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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  October 20, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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it's not even halloween but a mall putting up what's being called the world's largest christmas tree. 115 feet fir signaling the start of the holiday season. nasa launching a website to show a spacecraft a million miles away. thanks for being part of the story. i'm gretchen. what if donald trump wins the nomination? what would the so-called republican establishment do? well, today there is word that the thought of a nominee named trump is actually being entertained now among the establishment. in a new batch of polls shows that donald trump is still on top. why that has some gop insiders talking of a possible war on their own party's front-runner. plus, a guy who said he got into the private e-mail of cia director john brennan says he's not through yet. now he's named his next high profile government target. that's ahead. and a genetic break through for all you pet lovers. scientists say they have finally figured out where dogs come
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from. tweet us your pics and we'll tell you where. let's get to it. >> announcer: now shepard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. word of a, quote, panic in some gop circles as donald trump hits brand-new highs. that establishment republicans say for the first time donald trump might actually go the distance. more on that in a moment and what they would do in such a matter. first, a stack of new surveys out today all of which show donald trump the clear leader. they have him at 28%, 10 above ted carson. ted cruz in third. a cnn/orc survey shows a closer race, trump with 27%, carson with 22%. again, everybody else in single digits. nbc/orc has trump 25%, carson 22%, marco rubio in third. all three show support for carly fiorina has collapsed.
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she's back to single digits after getting a boost from the last debate. those polls confirm that the so-called summer of trump did not end with the season change. now there's word that some establishment republicans who do not like trump at all are set to wage war. the conservative columnist and fox columnist byron orr wrote that the anti-trump critics are coming out of denial. york writes, that doesn't mean republicans have made their peace with a trump victory. on the contrary, some are preparing to do whatever it takes to bring them down, which could lead to an extraordinary scenario in which gop stalwarts go to war to destroy their own party's likely nominee. again, that from byron york today. already the conservative business group, club for growth, takes credit for its attack ads cutting into trump's support in iowa. team fox coverage of the 2016
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race ed henry with the democrats, carl cameron, former president george w. bush weighed in on two of his brother's rivals, marco rubio and ted cruz. >> neither one being donald trump and ben carson. there may be a purpose in that. the former president said months ago that he would help his brother in any way that his brother would like and the latest instance of it was at a private gathering of bush backers in colorado. the former president took a shot at ted cruz and to a lesser degree rubio. cruz has been traffic the gop since he got to washington. he's been particularly harsh in slamming chief justice john roberts in particular who was a bush appointee. cruz issued a statement when george w. bush said that he doesn't like cruz and mr. cruz's response was, well, i'm proud of having supported bush in 2000 and worked in his administration when he became president. i have great respect for him. it's no surprise that he's backing his brother and attacking candidates he thinks
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pose a threat. when it comes to rubio, the former president said he's not sure being a young first-term senator qualifies you to be president. he hedged his bets saying if rubio does win the nomination, he'll be back next year saying all that stuff doesn't matter. trump is the solid front-runner in all the polls. the grassroots loves him. carson has pulled into a virtual tie in some of the recent polls. nobody else is even close. there is a huge swap of the gop that believes once the attack ads begin, once the voting begins next spring, once the really bright lights start to burn issues will overtake image. the outsiders will faulter and the experienced candidates will emerge. not a lot of evidence that that's happening yet, shep. >> not a lot of attack ads out there yet but there are some. anyway, carl, thank you. the political editor for the washington times paper steven diamond is with us. >> conservative byron york with the washington examiner says republicans have not, quote, made their peace with the trump
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victory. on the contrary some are doing whatever it takes to take him down even if he becomes the nominee. does this make sense to you? is there some substance to this? others have said it. >> you know, it's really interesting. a couple months ago the establishment was demanding that donald trump pledge diety to the party. >> he did. >> he did and now they're turning on him. now the establishment is finding themselves in the place that they normally put conservative -- religious conservatives and very harsh fiscal conservatives in every other presidential election. usually the republican party is prepared to nominate an establishment republican and they tell the conservatives, get over it and get on board. this is the guy we've got. now the party -- you know, those polls do look like trump is the front-runner. obviously there's a while to go. they're on the other side of that. they're really scared about that. look, a couple of things that are really interesting. you went through all the poll numbers there with carl. donald trump has led every single national and state poll in the major early states, south
