i knew it! and that's the news. >> and here's a head line you don't hear very often. it's how foreign automakers setting up a massive shop right here in the united states. the fox business network joins us now with the update on that. good morning. >> good morning. >> some great news to share with you guys this morning. the first lexus ever built in the u.s. has rolled off the production line in georgetown, kentucky. a brand-new gray lexus es-350 debuted on the front lawn. look at that. of the scott county plant to a lot of fanfare. even some fireworks. toyota, has invested $360 million in the plant which has created 750 new jobs. the plant will now be able to
4:48 am
produce 50,000 lexus vehicles, and it already is making camrys and avalons. and with this new lexus unit, the kentucky plant now has the capacity to build one of 550,000 new vehicles a year. and kentucky is, of course, an important place for car production in america. the bluegrass state is the third largest maker of cars and light trucks in the u.s. i bet you didn't know that. >> no. >> and the new jobs may already being making a dent in the local economy, too. kentucky's unemployment rate dropped to 5% in september. that is the lowest level since 2001. >> and this is not union, is it? this is a right-to-work state. >> no, this -- i don't actually know. but i do know that these jobs have been very much celebrated from all levels of government, and also people who are working at the plant have historically been toyota workers for several decades. so this is continuing to be some good news. >> so obviously toyota, it's been there in kentucky for years -- >> 27 years i believe. >> this is working out for us. let's roll out the big car, the
4:49 am
lexus, which and that's the head line right there. a lot of people regard this as the best car in the world. in that price range. >> you look at those numbers, 700 plus jobs, the unemployment rate dropping to 5%. >> it's great news. and it's a good, you know, collaboration between the japanese side, the american side. it's all good news for this. >> so we all can work together. >> we can. >> i knew we'd get along eventually. >> all right trade ahead. >> you don't have to wait for the holidays to find deep discounts. they're happening right now if you know where to look. we have the secrets for you. >> but first, on this day in history, in 19 so 10 the first baseball with a cork center was used in a world series game. not a bat of course. congress opened the investigation into the red scare in hollywood. and bonnie tyler had the number one song in america, total eclipse of her heart. here's to the explorers.
4:50 am
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right around the corner, i know, but did you know there is some stuff you're better off buying in october than december? andrea warrick joins us, a consumer saving expert. she joins us live with details on what to do and what to skip. >> hi. how are you? >> let's start with buy a home. you say yeah? >> yes, now is a really good time to finance a home. you're seeing interest rates for mortgage loans really, really low. in fact, the 30-year fixed mortgage interest rate is at 3.5% right now. also, mortgages are easier to obtain because credit standards have relaxed. and we also, you know, interest rates can vary between lenders,
4:54 am
so you want to comparison shop with sites like lending tree to save money on the interest. >> okay, great. skip appliances. wait for? >> wait for black friday weekend. you're going to see huge deals. i found $1200 off a samsung stainless refrigerator from last year. >> buy a new car now? >> right. >> 2015? >> 2015, you saw 2016 models released at the end of the summer, so those car dealerships are really motivated to move the 2015 models. that means you have more bargaining power, so don't be afraid to haggle. you're looking at 10% to 20% off. >> you say we should skip electronics? >> electronics. right, cyber monday is historically the best day to buy electronics, and popular brands like apple who don't offer discounts any other time of the year will on that day. >> all right. now i didn't know there was a denim season. >> there is. >> why, because it's getting colder? >> we're seeing a lot of the back-to-school products like denim, which was hot during august and september, retailers are now discounting those, and
4:55 am
we can find everything from kid's denim on sale, as well as women's designer jeans, you're looking at 30% to 40%. in fact shop it to me found the average discount on denim this time of the year is 47.5% off. >> you say go to pennies. >> yes. >> that's interesting. skip sweaters. but we need them. >> i know. hold off if you can, for december sales for the holidays. that's when the biggest sales will be on sweaters. and if you need to replace something now, buy it on consignment., you can save huge money by buying used. >> you also some people want to touch it. >> yes. exactly. >> so that's my problem. because i would like to see the texture. now you say to go get a ski pass. >> right. so we saw a lot of season passes for skiing on sale at the end of last spring. now, a lot of those resorts are still offering a deal if you buy it in october. in fact, the mountain collective, which offers days at utah, and california, at popular
4:56 am
resorts across the country, you're looking at $400 for that ski pass if you buy it now. >> so skip the sweaters, buy the ski pass. that's a little counterintuitive. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> i think everyone benefited. four minutes before the top of the hour. we showed this terrifying case of road rage right here yesterday. the driver, you're going to see it, swerved, hitting bikers, sending them to the hospital. did he do it on purpose? peter johnson jr. weighs in ahead. and joe biden could announce his run for the white house in a matter of days. laura ingraham weighs in on the rumblings inside washington next. feel a cold sore coming on? only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva.
