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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 20, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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showing him without his neck brace for the first time in months, you remember he broke a vertebrae in his neck after a fall back in july and now he is braceless, so happy. "special report" is next. outgoing house speaker john boehner live on the complicated race to succeed him. the benghazi hearings and standing up to president obama. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm brett baier, house speaker john boehner joins me in just a moment. first the headlines today, canada will soon be under new management. but the name is familiar -- justin trudeau, the son of former prime minister pierre trudeau led liberals to a major victory in monday's parliamentary elections, he will replace conservative prime minister stephen harper. the 43-year-old trudeau is seen as a dashing young voice for
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change and has been compared to barack obama. the united nations secretary-general ban ki-moon is appealing for calm ease visits with israeli and palestinian leaders. a palestinian attacker rammed his car into a group of realize at a bus stop today. two were injured, drifrt was shot and killed. and the latest polling indicates that hillary clinton is widening her lead over bernie sanders. "wall street journal"/nbc news survey has clinton at 49%, sanders at 29 and joe biden at 15. to house speaker john boehner, he stunned the political world in september by announcing his imminent retirement. in the months since then, it's been anything but smooth transition in the house. we welcome to "special report" speaker of the house john boehner. thanks for being here. >> good to be here. >> you have a conference meeting tonight a little bit after this. right now at this hour we're told paul ryan is meeting with the house freedom caucus.
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talking with them. clearly an indication that he's warmed to throwing his hat in the ring. do you know what paul ryan is going to do? >> knno, but-day expect we'll kw later on this evening what his answer is. i think paul would be a great speaker. i think he has the skills to do the job and i think he also has the credentials to reach out to traditional conservative organizations to help bridge the gap that we have in the house today. >> can he get to the 218 votes needed? >> i think so. >> he's getting a lot of heat from conservatives about different votes and his immigration stance. today senator reid, democratic leader in the senate adorised him. you think he won't have a problem? >> i think he'll be all right. >> what about this meeting tonight? the debt ceiling? are you talking about the debt ceiling vote? >> we'll be talking to our members tonight and tomorrow about the debt ceiling. as i made clear, we're not going to default on our debt there are several paths forward that i'm going to lay out for the members.
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and but we're going to find some path forward here in the next few days so we're going to move. >> the house majority leader mccarthy said tonight he didn't see a clean debt ceiling bill getting 218 votes. >> that would be difficult. you know our members want real reforms, i went through this fight with president obama in 2011. we came to an agreement, not quite what i wanted, but it was $2.1 trillion worth of deficit reduction over ten years in order to provide several trillion dollars worth of relief on the debt limit. the president and i have been in conversations for the last month over a budget deal and a debt limit increase, now fortunate over the last week they just walked away from it. so we're left to kind of hang, holding the bag. and we're going to have to find, we're going to have to find a way forward. >> last time the debt ceiling came up was february 2014. congress voted to suspend it. but 199 republicans voted against raising the debt ceiling.
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including paul ryan by the way. so if the high water mark was 28 republicans, voting for it. now you need 30, if all the democrats voted for raising the debt ceiling. how are you going to get that? >> we'll find a way to get there. i don't like the idea of doing a clean debt ceiling. but we're going to talk to our members and we'll find a way forward here in the next couple of days. >> you're saying paul ryan will get in and will have the votes? >> no, no. paul, i believe, will have an announcement later on this evening. i'm not sure what the announcement is going to be. but if he does it, i think he'll have the support of the members. >> now before the vote, when would the vote for speaker be, do you know? >> we've not yet set a date. i'll do that, i think here in the next day or two. >> you have a meeting tomorrow morning? >> we do. >> so are you going to try to clear the plate for the next speaker of the house? >> well we've tried to do as much as we could. my big priority this week is to