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carolina, carolina, new hampshire ever since he got in the race. this is not a temporary phenomenon. the establishment is only now beginning to realize that he's a very real threat to him and that he's a very real candidate with staying power. >> it's my understanding there are a couple of thousand rating points inside of attack ads that have gone up in iowa and they've worked to some gree. is that true? >> the club for growth says they've worked. look, donald trump is still leading the polls in iowa and ben carson is still second. you know, it's not really fair to say they're not the same candidate, but they do represent the same anti-establishment movement within the republican party. this is a conversation. it's not new. the establishment should have seen this. we all saw this long ago. it's been out there since 2010 in the tea party. it's been out there since the end of the bush administration in 2008. the conversation became, hey, where did we go wrong during the bush years and where do we need to get better? donald trump may not be exactly what those voters are looking
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for but he's giving voice to 30, 40% of voters who feel that way. that's what's going on there. as i said, it's surprising the establishment has taken so long to grapple with that. >> if the establishment were to spend money in attack ads against donald trump, is there a calculation that has yet been made as to whether trump would return that with money of its own? it's not like he's huge, you know. >> so far he hasn't had to spend much money because everything he says, first of all it gets resonance. everything he says is news and he gets coverage. yes. the answer is he'll have -- he may end up having to defend himself. more likely he'll end up running ads to try and bring down whoever his chief opponent is when it gets to that but, you know, he brings something very interesting about trump voters. we in washington, the pundants, political class, we spend a lot of time looking at statements trump made and comparing them with where he was two months ago, six years ago, that sort of thing. the trump voters really don't care about that so much.
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overall they're sort of taking a general impression of trump and they like the anti-establishment sense he's bringing. it's unclear how successful negative attack ads will be for those voters who are committed to him because of how they approach the trump phenomenon. >> we can't know until it happens. steven diamond with us from the rotunda. good for you, thank you. i mentioned byron york is the one who wrote the column. byron york is neal ka put tow's guest in the next hour. stay tuned for that. vice president biden is highlighting his differences. ed ren ri says the vp is expected to enter the race. vice president biden spoke today at a forum and he sounded a lot like a candidate. what will we hear? he talked about his decades of service in the senate, portrayed himself as a deal maker who can work across the political aisle. >> i really respect the members up there and i still have a lot of republican friends. i don't think my chief enemy is
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the republican party. you know, this is a matter of, you know, making things work. >> he said republicans are not his chief enemy. wonder who that's about? could it be an also vaieiled reference to what hillary clinton said she was happy to call the republicans one of her top enemies. he said biden is his natural heir. meantime, a cnn/orc poll is split over whether he should get in the race now. 47% say he should, 49% say he shouldn't. they're split. ed henry with the news in washington. kind of sounded like a candidate today. the main question is, is he making his last stand? is this his last hoorah? >> it sounds like he's going after it with some of those swipes. what's interesting, you're talking about how on the republican side it's all about the outsiders. joe biden would be the ultimate insider. you have other democratic
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candidates like martin o'malley who today went on today's abc "the view" saying, wait a second, the folks in the lead with clinton as a former secretary of state, bernie sanders, now potentially joe biden getting in, all of them around the age of 70 years old. martin o'malley is saying, wait a second, there needs to be a new generation of democrats. >> if you were to get into this race, you'd certainly bring a lot of experience and that perspective, but i think his generation is already overly represented in our party in this field. >> but martin o'malley not getting very much traction at all in the polls despite trying that line of attack. what's interesting is after that first democrat stick debate despite all the attacks hillary clinton has faced, there's a whole series of polls out, cnn one, orc one, all of them saying clinton is firmly in the lead. joe biden in third place in all of the polls. >> it's too late for jim webb. less than 1%. got no traction at all.