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that's how we run. and nothing runs like a deere. see your john deere dealer for great offers on 1-family sub-compact tractors. ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. good morning to you. today's tuesday, october 20th, i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. it could happen any moment now. according to several sources, vice president joe biden is ready to jump into the presidential race, and he's
5:00 am
already taking shots atclinton indication. laura ingraham going to react in moments. meanwhile republican front-runner donald trump hitting his highest mark yet in one particular poll. and getting a big pat on the back from the gop establishment. why they aren't just calling him entertainment anymore. and total disrespect under friday night lights. >> boo! boo! >> all right. that football team refusing to leave the field even for the national anthem and the crowd goes crazy. they're angry. but i'm not. because mornings are better with friends. ♪
5:01 am
8:00 in new york city. it's time for some lasagna and jillian turner. elisabeth was just talking to her about joe biden. she was a washington fixer for awhile. she's a very smart person. >> worked in three administrations. >> she knows her way around the kitchen. >> from the white house to your house. what's cooking inside the white house and what's cooking at "fox & friends." we cannot wait to have our cooking with friends. >> by the way, we don't know if she knows her way around the kitchen. that's the thing about "fox & friends." we're going to find out how good she is in the kitchen. we have our mock kitchen. >> trivia about her family, too. >> we just know she works hard for the money. so does laura ingraham, the editor in chief, and she has a radio show and she's here once a week. >> good morning, guys. >> we've got 48 hours now, we've got biden, all sources are indicating he's set to announce. at the same time leading up to hillary about to testify on thursday. so what a couple of days we have ahead of us. what's your assessment of the timing? >> well, i think a lot of folks, including myself, thought it
5:02 am
would be odd for joe biden to run. why? because he'll probably never be as popular as he is right now. the emotional pull that he has with the passing of his son. the wonderful tribute he gave to his son beau. people have a lot of warm and affectionate feelings right now for joe biden. they're forgetting a lot of the gaffes. they're forgetting that he has sat at the number two spot to president obama for the last seven years with all of its challenges. so, i mean that's a little surprising. there are a lot of folks, liberals, who are writing, don't run, uncle joe. because his legacy is sure to be tanished once he gets into the race. you'll know if he's really serious about running and winning if he really starts criticizing hillary clinton. >> exactly >> but so far all of these democrats, in my mind, are engaging in a kind of kabuki theater. because they really haven't taken on the front-runner, hillary clinton, as you would if you were really serious about running. >> campaigning for her --
5:03 am
>> but laura, at the end of barack obama's interview on "60 minutes" he was asked by steve croft if you ran for another term would you win? he says yes i do. that's what joe biden's going on. he's going to be obama's third term. he's going to back up everything he did, and anything he doesn't say is going to look insincere because we know he was in lock-step with the president. how is that going to go over? >> i think it's difficult. i mean, i think joe biden has -- has -- has the same record as obama. obviously, over the last seven years. but he doesn't have the political skills. he -- he's charming. no doubt about it. he's charming. and he beats -- i mean i think he dealt a blow to paul ryan in that vice presidential debate. the one debate that paul ryan had with him, it was either a tie, or joe biden won in my view. >> he yelled the whole time. >> yeah. he did. but, you know, paul ryan kind of sat there as a shrinking violet. look, obama is one of the most, regardless of what anyone thinks, one of the most talented
5:04 am