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re-authorize the dc opportunity scholarship program. program i started 10 or 11 years ago. and it's helped about 1700 kids here in d.c. i go to a school -- dealing with the debt ceiling is a big priority. i think the xm bank is going to be debt delt with through a discharge petition, i expect to see that on the floor early next week. >> hot not popular with conservatives. >> and i expect you'll see action on the highway bill before the end of the month as well. >> so again are you going to clear the plate before the next speaker takes over? >> i'd like to if i could. >> if they can't get to 218 behind paul ryan or whomever, how long would you stay on? >> i've made it clear to the members that i'm committed to an orderly transition to a new speak. i've also made it clear i expect to be out of there by the end of this month. i have confidence that i'll be out of there by the end of the month. >> no worry about the vote at
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all? >> i spent my whole life trying to do what my parents taught me and taught my girls and try to teach the members, do the right thing every day for the right reasons and good things will happen. >> why should ryan take this job after the treatment you received as house speak anywhere this job? >> somebody has to have this job. while i've takenmy share of grief. i've learned a long time ago, you've go got to play the cards you're dealt. i played the cards i was dealt every day. i have to tell you, i've had a lot of bad hands and i never had a day where i had five aces in my hand. but i think paul ryan has the skills to do this job. and i hope he does decide to run. and if he does, i think he'll be elected. >> here's what a lot of conservatives say. they wept into the mid-terms hearing repeal and replace obamacare. and that just led to all of this expectation. of course the president was going to veto it. but they felt like, you weren't getting things done. >> now listen we got an awful
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lot of things done. if you look at the four and a half years or almost five years that i've been speaker. we protected 99% of the american people from an increase in our taxes. we saved $2.1 trillion in spending over ten years. there's a reason that the budget deficit is one-third of what it was when we came into power. we made the first major entitlement reforms in 20 years. saving medicare over the course of the next 30 or 40 years, 2.9 trillion dollars. there's a lot that we can point to. and there's another long list of things that didn't happen. because we had a republican majority here in washington. >> but using the power of the purse, do you think that the house has effectively deployed that, since -- >> absolutely. to the extent that we can. we've moved bills to the senate. but you know in the senate if you have 54 votes, you don't have a majority. you've got to have 60 votes to move things in the senate. so there's a lot of things that
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couldn't happen in the senate. that came out of the house. it's part of the legislative process. >> why not push for budget reconciliation process and repeal 85% of obamacare through that. since -- >> that bill could be on the floor as early as this week. if not, it will be on the floor next week. >> so you're going to do it? >> we're going to repeal as much of obamacare as we can through the reconciliation process, the budget process. you can basically gut obamacare, which is what the house bill will do. >> and you're going to move that forward? >> we're going to move it forward. >> let's talk benghazi. what do you expect about the benghazi select committee. hillary clinton testifying thursday? >> well the former secretary was in office during the time of this attack. and i made it pretty clear that this committee was set up to do one thing -- and that's to get to the truth before what
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happened before, during and after the attack. in libya. unfortunately, the administration has stonewalled, stonewalled us and stonewalled us and stonewalled our committees, to the point where we needed to have one committee and one focus and that's why this committee was created. today, the state department turned over 1300 pages of printed documents from ambassador stevens' emails. today, they've been stonewall us for three years on giving us the documents that we need in order to get the truth out there. the only interest that the committee has and secretary clinton is -- and her emails with regard to benghazi. we weren't interested in all the rest of these emails. but if it weren't for this committee, we would have never known about her private server and this whole other email controversy. frankly, we want her to have an
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interview with secretary clinton in private. she demanded it be in public. so i expect we'll have a very professionally run hearing on thursday. i'm contrafident we'll learn mo and get to the truth of about happened. >> democrats say it's redundant. this is the eighth investigation, you say there's new information. after what house majority leader mccarthy said, other republicans have said about this committee and its political nature, does it somehow dim the prospects of something new coming out? >> we should never be at this point. if it weren't for the stonewall from the administration in terms of turning over documents, this would have been done a long time ago. nobody else got to these documents until we got to the select committee. the other committee couldn't get the documents. we wouldn't -- never have learned about this private server. >> isn't there a high bar to find something new, some thing