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said he couldn't get a word in, now he definitely can't. >> that's right. what he's all about now is the general election and the possibility of launching an independent bid. he sounded like an independent candidate today as he took shots at both parties saying it's all about the extremes. he's somebody who's a moderate candidate and he admitted he got no traction at all. >> americans are disgusted by all of the talk of republicans and democrats calling each other the enemy instead of reaching out across the table and actually finding ways to work together. the other party's not the enemy, they're the opposition. >> bottom line is that if he does launch an independent bid, it's unlikely that he would win of course when you look at the polls across the board, but could he take democratic votes against the individual nominee and donald trump taking away individual votes that he launches. >> thank you, sir. the high school kid who says
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he's the one who hacked the cia director now says he picked a new target, a big target. this time it's at the pentagon. good news, the u.s. and russia have signed an agreement not to actually shoot each other out of the sky, but the proxy war between the united states and russia continues. the white house will not say so. so does the killing of each other's allies. that's next on the busy news day at fox news desk. this is claira.
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there's a high school student who claims he's the one who got into the e-mail account of the nation's top spy. deputy defense secretary robert work, the teenage student reportedly told "the post" that he and his friend have identified robert work's online verizon account and that the two are preparing to launch an attack. the teen says he also hack accessed personal data from john brennan's aol account including his 45 page application for security clearance. the access to the comcast account of the a -- associated with that of the homeland security secretary jay johnson. white house responded today. >> this underscores the importance of government officials and it sounds like director brennan did using their
12:16 pm
official government e-mail address for official government work. >> the hacker tells the post or the man claiming to be the hacker tells "the post" that he supports the palestinian cause. the fbi, secret service and verizon were all investigate joog the iraqi forces say they're taking key control of a northern oil refinery town in northern iraq. this video is reported to show iraqi troops. they took over parts of the nearby oil refinery more than a year ago. this is 150 miles north of baghdad. on the main road to the second largest city of mosul which isis also controls. iraqi forces said they took back the refinery. they say it was full of explosives and the damage is so bad that it could take years to get it running again if it ever happens. in the middle of the fighting it
12:17 pm
shows footage of troops celebrating around this guy who they call the iraqi rambo. apparently a famous militia fighter. he calls himself the father of the angel of death. his motto, crush isis militants like flour. meantime, pentagon officials say the u.s. and russia have signed an agreement over syria where both countries are airstrikes in a proxy war between the u.s. and russia. the pentagon reports this agreement will minimize the risk of incidents in the air. peter gabriel is here with the news. we're not in a proxy war with them but we have an agreement. >> at least we have that, shep. a disagreement is specific. he says there are protocols for the air crews to follow but it does not include cooperation for any sort of support for russia's actions in syria. >> we do not agree with the russians on their strategy in syria. at a minimum we can agree with them on the safe operations of flights over syria between our
12:18 pm
air crews and theirs. >> now he would not give specifics on the agreement, for example, if there's a certain range that coalition aircraft and russian aircraft can fly within each other. shep, our own jennifer griffen asked if pilots have the right -- do our u.s. pilots have the right to fire if the russian aircrafts do not follow the protocol. his answer, quote, our crews always have the right to defend themselves, he said, if they feel threatened. >> the new chairman of the joint chiefs of staff in iraq and he's been speaking about the situation with rush sha in syria? >> right. also with russia and iraq if there will be russia in iraq. this is general joseph dunford's first meeting. he met with the head of iraq's kurdish regional government as well as iraqi leaders. he responded to earlier reports that the iraqi prime minister had welcomed russian airstrikes against isis. according to reuters he said, quote, subsequent to that u.s.
12:19 pm
officials engaged and he did not request russian airstrikes. it sounds at least at this point like there won't be russian airstrikes in iraq, certainly not ones that were invited. isis is trying to insert itself into the mess in the middle east, specifically between the palestinians. they have an unprecedented media campaign instructing them to step up attacks against israeli soldiers and civilians. our next guest explains why it seems like nobody is listening on the next front. does the situation feel dangerous? what's behind the violence in the middle east between israel and the palestinians? part of our discussion next. the internet of things. what we're recommending as your consultants... the new consultants are here.
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22 minutes past the hour. the islamic state is apparently trying to cause more violence in israel in the wave of deadly stabbing attacks. they've released a series of propaganda videos calling for palestinians to step up their attacks against israelis. these are still images from a video they call return terror to the jews. until now they have largely ignored israel and the palestinian con fliktd but over the summer isis threatened to seize the gaza strip from hamas. the islamic state accused them of being too moderate for religion. israeli forces overnight arrested a hamas co-founder in the west bank and accused him of inciting the violence. nine israelis and 40 palestinians died in the last month. half of the palestinians were attackers and others died in fights with security forces. more violence has erupted today.