politicians the democrats have seen, of course, since clinton. if biden ran for president before, and lost. >> twice. >> so -- two times. so i mean these people who've run twice and lost, there's not a great track record for that. so that's my view on it. >> okay. meanwhile, on thursday, hillary clinton's going to be on television for i think 10 or 12 straight hours starting at 10:00 in the morning, where she's testifying before the benghazi select committee up on capitol hill. her people put out a five-minute ditty, laura, hearkening back to her days as secretary of state, talking about what a bang-up job she did. here's just 20 seconds of it. then we're going to get your assessment. >> i think hillary will go down as one of the finest sects we've had. >> people would look at the election of the president, i know that i'm going to get someone who understands our part of the world and will help us shape the future. >> she is the one person in
5:05 am
bringing a tremendous amount of experience to the job of being a world leader. >> well, after that ran, the internet was not kind. it was supposed to be about her accomplishments. people wrote things like this, getting four people killed is an accomplishment? also why do you say it was a video when you knew it was terrorism. >> and we said with russia, there's some problems here. >> i think we have to look at this, however, from a person's perspective, who maybe doesn't follow politics every day. and so what she's trying to do is sort of say, look, the president, who's wildly popular among democrats, he thinks i did a great job, leon panetta, a lot of experience. he thinks i did a great job. the australian or new zealand. i don't know who that person was, because i couldn't see it. australian prime minister thought i did a great job, or foreign minister, so she can say look i have the experience in a dangerous time. i think it's easily punctured that argument. but, she knows that biden has a good chance of getting in. she wants to create that wall of
5:06 am
experience, and depth control versus biden kind of the -- joe biden as a gaffe-o-matic. >> the question moving forward, let's talk about donald trump here. now i mean right now the establishment is saying, hey, maybe we didn't take him seriously enough early on. i mean he seems to have some stamina. the latest "wall street journal"/nbc news poll has him with some high numbers here at 25%. when it comes to support. i mean ben carson is behind him at 22%. marco rubio jumping up at 13% >> chris christie is having a bad day. let's just say that. >> well, you've got -- >> jeb bush hanging at 8%. >> oh, wow, 8%. here's what is the strangest thing. for 99 days in a row, donald trump has been leading in every national poll. i have never seen a political party's establishment, maybe except for these headlines that you're reading, that has been so hell bent on dismissing, demeaning, and discounting
5:07 am
someone who has, at least so far, along with a couple of other outsiders, really energized blue collar voters, independent voters, first-time voters, and that is a perilous path. we should pay attention to what happened in canada last night. when a conservative party dismisses the blue collar voters, as many people believe the gop has done with the immigration and trade policy especially, they do so at their own peril. so, the establishment didn't do well last night in canada. and if the establishment doesn't learn about why these outsiders are doing well now, then they could face the same thing. >> but the blue jays did win so that is another win for canada in toronto against kansas city. in the big picture i think rick santorum of all people tapped into that. about a year ago he said the republicans have lost touch with the worker, they're misinterpreting the look at the hard line on unions as a hard line towards blue collar
5:08 am
workers. and it would be to their detriment. >> yeah, well, santorum has been a leader on this issue. he wasn't able to catch fire in this election cycle, but the middle class was the sweet spot for ronald reagan in 1984. the last time a republican won california, ohio, new york, and every state except minnesota and the district of columbia, you know, obviously losing that. but, republicans have to learn from this. either they're not going to learn and they're going to go down in defeat. or they're going to learn and say maybe we need to reinvigorate that sense of nationalism in our economic policy and populism vis-a-vis ronald reagan. >> -- with the middle class. it's counterintuitive. >> and you know what, laura, wherever i go, the one person, in the beginning three months ago, four months ago, people were like, should i mention donald trump? now it's like, do you like -- >> i like donald trump. >> trending as a halloween costume. >> right, guys, they -- conservatives get the sense that the gop establishment is embarrassed about them.