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that advances this for the public knowledge, that comes out of thursday? >> the truth. the truth and the facts. we don't know what happened before, during and after this attack. the administration won't turn over the documents, they've been hiding the documents and the question i keep asking myself, brett, is why. why won't they turn over these documents? why won't they let the american people see the truth about what really happened that night? >> was the gang of eight briefed on a covert operation in libya? >> i don't recall that. >> you don't recall that? >> i don't recall that. >> we get briefed on a lot of things. but certainly had nothing to do with the attack. >> there's a lot of talk, there was a presidential finding in march 2011, that was reported on. many questions about moving weapons from libya to syria. and the committee says they're going to ask everything. is that one of the things? >> i don't know what they're prepared to ask. i was never briefed on that
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issue. i know that it's been investigated clearly. and i think mike rodgers, the former chairman of the house intelligence committee pretty much debunk thatd whole idea that there was an arms operation going on there. run by the u.s. government. >> mr. speaker, are you happy to be leaving? >> i've been here 25 years. you know it's time for me to move on. last 40 years i've worked, 50 to 100 hours a week. at some point you got to slow down a little bit. >> you expect that to happen at the end of the month? >> i sure do. >> thanks for the time. >> nice to see you. up next, canada lurches left. what that means for the united states. fox 27 in charlottesville, university of virginia student is filing suit against state liquor agents involved in his bloody arrest. martis johnson alleges unlawful
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force. fox 1 in tampa with another political campaign for charlie crist who says he will run for congress. crist lost his last two statewide elections since leaving the gop. a live look at phoenix from our affiliate. a water rescue of a woman in a minivan who thought the floodwaters in front of her were not that deep it happened after another round of wet weather hit the valley overnight. tonight's live look outside the beltway, we'll be right back. ♪ the new 2016 ram limited. you don't have to be a king to be treated like one.
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this great country sent a clear message tonight, it's time for a change in this country, my friends. a real change. >> a major change for canada, and one that could alter u.s./canadian relations, out is conservative prime minister stephen harper. in is justin trudeau, the 43-year-old liberal party scion, son of former prime minister pierre trudeau. >> canadians have spoken, you want an agenda for this country that's positive and ambitious and hopeful. >> the united states and canada already boast the world's strongest bilateral trade relationship but analysts say canadian support in the fight against isis will wane dramatically under trudeau and u.s./canadian energy policy could also see significant changes because unlike his predecessor, trudeau is not expected to fight for the keystone xl pipeline. >> trudeau ran on a platform of
3:18 pm
strengthening his relationships with united states and mexico and not having it only be fixated on keystone. >> i think it would be shortsighted to reduce the relationship between our two countries on just one issue. >> joins australia and france for a switch of leaders at the helm and for president trudeau fighting climate change has a high priority. which had opponents of keystone on both sides of the border. >> it's likely trudeau will take no for an answer on keystone xl. it's largely considered to be ready to be rejected in canada. >> meanwhile on capitol hill, while canada's choice raised a few eyebrows, for some it provided a glimmer of hope. and change. >> we've always had a good relationship with canada. no matter who they elect. and they've chose ton go in a different direction. i hope the american people decide to do the same thing next year.
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>> the president did speak with the prime minister designate sometime this afternoon. the two men talking about strengthening u.s./canadian ties and moving forward on an ambitious climate agreement in paris coming up in december. kevin corke live, thank you. the u.s. and russia have signed an agreement aimed at minimizing the risk of collisions as both countries carry out air strikes over syria. it lays out safety protocols, specific frequencies for communications and sets up a hotline on the ground. up next, hillary clinton widens her lead, while the bush brothers go on the attack. why pause tot take a pill?ic or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess.
