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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  October 20, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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we'll be back mañana, right? martha: we will. closer to halloween. [laughter] right, bill? bill: we sure will. martha: we'll see you all tomorrow, have a good day. ♪ ♪ jenna: and we start off today with brand new numbers in the race for the white house. hello, everybody, i'm jenna lee. jon: couple of surprises in those numbers, i'm jon scott. new polls out on the gop field, and a "wall street journal"/nbc survey finds donald trump with the highest level of support since he entered the race, but he's followed closely by dr. ben carson at 22%. that puts carson in the margin of error of his first place rival. senator marco rubio rounds out the top three. the cnn/orc poll also finds trump and carson at the top of the field, they are the only two candidates with support above 20%. senator rubio and former governor jeb bush are tied for third in that poll.
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but the other big news in the poll, carly fiorina's drop. her support plunges 11% from a month ago. joining us now, charlie hurt and a.b. stoddard, associate editor and column it at "the hill." a.b., i want to start with you specifically about carly fiorina. does she need another debate to bring her numbers back up? what explains this plunge? >> i think if you look at her last debate, she's probably hoping that on the 28th -- which is the next time that the contenders debate on the republican side next week -- that she might have another moment which could help her with fundraising and polling support. i can't explain the fall in her polling numbers except to say that we saw the rise of carson in this time. she is considered one of the three outsiders among trump and carson, but she's probably not perceived as outsider enough. and i think that if you see, she sort of played a middle game
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where she's considered safe among establishment republicans, but, you know, she likes to, you know, talk about herself as an outsider. but i think that they're really looking for someone who's never run, never been near the system, and they find that in carson any sizable blocks of support now within the primary electorate. jon: let's go back to the top of the list, charlie. much to the amazement of a lot of people, donald trump remains on top and has even solidified his gains, it seems. >> he really has, jon. and i think, actually, probably the most interesting, most important numbers out of these latest polls are not that he and ben carson are not only, as you say, above the, the only people above 20%, they're the only people in double digits, period. you remember all the great front runners we had, you know, months ago like jeb bush, they're not even breaking 10% anymore. but i think the most important numbers right now out of these polls are the number of people
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who are not finish they don't necessarily pick donald trump as their number one candidate, but they are willing to consider him if somebody else drops out, if their number one does drop out. that is a key number because for so long, you know, either you loved donald trump or hated donald trump. what we're seeing now is more and more voters are coming to the point where, well, i don't really love him, i'm not ready to vote for him right now, but, you know, i love ben carson, but if ben carson were out to, i would consider voting for donald trump. that has to be the most terrifying statistic for gop establishment types. jon: another interesting thing is this huge field which was, what, 16 at one point, seems to be winnowing down a little bit. the top five, donald trump, ben carson, marco rubio, ted cruz and jeb bush in this particular poll, then the next five, carly fiorina, mike huckabee, john kasich, rand paul and chris
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christie at 1%, everybody below them registers less than 1%, that includes lund say graham, bobby jindal, jim gilmore and some of the others. are we seeing, a.b., the winnowing of the field that's going to propel a few of these candidates into the primary season? >> well -- [laughter] i think that many people in the party hope that the field is going to be winnowed, and we're going to get down to a few choices soon. but actually if you look at the cnn poll, it's good news for rand paul. he's up above cruz and rubio, and he's tweeted about that. people have been telling him to see the door for a while. so actually if you look at people who are under pressure to quit versus people who are not, i think that george pataki and jim gilmore and rick santorum are hanging on for various reasons, and i don't think they're going to be walking out the door soon. so i think that we're probably looking at a big field for a while, is what i think.
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and i would say that the establishment is far more worried about ben carson's overall approval number and popularity number than they are about the trump number because, as charlie points out, it is much higher as a second choice. if you look into those numbers, ben carson's overall popularity is higher than trump's, so he is a thato him. jon: jenna's going to be talking to rick santorum later on, perhaps she can ask him. donald trump has always had high negatives, is he showing that score? >> well, absolutely, the willingness of people to sort of soften towards him. not necessarily get behind him at this point, but soften towards him. i'm very struck by, you know, talking to regular voters outside of washington, d.c., you know, not only by the number of people who are quick to, you know, got on the bandwagon early, but also the number of
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people who in recent months or recent weeks have said, you know, when he first came out here, i thought he was ridiculous, i thought he was a reality star, i thought he was an embarrassment but, you know, he keeps saying things that resonate with me, and, you know, over time and also, you know, the amount of coverage that he gets, he just, he kind of sort of grows into the sort of landscape as an acceptable, established political figure. even if that's not going on in the, among gop establishment circles. jon: grows sort of like the hair, doesn't it, charlie? [laughter] >> yes. a life of its own. [laughter] jon: charlie hurt, a.b. stoddard, thank you both. >> thanks, jon. jon: you cannot miss "your world" with neil cavuto today as he speaks with senator marco rubio, that's this afternoon, 4 p.m. eastern time right here on fox news channel. jenna: well, now to the democrats and new polls showing hillary clinton still very much in the lead.