5:09 am
donald trump and carson and ted cruz go around the country, and they're proud of being associated with conservatives, including tea party conservatives. >> indeed. >> and most of the other conservatives. so they're proud. that needs to be felt by all the candidates. all the candidates need to give conservative voters the sense that they count. they're not dismissed. they're not ridiculed behind closed doors. george w. bush according to reports in politico last night is behind closed doors saying, i don't like this ted cruz guy. and kind of ridiculing ted cruz. to me, that is a way to lose another presidential election, start ridiculing your own supporters, including a lot of the ones who voted for george w. bush. >> all right. laura ingraham, she's got to go edit. she's got to go do her radio show. >> thanks, guys. >> governor huckabee in 25 minutes. >> we're going to turn first now to heather childress with a fox news alert. >> good morning to everyone at home. we do begin with a fox news alert. the brand-new joint chiefs of staff chairman joseph dunford
5:10 am
just arived in iraq for an update on the fight against isis. meanwhile, less than 24 hours after the castro regime denied cuban troops were, in fact, in syria, two brand-new reports show that russia is thanking leaders in havana for its support and action in the region. well they've been waiting patiently for more than seven years and now a massive payout awaits the victims of the largest ponzi scheme in u.s. history. a new motion filed in court today promises the majority of bernie madoff's victims will get their money back. anyone invested or who invested up to $1 million will see an equal amount returned to their bank accounts. those who invested more getting back 60% of their money back. the feds were able to recover most of the missing funds from madoff's co-conspirators. a community meeting is hijacked by angry black lives matter protesters in los angeles. look. >> black lives matter. >> black lives matter! >> the mayor was there to talk about affordable housing, jobs
5:11 am
and violence in the community. the mother of an unarmed teen shot and killed by police says that the meeting got out of hand. >> i didn't realize it was going to get out of hand like this. i want us to get answers, and i want the community to get -- i want things to be calm but i don't think it can happen like this. >> police had to actually escort the mayor to his car surrounded by a mob of angry protesters. and, it is the moment the star wars fans have been waiting for. >> some stories about what happened. >> it's true. >> the brand-new trailer for "the force awakens" released during monday night football. tickets went on sale immediately and the mad dash crashing ticket websites. and the most talked about part of the trailer, this, a half-second snippet, half second of carrie fisher right there reprising her iconic role as
5:12 am
princess leah hugging lover hans solo played by harrison ford. the seventh installment hits theaters december 18th. brian, elisabeth, steve, the force be with you. >> thank you very much. >> i don't think i'm going to wait in line, but i will see it. >> right. >> of course. >> part of our american movie -- >> before i see that i have to see all the other movies once. >> you've never seen star wars? >> no, i've always had a game. >> a game? >> yeah. brian you're fired. >> and chewbacca? >> no interest. >> twelve minutes after the hour -- >> coming up straight ahead, we showed this terrifying case of road rage and the heartless reaction from the driver. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh! >> he hits him. >> i don't care. >> so, who -- and who's wrong and who's right? peter johnson jr. weighs in next. >> and you know her as a foreign policy guru who has worked in three administrations. but did you also know that she makes a mean lasagna?
5:13 am
and she was star of hundreds of children's book. jillian turner's going to be cooking with friends next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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stunning video sparking outrage across the internet and maybe in your living room. a driver swerves and hits two people on a motorcycle. wow. the bikers say he did it on purpose. so, whose fault is it? after all we caught it on tape. joining us right now with that and more, and that driver's reaction's response to the crash, fox's legal analyst peter johnson jr. and the response was pretty callus, wouldn't you say? >> let's watch that. let's see what happens right after this incredible accident. >> what were you doing? you hit him. >> i don't care. >> i got it on video, too. >> i don't care. >> yellow stripes -- >> no. >> you swerved and hit him. >> i don't care. >> i don't care, said i was stung by a wasp. >> so the accident takes place when the motorcycle decides to cross the double yellow lane, and pass that man's vehicle.
5:18 am
that vehicle then swerves, strikes him, knocks him and his passenger, young woman, off one of them hospitalized in the icu now, as a result of a bad wrist fracture, and really bad abrasions down to the bone. and so the issues y who's responsible? criminally, who's responsible? if he swerved intentionally, if he swerved in a road rage, then he's responsible for an assault. for a felony. and he'll go to jail in the state of texas. >> what about his words? what do his words mean? >> his words could show an indifference. his words could demonstrate in a criminal trial that there was some element of road rage. that he was upset that this guy was passing to his left illegally, and that he was going to show him a lesson. but, he says, and it is a legal defense both civilly and of course criminally, i was stung by a wasp. and in the state of texas, in other states, there are certain
5:19 am
things called an act of god, or a sudden unexpected emergency. if something is not reasonable or foreseeable, out of your control, and causes you to do something, that's negligent, then you get a pass in a civil court of law. >> i don't have a legal background, but i say if you're stung by a wasp, show me. >> absolutely. >> the horse has left the barn. >> he's touching his pants and pulling on his butt and i don't know what's going on. in that video. and that's the funny part. the unfunny part is that two folks have been injured. and a texas troopers are looking at this real, real hard. what do you think at home? who is at fault? is this road rage or just negligence of an older driver? >> and in this day and age when everything is on tape. >> it's on tape. >> peter johnson jr., thank you so much. >> okay. >> 19 minutes after the hour. straight ahead, total disrespect under friday night lights. that football team refusing to leave the field even after the national anthem and the crowd not liking it. and you know her as a foreign
5:20 am
policy guru who has worked in three administrations. but did you know she makes a mean lasagna? some say lasagna. and she's under the star of hundreds of children's books. get to know gillian turner because steve and elisabeth are.