12:24 pm
an associated press photographer reports a palestinian truck driver ran over an israeli man who later died. the photographer says the man was hitting vehicles with a stick after palestinian demonstrators threw stones at his car. let's get over to the mid east bureau and joe fedderman is here. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> isis as it relates to this conflict, does it have a place? is this real? is this nothing? help us. >> so far it seems to be a bit of a bust. the videos were released i think yesterday or the day before. they got very little traction in israel. the israeli media paid a little bit of attention to it. obviously it's a cause for concern, but more importantly palestinian social media seems to be almost absent, nonexistent. >> this new wave of violence that's been going on for a month or so now, can you help our viewers understand what's at the root of it?
12:25 pm
>> well, i think there are two things going on. the immediate spark. there are disagreements over a holy site here in jerusalem. there is a site, the jews call it the temple mount, they call it the holy sanctuary. it's holy to both sides. they've had a long standing agreement, functions -- >> the status quo they call it. >> the status quo, exactly. the palestinians say israel is secretly plotting to alter the status quo and to increase its presence. something that obviously israel obviously disagrees over. i think the underlying reason here, the bigger issue is the fact that there's been no peace process. there's no horizon and you feel that there's a lot of frustration, especially on the palestinian side, where they see no way out of the situation that they've been in for the past 50 years. >> on the matter of the alaxa mosque, the temple mount, it's clear that benjamin netanyahu is not pushing in the way that happened with the second
12:26 pm
antifattah for changes. that's not to say that no members of his cabinet are. that is having an effect, isn't it? >> that is the effect and what i've learned is that basically there's a small my north that are pu-- minority that are pushg for a presence. jews are allowed to visit the site but they're not supposed to pray there. there is a small group of religious groups who want a presence, want to go up and pray. 24 this is the holiest site of judaism. the palestinians are really obsessed even though you're talking about a tiny fringe of the israeli population. the palestinians pay close attention to any statement that comes out of this group of people. it can kind of set off a spark whether it's justified or not. it just touches at the deepest fears and once there's a spark, things spread very quickly. >> maybe a tiny fraction, a fringe element as you call it. uri ariel is not a man on the
12:27 pm
fringe. my understanding of things, he's a very important part of the coalition that keeps benjamin netanyahu as the head of the government. certainly naftali ben knit mane charge. it is central, is it not? >> it is central. you're talking about not a huge party but an influential party. you have a coalition where the prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, is very dependent on these people to keep his -- he has the slimmest of majorities in parliament. without them the government collapses so he's a bit limited. i don't think they like these guys pushing them as far as they go. he's limited in his ability. >> i know a lot of political parties who don't like what's happening to them from their right flank but it's changing things. look at the massive changes we saw in canada overnight from the left. look at the changes we're seeing from the republican party to the right. does benjamin netanyahu face real pressure from his political
12:28 pm
right? if so, could that ignite things to a degree we haven't seen yet? all we saw was one leader wanting to go to temple mount for one visit at a different time. this is a different thing. >> yeah, he has a tough job. he's under pressure from all directions. the right wing on this temple mount issue, on the security issue, they want a tougher crackdown. they want more restrictions and any time netanyahu takes a step you run the risk of increasing tensions and sparking even more violence. he has the pressure on that side. on the other hand, actually, that's why you hear rumbling sz and rumors about secret meetings with the opposition. i think netanyahu is interested in expanding that coalition, maybe bringing in more moderate elements. but the question is whether or not they want to join him and be part of this. >> that's one side of the current problems with israel and across the palestinian territories. the other side is a lack of hope. does anyone have an idea of where to start instilling in
12:29 pm
these 15 and 16-year-olds the idea that there might be some hope? >> well, that may be the biggest challenge. this week we have a lot of diplomacy going on here. we have the u.n. secretary general in town today and tomorrow working on both sides. you have secretary of state kerry meeting with both sides later this week. and you have a few questions. first of all, what can kerry offer to reduce tensions and maybe get the sides back to the table and then the bigger question is does anyone have any influence over these attackers? you're talking about people, some of them have been as young as 13 years old. what influence do these politicians have over these teenagers? i don't know. >> if you're israelis, you have to be able to secure yourself. no one denies that. joe fedderman, thanks so much for your work, joe. nice to see you here. >> thank you. police arrested a, quote, filthy rich saudi arabian prince, unquote, after neighbors spotted a crying, bleeding woman trying to scale the walls and escape his beverly hills
12:30 pm
compound. police say the prince sexually assaulted a housekeeper and abused at least four others but now the king's son is off the hook. why? we're live in los angeles. plus, political drama in washington. republicans in congress are set to meet tonight amid a deafening silence from this man, paul ryan. can they come together to pick the next speaker of the house? if so, can he get anything done? and we now know the origin of, quote, all dogs alive today. where the dogs came from. like back gray wolf, then dog, right? dogs came from gray wolves. where did that happen? now we know. tweet us your picks at shep news team we'll be back at the bottom of the hour. why pause to take a pill when a moment spontaneously turns romantic? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom?