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in "the washington post"/abc poll, the former secretary of state gets the support of more than half of those surveyed. senator bernie sanders a distant second with 23% and the still-undecided vice president joe biden with 16%. the nbc/"wall street journal" poll painting a similar picture with himself on top followed by bernie sanders and then the vice president. we're going to have much more with our political panel in the next hour of "happening now." jon: congressman paul ryan returns to capitol hill after a weeklong house recess with many of his fellow republicans hoping he will run for speaker of the house to replace the retiring john boehner, this after majority leader kevin mccarthy the abruptly dropped out of the running. ryan first said he didn't want the job, then agreed he will consider it. the pressure mounts as the clock ticks on his decision. mike emanuel live on capitol hill with more on that. mike? be. >> reporter: jon, good morning. i've talked to friends of congressman paul ryan who say they have intentionally not
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spoken with him to give him the time and space he needs to deal with a difficult decision. many see the job of speaker of the house as the toughest job in washington these days. most folks i've talked to believe ryan may be willing to do the speaker's job, but he's not willing to give away authority or gifts in order to win over support. i'm told by his colleagues that he doesn't want to be held hostage to take a job he's never sought before. at the white house aides say they don't have a rooting interest, but they're watching and waiting, noting president obama is an interested observer. >> the president was quite clear that he respects paul ryan, that he is somebody who, obviously, has spent a lot of time seriously thinking about some of the significant challenges facing the country. at the same time, the president has profound and occasionally vigorous disagreements with him on fiscal issues. >> reporter: if congressman ryan says no, a permanent, definite no, the race for speaker would be wide open with
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as many as 20 gop members expressing interest in the job. the man who worked very closely with ryan during the 2012 elections offered this endorsement. >> we need paul -- [laughter] in two spots at once, and, you know, there haven't been a lot of people that have gone on from speaker to the white house, so i'd hate to lose him as a potential contender down the road for the white house. he is such a, a man of such talent and such integrity and such character that he's a real resource for the country. >> reporter: this uncertainty comes as speaker john boehner is due to retire in ten days. he says he'll stay on until a new speaker is selected, but the house also has to teal with the issue -- to deal with the issue of the debt ceiling sometime in the next two weeks, so it is a very busy and complicated time. jon? jon: and dramatic as well. drama continues. mike emanuel, thank you. jenna: we head overseas now and to the middle east. the u.n. secretary-general trying to bring an end to the
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monthlong terror attacks in israel. ban ki-moon getting ready to meet with both israeli and palestinian leaders, and this comes amongst more attacks. john huddy has more. john? >> reporter: jenna -- and, by the way, secretary-general ban ki-moon is going to be meeting really at any point now with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. and, of course, the secretary-general's visit comes amid even more violence, as you mentioned, throughout israel, jerusalem and the west bank as well. let's start there. more clashes in the west bank city of ramallah. again, rioting has been really breaking out for the past few weekings. there was also more fighting going on today in bethlehem. we showed you some of that on friday and also the west bank city of hebron as well. a couple of hours ago reports came in to us that a palestinian man tried to ram his vehicle into a group of people at a bus stop just outside of jerusalem. the attacker, according to