5:21 am
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5:22 am
but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
5:23 am
some quick headlines, consumerwise, and then we're going to have some lasagna. first up apple is dropping it 250 apps from its app store for secretly storing and collecting users' personal information. they're not supposed to do that. the apps captured users e-mail addresses, information about other apps previously downloaded and the serial number of the smartphone so they can track
5:24 am
you. well, they're going to stop it. and hershey kisses are getting bigger. big kisses. the chocolate company will begin selling kisses deluxe in the united states during the holiday christmas season. the pieces are double the size of a regular kiss. they have a hazel nut center, and are filled with rice crisps. >> you have details about the kisses? >> they're large. bigger kisses. >> he dissected the kiss. >> my grandpa gave me a big kiss. >> i love that. >> you heard her insight. you just heard it earlier today on foreign policy. but did you know a fox news contributor gillian turner can cook a pretty mean lasagna. >> that's what we hear. >> it's true. >> she's back with us to share the recipe and a whole lot more. are you ready to impress us? i've never seen steve and elisabeth work so hard at a pre-mix. >> it's all about the pre-mix. for the lasagna. i mean once you're done with the mixing, you know, it's just ready to go. >> before we get going we'd like to know a little more about you.
5:25 am
since you are suddenly making us food. your mother has written close to a couple hundred children's books. which surprisingly not based on you, sure look like you. >> did she illustrate them as well? >> yes. illustrated and wrote almost 200. it's like, we're like gone girl but i'm not a crazy murderer. that i know of. >> that is incredible. what a woman. >> yeah, she's amazing. >> is your mom at the shoemaker, to take care of his own shoes. but not read to as a child? >> no, no, all the time reading. it was a huge perk for the publishers would send like boxes of children's books. we got different ones every night. >> a lot of reading. >> built in audience for her. >> one other thing i notice you're wearing an engagement ring. >> i am. >> your fiance you met while dog walking. >> we did. we each had a dog. we met walking in the dog park. it was overseas. i was living in south africa for two years and he's south
5:26 am
african. so we very fortuitously met one day. >> what did he say to you? >> well, he didn't so much say anything as my dog actually chose him. she saw him across the park. she lost him. he was like that's going to be my dad. >> which one is yours? >> the fluffy one in the front was mine. and then the one in the back was alex's. >> how do they get awrong? >> they have a role. they're in love with each other. they don't understand that it's not, you know, necessarily the best idea but they love each other. >> when are you getting married? >> we don't have a date yet. we're hoping to get married in cape town and that takes a lot of planning. >> let's see if this is going to be a good recipe for the actual reception. >> well -- >> it's a lasagna. you made it with meat. you can make it with vegetable crumbles if you're not a meat eater. >> it's totally easy. so you have the basic ingredients. we've got the cheese maybe brian you want to mix the cheese? >> i would love to do something.
5:27 am
you guys were doing everything. >> do you want me to do this gently? >> stir it all in. here we've got ground beef mixed with tomato sauce. you can make your own if you feel fancy or you can try it -- >> it's all delicious. doesn't really matter. >> salt and pepper. you know, basic seasoning. >> yeah. >> and then you got the noodles. you got a -- >> someone who loves this recipe. and as your 99-year-old grandpa. what does he say his secret to life is? >> if you ask him he'll tell you he's had a glass of whiskey every night for his entire adult -- >> way to go. >> tradition. >> now where does he live? >> he lives in south africa. my father is from there. and that whole side of the family, except for my dad, has stayed there. >> i'm a lazy cook. >> you have people coming over at 6:00 to make some lasagna. >> you do a layer of meat, layer of noodles and layer of cheese on top. you keep going until you get to the top. >> get out of the way. >> clear. >> clear the cheese.