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the democratic presidential race has claimed its first casualty. meanwhile hillary clinton is consolidating her front-runner
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status, amid the unsempbt over the status of vice president joe biden. chief white house correspondent ed henry has more. >> while vice president joe biden sounded like a candidate, white house spokesman josh earnest called him a candidate. >> they're spending a lot of time discussing the presidential prospects of a candidate. >> you know something we don't? >> no. i guess i meant potential candidate. if i misspoke. >> at an event honoring former vice president walter mondale, the current veep took mullet per swipes at former secretary of state hillary clinton by declaring he has more clout around the world. >> had two great secretaries of state. when i go they know that i am speaking for the president. i don't think my chief enemy is the republican party. >> the second straight day biden took aim at clinton's answer at the debate about her first enemy. >> the iranians, probably the republicans. >> biden suggested he's the heir
3:24 pm
to president obama to help line up the pivotal support of african-americans in the primaries. clinton responded by announcing more than 50 african-american mayors have now endorsed her. as a new "wall street journal"/nbc news poll shows, clinton has climbed seven points to 49%. while democratic socialist senator bernie sanders has dropped to 29%. biden is at 15%. so amid speculation the white house is rooting for biden, earnest slammed clinton as he rea acted to news that c.i.a. john brennan's personal email account was hacked by a high school student. >> it underscores the importance that government officials, as it sounds like director brennan did, using their official government email address for official government work. >> appearing on "the view," governor martin o'malley played a taylor swift song and took a swipe at the ages of clinton, sanders and biden. >> i think his generation is
3:25 pm
overly represented in this party. >> while democrat jim webb left the race, but left the door open to an independent bid. >> americans are disgusted by the talk of republicans and democrats calling each other the enemy. >> if webb does run as an independent, he could pull votes from the eventual democratic nominee. brett? >> speaking of the vice president, today there seems to be a flip-flop on a key issue, regarding osama bin laden. >> at the very least he amended his version of where he stood on whether to go forward on the raid on osama bin laden. what's significant, it differs from biden's account and hillary clinton's account, here's biden then and now. >> every single solitary person at that table hedged their bet. well, 51% this, 49 that. except one person, leon panetta said go. ladies and gentlemen, i said --
3:26 pm
wait another seven days for the following information. >> i said i think we should make one more pass with another uav to see if it's, if it is him. and the reasondy that is i didn't want to take a position, to go if that was not where he was going to go. so as we walked out of the room and walked upstairs, i said -- i told him my opinion. i thought he should go, but follow his own instincts. >> now biden has told the story many times, sunday shows, political fundraisers, mostly consistent until the last part he added today. i told the president in private he should go. clinton wrote in her book she immediately said go in. biden was skeptical this is a revision that gives another clue, he might be getting ready to run for president, he wants to show he was not weak on this raid. he changed his account. >> we just saw him say i'm not enemies with republicans, now he's kind of laying the groundwork -- >> all the signs are there. he told people, i spoke to a
3:27 pm
person on the phone with him a couple of days ago and biden suggested in private he's going to get in, but just said he's not in a rush. it will be time before he makes it official. it is getting personal on the republican side. a former president is taking up for his brother. coming out hard against one of his old campaign workers. the bush campaign is going after the front-runner. here's chief political correspondent carl cameron. >> jeb bush and backers have decided to fight back into contention against donald trump. mike murphy has dubbed trump a zombie front-runner as in dead candidate walking and trying to kill others. >> donald trump believes that russia's presence is a good thing in syria. it makes no sense at all. he's running for the united states. he's running for the commander-in-chief, he should have a policy not to applaud putin for filling our void. >> the candidate's brother, former president george w. bush
3:28 pm
told a private gathering of jeb backers in colorado recently according to those present that he doesn't like ted cruz. the firebrand texas senator is building a formidable national organization as an insurgent conservative and has steady inched up in the polls. he issued a statement saying i have great respect for george w. bush and was proud to work on his 2,000 campaign and his administration. it's no surprise that his brother is attacking. >> marco rubio has only $11 million in the bank right now, got more neutral treatment from the former president, who indicated he was unsure that a young first-term senator is qualified to be president. but later joked if rubio did win the nomination, he would be back to say those things don't matter. the former president expressed confidence that his brother will win the gop nomination and the presidency. trump is the front-run anywhere the mid 20s, carson is on his heels in the low 20s, they have a double-digit lead over both rubio and cruz battling for third.