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police, then jumped out and tried to stab people before israeli security forces shot him. two people were injured, no word if the attacker was killed, and this is one method of ways these guys are attacking, vehicular attacks and then the stabbing attackings. also summed, particularly bloody -- sunday, a 21-year-old bedouin man shot to death an israeli soldier at a bus station in southern israel, grabbing the soldier's m-16 and spraying the bus terminal. eleven people were wounded. and adding to the chaos, an err tray january man seeking asylum was shot by a security guard who mistakenly thought he was involved in the attack. and then as the man lay bleeding, he was beaten by an angry mob. he later died. now leading to investigations and increased concerns about individual vigilantism here israel amid the ongoing violation. jenna, that will likely be a topic when secretary-general ban
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ki-moon meets with prime minister netanyahu. the secretary-general's also expected to meet with palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas really to try to get a dialogue going between both leaders as they've been for the past week trading jabs and accusations. a lot of political dissension there. so as i mentioned, we're waiting for the secretary-general to meet with the prime minister. we're also hearing, jenna, real quickly that u.s. secretary of state john kerry may be coming to the middle east region to meet with prime minister be netanyahu instead of in europe where they were originally expected and scheduled to meet. so we're waiting for more information be on that -- information on this, this as the political dissense, as i mentioned, and the violence very much comets. jenna, back to you. jenna: we'll see what impact they can have. john, thank you. jon: now a fox news alert. the american cancer society and other government health groups releasing new mammogram guidelines during breast cancer awareness month. the new guidelines recommend
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women start getting screened for breast cancer at age 45 instead of 40. they cite a risk of false positives between those ages. they also suggest women under age 55 get mammograms every other year and not every year because breast cancers tend to develop more slowly after menopause. jenna: new developments in the baby doe murder case, making national headlines when her body was found in a boston harbor, and police launched a massive investigation to find out who she was. now court action for the accused couple behind her death. plus, the challenges at the border, what agents are up against in the battle to stop illegal immigrants from coming in and now why some are rappeling from helicopters. and we want to hear from you. rick santorum is our guest in the next hour of "happening now." what questions would you like to ask the presidential candidate? visit and click on "america's asking."
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jon: right now some crime
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stories we're following. a woman and her boyfriend in a boston court today charged in the death of her two-and-a-half-year-old little daughter. the girl became known as baby doe when her body was found in a trash bag on an island along boston harbor back in june. a jury convicts a demolition contractor of involuntary manslaughter in the collapse of an unsupported wall onto a salvation army store next door. we carried it live on "happening now" when it happened. six people died. he faces up to 91 years in prison. and an indiana university student faces multiple felony be charges for allegedly attacking a muslim woman in a café, trying to remove her head scarf as she sat with her 9-year-old daughter. he says he'd been drinking and did not take his antianxiety meds prior to the attack. jenna: illegal immigration and border security are one of the big issues in the race for the white house this year.
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this is coming as border apprehensions are near a 40-year low, and we have a firsthand look at some of the most challenging border sectors with the first part of the series focusing on arizona and the problems facing agents there. william la jeunesse is live with more for us today. >> reporter: well, jenna, people ask me with all the billions we spend on border security, how do people still get through? one reason, spotters. right now we are being watched as is every border patrol vehicle that polices this fence. >> i've got a guy in sight. >> in sight? >> reporter: it looks like any other mountain in southern arizona, but it's not. >> that location is notorious for scout activity. >> reporter: look close, you'll see multiple caves filled with blankets, food and surveillance equipment. >> they're up there anywhere from five days to thirty days. >> reporter: they are spotters who direct a flow of drugs and immigrants north to evade the border patrol.