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fox report now. thousands of troops helping with
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rescue efforts after a major typhoon in the philippines. at least 22 people died in the storm that hit over the weekend. more than 100,000 people had to pack up and leave their homes. here in the united states wildlife workers say they shot and killed a 12 foot gator after a man died while snorkeling. happened in orange city, florida, north of orlando. officials say they're awaiting autopsy results before they confirm the gator killed a man. people had reported the gator was aggressive. and in alabama, forget the ironman race. hundreds and hundreds of people from around the globe taking part in competitive firefighting. going on all week montgomery. it includes drills like lifting heavy fire hoses, dragging dummies and running through obstacle courses. competitive firefighting. the news continues next. we do? i took the trash out. i know - and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan.
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cops say sieblgsexually assault made won't face charges. there just isn't enough evidence. a neighbor apparently called police last month when he saw a bleeding woman screaming for help and trying to climb over an eight foot fence that surrounds this multi-million dollar mansion. the daily mail newspaper reports that 29-year-old prince majid abdul a sid is one of late king abdullah's known 35 children. a defense lawyer says he's not only not guilty but innocent and claims this is some kind of shakedown for money. prosecutors say the prince could still face a misdemeanor charge in the $3,000 fine. the royal family is worth billions and billions and billions of dollars. 3,000, well, you know. jonathan hunt, i mention he still faces a misdemeanor charge. >> yeah, a misdemeanor charge, the punishment for which as you also said, shep, would be fairly meaningless. on top of that potential
12:37 pm
misdemeanor charge, there is now a civil suit filed, not filed by the woman over whom he was arrested for alleged assault but a civil suit filed by three other women. they all say they were in that mansion between september 21st and 23rd and they allege that the saudi prince inflicted emotional distress, assault and battery, sexual discrimination and retaliation. so that civil suit still pending. the lawyer for those three women says they will not drop it despite there being no felony charge against the saudi prince. but even if he does subject himself to that, shepherd, even if there is some award against him, it is worth noting that the house of saud is valued at $1.4 trillion so it would take a fairly hefty financial penalty against him to make any dent whatsoever. shep? >> wow. a lot of saudi princes behaving
12:38 pm
badly news lately. where are the million dollar cars today? >> yeah. this was an incident also last month in which a member of the katari royal family was identified as the owner of a yellow ferrari that was seen and recorded as you see right there flying around the streets of beverly hills blasting through stop signs. now police never filed any charges in this one because they said ultimately they couldn't prove who was actually behind the wheel of that ferrari at the time. you may also remember back in 1997 when we're talking about diplomatic immunity, a diplomat from the republic of georgia knocked down and killed a teenage girl. that diplomat was drunk at the time he invoked -- diplomatic immunity, the republic of georgia government waived that immunity. it's bringing back this case now, all those kinds of thoughts
12:39 pm
of diplomatic immunity and these foreigners behaving very, very badly, indeed, shep. the fact that there are no felony charges in this case making a lot of people here very angry, indeed. >> jonathan hunt on the west coast, thank you. somebody's intentionally setting fire to black churches in missouri. that's the word from firefighters. six churches over the last ten days. we have a look at it on the wall there happening near ferguson. that's where protests and looting broke out after a white police officer killed an unarmed blackman last year and after a grand jury decided not to indict the officer. investigators say all the fires have two things in common. they've taken place in mostly black neighborhoods and somebody set them at the front doors of those churches. trace gallagher live with us. do we know whether the fires are connected definitively? >> as you noted, they all have similarities. authorities do believe the suspect or suspects are trying to send a message. the question remains is the
12:40 pm