3:29 pm
bush is running fifth. and increasingly on the attack. brett? >> carl, thank you. stocks were down today, the dow lost 13, the s&p 500 was off 3. the nasdaq gave back 24.5. new guidelines tonight about how and how often women should be screened for breast cancer. the american cancer society is recommending that women have fewer mammograms, and start getting them later in life. the updated guidelines call for annual screenings at age 45 instead of 40. and switching to every other year at age 55. when we come back, hillary clinton's actions during and after benghazi. we'll take a look ahead of her dramatic testimony, later this week. hi i'm heather cox on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about
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tonight we continue our set-up for thursday's appearance before the house select benghazi committee of former secretary of state, hillary clinton. this evening the flow of contradiction and misinformation since the attacks that has led to this week's encounter. here's chief intelligence krort currant run herridge. >> with demonstrations spreading across the middle east in september 2012, c.i.a. director and his military counterpart concluded benghazi was a terrorist attack. though the administration went in a different direction on five sunday talk shows. >> this was not a preplanned,
3:34 pm
premeditated attack. what happened initially was that it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo. as a consequence of the video. >> but there was no demonstration and the mortar strike on the c.i.a. annex that killed navy s.e.a.l.s required a professional team and planning. the first of seven congressional investigations laid out a central theme. >> the system was in fact flashing red. in libya. >> in april 2014, judicial watch suned for benghazi records and turned up a record that reads in part to underscore that these protests are rooted in an internet video and not a broader failure of policy. though the white house insisted there was no connection. >> about the overall situation in the region, the muslim world, and the so-called talking points around benghazi as you know,
3:35 pm
because it's been substantially reported on. were prepared by the c.i.a. >> the former acting c.i.a. direct who edited the talking points testified otherwise. >> when she talked about the video, my reaction was, that's not something that the analysts have attributed this attack to. >> with the memo leading directly into the white house, speaker boehner took action. >> he thought he had been obstructed, he agreed to allow a select committee to be appointed. >> after secretary clinton's use of private email became public, politics set in. >> i have told my own republican colleagues and friends, shut up. >> the only suspect in u.s. custody is abu katalla, there's no timeline for the trial. brett? >> thank you. the third part of your series, tomorrow, please go to our home page for part two of another
3:36 pm
series we've been doing about border security. the tonight the view from yuma, arizona, fox for that piece. house speaker john boehner on finding his successor, navigating the partisan waters of washington and the benghazi select committee hearing. we'll get reaction to what he said from the panel. dad: he's our broker. he helps looks after all our money. kid: do you pay him? dad: of course. kid: how much? dad: i don't know exactly. kid: what if you're not happy? does he have to pay you back? dad: nope. kid: why not? dad: it doesn't work that way. kid: why not? vo: are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab
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do you know what paul ryan is going to do? >> no, but i do expect that we'll know later on this evening. what his answer is. i think paul would be a great speaker. i think he's got the skills to do the job. and i think he also has the credentials to reach out to traditional conservative organizations, to help bridge the gap that we have in the house today. >> so he can get to the 218 votes needed? >> i think so. >> he's getting a lot of heat
3:40 pm
from conservatives about different votes and his immigration stance. today senator reid and the democratic leader in the senate endorsed him. you think he won't have a problem? >> i think he'll be all right. >> it was after it didn't freeze, we had speaker boehner here talking about paul ryan and whether he's going to get in or not. there's a conference meeting at the top of the hour and we may hear according to the speaker. that paul ryan isn't jumping into the race for the speaker of the house. although his staff tweeted out, although i wasn't getting enough emails, thanks, speaker boehner, i wasn't expecting a final decision tonight. opinion writer for the "washington post," and laura ingram and syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. >> until the tweet ways prepared to go out an a limb here say
3:41 pm
let's go out and say speaker ryan. >> speaker boehner's discussion with you and his body language seemed to lead us to believe that maybe ryan had been persuaded to do it after all. if we proceed on the theory that he has been persuaded maybe what's happened is that he's gotten some kind of guarantees from the freedom caucus that they won't undermine him or won't upset him. >> he met with them during this hour. >> exactly. or an attitude has taken on in the republican caucus. that we'll hang on separately. there's a real crisis generated in the capitol. maybe it's induced a lot of people to move. the immigration thing i think is a serious issue for him. to be embraced by luis gutierrez did not necessarily play well in the base. but if he can overcome that. maybe he'll be an effective speaker. >> interesting to hear the speaker say there are several
3:42 pm