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we're about 200 feet up. this blackhawk just dropped in two agents who are looking for two of the spotters, one below, one up top. >> they're looking to see how many of us are there. >> reporter: the agents seize cell phones, binoculars -- >> we're hitting their communications networks and their surveillance networks. >> reporter: but is it enough? >> our border fence is four strands of barbed wire, easily gone over, easily crawled under, and that's what they do. >> reporter: jim chill on the's -- chilton's ranch stretches 26 miles along the mexican border. >> we're getting less undocumented immigrants. however, the drug traffic has increased immensely. >> reporter: he installed three trail cameras to prove his part. >> they come through here! we're the highway. >> tucson's police chief says give credit where credits are do. agents arrested more than
8:20 am
600,000 illegal immigrants in 2000, this year only 60,000, a 90% increase. >> the border is more secure than i've ever seen, and that is a very, very true statement. >> reporter: agents estimate there are about 300 supporters in arizona alone. we'll be in yuma tomorrow where we're going to look at this poster child of border security there and the state of the art fence they have there and would it work elsewhere along the border. back to you. jenna: fascinating. and, wow, to hear from that rancher and what he's seeing, it's really incredible. william, thank you very much. jon: they have battled the government over their land for years, i should say. now a major development in the case of a nevada family fighting to hold on to their property near the notorious area 51. plus, oscar pistorius out of prison after serving only about a year of his five-year sentence for killing his girlfriend. we'll tell you what's next for "the blade runner." the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. jon: some new information now on the case of oscar pistorius, the former olympian being released on parole after serving only about a year of his five-year prison term for the 2013 valentine's day murder of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. paul tilsley streaming live from south africa with that story. paul? >> reporter: yes, jon. pistorius was secretly brought to his uncle's house where i'm standing outside. his family say they are happy he is home. in order to miss the media scrum who came here, he was taken out of his prison cell under cover of darkness and brought here. he's got the use of a private swimming pool and gym and deluxe suite of rooms. pistorius' family say they'll look after him. we've just seen a personal
8:25 am
trainer going in, but his sentence hasn't finished yet. the ruling anc women's league told fox news they're not happy oscar's home and are looking for the upcoming appeal to end in a murder verdict. >> we're looking for the actual change of the status of the judgment to look into the matter that has been committed. and we're looking for a harsher sentence delivered. >> reporter: asked what the terms of his current sentence of house arrest here are, one journalist quipped that they are to lounge in luxury all day, playing video games. there's certainly no other convict like oscar pistorius, serving time like this anywhere else in south africa today, jon. jon: so he could be -- depending on what happens with this appeal -- he could go back to prison? >> reporter: that's correct, jon. it won't be as quick as two weeks from now. the actual appeal is on november
8:26 am
the 3rd, 15 days' time, but then a couple of weeks after that it is arguable that he could go back to prison as quickly as that. in likelihood, jon, his defense are likely to take this all the way up to the constitutional court and try and fight it. but, yes, he could go back to jail, jon. jon: wow. paul tilsley reporting live from south africa. thank you, paul. jenna: a little closer to home, another interesting legal case here. a family in nevada losing their battle against the government to hold onto their land near the notorious area 51. a federal judge officially handing it over to the united states air force which wants the area cleared while they conduct testing. the shay hand fam -- sheehan family was offered a buyout for the property in the past but had refused it, calling it too low for what the land is worth. >> we'll get, you know, a fair judgment. and now it's about the value of the property and about us getting our personal property, which is 130 years of personal property -- >> yeah.
8:27 am
>> and, you know, we want all of our property back. it's ours. jenna: they have a very interesting story. they've been our guests on "happening now." we look forward to checking in with them. they now are planning to appeal the decision, so it goes to the courts, and we'll keep you updated. jon: california just cannot catch a break after wildfires and terrible drought. now heavy flooding is on its way to the southern part of the state. we've got the latest forecasts. and would you store documents from work on your personal e-mail account? what if you were the head of the cia? reportedly, he did and has gotten hacked. we'll tell you more about what happened.
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jenna: a quick look at what's still to come on "happening now." an expert weighs in on cyber-security. a utah man try to overturn his convict for murdering his wife. kate middleton getting ready to attend her first formal state dinner. jon: major flooding in california. now more storm are rolling into the southwest, already ravaged by rain.
8:32 am
maria molina in the fox weather center. reporter: we are tracking an upper-level low across the west. we had significant flooding in southern nevada with flash flooding and severe storms rolling through. a lot of that moisture has moved eastward across parts of the rockies. a lot of that moisture will be impacting the southern part of this area. new mexico and western texas will see shower and thunderstorm activity. i want to show you how much rain we have received. it doesn't seem like have much. some areas picking up 2 inches of rain. but that's a lot as you head farther west. you get a lot of runoff. and the drought conditions across many of these areas. so that flash flood threat is more serious and dangerous out
8:33 am
here. as far as showers and storms go they are forecast to continue throughout the day today and some of the higher elevations across colorado have winter weather advisories because they are expecting their first significant snowfall of the season, 5-10 inches of snow possible out there. skiers are excited. i know you ski out there in colorado. as we head south ward. new mexico, arizona and western texas,. large hail, damaging winds, flash flooding and isolated tornadoes will be possible, and the threat continues through wednesday. heavy rain will make it way eastward across parts of texas. we need the rain, we have drought conditions in place. jenna: breaking news on the
8:34 am
cyber-security front. the head of the cia and his personal email account purportedly hacked. some new reports, that john brennan kept classified files on an aol account. apparently a teenager is claiming responsibility for that alleged attack. there is a new report that suggests the state department is one of the worst agencies when it comes to sub sister security. lots of different parts to these stories. do you believe these are high school teenagers hacking away at the personal accounts of john brennan? >> could it get any stranger? they didn't use hacking in the traditional sense where somebody breaks into a computer network. he used a technique called social engineering, getting you
8:35 am
to take an action. he called aol and verizon and convinced him he was john brennan and that allowed him access to the accounts. nothing says security like aol. john brennan is the director of central intelligence. he worked with the top spook in that area. he has references on bosses within managers and friend. if that file gets out it could put these people's lives in danger. their identity is not suppose to be known to the general public. so this is serious. jenna: before i get to issue with the agency. there are a lot of people with aol accounts. i have done this where you have something at work. awe you think i'm going to forward that to my personal email account.