message meant to target race, religion, or both. some local pastors in st. louis say it is certainly an attack on religious freedom. a joint statement from st. louis police and alcohol tobacco and firearms is quoting here, if you have observed yan one who has expressed anger and frustration with our religious community or with these particular churches, we ask that you contact us. they're also offering a $2,000 reward. by the way, between 2009 and 2013, 53 church fires across the u.s. were classified as hate crimes. >> local pastors firing back, trace? >> yeah, the pastors, along with st. louis religious leaders, are trying to organize neighborhood watch type of programs to patrol various churches around the city. part of the hope is to see if they can team up and stop the culprits before they strike again. the pastors also believe these are acts of desperation and by
12:41 pm
getting the community involved they can send a message that they're not out looking for justice, they're actually offering forgiveness. let's listen. >> i have played for them. i have forgiven them. i don't want the communities to be angry. i don't want the churches to be angry because it's in these moments when our character is tested. >> some of these churches, by the way, have no insurance so they're also hoping the community can will kind of help out with that as well, to repair and rebuild. but church services still being held even if they have to hold them outside. shep. >> trace gallagher, thank you. republican members of congress meeting tonight as the saga of who will be the next speaker of the house continues. a house republican told our capital producer there is a dead and chilling silence, that's a quote, as members wait for congressman paul ryan to determine if he will, indeed, run, even though he's said he does not want to run and the right wing of his party has said
12:42 pm
repeatedly they don't want him to run. if congressman ryan does stick by that decision up to 20 members could campaign for the job which historians point out would be a trigger for a first wide open race for the speaker's gavel in more than 150 years. mike emanuel is on the hill. congressman ryan due to meet in the next few minutes with some of the conservative freedom caucus members? >> that's what i'm told. some friends have avoided calling him to give him time and space. congressman ryan arrived on capitol hill earlier this afternoon and would only say to reporters, good to see you. also this afternoon, the senate's top democrat offered this endorsement of ryan for speaker. >> i'm a paul ryan fan. i don't agree with him on much of what he does. i think what he's done with medicare and medicaid, but what he's wanted to do i disagree with. generally speaking i think we've been able to work with him. >> republicans are expected to meet this evening and tomorrow
12:43 pm
morning to discuss their future leadership and some of the critical issues, like a highway bill and the debt limit and more. those who know ryan very well say he's an important player one way or the other in the future of the gop. >> we need paul in two spots at once. you know, there haven't been a lot of people to go from speaker to the white house. i'd hate to lose him as a potential contender but he is a man of such talent and such integrity and such character that he's a real resource for the country. >> fox is told that ryan is due to meet with some members of the house freedom caucus in the next hour to see if he can count on their support or not, shep. >> mike emanuel on the hill. mike, thank you. huge changes up in canada as voters there overnight kicked out the conservatives after nearly a decade in power. canada's liberal party scored a massive win making justin trudeau the new prime minister.
12:44 pm
he's the son of a long-time canadian leader, pierre trudeau, who led the country in the late '60s and '70s. the new leadership could mean closer ties to the united states, at least as long as president obama is in office. candidates, conservatives clash with our president on the key stop xl pipeline but the liberals are in charge with canada today. genetic scientists have cracked the code of where exactly the family dog originated thousands of years ago. tweeted the pick of, well, your pick fido and we'll tell you where fido comes from. the ancestral home. that's next.
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
ancestry has come out with a new version. it literally lays out somebody's life, and then it pulls in historical facts. and then you can add that to your family's story. it makes them all seem like real people.
12:47 pm
where do dogs come from? gray wolves, of course, but how did that used to be a gray wolf is now a dog, where and when did that happen? now we know. we are here at bat 4. stay in. dogs stay in.