5:28 am
>> very good. very good. >> got the paddles. >> just pump it in there and you can push it -- >> oh, really? judgmental. >> three-hour shift. >> don't put it all on. >> layers. layers. >> that's what -- >> you heard her say dump it in there. >> that's the manicotti. >> could not argue in front of a guest. >> you put the cheese in there. >> and do another layer of noodles and you keep going. >> good. >> mozzarella on the top, that's important. >> okay. >> one more -- >> then some of this. this is really like -- >> look at this. >> add a little -- >> this is 60 second lasagna. >> oh, my goodness, yes. >> hamburger helper. >> and then if we had some more cheese we'd put that on the top. >> i guess i overdid it. >> this looks good. >> and beautiful. when you get it out the other end, there you go. and it's really delicious. >> yeah. >> uh-oh. >> this is great. >> we have this left over is that a problem? >> no. >> what do you do? >> sprinkle it around. >> i don't even know what that
5:29 am
is? >> oregano. >> i don't want that bite. >> we could -- >> yeah, we could like -- >> you bake it for like 35 minutes on 375. take it out of the oven, let it stand for ten minutes and then you're good to go. >> brian right there. >> several layers of cheese. >> gillian gave a great tip you have to let it stand before you cut it >> otherwise it's just squishy. >> now you know how to make manicotti, too. >> just eat it, too. >> this would be the first thing i haven't had in a microwave in quite some time. >> gillian -- >> thank you. >> great. >> very nice. >> very good. >> everybody likes a good story. >> and that's right. >> all right, meanwhile coming up, he won iowa in 2008. can he do it again. governor mike huckabee joins us live with his strategy to victory, coming up next. >> and you think you're an overprotective father, check out what this dad did to his daughter's homecoming date. meet that dad's daughter and
5:30 am
that lucky date. >> is he doing a heimlich on him? .
5:31 am
5:32 am
5:33 am
well, he won the iowa caucuses in 2008. can he do it again this time? joining us right now is the former governor of arkansas, presidential candidate, and friend of this program because he used to work here, mike huckabee. good morning, governor. >> good morning, steve. let me wish you a belated happy birthday in our part of the world. thanks and post offices and schools were all closed in honor of your birthday. >> governor if you become president will this be a national holiday?
5:34 am
it already is in many parts of america. we will make it so across the rest of the country if i'm president. that's reason enough to get steve's vote. >> true story. i was actually born in algona, iowa. iowa is having the caucuses. how are you going to win iowa just like you did in 2008? >> well, the same way we did before. and that is that you have to win it from the ground up. there's no shortcut to winning iowa. a lot of people will go and buy a lot of media. eight years ago we were outpent ten to one. ten to one. and i won with the largest number of votes that has ever been received by an iowa caucus voter, or contest in the entire history of the iowa caucus. so when people say well, how you going to win iowa? i'm going to tell you, the same way we did it before. what you have to do is to built a ground game. you have to get people. this isn't about going and voting for five minutes on the way home from work. a caucus is an intense process. where people have to be very serious. they go, they spend several
5:35 am
hours, and probably a drafty school room, and we're building the ground game and have the largest ground operation of any of the campaigns in both iowa and south carolina. >> something on a voter's minds always weighing heavily is social security. how would a president huckabee save it? >> well the first thing i do is promise the american people we're not going to steal their money all these years and then lie to them that it will be there. we have to protect social security for a host of reasons, not the lest of which is, it's the integrity of the country on the line. this is not the government's money, this isn't welfare. this isn't an entitlement. this is an earned benefit. if you put money in to your local bank in a savings account, and then you went to your bank and said, okay i'd like to make a withdrawal and they said you know what? we spent that money. we gave it to some other people and we don't have it anymore, i'm sorry, we're just going to have to cut your savings account. what do you think would happen to that bank? they'd go out of business. bernie madoff is sitting in jail. people had their money taken from their paychecks every time
5:36 am
they had a paycheck. that money was deposited, supposedly, for their account. now i hear many of the republicans, they talk about let's have a cut, let's have a change, let's do this. look, i'm going to be very clear, if i'm president, i'm not going to do what a lot of the republican candidates are talking about, and that's go cut the benefits, make it so that people have to work longer, and lose what they have paid in for, because it is their money. a couple of quick things. 70 million americans depend on some form of social security. 60 million with actual social security. another 10 million disabled veterans. they are that getting a cost of living adjustment this coming year. but guess who is? congress. congress is getting an increase. now that's just not right. >> it's absolutely not right. and i will say this, in the big picture, people want to know if the money is going to be there. they also want to know where the money is going to come from. and should billionaires who
5:37 am
don't need it get it. should there be a line where you say well -- >> we obviously don't need a means test -- i mean donald trump obviously doesn't mean that. jack welch doesn't need that. >> a sliding scale? >> i understand when people said they don't need it. but is it the government's job to tell me what i need and don't know. if donald trump and jack welch and warren buffett want to write a check to the government and say don't send me a social security check, that's fine. they have the right to do that. but it is not the government's job to tell me what i need and don't need. means testing is fundamentally wrong, because it is not the government's money. i want to go back to that point. if it were the government's money and they said look, you don't need it because you don't need medicaid i get that. but this isn't medicaid. this is social security. and seniors have a right to expect they're going to get it. >> you put that money in for years. you should get it. >> absolutely. >> joe biden, looks like governor, is on the verge of making an announcement in public
5:38 am
to all of us. what do you think about joe biden running for rez? what does that mean? >> well, i'm not sure that it's maybe too late for joe to get in. because hillary has a strong, strong organization, and i know everybody talks about all the problems, look, i have dealt with the clintons in a political way for over 26 years. >> you're from arkansas. >> i've known them all my life. people need to realize, these are incredibly gifted, talented, and ruthless political players, and anybody who says, well joe gets into the race and everything changes, and hillry's in trouble, don't bet on it. >> well, she could be obama versus clinton through a surrogate, don't you think? >> it could be. i mean, i don't think anybody pretends that obama and bill clinton and/or hillary clinton are big buds and go hang out together and watch football on the weekends. i believe deep down obama would rather see biden follow him up. but it won't be his choice.