8:36 am
is there a way we can protect ourselves? could john brennan have taken steps to protect his aol account. >> aol does not support two factor identification. there is a free app using an app called google authenticator. it gives you a time based 6 digits code. had downbrennan been using a going the account it would have made it much more difficult. because went user name and password you would have had to have known the six-digit code on his phone. general where you see the six digits after putting in your password. >> your iphone gives you a 6-digit code. you put it in tour phone or type it in your website.
8:37 am
it makes it impossible for someone to get in your account news tell them your six-digit code which i won't recommend you do. jenna: the report says the state department is one of the worst departments for keeping information secure. and russian hackers breached the email system. the state department employees feel their network is so antiquated their using their own laptops because they want to be able to work. they feel their own system is holding them back. what do you think of that explanation as to one of the reasons why one of our federal agencies is less secure than it should be? >>'s unreceivable. there is a standing joke called yesterday's technology tomorrow. this is an issue of philosophy of security. people are saying we are doing
8:38 am
all these things, but they keep failing the inspector general's report. they are investing in the wrong places. they are investing in things that make a difference for a few days or a knew months. but they are not investing long term. even though they have say they are spending more on i.t., how much are they spending to refresh the technology. there are still computers in the government running windows xp. jenna: is it money? time? having the right priority? what is holding back the government? >> accountability. there is no accountability for failing to achieve these goals. name a senior executive who failed to meet the goals or the inspector general used its that come out. in the private sector you get fired. they are spend on the wrong
8:39 am
things. they have the wrong philosophy. you can tell if it's just a check the boxes, then that's their philosophy. it will take a new generation of leadership. this is not scene overnight thing. it will take a process of 5-10 years to change the entire leadership to get people in there who take cyber security seriously. jenna: the russian hackers apparently bounced around the defense department and the white house as well. that gives you an idea of the vulnerabilities. jon: he was accused of sexually assaulting at least three women, all workers at his compound in beverly hills. why he won't be facing criminal charges. tourists are flocking to get a
8:40 am
rare glimpse of a 400-year-old church in mexico before it disappears again.
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jenna: it's bind water for a decade. a 16th century church has emerged for the second time in its history. it was built in 1564 and was completely submerged by flooding to create a reservoir in 1996. now that rivers are so low we are getting a rare glimpse at this church. in 2002 when water levels were real low, people were able to walk inside it. it's incredible to see. jon: a saudi prince arrested in los angeles for allegedly trying to force a female worker to perform a sexual act.
8:44 am
days later three women filed a civil suit accusing the prince of extreme and despicable behavior. bust prosecutors won't file formal charges due to lack of evidence. let's talk about this with lis weihl, and a form ear prosecutor. >> there isn't a lot of evidence, he said, she said. and they filed a civil lawsuit. it looks like it's all about money. what they should have done rather than say we are not going to charge. he. go to grand jury. the prosecutor can use a grand jury. jon: one of these women was reportedly found crawling over the fence of his compound, she was bloody, trying to get away
8:45 am
from this guy. is that not evidence enough? >> as a head prosecutor you would get cases that look like one thing and when the detectives go out witnesses change their testimony. but when you have a situation like this, it's valuable to put the case to the grand jury so they can listen to all the evidence and the witnesses and they can make a decision. >> the woman trying to scale the fence and she is bloody and screaming. that unfortunately can be explained away, i know i'm trying to get on the bandwagon, i'm going to make it up. if the prosecutors thought for one minute that was going on they are not going to charge. but the worst thing as a prosecutor is when you know someone is guilty but you don't have enough evidence to charge. that means go back to the grand jury and let them decide. >> the prosecutor remand it back
8:46 am
to the municipal courts. what that says to me as a former prosecutor is they didn't feel the conduct they could prove toomentd a felony but may have amounted to a lower offense. it's not completely over yet. he has a civil case. he has a fifth amendment right not to testify base may be implicated in a criminal case. but if he refused to testify in the civil case, a judgment could be rendered against him. jon: a utah pediatrician is appealing his murder conviction in a death of his ex-wife. he was accused of attacking her with a knife, dousing her with the anti-anxiety drug xanax and drowning her in a bathtub.