12:48 pm
>> all the stands. researchers at cornell university say they studied the genetics of more than 5,000 dogs around the globe. the first domesticated dogs in this region here, 15,000 years ago. eventually spread out from there. they say they suspect that human population growth, better hunting techniques and other factors led gray wolves to become scavengers. eventually they became man's best friend. humans introduced them into hunting groups and eventually that led to doe mess city case. >> gray wolf became a dog because they stopped being -- started being scavengers and begged people and we fell in love with them. >> exactly. >> sounds like a lot of politicians. we asked from images. >> this is the dog biggie and all of the random dogs that end up on their bed. no? >> this is somebody else's dog. >> they all look alike.
12:49 pm
>> viewer, five dogs here hanging out in bed. two of them viewer said are rescues. we have some more dogs here. >> dog hanging out in a shopping cart. >> yes, of course. >> chocolate lab and a black lab. another cute dog hanging out on a chair. >> all dogs are cute for the record. >> another one hanging out on the bed. >> all dogs are cute. >> another dog looking up at the owner or whoever is taking a picture. >> all dogs are cute. >> estimated 70 to 80 million dogs living in the u.s. famous dogs, dogs that help out our military and police. >> there are. >> oh. >> your friend, miss p. westminster best in show. >> yes. yes. yes. >> perhaps the most famous dog in pop culture. >> lassie. >> lassie. >> dogs with gray wolves and in the stands they became dogs. >> became dogs eventually leading to lassie. >> now we spend $30 trillion a
12:50 pm
year on clothes for them. >> yes. >> we love dressing them apparently. >> we really do. thank you. >> uh-huh. ever get stressed out when you're driving? the secret to keeping your cool may be in a brand-new car seat. what does the car seat do, shepherd? well, we'll go over that with kennedy. and it's good.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
>> in a, quote, warming sensation to calm you down they say the seats won't be targeted for at least three years. kennedy's here. host of kennedy 8:00 eastern time kennedy at 8:00 eastern on the fox business network. >> warming, vibrating chair. that's what i need when i'm really mad. when i'm going down the 405 at 4:30 on a thursday and someone cuts me off, i need my seat to vibrate and then get warm. you no he what i would do? i would pull my car over, take out my knife and vandalize my own car if that happened. that would send me into a new stratosphere of road rage.
12:55 pm
it wouldn't be helpful. that is not a helpful too. i need a warm, vibrating seat when i am watching a ryan gosling movie, not when i'm cut off in traffic. >> when you are watching a ryan got ling movie, you don't need that. >> you are absolutely right. i was trying to be fair and nonjudgment tall. >> what good is this? >> there is no point to it. clock me up side the head when i'm nodding off. what if the passenger seat could make me gin and juice. >> it is no the a bad idea. the one thing this can do that is slightly helpful is, there is a cooling mechanism that sinks up with fitbit that has these biometric cencors. it can tell. if your heart rate and blood pressure increases, conceivably, your angry. that's when it starts vibrating and getting warm. if your heart rate drops and you feel like you are going into sleepy sleep, according to the fitbit, it will cool down the car and call you, rick.
12:56 pm
it will do something to jar you back z we need all of the seats to pivot inward so we can have a roving game of 21. >> i was going to say rummy. >> either one. euchre. i don't know her but i would do all of those things. >> as you were. >> we will see you tonight at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central on the fox business network. in. and clearer skin. in. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis from the inside out ...with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage and clear skin in many adults. doctors have been prescribing humira for nearly 10 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis serious,sometimes fatal infections
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and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. visit and talk to your rheumatologist. humira. this is a body of proof!
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on this day in 1803, lawmakers approved the louisiana purchase. napoleon sold it to the united states for $250. president thomas jefferson had asked about buying only new orleans and an area that was then called west florida. instead, he ended up doubling the country and added all or
1:00 pm
part of the states. after cutting the deal, he said, two explorers named lewis and clark to check out what lawmakers had signed off on 212 years ago today. the dow is a little bit down. neal is way up. he starts right now. #. something is up on capitol hill. we are getting word from emanuel that there is a meeting going on within the next few minutes between paul ryan and some of those freedom caucus members. remember, this 40-member caucus was the one backing florida congressman, dan webster, to be the next speaker of the house. that was really before all the dust-up with speaker boehner leaving. you might also recall that paul ryan, the former vice-presidential candidate has gone and he will not negotiation for this position assuming he had any interest to begin with. we are told on the roar he does not.


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