5:39 am
and no matter what happens, i think joe's going to come in late, an affable guy, but also a gaffable guy. and that's one of the things that will start being a problem. when he's vice president he makes some of these crazy statements people sort of shrug it off and laugh and it's funny. when you're a candidate for president, everything you say will be twisted, turned, spun a thousand different ways, and it's a whole different animal at that point. >> absolutely. all right. governor mike huckabee, joining us today from beautiful, the panhandle, santa rosa beach, florida. governor, thank you very much for joining us. good luck out on the trail. >> thank you. good to talk to you guys. >> and then next week's debate. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. heather childress has the other news breaking while we were talking. >> an important development here. a fox news alert, some brand-new video just in to "fox & friends" showing the arrest of hassan yussef. he is one of the cofounders of the militant group hamas. israeli troops taking him into custody just before dawn on claims that he has been inciting
5:40 am
all the violence that has plagued the region this month. praising recent attacks carried out by palestinians including a sunday shooting at a bus station, that's where an israeli soldier was killed. well, texas dropping planned parenthood clinics from its state medicaid program. the state health department says that planned parenthood is no longer able to perform medical services in a safe and ethical manner. following the release of those controversial undercover videos. planned parenthood calls the move outrageous and says it will continue to provide care, or fight to anyway. a shocking display of disrespect under the stadium lights at a california high school. look. >> boo! boo! >> okay so this is what's happening. you can see the deer valley high school football players happening as the pittsburg high school band plays the national
5:41 am
anthem. the crowd understandably upset. you heard them. players were also seen clashing with band members, shoving, swearing, and even spitting. and finally, whatever you do to my daughter, i'll do to you. a wisconsin dad sends a hilarious warning to his daughter's homecoming date. then wrapping his arms around his daughter ricarra's boyfriend also doing that to recreate their picture. earlier on "fox & friends" he told us why. >> honestly, it was a photo bomb. i was just trying to make light of the situation, eight was ricarra's first date. >> i think he just did it to be funny and try to embarrass me and -- >> and it might have worked. that photo now going viral. i like that a lot. back to you. >> all right. heather, thank you very much. >> what a message from that dad to daughter and boyfriend. >> just trying to be funny. >> one of the messages there. now coming up brand-new video inside the plane after a man reportedly choked a woman, who just reclined her seat?
5:42 am
>> but it was way back. >> well the fbi is on it. they're investigating now. a live report on that, next. and oops she did it again. the britney spears wardrobe malfunction that happened in vegas, but definitely isn't staying there. look at the number of people who have to pat her down to zip her up. ♪ grilled chicken and bush's baked beans. >>mom totally forgot to give us vegetables. i know. it's awesome. >>boo-yah. blow it up. bush's baked beans. slow cooked according to our secret family recipe with a hint of sweetness. they're the vegetable kids love.
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♪ >> some quick music headlines.
5:46 am
country star blake shelton is suing in touch weekly over the cover that claims he was heading to rehab over his split from his wife miranda lambert. shelton's words insist the head line is false. and are demanding more than $1 million in damages. and thanks for -- that story. britney spears has a major wardrobe malfunction. ♪ don't look down, it's two men trying to zip you up. the singer's body suit pops open during a vegas show. her background singers tried to fix the problem but she refused to stop dancing. >> you go do it. >> okay. better not rip it, either. >> you heard me i'm britney spears. i don't stop for anybody. she's busting loose. commotion on a southwest flight, the fbi is investigating after a woman claims a man tried to choke her for reclining her seat on the plane. that goes down eight inches.