paths food on a debt ceiling vote and how they're going to do that. last time there was a debt ceiling increase vote, 199 republicans voted against it. including paul ryan so how the speaker is going to move that forward is going to be interesting. >> i think chuck's point that there's a crisis in governance, i think the crisis predated the paul ryan speaker question. the crisis occurs when we don't have normal appropriations process. we have republicans in control of the house and senate. one would think we would have a normal order of business. this means line by line, we know how much the government wants to spend. and john boehner as speaker of the house can allow a bill to go to the floor or not. so the crisis in confidence for the republican party i think came in the appropriations provision, the point of focusing on immigration for a couple of years and then this year, almost the whole first half of the year focused on obama trade. now a lot of senators seem to have second thoughts about it. including orrin hatch who was upset the other day. so a lot of things to untangle
3:43 pm
here thflt predates the current problem with paul ryan. >> if paul ryan gets in, do conservatives fall in line? >> i don't think that's how it works. i think when you're the speaker you have to deal with the house that you have. the caucus is comprised of more mainstream chamber of commerce republicans and more traditional reagan conservatives. and when you're the speaker, you have to work to have respect everybody's point of view. >> one would think, charles, if he does get in, that he has made some kind of a deal. otherwise you end up, one would think, right where speaker boehner was. >> if he hasn't worked out a deal, i think he would be crazy to take the speakership. sure you can win the vote for the speakership. that's not the problem. the problem is you have any guarantees from the freedom caucus, that they're going to back you on the debt ceiling, on the budget, on reconciliation, on all that's coming up. i would assume he would get that. otherwise it would make no sense for him to jump in. as to whether he is jumping in,
3:44 pm
my psychiatry is a little rusty. looking at the speaker and the interview with you, he looked like a man who had just been told that he's getting out on parole. he is a very happy guy. i assume that means that he's going to escape the speakership and there's somebody to take his place. >> there was some news about obamacare and there's been a lot of votes to repeal obamacare in the house. listen to this. moving forward another piece of legislation. >> why not push for budget reconciliation process repeal 85% of obamacare through that. >> that ill could be on the floor. could be on the floor as elly as this week. if not it will be on the floor next week. >> you're going to do it? >> we're going to repeal as much obamacare as we can through the reconciliation process, the budget process. you can gut obamacare, which is what the house bill will do. >> that's interesting, laura. that has not happened up until now.
3:45 pm
explaining this, reconciliation doesn't require 60 votes in the senate. it only require as clear majority. which is 51. and that would be something that conservatives have called for. >> this could be one of the olive branches extended to the treat om caucus to get ready for the paul ryan ascension. i will remind paul ryan and everybody out there. there is real substantive differences in the caucus. and one of them is, we spent six months arguing about trade, with obama on his side that is going to usher in something called the trans-pacific partnership. which many people believe is frout with peril for the american worker. that's a substantive concern that people have with paul ryan because he was leading the fight and frankly with the democrats on this, to push through that trade promotion authority. so that's a substantive concern which i think sticks in the craw of a lot of conservatives. >> chuck on the obamacare deal, even if it moves through the house and gets through the senate. 51 votes, obviously president
3:46 pm
obama is going to veto a bill that guts his own named health care plan. >> of course. actual law will not change as a result. but what it would take to appease the freedom calls or support paul ryan. there's a point at which the substance meets the process. it's true a lot of them are upset about the way trade was handled. not just because of the issue, but because they didn't get to be on the ways and means committee. committee assignments have been dished out by john boehner and that they don't get their say on all the floor as much. and it's possible that if paul ryan has worked out promises to them, about sort of where their input will be heard in the future, that may be enough to get them to commit. not to make his play as a speaker. >> on the benghazi committee, to hear him say that today state department transferred 1300 pages of chris stevens, former late ambassador of libya's
3:47 pm
emails, to the committee, just today, is quite something. >> it tells you why the democratic complaint that this investigation has gone on longer than watergate. the reason is that the state department, the obama administration and clinton have held back from the facts. we've had seven investigations, and they were done. without her emails, without stevens' email. without her being interviewed by the board that she appointed. of course, if you have people stonewall you're going to have a drawn-out investigation. it has to be done, it will be done and i think if trey gowdy can hold it together we're going to learn something. next up, the liberals take back canada.
3:48 pm
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canadians have spoken. you want a government with a vision and an agenda for this country that is positive and ambitious and hopeful. well, my friends, i promise you tonight that i will lead that government. >> well, tonight's result is certainly not the one we had hoped for. the people are never wrong. canadians have accepted -- you have selected a liberal government. a result we accept without hesitation. >> well, a change for canada going left as the election of now incoming prime minister, 43-year-old liberal party the son of the former canadian pierre trudeau. the young trudeau.