8:47 am
>> we the jurors find the defendant count one criminal homicide murder guilty. >> we spent the last 3 1/2 years seeking justice for my mother. and today that quest has finally ended. jon: a powerful statement from the son of this couple. the parents were divorced. he's convinced his father killed his mother. the father wants a new trial. >> not going to happen. when you have his own children saying finally justice for my mother that speaks volumes. the standard would have to be new evidence that comes in at totally exoj rates him. none of that is here. he just wants to appeal to get a new trial. it's not going to happen. reporter: the prosecution theory was he crushed up some xanax tablets and squirted them down the left to his ex-wife.
8:48 am
but the testimony was there were whole tablets in her stomach. >> i had tried a murder case, women mainly are killed in the bathrooms. it happens over and over again in murder case. so the investigators should have been quick not to move this as a suicide. but the bottom line is it doesn't make a difference if she had the drugs or not. the jury that will listen to that testimony. you will never get a case reversed because expert was wrong or right. that's what juries do. they evaluate the evidence. reporter: the reaction after she was found. strange with the children. that played into it. the peterson case, where the second wife, the autopsy was opened up bates was not an accident. jon: we have a snippet of the police interrogation of the
8:49 am
doctor. jon: i don't think i did it. that's hardly -- that's not what we heard in the fir snippet of -- in the first snippet of that investigation. he has to speak to the police because it's saying it was an accident, a suicide. so the police have an easy introduction to speak to him. but when he equivocates and says i don't think i did it. there is nothing more powerful in a prosecutor's world than
8:50 am
admissions that come out of the mouth of the defendant himself. >> he would never then go back and say don't think i did it. that would never happen if you believed you weren't guilty. jon: both of you believe he's not getting a new trial. >> even if there was an error made by the court. they will say there was such overwhelming evidence. jon: thank you both. jenna: the new "star wars" movie isn't out for another two months but the force awakens is a force to be reckoned with in the box office. plus a royal first. what kate middleton is doing today that she has never done before. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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>> this thursday hillary clinton tef guys on the benghazi attacks. democrats are trying to get ahead the of the game with their strategies to tam down any damage that may come out of that hearing. reporter: the islamic state terror army is reaching out farther. >> in a democracy, if you get most votes you win, right? not in one middle school. it's withholding its election lult because the outcome was not diverse enough.
8:55 am
jenna: a big night for kate middleton. the duchess of came bridge midging with stars. she is set to wear a tiara. making it her third public event with the head piece. >> there are stories about what happened. >> it many true, all of it. the dark side. the jedi. they are real. jon: new info on the new "star wars" movie. fans getting a taste of the last installment. apparently they liked it so much
8:56 am
they made a mad dash to reserve their tickets for the release crashing ticket sites like fan n fandango. reporter: many tuned in just to see it. tickets went on sale immediately afterward and the demand crashed popular movie sites. of course no surprise here, you can already find those coveted opening night tickets on e-bay. some are going for as much as $400 apiece. it doesn't come out for antwo m. but it's already looking like a
8:57 am
big win for disney which bought big win for disney which bought lucas films in 2012.amous, disney is predicting this movie two bring in $2 billion globally. jon: thank you. we'll be right back. (0209fox555a.ecl) , have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me?
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jon: we're going to see you back here in an hour, and you're going to be talking to a presidential candidate. jenna: hit us up during the break. in the meantime, "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ ♪ andrea: this is outnumbered, i'm andrea tantaros, and here with us today, harris faulkner, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy, former national security council member and veteran of the george w. bush and barack obama administrations, fox news contributor gillian turner, and we're always happy to have today's #oneluckyguy, judge alex, and we remind the judge that you are outnumbered. welcome back, my friend. >> great to be back. thank you for having me. and i'd like to give a shoutout to m


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