5:47 am
forcing it to turn around midflight. we're live in washington with more. hey, doug. >> good morning, guys. this happened over the weekend, but we're learning more about it now and seeing more about it now. of course someone had a cell phone camera on board and took pictures of it. here's the video. this was apparently taken after the altercation took place. it was concern enough for the pilot that he actually radioed in an emergency and did a u-turn, returning back to l.a.x. where the plane unusually took off, and one of the passengers on board was actually a radio host from san francisco. here's what he saw. >> everybody screaming. it was pandemonium. they actually restrained this guy. i was telling them like i said before, at 30,000 feet, i will beat you down. >> i will beat you down. the passenger in question was detained. we're not sure whether he's actually arrested. the fbi says the investigation
5:48 am
is continuing the plane then, made its way to san francisco to people got to where they were headed minus one passenger. steve, brian and elisabeth, back to you guys. >> you got to hang with mr. cooper. >> that guy. you remember that show? >> i think about it every day. >> didn't even ring a bell with me. >> really? >> doug, thanks. >> you've been in washington too long. >> he's a radio guy now. >> coming up next, something really important. >> he is known as america's tenor, and he's now featured on the soundtrack of the new movie "the bridges of spies." steve amerson, that guy, live next. stand by, steve. americans. we're living longer than ever. as we age, certain nutrients... ...become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. new one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12... ...and more vitamin d.
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5:51 am
it's surprising what donald trump said about 9/11 months before it actually happened.
5:52 am
and the leak in the benghazi testimony that could help hillary. we'll talk to mike pom ao when bill and i see you in america's newsroom at the top of the hour. back to you, elisabeth and steve. well, his voice can be heard on more than 165 feature films, including jurassic world, indiana jones and bridge of spies. >> and our own buddy steve amerson is here today to perform his latest song better than i after his 18th solo album. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you've got a really busy week. is it tomorrow or the next day you're doing -- >> i'm going to d.c. this afternoon, and going to sing there in the capitol tomorrow night. then i go to dallas on thursday, sing for a medal of honor event in dallas. then on friday/saturday, is a large event that american airlines does promoting military families. a big concert friday then go to sky ball concert dotcom. pit bull will be there, gary
5:53 am
sinise and the lieutenant band. >> and you! >> tony orlando. and me. so it will be fun. >> the new album is called "thankful." >> because i'm thankful. >> of course. and so many are thankful for your voice. what's the message you want to get across? >> just to encourage people to enjoy life. to appreciate, and to express thanks to others. >> start now. >> take the mic. here he is, ladies and gentlemen, better than i. ♪ ♪ i thought i had -- i thought i chose the surest road but that road wasn't ♪ ♪ why put up a fight now just when i have given up
5:54 am
the truth is coming clear ♪ ♪ you know better than i you know the way ♪ ♪ i've let go the need to know why ♪ ♪ for you know better than i ♪ ♪ i saw a cloud and thought it was the sky ♪ ♪ i saw a birdand thought that follow ♪ ♪ but it was you who taught that bird to fly ♪ ♪ if i let you reach me will you teach me ♪
5:55 am
♪ for you know better than i ♪ ♪ you know the way i've let go the need to know why ♪ ♪ i'll take what answers you supply ♪ ♪ you know better than i ♪ ♪ you know better than i ♪
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hi, i'm matt mccoy.
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before it's history. it's news. >> all right. so we still have steam amerson with it and gillian turner. is it true you have developed an uncanny knack to be able to look at something and figure out how to spell it backwards. >> maybe i can. >> maybe? >> i'm kidding. ever since i was a kid. >> ah. >> i discovered this talent when i was maybe nine. >> so in the after the show show should we do this? >> i think we should test it. >> go easy on me. >> and we're going to see if she can sing backwards. >> spell century? y-r-u-t-n-e-c. >> that is correct. thank you for the bell. >> a little late on that. >> and by the way, if people would like more information about steve amerson you have a website. >> >> and how do you spell that
6:00 am
backwards. m-o-c.n-o-s-r-e-m-a-e-v-e-t-s. >> you can match that with your special skill and write us. >> see you on the internet. ed. bill: we have brand-new polling numbers. guess what, america? donald trump is still on top. hitting best numbers for him since entering the race for the white house. it goes to say trump reaching a new high. he leads the pack 25% of the vote. carson is at 22%. that's within the margin of error so that could be seen as tied. rubio up to 13%.


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