3:52 pm
people say marco rubio looks young. >> my son's teacher looks younger than he does. >> parties are all up against the wall. you see this happening in england and britain being able to stave off the left wing push in europe. in canada the populist went fairly hard left. i think bernie sanders is probably smiling last night seeing the results. in france you have the national front. you have the scottish nationalist party. so where the middle class feels disenfranchised these more pro-business, traditional parties, if they don't have an answer for them, they are either going to go right or they are going to go left. the trend here is going left. >> justin trudeau is left. steven harper wasn't exactly right wing conservative. canada still has universal healthcare and a number of things than under harper. >> look, this was not a
3:53 pm
revolt of the angry in canada. in canada, they don't get angry. i lived there. i know it maybe in a baseball game they will throw a beer can or a bat from the upper deck. other than that, they don't get angry. it was a cyclical election. people are making it as if it was election. he had been in power three he elections. that never lives. he outlived his welcome as a happens with any government in power for 10 years. what happens in a parliamentary system they have the british system first pass the post and every constituency is that it exaggerates the difference in the vote. the winning liberals got 39.5% of the vote. less than 40%. the losing conservatives who were she lacked got 32% of the vote. that's not a huge spread. i think it's a perfectly normal reflection of a changing mood in the country. trudeau is not a bernie
3:54 pm
sanders. he is he is a centrist. he supports keystone but he is not going to go to the wall on it he supports the burning of the oil sands, which the left in his party is against. he has indicated he is going to support the transpacific partnership, the trade deal with asia that the left and the right -- some of the right are up in arms here. he is he a centrist. liberals have control of the government in canada, almost continually, i think for the vast majority of time. >> he also has suggested that he may pull canadian troops out of the effort against isis and out of u.s. coalition partnerships. >> he is not going to participate in the bombing. said last night they pledge to participate in the training of iraqi forces. so he is in the fight but he doesn't think he wants to be in the air campaign. >> what i love, chuck, was the canadian broadcasters saying how long and arduous the 11 week campaign was. and then you look at ours at 200 weeks. >> they did have to campaign
3:55 pm
across the artic which is tough. no, it is remarkable result but i want to just put in a word here against the idea that this is a big failure of steven harper. let's not forget there was a time when the conservative party was in single digits in canada. steven harper rebuilt it and brought it to the point where even when he is losing in a three-way race he is getting 32%. he governed that country for 10 years. he made a lot of important changes and reforms. and now he is out because i think as charles says people get tired of the same face after 10 years. but, the moderate centrist brand of conservatism that he brought to canada proved an electoral success as it has in england and who knows maybe some day in the united states. >> 10 seconds, does this make any difference any place else besides canada? >> yes. i think it will matter to the keystone pipeline. >> i think the middle class around the world is wondering if globalism is going to work for them. >> israel has lost its strongest ally on the planet in steven harper and that will be felt.
3:56 pm
>> that is it for the panel. stay tuned to version of the democratic debate that is intended for less mature audience. ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. (patrick 2) pretty to be the boss of you? (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you...
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ending on a fox news alert tonight. just hearing that paul ryan will address reporters on capitol hill at the end of the g.o.p. conference meeting next hour. so, speaker boehner may have called it. finally, by now, have you probably seen "saturday night live's" reenactment of the democratic debate but another parody involves a younger generation. >> secretary clinton you are going to be testifying before congress next week about your emails. >> 55,000 pages of my emails. the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. >> i have been standing over here for about 10 minutes. >> governor chief, you voted for the very bill that made bigger. >> the glass was my very first vote. i just arrived. my dad had died in office. >> you didn't know what you were voting for? >> i think you are being a
4:00 pm
little rough. it was my very first vote. >> oh, yes. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" with a lot of news right now. tonight "on the record" donald trump and dr. ben carson continuing their domination and wydening their lead over the 2016 field and more traditional candidates. top two tier candidates hot on the campaign trail. >> the president thinking about signing an executive order where he wants to take your guns away. [boos] >> this is the news. >> i get a chance to speak in a lot of different places, but my favorite place to speak in is at church. >> hillary and bernie sanders, they just couldn't give things away fast enough. and they are giving them to illegal immigrants. listening to this guy, he is going to tax you people at 90%. going to take everything. and nobody has heard the term communism. you know what? i call him a


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